Dismal Facts: Using FRASER to Measure Central Bank Independence

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Explore one example of how FRASER has been used to build a dataset for economic research. Read more

Category: Dismal Facts

Dismal Facts: Measuring the Economy Before GDP

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How did we measure the economy before the invention of GDP? Learn more about GNP, national income, and their predecessors. Read more

Category: Dismal Facts

Staff Picks: The Commercial and Financial Chronicle: 1865-1928

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A brief look at the early years of the Commercial and Financial Chronicle and its creator, William Buck Dana. Read more

Category: Staff Picks

Librarian Life: Converting TXT files to PDF

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Providing high quality content on FRASER sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Read more

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History Rhymes: BLS Unemployment Statistics

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A quick review of how the BLS defines and tracks unemployment and how it has changed over time. Read more

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FRASER Features: The Employment Situation Report and Data Revisions

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Data are rarely “one and done”; many data series are revised. Capturing the initial information—plus all the revisions—is important. Use FRASER to see the initial data release. Read more

Category: FRASER Features

Staff Picks: Budget of the United States Government

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Learn about the documents – ranging from simple guides to detailed tables – in the federal government’s annual Budget. Read more

Category: Staff Picks
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