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SEss. III.

CH. 97,98.


For fort at Fort Point, San Francisco Bay, California, three hundred
and fifty thousand dollars.
For repairs at Fort Hamilton, at the Narrows, New York harbor, ten
thousand dollars.
For repairs at Fort Lafayette, New York harbor, ten thousand dollars.
For repairs of Fort Wood, Bedlow's Island, New York harbor, five
thousand dollars.
For barracks, quarters, and hospital at Fort Columbus, Governor's
Island, New York harbor, fourteen thousand dollars.
For purchase of additional land for site of Fort Tompkins, forty-two
thousand three hundred dollars.
For modification of Fort Madison, Annapolis harbor, Maryland, twenty
thousand dollars.
For artesian well at Fort Monroe, ten thousand dollars.
For repairs of Fort Jackson, Savannah River, Georgia, eighteen thousand dollars.
For the fortification of Ship Island, coast of Mississippi, one hundred
thousand dollars.
For fortifications for the defence of the inner passes into Mobile Bay,
(known as Grant's Pass and Pass au Heron,) one hundred thousand
For repairs of Fort Pickens, Pensacola harbor, Florida, fifteen thousand dollars.
For repairs and extension of Fort St. Phillip, Mississippi River, Louisiana, twenty-five thousand dollars.
For repairs of Fort Macomb, and preservation of site, Chef Menteur
Pass, Louisiana, seven thousand dollars.
For repairs of Tower Dupre, Bayou Depre, Louisiana, and perfecting
title of site, twelve thousand dollars.
For fortifications for the defence of the entrance to Galveston harbor
and bay, Texas, eighty thousand dollars.
To purchase a site and construct additional defences for San Francisco,
California, three hundred thousand dollars.
For contingent expenses of fortifications for preservation of sites, protection of titles, and repairs of sudden damages, thirty thousand dollars.
For repairs and alterations of barracks, quarters, hospitals, store rooms,
Repairs, &c.of
barracks, &c. and fences at permanent forts not occupied by troops, nineteen thousand
For the construction of permanent platforms for modern cannon of
Platforms for
large calibre in the existing fortifications of important harbors, one huncannon,
dred thousand dollars.
APPROVED, March 3, 1857.

CHAP. XCVIII.-An Act reducing the Duty on Imports, andfor other Purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United
States of America in Congress assembled, That on and after the first day
of July, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, ad valorem duties shall be
imposed, in lieu of those now imposed upon goods wares and merchandize
imported from abroad into theUnited States, as follows, viz:
Upon the articles enumerated in schedules A, and B, of the tariff act
eighteen hundred and forty-six, a duty of thirty per centum, and upon
on the diffeTrent
those enumerated in schedules C, D, E, F, G, and H, of said act, the
duties of twenty-four per centum, nineteen per centum, fifteen per cen1846, ch. 74.
March 3,1857.


tum, twelve per centum, eight per centum, and four per centum, respec-

ol. ix. p. 42. tively, with such exceptions as are hereinafter made; and all articles so
imported as aforesaid and not enumerated in the said schedules, nor in
schedule, I, shall pay a duty of fifteen per centum.


SEss. III. Ch. 98.



SEc. 2. And be it further enacted, That all manufactures composed
wholly of cotton, which are bleached, printed, painted, or dyed, and de
laines, shall be transferred to schedule C. Japanned leather or skins of all tain
kinds, shall be transferred to schedule D. Ginger,-green, ripe, dried, one schedule to
preserved or pickled; ochers, and ochrey earths; medicinal roots, leaves, another.
gums, and resins in a crude state not otherwise provided for; wares,
chemical, earthen or pottery of a capacity exceeding ten gallons, shall be
transferred to schedule E. Borate of lime and codilla, or tow of hemp or
flax, shall be transferred to schedule F. Antimony, crude or regulus of;
Barks of all kinds not otherwise provided for; camphor, crude; cantharides; carbonate of soda; Emery, in lump or pulverized; Fruits,
green, ripe, or dried; gums, Arabic, Barbary, copal, East India, Jeddo,
Senegal, substitute, tragacanth, and all other gums and resins, in a crude
state; machinery exclusively designed and expressly imported for the
manufacture of flax and linen goods; sponges; tin in plates or sheets,
galvanized or ungalvanized; woods, namely, cedar, lignumvitse, ebony,
box, granadilla, mahogany, rose wood, satin wood, and all cabinet woods,
shall be transferred to schedule G. Acids, acetic, benzoic, boracic, citric,
muriatic, white and yellow, oxalic, pyroligenous and tartaric, and all other
acids of every description used for chemical or manufacturing purposes
not otherwise provided for; aloes; amber; ambergris; anniseed; annatto, roucon or Orleans; arsenic; articles not in a crude state used in
dyeing or tanning not otherwise provided for; assafoetida; asphaltum;
barilla; bleaching powder, or chloride of lime; borax crude; boucho
leaves; brimstone crude in bulk; cameos, mosaics, diamonds, gems, pearls,
rubies, and other precious stones (not set ;) chalk; clay; cochineal; cocoa,
cocoanuts, and cocoa shells; cork tree bark; cream of tartar; extract of
indigo, extracts and decoctions of logwood and other dyewoods not otherwise provided for; extract of madder; flint, ground; grindstones; gutta
percha unmanufactured; india rubber in bottles, slabs or sheets, unmanufactured; India rubber, milk of; indigo; lac spirits; lac sulphur;
lastings cut in strips or patterns of the size and shape for shoes, slippers,
boots, bootees, gaiters or buttons exclusively, not combined with india
rubber; manufactures of mohair cloth, silk twist, or other manufactures
of cloth, suitable for the manufacture of shoes, cut in slips or patterns of
the size and shape for shoes, slippers, boots, bootees, gaiters or buttons
exclusively, not combined with india rubber; music printed with lines,
bound or unbound; oils, palm, teal and cocoanut; prussian blue; soda
ash; spices of all kinds; watch materials and unfinished parts of watches;
and woad, or pastel, shall be transferred to schedule H.
SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That on and after the first day of Schedule of free
July, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, the goods, wares, and merchan- goods.
dize mentioned in schedule I, made part hereof, shall be exempt from
duty; and entitled to free entry:SCHEDULE I.

