H.6 Money Stock Measures


The H.6 release provides measures of the monetary aggregates (M1 and M2) and their components. M1 and M2 are progressively more inclusive measures of money: M1 is included in M2. M1, the more narrowly defined measure, consists of the most liquid forms of money, namely currency and checkable deposits. The non-M1 components of M2 are primarily household holdings of savings deposits, small time deposits, and retail money market mutual funds.

  • Demand Deposits, Currency and Related Items (J.3, Semimonthly), 1960-1965
  • Demand Deposits, Currency and Related Items (H.6), 1965-1966
  • Money Supply and Time Deposits (H.6), 1966-1970
  • Money Stock and Time Deposits (H.6), December 1970-April 1971
  • Money Stock Measures (H.6), April 1971-1980
  • Money Stock Measures and Liquid Assets (H.6), 1980-1984
  • Money Stock, Liquid Assets, and Debt Measures (H.6), 1984-1998
  • Money Stock and Debt Measures (H.6), 1998-2002
  • Money Stock Measures, 2002-
  • H.6 Money Stock Measures
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The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve discontinued publication of the M3 monetary aggregate March 23, 2006.

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