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Abanda*! to Roanoke.
Abel to Oxford.
Aberfoil to Union Springs.
Abernant* to Bessemer.
Ackerville* to Pine Apple.
Acinar* to Birm ingham .
Acme to W adley.
Acton* to Birm ingham .
Ada to M ontgom ery.
Adamsville*tt to Birm ing­
Addison* to Haleyyille.
Adger* to Bessemer.
Adler to M arion.
Adville to Oneonto.
Aimwell* to Sweetwater.
Akron*t to E utaw .
Alagat to Gordon.
Alameda* to Thomasville.
Alanthus to Russellville.
Alberta*! to Selma.
Aldrich*!! to M ontevallo.
Alexandria* to Anniston.
Alice to Boaz.
Allen* to Jackson. >
Allenton* to Pine Apple.
Allenville*! to Faunsdale.
Allgood to Oneonta.
Allison to E utaw .
Allsboro* to Cherokee.
Alma to Jackson.
Almeria to Union Springs.
Alpine*!! to Talladega.
Alton*!! to Birm ingham
Alverson to Springville.
America* to Jasper.
Anderson to Rogersville.
Annemanie* to Thom asville
Ansley* to T roy.
Aquilla* to W aynesboro,
Ararat* to B utler.
Archer to C arrollton.
Arcus to E lba.
Ardila to Gordon.
Argo* to Birm ingham .
Arkadelphia* to W arrior.
Arkdell to Florence.
Arkwright*t to Vincent.
Arley* to Jasper.
Arlington! to Thomasville.
Armstrong* (M acon Co.) to
Union Springs.
Asahel to Camden.
Asbury to Eclectic.
Ashby*! to M ontevallo.
Aspel* to Scottsboro.
Atkeison to Thomasville.
Atwood*! to H aleyville.
Augustin* to Selma.
Austinville to Albany.
Autaugaville* to P rattv ille.
Avoca to Leighton.
Avondale*!! to Birm ing­
Avrey to A ttalla.
Axis* to M obile
Babbie to Opp.
Baileyton* to Cullm an.
Bakerhill* to C layton.
Baltzell to Demopolis.
Bangor* to W arrior.
Bankhead to Jasper.
Banks*tt to T roy.
Bankston! to F ay ette.
Barker to Athens.
Barlow Bend* to Jackson.
Barnes to D utto n .
Barrytown to B utler.
Barton*! to Tuscum bia.
Bashi* to Thomasville.
Bass Station* to Stevenson.
Batesville* to E ufaula.
Battelle* to Valley Head.
Battles W harf* to Fadrhope
Baxter to Columbus, M iss.
Bean Rock td Guntersville.
Bearcreek*!! to Haleyville.
Beasons M ill to Heflin.
Beaver M eadow to M obile.
Beaverton*! to Sulligent.
Belcher to E ufaula.
Belgreen* to Russelville.
Belk*i to F ay ette.
Bellamy* to Livingston.
Belle Ellen*! to W est
Belle Sumter* to Bessemer.
Belleville* to Repton.
Bell F actory to New
M arket.
Bell M ills to Heflin.
Bellview* to Camden.
Bellwood* to H artford
Belmont to Demopolis.
Beltona to W arrior.
Benevola to Aliceville.

Benson* to Alexander C ity.
B enton*t to Selma.
Berlin*! to Selma.
Berm uda* to Repton.
B ertha to Abbeville.
Beulah to Opelika.
Bevill to B utler.
Bexar* to Guin.
Bigbee* to C hatom .
Billingsley*tt to P rattv ille.
Bissell to C edartow n, Ga.
Black*! to Geneva.
Blacksher* to B ay M inette.
B ladon Springs* to W aynes­
boro, Miss.
Blalock* to Orrville.
Blanche*! to F o rt Payne.
Blanton* to W est P oint,G a.
Bleeker to Opelika.
Blocton*! to W est Blocton.
Blossburg* to Birm ingham .
B lount Springs*! to W ar­
Blue Springs* to Clio.
Bluffton* to Cedartow n,G a.
B oguechitto to M arion
Boligee* to E utaw .
Bolinger* to Gilbertown.
Bolling*! to Greenville.
Bon Air* to Childersburg.
Bon Secour* to Foley.
Boom to Tuscaloosa.
B ooth*!! to P rattv ille.
Boothton*!! to M ontevallo
Borden Springs*!! to Pied­
m ont.
Bowden to Ashland.
Boyds*!! to Y ork.
Boyles*!! to Birm ingham .
B radford to Goodwater.
Bradley* to Brewton.
Bradleyton* to Lapine.
Braggs* to F o rt Deposit.
B ranch* to W aynesboro,
M iss.
Branchville* to Odenville.
Bremen* to Cullm an.
B rickyard to G irard.
B ridgeton to Birm ingham .
Brierfleld* to M ontevallo.
B righton*! to Bessemer.
B rilliant*! to Winfield.
Brbmley* to B ay M inette.
B rom ptonf to Leeds.
Brooklyn* to Evergreen.
Brooks to McKenzie.
Brookside*!! to Birm ing­
ham .
Brooksville* (Blount Co.)
to Oneonta.
Brookwood*! to T usca­
Brow ns! to Uniontown.
Brownsboro*! to Gurley.
Bucks to Mobile.
Buena Vista* to B eatrice.
Buffalo*! to Five Points.
Buhl* to Tuscaloosa.
Bullock to B rantley.
Burbank* to Vinegar Bend.
Burkville* to M ontgom ery.
B url to Camden.
Burnsville*!! to Selma.
B u rn t Corn* to M onroe­
B um w ell to D ora.
B utler Springs* to Pine
Calcis*! to Vincent.
Caldwell* to Springville.
Caledonia* to Pine Apple.
C alhoun*!! to F o rt D eposit
C alum et to Jasper.
C alvert*!! to Mobile.
C amersonsville to Stevenson.
Campbell* to Thomasville.
Canoe*! to Atm ore.
C anton Bend to Cam den.
Capps*! to Abbeville.
Capshaw to A thens.
Cardiff*! to Birm ingham .
C arlton* to Jackson.
C arpenter (Baldwin Co.) to
B ay M inette
C arson! to Jackson.
C artw right to A thens.
C atherine*!! to Selma.
Cecil* to M ontgom ery.
C edar Cove to Tuscaloosa.
Cedarville to Greensboro.
Centergrove to H artsells.
C enter S tar to Florence.
C entral* to W etum pka- .
C entral Mills* to Thom asto n .

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County


Delcham ps to M obile.
Chance* to Thom asville.
D elhi to Guin.
D elm ar*! to Haleyville
D elta* to Lineville.
C handler Springs* to T alla­
D enton to Cherokee.
Deposit* to N ew m arket.
Chapm an*! to Georgiana.
Chase*! to H untsville.
« D etroit* to Sulligent.
Chavies* to F o rt Payne.
D evenport to F o rt Deposit.
Chelsea*!! to Colum biana.
D ew drop to Tuscaloosa.
C heppliepec to Oneonta.
Dickinson* to Thomasville.
D illburg to Aliceville.
Chesson* to Union Springs.
Dixiana* to Birm ingham .
C hester to Dozier.
Dixie to B rew ton.
C hestnut* to Camden.
Dixon M ills*! to Sweet­
Chickasaw*! (M obile Co.)
w ater
to Mobile.
C hina to Evergreen.
Dixonville to Brewton.
C hina Grove to T ro y
D ollar to C lanton.
Choccolocco*!! to Oxford.
Dolomite* to Bessemer.
C hoctaw to B utler.
A Double Springs* to H aley­
Choctaw Bluff* to Jackson.
Chunchula*! to Mobile.
Douglas* to N ew ton.
Claiborne* to Monroeville.
D over to Guin.
C lairm ont
D owning to M ontgom ery.
Downs* to Union Springs.
D rew ry*! to R epton.
Clarksville to Grovehill.
Claud* to Eclectic.
D rifton to Parrish.
C layhill to Thomasville.
Duke* to Anniston.
Cleaver to Leighton.
D uncanville*!! to T usca­
Cleveland* to Oneonta.
Clinton* to E utaw .
D unnavant* to Leeds.
D utton* to Scottsboro.
D yas*! to B ay M inette.
Clopton* to Clio.
Cloverdale* to Florence.
Coalburg*! to Birm ing­
ham .
Easonville* to Pell C ity.
Coal C ity*!! to P ell C ity.
E a st B irm ingham ! to B ir­
Coaldale to W arrior.
m ingham .
Coal Fire* to Reform .
E . Florence*! to Florence.
Coaling*!! to Tuscaloosa.
E a st G adsden to Gadsden.
C oalm ont to Bessemer.
E astlake*! to Birm ingham .
Coatopa*! to Livingston.
E . Tallassee* to Tallassee.
Cochrane*!! to Aliceville.
E . T hom as! to Birm ing­
Coden*!! to M obile.
ham .
Coffeeville* to Thomasville.
E cho to Ozark.
Cohasset to Red Level.
Echola* to Gordo.
Coker*!! to Tuscaloosa.
Eden*! to P ell C ity.
Coleanor*!! to W est Bloc­
Edna* to B utler.
to n
E dw ardsville*!! to Heflin.
Elamville* to Clio.
C olibran*!! to F o rt P ayne
Collirene* to Selma.
Eldrldge*!! to C arbon H ill.
Colum bus City* to G unters­
E lias to G oodwater.
Eliska* to Jackson.
Colvins G ap to Jackson­
E lkriver M ills to A thens.
Elkwood* to H untsville.
C om er*!! to E ufaula.
E lm ira to H am ilton.
Consul*! to Thom aston.
Cooks Springs* to Pell C ity.
E lm ore*!! to W etum pka.
Cooper*! to C lanton.
E lon to H untsville.
S tation*!
E lrod*!! to Tuscaloosa.
M ontgom ery.
E ly to n ! to Birm ingham .
Copeland* to C hatom .
E m elle*!! to Livingston.
C orona*!! to Oakm an.
E m pire*! to D ora.
Cortelyou* to Chatom .
E oline*!! to B rent.
C ottondale*!! to T usca­ E quality* to W etum ka.
Cottonhill* to E ufaula.
E rn est to Lineville.
C ottonton*! to H urtsboro.
E scataw pa*!! to Vinegar
C ottonville to G unters­
E stillfork to Scottsboro.
Cottonwood* to M adrid.
Ethelsville*!! to Columbus,
Covin*!! to F ay ette.
M iss.
Covington* to B irm ingham
C ow arts*!! to D othan.
E ureka* to Calera.
Cox to M aplesville.
E va* to Falkvilie.
Coxey to A thens.
E vans to Greensboro.
Coxheath! to Sweetwater.
E vansboro to Shubuta.
Coy* to Pine H ill.
Ewells to Ozark.
Cranehill* to Cullm an.
Exm oor to Sw eetwater.
Crawford* to Colum bus, G a
Creola,* to Mobile.
Crews Depot* to Sulligent.
Fabius* to Stevenson.
C richton*! to Mobile.
Fackler*!! to Stevenson.
Cromwell* to B utler.
F ail to W aynesboro, M iss.
Cropwell* to P ell C ity.
F airfax*! to W est P oint,
Fairford* to Chatom .
Crosby* to Gordon.
Crum p to Tuscaloosa.
Falco* to L aurel H ill, Fla.
C ullom burg*!! to W aynes­
F all C ity* to Jasper.
boro, Miss.
Curls S tation! to York.
F arley to H untsville.
Cusseta* to W estpoint. Ga.
F arm ers ville* to Selma.
Cypress to M oundville.
F arrell to Cedarbluff.
Cyril to M eridian.
Felix* to Selma.
F ern b an k t! to M illport.
Daleville to E nterprise.
F estus to F ayette.
D allas M ills to H untsville
Finchburg* to Monroeville.
D ancy*!! to E utaw .
Finklea to Evergreen.
Danville* to H artsells.
F isk to F ayetteville, T enn.
D arlington* to Camden.
D auphin Island* to M obile.
F itzpatrick*!! to Union
D avis C reek to F ayette.
Daviston* to W adley.
Fivem ile to Greensboro.
Fivepoints*! to Lafayette.
D awes to Mobile.
F la t C reek to D ora
Dawson* to Collinsville.
F la t Rock* to Stevenson.
D ayton* to Faunsdale.
Flatwood*! to Thomasville.
DeArm anville*! to Oxford.
F leta to M ontgom ery.
Deatsville*! to M arbury.
F lint* to D ecatur.
D eerpark*!! to Vinegar
Fordyce to Dadeville.____ _
•Money Order Office.


t Telegraph Station.

F orest Home* to Green­
Forkland* to Demopolis.
Fórney* to Rome, GaF o rt D avis*!! to Union
F o rt M itchell*! to Colum­
bus, Ga.
Foshee*! to B rew ton.
Fosters* to Tuscaloosa.
F ountainrun to P ell C ity.
Fowl River*! to Mobile.
Fox to Gordo.
Francisco* to W inchester.
F rankfort to Russellville.
F ranklin to Beatrice.
Frankville* to Chatom .
Fredonia to Fivepoints.
Freem anville* to Atm ore.
Frem ont* to Selma.
F ruitdale*!! to C hatom .
F ru ith u rst* !
T alla­
poosa, Ga.
F ulton*!! to Thomasville.
Furm an* to Pine Apple.
Fyffe* to F o rt Payne.
G abbett* to Tuskegee.
Gainestown* to Jackson.
Gainesville to Epes.
Gallant* to Altoona.
Gallion*!! to Demopolis.
G aner to Samson.
G an tts Quarry*! to Sylacauga.
G arden C ity*! to Cullm an.
G arland*! to Georgiana.
G am sey*! to W . Blocton.
Gasque to Fairhope.
G astonburg*! to Selma.
G ate C ity ! to Birm ingham .
Gateswood* to Bay M inette.
Geiger*!! to Gainesville.
Geraldine to Orossville.
G etup to H untsville.
Giles to N ew m arket.
Gipsy to Athens.
Glass to W est P oint, Ga.
Glenallen*! to F ayette.
Glencoe* to Gadsden.
Glendon* to Jackson.
G lenm ary to Haleyville.
Glover* to Thomasville.
G oddard to Haleyville.
Goethite* to Bessemer.
Goldhill* to Opelika.
Gonce to Stevenson.
Goodway* to Repton.
Gordonsville* to Selma.
Goshen*! to T roy.
Gosport* to Jackson.
Grady* to M ontgom ery.
Graham * to Wedowee.
G ranger to Gordon.
G rant* to G untersville.
G rasselli! to Bessemer.
G ravelly Springs to Flor­
Graysville to Birm ingham .
Greeley* to Bessemer.
Greenbrier to Belle M ina.
Greenfield to Newm arket.
Greenhill to S t. Joseph,
T enn.
„ ^
Green Pond* to W est
Gregville* to Evergreen.
G rim es! to M idland C ity.
Groveoak* to Collinsville.
G uerryton*! to H urtsboro.
Gulfcrest*!! to Mobile.
G urnee*!! to M ontevallo.
H ackneyvilleto Goodwater.
Hacoda* to Samson.
H addock to W aterloo.
H aden to Huntsville.
Hagler* to Tuscaloosa.
Haleburg* to Columbia.
H alford to Boaz.
Halsell*!! to Cuba.
Ham burg*! to M arion.
H am m ac to Brewton.
Ham ner* to Gainesville.
H annon*!! to H urtsboro.
H ardaw ay*! to Union Spgs.
H arpers ville* to Vincent.
Harris* to D ecatur.
H arvest* to H untsville.
H atchechubbe*! to Seale.
H a tto n to Towncreek.
H avana* to Greensboro
H aw thorn* to Jackson.
H ayden to W arrior.
Haynes* to P rattville.
! Express Office.

AHayneville* to M ontgom ­
Haywood to Wedowee.
H az en* to Orrville.
Healing Springs* to Chatom
H ector to Union Springs.
Heiberger* to M arion.
H elena*!! to Birm ingham .
Henagar* to Valley H ead.
H enry Ellen* to Leeds.
H erbert* to Evergreen.
H estle to Pine Hill.
H ighland Home* to Lapine.
Hightower*.to Bowden. Ga.
H illm ant to Bessemer.
Hines* to Florence.
Hissop* to Alexander C ity.
Hixon* to Monroeville.
Hobson C ity t to Anniston.
Hokesbluff* to Gadsden.
Hollins* to Goodwater.
Holly Pond* to Cullm an.
II oily tree* to Gurley.
Hollywood*!! to Scottsboro.
Holm an* to Gordo.
H o lt* !! to Tuscaloosa.
Honoraville* to Lapine.
Hopeful to Talladega.
Hope Hull* to M ontgom ery
Hopewell* to Tallapoosa,
Ga.' Horton* to A lbertville.
Houston* to Haleyville
H uckabee to P rattv ille.
H uffm an! to Birm ingham .
H ugo to T hom aston.
H ulaco to C ullm an.
Hull* to Tuscaloosa.
Humphrey, to Tuscaloosa.
H urricane Ato B ay M in e tte.
H ym er to Stevenson.
Id ah o to Ashland.
Idella to T alladega Springs.
Id er to Valley H ead.
Inland* to Oneonta. .
.Inm an to Butler.
InstituteA to P ine Apple.
Ironaton*} to Talladega.
Ironcity*!} to Oxford.
Irondale*}} to Birm ingham .
Irvington*} to Mobile.
Isbell! to Russellville.
Isney* to
W aynesboro,
Iv y to Livingston.
Jacksonburg*;tO' Florence.
Jacksons Gap*!} to Dade' ville.
Jam es to M idway.
Jam estown*} to M enlo.
Jeddo to R èpton.
Jeff* to H untsville.
Jefferson* to Demopolis. ;
Jemison*!} to Clanton.
Jen a to Tuscaloosa.
Jenifer*!} to Oxford.
Je tt-to M acon, Miss.
Johns*} to Bessemer.
Jones* to Selma.
Jo p p a f to Cullm an.
Joquin to Luverne.
Joséphine* to E lberta.
Ju d e to Valley H ead.
Kalem to B eatrice
Kansas* to C arbon Hill.
K ao lin to Valley H ead.
Keener*}} to A ttalla.
Kellerman*!} toTuscaloosa.
Kellyton*!} to Alexander
. City.
K e n ts to T roy. ;!
Key* to Borne, Ga.
1Keystone* to Birm ingham .
K eytona to Birm ingham .
Killen* to Florence.
Kimberly*} to W arrior.
Kiinbrel to Bessemer.
K im brough*!} to Pine Hill.
Kings Landing* to Selma.
K ingston (A utauga Co.) to
P rattv ille.
Kingston (Jefferson Co.) to
Birm ingham .
K ingville to F ayette.
Kirbycreek to Scottsboro,
K irks Grove to Borne, Ga.
Knoxville* to E utaw .
Knoxwood* to Demopolis.
Koenton* to Ghàtom .
K ushla to M obile.
K uykéndall to! Tuscaloosa
Kyles to Scottsboro.
KymUlga* to; Talladega.
Laceys Spring* to H unts­
ville. .
Lacón* to Falkville. .
Lam ar* to Wedowee.
Lam bert* to-Gitronelle.
Lamison*!}.to Thomasville.
L and to B utler.
,. í
L andersville?:. to Town
L an ett* ! t o W est P oint,G a.
Laneville to Newbernr
Langdale* to W. P oint, Ga.
Langston* to Scottsboro.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

L a Place to Tuskegee.
Larkinsville*!} to Scotts11boroLatham * t o B ay M inette.
L athrop* to Beform.
Lavaca* to B utler.
Lawley*!} to Centerville.
Lawrence}} to Borne, Ga.
Lebanon to F o rt Payne.
Leesburg*} to C enter.
Leesdale to Falkville.
L egrand to M ontgom ery
Lehigh* to W arrior.
Lenora to M ontgom ery.
Lenox* to Bepton.
Lentzville to Athens.
Leola to Courtland.-Leroy* to Jackson.
F o rt
Lewisburg*! to N o rth B ir­
m ingham .
Lewiston to E utaw .
Liberty* to Cullm an.
Lilita*!} to Livingston.
Lillian to Pensacola, Fla.
Limrock*!} to Scottsboro.
Linwood*} to T roy.
Lisman*!} to York.
L ittle Biver* to Jackson.
Littleton*} to Birm ingham .
L ittleville to Bussellville.
Liverpool to T uskeget.
Loachapoka*} to N otasulga.
Loango to Bedlevel
Local* to Atmore.
Lockhart*}} to Florala.
Lock T hree to B agland.
Loflin to Seale.
Logan* to Cullm an.
Lois Springs to C arrollton.
Lomax*! to C lanton
London* to M ontgom ery.
Long Island* to B ridgeport.
Longview*!} to Colum bi­
Looling to Bussellville. t
L oper! to. Chatom .
Lottie* to Bay M inette. ■|
Lovick* to Birm ingham .
Lower Peachtree* to Pine
Lowery to Kinston.
Lowndesboro* to M ont­
gomery. ,
L um berton Station to Cha­
tom .
Lumbull} to Haleyville.
Lynn*!} to Haleyville.
M aben* to Birm ingham .
M ackey* to Gadsden.
Madison*!} to H untsville.
Magazine* to M obile. ,
Magnolia* to Sweetwater.
Masrnolia Springs* to Foley.
Malcolm* to Chatpm .
M aloné*! to W adley. :
M alvern*! to Slocomb. j
M anchester* to Jasper.
Manila*, to JaCkson.
M anistee to Bepton.
M a n tu a to EutaW.
M arble Valley*toSylacanga.
M arburg*!} to Clanton.
M arengo* to Sweetwater.
M argaret*.to Odenvilie,
Margórum * to Cherokee.
M arlow to Foley.
M arquis to Carrollton.
M artins Station* to O rr­
M artling to Albertville.
M arvel*!} to W est'Blocton.
M arvyn to Opelika.
M asena to W est Blocton.
Mason to Brewton.
M arion
M athews* to Union Springs.
M aud to Cherokee.
Maxwell* to Stevenson.
M ay to Tuscaloosa.
Maylene*!} to M ontevallo.
M aysville* to Gurley.
M cCalla* to Bessemer.
McConnells* to Gordo.
M cCullum to Jasper.
McDowell*! to Demopolis.
M cFall*! to Anniston.
M cIntosh* to Chatom .
McShan*!} to Columbus,
M cVay to Jackson.
McWilliams*} to Pineapple
M eham a to Leighton.
M elborne* to M illport.
Meltonsville* to. G untersville.
Melvin* to Shubuta, Miss.
M entone* to Valley H ead.
M eridianville* to H unts' ville.
M errellton* to Jacksonville.
M exboro to M onroeville.
Mexia* to Bepton.
Miflin* to Foley.
M ilan* to Scottsboro.
M illbrook* to P rattville.
M iller to Linden,;
M illers Ferry* to C am d en .
Millorviile* to Ashland.
Milltown* t o L a F ayette.
M ilstead*} to Tallassee-..
M inter*} to Pine Apple.
M itchells Station* to Union



County Seat.

M older to H untsville.
M olloy to M illport.
Monroe*} to M onroeville.
M onrovia to H untsville.
M ontcalm to F ayette.
M onterey* to Pine Apple.
M oores Bridge* to Gordo.
Mooresville* to Belle M ina.
M organSprings* to M arion.
Morganville* to M ontgom ­
M oro to Selma.
Morris*} to W arrior.
Morvin* to Thomasville.
M ount to Bussellville.
M ountaincreek*!} to M arbury.
M ountainhom e to Hillsboro
M t. Andrew* to C layton.
M t. Hebron* to E utaw .
M t. Hope* to Bussellville.
M t.M eigs* to M ontgom ery
M t. Pleasant* to Jackson.
M t. Bozell* to Prospect
Station, Tenn.
M t. Sterling*! to B utler.
M t. Union to Evergreen.
M t. Vernon*!} to Mobile.
M t. Willing* to F o rt D e­
Mous* to B epton.,
M ulberry to Selma..
Mulga* to Ensley.
M unford*! to Oxford,,
M urrycross* to Gadsden.
Muscadine*}} to . T alla­
poosa, Ga.
M uscle Shoals* to Sheffield.
M y rtle to M ontgom ery.
M yrtlew ood*!! to Linden.
Nadawah*} to Pine Apple.
N aftel* to Lapine.
N anafalia* to Sweetwater.
Nances C reek to Jackson­
Napoleon to Wedowee.
Narcissus* to Fairhope.
Natchez* to Monroeville.
N a tu ra l Bridge* to H aley­
Nauvoo*}} to Jasper
N eedham * to B utler,
Neel to H artsells.
Neenah*} to Camden.
Nellie to Cam den.
Newala* to Calera.
Newcastle*} to Birm ing­
ham .
New D ecatur to Albany.
Newell* to Wedowee.
New Lexington to B erry.
New site to Alexander C ity.
Newtonville* to F ayette.
Nicholsville* to T hom as­
Nightingale* toV alleyH ead.
Nixburg* to A lexanderCity.
Nokomis* to Atmore.
N orth* to G unters ville.
N o rth M obile to Mobile.
N ottingham to T alladega.
Nym ph* to C astleberry.
Oakchia* to B utler.
Oak G rove*!! to Mobile.
Gakhill* to P ine Apple.
Oakland to Florence.
Oakwood to Lapine.
Oaky Streak* to Georgians.
Ocre to Boanoke.
Octagon* to Linden.
Ofella to Wedowee.
Ohatchee*!} to Anniston.
Old Spring Hill* to Dem op­
Oliver to Rogersville.
Olney to Aliceville.
Omega* to Union Springs.
O’N eal,to Athens.
Opine* to Thom asville.
OrangeBeach*to Pensacola,
Orion-to T roy.
Owassa*} to Evergreen..
Owens Crossroads* to G ur­
Oxmoor*!} to Birm ing­
ham .
P ain ter to Collinsville.
Palestine* to Piedm ont.
Palos*}} to Jasper.
Panola*} to Aliceville.
Pansey*!! to Ashford.
P anstone to Opelika.
Patsburg* to Luverne.
Patton*} to Oakm an.
P a u l to E vergreen.
Peacock* to Thomasville.
Pearces M ills to Guin.
Pearson*} to Centerville.
Pelham *! to Calera.
Pennington* to B utler.
P era to Samson.
Perdido Beach* to Foley.
Perdido Station* to B ay
M inette.
Perduehill* to M onroeville.
Perot o* to Union Springs.
P erry ville* to M arion.
■Peterson* to Tuscaloosa.
Petrey*!} to Lapine.
P ettey to A thens.
Phifer to Tuscaloosa.
Phoenix to Colum bus, Ga.
Money Order Office.

Pickensville* to C arrollton.
Piercetown to Larkinsville.
Pigeoncreek* to Greenville.
P ikeroad*!! to M ontgom ' ery.
P inebelt to Orrville.
Pinelevel* to Earner.
Pinson* to B irm ingham .
Piper*!} to W est Blocton.
Pisgah* to Scottsboro.
P itt to Hillsboro
Plantersville*!! to Selma.
Plateau* to Mobile.
P leasant Gap* to Piedm ont.
Pleasanthill* to Selma.
Pleasantridge to E utaw .
P leasantSite to Bussellville.
Pletcher*! to P ra ttv ille.
Plevna* to N ew m arket.
P oarch to Atm ore.
P ocahontas to Carbonhill.
Pointclear* to Fairhope.
Poley*} to Opp.
Pope to Piedm ont.
P orter* to Birm ingham .
Portersville*!} to Collins­
P ortland* to Selma.
P otash to Boanoke.
Powderly*! to Birm ingham .
Prairie* to Camden.
P rairieville to Eaunsdale.
Prentice*! to Thom aston.
Press to Scottsboro.
P reston to Scottsboro,.
Prestwick* to Jackson.
Prichard*!} to Mobile.
Princeton* to Scottsboro.
P ronto to Brundidge.
Prospect* to Jasper.
P ruitton* to Florence.
Pushm ataha* to B utler.
Putnam * to Thomasville.
Pyriton*!} to Lineville.
Quinton*} to Dora.
Babun* to M innette.
Ragans to Talladega.
Ralph* to Tuscaloosa.
R anburne to C arrollton.G a.
Randolph*!}to M ontevallo.
Range* to R epton.
Rash*-to Stevenson.
Beads* to Jacksonville.
R edstar* toJasper.
Rehoboth* to Selma.
Rem bert* to Linden.
Bemlap* to Oneonta.
Rendalia* to Talladega.
RenfroeA to Talladega.
R epublic*!! to Birm ing­
ham .
R hine to B erry.
Richm ond to Pine Apple.
Rickey* to W est Blocton.
R ider ville to M aples ville.
Riderwood*!} to B utler.
R iver Falls*} to Andalusia.
R iver Ridge to B eatrice.
Riverside*!} to Pell City.
R iverton*!} to Iuka, M iss.
Riverview* to W est P oint,
Roba*} to H urtsboro.
Robinson Springs to M ont­
Robjohn* to B utler.
Rock Castle* to Bessemer.
R ockeyhead to Ariton.
Rock Mills* to Roanoke.
Rockrun* to Piedm ont.
R ockrun Station*!}to Pied­
m ont.
Rocksprings to Gadsden.
Roekwood to Russellville.
Rosa* to Oneonta.
. Rosser to Cuba.
R ound
M ountain*!
C enter.
Roxana to Cam p Hill.
Royal to Oneonta.
R ural to Thomasville.
Russell! to Citrorielle.
R utherford*!! to H u rts­
R uthven to Pine Apple.
Rutledge* to L uverne.
Ryland* to H untsville.

Saco*! to T roy.
Safford*!! to M arion Junc­
Saginaw* to Calera.
S aint Clair* to M ontgom ­
St. C lair Springs* to A ttalla
S aint Elmo*!} to M obile.
S aint Florian to Florence.
S aint Stephens* to Chatom Salém *!! to O pelika.
Salitpa* to Jackson.
Saisoda to Luverne.
Salter to Alexander C ity.
Sam antha* to Tuscaloosa.
Sandlin to, Bessemer. :'
Sandusky to P r a tt C ity.
Sandy to Centerville
Sanford* to A ndalusia.
Sapps to C arrollton.
Saragossa* to Jasper.
Saraland to Mobile.
! Telegraph Station.

Sardis (Dallas Co.) to
Satsum a*! to Mobile.
Saville to Lapine.
Sawyersville*} to Greens­
Sayre* to Birmingham.
Sayreton*! to N o rth Bir­
m ingham .
Scotia* to M ontgom ery.
Scotts Station*} to Marion.
Scyrene* to Grove Hill.
Seaboard* to Chatom .
Seale*!} to Girard.
Searcy to F o rt Deposit.
Searight* to Dozier.
Searles*} to Tuscaloosa.
Section* to Scottsboro.
Seddon* to P ell City.
Selfville to Oneonta.
Sellers*!! to Lapine.
Seman* to W etum pka.
Seminole* to Pensacola,Fla.
Semmes* to M obile.
Sewell to Carrollton, Ga.
Shadygrove* to T roy.
Shaw m utt*! to W est Point.
G a.
Shelby*} to Columbiana.
Shelby Springs to Calera.
Shellhorn* to T roy.
Shiloh* to Sweetwater.
Shingle to Russellville.
Shoalford to Athens.
Shopton to Union Springs.
Shortcreek* to Ensley.
Shorter*} tb Montgomery.
Shorterville* to F t. Gaines.
Short Leaf* to Demopolis.
ShottsvUle to Haleyville.
Shreve* to Georgiana.
Sicard to M ontevallo.
Silas*}} to Waynesboro,
Siluria*} to Calera.
Silverhill* to Robertsdale.
Simmsville* to Birmingham
Sipsey*} to Dora.
Sistrunk* to Tuskegee.
Sixmile to Centerville.
Skinnerton* to Pine Apple.
Skipperville* to Ozark.
Slackland* to Center.
Slate to A ttalla.
Sloss to Bessemer.
Smithsonia* to Cherokee.
Sm iths Station*! to Colum­
bus, Ga.
Snead to Boaz.
Snowdoun* to Montgomery
Snow Hill*} to Pine Apple.
Society H ill to Tuskegee;
Somerville* to Hartsells.
Sonora to Foley.'
South to Redlevel.
Souwilpa* to Waynesboro.
Speigner*!} to Wetumpka.
Sprague*! to Montgomery.
Spring Garden* to Pied­
m ont.
Spring Hill*! to Mobile.
Spring Valley to Tuscumbia.
Sprott* to M arion.
Spruce P ine*!! to Russell­
Stafford to Columbus,Miss.
Stansel to Carrollton.
S tanton*!! to Selma. ,
Stapleton* to B ay Minette.
Steele*!! to A ttalla.
Sterling to Fayette.
S terrett* !! to Vincent.
Stewart*}} to Moundville.
Stockton* to B ay Minette.
Stough to F ayette.
S tra ta to M ontgomery.
S traven to M ontevallo.
Stroud* to Fivepoints.
Suggsville*!! to Jackson.
Sulphur Springs (De Kalb
Co.) to Valley Head.
Sum m erdale*!! to Foley
Summerfleld* to Selma.
Summit* (Blount Co.) t®
G untersvJle.
Sumterville* to Livingston
Sunflower* to C hatom .
Sunny South*} to Pine Hill.
Surgirier*} to Pine Hill.
Susanna to Dadeville.
Suspension* to Union
Swain to P ain t Rock.
Swahcott to Madison.
Swearengin to Scottsboro
Sycamore*} to Talladega.
Sykes M ills to Wetumpka.
Sylvan to Tuscaloosa.
Sylvania* to F o rt Payne.
Taff* to F o rt Payne.
T aits Gap to Oneonta.
Springs*! t0
T alucah to Madison.
Tanner*} to Athens.
T arentu m to Brundidge.
T ates Gap to Gadsden.
Taylor* to Dothan,
Taylorsville* to Huntsville.
Taylorville to Tuscaloosa.
Tecumseh* to Cedartown,
Teddy to Brewton.Tenniile*! to Brundidge.
,* to Bay Minette.
T exas* to Winfleld.
! Express Office,


Tharin* to M ontgom ery.
Theba to B rantley.
Theo to M arion.
Theodore*!! to M obile.
Thomast to Birm ingham .
Thompson* to Union Spgs.
Thornton to Dadeville.
Three Notch* to Jam es.
Threet to Florence.
Tibbee* to Cfaatom.
Tilden to Camden.
Tinela* to Beatrice.
Titus* to W etum pka.
T oinettei to Chatom .
Toney* to H untsville.
Toulminvillet to Mobile,
Toxey*!! to B utler.
Trade* to Cullm an.
Trafford*! to W arrior.
Travellers R est to Rock­
Trenton* to Scottsboro.
Triana to M adison.
Trinity*! to D ecatur.
Trio to Centerville.
Trussville*tt to Birm ing­
Tullis to B utler.
Tunnel Springs*! to Bea­
trice.Turkestan* to Beatrice.
Turkeytown to Gadsden.
Turnbull to B eatrice.
Tuskegee Institu te*
Tyler* to Selma.
Tyson to M ontgom ery.
Tysonville to M ontgom ery.
Underwood to M ontevallo.
Uniform* to C hatom .
Union* to E utaw .
Union Grove* to G untersville.
University* to Tuscaloosa.
Upton to Guntersville.
Uriah* to Jones Mills.
Springs to
Vance*f! to Tuscaloosa.
Vandiver*! to Leeds.
Vangalei to Pine Hill.
Veto* to E lkm ont.
Victoria* to E lba.
Vida* to P rattv ille.
Vidette to Luverne.
Village Springs*! to Birm ­
Vinegar Bend*!! to C haton.
Vineland! to Thomasville.
Vinemont* to Cullm an.
Vredenburgh* to Beatrice,
Wacoochee to Columbus.
Wadsworth* to M arb u ry .
W-agar*!! to Jackson.
Wainright* to M onroeville.
Wait to Monroeville.
Walker Springs*! to Jackson.
Wallace*!! to Brewton.
Walling to Huntsville.
Walnutgrove* to Altoona.
Wannville* to Stevenson.
Ward*!! to York.
Ware to W etum pka.
Warrenton to Guntersville.
Warriorstand* to H urtsboro.
Wateroak* to Greensboro.
Water Valley* to W aynes­
boro, Miss.
Watson* to Birm ingham .

W ren to M oulton.
W right to W aterloo.
W yatt* to Dora.
Yantley* to Cuba.
Y arbo to Chatom .
Yellow Bluff* to Pine Hill.
Yellow Pine*!! to Vinegar
Yolande*! to Bessemer.
Yucca to Stevenson.

Afognak*! to Seward.
A kiak! to St. Michael.
A kutan! to Seward.
A litak! to Seward.
Am alga! to Juneau.
A ndreafsky! to Nome.
A nvik! to Nome.
A tk a! to Seward.
Auk B ay to Seattle, Wash.
Baranoff to P etersburg.
Barrow *! to Nome.
Bayview*! to K etchikan.
B eauclair! to K etchikan.
Beaver to P a ir banks.
Bell Island H ot Springs! to
K etchikan.
Bering Sea! to Nom e.
Bethel*! to Iditarod.
B etties!! to F airbanks.
Big P o rt W alter to Seattle,
W ash.
B ristol B ay to San F ran­
cisco, Calif.
Brooks! to Fairbanks.
B urnette In let! to W rangell
Candle* to Nome.
C ape E dw ards! to Juneau.
C ape F anshaw to Juneau.
C harcoal P oint to Seattle,
W ash.
Chatanika* to Fairbanks.
C h ath am ! to Juneau.
Chichagof*! to Juneau.
Chickaloon to Anchorage.
Chicken! to Dawson, Y. T .
Chignik*! to Seward.
C hisana! to Cordova.
C hitina*!! to Cordova.
Ghomly*! to K etchikan.
C ircle*!! to F airbanks.
Cleary*! to Fairbanks.
Cold B ay to Seward.
Cook In le t to San Francisco
Copper C enter! to Cordova
Council* to Nome,
Craig*! to K etchikan.
C rip p iet'to Iditarod.
Deering to Nome.
Dewey ville! to W rangell
Dillingham ! to Iditarod.
Dim e Landing to N o m e ..
Douglas*!! to Juneau.
D utch H arb o r! to Valdez.
E agle*!! to Dawson. Y, T
Egagak to San Francisco,
E llam ar*! to Valdez.
E ster C ity to Fairbanks.
E ureka! to Fairbanks.
Excursion In le t! to Juneau.

Watsonia* to E utaw .
Waugh* to M ontgom ery.
Waverly*!! to Cam p Hill.
Wawbeek to Atm ore.
Weaver* to Anniston.
Webb*!! to D othan.
Wedgeworth* to Greens­
Wehadkee* to Roanoke.
Wellington*!! to Anniston.
Wells to Newville.

False Pass to Seattle, W ash.
Fish Egg Island to Craig.
F lat*! to Iditarod.
F o rt W rangell to W rangell.
F o rtu n a Ledge*! to Nome.'
F o rt Y ukon*!! to- F air­
Fox to Fairbanks.
F ranklin*! to Dawson, Y .T .
F u n te r! to Juneau.

Welona to W etum pka.
Welsh* to Roanoke.
Weogufka* to Sylacauga.
Westbrook to Selma.
West B utler*!! to B utler.
Westend*! to Birm ingham .
West Greene* to E utaw .
West Over to Colum biana.
Whatley*! to Grove Hill,
Wheeler* to O ourtland.
Whistler*!! to Mobile.
White H all*!! to Selma.
White Oak Springs* to

G alena to N ulato.
G am bia B ay! to Juneau.
G eorgetown! to Iditarod.
Girdwood! to Seward.
Glacier! to Juneau.
Golovin* to Nom e.
G ulkana! to Valdez.
G ypsum ! to Juneau.

Whiteplains! to Jackson­
Whitfield* to York.
Whitney*!! to Ashville.
Wiggins to Andalusia.
Wilmer*!! to M obile.
Wilton*!! to M ontevallo.
Winn* to Jackson.
Womack Hill* to B utler.
Woodbluff* to Thomasville.
Woodlawn*!! to Birm ing­
Woodville*!! to Scotts­
Woodward*! to Birmingnan-i

H aines*!! to Juneau.
H aw k! to Juneau.
Haycock*! to Nome,
H erendeen .Bay to Anaeortes, W ash.
H oly Cross*!! tb Iditarod.
H om er! to Seward.
H ood B ay to Juneau.
H oonah*! to Juneau.
Hope*! to Seward.
H o t Springs*!! to F air­
Hughes C ity tò Fairbanks.
H ydaburg*! to K etchikan.
Ik a ta n to Seward.
Ilia m n a t to Anchorage.
K ake*f to Juneau.
K altag ! to Nome.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County


K anatak* to Anchorage.
K arheen to K etchikan.
K arluk to Seward.
K asaan! to K etchikan
K atalla* to Cordova.
Keewalik to Nome.
K enaif to Seward.
K iana! to Nome.
K illisnoo! to Juneau.,
King Cove! to Seward.
Klawock*! to K etchikan.
K luckw an! to Juneau.
K nik! to Anchorage.
Kodiak*! to Seward.
K okrines! to Fairbanks.
Kolmokoffsky! to Iditarod.
K otlik! to Nome.
K otzebue*! to Nome.
K oyukuk! to Nome.
Kuskokwim to Iditarod.
K vichak! to Nome.
Lake B ay! to K etchikan.
L a Touche*! to Valdez.
Lindenberg, B ay to Juneau.
Livengood*! to Fairbanks.
Log Ja m to Fairbanks.
Long! to Ruby.
L oring! to K etchikan.
M achusin B ay to Valdez.
M arshall! to Iditarod.
M atanuska*! to Anchorage
M cC arthy*! to Cordova
M c G rath ! to Iditarod.
M cK inley P ark*! to F air; banks.
M eehan to Fairbanks.
M etlakatla*! to K etchikan,
M iller H ouse! to F airbanks
M into Road H ouse !to
F airbanks,
M oira Sound! to K etchikan
Moose C reek! to Dawson.
Moquawfcie! to Seward.-1
M ountain Village! toNom e.
N akn ek! to Seward.,
Nelson Lagoon f t o ; Cor­
N enana*!! to Fairbanks.
N ettles to San Francisco,
N ine M ile R oad House to
F airbanks.
Ninilchik to Anchorage.
N izina to Cordova.
N o rth A rm to K etchikan.
N ulato*!! to Iditarod,
N ushagak! to Seward.
O hagam ute to Iditarod.
Okogem ute to Nome.
Olness to Fairbanks.
Ophir*! to Iditarod.
Owzinkie to Kodiak.
P avlof H arbor to Juneau.
Peril S traits to Juneau.
P erry to Owzinkie.
P illar Bay to P etersburg.
Pine M u te t to Iditarod.
P lym ute to Iditarod.
Poorm an! to Ruby.
P o rt Alexander! to P eters­
P o rt A lthorp! to Juneau.
P o rt A rm strong! to P eters­
P o rt G raham ! ;+o Seward.
P o rt Heiden to Seward.
P o rt M öller! to Seward.
P o rt W alter to Petersburg.
P ybus Bay to P ortland,
Q uadra! to Ketchikan.
R am part*!! to F airbanks,
R oosevelt! to Seward.
Rose In le t! to K etchikan.
R uby*!! to F airbanks.
Russian M ission! to Nome.
Saginaw B ay to Seattle,
W ash.
S alchaket! to Fairbanks.
Sandpoint*! to Seward.
Scow B ay to Petersburg.
Seldovia*! to Seward.
Shakan*! to K etchikan.
Shelton! to Nome.
ShUngnak! to Nome.
Shushanna Ju n ctio n ! to
Sitka*t to ■Juneau.
S itka H ot Springs to Juneau
Skowl A rm ! to K etchikan.
S leetm ute! to Iditarod.
Snug H arbor to Seattle,
Solomon* to Nome.
Speel R iver to Juneau. ,,
St. M ichael*!! to Nome.
Steel C reek! to Dawson,
Y. T .
Stevens Village! to F air­
S treln a!! to Cordova.
Sulzer to K etchikan.
Susitna*! to Seward.
T acotna! to Iditarod.
T alkeetna! to Anchorage.
T anana*!! to Fairbanks.
T aylor! t o N om e,
Tellp,r*+t to Nome. ,
Money Order Office.


Tenakee*! to Juneau.
T hin P o in t to Steward.
T hum Bay to Cordova. ■
T in C ity ! to N om e,
T odd to Juneau.
Tofty* to Fairbanks.
Tokeen*! to K etchikan.
T olovana! to Fairbanks.
T olstoy! to Iditarod.
T onsina! to Valdez.
T readw ell*!! to Douglas.
T uluksak! to Iditarod.
T y eef to Petersburg.


G anado*! to G allup, N. M .
G arden Canyon to Tom b­
Geronimo* to. Pim a. Gila Bend* to Phoenix.
Gleeson*! to Tom bstone.
Glenbar* to Pim a.
Goodyear*!! to Chandler.
G rand Canyon*!!: to WilT
Grasshopper to Holbrook.
Greaterville* to Patagonia.
G uthrie*!! to Clifton,

U nalakleet*! to Nome.
U nalaska*! to Seward.
U nangashik to Seward.
Unawik In let to P ortland,
Unga*! to Seward.

H ackberry*!! to Kingman.
H arshaw to Patagonia. ,
Heber*-to Holbrook.

W ainw right to N om e.
W assilla*! to Anchorage,
W aterfalls to Seattle, Wash.
W iseman to Fairbanks.

Helvetia* to Tucson.
H ereford*!! to Bisbee.
Higley* to Chandler.
Hillside*!! to P rescott.

Y akutat*! to Juneau.

H ot Springs Ju n c tio n !! to
H ouck*!! to Gallup, N . M ,
H unt* to Holbrook.

A dam ana*!! to Holbrook.
Agua Càliente* to Buckeye.
Aguila*!! to W ickenburg.
A lham bra to Phoenix.
Alpine* to Holbrook.
Amado, to Nogales.
Apache* to Douglas.
Arayaipa* to Pim a.
Arivaca* to Tucson.
Arlington* to Buckeye.
A shfork*!! to Williams.
A shurst to Pim a.
Aultm an* to Clarkdale.
Avondale* to Phoenix.
Aztec*!! to Y um a
Bakerville to Bisbee.
Bellem ent* to Flagstaff.
Bisbéë Junction to Lowell.
Blackwater* to Florence.
Bonita* to Willcox.
Bouse*!! to P arker.
Bum ble Bee to M a y er.
Calabasoc to Nogoles.
Cam eron to Flagstaff.
Cane Beds* to Kingm an.
Canille* to Nogales.
Canon* to Phoenix.
Canon D iablo!! to Winslow
Garriso to Farm ington, N .
C artw right to Phoenix.:
Cashion* to Phoenix.
C astle H ot Springs to
W ickenburg.
C ave Creek* to Phoenix.
C edar Springs* to Gallup,
N. M.
C entral* to T hatcher.
C ham bers*!! to G allup,
N . MChin Lee*! to Gallup, N . M
Chloride*!! to Chloride.
Cibecue to Globe.
Claypool* to M iami.
Cochise*!! to Willcox.
G oldwater to Phoenix.
Concho* to Holbrook
Congress Junction*!! to'
Copper Hill* to Globe.
Gordes* to M ayer.
Cornfield to Gallup, N . M.
C ortaro to Tucson. |
Cottonwood* to Clarkdale.
C ourtland*!! to Douglas.
Covered W ells to Casa
G rande.
Cross C anyon to Gallup,
• : N. M.
Crown King*! to P rescott.
D ate Creek to P rescott.
D esert Wells to M esa.
Dewey* to P rescott.
Dilkon* to Holbrook.
Dom e*!! to Yum a.
Doney to Flagstaff.
D on Luis* to Lowell.
Dos Cabezos* to Willcox,
D ragoon*!! to Willcox.
D rake to P rescott,
D uquesne to Nogales.
Eagar* to Springerville.
Eden* to Pim a.
Elfrida* to Douglas.
Elgin* to Benson.
Eloy* to C asa Grande.
F airbank*!! to T om bstone
Fairview (Y avapai Co,) to
P rescott.
Feldm an* to Winkelman.:
F orrest to Douglas.
F o rt Apache*! to Holbrook
F o rt Defiance* to Gallup,
: N. M.
F o rt H uachuca*!! toTom bstone. h
F o rt T hom as*!! to P im a .,
Four M ile P ost to Florence.
F ranklin*! to D uncan,
U tah
+Telegraph Station.

Indian Oasis to Tucson.
Indian Wells*! to Holbrook
Inspiration,*! to M iami, '
Jaynes to Tucson.
Jeddito to Holbrook.
Jerom e Junction* to Pres­
Johnson* to Benson.
Joseph C ity! to Holbrook.
K atherine C ity to Kingm an
K ayenta* to Gallup, N. M .
Kearns Canon*! to G allup,
N. M.
K elton!! to T om bstone,
Kelvin* to Ray.
K irkland*!! to Prescott.
Klondyke* to Pim a.
Lakeside* to Holbrook. ,
Laveen* to Phoenix.
Lehi to Mesa.
Leupp* to Winslow.
Liberty* to Buckeye.
Light* to Willcox.
Litchfield!! to Phoenix.
Low M ountain to Gal) up,
N. M.
Lukachukai* to Gallup, N.
Lupton* to G allup, N . M.
M agm a!! to Florence.
M am m oth* to W inkelm an.
M aricopa*!! to Phoenix.
M a rih stte ! to Gendale
M ayer*!! to P rescott,
M cNeal*! to Douglas.
M etcalf to Clifton.
M idland C ity to Globe.
M ineral Hill to Tucson.
M ineral P ark to Kingm an.
Moccasin* to Kanob, U tah.
M ohawk*!! to Yum a.
M orristown* to Phoenix,
N a-ah T ee C anyon! to Hol­
N aco*!! to Bisbee.
N adaburg to Glendale.
N avajo*! to Holbrook.
N avajo Agency to Gallup,
N. M.
Nelson*!! to Kingm an,
Octave* to P rescott. ,
Oracle* to Tucson.
Oraibi*! t o Gallup, N . Palomas* to Yuma.
; Palo Verde* to Buckeye.
P antano*!! to Tucson.
Paradise* to Douglas.
P arker to W ickenburg, '
P arker Canon to Nogales.
Parks* to Williams.
P atagonia*!! to Nogales.
Peach Springs*!! to Kingm an.
Pearce*!! to W illcox.
Peoria to Glendale.
P im a* !! to Safford.
Pine* to Jerom e.
Pinedale to Holbrook.,,
Pine Top*! to Holbrook. ,
Pirtleville*! to Douglas.
Polacca*! to Gallup, N. MPostv^le to Tucson.
Puntenney* to P rescott,
Quartzsite* to Parker.
Queen Creek to Florence.
Quijotoa* to Tucson.' ,
R ay Junction^! to R ay.
•Redington* to Benson.
■ Redrock*!! to Tucson.
Rice*! to Globe.
I R ilhto*!! to Tucson. ,
{■ R iordan to Flagstaff.
Roosevelt* to Globe.
Roundrock to Gallup, N ,M , ,
| Rowood* to Ajo.'
! Express Office.




Sacaton* to C asa G rande.
Sahuarita*} to Tucson.
S aint David* to Benson.
S aint Joseph* to Holbrook.
S aint Michaels* to G allpp,
N. M.
Salinas Springs to G allup,
N. M.
Salome*}} to P arker.
San Carlos*}} to Globe.
Sanders* to G allup, N . M .
S andw ater to Flagstaff.
San Fernando* to Tucson.
S an ta Rosa to C asa G rande
Sasabe to Nogales.
Sasco to Tucson.
Seligxnan*ti to W illiams.
Sells* to Tucson.
Sentinel*}} to Y um a.
Servoss to Willcox.
S hanto Springs to Flaggstaff.
Show Low* to Holbrook.
Shumway* to Holbrook.
Signal* to Kingm an.
Silverbell*t to Tucson.
Skull V alley*ti to P rescott.
Solomonsville*i to Safford.
Sonoita* to Nogales.
Sonora* to R ay.
Sunrise Springs to Gallup,
' N. M.
Swansea* to P arker.
Taylor* to Holbrook.
Thatcher*}} to Safford.
Todeledo to G allup, N . M .
Tolchaco* to Winslow.
Tolleson to Phoenix.
Topock}} to Needles, Calif.
T u b a City*} to Flagstaff.
Tubac* to Nogales.
T urkey* to P rescott.
Tw in B uttes* to Tucson.
V ah K i to C handler.
V ail* tt to Tucson.
Valentine* to Kingm an.
Valley H eights to Phoenix.
Verde to Clarkdale.
Vicksburg*} to P arker.
Wagoner* to P rescott.
W alker to P rescott.
Warren*}} to Lowell.
W ell ton*}} to Y um a.
Wenden*}} to P arker.
W hiteriver*} to Holbrook.
W ide Ruins to G allup.N .M .
Y ork to D uncan.
Young* to Globe.
Y oungsburg to M esa.
Y ucca*tJ to K ingm an.

Abbott*} to Mansfield.
Acorn to M ena.
A da to M orrillton.
Adona*}} to P erry.
Advance* to M ountain
Agnos* to H ardy.
Alabam* to H untsville.
A lbert to Glenwood.
Albion to Searcy.
Alco* to M o untain view.
L ittle
A lf to W omble.
Algoa* to N ew port.
Alix*} to Altus.
Allbrook to M ineralSprings.
Alleene*} to W ilton.
Allport* to England.
Almond* to Batesville.
Alm yra to D eW itt
Alonzo to Batesville.
A lpha to D ardanelle.
Alpine* to A m ity.
Alston to M ulberry.
Alto to M arked T ree.
A lton to Hope.
Alum to B enton.
Alvis to Batesville.
Aly* to D anville.
Amagon* to N ew port.
Amos to C otter.
Amy* to Camden.
Anderson* to M elbourne.
Annieville* to Im boden.
A nnover to W arren.
A nrep to Pine Bluff.
Antioch to Beebe.
Antoine*}} to Delight.
ApUn* to Casa.
A pple to H o t Springs.
A ppleton* to A tkins, v
Archey* to Clinton.
A rchillion to Blytheville.
Arden*}} to Ashdown.
A rgenta to N o rth L ittle
Argosy to Viola.
A rkana to Norfolk.
A rkansas Post* to G illett.
Arkinda*}} to Forem an.
Arlberg*} to Leslie.
A rm ada i to Winslow.
Armorel*} to Blytheville.
A rm strong to H ardy.
A rm strong Springs*} to
Artesian* to H arrell,
j A rtex to T exarkana.______
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Asher to Pettigrew .
A shton to Lake Village.
Askew to M arianna.
A thelstan to Osceola.
Athens* to D ierks.
A tlanta* to Em erson.
A ttaw ay to Junction C ity.
Attica* to Pocahontas.
Aubrey*} to Helena.
Aurelle* to Strong.
Aurora* to H untsville.
Austin*}} to C abot.
Auvergne*’}} to N ew port.
A vant to H o t Springs.
Avoca*}} to Rogers.
Bailes* to P arkin.
Baker* to M arshall.
Balch* to N ew port.
Baldwin* to Fayetteville.
Banner* to Batesville.
Barber*}} to Booneville.
B ardstow n to Osceola.
Barfield*} to Blytheville.
Barham * to Chidester.
Baringcross to N o rth L ittle
B arkada to W ilm ar.
Barling* to F o rt Sm ith.
B arrenfork to M ount Pleas­
Barton*}} to H elena.
Bass* to Jasper.
Bassett*} to Osceola.
Batavia*} to H arrison.
Bates*} to H eavener, Okla
B atson to Ozark.
B attles to Evening Shade.
Baxter* to D erm ott.
B ayou M eto* to D ew itt,
B ay Village to C herry
Bear* to H o t Springs.
Bearcreek* to M arshall.
Beasley to T yronza.
Beaton* to A rkadelphia.
Beaty* to Bentonville.
Beaudry* to H o t Springs.
Beaver* to E u rek a Springs.
Beebranch* to Clinton.
Beech Grove* to P aragould.
Beedeville* to M cC rory.
Beirne*}} to Gurdon.
Belcher to Griffithville.
Belfast* to Sheridan.
B ellair to Ozan.
Bellefleld* to Bay.
Bellefonte*t to H arrison.
Belton* to, McOaskill.
Ben* to M ountain View.
Ben H u r to Dover.
Ben Lomond* to W ilton.
Benville to C otter.
B erger to L ittle Rock.
Bergman*}} to H arrison.
Berry* to Calico Rock.
Bessie to Conway.
B estw ater* to Rogers.
B ethel to P aragould.
B ethena to Hoxie.
Bethesda* to Batesville.
Bexar* to Calico Rock.
Bigelow*}} to H ouston.
Bigflat* to M arshall.
Big Fork* to M ena.
Big H ickory to M agnolia.
Biglake* to M anila
Bills to D elight.
Bingen*} to Nashville.
Birdell* to Im boden.
Birdeye to C herry Valley.
Birdsong* to T yronza.
Birta*} to Ola.
Bismarck* to A rkadelphia.
Blackburn* to Winslow.
Black Fork* to W aldron.
Black Springs* to W om ble:
Blackton*} to Brinkley.
Blackwell* to Atkins.
Blaine* to Scranton.
Blakem ore to E ngland.
B lanchard Springs to Ju n c­
tion City.
Blansett* to W aldron.
Bledsoe to M arianna.
Bleeker to Kingsland.
Blocher to H o t Springs.
Bloomer* to C harleston.
Blue Bad* to Danville.
M ountain*}}
Bluff City* to Chidester.
Bluff ton* to Danville.
B ly to M elbourne.
B oard Camp* to M ena.
Bodcaw* to Hope.
Bog Springs* to Vandervoort.
Bolding* to Strong.
Boles* to W aldron.
Bonnerdale*}} to Glenwood
Bonnerville to Jonesboro.
Booker to L ittle Rock
Bookm an to Sheridan.
B oothe to W aldron.
Boston* to Pettigrew .
Boueff to E udora.
Boughton*} to P rescott.
Bowen to D elight.
Boxley* to Pettigrew .
Boyd to Fouke.
Boydell* to P ortland.
Boydsville* to Rector.
Boynton*} to K ennett.M o
B radshaw to Arkadelphia.
Brasfleld*} to D evall Bluff.
Brawley* to W aldron.
Brazils* to B enton.
Brentwood*} to Winslow.
Brewer* to H eber Springs.
Brtckeys*} to M arianna.


ACounty Seat.

Briggsville* to Danville.
B righton to Paragould.
B rig h tstar to Bloom burg,
B rister to E m erson.
B rockett* to Pocahontas.
Brookings to Peach O r­
B room to Alicia.
Brownstown* to A shdow n.
Brownsville* to H eber.
Bruins* to Tunica, Miss.
B rum m itt* to S tu ttg a rt
Bruno* to Yellville.
Bryant*}} to Benton.
B uckrange
M ineral
Buckville* to H o t Springs.
B uena Vista*}} to Stephens
Buffalo* to C otter.
Buford* to C otter.
Bunn* to C arthage.
B unny to Black Rock.
'B urdette* to Luxora.
Burg* to Dierks.
Burlington* to H arrison.
B urtsell to Okolona.
Busch to E u rek a Springs.
Bussey* to Taylor.
Butler* to Osceola.
Butlerville* to Beebe.
B utterfield to M alvern.
Byron* to Salem.
C abanal to Berryville.
C abin Creek}} see L am ar.
Caglesville* to Russellville
Caldweli*} to F orrest C ity.
Cale* to P rescott.
Caledonia* to Junction.
C alhoun to M agnolia.
Gallon*}} to E l D orado.
Camp* to Salem.
Cam pbell to Leslie.
Oanehill* to Cane Hill.
Canfield*} to B radley.
Capps*} to H arrison.
Caraway* to Lepanto.
C arden B ottom to A tkins.
Cardiff* to W aldron.
Cargile* to E l D orado.
C arolan to Booneville.
C arriola to E udora.
C arroll to M alvern.
Carrollton* to Alpena Pass.
Carryville* to P iggott.
Carson* to Osceola.
C artney* to M ountain
C arver to E verton.
Cash* to Jonesboro.
Cass* to Ozark.
Casscoe* to S tu ttg art.
C atalpa to Clarksville.
C atcher to Van Buren.
Cato* to L ittle Rock.
Caulksville to Paris.
Cauthron*} to W aldron.
Cavecreek* to St. Joe.
C avenar to Pocahontas.
Cecil* to Ozark.
Cedarcreek* to W aldron.
C edar Glades* to H ot
Cedarville* to Van Buren.
Center* to Evening Shade.
C enter Hill* to Searcy.
C enter Point* to Nashville.
C enter Ridge* to M orrillton
Centerville*} to D ardanelle
C entral to F o rt Sm ith.
Oerrogordo* to H oratio.
Chadwick to L ittle Rock.
Cham bersville to Fordyce.
Champagnolle* to E l D ora­
C hapel H ill to DeQueen.
C harlotte* to New ark.
Chase to M alvern.
Chatfleld* to M arianna.
Cherokee City* to G entry.
Chester*}} to Winslow.
Chickalah* to Danville.
Chickasawba to Blytheville
Chicot*} to Lake Village.
Chimes to Clinton.
Chismville* to Booneville.
Choctaw* to Clinton.
C incinnati to W estville,
Cisco* to Green Forest.
Clarkedale*}} to Memphis,
Claunch to Lake C ity.
Clay* to Searcy.
Clearspring to Okolona.
Cleveland* to M orrillton.
Clifton* to M arianna.
Clifty* to H untsville.
Cloverbend to P ortia.
Clow to Ozan.
Clyde* to C ane H ill.
Coaldale* to H eavener,
Coin to Green Forest.
Colem an to M onticello.
Collegehill to M cNeil.
College Station to M onti­
Collegeville to L ittle Rock.
Collins*}} to M onticello.
Colt*} to W ynne.
Combs*}} to St. Paul.
Cominto* to M onticello.
Com pton* to Jasper.
Congo* to Benton.
C onnor to G reen Forest.
Conviile to C otter.
Cook* to C a’ico Rock.
Copeland* t 'linton._____
Money Order Office.

Cord* to Batesville.
C orinth to Nashville.
Corley* to P aris.
Cornerstone* to P ine Bluff.
Cornerville* to Star. C ity.
Cornhill to M ineral Springs.
C om ie to Junction C ity.
Council* to M an an n a.
Countiss* to H elena.
Cowell* to Jasper.
Coy*}} to E ngland.
C ozahom ei to M arshall.
Crawfordville*}} to M arion
Oreigh- to M arvell,
Creswell* to Calico Rock.
Cress Springs to Om aha.
C rittenden* to E arle.
C roak to Kingsland.
C rockett to Piggott.
C rocketts Bluff* to Alm yra.
Crooked Bayou to Lake
Crosses*} to St. P aul.
Cruse to C arthage.
C ry sta l Springs* to H ot
Cullor to Carlisle.
Culp* to Colico Rock.
Culpeper to C linton.
Curtis*}} to Gurdon.
Cushman*} to Batesville.
Custer* to Bakersfield, M o.
Oypert* to M arvell.
Daisy* to Glenwood.
D alton* to Pocahontas.
Damascus* to Conway.
D ansby to H aynes.
D arysaw to P ine Bluff.
Day* to Salem.
D ayton to H untington.
Deane* to M onticello.
DeAnn to E m m et.
D ean Spring to Alma.
D eanyville to Blevins.
Deasmond* to P arkin.
D eb erriei to Casa.
Debow* to Pocahontas.
Deckerville*}} to H arris­
Dee* to Jonesboro.
D eep B ayou to G rady.
Deer* to Clarksville.
D egray to Arkadelphia.
Delaney* to St. P aul.
Delaplaine*}} to Peach
O rchard.
Delaware* to D ardanelle.
Dell*} to ManilaD elm ar to A lphena Pass.
D elta to W aldo.
D eluce to D ew itt.
D em ocrat* to F orrest C ity.
D enm ark* to B ald K nob.
D ennard* to Leslie.
Denning*}} to Altus.
Denton* to Blank Rock.
Denver* to G reen Forest.
Deroche* to M alvern.
Desha* to Batesville.
D etonti* to B enton.
D e View* to M cC rory.
D ial to V andervoort.
D ialion to Rison.
D ian th a to W abbaseka.
Diaz*} to N ew port.
Dillen* to L am ar.
D ilw orth to H oratio.
Dinsm ore to Berryville.
D ivide to P erry.
Dixie* (Woodruff Co.) to
C otton P lan t.
D obyville to Okolona.
D odd City* to Yellville.
D oebranch to L ittle Rock.
D olph to Calico Rock.
D ora to F t. Sm ith.
D o ta to N ew ark.
D ouble W ells to P ine Bluff.
Douglas* to G illett.
Doylestown to P ine Bluff.
D ra b to Blevins.
D rakes Creek* to Elkins.
D rap er to W arren.
D rasco to H eber Springs.
Draughon* to Kingsland.
D riftw ood*to Black Rock.
Driggs* to P a n s.
D river* to Wilson.
D ryfork to Green Forest.
D ublin to Scranton.
Durham *} to Fayetteville.
D u tch Mills* to W estville.
Dutton*}, to Pettigrew .
E agle Mills*}} to B earden.
E agleton to M ena.
E ag lette to B readen.
E ase to E l D orado.
E a st Sylamore* to M oun­
ta in View.
E bling to F orrest C ity.
Ebony* to Crawfordsville.
E cho to M ansfield.
E d g ar to Hope.
Edgem ont*} to Shirley.
Edmondson*}} to E arle.
E d n a to Clarksville.
Effa to B ranch.
E gger *to M ena.
E gypt* to W alnut Ridge.
E ig h t Mile* to N ew port.
Elba* to M arshall.
E l C entral to W atson.
Elerson* to Sherrill.
E levenpoint* to P ocahon­
E lgin to N ew port.
E lizabeth* to Calico Rock.
} Telegraph Station.

E lk Ranch* to Eureka
E lla to M arshall.
E lliott* to Camden.
Ellisville*}} to Fordyce.
E lm to Am ity.
Elmo* to N ew port.
Elmore* to M alvern.
E lm Store to M am m oth
Elm wood to H arrison.
E lnora to W alnut Ridge.
E m ery to Evening Shade.
Enders* to Quitm an.
English *to Pine Bluff.
Enola* to Conway.
E non to Omaha.
E n rig h t to K ensett.
E ra to Bloomburg.
E rin to Sheridan.
Eros* to Yellville.
E thel* to D ew itt.
E tow ah* to M anila.
Eula* to M arshall.
E vadale* to Wilson.
Evansville* to Stillwells
Excelsior} to Greenwood.
E xperim ent to Taylor.
Faber* to Arkadelphia.
F airbanks to Quitman.
Fairfield to Pine Bluff.
F airm ount to S tu ttg art.
Fairoaks*}} to W ynne.
Faith* to Pine Bluff.
F alcon to Buckner.
Fallsville* to Jasper.
F ancyhill to Womble.
Fargo} to Brinkley.
Farm ington*} to Fayette­
Felsenthal*}} to H uttig.
Felton} to M arianna.
Fendley to Am ity.
Fenter*}} to Benton.
Ferda* to England.
Ferguson to Helena.
F ern to M ulberry.
F erndale to L ittle Rock.
Ferrell* to Herm itage.
Fiftysix* to MountainView..
Figure Five to Van Buren.
F inch to Paragould
Fisher*}} to Hickory Ridge.
Fitzhugh* to Augusta.
Five Mile* to Higden.
Flag to Leslie.
Flem ing to M alvern.
Floral* to Batesville.
Florence* to Monticello.
Floyd* to Beebe.
F ontain to W alnut Ridge.
F orgy to Nashville.
Formosa* to Clinton.
F t. Douglas* to Clarksville.
F t. L ynn to Fouke.
Fourche*}} to Bigelow.
Fourche D am to Little
Fox* to M o untain View.
Freck* to Yellville.
F rench to M am m oth Spring
F renchm ans Bayou*}} to
p rieh l to Shirley.
Frendship* to Arkadelphia.
Frisbee to Ravenden.
Frisco to Winslow.
F ritz to M arion.
F ry a tt to M am m oth Spring
F ry s M ill to Lepanto.
F u rth* to S tar City.
Gabriel to Dover.
Baines ’ Landing* to Arkan­
sas C ity.
Gainesville*} to Paragould.
Gaither to Harrison.
Galloway to L ittle Rock.
Gamaliel* to Bakersfield,
M o.
Garber* to Clarksville.
Garfield*}} to Rogers.
Garland*}} to Lewisville.
Garlandville to Prescott.
Garner*}} to Beebe.
Garnett* to S tar City.
Gassville* to C otter.
Gaston to Womble.
Gate to M ena.
Gavin to M em phis, Tenn.
Gayler to M ountain View.
Geneva to Locksburg.
Genoa* to Texarkana.
George to G reen Forest.
Georgetown*} to Searcy.
Geren to L am ar.
Geridge* to S tu ttg art.
Germania to L ittle Rock.
Gethsemane* to Pine Bluff.
Gid to M o u n t Pleasant.
Gifford* to M alvern.
Gilbert*}} to M arshall.
Gilkeson to Jonesboro.
Gill to F orrest City.
Gilmore*}} to Marion.
Glade* to E u rek a Springs.
Gladys* to Clinton.
Glencoe to H ardy.
Glendale to S tar City.
Glenville to M cNeil.
Golden C ity to Booneville.
Golden Lake to Wilson.
Goldman* to S tu ttg a rt
Goodwin*}} to ForrestCity.
Goshen* to Fayetteville.
Gosnell* to Blytheville.
Gospoda to D e Vail Bluff.
Gourd to Dum as.
flua/ia f.A PltlP RillII.
} Express Office.

Grandfleld to Dierks.
Grand Glaise*} to New port.
Grand Lake* to E udora.
Grandview*t to Berryvllle.
Grange* to Batesville.
Grannis*}} to Wickes.
Grape to B enton.
Grapevine* to P ine Bluff.
Graphic to M ountainburg.
Gravelly* to D anville.
Gravelridge* to W arren.
Grays*tt to Augusta.
Graysonia*}} to Okolona.
Greenbrier* to Conway.
Greenfield* to H arrisburg.
Greenland*} to Fayetteville.
Greenridge to W aldron.
Gregory*}} to Augusta,
Grider* to Osceola.
Gridley to M orrillton.
Griffin to. Smackover.
Gumlog* to Russellville.
Gum Springs*} to Arkadelphia.
Guy* to Quitm an.
H abbertoni to Springdale.
Hagarville* to L am ar.
Hagler* to D ew itt.
Halley*}} to Arkansas C ity.
Halliday* to P aragould.
Hamil to Pocahontas.
Hamlet to Conway.
Hamlin*} to W ynne.
Hammonsville to Beebe.
Hand* to Calico Bock.
Hannaberry to D ew itt.
Hanover to M ountainV iew.
Harlow to Bearden.
Harman to Springdale.
Harmony* to Clarksville.
Harness to Leslie.
Haroldton to Van Buren.
Harris* to Elkins.
Hartley to V andervoort.
Hartwell to Hindsville.
Harvey* to W aldron.
Harwood to Greenville,
Haskell*}} to B enton.
Hasty to Jasper.
Hatchie Coon to T rum ann.
Hattieville* to M orrillton.
Hatton*} to V andervoort.
Hawes *to H o t Springs.
Hazel Valley to Winslow.
Heafer* to Crawfordville.
Healing Springs* to Cave
Springs. ■
Heart* to Salem.
Hebron to Gurdon.
Hector * to Atkins.
Hedges to M ountain View.
Helen to Womble.
Hemp-Wallace* to H o t
Henderson* to M ountain
Henry to Dierks.
Hensley* to L ittle Bock.
Hepsey to YeUville.
Herbine* to Bison.
Herman} to Bay.
Herpel to M ountainview .
Heth*}} to F orest C ity,
Hickman* to Blytheville,
MoKickoria to Corning.
Hickory Plains* to Beebe.
Higden*} to H eber Springs.
Higginson*} to Searcy.
High to Berryvllle.
Highflll* to C ave Springs.
Highland*} to Nashville.
Hilleman* to H unter.
Hillsboro* to Strong.
Hill Top* to Harrison.
Hilo to Herm itage.
Hiram* to H eber.
Hobart to Danville.
Hobbs to Van Buren.
Holland* to Conway.
Hollis* to Casa.
Holly Springs* to Bearden.
Hollywood* toA rkadelphla.
Holmes to W alnut Bidige.
Homan*}} to F ulton.
Hon*} to W aldron.
Hop'efleld to M em phis,
Hopewell* to Calico Bock.
Hopper to Womble.
Horsehead to Em erson.
Howell*}} to C o tto n P lan t.
Huddleston to M ena.
Hudspeth* to D erm o tt.
Huff to Batesville.
Huffman* to Steele, Mo.
Hulbert*}} to M arion,T enn.
Humnoke*} to E ngland.
Hum/to Coal Hill.
Hurricane to Benton.
Hutchinson* to Batesville.
Hutson to N ew ark.
Hydrick* to C herry Valley.
Ico* to Sheridan,
independence to C otter.
Indian Bay* to M arvell,
ingalls*} to W arren.
Ingram* to M aynard,
ink* to M ena,
ione* to Bóoneville.
Irma to W aldo,
iuka* to Calico Bock.
Ivan*}} to Fordyce.
ivy to C arthage.
Jacinto* to C arthage.
Jacksonport* to Newport.-

Jacksonville*}} to L ittle
Jakajones to W ashington.
Jam estown* to Batesville.
Japton* to H untsville.
Jasm ine to GriffithvHle.
Jefferson* to P ine Bluff.
Jennie*} to Lake Village.
Jen n y Lind*}} to F o rt
Sm ith.
Jericho*} to M em phis,
Jerom e *}} to D erm ott.
Jersey* to W arren.
Jerusalem * to Atkins.
Jessieville* to H ot Springs.
Jesup* to Sm ithville.
Jethro* to Ozark.
Jew ell to. W inthrop.
Joan to A rkadelphia.
Joella* to Lewisville.
Johnson*}} to F ayetteville.
Johnstown* to N ew port.
Johnsville* to W arren.
Joiner*}} to Osceola.
Joy to Searcy.
Julious to M em phis, T e n n .
Jum bo* to M elbourne.
K ate to E arl.
Kedron* to Bison.
Keener* to H arrison.
Keevil*} to C larendon.
Kelso* to McGehee.
K enyon to Tuckerm an.
Kerlin* to M agnolia.
Kerrs*}} to Lonoke.
K iblah to. Id a, La.
K ibler to Alma.
Kim es to Van Buren.
King*} to Gillham .
Kingdon Springs to Yellville.
K ing Mills* to H ardy.
Kings Spur to Bentonvllle.
Kinton* to F orrest C ity.
Kirby* to Glenwood.
K irkland to Louann.
K ittle to Ashflat
Knowlton* to Rosedale,
Knoxville*}} to L am ar.
Kokom o to M arianna.
Lacey* to M onticello.
Laconia* to Rosedale, M iss.
L a Crosse* to M elbourne.
L add to Pine Bluff.
Ladelle* to M onticeUo.
LaGrange*} to M arianna.
Lake Dick* to Pine Bluff.
Lake F arm to P ine Bluff.
Lakeview*}} to M arvell.
L am b ert! to Arkadelphia.
Lam bethville* to M arion.
L am ont to P ine Bluff.
Landis* to M arshall.
Laneburg* to P rescott.
Langford to Pine Bluff.
Langley* to Glenwood.
Lanieve to Hoxie.
Lansing* to Crawfordville.
L anty* to M orrillton.
LapUe* *}} to Strong.
Larkin* to M elbourne.
L arue to Rogers.
L atour to H elena.
Laughlih to Stephens.
L auratow n* to P ortia.
Lawson*}} to E l D orado.
Laytonville* to C otter.
Ledwidge* to Bigelow.
Lee to M arianna.
Leecreek* to Winslow.
Lena to Benton.
Lenox to Am ity.
Leonard* to Bector.
Lester*}} to Cam den.
L eta to BussellviUe.
Letona*} to Searcy.
Levesque* to W ynne.
Levy* to No. L ittle Rock.
Lexa *}} to Helena.
Lexington to Shirley.
L iberty to M ount Ida.
Light* to W alnut Bidge.
Limestone* to Jasper.
L inder to Conway.
Line* to P ortland.
Lisbon* to E l Dorado.
L itteral to Springdale.
L ittle M aum eile to L ittle
L ockheart to New ark.
Locust Bayou* to Cam den.
Locust Grove to B atesville.
Lollie to Conway.
Lonelm to M ulberry.
Lonepine to Clarksville.
Lone Rock* to M ountain
Long* to Ashdown.
Lono * to M alvern.
Lonsdale*}} to Benton.
L orado to Jonesboro.
Lorxne to Pocahontas.
L ost P rairie to Texarkana.
Low Gap* to Jasper.
Lowry* to H arrison.
Loy to H untsville.
Lubor to M ountain View.
Lucas to M ansfield.
Lucky* to H ot Springs.
Ludwig to Clarksville.
L ulu to F orrest C ity.
L una Landing* to Lake

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

i County Seat.

LundeU* to Helena.
Lunenburg* to M elbourne.
L unet to Chidester.
Lunsford* to Bay.
L u rto n to St. Joe.
Lutherville* to Lam ar:
Lydalisk to S h irley .,
Lynn*to Black Rock.
M abel vale* to L ittle Rock.
M aberry to C ottonplant.
M acedonia to M agnolia.
M acey to Jonesboro.
M acon Lake to Lake Vill­
M addox to H o t Springs.
Madison*}} to F orrest C ity
Magness*} to N ew ark
M agnet* to M alvern.
M andeville* to T exarkana.
M ann a to Pocahontas.
Manning*} to D alark.
M anson* to Pocahontas.
M a n te i to H untsville.
M any Islands* to H ardy.
M aple * to Berryville.
M arble* to H untsville.
M arcella* to Batesville.
Marche*} to L ittle Bock.
Marie* to Wilson.
M artinville to Conway.
M ason* to Kingsland.
Masonville* to McGehee.
M assard to F o rt Sm ith.
M aumee* to M arshall.
M axville to C ave C ity.
M ay to H ot Springs. *
Mayfield* to Springdale.
Mayflower*} to Conway.
M aysville *to G ravette.
M cA lm ont to L ittle Rock.
M cA rthur to McGehee.
McCleUand* to C ottonplant
M cD aniel to F orrest C ity.
M cD ougall to Piggott.
M cFadden* to N ew port.
M cFerrin to Keiser.
McHue* to Batesville.
M cKamie* to Stam ps.
McNab*}} to F ulton.
M cPhearson* to Calico
M edford to W atson.
Meg* to Ozark.
MeUwood*}} to Helena.
M elrose! to Batesville.
Menifee* to Plum erville.
M eroney* to S tar C ity.
,Mesa}} to D evalls Bluff.
M iddiebrook* to M aynard.
M illard to H avana.
M illcreek to Russellville.
Miller*} to H eber Springs.
M illtow n to Greenwood.
MiUville*}} to Bearden.
M ilner* to M cNeil.
Milo* to H am burg.
Mineola* to Dierks.
M inorca to M aynard.
M inturn*}} to Hoxie.
Mist*} to H am burg.
M itchell to Salem.
Moark*} to Corning.
M obley to C ave City.
M ock to Pocahontas. .
Modoc* to H elena.
M offlt to P rairie Grove.
Moko* to Salem.
Monroe*} to Brinkley.
M ontana* to H artm an.
M onte N e* to Rogers.
M oody to W ilm ar.
M oore to Dover.
Moorefleld*} to Batesville.
M oreland* to Russellville.
M organton to Clinton.
M orobay* to Herm itage.
M orrison Bluff to Scranton.
M orriston* to Salem.
Morrow* to Lincoln.
M orton* to M cG rory.
Moscow*}} to Pine Bluff.
M osley to D ardanelle.
M ounds to M emphis, T enn.
M ountainburg*}} to Van
B uren.
M ountain F ork to M ena.
M ountain Top to- Ozark.
M ount Hersey to Jasper.
M ount H om er to Ola.
M ount Judea* to Jasper.
M o u n t Levi* to Clarksville.
M ount M oriah to P rescott.
M t. Olive*} to Calico Rock.
M ount Pisgah to Searcy.
M ount Vernon* to Q uitm an
M ulligan to H arrisburg.
M undell to E ureka Springs.
M u rray to Jasper.
M yrickville to Tuckerm an.
M yron* to F ranklin.
N ady* to G illett.
N ail to Pettigrew .
N athan* to Nashville.
N a tu ra l Dam* to V an B u­
N a tu ra l Steps* to L ittle
N aylor to Conway.
Nelsonville to Smithville.
N euhardt*} to M arion.
Newburg* to M elbourne.
Newcastle to F orrest C ity .
Newell to E ldorado.
New Gascony* to P ine
Newhope* to Dierks.
New London*to Strong.
Newm an* to W aldron.
N ew nata to M ountain View
Money Order Office.

N ick Springs to E l D orado.
Nimrod* to Casa.
Nix* to D alark.
N oble Lake}} to Pine Bluff
N odena to W ilson
Nogo* to Russellville.
Nola* to W aldron.
N oland* to Pocahontas.
N orphlet* to E l Dorado.
N unley to M ena.
Oakdale to England.
Oak F orest to M arianna.
Oak Grove* to Green F orest
Oakland* to Flippin.
Oark* to Clarksville.
Obear to Jonesboro.
Oconee to Pocahontas.
Odell* to C ane H ill
Oga to M ountain View.
Ogamaw* to Stephens.
Ogden*} to Ashdown.
Oil Trough* to New ark.
Okay* to A tkins.
Okean*}} to W alnut Ridge
Oldtown to M arvell.
Olena to D e W itt.
Olio* to W aldron.
Oliver* to W aldron.
Olm stead to L ittle Rock.
Olyphant*}} to N ew port.
Om a to H ot Springs.
Onda to W est Fork.
Oneal*}} to Batesville. •
Oneida*} to Helena.
Onia* to M ountain View
Onyx* to Danville.
Opal* to M ena.
Oppelo to M orrillton.
Optim us to Calico Roc
Orlando to W arren. .
Osage* to Green Forest.
Osage Mills* to Bentonville.
O tto to Conway.
Otwell* to Jonesboro.
O uachita to Sparkm an.
Owensville* to B enton.
Oxley to Leslie.
Ozone* to Clarksville.
P alatka* to Success.
Palestine*}} to F orrestC ity
Palm er* to C larendon.
Paradise* to M onticello.
Paraloma*}} to Ashdown.
P ark P lace to M arianna.
Parks* to W aldron.
P arm a to M ountain View.
Paron* to Benton.
P aroquet to N ew ark.
Parthenon* to Jasper.
Patm os* to Hope.
P atrick* to St. Paul.
P atterson (Clay Co.) to
K ennett, M o.
P atterson* (Woodruff Co.)
to M cC rory.
Peace to Rison.
Pearcy*} to H ot Springs.
Pearson* to H eber.
Pecan Point* to Osceola.
Peel* to Yellville.
P ekin to Lake C ity.
Pendleton* to Dum as.
Penrose* to H ickory Ridge.
Perla* to M alvern.
!Perryville*} to P erry.
P eterpender to Ozark.
P eters to M arianna.
Pettus* to Lonoke.
Pfeiffer* to Batesville.
Phenix* to Pine Bluff.
Philips to H elena.
Pike*} to D elight.
P ilot to M am m oth Spring.
Pinckney* to M em phis,
Pindall*} to St. Joe.
Pine City* to H olley Grove.
Pine Grove* to D alark.
Pinetree* to F orrest C ity.
Piney* to London
Pinnacle*}} to L ittle Rock.
Pitm an* to M aynard. •
Pitts* to H arrisburg.
Plainfield to Emerson.
P lant* to Leslie.
Plantersville to W ilm ar.
P leasant Plains* to New­
P leasant Ridge to H arri­
Plum: Bayou* to Pine Bluff.
P lym outh to M ulberry.
P oint Cedar* to Am ity.



Prosperity* to Alpena Pass.
Provo*}} to Lockesburg.
Pugh*} to H am burg.
P u rd y to Huntsville.
Quigley to F orrest C ity.
Quinn* to E l Dorado.
Rabell* to M urfreesboro.
Bago to Bentonville.
R alph to Yellville.
R am sey to Fordyce.
R atio to Helena.
Raum* to Om aha.
Ravana* to Bloomburg.Tex
Rawlison* to F orrest C ity.
Rawls to H am burg.
Raym ond to Clarendon.
Reader* to Chidester.
Readland*}} to E udora.
R ea Valley* t o C otter.
Redbluff* to Ashdown.
Redfleld*}} to P ine Bluff.
Redleaf to Lake Village.
Redrock* to Jasper.
R edstar* to Pettigrew .
Red Store to M arvell.
Redstripe* to M ountain
Reeds C reek to C ave C ity.
Reedville* to Dum as.
Reese to M arianna.
Refuge to W atson.
Relfs Bluff* to M onticello.
Remmel* to N ew port
Republican to Conway.
R est to S tar C ity.
R etta* to Russellville. .
Rex* to Clinton.
R eybum to M alvern,
Reydel* to Pine Bluff.
Rhea* to Lincoln.
Riceville to M em phis.Tenn.
Richmond* to Ashdown.
Rich M ountain*}} to M ena.
Riddle to Lockesburg.
Ridge to Jonesboro.
Rio Visto to Baldknob.
Risher to Cash.
Riverside} to Augusta.
Rixey to L ittle Rock.
R oberts to Fouke.
Robinson* to Siloam Spgs.
Robroy*}} to Pine Bluff.
Rockhouse to E u rek a Spgs.
Rock Spring* to M arshall.
Rocky to M ena.
Rocky H ill to Leslie.
Roe*}} to Clarendon.
Rohwer* to A rkansas C ity.
Roland*}} to L ittle R ock.
Romance* to Beebe.
Rondo*}} to M arianna.
Roosevelt* to Searcy.
Rosa* to Luxora.
Rosboro*}} to Am ity.
Rose Bud* to Quitm an.
Rosedale to Van Buren.
Roseland to M anila.
Roseville to Ozark.
Rosie* to New ark.
Ross (D esha Co.) to Ar­
kansas C ity.
Ross (Mississippi Co.) to
Rosston* to P rescott.
R ound Pond*}} to Forrest
C ity.
Rover* to Danville.
Rowell* to Rison.
Rozelle to Osceola.
R udd to Green Forest.
Ruddels*}} to M ountain
j View.
Rudy*}} to Van Buren.
R ule to Green Forest.
Rumley* to Leslie.
R unning Lake to Pocahon­
Rush* to Yellville.
Rushing* to Shirley.
Russell*} to B ald Knob.
R ust to M ena.
R u th to Calico Rock.
Ryan* to E ngland.
R ye to W ilm ar.
Ryker* to Pettigrew .
Saffell* to Black Rock.
Sage* to M elbourne.
Saint C harles! to D e W itt.
S aint James* to Batesville.
S aint T hom as to Joiner.

