Staff Picks: Academic Works in Meltzer’s Primary Sources

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FRASER’s collection of Allan Meltzer’s primary sources for A History of the Federal Reserve features highly respected works from academic economics. Read more

Category: Staff Picks

Uncurrent Events: National Monetary Commission, 1909-1912

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The National Monetary Commission was a result of the Aldrich Vreeland Act of 1908, in response to the Panic of 1907, and laid the groundwork for the Federal Reserve Act and the creation of the Federal Reserve System. Read more

Category: Uncurrent Events

Staff Picks: The “Division of Negro Economics,” 1918-1921

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Learn about the history of a trailblazing WWI-era office of the department of labor and its researchers of African American economics. Read more

Category: Staff Picks

Librarian Life: Meltzer’s History of the Federal Reserve

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This post describes the work done by FRASER librarians to gather and make the source documents used by Allan Meltzer in his A History of the Federal Reserve available to researchers. Read more

Category: Librarian Life
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