Classroom Lesson: Removing the "Punch Bowl" : Inflation and the Federal Reserve’s Use of Contractionary Monetary Policy

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This lesson aligns with the AP Macroeconomics Curriculum Alignment Economic Skills Interpretation 2A, Manipulation 3C, Graphing & Visuals 4B, and Unit Alignment Topic 4.6 Monetary Policy.

This lesson aligns with the AP Government & Politics Curriculum Alignment Disciplinary Practices Concept Application 1E, Data Analysis 3D, Source Analysis 4C, and Unit Alignment 4.9 Ideology & Economic Policy.

This lesson aligns with the AP US History Curriculum Alignment Historical Thinking Skills Sourcing & Situation 2C, Making Connections 5A, Argumentation 6C, and Unit Alignment Topics 8.4 Economy After 1945 and 9.4 A Changing Economy.

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