P oint P eter to M arshall.
Ponca* to Jasper.
P oplar Grove*}} to Helena.
P orter Station to Winslow.
Postelle*}} to M arvell.
Potter*} to M ena.
Poughkeepsie* to Evening
Powell to St. P aul.

Salado* to Batesville.
Saline to C arthage.
Saltillo to Conway.
Sanders to M alvern.
Sandtown* to Batesville
Sandybend* to Strong.
Sans Souci to Osceola.
Saratoga*, to Fulton.
Sardis to Hope.
Sayre*}} to Chidester.
Scaife to Lake Village.
Schaal* to M ineral Springs.
Schaberg*}} to Winslow.
Schooley to Ozan.

¿Powhatan* to Black Rock
Poyen*}} to Benton.
Prague* to Sheridan.
P rairie C reek to H artford.
P rairie View* to Scranton.
Prattsville* to Sheridan.
P rim ! to Heber.
Princedale to W ynne.
Princeton* to C arthage.
Proctor*}} to F orrest C ity

Scott*}} to L ittle Rock.
Scottsville* to R ussellville
Sedalia to Rogers.
Sedgwick*}} to W alnut
Selma* to T illar.
Sess to E l Dorado.’
S ettlem ent to Shiriey.
Seyppel* to M em phis,Tenn.
Shannon to Pocahontas.

} Telegraph Station.

} Express Office.

Shark* to Danville.
Sharp to Batesville:
Sharum to Pocahontas.
Shawmut* to Am ity.
Shelbyville* to Evening
Shade. ,
Shihley to Van Buren.
Shiloh* to H eber Springs.
Shoal Creek* to Paris.
Shoffner* to New port.
Shuler to E l Dorado.
Sidon* to Searcy.
Silex to L am ar.
Silver* to M ount Ida.
Simpson to D over.
Sims* to M ount Ida.
Simsboro to E arl.
S itka to, Williford.
Sixmile to Branch.
Skaggs to Pocahontas.
Skylight to W est Fork.
Slatington to Womble.
Slatonville to Greenwood.
Slocomb* to Benton.
Slovaktown to Hazen.
Smead to Bearden.
Smithdale* to E arl.
S m ith to n * ti to Gurdon.
Sneed to Kingsland.
Snowball* to M arshall.
Snow L ak e*tt to Helena.
Snyder*! to H am burg.
Social Hill* to M alvern.
Sodom to Am ity.
Solgohachia* to M orrillton.
Sonora* to Springdale.
Soudan to M arianna.
South Bend* to Dum as.
South Fork* to M am m oth
So. F t. S m ith*!! to F t.
. Smith.
S padra*!! to H artm an.
Spielervilie* to Paris.
Spirit Lake to Lewisville.
Spotyille to M agnolia.
Springfield* to M orrillton.
Spring H ill to Hope.
S'pringtown* to G entry.
Spring Valley *to Springdale.
Stacy to M arion.
Stafford* to Belleville.
Stanford to Paragould.
Stanley* to M urfreesboro.
S taple to Pine Bluff.
Staves to Rison.
Steele! to E lm Springs.
Stella* to M elbourne.
Steprock* to Judsonia.
Steve* to Plainview.
Stevens Creek to Bald
Stonewall* to Knobel.
Story* to M ount Ida.
Straw berry* to B lack Rock.
Strickler* to P rairie Grove.
Stringer to W aldron.
S tuart* to H ardy.
Sturkie* to Salem
Subiaco* Jto Scranton.
Sugar Grove* to M agazine.
Sulphur City* to F ay ette­
Summers*! to W estville.,
Summerville to H arrell.
Summit* to Yellville.
Sum pter* to W arren.
Sunnyside to Lake Village.
Sunset* to Winslow,
Supply* to M aynard
S utton to E m m ett.
Swain* to Jasper.
Swan Lake* to Pine Bluff.
Swarts to Pocahontas.
Swaty to Bearden
Sweden* to Pine Bluff.
Sweet Hom e*!! to L ittle
Sylamore* (Stone Co.) to
M ountain View.
Sylvania to Cabot.
T a ft to Ozark.
T ag to Dover.
T am o*!! to P in e Bluff.
T arry* to Pine Bluff.
T ate to Booneville,
Thebes to P ortland.
Theo to Chidester.
Thiel to Benton.
T hola to Leslie.
Thomasville* to Moro.
Thompson* to St, Paul.
Thornburgh* to Perry.
Thorney* to Elkins.
T hree Creeks to Junction.
Tichnor* to Gillett.'
T ide,to H am burg.
T ie Plant* to A rgenta.
T ilto n * fi to W ynne.
Tlmbo* to M ountain View.
T ihsm an*!! to H am pton.
T ipperary to Rector,
T ipton to Kingsland.
Todd to S tar C ity.
Togo to JSarL
Tokio*! to Nashville.
Toledo to Rison.
T oilette to M ineral Springs.
Tollville to Devall Bluff.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Toltec* to E ngland.
Tomahawk* to M arshall.
Tom ato* to Blytheville.
Tom berlins to England.
¡Tomlinson to Osceola.
Tontitow n* to Springdale.
T raskw ood*!! to B enton.
T re a t to L am ar, f
T renton* to M arvell.
T rident to Siloam Springs.
T rigg to Kingsland.
T roy to Stephens.
¡Trull* to E l Dorado.
T ru th to H untsville.
¡Tubal to- Junction.
T ucker*!! to E ngland.
■Tulip* to C arthage.
T ull to Benton.
¡Tulot to T rum an.
Tum bling Shoals to H eber
T urkey to Yellville.
'Turner* to M arvell.
T urrell*!! to M arion.
¡Tuttle to Elkins.
¡T uttleton to F orrest C ity.
¡Twilight* to Conway.
Tw in Creek* to Calico Rock
¡Twist to Earle.
■Tyler* to H eber Springs.
¡Tyner to H elena.
Tyro* to M onticello.
Ulm *i to S tu ttg art.
Umpire* to Dierks.
U na 4.0 Leslie.
Union* to Salem.
Unionhill* to N ew port.
Uniontown* to V an Buren.
U pland*!! to Junction C ity.
U rbana*! to ”Strong.
U rbanette*! to Berryville.
Ursula* to Charleston.
U ssery to H o t Springs.
Vale* to F ayetteville.
¡Valley Springs* to H arri»
Van* to D e W itt.
Van Duzer* to Camden.
Vanndale*! to W ynne.
AV arner*!! w P ine Bluff.
V aughn to B enton ville.
Vede to Am ity.
Vendor* to Jasper.
Vero to Calico Rock.
V esta to C harleston.
Vick *!! to H erm itage.
Victor to Batesville.
V idette to M ountain Home.
Village* to M agnolia.
Vilonia* to Conway.
Vim y Ridge*! to L ittle
Vincent*! to Crawfordville.
V ineyard to M arianna.
Vineygrove to P rairie
Violet Hill* to M elbourne.
W abash* to Helena.
W aldenburg* to Weiner,
W aldstein*! to D e W itt.
W alker* to Searcy.
W alnut to Pettigrew .
W alnut Grove to Batesville
W aJnut H ill to B radley.
W alnut L ake*!! to Dum as.
W alnut Springs to Horatio.
W alnut Tree* to D anville.
W ard*! to Beebe.
W ardell to Joiner;
■Wareagle* to Rogers.
W arm Springs* tp Poca­
W ashburn* to Greenwood.
W ashita* to H ot .Springs.
W atalula* to Ozark.
W aters* to M ena.
W atervalley* tp Im boden.
W attensaw * to Lonoke.
W ave tp C arthage.
W averland*!! to D anville.
W averly *toM emphis, T enn.
W eathers to Kingston.
W ebb City* to Ozark.
W eber to G illett.
W edington to Siloam
Weeks* to H eavener, Okla.
W eldon*!! bo N ew port.
Wesley* to Elkins.
Wesson* to E l Dorado.
W est to M orrillton.
W est H artfo rd to H artford.
W est H elena see Helena.
W est M em phis* to M em ­
phis, T enn.
W estover to Helena.W est P oint*! to K ensett.
W harton* to H untsville.
W heeler* to Springdale.
Wheeling* to Salem.
W helen Springs*!! to G ur­
W hite*!! to F elsenthal.
W hitecliffs to Ashdown.
W hitehall*! to H arrisburg.
W hitener* to Hindsville.
W hite Rock to M ulberry.
W hitm ore to -Forrest C ity.
W hittington to H ot Spgs.
Whifcton* to Joiner.
W ideman* to Calico Rock.
W idener*!! to F orrest C ity.
Wiggs to H ot Springs.
W ilburn* to H eber Springs
W ild Cherry* to -Calico


ACounty Seat.

W illcockson to H arrison.
W illisville to W aldo.
W illow*!! to C arthage.
W ilm ington to Eldorado.
Wing* to Danville.
W instead to H ardy.
W irth to M am m oth Spg.
Wiseman* to M elbourne.
W itcher ville* to H untington.
W itherspoon* to Arkadelphia.
W itter* to St. P aul.
W itts Springs* to M arshall.
W iville*!! to C otton P lan t.
W olf Bayou* to Batesville.
W om ack to F orrest C ity.
W oodberry* to H am pton.
W oodrow to H eber Springs.
W oodson*!! to L ittle Rock.
Woolum* to Leslie.
W ooster*! to Conway.
W orden to B ald Knob.
W rightsville*!! to L ittle
W yanoka to M em phis,
T enn.
Wye* to Bigelow.
Yale* to Ozark.
Yancopin* to W atson.
iYancy* to Ozan.
Y arbro*! to Blytheville.
Yardelle* to H arrison.
Y ocana to M ena.
¡Yocum to G reen Forest.
Y orktow n to P ine Bluff.
Young to C hidester
Y oung town to P ine Bluff.
Zack* to M arshall.
Zent* to Brinkley.
Zinc*!! to H arrison.
Zion* to M elbourne.

Aberdeen* to Independence.
A bila to W atts.
Academy*! to Clovis.
Acam po*!! to Lodi.
A cton*! to Lancaster.
Adam s to Calistoga.
Adam s Springs to Calistoga
Adelaida* to Paso Robies.
Adelanto* to Victorville.
Adin*! to A lturas.
A etna Springs* to St.
H elena.
Afton* to B u tte C ity.
Ager*! to Y reka.
Agnew*!! to S anta C lara.
Agua Caliente* to Sonoma.
Aguanga* to Tem ecula.
Ahwahnee*! to M adera.
Alam itos B ay to Long
Alamo*! to D anville.
Alberhill* to Elsinore.
Albion*! to Mendocino.
A lderpoint*!! to Scotia.
Alder Springs* to Willows.
Alexander Valley to Healdsburg, Calif.
Alleghany*!to N evada C ity:
Allendale to Oakland.
A llensworth*!! to Delano.
Alliance to A reata.
A lm a*!! to Los Gatos.
Alpaugn*! to Corcoran.
Alpipe* to E l Cajon.
Alta* to Colfax.
A1 Tahoe*! to Truckee.
A ltaLom a*! to Cucamonga.
A ltam ont*!! to Livermore.
Altaville* to Angels Camp.
Alton*! to. F ortuna.
Alviso*!! to M ilpitas.
Am ador C ity*! to Jackson.
Am boy*!! to Needles.
Amedee*! to Susanville.
Am sterdam * to M erced.
A ndrade*! to Y um a, Ariz.
Angels Island to San Fran. cisco.
Angiola*!! to Corcoran.
Antelope*!! to Sacram ento.
Applegate*!! to Auburn.
A ptos*!! to S anta Cruz.
Arboga*! to M arysville.
Arcade P ark to Sacram ento.
A rena to Livingston.
A rm ona*!! to H anford.
Arno*! to Sacram ento.
Arom as*!! to W atsonville.
Arrowhead Springs* to San
A rtois*!! to Willows.
A rvin*! to Bakersfield.
Asti* to Cloverdale.
A thens to Los Angeles.
Athlone* to M erced.
A tlan ta to Ripon.
Atolia*! to Barstow.
A tw ood!! to Placentia.
Auberry* to Clovis.
Aukum to Plym outh.
A vena! to Escalon.
Avery*! to Angels Camp.
Avila* to San Luis Obispo.
A von!! to B ay P oint.
•Money .Order Office.

Bachelor to Lakeport.
Badger* to Orosi.
B.agby*!! to M erced.
¡Bagdad*!! to Needles.
■Baird*! to Redding;
¡Ballard! to Solvang.
Bandini to Los Angeles.
;Bangor*! to Oroville.
B a n ta ü to T racy.
Bard* to Yum a, Ariz.
Barlow to Sebastopol.
B a rrett* !! to San Diego.
B a rtle tt Springs* to Upper
Bass L ake! to Fresno.
B ay to Valley Ford.
Bayles* to Redding.
Bayside*! to E ureka.
B eatrice*!! to Loleta.
Beckwith*! to Loyalton.
Beegum to Red Bluff.
Beiden*!! to Quincy.
Bella V ista to Redding.
B ellevue! to S anta Rosa.
B ellota! to Stockton.
Bells Station to Gilroy.
B elm ont*!! to R ed. Wood
C ity.
Belvedere to Sausalito.
Ben H ur* to M adera.
Ben Lom ond*!! to S anta
Benton* to Bishop.
■Berenda*!! to M adera.
Beresford to San M ateo.
Berlin to Arbuckle.
¡Bernardo! to Escondido.
Berros* to Arroyo Grande.
B erry C reek*!! to Oroville.
B erryessa to San Jose.
Beswick* to Y reka.
B ethany*!! to T racy.
B etteravia* to G uadaloupe.
Beulah H eights to Oakland.
Beverly Glen to Sawtelle.
Bicknell* to O rcutt.
Big B ar (Butte) to Oroville.
Big Bar* (T rinity Co.) to
W eaver ville.
Big Basin to S anta Cruz.
Big Bend to Redding.
Big Creek* to Clovis.
Big Oak F lat*! to Jam es­
Bigtrees* to Angels Camp.
Bijou* to M inden, N ev.
Bingvill to N ational City.
B irds Landing* to Suisun
C ity.
Black P oint to San Rafael.
B iairsden*!! to Quincy.
B lanchard to M erced,
Blanco to Salinas.
Blocksburg* tö F ortuna.
Bloomfield*! toValley Ford.
Bloom ington*!! to Rialto.
Blue C anyon*!! to Colfax.
Blue Lake*! to A reata.
Boca*!! to Reno, Nev.
Bodega*!! to Valley Ford.
Bodfish*! to Bakersfield.
Bodie* to Gardnerville.
Bolinas*! to Sausalito.
Bolsa to S anta Ana.
Bonita*! to N ational City.
B onny Doon* to Santa
Bonsall*! to F all Brook.
Boonville*! to Ukiah.
Borosolvay to Bakersfield.
Bostoma* to E l Cajon.
B oulder C reek*!! to Santa
C ruz.
Boulevard* to San Diego.
Bowles*!! to Fresno.
Bowm an*!! to Auburn.
Boyes;to Sonoma.
Boyes Springs* to Sonoma.
B radley*!! to San M iguel.
Branscomb* to W illits.
B ray*!! to D orris.
Briceburg* to M erced.
B riceland*! to Scotia..
Bridgehouse* to lone.
ABridgeport* to M inden,
Bridgeville*! to F ortuna.
B righton!! to Sacram ento
Broderick*! to Sacram ento.
Brookdale to Santa Cruz.
Brooks*! to E sparto.
Brown* to Bakersfield.
Browns Valley to M arys­
Brownsville*! to M arysville
B rynm aw r*!! to Redlands.
.Bryte*! to Sacramento.
!Buck to Quincy.
' Buckm an Springs to San
Buck M eadows to Sonora.
Bucksport* to E ureka.
Buellton to Solvang.
Buena V ista (Amador) to
Buena Vista (Sonoma) to
Buena V ista (Stanislaus) to
Bull Creek to Scotia.
Bulwinkle*’! to Areata.
Buntingville to Standish.
Burnell to F ortuna.
Burney* to Fall River Mills
Burrell*!! to Riverdale.
B urrough to Clovis.
Burson*! to Lodi.
B utcherR anch*! toA uburn.
B u tte M eadows to Chicp.
B utton Willow*!! to Bak­
fT.elegraph Station.

Byersvllle to Crows Land­
Cabazon*! to Banning.
C ajon*!! to SanBernardino.
Calabasas* to Los Angeles.
C aliente*!! to Bakersfield.
C allahan*! to E tn a Mills.
Calpella*! to Ukiah.
C alpinei! to Portola.
Calwa C ity to Fresno.
Camanche* to Lodi.
Cam den to Laton.
Camino* to Placerville.
Camp Baldy* to Redlands.
Cam p K earny*! to San
Cam p M eeker*!! to Valley
Campo*! to San Diego.
Campo Seco* to Jackson.
Cam ptonville*! to Nevada
C ity.
Canby*! to A lturas.
C antil*! to Bakersfield.
Capay*! to E sparto.
Capetown*! to Ferndale.
C apitola*!! to Santa Cruz.
Cardiff By . The Sea* to
C arlotta*! to Fortuna.
Carlsbad* to Oceanside.
C arm el*!! to M onterey.
Carmichael* to F air Oaks.
C arnelian Bay*! to Reno.
Carrville* to Weaverville.
Carson H ill*! to Angels
Cam p.
C artago*!! to Independ­
C asm alia*!! to SantaMaria,
C aspar*! to F o rt Bragg.
Cassel* to F all River Mills.
C astella*!! to Dunsmuir.
C astiac to Newhall.
C astle Crags to Dunsmuir.
C astle Rock to Dunsmuir.
Castroville*! to Salinas.
C atalin a Island to Avalon.
Cathay* to Le Grand
O ayton to Fall River Mills.
Cayucos*! to San Luis
C azadero*!! to Guerneville.
Cecilville*! to E tn a Mills,
C em ent*!! to Suisun City.
Centerville (Fresno Co.) to
(Shasta) to
Challenge*! to Oroville.
C harter Oak*! to Covina.
O hatsw orth*!! to Los Ange­
Cherokee to Groville.
Chicago Park* to Colfax.
Chilcoot*!! to Loyalton.
Chiles to St. Helena.
Chinese Cam p*! to James­
C hister*! to Westwood.
Cholaihe* to Paso Robles.
C hristine! to Cloverdale.
C hualar*!! to Gonzales.
C im a*t! to Needles.
Cisco to Colfax.
Clarksburg* to Sacramento.
Clarksville*! toFolsomCity.
Clay*! to G alt.
Clayton* to Concord.
Clearinghouse to Merced.
Clear Lake to Kelsey ville.
Clearw ater*! to Hynes.
Clem ents*!! to Lockeford.
Clio*!! to Quincy.
Clippergap*! to Auburn.
Clipper Mills*! to Oroville.
Clotho to Fresno.
Coarsegold*! to Madera.
Cobb* to Kelseyville.
Cohasset to Chico.
Colegrove to Los Angeles.
Coleville* to Gardnerville,
College City* to Arbuckle.
Collegeville to Stockton.
Collins to Ontario.
Collinsville*! to Antioch.
Columbia* to Sonora..
Colum bia H ill to Nevada
Com ptche*! to Mendocino.
C onejo!! to Laton.
Confidence* to Tuolumne.
Cooperstown*!! toOakdale.
Copper p ity to Kennett.
Copperopolis* to Angels
Cordelia*!! to Suisun City.
Cornell to Owensmouth.
Corralitos* to Watsonville.
C orte M adera*!! to San
C ortena to Maxwell.
C otati*!! to Petaluma.
Coulterville*!! to Merced
Coutolenc*! to Chico.
Cowell! to Concord.
Coyote*!! to Morgan Hiu.
Cozzens to Geyser ville.
C rannell to Areata. Hj
Crescent Mills* to Green­
Cressey* to Livingston.
Crestline* to San Bernar­
Creston* to Paso Robles.
Crom berg*! to Quincy,
C ru tts to Barstow- ,,
C rystal Springs to Colfax
C udahy S tation to Los
A n iv a I A fi. .

! Express Office


Cummings* to Willits.
Cunningham to Sebastopol.
Cupertino*! to San Jose.
Cypress to Artesia.
Daggett*!! to San B ernar­
Dairyvillef to Red Bluff.
Dana* to P all R iver Mills.
Danby+t to Needles.
Darwin*! to Independence.
D atura to Litchfield.
Davenport*!! toSantaC ruz.
Davis Creek*!! to A lturas.
Dawn to F riant.
Death Valley* to Goldfield,
Decoto*fJ to Niles.
Deer Lick Springs to C o t­
D eerpark*tt to Reno, Nev.
Delavan to Maxwell.
Delhi*! to T urlock.
Del M ar* !! to San Diego.
Del M onte*!! to M onterey.
Del M onte Ju n c tio n !! to
Del Paso H eights to Sacra­
Del Rosa*!! to Highland.
Del Sur* to L ancaster.
Delta!! (P.O. nam e Bayles)
to K ennett
Denman Station to P etalu ­
Denny* to W eaverville.
Denverton to Suisun C ity.
Descanso* to E l Cajon.
Devore*!! to San B ernar­
Dirigo to D unsm uir.
Divide to Petalum a.
Dixieland* to Seeley.
Dobbins* tto N evada C ity,
Donnert to Reno. Nev.
Dorrington to Angels Camp.
Dos Rios*!! to W illits.
Dougherty to Pleasanton.
Douglas City* to W eaver­
iDownieville*! to N evada
Doyle*!! to Susanville.
Drytown*! to Am ador C ity
D uarte*!! to M onrovia.
Dublin to Pleasanton.
Dudley to Coalinga.
Dulzura* to San Diego
Dundee to B urbank.
Dunlap*! to Sanger.
Dunneville C orner to Hol­
Dunnigan*!! to W oodland.
Dutch F lat* !! to Colfax.
Dyerville* to Scotia.
Eaglenest to Guerneville.
Eagleville*! to C edarville.
East A uburn! to Auburn.
East Bakersfield to B akers­
East H ighlands*!! to H igh­
East Nicolaus*!! to M ary s­
Easton! (San M ateo Co.) to
Easton {Fresno Co.) to
East San Pedro*! to San
Eden Vale to San Jose.
Edgewood*!! to Weed.
Edna! to San Luis' Obispo,
Edwards Bridge to N evada
Eel Rock! to Scotia.
El Campo to Sausalito.
El Cerrito*! to Richm ond.
El Dorado (Caläveras Co,)
to Angels Camp.
El D orado*!! (Eldorado
Co.) to Placerville.
Elftman to Com pton.
El G ranada*! to San F ra n ­
Elizabeth Lake to P alm dale
Elk*! to Auburn.
Elk Creek*! to Willows.
Ellisworth* to Escalon.
Elmira*!! to Vacaville.
El Modeno* to Orange.
El Nido to M erced.
El Portal*!! to M erced.
El Rio to Oxnard.
El Sereho to Los Angeles.
El Toro*!! to S an ta Ana.
El Verano*!! to Sonoma.
Elverta* to Sacram ento.
Emerald Bay*!! to Reno,
Emigrant G ap*!! to Colfax.
Emmaton to Antioch.
Empire*!! to M odesto.
Encanto* to La M esa.
Encinal to Sunnyvale.
Encinitas*!! to Oceanside.
Engelmine* to Greenville.
Englewood to Scotia.
Enterprise* to Oroville.
Ethanac*f! to Perris.
Etiwanda*!! toCucamonga.
Eugene*! to Oakdale.
Evergreen to San Jose.
Eairmead*!! to M adera.
Eairinont* to Lancaster.
-Pair Play* to Placerville.

F airport*!! to FortBidwell.
Falk* to E ureka.
Fallen Leaf*! to Placerville.
Fallon*!! to Tomales.
Fam osa*!! to M cFarland.
Farallone*! to H alf M oon
F arley to W illits.
Farm ersville*!! to E xeter.
F arm ington*!! to Stockton.
Faw skin to San Bernardino.
F eather Falls to Oroville.
Felix to Angels Camp.
F elton*!! to S anta Cruz.
F enner!! to Needles.
F ernbridget! to F ortuna.
Fertilla* to Blythe.
FettersSprings*! toSonom a.
Fieldbrook* to A reata.
Fields Landing* to E ureka.
Finley* to L akeport.
Fish Cam p to M erced.
Fish R ock! to P oint Arena.
Flinn Springs to Lakeside.
F lintridge to Glendale.
Florence!! to Los Angeles.
F lorin*!! to Sacram ento.
Floriston*!! to Reno, Nev.
F ontana*! to Rialto.
Forbestown*! to Oroville.
F orest*! to N evada City.
F orest Glen to W eaverville.
Foresthill*! to Colfax.
Forest Knolls! to San Anselmo.
Forks of Salmon*! to E tn a
M ills.
F o rt Barry* to Sausalito.
F ort Dick* to CrescentCity.
F o rt McDowell to San
F o rt Seward*!! to Scotia.
Fosteria to Lodi,
Fouts Springs to M axwell.
F ranklin*!! to E lk Grove.
F reeport to Sacram ento.
Freestone*!! toValley Ford.
F rench Camp* to Stockton.
French Corral*! to N evada
French Gulch*! to R edding.
Freshw ater* to E ureka.
F ria n t* !! to Clovis.
Frodsham * to A ntioch.
F ruitvale*!! to Oakland.
F ru to * !! to Willows.
F ulton*!! to S anta Rosa.
Garberville*! to Alderpoint.
G arden Valley*! to Placer­
G arey to S anta M aria.
Gas Point* to Cottonwood.
G aviota*!! to S anta B arG azelle*!! to Weed.
Genesee* to Greenville.
Georgetown*! toPlacerville.
G erber*!! to Red Bluff.
Germ antown to Willows.
G iant*! to Pinple.
G iant Forest* to W oodlake.
Gilroy H ot Springs* to Gil­
G lam ist! to Y um a. Ariz.
Glen Alpine! to Carson
C ity, Nev.
Glen A rbor to S anta Cruz.
Glenblair* to F o rt Bragg.
G lenburn*! to Fall River.
Glencoe! to Jackson.
Glen Ellen*! to Sonoma.
Glehn* to Willows.
Glennvllle*! to Delano.
Glenwood*!! to S anta C ruz
G loryetta* to S anta Ana.
Goffs*!! to Needles.
Gold R un*!! to Colfax.
Goleta*! to S anta B arbara.
G orm an to L ancaster.
Goshen* to Visalia.
G ottville*! to Y reka.
Grabners* to C lovis.
Graeagle* to Quincy.
G rafton*! to K nights L and­
G raham S tation to Los
G ranada to San Francisco.
G rand View* to San Rafael.
Orangeville to Hanford.
Graniteville* to N evada
C ity.
G raton*! to Sebastopol.
Gravesbro to Sanger.
Greenbrae to San Rafael.
Greenfield*! to Kings City.
Greenleaf to M adera.
Green view* to F t. Jones.
Greenville to Santa Ana.
Greenwood*! (Eldorado) to
Greenwood (Mendocino) to
Gregg to M adera.
G renada*!! to M ontague.
Grizzly Bluff* to Ferndale.
Grizzly Flats* to Placerville.
Grossmont* to L a M esa.
Groveland*! to Sonora.
G ualala*! to P o in t Arena.
G uasti*!! to Ontario.
G uatay to San Diego.
G uernsey!! to H anford.
Guinda*!! to Esparto.
G uthrie Station to Sacra­
Halcyon* toArroyo Grande.
Halleck* to SanBernardino.
Ham burg*! to F o rt Jones.
H am ilton C ity to Chico.
H am let to Tomales.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

à County Seat.

H am m onton*! to M arys­
H appyC am p* to F o rt Jones
H arbinSprings to Calistoga,
H arlem H ot Springs! to
San Bernardino.
H arm ony to C am bria.
H arris* to ScotiaH arrison*toH alf M oon Bay.
H atch to Turlock.
H avilah! to Bakersfield.
H aydenhill to Bieber.
Hayfork* to W eaverville.
HazelCreek*! to D unsm uir.
H eber*! to E l Centro.
Helena* to W eaverville.
Helendale*!! to Victorville.
H elism a (P. O. nam e B urson) to Lodi.
Helix to L a M esa.
Helm *!! to Fresno.
Henderson*! to Redding.
Henleyville* to Corning.
H erald*! to G alt.
Herndon*! to Fresno. ’
H eroult* to K ennett.
H esperia*!! to San B ernar­
Hessel to Sebastopol.
Hickman* to W aterford.
Highgrove*!! to Riverside.
H ighland Springs! to Kelseyville.
Hill* to La Jolla.
Hilton*! to Guerneville.
H ilts*!! to Ashland, Ore.
H inkley*!! to San B ernar­
H ipass to San'Diego.
Hoaglin* to Scotia.
H o b art Mills*! to Reno,
Hobgood to N iland.
Hodson to Angels Cam p.
Holmes*! to Scotia.
H olt*!! to Stockton.
Hom ewood*!! to Reno,
H oncut*!! to Oroville.
Hood*! to Sacram ento.
Hoopa* to ArCata.
H opeton to M erced.
H ornbrook*!! toM ontague.
H ornitos*! to M erced.
H ot Springs to Ducor.
H ough Springs to Williams.
How land F la t to Oroville.
H ub to H ardw ick.
H um e to Sanger.
H untington Lake to Fresno
H uron*! to Coalinga.
Hyam pom * to W eaverville.
Hydesville*t to F ortuna.
Idyllw ild*! to H em et.
Ignacio*!! to San Rafael.
Im perial Beach* to N ation­
al C ity.
Im perial Junction toN iland
Reno, N ev. •
Indian W ells to Coachella.
Ingot*! to Redding.
Inverness*! to P oint Reyes
Inyokern*!! to Los Angeles
Iow a Hill* to Colfax.
Iro n M ountain to Redding.
Irv in e !!! to T ustin.
Irwin* to H ilm ar. .
Irw indale*!! to Baldwin
P ark.
Isabella*! to Bakersfield.
Island M ountain to W illits.
Iv an p ah * !! tp Las Vegas,
Iv y to A lturas.
Jacksonville! to Sonora,
Jacum ba* to San Diego.
Jam ul* to L a M esa.
Jelly;to Red Bluff.
Jenner*! to Guerneville.
Jenny Lind* to Stockton
Jersey*! to Antioch.
Johnsville*! to Quincy.
JolorrKo King C ity.
Josephine to Placerville.
Ju d s o n tt to San Bernardino
Julian*! to Ram ona.
Junction C enter-to Clovis.
Junction City* to W eaver­
Junction Station to B ur­
Karlo*! to Susanville.
Kaweah* to Lemon Cove.
K eddie*!! to Quincy.
Keeler*!! to Independence.
Keene* to Tehachapi.
Kellogg* to Calistoga.
Kelsey*! to Placerville.
Kelso*!! to Las Vegas,Nev.
K ennyf to F o rt Bragg. ■
Kentfield*!! to San Rafael.
K ent S tation to W atts.
Kenwood*!! to S anta Rosa.
Kern* to Bakersfield.
Kernville*! to Bakersfield.
Keswick*!! to Redding.
Keyes*! to Ceres.
K ingdom !! to Lodi.
K ingriver to Sanger.
Kirkwood*! to Corning.
K lam ath to A reata,
Klink* to Visalia.
K nightsen*!! to Brentwood
K nights F erry*! to Oakdale
K nob to Redding: ’
* Money Order Office.

Knowles* to M adera.
K orbel*!! to A reata.
K ram er!! to San B ernardi­
Kyburz* to Placerville.
L a Canada* to P asa d en a..
L a Crescent a* to Glendale.
L afayette*! to W alnut
La Grange* to W aterford.
L aguna to G uatay.
Lagunitas*! to Fairfax.
L a Honda* to Redwood
C ity.
Lake Alam andr to Green­
Lake C ity*! to Cedarville.
Lake Hodges Station to
Lake House to Sacram ento.
Lake Valley to Carson City,
Lakeview* to Perris.
Lakeville to Petalum a.
L am bert to Healdsburg.
L a M irada*!! to Norwalk.
L a M oine*!! to D unsm uir.
Lanare*! to Riverdale.
Lanfair* to Needles.
L ansdale to San Anselmo.
L a Panza* to San Luis
L a P orte*! to Quincy.
Las CrUces! to S anta B arLas Flores to Red Bluff.
Lassen*! to Susanville.
L athrop* to Stockton.
L atin Station to W atts.
L atro b et! to Placerville.
Laurel*! to Los Gatos.
L aurel Dell*! to Lakeport.
Lawrence*! to S anta Clara.
Laws*!! to Bishop.
Laytonville* to Willits.
Lebec*! to Bakersfield.
Leliter* to Bakersfield.
Lem ongrove*!! to L a M esa
Lewiston*!! to W eaverville
Lexington to Los Gatos.
L iberty to P etalum a. Likely*!! to A lturas.
Lime Kiln to Lemoncove.
Linden*! to Stockton.
Litchfield*!! to ■Susanville.
L ittle Lake* to T ehachapi.
L ittle River* to M endocino.
Littlerock* to L ancaster.
Live Oak to Sacramento.
Live Oak Springs to San
Llanada* to Hollister.
Llano* to Palm dale, f
L ocket! to W alnut Grove.
Lockeportto W alnut Grove.
Lockwood* to King C ity.
Lodoga to Maxwell
Lom a Linda*! to Redlands.
Lone S tar! to Fowler.
Longvale*!! to Willits,
Lonoak* to King C ity.
Lookout*! i>o Bieber.
L oraine to Kern.
Los Alam itos*!! to Artesia.
Los Berros to Arroyo
Los M olinos*!! to Red
Los N ietos!! to W hittier.
Los Olivos*!! to Solvang.
L ost Hills* to Wasco.
Lotus* to Placerville.
Lower Lake*! to Lakeport.
Lucerne Valley* to San
L udlow !! to Barstow.
Lugo to Lynwood.
M acdoel*!! to Dorris.
M adeline*!! to Alturas.
M adison*!! to E sparto,
M adrone*! to Gilroy. :
M agalia*!! to Chico.
M alaga*! to Fresno.
M altón to Orland.
M am m outb to Bishop.
M anchester*! to Point
M anresa to W atsonville.
M antón*! to Red Bluff.
M anzanar*! to Independ­
M are Island to Vallejo.
Marigold* to M arysville.
M arina* to M onterey.
iM ariposa*! to Le Grande.
M arkham to Guerneville.
M arkleeville! to Gardnerville, Nev.
M arshall*!! to Tomales.
M artell* to Jackson.
MassaCk* to Quincy.
M ather to Oakdale.
M ay to lone.
Mayhews* to Sacram ento.
M cArthur* to F all River
McCann* to Scotia.
M cKinleyville*! to Areata.
M cK inney*!! to Reno,Nev.
M cK ittrick*!! to T aft.
M cN ear P oint to San R a­
Meadow Valley*! to Quincy.
Mecca*!! to Coachella.
M elitta to Santa Rosa.
Meloland to Holtvllle.
M eloland to E l C entro,
Melones* to Angels Camp.
M elrose! to Oakland.
M endota*!! to Firebaugh.
t Telegraph Station.



M enlo P ark*! to Palo Alto.
M entone*!! to Redlands.
M erced Fails*!! to M erced.
M eridian*! to Colusa.
M eridian Corners to San
M esa Grande*! to Ram ona.
M esa G rande (Sonoma) to
M etropolitan*! to Scotia.
Meyers* to Placerville.
M ichigan B ar*! to Sacra­
m ento
M ichigan Bluff*! to Colfax.
M iddletown* to Calistoga/
M id Lake* to Ukiah.
M idw ay to T racy.
M ilford*! to Susanville.
M illbrae*! to San M ateo
M ills*!! to Sacram ento.
M illsaps*! to Willows.
M ills College* to Oakland.
Millville*! to Anderson.
M ilton*!! to Stockton.
M ina to Covelo.
M ineral P ark to Bishop.
M in k lert! to Sanger.
M inturn* to Ghowchilla,
M iram ar* (San Diego Co.)
to San Diego.
M iram ar! (San M ateo Co.)
to H alf M oon Bay.'
M iranda*! to Scotia.
M ission San Jose*! to
M ist* to M adera.
M ohawk* to Quincy,
M ojave*!! to T ehachapi.
M okelum ne Hill*! to Jackson.
M olino to Sebastopol.
M onm outh* to Fowler.
M ono Lake* to Gardnerville, Nev.
M onolith*!! to T ehachapi.
M onson to D inuba.
M ontalvo*!! to Oxnard.
M ontara*! to H alf M oon
M onta V ista to Sunnyvale.
M ontecito* to S anta B ar­
M onte Rio to Guerneville.
M onte V ista to San Fer­
M ontgom ery Creék*! to
M onticello*! to W inters.
M ontpelier*!! to Denair.
M ontrio*! to Guerneville.
M oraga to W alnut Creek.
Moreno* to Redlands. ‘
Morm on Bar to Le Grande.
M orro*! to San LuisObispo.
Moss to W atsonville.
M ossBeach*! to H alf M oon
B ay
M oss Landing*! to W atsonville.
M ountain H ouse! (Alame­
da Co.) to T racy.
M ountain- P ass to Jam es­
■M ountain Ranch*! to San
M ount Bullion*! to M erced
M ount E den*!! to H ay­
Mount. H ebron*!! to D orris
M ount Herm on*! to Santa
M ount Shasta to Sisson,,
M ount Signal* to'Calexico.
M ount Wilson to Pasadena.
M u ir!! to M artinez.
M uroc*!! to Lancaster.
M urphy* (Calaveras Co.) to
Angels Camp.
M u rrietta* !! to Temecula.
N ap a Junction*!! to N apa.
N aples*!! to Santa B arbara
N aranjo to Woodlake.
N arod to O ntario.
Nashm ead* to Willits.
N ávarró*'to Mendocino
Navelencia* to Reedley.
Needle Rock Landing to
F o rt Bragg.
Neenach* to L ancaster.
Neighbors* to-Blythe.
Nelson*!! to D urham . :
Nestor* to N ational City.
New Almadén to San Jose.
Newberg to F ortuna.
N ew bury Park* to C am a­
New E ngland M ills! to Colfax. MB

New Hope L anding to Galt.
New M onterey! 1to M on­
Newville! to Orland.
Nicasio*! to San Rafael.
Nichols to B ay P oint. :
Nicolaus*! to M arysville.
Nimshew*! to Chico.
Nipinnawasee* to M adera.
Nipom o*!! to S anta M aria.
N ipton to Las Vegas, Nev.
Nord* to Chico.
N o rth Bloomfield* to N eva­
da C ity
N o rth B ranch*! to Angels
N o rth Columbia* to N eva­
da C ity.
NorthCucam onga* to Oycar
N o rth Fork* to M adera.
! Express Office-




N o rth Pom ona*!! to Po­
m ona.
N o rth San Ju a n * t to N eva­
d a C ity.
N orthw estern* to W illits.
N oyo to P o rt Bragg.
Nuevo* (Riverside Co.) to
Oak B ar* t to Y reka.
Oak B ottom s! to Redding.
O akhurst*! to M adera.
O ak P ark * t to Sacram ento.
O akville*!! to St. H elena.
Oasis* to Tonopah, Nev.
Occidental*!! toSebastopol.
Ocean B each*tt to San
O ceano*tttoA rroyoG rande.
Ocean View! to San F ra n Ockenden to Clovis.
Ogilby*!! to Y um a, Ariz.
Oilcenter* to Bakersfield.
Oildale* to Bakersfield.
Oilfields* to Coalinga.
Olancha*! to Lone Pine.
Old Town to San Diego.
Oleander* tó Fresno.
Oleina*! to San Rafael.
Oleta*! to S u tter Creek.
01eum *t to Pinole.
O lindat (Orange Co.) to
F ullerton.
Olinda* (Shasta Co.) to
O lym piat to S anta Cruz.
Orno R anch to Placerville.
O’Neals* to M adera.
Ono* to Redding.
Onyx* to Bakersfield.
O phir to N ewcastle.
O ranghurst to E xeter.
Orangevale to Folsom.
Oregon H ouse*t to M arys­
Orick* to A reata.
O riental to Willows.
Orleans* to A reata.
Oro G ran d e!! to San Ber­
Oro Lom a to Dos Palos.
Orrs* to U kiah.
Orwood*!! to Stockton.
Osdick to Randsburg.
Oswald to Y uba C ity.
O tay* to C hula Vista.
O w engo*tt to Independ­

Piercy* to W illits. .
Pike*! to N evada C ity.
P ilo t Hill* to Auburn.
P ine Grove* to Jackson
P in e H ills to R am ona.
P in eh u rst to Reedley. /
Pineridge* to Clovis.
Pism o*! to Arroyo Grande.
P i t t R iver to F all R iver
M ills,
P ittv ille* ! to F all R iver
P lan ad a*!! to M erced.
Plano to P orterville.
P lantation* to Guerneville.
P la tin a to Redding.
P leasan t G rove*!! to
Sacram ento.
P leasan t Valley to Placer­
P leasan t Valley (M ariposa)
to M erced.
Pleyto* to San Miguel.
P o in t F in n in to San Pedro.
P o in t Loma*! to San Diego.
P o in t Reyes* to P o in t R e­
yes Station.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Weldon* to Bakersfield.
Swayne to Oroville.
S anta M arg arita* !! (San
Wendel to Standish.
Sycam ore*! to Colusa.
Luis Obispo Co.) to San
W est A lham bra!! to Al­
Sylvan Creek to Roseville.
Luis Obispo.
ham bra.
S anta R ita to Salinas.
W est B utte* to Colusa.
S an ta R ita Ju n c tio n ! to
W est G ate! to Sawtelle.
T able B luff! to Loleta.
W est Glendale to Los
S anta Susana*!! to O xnard, T able Rock to Oroville.
T ahoe*! to Reno, Nev.
S anta Ynez*! to Solvang.
W estH aven*!! to Coalinga.
T ahoe C ity*! to Reno, Nev.
S anta Y sabel! to R am ona.
estley*!! to Patterson.
Santee*!! to E l Cajon.
W estm inster* to Anaheim.
T alb ert to H untington
Saranap to W alnut Creek.
W estpoint* to Jackson.
Saratoga Springs to LakeW estport*! to F o rt Bragg.
T allac*!! to Carson C ity.
W est Sacram ento to Sacra­
Talmage* to U kiah.
Sattley*! to L oyalton.
m ento.
Saugus*!! to Newhall.
W est San Jose to San Jose.
T a rn to P arlier.
SawyersBar*! to E tn a M ill.
W hiskey Slide to Jackson.
T assajara H o t Springs to
Schellville! to Sonoma.
W hitehouse! to Redding.
Schilling! to Redding.
W hite River*! to Ducor.
Taylor* to Redding.
Seabright*!! to S anta C ruz.
W hitm ore*! to Redding.
Seaside*! to M onterey.
Wiest* to C alipatria.
T ecate*! to N ational C ity.
SeiadValley*! to F o rt Jones.
W ilbur Springs* toWilliams.
Tecnor* to D orris.
SeiglerSprings* toCalistoga.
W ildomar* to Elsinore.
Selby*! to C rockett.
W ildwood! to Scotia.
T egner to H ilm ar.
Seneca* to Greenville
W illowbrook*! toCompton.
Sespe* to Fillmore.
Willow Creek* to Areata.
T e ra lta to San Diego.
Seven Oaks to Redlands.
Willow Ranch*! to Fort
Term inal* to San Pedro.
Seville*!! to Orosi.
Quartz* to Jam estow n.
Shad L anding to Isleton.
Willow Springs to Lan­
T e rra Buena to Y uba C ity.
Shale* to T aft.
Shandon* to Paso Robles.
W ilm ar to San Gabriel.
Thom asson to Suisun.
Sharon to Chowchilla.
R ailroad F lat*! to Jackson.
W ilsona to Lancaster.
Rainbow to Fallbrook.
W ilton*! to E lk Grove.
T hreerivers*! to W oodlake.
Shasta Springs*!! to D unsRaisin* to Fresno.
W inchester*! to Hemet.
T ia Ju a n a ! to C hula Vista.
m uir.
R am ona to Alham bra.
W indsor*!! to Healdsburg.
Shastina to Weed.
R am ona P ark to Alham bra.
W inehaven* to Richmond.
T ilden to Oroville.
Shaver* to Clovis.
R andall to Placerville.
W ineville*!! to Ontario.
R andsburg*! to Tehachapi.^
W interhaven to Yuma,
Sheepranch*! to Angels
Rannells* to Blythe.
T oll House (N apa Co.) to
R avendale*!! to Susanville.
intersburg to Huntington
Sheldon! to E lk Grove.
R avenna!! to Los Angeles.
Topanga* to S anta M onica.
Shellville* to Sonoma.
R aym ond*!! to M adera.
W inthrop to Redding.
R edbanks S tation to WoodW inton*!! to Merced.
N ev.
Sheridan*!! to W heatland.
W itch Creek* to Ramona. .
T orm ey to Vallejo.
Sherwood to W illits.
R edlands Ju n c tio n !! to
W itter Springs* to Upper
Shingle* to Placerville.
Shingle Springs!! to Placer­
Redwood P ark to S anta
C ruz
W oodacre to San Anselmo1
Redwood Valley* to JJkiatf. 'Shingletown to C otton­
T riangle to A lturas.
W oodbridge*! to Lodi.
Represa* to Folsom C ity.
Trigo* to M adera.
W oodfords! to Gardner­
Shiveley*!! to Scotia.
Requa* to C rescent C ity.
Shoshoneto SanBernardino.
Rescue* to Placerville.
W oodleaf to Oroville.
T rim m er to Sanger
Reward* to T aft.
W oodside to RedwoodCity.
Sierraville*! to Loyalton.
T rinidad*! to A reata.
Ricardo to Bakersfield.
W oodville to Porterville.
Silsbee to Seeley.
T rinityC enter* to Redding.
R ice!! to B lythe.
W oody*! to Delano.
T riunfo to Oxnard.
R ich to Quincy.
Woolsey to S an ta Rosa.
Richfield*! (Teham a Co.)
Silver L ake*!! to San B ern­
W rights*!! to Los Gatos,
Tropico to Glendale, Calif.
to Corning.
Trowbridge*! toM arysville.
Richgrove*! to Ducor.
Simi*i to Oxnard.
R ichvale*!! to Biggs.
Sim s! to D unsm uir.
Y dalpom to K ennett.
T uolum ne*!! to Sonora.
Rio B onito to Biggs.
Sisquoc* to S anta M aria.
Y erm o*!! to San Bernardi­
T upm an* to T aft.
Rio B ravo to Bakersfield.
Sites* to Maxwell.
T u ttle to M erced.
Skaggs* to Geyserville.
Y ettem *! to Orosi.
T uttletow n*! to Sonora.
Skaggs Springs to GeyserY
to San Anselmo.
Rio D ell*! to Scotia.
Y olo*!! to W oodland.
Tw in Lake to S anta Cruz.
Skeeley to Scotia.
Rio L inda*! to Sacram ento.
P lacentia.
Skyland to Los Gatos.
Rionido*!! to Guerneville.
Y osem ite N ational Park*t
Sloat*!! to Quincy.
R ipley*!! to B lythe.
to M erced.
R oberts to B urbank.
Youngstow n! to Lodi.
Two Rock* to P etalum a.
R oblar to P etalum a.
Y ountville*!! to N apa.
Tyler* to Chowchilla.
Sm artville*! to M arysville.
Rockaw ay Beach*! to San
Yucaipa* to Redlands.
Sm ith R anch to Valley
R ocklin*!! to Loomis.
Rockwood to Brawley.
Zam ora*!! to Woodland.
shim .
Snelling*!! to M erced.
Rohnerville* to F ortuna.
Zeferia S tation to Long
U pper M attole* to F ernSomesbar* to Y reka.
R olinda to K erm an.
Somis*!! to Camarillo.
Rosam ond*!! to Lancaster.
Zenia* to Scotia.
Usona* to Le G rand.
Soquel*! to S anta Cruz
Roscoe to B urbank.
Rosedale to Bakersfield.
Soulsbyville*! to Sonora.
Rosewood to R ed Bluff.
Vacation* to Guerneville.
South B a y !! to E ureka.
Ross*! to San Anselmo.
Valensin to Sacram ento.
South Dos Palos*! to Dos
Rough and R eady*! to
Valley C enter*! to EsconG rass Valley.
. , . ,
S outhgate to H untington
R ound M ountain*! to RedValley
P ark .
Abbott* to Akron.
Valley Springs*!! to Lodi.
South Los Angeles to G ar­
R outiers to Sacram ento.
Ackmen* to Dolores.
Vallicita* to Angels Cam p.
R ow land!! to Puente.
Adam s C ity to Denver.
Valona to C rockett.
S padra*! to Pom ona.
Rum sey*! to E sparto.
Adena* to F o rt Morgan.
R unnym ead to Palo Alto.
Alcreek* to Branson.
Spoonville to Standish.
Russell S tation to H ayAlder* to Salida.
Venice H ill to Visalia.
Spreckels*! to Salinas.
Allens Park* to Lyons.
R u st! to Richm ond.
Allison* to Ignacio.
Vernon Landing to W ood­
Spring Valley* to L a M esa.
R uth* to F o rtuna.
Almont* to Gunnison.
R utherford*!! to St. H el­
A lpine! to Gunnison.
Spyrock*!! to W illits.
Alvin* to L aird.
V ictor to Lodi.
Squaw valley! to D inuba.
Ryde* to W alnut Grove.
Ames* to Telluride.
Vidal*!! to Needles.
S tandard*! to Sonora.
Amity* to Holly.
S tanford U niversity*!! to
Andrix* to Kim.
Salada Beach* to San F ra n Anim as C ity to Durango.
Stanton* to A naheim .
Antlers* to Rifle.
Vina*!! to Red Bluff.
Stateline* to Carson C ity,
Saltdale to Bakersfield.
Anton* to Akron.
Salvador to N apa.
y to C entral City.
Vinton* to Loyalton.
Stege*! to Richm ond.
Salyer* to W eaverville.
Arboles* to Ignacio.
Viola* to Anderson.
Stevinson* to TuplOck.
Samoa* to E ureka.
to K it Carson.
Stew arts P oint*! to P o in t
San A rdo*!! to K ing C ity.
Arickaree* to Cope.
V irner to Placerville.
San Benito* to Hollister.
A rlington*!! to Eads.
San Carlos*! to Redwood
Armel* to Haigler, Neb.
Volcano* to Jackson.
Stinson Beach* to Sausalito.
C ity.
Aroya*!! to K it Carson.
V olta*!! to Los Banos.
Stirling C ity * !! to Chico.
Sandberg to L ancaster.
Arriola* to Cortez.
San Felipe to Gilroy.
Atchee* to F ru ita.
S tockyards! to Em eryville.
San Geronimo to San
Atwood*!! to Sterling.
A ugusta*!! to Aguilar.
Stone Lagoon to A reata.
San Gregorio*! to H alf
Avon*!! to Red Cliff.
M oon Bay.
Avondale* to Boone.
Stony P oint to Petalum a.
Sanitarium * to St. Helena.
Axial* to M eeker.
W alnut*!! to P uente.
S traw berry to Tuolum ne.
San Juan*! to San Ju a n
A yer to Tim pas.
W alsh Station to Sacram enS
B uatista.
San Lorenzo*! to San
Bailey* to Denver.
San Lucas*!! to K ing C ity.
Baltim ore to C entral City.
W arner Springs* to R a­
Success to P orterville.
San Luis Rey* toOceanside.
B arela*! to T rinidad.
San M arcos*!! to Escon­
Barnesville* to Greeley.
S ultana*!! to D inuba.
B arr Lake*! to Brighton.
San M artin * !! to M organ
Basalt* to Carbondale.
H ill.
Bassick to Canon City.
Sacram ento.
Sum m it*! (SanB ernardino.
San Onofre*!! to Oceanside.
B a ttle Creek* to Dixon,
San Pablo*! to Richm ond.
Sunland*! to Tujunga.
San Q uentin*!! to San
Bayfield* to Durango.
W atsonville Junction! to
Sunnyside (San Diego) to
8 i0 l
B ear River* to Hayden.
N ational City.
San R am on*! to Danville.
Bedrock* to Norwood.
W aukena*!! to Corcoran.
Sunol*!! to Pleasonton.
San Simeon*! to C am bria.
Bellvue* to F o rt Collins.
Wawona* to M adera.
S urf*!! to Lompoc.
San V incinte to S anta Cruz.
Berwind*! to Trinidad.
S utter*! to Y uba C ity.
SanYsidro to N ationaiC ity.
Bessemer to Pueblo.
S anta A nita*!! to M onroBeulah* to Pueblc.
Swanton to S anta Cruz.
! Express Office.
ACounty Seat.

P o in t Richm ond*! to R ich­
m ond.
Poison Switch to M adera.
Polaris to Reno, N ev.
Pollock! to K ennett.
Pond* to Delano.
Pope Valley*, to St. Helena.
P oplar to P orterville.
P o rt C osta*!! to C rockett.
P ortola to M enlo P ark.
Posey* to Bakersfield.
P otrero* to N ational C ity.
P o tte r Valley*! to U kiah.
Pow ay*! to Escondido.
Pozo* to San Luis Obispo.
P rado*!! to Corona.
P rather* to Clovis.
Presidio*! to San Francisco.
P reston*! to Oloverdale.
Princetow n-by-the-Sea to
H alf M oon Bay.
P roberta*! to R ed Bluff.
Pulga* to Oroville.
Pullm an to Richmond.
Purisim a to H alf M oonBay.

Pacheco to Concord.
Pacific* to Placerville.
Pacific Beach*! to San
Pacoim a to San F ernando.
Paicines*! to Hollister.
Paige to T ulare.
P aintersville to W alnut
P ajaro to W atsonville Junc­
P ala* !! to Fallbrook.
P alerm o*!! to Oroville.
Palliser* to San Bernardino.
P alm City* to C hula Vista.
P alm Springs*! to B anning.
Palo Cedro*! to Anderson.
P alom ar M ountain* to E s­
P alom ar Station to W atts.
Palo Verde* to B lythe.
P an am a to Bakersfield.
P aradise*!! to Chico.
Parkfleld* to San M iguel.
P ask en ta to Corning.
P a tto n * !! to H ighlands.
P aynes Creek*! to Red
P e a n u t to W eaverville.
P edro Valley to Colma.
P enoyar to W eed
P en ry n * !! to Newcastle.
Pepperwood*! to Scotia.
P e ra lta to Anaheim .
Perkins*! to Sacram ento.
P erry to Redondo.
P eters*! to Stockton.
Petrolia*! to F em dale.
P h elan to Victorville.
Philo*! to Cloverdale.
Picacho* to Yum a, Ariz.
P ico !! to R ivera.
P iedm ont* to Oakland.
P ie d ra ! to Reedley.



Biackhawk*! to C entral
Blaine* to Two B uttes.
Bloom*!! to L a Ju n ta .
Bonanza* to Saguache.
Boncarbo to T rinidad.
Bonny to Burlington.
Bowen* to T rinidad.
Bowie* to Paonia.
Boyero*!! to Hugo.
Bristol*!! to H artm an.
Brodhead to Aguilar.
Brook Forest to Golden.
Brookside to Canon C ity.
Brownville to Yuma.
Buckingham* to New R ay
m er.
Buffalo Creek* to Denver.
Buford to Meeker.
Buick* to DeertraU.
Burns* to Ragle.
B urnt M ill to Pueblo.

Farm ers Spur to Greeley.
F arr* to W alsenburg.
Fergusonville to M ontrose.
Firestone* to Frederick.
F irs t View* to Cheyenne
Florissant* to Colorado
Fondis* to E lbert.
Forbes* to T rinidad
F ord to Paoli.
Forder* to Hugo.
Forks to F o rt Collins.
F o rt G arland*t to Blanca.
F o rt L ogan*!! to L ittleton.
F o rt L yon! to Las Animas.
Fosston* to Briggsdale.
Foxton* to Denver.
Franktow n* to CastleRock.
F ra ser* tt to H ot Sulphur
Frisco* to Breckenridge

H earns to P agosa Springs.
Kelim to Loveland.
K elly to Sterling.
Kendrick* to Oalhan.
K eota*!! to Grover.
Kersey*!! to Greeley.
Kevsor* to Calhan.
Kline* to M arvel.
K oenig!! to Johnstow n.
Kckomo* to Leadville.
K onantz to Stronington.
K ornm an to L am ar.
K uner to Kersey.
K utch* to Ram ah.



P agoda to Craig.
Stone City* to Pueblo.
Pagosa Junction*!! J*> P a ­
Stoneham *!! to New R ay­
gosa Springs.
m er.
P aisaje to A ntonito.
Strong* to W alsenburg.
P alm er L ake*!! to M onu­
n tia Springs to L ittle­
m ent.
P ando*!^ to Redcliff.
Stoner* to Dolores.
P arachute to G rand Valley.
Sugar Loaf*! to Boulder.
Paradox* to N ucla.
Sullivan to Parker.
P arkdale to Canon City.
Sunbeam* to Craig.
Parlin* to Gunnison.
Sunset* to Boulder.
Parshall* to H o t Sulphur
Superior*!! to Boulder
Surber to Calhan.
P atches to W alsenburg.
Swallows*!! to Pueblo.
P a t t to Springfield.
Peaceful Valley to Boulder.
L a Boca to Ignacio.
Peckham * to Gilcrest.
Tabasco* to T rinidad.
L a G arita* to D el N orte.
P em berton! to Sedalia.
T abernash*!! to H o t Sul­
¿Lake C ity*! to Ouray.
Penrose* to Florence.
p h u r Springs.
Lake George* to Colorado
Perins* to D urango.
T abor to L afayette
P etersburg to Englewood.
Tacony* to Boone.
L akevista to Cortez.
Phippsburg*}! to Yam pa.
T alp a to W alsenburg.
L am port to Two B uttes.
Pictou* to W alsenburg.
T a rry all* to Fairplay.
L aporte* to F o rt Collins.
Piedm ont to Trinidad.
G alatea*! to E ads.
to T rinidad.
Caddoa*!! to Las Animas.
Pierce*!! to N unn.
G aleton*j to E aton.
Texas C reek*!! to Canon
Cahone to Dolores.
L arkspur*!! to C astle Rock
Pikeview* to Colorado
C ity.
Garcia* to M esita.
Calcite*! to Salida.
Lasauses to L a Ja ra .
Gardner* to W alsenburg.
T hatcher*!! to T rinidad.
Cameo* to Palisades.
L ascar*!! to W alsenburg.
Pine* to Denver.
Garfield to Salida.
Thom pson Canyon to Love­
Cameron to Victor.
L avalley to San Acacio
Pinecliffe* to Roll.nsville.
Garo* to F airplay.
Campion to Loveland .
P ine G rove!! to Denver.
G arrison to Hooper.
T hurm an* to A rriba,
Canfield to L afayette.
Lawson* to Georgetown
Pinneo*!! to Brush.
Gary* to Brush.
Tiffany* to Ignacio.
Capulin* to L a Ja ra
Law ton to Brush.
G atew ay to G rand Junc­ Lay* to M aybell.
Tioga*! to W alsenburg.
Caribou to Boulder.
P itkin*! to Gunnison.
Tobe* to B ranson.
Carlton* to G ranada.
Lazear*! to Hotchkiss.
Placerville*!! to Norwood.
Gibson* to Hooper.
to C entral C ity.
C arr*fi to N unn.
Plains to Two B uttes.
Gill to Greeley.
T ollerburg*£to Trinidad.
C arr Crossing* to Sugar
Lebanon* to Dolores.
P lateau City* to Collbran.
G illett to Cripple Creek.
Toltec* to W alsenburg.
Gilman* to Redcliff.
Toponas* to Y am pa.
C ary Ranch* to H ayden.
L ester*! to W alsenburg.
P leasant View to Golden.
G irard to M atheson.
Torres to T rinidad.
Cascade* to M anitou.
Lewis* to Dolores.
Plum Valley* to T rinidad.
Towaoc* to Cortez.
Glade Park* to G rand
Cassells* to F airplay.
Poncho Springs* to Salida.
T rim ble Springs toD urango ,
Cebolla to Gunnison.
Lime*! to Pueblo.
P ortland*!! to Florence.
Glen to A rriba.
Cedar Cove to Loveland.
Lindon* to Akron.
Prim ero*!! to T rinidad.
Glendevey to Laram ie. Wyo.
rinchera*!! to T rinidad.
Cedar Creek* to M ontrose.
P ro w e rs * !|to L am ar.
G leneath to F ountain.
T roy* to B ranson.
Cedarw ood*tt to Pueblo.
L obatos to A ntonito.
P ryor* to W alsenburg.
Globeville to D enver.
to Oalhan.
Chama* to Alamosa.
Logan to Sterling.
Purcell*! to A ult.
Goldfield* to Victor.
Tungsten* to Boulder.
Chandler*f to Florence.
Log Cabin* to F o rt Collins.
Pyrolite* to Florence.
T uron to Calhan.
Lom a*!! to F ruita,
T urret* to Salida.
Goldhill S tation to Boulder.
Cheneycenter* to Holly.
Longview* to D enver.
R adiant to Florence.
T u ttle to S tratton.
Goodpasture* to Pueblo.
Chivington* to B randon.
Radium * to Krem m ling.
Twin Bridges to M illiken.
Gordon to W alsenburg.
Chromo* to Pagosa Springs.
Los C erritos to M anassa.
Rago* to Akron-.
G ow anda*tf to P latteville.
Cim arron*!! to M ontrose.
Louviers*!! to L ittleton.
Rand* to W alden.
G raft* to Springfield.
Clarem ont to S tratto n .
Lucerne*!! to Greeley.
Rangely* to M eeker.
G ranby*!! to H o t Sulphur
Uncom paghre to M ontrose.
Steam boat
Rapson to Aguilar.
Undercliffe* to Pueblo.
Lycan* to Two B uttes.
R attlesnake B uttes to W al­
U nion!! to F o rt M organ.
Grandlake* to H o t Sulphur
Clifton*tI to G rand Ju n c­
U niversity P a rk to Denver.
Ravenwood*! to W alsen­
U tley ville* to Springfield.
G ranite*!! to Buena V ista.
Coalcreek*t to Florence.
M aybell* to Craig.
G ra n t! to F air Play.
Coaldale* to Salida.
McCoy* to Yam pa.
R aym er!! to New Raym er.
G ray Creek to Trinidad.
Coalmont*t to W alden.
M cElm o to Cortez.
Read* to D elta.
Valdez*! to T rinidad.
G reat Divide* to Craig.
Coalview* to Oak Creek.
M cGregor* to Steam boat
Red Lion* to Crook.
Vallorso to T rinidad.
G reenhorn to Rye.
Cokedale* to. T rinidad.
Redmesa* to Durango.
Valm ont to Boulder.
G reenland*!! toC astleR ock
Colona* to M ontrose.
M ack*!! to F ru ita.
V alverde! to Denver.
G reen M ountain Falls* to
Colorado C ity ! to Colorado
M aitland* to W alsenburg.
Redvale* to Norwood.
V eta Pass* to L a Veta.
Colorado Springs.
M ajestic to T rinidad.
Redwing* to W alsenburg.
Vilas* to L am ar.
Greenwood to Florence.
Oolorow to Olathe.
M alachite to W alsenburg
Renaraye* to Cortez.
Villagrove*!! to Saguache.
Griffith* to D urango.
Columbine* to S team boat
M arble* to Carbondale.
Rene to Tim pas.
Villegreen to Branson.
Guffey* to Cripple Creek.
M am el to Pueblo.
Richards* to Stonlngton.
V ineland! to Pueblo.
Guiñare* to Aguilar.
Como*!! to F airplay.
M arshall!! to Boulder.
¿Rico*!i to Dolores.
Virginia Dale* to Herm osa
Concrete*!! to Florence.
M asonville* to Loveland.
Rinn to Longm ont.
¿Conejos* to A ntonito.
M asters*! to Kersey.
Rioblanco*. to Rifle.
an*! to M anzanola
H ahns Peak* to S team boat
Conifer* to Golden.
M attison to M atheson.
Robb to W ray.
Cornish*! to Briggsdale.
Hale* to Idalia.
Cory* to D elta.
Rockvale*!! to Florence.
Wages* to Paoli
H am ilton* to Craig.
Cotopaxi*!! to Salida.
M elvin to P arker.
Rodley* to L am ar.
Walsen* to W alsenburg
H anover to F ountain.
Cowans to Ordway.
M eredith* to Aspen.
Rollins ville*!! to C entral
ard* to Boulder.
Happyville* to Eckley.
Cowdrey* to W alden.
Mesa* to Debeque.
C ity.
W arem art to Fowler.
H ardin*!! to Kersey.
Orescent* to Boulder.
M esita*! to San Luis.
Rom eo*!! to L a Ja ra .
W aterton to L ittleton.
H arm ony!! to F o rt Collins.
Crestone* to M offat.
Messex* to F o rt M organ.
W atkins*!! to D enver.
H artsel* to F a ir Play.
Crisman to Boulder.
M idw ay to Denver.
W attenberg to F ortL u p to n
Critchell* to L ittleton.
H astings*! to T rinidad.
Millwood to H artm an.
Rouse*! to Aguilar.
averly to W ellington.
H asty*! to Las Animas.
Crowe to Pueblo.
S team boat
R uedi to Carbondale.
W ebb to Holly.
Hawley to Rocky Ford.
Cucharas to W alsenburg.
R ugby*!! to W alsenburg.
W elby to D enver
Haw thorne* to Boulder.
M indem an to L a Ju n ta .
R ule to L as Animas.
W entw orth to Syracuse,
H azeltin et! to B righton.
M ineral . H ot Springs*! to
Rulison to G rand Valley.
H eartstrong to Vernon.
Dacono* to Frederick.
Rush* to C alhan.
estm inster*!! to Arvada.
H enderson*!! to B righton.
Dalerose* to Branson.
M inturn*!! to Redcliff.
to T rinidad.
H esperus*!! to D urango.
Darlow! to E astlake.
M irage to Saguache.
Russell Gulch* to C entral
W etmore* to Florence.
Higbee* to L a Ju n ta .
Delagua*! to T rinidad.
M odel*!! to T rinidad.
C ity.
to Arvada.
Highlands* to D enver.
Delcarbon* to W alsenburg.
M ogote to A ntonito.
W hitepine* to Gunnison.
Hillside* to Westcliffe.
Delhi*! to T rinidad.
Molding* to M onticello.
W hitew ater*! to G rand
H ill Top*! to E lizabeth.
De Nova* to Otis.
U tah.
St. Elm o*! to B uena Vista.
H oehne*!! to T rinidad.
Deora to Springfield.
M olina* to Collbran,
W igwam *!! to F ountain.
St. VrainsTi to E rie.
Derby*!! to Denver.
H olland to G rand Junction.
M onarch to H ot Sulphur
O at to Platteville.
Holtw old to R am ah.
Devine! to Pueblo.
W ild H orse*!! to K it C ar­
Salina* to Boulder.
Home* to F o rt Collins.
Dillingham to Otis.
M ontclair to Denver.
H oopup to Springfield.
Dillon*!! to Breckenridge.
M ontezum a* to Brecken­
W illard*! to Sterling.
San Pablo* to San Acacio
H ornville to Lam ar.
Divide* to M anitou.
W illiam sburg to Florence.
Sapinero*fi to Gunnison.
H ow ard*!! to Salida.
Dove Creek* to Dolores.
M oraine P ark to Loveland.
olcott*!! to Eagle.
Dover* to N unn.
Howards ville* to Silverton.
M orley*!! to T rinidad.
W olf Creek to Byers.
Sawpit* to T elluride.
Howbert* to Wiggins.
Doyleville* to Gunnison.
M osca*! to Alamosa.
Park*! to Colo­
Hoyt* to Wiggins.
Drake* to Loveland.
M o u n t H arris*!! to H ay­
rado Springs.
Sedalia*!! to C astle Rock.
H udson*!! to F o rt L upton.
Duer to G ranada.
Woodrow* to Brush,
Segundo*!! to T rinidad.
Huerfano* to W alsenburg.
Dumont*! to Id ah o Springs.
M oun t M orrison* toGolden.
Woody Creek to Aspen.
Hughes* to Yum a.
Dunkley* to H ayden
M oun t Pearl* to K it Carson. Sem per! to Broomfield.
W ootton*!! to R aton, New
Shaffers Crossing to D enver
H u ste d t!
Dunton* to Dolores.
M ount S treeter to Craig.
Durand to Durango.
M ustang* to W alsenburg.
Hyde* to Y um a.
Shawnee* to F air P lay.
Dyke* to P agosa Springs.
Sheridan to L ittleton.
Hygiene*! to Longm ont.
Yellow Jacket* to Dolores.
Sheridan L ake*!! to B ran­
N ast to Leadville.
Y etta* to T rinidad.
|a r l* ! i to T rinidad.
N athrop* to Buena Vista.
to Calhan.
Ideal* to W alsenburg.
Bastonville*!! to P eyton.
N aturita* to Telluride.
Youghal to M aybell.
Siloam* to Florence.
Eckert* to Austin.
Independence to Victor.
N avaho Springs to G jrtez.
¿Silver Cliff* to Westcliffe.
Ingleside to F o rt Collins.
Bdgewater*! to Denver.
N ederland to Boulder.
Silver Plum e*!! to George­
Iola* to Gunnison,
Edler* to Springfield.
N ep estat! to M anzanola.
lo n e !! to F o rt L upton.
Edwards* to Red Cliffe.
Noel* to Ridgway.
to D eertrail.
Irw in C anyon to Las
Egnar* to Dolores.
N o rth Creede*! to Creede.
Slater* to Dixon, W yo.
Elba* to Akron.
N ucla to Norwood.
Sligo* to Grover.
Israel to Springfield.
EJdora to N ederland.
N orton to Alamosa.
SIoss to Glenwood Springs.
Elkdale to H o t Sulphur
N yburg to Pueblo.
Smuggler* to Telluride.
Abington*! to P utnam .
Sneffels* to Ouray.
Elkton* to Victor.
Jam estown* to Boulder
Addison* to G lastonbury.
Snowmass* to Aspen.
Ja n sen !! to T rinidad.
EUicott to Calhan.
A llingtown! to W est Haven.
Snyder*!! to HilfroSe.
Jaroso*! to San Luis.
to Norwich.
vi i oro* l to T rinidad.
Officer* to L a Ju n ta .
Solar to W alsenburg.
Jefferson*!! to F air P lay.
Elphis to Vona.
Allyns P oint to Norwich.
Ohio* to P itkin.
Som erset*!! to Paonia.
Joycoy* to Springfield.
Elwell to B erthoud.
to W illim antic.
Ojo* to L a Veta.
Sopris*! to T rinidad.
Junction C ity to Oak
Elyria! to D enver.
Andover*! to W illimantic.
Oklarado* to Springfield.
C reek.
South Fork* to D el N orte.
Emma to Carbondale.
A spetuck to W estport.
South P latte* to D enver.
Juniper Springs to Craig.
Empire* to Georgetown.
Atwoodville to W illim antic.
Om ar to Wiggins.
Sparks to Rock Springs,
Espinoza* to Alamosa.
Augerville to New H aven.
O p h irt! to Telluride.
Evergreen* to D enver.
to Sim sbury.
O rchard to F o rt M organ.
Spence to Genoa.
Kalous to New R aym er.
Oritz to A ntonito.
K arval* to Hugo.
Starbuck* to Golden.
Fairview to Silt.
Bakersville to Torrington.
K aufm an* to G rover.
Overland to Denver.
S tarkville*!! to T rinidad.
.Falcon*!! to Peyton.
Ballouville* to Danielson.
K azan to Las Animas.
Oxford* to Durango.
Still W agon to Oalhan.
B altic*!! to Norwich
¿County Seat.
Money Order Office.
! Telegraph Station.
! Express Office.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


1856 C O N N E C T I C U T ,
Bantam*} to Litchfield.
Barkham sted* to W insted
Beach P ark to Clinton'.
Beacon Falls*} to N auga­
B ean Hill to Norwich.
Beckley* to New B ritain.
B erlin*t to New B ritain.
B ethany to New H aven.
Bethlehem* to W atertow n.
Black Hall*} to Essex.
Black Bock to B ridgeport.
Bloomfield*}} to H artford.
B oardm an to New M ilford.
Bolton* to Rockville.
BoltonN otch* to Rockville.
B otsford*tt to B ridgeport.
Bozrah to Norwich.
Bozrahville* to Norwich.
B ran ch v illett to Ridgefield.
Bridgewater* to New M il­
Brookfield*}} to D anbury.
Brookfield Center* to D an­
Brookfield Jet.}} to D an­
Brooklyn* to Danielson.
Brooksvale to W aterbury.
Buekland*}} to South M an­
B urlington to Bristol.
B urnside*ti to E a st H a rt­
Burrville* to W insted.
Cam pville to T orrington.
Cannondale*}} to Norwalk.
C anterbury* to Plainfield.
C a n to n * tt to Sim sbury.
C anton "Center* to Sims­
Centerbrook* to Essex.
C enter G ro tont to M ystic.
C entervillet to New H aven.
. C entral Village*}} to Plainfield.
Chaplinville to Taconic.
Chaplin* to W illim antic.
Chesterfield to New London
C hestnut Hill*} to W illi­
m antic.
Clarks Corner*} to W illi­
m antic.
Clarks Falls* to Ashaway,
R. I.
Clintonville* to New H aven
Cobalt}} to P ortland. ,
Colchester*}} to Norwich.
Colebrook* to W insted.
Colebrook R iver to W insted
Columbia* to W illim antic.
Com stocks Bridge to E a st
H am pton.
Cornwall*} to F alls Village.
Cornwall Bridge*}} to Falls
' :
Coscob*}} to Greenwich.
C ranbury to Norwalk.
Crescent Beach*} to New
Dayville}} to Danielson.
D urham * t o M iddletown.
D urham -Center* to M iddle,
to w n .'
Eagleville*} to W illim antic.
E . Berlin*}} to M iddletow n
E a st Canaan*}} to C anaan.
Eastford* to P utnam .
E ast Glastonbury* to Glas­
tonb u ry .
East-Granby*}} toSuflfield.
E a st H artland* to H artford
E . Haven*}} to New H aven
E . "Killingly* to Danielson.
E . 'Litchfield*}} to T orring­
E a st Lyme* to New London
E ast M orris* to Litchfield.
E . Norwalk} to South N or­
E aston} to B ridgeport.
E . P o rt C hester to P o rt
Chester, N . Y. ’
E a st River*} to Guilford.
E'. Thompson*}} to W eb­
ster, M ass.
E a st W allingford}} to W al­
E a st W illington to Stafford
E a st W indsor Hill*} to
E a st H artford.
E . W oodstock to P utnam .
Ellington* to Rockville.
Elliott*}} to P utnam .
Elmwood*}} to H a rtfo rd .
Enfield*} to Thom psonville
Fabyan* to W ebster, M ass.
Fitchville* to Norwich.
Forestville*}} to Bristol
Gales Ferry*}} to Norwich.
G ardner Lake to Norwich.
Gaylordsville*}} to New
M ilford. ’
Georgetown*}} to Ridge­
field. ■
Gilders! eeve* to P ortland.
Gilead to W illim antic,
Glasgo* to Norwich.
Glenbrook*}} to Stam ford.
Glenville*} to Greenwich.
Goodyear* to Danielson.
Goshen* to Torrington.
Granby*}} to Simsbury.
Greenfield Hill to Southport
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Greens Farms*} to Southport.
Greenville*} to Norwich.
Griswold* to Norwich.
Grosvenor Dale* to P u t­
nam .
Groton*} to New*London.
Grove Beach*} to C linton.
Gurleyville to W illim antic.
Haddam*}} to E a st H addam .
Hadlym e} to E . H addam .
H allville to Norwich.
Ham burg* to Essex.
Ham den* to New H aven.
H am pton*} to W illim antic.
Hanover* to Norwich.
H arw inton to Torrington.
Hawleyville*}} to D anbury
Hazardville* to T hom pson­
Hebron* to W illim antic.
Higganum*}} to M iddletown.
H ighland Park* to South
M anchester.
H igh Ridge to New C anaan
Highwood* to New H aven.
Hockanum*} to E a st H a rt­
Hop River*} to W illim antic
Hotchkissville to W ater­
H untingtoh to Shelton. '
H u rlb u tt to Norwalk.
Ivoryton* to Essex.
Kent*}} to New Milford.
K ent F urnace to New M il­
Killingworth* to Clinton.
Lakeside* to Litchfield.
L aurel Glen to Ashaway,
R . I.
Lebanon* to W illim antic.
L edyard to Norwich.
Leetes Island*}} to Guil­
Lime Rock* to F alls Village
Long Hill*}} to B ridgeport.
Longridge to Stam ford.
Lyme* to Essex.
Manchester*}} to South
M anchester.
M anchester Green* to South
M anchester.
Mansfield* to W illim antic.
M ansfield Center* to W illi­
m antic.
Mansfield Depot* to W illi­
m antic.
M arble Dale* to New M il­
M arion* to Southing.
M arlboro to E ast H am pton
Mechaxucsville* to P utnam .
Melrose*}} to
W indsor
M errow Station*} to T oll­
Merwinsville to GaylordsVille.
M ianus} to Greenwich.
M iddlebury*} toW aterbury
Middlefleld*}} to M iddletown.
M iddle H addam * to E a st
H am pton.
M idway} to Paquonock
Milldale*} to Southington.
M illington to E a s t H addam
M ill Plain*}} to D anbury.
Millstone*} to New London
M ilton to Litchfield. -'
M inortow n to W atertow n.
M N orw ich.
M onroe to Shelton.
Montowese*} to New H a­
M ontville* to New London.
Morris* to Litchfield.
M ount Carmel* to New
H aven.
M ount Hope to W illim an­
New Fairfield to D anbury.
Newington} to H artford.
Newington Junction* to
H artford.
New Preston*} to New M il­
Niantic*} to New London.
Nichols} to B ridgeport.
Noank*}} to M ystic.
Noroton* to Darien.
.Noroton H eights* to D arien
N o rth Ashford to P utnam .
No. Branford to Branford.
Northfleld*} to T hom aston.
NorthTord* to New H aven.
N o rth Franklin* to W illi­
m antic.
N o rth Granby* to Suffield.
N o rth Grosvenor Dale*}}
to P utnam .
N o rth Guilford to. Guilford.
N Haven*}! to New H aven
N o rth Plain* to E ast H ad­
dam .
N o rth Ridgefield to Ridge­
N. Stam ford} to Stam ford.


ACounty Seat.

N o rth Sterling to D anielson
N o rth Stonington* to W est­
erly, R . I.
N orthville to New M ilford.
N o rth W estchester* to E a st
H addam .
N o rth W ilton to Norw alk.
N o rth W indham*} to W illi­
m antic.
N o rth W oodbury* toW aterb u ry .
N o rth Woodstock* to P u t­
nam .
Norwichtown* to Norwich.
Oakdale* to Norwich.
Oakville*}} to W atertow n.
Occum to Norwich.'
Old Lym e to Essex.
Old Mystic*} to M ystic.
Old Saybrook} to Essex.

Taconic*}} to Lakeville.
T aftville* to Norwich.
Talcottville*} to Rockville.
Tariffville*}} to Simsbury.
Terryville* to Bristol.
Thompson*}} to P utnam .
T opstone to Bethel.
T otoket to Branford.
Tracy* to M eriden.
Trumbull*}} to Bridgeport.

Oneco*}} to Plainfield.
Orange*} to W est H aven.
Ore H ill to Lakeville.
Oronoque* to B ridgeport.
Oxford to Seymour.
P acker to Plainfield.
P atchaug to Norwick.
Pequabuck* to Bristol.
Pine Meadow* to W insted.
Pineorchard* to Branford.
Plantsville*} to Southing­
P lattsville} to B ridgeport.
P leasant Valley* to W in­
Plym outh*} to T hom aston.
Pom fret* to P utnam .
Pom fretC enter* to P utnam .
Poquetanuck to Norwich.
Poquonock* to W indsor.
M ystic.
P reston to Norwich.
P reston C ity to Norwich.
Prospect to W aterbury.
Quaker Hill* to New Lon­
Quinebaug*} to W ebster,
M ass.
Redding*} to Bethel.
R edding Ridge* to Bethel.
Reynolds Bridge} to T hom ­
R iverbank to Stam ford.
Riverside*}} to Greenwich.
Riverton* to W insted.
Rockfall*} to M iddletown.
Rockyhill*}} to H artford.
R ound H ill to Greenwich.
Rowayton*}} to South N or­
Roxbury*} to New M ilford.
Salem to Norwich.
Salisbury*}} to Lakeville.
Sandy Hook*} to D anbury.
Sanford to Bethel.
Saugatuck*} to W estport.
Saybrook*}} to Essex.
Saybrook Junction} to E sS ay brook Point* to Essèx.
Sciticô* to Thompsonville.
Scotland* to W illim antic.
Shailerville to E . H addam .
Sharon*}} to Amenia, N .Y .
Sharon Valley} to Amenia,
N . Y. :
Sherm an to N ew M ilford.
Short Beach*} to B ranford.
Silver Lane*} to E ast H a rt­
Silver Mine} to Norw alk.
Somers* to Thom psonville.
Somerville* to T hom pson­
Sound B each*}, to S tam ­
Soundview*} to New Lon­
S. B ritain* to W aterbury.
Southbury*}} to, W ater­
S. Cheshire to W aterbary.
South Coventry* to W illi­
m antic.
Southford to W aterbury.
South Glastonbury* to
G lastonbury.
S. Kent* to New M ilford.
S. Kiilingly to Danielson.
South Lyme*} to New
South Meriden*} to M eri­
SoutbW ethersfield*to H a rt­
ford.South Willington*}} t o W il­
lim antic.
South W ilton to Norwalk.
South Windham*} to W illi­
m antic.
S. Windsor*} to E ast H a rt­
S. W oodstock* to P utnam .
Springdale*}} to Stam ford.
Stafford to Stafford Springs.
Staffordville* to Stafford
Stanwich to Greenwich.
Stepney} to B ridgeport.
Stepney Depot* to Bridge­
Sterling*}! to Plainfield.
Money Order Office.


Stevenson*} to Shelton.
Still River*} to New M il­
Stony Creek*} to Branford.
Storrs to W illim antic.

T yler C ity to W est New
H aven.
T ylerville*to E astH addam
Uncasville* to NewLondon.
UnionCity*} to N augatuck.
Vernon*}} to Rockville.
Versailles*} to Norwich.
Voluntown* to Je w ett C ity.
Wapping* to H artford.
W arehouse Point* to W ind­
sor Locks.
W arren to Litchfield.
W arrenville* to W illim antic.
Washington*}} to New M il­
W ashington Depot* to New
M ilford.
W aterford* to NewLondon.
W aterville*} to W aterbury.
Wauregan*}} to Danielson.
Weatogue* to Collinsville.
Westbrook*}} to Clinton.
W est Cheshire*} to W ater­
W est Cornwall*}} to Falls
W estford* to StaffordSpr’gs
W est Goshen* to Litchfield.
W est1Granby* to Simsbury.
W est Hartford*} to H a rt­
W est H artland* to W insted.
W estm inster to Plainfield.
W est Morris* to Litchfield.
W est Mystic* to M ystic.
W est Norfolk to Canaan.
W est Norwalk}' to South
Norw alk.
W eston to W estport.
W est Redding* to Bethel.
W . Simsbury* to Simsbury.
W est Stafford to Stafford
W est Suffield*}} to Suffield.
W .T orrington to T orrington
Westville*} to N ew H aven.
W est W illington*} to Rock­
W. W oodstock to P utnam .
Wethersfield*}} to H a rt­
WhitneyvUle* to New H a­
Wilson*} to H artford.
Wilsonville* to W ebster,
M ass.

Wilton*}} to Norw alk.
W inchester Center* to W in­
Windham* to W illim antic.
W indsorville* to Rockville.
W innipauk}} to Norw alk
W olcott to W aterbury.
W oodbridge to New H aven.
Woodmont*}} to M ilford.
Woodstock* to P utnam .
W oodstock Valley* to P u t­
Woodville to Litchfield.
Yalesville*} to M eriden.
Yantic*}} to Norwich.

Andersonville to Green­
Angola* to Lewes.
Argo to M ilford.
Ashland* to W ilm ington.
Bacons to Laurel.
B ayard to Frankford.
Bear*}} to D elaw are C ity.
Bellevue*} to W ilm ington.
Bethel* to Laurel.
Blackbird*}} to M iddletown.
Blackiston to C layton.
Blades* to Seaford.
B lanchard to Greenwood.
Bowers* to Wrederica.
} Telegraph Station.

