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Northwestern Banker reports on banks and banking in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. It also covers developments in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere that affect the banking industry. It provides news about bank personnel and reports on various bankers' conventions. It includes features and news about important area industries, including agriculture.

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Due to the age and condition of the original material, there are damaged pages throughout this collection. In most cases these imperfections have resulted in the loss of text.

Missing all issues of Volumes III (1898), IV (1899), VI (1901), and 41st Year (1936). Missing issues November 1951 and March 1954.

Northwestern Banker absorbed Tri-State Banker (est. 1896) circa 1898-1899.

Northwestern Banker absorbed Central Western Banker in January 1936.

In 1988, Northwestern Banker merged with Commercial West and Michigan Investor to form Northwestern Financial Review.

Reproduced with permission of the original copyright holder, NFR Communications, Inc.

Weekly issues of the Northwestern Banker, later titled Northwestern Banker Newsletter, begin with December 6, 1965 issue.


[Clifford De Puy, etc.]

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