Lundberg, Emma O. (Emma Octavia), 1881-1954

Swedish-American child welfare advocate

Emma Octavia Lundberg was a Swedish-American child welfare advocate. Lundberg completed both a bachelor's in 1907 and a master's degree in 1908 from the University of Wisconsin before going to work studying the living conditions of immigrant families in cities. She worked for a number of organizations including the Associated Charities in Madison, Wisconsin, and Milwaukee, the United Charities of Chicago and the United States Immigration Commission. By 1913 Lundberg was a deputy at the Wisconsin Industrial Commission before she moved to Washington, D.C., to take over as the first Director of the Social Services Division of the United States Children's Bureau. Lundberg joined the Child Welfare League of America in 1925 and became their Director of the Department of Institutional Care and then Director of Studies and Surveys. During the Great Depression, Lundberg worked for Governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt as Director of Research and Statistics at the New York Temporary Emergency Relief Administration as well as working as a consultant for a variety of other public agencies. Lundberg served as Assistant Director of the Child Welfare Division of the Children's Bureau from 1935-1942. (Source: Wikipedia)

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