B randyw ine to Wilmington.
B randyw ine Springs* to
W ilm ington.
Brenford*}} to Smyrna.
Cannon*}} to Seaford.
C anterbu ry to Felton.
C arpenter to Wilmington.
Casson to Dover.
Centerville to Wilmington.
Cheswold*}} to Dover.
C hoate to Newark.
Christiana* to Newport.
Clarksville* to Frankford.
Claymont*}} to Wilming­
Colum bia to Laurel.
Concord to Seaford.
Coochs Bridge to Newark.
Coolspring*} to Lewes.
Downs Chapel to Clayton.
Edgemoor*}} to Wilming­
E dw ardsvilleto Greensboro,
M d.
Eliendale*}} to Milford.
Elsmere* to Wilmington.
Fairm ount* to Georgetown.
Farmington*}} to Harring­
Farnhurst*}} to Wilming­
Forest* to Middletown.
Glasgow to Newark.
Granogue to Wilmington.
Greenville*} to Wilmington
Grubbs* to Wilmington.
Harbeson* to Georgetown.
H arm ony to Newark.
H azlettville to Dover.
H enry C lay Factory* to
W ilm ington.
Hickman*}} to Denton,Md
Hockessin*} to Avondale,
Hollyoak*} to Wilmington.
Holly ville* to Georgetown.
H ouston Station*}} to Mil­
Kenton*}} to Clayton.
Kirkwood*}} to Delaware
C ity.
Lebanon to Dover.
LeipSic* to Dover.
Lincoln* to Milford.
L ittle Creek* to Dover.
Lowes Crossroads to Millsboro.
M agnolia* to Fredericks.
M arshallton* to Newport.
M asten to Felton.
M cDonough* to Odessa.
M idway* to Lewes.
Millville* to Frankford.^
M ontchanin*}} to Wilming­
M ount Cuba* to Wilmington.
M ount Pleasant*}} to Mid­
Nassau*}} to Lewes.
Oakgrove*} to Seaford.
Oakley}} to Greenwood.
Oceanview* to Frankford.
Om ar to Frankford.
Owens to Greenwood,
Pleasanthill to Newark.
Porters*}} to DelawareCity
P o rt Penn* to Delaware
C ity.
Redden*}} to Georgetown.
Redlion to Delaware City.
RehobothBeach*} toLewes.
Richardson Park* to Wil­
m ington.
Risingsun to Camden.
Robbins*} to Georgetown.
Rockland* to Wilmington.
Roxana* to Selbyville.
Shortly to Georgetown.
Stanton*} to Newport.
S tate Road t o Wilmington,
S taytonville to H a r r i n g t o n .
Stockley*}} to G e o r g e to w n .
Sum m it Bridge* to Middletown.
Sycam ore to Laurel.
Talleyville to Wilmington.
T aylors B ridge to Odessa.
Thom psonville to Milford.

TTnion to Newark.
}Express Office.


D EL A W A R E , D IS T . O F COL.
Vernon to H arrington.
Viola*!! to Felton.
Ward tò D elm ar.
Warwick to Millsboro.
Whitesville to Pittsville,
Williams ville to Selbyville.
Wlllowgrove to W yoming.
Woodland to Seaford.
Woodside*ft to Camden.
Square, Pa.

K en n ett

Anacostia*! to Anacostia,
W ashington P. O.
Benning*tt to W ashington.
Bright wood* to W ashing­
Brookland*t to W ashington.
Burrville to Seat P leasant,
Capitol H eights to Seat
Pleasant. M d.
Congress Heights* to Ana­
Deanwood to W ashington.
Garfield to Anacostia.
Good Hope to Anacostia.
Hillbrook to W ashington.
Kenilworth! toW ashington.
Langdon*! to W ashington.
Randle Highlands* to Ana­
Takoma P ark * !! to W ash­
Tennallytown to W ashing­
T’erra C o tta to W ashington.
Twining C ity to Anacostia.
Uniontown to Anacostia,
W ashington P. O,
Woodburn to W ashington.

Alafia, to P lan t C ity.
Alfora*tt to C ottondale.
Alger to Kissimmee.
Allanton* to P an am a C ity.
Allapattah to M iami.
Allenhurst* to Titusville.
Alliance* to M arianna.
Altamonte Springs*!! to
Altha* to M arianna.
Alton*tt to M ayo.
Altoona*tt to E ustis.
Alturas* to Bartow.
Alva* to F o rt M yers.
Anna M aria* to Braidentown.
Anthony*!! to Ocala.
Arch C reek*!! to M iami.
Argyle*tt to D e F uniak
Arlington* to Jacksonville.
Armstrong* to Hastings.
Arran*!! to Tallahassee.
Ashville* to Quitm an, Ga.
Astatula*! to Leesburg.
Astor* to U m atilla.
Astor P ark*! to Eustis.
Athena* to Perry.
Atlantic Beach* to South
Auburn to P an am a City.
Aueilla*tt to Greenville.
Audubon* to Cocoa.
Aurantia* to Titusville.
Aventina to M iami.
Aycock to Cottondale.
Bacom Point to W est P ain
B fiS iC h

Bagdad* to M ilton.
Bakers M ill to Jasper.
Baldwin*!! to Jacksonville
Balm*! to P la n t City.
Barberville*! to D e L and.
Barco to C rystal River.
BareBeach* to Okeechobee,
Barrmeau P ark to Pensacola.
Barth to Flom aton, Ala.
Bascom* to M arianna.
Bayard*!! to South Jacksonville.
Bay Harbor* to Panam a
r, cityBayhead* to P an am a C ity
gay Springs to Atm ore, Ala
u e,e,A idge*t to Sarasota,
Bell*f| t o T renton.

Benson to M iam i.
B enton to W hite Springs.
Beresford* to D e L and.
B errydale to M ilton.
B etts to C ottondale.
Big Pine to Key W est.
Bishopville* to D e Land.
B ithlo to Oviedo.
Blackm an to Pensacola.
B land to Alachua.
Blanton*! to D ade C ity.
B litchton to Ocala.
Bluffsprings*!! to Pensa­
Boardm an*! to M cIntosh.
B ocaratone*tt to D elray.
Bokeelia*f to Bocagrande.
Bolton* to Pensacola.
B onaventure to Cocoa.
B onita Springs* to F o rt
M eyers.
Bostwick*!! to P alatk a.
B otts to M ilton.
Boulogne to Folkston, Ga.
Boyd* to P erry.
B oyett*!! to Tam pa.
B radley Junction*!! to Bar­
B randon*tt to T am pa.
B rew ster*!! to M ulberry.
Brick to Laurelhill.
B ridgeport to P alatka.
Brooker*!! to Starke.
Brooklyn*! to H am pton.
Brown to W hite Springs.
Brownville*! to Arcadia.
Bruce* to D e F uniak
Bryceville* to Jacksonville.
Buchanan* to Zolfo.
Buckingham to F o rt M yers
B urbank* to Ocala.
C allahan to Jacksonville.
Calloway to P anam a C ity.
C am pbellt to Kissimmee
C am bellton*tt to Graceville.
O am pville*tt to H aw thorne
Cam p W alton* to P ensa­
Canal Point* to W est Palm
C andler*!! to Ocala.
C antonm ent*t to P ensa­
C apitola*tt to Tallahassee.
Capps* to M onticello.
Captiva* to F o rt M yers.
G arb u r* tt to Perry.
Carr* to M arianna.
C arrabelle*tt to T allahas­
C aryville*tt to Bonifay.
Cataw ba* to Brewton, Ala.
Cates C ity to Sarasota.
Caxambus* to F o rt M yers.
Centralia* to Brooksville.
C entury*!! to Flom aton,
Chaires*! to Tallahassee.
Cham paign to M adison.
C harlotte H arbor*! to Punt a Gorda.
Chason to M arianna.
Chattahoochee* to R iver
C herrylake to M adison,
C harlotte to P u n ta Gordo.
Chester* to F ernandina.
F o rt
M yers.
Chosen to W est Palm
C hristina to M ulberry.
Christm as* to Oviedo.
O huluota* to Oviedo.
Chumuckla* to M ilton.
CItronelle* to C rystal River
C itrus Park* to T am pa.
C ity Point*! to Cocoa.
Clara* to P erry.
Clarcona*! to Apopka.
Clarksville* to M arianna.
Cleveland* to P u n ta Gorda.
C oachm an! to Clearwater.
Cobb to Baker.
Cody* to Tallahassee.
Colum bia*! to Lake City.
Compass L ake*!! to M ari­
Concord* to H avana.
Conner* to Ocala.
Conw ay to Orlando.
C ora to Pollard, Ala.
Coronado* to New Sm yrna.
Cortez* to Braidentow n.
Cottagehill* to Pensacola.
Courtenay* to Cocoa.
Crandall* to F ernandina.
C raw fordt to Callahan.
ACrawfordville* to T alla­
Crooked Lake* to Lake
Groom *!! to Brooksville.
CrystalSprings*} to Zephyrhills.
Cypress*!! to M arianna.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Bellfair*!! to Clearwater.
Belle Glade to W est Palm
Belleview*ft to Ocala.
BelJisle to P anam a C ity.
Benhaden* to Tallahassee.

ACounty Seat.

D alkeith* to Apalachicola.
Darlington* to D e Funiak
D avenport*! to D avenport
D avie to F o rt L auderdale
D ay*! to M ayo.
Deerfield*!! to D elray.
D eer land to D e F uniak
D eer P ark* to M elbourne.
Deleon Springs*!! to De
L and.
Denaud* to F o rt M yers.
D en n ett to Greenville.
Denver* to Crescent C ity.
D e Soto C ity to Sebring.
Destin* to Pensacola.
D etroit to Hom estead.
Dinsmore* to Jacksonville.
Doctors .Inlet* to Green
Cove Springs.
D orcas to D e F uniak Sp’gs.
Douglas to Apalachicola.
D over*tt to P la n t C ity.
Dowling P ark * !! to Live
D rifton*t to M onticello.
Dukes*! to Lake B utler.
D upont*!! to Bunnell.
D urant* to P la n t C ity.
Eagle L ak e* tt to W inter
H aven.
Earleton* to Waldo.
E a rly to P anam a C ity.
E astlake*! to Leesburg,
E a st P alatka*!! to P alatk a.
E astpoint*! to Apalachicola
E astport* to Jacksonville
Ebb* to Greenville.
Ebro* to Chipley.
Econflna to C ottondale.
E d g ar* tt to H aw thorne.
Edgeville to Arcadia.
E h ren * tt to D ade C ity.
E lectra* to Ocala.
Elfers* to T arpon Springs
E lk to n * tt to Hastings.
E llaville*!! to M adison.
Ellzey* to Bronson.
Englewood* to Sarasota.
Enterprise*! to Sanford.
Enville* to Brooksville.
Española*!! to Bunnell.
Estero* to F o rt M yers.
Estiffanulga* to Bristol
Esto* to Geneva, Ala.
Eugene* to Trenton.
E ulalia to Jacksonville.
Eureka* to C itra.
Evergreen to F ernandina.
E v in sto n * tt to M cIntosh
Fairbanks* to Gainesville.
Fairfleld*+i to Ocala.
F alm outh*!! to Live Oak.
Fargo to Lake Alfred.
Farm dale* to P anam a City.
Federal Point* to Hastings.
Fenholloway to Perry,
Flftone* to Jacksonville.
Fletcher* to M ayo.
Florahome*! to P alatka.
F loral C ity*!! to Inverness.
Florence Villa*!! to W inter
Florida C ity*!! to Home­
Form osa to Orlando.
F o rt Barrancas* to Pensa­
F o rt Drum* to F o rt Pierce.
F o rt Green* to Bowling
F o rt Green Springs*!! to
F o rt M cCoy*! to Ocala.
Fountain*!! to Cottondale.
Franklin to Laurel Hill.
Freeport* to D e F uniak
Frink* to M arianna.
F ruitland to Crescent C ity.
F ruitland P ark*!! to Lees­
Fruitville to Sarasota.
Fulford*! to D ania.
Gainer, to P anam a City.
Galliver*! to M ilton.
Galloway*! to Lakeland.
Garden C ity to Crestview.
G ardner*!! to Arcadia.
Garniers* to Pensacola.
G ary! to T am pa.
Gaskin to D e F uniak Sp’gs.
Gasparilla*!! to Bocagrande
G eneva*!! to Sanford.
G enoa!! to W hité Springs.
Georgetown* to .C rescent
Georgiana* to Cocoa.
Gifford*! to Vero.
Glendale* to De F uniak
Glén Saint M ary*!! toM acclenny.
Glenwood*!! to D e Land.
Gomez*! to S tuart.
Gonzalez* to Pensacola.
Goodall to D aytona Beach.
Gotha* to Orlando.
Goulding to Pensacola.
Goulds*!! to Hom estead.
G raham *! to Starke.
G rand Crossing* to Jack­
G randin*!! to P alatk a
G rand Island*! to E ustis
Money Order Office.

G rand Ridge*!! to M ari­
G rant*!! to M elbourne.
Greenhead* to Chipley.
Greenland* to South Jack­
G retna*!! to Quincy.
Griffin to Lakeland.
Grove Park* to Hawthorne.
Guilford to Lake Butler.
Gulfport* to St. Petersburg.
Gull Point* to Pensacola.
Gunntown* to Bronson.
H ague*!! to Gainesville.
H allandale*!! to Dania.
H am pton Springs* to P erry
H anson to M adison.
Hardeetown* to Bronson.
Harold* to M ilton.
Haskell*! to Lakeland.
Hawks Park* to New Sm yr­
H aynsw orth to Alachua.
Helen*! to Tallahassee.
Hernando*!!, to Inverness.
H ialeah to Miami.
Hickson to P lan t City.
H ighland*!! to Lawtey.
Hilden to St. Augustine.
Hildreth* to Branford.
H illiard*!! to Jacksonville.
H inson*! to H avana.
Hobe Sound*! to S tuart.
Hogan to South Jackson­
Holder* to Inverness.
Holley* to M ilton.
Hollister*! to P alatka.
Holly Hill*! to D aytona.
H olt*! to M ilton.
H om eland*!! to Bartow.
Hom osassa*!! to C rystal
H opkins*!! to M elbourne.
Hosford*!! to Bristol.
H ouston*! to W ellborn.
Howey to Leesburg.
Hudson* to Brooksville.
lam onia to Tallahassee.
Immokolee to La Belle.
Indianola* to CoCoa.
Indian Pass to Apalachi­
Indian River City* toT itusville.
Indiap Rocks* to Largo,.
Indiantow n* to Okeechobee
Indrio* to F ort Pierce.
Inglis*! to Dunnellon,
Interlachen*!! to P alatka.
Inwood* to Sneads,
Iola to Apalachicola.
Irvine*!! to Ocala.
Islam orada*! to H om estead
Island Grove*! to Haw ­
Istach atta* !! .to Brooks­
ville. ,
Jacobs to C ottondale.
Jam ieson*!! to H avana.
Janney to Gainesville.
Jay* to Pollard, Ala.
Jena* to Perry.
Jensen*!! to F o rt Pierce.
Johnson*! to H aw thorne’
Johnstown* to Lake Butler.
Judson to Trenton.
Juliette*! to Dunellon.
Juniper* to Greensboro.
Jupiter*!! to W est Palm
K athleen*!! to Lakeland.
Kelsey C ity to W est Palm
KenansviUe*!! to Kissim ­
Kendall*! t o M iami.
Kendrick*!! to Ocala.
K ent to Jacksonville.
Kenwood* to P alatka.
K euka to P alatk a.
Keysville*! to P lan t C ity.
Kinard* to M arianna.
Kings Ferry* to F ernandina
Kingston*! to D aytona. 1
Kirkwood! to M icanopy.
Knights*! to P lan t City..
Knox Hill to D e Funiak
Korona to Bunnell.
Kynesville to Cottondale.
Lacoochee*!! to D ade C ity.
Lacota* to Ocala.
La Crosse*!! to Alachua.
L ady L ake*!! to Leesburg.
Lake Com o*!! to P alatka.
Lake Geneva*! to H am pton
Lake Jackson to T allahas­
Lake Jem to M ount Dora.
Lake M ary* to Sanford.
Lake M onroe*! to Sanford.
Lakeport* to M oore Haven.
Lake Stearns to Sebring.
Lake Weir* to Ocala.
Lakewood* to Florala, Ala.
Lapiont* to Monticello.
Lancaster to Live Oak.
Lansing* to A rcadia.
! Telegraph Station.



L antana*! to Lake W orth.
L arkins*!! to M iam i.
Laurel to Sarasota.
Lebanon* to Dunnellon.
Lecanto* to C rystal River..
Lee*!! to M adison
Lemon City* to L ittleR iver
Leroy to Ocala.
L iberty to Bristol.
Lily* to Arcadia.
Lim estone*!! to Arcadia.
Limona*! to Tam pa.
Linden*!! to Leesburg.
Lisbon*!! to Leesburg.
I.ithia* to P lan t C ity
Lloyd*!! to M onticello.
Lochloosa*! to Haw thorne.
Lockhart* to Orlando
LokoSee* to Kissimmee.
Long Key*! to Key W est.
Longwood*!! to Orlando.
L oretto to South Jackson­
Lottieville to T renton.
Lotus* to. Cocoa.
Loughm an*!! to Kissim ­
Loughridge* to Perry.
L ovett*! to Quitman, Ga.
Lowell*!! tb Ocala.
Lulu*!! to Lake City.
Luraville to Live Oak.
Lutz*! to Tam pa.
Lynne* to Ocala.
Lynn Haven* to St. An­
M aitland*!! to Orlando.
M alabar*! to M elbourne.
M andarin* to Jacksonville.
Mango* to Tam pa.
M anning to Macclenny.
Mannville* to P alatk a.
M arathon* to Key W est.
Marco* to F ort M yers.
M arietta to Jacksonville.
M arion to Jasper.
M artel*!! to Ocala.
M artin*! to Ocala.
M ary E sther* to Pensacola.
M ascotte*!! to Groveland.
Maxville*! to Jacksonville.
M ayport*!! to South Jack­
M aytow n*!! to Titusville!
M cAlpin*!! to Live Oak.
McCall* to Arcadia.
M cD avid*!! tb PenSacola.
M cIntyre*! to Apalachicola
M cM eekin to Hawthorne.
M edulla to M ulberry.
Melrose* to Waldo.
M eredith*!! to Bronson.
M erritt* to Cocoa,
M iakka* to Bradehtown.
Micco*! to M elbourne.
Miccosukee*! to M onticello
M iddleburg* to Green Cove
M idw ay*!! to Quincy.
M illérs Ferry* to Chipley.
M illigan*!! to M ilton.
M illm an to Bristol.
Millview-* to Pensacola.
Millville* to P anam a City.
M im s*!! to Titusville
M inéral City* to Pablo
M inneola* to W inter Gar­
Modello* to Hom estead.
Mohawk* to Clerm ont.
M clino*!! to M ilton.
M ontbrook*! to Williston.
M ontverde*! to W inter
M orriston*!! to Williston.
Moseley H all to Madison.
Mossdale* to Sanford.
M ossy Head*! to D e Funiak
M oultrie*! to St. Augustine
M ount Pleasant*! to Quincy
M ulat*! to M ilton.
Munson* to M ilton,
M urdock*!! to P untaG orda
Muscogee* to Pensacola.
M yakka City*! to M anatee
Naples* to F o rt M yers.
N aranja*!! to Hom estead.
Narcoossee* to Kissimmee.
Nassauville to Fernandina.
New Augustine*! to St.
New Berlin* to Jackson­
N ew burn to Live Dak.
New River* to Lake Butler.
N ew tow n! to Bronson.
Nichols* to M ulberry.
Nocatee*! to Arcadia.
Nokomis* to Sarasota.
Nom a*! to Geneva, Ala.
Oak*! to Ocala.
Oak Hill*!! to Titusville.
O’Brien*!! to Branford.
Ocean C ity to Bunnell.
Ocklocknee* to Tallahassee.
Odessa* to Tam pa.
Ojus*! to Dania.
O kahuinpka*!! t_o Leesburg
! Express Office.

Okeelanta* to P o rt Lauder­
Oklawaha*! to Ocala.
Old Town*! to T renton.
' Olga* to F o rt M yers.
O lustee*!! to L ake C ity.
O n a* tt to Zolfo.
Oneco*t to Bradentow n.
Orange* to Bristol.
Orange Center*! to Kissimmee.
„ ,
Orange City*!! to D e Land.
Orange Heights*!, to W aldo
Orange Lake*! to Ocala.
Orange Mills to P alatka.
Orange Park*! to Jackson­
Orange Springs* to H aw ­
Orm ond Beach* to D aytona
Orsino* to Cocoa.
Ortega* to Jacksonville.
Osceola*!! to Sanford.
Oslo to Yero.
Osprey* to Sarasota.
Osteen* to Santord.
O tahite to Brewton, Ala.
O tter C reek*!! to Bronson.
Overstreet* to Panam a C ity
Owanita* to F o rt M yers.
Oxford*!! to Ocala.
Ozona* to St. P etersburg.
Pace* to M ilton.
P alm a Sola* to Bradentow n
P alm C ity*! to S tuart.
P alm dale*!! to L a Belle.
P alm Talley to Pablo Beach
Panacea* to Tallahassee.
P a n a m a Park* to South
Panasoffkee*! to Leesburg.
P ao la to Sanford.
Parish* to Palm etto.
P asco to D ade C ity.
Passagrille* to St. Peters­
Paxton*! to Florala, Ala.
P ed ro to Ocala.
P elo t to P lan t C ity.
Pembroke* to F o rt M eade.;
Peoria* to Green Cove
P errin e* !! to Hom estead.
Peters* to M iami.

Romeo* to Ocala.
Rose to Tallahassee.
Roseland* to Vero.
Ross to Palm etto.
R ound Lake*! to C ottondale.
R oy (Liberty Co.) to River
Ruskin* to T am pa.
Russell* to Green Cove

Victoria to E ustis.
Vilas*! to Bristol.
Volusia* to D aytona.
W abasso*!! to Vero.
Wacissa* to M onticello.
Wade* to Newberry.
W adesboro to Tallahassee.
W agner to Oveido.
W akulla*! to Tallahassee.
W alnut Hill* to Atmore,

Safety H arbor to Oldsmar.
Saint C atherine*! to Bushnell.
St. Jam es C ity*! to F o rt
M yers.

W alton* to F ort Pierce.
W ard* to Tallahassee.
W arrington* to Pensacola.
W aukeenah* to Monticello.
Wausau* to Chipley.
W averly*! to W ipterH aven

St. Johns Park* to Crescent
C ity.
Saint Joseph to D ade C ity.
St. Lucie* to F o rt Pierce.
Saint M arks*! to T allahas­

W ebster*!! to Bushnell.
W eirsdale*!! to Leesburg.
W ekiwa Springs to Orlando
Welaka* to P alatka.
Welcome to P lan t C ity.

Saint N icholas! to South
Salem! to Perry.
Salerno*!! to S tuart.
Sampson* to Starke.
Samsula* to New Sm yrna.
Samville*! to F o rt M yers.
San Antonio*!! to D ade
C ity.
San Bias* to P anam a C ity.
Sanderson to M acclenny.
Sanibel*! to -F o rt M yers.
San M ateo*!! to P alatk a.

W estbay* to St. Andrews.
W est F arm to Madison.
W est Tocoi* to Green Cove
W estville*! to Chipley.
W ewahitchka* to A palach­
W hite C ity to F P rt Pierce.
Whitehouse* to Jackson­
W hitney* to Leesburg.
Wilcox*! to T renton.
Willeford* to Alachua.
W ilma*! to Apalachicola.
Wilson* to Titusville.
W im aum a*!! to P alm etto.

S anta F e * ü to Alachua.
S anta Rosa* to D e F uniak
Santos*! to Ocala.
Satsum a Heights* to P a la t­
Scotts Ferry* to Blounts-«


D aytona

Sebastian*!! to Vero.
Seflfner*!! to T am pa.
Seminole* to Largo.
Seville*!! to D e Land.
Shady Grove* to Perry.
Sharpes* to Cocoa.
Shell Bluff* to P alatka.

P h ife r to H aw thorne.
Pierce*!! to M ulberry.
Pierson*!! to D e Land.
P ine B arren to Pensacola.

Shiloh to Titusville.
Silver P alm to H om stead.
Sm ith Creek* to T allahassee.
Sopchoppy*!! to T allahas­
Sorrento*! to E ustis.

Pinecastle*! to Orlando.
P in ed a to Eaugallie.
Pinelevel*! to A rcadia.
P inellas Park* to
P ine Log to Chipley.
P inem ount* to Live Oak.
P in e tta * !! to M adison.

South Bay* to M ooreH avea
South B ocagrande*!! to
Boco G rande
Southland to P u n ta Gorda.
South P alm Beach*! to
P alm Beach.
Southport* to P an am a C ity
Sparr*!! to Ocala.

P ittsv ille to P ablo Beach.
P lym outh*!! to Orlando.
P o in t W ashington* to D e
F uniak Springs.
P o m o n a* !!,to P alatka.
P once D e L eon*!! to
D e F uniak Springs.

Springdale*! to Perry.
Spring Garden* to D e L and
Springlake to Brooksville.
Stanton* to Leesburg.
Star* to M arianna.
Steaphead to R iver Junc­

P o n ce Park* to New Sm yrna.
Portland* to D e F uniak
P o rt Orange*!! to D aytona
P o rt Richey* to New P o rt

Sum atra*! to Apalachicola.
Sumica* to Lake Wales.
Summerfleld*!! to Ocala.
Summer Haven* to St.

B ancroft to B lakely.
Banning* to W hitesburg.
B annockbum *!to N ashville
B arnett*!! to Sharon.
B arretts to Valdosta.
B arrington to Darien.
Bascom*! to Sylvania.
Bastonville! to Gibson.
Beach*!! to Nicholls.
Beachton* to T hom as ville.

W indermere*! to Orlando.
Windsor* to Gainesville.
Winfield* to Lake C ity.
Woodrow* to F o rt M yers.
Woods to Bristol.
Woodville*! to Tallahassee.
W orthington* to Lake B u t­
W ulfert*! to F o rt M yers.
Yalaha* to Leesburg.
Y am ato to Delray.
Y bor C ity*! to T am pa.
York* to Ocala
Youngstow n*!! to P anam a
C ity.
Y ulee*!! to Fernandina.
ZeUwood*!! to Eustis.

Abba*! to Fitzgerald.
Abbottsford* to Lagrange.
Aberdeen* to Senoia.
Acree*!! to Sylvester.
Adair to D alton
Adams* to Leesburg.
Adams P ark ! to Jefferson­
Afton* to B all Ground.
Agnes to Lincolnton.
Agricola* to M itchell.
Aid to Carnes ville.
Aikenton to M onticello.
Aim ar to Ludowici.
Airline to H artw ell.
Alexander* to W aynesboro.

Aline*! to Stillmore.
Allatoona* to Acworth.
A llenhurst*!! to Ludowici.
Sum ner*!! to Bronson.
Allentown*! to Danville.
Sumterville* to Leesburg.
Almon* to Covington.
P o rt St. Joe*!! to Apalachi­
Sunbeam to South JacksonAlston*!! to U valda.
ltam aha* to Reidsville.
P o rt Sewall* to S tuart.
S utherland*!! to St. P eters­ A
Alto*!! to Cornelia.
P o rt T am pa*!! to T am pa.
to Senoia.
P o rt T am pa City* to
S uw aneeü to Live Oak.
Amboy*! to Ashburn.
T am pa.
to Douglas.
Princeton*!! to Hom estead
Suwanee Valley to Lake
Amity* to Lincolnton.
P ro sp erity to Geneva, Ala.
C ity.
A m sterdam *!! to A ttaP rovidence to L ake B utler.
Sydney*! to T am pa.
Anderson ville*! to AmeriP u n ta Rassa*! to F o rt
M yers.
■ , „
T aft* !! to Orlando.
Andes to Milledgeville.
P u tn a m Hall* to P alatk a.
Tangerine* to T avares.
Aonia to W ashington.
T avernier to Hom estead.
Apalachee*! to Madison.
T aylor to M acclenny.
iAppling* to Harlem .
G uay*! to Vero.
Arabi*!! to Cordele.
•Quintette* to Pensacola.
Aragon*!! to R ockm art.
Arcadia* to Savannah.
Telogia*!! to Bristol.
Areola*! to Statesboro.
R aiford*!! to Law tey.
T errell to Bushnell.
Argyle*!! to Homerville.
Raleigh* to WilhSton.
Theressa*! to H am pton.
Armuchee*! to Rome.
R edbay* to D e F uniak
T honotosassa*! to T am pa.
Arp* to Fitzgerald.
T idew ater to D unnellon.
Asbury to Hogansville.
Redland* to Hom estead.
Tillm an*! to M elbourne.
Ashland* to Carnesvule.
R ed Rock* to M ilton.
T orry Island to F t. L auder­
Aska* to Blue Ridge.
R ichland*!! to D ade C ity.
A stor to E ast P oint.
Richloam *! to D ade C ity.
T raxler to Alachua.
Atco* to Cartersville.
Rio* to F o rt Pierce.
Tucker* to D ade C ity.
R itta* to Okeechobee.
T urkey Creek to P lan tC ity . Atkinson*! to Brunswick.
A uburn to W inder.
R iverdale to P alatka.
T urnbull to Titusville.
Auraria* to Dahlonega.
R iveria to W est P alm
A ustin to Rutledge.
A utney to D earing.
Valkaria* to M elbourne.
Autreyville* to M oultrie.
■Riverland* to D ade C ity.
Avalon* to M artin.
Riverview* to T am pa.
Axson*!! to Pearson.
Valrico*! to T am pa.
Rochelle*!! to Gainesbille.
Ayersville* to Cornelia.
Rock Bluff* to Bristol.
Babcock* to C olquitt.
Venus*!! to Arcadia.
Rockledge*!! to Cocoa.
B aden! to Quitm an.
Rockwell to Dunnellon.
Bairdstown* to Maxevs.
iVernon* to Chipley._____
Rodm an*! to P alatka.
»Money Oraer Office.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




Beards Creek to Ludowici.
Beaverdale to C ohutta.
Bel Air* to Augusta.
Belknap to Pem broke.
Bell Springs to M itchell.
Bellton* to Lula.
Bellville*!! to H agan.
Bemiss to Valdosta.
Benevolence*!! to C u th b e rt.
Ben Hill* to A tlanta.
Berkeley!! to C arlton.
Berlin* to M oultrie.
Berner*! to Flovilla.

Chamblee to A tlanta.
Chance to F o rt Valley.
Chappell to Griffin.
C harlotte to Vidalia.
Chattahoochee*!! to Atlan­
C hatterto n to Douglas.
Chelsea* to Menlo.
Cherokee to Canton.
Cherrylog* to Blue Ridge.
C hestnut Gap* to Blue
C hestnut M ountain to
Flowery B ranch.

B erryton*!!to Summerville.
B ert to D em orset.
Berzelia* to Harlem .
Bessie to W ashington.
Bethlehem*! to M onroe.
Big Creek to D uluth.
Big Spring* to L a Grange.
Billarp to Douglasville.
Bingen to Quincy, Fla.
Birm ingham to Roswell.
Blackwells* to M arietta.
Blackwood Springs to Cal­
Blaine to Jasper.
Blalock* to Clayton.
B litch to Statesboro.
Blitchton* to Savannah.
Bloomingdale*! to Savan­
B lount to F orsyth.
Bluffton* to Blakely.
Blun* to Swainsboro.
B lu n d ale* ito Swainsboro.
Bolen* to W aycross.
Bolingbroke*! to Forsyth.
Bolton*! to A tlanta.
Bonaire*!! to Elko.
Boneville* to Thomson.
Bostwick* to M adison.
Bowdon Junction*! to Bre­
Bowens M ill to Fitzgerald.
Boxspring*!! to Junction
C ity.
Boyd to Sylvania.
Boydville* to W higham.
Boykin* to C olquitt.
B oynton to Chattanooga,
B raganza to W aycross.
Brentwood* to Baxley.
Brest* to Baconton.
Bridgeboro*!! to Doerun.
Bright* to Gainesville.
B ristol*!! to Blackshear.
B roadhurst to Jesup.
Brookfield*!! to T ifton.
Brooklyn*! to Richland.
Brookman* to Brunswick.
Brookton* to Clerm ont.
Broughton to Newborn.
Browns Crossing* to M ill­
Browntown to Brunswick.
B ullards*!! to Jefferson­
B urnt F o rt to Kingsland.
Burroughs to Savannah.
Burtsboro* to Dahlonega.
B ur well to Bowdon.
Bushnell*!! to Douglas.
Bush ville to Commerce.
Bussey* to Lincolnton.
B utts*! to Garfield.
Byrd* to Rome.
Cabaniss to Flovilla.
Cadley to Norwood.
Caleb to Conyers.
C am ak*!! to W arrenton.
Cam eron! to Rocky Ford.
C am pania to Harlem .
Cam p Creek to M urphy.
N . C.
Cam pton*! to M onroe.
Candler to Gainesville.
Canoochee* to Garfield.
Carbondale to D alton.
Carl* to A uburn.
Carnegie*!! to C uthbert.
C arrs Station* to M illedge­
Carsonville to B utler.
Cartecay* to E llijay.
Carters* to C hatsw orth
C ary to Cochran.
Cass! to Cartersville.
Cassandra* to C hattanooga
T enn.
Cass Station*! to C arters­
C ataula*! to H am ilton.
Cecil*!! to Adel.
C edar Crossing to Lyons .
C edar Grove* to L aF ay ett e
C edar Springs* to Colum­
bia, Ala.
Celeste to W ashington.
Center* to Athens.
C enter P ost to L a F ayette.
Center Village to Folkston.
C entralhatchee to Franklin.
Chalker*!! to Sandersville.
t Telegraph Station.

Cheyne to Calhoun.
China Hill to Rhine.
Choestoe* to Blue Ridge.
C hula*!! to Tifton.
Cisco* to Cleveland, Tenn.
Clarksboro to Athens.
Clarkston* to D ecatur.
Clem* to Carrollton.
Cleola* to Talbotton.
Clifton (De Kalb Co.) to
A tlanta.
Clinton* to Grays.
Clipper* to Ellijay.
Clito* to Statesboro.
C lopton to E atonton.
Clyattville* to Valdosta
Clyde to Pem broke.
Clyo*!! to Springfield.
Cobb*!! to Americus.
Cobbham to Thomson.
Cobbville* to M cRae.
Coffee*!! to Blackshear.
Cofflnton* to Lumpkin.
Cogdell* to Homerville.
Cold W ater to Elberton.
Colesburg to Kingsland.
Coley to Cochran.
Colon* to Valdosta.
Conasauga to Spring Place
Condor to Dublin.
Coney to Cordele.
Conley* to A tlanta.
C onstantine to Maysville.
Cooksville* to Hogansville.
Cooper Heights* to Chatta­
nooga. Tenn.
Coosa* to Rome.
Copeco to Milledgeville.
Ooreen to U nadilla.
C orinth to Hogansville.
Cork* to Flovilla.
Cotton* to Pelham .
Council*!! to Valdosta.
Covena*! to Swainsboro.
Coverdale* to Ashburn.
Cox to Darien.
C rabapple to Alpharetta.
Craig to Lawrenceville.
Crandall*! to E to n .
Crawford*! to Lexington.
Creighton to Ball Ground.
Crescent* to Darien.
Crest*! to Thom aston.
Crosland*! to N orm an Park
Cross Roads to Lula.
Crum ps Park* to Macon.
C rystal Springs to Rome.
C ulverton*! to Sparta.
Ourryville* to Calhoun.
O ut C ane to M ineral Blun.
Cyrene*! to Brinson.
D aisy*!! to Claxton.
D akota*!! to Ashburn.
Dam es Ferry* to Forsyth.
Danburg* to Washington.
Dawsonville* to Gaines­
D ayton to Jasper, Fla.
D eaton to Rockm art.
Decora to Calhoun.
Deepstep* to Sandersville.
D eercourt to Toccoa.
Dellwood* to Swainsboro.
D e Loach to Statesboro.
D elray to Thomaston.
D elta to Reynolds.
D enton*! to Hazlehurst.
D e Soto to Americus.
Devereux* to Sparta.
D ewitt* to Baconton.
Dewyrose* to Elberton.
Dickey to Edison.
Diffee* to Bainbridge.
D illard*!! to Clayton.
D ip to Clerm ont.
D ixie*!! to Quitman.
Doctortow n*! to Jesup.
D odge! to • Chattanooga,
Dodson to Newnan.
Doles* to Sylvester.
D onald to Ludowici.
Donovan* to W rights vine.
Doogan* to Spring Place.
Dooling*!! to Montezuma.
Doraville*! to N or cross.
D orchester! to Savannah.
D orm ineys M ill to Fit
D ot to Bowden.
D ouble Branches* to Lin
D ougherty* to Gainesville.
Doverel to DawsonDoyle* to Buena Vista.
Draketown* to Temple.
Drexel to Madison.
_ _
! Express Office.

D ry B ranch*tt to M acon.
D ry Pond to Jefferson.
Dubois to E astm an.
Ducktown to Gumming.
Duke to Waycross.
D unbar to M acon.
D uncan to Savannah.
D unn to E ton.
Dunwoody* to Roswell.
Du Pont*}} to Homerville.
Durand*} to Greenville.
Dyas* to Culloden.
Dyke to Ellijay.
Early* to Rome.
Eastanollee* to M artin.
E ast Ellijay* to E llijay
Eden* to G uyton.
Edgehill to Gibson.
E dith to Homerville.
Eelbeck to Cusseta.
Egan* to E a st P oint.
Egypt*} to Oliver.
E lberta to M acon.
Elder to M axeys.
Eldora* to Savannah
Eldorendo*} to Bainbridge.
Elgin to Jackson.
Elko*}} to Perry.
Ellabell*tt to Savannah.
Ella Gap to Ellijay.
Ellerslie*tt to W averly.
Elmodel* to Leary.
Elza* to Reidsville.
Em bry to D raketow n.
Emerich to Unadilla.
Emerson*} to Cartersville.
Em m alane to M illen.
E m pire*ti to Cochran.
Ennis to Wadley.
Enterprise to Buckhead.
Epworth* to Blue Ridge.
Erick} to M cRae.
Esom Hill* to Cedartown.
Estelle to Chattanooga,
Eulonia* to Darien.
Evens* to Augusta.
E verett City* to Brunswick.
Experiment* to Griffin.
Faceville*tt to Bainbridge.
Fairfax*}} to W ay Cross.
Fairfield to Jesup.
Fairy to E ton.
Fargo*}} to Homerville.
Farmdale} to Sylvania.
Farm ington to Bishop.
Farmville to Calhoun.
Farrar* to Shady Dale.
Felton* to Buchanan.
Fence to Auburn.
Fender* to Tifton.
Fenton to Douglasville.
Ficklin* to W ashington.
Fido to Pem broke.
Fields Cross Roads to
A lpharetta.
Fife* to Union City.
Fillmore to D alton.
Findlay to Pinehurst.
Fish*} to Cedartown.
Fitzpatrick* to JeffersonFive Forks to Colbert.
Fleming*}} to Savannah.
Flemington* to Savannah.
Flint*} to Camilla.
Flintstone* to C hattanooga,
Flippen*} to M cDonough.
Florence* to Lum pkin.
Floyd to Austell.
Folsom to Adairsville.
Forest Glen* to Fitzgerald..
Forest Park* to E a st P oint.
Fort McPherson*}} to E ast
Fort M udge to W aycross.
Fort Oglethorpe} to C h at­
tanooga, Tenn.
Fortson* to Columbus.
Fountainville to Oglethorpe.
Fowlstown*} to Bainbridge.
Franklinton to M acon.
Free Homes to C anton. ■
Friendship to Americus.
Frolona* to L a Grange.
Fruitland* to Valdosta.
Fry* to Copper Hill, T enn.
Funston* to M oultrie.
Gabbettville*} to W. Point.
Gaddistown* to Dahlonega.
Gaillard* to R oberta.
Galloway to Blue Ridge.
Garden Valley to Reynolds.
Gardi*} to Jesup.
G arrant to Douglas.
Gates to Dahlonega.
Geneva*} to T albotton.
Gentian to Columbus.
AGeorgetown* to Eufaula,
Gill to Lincolnton
Gillsville*}} to Gainesville
Gilmore to A tlanta.
Gladesville* to M onticello.
Glen A lta to B uena Vista..
Glenlock to Carrollton.
Glenmore* to W ay Cross.
Glenn* to Roanoke, Ala.
Gloster*}} to Lawrenceville.
Glovers to Forsyth.
Godfrey to Shady Dale.

Goggansville* to Barnesville.
Goodes to Palm etto.
Good Hope* to Monroe.
Gore* to Summerville.
Gough*}} to W aynesboro.
Gracewood*}} to Augusta.
Gradyvillq* to Cairo.
Graham*} to Baxley.
G ranite Hill* to Sparta.
G ratis to M onroe.
G raves Station* to Dawson.
Graysville*} to C h a tta­
nooga, Tenn.
Greenbush* to L a F ayette.
Greens Cut*} to W aynes­
Greenwood to M cDonough.
Greggs to Adel.
G resham ville* to Buckhead.
Gresston*} to E astm an.
Gris wold ville* to Gordon.
Grovania*}} to Elko.
Grove to Clayton.
Groveland*}} to Pem broke.
Grovetown*} to Harlem .
H abersham * to Dem orest
Hagan*}} to Clayton.
Halcyondale*}} to S tates­
Halfway to Dahlonega.
H alloca to Cusseta.
H am m ett* to R oberta.
Hardwick* to Milledgeville.
Harris*}} to Greenville.
Harrisburg*} to Menlo.
H arrison*}} to W rightsville.
Hartsfleld* to M oultrie.
H arvest* to Clarkes ville.
Hassler M ill to O hatsw orth.
H atcher Station* to George­
H atley* to Cordele.
H ay to Villa Rica.
Haylow*}} to V aldosta.
H ayston* to Mansfield.
Haywood to Nichols.
H ead River* to C hattanoo­
ga, Tenn.
Heardm ont*}} to Elberton.
Hebardville* to Waycross.
Hemp* to M ineral Bluff.
Henderson to Unadilla.
H enry to M artin.
Hephizibah*}} to Augusta,
H erm itage to Rome.
H erndon to W aynesboro.
H erod to Dawson.
H ickory F lat to C anton.
H ickory Grove to R oberta.
Hickox*} to Folkston.
Higdons Store* to Blue
Higgston*} to Vidalia.
H igh Point* to C hattanoo­
ga, Tenn.
High Shoals* to Bishop.
High Tower to B all G round
H ill City*}} to Calhoun.
Hillman*} to Sharon.
H illsdale to L a F ayette.
Hilltonia*} to Sylvania.
Hilton*} to Colum bia, Ala.
Hinsonton* to Pelham .
H obby to A shburn.
iHoboken*}} to Blackshear.
Holland*} to Lyerly.
Hollonville to Williamson.
Hollysprings*} to C anton.
Hollywood*}} to Clarkesville.
Holton*}} to M acon.
Homeland*} to Folkston.
Honora to Lincolnton.
Hope to M ilner.
Hopkins to Waycross.
Hortense*}} to Jesup.
Howard*}} to B utler
Howell*}} to Valdosta.
H ubbards ville to Ball
H ubert* to Statesboro.
Hull*} to Athens.
Hunters*} to Sylvania.
H untington*}}to Americus.
H untsville to Dallas.
ln a h a to A shburn.
Indian Springs* to Flovilla.
Ingleside* to D ecatur.
Inm an* to Woolsey.
Inverness to Darien.
Irene to Sparta.
Isle of Hope} to Savannah.
Ivey*} to Gordon.
Jacksonville* to M cRae.
Jakin*}} to Donalsonville.
James*} to M acon.
Jewell* to W arrenton.
Jimps*} to Statesboro.
Johnston S tation to Ludowici.
Johnstonville to Barnesville.
Jones*}} to Darien.
Julia* to Lum pkin.
Juliette*}} to F orsyth.
Julyss to Harrison.
Juniper* to T albotton.
Juno* to Dahlonega.
Kathleen*}} to P erry
Keasley* to Jasper.
Kedron to Newnan.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

ACounty Seat.

K eith to «Ringgold.
Kelly* to Shady Dale.
Kensington*}} to C h a tta­
nooga, Tenn.
Kenwood*} to Fayetteville
Kenzie to T hom aston.
Kestler to Dam ascus.
Keysville*}} to Wrens.
Kibbee* to Soperton.
Kildare}} to Oliver.
Kim brough to Richland.
Kincaid to Lyerly.
Kinderlou*}} to Valdosta.
Kinlaw to Kingsland.
Kirkland*}} to Willacoochee.
Kirkwood*} to A tlanta.
K londike to Gainesville.
K nob to Stockbridge.
AKnoxville* to R oberta.
Lacey to D urden.
L a Cross*} to Ellaviile.
Lakecreek to C edartow n.
Lakemont*}} to C layton.
Lam bert* to Jesup.
Lanier*}} to Pembroke.
Leaf* to Cornelia.
Leah to Harlem .
Laib to Cairo.
Lebanon* to Canton.
Leefleld to Statesboro.
Lee Pope* to F ort Valley.
Lela*}} to Donalsonville.
Leo* to Lula.
Letford* to Pembroke.
Leverett* to Lincolnton.
Lew to Glenville.
Lewis to Oglethorpe.
Lewiston* to Gordon.
Lewner* to Culberson, N.O.
Lexsy* to Wesley.
L iberty C ity to Ludowici.
Liclog* to E llijay.
Lilbum*}} to Grayson.
Lillypond to Calhoun.
Lindale*}} to Rome.
Linton* to Sparta.
Linwood*} to Adairsville.
Lisbon* to Lincolnton.
L ithia Springs*}} to Austell
L ittle Row to Calhoun.
Liverpool to Cumming.
Lizella* to M acon.
L ockhart to Lincolnton.
Loco to Lincolnton.
Lollie* to Rockledge.
Lone Oak to Hogansville
Lorane* to M acon.
L othair to Soperton.
Loudberg to W ashington.
Loughridge to D alton.
Louise to L a Grange.
Louvale* to Lumpkin.
Lovelace to Lincolnton.
Loving* to M ineral Bluff
Lowell to Carrollton.
Lowry to Woolsey.
Lucile to Blakely.
Ludville to Jasper.
Luella* to M cDonough.
Lulaton*} to Brunswick.
L undburg to W ashington.
L uther to Thomson.
Luxomni* to Lawrenceville
Lyken to Homerville.
M abel to Brunswick.
Mableton*} to Austell.
Machen*}} to M onticello.
M adison Springs to Danielsville.
M adola* to Blue Ridge.
M adras* to Newman.
M alone to Cordele.
Manassas*} to H agan.
Manor*}} to Waycross.
M arble Hill* to Jasper.
M arlow* to G uyton.
M artinez* to Augusta.
M assee to Sparks.
M a t to Cumming.
M athis to Clayton.
Matthews*}} to B lythe.
Mauk*}} to Charing.
M ax to T albotton.
M axim* to Lincolnton.
M axwell to Shady Dale.
M ayday to Valdosta.
Mayfield*}} to W arrenton.
M cBean* to W aynesboro
M cC arty to Tennille.
McCollum* to Palm etto.
M cD onald to Pearson.
McGregor* to Alley.
M cG ruden to Louisville.
M cH enry to Calhoun.
M cIntosh*}} to Savannah
M cIntyre*}} to Gordon.
M cK ee to Gainesville.
M cPherson to Dallas.
M cW horter to W hitesburg
M ears to Sylvania
M ecca to F airburn
M eda* to E atonton
Meeks* to Adrian.
M egahee to Harlem .
M einhard} to Savannah
Meldrim*}} to Savannah.
Mendes*} to Glennville.
M eridian* to D arien.
M eriweather* to Milledge­
Merrillville*}} to Thom asville.
Mershon* to Blackshead.
Mesena* to Thomson.
Metasville* to W ashington.
Money Order Office.



Middleton*}} to Elberton.
Piedm ont to Barnesville.
Midland*} to W averly Hall.
Pike* to Ellijay.
M idriver to Kingsland.
Pine Grove* to Baxley,
Milford* to L eary
! Pinelog* to Cartersville.
M illers to Calhoun.
Pine M ountain to Clayton
Millhaven*} to Sylvania.
Pinepark*}} to Cairo.
Millwood*}} to Waycross
Pisgah* to E llijay.
M ilstead* to Conyers.
Pittsburg* to Chickam auga
Mimsvllle to Camilla.
Plainfield*} to E astm an.
M ineola to H ahira
P leasant to CUmming.
M ineral Bluff*}} to Blue
Pleasant H ill to T albotton
Pocataligo to Danielsville.
M inton to Doerun.
P oint Peter* to Carlton
M inus} to Sylvania.
Mize* to M artin.
• Pem ona*'to Griffin.
Modoc* to Swainsboro.
Ponder* to Dahlonega.
Moniac* to Jacksonville,
Pooler*}} to Savannah.
Pope City} to Pineview.
M ontivedio to E lberton.
Porterdale*}} to Covington
M ora to Willacoochee.
Portland*} to Rockm art.
M oran*} to Culloden.
Posco to Rockm art.
Morgan* to Albany.
to Reynolds.
M organton* to M ineralB luf
Morganville* to C hattanoo­
Powellville to Newnan.
ga, Tenn.
Powelton to Sparta.
Powersville*} to F t. Valley
M orrison to Pem broke.
rattsb u rg to T albotton.
M orris Station* to C uthPresley* to M urphy, N . C.
P retoria to Albany.
Morrow* to Jonesboro.
Pridgen to Broxton.
M ountain City*}} to Clay­
Primrose* to Greenville.
Priors* to Cedartown.
M ountaintow n to E llijay.
Protection to Ellijay.
M ount Pleasant*} to Jesup.
P u ck ett to Buford.
M ountville*} to L a Grange.
*} to Buena Vista
M ount Zion* to Bremen.
Putney*}} to Albany.
M oye to Edison.
M ulberry to Hoschton.
M ulberry Grove to HamilQuill* to E llijay.
• ton.
Quince to Cobbtown.
M unnerlyn*} to Waynes­
M urrayville* to Gainesville
Racepond* to Waycross.
Museiia*} to Roberta.
Raines to Cordele.
Raleigh*} to W oodbury.
M yrtle to Perry.
Ramhurst*} to O hatsworth
Mystic*}} to Ocilla.
Ranger*} to Fairm ount.
R aybon to Jesup.
Rayle* to W ashington.
Nacoochee*} to Clarkesville
Raymond*}} to Newnan.
Nahunta*}} to Waycross.
N atal* to Gainesville.
R ays M ills to R ay City.
Neal*} to Concord.
Recovery* to Bainbridge
Nelson*} to Jasper.
N esbitt to Jesup.
Redan* to. Lithonia.
Redbud* to Calhoun.
Newell* to Folkston.
Redland* to Jesup.
New Holland*} to Gaines­
Red Oak* to Fairburn.
Reeves*} to Calhoun.
New Lacy to Baxley.
N ew m arket to F orsyth
Remerton* to Valdosta.
New Providence to D an­
Renfroes*} to Cusseta.
Reno* to Cairo.
N ew ry to Lagrange.
Resaca*} to Calhoun.
N ew ton F actory to Coving­
R est to Fayetteville.
Reynoldsvflle to Brinson.
Nicholson*} to Commerce.
Riceljoro*}} to Savannah.
Nickville to E lberton.
Richwood* to Vienna.
Nielly to Lum ber C ity.
Riddles Landing to M ount
Nona* to E atonton.
Normantown*}} to Vidalia.
Riddleville to Davisboro.
Norwich* to M auk.
Ridgevilie* to Darien.
N ote to E atonton.
Riggton to Reidsville.
N uberg to E lberton.
Rincon*}} to Springfield.
Nunez*} to Norristown
Ripley to Jeffersonville.
N ye to Sharon.
Rising Fawn*}} to C h a tta­
nooga, Tenn.
Oakfleld*}} to Warwick.
Oakland* to Gay.
Oakman*} to F air M ount.
Oak Park*}} to Stillmore.
Oakridge to Greenville.
Oakwood* to Gainesville.
Oasis* to Blue Ridge.
Ocee to D uluth.
Ochwalkee to Glenwood.
Oconee*} to Tennille.
Oconee M ills to Gainesville.
Odessadale* to L a Grange.
Offerman*}} to P atterson.
Ogeechee*}} to Sylvania.
Oglesby*}} to E lberton.
Ohoopee*} to Lyons.
Ola to M cDonough.
Ollie to E llijay.
Oostanaula to Calhoun.
Ophelia to W ashington.
Ophir to Ball Ground.
Orange* to Canton.
Orchard Hill*} to M ilner.
O riana to Rockledge.
Orland* to Soperton.
Osierfleld*}} to Fitzgerald.
Ousley*}} to Valdosta.
Owensboro to Abbeville.
Owensbyville to Hogans­
Owens F erry to Kingsland.
Oxford* to Covington.
Ozell to Boston.
Panola to Lithonia.
P anthersville to D ecatur.
Parish* to Statesboro.
Paschal* to Junction C ity.
Patillo to Griffin.
P a tte n to Thom as ville.
Peavine to Chattanooga,
Penfleld* to Greensboro.
Pennick* to Brunswick.
P ennington to M adison.
Perkins*} to Millen.
Phelps to D alton.
Philema}} to Oakfleld.
Philom ath* to Woodville
Pickard* to Thom aston.
Pidcock*}} to Boston
f Telegraph Station.

Rivertow n to P alm etto.
Robertstown*} to Helen.
Robinson*} to Crawfordville.
Rockingham* to Alma.
Rockledge to Dublin.
Rock Spring* to L a Fay ette
Rockville to E atonton.
Rocky Face* to D alton.
Rocky M ount to L uthersville.
Rogers to M illen.
Roosevelt to Ellijay.
Roscoe to Newnan.
Rosebud to Loganville.
Rosier*}} to MidviUe.
R ound Oak*} to Gray.
Rover* to Griffin.
Roy* to E llijay.
Ruckersville to E lberton
Rudden to E atonton.
Rupert*}} to Butler.
R ush to Richland.
Ruskin*}} to Waycross
R u th to Greensboro
Rutherford to W atkinsville.
Rydal*} to Cartersville.
Saint Charles* to M orélan
Saint Clair*}} to Gough.
Saint George*}} to Jackson­
ville, Fla.
S aint Simons Island* to
Sandycross to Lexington.
Sapelo* to Darien.
Sarah* to M ineral Bluff.
Sargent*}} to Newnan.
Sautee* to Clarkesville.
Scarboro*} to M illen.
Schlatterville to Waycross.
Scott*} to Adrian.
Scottdaie*} to D ecatur.
Scottsboro to Milledgeville.
Screven*}} to P atterson.
Seabrook to Savannah.
Selina to Jonesboro.
Seney}} to Rockm art.
Sevier to Flowery B ranch.
Seville to P itts.
Sharpe* to L a F ayette.
Sharpsboro}} to Sharpsburg
Sharps Spur*t to Vidalia.
} Express Office.


G E O R G IA ,


Shell Bluff to W aynesboro
Sheltonville to D uluth.
Sheppard to Sylvania.
Shingler*! to Sylvester.
Shoals to M itchell.
Shoulder to S parta
Sigurd* to Chaunt ey.
Silco to Kingsland.
Silver C ity to Cum m ing
Silver Creek* to Rom e.
Sim ians to Homerville.
Slappey to M arshailville.
Slate to H a rtw e ll..
Smarrs*! to Forsyth.
SnellviUe to Lawrenceville.
Snow to U nadilla.
Sofkeett to Macon-.
Sonoraville to Calhoun.
Southland to Ideal.
Spann* to W rightsville.
Spread to Stapleton.
¿Springfield*! to G uyton.
Spring Place* to C hatsw orth
Springvale* to C uthbert.
S tark to Jackson.
Starrsville* to Covington.
iStatenville* to Valdosta.
S tay to Dahlonega.
Stella ville* to M atthew s
Stephens Crossing to M idville.
Sterling*! to Brunswick.
Stevens P ottery*!, to M illedgeville.
Stew art to Jackson.
Stilesboro*tî to C artersville.
Stillwell* to Springfield.
Stilson*! to Statesboro.
Stockton*!! to V aldosta.
Stokesville to M acClenny.
Stonewall* to F airburn.
Stop to F airburn.
Stricklan* to Bainbridge.
Stuckey* to Glenwood.
Subligna to Summerville.
Success to Sylvania.
Suches* to Dahlonega.
Sugar Valley*! to Calhoun.
Sulphur Springs*!! to C hat­
tanooga, Tenn.
Sum m ertown*!! to M idville.
Sum ner*!! to Sylvester.
Sumter* to Smithville.
Sunhill* to Tennille.
Sunny Side*! to Griffin.
Surrency to Baxley.
Sutallee to C anton.
Swan*-to Blue Ridge,
Sweetgum* to Blue Ridge.
T a ft to Dallas.
Tailscreek* to E llijay.
T alking Rock*!! to Ellijay.
T allulah Falls*!! to Clay­
ton.T allulah Lodge*! to Clay­
T allulah P ark ! to Cornelia.
Tapley to Irwinville.
T arboro to Kingsland.
T arver*!! to Jasper, F la
Tate* to Jasper.
T ay lo r’s Creek* to Savan­
Tazewell* t o Buena Vista.
Teloga Springs to Summer­
Tem perance to M cRae.
Tem plegrove to C hats­
w orth.
Tefinga* to Conasauga.
Texas* to F ranklin.
T halm ann*! to Brunswick
Thebes to Savannah.T he Rock*! to Thom aston.
Thom asboro* to Rocky
T hrasher to M adison.
Thrift* to Garfield.
T hunder*! to Thom aston.
Thunderbolt*! to Savannah
T ickanetley to E llijay.
T iger*!! to C layton.
Tilton*! to D alton.
Tioga to Ellijay.
T ippettville to Vienna.
Tison to Glennville:
Titus* to M urphy, N . Car.
Toledo* to Folkston.
Toonigh to C anton.
T opeka Ju n ction to Barnesville.
Towns*! to M cRae. _.
Townsend*!! to Darien.
T raders Hill to Folkston.
T raylor to L a Grange.
¿T renton*!! to C hattanoo­
ga, Tenn;
Trimble* to Hogansville.
T rion F actory to Trion.
T rip to Grayson.
Tugalo* to Toccoa.
Tulip* to Summerville.
T unnel Hill*!! to D alton.
’ Turnerville* to Glarkesville
Tusculum* to G uyton.
Twiggsville to Jeffersonville
Tybee* to Savannah.
T yus to Carrollton.
Union C ity*!! to Fairburn.
U patoie*!! to Columbus.
Uptonville to Folkston.
V ada to Camilla.
Valambrosa* to D ublin.
V anna*! to Bowman._____
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Vanoy* to F o rt Valley.
Varnells Sta.*! to D alton.
Vaudelt to Hapeville.
Vaughn*! to Griffin.
Veazey* to Greensboro.
Vega to Meansville.
Vesta to E lberton.
V ictory to Carrollton.
Villanow* to L afayette.
Vinings*! to M arietta.
Vinson to R ockm art.
Virgil to Pendergrass.
Wade*! to G raym ont.
W alden* to M acon.
Waleska* to C anton.
W alker S tation! (Dougher­
ty Co.) to Albany.
W alkenshaw to Augusta.
W alnut H ill to Carnesville.
W althoürville*!! to Jesup.
W althrall to C edartow n.
W aresboro*!! to Waycross.
W aring (W hitfield Co.) to
D alton.
. W arm Springs!! to Bullockville.
W averly*! to Kingsland.
W aynesville*!! to Bruns­
W aynm anville to Thom as­
W ayside*! to Bradley.
W ays Sta.* to Savannah.
W ebbs to E llijay.
W ellston*!! to M acon.
W enona!! to Cordele.
W esley*!! to Stillmore.
W est Green*!! to Douglas.
W estlake*!! to Cochran.
W hite*! to Cartersville.
W hite Bluff to Savannah.
W hite C ity to Canton.
W hite Hall* to Athens.
W hitehouse to M cDonough
W hite Oak*!! to Kingsland
W hitepath* to E llijay.
W hitestone*! to E llijay.
W hite Sulphur Springs to
W hitesville to H am ilton.
W hitney to Social Circle.
Wier* to E llijay.
W ildwood*! to C hattanoo­
ga, Tenn.
Wiley* to Cla,yton.
W ilkins to Rome.
W illard*! to E atonton.
W illett to Columbus.
Willie* to Pem broke.
Wilscot* to Blue Ridge.
W inchester*! to M arshail­
Winfield to Thomson.
W inokur*!! to Folkston.
Winslow to Jesup.
W oodbine*!! to Kingsland.
W oodlawn! to E ton.
W ood Station to Ringgold.
W oodstock*! (Oglethorpe
Co.) to W oodvüle.
W orth*!! to Ashburn.
W orth ville to Jackson.
W ray*! to D ouglas..
W rayswood* to M adison.
Yahoola to Dahlonega.
Yorkville to R ockm art.
Youngcane* to Blue Ridge.
Young Harris* to M urphy,
N . C.
Youngs to Cedartown.
Younker* to. E astm an.
Y psilanti to T albotton,
Zebina to W rens.
Zeigler*! to Sylvania.
Zenith*! to F o rt Valley.
Zetella to Griffin.
Zirkle*!! to Blackshear.
Zone to, Calhoun.

Ahua Um i to Kealakekua.
Ahukini to Lihue.
Aiea* to Honolulu.
Anahola to Kealia.
A walan to Lahaina.
C astner see Schofield B ar­
Cooks M onum ent to K eala­
Eleele*! to W aim ea.
Ewa* to Honolulu.
Ferndale to Hilo.
F o rt D e Russe to Honolulu.
Fort- K am eham ehato Hono­
F o rt Ruger to Honolulu.
F o rt Shatter to Honolulu.

Haiku* to K ahului.
Hakalau* to Hilo.
H alaw a to Kohala.
Haieiwa* to W aialua.
H alf W ay House to Pahala.
Ham akuapoko* to W ailuku
H am oa to W ailuku.
Hana* to W ailuku.
Hanalei* to K apaa
H anam aulu to K apaa.
Hanapepe* to W aimea.
Hauula* to H onolulu.
Hawi* to Kohala.
H eia to Honolulu.
Hilea to P ahala.
Holualoa* to Kealakekua.
Hom estead to Lihue.
H onaunau* to K ealakekua.
H onohina to Hilo.
Honoipu L anding to Honokaa.
H onokaa Landing to Honokaa.
H onokaa Mills to H onokaa.
Honokawai to Lahina.
Honokohau (Maul) to W ai­
Honom u to Hilo.
Honouliuli to Honolulu.
Hookena* to K ealakekua.
Hoopuloa* to Kealakekua.
H um uula to Honokaa.
Iwilei to Honolulu.
K aanapali to Lahaina.
K ahaluu to Honolulu.
Kahuku* to Honolulu.
Kailua* to Kealakekua.
Kalaheo* to Lihue.
K alapana to Hilo.
K alaupapa*! to W ailuku
Kalawao tó W ailuku.
K alihiwai to Kealia.
•Kaliuku to Pahala.
K am alo! to W ailuku.
Kam uela* to Honokaa.
K aneohe to Honolulu.
K apaa*! to K ealia. .
K apaau to Kohald.
K apaia to Lihue.
Kapoho* to Hilo.
K aunakakal*! to Honolulu.
Kaunalew a to W aimea.
K aupakuca to Hilo.
K aupo to Kahulu.
Kawaikae to Honokaa:
Kaw aihae to Kealakekua.
Kealia tö Lihue.
K eanal to W ailuku.
Keauhoü* to Kealakekua.
Keei to Kealakekua.
K ekaha*! to W aimea.
Keokea to Kealakekua.
Keokea Landing to Kohala.
Kiholo B ay to Kohala.
K ilauea*! to Lihue.
Kipahulu* to K ahului.
Koloa*! to Lihue.
K uhaiau to Hiló.
K ukaiau M ill to Honoka.
Kukuihaele to Honokaa.
K ukuiopai to Kealakekua.
K ula to K ahului.
Kurtistow n* to Hilo.

Salt W orks to Honolulu.
Sprecklesville to W ailuku.
U lupalakua to W ailuku.
Union M ill to Kohala.
Volcano House* to Hilo.
W ahiawa to Schofield B ar­
W abiakea L anding to
W aiakea to Hilo.
W aiakoa* to K ahului.
Waialee* to W aialua.
W aianae* to Honolulu.
W aihee to W ailuku.
Waikane* to Honolulu.
W aikapu to W ailuku.
W aimanalo* to Honolulu.
W ainiha to Lihue.
Waiohinu* to Hilo.
W aikolu to W ailuku.
W ailau to W ailuku.
Waipio to Schofield B ar­
W arf to Lahaina.
W atertow n* to Honolulu

Acequia* to R upert.
Adams to Grangeville.
Addie* to Bonners Ferry.
Agatha* to Gifford.
Ahsanka* to Orofino.
Alexander to Soda; Springs.
Algoma to Sandpoint.
Almo* to Oakley,
Alpine* to Afton. Wyo.
A m erican Falls*!! to M cCamm on.
Ammon to Idaho Falls.
Amsterdam * to Rogerson.
Annis to Rigby.
Antelope to Ririe.
Apple Valley to Parm a.
Arbon* to Pocatello.
Archer to Rexburg.
Arim o*!! to M cCam m on.
Arling to Donnelly.
Arrow Junction to Lewiston
A thol*!! to R athdrum .
A tlas to Cceur d ’Alene.
A very*!! to St. Joe.
Avon* to D eary.
Badger to Tetonia.
Baker* to Salmon.
B anks*!! to Horse Shoe
Basalt* to F irth.
Bayview*!! to R athdrum .
Bear* to Council.

M aalea to W ailuku.
McGregors' L anding to La­
Makawaó* to Paia.
M akawell*! to W aim ea.

Bellevue*!! to Hailey.
Belmont* to R athdrum .
Bench* to Grace.
Benewah* to Tekoa, W ash.
B ennett* toM Ountaln Hom e
Bennington* to M ontpelier.

M akena to L ahaina.
M akua to Honolulu.
M ana to W aimea.
M anele Landing to. Lahaina
M aunawai* to W aialua.
M ilolii L anding to K ealake­
M okae L anding to W ailuku
M okulau L anding to W ailuku.
M ökuleia to W aialua.
M ountainview* to Hilo
Naalehu* to Hilo.
N ahiku to K ahului.
Napoopoo* to Kealakekua.
NawiÚwili! to Lihue.
Ninole* to Hilo.
Niulli to Kohala.
N uu to L ahaina.
Okoe Landing to K ealake­
Olaa* to Hilo.
Olo W alu to L ahaina.
Ookala to Hilo.

Glenwood to Hilo
, : : IÉ É
H aena to Kohala.

Pahoa* to Hilo.
P ahoa Junction to Hilo.

i County Seat.

Paihaaloa to Hilo.
P akala to W aimea.
Papaaloa* to Hilo.
Papaikou* to Hilo.
Pauwela* to Paia.
Peahi to Kahului'.
Pearl City* to Honolulu.
Pepeekeo* to Hilo.
Poho Iki L anding to Hilo.
Puhi to Lihue.
Puuiki to W aialua.
Puuloa t o Honolulu.*
Puunene*! to Kahului.

Laie* to Honolulu. :
Laupahoehoe*! to Hilo.
Lawai to Lihue.
Libpyville to Honolulu.

Paauhau* to Honokaa.
Paaüilo* to Honokaa.
Paauilo Mill to Honoka.
Pacific Sugar M ill to Hono­




‘ Money Order Office.

Berenice* to Arco.
Berger* to Hollister.
Black Lake* to H arrison.
Black Pine* to M alad City.
Blanchard*!! to Spirit Lake
Bliss to Gooding
Bloomington* to Paris.
Bone* to Idaho Falls.
Bowmont* to K una.
B urgdorf to N ew M eadows
Burke*!! to Wallace.
B u tte to N am pa.
C abarton*!! to Cascade.
C abinet*!! to Sandpoint.
Calder to St. Joe.
C am as*!! to Roberts.
Cameron* to Kendrick.
C anyon Creek* to Newdale.
Carey* to Picabo.
Careywood* to Sandpoint.
Carlin Bay* to Harrison.
Carmen* to Salmon.
Castle Creek* to M ountain
Cataldo* to Kellogg.
Cavendish* to Peck.
Centerville* to Boise.
Central* to Bancroft.
Chatcolet* to Harrison.
Chester* to St. A nthony.
Chesterfield* to Bancroft
Chilco* to R athdrum .
Chilly* to M ackay.
Clagstone*! to Spirit Lake
! Telegraph Station.

C lark F ork*!! to Sandpoint
C larkia*!! to Bovill.
Clayton* to Challis.
Clearwater* to Stites.
Clementsville* to St. An­
Cleveland* to Preston.
Clifton* to Preston.
Clover to Buhl.
Cocolalla*!! to Sandpoint.
Colburn* to Sandpoint.
Coliins to Bovill.
Conkling Park* to Harrison
Coolin* to P riest River.
Copeland* to Bonners Ferry
Corbin* to R athdrum .
Corral* to Fairfield.
Coulam *!! to Preston.
Orescent to Kendrick.
Curry to Filer.
Darlington* to M ackay.
D ayton*!! to Preston.
Declo to Burley.
Delage* to Wallace.
D e Lam ar to N am pa.
Dempsey to L ava Hot
D ent to Kendrick.
D enver! to Cottonwood.
Desmet* to Tekoa, Wash.
D ietrich*!! to Shoshone.
Dingle* to M ontpelier.
Dover* to Sandpoint.
Dudley* to Kellogg.
E astport* !! to Bonners
E atons to Weiser.
E den*!! to Hazelton.
Edgemere* to Spirit Lake.
Egin to St. Anthony.
Eileen to Bonners Ferry.
Elba* to Albion.
E lk City* to Stites.
E lk P rairie to St. Joe.
Elm ira* to Sandpoint,
E lva to Idaho Falls.
Em ida* to St. Maries.
E naville*!! to Kellogg.
Fairview to Ifewiston.
Falcon*! to Wallace.
Falk* to New Plym outh.
Farhum to Ashton.
Featherville* to Mountain
Felt* to Tetonia.
Fenn*!! to Cottonwood.
Fernwood*!! to St. Maries.
Ferrell to St. Joe.
Fish Haven* to Paris.
Ford* to Rockford.
Forest*! to Winchester.
F o rt H all*!! to Pocatello
Franklin*!! to Preston.
F raser to Oroflno.
Freedom to Freedom Wyo.
French to P ayette.
F ruitland to Ontario, Ore..
Fruitvale* to Council.
G annett* to Hailey.
Gardena* to Horse Shoe
Garden Valley* to Boise.
Garwood* to Rathdrum .
Gem* to W allace.,
Geneva* to M ontpelier.
Gentile Valley to Grace.
Georgetown* to Montpelier
Gibbonsville* to Salmon.
Gibbs* to Coeur d ’Alene.
G ilbert to Orofino.
Gilmore* to Leadore.
Givens Springs* to Caldwell
Glengary* to Sandpoint.
•Glenwood* to Kamiah.
Golden* to Stites.
Goodrich* to Cambridge.
G ranite*!! to Sandpoint.
G rant to Idaho Falls.
Greencreek*! to Cotton­
■ . . . ,,
Greenleaf* to Caldwell.
G reer*!! to Oroflno. _
Gwenford to M alad City.
H am er*!! to Dubois.
H am m ett*!! to Glenns
H ansen*!! to Hazelton.
H arpster* to Kooskia.
H arvard * !! to Potlatch.
H auser!! to Post Falls.
H ayden Lake*! to Coeur
d ’Alene.
H eglar to BUrley.
Helmer* to Deary.
Henry* to Soda Springs.
H eyburn*!! to Burley.
H ill C ity*!! to FairflekL
Holbrook* to M alad CityH ope*!! to Sandpoint.
Howe* to Arco. •*., A*
H u etter to Coeur D Alene.
Huston* to Caldwell.
¿Idaho City* to Boise.
Idahome* to Declo.
Idm on to Dubois.
Ilo to Craigmont.
Indian Valley* to Cam
- , ,
In k u n * !! to Pocatello,
lolo to Sandpoint.
{Express Office.


Iona*!! to Idaho Falls.
Irwin* to Idaho Falls.
Jacques Spur to Oul de Sac.
Joseph* (Idaho Go.) to
W hitebird.
Junction to Gilmore.
Keever to Blackfoot.
K etchum *!! to Hailey.
Keuterville*! ’ to C otton­
Kilgore* to Dubois.
K im am a*ti to Shoshone.
King H ill*tt to Glenns
Ferry. .
Kingston* to Kellogg.
Klockmann* to Bonners
K ootenai*ti to Sandpoint.
Laclede*tl to Sandpoint.
Lago* to Grace.
Bake* to St. A nthony.
Lake Creek to Rockford,
Lakeview* to Sandpoint.
Lane* to Harrison.
Leesburg* to Salmon.
Leland* to Kendrick.
Lemhi* to Salmon.
Lenia* to Bonners Ferry.
Lenore*tt to Gifford. 1
Lenox* to M ountain Home.
Leslie to M ackay.
Letha* to E m m ett.
Lewisville* to Roberts.
Liberty to Paris.
Lincoln to Idaho Falls
Linden* to Kendrick.
Linfor* to Kellogg.
Lorenzo* to Rigby.
Lowman to Boise.
Lucile* to W hite Bird.
Lund* to Bancroft.
Mace* to Wallace.
Malta* to Albion.
Marble Creek! to St. Joe.
M arket Lake to Roberts.
M arsing to N am pa.
M arysville*tt to Ashton.
May* to Leadore.
McCall*!! to Donnelly.
M cD erm ott to M eridian.
Meadow Creek* to Bonners
Medimont* to Harrison.
Melba*! to K una.
Melrose* to Reubens.
M enan*tt to Roberts.
Mesa* to Council.
Midas* to Sandpoint. .
M idvale*tt to Weiser.
Minkcreek* to Preston.
Mohler*! to Craigm ont. •
Moore*!! to Arco
Moravia* to Bonners F erry
Moreland* to Blackfoot.
Morrow! to F erdinand.
Morton* to Sandpoint.
M ount Idaho* to Grangeville.
M urphy*! to N am pa.
M urray* to W allace.
M urtaugh to Hansen.
Myrtle* to Ju liaetta.
Naf* to Bingham City,
U tah.
New Centerville to Boise.
Newdale*!! to Teton.
Nordman to P riest River.
N orth Fork* to Salmon.
Norwood *to Donnelly.
Notus*!! to Caldwell.
Ola* to E m m ett.
Onaway to P otlatch,
Oneida* (Local nam e Arimo) to M cCam m on.
Orchard*!! to Boise.
Oreana* to N am pa.
Ovid* to M ontpelier.
Oxford*!! to Downey.
Ozone* to Idaho Falls.
Parker to St. Anthony.
Patterson* to Salmon.
Paul to R u p ert.
Pauline* to Pocatello.
Pearl* to E m m ett.
Peavey to Filer.
Pegram *tt to M ontpelier
Perkins to Boise.
Pierce* to Orofino.
Pine* to Fairfield.
Pingree*!! to Blackfoot.
Pione'erviHe* to Boise.
Placerville* to Horse Shoe
Plano to Rexburg.
Pleasant View to P ost Falls.
Pollock* to W hite Bird.
Ponderay* to Sandpoint.
Poplar to Ririe.
Prichard* to Kellogg.
Priest to Picabo.
Princeton*!! to P otlatch
Quartzburg to Horse Shoe
• Bend.

Ram sey to R athdrum .
Raymond* to M ontpelier.
Regina* to Boise.
Resort to New Meadows.
Riddle* to M ountain Home
Ridgedale to M alad City.
Riggins* to W hite Bird.
Riverside to Blackfoot.
Robin* to M cCam m on.
Rockford* to Blackfoot.
Rockford Bay* to Coeer d ’
Rockland* to M cCam m on.
Rocky Bar* to M ountain
Roseberry* to Donnelly.
Roselake*tt to H arrison.
Roselake*!! to Harrison.
Rossfork to Pocatello.
Roswell* to P arm a.
Roy* to Rockland.
Sagle* to- Sandpoint.
Saint Charles* to Paris.
S aint John to M alad C ity.
Salem to Sugar.
Samaria* to M alad C ity.
Samuels* to Sandpoint.
;Sanders* to Tëkoa, W ash
Santa* to St. M aries.
ISawyer* to Sandpoint.
'Setters* to Rockford. W ash
iSilver City* to N am pa.
Sinclair to Bonners Ferry.
Sm iths F erry*!! to Cascade
!Sorrento* to Plum m er.
South wick* to :Kendrick.
Spalding*! to LapWai.
Spencer*!! to Dubois.
Springfield* to. Blackfoot.
Springstón* to Harrison.
Squirrel* to Drum m ond.
Standrod to Oakley.
■Stanley* to Challis
Steele* to Peck
Sterling*!! to Aberdeen.
Stites*!! to Kooskia.
Stone* to M alad C ity.
Strevell* to Albion.
S tu art to Kooskio.
Sublett* to Albion.
Summit* to Gifford.
Sunnydell* to Rexburg,
Sunnyside* to M puntain
ISunset* to Wallace.
Swanlake* to M cCam m on
Swan Valley* to Ririe.
Sweet* to Sweet.
Sweetwater*! to Lapwai.
Taber* to Blackfoot.
T am arackH o N ewMeadows
T aylor to Shelley.
Teakean* to Oriflno.
Tendoy* to Salmon.
Tensed* to Tekoa, Wash.
T harp to Cottonwood.
T hatcher* to Grace.
Thom as to Blackfoot.
T hornton*!! to Rexburg.
T hree Creek* to R ogerson.
Treasureton* to Preston.
Triangle to Grandview.
T ro u t to ' Oakley.
T u ttle ! to Shoshone.
Twin Lakes to R a th d ru m .
Tyhee to Pocatello.
Ucon*!t to Idaho Falls.
Ulysses* tò. Salmon.
Ustick* to M eridian.
Valley to Sandpoint.
Viola* to Moscow. f
Virginia* to Downey.
Vollmer to Craigm ont.
W aha*! to Lewiston.
Wapello to Blackfoot.
W arren* to New Meadows.
Wayan* to Soda Springs.
W ebb*! to Lapwai.
Weippe* to Orofino.
W estlake*! to Ferdinand
W estm ond to Sandpoint.
W eston*!! to Preston.
W hite Knob* to M ackay.
W hitney* to P reston.
Wilson* to N am pa.
Winona* to Kam iah.
Winsper* to Dubois.
W oodland* to Kam iah.
Woodville to Idaho Falls.
Wrencoe to Sandpoint.

Absher to Stonefort.
Adams* to Quincy.
Addle ville*! to Nashville.
Adeline*!! to Leaf.R iver.
Aden to Springerton.
Advance* to Yale.
Afolkey to D akota.
Agnew!! to Sterling.
Aiden*f! t ° Hebron.
Aldridge to Jonesboro.
Allenboro to M oweaqua.
Allen Station to San Jose.
Allentown*! to M ackinaw,
Allright to M artinsville.
A lta*!! to Dunlap.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



■Altorf to Kankakee,
A lw orthfi to Winnebago.
America*! to M ound C ity.
t Ames to Redbud.
Am ity to Sumner.
A ncona*!! to Streator.
Andalusia* to Rock Island.
Andover* to Cambridge.
Andres to Peotone.
Andrews S tation to Springfield.
Appleton*!! to Knoxville.
A ptakisic! to Livertyville.
Arcadia to Jacksonville.
Archer to Springfield.
; Argo to M ount Carroll.
■Argyle*!! to Rockford.
Ark to M etropolis City.
Arnold*!! to Jacksonville.
Aroma P ark * !! to K a n k a ­
Athensville* to Greenfield.
Atlas to Rockport.
; Atterberry*, ito Oakford.
A ttila to P ittsburg.
I A tw ater*!! to G irard.
Auburn to M arshall.
■Augsburg to Vandalia.
Avena* to Brownstown
Ayers to Greenville,
Banylon to P rairie C ity.
Baden Baden* to Poca­
hontas. •
; B ader*!! to Browning.
Baileyvilie*!! to Freeport.
Baker to Leland.
Balcom*!! to Anna.
Baidwinsville to Paris.
Ball to Enfield.
B allou!! to Wilmington.
Banklick* to G alatia.
Banner* to Canton.
: B annister to Salem,
B arclay!! to Springfield.
Barlow to Beecher C ity.
Barnes to N orm al.
B arnett* to Litchfield.
Barnhill*! to Fairfield.
Barrow*!! to Roodhouse.
Barstow *!! to E a st M oline,
B ates! to New Berlin.
Batestow n to D anville.
B ay C ity to Golconda..
}Bayle City*! to Ramsey
Beam ington to C hatham .
Bearsdalel to D ecatur
Beaucoup*! to Nashville.
Beavercreek* to Greenville.
Bedford* to M ilton.
Beechridge; to Cairo.
Beecreek* to Pearl.
Belgium to W estyille.
Belknap*!! to Vienna.
Belleview* to Clarksville
Belltown to Carrollton.
Beltrees .to Jerseyville.
Bernes to Crete.
Benbow C ity see W ood
Bennington to W est Salem.
Bentley*! to Carthage.
Benville to M ount Sterling.
B erdan*!! to Carrollton.
Berlin* to New Berlin.
B ernadotte to Ipava.
Bernice to South Holland.
Berryville to Parkersburg.
Bessie to Benton.
Biddleborn to M arissa.
Big Bay Station to M etrop­
Big F oot Prairie* to Wal­
worth, Wis.
Biggs to Easton,
Bigneck to Loraine.
Big Rock*!! to Hinckley.
B illett*!! to Lawrenceville.
Binney to Livingston.
B irkbeck*!! to Clinton,
Birkner to Belleville.
Birmingham* to Plym outh.
Bishop* to F orest C ity.
Blackland to Boody.
BlaCkstone*!! to S treator.
Blaine to Capron.
Biair to Sparta. .
Blairsville (H am ilton Co.)
to M cLeansboro.
Blairsville* (Williamson Co)
to Carterville.
Blanding to Galena.
B lock!! to Sidney.
B lodgett to. W ilmington.
Bloom to W inchester.
Bloomfield (Adams Co.) to
Bloomfield* (Johnson Co.)
to Vienna.,
Bloomingdalé* to Roselle.
Bluff C ity (F ayette Co.) to
Bluff City* (Schuyler Co.)
to Astoria.
Bluff Springs*! to Beardstown.
B lyton to Cuba.
B o a ztt to G rand Chain.
Boden to M atherville.
Bogota* to Newton.
Boles* to Vienna.
Bolivia to M ount A uburn.
Bolo to Nashville. .
B olton!! to Freeport.
Bonfield*!! to Kankakee.
B ongardtt to Longview.
»Money Order Office.

■Boody*!! td D ecatur.
Boon to New ton,
Boos ! to Newton.
B ooth to G ardner.
Borton*!! to Kansas. Boskydell*! to Carbondale.
Boulder*! to C entralia.
B ourbon*!! to A rthur. ,
Bourbonnais* to Kankakee.
Bowes! to Elgin.
Boyd to M ount Vernon.
Boyleston* to Fairfield.'
B radbury! to Toledo.
B raden to M cLeansboro.
Bradfordton * to Springfield.
Breckenridge*! (Sangamon
Co.) to Edinburg.
Breeds*!! to Canton..
Brem en to Chester.
Brereton* to Canton.
B ristol*!! to YorkvUIe.
; B roadm oor!! to Bradford.
Broadview ! to Maywood
Broadwell*!! to Lincoln.
Brooklyn* to Augusta.
Brookville* to Polo.
| Brownsville* to Carmi.
; B rubaker!! to Salem.
Bruce* to Sullivan.
B ryant*! to Lewiston.
B ryce!! to Milford.
B uckhart to M echanicsburg.
Buckhorn to M t. Sterling.
Buckner*!! to Christopher.
Bucks to Heyworth.
B udd*!! to Dwight.
Buena Vista*! to Orange­
Buffalo Grove to Arlington
Heights, .
Buffalo H art* !! to Springfield. .
B ungay to Springerton.
B ureau*!! to Hennepin.
Burksville*!j to W aterloo.
B urks ville Station to W ater­
loo. ‘
B urnham ! to Hegewisch.
B urr O ak! to Blue IslandBurrowsville to Ham m ond.
B u rt to Arm ington.
Burton* to Quincy.
B urton View to Lincoln;
Bush*!! to H urst. '
B ushton*!! to Charleston.
B utler*!! to Hillsboro.
Byars to Bluford.

Cable*! to Sherrard.
Cache*!! to Cairo.
Cadiz to E lizabethtow n.
Cadwell*!! to A rthur.
Cahokia to E ast St. Louis.
Callaway to Taylorville.
Calvin*! to Grayville.
Cam pbell’s Island to E ast
C anaan to Birds.
C antrall*!! to Athens.
C arbon Cliff*!! to E ast
C arbon Hill* to Coal City.
Cardiff! to Dwight.
C arm an*!! to Burlington,
C arpenter*!! to Edwardsville.
C arpentersville*!! to D un­
C artter*!! to Salem.
Cascade to E dinburg. .
Caseyville1*I tto Collinsville
Cash to UUin.
Casner* to L a Place.
Cass to Virginia.
C astleton*!!.to Bradford.
C aton F arm ! to Plainfield.
C ayuga*!! to Pontiac.
Cazenovia*!! to M etamora!
Cedar P oint*!! to La Salle.
Cedarville* to Freeport.
Centerville to Carm i. !
Centerville Station* to E ast
St. Louis,
C entral C ity to M orris.
C entral C ity ! to CentraliaCham nes to M arion.
Channahon* to Minooka.
C hannel Lake to Antioch.
C hapm an!! to Fillmore.
C harlotte*! to Chatsw orth.
C harter Grove*! to Genoa.
C h atto n ! to Golden.
Chauncey* to Sumner.
Checkrow to Bushnell.
Chem ung*!! to H arvard.
Cheneyville*!! to Hoopeston.
Chestervale to Lincoln.
Chesterville*!! to Areola.
Chestline to W averly.
Chicago Ridge*!! to Blue
Chili to Bowen.
C hoat to Joppa.
Clare*!! to Sycamore.
Clarendon H ills! to H ins­
Clark Center to M arshall.
C lark C ity to Reddick.
Clarksburg*!! to Shelbyvihe.
Clarksdale*! to Taylorville.
Clays Prairie to Paris.
Cleveland to Geneseo.
Cliffdale* to Kampsville. ;
Clifford* to Carterville.
Cloverdale to E ast Peoria.
Coalton to N okom is1
! Telegraph Station.



