Statements and Speeches of W. P. G. Harding

DATE: 1915-1922



DATE: 1915-1922

NOTE: W.P.G. Harding began his term as a member of the Federal Reserve Board on August 10, 1914, and took office as Governor (now Chair) on August 10, 1916, serving until August 9, 1922.



  • 1915 | America's Financial Position as Affected by the European War : An Address before the American Academy Political and Social Science, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • 1915 | Address before the Texas Bankers' Association Convention at Waco, Texas

  • 1915 | The Results of the European War on America's Financial Position

  • 1916 | The Present Cotton Situation : Speech Under the Auspices of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham, Alabama

  • 1916 | Efficiency and Industrial Preparedness : Address before the Alumni Society of the University of Alabama, at Tuscaloosa

  • 1916 | The present position and future development of the Federal Reserve System : Address before the Forum of the New York Chapter, American Institute of Banking

  • 1916 | The Federal Reserve System as a New Factor in National and International Finance : Address to the Boston City Club, Boston, Massachusetts

  • 1918 | The Federal Reserve Note, its Functions and Limitations : From an Address before the Convention of the Ohio Bankers Association at Columbus, Ohio

  • 1918 | The National Banks in War Time : Their Problems and Work : From an Address before the National Bank Section of the American Bankers Association at Chicago, Illinois

  • 1919 | Inflation the Result, Not the Cause, of High Prices

  • 1919 | Should Exports be Restricted as a Means of Reducing the Present High Cost of Living? : An Address Delivered before the Convention of the West Virginia Bankers' Association at White Sulphur Springs

  • 1920 | The Need for Conservation of Credit : An Address Delivered at Boston before the Massachusetts Bankers' Association

  • 1920 | The Problems of the United States as a Creditor Nation : Delivered before the Second Pan-American Financial Conference, in the Pan-American Building, Washington, D.C.

  • 1920 | The Problem of Credit Regulation and Control : Address before the Federal Advisory Council, the Class "A" Directors of the Federal Reserve Banks and the Orderly Deflation Committee of the American Bankers' Association, Washington, D.C.

  • 1920 | Opening Remarks at the Conference with the Federal Reserve Board of the Federal Advisory Council and the Class "A" Directors of the Federal Reserve Banks, Washington, D.C.

  • 1920 | Economy in Using Credit : An Address delivered at the conference in Washington Between the Federal Reserve Board, Members of the Federal Advisory Council, and the Class A Directors of the Twelve Federal Reserve Banks

  • 1920 | Functions and Policies of the Federal Reserve System : Address Before the Chamber of Commerce of Cleveland, Ohio

  • 1920 | Present Condition and Future Prospects of the Automotive Industry from the Standpoint of the Federal Reserve Banking System : An Address Delivered before The Motor and Accessory Manufacturers Association, at Cleveland, Ohio

  • 1920 | A Brief Discussion of Present Conditions : Address before the American Farm Bureau Federation at Indianapolis, Indiana

  • 1921 | Address on Western Trip

  • 1921 | Working Back to Normal : An Address Delivered at the Annual Dinner of Group VIII of the New York State Bankers' Association, New York City, N Y.

  • 1921 | The Federal Reserve System: What it Is and What it Is Not : Address at the 'Made-In-Carolinas' Exposition at Charlotte, N. C.

  • 1921 | Efficiency and Economy in Administration of Federal Reserve Banks

  • 1921 | The Federal Reserve System as Related to American Business : Address before the Washington Chamber of Commerce.

  • 1922 | Credit, Currency and Business : Address before the Southern Wholesale Dry Goods Association, Birmingham, Ala.