Labor Legislation of 1912-32

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Issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1931 and 1932 combined in one volume (no. 590) Compilers: 1912-26, Lindley D. Clark; 1927-28, Daniel F. Callahan and Charles F. Sharkey; 1929-32, Charles F. Sharkey.

Statistics for 1908-1909-1911 are found in the Bulletin of the U.S. Bureau of Labor, no. 85, 91 and 97 respectively.

Legislation of 1913 was included in the compilation, "Labor laws of the United States ..." issued in 1914 (Bulletin no. 148); and legislation of 1923 and 1924 in "Labor laws of the United States ..." issued in 1925 (Bulletin no. 370) The annual bulletins are supplements of these basic bulletins. 1933- issued as reprints from the Monthly labor review.

Issued also as House documents.


U.S. Govt. Print. Off.

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