Coal Valley*!! to E ast
Cody to Springfield.
Coella to Christopher.
Coil to W ayne City.
Coles*! to Allenville.
Coleta* to Milledgeville.
Colm ar*!! to Plym outh.
Colona*!! to E ast M oline.
Colp* to Carterville.
Colum bus to Coatsburg.
C onant*! to Pinekneyville.
Confidence to Vandalia.
Congerville*!! to OarlockCongress Park* to La
Conloguo to Paris.
Cooks Mills* to H um bolt.
Cooper to W ashington.
Cooperstown* to Versailles.
C ora*!! to Chester.
Coral to M arengo.
Cordes to Nashville.
C orinth to M arion,
Cornerville to G alatia.
C ortland*!! to De Kalb.
~C ottage Grove to E quality.
C otton Hill to Springfield.
Council Hill*!! to Galena.
Covell*!! to Stanford.
Covington (W ashington
Co.) to Okawville.
Covington (W ayne Co.) to
Cowling*! to. Grayville.
Crab Orchard* to Marion.;
Craig (De W itt Go.) to
Craig* (Perry Co.) to
Crainville to Carterville.
Cram er*!! to Farm ington
C ram ptonl to Orion.
C rav at! to Irvington.
Crawford to Galatia.
C ren sh aw to M arion.
Crisp to W ayne City.
.Cruger!! to E ureka.
Cub to M t. Vernon.
C urran*!! to Springfield. ■
Cushm an to Sullivan.
Custer* to Rochester.
C uster P ark*! to W ilming­
D aggett! to M ount Carroll.
D ahinda*!! to Williamsfleld.
D ailey to Penfield.
D aisy to M ount Sterling.
Dale* to M cLeansboro.
Dalzell* to Spring Valley.
D am ascus to Freeport.
Dam iansville to G erm an­
Dam on to M ount Sterling.
Dareville to Bonnie.
D arm stad t to Marissa;
Darrow to Sheldon.
Darwin* to M arshall.
D avis Junction*!! to Hol­
Dawson*!! to Buffalo.
Dawson P ark to Stockland.
D ay to M arion.
D ayton*!! to Ottawa.
D e Camp to Staunton.
Decorra*! to Stronghurst.
Deer Grove*!! to Tam pico.
Deer plain* to G rafton.
Deers to Urbana.
Degognia to Cam pbell Hill.
Delafield*! toM cLeansbor o.
Delhi*!! to Jerseyville.
De Long*!! to Abingdon,
D elrey*!! to Onarga.
D elta to M cClure.
Delwood* to Stonefort.
Dennison*! to M arshall.
Denrock*!! to Prophetstown.
Derby* to E quality.
D erinda Center to Eliza­
D etroit* to Pittsfield.
Dewmaine* to .Carterville.
D exter*! to A ltam ont.
Diam ond Lake to Area.
Dillon to T rem ont.
Dilisburg* to R antoul.
Diona to Charleston.
D isco!! to L a H arpe.
DisWood to'T hebes. •
D ixon Springs* to Brown­
Doddsville to Industry.
Dollville!! to Tower Hill.
Dolson to M arshall,,
D o ran !! to M attoon. jj
Dorrisville* to H arrisburg
D orsey*!! to Bunker Hill.
Douglas*!! to Y ates City.
Dover* to M alden.
D over Mills to Kirkwood.
Dow*!! to Jerseyville.
D rake!! to W hitehall.
Dressor*! to Ramsey.
D rivers to M t. Vernon.
D udley*!! to Kansas.
D uncan*!! to Wyoming.
D uncans Mills to .Lewistown.
Duncanville* to Robinson.
D undas*!! to Olney.
D unferm line to C anton.
J Express Office.



D unkel to Pana.
D urham to D allas C ity.
D'wlna to M arion.
E agarville to M ount Olive.
Eagle* to E quality.
E a st Carondelet* to E a st
St. Louis.
E a st G alesburg! to Gales­
E a st G rovef to Downers
E astN ewbern to J erseyville.
E a st P lato to Elgin.
E a st W enona to W enona
E aton* to Robinson.
E berle to Effingham.
E choville to M t. Vernon.
E delstein * tt to Princeville.
E den*!! to H anna C ity.
E dgar*j to Chrism an.
E dgem ont Station* to E a s t
St. Louis.
Edgington to T aylor Ridge.
E dw ards*!! to Peoria.
E gan*!! to L eaf River.
E ichorn to Golconda.
E la to Palatine.
E lb a to Ridgway.
E lbridge to Paris.
E lco*t to Ullin.
E ld en a* tt to Dixon.
Elderville to W arsaw.
Eleanor*! to L ittle York.
Eleroy*!! to Lena.
E lid a to W innebago.
E liza to New Boston.
E lk Grove to Bensenville.
E lkhorn to Oakdale.
E lkhorn G rove to Milledgeville.
E lk to n to Oakdale.
Ellery*! to Albion.
E lliottstow n to Dieterich.
E llis* tt to Arm strong.
E lm branch to Bluford.
E lm ira to Toulon.
Elmore* to L aura.
Elm oville to Stockton.
E lsah * tt to G rafton.
E lv a t to D e Kalb.
E lw in * tt to D ecatur.
E lw ood*tt to Joliet.
Emerson* to Sterling.
Em m a* to Carm i.
Energy* to H errin.
Enion to H avana.
E nos to Carlinville.
E n rig h t to E l Paso.
E n terp rise'to Cisne.
E o la * ti to Aurora.
Epw orth*! to Carm i.
E rnst* to M arshall.
E ssex*tt to G ardner.
'E th erto n to M urphysboro.
E tn a* ! to Neoga.
E vans to W enona.
E v a rts ft to Freeport.
E v e re ttft to Deerfield.
Evergreen P ark * !! to Blue
E w banksf to Quincy.
Exeter* to Bluffs.
Exline to Kankakee.
E y larJ to Saunemin.
E zra to W est F rankfort.
F aird ale* tt to K irkland.
Fairgrange*!! to Charles­
F airland*!! to Villa Grove.
F airm an to Sandoval.
F airm ont C ity to E ast St.
F air W eather to B arry.
F allcreek tt to H annibal,
Falm outh*! to Newton.
Fancner ’to Cowden.
Fancy Prairie*!! to A thens.
Fandon* to Colchester.
Farm ingdale*! to Springfield.
Farm ersville*!! to D ahlgren.
F ay to Thomson.
F ay ette* !! to Greenfield.
F ayetteville to M ascoutah.
F ayville*!! to Thebes.
F ederal! to' Alton.
Ferrel to Vermilion.
F errin ! to Carlyle.
F ia tt* !! to Cuba.
Ficklin* to Tuscola.
Filson*! to Areola.
Fishhook to Griggsville.
Fitzgerrell to Tam aroa.
Flagg! to Rochelle.
Flagg C en ter!! to Rochelle.
Flatw oods to Simpson.
Flem ington to Paris.
Fletcher to Cooksville.
F lin t to M cLeansboro.
Floraville to W aterloo.
Florence to Pittsfield.
Florence S tatio n !! to Free­
Florid to H ennepin.
F orm an! to Vienna.
F orsyth*!! to D ecatur.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

F o rt Gage* to Chester.
F o rt Sheridan*!! to H igh­
land P ark.
F oster to M uscatine, Iowa.
F oster burg to Alton.
F oster P ond to W aterloo.
F ountain Bluff to Gorham .
F ountain C reek!! (Iroquois
Co.) to Hoopeston.
F ountain Green* (Hancock
Co.) to L a H arpe.
F ountain Station to W ater­
Fox R iver Grove to C ary
Francis M ills to Eldorado.
F ranklinville to Woodstock
Frederick*!! to Beardstown
Freedom to Eariville.
Freem an Spur to Herrin.
French Village to E a st St.
Friendsville to M t. Carmel.
Frisco to W hittington.
Frogtow n to Breese.
F ruit*! to Edwardsville.
Fullersburg! to Hinsdale.
F ullerton! to F arm er C ity.
Fults*! to P rairie D u
F unkhouser! to Effingham.
F unks G rove!! to M cLean.
G ale*!! to Thebes.
Galesville*! to Mansfield.
G alt*!! to Sterling.
Gal ton*!! to Areola.
G anatow n to Vienna.
Garber* to Gibson C ity.
G ard en p lain ü to Fulton.
G arden Prairie*!! to Belvidere.
G ardspoint to M ount C ar­
Garfield*!! to W enona.
G arland to Brocton.
G arrison to M cLeanssboro.
G askin C ity to H arrisburg.
Gerlaw*!! to Alexis.
Gibsonia to Shawneetown
G ila to Newton.
G ilberts*!! to Elgin.
G ilchrist! to Viola.
Gilead to B atch town.
Gilmer to Area.
Gilmore to A ltam ont.
Gilson*!! to Knoxville.
Glasgow* to W inchester.
G lenarm *!! to C hatham .
Glenavon! to Belieflower.
G lenburn to Oakwood.
Glen C arbon*!! to Edw ards­
Glendale* to Golconda.
Glenridge to Sandoval.
Glenwood*!! to Chicago
Godfrey*!! to Alton.
Golden Eagle* to Brussels.
Golf*! to E vanston.
Goodenow*!! to Crete.
Goodings Grove to Lem ont.
G ossett to N orris C ity.
Gower to Hinsdale.
Gowins to Golconda.
G rand D etour to Dixon.
Grandview to Kansas.
G rantfork to Highland.
G rantsburg*!! to Vienna.
G rape C reek*!! to Danville
Grass Lake to Antioch.
Grayson* to Eldorado.
Greenbush* to Roseville.
Greendale to X enia.
Greenoak to Princeton.
Greenridge to Girard.
Green R iver*!! to Geneseo.
Greenwood to W oodstock.
Greer to W ellington.
Grigg to Redbud.
G rim sby to Gorham.
Grinnell to M etropolis C ity
Griswold to Cullon.
Gross to Elizabethtow n.
Grosse Point*! to W ilm ette
Groveland* to E ast Peioria.
Guilford to Galena.
Gurnee*!! to W aukegan.
Hadley* to B arry.
H agam an*!! to C hester­
H agarstow n*!! to V andalia
H ahnam an!! to W alnut.
H ainesville to G rayslake.
H aldane*!! to Polo.
H alf D ay to Libertyville.
H alfway to M arion.
H allidayboro*!! to Elkville
Hallsville*! to Clinton.
H am burg to Raleigh.
H am el to W orden.
H am let to Reynolds.
H am letsburg* to Golconda.
H am pton to E ast M oline.
H anaford to Chrism an.
Hanson* to Pana.
H arco to G alatia.
H Oblong.
Harlem *! to Rockford.
H arm ony (Jefferson Co.) to
M ount Vernon.


A County


H arm ony (M cH enry Co.) to
Ham pshire.
Harness to San Jose.
H arp er!! to Forreston.
H arpster*!! to Gibson C ity
Harris* to Farm ers C ity.
H arrison (W innebago Co.)
to D urand.
H arrisonville to Valmeyer.
H arristow n*!! to N iantic.
H artford to E a st Alton.
H artland*!! to W oodstock.
H artsville to Golconda.

K aufm an*! to Alham bra.
K edron (G allatin Co.) to
E quality.
K edron (H enry Co.) to
A nnawan.
Keensburg*!! to M t. Car­
Keller Afille* to Clayton.
Kellogg to P rairie du
K em p*!! to Hindsboro.
K em per*!! to M edora.
Kenilworth*! to W ilm ette.

Hastings to Allerton.
Haypress to Eldred.
H azel Crest*! to Homewood.
H azelhurst*!! to Milledgeville.
H eadyville to Dieterich
H ealey to Chicago.
H eathsville to F la t Rock.
Held to Varna.
H elena to Sumner.
H elm to Iuka.
H elm ar to Yorkville.
H em an to W arrensburg.
H enderson*!! (Knox Co.)
to Galesburg.
H enderson (M acoupin Co.)
to Gillespie.
H endrix to Bloomington.
H enkel to M endota.
H enton*!! to Shelbyville.
Herald* to Carm i.
H erb ert!! to Belvidere.
H erborn to Stewardson.
H erm on*!! to Abingdon.
Herod* to H arrisburg.
H ersm an*!
M ount
H ickm an to Claytonville.
Hickoryhill to Kell.
Hickory Ridge to E quality.
Hicks to Elizabethtow n.
Highwood*!! to H ighland

K ernan*!! to Streator.
KerriCk! to Norm al.

H ildreth to Sidell.
H ill to Effingham.
Hillerm an to G rand Chain.
Hillery to Danville.
Hillside*!! to Melrose P ark
Hissong to Beecher C ity.
Hodgkins to L a Grange
Holland* to Beecher C ity.
Holliday* to Cowden.
Hollis to Pekin.
Hollowayville* to Seatonville.
Hollywood* to Brookfield.
H olton to Chillieothe.
H om berg! to Golconda.
Hom e Acres to L om bard.
H oney Bend*!! to L itch­
Hoodville to M cLeansboro.
Hookdale*! to Greenville.
Hoosier to Louisville.
H opkins P ark ! to M omence
Horace* to Paris.
H ord to Louisville.
Hornsby* to Litchfield.
Horseshoe* to E quality.
H ouston*! to Sparta.
H ow ardton! to G rand
H ubbard W oods*!! to W innetka.
Hudgens to Goreville.
Huegely* to Hoyleton.
Huey*! to Carlyle.
H um rick*!! to Ridge Farm .
H unter to Poplar Grove.
Huntsville* to Augusta.
H urricane to Fillmore.
H u tto n to Charleston.
Ideal to M ount Carroll.
Idlewood to M ount Vernon.
Illinoi!! to Momence.
Illinois City* to M uscatine,
Illisville to Vandalia.
Im bs to Belleville.
In g alto n !! to W est Chicago
Ingieside*! to R ound Lake.
Inm an to Ridgway.
Irene*!! to C herry Valley.
Iron to N orris C ity.
Jacob*! to M urphysboro.
Ja m esb u rg ü to Henning.
Jam estow n (Clinton Co.) to
Jam estow n (Perry Co.) to
C utler.
Jeffersonville to Geff.
Jeffries M ines to H errin.
Jeiseyville to Taylorvilie.
Jo e tta to Carthage.
Jbhannisburg to Okawville
Johnsburg to M cH enry.
Johnstow n to Lerna.
Jones Ridge to Gorham.
Joslin*!! to Hillsdale.
Joy P rairie to Jacksonville.
Junction C ity to Sandoval.
Justice P ark to Sum m it.
Kaneville* to E lburn.
Kangley* to Streator.
K appa*!! to E l Paso
K arbers Ridge* to Eliza­
bethtow n.
K arnak*!! to Grand Chain.
K asbeer*!! to Princeton.
K askaskia to St. M ary.
Money Order Officei

Keys to Springfield.
Kibbie to Oblong.
Kickapoo to Brimfleld.
K idd to P rairie du Rocher.
K ilbourne*!! to Oakford.
K ingm an to Neoga.
Kingston Mines* to Glasford.
K irks ville*! to Sullivan.
Klondyke to Sumner
Kolze*!! to F ranklin P ark.
K ram m to Elmwood.
K uhns Station to E dw ardsAfille..
Kum ler to F arm er C ity.
Lace to Hinsdale.
LaCrosse*!! to L a H arpe.
Lafox*!! to E lburn.
L a Grange L anding to
L ake Bluff*!! to Lake
L ake F ork*!! to M ount
L am b to Cave-in-Rock.
L am b ert!! to Lem ont.
Lancaster* (W abash C o.)to
M ount Carmel.
Landes* to Sumner.
LanesAfille*!! to Buffalo.
Langenheim to B arrington.
Langley to Taylorvilie.
L a P rairie C enter to Speer.
Larchland*!! to M onm outh
LaAvndale*!! to A tlanta.
Lawn Ridge to Speer.
LeanderviUe to Chester.
Ledford*!! to H arrisburg.
Lee Center* to Amboy.
L eeds!! to W enona
Leesburg to Astoria.
Lehigh to Kankakee.
Leonard* to Crescent C it
L ’E rabie to Clifton.
L ester to K inm undy.
L everett*!! to Cham paign.
LeAfings* to G rand Chain.
Lick to C hatham .
Lickcreek to Buncombe.
Lilly*!! to M ackinaw.
Lilly L ake*!! to M cH enry.
Limerick to Ohio.
Lindenwood*!! to Holcomb
L inn to Allendale.
L intner*!! to LoAfington.
Lis to Newton.
Lisbon* to M illington.
Lisle*!! to Naperville.
L iterberry*!! to JacksonAfille.
L ittle Ind ian ! to Virginia.
Lively Grove to Oakdale.
Liverpool* to Canton.
L odge!! to M onticello.
Logan to Chrism an.
L om bardville!! to Bradford
Longbranch to G alatia.
Longcreek* to D ecatur.
Longgrove to Libertyville.
Long Lake to R ound Lake.
Loon Lake to Antioch.
Loran to Pearl C ity.
Lorenzo! to W ilmington.
L otus*!! to Foosland.
Loudon to St. Elm o.
Lovejoy* to N ational Stock
Lowder*!! to Virden.
Lowell to Tonica.
Loxa*!! to Charleston.
Lusk to Golconda.
L ynn Center* to Orion.
Lymrville to JacksonAfille.
Lyons Station to W estville.
M abel to Rushville.
Macoupin* to Plahrview.
MadonnaAfille to W aterloo.
M aeys! to M aeystown.
M agnet to M attoon.
M allard to W arsaw.
M alvern to M orrison.
M anford to Bingham .
M anheim *! to F ranklin
P ark.
M annon to New Boston.
M anville*! to S treator.
M aplegrove to W est Salem.
M aples M ill to Canton.
M apleton*!! to Pekin.
M arblehead*!! to Quincy.
M arceline to Ursa.
M arcoe to M t. Vernon.
M a rietta* !! to Smithfleld.
M ark* to Granville.
M arkham * to JacksonAfille.
M a rle y ü (Will Co.) to
Mokenat Telegraph Station.

Marlow* to M t. Vernon.
M arston to Reynolds.
M artinsburg to Pittsfield
M artins Store to McLeans­
M aryland*!! to Forreston.
MaryAfille* to Collinsville.
M assbach* to Elizabeth.
M atthew s*! to PinckneyAfille.
M aud to M o u n t Carmel.
M aunie*! to Carmi.
Maxwell* to Loami.
M ayberry to W ayne City.
M ays to Redmon.
MaysAfille! to GriggsAfille.
M ayview*! to St. Joseph.
M cCall to Ferris.
M cClusky* to Jerseyville.
M cC ook!! to L a Grange.
McCormick* to Stonefort.
M cDowell! to Pontiac.
M c G irrü to D e Kalb.
M cKeen* to M arshall.
McNoel* to M etropolis.
McVey* to Girard.
M eacham ! to Roselle.
M elrose (Clark Co.) to
M arshall.
M el Afille to Alton.
M enom inee to E ast Du­
M eppen* to Brussels.
M eriden*!! to M endota.
M erm et to M etropolis.
M e rn a ü to Bloomington
M erriam * to Fairfield.
M errim ac to Valmeyer.
M e rritt* !! to Winchester.
M eyer* to Canton. Mo.
M eyers S tation to Pekin.
Michael* to Kampsville.
M iddle Creek to Carthage.
M iddlegrove*!! to Farm­
M iddlesw orth*!! to Shelby­
M iddleton to Keenes.
M idland C ity*!! to Kenney
M idlothian to Blue Island.
M ilan*!! to Rock Island.
M iles Station to Brighton.
M iley to M ascoutah.
M illburn to Lake Villa.:
M illcreek*!! to Jonesbftro
M iller C ity*! to Cairo.
M illersburg* to Aledo.
Millersville*!! to Pana.
M ilo to Bradford.
M issal to Streator.
M itchell!! to G ranite City.
Mitchellsville* to Harris­
M occasin*!! to Altamont.
M ode*!! to Stewardson.
M odoc*! to Prairie Du
M onica*!! to PrinceAfille.
M ont to EdwardSAfille.
M onterey to Canton.
M ontezum a* to Milton.
M ontgom ery*!! to Aurora.
M oriah to Casey.
M oro*! to Alton.
M orrellsville to M ount
Mossville*!! to Chillieothe.
M ountain Glen! to Cobden
M ount F orest to Lemont.
M ount Greenwood*!! to
M organ Park.
M ount P alatine to Tonica.
M ount P leasant to Anna.,
Mozier* to Ham burg.
M uddy* to Harrisburg.
M ulkeytow n*!! to Benton.
M uncie*!! to Fithian.
M unster to Streator.
M yers to Elizabeth.
M y rtle!! to Byron.
N achusa*!! to Dixon.
N am eoki!! to G ranite City.
Naples*! to Bluffs.
N ason to In a.
N atrona* to San Jose.
N eadm ore to Martinsville.
NeelyAfille to Bluffs.
Neilson to M arion.
N ekom a*!! to Galva.
Nelson*!! to Dixon.
N ettleereek to Newark.
N eunert to Ava.
N evada! to Dwight.
NeAfins to Paris.
Newbern to Jerseyville.
New C ity to Springfield.
N ew Columbia* to Vienna.
New Dennison* to Marion.
New G rand C h ain .! to
G rand Chain.
New H anover to Waterloo.
New H artford to Pittsfield.
New Hebron to Robinson.
New Lebanon!! to Genoa.
New Lenox*!! to Joliet.
New Liberty* to Smithlana
N e Asmians ville to Ashland.
New Memphis* to New
New M em phis Station to
M ascoutah.
New M ilford to Rockford.
New Minden* to Nashville.
New P alestine to ChesterNew P hiladelphia*!!**0
Newtown to Oakwood. _
! Express Office.



New 'Virginia to Johnston
N oltingt to C entralia.
Nora*!! to W arren.
N orm andy*!! to W alnut.
Norris*!! to C anton.
N orth A urora*!! to A urora.
N orth Chillicothe to Chillicothe.
N orth C ity to Christopher.
N orth C rystal Lake* to
C rystal Lake.
N orth H am pton to Chilli­
Nortonville to Franklin.
Norway to Sheridan.
Norwood! to Burgess.
Nutwood to Jerseyville
Oak* to H arrisburg
Oakdale to Pinckneyville.
Oak F o re stft to Blue Island
Oakglen*!! to Lansing.
Oak H ill* !! to Elmwood.
Oaklawn*} to Chicago.
Oakley!! to Cerro Gordo.
Obed to M oweaqua.
Ocoya*!! to Chenoa.
Ogle to Keithsburg.
Oilfield* to Westfield.
Oldenburg to Alton.
Old Ripley to Greenville.
Oliver*! to M arshall.
Olivet* to Georgetown.
Omega to K inm undy.
Oneco to Orangeville.
Ontarioville*!! to Roselle.
Oraville* to A va.
Orchard M ines to Pekin.
Orchard Place*! to Des
Oreana*! to A rgenta.
Orient* to W est F rankfort.
Orleans*! to Jacksonville.
Osborn to Hillsdale.
Osbornvillet! to M o u nt
Osceola to Neponset.
Oskaloosa to Kinm undy.
Osman*+! to Belleflower.
Otterville* to Jerseyville.
Oxville to Bluffs.
Paderborn to W aterloo
Padua* to Ellsworth.
Palos P ark*! to Orland.
Palzo to C real Springs.
Panola*!! to E l Paso.
Parker*!! to Creal Springs.
Parkland to M anito.
Parkville to Sadorus.
Parnell*!! to F arm er C ity.
Parrish*! to Thom psonville
Passport to Olney.
Patterson* to W hitehall.
P atto n !! to M t. Carm el.
Paulton to P ittsburgh.
Penrose to Sterling.
Peoria Heights*! to Peoria.
PerdueviUe! to Paxton.
Perks*!! to Ullin.
Perry ville to C herry Valley.
Peters! to Edwardsville.
Peters Creek to E lizabeth­
Petrolia* to Lawreneeville.
Phelps to Berwick.
Philadelphia*!! to Virginia.
Phillipstown to Crossville.
Phoenix'to H arvey.
Pierceburg to Oblong.
Pierron*! to Highland.
Pike to Louisiana, M o.
Pine Creek to Polo.
Pingree Grove*!! to Elgin.
Pinkstaff*!! to Lawrence_ville.
Piopolis to M cLeansboro.
Pisgah!! to Jacksonville.
Pistakee to M cH enry.
Pittsburg (F ay ette Co.) to
M ulberry Grove.
Pittwood*!! to M a rtin to n.
Plato C enter*!! to Elgin.
Plattville to Yorkville.
Pleak to M ow eaqua.
Pleasant Grove to B un­
Pleasant M ound* to M ulberry Grove.
Pleasant Valley to Stockton
Pleasantview to Rushville.
Plumfield to W est F ran k ­
Plumhill to Nashville.
Plum River to Stockton.
Poco to B rookport.
Point Pleasant to Hidalgo.
Pomona*!! to M urphysboro.
Pond to Vienna.
Ponemah*!! to Kirkwood.
Pontoosuc*!! to Dallas
_ City.
Poplar C ity to E aston.
Porterville to Robinson.
Posen (W ashington Co ) to
Posen! (Cook Co.) to Blue
Posey* to Carlylè.
Pottstown to Peoria.
Powellton to Nauvoo.
^Prairie to Red Bud.

P rairie D u P ont to Dupo.
P rairie Hom e to M ow eaqua
Prairietow n to B unker Hill
P rairie View*!! to L ibertyville.
Prentice*!! to Ashland.
Preston* to Evansville.
Priscilla to L ostant.
P roctor! to Gibson City.
Prospect to R antoul.
P ro u ty to Loami.
Pujol to Chester.
Pulleys M ill to M arion.
P utnam *!! to H enry
Quigley to W indsor.
Raddle* to G rand Tower.
Radford* to M ow eaqua.
R adom *! to Ashley.
Randall*! to Galesburg.
R andolph*!! to Heyworth.
R ange to M ount Vernon.
R apatee*!! to Fairview.
R apids C ity*! to P o rt By­
R aum to Golconda.
R aven to D ana, Ind.
R avinia*! to H ighland P ark
Ray*! to Rushville.
Reader* to Carlinville.
Reading to Streator.
Red Oak*!! to Freeport.
Reeds Station to D e Soto.
Rees Station to F ranklin.
Reevesville*!! to Vienna.
R enault*! to P rairie du
Rend* to Benton.
Rendville to Herrin,
Reno*! to Sorento.
Renshaw* to Golconda.
R entchler*! to M ascoutah.
Reynoldsville*!! to Jones­
Rice to Oakdale.
R ichards! to S treator.
Richardson*!! to Virgil.
Richfield to Pladnville.
R ichland to P leasant Plains^.
Richm ond to M inier.
Richton*! to M atteson.
Richwoods to Palestine
Rickel to Atkinson.
Riddle H ill to Springfield.
Ridgefield*!! to C rystal
Ridge P rairie to O'Fallon.
Ridgeville*!! to Onarga.
R idott*! to Freeport.
Riffle to Louisville.
Riggston*!! to W inchester.
Riley L ake to E llis Grove.
Rileyville to G alatia.
Riola to Indianola.
Ripley* to M ount Sterling.
Rising to Champaign.
Rising Sun to Golconda.
R itchey*!! to Wilmington.
R iver Grove* to F ranklin
P ark.
Riverview! to Des Plaines.
R oby*!i to M t. Auburn.
Rochester*!! to M ount
Rockcreek to Cave in Rock.
Rockwood*! to Chester.
Rodden*! to Elizabeth.
Rohrer to W averly.
Rollins to Grays Lake.
Rollo*! to P aw Paw.
Rome* (Peoria Go.) to
Romeoville to Lockport.
R ondout*!! to Libertyville.
R oots to Chester.
Roscoe*!! to Rockton.
Rosebud* to Brownfield.
Rosedale to G rafton.
Roslyn to Sigel.
R ound Grove*!! to M orri­
R ound K nob*!! to M e tro p ­
R oundprairie to Cisne.
Rowe to Pontiac
Rowell to K enney.
R ozetta to Kirkwood.
Rudem ent* to H arrisburg.
R ugby to P ontiac.
R um a to Redbud.
R uralhill to Walpole.
Russellf(Clay Co.) to Louis­
Russell*!! (Lake Co.) to
Kenosha, Wis.
Russellville to Vincennes,
In d .

Sharpsburg*! to Edinburg.
S hattuc*!! to Carlyle.
Shaw to Amboy.
Sheldons Grove to Brown­
Sheller* to W altonville.
Shepherd to H annibal, Mo.
Sherm an*!! to Springfield.
Shetlerville to Golconda.
Shiloh to Belleville.
Shiloh H ill to Campbell Hill.
Shinn to Kinderhook.
Shirland*!! to D urand.
Shirley*!! to Bloomington.
Shobonier*!! to Vandalia.
Shokokon to B urlington,
Sicily! to Pawnee.
Signal Hill to E a st St.
Siloam Springs to Clayton.
Silvis*!! to E a st Moline.
Sims*± to W ayne City.
Sinclair*!! to Jacksonville.
Skates to Pana.
Slack w ater to Wyoming.
Sm ithboro*!! to Greenville.
Slap O ut to Iuka.
Smithville to W ayne C ity.
Snicarte to B ath.
Synder S tation to M arshall.
Sollitt*!! to G rant Park.
Solomon to D e W itt.
Solon M ills*!! to RichmondSomerset* to H arrisburg.
Soperville to Galesburg.
Souders to Galesburg.
South B eloit! to Beloit,W is.
South Chicago H eights to
Chicago Heights.
South E lgin*!! to Elgin.
South H eights to Rock
Soutn Henderson to Biggsville.
South P ekin*!! to Pekin.
South Wilmington* to
G ardner.
Spankey to Jerseyville.
Sparks. Hill* to Shawneetown.
Spaulding!! to Riverton.
Spencer to F rankfort.
Spillertown to M arion.
Spires to M inonk.
Spring B ay to Peoria.
Spring G arden to M ount
Spring H ill to Erie.
Staleys to Champaign.
Standard*!! to Granville.
Standard C ity to Nilwood.
S tark*!! to Princeville.
Starks to Ham pshire.
Stateline to T erre H aute.
Stavanger to Seneca.
Steelton to W estville.
Stolletown to Carlyle.
Stone Church to Nashville.
Stoy*!! to Oblong.
S tratfo rd !! to Polo.
Stringtow n to Olney.
Sugar Grove*!! to A urora.
Summer hill* to Pittsfield.
Summum* to Astoria.
Sunfleld to Duquoin.
Sunny Hill* to C ram pton
Sutter* to W arsaw.
Swansea to Belleville
Swanwick*! to tC o u lterville.
Swedona to New W indsor.
Sweet W ater*! to Greenview
Swift to Addison.
Swisher to Clinton.
Sw ygert! to Pontiac.
Sym erton*!! to W ilming­

S abina!! to Le Roy.
Sacram ento to Enfield.
Sagetown to Gladstone.
Saidora*! to Chandler ville.
Saint George to M anteno.
S aint Jam es*!! to St. Elmo.
Saint John* to D u Quoin.
S aint M a ry to Plym outh.
S aint P aul to Vandalia.
S aint Rose to Breese.
Saline Mines* to Shawneetown.
Salisbury to Springfield.
Samotb* to Vienna.
Sandridge to M urphysboro
Sandusky* to Cairo.
Sangam on to D ecatur.
Savoy*!! to Cham paign.
Sawyersville* to Benia.

T abor to W aynesville
Tamalco* to K eysport.
T am m s*!! to Ullin.
T ansill to Golconda.
T eheran*!! to Easton.
T em pest to Perry.
Tem ple Hill* to Golconda.
Tennesee*!! to M acom b.
T erra C otta*!! to C rystal
T erre H aute* to L a H arpe.
Texas C ity*!! to E ldorado.
T hackery*! to M cLeansboro.
T hayer*!! to \ irden.
T he Grove to Des Plaines.
Thomas* to New Bedford.
Thom asville*!! to F arm ersville.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Scarboro*!! to Steward.
Schapville to Scales M ound
Schiller P ark to F ranklin
P ark.
Schnell to Olney.
School to Carm i.
Schram C ity to Hillsboro.
Schroadts to M ount Carm el
Schuline* to Sparta.
Sciota M ills*!! to Freeport.
Scottland* to Chrism an.
Sears* to Rock Island.
SeatonviUe*!! to L add.
Seehorn to H annibal, M o.
Sellars to U rbana.
Sepo to Lewistown.
Seville* to Sm ith field.
Sexson to W indsor.
Shatter to Vandalia.
Shamrock to Newton.

à County Seat.

Money Order Office.

T hurber to M cLeansboro.
Tice* to Petersburg.
Tiedtville to Lem ont.
Tilton*! to Danville.
Tim e to Pittsfield.
T im othy to Greenup.
Tioga* to Lim a.
T ip to n !! to St. Joseph.
Tom to M arshall.
T om linson!! to R antoul.
T o n ti!! to Salem.
Topeka*!! to F orest C ity.
Torino to Braceville.
T oronto! to Springfield.
Tovey to Kincaid.
Trim ble*! to Robinson.
Trowbridge*! to Neoga.
Troxel to M aple P ark.
T rum bull to Carm i.
T ucker!! to Kankakee.
Tunnelhill*!! to Vienna.
Tw in Grove to Bloomington
U lah*!! to Cambridge.
Union C enter to Casey.
Union Grove*!!toM orrison.
Union Hill*!! to Reddick.
Unionville* (M assac Co.) to
Unionville (W hiteside Co.)
to M orrison.
Unity* to Cairo.
U pper Alton* to Alton.
U stlck to M orrison.
U tah to Galesburg.
Valley*!! to Griggsville.
Vandercook to Danville.
Vanderville to Taylorville.
Van P etten*!! to Harm on.
Van wood to Williamsville.
Venedy* to Okawville.
Venedy S tation! to Okawville.
V era*fi to V anaalia.
Vermilion Grove*! to Ridge
Farm .
V evay Park* to Casey.
Villaridge*!! to M ounds.
Vineland to M cClure.
Vote to R ound Lake.
W acker to M t. Carroll.
W addam s G rove!! to Rock
W adsw orth*!! to W auke­
W ady P e tra to Princeville.
Wakefield* to Noble.
W alker*!! to Macon.
W alkerville to W hitehall.
W alla W alla to G reenup.
W alnut G rove!! to Bushnell.
W alnut Prairie* ro M arshall
W alsh*! to Evansville.
W alshville*!! to Sorento.
W alters burg to Golconda.
W alton! to Amboy.
W am ac to C entralia.
W anda to Edwardsville.
W ann to E a st Alton.
W ard to D e Soto.
W are to Jonesboro.
W arner*!! to Orion.
W arren*!! to Stronghurst.
W arrenville* to Naperville.
W art burg to W aterloo.
W asco*!! to St. Charles.
W ashington Park* to E ast
St. Louis.
W asson to Eldorado.
W atertow n*!! to E a st M o­
W auponsee!! to M azon.
W ayne*!! to Elgin.
W ebbshill to Ewing.
W ebster* to C arthage.
W edron*!! to Serena.
W eedm an*!! to Farm er
C ity.
W eir to M artinsville.
Welga* to Steeteville
W elland to Com pton.
W elton*! to A ltam ont.
Wendelin* to Noble.
W est C ity to Benton.
W estern Saratoga to Anna.
W est Jersey to Toulon.
W estm ont to
W est Newell to Danville.
W eston*!! to Chenoa.
W estport to Lawreneeville.
W est Ridge*!! to Tuscola.
W est V ienna!! to Vienna.
W est Village to Albion.
W est Y ork*!! to 'H utsonville.
W etaug*! to Dongola.
W etzel! to Paris.
W hitaker! to Peotone.
W hiteash* to JohnstonC ity
W hitefteld to H enry.
W hitehill to Cypress.
W hite Pigeon to M orrison.
Whitewillow to M inooka.'
W hitton! to Stockton.
W ichert*! to St. Anne.
W ilburn!! to W ashburn ,
Wilcox to C lay City.
W illeford to Creal Springs.
W illey! to Taylorville.
W illiam sburg to Lovington.
W illiamson to S taunton.
Willow Springs*!! to Le­
m o n t.'
! Telegraph Station.



W ilson (Livingston Co.) to
W ilton C enter to M an h at­
tan .
W indom to Okawville.
W infield*!!
W inkle!! to Pinckneyville.
W inneshiek to Freeport.
W interrowd* to Efflngham.
W inthrop H arbor*!! to
Zion C ity.
W ireton to Blue Island.
W oburn to Greenville.
Wolfcreek* to Carterville.
W olf Lake*!! to Jonesboro.
W om ac to Carlinville.
W oodberry to Greenup.
W oodburn to B unker H ill. ■
W ooddale to Bensenville.
W oodford! to M inonk.
W oodruff to D anvers.
Woodside to C hatham .
W oodvale to L ittle York.
W oodworth to M ilford.
W oody to Carrollton.
W oosung*!! to Polo.
W orth*! to Blue Island.
W rights*!! to Greenfield.
W yckles to D ecatur.
W ynoose to Olney.
Y antisville to W estervelt
Yeom ans to Franklin.
York* to W est York.
Y ork C enter to Lom bard.
Y orktow n to Tampico.
Youngstow n*!! to Swan
Y uton to Bloomington.
Zearing*!! t a M alden
Zenith to X enia.
Zenobia to Pawnee
Aberdeen to Rising Sun.
A bhy Dei to Paoli.
Abington to Centerville
Aboite to Roanoke.
Adams*! to G reensburg. ,
Adam sboro to Loganspor
AdamsvillB to Lebanon.
A det! to Brook.
Adel to Spencer.
Adyeville* to F erdinand.
Ainsw orth*!! to H ob art
Aix to Rensselaer.
Alamo* to W aynetown.
A laska to Gosport.
A ldine!! to N o rth Judson
Alfordsvilte* to W ashington
Algiers* to Petersburg.
Allenscreek to Bloom ington
Allensville to E a st E n te rorise.
AUisonville to Indianapolis
Alpine*! to Laurel.
Alquina to Connersville
A lto to Kokomo
Alton* to English
A ltona to G arrett.
Alvarado to Edon, Ohio.
A m ericas to Delphi.
A m ity to Franklin.
Anderson ville to Laurel.
A nnapolis to Bteomingdale.
Anoka to Logansport.
A nthony to M uncie.
Antioch (Jennings Co.) fo
N o rth Vernon.
Apalona to T roy.
A rba to Lynn.
Ari to Churubusco.
A rm strong*! to Evansville.
Arney to Spencer.
Arom a to F rankton,
A rt (Cory P. O ) to Cory.
A rthur to Winslow.
A rtie to B utter.
Ashboro to Brazil.
Asherville to Brazil.
Ashgrove to Brookston.
Ashland to New Castle.
A shton to Sunman.
A thens*!! to Rochester.
A therton*!! to Clinton.
A tkinson*!! to Oxford.
Auburn Junction* to Au­
A ugusta! (M arion Co.) to
New Augusta.
A ugusta (Pike Co.) to W in­
Averys to F rankfort
Avoca* to Bedford.
Avon to D anville.
A vonburg to Cross Plains.
A ylsw orth to Veedersburg.
Azalia*! to Elizabethtow n.
Badger to Brookston.
B akers Corner to Sheridan.
Bakerstow n to Albion.
Balbec to Pennville.
Baldwin to Monroeville.
B andon to Tell C ity .,
Banquo to L a Fontaine.
B a n ta to F ranklin.
B arbers M ill to L iberty
B a rc e ü to Fowler.
B artlettsville to Bedford.
B artonia to Spartanburg.
! Express Office.



Bascom to Bising Sun.
Bass* to Knox.
Bass Lake to Knox.
Bath}} to College Corner,
Bear Branch* to Dillsboro.
Bear Creek see Needm ore
(Brown Co.). |
Beard to F rankfort.
Beaver C ity to Brook.
Beaverdam to Akron.
Becks M ills to Salem.
Beech wood* to Leaven­
B eeh u n terft to Lyons.
Beesons to MUton,
Belleview to N orthM adison.
Belleville to Clayton.
Beltmore* to Rockville.
Belm ont to Nashville.
B elshaw ti to Lowell.
Ben D avis to Indianapolis.
Bengal to F ranklin.
Bennington* to OrossPlains
B ennetts Switch*}} to B un­
ker Hill.
Bennettsville to Sellersburg
Bennington* to Cross Plains.
Benton*}} to, M illersburg.
Berlien to Angola.
B ethel (Delaware Co.) to
M uncie.
Bethel (W ayne Co.) to
Hollansburg, Ohio.
Bethlehem* to New W ash­
ington. Bigcreek to Dupont!
Bigspring to Sheridan.
Billingsyille to College Cor­
ner, Ohio.
Bingen to D ecatur.
Blackburn}} to Petersburg.
B lackhaw k*tt to T erre
H aute.
Blaine to P ortland.
B lanford*t to Clinton.
Blankenship} to Loogootee.
Blocher*}} to Lexington.
Bloomfleid (Spencer Co.) to
Blooming Grove to Laurel.
Bloom ingport to Carlos.
Bluecreek to Brookville.
Bluelick to Henryville.
Blueridge to Shelbyville.
Blue River to Pekin.
Bluff creek to Greenwood.
Bluff P o in t to Ridgeville.
Bobo* to D ecatur.
Bonds to Orleans.
Bonnell} to Lawrenceburg.
Bono to M itchell.
Boone Grove*}} to Hebron.
Bostonstore to W ingate.
B oundary to Salamonia.
Bovine to Princeton.
Bowers*} to Colfax.
Bowling Green* to Centerpoint.
Boxley to Sheridan.
Boyleston*}} to F rankfort.
Bradford* to Palm yra.
Bram ble to Loogootee.
Branchville* to Leaven­
Breckenridge to Corydon.
Brems*}} to Knox.
Brewersville* to N o rth Ver­
Brice to P ortland.
Brickchapel to Greencastle.
B right to Harrison, Ohio.
B righton to Howe.
Brightwood*} to Indian­
Brimfleld*}} to Albion.
Brinckley to Farm land.
Bringhurst*} to Flora.
Bristow* to Troy.
B road Ripple*}} to Indian­
Brom er to Orleans.
Brooksburg* to Madison.
Bruce Lake*} to Kewanna.
Brunswick to Crown P oint.
B rushy P rairie to LaGrange
B ryantsburg to M adison.
B ryantsville to M itchell.
Buckeye to W arren.
Buckskin*} to Blberfeld.
B ud to T rafalgar.
B uddha to Bedford,
,Buell to Dugger.
B uena V ista (M onroe Co.)
to Bloomington.
Buffalo* to M onticello.
Buffaloville* to Dale.
Bufkin to M ount Vernon.
Bullock to Boonville.
Burdick*}} to C hesterton.
B urnett* to T erre H aute.
B u rn etts Creek to B urnetts
Burns City*}} to Odon.
Burnsville to E lizabeth­
B urr Oak*}} to Culver.
Burrows* to Rockfleld.
Byrneville to Corydon.
Byron to W aveland.
Caborns to M t. Vernon.
Cadiz* to Newcastle.
Cairo to B attle G round.
Gale to Shoals.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Caledonia to Sullivan.
Calloway to D upont.
C alvertville to W orthing­
C am bria to Rossville
Camby*}} to Mooresville.
Camm ack to Yorktown.
C anaan to M adison.
Cannelburg*}} to Loogoo­
C anton to Salem.
Cape Sandy* to English.
C ardonia to Brazil.
Carlos C ity to Carlos.
Carp to Gosport.
Carpentersville to Roachdale.
Carroll to Flora. ,
C arrollton to New P alestine
Cartersburg* to Plainfield
Carwood to Borden.
Cass*}} to Dugger.
Cassvm e to Kokomo.
Castleton*}} to B road R ap­
Cataract*} td Cloverdale.
Catlin*} to Rockville.
C ato to Winslow.
C edar to G arrett.
C edar Lake*}} to Lowell.
Cedarville to Grabill.
Celestine* to Jasper.
Cem entville to Sellersburg.
Center*} to Kokomo.
Centersquare to Vevay.
Centerton* to Brooklyn.
C enter Valley to M onrovia.
Central* to Corydon.
Cham bersburg to Paoli.
Chandler*}} to Boonville.
Chapelhill to Bedford.
Chase}} to Boswell.
Chelsea to Lexington,
Chester to Richm ond.
Chesterfield* to Daleville. r
C hestnut Ridge to Seymour
Chili* to Denver.
C hina to N orth M adison.
Christiansburg to Freetow n
Cincinnati* to Bloomfield.
C lare to Noblesville.
Clarksville (H am ilton Co.)*
to Noblesville.
C laybank to Oakland City.
Claysville to Campbellsburg.
Clear Creek*}} to Bloom­
Clear Lake to Ray.
Clear Springs to Brownstown.
Cleveland to Greenfield.
Clifford*} to Columbus.
Clifton to L iberty.
Clifty* to Burney.
C linton F alls to Greencastle
Clover to W est Baden.
Cloverland to Brazil.
C lunette to Leesburg.
Clymers}} to Logansport.
Coal Bluff*}} to Brazil.
Coalcreek to Cates.
Coalmont*}} to Jasonville.
Coburg} to W estville. .
Cochran} to Aurora.
Coe to Oakland C ity.
Coesse*}} to Colum busCity
Colburn*} to Delphi.
Cold Spring*} to Moores
Coleboro to Swayzee
Collamer* to South W hitley
Collett*} to P ortland.
Coliingwood to H untertown.
Collins} to Churubusco.
Coloma to Rockville.
Colum bia to Oonnersville.
Como to Redkey.
Concord to Saint Joe.
Conroe to Stockwell. t
Cook}} to Crown P oint.
Cornelius to M organtown.
Corning to M ontgom ery.
Correct to Versailles.
Cortland*}} to Seymour
Corwin to Romney.
Cosperville to Ligonier.
C ottage Grove*}} to College
Corner, Ohio.
Cowan*}} to M uncie.
Coxs M ills to Richmond.
Coxville to Rosedale.
Craig to Vevay.
C rane to Stockwell,
Oresco to Colum bia City;
Creston*} to Lowell.
Crete}} to Spartanburg.
Crisman* to H obart.
Crocker}} to C hesterton.
Crooked Creek to Frem ont.
Crooked Lake to Angola.
Cross Roads to M iddletown.
Growleyville to Owensville.
G rum stow nt to South Bend.
C yrstal to Dulbois.
C uba to Spencer.
C um back to W ashington.
Curryville to Bluffton.
Curtisville*}} to Elwood.
C uster to South M ilford.
Cuzco* to Jasper.
Cyclone* to F rankfort.
C ynthiana (Shelby Co.) to
Cypress* t,o Evansville.


A County


Dabney*} to-H olton.
Dallas to Borden.
D alton to Losantville.
D arm stadt to Evansville.
Dawkins to New H aven.
D aylight to Evansville.
D ayville to Newburg.
D eacon to W alton.
Deedsville*} to D enver.
D eepriver to H obart.
D eer Creek to Logansport.
Deerfield to Ridgeville.
D e Gonia Springs* to Boon­
D ekalb to Auburn.
Delaware*} to Osgood.
Delong*}} to Leiters Ford.
Doming to Cicero.
Denham*} to N orth Judson.
Depauw*} to Corydon..
Derby* to Cannelton.
Desoto*}} to M uncie.
Devore to G osport.
Dexter* to Cannelton.
Diamond* to Carbon.
Dick to B ryant.
Dickeyville to Boonville.
Dillm an to W arren
Disko*}} to Akron.
Doans* to Bloomfield.
Dogwood to Corydon.
D olan to Bloomington.
D om estic to Petroleum .
Donaldson*} to Plym outh.
D oolittle Mills* to Leaven­
D ora to W abash.
D over to Harrison, Ohio.
Doverhill to Shoals.
Downeyville to St. Paul.
Dresden* to Bloomfleid.
Drewersburg to Okeana,
D ry R un to Leavenworth.
Duckrell to Kokomo.
Dudleytow n to Crothersville.
Duff* to H untingburg.
D undee (M adison Co.) to
D undee (Blackford Co.) to
H artford City.
Dunfee}} to Areola.
D unlaps to Goshen.
Dunlapsville to L iberty.
Dunn}} to Freeland Park.
D unnington to Freeland
P ark.
Dunreith*}} to Knightstown.
D urbin to Lapel'.
Eagle to H ym era.
Eagletown* to Westfield.
E arle to Evansville.
E a st Gary*}} to H obart.
E ast G erm antow n to Per­
E a st M ount Carm el to
M ount Carmel, 111.
E b y to Boonville.
Echo to Ossian.
Eck to Winslow.
Eckerty*}} to English.
E ddy to W olcottville.
E den to Fortville.
to- Payne,
E d n a M ills to Rossville.
Edw ards ville to George­
Effner}} to Sheldon, 111.
Ege to Avilla,
E hrm andale to Brazil.
E kin to A tlanta.
Elizaville to Lebanon.
Elkinsville* to Nashville.
Elliston}} to Bloomfield.
E llsw orth (Dubois Co.) to
E lm dale to W ingate.
E lrod to M ilan.
Elsie to Brazil.
E lston to L afayette.
Elwren*}} to Bloomington.
Emison*}} to Oaktown.
E m m a to Topeka.
E m poria to Pendleton.
English Lake*} to N orth
:Enochsburg to N ewpoint.
: E nos to Morocco,
E psom to Plainville.
E rie to Bedford.
Ethel* to Paoli.
E tn a to Colum bia City.
Eugene* to Cayuga.
Eureka* to R ockport.
E vans Landing* to Cory­
E vanston* to T roy,
E verton* to Oonnersville.
Fairfield (Franklin Co.) to
Fairfield Center toC orunna.
F air Oaks*}} to Rensselaer.
Fairview* (SwitzerlandCo.)
to E a st E nterprise.
Fairview (Fayette Co.) to
Falm outh.
Fairview (Randolph Co.) to
Red Key.
Fansler to Antwerp, Ohio.
Farabee} to Pekin.
Fargo* to English.
Farlen to Odon.
Farm er* to W orthington
Money Order Office.

Farm ers R etreat* to Dills­
Farrville to Van Buren.
F ay ette to Brownsbùrg.
Fayetteville to Bedford.
Fenns to Shelbyville.
F enton to Indianapolis.
Fiat* to Pennville.
Fickle* to Clarks Hill.
Fincastle to Roachdale.
•Finley* to New Palestine.
Flackville to Indianapolis.
F letcher to Kewanna.
F lin t to Angola.
Florida to A nderson.
Floyds Knobs*} to New
. Albany. .
FolsomVille* to Boonville.
Foltz* to D upont.
Fontanet*}} to T erre H aute.
Foresman*}} to Brook.
Foresthill to L etts.
F o rt Ritner*}} to M itchell.
Fox (G rant Co.) to L a
(M ont­
gom ery Co.) to Crawfordsville.
Fredonia* to Leavenworth.
Freem an to Spencer.
Freeport to M orristow n.
French to Aurora.
Friendswood to Mooresville.
F ritchton to Vincennes.
Fruitdalq to M organtow n.
Fulda* to T roy.
Furnessville to M ichigan
C ity.
Gadsden to Lebanon.
Gaff to Versailles.
Gale to Danville.
Galena* to New Albany.
G ar Creek to W oodburn.
Garfield to Darlington.
Gasburg to Mooresville.
Gatchel* to Cannelton.
Gaylor to F rankfort.
Geetingsville to Rossville.
Gem to Cum berland.
Geneva (Shelby Co.) to St.
Gentryville*}} to Dale.
Georgetown (Brown Co.) to
M organtow n.
Georgetown (Cass Co.) to
Georgia to M itchell.
Geraid* to Cannelton.
Germ antown to Pershing.
Gessie*}} to Perrysville,
Gibson*}} to Ham m ond.
Gifford to W heatfleld.
Gilead to Akron.
Gilman}} to Alexandria.
Gilmour to Jasonville.
Gings to Rushville.
Giro to Hazleton.
Glen D ale to W ashington.
Glendenning, Corners to
Glenhall} to W est P oint.
Glenn to T erre H aute.
Glenns Valley to Green­
Glezen* to Oakland City.
Glidas to Brandenburg, Ky.
Goblesville to H untington.
Goeglein to F o rt W ayne.
Goodview to Farm land.
G rafton to M ount Vernon.
Grammer*}} to E lizabeth­
Granger*}} to M ishawaka.
Grantsburg* to English.
Grass to Bloomfleid.
Grasselli to E a st Chicago.
G ravelton to Nappanee.
Grayford* to Vernon.
Graysville* to M erom.
Green to P ortland.
Greenbrier to Paoli.
Green C enter to Albion..
Greenfield M ills to Orland.
Green H ill to Otterbein.
Greensboro* to Spiceland.
Greenville* (Floyd Co.) to
Greenville (Sullivan Co.) to
Griffin*}} to Graysville, 111.
Grover Town*} to H am let.
Guernsey to M onticello.
Guilford*} to Lawrence­
Guion*}} to M arshall.
Guionsville to Dillsboro.
Guthrie* to Bedford.
H acklem an to Fairm ount.
H ackm anns Cross Roads to
Hadley*}} to Danville.
Halls Corners to H arlan.
Halo to Pekin.
H am burg* to Oldenburg.
Hancock to Palm yra.
Hanfield to M arion.
H anover Center to Crown
P oint.
Harmony*} to Brazil.
H arper to W estport.
H arrell to Hanover.
H arrisburg to Oonnersville.
H arrisonvllle to Shoals.
H arristow n to Salem.
H arris ville to Union City.
} Telegraph Station.

Harrodsburg*}} to Bloom­
H artfo rd to Aurora.
Hasel to Muncie.
Hatfield*} to Rockport.
H augh ville* to Indianapolis
Hayden*}} to N o rth Ver­
H aym ond to Oldenburg.
H ays ville to Jasper.
Hazelrigg*}} to Lebanon.
Headlee to R oyal Center.
H eath to Lafayette.
H eckton to Nappanee.
H ecla to Colum bia City.
H ector to P ortland.
Hedrick*} to W est Lebanon.
Hege to Scipio.
Heilm an to Dale.
Helmer*}} to So. Milford.
Helmsburg*}} to Nashville.
Heltonville*}} to Bedford.
Henderson to Arlington.
Hendricks ville to Bloom­
Herbst*} to Swayzee.
Hesston to L aporte.
Héssville* to Hammond.
Heusler to Evansville.
Hibbard*}} to Culver.
Highland (Vanderburg Co.)
to Evansville.
Hillgrove to Corydon.
Hillham* to Shoals.
Hillsdale*}} to Montezuma.
Hobbieville* to Bloomfield.
H ollands burg to Rockville.
Hom e Place to Carmel.
Homer*} to M anilla.
H om estead to. Lawrence­
Honey Creek*}} to Middletown.
Hoosierville to Brazil.
Hoover*}} to Logansport.
Horace* to Greensburg.
H orton ville* to Westfield.
Hosmer}} to Oakland City
H ouston to Brownstown.
Howell to Evansville.
Howesville} to Jasonville.
Howlands to Indianapolis.
H udson Lake, to New Car­
Huff to T roy.
H uffm an to Troy.
H untsville (Madison Co.)to
H untsville (Randolph Co.)
to Modoc.
Hurlburt}} to Hebron.
Huron*}} to M itchell.
H u tto n to T erre Haute.
H y a tt to W ashington.
H yde to Butlerville.
Ijam sville* to N orth Man­
Independence* to Attica.
Indiana M ineral Springs*}}
to A ttica.
Indian Springs to Shoals.
Ingalls* to Fortville.
Inglefleld* to Evansville.
Inwood*}} to Plymouth.
Ireland* to Jasper. •
Irvington*}} to Indianapo­
Iv a to Otwell.
Jackson (Tipton Co.) to
T ipton.
Jacksonburg to Pershing.
Jackson Hill to Hymera.
Jacksonville to Clinton.
Ja lap a to La Fountains.
Jeff to W arren.
Jefferson to Frankfort.
Jerom e to Greentown.
Jessup*}} to Rosedale.
Jim tow n to E lkhart.
Johnsburg*} to Huntingburg.
Johnson*}} to Owensville.
Jolietville*} to Westfield.
Jordan Village to Patricks­
Judson*}} to Rockville.
Judyville*}} to Pence.
Ju lie tta to New Palestine.
K asson to Evansville.
Keller to T erre Haute.
Kellers to Wabash.
Kellerville to Jasper.
Kelso* (Dearborn Co.) to
Harrison, Ohio.
Kelso (H untington Co.) to
W arren.
Kennedy* (Dearborn Co.)
to Lawrenceburg.
Kenneth*} to Logansport.
Kent* to Hanover.
Kercheval to Chrisney.
Kersey*} to Wheatfleld.
Killmore to Frankfort.
King to Princeton.
Kingsbury*} to Laporte.
Kings Cave to Corydon.
Kingsland*}} to Ossian.
Kingston to Greensburg.
K irby to Bloomington.
Kirksville to Princeton,
m tc h e m i to Liberty
} Express Office.


Klaasville to Beecher, 111.
Knechts to Cedar Grove.
Knightsville*!! to Brazil.
Kniman*!! to Wheatfleld.
Koleen*!' to Bloomfield.
Koòntz Lake to W alkerton.
Koro to Burlington.
Kossuth to Salem.
Kramer* to A ttica.
Krenzburg to Dyer.
Kurtz*!! to Freetown.
Kyana* to Birdseyè.
Kyle to Aurora.
Laconia* to B randenburg,
Lake to Richland.
Lake Bruce to Kewanna.
Lake Cicott*! to Logansport.
Lake Jam es to Angola.
Lakeside to W inamac.
Lake Village*! to Momence,

Lamar*! to Tell City.
Lamb to Vevay.
Lamong to Sheridan.
Lancaster (Wells Co.) to
Lancaster (H untington Co.)
to W arren.
Landess*! to Van Buren.
La Paz Ju n ctio n !! to Ply­
Laud to Colum bia C ity.
Laughrey to Aurora.
Lawrenceport to M itchell.
Lawrenceville to Sunman.
Lawton to W inamac.
Leach to Fowlerton.
Lee*! to M onon.
Leesville to Bedford.
Leisure to E l wood.
Lena*!! to Carbon.
Leo to Grabill.
Leopold* to Cannelton.
Leota to Scottsburg.
Le Roy*! to Crown Point.
Lewis*!! to T erre H aute.
Lewisburg to Logansport.
Lewis Creek*! to Shelbyyille.
Liberty (Johnson Co.) to
Liberty Mills*! to N orth
M anchester.
Libertyville! to Vermilion,

Lilly Dale to T ell City.
Limedale to Greencastle.
Lincoln*! t o Galveston.
Lincoln C ity*!! to Dale.
Lincolnville (W abash Cos)
to W abash.
LInkville to Plym outh.
Linwood* to Anderson.
Lisbon to Kendallville.
Littlepoint to Stilesville.
Littles* to Oakland City.
Little York* to Scottsburg.
Livonia* to Campbellshurg.
Lochiel!! to Fowler.
Lockport to Idaville.
Lockspring to Holton.
Locust Point* to New
Logan* to Harrison, Ohio.
London* to Fairland.
Lonetree to Linton.
Lookout to Osgood.
Lorane to Colum bia C ity.
Loree*! to Bunker Hill.
Lotus to Liberty.
Lovett*!! to N o rth Vernon.
Luther to South W hitley.
Lydick to South Bend,
Lyford to Clinton.
Lyles to Princeton.
Lyonsvillel to Connersville.

M artinsburg to Pèkin.
M artz to Clay City.
M arysville*!! to Lexington.
M auckport* t Corydon.
Maumee* to Brownstown.
M ax to Advance.
M axinkuckee to Culver.
M axwell*!! to Greenfield.
M aynard to Dyer.
M aysville to H arlan.
Maywood* to Indianapolis.
M cCool*!! to C hesterton.
M cCordsville*!! to Fortville
M cCoysburg*!! to Rennsselaer.
M cGrawsville*! to Peru.
M cGregor to Madison.
M cKinley* to Salem.
M c N atts to W arren.
M echanicsburg (H enry Co)
to M iddletown.
M echanicsville to E vanville.
M edford to Muncie.
M eitzer to Shelbyville.
Memphis* to Henryville.
M erriam to Albion.
Merrillville*! to Crown
P oint.
M essena to Danville.
Messick to Newcastle.
M etea to Logansport,
M ichael to M arion.
Mickley ville to Indianapolis
M iddle F ork (Clinton Co.)
to Russiaville.
M iddlefork! (Jefferson Co.)
to D upont;
M idland*!! to Jasonville.
M idw ay to Richland.
M ier* to Converse.
Mifflin* to English.
M ilan C enter to W oodburn.
M ildred to Shelburn.
Milford (D ecatur Co.) to
M ilford Ju n ctio n !! to M il­
Mill Creek*!! to Laporte.
Milledgeville to Lebanon.
M iller*!! to Gary.
M illersburg (W arrick Co.)
to Boonville.
M illersville (M arion Co.) to
M illgrove*! to D unkirk.
Millhousen* to Napoleon.
M illigan*!! to Russellville..
M illville*!! to Newcastle.
Miln'erS Corner to Fortville.
Milo* to Warren,'
M ineral! to Bloomfield.
M ixersville to Oxford, Ohio.
M ollies to M ontpelier.
M onitor to L a F ayette.
M ontclair to N orth Salem.
M onum ent C ity to Andrew.
M oody*! to Rensselaer.
Mooney* to Clear Springs,
M oore to Auburn.
Moorefield to Vevay.
M oral to Acton.
M oran*! to F rankfort,
M orris*!! to Batesville.
M orton to Bainbridge.
Moscow to M ilroy.
M ountain Spring to Bed­
M ount Auburn (Shelby Co)
to Edinburg.
M ount Carm el to Bròokville.
M ount Com fort * ! ! to
M ount E tn a to H untington
M ount Jackson to Indian­
M ount Liberty* to N ash­
M ount M eridian to Green­
M ount Olive to Bedford.
M ount Pisgah to Stroh.
M ount Pleasant* to Cannel
M ount Sterling to .Vevay.
M ount T abor to Gosport.
M ount Zion (Wells Co.) to
W arren.

Mace to Linnsburg.
Madrid to Lawrenceburg.
Magley*!! to Preble.
Magnet* to Leavenworth.
Magnolia* to L eavenw orth

M ull to Farm land.
M unster to Ham m ond
M uren to Winslow.
M urray to Bluffton.

Mahalasville to M artin;
Main* to Birdseye.
Majenica to Warren.
Malden!! to K outs.
Malott P ark ! to Bros
Manchester to Lawrenci
M anhattan to Greencastl
Mansfield to Carbon.
Manson to F rankfort.
Manville to M adison.
Maples! to Monroeville.
Mapleton to Indianapolis,
Maplewood! to Pittsboro.
Marble Corner to D upon
Marble Hill* to Lexingtoi
Mariah Hill to Dale.
Marietta (Shelby Co.) t
Mark to Edinburg.
Markland* to Florence.
Marling to Seymour.
Marsh to Odon.

Nabb*! to Lexington.
N ational M ilitary Homè*to
M arion.
N ead to Peru.
N ebraska*!! to Holton.
Needmore, (Brown Co.) to
Needm ore (Vermillion Co.)
to Clinton.
Needm ore (Lawrence Co,)
to Bedford.
N evada to W indfall. :
N evada M ills to Orland.
New Alsace to Sunman.
New Am sterdam * to Cory­
N ew ark to W orthington.
Newbern to Columbus.
New Bethel to W anam aker.
New Brunswick to Lebanon
New Burlington to Muncie.
New Chicago to H pbart. ¡
New Corydon* to Geneva!
New Goshen* to T erre
H aute.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County


New Holland to W abash.
New L ancaster to Elwood.
Newland*! to Rensselaer
New L ebanon*!! to Sulli­
New London to Russiaville.
New M aysville to Roachdale.
New Middletown* to Cory­
New M ount P leasant to
Red Key.
New Philadelphia* to Salem
New P ittsburg to Saratoga.
New Saint Bernice to Saint
New Salisbury* to Corydon
Junction (New Salisbury
P. O.)
New ton Stewart* to French
Newtonville* to Grandview
New T renton*!! to Cedar
I Grove.
Newville to St. Joe.
New W averly*!! to Logans­
New W inchester to D an­
Nicholasville to Sunm an.
N ine M ile to Sheldon.
Nineveh* to Edinburg.
N oah to Shelbyville.
Noble, to Portland.
Nora* to Broad Ripple.
N orm anda to Kem pton.
N orm an Station*!! to Free­
N o rth to Rising Sun.
N orth G alveston to Lees­
Northgrove*! to Amboy,
N orth Indianapolis to In ­
N o rth T erre H aute to Terre
H aute.
Norton* to French Lick,
N orton burg to Hope. ;
Norway to Monticello.
N ottingham to M ontpelier.
N ulltow n! to Connersville.
N üm a to Rosedale. '
Nyesville to Rockville.
Oak* to S tar City.
Oakford* to Sharpsville.
Oakforest to Brookville.
Oakley to Brownsburg.
Oatsville to Oakland C ity.
Ober*!! to Knox.
Ockley*!! to Delphi.
Octagon to L a F ayette.
Odell -to A ttica.
Ogden to Knightstown.
Ogilville* to Columbus.
Ohio Falls to Jeffersonville.
Olean to Versailles.
Oliver to W adesville.
Omega to Arcadia.
Ontario* to Howe.
Ora*!! to M onterey.
Orange to Glenwood.
Orangeville to Orleans.
Oregon to Charlestown.
Orestes* to Alexandria.
Oriole* to English.
Ormas to Colum bia City.
Orrville to M ount Carmel,

O rth to New R oss!,
Osceola*!! to M ishawaka.
Oswego* to Leesburg.
Otis*!! to W estville.
Otisco*!! to Charlestown.
Otto* to New W ashington.
Ovid to Anderson.
Owensburg*!! to Bloom­
Oxoffla* to Salem.
P ackerton*!! to Sidney.
Page to F rem ont.
Palestine to M entone.
Palm er*!! to Crown P oint.
P aradise to Newburg,
P aris to P aris Crossing.
P ark to Bloomfield.
P a rk e r C ity ! to Parker,
Parkersburg to Ladoga.
P arkers
Settlem ent
P arr*! to Rensselaer.
P atronville to Rockport,
P a tto n to Yoeman.
P axton*!! to Sullivan!
P ayne to Bloomington.
Paynesville to Lexington.
Peabody*!! to Colum bia
C ity.
Pecksburg to Amo.
Pedigo to Rockport.
Peerless* to Bedford.
Pelzer to Boonville.
Peoga to Trafalgar.
P eoria!! to (Franklin Co.)
to Oxford, Ohio.
Peoria (M iam i Co.) to Peru
P eppertow n to M etam ora.
Perklnsville to Lapel.
P errysburg to D enver.
P erth * !! to Carbon.
Peterson* to Preble!
PeterSville to Columbus.
P e ttit to L a F ayette. :;
Pettysville to Roann!
Philadelphia to Greenfield.
P hilom ath to Brownsville.
Phlox to W indfall.
Pickard to Frankfort.
‘ Money Order Office.

Pierceville*! to M ilan;
Pike to Lebanon.
I ’ikeville* to Huntingburg.
P ilot Knob* to Leaven­
w orth.
Pim ento*!! to T erre H aute.
Pinhook to Bedford.
P inola! to !La Porte.
Pipe Creek to Logansport.
P ittsb u rg to Delphi.
P lato to Lagrange.
P leasant to Cross Plains.
Pleasant Mills* to Wilshire,
Ohio. .
P leasant P lain to W arren.
Pleasant Ridge* to Rensse­
Pleasantville (Pike Co.) to
Plevna to Greentown.
Plum m er to Bloomfield.
Plum T ree to W arren.
Poe to Yoder.
Point, Isabel to Swayzee. .
Poling to B ryant.
Porters ville to Jasper.
P ortland M ills to Russell­
Powers* to Red Key.
Prairie Creek* to T erre
H aute.
Prairieton* to T erre H aute.
P ra th er to Charlestown.
P rescott to Shelbyville.
Priam to H artford City.
P roctor to Shoals.
Progress to M uncie.
Providence to Bargers ville.
Pucket to M arion.
Pulaski* to Star City.
P utnam ville*! to Green­
Pyrm ont* to Delphi.



Sabine to Bridgeport.
Saint Ann to N o rth Vernon.
Saint A nthony*!! to H u n t­
Saint Croix* to , Leaven­
Saint Henry* to Ferdinand.
Saint John*!! to Dyer.
Saint Joseph Hill to Sellersburg.
SaintLeon* to Cedar Grove
Saint Louis Grossing*! to
H ope,
Saint M ary to Oldenburg.
Saint M ary of th e Woods*!
! to W est T erre H aute,
Saint M aurice to Newpoint.
Saint M einrad* to Dale.
Saint Omer to Saint Paul.
Saint P eters to Sunman.
Saint. Philip to Evansville.
Saint Thom as to Vincennes.
Saint W endells to Poseyville.
Salem (Jay Co.) to Sarato­
Salem Center to Angola.
Saline C ity*!! to Cory.
Saltillo*! to Campbells burg
Sanders to Bloomington.
Sanderson to New Albany.
Sandford*!! to Vermillion,

Sandusky to Greensburg.
San Jacinto to B utter ville.
Santaclaus* to Dale.
S anta F e (M iami Co.) to
S anta F e (Spencer Co.) to
Dale, .
Sardinia*!! to W estport.
Sargent to Odon.
Savah to M ount Vernon.
Scalesville to Boonville.
Scarlet to Orleans.
Schererville*! to Dyer.
Schneider*!! to Lowell.
Quaker to Dana.
Schnellville* to Birdseye.
Q uakertown to Liberty.
Schooner P o int-to Leaven­
Queen C ity to Paoli .
Queensville*! to N orth Ver­ Scotland* to: Bloomfield.
Scott to Van Buren,
Quercus Grove to East
Seafield* to W olcott.
E nterprise.
Sedan to Corunna.
Quincy*!! to Cloverdale.
Seelyville*! to T erre H aute.
Selvin* to Dale.
Servia*!! to N o rth M an­
R a b ert! to Colum bia City.
Sevastopol to M entone.
Raccoon*!! to Roachdale.
Sexton to Rushville.
R adley! to Swayzee,
Seybert to Shipshewanna.
Radnor* to Delphi.
Shadeland to L a F ayette.
Raglesville to Odon.
Shakespeare to M ilford.
Ragsdale to Vincennes.
Shannondale to Darlington.
Sharps to M uncie,
Rainsville to Pine Village.
Mills to Corydon.
Raleigh to Lewisville.
Sharptow n to Cedar Grove.
Ramsey*! to Corydon.
to Lowell.
R anger to Tell C ity.
Shepherd to Lebanon.
Raym ond to Oxford, Ohio.
Shepherdsville to Clinton.
R ays Crossing* to Shelby­
Shideler*!! to E aton.
Shirkieville to Vermillion,
Raysville to Knightstown.
Redbridge to Amboy.
Showley to Rochester.
Reddington to Seymour.
Shrock to M illersburg.
Reed to Yorktowh.
Siberia* to Birdseye.
Reed ville to New Palestine.
Silverville to Bedford.
Reelsville*!! to Greencastle
to Cayuga.
Reese M ill to Lebanon.
Sims*!! to Swayzee.
Rego* tb Paoli.
Reiffsburg to Bluffton.
Sitka to M onticello.
R eno!! to D anville.'
Skelton to M ount Carmel,
Reserve to Oxford, Ohio.'
Rexville to Versailles.
Sloan*!! to W est Lebanon.
Ricevine* to Birdseye.
•Smartsburg to Crawfordsville.
Richland to M ilroy.
Smedl.ey*! to CampbellsRichland Center to Argos,
Richvalley*!! to W abash.
Sm ithland to Shelbyville.
Riddle* to Leavenworth.
Smithson* to Reynolds.
Ridgeway to Russiaville.
Sm ith Valley to Greenwood
R idpath to D upont.
Smithville*! to Blooming
Rigdon to Fairm ount.
Riley*!! to T erre H aute.
Rileysburg* to Danville, 111. Snow H illto Lynn.
Snyder to K nightstown.
R ipley! t o W inam ac.
Solitude to M ount Vernon
Ripple to B road Ripple.
Solon* to New W ashington.
Ri vare tó D eca tu r,
Solsberry*!! to Bloomfield.
R iver to W arren.
Somerset* to LaFontaine.
Riverside*! to A ttica.
Sophia to Carbon.
R iverton to M erom.
South B ethany to Colum­
R iver Vale*!! to M itchell.
Robertsdale to Ham m ond.
South Boston to saiem .
Robison* to Bloomfield.
South Gate* to C edar Grove
Rob Roy to A ttica.
South Raub*! to Romney.
Roby*! to W hiting.
South Waveland to Russell­
Rockcreek to H untington.
Rockdale to Harrison, Qhio
Spades*! to Sunman.
Rockford to Seymour.
Sparksville*! to: M edora.
Rockland to Greenwood.
S parta to M oore’s Hill.
R ogers!! to Petersburg.
Spearsvilie to M organtown.
R oland to W èst Baden.
Speedway! to Indianapolis.
Roll* to H artford City.
S pelterville*to Vigo.
Rome* to Stephensport.K y.
Spiker t o W abash.
Rome C ity*!! to W olcottSpraytown to Freetown.
Springville*!! to Bedford.
Romona* to Gosport.
Stam pers Creek to Paoli.'
Rosebud to Salem.
Stanford* to Bloomington.
Roseburg (G rant Co.) to
Stanley to Boonville.
M arion.
Starlight to Borden.
Roselawn*!! to Lowell.
Staser to Evansville,
R osetta to Greenfield.
State Line*!! to W est Leb­
Rosewood to Louisville,Ky.
R oss!! to.G ary.
S taunton*!! to B razil. R ouna Grove to Brookston.
Steam C orner to -VeedersR oyaltón to Zionsvillo.
R oyerton to M uncie.
Stearieyville to' CenterR ugby*! to Hope.' :
Rum ble to Petersburg.
Steele to M onroe.
Rimai to Lynn.
Stendal* to H untingburg.
Rushcreek Valley to Salem.
R usk to Shoals.
Sterling (M arion Co.) to
R utland to Argos.
Rye to Knox.
Steubenville* tb Ashley. '
t Telegraph Station.

! Express Office.



Stevenson to Evansville.
Stew artsville*tt to Poseyville.
Stillwell*!! to L aporte.
Stinesville*ti to G osport.
Stips Hill to Clarksburg.
S tockport to M uncie.
Stockton to Linton.
Stone to W inchester.
Stonebluff*!! to Veedersburg.
Stones Crossing to Green­
Stony P oint to N o rth M adi­
Story* to Nashville.
S tout to M uncie.
Stringtow n to Evansville.
Strouse to Albion.
Sulphur* to Leavenworth.
Sulphur H ill to Geneva.
S um m it!! (D eK alb Co.) to
Sum m it Grove to Clinton.
Surprise to Freetown.
Surrey*J to Rensselaer.
Swalls to T erre H aure.
Swan to Avilia.
Swanington*!! to Fowler.
Sweeneys to Lakeville.
Sycam ore! to Greentown.
Sylvania to Kingm an.
Syria to Orleans.
T albot*!! to Boswell.
T alm a to M entone.
Tam pico to Crothersville
Tangier*!! to Kingm an.
T anner to Bloomfield.
Tasw ell*!! to English.
Taylorsville* to Columbus.
Tecum seh to T erre H aute.
Teegarden*! to W alkerton.
TefCt*!! to W heatfleld.
Temple* to English.
T em pleton*!! to Oxford.
T erh u n e!! to Sheridan.
T erre Coupee to New C ar­
T erre H all to Hemlock.
Terry* to T ell C ity.
T hayer*! to Lowell.
T ilden! to Brownsburg.
T illm an Junction to M on­
Tiosa*!! to Rochester.
Tobinsport* to C loverport
Tower* to Leavenworth.
Tracewell to F o rt B ranch.
T racy to Union M ills.
T raders P o in t to New
A ugusta.
T reaty* to W abash.
T ren to n (Blackford Co.) to
H artfo rd City.
T ren to n (Randolph Co.) to
M odoc.
T revlac*!! to M organtow n.
T rin ity Springs* to Shoals.
T u n k er to South W hitley.
T unnelton*!! to M itchell.
T u rn er to Brazil.
Tw in L ake to Plym outh.
Ubee* to H untington.
Underwood*!! to H enryville.
Union* to H azleton.
Union Center*! to Laporte.

W atson*! to Jeffersonville.
W augh to Sheridan.
Wawasee*! to Syracuse.
Wawpecong to Kokomo.
W aym ansville* to Seymour.
W aynesburg to W estport.
W aynesville to Columbus.
W eaver to Jonesboro.
W ebster* (W ayne Co.) to
W illiamsburg.
W eisburg*!! to Sunm an.
W ellsboro*!! to Laporte.
W estchester to P ortland.
W est C linton! to S t. Ber­
W est College C orner! to
College Corner, O.
W est Fork* to English.
W est F ranklin to M ount
W est H arrison to H arrison,
W estland to Greenfield.
W est L iberty (Howard Co.)
to Greentown.
W est M iddleton* to Russiaville.
West Newton* to Indian­
Weston to N o rth Vernon.
W estphalia*!! to Sanborn.
W est U nion*!! to M onte­
W estwood to Newcastle.
W harton to South Bend.
W heaton to Roachdale.
W heeler*!! (Porter Co.) to
H obart.
Wheeling* to M uncie.
W hitaker* to Paragon.
W hitcom b to Brookville.
W hite Cloud* to Corydon.
W hites Crossing to Linton.
W hitesville to Ladoga.
W hite W ater* to F ountain
C ity.
W hitfield to Loogootee.
WickUffe* to English.
W ilbur to M artinsville.
W ilder*!! to N o rth Judsont
W ilfred to Shelburn.
W illiams (Adams Co.) to
D ecatur.
W illiams*!! (Lawrence Co.)
to Bedford.
W illiamsburg (Johnson Co.)
to Edinburg.
W illiam sport (Allen Co.) to
W illiamstown to M ilroy.
Willis to Vincennes.
W ilm ington to Aurora.
W ilm ot to Cromwell.
W ilson to ShelbyviRe.
W indom to Shoals.
W indsor to Parker.
W infield!! to Crown P oint.
W inona to Knox.
W inona L ake*!! to W arsaw.
W inthrop*!! to A ttica.
W irt* to N o rth M adison.
W ise to D upont.
W itts to Boston.
W oodland to M ishaw aka.
W oodlawn to M uncie.
W oodruff (Lagrange Co.) to
W olcott ville.
Woods to Lynn.
W oodville (Porter Co.) to
C hesterton.
W orth to Leavenworth.
W right Corners to Aurora.
W ynn to Brookville.

JJnionport to Modoc.

Uniontown (Jackson C o.)to
Uniontown* (Perry Co.) to
Unionville*!! (M onroe Co.)
to Bloomington.
U pton to M ount Vernon.
U rbana (Allen Co.) to
U tan to Corydon.
U tica to Jeffersonville.

Y ankeetow n to Newburg.
Yellowstone* to Bedford.
Y ork to Frem ont.
Yorkville* to Sunm an.
Y oungs Creek* to Paoli.
Youngstow n
T erre
H aute.
Youno to Nashville.
Y ountsville to Crawfordsville.
Zeim ai t o Bedford.
Zenas to Butlerville.
Zipp to Evansville.
Zoar to H untingburg.
Zulu to M onroeville.

Valeene* to Paoli.
V alentine*!! to L a Grange.
Valley C ity to Corydon.
Valley M illsto Indianapolis.
V an B uren (La Grange Co.)
to Sbipshewanna.
Vandalia* to Spencer.
V aw ter P ark to Syracuse.
Velpen*!! to Winslow.
Vera Cruz* to Bluff ton.
Verm ont to Kokomo.
Verne to Vincennes.
V esta to Charlestown.
Vicksburg*!! to Linton.
V ictor to Bloomington.
Vienna* to Scottsburg.
Vigo to T erre H aute.
Vilas to Spencer.
Vine to A ttica.
Virgie to Rensselaer.
Vistula* to M iddlebury.
V ivalia to Greencastle.
Volz to W inam ac.

A bbott*!! to Ackley.
Abingdon* to Packwood.
A ckw orth*|! to Indianola.
Acme to Riceville.
Adaville to M errill.
A daza*!! to C hurdan.
Adelphi* to Des Moines.
A fton Junction to Afton.
A lbaton to Sloan.
Alice to C enterpoint.
Almont* to Clinton.
A m ana*!! to M arengo.

W aco to W ashington.
W adena!! to Goodland.
W agoner to M acy.
Wailesboro to Columbus.
W alker to Flora.
W allen*!! to H untertow n.
W alnut to Argos.
W alnut Grove (St. Joseph
Co.) to South Bend.
W arrenton to F o rt B ranch.
W arrington to Wilkinson.
W aterford M ills to Goshen.

Ambrose to Keswick.
Amish to Kalona.
A m ity see M aysville.
Andover*! to Miles.
Angus*!! to Perry.
A rborhill to S tuart.
A rdon*!! to M uscatine.
Argo to Le Claire.
Arnold to H um boldt.
A rq u itt to Farley.
A rtesian to Denver.
A sbury to D ubuque.
Ashgrove* to Drakesville.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



ACounty Seat.

Aspinwall*!! to M anning.
Astor* to M anilla.
Attica* to Knoxville.
Augusta* to W e ver.
A very*!! to Albia.
Avon to Carlisle.
Bailey* to M clntire.
Balfour*!! to Glenwood.
Balltown to Sherrills.
Bangor* to Liscomb.
B ankston to Epworth.
B arney*!! to Lorimor.
B auer to Lacona.
Bayertow n to Hills.
Bayfield to M uscatine.
Beacon*! to Oskaloosa.
Bear grove to G uthrie Cen­
Beaver*!! to Ogden.
B eckw ith!! to Fairfield.
Beebeetown to Logan.
Belfast* to Farm ington.
B elknap*!! to Bloomfield.
Beloit* to C anton. S. D.
Benson to C edar Falls.
Bentonsport* to B onaparte.
Berea to A nita.
Berlin to Lincoln.
Berne! to U te.
B ernhart to B atavia.
B ertram to C edar Rapids.
Berwick*! to Des Moines.
Bethesda to H epburn.
Bethlehem to Corydon.
B evington to W interset.
BidwelTft to Ottum w a.
Big Rock*!! to Dixon.
Bingham to Shenandoah.
Bladensburg to B atavia.
B landen to M anson.
Bluffton to B urroak.
Boies to Janesville.
B olan*!i to Northwood.
B onair*f! to Cresco.
Boomer to Honey Creek.
B otna*! to M anning.
Boyd to New H am pton.
Bracewell to Lineville.
B rainard to W est Union.
B razil*!! to Centerville.
Brom ley to M arshalltow n.
Brom pton to M oravia.
Brookville to Packwood.
Brough to Perry.
B row ns!! to Preston.
Brownville to Riceville.
Bruce to Belmond.
Brush Creek to Arlington.
Brushy to Duncombe.
B ryant*!! to Goose Lake.
B ryantsburg to Hazleton.
Buchanan*!! to T ipton.
Buck Creek to Readlyn.
Buckm an Station to Osage.
Bucknell to Buxton.
Bucks Grove (G rundy Co.)
to Parkersburg
B uenavista (Clinton Co.) to
B urchinal*!! toM ason C ity.
B urdette*!! to Popejoy.
B utler to Hedrick.
Cairo* to Colum bus Junc­
Caldwell to Exline.
Caledonia to M ount Ayr.
California* to M odale.
Cam anche*! to Clinton.
Campbell* to Des Moines.
C anby to Casey.
Canoe to Decorah.
C anton to M onm outh.
Carbon* to Corning.
C arl to Corning.
Carm el to Sioux Center.
C arnarvon*!! to W all Lake.
C arnes!! to Alton.
C arney to Des M oines.
C arnforth! to Victor.
C arrollton! to Dedham .
Carrville* to N ashua.
C edar*!! to Frem ont.
C edar Bluff* to T ipton.
C edar H eights to Cedar
C edar Valley to W est
C enter to D ubuque.
C enter D ale*!! to W est
C entralia to Peosta.
C harleston*! to Donnellson.
C hequest to Selma.
C hester C enter to New­
Chickasaw to Ionia.
Church* to Lansing.
Churchville*! to Indianola.
C larkdale to M ystic.
C larkson!! to Carlisle.
C lay Works* to F o rt Dodge.
Clim ax to Emerson.
Clive*!! to Des M oines.
Cloverdale*! to Sibley.
Coal C ity*!! to M oulton.
Coalville to F o rt Dodge.
Colon to Oskaloosa.
Colum bus City* to Colum­
bus Junction.
Comm erce*!! toDesM oines.
Com m unia to E lkader.
Com petine to Farson.
C onover!! to C orinth.
C onsol!! to Buxton.
Cool to Indianola.
Coppock* to W ay land.____
'Money Order Office.

Coralville to Iowa City.
Cordova*! to Knoxville.
Cornelia to Clarion.
Cornell* to Sioux Rapids.
Cosgrove to Oxford.
C oster to Shellrock.
Cottonwood*! to Hillsboro.
Cou Falls to N o rth L iberty.
C ounty Line* to B atavia.
Covington* to C edar R ap­
C rain Creek to Denver.
C ranston*!! to L etts.
C rescent*!! to
C ricket to Buxton.
C rocker! to Polk.
Crooks to H arcourt.
Croton* to Farm ington.
Orozier to Newell.
Curlew to M allard.
C urtis to N orth L iberty
Dahlonega to Ottum w a.
iD akotah* to H um boldt.
Dale* to S tuart.
D alton! to Le M ars.
D arbyville to M ystic.
D avid!* to M clntiro.
D avis Corners to Lime
D aytonville to W ellman.
Deercreek to Northwood.
D e Kalb* to V an W ert.
Delphos*!! to M ount Ayr.
D enhart to Corwith.
Depew to Cylinder.
Devon*! to New H am pton.
D evonia to Orchard.
D ew ar*!! to W aterloo.
Dewey to M assena.
Diamond* to M ystic.
Dillon*! to M arshalltow n.
Dodgeville to M ediapolis.
Donnan* to Hawkeye.
Doris to Independence.
Douglass to W est Union.
D over to Donnellson.
D ublin to W ashington.
D udley*!! to Ottum w a.
Dumfries* to Council Bluffs.
D uncan to G arner.
D u n reath ! to M onroe.
D urango*!! to D ubuque.
D urham to Knoxville.
Eagle C enter to W aterloo.
E a st E agle to W aterloo.
E ast P eru to Peru.
E den to W aucom a.
Edna*! to Rock Rapids.
E leanor! to Parkersburg.
E lk R iver! to Clinton.
E lm ira Junction to Iow a
C ity.
E lon to W aterville.
Elrick* to Oakville.
E lvira to Low M oor.
Elwood*!! to M aquoketa.
Em eline to Baldwin.
E nterprise! to Ankeny.
Erickson to Boone.
E vander to Sheldon.
E vans*!! to Oskaloosa.
E vanston to Duncom be.
E w art*! to M ontezum a.
Fairfax*!! to W alford.
F airm ount! to M onroe.
F airport*!! to M uscatine.
Fairville to W hittem ore.
Fallow to G raettinger.
Fanslers to Yale.
Farm er to W aterloo.
F arrar* to M ingo. '
F aulkner*!! to Ackley.
F ern to Parkersburg.
Fernald*! to N evada.
Fielding to Quimby.
Fifleld to Pella.
Fillm ore to D ubuque.
F inch F ord to Janesville.
Fiscus to Audubon.
F isk to Orient.
Five P oints to D ubuque.
F lagler!! to Knoxville.
Flugstad to W ebster C ity.
Folletts* to Low M oor.
Folsom !! to Glenwood.
F ord*!! to Swan.
F orest Hom e to M onte­
zum a.
F orest M ills to W aukon.
F o rt D es M oines*! to Des
M oines.
F oster to M oravia.
Four Corners to Lockridge.
F ranklin to Donnellson.
F ranklin S tation to D on­
F raser! to Boone.
F redonia to Colum busJunction.
F redric*!! to Albia.
F rendale to Oxford.
FroeHch*! to M cGregor.
F ru itian d * !! to M uscatine
Fulton* (Jackson Co.) to
M aquoketa.
F ulton to Stockton.
G albraith to Luverne.
Galesburg to M onroe.
G alland to M ontrose.
G am bril to M cCausland.
G ardiner to Bouton.
•Garfield to M ystic.
G arland to M orning Sun.
t Telegraph Station.

