Robert Hetzel Oral History Collection

Robert L. Hetzel, an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond from 1975-2018, conducted oral history interviews with economic and monetary policy makers between 1994 and 2003. These informal interviews record the thoughts and views of over 80 noted economists and represent a comprehensive body of work that provides insight into the personalities and motivations of policy makers. In late 2013, Hetzel loaned 120 audio tapes to FRASER for digitization, which was completed in late 2014. FRASER librarians requested permission of all those interviewed and will continue to post transcripts and audio files as permissions are granted.

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Dr. Hetzel took an informal approach during these interviews. He did not always pause the conversation as he replaced the audio tape; as a result, small portions of some interviews were not recorded. Statements made by the interviewees have not been checked for accuracy. Audio quality also varies, and the transcripts may contain errors (particularly in reference to names). Transcripts should not be used as a substitute for the audio. Some interviews include a discussion of topics deemed "off the record" or not intended for publication. Those comments have been redacted, as have any personally identifiable information such as phone numbers or addresses. The viewpoints expressed in the interviews do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the Federal Reserve System or any of its employees.


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