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The FOMC was preceded by the Open Market Policy Conference (1930-1933) and Open Market Investment Committee (1923-1930).

A summary of the various reports from the Federal Open Market Committee since 1935 is available at the FOMC website.

For more information on the FOMC Meeting Minutes, when and how minutes are published and what information is available, please see "Background on the FOMC Meeting Minutes" from the Spring 2005 Federal Reserve Bulletin.

For more information on how to read a FOMC statement, see this Feducation Video from the St. Louis Fed.

Greenbook data sets are available from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Preceding each FOMC meeting, the FOMC Secretariat distributes to the Committee memos covering a range of subjects. A selection of these memos has been released by the FOMC in response to FOIA requests. Unless a memo explicitly states that it is related to a particular meeting, memos are associated to the next regularly scheduled meeting.


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