G ates to A tlantic.
Genoa to Seymour.
Genoa Bluff to Ladora.
Georgetown to Albia.
Gerled* to L edyard.
G erm antow n to Paullina
G erm an Valley to Tltonka
Germ anville to E ast Pleas­
a n t Plain.
G iard to M cGregor.
Giesel Springs to Dubuque.
Gifford*!! to Union.
Given*!! to Oskaloosa
Gladstone* to T am a.
Gladwin*!! to Haskins.
Glasgow to Lockridge.
Glendale* to Fairfield.
Glendon to Menlo.
G raf!! to E pw orth.
Graham * to Colesburg.
G rant C en ter!! to Rodney.
G rant C ity to Auburn.
Granville (M ahaska Co.) to
T aintor.
Green Island*!! to Bellevue.
G ridley!! to Armstrong.
Griffinsville to Mystic.
Grovehill to Fairbank.
G under to Elgin.
Gunwald to Williamson.
Gùss to Villisca.
G ypsum !! to F o rt Dodge.
H ale*!! to Olin.
H aifa*! to Ringsted.
H am ilton*!! to Bussey.
H anfo rd !! to M ason City.
H anna to Corwith.
H anover to Alta.
H arrison to W interset.
H arvard * !! to Sewall.
H astie to Des Moines.
H auntow n to Clinton. '
H aven to T am a.
H avre to Crawfordsville.
Hawleyville to Clarinda.
H aw thorn to Red Oak.
H ebron to Orient.
H erring*!! to W all Lake.
H errold*! to Granger.
Hesper* to M abel, Minn.
H iattsville to M oravia.
H ickory to Albia.
High* to M arengo.
H igh Bridge to Madrid.
H ighland Center* to Hed­
High P o in t to GardenGrove
H ighview! to W ebster City.
H obarton! to Algona.
Hocking* to Albia.
Holbrook* to Parnell.
Holly Springs to Homick.
H om er to Lehigh.
H om estead*!! to Oxford.
Hoovers to Buxton.
Hopeville to M urray.
H orton to Plainfield.
H oughton*! to Salem.
Howe to S tu art.
H ughes to Eldora.
H urley! to Rockwell.
H uron to Oakville.
H u rst M ill to Sabula.
H urstville* to Maquoketa.
H ustad to Lyle, Minn.
H utch in s!! to B ritt.
loonium to M oravia.
In d u stry ! to F o rt Dodge.
Iow a C enter to Maxwell.
Irm a to W averly.
Iron H ills to Maquoketa.
Irving*! to Elberon.
Irvington*!! to Algona.
Iveyville to Brooks.
Iv y to Altoona.
Jackson to Anamosa.
Jacksonville to Harlan.
Jacobs to Grinnell.
Jam es*!! to Leeds Station.
Sioux C ity.
Jamison* to Osceola.
J a y to W oodburn.
Jerico to New Hampton.
Jordan*! to Boone.
Jubilee to Jesup.
Ju d d to Duncombe.
Ju n ia ta ! to Storm Lake.
Kalo* to Otho.
K een to Des Moines.
Kernling to E lliott.
K endallville to Cresco.
Kennebec*! to Onawa.
K ennedy to Adel.
Kenwood*!! to Arion.
K ey W est to Dubuque.
Kiene to M onti.
Kilbourne* to Keosauqua.
K im ball to Pleasantville.
Klinger to Readlyn.
Klondike (Lyon Co.) to
K nittel to Readlyn.
Know lton! to Diagonal.
K nox to Sidney.
KOszta to Ladora.

Celle to Osceola.
;ey* ito New Sharon.
Crew! to Donnellson.
loga to Gravity,
rayette! to Alburnett.
! Express Office.




Lamoille*!! to S tate C enter
Lancaster to Sigourney.
Langworthy*!! to M onticello.
Larland to Audubon.
L attners to E p w orth.
Lavinia to Rockwell C ity.
Lawn H ill*!! to New P rovi­
Leando to Douds.
Lear to Stout.
Lebanon (Van B uren Co.)
to C antril.
Lebanon (Sioux Co.) to
Sioux Center.
Leeds S tatio n !! to Sioux
Lena* to P ato n .
Leslie*!! to Osceola.
Letts*!! to Grandview.
Levey to D es M oines.
Liberty to New Virginia.
Lima* to F ayette.
Idnwood to D avenport
Littleton to Jesup.
Little T urkey to Law ler.
Lockman to Albia.
Locust* to Decorah.
Lorah* to Brayton.
Lore to D ubuque.
Loring to Cambridge.
Lotts Creek to Lone Rock
Louisat to M arion.
Lourdes to Elm a.
Loveland*tt to M issouri
Lowell* to New London.
Ludlow to W aukon.
Lundgren to Lehigh.
Lurayft to M arshalltow n.
Luton to Salix.
Lycurgus to W aukon.
Lyman to Griswold.
Mackey to S tory C ity.
M aclayt to W ebb.
M acyft to Ackley.
Maine to M oravia.
Magnolia* to Woodbine.
M aione*tt to D e W itt.
Manhattan*, to Spirit Lake.
Maple to Eddyvflle.
Maple Hill*!! to Arm strong
Maple L eaf to Elm a.
Maple R iver*!! to Carroll.
M arietta to M arshalltow n.
Mark to W est Grove.
Marne*!! to B rayton.
Marquisviile to Des Moines
Marsh*!! to Winfield.
M artins to M cCausland.
Marysville* to Bussey.
Massillon*!! to Lowden.
Maud to W aukon.
May C ity to Ocheyedan.
Maysville to W alcott.
M cOausland*!! to Prince­
McNally to Biawarden.
M cPaul*tt to T hurm an.
McPherson to Red Oak.
Mederville*! to L ittleport.
Medora to New Virginia.
Menlo*!! to Casey.
Meroa to Osage.
M etz!! to New ton.
Meyer* to Stacyville.
Miami to Lovllia.
Middle A m ana to M arengo.
Middleburg to Orange C ity.
Middle River to W interset.
Midland to Rock Rapids.
Midvale to Huxley.
Miller*!! to V entura.
Millville to G uttenburg.
Mineral Ridge to Boone.
M inerva*tt to M arshall­
Moingona* to Boone.
Mona to Lyle, M inn.
Monterey to M oulton.
Monti to W inthrop.
Montpelier*! to Buffalo.
Moore to New Sharon.
Moran! to W oodward.
Mormontown to Blockton.
Morningside*! to SiouxCity
Morse*! to Solon.
Moscow*!! to W ilton Je t.
Mount Carm el to Breda.
Mount E tna* to Corning.
Mount Jo y to Eldridge.
Mount Olive to Cherokee.
Mount Zion*!! to Keosauqua.
Munterville to Blakesburg.
Murphy to Newton.
Nashville*! to M aquoketi
Nassau to Gibson.
Neils to F orest C ity.
Neptune to Le M ars.
Newborn to Lacona.
New Boston*!! to Donnel
■' son.
New Dixon to Dixon.
New E ra to M uscatine.
Newhaven to Osage.
Newkirk to Hospers.
Newport*ft to Wapello.
Nilesviile t.o Charles C ity
Nira to Kinross.
Nixon to Donnellson.
Noble*!! to W ayland.
Nordness to Decorah.
North B ranch to Guthri
„ C e n te r.
Norwich*! to Yorktown.
Norwood to Lucas.
Norwoodvillet to Des
„M oines.
Nugent (Keokuk Co.) t
B Ollie.

N ugent to Coggon.
N ym an to Red Oak.
Oakdale*! to N o rth L iberty
Oakland M ills to M ount
Oakley*! to C hariton.
Oakwood to Charles C ity.
Oasis! to W est Branch.
Okoboji*! to Spirit Lake.
Olaf to K anaw ha.
O 'L eary to Oyens.
Olivet to Oskaloosa.
Olmitz* to Russell.
O ntario*tt to Ames.
O ralabor to Ankeny.
Ord to W interset.
O rillia!! to Cummings.
Orleans*! to Spirit Lake.
Orm anville to O ttum w a.
Orson*! to M ondam in.
OrtonviHe to Waukee.
Osborne* to Volga.
Osgood+i to G raettinger.
O sterdock*!! to G uttenberg.
O tranto Station*! to Car­
O tter Creek to L am otte.
O tterville to Independence.
Owasa*t! to Iowa Falls.
Owego to Salix.
Oxford M ills to Oxford
P ackard! to Clarksville.
Page* to Clarinda.
Page C enter to Clarinda.
P alestine to Lone Tree.
PalsvUle to Belmond.
P an th er to D allas Center.
P aralta* !! to Springville.
Paris* (Linn Co.) to C entral
C ity.
P aris (W ashington Co.) to
P aris! (D avis Co.) toR ublo.
P ayne*!! to H am burg.
Peoria to Pella.
Percival to Sidney.
Perkins*! to Hull.
Perlee*!! to Fairfield.
Petersburg to Dyersville.
Petersville*! to C harlotte.
Pickering! to Gilman.
Pine M ills to M uscatine.
P ittsb u rg to Keosauqua.
P itzer to E arlham .
Plainview to Dixon.
P lato*!! to Clarence.
P leasantgrove to New Lon­
P leasant Plain* to E ast
P leasant Plain.
P leasant Valley*! to Le
Plessis*!! to H artley.
Plum Creek to Algona.
Polk C ity Ju n c tio n !! to
Poplar to Audubon.
Portland*! to M ason City.
P o rt Louisa to W apello.
Powersville to N ashua.
P rairie Grove to M iddletown.
P rairie Rose to W alnut.
Primrose* to Donnellson.
Prole*!! to Indianola.
P urdy*! to C hariton.
Q uarry! to M arshalltow n.
Racine to Buckeye.
Rainbow to W ilton Jet.
Raleigh ,to Estherville.
R ands to Rockwell C ity.
R athbun*!! to M ystic.
R aym ond*!! to W aterloo.
R ead to E lkader.
Red Line to Kirkm an.
Reeders M ills to Logan.
Reels to Honey Creek.
Rexfleld* to Bussey.
Richfield to Sumner.
Richmond* to Kalona.
Rickardsville to D ubuque.
R ider to Grimes.
Ringgold to M ount Ayr.
Risingsun to Altoona.
R itter to Sheldon.
R iver Junction*! to Lone
R oberts to Otho.
R obertson*!! to Iowa Falls.
Robins* to C edar Rapids.
Robinson to R yan.
Rochester to T ipton.
Rock D ale to D ubuque.
Roelyn to M oorland.
Rom e*!! to M t. P leasant.
Rorbeck to M arne.
Rosebrook to Centerville.
Roselle to H albur.
Rosendale to Story C ity.
Ross*!! to Audubon.
Ruble to Brunsville.
S aint Donatus* to Bellevue.
S aint Joseph to Livermore.
S aint P aul to P ilot Grove.
Saint P au l Station to P ilot
Salina to Fairfield.
Sand P rairie! to Argyle.
Sandspring to M onticello.
Sandusky to Keokuk.
Sandyville to Pleasantville.
Santiago to B ondurant.
Saratoga* to Riceville.____

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County


S attre to Decorah.
Saude to Lawler.
Savannah to Bloomfield.
Sawyer to W est P oint.
Saylor! to Ankeny.
Scandia to M adrid.
Schley to Cresco.
Scotch Grove*!! to M onti­
Scott to Stanley.
Searsboro*!! to M onte­
Sedan!! to M oulton.
Seigel to Tripoli.
Seneca to Ringsted.
Seney*!! to Le M ars.
S hady Grove to Jesup.
Shaffton! to Low M oor.
Sharon to Audubon.
Sharon C enter to Riverside.
Sheridan to Tam a.
Sherm an to Radcliffe.
Sherwood*! to Rockwell
Shipley*! to Nevada.
Shueyville* to Swisher.
Siam to Hopkins, M o.
Silverlake to Emm ons,
M inn.
Sinclair! to Parkersburg.
Solomon to Imogene.
Solsberg to Clarion.
South A m ana*! to M arengo
South G arry Owen to
B ernard.
Spechts F erry*!! to Sherrill
Spring Brook* to Bellevue
Springdale* to W est B ranch
Stennett* to Red Oak.
Sterling to Sabula.
Stiles to Pulaski.
Stilson! to Corwith.
Stilwell to New Sharon.
Stone C ity*!! to Anam osa.
S tout*!! to Parkersburg.
Streepy to Centerville.
Summerset*! to Indianola.
Sum m itville to Keokuk.
Sutleff to Lisbon.
Swaledale to Rockwell
Swanton to New H artford.
Swedesburg* to Olds.
Sweetland to M uscatine.
Talleyrand* to Keota.
Talmage*! to Afton.
T a ra ! to F o rt Dodge.
Tenold to N orth wood.
T erry to W alford.
T horpe*!! to M anchester.
Ticonic to Rodney.
T ilton*!! to D eep R iv er.
T ioga!! to Rose Hill.
T ipperary! to Williamson.
T itu s !! to W ashington.
Tivoli to Dyersville.
Toddville*! to C enterpoint.
Toolsboro to Oakville.
T rentham to A lbum etts.
T renton to W ayland.
Troy* to M ilton.
T urkey River*!! to G utten
T u rn er!! to Kellogg.
Tuskeego* to Lamoni.
Tyrone*!! to M elrose.
Ulm er*!! to W all Lake.
Union Mills to N ew Sharon.
U niversity Park* to Oska­
U tica to Stockport.
Valley to Rubio.
V andalia to P rairie C ity.
Veo* to Brighton.
Verdi to Brighton.
Vernon to Bonaparte.
Village Creek to Lansing.
Vilm ar to Greene.
Vincennes* to Argyle.
Vinie to Scarville.
Viola to Springville.
Viola Center to Audubon.
Volney to M onona
W ales to Henderson.
W allin to Stanton.
W alnut C ity to M ystic.
Wanlock* to Lovllia.
W are*! to Pocahontas.
W ashburn*!! to W aterloo.
W ashington P rairie to
W aukon.
W atson to M onona.
W atterson to M ount Ayr.
Waubeek* to C entral C ity.
W aukon Junction*!! to
M arquette.
W aupeton* to D ubuque.
W eed to W all Lake.
West* to M arengo.
W esterville to G rand River.
W est M itchell! to M itchell.
W estphalia* to E ar ling.
W heeler to M acedonia.
Wheelerwood to M asonC ity
W hiteburg to Buxton.
W hite Cloud 'to M alvern.
W hite E lm to Selma.
W hite Pigeon to W ebster.
W hite Sulphur to Daven__port.
W hittier* to Springville.
W ichita* to G uthrie C enter
Wick*! to Sti Charles.
W ightm an! to Lohrville.
W ilke*!! to Williams._____
•Money Order Office.

Willey to Dedham .
Williamson (Adams Co.) to
W illiamstown (Chickasaw
Co.) to New H am pton.
W illiam stown to Kalona.
W indham to Oxford.
W ood to Edgewood.
W oodland to GardenGrove.
W oolsonü to Richland.
Yorkshire* to Persia.
Z aneta! to Hudson.
Zion to Orient.
Zookspur to M adrid.

Achilles* to Herndon.
Ackerland* to Jarbalo.
Acres*! to Ashland.
Adams*! to Norwich.
AdamsviUe to Oxford.
Aetna* to Lake C ity.
Agricola*! to W averly.
A kron! to Winfield.
A lam eda to Kingm an.
A lida*!! to Junction C ity,
Allison to Jennings.
A lta to M oundridge.
Alvin to Carlton.
America C ity to H avensville.
Amiot*! to H arris.
Amy* to D ighton.
A ndale*!! to M t. Hope.
Angelus to Grinnell.
Annelly* to Newton.
Axmess*!! to Norwich.
Antelope*!! to M arion.
Antioch to Gardner.
Antonino to Hays.
Archer to Liberal.
Argentine*!! to K ansas
C ity.
Arkalon*! to Liberal.
A rm our D ale to K ansas
A rrington to A ndalet .
Badger to Galena.
B aker*!! to Willis.
B arclay*!! to Osage C ity.
B arrett* to F rankfort.
B a rtlett* !! to Chetopa.
Basil* to Kingm an.
B atesv illeü to T oronto.
B ayard*! to M oran.
Bayneville*!! to Clear­
B azaar*!! to Cottonwood
Bedford to Stafford.
Bellefont*!! to Spearville.
B elm ont to M urdoch
Belvidere* t ! to Ooldwater
Belvoir to Richland.
Ben Allen* to S cott C ity.
B ennettvllle to Soldier.
Berryton*! to T opeka.
Berwick*! to Sabetha.
Bethel* to K ansas C ity.
Beulah*! to Girard.
Big B end!! to Speed.
Bigspring to Lecompton.
Birm ingham * to H olton.
Blackstone to Caldwell.
Blair*!! to W athena.
Blakeman* to Atwood.
Bland to B urrton.
Block to Paola.
Bloom*!! to Bucklin.
Bloomington*! to Osborne.
Bodarc to Augusta.
Bodaville to Barnes.
Boicourt*! to L a Cygne.
Boling to Leavenworth.
Bolton*! to Independence.
Bonaccord to Solomon.
Bonita*! to Olathe.
Boyd* to Hoisington.
Boyle* to W inchester.
Bradford* to Eskridge.
B rainerd to W hitew ater.
B rantford to Agenda.
Breezy H ill to M ulberry.
B renner to T roy.
B renner H eights to Kansas
C ity, K an.
Brooks to Neodosha.
Browndale to Idana
Brownspur*! to Kingm an.
Buckeye to Abilene.
Buffalo P a rk !! to P ark.
Buffville*!! to Altoona.
B u rt to YateS Center.
Busby to Longton.
B uxton*! to Fredonia.
Cadm us to Parker.
Cairo*! to Cunningham .
Calderhead to Clyde.
Calista*! to Kingm an.
C alvert*! to Almena.
Cam pus*!! to O akley."
C anada*!! to Hillsboro.
Capaldo to F rontenac.
Capiom a to Sabetha.
C arden! to M arysville.
Carlyle*!! to Iola.
Carneiro*!! to Kanopolis.
Carona*!! to W est M ineral.
C a rter to Hutchison.
C atalpa to Gove.______,
t Telegraph Station.


C atharine to Hays.
C atlin to M iltonvale.
C ato to Arcadia.
Cedar*! to Claudell.
C edar Junction to D e Soto.
Chalk to Eskridge.
Chardon* to Atwood.
Charleston* to Cim arron.
C hautauqua*!! to Sedan.
Chicopee to P ittsburg.
Chiles*! to Bucyrus.
Cicero* to Wellington.
C lara to H addam .
C lare to Olathe.
Clearfield to Eudora.
Clinton* to Lawrence.
Clonmel to Viola.
Cloverdale to Grenola.
Coalvale to Arcadia.
Colem an to Bentley.
Com iskey*!! to Council
Como to Clyde.
Connor to Leavenworth.
Coolidge*!! to Holly, Colo.
C ora to Bellaire.
C orinth to Osborne.
Corless to D e Soto.
Costello to L a Fontaine.
C randall to Le Roy.
Crawford*!! to Geneseo.
C rescent! to Greensburg.
Crisfleld*! to A ttica.
C ritzer to M ound C ity.
Croft* to Coats.
C ro tty to Le Roy.
Croweburg* to M ulberry.
Curlew to P o tter.
Curranville. to M ulberry.
D ale to Udall.
D alton*! to Wellington.
D ana to G retna.
Darlow*! to Hutchinson.
D artm outh to G reat Bend.
Day* to Palm er.
Deerhead* to Medicine
D e Graff*!! to E ldorado.
Dellvale*!! to Oronoque.
D entonia to Esbon.
D etroit*!! to Enterprise.
D iam ond Springs*! to B ur­
Dillon* to Hope.
D illwyn*!! to Macksville.
D ispatch to Cawker C ity.
Division to Dighton.
D olespark to Canton.
Doniphan* to Atchison.
D oniphan Station to A t­
Downing to Council Grove.
D ru ry ! to South Haven.
Drywood to Arcadia.
D ubuque to Dorranoe.
D uluth ! ! to Onaga.
Dundee ! !to G reat Bend.
D unkirk to Frontenac.
E ato n ! to D exter.
Edison to G irard.
Edson*! to Goodland.
Elk* to Elm dale.
E lkhorn to Ellsw orth.
E lm o n t* ü to H oyt,
E lw ood*tl to St. Joseph.
M o.
Em m ons to W ashington.
Enosdale to M orrowville.
Essex to G arden C ity.
F act to Palm er.
Fairm ount* to Leaven­
w orth.
Fairport* to N atom a.
Fall* to E udora.
Fanning* to T roy.
Farlinville to M ound C ity.
Farm dale to Fredonia.
Farm ington*!! to Effing­
ham .
F aulkner*!! to Chetopa.
Ferguson to Anthony.
F ia t! to Howard.
Findlay to Centerville.
Flem ing to Cherokee.
Flintridge to E ureka.
Floral*!! to Winfield.
Flush* to St. George.
F orest to M edicine Lodge.
F orest Lake to Edwardsville.
F o rt Dodge* to Dodge C ity.
F o rt R iley*!! to Junction
C ity.
Fox Town to M ulberry.
Franklin* to G irard.
F rantz to Geneseo.
F ravel to Hopewell.
Frem ont* to M arquette.
Friend* to Scott.
Frizell*! to Larned.
F uller!! to M ulberry.
Gabriel to T roy.
Garfield C enter to M organville.
Gas* to Iola.
Gas C enter to T hayer.
Geneva*! to N eosha Falls.
G erardy to Lanham , Neb.
Gerlane*! to H azelton.
Glen L och!! to G arnett.
Globè! to Overbrook.
Goodrich*! to P arker.
Gordon*! to Douglass.
Gradan* to M orland.
G ranada to W etm ore.
! Express Office.




G rand S u m m it*tî to Gro­
G rantville*!! t o Topeka.
Grayling* to B urdett.
Greenbush to Girard.
Greenwich*!! to Kechi.
Grigsby* to Scott.
Grillville to W ilson.
Gross* to Arcadia.
Grove* to Rossville.
G roveland*tt to M cPher­
Guilford* to Benedict.
Guy* to Hoxie.
Hackberry* (Gove Co.) to
H ackney*!! to Winfield.
Haggard* to Ensign,
H ale to E lk City.
H alfm ound to Valley Falls.
Halford* to Colby. .
H alifax*!! to Alma.
H all’s Sum m it to W averly.
Hallville to Assaria.
H am m ond*!! to Fulton.
H annum to Concordia.
Harding* to M apleton, .
H argrave to LaCrosse.
H artlan d * !! to Lakin.
Haverhill* to Augusta.
H aw orth to H addam .
H azeh to M ulberry.
H erth a to E rie.
H ighland S tation to Sparks.
Hilltop*! to M adison.
H ilton to M cPherson.
Hodgem an to H anston.
H olliday*!! to Bonner
Hooser*!! to DexterHopewell! to P ra tt.
Howell to Dodge C ity ..
H ull! to M arysville.
H untsville to Plevna.
Huscher to Concordia.
H ym er*!! to Elm dale.
Im es! to O ttaw a.
Iowa. P o in t*! to
C loud.
Irene* to Syracuse.

W hite

Jerome* to Healy.
Julia to Kingm an,
Kalvesta* to Cim arron.
K am pler to Seneca.
K anw aka to Lecom pton.
Keelville to B axter Springs.
Keene to M aplehill.
Keighley* to Leon.
Kellogg to Winfield.
Kelso* to Council Grove.
K endall*!! to Syracuse.
Kenneth* to Stanley.
K eystone to S cott C ity.
Kickapoo to Leavenworth.
Kimeo to Greenleaf.
K irkw ood'to P ittsburg.
K iro! to Silver Lake.
K yd to Long island.
L ab ette tb A ltam ont.
Laclede to Wamego.
L adysm ith to C lay Center.
L aird to Ness City,
Lake Forrest to Edwardsville.
Lakeview !! to Lawrence.
Lam ar* to Delphos.
Lanevilie to Parsons.
L ang*!! to Em poria.
Langdon*!! to T uron. .
Langley*! to M arquette.
L anham to L anham , Neb.
L arkinburg*! to A rrington.
Lasita* to Green.
Lasswell* tb Medicine
L aton to N atom a.
Laurel to Jetm ore.
Lawndale to Cunningham .
Lawton* to Asbury, M o.
L eanna tb C h a n u te .,
Leeds to Grenola.
Le H u n t to Independence.
Lenape*!! to D e Soto.
L erado to Langdon.
Lindsey*! to M inneapolis.
L in to n !! to P rescott.
L om ax!! tb Quenemo.
L oretta to Bison.
Loring* to Bonner Springs.
Louisville* to Wamego.
Lowe to Sedan.
Lowell to Galena.
Lowem ont*! to Leaven­
w orth.
Lucerne* tb Jennings.
L uctor to P rairie View.
Lydia* to Leoti.
M acyville to, Glasco.
M anning* to Healy.
M antey to P rescott.
M aple,C ity*! to D exter.
M arienthal* to Leoti.
M arm ato n ! to Red field.
M athew son to McCufle.
M ay Day* to Randolph.
M cA llaster*!! to Winona.
M cLain to Newton.
M edora*!! to Hutchinson.
M elrose to C hetopa.
Menno* to Syracuse.
M enokent to Topeka.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

M entor*! to Assaria.
Messer to Galena.
M iddletown to Buffalo.
M idian*!! to Eldorado.
M idland to Lawrence.
M idway (Crawford Co.) to
P ittsburg.
M ilberger to Russell.
M illard tp Hoisington.
M ille rto n ü to Conway
M ilo*! to B arnard.
Mina* to Summerfleld.
M ineral* to W est M ineral.
M ingo*! to Colby.
Missler* to Plains.
M oneti to. Sedan.
M onm outh*! to M cCune.
M onrovia* to Effingham.
M ontana to L abette.
M onticello to Zarah.
M oray*!! to T roy.
M orris!! to Argentine.
M unjor to Hays.
M yers Valley to W estm ore­
N ational M ilitary Home*
to Leavenworth.
N atro n a!! to P ra tt.
Neely to Tonganoxie.
Nelson to Frontenac.
Neola to Stafford.
N ettleton to Kinsley.
N eutral to Columbus.
New Almelo* to Lenora.
N ew L ancaster to Drexel,
Newman* to P erry.
Nicodemus* to Bogue.
N oble to Lyons.
N o rth Altoona to Benedict.
N orthbranch* to B urr Oak.
N o rth Cedar* to Valley
N p rth co tt to Colony.
Norwood to O ttaw a.
Oak Mills*! to Atchison.
Oak Valley*! to Longton.
Oakwood to.,Centerville.
Oatville* to W ichita:
Ocheltree*! to Spring Hill.
Odense to Erie.
Odin to Claflin.
Oil Hill* to E ldorado.
Oil Valley* to Elbing.
O lcottt! to Turon.
O livet*!! to Lebo.
Olympia to P ra tt.
Ontario* to Bancroft.
Orion* to Grinnell.
Oscar to Clay Center.
Ost to A ridale.
O tto to D exter.
Ottosville to Bogue.
O ttum w a to Burlington.
Padonia*! to Reserve.
P alacky to Wilson.
Parallel to Barnes.
Parnell* to Atchison.
P atterson*! to B u rrto n .
Pauline*!! to Topeka.
Pawnee Station* 'to H iattvillei t
Peac.ecreek to Sylvia.
P earl*!! to E nterprise.
Pendennis*! to Utica.
Peoria* to O ttaw a.
Petersburg to Uniontown.
Peterson to Holcomb.
Petrolia* to Chanute.
Pfeifer* to Victoria.
Pierce Ju n c tio n !! to E ver­
P leasant Green to Agra.
Pleasantgrove to Lawrence.
Plym outh*!! to Saffordville.
Poe to Leoti.
Pollard*! to Lyons.
P ontiac*!! to Eldorado.
P orterville to W alnut.
P ortland*! to South H aven.
P rairie C enter to E udora.
Price to Sabetha.
Radley*!! to F rontenac.
Rago*!! to Kingm an.
R am sey! to Eldorado.
R app to Osage City., .
Ravanna* to G arden C ity .
R ay*!! to Larned.
Reager to Q ronoque..
Sm ith
Redwing! to H oisington.
R eno!! to Tonganoxie.
Rest*!; to Benedict.
Rice*! to Concordia.
Richardson to Leavenw orth
¿Richfield* to E lk h art.
R ichter to O ttaw a.
R inehart to Chapm an.
Ringo* to G irard.
Riverside to N ess C ity.
R iverton*!! to Galena,
Roanoke to Syracuse.
Rollin to C hanute.
Rome*! to W ellington.
Roper*!! to Buffalo.
Rose*!! to Y ates C enter .
Rosedale to K an O. .
Roseland to Scammon.
Rosembrit to W illiamsburg.
Rosette, to Sylvan Grove.
R ubens to W ebber.
RUleton*!! to Goodland.
R unnym ede to H arper.
R ydai*!! toScandia.


ACounty Seat.

Saint Benedict to Seneca.
S aint Clere* to E m m ett.
S aint Joseph to Clyde.
S aint Leo to Cunningham .
S aint M arks to Colwich.
S aint P eter to M oreland.
Salem to Esbon.
Salem sburg to Smolan.
Sallyards*!! to Reece.
Sanford*! (Pawnee Co.) to
¿Santa Fe*i to Sublette.
Schoenchen*+ to Hays.
Schroyert! to M arysvillo.
Scipio to Richm ond.
Scottsville*!! to Beloit.
Seabrook to Topeka.
Seguln* to Hoxie.
Selkirk* to Leoti.
Selma* to Kincaid.
Seth to Almena.
Shaffer*! to Albert.
Shallow W ater* to S cott
C ity.
Shannon*!! to L ancaster.
Sharpe! to Burlington.
Sherdahl to Scandia.
Sherm an*! to W estM ineral.
Sherwin Junction to Colum­
Shook*! to Anthony.
Shorey to Topeka.
Sibley to Lawrence.
Silica* to Ellinwood.
Skiddy*!! to W hite C ity.
Skidmore to Scammon.
Sm artville to Lyndon.
Solomon Rapids* to Beloit.
Somerset*! tb Louisburg.
South P ark to Shawnee.
Springdale to E aston.
Sprihgvale to C oats.
S tanton to R antoul.
Stippville to Columbus.
Stranger to Tonganoxie.
Strauss to M cCune.
S traw berry to Clifton.
Strickler to Iuka.
Stull to Lecompton.
Sumnerville to M inneapolis
Sunnydale to Valley Center
Sutphen to Chapm an.
Sycam ore*!! to Independ­
Sycam ore Springs to Cassoday.
Tablem ound to Independ­
T asco!! to Hoxie.
Tecumseh*! to Topeka.
Thom as to W aterville.
Thompsonville to Perry.
Thornburg to Sm ith C entre
T hurm an to M atfleldGreen
Tisdale to Winfield.
Townsend to A rkansas C ity
T rading P ost to Pleasanton
T rilby! to Kincaid.
T ru ck !! to Columbus.
T urkville to Plainville.
U neda to M eade.
U pland to Chapm an.
U rbana* to Chanute.
Utopia* to E ureka.
Valencia*!! to Topeka.
Vance to K ansas City.
Verdi*! to Niles.
Vernon*!! to Y ates City.
Victor* to Beloit.
Vine* to M anchester.
Yining*!! to Clifton.
Yinton to Dexter.
Voda to Collyer.
Volland*!! to Alma.
W abaunsee*!! to Wamego.
W aco to Peck.
W aconda Springs* to Cawker C ity.
W agstafl*!! to Paola.
W alkertow n to F o rt Scott.
W alsburg* to Leonardville.
W aterloo to Kingm an.
W atson to T opeka,
W auneta*!! to Cedarvale.
Wells*! to Minneapolis. .
W elisford*!! to H aviland.
W hite C hurch to K ansas
C ity.
W hitm an to Oxford.
W ilbur! to M adison.
W ilburton* to E lkhart.
W ilder*!! to Bonner S pr’gs.
Willowdale* to Zenda.
W ilm ington to Harveyville.
W ilroads* to Dodge City.
W ilsonton to M ound Valley
W indhorst to Spearville. ;
Winkler* to Randolph.
W ittru p to Jetm ore.
W olcott*! to Leavenworth.
W om er to R iverton, N eb.
W onsevu to C edar P oint.
W oodlawn to Sabetha.
W orden to Baldwin.
W reford to Junction City.
W right*!! to Atchison.
Kenia* to M apleton.
Yale! to P ittsburg.
Yocemento to Hays.
•Money Order Office.


Z eandale*!! to M a n h attan .
Zook! to Larned.

Aaron to Albany.
A bbott to Sulphur.
Abel to London.
Aberdeen to M organtow n.
Abigail to Germ antown.
Abner to Ewing.
Absher* to Columbia.
Access to Olive Hill.
Acorn to Somerset.
Acton to Campbeilsville.
Adaburg to W hitesville,
Adams* to Louisa.
Addison*! to Cloverport.
Adela to M anchester.
Adeline* to Louisa.
Aden*! to Olive Hill.
Adkins* tb Grayson.
Adolphus*! to Scottsville.
Advance to Ironton, Ohio.
Aflex to W illiamson, W. Va.
A fton to Grayson.
Ages*! to H arlan.
Agnes to Lewisburg,
Ahab to Somerset.
Airdale to Beattyville.
Akersville* to F ouhtainR un
Albany Landing* to Burkesville.
A lbert to Sandy Hook,
A lberta to SadieVilie.,
Albia to E ubanks.
Alcalde to Som erset. *
Alcorn to M cKee.
Alexander Station to M os­
Alford to Lawrenceburg.
Alger* to Oneida.
A lham bra to Ewing.
Alice to W est L iberty.
Aliceton* to Perryville.
Allais to H azard.
Allegre* to E lkton.
Allendale to Greenburg.
Allen Springs* to Scottsville
Allock to H azard.
Almo*! to M urray.
Alonzo tb Scottsville.
A lpha to A lbany.
A lphoretta* to P restons­
Alpine* to Burnside,
A ltam ont to E a st Bernsta d t.
A lton!! to Lawrenceburg.
Alton Station* to Law­
A ltro*!! to Jackson.
Alvaton* to Bowling Green.
Alvin to Prestonsburg.
Alzey to M ount Vernon,
Amandaville* to Burkes­
A m ba to Prestonsburg.
Ambrose to Nicholasville.
Ammie* tb M anchester.
Ammons* to Cloverport.
Amos to Scottsville.
A m ster to Richmond.
Anchor* to Barboutsville.
Anchorage*! to M iddletown.
Anderson to Lewisburg.
Andersonville to Owens­
Andyville* to Brandenburg.
A nna to Bowling Green.
Annalee tb M anchester.
Anneta* to Leitchfleld.
Annviile* to Bond.
Ano to Somerset.
Ansel* t o Science Hill.
Antepast* tb M anchester.
A nthoston to Henderson.
A ntioch to Springfield.
A nton to Madisonville.
Apex to Greensville.
Arabia* to M cKinney.
A rat to Burkesville.
Arch to Vine Grove.
Archcliff to Gla’sgow.
A rdath to Allen.
Arderey to Livingston.
A rgentum to Greenup.
Argillite* to Greenup. .
Argo to Williamson, W. Va,
Argyle (Casey Co.) to
Arjay* to Pineville.
Ark to Pineville.
Arlen to W inchester. » ■
Armstrong* to ' Olive Hill.
Arnold to Coneyville.
. Arnoldton to Sturgis. ’
Arrowood to Jackson.
A rtem us*!! to Bar hour ville
I A rthur* to Brownsville.
1A rtville to Hazel Green.
Arvel to Beattyville.
Ary* to H azard.
Asa to P aints ville.
A sbury to Berea.
Ashbrook to Lawrenceburg.
Ashbyburg* to Calhoun. ?
Ashcamp to Pikeville; ,
; Asher to H yden. "' r
Ashville to F ern Creek.*
i Askin* to Fordsville.
Asphalt* to Brownsville,
i Atchison to Campbeilsville.
, Athens to Lexington.
■Athertonville* to New
f Athol*! to Jackson.
- 1 Telegraph Station.

A tlanta* to E a st Bernstadt.
A toka to Danville.
A tterson to Liberty.
Attilla* to New Hope.
Atwood to W alton.
A udra to Stanton.
Audubon*! (HendersonCo.)
to Henderson.
A ult to Olive Hill.
A urora to H ardin.
A usterlitz*!! toClintonville.
Austin* to Glasgow.
Auxier*! to Prestonsburg.
Avawam to H azard.
A vena to C ynthiana.
Avenstoke*! to W addy.
Avoca* to St. M athews.
Avon to Lexington.
Awe to Vanceburg.
Axtel* to Hardinsburg.
Azalea to K uttaw a.
Baekusburg to Mayfield.
Baden to C orbin.
Badger to Hodgenville.
Baileys Switch* to Barbo urville.
Bainbridge to Cerulea'n.
Baizetown* to Beaver Dam
B aker to M cRoberts.
Bakerton* to Burkesville.
B ald Eagle to Sharpsburg.
Bald H ill to Flemingsburg.
B ald Rock to London.
Baldwin to Valley View.
Balkan* to Pineville.
Ballance to Paducah.
Ballard to Lawrenceburg,
B allard to W ayland
(Floyd Co.)
Bailardsville to La Grange.
B allot to Paintsville.
Balls Landing* to Gratz.
Balltow n to Bardstown.
Balm to Flemingsburg.
B ancroft to Greenville.
Bandy* to Somerset.
Banford* to Beattyville.
Bangor to M orphead.
Banks to W hitesburg.
Banner* to Prestonsburg.
Banock to Morgantown.
B aptist to Cam pton.
Barcreek to M anchester.
Bardstow n Junction* to
Barefoot* to Cynthiana.
B ark Camp M ills to Corbin
B arnes to Hopkinsville.
B arnetts Creek* to Paints­
Barnrock to Paintsville.
Barnsley* to Earlington.
Barrallton* to Shepherds­
Barrenfork* to Pine Knot.
B arretts F erry to Fords­
Barrier to Monticello.
B a rt to Monticello.
Barterville* to Carlisle.
B artles to Brandenburg.
Barton* to Corbin.
Barwick to Jackson.
Bascom to Sandy Hook.
Basil to Gradyville,
Basin Springs to Irvington.
B askett*! to,Henderson.
Bass to Campbeilsville.
Bath* to Hindm an,
B attle to Mackville.
B a ttle R un to Ewing.
Battletow n* to Branden­
Bauer* to Burnside.
B axter*!! to H arlam
Bayfork to Bowling Green
Bayou* to Birdsville.
Bays* to Salyersville.
B ean to M ount Sterling.
Bear W allow to Horse Cave
Beaum ont* to Edmonton.
Beaver to Pikeville.
Beaver Creek Station!! to
Beaverliek* to Walton.
Becknerville to Winchester.
Beckton to Glasgow.
B eda to H artford.
Bee to M unfordville.
Beech burg to Flemingsbu rg
Beech Creek* to Greenville.
Beechwood* to Sadieville
Beechy to Greenup.
Beelerton to Fulton.
Beelick to Crab Orchard.
Beerock to Stearns.
Bee Spring* to Brownsville.
Beetle to Grayson.
Bellejellico* to Pineville.
Belcourt to Slaughters.
Bell to Hopkinsville.
Beil C ity to Mayfield. ,
Belljellico* to Pineville. ,
Belle Point*! to Beattyville
Bells T race to Grayson.
Bellwood to Bardstown.
Belm ont*! to Lebanon
• .
Belton to Greenville.
Bengal* to Campbeilsville.
Benge* to M anchester.
R anham *ti to H arlan
B ennett to Greenup.
B ennettstow n to La rayetet.
Benson to F rankfort.
B ent to Somerset.
Berlin to Brookville.
Bem ice to M anchester.__
f ExpresB Office.


Bernstadt* to London.
Berry F erry to Golconda,
Berrys Lick* to M organ­
Bet* to Olive Hill.
Bethany to M onterey.
Betheirldge* to E ubanks.
Bethesda* to Monticello.
Bethlehem* to Pleasureville
Betsey* to M onticello.
Betsman to Jackson.
Betsy Layne* to Prestónsburg.
Bevelli to Steam s.
Beverly (Christian Co.) to
Beverly* (Bell Co.) to Pine­
Bevier*} to C entral C ity.
Bevinsville to W eeksbury.
Bewleyville to Irvington.
Biddle to Georgetown.
Bigbone to W alton.
Big Creek*t to M anchester.
Bighill*t to Berea.
Big Oak to Riissell Springs.
Bigreedy to Brownsville.
Big Shoal to Pikeville.
Big Spring* to Vine Grove.
Bigstone to Sandy Hook.
Bilvia* to M cR oberts
Bimble to Barbourville:
Birks C ity to Owensboro.
Black.!oe to H arlan
Blackrock* to Leitchfleld.
Blacks F erry to Tompkinsville.
Black W ater* to London.
Blackwell to Pleasureville.
Blairs M ills to W est L iberty
Blake to B eattyville.
Blanche* to Pineville.
Blandville* to Wickliffe.
Blaze* to W est L iberty.
Bledsoe* to H arlan.
Bleidt to Golden Pond.
Blevins* to W illard.
Blincoe to Springfield.
Bliss to Columbia.
Bloomingdale to WinchesBfooniington* to Cannel
Bloss to London.
Blowing Springs to M unfordsville.
Bloyd* to Campbellsville.
Blue Diamond*} to H azard.
Bluefleld to W hitesburg.
Blue Hole to M anchester.
Blue Lick Springs to C ar­
Blue River to Prestonsburg.
Bluestone* to M orehead.
Bluff C ity to Henderson.
Bluff Spring to W hite
Pldlos •
Blythe to Tompkinsville.
Boat to H azard.
Boatwright to M urray.
Boaz*}} to M ayfield.
Bobtown* to Science Hill.
Boggs to Tollesboro.
Bohon* to H arrodsburg.
Boldman to Pikeville.
Boles* to Tompkinsville.
Bolyn to W ayland.
Bonanza* to Prestonsburg.
Bonayr to Glasgow.
B ondurant*t to H ickm an.
Bondville* to Lawrenceburg.
Bonham to L a Grange.
Bon Jéllico to W illiamsburg
Bonnieville*} to M unfordville.
Bonny to W est L iberty
Bonnyman to H azard.
Booker to Springfield.
Boone* to Berea.
Boones Creek to Lexington.
Boonsboro to W inchester.
Boons Camp* to Paintsville
Bordley to Sturgis.
Boreing* to London.
Boston Station* to B utler
Bosworth* to Middlesboro.
Botland to Bardstown
Bourbon to Bardstown.
Bourne to Bryantsville.
Bowen* to Stanton.
Bowlingtown* to Hazard.
Bowman to Flemingsburg.
Boxville* to Morganfleld
Boyce to W oodburn.
Boydsville to Hazel.
Bracht to W alton.
Bradel to Barbourville.
Bradford*} to Augusta.
Bradley to Salyersville.
Bradshaw to M cKee.
Bradshaw M ills to Kirks ville.
Brady* to Jam estow n.
Brainard to Prestonsburg.
Bram blett to Carlisle.
Brandon* to M urray.
Brannon to Lexington.
Brashear to P atrio t, Ind.
Brassfield*} to Waco.
B ratton to M ount Olivet.
Braxton to H arrodsburg.
Brayville to B utler
Brazil to McKeje
Breck to Owenton.
Breckinridge to C ynthiana.
Breeding* to Columbia.
Bremen* to South Carroll­
Brent to Cold Springs.
Brewers to B enton. .
Bridgeport to F rankfort.

Bridgeville to M t. Olivet.
Briensburg to Benton.
Brighton* to Lexington
B right Shade* to M an­
Brinkley to H indm an.
Bristow* to Oakland.
B ritm art to Pem broke.
Brocade to Burnside.
Brock* to London.
Brom ley (K enton Co.) to
Bromley (Owen Co.) to
Bromo to M ount Vernon.
Bronston* to Burnside.
Brooklyn* to M organtown.
Brooks* to Shepherdsville.
Brougbtentow h to Crab
Browder*} to Greenville.
Browning to Bowling Green
Brownsboro to Cnestwóod.
Browns Crossroads* to Al­
Browns Grove* to M urray.
Browns Valley to Utica.
Brownwood to W hetstone.
BruCe to Glasgow.
B rucken to Island.
Bruin to Sandy Hook.
Brumfield* to Perryville.
Brushart* to Greenup.
I Brush Creek to M ount
Brushy to Hodgenville.
B rutus to M anchester.
B ryants Store to B arbour­
Buchanan*} to Louisa.
Buckcreek* to Booneville.
Buckeye to L ancaster.
Buckhorn*} to H azard.
Buckner* to L a Grange.
Bucks Branch to P restons­
Bud to M onticello.
Buél to Calhoun.
Buenavista* (G arrard Co.)
to Bryantsville.
Buford to H artford.
Bulan to H azard.
Bullitsville to Burlington.
Bunch to London.
Burchfield to H arlan.
Burdick* to Campbellsville.
Burdine* to Jenkins.
Burfleld to M onticello.
Burika to Ewing.
Burke to Sandy Hook.
B urkhart to Cannel City.
Burkley* to Columbus.
B urna *to Birdsville.
Burning Springs* to M an­
B urr to M ount Vernon.
Burtonville* to Tollesboro.
Bush* to London.
Bushbraneh to Jackson.
Bushong to Glasgow.
Busseyvdlle to Louisa.
B utterfly to H azard.
Bybee* to Waco.
Byron to M anchester.
Cabell* to Monticello.
C abot to Fords ville. .
Caddo to Falm outh.
Cade to Rocky H ill Station.
Cadm us to Louisa.
Cains Store* to Somerset.
Cairo to Corydon.
Caleast to Richmond.
Caledonia to Cadiz.
California*} to New Rich­
m ond, Ohio.
Calla* to Jackson.
Callaboose to Cam pton.
Calvary* to Lebanon.
Calvin* to Pineville.
Camargo to M ount Sterling.
Camelia to Paducah..
Camp Nelson to B ryants­
Cam psprings
C am pton Junction}} to
Canada* to W illiamson, W.
C anby to Corinth.
Canecreek to London.
Cane Ridge to N orth
M iddletown.
Caney*} to Cannel City.
C annon to Barbourville.
Cannon M ills to A lb an y .,
Cannonsburg* to C atlettsburg.
Canoe* to Jackson.
Canton* to Cadiz.
C antrill to Irvine.
C anyon Falls* to B eatty­
Carbondale to Dawson
Cardiff to H azard.
Cardinal* to H arlan.
Cardwell to Cornishville,
Carico to Livingston.
Carl to Hopkinsville.
C arlinburg to Owensboro.
Carm ack to K uttaw a.
Carm el to M ilton.
Carm en to Pikeville.
Carntow n to Foster.
Carpenter* to W illiamsburg
Carrie to Hindm an.
C arrington to Salt Lick.
Carroll to Lockport.
Carrs*} to Vanceburg.
Carson to Sanders,

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

¿County Seat.

Carter* to Grayson.
Cartersyille* to P ain t Lick,
Cartwright* to Albany,
Carver to Salyersville.
Cary* to Pineville.
Casad Landing to Tolu.
Casey to M organtown.
Casey Creek* to Knifely. ,
C asey ville* to S turgis.
Cash to Upton.
Casky* to Hopkinsville.
Cassady to Bowling Green.
Catawba* to Falm outh.
C atherine to Somerset.
Causey to Hyden.
Caution to M anchester.
Cavehill to Bowling Green.
Cave Ridge to Edm onton.
Cave Spring* to Russellville
Cawood* to H arlan.
Cayee*} to Moscow.
Cecil to Paducah.
C edar K nobs to Albany.
Cedarville to M ount Vernon
Cedrdl to M anchester.
Celeste to L iberty.
Center* to Horse Cave.
Center Point to Tom pkins­
Centerview to Leitchfleld.
Centerville }to Paris.
Ceralvo* to Rockport.
Ceredo to Kevii.
Chadwell to McKee.
Chambers* (Hancock Co.)
to Hawesville.
Cham bers (Menifee Co.) to
M ount Sterling.
Chandlerville to Paintsville
Chapel Hill to Scottsville.
Chapeze *} to Shepherds­
Chappell to H yden.'
C harleston to DawsonSp’gs
Charley* to Blaine.
C harlotte Furnace* to Gray­
Charters* to Vanceburg.
C hatham to Brookville.
C haum ont
Chavies*}} to H azard.
Cheap to Russell.
Chenaultt* to Cloverport.
Chenoa*} to Pineville.
Chenowee to Jackson.
Cherokee* to Blaine.
C herry to M urray.
Cherrygrove to Williamstown,
Chester*} to London.
C hestnut burg to M anches­
C hestnut Grove to Shelbyville.
Chevrolet to H arlan.
Chicago*} to Raywick.
C-hilesburg*} to Lexington.
Chilton* to H ustonville.
Chinn ville* to Russell.
C hinquapin Rough to Bond
Christiansburg* to Bagdad.
Christopher* to H azard.
C hristy to Morehead.
Church* to Leitchfleld.
Church H ill to Hopkinsville
Cicero to Versailles.
C inda to Hyden.
Cirgie to Greenup.
Clahill to Greenup.
Cland to Chaplin.
Clare to Franklin.
Clarence* to Eubank.
Clark* to Jeffersontown.
Clarksburg to Vanceburg.
Claryville to Alexandria.
Claxton*} to Princeton.
C layburn to Mayfield.
Clayhole* to Jackson.
Claym our to E lkton.
Claypool* to Bowling Green
Claysvillet to C ynthiana.
Clay Switch to M ayfield.
C layton to Sandy Hook.
C lay Village to Shelbyville.
Clearfield* to M orehqad.
Clear Springs to M ayfield.
Cleaton*} to C entral City.
Clem ents ville*. to Casey
Clemmons to Jackson.
Clermont*} to Shepherds­
Cleveland to Richmond.
Cliff* to Prestonburg.
Clifford to Louisa.
Clifton Mills* to Irvington.
C lifty to E lkton.
Climax* to Berea.
Clio* to W illiamsburg.
Clipper to Hodgenville.
Cloud to Oakland.
Clover Bottom * to Berea.
Cloverfork to A ppalachia,
Cloyds Landing* to Burkesville.
Clyde to M onticello
Coakley to Greensburg.
Coal to Paintsville.
Coalgood to H arlan.
Coalm ont to W illiamsburg.
Coal Run* to Pikeville.
Coalton to Ashland.
Cobb*} to Cerulean Springs
CobhiU* to Irvine.
Coburg* to Campbellsville.
Cody* to H indm an.
Cofer to E dm onton.
Coffey to L iberty.
Cogswell to Salt Lick.
Money Order Office.

Cohron to Bowling Green.
Coiltown to Nebo.
Coin to Somerset.
ColdWater to M urray.
Coleman to Williamson, W.
Colesburg* to E lizabeth­
Coletown to Lexington.
College Hill* to Waco.
Collier to M cKees.
Colly* to W hitesburg.
Colmar* to Pineville.
Colo to Somerset.
Colson* to W hitesburg.
Colville to C ynthiana.
Combs to H azard.
Comer to Sebree.
Concord*} to Vanceburg.
Concordia* to Brandenburg
Conda to H azard.
Conestoga to Jackson.
Confederate to Eddyville.
Confluence* to Hyden.
Congo to E ast B ernstadt.
Conkling to Booneville.
Conley tb Salyersville.
Connersville to Cynthiana.
C onrard to M t. Vernon.
Constance* to Ludlow.
Constantine* to Vine Grove
Conway*} to Brodhead.
Cooksburg to M t. Vernon.
Cookville to Farm ington.
Coon Hollow to New H aven
Cooper* to Monticello.
Cooperstown to Russelville.
Coopersville* to M onticello
Copebranch to Jackson.
Copeland to H ardin.
Coral H ill to Glasgow:
Coraville to Henderson.
Cordell to Blaine.
Cordia to H indm an.
Cordova to Corinth.
Corn Creek to Bedford.
Cornettsville*}} to H azard.
Cornwell to M ount Sterling
Correll to Burnside.
C ortland to Booneville.
Costelow* to Lewisburg.
Cottageville to Tollesboro.
C ottonburg to Richmond.
Cottongin to M anchester.
Couder to W illiamson, W.
C ounts Cross Roads* to
Olive HUl.
Covedale* to M anchester,
Cowan* to Ewing.
Cowcreek* to Booneville.
Coxs Creek* to Bardstown.
Coxton*} to H arlan.
Coy to Lancaster.
Coyle to Richmond.
Cracker to Allen.
Craftsville to M cR oberts.
Crail Hope* to Horse Cave.
Crains to Flemingsburg.
Cranenest* to Barbourville.
C raney to M orehead.
C ranks to P ennington Gap,
C ranston to M orehead.
Cravens to Bardstown.
Crawford to London
C raycraft to Columbia.
Crayne*} to M arion.
Craynor* to Pikeville.
C rayton to Carlisle.
Creech* to W allins Creek.
Creekmore to Pine K not.
Crenshaw to Taylorsville.
Crescent Springs to E rlanger.
Oresfco to Grayson.
Cressmont* to Beattyville.
C reston to Liberty.
Creswell to Princeton.
Crider*} to Princeton.
Crigger to W illiamson, W.
Criss to Barbourville.
Crix to M orehead.
C rockett to Sandy Hook.
Crockettsville* to Jackson.
Crocus* to Columbia.
Croley to Clinton.
Cromwell* to Beaver Dam .
Cropper to Bagdad.*}
Crossland* to Hazel.
Crown to W hitesburg.
Crum to Vanceburg.
Crutchfield*}} to Moscow
C rystal to Irvine.
C uba to Wihgo,
Cubage* to Pineville.
Cub Run* to Munfordville.
Culbertson to C atlettsburg.
Cull to New L iberty.
Culver to Sandy Hook.
C um berland City* to Al­
Cum berland Falls S tation
}} (M cCreary Co.) to
C um berland Falls* (W hitley
Co.) to W illiamsburg.
Cum m insville to Brooksville.
Cunningham* to Bardwell.
Cupio to W est Point.
Curds ville* to Owensboro.
Curlew to Sturgis.
C urry to Princeton.
Curtis* to E dm onton.
C urve to Grayson.
Custer* to H ardinsburg.
Cutshin* to Hyden.
Cuzick to Richmond.
Cyclone to Summer Shade.
Cyrus to Salyersville..
t Telegraph Station.



Dabney* to Science Hill.
D ahl to Somerset.
Daisy* to Hazard.
Dale* to Cannel C ity.
Dalesburg (B reathitt Co.)
to Jackson.
Dalesburg* to Flem ings­
D aley to Hyden.
Dallam s Creek to Lewisburg.
D alna to W hitesburg.
Dalton* to Providence.
D an to W est Liberty..
D ana to Pikeville.
DUngo to Livingston.
D aniel Boone*} to Earlington.
D anish to W orthville.
Dant*} to New H aven.
D avella to Inez.
D avenport* to M organton
David* to W hitesburg.
Davidson (Nicholas Co.) to
D avis to Sadieville.
D avisport to Inez.
D avisville to Blaine.
D ayhoit* to H arlan.
Daysboro* to Hazel Green.
D aysville to E lkton.
D eane to W hitesburg.
Deanefleld*}} to W hitesyille.
Deanwood to M arion.
D eaton to Jackson.
Deatsville*} to Bardstown.
Decatur* to Jam estown.
Decker to W oodbury.
D e Coursey to Covington.
Decoy* to Jackson.
Deering to Corbin.
D eer Lick to Lewisburg.
Deese to Bond.
D eevert to Grayson.
D efeated Creek to M c­
Defoe* to Pleasureville.
Defries to Canmer.
De H a rt to W est L iberty.
Dekoven*} to Sturgis.
Delaplain* to Georgetown.
Delaware* to W est Louis­
Delia to Dryridge.
Dell to Monticello.
Dellville to New Castle.
Delm er to Somerset.
Delphia to H azard.
D elta to M onticello,
Dema* to W ayland.
D em ocrat* to W hitesburg.
D e Mossville*} to Butler.
Dem und to Cannel City.
Denison to Cave City.
Denm ark* to Jam estown.
D enney to Monticello.
Dennis to Louisa.
Denniston to Hazel Green.
D ent to Jam estown.
Denton*}} to Grayson.
Denver* to Paintsville.
Depoy*} to Greenville.
D erm ot to Owensboro.
Desda to Albany.
D etroit to M unfordville:
Devon to Florence.
Dewdrop to Sandy Hook.
Dewey to Prestonsburg.
Dewitt* to Barbourville.
Dexter* to H ardin.
D exterville*toMor ganto w n
D ezarn to Hodgenville.
Diabioek} to H azard.
Diam ond Springs* to Lewdsburg.
Dickeys Mill* to Leitchfleld
Diggs to New Hope.
Dillon to H arlan.
Dimple to M organtown.
Dingus* to W est Liberty.
Dione to Harlan.
Dirigo to Columbia.
Dirk* to Hindm an.
D isputanta to Berea.
Dixie to Corydon.
D izney to H arlan.
Dobbins, to Grayson.
Dock* to Prestonsburg.
Dodge* to W inchester.
Dogcreek to M unfordville.
Domino} to H azard.
Donaldson (Trigg Co.) to
D onansburg*toGr eensbur g.
Donerail*} to Georgetown.
Dongola* to W hitesburg,
D ony to Prestonburg.
Doorway to M anchester.
Dorcey to La F ayette.
Dorena* to Somerset.
D orretts R un to S tithton.
D orthae to Corbin-.
D orton to Jenkins.
D ot to Allensville.
D otson to Prestonburg.
D oudton to Williamston.
Douglas (Casey Co.) to
Dove to Liberty.
Dowagiac* to Hodgenville.
Downingsville to Dryridge.
Doylesville to Richm ond.
Draffin to Praise.
Drake* to Bowling Green.
Drennon Springs to P o rt
^ Royal.
Dreyfus* to Richm ond.
Drift* to Prestonsburg.
D rip Rock* to Irvine.
Drop to Albany.
D rum to Somerset.
D ry Creek to W ayland.
} Express Office.


1870 K EN TU C K Y
D ryfork to Glasgow *
D ryhill to H yden.
D uane to H azard.
Dublin* to F ancy Farm .
Duckers* to M idway.
D uco to Salyersville.
D udley to M ount Yernon.
Duff to Leitchfleld.
D uganville to Oornishville.
D u k ehurst to H artford.
Dulaney} to Princeton.
D u lu th to Richmond.
D ulw orth to Columbia.
D u n b ar to M organtown.
D uncan to Oornishville.
Dundee*} (Ohio Co.) to
D unham to Jenkins.
D unleary to Praise.
Dunmor*} to D rakesboro.
D urbin to C atlettsburg.
D urbintow n to Berry.
Duvall*toStam pingGround.
Dwale* to Allen.
Dwarf*} to H azard.
Dycusburg* to K uttaw a.
D yer to H ardinsburg.
Dykes* to Somerset.
Eadston*- to M orehead.
Eadsville* to Monticello.
Eaglehill to Glencoe.
Eagle M ills to Hodgenville.
Eagle Station*} to W heatley.
E arles to Greenville.
E arly Times* to B ardstow n
Earnestville* to Booneville.
E a st E agle to Owenton.
E asterd ay to C arrollton.
E a st Fork* to E dm onton.
E a st H ickm an to Lexing­
E asto n to Fordsville.
E a st Point* to Paintsville.
Eastwood* to M iddletown.
Ebenezer to Salvisa.
E bon to W est L iberty.
E b y to Grayson.
E cho to E dm onton.
Echols* to Rockport.
Ed* to L iberty.
E den (Butler Co.) to M or­
E den (M artin Co.) to Inez.
Edenton* to Kirksviile.
E dgar to P restonburg.
Edgington* to Greenup.
Edgoten* to Clarksville,
E d ith to Columbia.
E d n a to Cannel City.
Edwards* to Lewisburg.
Eglon to M cKee.
E g y p t to M cKee.
E ighty-Eight* to Glasgow.
E lam to n to W est Liberty.
Elbow Springs to Glasgow.
Elcom b to H arlan.
E lder to W est L iberty.
Elfie to Caneyville.
Elgin* to E ubanks.
Eli* to Jam estow n.
Elias* to Bond.
E lic to H indm an.
Elihu* to Somerset.
E lizabeth to Paris.
Elizaville* to Ewing.
E lk ataw a* tt to Jackson.
E lk Chester* to Lexington.
E lk Creek* to Taylorsville.
E lkfork to W est L iberty.
E lk Horn* to Campbellsville.
Elkin* to W inchester.
Elkseam to Pikeville.
E lla to Colum bia.
E llen to Blaine.
Eller* to Jam estow n.
Ellington to Burkesville.
Elliottville* to M orehead.
Ellisburg* to H ustonville.
Elliston*} to Glencoe.
Ellisville to Carlisle.
E lm to Salyersville.
E lm burg to Pleasureville.
Elmgrove* to AugUsta.
Elm rock to H indm an.
Elm ville
Stam ping
E ln a to Paintsville.
E lrod to Somerset.
Elsie* to Salyersville.
Elsm ere to E rlanger.
Elva* to B enton.'
E lv ira to London.
E ly s* ti to Barbourville.
Emanuel*}} to Barbourville
E m b erto n to Tom pkinsville.
E m bry to Caneyville.
Emerson* to Olive Hill.
Emm a* to P restonburg.
Bm m alena to H indm an.
Endee* to Boonerville.
E n d ico tt to Prestonsburg.
E nergy to Golden Pond.
E ngle to H azard.
E nglish’*} to W orthville.
E nido to Perryville.
Ennis* to Rochester.
Enoch to Campbellsville.
E non to Fredonia.
E nsor to Owensboro.
Enterprise*}} to Olive Hill.
Eolia* to W hitesburg.
E p to Owenton.
E pley Station to Lewisburg
E pp to Williamson, W. Ya.
Epson* to Cannel C ity.
E p worth* to Tolies boro.
E quality* to H artford.
E ra to Crofton
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Erm ine* to W hitesburg.
E rose to B arbour ville.
Esco* to Pikeville.
Escondida* to Paris.
E step to C atlettsburg.
E stesburg to E ubank.
Estilco to Irvine.
E still to W ayland.
Esto* to Jam estow n.
E th e l to M cKee.
E thridge to W arsaw.
E tn a to Science Hill.
Etoile* to Glasgow.
E tty * to Pikeville.
E uclid to Greenup.
Eunice to Columbia.
E ureka to K uttaw a.
E u te rp e to Henderson.
Eve* to Greensburg.
Eveleigh to Leitchfleld.
Evelyn*}} to Irvine.
E ver to Salyersville.
E v erett to Lewisburg.
E verm an to Grayson.
Eversole to Booneville.
E vona to L iberty,
Ewington to M ountsterling
Exie* to Greensburg.
E xodus to Stearns.
Ezel* to H azel Green.
E zra to M organ.
F actory to M organtown.
Fagan* to M ount Sterling.
Fainviile to Irvine.
Fairbanks (Lynnville Co.)*
to Mayfield.
Fairbanks* to Owenton.
Fairdealing to Benton.
F airfarm to Cecilia.
F airland to Albany.
F airm ount to F ern Creek.
F airplay to Columbia.
F air view* to Pem broke.
F aith to Calhoun.
Falcon* to Salyersville.
Fallsburg to Louisa.
F alls of Rough*t to Caney­
F annin to Sandy Hook.
Fargo to Greenup.
Fariston*} to London.
F arler to H azard.
Farm dale to F rankfort.
F arm ers*tt to Salt Lick.
Farm ersville to Princeton.
Faubush* to Somerset.
Faxon to M urray.
F aye to Sandy Hook.
Faywood to M idway.
Fearis to M anchester, Ohio.
Fed to Weeks bury.
Feds Creek to Praise.
Felder to Pineville.
F elt to Caneyville.
F enton to Golden Pond.
Fenwick to M ackville.
Ferguson*} (Logan Co.) to
Ferndale* to Pineville.
F ern L eaf to M aysville.
F idelity to Stearns.
Fielden to Sandy Hook.
Fillmore* to B eattyville.
Filson}} to Stanton.
Fincastle*} to Beattyville.
Finch tow nto N ew port.
Finley* toLebano n.
Finnell to Georgetown.
F inney to Sm iths Grove.
Firebrick* to Portsm outh,
Fisher* to Leitchfleld.
Fisher ville*}} to Jeffersontown.
Fishtrap* to Pikeville.
Fiskburg to W alton.
F isty to H azard.
F itchburg to Irvine.
Fixer* to B eattyville.
Flagfork to Bagdad.
Flag Spring to Alexandria.
F laherty to Vine Grove.
Flanagan to W inchester.
F lanery to Paintsville.
F la t to C am pton.
F latgap* to Blaine.
F la t Lick*} to Pineville,
F latrock*t to Somerset.
Flener to M organtow n.
Fletcher to London.
Flingsville to C rittenden.
F lin t to W hitesburg.
F lin t Springs to Beaver
D am .
Flora* to Carlisle.
Floral to Hawesville.
Florence Station (M cCrack­
en Co.) to P aducah.
Florress to W est L iberty.
Flournoy*} to W averly.
Floyd (M ercer Co.) to
Floyd} (Pulaski Co.) to
E ubank.
Floydsburg to Crestwood.
Fogertown* to M anchester.
Folsom to Glencoe.
Folsom dale to Lowes.
Fonde* to M iddlesboro.
Fonthill* to Russell Springs
F oraker to Salyersville.
Ford*} to W inchester.
Fords B ranch to Pikeville.
FOrds Ferry* to M arion.
F orest Cottage* to Albany.
F orest Grove to W inchester
Forestville* to M unfordville.
Forkland to Perryville.
Forks of Elkhorn* to F rank­


A County


Forkton* to Tom pkins ville.
F o rt B ranch to H azard.
F o rt G arre tt to Versailles.
F o rt Spring to Lexington.
Fount* to Barbour ville.
Four Mile*}} to Pineville.
F our Oaks to Falm outh.
Fox to Irvine.
Fox Greek to Lawrenceburg
Foxport to Flemingsburg.
Foxtow n to M cKee.
F oy to Caneyville.
Fragrant* to Clarkson.
Frances to F redonia.
Frazer* to Burnside.
Fredericktown to B ards­
Fredville to Salyersville.
F ree to Cloverport.
Freedom to Glasgow.
Free Union to Dixon.
AFrenchburg* to M ount
Frew to H azard.
Friedaland to Beaver Dam .
F risby to M onticello.
Frogpond to London.
Frogue to Burkesville.
Frozen Creek* to Jackson.
F ruithill to Crofton.
F ry to Greensburg.
Frym ire* to Hardinsburg.
F uget to Paintsville.
Fulgham to Clinton.
Fullerton to P ortsm outh,
F ultz to Grayson.
Funston to Burnside.
Furnace*} to Stanton.
Fusonia* to H azard.
F utrell to Golden Pond.
Fyffe to W est Liberty.
G abbard to Booneville.
Gabe* to Greensburg.
Gad to H yden.
G adberry to Colum bia.
Gage to Kevil.
Gainesville to Scottsville.
Galdia to Prestonsburg.
Gallup* to Louisa.
Galveston* to Pikeville.
Game* to Glasgow.
Gap to Berea.
Gapcreek to M onticello.
G apville to Salyersville.
G ar to M onticello.
G ardnersville to C rittenden
Garfield*} to Hardinsburg.
G arlin to Columbia.
G arner to C atlettsburg.
G arnettsville to B randen­
G arrard to M anchester.
G arrett* to W ayland.
G arrett* to Versailles.
Garrison*}} to Vanceburg.
G arth to P restonburg.
G artrell to Grayson.
Gascon to Edm onton.
Gasper* to Auburn.
G ates to M orehead.
Gatewood to Hawesville.
GatUff*} to W illiamsburg.
Gauley to Livingston.
Gays Creek to H azard.
Gee* to Lawrenceburg.
G enet to Stanton. *
Geneva* to Henderson.
G entrys M ill to Columbia.
Georges Creek* to Louisa.
G erm an to Prestonsburg.
G ertrude to Brooksville.
Gest* to M onterey.
Gethsemane*}} to New
H aven.
Gex to W arsaw.
Gibbs* to Corbin.
Gibson to Hodgenville.
Gifford to Salyersville.
Gilbert to Lancaster,
Giles to Nicholasville.
Gilley to W hitesburg.
Gillmore to Hazel Green.
Gilpin* to Liberty.
G ilstrap to Caneyville.
Gimlet* to Ghve Hill.
Ginseng to Hodgensville.
Girdler* to B arbour ville.
Girkin to Bawling Green.
G ishton to C entral C ity.
Givens to Morganfleld.
G ladstone to Blackford.
Gleanings* to New Hope.
Glee to Jackson.
Glenarm to Crestwood. 1
Glencairn* to Cam pton.
Glen Dean*} to H ardins­
Glenmary* to Campbellsburg.
Glenmore to Bowling Green
Glenn to H azard.
Glens Fork* to Columbia.
Glen Springs* to Vanceburg
Glenville to Calhoun.
Glenwood* to Grayson.
Globe* to Olive Hill.
Glomawr} to H azard.
Gobelgap to Jackson.
Goddard* to Flemingsburg.
G odfrey to F ountain R un.
Goering to Hawesville.
Goffs to Caneyville.
G oforth to Falm outh.
Goldbug to W illiamsburg.
Gold C ity to F ranklin.
Goldvalley to Jonesville.
Golo to M ayfield.
Goochland* to McKee.
Goodloe to Prestonburg..
Goodluck to E dm onton.
Goodnight to "Insim tMoney Order Office.

Goody to Williamson, W
Gooserock to M anchester.
Gordon* to W hitesburg.
Gordonsville* to Allensville
Goshen* to Prospect.
Gosneyville to C am pton.
G ourd to W hitesburg.
G rab to Greensburg.
Gracey*}} to Hopkinsville.
G rade to Somerset.
Graefenburg to W addy.
Graham*} to Greenville.
G raham ton to Branden­
G raham ville to Paducah.
Grahn*}} to Olive Hill.
G rancer to M organtown.
G rand Rivers*} to Gilbertsville.
Grange City* to Flemings­
G rannie to Com pton.
G rant* to Belleview.
G rants Lick* to Butler.
Grassland* to Brownsville.
G rassy to M ount Sterling.
G rassy Creek* to W est
L iberty.
G ravity to M iddlesboro.
Gray*} to Corbin.
G ray Fox to Salyersville.
G ray Hawk* to M cKee.
G rays Knob} to H arlan.
Grayson Springs}} toC larkson.
G reasy Creek} to Pikeville.
G reat Crossings to George­
Greear* to W est L iberty.
Green* to Sandy Hook.
Greenbrier*} to Bardstown.
Greencastle to Bowling
Greendale*}} to Lexington.
Green Grove to Burkesville.
Green Hall* to M cKee.
Greenhill to Bowling Green.
Greenmount* to E a st Bernsta d t.
Green R iver to Rockport.
Greenslait to Greenup.
Greenwood*}} to Burnside.
Gregory to M onticello.
Gregoryville* to Grayson.
Gresham* to Greensburg.'
G rethel to Prestonsburg.
Grider to Burkesville.
Grigsby to H azard.
Grissom to Kirkm ansville.
G rit to London.
Gross to Pineville.
Grove to W aynesburg. .
Grove Center*} to M organ­
Guage to Jackson.
Gubser to New Richmond,
G uerrant* to Jackson.
Guffie to Calhoun.
G ullett to Cannel C ity.
Guiñare* to Pikeville.
Gum Sulphur to Brodhead.
G unn to Jackson.
Gus* to Drakesboro.
Guston*} to Irvington.
G uy to W oodbury.
Gypsy to Salyersville.
H ab it to Owensboro.
Haddix*}} to Jackson.
H adensville to G uthrie.
Hadley* to Bowling Greefi
Hager* to Salyersville.
Hagerhill* to Paintsville.
Hail* to Somerset.
Haldeman*} to M orehead.
H aleys Mill* to Crofton.
Halfway* to Scottsville.
H all to H indm an.
H allam to Owenton.
Hallie to W hitesburg.
Halo to Russellville.
H am by to Dawson Springs
Hamdia}} to H azard.
H am ilton to W alton.
Ham lin* to M urray.
H am m ack to P ain t Lick.
H am m ond to Barbourville.
Hammonville* to U pton.
H am pton (B reathitt Co.)
to Jackson.
Ham pton* (Livingston Co.)
to Birdsville.
Handshoe* to Hindm an.
H anks to D ry Ridge.
H anly to Nicholasville.
Hansford* to M ount Ver­
H appy to H azard.
H arbor to Salyersville.
H arcourt to E lizabethtow n.
Hardburley*} to H azard.
H ardesty to Elizabethtow n,

H ardin Springs* to Leitch­
H ard M oney to P aducah.
Hardshell* to Jackson.
H ardy* to W illiamson, W.
H arg to Irvine.
H arg ett to Irvine.
Hargis* to Somerset.
Barned*} to H ardinsburg.
Harold*}} to Pikeville.
H arp to F rankfort.
H arper to Cannel C ity.
H arreldsville to Lewisburg
H arris to Vancebfirg.
H arris Grove to M urray.
Harrison* to Pineville.
Harrison ville to W addy
} Telegraph Station.

H arrods Creek to Louisville
H a rt to London.
Hartley* to Pikeville.
H arveyton (Perry Co.) to
H azard.
H arvieland to Frankfort.
H arvy to Benton.
Hatcher* to Campbellsville.
H atton* to Bagdad.
Havilandsville to Falm outh
Hawkins to Hopkinsville.
H aw thorne to Alexandria.
H aynes to Somerset.
Haynesville to Fordsville.
H ays to Sm iths Grove.
Haywood to Glasgow.
H azle Patch* to E ast Bernstad t.
H ead of G rassy to Vance­
H ead Q uarters to Millersburg.
H eath to Kevil.
Hebbardsville* to Hender­
Hector* to M anchester.
Hedges to W inchester.
Hedgeville* to Danville.
H eekin to Williamstown.
Heflin to H artford.
Hegira to Burkesville.
Heidelberg*}} to Beatty­
Heidrick} to Barbourville.
H eights to H ardin.
Heiner* to H azard.
Helechawa}} to CannelOity,
Helena* to M ays Lick.
H elena Station*} to Mays
Helm to Jam estown.
H elton to Hyden.
Hem atite* to Cadiz.
Hempridge} to Shelbyville.
Hendricks* to Salyersville.
H enrietta* to Paintsville.
Henryville to Carlisle.
Henshaw*}} to Morganfleld
Hensley to M anchester.
Heraline to Columbia.
H erbert to Whitesviiie.
H erd to M cKee.
H erm an to W averly.
H erm on to E lkton.
Herndon*} to L a Fayette.
H erschel to Rochester.
Heselton to Vanceburg.
H estand to Tompkinsville.
H ia tt to Brodhead.
H ibernia to Buffalo.
Hickory*} to Mayfield.
Hickory F lat* to Franklin.
Hicksville* to Grayson.
Hico to M urray.
Hidalgo to Monticello.
Higdon* to Clarkson.
H igh Bridge*}} to Wilmore.
Highknob to M cKee.
H ighland to Waynesburg.
H ighland Park*}} to Louisa
Highsplint* to Harlan.
H ightower to Falm outh.
Highway* to Albany.
H ilda to M orehead.
Hildason to Pikeville.
Hillsboro* to Flemingsburg.
Hillside* to Greenville.
Hilltop to N epton.
Hilsdale to W oodburn.
H im a to M anchester.
Him yar* to Barbourville.
Hinesdale to Munfordville.Hinkle to Barbourville.
Hinkleville to La Center.
Hinton*}} to Corinth.
Hisle to Bedford.
Hitchins*}} to Grayson.
H ites ville to W averly.
H itt to M t. Olivet.
H obart to Albany.
H obbs to Shepherdsville.
Hobson to Campbellsville.
H ockaday to Richmond.
Hogue to Science Hill.
Holbrook to Owenton.
Holden to Barbourville.
Holifleld to Wingo.
Holland* to Fountain Run..
Holliday to Cannel City.
Hollonville to Campton..
Holly to Leitchfleld.
Hollybush to Hindman,,
Hollyhill* to Pine Knot.
Holm es to Columbia.
H olston to Beaver Dam.
Holt*} to Cloverport.
Holy Cross to New Haven..
Hombre* to Hazard.
Homer* to Auburn.
H onaker to Prestonburg.
Honeybee* to Burnside.
Honeygrove to Hopkins« ville.
, , . ,
Honeysuckle to Frankfort.
Hoods to Greenup.
Hooker to M anchester.
Hooktown to Millersburg.
Hope* to M ount Sterling.
Hopewell*} to Grayson.
H opper to Barbourville.
H opson to Princeton.
H orn to M cRoberts.
TTGrnt.nwri tin OlarksoP

} Express Office«

Horse B ranch*!! to Beaver
Horsemill to M organtown.
Horse Shoe B ottom to
Horton* to Beaver Dam .
Hosklnston to Hyden.
Hosman to Pineville.
Houckville to Blaine.
House to M anchester.
Houston to Jackson.
Hovious to Casey Creek.
Howard to Stithton.
Howard M ills to M ount
Howardstown* to New
Howell* to L a P ayette.
Howe .Valley to Cecilia.
Hubble* to Lancaster.
Hudgins to Greensburg.
Hudson* to Leitchfleld.
Hueysville* to Prestonsburg.
Huff* to Brownsville.
Hugh to Berea.
Hughey to FTedonia.
Hulen to Pineville.
Hulette to Louisa.
Humble to Bussell Springs.
Hummell to M t. Vernon.
Humphrey* to E ubank.
Hunnewel!*! to Greenup.
Hunt to W inchester.
Huntersville* to Albany.
Huntsville* to Rochester.
Hurley to M cKee.
Hutchison* to Paris.
Hyattsville*! to L ancaster.
Hydro to Sm iths Grove.
Hylton* to Hellier.
Hymon to M urray.
Iberia to Clarkson.
Ibex* to Sandy Hook.
Ice* to W hitesburg.
Ida* to Albany.
Idamay*t to B eattyville.
ldlewild to Petersburg.
Ilsley* to Dawson Springs.
Incline to H arlan.
Index*t to W est L iberty.
Indiancreek to Barboursvilie.
Indian F ields*tt to Clay
Indian Head* to Burnside.
Indianrun to Ashland.
Ingle* to Somerset.
Ingleside to Bandana.
Ingram to Pineville.
Inroad to Columbia.
Insco to Lewisburg
Insko* to Cannel C ity.
Ionia to E a st B ernstadt.
Irad* to Louisa.
Irene to Campbellsville.
Irma to Tolu.
Ironbrldge to Oakland.
Iron Hill to M arion.
Ironmound* to Clay C ity
Ironton to K uttaw a.
Irvins Store* to Jam estow n.
Isaacs to Bond.
Island City* to Booneville.
Isom* to W hitesburg.
Isonville* to Sandy Hook,
luka* to K uttaw a.
Ivan to Hindm an.
Ivel* to Prestonsburg.
I vis* to Hindm an.
Ivyton* to Salyersville.
Jabez* to Jam estow n.
Jackhorn* to Fleming.
Jackson Landing to Glenco
Jacksonville to Paris.
Jacktown to Vanceburg.
Jacobs* to Olive Hill.
Jamboree to Williamson
W. Va.
W. Va.
Jareds Store* to Barbourville.
Jason to Lewisburg.
Jasper to W inchester.
Jattie to Louisa.
Jean* to Blaine.
Jeff* to H azard.
Jeffersonville* to Mounl
Jeffrey to Fountain R un.
Jellicocreek to Williams­
Jennings to Sulphur.
Jensonton to Perryville.
Jeptha to W est L iberty.
Jeremiah to W hitesburg.
Jericho* to L a Grange.
Jeriel to Grayson.
Jessamine to Wilmore.
Jetson to Bowling Green.
Jett* to Frankfort*.
Jetts Creek* to Jackson.
Jewell to Jenkins.
Jinks* to Irvine.
Job to Inez.
John to Pikeville.
Johnetta* to M t. Vernon.
Johns H ill to New port.
Johnsons* (Christian Co.)
to W hite Plains.
Johnsons (M ontgom ery Co
to M ount Sterling.
Johns R u n to Creyson.
Johnsville to Brookville.
Jonancy to Pikeville
Joppa to Columbia.
feTenn*1" t0 Unlon C lty ’

Josephine to Sadieville.
Joy* to Golconda. 111.
Joyce* to E ubank.
Juan* to Jackson.
Ju d d to M iddleburg.
Judio to Burkes ville.
Judson to Lancaster.
Ju d y to M ount Sterling.
Julian to Hopkinsville.
Julip* to W illiamsburg.
Jum bo to M cKinney.
Justell to Prestonburg.
Justice to Russellville.
K aler to M ayfield.
K ansas to Lowes.
Karlus* to Jam estown.
K ate to H yden.
K avito to Jam estow n.
K eaton to Paintsville.
Keavy* to Corbin.
Keck to Jackson.
Keefer to Corinth.
Keel to Lewisburg.
Keene*! to Nicholasville.
Kehoe* to Greenup.
K elat to Berry.
Kellacey to W est L iberty.
Kelly* to Crofton.
K eltner to Colum bia
Kem p to Greensburg.
K ennard to Maysville.
K ennedy to Clarksville,
Keno to Burnside.
Kensee to W illiamsburg.
K entenia to H arlan.
Kenton* to Independence.
Kentontow n to M t. Olivet
K envir to E varts.
Kenwood to Paintsville.
Kepler to Sm iths Grove.
K erbyknob to Berea.
K ernie to Salyersville.
K erns to Columbia.
Kessinger* to M unfordville.
K ettle to Burkesville.
K ettle Island* to Pineville.
Kewanee* to Pikeville.
K ey to Jackson.
K eysburg to Allensville.
K eysert to Pikeville.
Kidder* to Burnside.
K idds Crossing to M onticello.
K idds Store* to H ustonville
Kiddville to M t. Sterling.
K ildavt to H arlan.
Kilgore*! to Grayson.
Kim brell to Clay C ity,
Kim per to Pikeville.
King to Barbourville.
Kings Creek to W hitesburg.
M ountaJn*tt
W aynesburg.
Kingston* to Berea.
Kingswood* to H ardinsburg.
K inkead to Falm outh.
Kinniconick to Vanceburg.
Kino to Glasgow.
K irbyton to Bardwell.
Kirk*! to Hardinsburg.
K irkland to Harrodsburg.
Kirksey* to H ardin.
Kirkwood to Salvisa.
Kirkwood Springs to Daw­
son Swings.
K ite to H indm an.
K itts* t to H arlan.
K night to M urray.
Knightsburg* to Rochester.
K nob Lick* to Edm onton.
K nottville to Owensboro.
Knowlton* to Stanton.
Knoxfork* to Cörbin.
Knoxville to D ry Ridge.
Kodak* to H azard.
Kohler to Alexandria. *
K oon to K uttaw a.
K orea to W est L iberty.
Kosmosdale*!! to Shively
K rag o n tt to Jackson.
K rupp to Williamsburg.
K yrpton*!! to H azard.
Kyrock to Rocky Hill
Lacey to Salyersville.
Lacie to T urners Station;
Lackey*! to W ayland.
Lacoleman to Stearns.
Lacon to Clarkson.
Lair to C ynthiana.
Lake* to London.
L akeland*t to M iddletown.
Lakeville* to Salyersville.
Lamasco* to Princeton.
Lam b to Fountain Run.
Lambric* to Jackson.
L am ont to Paducah.
Lancer to Prestonburg.
Landing to Verona.
Landsaw* to C am pton.
Lane to C am pton.
Langley* to Prestonsburg.
Langnau* to London.
Langstaff to W orthville.
Larue* to London.
Lassiter to M urray
Laura* to Inez
L aurel (Greenup C o ; to
Laurel Creek to M anchester
Laurel Station to Greenup.
Lawrenceville to Williamstown.
Lawton* to Olive Hill
Lax to M urray
L ay to Barbourville.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County


Layman* to H arlan.
Laytonsville to H opkins­
Leander to Paintsville.
L eatha to Salyersville.
L eburn to Hindm an.
Lecta to Glasgow.
Ledbetter* to Paducah.
Ledford to Hickm an.
Ledocia to Louisa.
Lee to M organtown.
Lee C ity * ti to Cannel City.
Leeco to Beattyville.
Leeport to M ilton.
Leesburg to C ynthiana.
Leesllck to C ynthiana,
Leetown to M organtow n.
Legrand to Horse Cave.
Leighton* to Irvine.
L ejunior *to H arlan.
Lemons M ills to George­
Lena R ue to H arlan.
L ennut to H azard.
Lenore to Bardstow n
Lenox* to W est Liberty.
Lenoxburg to Falm outh.
Leon*t to Grayson.
Leonard to H azard.
Lerose to Booneville,
Lesbas to London.
Leslie* to Burkesville;
Lester to W hitesburg.
Letitia* to P ortsm outh,
Levee* to M ount Sterling.
Level Green* to M t.V ernon
Levi* to Booneville.
Levias to M arion
Lewisburg (M ason Co.) to
M aysville.
Lewistown to Princeton.
Lexie to Hazel Green.
L iberty Road to W est
L iberty
Lick Creek to Pikeville.
Lick F alls to Grayson.
Licking River* to W est
L iberty.
Licking Union to Salt Lick.
Licksburg to Salyersville.
Lida* to London.
L iggetts! to H arlan.
Ligon to W eeksbury.
Lilac to Leitchfleld.
Liletown* to Greensburg.
Lillian to H azard.
Lily*! to Corbin.
Linjaburg to Burlington.
Lim estone to Olive Hill.
Limp to Leitchfleld.
Lincoln to Somerset.
Lindsay to Barbourville.
Linefork* to W hitesburg,
Link to Scottsville.
Linnie to L iberty.
Linton* to Cadiz.
Linwood (Floyd Co.) to
Lipps* to M anchester.
Lisman*! to Clay.
Liss* to E dgarton, W . Va.
L itsey to Springfield.
L ittcar to Blaekey.
L ittlebend to M organtown.
L ittle Cypress*! to C alvert
L ittle H ickm an toNicholasville.
L ittle M ount to Taylors­
L ittle Rock to No. M iddletown.
L ittlesandy to Sandy Hook.
L ittrell to Burkesville.
Livia* to Calhoun.
Llzzielane* to Cannel City.
Load* to Greenup.
Loam to M cKee.
Lobb to Greensburg.
Lockland to Louisville.
Locust to Carrollton.
Locust B ranch to Irvine.
Locust F ord to Brooksviile.
Locust Hill to H ardinsburg.
Lodiburg*! to Irvington:
Logana to Nicholasville.
Logansport* to M organ­
Loglick* to Clay City.
Logmont* to M iddlesboro.
Logville to Cannel City.
Lola* to Salem.
Lom bard*!! to Stanton.
Loneoak to Paducah.
Long Grove* to Cecilia.
Longlick to Sadieville.
Long Ridge* to Owenton.
Longrun* to Simpsonville.
Longstreet to Jam estown.
Lookout* to Pikeville.
Loradale to Lexington.
Lorain to Campbellsville.
Lorena to Burnside.
L ost Creek* to Jackson
L ot to Jellico, Tenn.
Love to Caneyville.
Lowder to Greenup
Lowell to P ain t Lick.
Lower Buffalo to B eatty ­
Lower G reasy to P aints­
Lowmansville* to P aints­
Loyd to L ancaster.
Lucas* to Glasgow.
Lucile to Sandy Hook.
Money Order Office.

