Records of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board : Home Owners Loan Corporation, Record Group 195

United States. National Archives and Records Administration

This collection consists of reports, surveys, maps, and other records pertaining to investigations of the economic viability and attendant lending risks of cities and metropolitan areas throughout the United States. Surveys and reports contain data on household income, assets of banks and other lending institutions, types of businesses and industries, housing stocks, analyses of neighborhood stability, and other indicators.

Included in this collection are "Residential Security" maps (later known as "redlining" maps) for cities and metropolitan areas which contain color-coded ratings of economic health and mortgage lending risk by geographic location. Color codes were split into 4 grades: “Type A” indicated newly developed areas that were considered the best locations for mortgage lending; “Type B” neighborhoods were marked as “still desirable;” “Type C” neighborhoods were labeled as “definitely declining;” and “Type D” neighborhoods, marked in red, were labeled “hazardous” for lending.

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The documents available on FRASER represent only a portion of the complete collection available at the National Archives at College Park, MD.

Additional information about the complete collection is available at

National Archives Identifier: 523


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Records of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. Home Owners Loan Corporation. Record Group 195. United States. National Archives and Records Administration., accessed on August 14, 2022.