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Posts that focus on facts, data, research, and concepts related to economics, sometimes known as the “dismal science.”

Dismal Facts: “Reading” the Economic Report of the President at a Glance Using Sentiment Analysis

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Could the text in historical documents like those in FRASER help to predict future financial trends? This is a question explored in the area of study known as sentiment analysis. The practice of assessing public opinion in text in order … Read more

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Dismal Facts: Invisible Revisions

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Policymakers use the best data available to them, which is often revised after the fact. This Inside FRASER explores how data revisions can complicate research of historical economic policy Read more

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Dismal Facts: Federal Reserve Notes

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Those $20 bills in your wallet are Federal Reserve notes. But what is a Federal Reserve note, and what’s its story? Read more

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Dismal Facts: Measuring Manufacturing After the Civil War

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Take a peek into the growth of the US manufacturing industry in the years following the Civil War. Read more

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Dismal Facts: Using FRASER to Measure Central Bank Independence

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Explore one example of how FRASER has been used to build a dataset for economic research. Read more

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Dismal Facts: Measuring the Economy Before GDP

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How did we measure the economy before the invention of GDP? Learn more about GNP, national income, and their predecessors. Read more

Category: Dismal Facts
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