Librarian Life: 2017 FRASER Year in Review

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Did you miss anything? Find out what was new and notable on FRASER in 2017. Read more

Category: Librarian Life

Librarian Life: Converting TXT files to PDF

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Providing high quality content on FRASER sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Read more

Category: Librarian Life

Uncurrent Events: Federal Reserve Act

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The Federal Reserve Act was passed on December 23, 1913. This post describes the resources available on the evolution and passage of the act. Read more

Category: Uncurrent Events

Staff Picks: BLS Unemployment Statistics

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A quick review of how the BLS defines and tracks unemployment and how it has changed over time. Read more

Category: Staff Picks

Staff Picks: Budget of the United States Government

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Learn about the documents – ranging from simple guides to detailed tables – in the federal government’s annual Budget. Read more

Category: Staff Picks
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