International Economic Trends


A quarterly publication of charts and tables of data from the G-7 countries, selected emerging markets, and the euro area, including output, inflation, labor markets, interest rates, government budgets, trade, and more.

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  • IET Supplement : Cross-Country Comparison
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In order to aid in the retrieval of information from this publication, significant tables, charts, and/or articles have been extracted and can be viewed individually or across a span of issues.

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Continues International Economic Conditions.

International Economic Trends was a Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis publication that was released quarterly, along with an annual edition. The annual edition ceased after July 2011; the quarterly release continued until 2014.

International Economic Trends has been converted to FRED dashboards.

International Economic Trends dashboards: Brazil; Canada; China; Euro Area; France; Germany; India; Italy; Japan; Korea; Mexico; Russia; United Kingdom; United States; IET Supplement: Cross-Country Comparison

IET Supplement: Cross Country Comparison dashboards: Broad money; Budget balance; Consumer price index (CPI); Currency exchange rates; Current account balances; Earnings; Employment; Exports; Gross government debt; Imports; Industrial production; Long-term interest rates; Narrow money; Nominal gross domestic product (GDP); Producer price index (PPI); Real broad effective exchange rate; Real gross domestic product (GDP); Retail sales; Short-term interest rates; Total reserve money; Unemployment

Annual and quarterly editions


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. International Economic Trends. St. Louis, MO: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 1999-2014., accessed on April 15, 2024.