Librarian Life: Statistical Releases

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Federal Reserve statistical releases are a key source of the Fed’s economic data. Learn about their history. Read more

Category: Librarian Life

Staff Picks: Nomination Hearings

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Romer and Romer cite nomination hearings for potential Federal Reserve Chairs as a useful indicator of their monetary policy beliefs and, thus, behavior. Read more

Category: Staff Picks

Staff Picks: The Statements and Speeches of Andrew F. Brimmer

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Andrew F. Brimmer became the first African-American to sit on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in 1966. He not only contributed to monetary policy but also used his status to bring attention to economic issues facing African Americans. Read more

Category: Staff Picks

Staff Picks: Wartime Credit

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The Board’s G.17.2 release tracked store loans for furniture, appliances, and jewelry from 1941 to 1953. Learn more about regulation of installment credit during World War II. Read more

Category: Staff Picks
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