All books, maps, charts, mathematical nauticle instruments, philosophical apparatus and all other articles whatever imported for the use of the
United States; all philosophical apparatus, instruments, books, maps and
charts, statues, statuary, busts and casts of marble, bronze, alabaster or
plaster of paris, paintings and drawings, etchings, specimens of sculpture,
cabinets of coins, medals, gems and all collections of antiquities; Provided,
the same be specially imported in good faith for the use of any society
incorporated or established for philosophical or literary purposes, or for
the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use or by the order of any
college, academy, school, or seminary of learning in the United States;
animal carbon (bone black); animals living of all kinds; argol, or crude
tartar; articles in a crude state used in dyeing or tanning not otherwise
provided for; bark, Peruvian; bells, old, and bell metal; berries, nuts,
flowers, plants and vegetables used exclusively in dyeing or in composing
VOL. Xl.




SESS. III. CH. 98.


dyes, but no article shall be classed as such that has undergone any manufacture; bismuth; bitter apples; bolting cloths; bones, burnt, and bone
dust; books, maps and charts imported by authority of the joint library
committee of Congress, for the use of the library of Congress; Provided,
That if, in any case, a contract shall have been made with any bookseller,
importer, or other person, for books, maps or charts, in which contract
the bookseller, importer, or other person aforesaid, shall have paid the
duty, or included the duty in said contract, in such case the duty shall
not be remitted; brass, in bars and pigs, or when old and fit only to be
remanufactured; brazil wood, braziletto, and all other dye woods in
stuffs; bullion, gold and silver; burr stones, wrought or unwrought, but
unmanufactured; cabinets of coins, medals, and all other collections of
antiquities; coffee and tea when imported direct from the place of their
growth or production in American vessels, or in foreign vessels entitled
by reciprocal treaties to be exempt from discriminating duties, tonnage
and other charges; coffee the growth or production of the possessions of
the Netherlands, imported from the Netherlands in the same manner;
coins, gold, silver and copper; copper ore; copper when imported for
the United States mint; copper in pigs or bars, or when old and fit only
to be remanufactured; cotton; cutch; dragon's blood; felt, adhesive for
sheathing vessels; flax unmanufactured; garden seeds and all other seeds
for agricultural, horticultural, medicinal and manufacturering purposes
not otherwise provided for; glass, when old and fit only to be remanufactured; goods, wares and merchandize the growth, produce or manufacture of the United States, exported to a foreign country and brought back
to the United States in the same condition as when exported upon which
no drawback or bounty has been allowed: Provided, That all regulations
to ascertain the identity thereof, prescribed by existing laws, or which
may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury shall be complied
with; guano; household effects, old, and in use, of persons or families
from foreign countries, if used abroad by them and not intended for any
other person or persons, or for sale; Ioe; Ivory unmanufactured; junk,
old; linseed-but not embracing flax seed; madder root; madder ground
or prepared; maps and charts; models of inventions and other improvements in the arts; Provided, That no other article or articles shall be
deemed a model or improvement which can be fitted for use; oakum; oil
spermaceti, whale and other fish of American fisheries and all other articles the produce of such fisheries; paintings and statuary; palm leaf
unmanufactured; personal and household effects, (not merchandize,) of
citizens of the United States dying abroad; plaster of Paris or sulphate
of lime unground; platina unmanufactured; rags of whatever material
except wool; rattans and reads unmanufactured; sheathing copper, but
no copper to be considered such, and admitted free, except in sheets of
forty eight inches long and fourteen inches wide, and weighing from fourteen to thirty-four ounces the square foot; sheathing metal, not wholly, or
in part of iron ungalvanized; shingle bolts and stave bolts; silk, raw, or
as reeled from the cocoon, not being doubled, twisted, or advanced in
manufacture in any way; specimens of natural history, mineralogy, or
botany; substances expressly used for manures; tin in pigs, bars or
blocks; trees, shrubs, bulbs, plants, and roots not otherwise provided for;
wearing apparel in actual use and other personal effects, (not merchandize;) professional books, implements, instruments, and tools of trade,
occupation or employment, oT persons arriving in the United States;
Provided, That this exemption shall not be construed to include machinery, or other articles imported for use in any manufacturing establishment, or for sale; sheep's wool, unmanufactured of the value of twenty
cents per pound or less at the port of exportation, and hair of the alpacca,
the goat, and other like animals, unmanufactured; Provided, That any
wool of the sheep, or hair of the alpacca, the goat, and other like :animals,


