G.20 Finance Companies


The G.20 consists of annual growth rates, levels, and flows of outstanding receivables at finance companies. It includes simple annual percent changes of total, consumer, real estate, and business receivables. There is seasonally and not seasonally adjusted data. It also includes benchmark and indicator data.

In order to aid in the retrieval of information from this publication, significant tables, charts, and/or articles have been extracted and can be viewed individually or across a span of issues.

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In 1970, Sales Finance Companies (G.20) merged with Consumer Credit at Consumer Finance Companies (G.22) to form Finance Companies (G.20).

Information in the abstract is from the Federal Reserve website -


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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (U.S.), 1935-. G.20 Finance Companies. 1970-2024., accessed on June 15, 2024.