L ula to Jam estown.
Luretha* to Somerset,
Lusby to Owenton. Luzerne*! to Greenville
Luzon to Dixon.
Lykins* to Cannel City.
Lyndon*! to St. M athews.
L ynn Cam p to Corbin.
L ynn C ity!, to Sacram ento.
Lynn Grove* to M urray.
Lynnville* to Mayfield.
Lyonia to Fordsville.
Lyons* to New H aven.
L ytle to Stanford.
L y tten to Sandy Hbok.
McAfee* to Harrodsburg.
M cAndrews to Stone.
M cB rayer to Lawrenceburg.
McCall* to P ortsm outh,
M cCarr* to M atew an, W.
M cClure to Inez.
M cCom bs to Pikeville.
McCormick* to Stanton;
M cCoy to Hardinsburg.
M cC reary to L ancaster.
M cDaniels* to Leitchfleld.
M cD avid to Grayson.
M cD onalds L anding to
McDowell* to Prestonburg.
M cG aha to Columbia.
McGlone to Olive Hill.
M cH enry*!! to Beaver
D am .
M cKees Cross Roads to
M cKenzie to M anchester,
M cK inneysburg to Fal­
m outh.
M cLeods Station to Au­
M cN ary* to Greenville.
M cQuady*! to Hardinsburg
M cR oberts*!! to Fleming.
McVeigh* to W illiamson.
M cW horter* to E a st Bern­
sta d t.
M abel to Hickm an.
M ac to Campbellsville.
Maceo*! to Lewisport.
M ackoy* to Greenup.
M acon to M unfordville.
M adge to Louisa,
M adrid* to Leitchfleld.
M agan to Fordsville.
M aggie to Cadiz.
M agness to H ardin.
M ains to Falm outh.
M ajestic* to M atew an.
M ajor to Booneville.
M alaga to Cam pton.
M alcom to M anchester.
M allie to Hindm an.
Malone* to W est Liberty.
M aloneton* to P ortsm outh,
M a lt to Hodgenville.
M am m oth Cave* to Cave
M anco to Stone.
M anda to Beaver Dam .
M angum to Science Hill.
M anila to Paintsville.
M anitou* to M adisonville.
M annington* to Crofton.
Mannsville* to Campbellsville.
Manse* to P ain t Lick.
M anuel to H azard.
M aple to Campbellsville.
M aplesville to London.
M arcellus* to B ryants ville.
M arcum to M anchester.
M aretburg*! to M ount
M ariba* to M ount Sterling.
M ark to Somerset.
M arksbury to L ancaster.
M arr to Gamaliel.
M arshall to M ays Lick.
M arshfork to Salyers ville.
M a rth a to Blaine.
M a rth a M ills to Flemingsburg.
M artin*. (Lewis Co.) to
M artinsburg (M onroe Co.)
to Tom pkins ville.
M artwick* to Rockport.
M ary to C am pton.
M ary dell* to London.
M ason*! (G rant Co.) to
W illiams town.
M asonville (Daviess Co.) to
M assack to Paducah.
M asu to H azard.
M atanzas to H artford.
M ater to W hitesburg.
M atlock to Bowling Green.
M attie* to Blaine.
M attingly* (Breckinridge
Co.) to Cloverport.
M attoon to M arion.
M aud* to Bloomfield.
M aulden* to Bond.
M aurice Station to Coving­
M av ity to C atlettsburg.
M axon M ill* to Paducah.
M axwell to Owensboro.
M ayapple to W oodbury.
1 Telegraph Station.



M ayking*! to W hitesburg.
M aynard to Scottsville.
Mayo* to H arrodsburg. to
M aytown* (M organ Co.)
H azel Green.
M aywood to Stanford.
M azie* to Blaine.
M eador* to Scottsville.
M eadowcreek to W illiams­
M eadow Lawn to Shively.
M eally to Paintsville.
Means* to M ount Sterling.
M edora! to Shively.
Meece to Somerset.
M eeting Creek to Cecilia.
M elber* to Paducah!
M elbourne* to Cold Springs
M eldrum to Middlesboro '
M ell to Greensburg.
M elrose to Sonora.
Melvin* to W eeksbury.
M entor*! to Moscow, Ohio.
M ercer* to C entral City.
M eredith to Leitchfleld.
M errimac* to Lebanon.
M erry Oaks to Smiths
M ershons to E a st Bern­
sta d t.
Meshack* to Tom pkins ville
M eta* to Pikeville.
Mexico*! to M arion.
M iami* to Greensburg.
M id* to Prestonburg.
Middlecreek* to P restons­
Middlefork* to Bond.
M idland (B ath Co.) to Salt
M idland*(M uhlenberg Co.)
to C entral City.
M ildred* to M cKee.
Millard* to Pikeville.
Miliedgeville to M oreland.
M illers Creek! to Irvine.
Millerstown* to Upton.
Million to Richmond.
M ill P ond to M anchester.
M ills to Barbourville.
M illsport* to Island.
M ill Springs* to M onticello.
Millstone* to Fleming.
Milltown* to Columbia.
Millville to Frankfort.
Millwood*!! to Leitchfleld.
Milner* to Versailles.
Milo* to Inez.
M im a to W est Liberty.
M inefork to Salyersville.
M inerva* to Dover.
Mingo* to Paintsville.
M iningC ity to M organtow n.
M ink .to Barbourville.
Minnie* to Pikeville.
M inor to M orehead.
Minorsville to Stam ping
Mintonville* to Science H ill
M iracle to Pineville.
M iranda to Carlisle.
M istletoe to M anchester.
M itchellsburg* to P erry­
Mize* to Hazel Green.
M oberly*! to Waco.
M oct to Jackson.
M odoc to Burkesville.
Mogg to South C arrollton.
Molus* to H arlan.
M onford to M organtown.
M onica to Jackson.
M onitor to Carrollton.
M onroe to Hardyville.
M ont* to Eddyville.
M ontgom ery to Cadiz.
Montpelier* to Columbia.
M ontrose to Lexington.
Mook* to H ardinsburg.
Mooleyville* to H ardins­
M oon to Sandy Hook.
M oores Creek* to McKee.
Moores F erry to Salt Lick.
M ooresville to Springfield.
M oorman* to South Car­
M oranburg to M aysville.
M orell to Pikeville.
M orningglory to Cynthiana.
M orning View* to B utler.
Moscow*! to Oakton.
Moseleyville to Calhoun.
M ossy Bottom *! to Pike­
M ote to Berea.
M otley to Bowling Green.
M ound to Burnside.
M ount Aerial to Franklin.
M ountain Ash*! to W il­
liam sburg.
M t. Carm el to Flem ingsburg.
M t. Gilead to Flem ingsburg.
M t. Hermon* to Tomp­
kins ville.
M ount Lebanon to Nicho­
M t. Pisgah* to Monticello.
M ount Salem to M cK inney
M ount Sharon to Elkton.
M ount Sherman* to Buffalo
M ountV ictory*t«Som erset.
M ousie to W ayland.
M outhcard* to Praise.
! Express Office,




M outn of Laurel to Vanceburg.
Moxley* to W heatley.
M uddy F ork to George­
tow n.
M udlick to Tompkinsviile.
M uir*! to Lexington.
M uldraugh*! to B randen­
Mullikin* to Salem.
M ullins! to Livingston.
M ullis to Williamsburg.
M um m ie to Bond.
M uncy to M cKee.
M undys to Wilmore.
M u n k to Verona.
M uri to M oûticello.
M urphysville to M aysville.
M uses Mills* to Flemingsburg.
M usic to Grayson.
M yers*! to Carlisle.
M yra* to Pikeville.
M y rtle to Prestonburg.
M yricks to Barbour ville.
M ystic*t to Stephensport.
Nancy* to Somerset.
N annie to W est L iberty.
Naomi* to Somerset.
N apfor to H azard.
N apier to H yden.
N aples to Ashland.
Napoleon to Glencoe.
N arrow s*! to Fordsville.
N arvell to Albany.
N ash to Caneyville.
N ath o n to n to Bond.
N atlee to Corinth.
N eafus to Caneyville.
N ealton to Nicholasville.
N eatsburg to Columbia.
N eave to M ilford.
Ned* to Jackson.
N ell to G rady ville.
Nelson* to Rodkport.
Nelsonville* to Boston.
Neola*i to Cannel C ity
Neosheo to Franklin.
Nepton*} to Ewing.
N e tty to Cannel C ity.
N evada to Perryville.
Nevelsville to Burnside.
Nevisdale to W illiamsburg.
New to M onterey.
Newburg* to M urray.
Newby* to Richmond.
New Colum bus to C orinth.
Newcombe to Sandy Hook.
New Concord* to M urray.
New Cypress to Clinton.
Newell to E ubank.
Newfound to M anchester.
Newfoundland* to Sandy
Newman* to Owensboro.
N ew m arket to Lebanon.
New Providence to M urray
N ew stead to Hopkinsville.
N ew t to Greensburg.
Newtown* to Georgetown.
N iagara to Henderson.
Nicholson to Independence.
N ick to Brownsville.
N ickell to Cannel City.
Nigh to Praise.
N iles to Paintsville.
N ina to Lancaster.
N inevah to Lawrènceburg.
N ippa* to Paintsville.
N isi to M orehead.
N oah to Vanceburg.
Noble* to Jackson.
N obleton to Grayson.
Nobob* to Glasgow.
N octor to Jackson.
N ola to Salyersville.
N oland to Irvine.
Nolansburg to H arlan.
Nolin*t to Sonora.
Nonesuch* to Wilmore.
Nora* to Albany.
Norfleet to Somerset.
N oris to Louisa.
Norm al*! to Ashland.
N orm andy to Taylorsville.
N o rth ern to Prestonsburg.
N orthfleld to Somerset.
N o rth Fork* to M ays Lick.
N orthtow n to Horse Cave.
Norwood to Science Hill.
Nuckois* to Livermore.
O. K. Junction to Sm ith’s
O. K. to W aynesburg.
Oakdale (B reathitt Go.) to
Oak Grove* to Pem broke.
Oakhiil to Somerset.
O akland M ills to Carlisle.
Oak Level to Benton.
Oakley* to E ast B ernstadt.
Oaks (Bell Co.) to Pineville
Oaks (M cCracken Co.) to
Oakville* to Russellville.
O’Bannon* to Crestwood.
Obed to H yden.
Ocala (Pulaski Co.) to
Odds* to Paintsville.
Oddville to C ynthiana.
Odessa to Owingsville.
Offutt*! to Paintsville.
Ogle to M anchester.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Oil to Beattyville.
Oil C enter to Somerset.
Oil C ity to Glasgow.
Oil Springs* to Paintsville.
Oklahoma to Cam pion.
Ola to Irvine.
Olaton* to Fordsville.
Oldham to Sulphur.
Old Landing* to Irvine.
Oldtown* to' Grayson.
O leika to Pineville.
Oleoak to Glasgow.
Olga to Jam estow n.
Olive to H ardin.
Oliver to Greenup.
Ollie* to Brownsville.
Olmstead* to Allensville.
Olney to Dawson Springs.
Olym pia*!! to Salt Lick.
Omer to W est Liberty.
Oneonta* to New Rich­
m ond, Ohio.
Ono* to Jam estow n.
Onton* to Sebree.
Oolite to Brandenburg.
O phir to Paintsville.
O ppy to Inez.
Orangeburg to M aysville.
O rdinary to Sandyhook.
Ordway to Prestonsburg.
Oregon to H arrodsburg.
Orel] to Shively.
O rient to Salyersville.
Orinoco to Williamson, W.
Orkney to Prestonsburg.
Orlando* to M t. Vernon.
Orr to Louisa.
Orville* to M onterey.
Osborn to Prestonsburg.

P etrie Station to Hawesville.
Petroleum* to Scottsville.
P e ttit to Owensboro.
P eytona to W addy,
Peytonsburg* toBurkesville
Peytontow n to Richm ond.
Phelps* to M a te wan, W.
P herba to Burkesville.
Phil* to L iberty.
PhillipsbUrg to Lebanon.
Philpot* to Owensboro.
P ickett to Greensburg.
Picnic to Columbia.
Pierce* to Greensburg.
Pig to Brownsville.
Pigeon* to Pikeville.
Pigeonroost* to M anchester
Pilcher* to W est P oint.
Pilgrim* to Inez.
P ilot to Stanton.
P ilot Oak to D ukedom ,
Pilotview to W inchester.
Pinckard*! to Versailles.
Pinckney ville to Tiline.
Pindell to B utler.
Pine Grove*! to W inchester.
Pine Hill* to M t. Vernon.
Pine K nob to Caneyville.
Pine M ountain* to H arlan

P inerto W alton.
Pine Ridge to C am pton.
Pine Top* to H indm an.
P iney to Blackford.
P ink to Nicholasville.
Pinsonfork to W illiamson,
W. Va.
Pippapass to W ayland.
Piqua* to M t. Olivet.
Oscar* to L a Center.
Pisgah* to Versailles.
Osco to Albany.
Piso to W illiamson, W. Va.
Osgood to M illersburg.
P itts to Irvine.
Osie* to Louisa.
P ittsburg*! to London.
O tas to Corbin.
P itts P oint to Lebanon Jet.
Ote to Greensburg.
Place* to Corbin.
Ottawa* to Brodhead.
Ottenheim to Crab Orchard r Plank to M anchester.
Plano to Bowling Green.
O tter Pond*! to Princeton.
Plato* to M ount Vernon.
OttusviUe to F rankfort.
Pleasanthill to Burgin.
Ousley to Pikeville,
P leasant Hom e to Gratz.
O utland to M urray.
P leasant Ridge to Utica.
Ovenfork to W hitesburg.
P leasan t Valley* to Ewing.
Overda* to Louisa.
P leasant View*! to Wil­
Ovil to Hopkinsville.
liam sburg.
Owensby to Jam estown.
P leasure Ridge P ark ! to
Oxford to Georgetown.
Oz to Stearns.
Plum to N orthM iddletow n.
Ozark to Colum bia.
Plum m ers Landing* to
P lutarch to Salyersville.
Packard* to W illiam sburg.
Poindexter*! to C ynthiana.
Pactolus*! to Grayson.
P ointer to Science Hill.
Paintcliff to Stearns.
P oint Leavell to L ancaster.
Palm a to B enton.
Polin to Springfield.
Palm er to Waco.
P alm yra to Greenup.
Polkviile to Oakland.
Pollard (Boyd Co.) to AshP anam a to W est L iberty.
Panola*!! to Irvine.
\ land.
Pollard (Jessam ine Co.) to
P ansy to H arlan.
P an th er to Owensboro.
Polleyton* to Williamsburg.
Paradise* to Rockport.
Polsgrove* to F rankfort
Paragon* to M orehead.
P arina to Brooksville.
Pom eroyton* to
Park* to Hiseviile.
P arkers to W illiamsburg.
Pom p to W est L iberty.
P arkers Grove to Buffalo.
Pool s Creek toCold Springs
P arkers Lake* to Burnside.
P oplar Flat* to Tollesboro.
P oplar Grove to Sparta,
Parksville*! to Perryville.
Poplarhill to M iddleburg.
Parm leys ville* to M onticello.
Poplar Plains* to FlemingsParnell to M onticello.
. burg.
Parrot* to Bond.
Poplar ville to Somerset.
Partlow to W illard.
P orter to Sadieville.
Partridge* to W hitesburg.
P ortersburg to London.
Parvin to Irvine.
P ortland (Adair Co.) to
Pascal to Hardyville.
Patesville* to Cloverport.
P ortland (Pendleton Co.)to
Pathfork* to Harlan.
Patrick* to Louisa.
P ortsm outh to Jackson.
Pafcsey* to Irvine.
P ost to Caneyville.
Pauline to Lewisburg
P otter* to Louisa.
Paw Paw* to Pikeville.
P otters F ork to M cRoberts.
P axton to Jackson.
P ottertow n to M urray.
P aynes Depot* to M idway.
Poverty to Calhoun.
Payneville* to B randen­
Powderly* to Greenville.
P ay to n to Cannel C ity. .
Powder Mills* to Canmer.
Peach Grove to B utler.
Powell to Irvine.
Peach Orchard to Louisa.
P ay ers to H ustonville.
P eaks M ill to F rankfort.
Powersburg to Monticello.
Pearl (BellCo.) to Pineville.
Powersville to Brooksville.
P earl (Bracken Co.) to
Praise* to Grundy, Va.
P ra te r to Olive Hill.
Pearm an to Leitchfleld.
P ra tt to Sebree.
Pebble* to Bethel.
Preachersville to Crab Or­
Pebworth* to Booneville.
Pecksridge to Flem ings­
Preece to Inez.
Prentiss* to Beaver Dam .
Pee Dee to L a F ayette.
Press to Jackson.
Peevee* to H arlan.
P reston*!! to Owingsville.
P ekin to H azel Green.
Prestonville* to Carrollton.
Pellville* to W hitesville.
Prices M ill to Franklin.
Pellyton* to Casey Creek.
Priceville* to Munfordville.
Pelo to M ilburn.
Pence to Jackson.
Prim rose to Beattyville.
Pendleton*! to Sulphur.
Princess* to Ashland.
Penick* to Lebanon.
Printer* to Prestonsburg.
Penney (Pike Co.) to Pike­
P riv e tt to M cKee.
Proctor to Beattyville.
P enny (Calloway Co.) to
Provo to Rochester.
M urray.
Pryorsburg* to Mayfield.
Penrod* to Lewisburg.
Pryse*! to Irvine.
P enshurst to Falm outh.
Peonia to Leitchfleld.
Public* to Somerset.
Peoples to Bond.
Pueblo to Monticello.
P erkins to W illiamsburg.
Pulaski*! to Science Hill.
Perm on to Barbourville.
Pulliam to Springfield.
P erry to Nicholasville.
Puncheon to H indm an.
Persimon* to Tompkinsviile
P urdy to Columbia.
Petercreek* to Glasgow.
Pyram id* to Prestonsburg.
P eters ville to Vanceburg.
P yrus (Adair Co.) to G radyP eth to Caneyville.
P e tra to M ilford,


à County Seat.

Money Order Office.

Quail to Brodhead.
Quality* to Rochester.
Quicksand*!! to Jackson.
Quincy*!! (Lewis Co.) to
Portsm outh, Ohio.
Quinn to Providence.
Quinton to Burnside.
Quire to F rankfort.
R abbit H ash to Rising Sun,
Raccoon* to Pikeville.
Radical to Irvine.
Ragland to Bandana.
R ail to W eeksbury.
R ailton to Sm iths Grove.
R ain to Barbourville.
Raleigh to Shawneetown,

R alph to W hitesville.
Ralston* to M iddlesboro
Ram ey to Salt Lick.
Randolph* to Edm onton.
Randville to Vanceburg.
R ankin to Monticello.
Ransom to M atew an, W.
R apids to Franklin.
Ratcliff* to Grayson.
Raven* to W ayland.
R ay to Russellville.
Raym ond to Irvington.
Ready* to Caneyville.
Records*, to Vanceburg.
Rectorville to Tollesboro.
Redash* to Jellico, Tenn.
R edbird to W illiamsburg.
Redbush* to Paintsville.
Redden to M urray.
Redhouse*! to Richmond.
Red Lick to Edm onton.
Redox to Hyden.
Redwine* to W est L iberty.
Reed*! to Henderson.
Reedville to Grayson.
Reedyville to M organtown.
Reeves to Irvine.
Regina* to Pikeville.
Region to Caneyville.
Relief* to W est Liberty.
R enaker to Berry.
R ender to Beaver Dam.
Renfrow to Beaver Dam .
Repton* to M arion.
Rex to H ardyville.
Rexton* to Vanceburg.
Reynolds Sta.* to Fords. ville.
Reynoldsville to Owings­
Rhoda to Brownsville.
Rhodeiia* to Brandenberg.
Ribbon to Jam estown.
Ribolt* to Tollesboro.
Rice Station*! to Irvine.
Ricetown* to Booneville.
Riceville* to Paintsville.
Richardson*!! to Louisa.
Richardsons L anding to
Richardsville* to Bowling
Richelieu* to A uburn.
R ichland (Hopkins Co.) to
E arlington.
Richland (Jefferson Co.)to
Rich Pond* to W oodburn.
Rich wood!! to W alton.
Riders to Upton.
R iedland to Paducah.
Rightangle to W inchester.
Riley*! to Lebanon.
Rineyville* to Vine Grove.
Ringgold to Somerset.
Ringos Mills* to Flem ings­
Ringstaff to Gilbertsville.
Rio to Canm er.
Ripyville to Lawrenceburg.
R itchie to Hindm an.
R itner to M onticello.
R ivals to Taylorsville.
River* to Paintsville.
Riverside (B reathitt Co.
Riverside* (W arren Co.) to
W oodbury.
R iverton*!! to G reenup. .
Roaring Springs to La
F ayette.
Roark* to Hyden.
Robard*! to Sebree.
Roberta* to B randenburg.
Robinson*! to Berry.
Robinson Creek* to Pike­
Rock to M urray.
Rockbridge to Tompkinsville.
Rockcastle to Cadiz.
Rockdale* to Sadieville.
Rockfield*! to Bowling
Gi een.
Rockford to Berea.
Rockgap to M anchester.
Rock Haven*! to B randen­
burg. I
Rockholds*! to W illiam s­
Rockland to Bowling Green
RockMck to Greensburg.
Rockvale* to H ardinsburg.
Rockybianch to M onticello
R odbourn to M orehead.
Rodemer to Scottsville
! Telegraph Station.

Rodney to Sturgis.
Roff to Hardinsburg.
Rogers to Cam pton.
Rogers G ap*!! to Sadieville
Rolan to Albany.
Rollingburg to Greensburg
Rolling F ork to Hustonville
Rollings to G ravel Switch.
Rome* to Owensboro.
Romine* to Oampbellsville.
Rooney* to Olive Hill.
Roosevelt to Jackson.
Roscoe (Elliott Co.) to
Sandy Hook. ,
Roscoe to Lowes.
Roseburg* to Munfordville
Rosefork to Cannel City.
Rose Hill* to Harrodsburg.
R osetta to Irvington.
Roseville to Glasgow.
Rosewood to Greenville.
Rosine*! to Beaver Dam.
Rossington to Kevil.
Rosslyn* to Stanton.
Rosspoint* to Harlan.
Rothwell*! to M ount Ster­
Roundhill* (Butler Co.) to
Roundhill* (Madison Co.)
to Kirksville.
Rousseau to Jackson.
Rowena* to Jamestown.
Rowland to Stanford.
Rowletts*! to Munfordville
Rowton to Pikeville.
Roxana* to Whitesburg.
Roy to Columbia.
R oyal to Clarkson.
R uby to Columbia.
Ruckerville to Winchester.
R uddels M ills to Millers­
Rufus to Princeton.
R ugby to Columbia.
Rugless* to Vanceburg.
Rumsey* to Calhoun.
R ural to Williamson. W.Va.
Rush* to Ashland.
Russell C ave to Lexington.
R u th (Caldwell Co.) to
R u th (Pulaski Co.) to
R u th to n to Richmond.
Ryan* to Flemingsburg.
Ryle* to Verona.

Sacred wind* to Blaine.
Sadler* to Leitchfleld.
S aint Charles*!! to Daw­
son Springs.
S aint Elm o to Pembroke.
Saint Helens*!! to Beattyville.
Saint John*! to Cecilia.
St. Joseph* to W est Louis­
S aint M ary*! to Lebanon.
St. Paul* to Portsmouth
Saldee to Jackson.
Salmons* to Franklin.
Saloma* to Oampbellsville.
Saltwell to Carlisle.
Salvisa* to Lawrenceburg.
Sam aria to Grayson.
Sample* to Hardinsburg.
Samuels*! to Bards town,
•sand C lift to Monticello.
Sandgap* to McKee.
Sandhill to Bowling Green.
Sanfordtown to Covington
Sano to Russell Springs.
S anta F e to Milford.
Sarah to Sandy Hook.
Sardis* to Maysville.
Sassafras* to Hazard.
Sasser to London.
Saul* to H azard.
Savage* to Albany.
Savoy*! to Williamsburg.
Savoyard* to Horse Cave.
Sawyer* to Somerset.
Saxton* to Jellico. Tenn.
Saylor to Hayden.
Scalf to Barbourville.
Schley to Adairville.
Schochoh to Adairville.
Schollsville to Winchester.
Schoolfield to Newport.
Schuler to Butler.
Schweizer to Franklin.
Scott to Independence.
Scottsburg to Princeton.
Scoville to Boonevule.
Scrabble to Bagdad.
Scranton* to Salt Lick.
Scythia to Owensboro.
Seaville to Harrodsbburg.
Seco* to Fleming.
Sedalia* to Mayfield.
Segal to Brownsville.
Seitz* to Salyersville.
Select* to Beaverdam.
Sell to Cave City.
Sellars* to Cannel City.
Semiw ay to Sacramento
Seney* to Grayson.
Sergent* to Whitesburg.
Seth to M anchester.
S ettle to Scottsville.
Seventy-Six* to Albany.
Sewellton* to Jamestown
Sextons Creek* to Man
Seymour to Horse Cave,
qvinrlp, t,o Trvine.
! Express Office.

Shady Grove* to P ro v i­
Shadynook to C ynthiana.
Shakespeare to No. Middletown.
Shamrock* to Middlesboro.
Shannon to M ays Lick.
Sharer* to M organtown.
Sharkey to Morehead.
Sharon* to Ripley, Ohio.
Sharondale to W illiamson,
W. Ya.
Sharongrove* to E lkton
Sharp to B enton.
Snarpsville to Springfield.
Shaw to Lowes.
Shawhan*! to Paris.
Shelbiana* to Pikeville.
Shelby!! to Pikeville.
Shelby City* to Danville.
Shelby Gap* to Jenkins.
Sherburne* to Moorefleld.
Sheridan* to M arion.
Sherman*!! to C rittenden.
Shiloh to M urray.
Shineo to London.
Shipley to Albany.
Shirley to Berea.
Shoal to Hyden.
Shoemaker to Monticello.
Shonn to H arlan.
Shoopman to Stearns.
Shopville* to Somerset.
Short Creek* to Caneyville.
Shreve to Fordsville.
Shrewsbury* to Leitchfleld.
Sibert to M anchester.
Sidell* to M anchester.
SideView to M ount Sterling.
Sideway to Sandy Hook.
Sidney to W illiamson, W.
Silentrun to Nebo.
Siler to W illiamsburg.
Silervillet to Pine Knot.
Siloam*! to P ortsm outh.
Silva to Hodgenville.
Silver Creek to Kirksville.
Silver Grove* t to Cold
Silverhill to W est L iberty.
Simersto Williamson.W.Va.
Simmons* to Rockport.
Simpson* to Jackson.
Sinai* to Lawrenceburg.
Sinking F ork to Cerulean.
Sip* to Paintsville.
Sirocco* to B randenburg.
Sitka* to Paintsville.
Skaggs to Louisa.
Skate to London.
Skillman* to Hawesville.
Skinnersburg to Stam ping.
Skip to Somerset
Skullbuster to Sadieville
Sky to Jackson.
Skylight* to LaG range
Skyline* to Flem ing.
Slade* to Stanton.
Slat to M onticello
Slater to L a Center.
Slavans to M onticello.
Slemp to H azard.
Slickford to M onticello.
Slick Rock*! to Glasgow.
Sloans Valley* to Burnside.
Slusher to Pineville.
Smalley* to Prestonsburg.
Smith to H arlan . ' !
Smithsboro* to Hindm an.
Smiths Creek* to Grayson.
Smithville to Shepherdsville.
Smoky Valley* to Olive
Snap to Clarkson.
Snell to Somerset.
Snider to Taylorsville.
Snow to Albany.
Soldier*!! to Olive Hill.
Solitude to Bardstowm.
Solway* to Leitchfield.
Sophie to Olive Hill.
Sorgho to Owensboro.
South* to Leitchfield.
South Corbin* to Corbin.
South Elkhorn to Lexington.
South F ork (Lincoln Co.) to
M cKinney.
South Hill* to Rochester.
South Irvine to Irvine.
South Park*! to Louisville.
South P ortsm outh*! to
Portsm outh, Ohio.
South Union* to A uburn.
Southville to Shelbyville.
Spa to Lewisburg.
Spann* to Monticello.
Sparks Q uarry to M ount
Sparksville to Grady.
Sparrow* to Chaplin.
Spears to Nicholasville. .
Speick* to Casey Creek.
Speedwell* to Waco.
Speight to Pikeville.

Spring L ick*ti to Caney­
Spring S tation*!! to M id­
Springville to Lawrence­
Sprout to Moorefleld.
Sprule to Barbourville.
Spurlington*! to Campbellsville.
Spurrier to Sonora.
Squib to Somerset.
Squiresville to Owenton.
Stacy to H azard.
Stacy Fork to Cahnel City.
Staffordsville* to P aints­
Stam baugh to Paintsville.
Stam p to Caneyville.
S tanhope to Providence.
Stanely*! to Owensboro.
Stark to S andy Hook.
S tar Lime Works* to Eddyville.
S tar M ills to Glendale.
S tate Line* to Hickm an.
Station Camp* to Irvine.
Staub*! to H azard.
Steele to Pikeville.
Stefl to Caneyville.
Stella to M urray.
Stella* to Salyersville.
Stephens* to W illard.
S tephensburg*! to Cecilia.
Stephensport*! to Cloverport.
Stepstone* to M t. Sterling.
Steubenville* to Monticello.
Stevenson* to Jackson.
Stew art (M ercer Co.) to
Stew art (Pike Co.) to Pike­
Stewartsville to Williamstown.
Stibbins to W est P oint.
Stidham to Inez.
Stiles to New Haven.
Stillw ater*! to C am pton.
Stinson to Grayson.
Stockholm to Brownsville.
Stonewall to Brooksville.
Stonington to Greenup.
Stoops to M ount Sterling.
Stop to Monticello.
Storm King to H azard.
Stovall to Glasgow Junc­
Stowers to Franklin.
S traight Creek* to Pineville,
Straw to Brownsville
S traw berry to Somerset .
Stricklett* to Vanceburg
Strode to Tom pkinsvllle
Strunk* to Pine K not.
S tu art to Lewisburg.
Stubblefield to Wlngo.
S tubbs to Moscow.
Stum p to Irvine.
Sturgeon*! to Booneville.
Sublett* to Salyersville.
Subtle to Edm onton.
Sudith to Salt Lick.
Sugar to Glencoe.
Sugar Grove* to W oodbury
Sullivan (Lewis Co.) to
Sullivan (Union Co.) to
Sturgis. .
Sulphur Lick* to Tompkinsville.
Sulphur Springs to Fords­
SulphurWell* to Edm onton.
Summersville* to Greensburg.
Sum m it*!to Elizabethtown.
Sumner* to W illiamsburg.
Sunflsh to Brownsville.
Sunnybrook to Monticello.
Sunnydale* to Beaver Dam .
Sunnyside* to Oakland.
Sunset to Flem ingsburg.
Sunshine to Jam estown.
Susie* to M onticello.
Suterville to
Stam ping
Sutherland to Owensboro.
Sutton (Fleming Co.) to
Sutton (Pike Co.) to Pike­
Swallowfield* to M onterey.
Swam pton to Salyersville.
Sweeden* to Leitchfield.
Sweeneyville to Campbellsville.
Sweet Owen to Owenton.
Swifton to M onticello.
Switzer*!! to Stam ping
Swope to Owenton.
Sylvandell to G ynthiana.
Symsonia to Benton.

Spencer to M ount Sterling.
Tablow to Cornishville.
Spider to Hindm an.
Tabor* to M ount Sterling.
Spike to U pton.
T acketts M ill to M onterey
Spiro to M ount Vernon.
Taffy to H artford.
Spottsville*! to Henderson.
Taft* to Boonville.
Spoutspring to Clay City.
T albert to Jackson.
Spring Creek* to M an ­
Talcum to H indm an.
Tallega*!! to B eattyville.
Springdale*! to Maysville.
Talmage*! to H arrodsburg.
Spring Grove to MorganTangletow n to Germ an­
Springhill to C linten.
Tanksley to M anchester.
Jjpringlake* to Alexandria.
* County Seat.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

T anner to Hodgenville.
T annery* to Vanceburg.
Tarfork* to Cloverport.
T ar Hill to Clarkson.
T arm a to Drakesboro.
T arter to Columbia.
Tateville*! to Burnside.
T ath am Springs to Bloom ­
T aulbee to Jackson.
T aylorsport to Burlington.
T aylors Store to Hazel.
Teague* to Barbourville.
T earcoat to Jam estow n.
Teatersville to L ancaster.
Tedders to Barbourville.
T eddy to L iberty.
Teges* to M anchester.
Telia to Salyersville.
T em perance to F ranklin.
Tem ple Hill* to Glasgow.
Tem pler to E a st B ernstadt.
Tenm ile to Cold Springs.
T eresita to M onterey.
T errill to Richmond.
Terryville to Sandy Hook,
Texas* to Springfield.
Thealka* to Paintsville.
Thelma* to Paintsville.
T he Ridge to Sandy Hook.
Thomas* to Prestonsburg.
Thomson* to M ount Ster­
T hor to Vanceburg.
Thornton* to W hitesburg.
T hreeforkst to Oakland.
T hreelinks to Berea.
T hree Springs to Horse
Threlkel* to Bowling Green.
T hruston to Owensboro.
Thurlow* to Greensburg.
Tilden to Dixon.
Tilford* to Caneyville.
Tillie* to W hitesburg.
T ilton to Flemingsburg.
T ina to H indm an.
Ting to Taylorsville.
T inker to M anchester.
Tinsley* to Pineville.
Tip-Top*!! to Stithton.
Tobacco* to Hazel.
Todd* to E ubanks.
Toddspoint toSImpsonville.
Toler* to Williamson.W.Va.
Toliver to Hazel Green
Tom ahawk to Inez.
Tongs to Greenup.
Tonieville*! to Hodgensville.
T opton to London.
Torchlight* to Louisa.
T oria to Gradyville.
T orrent*!! to Cam pton.
Tousey* to Caneyville.
Townsville to M organtown.
Tracy* to Glasgow.
T ram to Prestonburg.
Trammel* to Scottsville.
Travellers Rest*! to Boone­
Trench* to Sandy Hook.
T re n t! to H azel Green.
T ribbey to H azard.
Tribune* to M arion.
Trigg Furnace to Cadiz.
Trimble* to Somerset.
T rinity* to M anchester,
Triplet* to M orehead.
Trisler to Fordsville.
Trosper* to Barbourville.
Troy to Wilmore.
Truesville to M onterey.
T ru itt to Greenup.
T ulga to Greenup.
T unnel Hill* to E lizabeth­
T urin to Booneville.
T urkey to Jackson.
T urkey Foot to Sadieville.
Turnersville to M cKinney.
Tuscola* to Louisa.
T uttle* to Barbourville.
Twila to H arlan.
Twin Springs to Princeton.
T ygarts Valley* to Greenup
T yler to Paducah.
Tyner* to McKee.
T ypo*!! to H azard.
Tyrone*!! to Lawrence­
Tyson to Crofton.
Ucum to Jam estown.
Ulvah*! to W hitesburg.
Ulysses* to Louisa.
Union City* to Richmond.
Unionhall to Irvine.
U nionM illsto Nicholasville.
Union Star* to Cloverport.
Unity* to Ashland.
Uno to H orse Cave.
Unsona to Pine K not.
U pchurch to Albany.
U pperbruce to Vanceburg.
Upper Tygart* to OliveHill.
Urban* to M anchester.
U tility to Hawesville.
Uz* to W hitesburg.
Vale to M orehead.
Valeria to Cam pton.
Valjean to Jackson.
Valley* to V anceburg.
«Money Order Office.

Valley H ill to Springfield.
Valley Oak to Somerset.
Valley Station* to Louis­
Valley View*!! to Nicholas­
Van to W hitesburg.
V anardsdell*! to Lawrence­
Vance to P o rt Royal.
V anderburg to Dixon.
V andetta to M adisonvilla
Van Lear* to Paintsville.
Vanzant* to Fordsville.
Varilla*!! to Pineville.
Varney to Williamson, W.
Vaughns M ill to Clay City.
Vealsburg to Lynnville.
Veazey to Hanson.
Veechdale! to Simpsonville.
Velber to Science Hill.
Venus to C ynthiana.
Verda to H arlan.
Vernon to Celina, Tenn.
Vertrees* to Cecilia.
Vessie to Grayson.
Vest* to H indm an.
Vi to Pikeville.
Vicksburg* to Sm ithland.
Victory to E a st B ernstadt
View to M arion.
Vincent* to Booneville.
Vine to Bond.
Vineyard to M organtow n.
Vinnie to Somerset.
Viola! to Mayfield.
Viper*!! to H azard.
Virgie* to Pikeville.
Visalia* to Independence.
Viva* to E a st B ernstadt.
Vivian to Summer Shade.
Volga* to Paintsville.
Vortex to C am pton.
Vox to Corbin.
Vultoncreek to Mayfield.
W abd to M ount Vernon.
W agers ville* to Irvine
W agner to Morehead.
Wakefield* to Bloomfield.
W alcott* to Brooksville.
W alden to W illiamsburg.
W aldo to Salyersville.
W ales to Pikeville.
W alker* to Barbourville.
W allace to M idway.
W allaceton to P ain t Lick.
Wallingford* to Flemings­
Walionia* to Cerulean.
Wallsend* to Pineville.
W alnut Grove* to E ubank.
W alnuthill to Lexington.
W alsh to Portsm outh, Ohio.
W altersville* to Clay City.
W altz to M orehead.
W anam aker to Poole.
W ar branch to Hyden.
W ar Creek to Jackson.
W ards to M ount Vernon.
W are to E ubanks.
W arner to E lizabethtow n.
W arnock to Greenup.
Warren* to Barbourville*
Warwick to Salvisa.
W ashington* to M aysville.
W asioto*! to Pineville.
W atauga* to Albany.
W atch to Corbin.
W aterford to Taylorsville.
W ater gap* to Prestonsburg
W ater view* to M arrow ­
W eatherford to Kirkm ansville.
W eaver to E a st B ernstadt.
Webbs* to Greensburg.
W ebbs Cross Roads* to
Russel Springs.
W ebbville*! to Grayson.
W ebster*! to Hardinsburg.
Wedonia* to Flem ingsburg.
W eed to Gradyville.
W eir to Greenville.
W elborn to Science Hill.
W elchburg* to Bond. '
Welchs Creek to Caneyville
Welcome to Caneyville.
W eldon to Brandenberg.
W ellhopeto M ountV ernon.
W ellington* to Hazel Green
W ellsburg! to Augusta.
Wesleyville* to Grayson.
Wess to Liberty.
W estbend* to Clay C ity.
W est Olifty* to Clarkson.
W est Covington! to Cov­
W ester field to Whitesville.
W est Irvine* to Irvine.
W eston to M arion.
W estport* to L a Grange.
W est Van Lear* to P aints­
W estview*! to H ardinsburg
W eym outh to F ulton.
Whalen to W hitesville.
W harton to H azard.
W heatCroft*!! to Clay.
Wheeler* te Barboursville.
W heelersburg* to Salyers­
W heelers Mills* to M unfordville.
t Telegraph Station.



Wheelwright* to Weeksbury.
W hetstone* to Burkesville.
W hick*!! to Jackson.
Whisman* to C am pton.
W hitco to W hitesburg.
W hite H all to Richmond.
W hitehouse*!! to P ain ts­
W hite Mills* to Sonora.
W hiteoak* to Cannel City.
W hitepost to Williamson.
W. Va
W hite Run* to Caneyville.
W hites Staton* to Berea
W hite Star* to H arlan.
W hitetowers to Kenton.
W hitewood*to Greensburg.
W hitfield to Taylorsville.
W hitley! to Stearins.
W hitley City* to Stearns.
W hitlock to Richmond.
W hitt to Olive Hill.
W hy N ot to Irvine.
W hyondotte tb W inchester
Wide Awake to Carrollton.
Wiborg to Somerset.
Wilbur* to Blaine.
Wildie*! to M t. Vernon.
Wildwood to Scottsville
Wiley to Benton.
W ilhelmina to Elkton.
W ilhoitt to W allins Creek.
W ilhurst*!! to Jackson
Willailla to Brodhead.
W illard*! to Grayson.
Williams to Cannel City.
Williamsport* to Paintsville
W iiliba to Beattyville.
Willow* to Beattyville.
Willowgrove to Butler.
Willow Shade* to M arrobone.
Willow Shoals see Willow.
Willowtown to Campbellsville.
Willowtree to Irvine.
Wilsonville to Taylorsville.
Wilton* to Corbin.
W im satt to Bardstown.
Win to Salyersville.
W ind Cave to M cKee.
W indsor to Somerset.
Winesap to M unfordville
Winifred* to Blaine. '
W inkler to Sandy Hook.
W inston* to Irvine.
W ireman to Prestonsburg.
Wisdom* to E dm onton.
Wisemantown* to Irvine.
Wishbone to Tollesboro.
Wiswell to M urray.
Withers* to Livingston.
W itt to Irvine.
W itt Springs* to Irvine.
Wofford*! to Williamsburg.
W olf to Grayson.
W olf Coal to Jackson.
W olf Creek* to Branden­
W olfpit*! to Pikeville.
W onder to Prestonsburg.
Woodbine*! to Corbin.
Woodlake to Frankfort.
Woodlawn*! to Bardstown.
Woodman* to Williamson,
W. Va.
Woodrow to Irvington.
Woods* to P restonsburg.'
Woodstock* to Eubank.
Woodville to Keyil.
Woollum to M anchester.
Wooton* to Hyden.
W orth to Crestwood.
W orthington to Crestwood.
Wrigley* to W est Liberty.
W urtland* to Russell.
W yandotte to W inchester.
W y a tt to Sandy Hobk.
W ynns to Crofton.
Wysox* to Rochester.
X ena to Stanton.
Xerxes to Burkesville.
Yaho to London.
Yale* to Salt Lick.
Yamacraw* to Pine Knot.
Yatesville* to Louisa.
Yeager* to Pikeville.
Yeaman* to Caneyville.
Yellow M ountain to Hind­
m an.
Yellow Rock to Beattyville.
Yelvington to Owensboro.
Yerkes*! to Hazard.
Yocum* to W est L iberty.
York* to Greenup.
Yosemite* to Middleburg.
Yost* to Greenville.
Young to Salt Lick.
Youngs Creek to Corbin.
Y um a to Campbellsville.
Zachariah to Clay City.
Zag to W est Liberty.
Zebuion* to Pikeville.
Zelda* to Louisa.
Zero to Hodgenville.
Zilpo to Salt Lick.
Zion to llenderson. V
Zion Station* to M ount
Zoe to Beattyville.
Zold to Beattyville.
Zoneton to Shepherdsville.
Zula to M onticello.
! Express Office»

Abbie Joe* to D e Quincy.
Abington* to Shreveport.
A bita Springs*tt to Covihgton:
Acme* to Vidalia..,
Acy* to B aton Rouge.
Adeline*} to Baldwin.
Adner to Shreveport.
Aft'on to T allulah.
A geratum to Robeline.
Aimweil to Jena.
Ajax to P leasant Hill.
Akers to Ponchatoula.
Albemarle* to Labadieville.
Alberta* to C astor.
Alco* to Leesville.
Alcus to Slidell.
Alden Bridge*} to Plain
Alfalfa* to Boyce.
Alice to St. Francisville.
Allemands* to Raceland,
Allen to Robeline.
Alluvial C ity to New
A lm adane to M erryville.
Aloha*}} to Colfax.
Alpha to C oushatta.
Alsatia*}} to Lake P rovi­
Alton* to Slidell.
Ama*} to G retna.
Amelia* to M organ C ity.
Anacoco*}} to Leesville.
Anchor* to New Roads.
Andreporit to Opelousas.
Andrew* to Rayne.
Angola*}} to B aton Rouge.
Anse L a B utte} to Breaux
Ansley*}} to RUston.
Antioch* to Hom er.
Arbroth* to P o rt Allen.
Archibald*}} to M angham .
Archie*} to Jonesville.
Areola*}} to Amite.
Argo to Jonesville.
Ariel* to Raceland.
Arizonia to Hom er.
A rkana* to P lain Dealing.
Arm istead} to C oushatta.

Bluff Creek to Clinton.
B oatner to Jonesboro.
Bodcau* to Shreveport.
Boleyn* to M a rth a ville.
Bolinger* to P lain Dealing.
Bolivar* to A m ite .City.
Bonami*}} to D e R idder.
Bonfouca* to Slidell.
Bonita*}} to W ilm ot, Ark.
Boothviile* to New Orleans
Bosco*}} to M onroe.
Boudreaux to Houm a.
Boutte*}} to H ahnville.
Bowie*}} to Raceland.
Braithwaite*} to New Or­
Branch*}} to Rayne.
Brandon* . to St. P rancis­
Breckwoldt to Ham m ond.
Brew erton to Donaldsonville.
Brignac to Donaldsonville.
B rittany* to D onaldson­
Brooks* to New Roads.
Brown to Saline.
B rusly to Addis.
Buckeyé* to Alexandria.
Buckner* to M angham .
Bundick to D e Ridder.
Buras* to New Orleans.
Burnside*}} to Donaldson­
Burrwood*} to NewOrleans.
Burtville*. to B aton Rouge.
Bush*}} to Bogalusa.
B utler to P leasant Hill.
Caddo*} to Oil City.
Cade*}} to New Iberia.
Calhoun*}} toW estM onroe.
C alum et to P atterson.
Calvin* to Winnfleld,
ACameron* to Lake Charles
Cam p to Hom er.
Canebrake* to W aterproof.
C apitan to New Iberia.
Cargas > o Monroe.
Carlyss* to Lake Charles.
Carroll*, to C oushatta.

Ashland*} to C astor.
Ashly to T allulah.
Ashton* to Baldwin.
Atchafalaya* to Breaux.
Atkins*}} to Shreveport.
Atlanta*}} to Winnfleld.
A ubrey to F ullerton.
Audubon to Slidell.
A very Island* to N ew lberia
Avoca* to Labadieville.
Aycock to Arcadia.

Carson*}} to D e Ridder.
Carville* to W hite Castle.
Caspiana*}} to Shreveport.
Castille to Rayne.
Cataro* to W ashington.
Cecil to M arion.
Cecilia to Breaux Bridge.
C enter Point* to M arksville
Central* to Donaldsonville.
Chacahoula*} to Thibo­
C halm ette* to New Or-

Bains* to B aton Rouge.
Baker*}} to Zachary.
Ball* to Alexandria.
Bancker* to Abbeville.
B ancroft to M erryville.
B arataria* to G retna.
Barbreck* to Bunkie.
Barham*}} to Leesville.
B arron to Alexandria.
B arton* to Donaldsonville.
Batchelor*}} to M organza.
B attle* to Clinton.
Bayou Barbary* to Ponchatoula.

Chamberlin*}} to
P o rt
Charenton*} to Baldwin.
Gharlieyille* to M angham .
Chase*}} to W innsboro.
Chauvin* to Houm a.
Chenal* to New Roads
Cheniere} to M onroe.
C herry Ridge to Farm ersville.

B ayou Chene* to Plaquemine.
Bayou Chicot* to Ville
P latte.
Bayou Current* to Melville
Bayou Goula*}} to W hite
BayouLa Chuté* to Shreve­
Bayou Sale}} to Center­
Bayou Sara}} to B aton
Bear* to Lake Charlès.
Beekman* to B astrop.
Begg* to W ashington.
Bell City* to W elsh.
Belle Alliance*}} to D on­
Belle Amie to L ockport.
Belle Chasse* to N ew Or­
Belledeau* to Hessm er. '
Belle H elene to D onaldson­
Belle Rose* to Paincourtville.
Bellevue to Shreveport.
Bellwood* to Robeline.
Belm ont* tö Zwolle.
Benson*}} to Mansfield.
Bentley* to Pollock.
Bermuda* to M ontgom ery.
Bertie* to Napoleonville.
Bertrandville* to New Or­
B ethany* to Shreveport.
Big Bend* to Bordelonville.
Big Cane* to Bunkie.
Blackburn; tö Homer.
Blackcreek to Colfax.
Black Hawk*} to Vidalia.
Blanchard*}} to Shreveport
Blanks* to L ottie.
Blond to Covington._______
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Chester to Colum bia.
Chestnut*} to N atchitoches
Ohale to Lake Charles.
Chopin*}} to Cloutierville.
Choupique* to Vinton.
Cinclare*}} to P o rt Allen.
C ity Price* to New Orleans.
Clare* to M any.
Clarence*}} to C am pti.
Clarks*}} to Grayson.
Clarksville to G retna.
Clay* to Ruston.
Clayton*}} to Vidalia.
Glearlake to Cam pti.
Clifton*}} to F ranklinton.
Clio* to Ham m ond.
C oburn to M any.
Coe to C hurch P oint.
Coleman* to T allulah.
Collingsburg to P lain Deal­
Colquitt* to Homer.
Colsons to Farm erville.
Comité* to B aton Rouge.
AConvent*}} to L utcher.
Conway* to Farm erville.
Cook to Mansfield.
Corbin*} ' to
D enham
Cornerview to B aton Rouge
Cornor to Woodville.
Cossinade* to K aplan.
C o tto n p la n tto Columbia.
Couchwood to C otton Val­
Couley to Winnfleld.
Cover dale to Kinder.
Cow Island to Abbeville.
C rane to Boyce.
Cravens*}} to D e Ridder.
Creole* to Lake Charles.
Crescent to Plaquem ine.
C reston to C am pti.
Crew Lake* to Rayville.
Crichton*}} to Lenzburg.
Crosskeys to Shreveport.
Crowville* to W innsboro.
CUrry to Winnfleld.
Curtis* to Shreveport.
Cypress*}} to


* County Seat.

Dalcour* to New Orleans.
D ailey to C hatham .
Danville* to Bienville.
D ’Arbonne to Choudrant.
Darlington* to Clinton.
Darnell} to Oak Grove.
Darrow* to Donaldsonville.
D aspit to Houm a.
Dav.ant* to New Orleans.
D avis Station see Ama.
D ean to M arion.
Deerford* to Zachary.
Deerpark*}} t o Vidalia.
D e L outre to Farm erville.
D elta* to Vicksburg, M iss.
Deltabridge* to St. Joseph.
D elta Point}} to Vicksburg,
M iss.
Dennis Mills* to Denham
Derouen* to New Iberia.
Derry*}} to Cloutierville.
Deshotels* to Viile P latte.
Destrehan*}} to Kenner.
D evall to P o rt Allen.
Deville to Alexandria.
Diamond* to G retna.
Dido* to Fullerton.
Dixie*} (Caddo Co.) to
Dodson*}} to Jonesboro.
D ollette to M ansfield.
Donner*}} to M organ C ity.
D orcheat to C otton Valley.
D orcyville to W hite Castle.
D orig to Colum bia.
Doss* to Collinston.
D ouglas to Ruston.
Downsville* to C houdrant.
Doyle to D enham Springs.
Dreyfus* to Donaldsonville
D ry Creek* to Kinder.
D ry Prong*} to Pollock.
Dubberly*}} to M inden.
Duboin* to New Iberia.
D ubuisson to W ashington.
D uck Port* to Vicksburg,
M iss.
Dulac* to Houm a.
D unbar to Pearlington.
D unn* to Delhi.
D unbarton to Ferriday.
Duplessis* (Ascension Co.)
to Donaldsonville.
Dupont* to New Roads.
D urald to Eunice.
D usenbury to Leesville.
D utch Town* to Donald­
D uty* to Columbia.
Dykesville to H aynes viile.
E a st Pendleton to M any.
E a st Point*}} to Lenzburg.
Echo* to Hessmer.
E den to Jena.
E dgard Station to Reserve.
Edgerley*}} to Vinton.
E d n a to Kinder.
Effle* to M arksville.
Egan*} to Crowley.
Eggbend to Marksville.
E lam to Wisner.
Elba* to Melville.
E ldorado to Tallulah.
Elizabeth*}} to Oakdale.
Ellendale* to Houm a.
Ellis* to Crowley.
Elmer* to Glenmora.
Elmgrove* to Shreveport.
Elmore} see Clay.
E lm P ark to B aton Rouge.
Em ad* to Kinder.
Empire* to New Orleans.
English Lookout} see D un­
Enon* to Franklinton.
Enterprise* to Colum bia.
Eola*} to Bunkie.
Epney* to A m ite City.
Epps*}} to Delhi.
Eros*} to Monroe.
Erwinville*}} to P ort Allen.
E ssa to Leesville.
E sther* to Abbeville.
Estherwood*}} to Crowley.
E sto to M any.
E stopinal to New Orleans.
Ethel*}} to Clinton.
Eva* to Jonesville.
Evangeline* to Jennings.
E vans to D e Ridder.
Evelyn* to Mansfield.
Evergreen*}} to Bunkie.
Extension* to W innsboro.
Fairbanks* to Monroe.
F airm ount to Colfax.
Fal* to D e Ridder.
Feitel* to St. P atricks.
Felixyille* to Clinton.
Fenris to Eunice.
Fenton*}} to Kinder.
F erry Lake to Oil City.
Farwell* to D e Ridder.
Fields* to M erryville.
Fisher*}} to M any.
F latcreek to Olla.
Flatwoods* to Boyce.
Flora* to N atchitoches.
Florien*} to M any.
Flournoy* to Shreveport,
Floyd* to Oak Grove.
Fluker* to Amite C ity.
Flynn to Opelousas.
Folsom*}} to Covington,
Fond ale} to M onroe.
Money Order Office.

Forbing* to Shreveport.
Fordoche*}} to Lottie.
Forem an to B aton Rouge.
Forest*}} to Oak Grove.
F orest Hill*}} to Glenmore.
F o rt Jesup to M any.
F o rt Necessity* to W inns­
F oster to Centerville.
Foules to Sicily Island.
Settlem ent*
F rey to Eunice.
Friendship* to Saline. •
Frierson*}} to Shreveport.
Frisco to M aringouin.
Frogmore*} to Vidalia.
Frost* to Doyle.
Fulton}} to Lake Charles
F u rrh to Shreveport.
G aars M ills to Dodson.
Gahagan*}} to C oushatta.
G albraith* to Colfax.
Gallion*}} to Merrouge,
Galloway to Covington.
Galvez* to B aton Rouge.
Gandy*} to M any.
Gansville to Dodson.
Garden City*}} to Franklin
Gardner* to Alexandria.
Garfield to Vivian.
Garland* to W ashington.
Gassoway to Lake Provi­
Gayle*.}} to Shreveport.
Ged* to Vinton.
Geismar*}} to Donaldson­
Georgetown*}} to Olla.
Gheens* to Raceland.
Gibson*}} to Thibodaux.
Gillis* to Lake Charles.
Girard*}} to Rayville.
Glencoe* to Baldwin.
Glostef*}} to G rand Cane.
Glynn (De Soto Co.) to
Glynn*}} (Pointe Coupee
Co.) to New Roads.
Gold Dust*}} to Bunkie.
Goldm an to W aterproof.
Goldonna*} to Winnfleld.
Good Hope}} to Kenner.
Good Pine*} to Jena.
Gordon to Haynesville.
Gorum* to Colfax.
Goss* to Mansfield.
Goudeau to Bunkie.
' Grabow* to D e Ridder.
Gram bling to R uston.
Gramercy*}} to L utcher.
G rand Bayou*}} to Cou­
sh a tta .
G rand Chenier* to Lake
A rthur.
G rand Coteau* to Sunset.
G rand Ecore to N atchito­
G rand Isle*} to G retna.
Grand Lake to L akeCharles
Grangeville*} to Clinton.
Grant* to De Ridder.
Grappes Bluff* to C am pti.
Gray* to Thibodaux.
Greenwood*}} to Shreve­
Grosse Tete*}} to M aring­
Grove* to M inden.
Gullet} to Amite.
Gurley*} to Jackson.
G uthrie to M onroe.
Guy* to Oberlin.
Hackberry* to V inton.
Hackley* to F ranklinton.
Hagewood to N atchitoches.
Haile*} to M arion.
H all to D enham Springs.
H alls Sum m it to C oushatta.
Hamburg*}} to M oreau viile
Hampo to Oberlin.
Hancock to Monroe.
Hanna*}} to C oushatta.
H anson C ity to Kenner.
H appy Jack* to New
H arahan to Kenner
Hardie to Columbia.
Harelson to B aton Rouge.
Harman*}} to C oushatta.
H arris to Pleasant Hill.
Harvey*}} to G retna.
Haughton*}} to Shreveport
Hawthorn* to Leesville.
Hayes*} to Lake A rthur.
Hazelwood* to P o rt Barre.
H ead of Island to D enham
H ebert to Columbia.
Hemphill* to Alexandria.
Henderson* to Tallulah. .
Henry* to Abbeville.
Hermitage* to New Roads.
Hester* to L utcher.
Hickory to Cottonport.
Hico* to Dubach. .
Hill to Sikes.
Hilly* to Dubach.
Hineston* to Glenmora.
H obart* to Donaldsonville.
Hobson to Farm ersvilie.
Hodge*}} to Jonesboro.
Hohen Solms* to W hite
Holden*} (Livingston Co.)
to Ham m ond.
Holloway* to Alexandria.
Holly* to Mansfield.
Holly Grove* to Wisner.
Holly Ridge*}} to Rayville.
Holmwood to Lake Charles.
f Telegraph Station

Holum* to Grayson.
Home Place to New Orleans
Hood to Arcadia.
Hope* to M inden.
Hope Villa* to BatonRouge
Hornbeck*}} to Leesville.
H ortm an* to C otton Valley
Hosston* }to Gilliam.
H ot Well to BoyceHoultonvilie* to Madisonville.
Howell to B aton Rouge.
Hoy* to De Ridder.
Hughes to Benton.
Hughes Spur* to Benton.
Hum phreys* to Houma.
H unter* to Mansfield.
Husser* to Independence.
H u tto n to Leesville.
Hydropolis to Marksville.
Hymel* to Donaldsonville.
I a tt to Winnfleld.
Iberville* to B aton Rouge.
Ikeville to Welch.
Indian Bayou* to Rayne.
lndianm ound* to Baton
Iniiis* to New Roads.
Iowa*}} to Lake Charles.
Irene* (E ast Baton, Rouge
Co.) to Zachary.
Irish Bend to Franklin.
Isabel*} to Franklinton.
Ivan* to B enton.
Jack* to Greensburg.
Jacoby* to Melville.
Jamestown* to Ringgold.
Janie* to Cloutierville.
Jarreau* to New Roads.
Jeffersofl Island} to Delcam bre.
Jesuit Bend* to New
Jewella} to Shreveport.
Johnson (St. John Baptist
Co.) to Reserve.
Johnson to Independence.
Jones*}} to Wilmont, Ark.
Joyce*} to Winnfleld.
Junction City*} to Junction
C ity, Ark.
Junior* to New Orleans.
Junks to Vidalia.
Kahns* to P o rt Allen.
K ateland to Colfax.
Keatchie*}} to Shreveport.
K eith to De Ridder.
Keithville*}} to Shreveport
Kelly*}} to Grayson.
K enilworth to Coushatta.
K ents Store* to Clinton.
K ernan to D e Quincy.
Kilbourne*}} to Eudora.
Kile to Leesville.
Killian* to Ponchatoula.
Killona*}} to Reserve.
King* to Tallulah.
Kingston* to Mansfield.
Kisatchie* to Hornbeck.
Klotzville* to Paincourtville.
Knowles to Dubach.
Kolin to Alexandria.
Koran* to M inden.
Kraem er to Thibodaux.
K rotz Springs*}} to Mel­
Kurthwood*} to Leesville.
L abarre to Morganza.
La Branch*} to Kenner.
Lacassine* to Welsh
L achute to Shreveport.
Lacombe*}} to Slidell.
Lacour* to M organza
Lefay to Epps.
Lafitte* to M arrero.
Lafourche*}} to Thibodaux
Lagan* to Donaldsonville.
L ahow ard to Shreveport.
Lake to Donaldsonville.
Lake End*}} to NatchitoLakeland* to New Roads
L am ar to Delhi.
L am kin to M onroe.
L am othe to Boyce.
Lamourie}} to Lecompte.
Lam ourie Station to
Lapine* to Monroe.
Laplace*}} to Reserve.
Laran* to Strong, Ark.
L ’Argent* to Waterproof.
Larose to Lockport.
L atex to M arshall, Texas.
Lauderdale* to Donaldson
L aura to Napoleonville.
Laurel Hill*} to Baton
Lawhon* to Ringgold.
Lawrence* to N ew Orleans.
Leander* to Leesville.
Lebeau* to Melville.
Le Blanc* to Kinder.
Leclede to T allulan. :
Lee Bayou* to Sicily Island.
Lee M oyen to Bunkie.
Legonier* to Marksville.
Leland* to Sicily Island.
Leleux* to Kaplan.
Lena to Boyce.
Lena Station* to Boyce.
Lenzburg} to Coushatta.
Leonville*} to Opelousas; _—
Express Office

Le Boy to Abbeville.
Le Sassier to Keserve.
Leslie to Minden.
Leton* to C otton Valley.
Lettsworth*}} to M organza
Levert* to St. M artinsville.
Lewis*}} to Vivian.
Lewisburg to C hurch Point.
Lewiston* to Kentwood.
Liberty Hill* to Bienville.
Libüse to Alexandria.
Liddieville to W innsboro.
Lillie*} to Bernice.
Lindsay*}} to St. Francis*
Linville* to M arion.
Lions* to Garyville.
Lisbon* to Homer.
Lismore* to Vidalia.
Litroe* to M arion.
Littlecreek to Jena.
Little Woods to New Or­
Liverpool* to Greensburg.
Livingston*} to D enham
Livonia*} to Lottie.
Lobdell*} to P o rt Allen.
Loch Lomond* to M onroe.
Locust Ridge* to St.Joseph.
Logtown to Monroe.
Lonepine* to Oheneyville.
Lonewa to M onroe.
Long Bridge*}} to M ansura
Longleaf*}} to Glenmora.
Lookout* (St. H elena Co.)
to Clinton.
Loranger*} to In d ep en d en t
Lotus* to Natchitoches.
Lou to Ringgold.
Lowry to Lake A rthur.
Lozes} to New Iberia.
Lucas*}} to Shreveport.
Lucknow* to M angham .
Lucky* to Saline.
Lucy* to Edgard.
Ludington*}} to D e Ridder.
Luella to N atchitoches.
Lula* to Mansfield.
Luling* to G retna.
Luna* to Monroe.
Lydia*} to Jeanerette.
Magda* to Alexandria.
Magnolia* (E. BatonRouge
Co.) to D enham Springs.
Mahon to Homer.
Maillard to Jeanerette.
Manchac (E. B aton Rouge
Co.) to B aton Rouge.
Manchester to Lake Charles
Manifest* to Jena.
Manilla Village to G retna.
Marcel* to New Iberia.
Marco to Colfax.
Mark* to Addis.
Marston to Bogalusa.
Martin to C otton Valley
Mason to Winnsboro.
Mathews*} to Raceland.
Maurepas* to Ponchatoula
Maxie* to Crowley.
Mayna to Jonesville.
Mayo to Leesville.
McCall*}} to Donaldsonville.
McCrea* to Melville.
McDade* to Shreveport.
McDonoghville*} to G retna
McIntyre to M inden.
McManus}} to Jackson.
McNary*}} to Glenmora.
Meeker*}} to Lecompte.
Melder* to Glenmora.
Melrose* to Cloutierville.
Melonie to New Orleans.
Meraux* to New Orleans.
Meridian*}} to Alexandria.
Mermenton* to Jennings.
Messick to C oushatta.
Metcalf to Shreveport.
Midland*}} to Crowley.
Milldale to Zachary.
Millikin*}} to Lake Provi­
Milton*} to Broussard.
Miltonberg to Alexandria.
Mineral to P leasant Hill.
Minerva* to Houm a.
Mira*} to Ida.
Missionary* to Ida.
Mitchell* to P leasant Hill.
Mitchener* to Delhi.
Mix* to New Roads.
Moncla* to M arksville.
Montegut*} to Houm a.
Monterey* to Jonesville.
Montrose*}} to Cloutier­
Montz* to Reserve.
Moorland to Alexandria.
Mora* to Boyce.
Morbihan* to New Iberia.
Moreland}} to Alexandria
Morley*} to Plaquem ine.
Morris to Colfax.
Morrow*}} to Bunkie
Morse*} to Crowley.
Morville* to Vidalia.
Moselys Bluff to Farm ersville.
Moss Bluff to Lake Charles.
Mound*}} to Tallulah.
Mount Airey* to L utcher.
Mt. Hermon* to F ranklinton.
Mt. Lebanon* to Gibsland.
Mt. Pleasant* to Columbia.
^Musson to M aringouin.

M owata* to Eunice.
M y a tt to C hapm an.
M yrtlegrove to New Or­
M yrtis to Vivian.
Naborton* to Mansfield.
Nairn* to New Orleans.
Naom i to New Orleans.
Naples*}} to Bordelonville.
Natalbany*} to Ham m ond.
Natchez*}} to N atchitoches
Neame*}} to D e Ridder.
Nebo* to Jena.
Negreet* to M any.
N eita* to Melville.
Nelson to Gibsland.
Nero* to New Orleans.
Nesom to Clinton.
Nestor* to New Orleans.
New E ra to Jonesville.
Newport* to Columbia.
N ew ton to Lake Charles.
New Verda* to Colfax.
Newllano to Leesville.
N ib lett to Lake A rthur.
Nickel to Jena.
Ninock to Shreveport.
Nolia to M ontgom ery.
N orah to Lockport.
N orm a to Hessmer.
N otnac* to Newellton.
N ugent} to bollock.
Nunez* to Abbeville.
Oakland* to Strong, Ark.
Oaklawn* to Slidell.
Oaknolia* to Slaughter.
Odenburg* to Melville.
Okaloosa to E rcs. v
Olga* to New Orleans.
Olive Branch* to Slaughter.
Olivier*} to New Iberia.
Omega* to Tallulah.
Onvilie* to Covington.
O ra to Farm erville.
Oscar* to New Roads.
Osceola to Independence.
Ossun to Scott.
Ostrica* to New Orleans.
Otis* to Boyce.
Ouachita* to M onroe.
Oubre to St. Patricks.
Oxford*}} to Mansfield.
Packton* to Winnfleld.
Palmetto*}} to M elville.
Paradis*} to Kenner.
Parcperdue* to Delcam bre.
Parham s* to Jonesville.
P arks to St. M artinsville.
Parksville to Rustville.
Pasm an to Franklinton.
P atoutville to Jeanerette.
Paulina* to Lutcher.
Pearl River*}} to Slidell.
Peason* to Leesville.
Pecan Island* to Gueydan.
Peck*}} to W isner.
Perry* to Abbeville.
P erryville to B astrop.
Phillips to A m ite C ity.
Phillips to M onroe.
Phillips Bluff* to K inder.
Phoenix* to New Orleans.
Pickering*}} to Leesville.
Pilottown* to New Orleans.
P ine Grove*} to Amite C ity
Pineville*} to Alexandria.
Pioneer*}} to Oak Grove.
Pirm ont to C oushatta.
Pitkin*}} to D e Ridder.
P itrevilie to Opelousas.
Plaisance to Opelousas.
P lanchette to M organza.
Plattenville*}} to Paincourtville.
P lettenberg to St. Francisville.
P oint to Downsville.
P o in t Bleu to Ville P latte.
APointe a la Hache*} to
New Orleans.
P oint Pleasant* to Newell­
Poley* to Doyle.
P onchartrain Grove* to
New Orleans.
Poole to Shreveport.
P o rt Barrow to Donaldsonville.
P o rt C halm ette} to New
P o rt Eads* to New Orleans.
P o rt Hudson*} to St. F rancisville.
P o rt Vincent* to Denham
P otash* to New Orleans.
Powhatan*}} to Cairipti.
Poydras* to New Orleans.
Prairieville* to Donaldsonville.
Pride* to Zachary.
Princeton to Shreveport.
Provencal*}} to Robeline.
P ugh to Labadieville. '
Quebec*}} to T allulah.
Quimby}} to T allulah.
Quinton to M organza.
Quitman*}} to Jonesboro.
Raccourci* to M organza.
Ragley*} to D e Ridder.
R am bin to Pelican.
Ramsey* to C ovington.
Ramos* to M organ City.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

ACounty Seat.

Randolph*}} to Junction.
City, Ark.
Ravenwood* to Melville.
Redcross* to Melville. ,
Reddeil* to Ville P latte
Red Fish* to M oreauville
Redlich to Eunice.
Redoak* to C oushatta.
Reeves*}} to Kinder.
Reggio Station to Arabi.
Reids* to D e Ridder.
Reimers* to Clinton.
Reisor}} to Shreveport.
Remy* to Lutcher.
Rexmere to Bordelonville.
Reynolds to M arksville.
Rhinehart* to Jena.
Rhoda* to M organ C ity.
Rice to Welsh.
Riceville to Gueydan.
Richland to A lexandria.'
Ridge* to Rayne.
Rigolets} to New Orleans.
Rio*}} to Bogalusa.
R ita to Lockport.
Riverton*}} to Colum bia.
Roanoke*}} to Welsh.
Robert*} to Ham m ond.
Robson* to Shreveport.
Rochelle*}} to Olla.
Rock to Leesville.
Rocky M ount* to P lain
Rodessa*}} to Vivian.
Rogers to Jena.
Rollins to Shreveport.
Romeville* to L utcher.
Roosevelt*} to T allulah.
Rosa*}} to M elville.
Rosedale*}} to M aringouin.
Rosefleld* to Olla.
Roseland*}} to Amite.
Rosepine*} to D e Ridder.
Ruby* to Alexandria.
Ruple to Haynesville.
S aint A m an to Batont*
St. Bernard* to Arabi.
ASt. Charles Station to
H ahn ville.
St. Elm o to Donaldsonville.
St. Gabriel*}} to Plaquemine.
S aint James*}} to St. P a t­
Saint Landry*}} to Bunkie.
Saint Maurice*}} to M ont­
St. Patricks* to L uteher.
S aint Tammany*} to Cov­
Samstown to W hitecastle.
Sartori to Lecom pte.
Satsum a to Doyle.
Schexnayder to New Roads.
Schley to Leesville.
Schriever*}} to Thibodaux.
Schwab to M organza.
Scotlandville* to B aton
Seale* to D e Quincy.
Security* to Jonesville. p
Segura* to New Iberia
Sellers* to Kenner.
Selma*}} to Pollock.
Seymourville to Plaquemine.
Shamrock* to Robeline.
Sharpsburg to B aton Rouge
Shaw*}} to Ferriday.
Shelburn* to Lake P rovi­
Shell Beach to Arabi.
Sherwood to Harrisonburg.
Shiloh (Union Co.) to Ber­
Shongaloo* to Haynesville.
Shrewsbury} to New Or­
Shuteston* to Sunset.) to
Sibley (Lincoln Co.
C houdrant.
Sibley (W ebster Co.)*}} to
M inden.
Sieper to Boyce.
Simmesport*}} to M oreau­
Simms* to Pollock.
Simpson* to Leesville.
Singer*}} to De Ridder.
Sligo* to Shreveport.
Smoke Bend* to D onald­
Soapstone to Oberlin.
Sodus}} to P leasant Hill.
Sondheimer*}} to Tallulah.
Sorrento*}} to B aton Rouge
South M ansfield*}} to
Southport} to New Orleans.
Sparta* to Bienville.
Spearsville to Bernice.
Spencer}} to M onroe.
Springcreek* to Kentwood.
Springfield* to Ponchatoula
Springridge to Shreveport.
ASpringvuie* to Poncha­
Spyker to Bastrop.
Standard*}} to Olla.
Starhill* to B aton Rouge.
Starks*}} to Lake Charles.
Start* to Rayville.
Sterlington}} to M onroe.
Stille to Boyce.
Stonewall*} to Shreveport.
Stonypoint* to Slaughter.
Stovall to Jonesboro.
»Money Order Office.

Sugartown* tG D e Ridder.
Summerfleld* to Junction
City, Ark.
Summer Grove to Shreveport.
Summerville* to Jena.
Sun*}} to Covington.
Sunbeam to Clinton.
Sunny Hill* to Kentwood.
Sunrise to P o rt Allen.
Sunshine* to Plaquem ihe.
Swartz}} to M onroe.
Swayze Lake to Melville.
Swords to Opelousas.
T aft* to H ahnville.
Talisheek*}} to Covington.
Tallieu* to Labadieville.
Tangipahoa*}} to K ent­
Taylor* to Gibsland.
Taylortown*}} to Shreve­
Teche to Franklin.
Tem ple to Boyce.
Tendal to T allulah.
Tenmile* to Oberlin.
Terry* to Oak Grove.
T heriot to Houm a.
Thornwell* to Lake A rthur.
T hurm an to Bernice.
Tickfaw*}} to Ham m ond.
Tide* to Winnfleld.
Tillman* to Fullerton.
Tillou to B astrop.
Timberton*}} to L utcher.
Timon* to Carhpti.
Tinus* to. Greensburg.
Tioga*}} to Alexandria.
Togo to Newellton.
Toomey to Y inton.
T orbert to L ottie.
Toro* to M any.
Torras*}} to M organza.
Toups to Lockport.
Transylvania*}} to Lake
Trees* to Vivian.
Tremont*}} to C houdrant.
Trium ph to New Orleans.
Trout*} to Jena.
Truxno* to Strong, Ark.
Tucker* to Zachary.
Tulios* to Olla.
T unica to St. Francisville.
T urkey Creek* to LeCom pte.
T urps to Lake Charles.
Uneedas* to Covington.
Union* to Donaldsonville.
Unionville to Dubach.
Urania*}} to Olia.
Utility* to Jonesville.
Valverda* to M aringouin.
Vanceville to Shreveport.
Varnado*}} to Angie.
Vatican to Scott.
Velie to Shreveport.
Venice* to New Orleans.
Ventress* to New Roads.
Verda*}} to Colfax.
Verdunville to Franklin.
Verger to Covington.
Vernon* to Ruston.
Vick* to M arksville.
Vidrine to Ville Platte.Vienna* to Ruston.
Vincent to Sulphur.
Violet* to New Orleans.
Violin to Covington.
Vixen* to Columbia.
Vowells Mills* to Robeline.
Wadesboro to Ponchatoula.
Waggaman}} to G retna.
Wakefield* to B aton Rouge
Waldheim* to Covington.
Walker*}to Denham Springs
Wallace* to Reserve.
Walls* to P o rt Allen.
W alnut H ill to Leesville.
W alnut Lane to Farm erville
W alters to Jonesville.
Wardville* to B astrop.
W arnerton*}} to F ranklin­
Watson* to D enham Spring.
W aterproof to
Waverly*}} to Delhi.
Waxia* to W ashington.
Weeks* to Baldwin.
Weil to Alexandria.
Weiss* to D enham Springs.
Welcome* to Donaldson­
W eldon to Bernice.
Westdale*}} to C oushatta.
Westlake*} to Lake Charles
W eston to Jonesboro.
W est P o rt to Alexandria.
Westwego* to N ew Orleans.
Weyanoke* to B aton Rogue
W hitehall* to Doyle.
Whiteville* to Bunkie.
W hittington to Alexandria.
Wickliffe* to New Roads.
Wilcox to B aton Rouge.
Wilda* to Boyce.
Wildsville* to Jonesville.
Willets*}} to Vidalia.
W illhite to Monroe.
W illiamsport; to New Roads
Willow Glen to Alexandria.
Wills P oint to Arabi.
W illson Landing to Jonesville.
Wilmer* to Am ite.
Wilson*}} to Norwood.
W omack to C hatham .
} Telegraph Station.



W inklertown to P aincourtville.
Woodland* to Clinton.
Woodlawn* to Kinder.
Woodside*}} to Melville.
Woodworth*}} to Alexan­
Wright* to Gueydan.
Wyatt*}} to Jonesboro.
Yáwn to M ontpelier.
Yellow Pine to Minden.
Zenoria to Jena.
Zimmerman*}} to Boyce.
Zona* to F ranklinton.

A bbott Village*} to Guil­
Acadia* to Caribou.
Addison* to Jonesport.
Albany to Bethel.
Albion*} to Fairfield.
Alexander* to Calais.
AAlfred*}} to Sanford.
Allegash to F o rt K ent,
Allens M ills to Farm ington.
Aina* to D am ariscotta.
Alton} to Oldtown.
Amherst* to Bangor.
Andover* to Rum ford.
Anson*} to M adison.
Appleton* to Camden.
Argyle to Oldtown.
Arrowsic* to B ath.
Ash Point* to Rockland.
Ashville* to B ar H arbor.
Asticou* to B ar H arbor.
Athens* to Skowhegan.
Atkinson to Dover.
Atlantic* to Ellsw orth.
A ttean to Jackm an.
Aurora* to Bangor.
Avon to Phillips.
Ayers* to Calais.
Bailey Island* to Bruns­
Bancroft}} to Bangor.
Baring* to Calais.
Barker* to Rangeley.
B ar Mills*}} to Saco.
Bauneg Beg to N orth Ber­
B arnard to M ilo.
Baypoint* to B ath.
Bayside (Hancock Co.) to
Ellsw orth. ,
Bayside* (Waldo Co.) to
Bay ville* to B oothbay H ar­
Beachwood to Biddeford.
Beals* to Jonesport.
Beaver P ond to Rangeley.
Belgrade*}} to Oakland.
Belgrade Lakes* to Oak­
Belm ont to Belfast.
Bemis*}} to Rum ford Falls,
Benedicta* to Houltoh.
Benton*} to Fairfield.
B enton F alls to Fairfield.
B enton Station* to Fairfield.
Bernard* to B ar H arbor.
B erry Mills* to Dixfield.
Berwick* to Somersworth,
N . H. \
Biddeford Pool* to Bidde­
Bigelow} to Farm ington.
Bingham*}} to Madison.
Birches* to Rangeley.
Birch Harbor* to Bar
H arbor.
Birch Island*} to Bruns­
Blaine*} to M ars Hill.
Blanchard*}} to Guilford.
Bluehill* to Ellsworth.
Bluehill Falls* to Ellsworth.
Bolsters Mills* to Norway.
Boothbay* to Booth Bay
H arbor.
B oundary,to Houlton.
Bowdoin to Richmond.
Bowdoinham*}} to Bruns­
Bowerbank* to Dover.
Bowery Beach to P ortland.
Boyd Lake to Milo.
Bradbury} to F o rt K ent.
Bradford*}} to Bangor.
B radford Center* to M ilo.
Bradley* to Oldtown.
Branch M ills to Augusta.
Bremen to W aldoboro.
Bridgewater -C enter* to.
Presque Isle.
Brighton* to Skowhegan.
Bristol* to New C a stle .;
Broad Cove* to Waldoboro.
Brooklin*} to Ellsworth.
Brooksville* to Bucksport.
•Brookton* to Calais.
} Express Office.

1876 M A I N E
Brownfield* to Bridgton.
Brownville*!! to Milo.
Brownville Junction*!! to
B ry an t Pond*!! to Bethel.
Bucks Harbor* to M achias.
B ucksport
C enter 1
B urdin to Guilford.
Burkettville* to W aldoboro
Burlington* to Oldtown.
Bftrnham *t to Pittsfield.
B ustins Island*t to Free­
Buxton*! to Saco.
Byron*! to Rum ford Falls.
Cambridge* to Dexter.
Cam p E llisf to Saco.
Canaan* to Skowhegan.
C anton*!! to Liverm ore
C an to n Point* to Liver­
more Falls.
C ape Cottage* to P ortland.
C ape E lizabeth to P ortland.
C ape Neddick* to Y ork Vil­
Capens* to Guilford.
C ape Porpoise* to K enne­
C ape Rozier* to Belfast.
Capitol* to B ath.
C aratunk* to M adison.
Cardville* to O ldtown.
C arm el*!! to Bangor.
Carroll* to Bangor.
C arthage to Rum ford Falls.
C ary to Houlton.
Casco*! to M echanic Falls.
C ash Corner to P ortland.
Caswell P lantation to F o rt
Cathance* to Brunswick.
Cedar* to Calais.
C edar Grove to Richmond.
C enter Belm ont to Belfast.
C enter Lovell* to Fryeburg.
C enter M ontville to Belfast
Chamberlain* to D am aris­
C hapm an to P resque Isle.
Charleston* to Bangor.
C harlotte to Calais.
Chebeague Island*!! to
Chelsea to Augusta.
C hester to Oldtown.
Chesterville* to Farm ington.
Chesuncook* to Greenville.
China*! to W aterville.
Chisholm* to Livermore
C hristm as Cove* to D am a­
C ity Point* to Belfast.
C lark Island* to Rockland.
C larks M ill to Saco.
Cleveland to F o rt K ent.
Cliff Island*! to P ortland.
Clifton* to Bangor.
Clinton*!! to W aterville.
Colum bia!! to Jonesport.
Colum bia Falls*!! to Jones­
Connor to Caribou.
Convene* to Bridgton.
Cooks to Bridgton.
Cooper* to M achias.
Coopers Mills*! to A ugusta
Corea* to Bar H arbor.
C ornish*!! to Limerick.
Cornville to Skowhegan.
Costigan*!! to Oldtown.
Cousins Island*! to P o rt­
C ranberry Isles* to Bar
H arbor.
Criehavèn* to Rockland.
Crottseville* to Presquelsle.
C ry stal! to H oulton.
Cum berland C enter*!! to
P ortland.
C um berland Forside! to
P ortland.
Cum berland Mills*! to
W estbrook.
Cundys H arbor* to Bruns­
C urtis Corner*! toLewiston
Cushing to Thom aston.
Cutler* to M achias.

