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How Does Technology Affect the Labor Force?
Robert Kaplan
April 12, 2017
I think, as technology enabled, disruption accelerates, It's more likely that companies much more needs
skilled positions to be filled. A good example is a car dealership where 10 years ago, the probably the
key person a car dealership was the car sales person. Uh, Today, that job still exists. But because so
many cars are being sold online, that job is not as high value added as it might have been. But the job
that's more high. High value added because of technology is the automotive technician and that the car
is far more sophisticated as far more electron ICS computer systems when there's repair work to be
done, that ticket prices much higher. And so now, probably the highest paid person in many car
dealerships is the automotive technician. And what what many dealerships are telling me is they can't
find enough automotive technicians to staff their dealership. And so this is a good example how
disruption is probably accentuating the skills gap and means that the nature of our labor force is such
we really need to ramp up uh, skills training in order to fill an increasing need for skilled workers.