National Economic Trends


A monthly publication of charts and tables of data on the state of the U.S. economy: output, inflation, labor markets, interest rates, government budgets, international trade, and more.

  • Rates of Change in National Economic Indicators, 1965-1967
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Previous or subsequent titles: Formerly entitled Rate of Change in National Economic Indicators. Title changed to National Economic Trends with the issue for month ending February 28, 1967 (released March 28, 1967).

The following items are missing from this collection: Issues prior to August 1966 and the November 1966, December 1966, June 1967, February 1969, April 1978, and August 1979 issues. If you know of copies that could be used for digitization, please contact us at

National Economic Trends content has been converted to FRED dashboards.

Economy at a Glance dashboards: Output and Growth; Inflation and Prices; Labor Markets; Consumer Spending; Investment Spending; Government Revenues, Spending, and Debt; International Trade and Exchange Rates; Productivity, Capacity Utilization, and Profits; FOMC Economic Projections

Quick Reference Tables: GDP, Final Sales, Private Inventories, Consumption, and Investment; GDP Price Index, Employment Cost Index, Trade, Productivity, and Compensation; Employment and Nonfarm Aggregate Hours; Unemployment Rate, Retail and Food Service Sales, Industrial Production, and Treasury Yields; CPI and PPI


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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. National Economic Trends. 1966-2015., accessed on June 19, 2024.