Daigle* to F ort K ent.
D am ariscotta M ills*!! to
D am ariscotta.
Dam ascus to Bangor.
Danville Ju n c tio n !! to
D ark H arbor*! to Belfast.
D avidson*!! to Houlton.
D ayton to Biddeford.
D ead River to Farm ington.
Deblois* to Ellsworth.
D edham to Bangor
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Deering! to P ortland.
Deering C enter! to P o rt­
D eer Isle* to Rockland.
D enm ark* to Bridgton.
Dennysville*!! to E astport.
D erby*!! to M ilo.
D etroit*!! to Pittsfield.
Dixfleld C enter to Rum ford
Dixinont* to New port.
D orm an to M achias.
Douglas Hill* to P ortland.
D over South M ills to Dover
Dresden* to Richmond.
D resden Mills* to Rich­
m ond.
Drew* to Bangor.
Dryden* to W ilton.
D ry Mills* to P ortland.
D urham to Auburn.
D yer Brook*! to Houlton.
Eagle* to Camden.
Eagle Lake*!! to F ortK ent.
E a st Andover* to Rumford.
E a st A uburn to A uburn.
E a st Baldw in*!! to P o rt­
E a st Bangor to Bangor.
E a st Bethel to Bethel.
E a st Bluehill* to Ellsworth.
E a st Boothbay* to Boothbay H arbor.
E astbrook to Ellsworth.
E a st Brownfield*! to Frye­
E a st Corinth* to Bangor.
E a st Dixfleld* to W ilton.
E a st D ixm ont to Bangor.
E a st Dover*! to Dover.
E a st Eddington* to Bangor f
E a st Edgecomb* to D am a­
E ast E xeter to D exter.
E a st Franklin* to Ellsw orth
E ast Friendship to T hom as­
E a st Gray* to P ortland.
E a st H am pden to Bangor.
E a st Harpswell to Bruns­
E a st H ebron!! to Auburn.
E a st Hiram* to Fryeburg.
E ast Holden* to Bangor.
E a st Jackson to Belfast.
E a st Knox to Belfast.
E ast Lamoine to Ellsworth.
E a st Lebanon*! to Sanford.
E a st Limington* to Limer­
E a st Livermore*! to Liver­
more Falls.
E a st Liverm ore M ills to
Liverm ore Falls.
E a st Lowell to Oldtown.
E a st M achias*! to M achias.
E ast M adison to Skowhe­
E a st M illinocket*!! toM illinocket.
E a st M onm outh to Winthrop.
E ast M t. Vernon to A ugusta
E a st N ew port*!! to New­
E a st New Portland* to
M adison.
E a st N orthpórt to Belfast.
E aston*!! to F o rt Fairfield.
E a st Orland* to B ucksport.
E a st Orrington to Bangor.
E a st Otisfleld to Norway.
E a st Palerm o to Augusta.
E a st Parsonfleld* to LimerE a st Peru*! to Dixfleld.
E a st P ittsto n to’ Gardiner.
E a st Poland* to Auburn.
E a st Raym ond to P ortland.
E a st SebagO* to Bridgton.
E a st Stoneham* to Norway
E a st Sullivan* to Bar
H arbor.
E ast Sum ner*!! to. Buckfield.
E a st Surry* to Ellsw orth.
E ast T roy to PittsfieldE ast T urner to Auburn.
E a st Union* to W arren.
E ast Vassalboro* to W ater­
E a st W aldoboro to W aldo­
E a st W arren to Thom aston
E a s t W aterboro*!! to San­
E a st W aterford*to Norway.
E a st W ilton*!! to W ilton.
E a s t Winn* to Lincoln.
E a st W inthrop* to W in­
E aton*! to Bangor.
E ddington to Bangor.
E den to B ar H arbor.
E des F alls to Bridgton.
Edgecomb* to W iscasset.
E dm unds to E astport.
Eggemoggin* to Rockland.
E liot*!! to Portsm outh,
N . H.
Ellingwood Corner to Ban­
Ellsworth Falls*! to Ells­
E lm s to Kennebunk.


ACounty Seat.

Em bden to M adison.
E m ery Mills* to Springvale
Enfield*!! to Oldtown.
E tn a * !! to New port.
E ustis* to Rangeley.
Exeter* to Bangor.
E xeter M ills to Bangor.
Fairbanks to Farm ington.
Fairfield Center* to Fairfield.
F airm ount to F o rt Fairfield
F alm outh to P ortland.
F alm outh Foreside! to
P ortland.
Farm ingdale to Gardiner.
F arm ington Falls* to F arm ­
Fayette* to W inthrop.
F ay ette C orner to W in­
Five Islands* to B ath.
Flagstaff* to Skowhegan.
Flye P oint to Ellsworth.
F orest City* to Bangor.
F ortune Rock to Biddeford.
F rankfort*!! to Searsport.
Franklin*!! to Ellsworth.
Freedom* to U nity.
Freem an to F arm ington.
Frenchboro* to B ar H arbor
Frenchville*!! to F ortK ent.
Friendship* to W aldoboro.
Frye*! to Rum ford Falls.
Garland* to Dexter.
Georgetown* to B ath.
Gilead*!! to Bethel.
Glenburn to Bangor.
Glen Cove* to Rockland.
Glendon to W aldoboro.
Goodrich! to F o rt Fairfield.
Goodwin’s M ills to Bidde­
G otts Island* to B ar H arbor
Gouldsboro* to Ellsw orth.
G rand Isle*! to Van Buren.
G rand Lake Stream * to
Grants* to Rangeley.
Gray* to P ortland.
G reat P ond to Bangor.
G reat W orks*!! to Oldtown
Greene*!! to Lewiston.
Greenfield* to Oldtown
Green Lake*!! to Bangor
Greenville Junction*! to
Greenwood to Bethel.
Grim es to Caribou.
Groye* to Calais.
Groveville to Saco.
G uerette to Caribou.
H aines Landing* to Rangeley.
H ale to Rumford.
H alldale to Belfast.
H all Quarry* to B ar H arbor
H alls M ills to M achias.
Ham lin* to Caribou.
H am pden*! to Bangor.
H am pden C enter to Bangor
H am pden Highlands* to
H ancock*!! to Ellsworth.
H ancock Point* to E lls­
H anover *to Rum ford Falls
H arbor to Fryeburg.
Harborside* to Belfast.
H arm ony*!! to Pittsfield.
H arpsw ell Center to Bruns­
H arrington*!! to Jonesport
H a rtfo rd !! to Rum ford
H artlan d * !! to Pittsfield.
H aven* to Ellsw orth.
Haynesville* to Houlton.
H ead Tide*! to W iscasset.
Hebron* to M echanic Falls.
H ebron Station* to M e­
chanic Falls.
H erm on to Bangor.
H eron Island to Boothbay
H arbor.
H erricks to Ellsworth.
Higgins Beach to P ortland.
H ighland to W arren.
H ighland Lake to W est­
Highpine*! to N o rth Ber­
Hillside* to Bridgton.
Hinckley*!! to Skowhegan.
H iram *!! to Portland.
Hodgdon* to H ouiton.
H olden!! to Bangor.
Holeb*!! to Jackm an.
Hollis C enter to Saco.
Hope* to Camden.
Howes Corner* to Auburn.
H udson!! to Bangor.
H ulls Cove* to B ar H arbor.
Indian River* to Jonesport.
Intervale* to Auburn,
Money Order Office.

Isle Au H aut* to Rockland.
Islesboro* to Belfast.
Islesford* to Bar H arbor.
Jackm an Station* to Jackm an.
Jackson to Belfast.
Jacksonville*! to M achias.
Jay*! to W ilton.
Jefferson* to W aldoboro.
Jem tland*!! to Caribou.
Joice to G ardiner.
Jonesboro* to Jonesport.
K atahdin Iron W orks*! to
K eegan*!! to Van Buren.
Kenduskeag* to Bangor.
Kennebago! to Rangeley.
Kennebago Lake* toRangeley.
Kennebunk Beach*!! to
Kennebunk P ort*!! to Ken­
K ents Hill* to W inthrop.
Kineo*! to Greenville.
K ingm an*!! to Bangor.
K ingsbury to Guilford.
K ittery Depot*, to K ittery.
K ittery P oint*!! to K ittery
Knightsville to P ortland.
Knox to Belfast.
Knox Station* to U nity.
L a Grange*!! to Milo.
Lake M oxie*l! to M adison.
L ake P arlin to Jackm an
Lake Shore to Augusta.
Lakeside* to Oakland.
Lake View*!! to M ilo.
Lakewood (Somerset Co.)
to Skowhegan.
L am bert Lake*! to Calais.
Lam oine to Ellsworth.
Larone to Skowhegan.
Larrabee* to M achias.
Lawry* to Waldoboro.
Lebanon to Sanford.
Lee* to Oldtown.
Leeds* to Liverm ore Falls.
Leeds Junction*!! to Lewis­
Levant* to Bangor.
Lexington to M adison.
Liberty* to Belfast.
Libertyville to Belfast.
Ligonia! to P ortland.
Lille*! to Van Buren.
Limington* to Limerick.
Lincoln Center*! to Oldtown.
Lincolnville* to Camden. .
Lincolnville Center* to
Linekin* to B oothbay H ar­
Linneus* to Houlton.
Lisbon*!! to Lisbon Falls.
Lisbon Center* to Lisbon
Litchfield* to Gardiner.
Litchfield Corners to Rich­
Litchfield Plains to Gardi­
L ittle D eer Isle* to Rock­
L ittlejohn Island*! to P o rt­
L ittleto n !! to H oulton.
Livermore* to Liverm ore
Liverm ore C enter to Liver­
more Falls.
Locke M ills*!! to Bethel.
Longcove* to T hom aston.
Long Island to Portland.
Long Pond*! to Greenville.
Loon Lake to Rangeley.
Loudville* to D am ariscotta
Lovell* to Bridgton.
Lowell* to Oldtown.
Ludlow*!! to Houlton.
Lym an to Biddeford.
M achiasport* to M achias.
Macwahoc* to H oulton.
M adawaska*! to E dm undston, N . B.
M adison C enter to M adi­
M adrid* to Phillips.
M agalloway P lantation to
Colebrook, N . H.
M ainstream *! to Pittsfield.
M anchester* to Augusta.
M anset* to Bar H arbor,
M aplegrove*!! to F ortF airfleld.
M apleton*!! to P resque Isle
Maplewood* to Limerick.
M aranacook*!! to W in­
M arion to M achias.
M arlboro to Ellsw orth
t Telegraph Station.

M artinsville to Thomaston
M asardis*!! to Houlton.
M atagam on* to Houlton.
M atinicus* to Rockland.
M attaw am keag*!! to Old­
Maxfield to Milo.
M eddybem ps to Calais.
M edford*! to Milo.
M edford Center* to Milo.
M edom ak* to Waldoboro.
Meduncook* to Waldoboro
M edway* to Millinocket.
M ercer* to Skowhegan.
M erepoint* to Brunswick.
M errill to Houlton.
Mexico* to Rumford.
M ichaud to F o rt Kent
M iddle Dam * to Rumford
Milford* to Oldtown.
Millbridge* to Machias.
M illtown*! to Calais.
M illvale to Bucksport.
M ilo Ju n ction to Milo.
M ilton Plantation to Bethel
M inot* to A uburn.
M inturn* to Rockland.
M onarda* (Silver Ridge
P lantation) to Houlton.
M onhegan* to Boothbay
H arbor.
M onm outh*!! to Winthrop
Monroe* to Belfast.
M onson*!! to Guilford.
M onticello*!! to Houlton.
M ontsweag to Wiscasset.
Montville* to Belfast.
Moody* to Kennebunk.
Moosehead* to Greenville.
Moose River* to Guilford.
M orrill* to Belfast.
M ountain to Auburn.
M ountain view* to Rangeley.
M ountainville to Ellsworth.
M oun t Desert* to Bar
H arbor.
M ount D esert Ferry*!! to
B ar Harbor.
M ount Vernon* to Augusta
Naples* to Bridgton.
N askeag to Ellsworth.
N ational Soldier's Home*!
to Gardiner
Nelson to Caribou.
Newagen* to Boothbay
H arbor.
Newburg to Bangor.
Newburg C enter to Bangor.
Newcastle* to Damariscotta
Newfleld* to Limerick.
New Gloucester*!! to Au­
New H arbor* to Damaris­
New Limerick*!! to Houl­
New Portland* to Farmington.
New ry to Bethel.
New Sharon* to Wilton.
New Sweden*!! to Caribou.
New Sweden Station to
New Vinyard* to Farmington.
Nobleboro*! to Damaris­
N orcrosst! to Millinocket
N o rth Amity*to Houlton.
N o rth Anson*!! to Madison
N o rth Appleton* to Cam­
N orth Auburn to Auburn.
N orth Baldwin* to Bridgton .
„ ,
N o rth Belgrade*!! to Oak­
N o rth Bethel to Bethel.
N orth Bradford* to Milo.
N o rth Brewer to Bangor.
N orth Bridgton*! to Bridgton.
N o rth Brooklin* to Ellisworth.
Nor'thBrooksville* toBucksport.
'Jr ,
N orth Buckfleld to Buckneia.
N . Bucksport to Bucksport.
N orth Carm el to Bangor.
N o rth Castine* to Belfast.
rorthChesterville*to Farm­
forth Cornville to Skow­
I I.
forth Cutler* to Machias.
forth D eering! to Portland
forth Deer Isle*! to Rock­
_ , _
forth Dexter* to Dexter
iorth Dixmont* toN ewport
fortheast Carry* to Green­
fortheast Harbor*! to Bar
H arbor.
a I HU
forth Edgecomb* to Wis­
forth Ellsworth to Elisw orth.
forthern M aine Junction!
to Bangor.
forth Fairfield to Waterforth I F ay ette to Liver­
more Falls.
lorthfield* to Machias-----! Express Office.



North Fryeburg* to Fryeburg.
North Gorham* to W est­
North G ray to P ortland.
North Guilford to Guilford.
North Hancock* to E lls­
North Harpswell to Bruns­
North Haven* to Rockland.'1
North Islesboro* to Belfast.
North J a y * tí to W ilton.
N. K ennebunkport to Kennebunk.
North Leeds*?? to Liver­
more Falls.
North Lim ington to Lime­
North Lincoln to Oldtown.
North Livermore* to Liver­
more Falls.
North Lovell* to Bridgton.
North Lubec* to Lubec.
North L yndon to Caribou.
North M onm outh* to W in­
North Newburg to Bangor.
North Newcastle* to NewNorth New Portland* to
North Newry* to Bethel.
North Nobleboro to W aldoboro.
North N brw ayt to Norway.
North Orrington to Bangor.
North Palerm o to Augusta.
North Paris to South Paris.
North Parsonfleld to Kezar
North Penobscot* to Bucksport.
North P erry to E astp o rt.
North P ittsto n to G ardiner.
Northport* to Belfast.
Northport Cam p G round
to Belfast.
North Pow nal to Freeport.
North Raymond* toA uburn
North Scarboro to W est­
North Searsm ont to Belfast
North Searsport to Searsport. .
North Sebago* to Bridgton.
North Sedgwick* to E lls­
North Shapleigh* to Lime­
North Sullivan* to E lls­
North Turner* to Auburn.
North Vassalboro* to W aterville.
North Waldobord* to Waldoboro.
North W arren to W arren.
North W aterforo* to Lime­
North W aterford* to N or­
way. '
North Wayne* to W inthrop
North W hitefield*t to G ar­
North W indham* to P o rt­
North W interport toBangor
North Woodstock to B ethel
North YarmOuth*t to P o rtland.
Norway Lake*? to Norway.
Oakfleld*?? to Houlton.
Oaks to Norway.
Ocean Park* to Saco.
Ocean Point* to Boothbay
Oceanville *to Rockland.
Olamon*?? to Oldtown.
Old Orchard*?? to Saco.
Onawa*? to Greenville.
Oquossoc*?? to Rum ford.
Orient* to H oulton.
Orland* to Bucksport.
Orrington* to Bangor.
Orrington C enter to Bangor
Orrs Island* to P o rtlan d .’
Otis to Ellsworth.
Otisfield* to Norway.
Otter Creek to B ar H arbor.
Ouellette to F o rt K ent.
Owls Head* to Rockland.
Oxbow* to Ashland.
Oxford*? to M echanic Falls
Palermo*? to Augusta.
Palmyra* to Newport.
Paris*! to South Paris.
Parker Head* to B ath.
Parkertown to Bangor.
Parkman* to Guilford.
Parsonsfield to Limerick.
Passadumkeag*!? to Oldtown.
Peak Island* to Portland.
Pejepscot*! to Brunswick.
Pemaquid* to D am ariscotta.
Pemaquid Beach* to Dam ariscotta.
Pemaquid Harbor* to D am ariscotta.

Pem aquid Point* to Dam ariscotta.
Pembroké*?? to E astport.
Penobscot* to Bucksport.
Perham *t to Caribou.
Perkins to M illinocket.
Perry*? to E astport.
Peru*? to Rum ford.
P hair*t to P resque Isle.
Phippsburg* to B ath.
Pine P o in t* tî to Saco.
P ittsto n t to Gardiner.
Plaisted*t to F o rt K ent.
P leasantdalet to P ortland.
P leasant Island* to Rangeley.
Pleasant Point* to Thom aston.
P leasant P ond to Skowhegan.
Pleasantville to W arren.
Plym outh* to Newport.
Poland*?? to M echanic
P ond Cove to P ortland.
P opham Beach* to Bath.
■Portage*!? to F o rt K ent.
P o rt Clyde* to T hom aston.
Porter* to Kezar Falls.
Powersville to M illinocket.
Pownal? to Freeport.
Prentiss* to Oldtown.
Prides Corner to Portland.
Princeton*?? to Calais.
P rospect to Stockton
P rospect F erry to Bucks­
Prospect Harbor* to Bar
H arbor.
P routs Neck* to P ortland.
P ulpit H arbor* to Rock­
Quimby* to F o rt K ent.
Randolph to Gardiner.
Raymond* to PortlandRazOrville to W aldoboro.
Readfleld* to W inthrop.
Readfleld D epot*! to W in­
Red Beach* to Calais.
Redding* to Buckfleld.
Richm ond Corner* to Rich­
m ond.
Ridlonville* to Rumford.
Riley* to Liverm ore Falls..,
Ripley* to D exter. .
Riverside? to Augusta.
Robbinston* to Calais.
Robinhood* to B ath.
Robinsons*? to M ars Hill.
Rockville* to Rockland.
Rockwood* to Greenville.
Rome to F arm ington.
Roque Bluffs* to M achias.
M ountain*
R ound Pond* to D am ariscotta.
Roxbury*? to Rum ford
Rum ford Center* to R um ­
Rum ford Corner to R um ­
Rum ford Falls to Rum ford.
Rum ford Point* to Rum ­
Sabattus*!? to Auburn.
Sabbathday Lake* to Au­
Saint Agatha* to Van
Saint Albans*! to Pittsfield.
S aint D avid*! to Van
Saint Francis*!? to F ort
K ent.
Saint George* to Thom as­
Saint John P lantation to
F o rt K ent.?
Salem*? to Wilton.
Salisbury Cove to Bar
H arbor.
Sandy Creek*? to Bridgton.
Sandypoint*?? to Stockton
Sangerviile*? to Guilford.
Sargentville*? to E llsworth.
Scarboro* to P ortland.
Scarboro Beach?? to P o rt­
Seal Cove* to Southwest
H arbor.
Seal Harbor*? to Bar
H arbor.
Searsmont* to Belfast.
Seawall* to B ar H arbor.
Sebago* to Bridgton.
Sebago Lake*!? to P o rt­
Sebasco* to B ath.
Sebec* to Dover.
Sebec Station*? to Dover..
Seboeis*?? to Milo.
Seboomook* to Greenville.
Sedgwick*?? to Ellsworth.
Selden* to Houlton.
Shapleigh* to Sanford.
Shawmut*? to Fairfield.
Sheepscot* to Newcastle.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

A County





Sheridan*? to Ashland.
Sherman*? to M illinocket.
Sherm an Mills*? to Houl­
Sherm an Station* to Houl­
Shin Pond* to P atten.
Shirley Mills*?? to Guilford
Sidney to Augusta.
Silvers Mills*? to D exter.
Sinclair to F o rt Kent.
Skinner*?? to Greenville.
Small Point Beach* toB ath.
Smithfleld* to Oakland.
Smithville to Ellsw orth.
Sm yrna Mills*?? to Houl­
Snow Corner to Bangor.
Soldier Pond*?? to F o rt
K ent.
Solon*?? to Madison.
Som erset Junction? to
Somerville to Augusta.
Songo Lock to Bridgton.
Sorrento*? to B ar H arbor.
South Addison to M achias.
S. Blpehill* to Ellsworth.
South Brewer*?? to Bangor.
S. Bridgton* to Bridgton.
South Bristol* to Boothbay
H arbor.
S. Brooksville* to Ellsworth
South Casco* to P ortland.
South China* to Augusta.
South C orinth to Bangor.
South Cushing* to T hom as­
S. Deer Isle to Rockland.
S. Dresden to Richmond.
S. Eliot* to Portsm outh.
N . H.
South E xeter to Dexter.
South Freedom to Belfast.
South Freeport* to F reeport
S. Gardiner*?? to Gardiner.
S. Gouldsboro* to E lls­
w orth.
S. Hancock* to Ellsw orth.
S. Harpswell* to P ortland.
S. Hiram* to K ezar Falls.
South Hollis to Saco.
South Hope*? to Camden.
South Jefferson* to D am ariscotta.
S. Lagrange*?? to Oldtown.
South Lebanon, to Roches­
ter, N . H.
South L evant to Bangor.
South L iberty to Belfast.
South Lincoln* to Oldtown.
S. Litchfield to Gardiner.
South Liverm ore to Liver­
more Falls.
South Lubec to Lubec.
South M onm outh to W in­
South N aples to P ortland.
South Newburg to Bangor.
S. Orrington*?? to Bangor.
S. Penobscot* to Bucksport
South Poland* to Auburn.
Southport*? to Boothbay
r H arbor.
S. Portland* to P ortland.
South R obbinston to Calais
South Sanford to Sanford.
S. Springfield to Oldtown.
S. Standish* to Portland.
S. Thomaston* to Rockland
S. Union*? to Rockland.
South Vassalboro to Au­
S. Waldoboro to Waldoboro
S. W arren* to Thom aston.
S„ W aterford* to Bridgton.
South W est Harbor*? to
B ar H arbor.
South W indsor to Augusta.
South W oodstock to South
Spaulding to W ashburn.
Spencer* to Rangeley.
Spragues Mill to F o rt Fairfield.
Springfield* to Oldtown. '
Spruce Head* to Rockland.
Squa Pan?? to Ashland.
Squirrel Island*? to Boothbay Harbor.
Staeyville to M illinocket.
Standish* to W estbrook.
Starboard to M achias.
Starks* to M adison.
Steep Falls*?? to Portland,
i Stetson* to Newport.
Steuben* to Cherryfleld. s;
Stevensville to F o rt Fairfield.
Stickney Corner to W aldo1
Stillwater* to Oldtown.
Stockholm*?? to Caribou.
Stow to Bridgton.
S tratton* to Phillips.
Strickland*?? to Livermore
Strong*?? to Phillips. .
Stroudwater*? to Portland.
Sugar Island* to Guilford.
Sullivan? to B ar H arbor.
Sumner* to Buckfleld.
Sunset* to Ellsworth.:
Sunshine* to- Rockland.
Surry* to Ellsworth.
Swans Island* to Bar
H arbor.
Swanville* to Searsport.
Sweden to Bridgton.
Money Order Office.

Temple* to Farm ington.
T enants
H arbor*
Thom aston.
T he Forks* to M adison.
Thorndike*?? to Belfast. ,
T hornton H eights to P o rt­
T im to Rangeley.
Togus (N ational Soldiers
Home) to Gardiner.
Topsfleld* to Calais.
Topsham* to Brunswick.
T refethen to P o rtlan d .
T renton to Ellsworth.
T rescott to Lubec.
T revett* to B oothbay H ar­
Troy* to Pittsfield.
T roy C entre tó Pittsfield.
Turner* to A uburn.
T urner Center* to Auburn.

Unionvilie*?? to M achias.
U nity P lantation to Fairfield.
Upper Dam* to Rangeley.
Upper Frenchville* to. F ort
K ent.
Upper Gloucester* to Au­
Upton* to Bethel.
Vanceboro*?? to Calais.
Vassalboro*? to W aterville.
Veazie? to Bangor.
Verona to Bucksport.
Vienna* to Farm ington.
W ade to W ashburn.
Waite* to Calais.
Waldo? to Belfast.
W ales to Lewiston.
W alnut Hill*? to Portland.
Walpole* to- D am ariscotta.
W altham to Ellsworth.
W ashington* (Knox Co.) to
W aldoboro.
W aterboro* to Sanford. _
W aterboro Center, to Lim ­
W aterford* to Norway.
Wayne* to W inthrop.
W ebbs Mills* to Bridgton.
W ebhannet*



W ebster (Penobscott Co.)
see Orono.
W ebster (Androscoggin Co.)
to Lisbon.
Weeks Mills*? to Augusta.
Welch ville* to M echanic
Weld* to W ilton.
Wellington* to Guilford.
Wells* to Kennebunk.
Wells Beach?? to K enne­
Wesley* to M achias.
W est Appleton* to Belfast.
W est A thens to Skowhegan.
W est A uburn to Auburn.
W. Baldwin*?? to P ortland.
W est B ath to B ath.
W est Bethel*? to Bethel.
W est B oothbay H arbor* to
Boothbay H arbor.
W est Bowdoin* to Lisbon
W. Brooklin* to Ellsworth.
W. Brooksville* to Belfast.
W est Charleston to Dexter.
W est C orinth to Bangor.
W est Cum berland to P o rt­
W. Dresden* to Richmond.
W. D urham to Lisbon Falls
W E den to B ar H arbor.
W est Enfield* to Oldtown.
W. Falm outh to P ortland.
W est Farm ington*? to
Farm ington.
Westfield*?? to M ars Hill.
W est Forks to M adison.
W. Franklin* to EliswOTth.
W est Gardiner to Gardiner.
W est G arland to Dexter.
W. Gorham to W estbrook.
W. Gouldsboro* to E lls­
W est G ray to P ortland.
W est H am pden to Bangor.
W . Harpswell to Brunswick.
W. Jonesport* to Jonesport.
W . Kennebunk*? to Kenne­
W. Lebanon* to Rochester
‘ N. H.
W est Leeds to Lewiston.
W est Lovell to Fryeburg.
W est Lubec*? to Lubefc.
W est Mills* to Farm ington.
W est Minot*?? to Auburn.
W . M ount Vernon to W in­
W est Newfield* to Limerick.
W . New P ortland to Port-,
1; W est Oldtown? to Oldtown.
? Telegraph Station.


W. Outlet* to Greenville.
W. Paris*?? to South Paris.
W. Pembroke* to E astpo rt.
W. Penobscot to Bucksport
W. Peru* to Rum ford Falls.
W est P oint to B ath.
W est Poland* to Mechanic
W estport to Wischsset.
West Pownal* to P ortland.
W. Rockport* to Rockport.
W . Scarboro* to Portland.
W . Searsm ont to Belfast.
W. Sedgwick to Ellsworth.
W, Southport* to Boothbay
H arbor.
W. Sullivan* to Ellsworth.
W est Sumner* to Buckfleld.
W est Trem ont* ,to Bar
H arbor.
W est T renton to Ellsworth.
W. W aldoboro to W aldo­
W. W arren to Waldoboro.
W . W ashington* to W aldo­
W. W interport to Bucks­
W est Woolwich to Bath.
Wheelock* to Edm undston,
N . B.
Whitefield*? to Gardiner.
W hite Rock?? to P ortland.
Whiting* to Lubec.
Whitneyville*?? to M achias
W illard? to Portland.
W illim antic to Dover.
W indham Center to W est­
W indsor to-Augusta.
Windsorville* to Augusta.
Winn*?? to Oldtown.
W innecook to Pittsfield.
W innegance to B ath.
Winslow* to W aterville.
Winslows Mills*? to W aldo­
W inter H arbor* to Bar
H arbor.
W interport*?? toB ucksport
Winterville*? to F o rt Kent.
W inthrop Center*? to Au­
Wiscasset*?? to Richm ond.
W oodsfords? to Portland.
W oodland (W ashingtonCo)
*?? to Calais.
W oodland (Aroostook Co.)
to Caribou.
Woolwich*?? to B ath.
W ym an to B ar H arbor.
W ytopitloek*?? to Bangor.
Yarm outh* to Portland.
Yarm outhville* to P ortland
York Beach*?? to York
Y ork Harbor*? to York

Abell to Leonardtown.
Abingdon* to Bel Air.
Accident* to Friendsville.
Accokeek* to L a P lata.
Adelina* to Prince Fred­
Ady to Bel Air.
Aikin*? to P erry ville.
Airedele* to Leonardtown.
Aireys*?? to Cambridge.
Alberton*? to E llicott City.
Aldino to H avre de Grace.
Alesia*? to M anchester.
Allen* to F ruitland.
Allens: Fresh to La P lata.
Alpha to Sykesville.
A ltam ont? to Oakland.
American Corners to Federalsburg.
Andersontown to D enton.
Andrews to W ingate.
Annapolis Junction* to
Antietam ?? to Sharpsburg.
Applegarth* to Fishing
Aquasco* to Upper M arl­
Arbutus? to Baltimore.
Arcadia to Fowblesburg.
Armiger to Annapolis.,
Arnold*? to Annapolis.
-Asbestos*? to Reisterstown.
Ash to Clearspring.
Ashland* to Centerville.
Ashland Landing (Queen
Anne Go.) to Centerville.
Ashton* to Sandy Spring. /
Aspen to Rockville.
A thel to M ardela Springs.
Atfiolton to E llicott C ity.
Avalon* to Tilghm an.
Avenue to MechanicSviHe.
Avilton* to Lonaconing.__
? Express Office.

Bachm ans M ills to W est­
m inster.
Baden* to Brandywine.
Bagley* to Bel Air.
Baile to New W indsor.
Bakersville to Keedysville.
Baldwin* to Bel Air.
Barclay*!} to Sudlersville.
B ark-H ill to Union Bridge.
B ar N eck to Tilghm an.
Barnesville* to Poolesville.
Barrellville to M ount Sav­
Barstow* to Prince Fred­
Bartholows* to M ountA iry.
N o rth E ast,
Beachville* to Leonard­
Beallsville* to Poolesville.
Beane to Rockville.
B eauvue to Leonardtown.
Beaver 'C reek to H agers­
Beaverdam} to Pocomoke
Beckleysville to H am pstead
Bedsworth}} to Crisfield.
Bel Alton* to L a P lata.
Belcamp*}} to Bel Air.
Béllegrove to Hancock.
Bellevue*} to Oxford.
Beltsville*} to Laurel.
Benedict*} to Hughville.
Benevola to Boonsboro.
Benfield to Annapolis.
Bengies* to Baltim ore.
Benson* to Bel Air.
B entley Springs*} to P arkto n .
Berean to Cockeysville.
Berkley*} to P o rt Deposit.
B erreti to Woodbine.
B erry to L a P lata.
Berwyn*} to H yattsville.
Bethlehem*}} to Preston.
Big Pool*}} to Clear Spring.
Big Spring* to Clear Spring.
Birdsville to Annapolis.
Bishop*}} to Bishopville.
Bishops Head* to W ingate.
Bittinger* to GrahtsviUe.
Bivalve* to N anticoke.
Black*}} to Chestertow n.
Blackrock to Cockeysville.
Bladensburg* to H y atts­
Blake to E lkton.
Blakistone* to Leonard­
Bloomington* to Piedm ont,
W . Ya.
Blueball to E lkton.
B lythedale to P o rt Deposit.
Boliver to M iddletown.
Boone*} to Annapolis.
Boring* to Reisterstown.
Bowen* to Prince Frederick
Boxiron to Girdle Tree.
Boyds*}} to Gaithersburg.
Bozman* to St. M ichaels.
B raddock Heights*} to
B radenbaugh to Bel Air.
Bradshaw*} to Bel Air.
B ranch ville} to H y atts­
Breathedsville* to H agers­
Brentland* to L a P lata.
Brentwood*} to H yattsville
Bridgeport to E m m ittsburg
Bridgetown to Greensboro.
B righton to Sandy Spring.
Bristol* to U pper M arlboro
B ritton* to Leonardtown.
Broadfording to H agers­
Brooklandville*} to Towson
Brookview to Hurlock.
Broomes Islan d , to Prince
Brown to U pper M arlboro.
Browningsville to M onrovia
Brownsville* to Keedysville
B ryans Road* to Indian
H ead.
Bryantown* to Hughesville
Buckeystown*} to F red­
Bucklodge*} to G aithers­


California* to L eonardtow n
C alvary to Bel Air.
C alvert to Rising Sun.
C alverton M ills to B alti­
Cam pbell to Bishopville.
Cam p Springs to Upper
M arlboro.
C apitol Heights* to Seat
Cardiff* to D elta, Pa.
C area to Stewartstown, Pa.
Carlos to Frostburg.
Carmichael* to Queenstown
Carny} to Towson.
Carroll* to Baltim ore.
Carrollton* to W estm inster
Carsins to Aberdeen.
Cascade* to Waynesboro,
Castleton* to Darlington.
C atoctin Furnace to T hurm ont.
Cavetown* to Sm ithsburg.
C ayots to Chesapeake City.
Cearfoss to Hagerstown.
Cedargrove to G aithers­
C edar H ill to
Cedartown to Snow Hill.
Cedarville* to Brandywine.
Champ* to Princess Anne.
Chance* to Princess Anne.
Chaney*} to Owings.
Chaptico* to M echanics­
Charlestown*} to N o rth
E ast.
Charlesville to Frederick.
C harlotte Hall*} to M e­
chanics ville.
Charlton* to Clear Spring.
Chase*}} to Baltim ore.
Cheltenham*} to U p p er,
M arlboro.
Cherry H ill to E lkton.
Chesapeake Beach*} to
Chester*}} to Stevensville.
Chesterfield* to Annapolis.
Chesterville to M illington.
Chevy Chase*}} to K en­
Chewsville*} to H agers­
Chicamuxen to L a P lata.
Childs*}} to E lkton.
Chillum to W ashington, D.
C hoptank* to Preston.
C hurch Creek* to Cam ­
C hurchton* to Annapolis.
Churchville* to Bel Air.
Claiborne*}} to St. M i­
Clara* to N anticoke.
Clarksburg* to G aithers­
Clarksville* to Highland.
Clayton* to Bel Air.
Clements* to Leonardtown.
Clifton* to Frederick.
Coleman to B etterton.
Colesville* to Silver Spring.
Colgate} to Baltim ore.
College Park*} to H y a tts­
M arlboro.
Colora*}} to Rising Sun.
Colum bia to E llicott C ity.
Com pton* to Leonardtown.
Comus* to Poolesville.
Concord to D enton.
Conococheague to Hagers­
Conowingo*}} to P o rt D e­
Cooksey to L a P lata.
Cooksville* to Sykesville.
Corbett*} to Cockeysville.
Cornersville* to Cambridge
Corriganville* to Cum ber­
Costen}} to PocomokeCity.
Cove P oint to Solomons.
Cover to New W indsor.
Cowentown to Newark,
Cox}} to L a P lata.
Cox Station to Bel Air.
Crapo* to W ingate.
Creagerstown to T hurm ont
Crellin* to Oakland.
Cresaptow n to Cum berland
Creswell to Bel Air.
Crocheron* to W ingate.

Bucktow n to Cambridge.
B udds Creek to M echanicsville.
Burkittsville* to M iddletown.
B u rn t M ills to Silver
B urnsville to Centerville.
Burrsville to D enton.
Burtonsville* to Laurel.
Bushwood to Leonardtown.
Butler* to Cockeysville.
Bynum* to Bel Air.

C ronhardt to Towson.
Croome* to Upper M arl­
Croom Station*} to Upper
M arlboro.
Cropley to Georgetown,
D. C.
Cross Roads* to L a P lata.
Crum pton* to M illington.
C urtis Bay*}} to Baltim ore

Cabincreek to E a st New
M ark et.
C abin John* to W ashing­
to n , D. C.

D aisy to W oodbine.
Dameron* to Leonardtown.
D am es Quarter* to Princess
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


i County Seat.



D ares to Prince Frederick.
D ares W harf to Prince
D argan to H arpers Ferry,
W. Va.
D arnestow n to G aithers­
Davidsonville* to Annapo­
Dawson ville* to Pooles­
D ay to Woodbine.
D aysville to W alkersville.
D ayton* to H ighland.
Deale* to Annapolis.
Deerfield} to T hurm ont
Deer Park*} to Oakland.
D elight to Reistertow n.
Dentsville* to L a P lata.
Derwood*} to Rockville.
Dickerson*}} to Frederick.
Dodson* to Kitzm iller.
Doncaster* to L a P lata.
Dorsey* to Laurel.
Doubs* to Adamstown.
Doughoregan to E llicott
C ity.
Downes*}} to, Ridgely.
Downsville to W illiam sport
Drawbridge to Vienna.
D rayden* to Leonardtown.
D rury to Upper M arlboro.
D ry R un to H agerstown.
D ublin to Bel Air.
DuBois* to Mechanicsville.
D ulaneys Valley to Towson
Duley* to U pper M arlboro.
Dunkirk* to Owings.
D ynard to Leonardtown.
Earleigh Heights* to An­
Earleville* to Cecilton.
E arlton to H avre de Grace.
E . Brooklyn*} to Baltim ore
Eastport*}} to Annapolis.
Eastview to W estm inster.
E ckhart Mines*} to F rost­
Eden*}} to F ruitland.
Edesville to Chestertown.
Edgemont*}} to Sm iths­
Edgewater* to Annapolis.
Edgewood*} to Aberdeen.
Ednor* to Rockville.
E ldersburg to Sykesville.
E ldorado to Hurlock.
Elioak* to E llicott City.
E lk Mills*} to E lkton.
E lk N eck to N o rth E ast.
Elkridge*} to Catonsville.
Ellerslie* to Cum berland.
E llerton to Myersville.
E lliott* to Vienna.
Ellwood}} to Preston.
E lvaton to Annapolis.
Em m orton* to Bel Air.
Engles M ills to Friendsville
Essex to Baltim ore.
Etchison to Gaithersburg.
Ewell* to Crisfield.
Fairbank* to Tilghm an.
Fairfield*} to Baltim ore.
F air H ill to E lkton.
Fairland to Laurel.
F air lee to Chestertown.
Fairm ount* to Princess
Fairm ount
H eights
W ashington, D. C.
F air Play* (W ashington) to
F airplay (Allegany) to
Cum berland.
Fairview to H agerstown.
Fallston* to Bel Air.
Farm ington to Rising Sun.
Faulkner* to L a P lata.
Feagaville to Frederick.
Fearer* to Friendsville.
F em dale to Baltim ore.
Finchville to Federalsburg.
Finksburg* to W estm inster.
Finzel* to Frostburg.
Fishing Creek* to Cam ­
F lin t Stone* to Cum ber­
Flintville to D elta, Pa.
Florence to Woodbine.
Forest Glen*}} to Kensing­
Foreston to Ham pstead.
Forestville to Upper M arl­
Fork* to Bel Air.
F ort F oote to W ashington,
D. C.
F ort Howard* to Baltim ore
F ort Washington*} to Alex­
andria, Va.
F ountain Green to Bel Air.
Fountain Mills to M onrovi
Four Locks to Clear Spring.
Fowling Creek to Preston.
Foxville to Thurm ont.
Franklintow n to Baltim ore.
Franklinville to Bel Air.
Freeland*} to Shrewsbury,
Friendship* to OwingsFrizellburg to W estm inster.
Money Order Office.

Fulford to Bel Air.
Fullerton*} to Overlea.
Fulton} to Laurel.
Funkstown* to H agerstow n
Galestown to Sharptown.
Galloways* to Annapolis.
G am ber to W estm inster.
Gambrills* to Annapolis.
Gapland*}} to Keedysville.
Gardenville*} to Baltim ore.
Garfield to Sm ithsburg.
G arrett Park*} to K ensing­
Garrison*} to Pikesville.
G ary to E llicott City.
Georgetown* to Galena.
Gibson to Bel Air.
Gilmore to M idland.
G ist te W estm inster.
Gittings* to Towson.
Glen to Rockville.
Glenarm* to Towson.
Glencoe*}} to Cockeysville.
Glen E cho to W ashington,
D . C.
Glenelg* to E llicott C ity.
Glenn Dale*} to U pper
M arlboro.
Gleinville to H avre de Grace
Glen wood* to Sykesville.
Gluckheim to E a st New
M arket.
G lym ont to Indian H ead.
Golden Hill* to Cambridge.
Golts*}} to M illington.
Goodwill to Pocomoke C ity
Gorsuchs M ills to Stew arts­
town, Pa.
Goshen to Gaithersburg.
Graceham* to Thurm ont.
Grange to Baltim ore.
Granite* to Sykesville.
Grasonville*} to Queens­
G rave R un M ills to M an­
G rayton to L a P lata.
G reat Mills* to Leonard­
Greenmount*} to H am p­
Greenock* to U pper M arl­
Greensburg to Sm ithsburg.
Grimes* to H agerstown.
Guard* to Friendsville.
G uilford to Laurel.
Gwynnbrook* to R eisters­
H abnab to Princess Anne.
Halethorp*} to Catonsville.
H alfw ay to Hagerstow n or
W illiam sport.
Halls*} to U pper M arlboro.
Hampden*}} to Baltim ore.
Hanover*} to Laurel.
Hansonville to Frederick.
H ardesty to U pper M arl­
H arford Furnace to Aber­
Harman*} to Baltim ore.
H arm ony to Myersville.
H arm ony
H arney to T aneytow n.
H arold to M arion Station.
H arrison to Hurlock.
Harrisonville to Reisters­
Harwood* to Annapolis.
Hawkeye to E a st • New
M arket.
H ayden* to Centerville.
Hebbville} to Baltim ore.
Helen to M echanicsville.
Henderson*}} to Goldsboro.
Hereford to Cockeysville.
HermanvUle* to Leonard­
H ess to Bel Air.
Hickory to Bel Air.
Highfleld*}} to W aynes­
boro, Pa.
Highknob to Frederick.
Highlandtown*}} to B alti­
High Rock to Cum berland.
Hillsdale*} to Baltim ore.
H ills P oint to Cambridge.
H ill Top* to L a P lata.
H inkle to M ount Airy.
Hobbs*}} to D enton.
Holbrook to Pikesville.
.Hollywood* to Leonard­
Hom estead} to Baltim ore.
Honga* to Cambridge.
H oods Mills*} to Sykesville.
Hoopersville* to Cambridge.
Hope to Oenterville.Hopewell to Crisfield.
Houcksville to H am pstead.
Howardsville* to Pikesville.
Hoyes* to Friendsville.
Hudson* to Cambridge.
H unting H ill to G aithers­
Huntingtown* to Prince
H urry* to Mechanicsville.
t Telegraph Station.


Hutton*} to Oakland.
H u y ett to Hagerstown.
H yattstow n to Monrovia.
Hydes*} to Towson.
Ijamsville*} to Frederick.
Ilchester*} to E llicott City
Indian Springs to Hagers­
Ingleside* to Sudlersville.
Inverness*} to Princess
Ironhill*}} to Elkton.
Ironshire* to Berlin.
Ironsides* to L a Plata.
Irvington to Baltimore.
Island Creek* to Prince
Issue* to L a P lata.
Ivory to Sykesville.
Jacksonville to Cockeys­
Jam es* to Cambridge.
Jason to Princess Anne.
Jennings* to Grantsville.
Jerusalem * to Bel Air.
Jessups*} to Laurel.
Jesterville* to Nanticoke.
Jewell to U pper Marlboro.
Jim tow n to Thurm ont.
Johns ville to Union Bridge.
Jones to Berlin.
Joppa*} to Bel Air.
K alm ia to Bel Air.
Keep T ry st to Harpers
F erry, W. Va.
K em ptow n to Monrovia.
Kennedyville*}} to Chester­
Keymar*}} to Union Bridge.
Keyser to Grantsville.
Keysville to Detour.
Kifer to Cum berland.
Kings Creek}} to Princess
Kingston*} to M arion Sta­
Kings Valley to Gaithers­
Kingsville* to Bel Air.
Klej Grange to Girdle Tree.
Knollwood to E llicott City.
Knoxville* to Brunswick.
K um p to Taneytown.
Ladiesburg*} to Woodsboro.
Lakeshore to Annapolis.
Lakesville* to Wingate.
L am otte to Reistertown.
Lander* to Brunswick.
Landover*}} to Hyattsville.
Lanham*} to Washington,
D . C.
Lansdowne*}} to Baltimore.
Lantz* to Thurm ont.
Lapidum to P o rt Deposit.
Largo to W ashington, D.C.
Lauraville} to Baltimore.
L aurel Grove* to Mechan­
Lawsonia} to Crisfield.
L ay hill to Silver Spring.
Laytonsville to Gaithers­
Leeland to Upper Marlboro
Le Gore*} to Woodsboro.
Leitchs to Owings.
Leon to U pper Marlboro.
Leslie*}} to N orth East.
Level to H avre De Grace.'
Lewisdale to Monrovia.
Lewistown*} to Frederick.
L iberty Grove*} to Port
D eposit.
Licksville to Frederick.
Lime Kiln*} to Frederick.
Linden to Silver Spring.
Lineboro*} to Manchester.
Linganore} to M ount Airy.
Linkwood*}} to Cambridge.
L inthicum H eights to Glenbur nie.
Linwood*} to Union Bridge.
Lisbon* to M ount Airy.
L ittle Orleans to Hancock.
Lloyds to Cambridge.
Loch L ynn Heights to
Loch Raven* to Towson.
L ocust Grove to Chester­
Long* to Cumberland.
Long MountAiry
Long Green to Towson.
Longwoods* to Easton.
Lord* to M idland.
Lothian* to Upper Marl­
>ve Point*}} to Stevensville.
iveville to Leonardtown.
w er M arlboro* to Owings
>ys to T hurm ont.
ike*} to Piedm ont, W.Va.
isbys* to Solomons.
itherviUe*} to Towson.
dia* to Hagerstown,
nch*} to Chestertown.
■ons Creek to UpperMarl{Express Office.





Mackall* to Prince Freder­
M acton to Bel Air.
Maddox to M echanicsville.
Madison* to Cambridge.
M adonna to Bel Air.
Magnolia*!! to Bel Air.
Malcolm* to L a P lata.
Manokin* to Princess Anne.
M aple Grove! to M an­
Mapleville* to Boonesboro.

Oiivet* to Solomons.
Olney* to Sandy Springs.
Orangeville! to Baltim ore.
Oraville* to M echanicsville.
Oregon to Cockeysville.
Oriole* to Princess Anne.
Orme to Brandywine.
Owings M ills*tt to Pikes­
Oxen H ill to Anacostia,
D. C.

Rockdale to Pikesville.
Rock Point* to L a P lata.
Rocks* to Bel Air.
Rocky Ridge* to T hurm ont
Rodgers Forge* to Towson.
Rohrersville*t to Keedysville.
R oland Park* to Baltim ore.
Rosaryville* to U pperM arlboro.
Rosecroft to Anacostia, D.

M arbury* to In d ian Head.
M arlboro!! to U pper M arl­
Marley to Baltim ore.
M arriottsville*! to Sykesville.
M arshall Hall* to Alexan­
dria. Va.
Marumsco* to M arion Sta­
M arydel*tt to Goldsboro.
M aryland Line* to New
Freedom,, Pa.
Mason Springs* to In d ian
M atthew s to Cordova.
M ayberry to Taneytown.
Mayfield to E llicott City.
Mayo* to Annapolis.
McConChie to L a P lata.
McCoole to Keyser, W. Ya.
M cDaniel*!! to St. M i­
McHenry* to Oakland.
M cKaig to Frederick.
McKendree* to U pperM arlboro.
M cK instry to Union Bridge.
Meadows* to U pper M arl­
Mechanic Valley to N o rth
E ast.
Medford* to New W indsor.
M elitota to Chestertown.
Melrose to M anchester.
Melson to Delm ar, Del.
M iddlebrook to G aithers­
M iddlepoint to Myersville.
M iddlerivert to Baltim ore.
M idlothian*! to F rostburg.
Milestown to Leonardtown.
Millers*! to M anchester.
MillersVille* to Annapolis.
Millstone* to Hancock.
Mitchellville* to Upper
Monie* to Princess Anne.
M onkton*!! to W hite Hall.

Palm ers to Leonardtown.
P aram ount to H agerstown.
P aris to Owings.
Parkhall* to Leonardtown.
ParkviUe*! to Baltim ore.
Parole* to Annapolis,
Parran* to Prince Frederick.
Parsonsburg*tt to P ittsville.
Parsonville to Crisfleld.
Pasadena*! to Annapolis.
Patapsco* to W estm inster.

Rosedale to Baltim ore.
Roslyn* to Pikesville.
Rowlandsville*! to P o rt
R oxbury to Hagerstown.
R oxbury M ills to Sykesville
R oyal Oak* to St. M ichael.
Rumbley* to PrincessAnne.
R ush to Cum berland.
RuthSburg to Centerville.
Rutledge to B el Air.
R uxton*tt to Towson.
Ryceville* to M echanics­

M ontrose to Rockville.
Morgan*! to Woodbine.
M organtown to L a P lata.
M organza to M echanics­
Moscow Mills to B arton.
Motters* to E m m itsburg.
M ountaindale to Frederick.
M ountain Lake P ark * !! to
M ountsville to Jefferson.
M t. Carm el to H am pstead.
M t. Harm ony* to (Swings.
M t. P leasant to W alkersville.
Mt. St. M arys to E m m ittsburg.
Mt. Vernon to Princess
M t. Victoria* to L a P lata.
Mountview to Sykesville.
M t. W ashington*!! to Bal­
tim ore.
M t. W inans*t to Baltim ore.
Muir kirk*! to Laurel.
Mullinix to M ount Airy.
Mutual* to Prince F red­
Nanjemoy to L a P lata.
National* to.M idland.
Naylor to U pper M arlboro.
Neavitt* to St. Michaels.
Newburg* to L a P lata.
New Germany* to G rantsville.
New London to M onrovia.
New M arket* (Frederick
Co.) to M onrovia.
New M idway*! to Woodsboro
Newport* to L a P lata.
Nikep to Lonaconing.
Norbeck to Rockville.
Normahs to Stevensville.
Norrisville* to Stewartstown, Pa.
N orth Beach* to Owings.
N orth B ranch to Pikesville.
Norwood to Sandy Springs.
Nottingham * to
Nutwell* to Annapolis.
Oakdale to Sandy Springs.
Oakland M ills to E llicott
Oakville to M echanicsville.
Oakwood to Rising Sun.
Ocean* to M idland.
Odenton*tt to Bowie.
Oella* to E llicott City.
Oldtown*!! to Cum berland

Pearl to Frederick.
Pearson to Leonardtown.
Pecktonville to Hancock.
Peninsula Junction* to P rin­
cess Anne.
Pen M arJ to W aynesboro,
P a.
P erry H all to Towson.
P errym an*!! to Aberdeen.
Petersville to Brunswick.
Phoenix*i (Baltim ore Co.)
to' Cockeysville.
P icardy to Cum berland.
Pindell* to U pper M arlboro.
Pinesburg to W illiam sport.
P iney Grove* to Hancock.
P iney N eck to Rock Hall.
P iney Point* to Leonard­
Pinto* to C um berland.
Piscataway* to Brandywine.
Pisgah* to L a P iata.
P lane N um ber Four to
M ount Airy.
P leasant Hill to Elkton.
Pleasantville* to Bel Air.
Plum P oint to Prince Fred­
Point of Rocks*t to F red­
Pom fret* to L a P lata.
Pom ona to Chestertown.
Pomonkey* to La P lata.
Pondsville to Sm ithsburg.
Popes Creek*!! to La Plata.
Poplar H ill to Brandywine.
Poplar Springs to Wood­
P o rt Republic* to Prince
P o rt Tobacco* to L a P lata.
Potom ac! (Allegany Co.) to
Cum berland.
Potom ac (M ontgom ery Co.)
to Rockville.
Powellville to Pittsville.
Prices*t to Church Hill.
Principio to Rising Sun.
Principio Furnace* to N orth
E ast.
Prospect to Bel Air.
Providence to E lkton.
Pum phrey to Baltim ore.
P urdum to M onrovia.
Pylesville* to D elta, Pa.
Quantico* to Hebron.
Queen Anne*!! to Hillsboro.
Quince Orchard to G aithers1 burg.
Randallstow n to Pikesville.
Raspeburg* to Baltim ore.
Rawlings*!! to K eyser, W.
Rayville to P arkton.
Reckord to Bel Air.
R edgate to Leonardtown.
R edland to Gaithersburg.
Reese to W estm inster.
Rehobeth* to M arion Sta­
Reid to H agerstown.
Reids Grove*!! to Vienna.
Relay*! to Catonsville.
Reliance to Seaford, Del.
Revell to Annapolis.
Rhodesdale*!! to Hurlock.
Rhodes Point* to Crisfleld.
Richardsm ere to Rising Sun.
Riderwood*! to Towson.
Ridge* to Leonardtown.
Ridgeville to M ount Airy.
Ringgold to Sm ithsburg.
Rison* to L a P lata.
R itchie to U pper M arlboro.
Riverdale*t to H yattsville.
Riverside to L a P lata.
R iver Springs* to Leonard­
Riverton* to Sharptown.
Riverview* to Annapolis.
Robbins to W ingate.
Roberts* to C hurch Hill.
Robinson to Annapolis.
Rockawalking* to Hebron.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

i County Seat.

Sabillasville* to T hurm ont.
Saint Augustine to Chesa­
peake C ity.
S aint Denis to Catonsville.
St.- George to Reistertow n.
St. Georges Island to
St. H elena!! to Baltim ore.
St. Inlgoes* to Leonard­
S aint Leonard*! to Prince
St. M argarets to Annap­
Saint M artin*!! to Berlin.
St. M a ry ’s City* to Leon­
ardtow n.
Salem to Vienna.
Sams Creek to New W ind­
Sandy Hook to H arper’s
Ferry, W. Va.
Sandyville to W estm inster.
Sang Run* to Oakland.
Sassafras to Galena.
Savage* to Laurel.
Scaggsville to Laurel.
Scarboro to Bel Air.
Scarff to Bel Air.
Scotland* to Leonardtown
Seabrook* to U pper M arl­
Secretary* to E a st New
M arket.
Security*tt to Hagerstown.
Selbysport* to Friendsville.
Sellman* to Poolesville.
Seneca* to Poolesville.
Severn* to Baltim ore.
Sewell*t to Bel Air.
Shady Side* to Annapolis.
S haftf to F rostburg.
Shane to W hite H all.
Sharon to Bel Air.
Shawan to Cockeysville.
Shawsville to Cockeysville.
Shelltown* to M arion Sta­
Shepperd to Cockeysville.
Sherwood* to Tilghm an.
Sherwood Station to Tow­
Showell*tt to Bishopville.
Siebert* to Cum berland.
Silesia* to Alexandria, Va.
Silver hill to W ashington,
D . C.
Silver R un to Littlestow n,
Simpsonville* to E llicott
C ity.
Sines* to Oakland.
Singer to Bel Air.
Skipton to Cordova.
Sligo to Silver Spring.
Sruithville to Federalsburg.
Smoketown to Boonsboro.
Snydersburg to H am pstead
Sellers to Solomons.
Solley* to G lenbum ie.
S. B altim oret to Baltim ore.
South C um berland! to
Cum berland.
South River* to Annapolis.
Spence to Snow Hill.
Spencerville to Laurel.
Spickler to Clear Spring.
Springfield* to Laurel.
Spring Gap* to Cum berland
Springhill* to L a P lata.
Starkeys to C hurch Hill.
S tarr to Centerville.
S tate Sanatorium* to T hur­
m ont.
Stam m er’s R u n t to Balti­
Stepney to Aberdeen.
Stevenson*! to Towson.
Steyer* to Oakland.
Still Pond* to B etterton.
Stoakley to Prince FredStreet* to D elta, P a.
Sudley* to Annapolis.
Suitland to W ashington
D . C.
Sunderland* to Owings.
Sunnybrook to Cockeys­
• Money Order Office.



Swanton*! to Oakland.
Sweet Air to Cockeysville,
Sylmar*! to Rising Sun.

W oodberry! to B altim ore .
W oodbrpok to Towson.
Woodfleld to Gaithersburg.
Woodlawn*! (Baltim ore
Co.) to Baltim ore.

T annery*!! to W estm inster
T anyard to P reston.
Taylor to Cockeysville.
T aylors Island* to Cam ­
Taylorsville to New W ind­
T . B, to Brandywine.
Templeville*! to Goldsboro
Texas*! to Cockeysville.
Theodore to Rising Sun.
T hom as to Cambridge.
Timonium *! to Cockeys­
T ip p e tt to Brandywine.
Toddville* to W ingate.
Tolchester Beach* to Ches­
tertow n.
Tompkinsville* to La P lata.

W oodlawn (Cecil Co.) to
P o rt Deposit.
W oodmore to Upper M arl­
W oodstock*!! to E llicott
W oodville! to M ount Airy.
Woodwardville* to Annap­
Woolford* to Cambridge.
W orton*!! to Chestertown.
W rights to Cambridge.
W ye Mills* to Centerville.
W ynne*! to Leonardtown.

T ow npoint to Chesapeake
C ity.
Townshend*! to B randy­
Tracys Landing* to U pper
M arlboro.
T ravilah to Rockville.
Trego* to Keedysville.
T routville to Woodsboro.
T rum p to P arkton.
T unis M ills to E aston.
Tuscarora* to Frederick.
Tuxedo to W ashington, D.
Twiggtown* to Cum berland
Two Johns to Denton.
Tyaskin* to Nanticoke.
Tylerton* to Crisfleld.
T yrone to P leasant Valley.
Unionville* to Liberty town.
U nity to G aithersburg.
Upperco* to H am pstead.
U pper Crossroads to Bel
U pper Fairm ount* to P rin­
cess Anne.
Upper Falls* to Bel Air.
U rbana to Frederick.
U tica M ills to Walkersville.
Vale* to Bel Air.
Vale Summit* to Frostburg.
Valley Lee* to Leonard­
Van B ibber! to Bel Air.
Venton* to Princess Anne.
Vindex* to Kitzm iller.
Wakefield to New W indsor.
W aldorf*! to L a P lata.
W alker’s Switch* to P arkton.
WallvUle* to Prince Fred­
W arfleldburg to W estm in­
W arren* to Cockeysville.
Warwick* to M iddletown,
W ashington Grove*! to
W aterbury* to Annapolis.
W aters ville* to MouncAiry.
W atkins to Gaithersburg.
W averly* to Baltim ore.
Wayside* to L a P lata.
W ebster to H avre de Grace.
W elboum e*! to Stockton.
Welcome* to L a P lata.
W ellham st to Baltim ore.
Wenona* to D eal Island.
W . Friendship* to Sykes­
W estover*!! to Princess
W estport*! to Baltim ore.
W est River* to Annapolis.
Westwood* to Brandywine.
W etipquin* to Salisbury.
W everton*!! to Brunswick.
W haleysville*!! to Berlin.
W hayland! to Salisbury.
W heaton to Kensington.
W hitéburg to Snow Hill.
W hiteford* to D elta, Pa.
W hite Haven* to Princess
W hiteleysburg to Greens­
W hite M arsh*! to B alti­
W hite Plains*!! to La

W hiton to P ittsville.
Wicomico* to L a P lata.
Widgeon to Princess Anne.
W illards*!! to P ittsville.
W illiam sburg*!! to H ur­
W illiston to Denton.
W illoughby!! to Hillsboro.
Willows* to Prince FredWilna* to Bel Air.
W ilson to Prince Frederick.
W inchester to Annapolis.
W indyhill to T rappe.
Winfield to Woodbine,
W ittm an* to St. M ichaels.
W olfsville! to Myersville.
! Telegraph Station.

Yarrow sburg to Brunswick.
Yellow Springs to Frederick
Yeoho to Cockeysville.
Zihlm an to F rostburg.
Zion to N o rth E ast.

Accord*! to Hingham .
Acoaxet* to Fall River.
Acton* to Concord.
Acushnet*! to New Bedford
Adamsdale* to Paw tucket,
R . I.
Adamsville to Shelburne
Agawam*! to Springfield.
Alford to G reat B arrington.
Allerton*! to Hingham .
Allston*! to Boston.
Annisquam* to Gloucester.
Arlington Heights*! to Ar­
A sbury Grove* to Beverly.
Ashburnham *!! to G ardner
Ashby*! to F itchburg.
Ashfleld* to Conway.
Ashland*! to Fram ingham .
Ashley Falls*!! to G reat
B arrington.
Assinippi to Rockland.
Assonet*!! to Fall River.
Asylum Station to Danvers.
A tlantic*! to Quincy.
A ttleboro F alls!! to A ttle­
Auburn*! to W orcester.
Avon*! to Brockton.
Ayers Village* to H averhill.
B allardvale*!! to Andover.
Bancroft* to Pittsfield.
iB arnstable*!! to Y arm outhport.
B arre Plains*!! to Barre.
Barrowsville*! to A ttleboro
B ay S tate to N ortham pton.
B ay View to Gloucester.
Beach Bluff*! to Lynn.
Becket*!! to Pittsfield.
Bedford*!! to Concord.
Bedford Springs to Concord
Beechwood* to Hingham .
Belchertown*!! to Warp.
Bellingham* to Milford.
Bemis to W atertow n.
Berkshire*!! to Pittsfield.
Berlin*! to Clinton.
B ernardston*!! to Green­
Billerica*!! to Lowell.
Bisbees to N ortham pton.
Blackinton*! to
N o rth
Blackstone*!! to, W oon­
socket, R. I.
Blandford* to Westfield.
Bolton*! to Clinton.
Bondsville*!! to Palm er.
Bourne*! to W areham .
Bournedale* to W areham .
Boxford* to Georgetown.
Boylston Center*(to Clinton
Bradford*!! to Haverhill.
B radstreet* to N ortham p­
Braggville to M ilford.
B raleyst! to New Bedford.
B ran t Rock* to Plym outh.
B rew ster!! to Harwich.
Brier* to Adams.
Briggsville! to NorthA dam s
B righton*!! to Boston.
Brightwood*! to Springfield.
Brimfleld* to Palm er.
Brookfield*! to Spencer.
Brookvllle* to Brockton.
Bryantville* to W hitm an.
Buckland* to Shelburne
Burlington to W oburn.
Burrage to W hitm an.
Buzzards B ay*!! to W are­
Byfleld*!! to Georgetown.
C am bridgeport to Cam ­
C am pbello!! to Brockton.
C anton Junction to C anton
Carlisle* to Concord.
Carver*! to Plym outh.
Caryville*! to Milford.
Cataum et*+t to Falm outh.
! Express Office.



C enter
' Plym outh.
Centerville* to H yannis.
C entral Village* to New
C harlem ont*!! to Shel­
burne Falls.
C harlestow n*tt to Boston.
Charlton* to Southbridge.
C harlton C ity to Southbridge.
C harlton D epot*t to Spen­
C h artley * tt to Attleboro.
C hatham Port* to C hat­
ham .
Chelm sford*!! to Lowell.
C herry Valley* to Leicester.
Cheshire*!! to Adams.
C hester*!! to Westfield.
Chesterfield*! to N orth­
am pton.
Chilm ark* to Vineyard
Chiltonville to Plym outh.
C ity M ills*! to F ranklin.
Clarendon H alls to Boston.
Clarksburg , to N o rth
C layton to Canaan, Conn.
Clifford* to New Bedford.
Clifton*! to M arblehead.
Cliftondale*! to Lynn.
Cliquot to Holliston.
Cochesett* to Bridgewater.
Cochituate* to N atick,
Coldbrook S prings!! to
Coldspring* to Lowell.
Colerain* to
Collinsville* to Lowell.
Concord Junction*!! to
C ohgam ond!! to Westfield.
Conomo Station to Glouces­
Cooleyville to Athol.
Cordaville*! to W estboro. ■
C otuit*! to Hyannis.
Craigville* to H yannis.,
Crow P oint to Hingham.
C rystal Spring . to Fall
Cumm aquid* to Y arm outhport.
Cummingsville to W oburn.
Cum m ington*! to N o rth ­
am pton.
Cushing to. N ew buryport.
Cushm an*! to Am herst.
Dana* to Barre.
D anversport to D anvers.
D arby to P lyniouth.
D artm outh*! to New Bed­
D avis to Shelburne Falls.
Deerfield*! to South Deer­
field. ,
Dell Hf Shelburne Falls.
Dennis*!! to Y arm outhport
Dennisport* to Harwich.
D ighton*!! to T aunton.
Dodge* to W orcester.
Dodgeville to Attleboro.
D orchester to Boston.
D ouglas*!! to Uxbridge.
D over*!! to N eedham .
D racut* to Lowell.
Dudley*! to W ebster.
D unstable* to N aShua, N .H .
DUxbury*! to P lym outh.
Dwight*! to Am herst
B a st A cton to Concord.
B ast Blackstone to W oon­
socket, R . I.
E . Boxford* to Georgetown.
B ast B raintree to Quincy.
E . B rew ster*!! to Harwich.
B. Brimfield* to Southbridge.
E . Brookfield*!! to Spencer.
E a st Carver* to P lym outh.
E a st Dedham * to Dedham .
E . Deerfield*! to Greenfield
E a st Dennis* to Harwich.
E . D o u g las*!!.tb W hitins­
E . Falm outh* to Falm outh.
E a st Foxboro*! to Foxboro.
E a s t Freetown* to New
E astham *! to Harwich.
E . Harwich*! to Harwich.
E . H olliston*! to Fram ing­
ham .
E a st Lee* to Lee.
E . L ev erett to A m herst.
E . Lexington to Arlington.
E a st Long M eadow*!! to
E . Mansfield* to M ansfield.
E a st M a tta p o isett to F airhaven.
E a st M ilton* to M ilton.
E a st Northfleld*! to B rattleboro, Vt.
E a st N orton* to T aunton.
EaSton* to N o rth E aston.
E astondale* to N o rth E as­
ton. ,
E a st Orleans*!; to C hatham .
E a st Otis* to Lee.
E . Pembroke* to Rockland.
E . Princeton* to Leom in­
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


E a s t . Sandwich*! to Y ar­
m outhport.
E a s t Saugus*! to Lynn.
E ast Sharon to Canton.
E a s t T aunton*!! to T aun­
E . Templeton* to G ardner.
E. W alpole*!! to Walpole.
E . W areham to W areham ,
E . W hately* to N ortham p­
E . W indsor* to Pittsfield.
Eddyville to Middleboro.
E dgew orth! to M alden.
E gypt*! to H ingham .
Ellis* to Norwood.
E lm Grove to Shelburne
Elmwood* to E a s t Bridgewater.
E ndicott to D edham .
Enfield*!! to W are.
E rving*!! to Orange.
Essex*!! to Ipswich.
Fairview to Holyoke.
Falm outh H eights*! to F al­
m outh.
F arley*!! to Orange.
Farnam s*! to Pittsfield.
F arnum sville*!to M illbury.
F aulkner! to M alden.
F ay ville*!! to Fram ingham
Feeding Hills*! to Springfield.
Fisherville* to M illsbury.
Fiskdale* to Southbridge.
Forestdale* to Y arm outh­
Forge Village*!! to Ayer.
F ranklin Park* to Lynn.
Freetow n to F all River.
Furnace* to W are.
G ay Head* to. Vineyard
Gilbertville*!! to Ware.
Gill to T urners Ealls.
Gleasondale*! to Hudson.
Glendale* to Stockbridge.
Glenwood to M edford.
Goshen* to N ortham pton.
Granby*, to Holyoke.
Grahiteville*!! to Lowell.
Granville* to Westfield.
Granville Center*! to W estfield.
Greenbush*! to Hingham .
Greeh Harbor* to P ly­
m outh.
Greenwich*! to W are.
Greenwich Village*! to
Greenwood to Wakefield.
Griswoldville* tb Shelburne
Groton*!! to A y e r.1
Groveland*! to H averhill.
Hadley*! to N ortham pton
Halifax* to Plym outh.
H am ilton*!! to Beverjy.
Ham pden* to Springfield.
Hancock* to Pittsfield.
Hanover*! to Rockland.
H anover Center* to Rock­
Hanson* to W hitm an.
Harding* to South F ram ­
Hardwick* to Barre,
Hartsville* to G reat B ar­
H arvard*! to Ayef.
Harwich Port* to Harwich.
Hatfield*! to N ortham pton
H atherly to Rockland.
H athorne*!! to D anvers.
Hawley* to Shelburne Falls
H eath* to Shelburne Falls.
Hebronville*! to A ttleboro.
H ingham Center* to Hing­
ham .
H insdale*!! to Pittsfield.
Holbrook* to Randolph.
Holden*!! to. W orcester.
H olland to Southbridge.
Hoosac T unnel*!! to N orth
Hopedale*! tb Milford.
Horse N eck Beach to New
H ortonville to Fall River.
H ough’s N eck to Quincy.
H ousatonic*!! to G reat
B arrington.
H ubbardston*! to G ardner.
Hull* to Hinhgam .
Hum arock*! to Plym outh.
H untington*!! to W estfield
H yannisport* tb H yannis.
H yde P ark*!! to Boston.
Interlaken* to Stockbridge.
Island Creek to Plym outh.
Island P a rk ! to Haverhill.
Islington*! to Dedham .
Jam aica P lain*!! to Boston
Jefferson*!! to Worcester.


t County s e a t.



Kenberm a* to Hingham .
K endal Green*! to W al­
tham .
K ingston*!! to P lym outh.
Lake Boon! to M aynard.
Lake Pleasant*! to T urners
Lakeville*! to M iddleboro.
L ancaster*!! to Clinton.
Lanesboro* to Pittsfield.
Lanes ville* to Gloucester.
Leeds*! to N ortham pton.
Lenoxdale*!! to Lenox.
Leverett* to A m herst.
Leyden* to Greenfield.
Lincoln*! to Concord.
Linden to M alden.
Lihwood* to W hitinsville.
Lithia* to N ortham pton.
L ittleton*!! to Ayer.
L ittleton Common* to Ayer
Locks Village* to Orange.
Longmeadow! to Springfield.
Long Plain to New Bedford
Ludlow C enter to Springfield.
Lunenburg* to Fitchburg.
Lynnfleld*!! to Wakefield.
Lynnfield C entre*!! to
LyonSville* to Shelburne
M agnolia*!! to Gloucester.
M anchaug* to W hitinsville.
M anom et*! to P lym outh.
M aplewood! to M alden.
Marion* to W areham .
M arshfield H ilis*!! to Rock­
M arstons Mills* to H yannis
M ashpee* to H yannis.
M atfield! to Brockton.
M a ttà p an * !! to Boston.
M attapoisett*!! to F air
M edfleld*!! to Walpole.
M elrose Highlands* to M el­
M endon* to M ilford.
M enem sha to Vineyard
M errick*! to Springfield.
M errim acport* to M errimac.
M etcalf to Holliston.
Middlefield*! to Pittsfield
M iddleton*!! to D anvers.
Millbrook*! to P lym outh.
Millers Falls*!! to T urners
M illington* to Athol.
M illis*!! to Dedham .
Mill River* to C anaan,
M inot* to Hingham .
M ittineague*!! to Springfield.
M onponsett*! to W hitm an.
M onroe Bridge* to N orth
M ontague*! to T urners
M ontague C ity*! to T ur­
ners Falls.
M ontello*! to Brockton.
M onterey* to G reat B ar­
M ontrose to Wakefield.
M ontvale to W oburn.
M ontw ait! to Fram ingham .
M onum ent B each*!, to
W areham .
M ooresCorner* to A m herst.
M ount Auburn* to W atertown.
M ount Herm on*! to Green­
M ount Tom*! tb N o rth ­
am pton.
M yricks*!! to T aunton.
N ahant*! to Lynn.
N an task et Beach to*Hingham .
N eedham Heights* toNeedham.
N eponset to M ilton.
New Ashford to Adams.
New Boston* to W insted,
New B raintree*! to Ware.
N ew bury! to N ew buryport.
New Lenox*! to Lenox.
New M arlboro* to G reat
B arrington.
New Salem (Franklin Co.)
*! to Athol.
N ew state to A dam s,
New ton Lower Falls*! to
W est Newton.
New ton U pper Falls*!! to
N ew ton Center.
N obscot*!! to Fram ingham
N ohantum to Newton.
Nonquit* to New Bedford.
N orfolk*!! to Franklin.
Norfolk Downs*! t o Quincy
N , A bington*!! to Abington
Money Order Office,

N o rth A cton!! to Concord.
N . Am herst*! to A m herst.
N . Andover*!! to Lawrence
N. Bellingham*! to Milford
N orth Beverly! to Beverly.
N , Billerica*!! to Lowell.
N . Blandford to Westfield.
N- Brewster*! to Harwich.
N orthbridge*!! to W hitins­
N . C am bridge! to Cam ­
N . C arver*! to M iddleboro.
N . C hatham *! to C hatham .
N . Chelm sford*!! to Lowell
N . Cohasset*! to Hingham .
N o rth D ana*!! to Athol.
N . D artm outh* to New
N . Dighton* to T aunton.
N. D uxbury* to P lym outh.
N . E astham *! to Harwich.
N o rth Egrem ont* to G reat
N o rth Falm outh*! to Fal­
m outh.
Northfleld*!! to Greenfield.
N orthfleld Earms* to T ur­
ner Falls,
N o rth G rafton*!! to
W orcester.
N o rth Hadley* to N o rth ­
am pton.
N . Hanover* to Rockland.
N . Harwich*! to Harwich.
N o rth Hatfield*! to N orth­
am pton.
N orth H eath to Shelburne
N o rth L eom inster!! to Leorftinster.
N. Leverett* to Greenfield.
N . Lexington to Arlington.
N; M arshfield*! to Rock­
N . M iddleboro* to M iddle­
N o rth N atick to N atick.
N. New Salem to Orange.
N o rth Orange*! to Athol.
N o rth Oxford*!! to W ebster
N. Pembroke* to Rockland.
N o rth P lym outh*! to Plyi m outh.
N. Prescott* to Orange.
N. Reading!! to Reading.
N . Rochester to M iddle­
N o rth R utland to Barre.
N . Sdituate*!! to Hingham ,
N. Stoughton* to Stough_ ton.
N . Sudbury*! to M aynard.
N . Swansea to W arren..
N o rth T isbury to Vineyard
N o rth T ruro*! to Provincetown.
N. Uxbridge! to Uxbridge.
N orth W estport*! to Fall
N . W eymouth* to Quincy.
N orth W ilbraham *!! to
N o rth W ilmington*! to
N. W oburn!! to W oburn.
N orton*! to M ansfield.
Oak Bluffs!! to Vineyard
Oakdale*!! to Clinton:
Oak Grove! to M alden.
Oakham* to Barre.
O akland! to T aunton.
Ocean Bluff* to Rockland
Ocean Grove* to Fall River.
Ocean Spray to W inthrop.
Oldtown to N o rth A ttle­
Onset*! to W areham .
Onset Junction to W are­
ham .
Orleans*!! to Harwich.
Osterville* to Hyannis.
Otis* to Lee.
O tter River*!! to Gardner.
Oxford*! to W ebster.
Paxton* to W orcester.
Pelham to Am herst.
Pembroke* to W hitm an
Pepperell*! to E a st Pepperell.
Peru*! to Pittsfield
Petersham *! to Athol.
Phillipston*! to Athol.
Pigeon Cove* to Rockport.
Plainfield* to Adams.
Plainville*! to N o rth A ttle­
P leasant Lake* to Harwich.
Plym pton* to P lym outh.
Ppcasset*! to W areham ,
Ponka,pog* to C anton.
Pottersville* to Fall River.
Prescott* to Am herst.
Prides Crossing* to Beverly
Princeton* to G ardner.
Princeton D epot*f to
Quinapoxct! tò W orcester.
Q uissett to Falm outh.
R aynham *!! to T aunton.
R aynham
T aunton.
Readville*!! to H yde P ark.
f Telegraph Station,


Rehoboth*! to T aunton.
R ichm ond*!! to Pittsfield
Richm ond Furnace*! to
Ringville* to Westfield.
Riverside to T urner Falls.
R o b e rts!! to W altham .
Rochd&le*!! to Worchester.
R ochester to W areham.
Rock*!! to Middleboro.
Rockville to M edway.
RoSIindalel! to Boston.
Rowe* to Shelburne Falls.
Rowley*!! to Ipswich.
R oxbury*!! to Boston.
Royalston* to Athol.
Russell*!! to Westfield.
R utland*! to Barre.
Sagamore*!! to Wareham.
Salisbury*! to Newbury­
Salisbury Beach! to New­
Salisbury P o in t! to Amesbury.
Sandhills* to Hingham.
Sandwich*!! to Wareham.
Santuit* to Hyannis.
Saugus C en ter!! to Lynn.
Saundersville*!! to Mill­
Savoy*! to Adams.
Saxonville!! to Framing­
S cituate Center* to Hing­
ham .
Scotland to Bridgewater.
Sea Side to Plym outh.
Seaside P ark to Hyannis.
Sea View*! to Plymouth.
Seekonk* to Providence,
R. I.
Segreganset*!! to Taunton.
Sharon*!! to Canton.
burne Falls.
Shawm ut to New Bedford.
Sheffield*!! to G reat Bar­
Shelburne to Shelburne
Sheldonville* to Wrentham .
Sherborn*!! to Natick.
Shirley*!! to Ayer.
Shirley Center* to Ayer
Shrewsbury* to Worcester
Shutesbury* to Amherst.
Siasconsett*T to Nantucket.
Silver Lake* to Plymouth.
Sixteen Acres to Springfield
Smiths* to Ware.
Somerset*! to Fall River.
South A cton*!! to May­
South A m herst*! to Amherst.
S outham pton*!! to Eastham pton.
South Ashburnham *!! to
Ashburnham .
South Ashfleld* to Conway.
South Athol* to Athol.
S. Attleboro*! to Attleboro.
South Barre* to Barre.
S. Bèrlin*! to Northboro.
Southboro*!! to Marlboro.
S. Brewster* to Harwich.
S. Carver* to Wareham.
S. C hatham *! to Harwich.
S. Chelmsford* to Lowell.
S. D artm outh* to Nèw
S. Dennis*!! to Harwich.
S. D uxbury* to Plymouth.
S. Easton* to N orth Easton
South Egrem ont* to Great
South Essex*! to Gloucester
Southfield* to Great Bar­
S. F ram ingham ! to Fram­
S.Groveland*! to Haverhill.
South Hadley* to Holyoke.
South: H adley Falls*! to
S. Ham ilton* to Beverly.
S, Hanover*! to Rockland.
S. H anson*!! to Whitman.
S. Harwich*! to Harwich.
S. Hingham* to Hingham.
S. Hyannis* to Hyannis.
S. Lancaster*! to Clinton.
South Lee*! to Lee.
S. Lincoln* to Concord.
South Middleboro*! to
M iddleboro.
South M iddleton*!
D anvers.
South N atick*! tp Natick.
S. Orleans*! to Harwich. >,
South R ehoboth to Provi­
dence, R. I.
S. Royalston*! to Athol.
S. Sandwich to Hyannis.
South Sudbury*!! to Fram­
ingham .
South Vernon* to Brattleboro, Vt.
Southville*! to Westboro.
S. W alpole*! to Walpole.
S. W areham *! to Wareham
S. Wellfleet*! to Provincetown.
8H M
South W estport* to New
'v'- ,r-_
! Express Office.



Southwick*!! to Westfield.
South W illiamstown* to
South W orthington* to
N ortham pton.
Springdale to Canton.
Standish* to Plym outh.
State Farm * to Bridgewater
State Line*!! to G reat B ar­
Sterling*tt to Clinton.
Still River*!! to Ayer.
Stony Brook*! to W altham .
Stow* to M aynard.
Straights Pond* to Hingham.
Sturbridge* to Southbridge.
Sudbury*!! to F ram ingham
Sunderland* to South Deer­
Sutton to M illbury.
Swam pscott*!! to Lynn. •
Swansea* to Fall River.
Swansea C enter to W arren,
R. r.
Swift River* to N ortham p­

W. M edw ay*!! to M edway.
W est Millbury* to M illbury
W estm inster*! to Gardner.
W estm inster
D epot
G ardner.
W. New bury*! to H aver­
W est N orthfield to B rattleboro, Vt.
W eston*!! to W altham .
W. Orange to Orange.
W. Peabody*!! to Peabody.
W estport*! to Fall River.
W estport Point* to Fall
.West Quincy to Quincy.
W est Roxbury* to Boston.
W est R utland*! to Barre.
W est Somerville*! to Som­
W est Sterling* to Clinton
W e s t' Stockbridge*!! to
W. Stoughton* to Stough­
W est Sutton to M illbury.
W est Tisbury* to Tisbury.
(Vineyard H aven P. O.)
W. Townsend*! to Town­
Tapleyville to Danvers.
W est U pton*! to M ilford.
Teaticket* to Falm outh.
W estvale to Concord.
Templeton* to G a rd n e r.,
W. W areham *! to W areTewkesbury*! to Lowell.
ham .
Thorndike*! to Palm er.
W est W arren*!! to W arren.
Three Rivers*! to Palm er.
W est W hately to S. D eer­
T iticu tt to Bridgewater.
Tolland* to W insted, Conn.
Westwood* to Dedham .
Topsfield*!| to Danvers.
W- Y arm outh to H yannis.
T ouissett*!! to W arren,
W eym outh H eights to S.
R. I.
W eym outh.
Townsend Harbor*! to
W hately* to S. Deerfield.
T rem ont Station to W are- W heelwright*! to W are.
, ham.
W hite Horse Beach to P ly ­
m outh.
Truro* to Provincetown.
T ufts College! to M e d fo rd .. W hite Valley* to Barre.
W hittenton to T au n to n ,
Tully* to Athol.
W ilbraham *! to Springfield.
Tyngsboro*tt to Lowell.
Tyringham* to Lee.
W ilkinsonville*!! to M ill­
W illiam sburg*!! to N o rth ­
am pton.
Unionville*! to Franklin.
W illiamstown Station to
Uphams C orner*!! to Bos­
Williamsville* to Barre.
U pton*!! to M ilford.
W illim ansett* to Holyoke.
W ilm ington*!! to Reading.
W inchendon Springs* to
Vineyard H aven*!! to TisW inchendon.
. bury.
Windsor* to D alton.
Woods Hole*!! to F al­
m outh.
Wales* to Palm er.
Woodville* to Hopkinton.
W alnut H illf to Dedham .
Woronoco*! to Westfield.
Waquoit* to Falm outh.
W orthington*! to P itts ­
W ard H ill*tt to Haverhill.
Warwick* to Orange.
W yoming to Melrose.
W ashington*t to-Pittsfield.
WatervUle*t to W inchendon.
Y arm outh to Y arm outh
W averley*tt to W altham ,
•P ort.
W ayland*!! to W altham .
Weir Village to T aunton.
W ellington! to Medford.
Zoar*!! to N orth Adams.
Wendell*! to Orange.
Wendell D epot*! to Qrange
Weriham*!! to Beverly.
W est A cton*tt to Concord.
W est Auburn* to W orcester
W est B arnstable*tt to H yannis.
W est Berlin*! to Clinton.
W est Boxford* to George­
West B oylston*tt to W or­
W. Brewster*! to Harwich.
W est Bridgewater*! to
West Brookfield*!! to W ar­
W. C h ath am * !, to C h at­
West Chesterfield* to N or tham pton.
West Chop* to Tisbury.
(Vineyard H aven P. O.)
W est Cum mington*
N ortham pton.
Westdale* to E a st Bridgewater.
West Dennis* to Y arm outhport.
West Dudley* to Southbridge.
W est Duxbury* to P ly­
m outh.
West E v e re tt! to E v erett.
W est Falm outh*! to F al­
m outh.
Westford* to Lowell.
W est G loucester! to Glou­
West Granville to W estfield
W est G roton*! to Ayer.
W estham pton to N o rth­
am pton,
W, Hanover*! to Rockland.
W. Harwich* to Harwich.
W est Hatfield* to N o rth­
am pton.
W. Hawley* to Shelburne
W est Leyden to Greenfield.
W est Lynn*! to Lynn.
W. M ansfield*!! to M ans­
W est M edford*! to M ed­

Abbotsford* to P o rt H uron
Acme* to T raverse City.
Adair* to Richm ond.
Adamsville to Edw ardsburg
A etna to Frem ont.
Afton* to Cheboygan.
Agate Siding to T rout
Agnew to G rand H aven.
Ahm eek*!! to Calum et
Ainger to Olivet.
Aitken to Croswell.
A labaster*!! to Taw as’City.
Alamo*!! to Kalamazoo.
A laska to Caledonia.
Alcona to Harrisville.
Alembic to M ount Pleasant.
Algansee to Quincy.
Alger*!! to Standish.
Alicia* to St. Charles.
Allendale to Coopersville.
Allenton*! to Almont.
Allenville* to St. Ignace.
Allouez*! to Calum et.
Almena to Paw Paw.
Aloha*!! to Cheboygan.
Alpine*! to G rand Rapids.
A lston*!! to Houghton.
Altona* to Lakeview.
Alverno to Cheboygan.
Am adore*! to Croswell.
A m asa*!! to C rystal Falls.
Am ber to Scottville.
Am elith to B ay City.
Anchorville* to New Bal­
tim ore.
Anderson! to Pinckney.
Angell to E lk Rapids.
A ntrim !! to M ancelona.
Arbela to Clio.
Arden to Berrien Springs.
Arenac to Omer.
Argentine* to Linden.
Arlene to M an ton.
Arnheim* to Baraga.
Arnold* to E scanaba.
A rthur to Reese.
Ashland C enter to G rant
Ashmore to Gagetown.
Ashton*!! to Reed C ity.
Assyria* to Bellevue.
Atkins* to P o rt Huron.
A tlantic Mine* to South
Ran are.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

ACounty Seat.



