Uncurrent Events: The Pujo Committee

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A two-year congressional investigation of the banking industry after the Panic of 1907 led to major financial reforms. Learn more about the major players and their professional connections, including the infamous “interlocking directorates” Read more

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History Rhymes: Fed Press Conferences in FRASER

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Chairman Powell gives press conferences on the latest actions of the FOMC. Fed Chairs have occasionally given press conferences in the past; this piece gives some examples from FRASER. Read more

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Uncurrent Events: National Monetary Commission, 1909-1912

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The National Monetary Commission was a result of the Aldrich Vreeland Act of 1908, in response to the Panic of 1907, and laid the groundwork for the Federal Reserve Act and the creation of the Federal Reserve System. Read more

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Librarian Life: Conference Recap

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A summary of our May 11-12, 2017, conference co-hosted with the European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh): Innovative Solutions for Archives and Financial Crises: Bringing Archivists and Financial Historians Together. Read more

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Staff Picks: Decoding the Fed’s Telegrams

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Learn more about the message codes used by the Federal Reserve System and the banking industry in the age of the telegraph. Read more

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Uncurrent Events: Choosing the Federal Reserve Cities

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Learn more about the history of the Reserve Bank Organization Committee, which chose the locations of the twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks Read more

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