Resolution Trust Corporation Completion Act

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Resolution Trust Corporation Completion Act, December 17, 1993. https://fraser.stlouisfed.org/title/5893, accessed on March 9, 2021.

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  • An Act to Provide for the Remaining Funds Needed to Assure That the United States Fulfills Its Obligation for the Protection of Depositors at Savings and Loan Institutions, to Improve the Management of the Resolution Trust Corporation ("RTC") in Order to Assure the Taxpayers the Fairest and Most Efficient Disposition of Savings and Loan Assets, to Provide for a Comprehensive Transition Plan to Assure an Orderly Transfer of RTC Resources to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, to Abolish the RTC, and for Other Purposes
  • Thrift Depositor Protection Act of 1993
  • RTC Completion Act
  • Public Law 103-204, 103d Congress, S. 714

107 Stat. 2369

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