SESS. III. CH. 99.



which shall be imported, in any other than the ordinary condition, as
now and heretofore practiced, or which shall be changed in its character,
for the purpose of evading the duty, or which shall be reduced in value
by the intentional admixture of dirt or any foreign substance to twenty
cents per pound or less, shall be subject to pay a duty of twenty four per
centum ad valorem, anything in this act to the contrary notwithstanding.
SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That all goods, wares, and mer- Goods in the
chandize which shall be in the public stores on the first day of July afore- lp15tores July
said, shall be subject, on entry thereof for consumption, to no other duty duties as if imte
or d after that
than if the same had been imported, respectively, after that day.
SEC. 5. And be it further enacted, That on the entry of any goods,
wares, and merchandize imported on and after the first day of July aforesaid, the decision of the collector of the customs at the port of importation Decision of collector as to duties
and entry, as to their liability to duty or exemption therefrom, shall be made final unless
final and conclusive against the owner, importer, consignee, or agent of notice is given in
any such goods, wares, and merchandize, unless the owner, importer, writing, &c.
consignee, or agent shall, within ten days after such entry, give notice to
the collector, in writing, of his dissatisfaction with such decision, setting
forth therein distinctly and specifically his grounds of objection thereto,
and shall, within thirty days after the date of such decision, appeal there- Appeal to the
from to the Secretary of the Treasury, whose decision on such appeal Secretary
shall be final and conclusive; and the said goods, wares, and merchan- Treasury from
dize shall be liable to duty or exempted therefrom accordingly; any act decision to be
of Congress to the contrary notwithstanding, unless suit shall be brought final, unless suit
within thirty days after such decision for any duties that may have been 3iso
paid, or may thereafter be paid, on said goods, or within thirty days after 1839, ch. 82, ยง 2.
the duties shall have been paid in cases where, such goods shall be in 1845, ch- 22bond.
APPROVED, March 3, 1857.

CnAP. XCIX.-An Act making a Grantof Land to the Territory of Minnesota, in alter- March 3, 1857.
nate Sections, to aid in the Construction of certain Railroads in said Territory, and
granting Public Lands in alternate Sections to the State of Alabama, to aid in the Construction of a certain Railroad in said State.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Grant of land
to Minnesota for
States of America in Congress assembled, That there be and is hereby railroads.
granted to the Territory of Minnesota, for the purpose of aiding in the
construction of railroads, from Stillwater, by way of Saint Paul and
Saint Anthony, to a point between the foot of Big Stone Lake and the
mouth of Sioux Wood River, with a branch via Saint Cloud and Crow
Wing, to the navigable waters of the Red River of the north, at such
point as the Legislature of said Territory may determine; from St. Paul
and from Saint Anthony, via Minneapolis, to a convenient point of junction west of the Mississippi, to the southern boundary of the Territory
in the direction of. the mouth of the Big Sioux River, with a branch, via
Faribault, to the north line of the State of Iowa, west of range sixteen;
from Winona, via Saint Peters, to a point on the Big Sioux River, south
of the forty-fifth parallel of north latitude; also from La Crescent, via
Target Lake, up the valley of Root River, to a point of junction with the
last mentioned road, east of range seventeen, every alternate section of
land, designated by odd numbers, for six sections in width on each side of
each of said roads and branches; but in case it shall appear that the
United States have, when the lines or routes of said roads and branches Grant in lien of
are definitely fixed, sold any sections, or any parts thereof, granted as lands preempted
aforesaid, or that the right of preemption has attached to the same, then
it shall be lawful for any agent, or agents, to be appointed by the Governor of said Territory or future State to select, subject to the approval
5f the Secretary of the Interior, from the lands of the United States