Atlas* to F lint.
Attica*!! to Im lay C ity .
Atwood to Ellsworth
A uburn Heights* to Pon­
Aurelius to M ason.
A usterlitz to Rockford.
A utrain*!! to M unising.
Averill to M idland.
Avondale to E v art.
Axin* to Cadillac.
Azalia*!! to Dundee.
Bachelor to Fountain.
B arley*! to D aggett.
Bainbridge C enter to Coloma.
Ballards to Sparta.
Balletine to Ewen.
Baltic* to South Range.
Baltim ore to H astings.
Banat* to Stephenson.
Banfleld to B a ttle Creek.
B ankers*!! to Hillsdale.
Baraga to L ’Arise.
B arbeau to Sault Ste. M arie
B arker Greek* to K alkaska.
Barkville to B ark River.
B arron Lake to Niles.
Bartori City* to Lincoln.
Bass R iver to Coopersville.
B atavia*!! to Coldwater.
Bates* to T raverse City.
B auer to Hudsonville.
Bay M ills to Brimley.
Bayshore*!! to Petoskey.
Bayside to B ay City.
Beacon*! to Ishpem ing.
Beacon Hill *!! to H ough­
Beadle to B a ttle Creek.
Beal C ity to M ount Pleas­
Bearcreek to M anistee.
Beaverdam to Zeeland.
Bedell to B ay City.
Bedford* to B attle Creek.
Beebe to Ithaca.
Beech to Plym outh.
Beechwood* to Iron River.
Belle Oak to W ebberville.
Belmont*! to Rockford.
Bendon*!! to Thompsonville.
B ennett to Trenton.
Bennington*!! to Owosso.
Benson, to Cadillac.
Bentheim to H am ilton.
Benzonia* to Beulah.
Bergland*!! to Ewen
Berlam ont*! to Bloomingdale.
Berrien C enter*!! to E au
B ertrand to Niles.
Berville* to Arm ada.
Bethel to Cold water.
Betzer to W aldron. :
Beverly to G rand Rapids.
Big Bay*! to M arquette.
Big Beaver to Birmingham.
Big Rock to Lewiston.
Billings* to Beaverton.
Bingham to T raverse City.
Birdsell to Adrian.
Bishop to Freem ont.
Blackm ar to Birch Run.
Blackriver*!! (Alcona Co.)
to Harrisville.
Black River (Allegan Co.)
to Fennville.
Blaine*! to P o rt Huron.
Blaney* to M anistique.
Bolton* to Alpena.
Bonifas to Iron River.
Boon to C adillac.
Borculo* to Zeeland.
Borland to M orley.
Bowen to G rand Rapids.
Bowens M ills to M iddleville.
Bowmanville to Standish.
Boyden to M ount Pleasant.
Boyne to Boyne City.
Bradfords to Akron.
Bradley* to W ayland.
B rady to Chesaning.
B ram pton*!! to Gladstone.
B ranch*!! to Custer.
Brant* to St. Cnaries.
B rassar to S ault Ste. M arie.
Bravo*!! to Fennville.
Breedsville*!! to Bangor.
Brentcreek!! to F lushing..
Brest to Monroe.
Brethren*! to Copemish.
Brevort* to St. Ignace.
Brice to M iddleton;
Bridgeport*! to Saginaw.
Bridgeton to G rant.
B rinton to Farwell.
B ristol to G rant.
B rohm an to W hite Cloud.
Brookfield to C harlotte.
Brouard to P lain well.
Browns Corners to Clare.
Brownstown to Lake Linden
Brownsville to Cassopolis.
Bruces Crossing*!! to
Brunsw ick*!! to H olton.
B rutus*!! to Pellston.
B ryan to P ontiac.
B unker H ill to Leslie.
Burdickville to Em pire.
Burnips* to D orr.
B urnips Corners to Dorr;
B urns to P o rt H uron.
Burnside to Brown. C ity.
B urt*!! to M ontrose.
B u rt Lake* to Indian R iver
Burton* to Ovid
Money Order Office.

Bushnell to Sheridan.
B utm an to Gladwin.
B utterfield to Lake C ity.
Cadm us*!! to Adrian.
Cady to Fraser.
Caldwell to M ount P leasant
California to Ray, Ind.
Calkinsville to Rosebush.
C am bria to Reading.
Campbells Corners to W est
C anada Corners to Oasnovia.
Canandaigua to M orenci.
C anboro to. Owendale.
Cannonsburg* to Rockford.
C anton to W ayne.
G arland*! to Ososso.
Carlisle, to C harlotte.
Carlshend* to M arquette.
Carlson to Wakefield.
Carltori C enter to H ast­
C arney*!! to Stephensori.
C arpenter to Lapeer;
Carp Lake*!! to Levering.
Carrollton*! to Saginaw.
C ary to Baldwin.
Cascade to Ada.
Casco to Richm ond.
C ash to Sandusky.
Cass Lake to Pontiac.
Cathro* to Alpena.
C edar B ank to Hariover.
Cedarcreek to .Hastings;
Oedardale to Dockerville.
Cedar Lake*! to Edmore.
Cedar River* to Stephen­
C edar Run* to T raverse
Ceda-rville* to Saint Ig­
Ceresco*! to M arshall.
Cham pion*!! to Ishpem ing.
C hanning*!! to IronM ountain.
Chapin* to Elsie.
Charles to St. Ignace.
Charleston to M inden City.
Charlesw orth to E ato n
Chase*!! to Reed City.
C hatham *!! to M unising.
Chauncey to Rockford.
Cherry H ill to Ypsilanti.
C herry Home to N orthport
Cheshire to Allegan.
C hester! to C harlotte.
Chesterfield! to M ount
Chestonia to E a st Jordan.
Chicora to Allegan.
Chief* to Bear Lake.
Chief L ake!! to Bear Lake.
C hilson!! to Brighton. ,
Chippew a Lake* to Big
Chippew a Station*! to
E v art.
Church to Hudson.
Clarence* to M arion.
Clarenceville to Farm ington.
Clarendon to Homer.
Clarion*!! to Petoskey.
C lark to M anistee.
Clarklake*!! to Brooklyn.
Clawson* to Birm ingham .
Clay H ill to Luther.
Cloverdale*! to Delton.
Clyde*!! to Holly.
Clyde Center to Fennville.
Coates' Grove to H astings
Cobmoosa to W alkerville.
C oburntow n to Hancock.
Cohoctah C enter to Howell.
Coldwater Lake to Coldw ater.
Colebeck to Beaverton.
Colling*! to Caro.
Collins to Lyons.
Colonville to Clare.
Columbus*! to St. Clair.
Commerce to M ilford,
Comstock*! to Kalamazoo.
Conners Creek to D etroit.
Conway*! to H arbor Spgs.
Cooks*! to M anistique.
Cooper to K alam azoo,
Copper C ity*! to Mohawk.
Corey*! to T hree Rivers.
Corinne to Engadine.
Cornell* to E scanaba.
Council Corners to Royal
Covington*!! to Baraga.
C rane to M idland.
Crapo to Reed City.
Cressey* to Richland.
Crisp to H olland.
Crosby to G rand Rapids.
Cross Village* to Levering.
C roton to Newaygo.
Crown to Kinde.
C um ber to Cass City.
Curran* to Lincoln.
Curtis* to Engadine.
Cutcheon* to Lake C ity.
Cutlerville to G rand R apids
Dafoe to Alpena.
D ailey*!! to Cassopolis.,
D ale to Beaverton.
D alton to M uskegon.
Dansville* to M ason.
D arragh to K alkaska.
D avis to Romeo.
D avisbursr*tt t,o TTollv.
t Telegraph Station.


Ì8 8 1

D ay to Cassopolis,
Dayton* to Buchanan.
D eerton to M unising. ,
Defiance* to Gladstone.
D elhi M ills to Ann Arbor.
Delray*! to D etroit.
D elta! to Grand Ledge;
Delwin to Coleman.
Demmon* to Hancock.
Dennison to Coopersville
Denton* to Ypsilanti.
D erby*! to Saint Joseph.
Detour* to Sault Ste.M arie.
D evereaux*!! to »Springport.
D evils Lake*! to Addison.
Dew ard to Frederic.
Dewing to Leroy.
D iam ondlock to Newaygo.
Diam ond Springs to Hamil­
Dice to Freeland.
D inca to Falm outh.
Diorite* to Ishpem ing.
Disco to Utica.
Dodgeville* to Houghton.
D ollar B ay*!! to Houghton.
Dollarville! to Newberry.
D onaldson to Sault Ste.
M arie.
D onken to South Range.
Dorrrince to Coldwater.
D orr Station to Coleman.
D oster*! to Plainwell.
Douglas* to Saugatuck,
D over to Clare.
Dowling* to Hastings.
Downirigton to Deekerville.
D rake to Lapeer.
D rayton Plains*!! to Pon­
tiac. ;
D renthe to Zeeland.
D rum m ond * to Sault Ste.
M arie.
Dryburg* to R udyard.
D ublin*!! to M anistee,
Dueklake to Springport.
D uel to M idland.
Duffield*!! to D urand.
D ukes to Ewen.
D unham to Bessemer.
Dunningville* to Ham ilton.
D uplain to Ovid.
D utton*!! to Caledonia.
Eagle*! to G rand Ledge.
E agle Harbor* to Calum et.
iE agle River* to M ohawk.
Eames* to Pontiac.
E a st D ayton to Kingston.
E ast Gilead to Bronson.
Eastlake* to M anistee.
E a st Leroy*!! to B attle
E astm an ville to Coopers­
E aston (Shiawassee Co.) to
ChesaningE ast P aris to Grand Rapids.
E astport* to C entral Lake.
E a st Saugatuck*!! to Sau­
E astw ood to St- Charles,
E ben Junctiori* to M nois­
E ckerm an*!! to Brimley.
Eckford*!! to Homer.
Eden*! to M ason.
Edenville* to M idland.
Edgerton* to «Rockford.
Edgewood to Ithaca.
E dw ard to W est Branch,
Egleston to Levering.
E lba*!! to Lapeer.
Elbridge to H art.
Eldorado* to Roscommon.
E llake to Tawas City.
Ellington to Caro.
Ellis to. M arshall.
Ellisville to Cheboygan.
E lm to Plym outh.
Elm dale*!! to Alto.
E lm er to Sandusky.
E lm H all*! to Riverdale.
Elmwood to C a ss City,.
Elo to H oughton.
Eloise*! to W ayne.
E lto n to M cBain. ¿at
E m erald to E v art.
E m ery to Ann Arbor.
E m ery Junction*!! to
T urner.
Englishville* to Sparta.
Ensign* to Gladstone.E ntrican* to Stanton.
Epsilon to Petoskey.
E stey to Pinconning.
Eureka* to St.;Johns.
E v a rt to H ersey.
Factoryville to Athens.
Fairfax*! to Colon.
Fairfield to Jasper.
F air Haven* to New H aven
F airport to Garden.
Faithorn* to Menominee.
Fargo*! to Avoca.
F arnham to Houghton.
Farowe to Zeeland.
F ayette*! to Garden.
Felch*!! to Iron M ountain.
Fenm ore to Elsie.
Fergus* to Chesaning.
F erris to Vostaburg.
Ferry* to Shelby.
Ferrysburg* to G rand H a­
Fibre* to Rudyard.
Filer C ity*! to M anistee.
Filion* to K inde.
Fillm ore Center to Ham il­
F indley!! to B urr O a k ..
t Express Office.



Fisherville to A uburn.
Fishvilie to Sheriaan
F itchburg to Stockbridge.
Five Lakes to L apeer.
Five P oints to Bedford.
Flowercreek to M ontague.
Flowerfleld*!! to School-



H arris to B ark Biver.
H arrisburg to Conklin.
H artland* to Howell.
H arvard*!! to Greenville.
H arvey to M arquette.
H aw khead to South H aven.
H aw kins to Beed C ity.
Hawks* to Bogers.
H aym arsh to Lake City.
Helena (Antrim Co.)* to
H elena (H uron Co.) to
H arbor Beach.
H elm er to New berry.
Hem ans*! to M arlette.
H ehdricks Q uarry to T rout
H enrietta to Jackson.
H erm an!! to L ’Anse.
H erps! to D orr.
H errick to Clare.
H erring Lake to Beulah.


Labarge to Caledonia.
L a Branche* to Escanaba.
Lacey to N ashville
L acota*!! to South H aven.
L a Grange to CassopoUs.
Laing to Argyle.
Lake*!! to Farwell.
Lake A nn*!! to T raverse
Floyd to M idland.
C ity
F ord to W yandotte.
Lakefield to M errill.
F ord B iver to B ark Biver.
Lake George*! to Farwell.
Forester to CarsonviUe.
Lake Gogebic*! to Ewen.
Forestgrove! to HudsonL akeland*!! to Pinckney.
Lake Mine* to Greenland.
Forest HiU*! to Alma.
L akeport to P o rt Huron.
Forest Lake* to M unising.
Lake Shore to M ount Cle­
Forsyth* to Gwinn.
F orw ard to M cBain.
Lakeside*!! (Berrien Co.)
F oster C ity*!! to Iron
to T hree Oaks.
M ountain.
Lakeside (M acomb Co.)
Fosters*! to Saginaw.
to M ount Clemens.
Fouch to T raverse City.
Lakeside (Muskegon Co.)
Francisco! to G rass Lake.
to M uskegon.
F rankenlust to B ay City.
L aketon to M uskegon.
H errington to Berlin.
F ran k en tro st to Saginaw.
Lakeville* to Oxford.
Hessel* to St. Ignace.
Franklin* to Birm ingham
Lam bertville* to W est To­
H etherton* to Johannes­
ledo, Ohio.
F ranklin Mine* to Hancock
Lam ont* to Ooopersville.
Frenchlanding to Belleville
Hickory Corners* to D elton
L am otte to M arlette.
Frontier* to Hillsdale.
Higgins Lake to BoscomL angston to Greenville.
F ro st to Hemlock.
L aporte to Freeland.
Fruitport* to G rand H aven.
H ighland*!! to M ilford.
Laredo to Auburn.
F ru it Bidge* to Adrian.
Highwood* to Gladwin.
L arkin to M idland.
H illiards*!! to Hopkins.
L a Kocque!! to Bogers.
Hills C om ers to Galien.
LaSalle*! to M onroe.
G aastra* to Stam baugh.
H inchm an to Berrien
L athrop*!! to Escanaba.
Galloway to M errill.
L aurel to Sandusky.
Ganges* to FennviUe.
H obart* to Cadillac.
Lawson to M arquette.
G ardendale to P o rt H uron.
H ockaday to Gladwin.
L ayton Corners to M ont­
G arnet* to Engadine.
H odunk to Coldwater.
G aston to Cadillac.
Holloway*!! to Adrian.
Leaton to M ount P leasant.
GatesvilleroSaultSte.M arie.
Hollywood to St. Joseph.
Lee*! to Fennville.
G ay*!! to Lake Linden.
Hope* to M idland.
Leer* to Posen.
G eary to Laingsburg.
H opkins Station to H opkins
Leesburg to M arcellus.
Geddes to Ann Arbor.
Leetsville* to K alkaska.
Genessee* to Flint.
H orton*!! to Jackson.
Legrand to Tower.
Geneva to Hudson.
H orton B ay to Boyne C ity.
Leisure to South H aven.
G era*!! to F rankenm uth.
H oughton Lake* to BosALeland* to T raverse C ity.
G erm ania to M arlette.
Lemon Lake to Oopemish.
Germfask* to M anistique.
Howardsville to M arcellus.
r Lenawee Junction! to Ad­
G ert to Petersburg.
Hoxeyvüle* to Luther.
Gibbs City* to Iron B iver.
Hoxie to N o rth Adams.
Lengsville to B ay City.
Gibson to Saugatuck.
H oytville to Mulliken.
Leoni to Grass Lake.
Giddings to Baraga.
H ubbard Lake* to Alpena
L eota to Harrison.
Gilbert* to M anton. •
H ulbert to Newberry.
Les Cheneaux* to St. Ig­
Gilchrist*!! to Engadine.
H um boldt*!! to Ishpeming.
Gilmore to Farwell.
H unters Creek*!! to Lapeer
L ester to Frem ont, Ind.
G irard to Tekonsha.
H untspur* to M anistique
L iberty to Brooklyn.
G itchel to Zeeland.
Huronfow n to H oughton.
Lickleys Corners to H udson
Glen Arbor* to Cedar.
H yde to Bapk Biver.
Lim ecreek to M orenci.
Glendale to Paw Paw.
Limestone* to M unising.
G lendora*!! to Galien.
Linkville to Owendale.
G lengarry!! to Mesick.
Lisbon to Sparta.
Glen Haven* to Empire.
In a to Dighton.
Liske to Bogers.
Glen Lord to St. Joseph.
Indian B iver*!! to Che­
L ittle L ake!! to Gwinn.
Glenm ere to E m pire.
L ivonia to P lym outh.
Glenwood*! to D ecatur.
Ingalls*!! to Stephenson.
Lockwood to Coldwater.
Glover to Standish.
Ingleside* to Levering.
Loehne to Auburn.
Goetzville* to Sault Ste.
Inkster* to W ayne.
London to Dundee.
M arie.
Interlochen*!! to T raverse
Longlake (Clare Co.) to
Gogebic to Bessemer.
H arrison.
Good H arbor to Cedar.
Iosco to Fowlerville.
Long Lake*! (Iosco Co.) to
Good H eart* to H arbor
Irons* to Baldwin.
Taw as City.
Ironton* to Charlevoix.
Long Bapids* to Lachine.
Gooding*!! to Sparta.
Irving*!! to MiddleviUe.
Loomis! to Coleman.
Goodison* to Bochester.
Isabella* to Garden.
L oretto*!! to Norway.
Goodiand to Im lay C ity.
Isle Boyale! to Hancock.
Loud Spur to M unising.
G orm an to Adrian.
Iv a to Hemlock.
to Graying.
G o tts to Caseville.
Ivanhoe to B ad Axe.
Loxley to Harrison.
Gould C ity *!! to E ngadine,
Lucas*! to Cadillac.
Gowen*!! to Greenville.
Luce to Chesaning.
G raafschap to Holland.
Jacobsville* to Houghton.
Lulu* to Ida.
G rand Beach*! to M ichigan
Jam to M errill.
to Bose City.
C ity, Ind.
Jefferson Township to CasLuzerne* to Boscommon.
G rand Junction*!! to B an­
Jeffery to Portland.
G rand M aire to St. Joseph.
Jenison* to Grandville.
M ackinac Island*!! to St.
G rand M arais* to M ar­ Jennings*!! to L ake City.
Jerom e to Hillsdale.
M acom b to M ount Cle­
G rape to M aybee.
Johannesburg*! to Gaylord.
Grassm ere to E lkton.
Johns Wood* to Sault Ste,
M acon to Tecumseh.
G ratio t Beach to P o rt
M arie.
M altby* to Bose City.
H uron.
Jones*! to Marcellus.
alts to Saginaw.
G rattan to B elding.
Joppa to E a st Leroy.
M anitou Beach*!! to Addi­
G ray to M idland.
Judds Corners to Flushing.
Green* to Ontonagon.
Juhl to M arlette.
M anning (Iron Co.) to Che­
G reenbush*!! toH arris ville.
Ju n ia ta ! to Vassar.
Greendale to Shepherd.
M ansfield to C rystal Falls.
Greenfield* to D etroit.
to Iron Biver.
Green Garden to M a rq u e tte
K alam o to Verm ontville.
M aple City* to Cedar.
Greenlake to W ayland.
Karlin* to Oopemish.
to Nashville.
G reenleaf to Cass City.
K arr to Gagetown.
M aple B idge! (Arenac Co.)
G reen B iver to M ancelona.
Kearsarge*! to Calum et.
Gresham to C harlotte.
Keego H arbor to Pontiac.
M aple Bidge (D elta Co.)
G rind Stone C ity*!! to P o rt
Keeler to H artford.
to E scanaba.
Keller to Alto.
Groos to Gladstone.
Kellogg to Allegan.
M apleton (G rand T raverse
K elly to Sunfield.
Co.) to T raverse City.
Groscap* to St. Ignace.
K endall*!! to Gobleville.
M arengo*! to Albion.
Grosse lie .*! to Trenton.
K enneth to St. Ignace.
M arenisco*!! to Wakefield.
Grosse Pointe F arm s to
K enton*!! to Ewen.
M arilla* to Kaleva.
D etroit.
Grosse P ointe Shores to
K entville to Thompsonville
M arion Springs to St.
Grosse Pointe.
Kewadin* to E lk Bapids.
Grove to Sand Lake.
Keweenaw B ay*!! to Ba­
M arkell to F o sto ria .
Gulliver* to M anistique.
M arkey* to Boscommon.
G unm arsh to Plainwell.
Kibbie*! to South H aven.
M artinsville to Belleville.
Gustin. to HarrisviUe.
Kim ball to P o rt H uron.
Masonville* to Gladstone.
Kinderhook* to Coldwater.
M ass*!! to Bockland.
Kings M ill*!! to N orth
Matchwood* to Bockland.
Hagensville to Bogers.
M atherton* to H ubbardH allock to Gaylord.
Kinross* to Sault Ste.M arie
H alsey to B oyal Oak,
Kipling to Gladstone.
M attison to Sherwood.
H am burg*!! to South Lyon.
K irk to W alker ville.
M axton* to Cheboygan.
H am m ond (K ent Co.) to
K irkland* to W est B ranch
M ay to Holland.
Kissipsc* to A tlanta.
M ayfield*! to Kingsley.
Ham m ond* (Presque Isle
M cOarron* to S ault Ste.
Co.) to M illersburg.
Klingers* to Sturgis.
M arie.
H and Station* to D earborn.
Klinger L ake!! to Sturgis.
McCords* to Alto.
H anley to G rand B apids.
Klondike to W alkerville.
M cD onald*!! to Bangor.
H an n ah to Kingsley.
K neeland to Mio.
M cDonough to St. Charles.
H arbert*! to T hree Oaks.
Kochville to Saginaw.
M clvor*!! to Taw as City.
Hardwood* to E scanaba.
Korelock to Ewen. •
M cM illan*!! to Newberry.
H arlan*! to Oopemish.
Koss to Stephenson.
M eade to New H aven.
H arriette* !! to Cadillac.
K urtz to M ikado.
M ears*!! to H art.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


ACounty Seat.

Money Order Office.

M eauw ataka* to Cadillac.
M edina* to Hudson.
M elstrand* to M unsing.
M eridian to W illiamston.
Merlebeach* to St. Johns.
M erritt* to Lake City.
M erriw eather to Ewen.
M erson to Allegan.
M esnard to Hancock.
M etropolitan*! to Iron
M ountain.
M ichelson*! to Harrison.
M ichigam m e*!! to L ’Anse.
M ichigan C enter to Jackson.
M ichillinda* to W hitehall.
M iddle Village to H arbor
M illbrook*! to Bemus.
M iller to Greenville.
M illett! to Lansing.
M ills to Deckerville.
M ilnes to Jonesville.
Milo* to Delton.
M ilton Junction to Beed
M inard to Jackson.
M iner lake to Allegan.
M issaukee to Lake C ity.
Moddersville* to Falm outh.
M oltke to Bogers.
M onitor to Auburn.
M onroe C enter to Grawn.
M onterey to Hopkins.
M oorepark*!! to T hree
Moores to Standish.
M oores Junction to Stand­
M oorestown* to Lake City.
M oorland* to M uskegon.
M oran*!! to St. Ignace.
M orey to Lake City.
M organ (Newaygo Co.) to
W hite Cloud.
M organ*! (B arry Co.) to
M oscow*!! to Jonesville.
M oseley f i Lowell.
M osher ville* to Jonesville.
M ossback to Kalkaska.
M ottville to W hite Pigeon.
M ountvernon to Borneo.
M ullet Lake* to Cheboygan
M unson*!! to M orenci.
N adeau*!! to Powers.
Nahm a* to Gladstone.
Napoleon*!! to Jackson.
N athan* to Stephenson.
NatlonaJ Mine* to Ishpem ing.
Naubinway* to Engadine.
N azareth* to Kalamazoo.
Nellsville* to Boscommon.
Nelson to Hemlock.
Nessen City* to T hom pson­
N estoria*!! to L ’Anse.
Newark* (G ratiot Co.) to
Newark* (Oakland Co.) to
Newburg to P lym outh.
New Casco to Glenn.
New D alton to M arquette.
New Gronigen to Zeeland.
New H olland to Holland.
New H udson*!! to South
New Bichm ond*!! to F enn­
New Salem to Jam estow n.
New Swanzy to Gwinn.
New Troy* to T hree1Oaks.
New W exford to Buckley.
Nicholson to M orrice.
Nicholsville to Marcellus.
N ickelplate to Ionia.
Ninem ile to Pinconning.
N irvana *!to Beed Gity.
Nisula* to Baraga.
Noordeloos to Holland.
N o rth Bradley *!! to Cole­
m an.
N o rth D etro it ! to D etroit.
N o rth D orr to D orr.
N o rth F arm ington to F arm
N orthgrove to M ayville.
N o rth Holland to Holland.
N o rth Lake to O tter Lake.
N orthland* to Escanaba.
N o rth Lansing* to Lansing.
N o rth M orenci ! ! to M o­
N o rth M uskegon! to M us­
N o rth Street* to P o rt H u­
N o rth U nity to Cedar.
N o rth W heeler to Wheeler.
N o rth W illiam s to M idland
N orvell*!! to M anchester.
Norwich to Lake C ity.
N orw alk*!! to Onekama.
Norwood to Charlevoix.
N ottaw a*!! to Centerville
N ovesta to Deford.
Novi*!! to N orthville.
Oak to P lym outh.
Oakfield C enter to Green­
Oak Grove*!! to Howell.
Oak H ill! to M anistee.
Oakland to H am ilton.
Oak Bidge P ark to Sault
Ste. M arie.
Oakville to M ilan.
Oakwood (Oakland Co.)
to Oxford.
f Telegraph Station.


Oakwood! (W ayne Co.) to
D etroit.
Oberlin* to Gladwin.
Ocqueoc* to M illersburg.
Oden*! to Petoskey.
Ogden*!! to Jasper.
Ogden C enter to Blissfleld
Ojibway to M ohawk.
Okemos*!! to Lansing.
Ola to Ashley.
Old M ission to Traverse
Olds to Coldwater.
Olive to St. Johns.
Olive C enter to Holland.
Olivers! to Beed City.
Olivet S tatio n !! to Olivet
Olney to Elsie.
Olson to M idland.
Omena*! to Buttons Bay.
Onota* to M arquette.
Orangeville to M artin.
O rchard Lake*!! to Pon­
Orono*! to Beed City.
Orr to Hemlock.
Osceola*! to Calumet.
Oshtemo* to Kalamazoo.
Osier* to Gladstone.
Oskar* to Houghton.
Osseo*!! to Hillsdale.
Ossineke*!! to Alpena.
Otisco to Belding.
Otsego L ake! to Gaylord.
O tterbu rn ! to Flint.
Overisel to Ham ilton.
Paavola* to Hancock.
Packard to Covert.
P aines! to Saginaw.
Painesdale*!! to South
P alatk a to Stam baugh.
Palm er* to Negaunee.
Palm yra*!! to Blissfleld.
P aradise to Kingsley.
P aris*!! to Big Bapids.
Parisville to M inden City.
Parkville to Mendon.
P arnell to Ada.
Parshallville to Howell.
Pavilion*!! to Vicksburg.
Pawlowski to B uth.
Paw paw Lake to Coloma.
Paym ent* to Sault Ste
Paynesville*!! to Ewen
Peacock*!! to L uther
Peacock S tation to Pioneer,
Pearl*! to Fennville.
Pearlbeach* to Algonac.
Pearline to CoopersvUle.
Pelkie* to Baraga.
Penfleld* to B attle Creek.
Penn*!! to Cassopolis.
Pentecost *! to Tecumseh.
P entoga*!! to Iron Biver.
Pequaming* to L ’Anse.
Perfection to HarrisviUe.
Perkins* to Gladstone.
Perkinsville to Hancock.
Perrinsville to Wayne.
Perron ville* to Escanaba.
Perrys Pier to Onekama.
P eters to M arine City.
Petreville to E aton B&pids.
Phelps*! to Charlevoix.
Philhpsville to Calumet.
Phoenix* to Mohawk.
P ier Cove to FennvUle.
Pierport* to Onekama.
Pierson*!! to Howard City.
Pinecreek to Athens.
P ine Grove Mills* to Gobles
Pine Lake to Pontiac.
Pine B iv er!! to Omer.
Pinnebog* to Kinde.
Pioneer to Lake City.
Pipestone to E au Claire.
Pittsfield to Saline.
Plainfield (K ent Co.) to
Plainfield (Livingston Co.)
to Stockbridge.
P lanters to Bessemer.
Plato* to M ass.
P leasant C ity to Buttons
P leasant VaUey to Saint
P oint Aux Barques *! to
P o rt Austin.
P oint M ills to Hancock. ■
Pokagon*! to Dowagiac.
Pom ona to Oopemish.
Popple to Bad Axe.
Portage*! (Kalamazoo Co.)
to Kalamazoo.
P ortage (M anistee Co.) to
P ortage Lake to Houghton.
P orter to Breckenridge.
PosyviUe to M idland.
Poulsen to Ludington.
P rairie Bonde to MarceUus.
Prairieville* to Delton.
P rattville*!! to Hudson.
P resque Isle* to Alpena.
P reston to Wayne.
Price to St. Johns.
Princeton*!! to Gwinn.
P ritchardvilie to Hastings.
Prosper to M cBain.
Pulaski*! to Concord.
Pullm an*!! to Fennville.
P u ritan* 'to Iron wood.
Putnam * to Tecumseh.
! Express Office.

Quanicassee City} to Fajrgrove.
Quick to Gaylord.
Quimby* to H astings.
Quinnesec*}} to Iron
M ountain.
Raber* to S ault Ste. M arie.
Raco*}} to Brimley.
Racy to Chesaning.
Raisinville to Dundee.
Ralph*t to Iron M ountain.
Ramona*} to W hite Cloud.
Ramsay*} to Bessemer.
Randall Beach to Orion.
Randville*}} to Iro n M oun­
Rankin to F lint.
Ransom* to Hillsdale.
Rapid City*}} to K alkaska.
Rapid River*} to Glad­
Rapson to Bad Axe.
R athbone to Breckenridge.
Ray C enter to .New H aven.
Rea to Dundee.
Ready to Saginaw.
Red Jack et to Calum et.
Redman to P o rt Hope.
Redridge* to Houghton.
Red R uth to L ’Anse.
Red S tar to M arlette.
Redstone to Breckenridge
Reeds to Cedar Springs.
Reedsboro to Munising.
Reeman*} to Frem ont.
Reno to M arne.
Rescue to Owendale.
Rew to Ladngsburg.
Rexton*}} to T ro u t Lake.
Richfield to Davison.
Richmondville to Deckerville.
Ridgeway*}} to Tecumseh.
Riggsville* to Cheboygan.
Riley to Fowler.
Riley Center* to E m m ett.
Riverbank to T ustin.
Riverside*}} to- Coloma.
Robbins to Wakefield.
Rock*}} to Escanaba.
Rockharbor to Hancock.
Rogersville to M ount M or­
Rollin*}} to Hudson.
Rome to Adrian.
Roosevelt to St. Charles.
Rose to Holly.
Rose Center*} to Holly.
Rosedale to Sault Ste.
Roselawn* to Rockland.
Ross*}} to Byron Center.
Rothbury*} to M ontague.
Rowland to Blanchard.
Roxanna to C harlotte.
Royalton to St. Joseph.
Rubicon* to Rockland.
Rumely* to M unising.
Ruse to M arquette.
Rushton*} to South Lyon.
Rusk to Zeeland.
Rtistford to M orley.
Ryan to M errill.
Saganing}} to Pinconning.
ASaginaw W est Side*} to
Sagola*}} to IronM ountain.
St. A nthony to Petersburg.
St. Clair F lats to D etroit.
St. Clair Heights* to De­
St. Helen*}} to Roscommon
St. Jacques* to Gladstone.
Saint Jam es* to Charlevoix.
Salem*}} to South Lyon.
Samaria* to Tem perance.
Sandcreek*}} to Adrian.
Sand H ill to Bedford.
Sands* to Negaunee.
Sanilac Center to Sanduskey.
Sans Souci* to Algonac.
Saunders*}} to Iron River.
Sawyer*}} to Bridgman.
Schaffer* to B ark River.
Schömberg* to Cedar.
Scofield*}} to M aybee.
Scottdale to B enton H arbor.
Sears*}} to E v art.
Sebewa to P ortland.
Seewhy* (Chippewa Co.) to
Selkirk* to W est Branch.
Seneca* to Morenci.
Seney*}} to Newberry.
Senter to Hancock.
Sethton to M iddleton.
Shadyside to Hillsdale.
Shaftsburg*}} to Perry.
Sharon (K alkaska Co.) to
K alkaska.
Sharon (W ashtenaw Co.)
to M anchester.
Shelbyvjlle*}} to M artin .
Sheldon to Wayne.
Shelldrake* to S ault Ste.
Shepardsville*}} to Ovid.
Sherman*} to Buckley.
Sherman C ity to B arryton.
Shields to Saginaw.
Shiloh* to Belding.
Shingleton*}} to M unising.
Shultz* to H astings.
Sibley*}} to T renton.
Sickels to Ithaca.
Sidnaw*}} to Rockland.
Sigel to H arbor Beach.
Sigma*}} to K alkaska.
Siloam* to Hale.

Silvercreek to Plainwell.
Sister Lakes* to Dowagiac.
S itka to H olton.
Skandia* to M arquette.
Skanee* to L ’Anse.
Skeels to Gladwin.
Slight to T raverse City.
Slocum*}} to Ravenna.
Sm iths Crossing to M id­
Smyrna* to Belding.
Sodus*}} to B enton H arbor.
Solon}} to Cedar.
Somerset*}} to Brooklyn.
Somerset Center*} to
Sonoma to B attle Creek.
Soo Junction*}} to New­
Soule to E lkton.
South Blendon to Hudsonville.
Southbranch*} to Hale.
South B utler to Quincy.
Southfield to Birmingham.
South Lake Linden to H ubbell.
Southland to Riga.
South M anitou* to Cedar.
South M onterey to Allegan.
Spalding*}} to Powers.
Speaker to Yale.
Spencer* to K alkaska.
Spinks Corners to Benton
H arbor.
S p ra tt to Alpena.
Spring Arbor* to Jackson.
Spring Grove to South
Springvale to Boyne Falls.
Springville to Onsted.
Spruce* to Alpena.
Stager to C rystal Falls.
S talw art to Pickford.
Stanley to B a ttle Creek.
S tar City* to Lake City.
S tar Island to D etroit.
Stark} to P lym outh.
S tate Road to Pinconning.
Steam burg to Hillsdale.
Steiner* to Monroe.
Sterlingville to R udyard.
Stetson to W alkerville.
Steuben* to M anistique.
Stittsville* to Lake City.
Stonington*} to E scanaba.
Stony Creek to Newport.
Strasburg* to Monroe.
Strom to Bessemer.
Stronach* to M anistee.
Strongs*}} to Newberry.
Sucker Creek to Choate.
Sugargrovè to Scottsville.
Sugar Island to Sault Ste.
M arie.
Sugar R apids to Gladwin.
Sullivan*} to M uskegon.
Sum m erton to Alma.
Sum m it City*} to Kingsley.
Sumner* to Riverdale.
Sumnerville to Niles.
Swan Creek* to Saginaw.
Swanson* to M arinette.
Sylvester to M ecosta.
T a ft to Hale.
T albot to Stephenson.
T alcott to Petoskey. •,
Tallm adge to M arne.
Tallman*} to F ountain.
T am arack} to H oughton.
Tapiola* to Houghton.
T aylor C enter to W yan­
T aym outh to Birch Run.
Temperance*}} to Erie.
Temple*}} to M arion
T exas Corners to K alam a­
Thomas*}} to Oxford.
Thomaston*}} to Bessemer.
Thom asville to Richland.
Thompson* to M anistique.
T hornton to P o rt H uron.
Thornville to M etam ora.
T ittabaw assee Junction to
T itus to Remus.
Tobins H arbor* to Hancock.
Toivola*}} to South Range.
Tom pkins to Leslie.
Topaz* to Ewen.
Topinabee*}} to Cheboy­
T oquin to Covert.
Torch Lake to Lake Linden.
Town House to Adrian.
T ren t to Casnovia.
Trimountain*}} to South
T rlst to Grass Lake.
T ro u t Lake*}} to R udyard.
Troy* to Birm ingham .
Turin* to Negaunee.
T urtle to T urner.
Tuscola* to Yassar.
Twecoma* to Wakefield.
Twin Lake* to H olton.
Tyre*} to Ubly.
T yrone to K ent C ity.
Unadilla to Gregory.
Union to Bristol, Ind.
Union Pier*} to T hree Oaks.
U pper Big R apids to Big
U ptonW orks to P o rt H uron.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

i County Seat.

Vail Spur to M unising.
Valley Center*} to Brown
C ity.
Vanburen to R apid City.
Vandalia*}} to Gassopolis.
Vandercook Lake to Jackson.
Velzy to Cedar Springs.
Vergennes to Lowell.
Verne to B urt.
Verona* to Wakefield.
Verona M ills to Bad Axe.
Vickeryville*}} to Carson
Vicksburg (St. Clair Co.)*}}
to M arysville.
Victoria* to Rockland.
Vineland to St. Joseph.
Vogel C enter to M cBain.
Volney to W alkerville.
Vriesland*} to Zeeland.
Vulcan*}} to Norway.

Acoma to Hutchinson.
Acton to Litchfield.
Adolph*} to D uluth.
AJhlbrecht to Cokato.
Airlie*}} to Pipastone.
Albion C enter to M aple
Alborn*}} to D uluth.
Alice to Hibbing.
Alida* to Shevlin.
Allen to Biwabik.
Alma City* to Pem berton.
A ltona to Vergas.
Alvina}} to Orr.
Alvwood to Blackduck.
A m herst to C anton.
Amor to B attle Lake.
Anderson to Kelliher.
Andover} to Anoka.
Andree to Braham .

Wacousta*} to GrandLedge.
W adham to P o rt H uron.
W adsworth to Bad Axe.
W agarville to Gladwin.
Wahjamega*} to Caro.
Wainola* to Greenland.
Wakelee*}} to M arcellus.
W alburg to Alpena.
W aldenburg to Utica.
W ales to P o rt H uron.
Walhalla*}} to Scottville.
W alker to G rand Rapids.
Wallace*}} to Stephenson.
Wallin* to Thom pson ville.
Walloon Lake*} to P etos­
W alton* to Fife Lake.

Angora*}} to Cook.
A nthony to H alstad.
Apple to Argyle.
Arago* to P ark Rapids.
Arendahl to Rushford.
Arnesen* to W arroad.
Arnold to D uluth.
A rthur to D ent.
Arthyde* to Moose Lake.
Artichoke to Correll.
A rvilla to Dassel.
Asbury to G ranite Falls.
Aspelund to Kenyon.
Assum ption to Norwood.
Atkinson*} to Carlton.
Aure to Leonard.
Axel to B attle Lake.

Waltz*} to C arleton.
Wasepi*}} to Centerville.
Waterford*}} to Clarkston.
W aterloo* to Chelsea.
Waters*} to Gaylord.
Watersmeet*}} to W ake­
W atertow n to Sandusky.
W atson (Allegan Co.) to
M artin.
W atson Corners to M artin.
W atton* to Covington.
Waucedah*}} to Norway.
Weadock* to Cheboygan.
W eare to H art.
W ebster to Dexter.
Wells*} to Escanaba.
Wellston*}} to Baldwin.
Wells ville to Deerfield.

Babbitt*} to Aurora.
B adoura to Nevis.
Bain*}} to Palisade.
Ballclub* to D eer River.
Balm oral to B attle Lake.
Bancroft to A lbert Lea.
Banks to Wells.
B arr to Zum brota.
Bareness to Glenwood.
B asset to Biwabik.
Bass Lake* to D eer River.
Basswood to Richville.
B ath to H artland.
B attle River to Kelliher.
Baylake to Deerwood.
Bayview to Onamia.

W est B ay City} to B ayC ity
W est Carlisle to G rand
. Rapids.
W est H ighland to Milford.
W estm inster to Kingsley.
W est Olive*}} to G rand
H aven.
W est Sum pter to Belleville.
Wetmore*}} to M unising.
W etzell to M ancelona.
Wexford to Buckley.
W heatland to Addison.
W heatley to Gladwin.
W hite to Camden.
W hite Dale}} to M anis­
W hiteford C enter to Blissfield.
W hite Lake to Holly.
W hite Oak to Stockbridge.
W hite Pine* to Ontonagon.
W hite Rock to R uth.
W hitm ore Lake*}} to A nn
Arbor .Sb
W hitney* to E scanaba.
W hittaker*}} to M ilan.
Wilber* to E a st Tawas.
Wildwood to Indian River.
Wiley to Scottville.
W illard to A uburn.
Williams*} to Kalamazoo.
Williamsville to Vandalia.
Willow to Carleton.
Willwalk to S ault Ste.
M arie.
Wilmot*}} to Kingston.
Wilson*}} to Powers.
Wilwin to R udyard.
W inegars to Beaverton.
Winona*} to Rockland.
W insor to Owendale.
W inters* to M unising.
Wise to Coleman.
W isner to Akron.
Wixom*}} to Milford.
W olf Creek to Adrian.
Woodbury*} to LakeOdessa
Woodlawn* to Escanaba.
Woodmere to D etroit.
W oodville (Bay Co.) to
Woodville*}} (NewaygoCo.)
to Big Rapids.
W oolm ith to M aybee.
W ooster to Frem ont.
W orden to South Lyon.
W orth to Standish.
W right to Conklin.
W yman* to Edm ore.
Yalm ar* to M arquette.
Y argerville to M onroe.
Y ates to Rochester.
York to M ilan.
YorkvUle*}} to Richland.
Yuma* to Mesick.
Zeba to L ’Ahse.
Zilwaukee} to Saginaw
Z utphen to Zeeland.
Money Order Office.

B eard to C learbrook.'
Bear River* to Hibbing.
Beauford to M apleton.
Beaulieu* to M ahnom en.
Beaver to M inneiska.
Beaver Bay* to Two H ar­
Bechyn to N o rth Redwood.
Becida* to Bemidji.
Bee to Spring Grove.
Bejoui*} to M ahnom en.
Belden*}} to Cloverton.
Belle Creek to Goodhue.
Belleriver to Carlos.
B elt Line Junction to
M inneapolis.
Belvidere Mills to Goodhue
Bena*}} to Cass Lake.
Benedict* (H ubbard Co.) to
L a Porte.
Bennettville* to A itkin.
B enton to Cologne.
Ben wood* to Strathcona.
Berg to Northfleld.
Bergen to Windom.
Bergville to Northom e.
Berkey to Underwood.
Berlin to New Richland.
B ernadotte to L afayette.
Berne to W est Concord.
Berner to Gonvick.
Bescemar to* Littlefork.
Bethany} to Lewiston.
Big Woods to Oslo.
Birchdale* to B audette.
Birkholz to Oslo.
Blackberry*} to G rand
Black H am m er to Spring
Blomford to Isanit.
Bloomington to M inneapo­
Blue Grass to Sebeka.
Bodum to Isanti. .
Bois Fort* to Orr.
Bombay} to Kenyon.
Boonlake to Buffalo Lake*
B order to B audette.
Bowstring* to D eer River.
Bradford to Cambridge.
Brager* to Ponsford.
B ratsberg to Rushford.
B rerik to Federal Dam .
Brickton* to Princeton.
Bridge W ater to D undas.
Brimson*}}toTwo H arbors.
Brockway to Rice,
Brookfield to Buffalo Lake.
Brooklyn} to Hibbing.
Brooklyn C enter to M inne­
Brownsburg to Jackson.
Bruce to Hills.
Brush Creek to Bricelyh.
B urchard to Balaton.
B urnett} to Proctor.
B um s to E lk River.
Burschville to Loretto.
Butler* to New York Mills.
B u ttern u t to Lake Crystal.
Buyck* to Tower.
Bygland to Fisher.________
} Telegraph Station.



Cahill to M inneapolis.
Cannonville to W aterville.
Canosia to D uluth.
C anyon to D uluth.
C aribou to Lancaster.
Carim ona to Preston.
Carlson to Murdock.
Carm el to Grygla,
C arm ody to Princeton.
Carp* to B audette.
Carson Lake to Hibbing.
Casey to Darwin.
Cazenovia*}} to Pipestone
Cedar Lake to Aitkin.
Celina* to Cook.
Censtohowa to Delano.
Centerville to Hugo
C entral (Koochiching Co.)
to B audette.
C entral (W adena Co.) to
C entral Lakes to Virginia.
C ham berlin to Akely.
Cheney*} to Dodge Center.
C herry to Virginia.
Cherrygrove to Spring Val­
Chester* to Rochester.
Childs to F airm ont.
Choice to M abel.
Cisco to Erskine.
C laybank to Goodhue.
Clear River* to W arroad.
Clementson* to B audette.
Clinton Falls* to M edford
Clotho to Long Prairie.
Cloverdale to Hinckley.
Coates}} to Rosem ount.
Coin to Braham .
Collis* to Graceville.’
Conception to Kellogg.
Concord to W est Concord.
Constance* to Cedar.
Cooncreek}to Anoka.
Copas*}} to Scandia.
Corbin to Eveleth.
Corcoran to Osseo.
Cordova to Lesueur Center
Corom rant* to Audubon.
Corning to Lansing.
Corona} to Carlton.
Corvuso to Buffalo Lake.
C ottage Grove* to H astings
Cotton* to E veleth.
Cove to Onamia.
Craigville* to Big Fork.
C ram er to Two H arbors.
C rane Lake to Orr.
C redit River to Prior Lake.
Crosslake* to Pequot.
Crown to Bethel.
Crow R iver to Grove C ity
Crow Wing* to Barrows. .
C rystal Bay*}} to W ayzata
Culver* to Cloquet.
C urrent Lake to B alaton.
Cusson*}} to Cook.
C utler to Aitkin
Cyphers* to W alker.
D arling to L ittle Falls.
D ay to Dalbo.
D ebs to Pinewood.
Deephaven}} to Excelsior.
Deerfield to M edford.
Dell to F rost
D erby to Guckeen.
Dickinson to Buffalo.
Dopelius* to New York.
D orothy to Red Lake Falls.
Dotson} to Springfield.
Douglas*} to Rochester.
Doyle} to Kilkenny.
Dresbach*} to D akota.
D resselville to Le Sueur.
Drum m ond to Two H ar­
Dudley} to M arshall.
Duelm to Foley.
Dugdale*}} to M entor.
Dum fries to W abasha.
D unbar* to Blackduck.
D uquette* to Kerrick.
D uxbury to M arkville.
Duxby* to Badger.
D ykem an to Brainerd.
E a st C hain to Fairm ont.
E ast Lake*} to McGregor.
E . Prairieville to F aribault.
E a st S aint Cloud}} to
Saint Cloud.
E a st Union to Carver.
E astw ood to Aitkin.
Ebro* to Bagley.
Echols*} to St. Jam es.
Eddsville to Bird Island.
Eden}} to Dodge Center.
E den Prairie*}} to Hop­
E dw ards to E rhard.
Effle* to Deer River.
Eggleston*}} to R ed Wing.
Eldswold to E lko.
E klund to F aribault.
Elba* to A ltura.
Elcor to Gilbert.
E llerth to Newfolden.
Ellis* to M otley.
Ellsburg* to Virginia.
Ellson* to D enham .
E lm dale to Bowlus.
Elm er* to Proctor.
E lm park to G randy.
Embarras*}} to Tower.
E m e tta to Two H arbors.
Emily* to Pequot.
E m pire City*}} to H am p­
} Express Office.

Enfield* to Silver Creek.
E nglund to Strandquist.
Enok to Kennedy.
E ricsburg*tt to Ray.
Erie* to Goodridge.
Esplee* to Grygla.
Estesbrook to Poreston.
Eureka* to Excelsior.
E ureka C enter to Lakeville.
Everdell* to Foxhome.
Pahlun to A tw ater.
F airbanks*!! to Biwabik.
F air Hills to D etroit.
Fairland* to International
F a ith to Twin Valley.
F arm ing to Richm ond.
Faunce to Williams.
F ernando to Stewart.
Fillm ore to Wykoff.
Finland* to Two H arbors.
Flak* to Brainerd.
F letcher to Rogers.
F lorenton to Virginia.
Florian to Strandquist.
Fond du Lac*!! (corporate
nam e D uluth) to D uluth.
Forbes* to E veleth.
F o rest C ity to Litchfield.
Fork* to Oslo.
Fossum to Twin Valley.
Four Town* to Grygla.
Fox* to Roseau.
Fox Lake to Welcome.
Freedhem to L ittle Falls.
F reer to Foreston.
Frem ont to Lewiston.
French to Fergus Falls.
F rench Lake to Annandale.
B'rench River* to D uluth.
Fridley* ;to M inneapolis.
Friesland to Sandstone.
Frontier* to B audette.
Fruthville to Sauk Rapids.
F u n k ley * tt to Blackduck.
G aren to Hugo.
Garrison* to Brainerd.
G ary * tt, St. Louis Co. to
D uluth.
G em m ell*tt to M izpah.
G enoa to Byron.
Gheen* to Orr.
Giese to Finlayson.
G ilchrist to Sedan.
Gilflllan to M organ.
Gladstone* to Saint Paul
Glasgow to W abasha.
Glen* to Aitkin.
G lendale to Savage.
Glehdorado to Princeton.
Glen Lake to Hopkins.
Glory to Aitkin.
G odahl to L a Salle.
Golden Valley (Hennepin
Co.) to M inneapolis.
(M arshall
to H olt.
Goodland* to W arba.
G otha to Cologne.
Gowan* to Floodwood.
Gracelock to M ontevideo.
G rand L akef to Cloquet.
G rand Portage* to Grand
M arais.
Grayling* to A itkin.
Greaney* to Cook.
Greeley to B raham .
G reen Lake to Spicer.
Greenland* to Elysian.
Greenleaf to Litchfield.
G reenleafton to Preston.
G reenvale to Northfleld.
Greenview to Beltram i.
G rogan*!! to St. Jam es.
G rovelake to Brooten.
H ader to W anamingo.
H ad lerjto Ada.
H agan to M ilan.
H am ilton Station to Savage
Ham line*t to St. Paul.
H arney to Cloquet.
H arold Station to C rooks
H arrison to A tw ater.
H a rt to Rushford.
H assan to Rogers.
H asty*!! to Clearwater.
Haug* to Greenbush.
H av an a!! to Owatonna.
Haycreek to Red W ing.
Havdenville to M adison.
Hazel*! to T hief River
H azeltonf to W atertow n.
Hazelwood to W ebster.
H eatwole to Hutchison.
Heiberg to Twin Valley.
H eidelberg to New Prague.
Heinola to New York Mills.
H elena to Jordan.
H enrytow n to H arm ony
Hereford* to Wendell.
Heulin to Kelliher.
High F o rest to Stew artville.
Highland (Fillm ore Co.) to
W halan.
H ighland! (Lake Co.) to
Two H arbors.
H ighland (W right Co») to
H ow ard Lake
High Landing* to Goodridge.
Highwood! to St. Paul.
Hill R iver to T rail. >
Hillview to Sebeka.
Hiwood* to JS arroad.
Hobson to TIP rem ont.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Hollandale to C larks Grove
Hollywood to M ayer.
Holm an to Bovey.
Holyoke*! to Superior. Wis.
Homer* tb W inona.
Hopper* to Virginia.
H ornby Junction to Cloquet
H orton to M enahga.
H oupt to N orthom e.
Hovey Junction to Blackduck.
Hovland* to G rand M arais.
H oyt to Lam berton.
Hubbard* to P ark Rapids.
H ubert* to Pequot.
H ughes to Cook.
H untersville to M enahga.
H uot to Red Lake Falls.
H u tto n to Preston.
Ilag* to M iddle River.
Illgen C ity to Two H arbors.
Im ogen!! to Granada.
Independence to D uluth.
Indus* to
Inez to Blackduck.
Inger to Bena.
Inguadona* to Remer.
Invergrove* to South Saint
Iron* to Virginia.
Isabel to Freeport.
Isabella to Two Harbors.
Isin o u rsü to P reston.
Island Lake* to Bemidji.
Itask a to D ayton.
Iverson to C arlton.
Jacobson* to G rand Rapids.
Ja rre tts to Millville.
Jessie Lake* to D eer R iver.
Johnsburg to Adams.
Johnsdale to Onamia.
Joy to P arkers Prairie.
K aJavala to Moose Lake.
K arm el to Princeton.
K elly Lake*!! to H ibbing
K elsey*!! to Virginia.
K erns to M ankato.
Key w est to E a st G rand
Kim berly*!! to M cGregor.
K ingsdale!! to Cloverton.
Kitzville to Hibbing.
K napp to Cokato.
Knife R iver*!! to Two H ar­
Kom ensky! to Hutchison.
K ost to N orth B ranch.
K ragnes*!! to George­
K ratka* to Goodridge.
Kroschel to Hinckley.
Lac Qui Parle to W atson.
Lake E lizabeth to A tw ater.
Lake Itasca* to P ark R ap­
L akeland*!! to Hudson.
Lake Lena to D anbury,W is.
L akenetta to Anoka.
Lakeside to Buffalo Lake.
Lake Vermillion to Ely.
Lakewood*!! to D uluth.
L am bert to Oklee.,
Lamoille*!! to W inona.
Lam son to D asset.
L angdon*!! to H astings.
Lange to St. P eter.
Langhei to Starbuck.
Lansford* to McGregor.
L arsm ount to Two H arbors.
Laurel* to International
L avinia! to Bemidji.
Leader* to M otley.
L eaf Valley to Garfield.
Leech Lake to W alker.
L e a n d e rto Cook.
Leigh to Hillman.
Leipold* to Hill C ity.
Lem ond to Otisco.
Lenora to Canton.
Leo to Greenbush.
L eoneth to E veleth.
L eota to Edgerton.
Lerdal to Hayward.
Lexington to Le Sueur Cen­
Libby* to Palisade.
L ida to Vergas.
Lillo to Oklee.
Limecreek*!! to Fulda.
Linden to H anska.
Lintonville to Paynesville.
L ittle M arais* to Two H ar­
L ittlerock to R oyalton.
L ittle Swan to Hibbing.
Loman* to International
Longville* to Hackensack.
Lome* to H anley Falls.
Louriston to M urdock.
Luce* to Perham .
Lundgren to Big Falls.
Lutsen* to G rand M arais.
Luxem burg to Rockville.
Lym an to D eer Creek.
M ack* to Deer River.
M abtom ed*! to W hite Bear
Lake. r
M aine to Underwood’.
Malcolm* to Grygla,
Mallard* to Shevlin.


, ACounty Seat.



Malmo* to Aitkin.
Malung* to Roseau.
M anannah to Litchfield.
Manganese* to Crosby.
M anitou* to B audette.
M ansfield to Alden.
M anston to Rothsay.
M anyaska to Welcome.
M aplebay* to Fertile.
M aple Grove to Osseo.
M aple Island to M arine on
St. Croix.
M apleridge to Braham .
M arcell* to Deer River.
M arch to W arren.
M arcy* to Two H arbors.
M argie*!! to Big Falls.
M arion to Rochester.
M arkham * to Biwabik.
M artinville to C anby.
M arysburg to M adison
M arystow n to Shakopee.
M a ttso n to Hallock.
Max* to Northom e.
M ayhew Lake to Sauk
Ma.yville to Austin.
M cCom ber to E ly.
M cK inley*!! to Biwabik.
Meadow Brook to Cook.
M eire Grove to M elrose. *
M elvin* to Fertile.
M erriam P ark to St. Paul.
Merrifield* to Brainerd.
M erton to Owatonna.
M esaba*!! to Tower.
Midway* to Proctor.
MiesviUe to Hastings.
M ildred* to Pine River.
Miles to D anube.
M illersburg to D undas.
M ilom a*!! to H eron Lake.
M ineral C enter to G rand
M arais.
M innesota C ity*!! to Rollingstone.
r M innesota Falls to G ranite
M innesota T ransfer S ta­
tion*! to St. Paul.
M innetonka Beach*! to
W ayzata.
M innetonka M ills to H op­
M innew ashta to Excelsior.
M ississippi to G rand R a­
M oland to Kenyon.
M oney Creek to Houston.
M orrill to Foley.
Moscow to Oakland.
M otor dale*! to New Ger­
m any.
M ound Prairie*! to H ous­
M ulfords to Kilkenny.
M unger* to Proctor.
M uskoda*!! to Hawley.
M yers to Wegdahl.
N ansen to Kenyon.
N ary*! to Bemidji.
Nass* to Cook.
N avarre to M ound.
N aytahw aush to M ahno­
Nebish* to Bemidji.
Nem adji* to M oose Lake.
Neptune* to Gully.
N esbit to M inneapolis.
N e tt Lake*! to Cook.
N eutral to Brainerd.
Neving to Leonard.
Newburg to M abel.
New D uluth*!! (Corporate
nam e D uluth) to D uluth.
New H artford to D akota.
Newhouse* to M abel.
New M unich*!! to Free­
New Pierz to Genola.
Newry to Blooming Prairie.
New Sweden to Nicollet.
New Trier* to H am pton.
Niawa* to L aporte.
Nichols* to Aitkin.
Nickerson*!! to Kerrick.
Nicols (D akota Co.) to
M endota.
Nim rod to Sebeka.
Nisswa*! to Pequot.
Nodine to D akota.
Nokay to Deerwood.
Nopeming* to D uluth.
Norden* to Kelliher.
N orm ania to Cottonwood.
Norseland to Saint Peter.
N orthcote*!! to Hallock.
N orthern to Bemidji.
N orthland (Polk Co.) to
E a st G rand Forks.
Northland* (St. Louis Co.)
to Hibbing.
N ortti P rairie to Bowlus.
N orw ay Lake* to N ew Loodon.
N ow then to E lk River.
Nymore* to Bemidji.
Oak C enter to L ake C ity.
O akdale to Lake Elm o.
Oak H ill to Oskis
Oak Island to W arroad.
Oak P oint to L ancaster.
Olga to Guly.
mro t o Eixby.
Onaway P ark to M inneap­
Onigum* to W alker.
»Money Order Office.

Opole to R oyalton.
Opstead* to Isle.
Orchard Lake to Savage.
Org to W orthington.
Orleans*!! to Lancaster.
Oronoco* to Pine Island.
Orrock to Big Lake.
O rth to Blackduck.
Osage to P ark Rapids.
Oshawa to Backus.
Oshawa (Nicollet Co.) to
Saint P eter.
Oslo*! (Dodge Co.) to H ayfield.
Oster to W averly.
Otisville to Scandia.
O ttaw a*!! to Le Sueur.
O tto to Kelliher. ■
Outing* to Remer.
Oxboro H eath to M inne­
Oxlip to Isan ti.
Oylen to Staples.
P adua to Brooten.
Page to M ilaca.
Palm dale to Taylors Falls.
Palm er (Waseca Co.) to
Palm ers to Two Harbors.
Palo* to Biwabik.
Parent* to Foley.
Payne* to E veleth.
Pefiand to International
Pencer* to W annaska.
1Pengilly* to M arble.
Pennington* to Cass Lake.
Petersburg to Jackson.
Petrell to Aurora.
P ettis to K asota.
Peyla to Tower.
Phelps to Underwood.
Philbrook*!! to Staples.
Pickwick to W inona.
Pilotgrove to Elm ore.
Pilotm ound to Chatfield.
P inetop to N orthom e.
Pineville to Biwabik.
P itt* !! to B audette.
P la tte to Pierz.
P leasant Grove to Stew artville.
Plym outh to M inneapolis.
Pottemah* to Bemidji.
P ontoria to Backus.
Popple* to Northhom e.
Popple Creek to Foley.
Potsdam to Elgin.
Poupore* to Cloquet.
P ra tt* !! to Owatonna.
Predm ore to E yota.
P riam to Raym ond.
P roctorknott to Proctor.
P rosit to M eadowlands.
Providence to Dawson.
Puposky* to Bemidji.
Quiring* to Blackduck.
Rabey* to Hill C ity.
Ramey* to Foley.
R am sey Junction! to Aus­
Randén* to Gatzke.
R anum to Bejou.
R asset to Buffalo.
R auch to Cook.
Reads* to W abasha.
Redby* to Bemidji.
Red Lake* to Bemidji.
Redore* to H ibbing.
Red Rock to St. Paul.
Red Top*!! to W ahkoh.
Regal*!! to Paynesville.
Reno*!! to Caledonia.
Renova *!! to Dexter.
Rhoda* to Oklee.
Riceford to M abel.
Rice Lake to D uluth (St.
Louis Co.)
Rice Lake to H ugo (W ash­
ington Co.)
Richfield to M inneapolis.
Rich Valley* to Rosemount.
RichwOod* to Callaway.
Ridgeway to W inona.
Rindal to Fertile.
Ringe to Rochester.
Ripple to Big Falls.
River* to Roseau.
Riverside* to Bena.
Robbin* to D rayton, N . D.
R oberts to Fergus Falls.
Rochert* to D etroit.
Rockcreek*!! to Pine C ity.
Rockdell to Byron.
Rogers Spur to Remer.
R oland to Oklee.
Rollag* t o Hawley.
Rollls* to Gatzke.
Ronneby* to Foley.
Rosby! to Bemidji.
Roscoe (Goodhue Co.) to
Zum brota.
Rose C ity to M iltona.
Roseland to Svea.
Rosen to Bellingham.
Rosendale to Grove City.
Ross* to Roseau.
Rossburg*!! to Aitkin.
Rowena to W abasso.
Rowland to Hopkins.
Runeberg to M enahga.
Rushpoint to R ush City.
R ush River to Le Sueur.
Ruskin to Faribault.
Russia to Beltrami.:
Rutledge*! to Willow River
!Telegraph Station.


Saginaw*!! to Cloquet.
Saint A nna to Avon.
Saint Anthony to Albany.
St. Anthony P ark ! to Saint
Saint Augusta to Saint
S aint George to New Ulm.
Saint Kilian to W ilmont.
St. Louis Park*+ to Hopkins
St. M a rtin to Roscoe.
St. M ath ias to F o rt Ripley.
S aint N icholas to W atkins
Saint P atrick to New
St. P aul P ark * !! to St. Paul
St. Rosa to Freeport.
Saint Thom as to Le Sueur.
St. Vincent*!! to Roscoe.
Saint W endel to Avon.
Salo* to M oose Lake.
Sandridge to H olt.
Sandy* to Virginia.
Saratoga to St. Charles.
Sartell*!! to Sauk Rapids.
Saum* to Kelliher.
Sawyer*!! to Carlton.
Sax to Buhl.
Scanlon* to Cloquet.
SchrOeder to G rand Marais.
Scriven to Carlos.
Seavey* to M cG rath.
Section T hirty* to Ely.
Semer to Tower.
Seton to M ound.
Shaw to Virginia.
Sheldon to Caledonia.
Sherm an to Silver Lake.
Shieldsville to Faribault.
Shilling to Grygla.
Shooks* to Kelliher.
Shoreham ! to D etroit.
Shotley to Kélliher.
Sigsbee to Hayward.
Silver dale to Orr.
Simpson*!! to Rochester.
Sioux Valley to Lake Park
Skime* to W innaska.
Sm ith M ill*!! to Janesville.
Smithville*! to D uluth.
Snellman to Ponsford.
Sobieski to L ittle Falls.
Sogn to Dennison.
Solana * ü to Denham.
Soudan to Tower.
Soules Siding to Pease.
Southbranch to St. James.
South Hibbing to Hibbing.
So. Park* to So. St. Paul.
Spafford to R ound Lake.
Sparta*!! to Gilbert.
Spectacle Lake to Dalbo.
Spencer Brook to Princeton
Spina to Kinney.
Spring Lake* (Itasea Co.)
to Deer River.
Springpark*!! to Mound.
Spring Vale to Cambridge.
Spur to Tenstrike.
Squier to Wendell.
Stanley (Isanti Co.) to
Stark to H arris.
Star Lake to D ent.
Steele C enter to Owatonna.
Steiner to T hief R iver Falls
Sterling C enter to Amboy.
Stevenson* to Hibbing.
Stockholm to Cokato.
Stockwood to Glyndon.
Stonehouse to Cloquet..
S trandquist*!! to Middle
S trout to Litchfield.
Stubbs B ay to Long Lake.
Sum ter*!! to Glencoe.
Sundahl to Fertile.
Sunrise* to Harris.
Sveadahl to rfu D ar.
Swan River*!! to Grand
Swift*!! to W arroad.
Sylvan*!! to Pillager.
T a ft to Cloquet.
T aw ney to M abel
T en M ile Lake to Hacken­
Terrace* to Sedan.
Terrebonne to Red Lake
Thomson* to Carlton.
Thorhult* to Goodridge.
T horpe to Bird Island.
Tobique* to Remer.
Tofte* to Two H arbors.
Togo to Hibbing.
Toimi* to Aurora.
Toivola* to Meadowlands.
Tonka Bay* to Excelsior.
Topeka! to L ittle Falls.
T raverse!! to Saint Peter.
Trondjem to Lonsdale.
T roy to St. Charles
T urtle Lake to Deer River.
T urtle River*!! to TenTwig* to D uluth.
Two Inlets to P ark Rapids.
Union to Blooming Prairie.
Union Hill to New Prague.
Valleycreek to Stillwater.
Vasa* to Welch.
V awter to Royalton., .,
Verdón* to Grand Rapids.
! Express Office.


Veseli* to Lonsdale.
Vineland* to Onamia.
Viola*!! to Elgin.
V lasatytt to Dodge Center.
Wagner to Finlayson.
Walbo to Cambridge.
W ales!! to Two H arbors.
Wallace (St. Louis Co.) to
Wall Lake to Fergus Falls.
Wangs to Dennison.
Wanke* to Trail.
W ard Springs* to Grey
W arman to M ora.
Warsaw* to M orristown.
Wasioja to Dodge Center.
Waskish* to Kelliher.
Wastedo to Cannon Falls.
W aterford to Northfield.
W aukanha to Big Falls.
Waukon to Gary.
W awina*tt to Floodwood.
Weber to N o rth Branch.
Weggeland to Fergus Falls.
Weme to Clearbrook.
W estcott to Rosemount.
West D uluth*!! to D uluth.
West Lynn to Hutchinson.
West M inneapolis to H op­
West P oint to Cambridge.
W heatville to Ada.
White E arth* to Ogema.
W hite Iro n Lake to Ely.
Whitewillow to Goodhue.
Wigwam B ay to Onamia.
W ilbert to Fairm ont.
Wildwood* to Northom e.
Wilkinson to Cass Lake.
Willernie to N o rth St. Paul.
Willowcreek to Amboy.
W ilmington
Wilpen*! to H ibbing.
Wilson to Winona.
W ilton*!! to Bemidji.
Winnebago M ills to New
Albin, Iowa.
Winner* to W arroad.
W inton to Ely.
Wirock to Iona.
Wirt* to Deer River.
W itoka to W inona.
Wolf Lake to Frazee
Woodbury to Lake Elm o.
Woodland to Frazee.
Woodrow to Brainerd.
Woodside to M entor.
Woodward Brook to Prince­
W rightstown to H ew itt.
W yanette to Princeton.
W yattville to Lewiston.
Yola* to Wyoming.
Y ucatan to H ouston.
Zim* to Eveleth.
Zions to Zum brota.
Zippel* to Williams.

Abbeville*!! to Oxford.
Abbott* to W est Point.
Aberdeen Junction to Aber­
Abney to Tupelo.
Acona to Lexington.
Adair to Sidon.
Adams Station* tb U tica.
Addie to Rolling Fork.
Africa* to Duncan.
Agricola* to Lucedale.
Agricultural College*!! to
Air M ount to Ooffeeville.
Alamucha to M eridian.
Albin* to Webb.
Alcorn* to P o rt Gibson.
Alene to Ellisville.
Algoma*ft to Pontotoc.
Alhambra to Greenville.
Alice to Philadelphia.
Allandale to Columbus.
Allen* (Copiah Co.) to
Alligator*! to Shelby.
Almadale to T erry.
Alphaba to Coldwater.
Alpika to Mem phis, Tenn.
Alpine to New Albany.
Altus to Oxford.
Alva to D uck Hill.
Anderson to Flora.
Anding*tt to Yazoo City.
Andrew to Mize.
Ansley* to Bay St. Louis.
Antlers to Clarksdale.
Areola*! to Greenveille.
Ariel* to Centerville.
Ark to Belzoni.
Arkabutla* to Coldwater
Arm*!! to Monticello.
Askew*! to Crenshaw.
Auburn* to Summit.
Austin to Tunica.
Auter* to Anguilla.
Avalon*! to Greenwood.
Avonf! to Greenville.
Bailey* to M eridian.
Baird*f! to Indianola.
Baker to New Albany .


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



Baliardsville to Tupelo.
C adaretta to Duck Hill.
Ballentine* to Sardis.
Caddo to Carrollton.
Ballground to Vicksburg.
Caesar* to Picayune.
Baloil to Colliersville, Tenn.
Cagle to Sturgis.
Baltzer* to Clarksdale.
Caile to Belzoni.
B anks*!! to Timica.
Cairo to W est Point.
B ankston to E upora.
Caledonia* to Columbus.
Banner* to W ater Valley.
C alvert to M eridian.
Barland* to P o rt Gibson.
Calyx* to Shuqulak.
Barlow* to Hazlehurst.
Camden* to Pickens.
B arnett*! to P achuta.
Cam eron to Pickens.
B arr to Senatobia.
Cam eta* to Anguilla.
B a rth to Poplarville.
C anaan to G rand Junction,
B a rtle tt to Newton.
Barto* to M agnolia.
Cannonsburg*! to F ayette.
Basic C ity to Quitman.
Oarley to Carrollton.
Basin to Lucedale.
Carlisle*!! to Utica.
Bassfleld*!! to Prentiss.
Carmichael* to Quitm an.
Battle* to W aynesboro.
Carnes* to Lum berton.
Battlefield to Union.
C arpenter*! to Utica.
C arpenters Store to Gren­
B axter to B ay Spring.
Baxterville*!! to Lum berCarriere*!! to Picayune.
to Prentiss.
Bayland*! to Yazoo City.
C arters*! to Yazoo City.
Beach* to M orton.
cean Springs.
Bearcreek (Hinds Co.) to
Cartledge to F riars Point.
Bear Creek (Hum phreys
Cary*!! to Rolling Fork.
-Co.) to Belzoni.
Cascilla* to Holcomb.
Beasley to W est P oint.
Caseyville to Brookhaven.
Beatrice (Clarke Co.) to
Caswell to Oxford.
Catchings* to Anguilla.
Beatrice (Harrison Co.) to
C ato to M endenhall.
Cayce to Collierville, Tenn.
Beaum ont*!! to New Au­
Cayuga to Utica.
W est
Beauregard*! to Wesson.
Becker to Amory.
Cedar H ill to W inona.
Bedford to Greenwood.
C edar Lake to Biloxi.
Beelake*!! to Tehula.
Cedars*!! to Vicksburg.
Belden* to Tupelo.
Cedarview to H ernando.
Belen* to M arks.
Center* to Kosciusko.
Bellefontaine* to E upora.
C enterville*!! to Woodville
Bellisle* to Rosedale.
C entral Adacemy* to BatesBells to Tupelo.
Bellwood* to Isola.
Chambers* to Shelby.
Benmore*! to Richton.
I Chancy to M arks.
Bentoak to Artesia.
1 C harlton to C anton.
Benton* to Yazoo City.
C hataw a*!! to M agnolia.
B entoniaf! to Yazoo City
Chatham * to Greenville.
Berclair! to I t ta Bena.
Berryvilie to Canton,
Cheraw* to Columbia.
■ Berwick to Centerville.
Cherokee to Columbus.
Bethany* to Baldwyn.
Cherrycreek to Ecru.
Bethlehem to Holly Springs.
Cherryhlll to Houston.
B e tt to Coldwater.
¿Chester* to Ackerman.
Beverly to Clarksdale.
Chesterville to Tupelo.
Bewelcome* to L iberty.
Chewalla to Holly Springs.
Bexley to M errill.
Chicora* to W aynesboro,
Bigbee to Amory.
Chiw apa to Pontotoc.
Bigbee Valley* to Macon.
C hotard to Vicksburg.
Big Creek*to Calhoun City.
Ohulahom a toHollySprings.
C hunky*!! to Hickory.
Biggersville to C orinth.
Ohurm to W aynesboro.
Bigpoint* to M oss Point.
Church Hill* tb F ayette.
Bigsprings to W est P oint.
Clacks* to Tunica.
Binford to Aberdeen.
C lara to W aynesboro.
BinnsviHe* to Scooba.
Clarem ont to Clarksdale.
Birdie* to Lula.
Clark to P o rt Gibson.
Bissell to Tupelo.
Clarksburg* to Pelahatchee.
Black Hawk* to Lexington.
Clarks M ill to Greenwood.
Blackland to Booneville.
Clarkson to M aben,
Blackw ater to Oxford.
Clarysville to Ripley.
Blaine*! to Ruleville.
Claude to Columbia.
Blanton* to Rolling Fork.
Clay* to Fulton.
Blodgett*! to Richtoh.
C layton*!! to Tunica.
Blountsville to Prentiss.
C leary to Florence.
Blue Lake to Tutw iler.
Blue Springs*! to New
Clerm ont Harbor* to Bay
St, Louis.
Bluff to Blue M ountain
Cliff to Baldwyn. .
¡Bobo*! to Clarksdale.
Cliftonville* to Brooksville.
IBodone to D urant.
Clover H ill!! to Clarksdale.
Bolatusha* to Sallis.
.Clyde* to H attiesburg.
Bolivar to Benoit.
;Coahoma*!! to F riar Point.
Bond*!! to Wiggins.
:Cobbs to Brookhaven.
iCoekerham to M cComb.
Bonhomie to H attiesburg.
¡Cockrum* to H ernando.
¡Bonita* to M eridian.
Cofer to Pontotoc.
Bonus to M eadville.
Cohay* to Mize.
Boon to Louisville.
Coila* to Carrollton.
Bothwell*! to *Aver a.
Colbert to Holly Springs.
Bounds to Calhoun City.
Coles*! to Gloster.
Bourbon* to Leland.
Collegebill to Oxford. ‘
Bovina*!! to Vicksburg.
Collinsville to M eridian.
Bowerton to Wesson.
Colony Town to Itta b a n a .
Bowles to Houlka.
Commerce* to Tunica.
Bowling Green (Holmes ¡Complete* to M eridian.
Co.) to D urant.
Conehatta* to Lake.
Bowman to Coldwater,
Conerly Station to TylerBoyce to W aynesboro.
Bradley* to Sturgis.
Conn* to Utica.
B rady to M onticello.
Conway* to Carthage.
B ranch to M orton.
Cooksey to D ecatur.
B razil! to Webb.
Cooksville to Shuqualak.
Brewer to Quitman.
Coopers Wells to Raym ond.
Bridgeville to H azlehurst.
Corfime to Aberdeen.
Briers* to N atchez.
■Cork to N qxapater.
B right to H ernando.
Cornersville to M yrtle.
Bristow to Amory.
Cornish* to Oxford.
Brody to W alnut.
Cottondalo to Ruleville
Brooklyn*!! to H atties­
C otton P lan t* !! to Blue
Brownfield*! to M iddleton,
M ountain.
C ounty Line to Leakesville.
Browning to Greenwood.
Coxburg to Lexington.
Brownsville to Bolton.
Craig* to Yazoo City.
Brownswells to H azlehurst
Crandall* to Quitman.
Brozville to Lexington.
C rane Creek to Poplarville.
Brunswick* t o , Vicksburg.
Cranfield to Natchez.
B ryant* to Coffeeville.
Creek (A ttala Co.) to E thel
B ucatunna*!! to W aynes­
Crevi to Batesville.
C rottstow n to Ellisville.
Bude*!! to M eadville.
Crowder* to Batesville.
Buena Vista* to Okolona.
Crum ps to Indianola.
Bullock to Ripley.
C uba to Corinth.
B urdette*! to Leland.
Cublake to H ernando.
Burgess to Oxford.
Cuevas* to Pass C hristian.
Burns* to Raleigh.
Oulium to Lauderdale.
Burnside*!! to Philadelphia
Cum berland*! to M aben.
Burnsville*!! to Corinth.
Cupid to Spnatobia.
B usyton to Vardam an.
Currie to Mize.
B yram *!! to Terry.
Cybur* to Picayune.
Byrd to M cLain.
Cynthia* to' Jackson.
A County


Money Order Office.

D abney to Duck Hill.
Dale to Louisville.
Daleville* to Lauterdale.
D allas to Pontotoc.
Dam ascus to Sebastopol.
D ancy*! to M aben.
D antzler to M cHenry,
D arbun* to Columbia. D arling*!! to Crenshaw.
D arracott to Aberdeen.
Davo to T yler town.
D ays to Hernando.
Deasonville to Pickens.
D eborah to Clarksdale.
Deem er*!! to Philadelphia.
Deen to Prentiss,
Deerbrook* to Brookville.
Deeson*!! to Gunnison.
DeLay* to Oxford.
D e Lisle* to Pass C hristian.
D elta to Crenshaw.
D enm an to Grenada.
Denm ark* to Oxford.
Dennis*! to Belmont.
I D entville to Utica.
Deovolente* to Belzona.
Derby* to Poplarville.
D e Soto*!! to Quitman.
Dickerson*! to F riar Point.
Dido to Ackerman.
D inan to Tylertown.
Dinsm ore to M acon.
D istall! to Philipp.
Dixon* to Union. •
Dockery to Ruleville.
Doddsville*!! to Ruleville.
Doloroso to Woodville.
D ont to Collins.
Dorsey* to Tupelo.
Dossville* to Kosciusko.
D ry Creek to Collins.
D ry Grove to T erry.
D ry Run to Booneville.
D ubard*! to Grenada.
D ubbs to Tunica.
Dublin*!! to Clarksdale.
Dufifee* to Union.
D uke to Utica.
Dumas* to Ripley.
D undee to Tunica,
D unleith*! to Leland.
D urham to Clarksdale.
Dwiggins to Dreyv.
Dwyer to M oorhead.

Fbote* to Greenville.
F ord (Jackson Co.) to Moss
F ord (Smith Co.) to Bay
For dyke to Pickens.
Forkville* to M orton.
F o rt Adams* to WoodviUe.
F o rt Loring to Greenwood.
F o rt Stephens tb M eridian.
Foster to Natchez.
Foulke to B ay Springs.
F oxtrap to Macon.
Foxw orth*!! to Columbia.
Franks to Philadelphia.
Frazier to Shaw.
Freem an to Sunflower..
Freeny to Carthage.
French Camp* to Acker­
Friendship to Okolona.
Fruitland Park* to Wiggins
F urrs to Tupelo.
1 Galena to Holly Springs.

Galilee to M endenhall.
G allatin to H azlehurst.
G allm an*!!
. Gallway to M yrtle.
Garcia to Rolling Fork.
Garden City* to Gloster.
Garland ville* to Newton.
G arner to W ater Valley.
Gatesville*!! to C rystal
j Gatewood to Coffeeville.
G atm an! to Aberdeen.
G ault to Oxford.
G autier*!! to Pascagoula.
: Gerald* to F riar Point.
Geren* to Philipp.
Germ ania to Yazoo City..
Gholson* to Shuqualak.
Gibson*! to Aberdeen.
, Gift to Corinth.
Giles to Scooba.
Gillsburg to Osyka.
Gilmer to Taylorsville.
Gip to Carthage.
Gitano to Laurel.
I G ladhurst to Osyka.
Glading to Liberty.
Gladys to I tta Bena.
Glancy* to H azlehurst.
Glass* to Vicksburg.
Glen* to Corinth.
Eagle to Corinth.
Glendora*!! to Philipp.
Eagle Bend* to; Vicksburg,
Glehville to Como.
Earlygrove to . Moscow,
Glover* to M em phis, Tenn;
E arly ville to Sallis.
G luckstadt! to Madison.
Eastm an* to Fulton.
E astside tb M oss Point.
■Golden*! to Belmont"Ebenezer* to Lexington.
Gomez to Oxford.
E ddiceton*!! to M eadville.
Goode to Senatobia.
Eden*! to Yazoo City.
Good Hope (Leake Co.) toEdinburg* t o Philadelphia.
E ds ville to West.;
Goshen Springs* to Bran­
Eggville to Tupelo,
i Egrem ont*! to
Rolling : Goss*! to Columbia.
: Gossett to Ripley.
E gypt*!! to Okolona.
Gowdey to Jackson.
Eldorado* to Vicksburg.
Grace*!! to Rolling Fork.
E lectric M ills*!! to Scooba.
G raham tb Baldwyn.
E liphaz to Senatobia.
! Grand Gulf* to P ort Gibson
i E lizabeth*!! to Leland.
Grange! to Silver Creek.
E lkville to Am ery.
Grapeland* to Benoit,
E lliott*! to, G renada. 1
. Gravbs to Ripley.
Ellistown to.N ew Albany.
: Gray to Kosciusko.
Em bry* to E upora.
; Graysporb* to Grenada.
E m erald to M agnolia.
E m ory to W est.
Greene to Brandon.
EndvUle to Sherman,
Greenfield* to Brandon.
Enondale*! to Scooba.
Green Grove to Clarksdale.
E nterp rise* !! to Quitm an.
: Greens to Jackson.
Enzor to M eridian.
Greenwood Springs*! to
E ppley*!! to H attiesburg.
E rra ta to Sandersville.
Greer to Carthage.
Erw in*!! to Greenville.
Gridley to Bay Springs.
Escatawpa* to M oss Point.
Griffith to W est Point.
Eskridge* to Duckhill.
Guide to Pelahatchie.
Essex* to M arks.
Gulf View toB ay St. Louis.
Estabutchie* to H atties­ • Gum Ridge* to Natchez.
G unn to Raleigh.
E stes to Louisville.
EsteSmill* to Carthage.:
Estill*! to Hollandale.
Halstead* to Cleveland.
E tta * to M yrtle.
H am burg*!! to Natchez.
E u cu tta to Shubuta.
Hamilton* to Aberdeen.
E udora to H ernando.
H am pton*!! to Rolling
E unice to L iberty.
E ureka Springs to CourtH andle to N oxapater.
Handsboro* to Gulfport.
Evansville*! to Tunica, x
H ardee to Vicksburg.
;Evergreen to N ettleton.
;Hardy Station* to Grenada.
Harleston* to Lucedale.
;Harlow to Boyle.
Fairground tp Philadelphia.
Ilarm ontow n to Oxford,
F airport to Brookville.
F air R iver tb Brookhaven.
Harpersville* to Forest.
- Faisonia tb Indianola;
H arriston*!! to Fayette.
Falcon*! to Sledge.
Harrisville* to Braxton.
F alin to Braxton.
H artness to Starkville.
Fallback tb Benoit.
Hassie to Starkville. ;
Fannin* to Brandon.
H athorn*! (Marion Co.) to
Farrell*! to Friar, P oint.
Fearns Springs*' to Louis­ H athorn to Louisville.
H atley to Amory.
Fenton* to B ay St. Louis.
Hays* (Scott Co.) to Se­
Fentress*! to Ackerman.
Fernwood*!! t o M agnolia.
Hazeldell to Booneville.
Field to Tunica.
Heads* to Leland.
Finger to Ripley.
H eathm an*!! to Indianola.
Finkbine* to Brandon.
H eckla to H attiesburg.
Fish Lake to Greenville.
Helena* to M oss Point.
Fitler* to Rolling Fork.
Helm *!! to Leland.
F itzhugh tb Ruleville.
Hem phill to Richton.
Flat* to C anton.
H erbert to M eridian.
Floweree* to Vicksburg.
H eron to W ater Valley.
Fondren* to Jackson,
H ervey to P o rt Gibspn.
Fontainebleau to Ocean
H ester ville* to Kosciusko.
Hicks to F avette.
! Telegraph Station.
! Express Office.



High to Sturgis.
High Hill to Sebastopol.
H ighland to Corinth.
Highlandale* to Schlater.
Highpoint*}} to Louisville.
H ight to N oxapater.
Hightow n to C orinth.
Hillhouse*}} to F riar P oint.
Hillsboro* to Forest.
Hillsdale*}} to Lum berton.
Hinchcliff*} to M arks.
H intorvinle to Richton.
Hinze* to N oxapater.
Hiwannee*} to Shubuta.
Hodge to Inverness.
Hoffman Switch to W est.
Hohenlinden* to M aben.
Holcut*} to C orinth.
H olladay to H ouston.
Hollingsworth to Kosciusko
Hollis* to Vardam an.
Holly Bluff*} to YazooCity.
Hollyknowe*} to Leland.
Holly Ridge* to Indianola.
Hollywood*}} to Tunica.
Holmesville* to M cComb.
Homewood* to Forest.
Hooker to New Hebron.
Hookston to M eridian.
Hope to Philadelphia.
Hopewell*}} to Georgetown
Hopoca to Carthage.
H oratio* to Sardis.
H orn Lake*}} to Memphis,
House to Union.
Hovey to M cH enry.
H ovis to Corinth.
Howard} to Lexington.
Howison*}} to G ulfport.
Hub*}} to Columbia.
Hudsonyille*} to Holly
Huff to Carrollton.
Hughes to Kosciusko.
H um ber to F riar P oint.
H untsville to Stewart.
Hurley* to M oss Point.
H urricane Creek to M eri­
H ushpuckena*t to Shelby.
Id a to Baldwyn.
Ib rie to F ayette,
m a to M endenhall.
Increase* to M eridian.
Independence* to Coldwater.
Ingleside* to P o rt Gibson.
Ingomar*}} to New Albany
Ingram s M ill to Byhalla.
Insm ore to Utica.
Iowhna* to Pascagoula.
Ireland* to Gloster.
Irene* to M cComb.
Issaquena to Rolling Fork.
Itu m a to Tchula.
Jacinto to Rienzi.
Jago to Hernando.
Jam es* to Greenville.
Jam esburg to Bay Springs
Ja v a to Union.
Jaw to Union.
Jayess*} to Monticello.
Jaynesville to M ount Olive.
Jeanette* to Natchez.
Jeffries* to Lula.
Jessie to Carthage.
Joe to M endenhall.
Johns* to Brandon.
Johnston} to Summit.
Johnston Station* to Sum­
m it. •
Jo n ath an to Leakesville.
Ju d ah to Pontotoc.
Keen to Ackerman.
Keirn to Cruger.
Kellis Store* to Scooba.
Kelly to M em phis, Tenn.
Kem p to Kilmichael.
Kenago to Ackerman.
Kendrick* to Corinth.
Keno to Columbia.
Keownville to New Albany
K err to McCool.
Kewanee*} to M eridian.
K eysville to D e Kalb.
K ienstra to Woodvilie.
Kiln* to B ay St. Louis.
Kincaid to Grenada.
King to Florence.
Kings to Vicksburg.
Kingston to N atchez.
Kioto* to Tylertow n.
K ipling to Scooba.
K irby to M eadville. . \
KarkUn to Tylertown.
K irksy to Como.
K irkville to Baldwyn.
K itchener*' to Sebastopol.
K ittrell* to Richton.
Klein* to Raleigh.
Knoxo* to Tylertow n.
K noxville*tt to Gloster.
Kokomo*} to Tylertow n.
Kossuth* to Corinth.
Kreole*} to Pascagoula.
K uhns to Cleveland.
Lackie to Aberdeen.
L adner-to Poplarville.
L afay ette Springs* to Ox­
Lagrange to Eupora.
Laine see Kreole.
L aird to Saulsbury, T enn.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Lake Carrier* to Sardis.
Lake City* to Yazoo City
Lake Como* to BaySprings
Lake Cormorant*}} to
M em phis, Tenn.
Lakeshore*t to B ay St.
Lake View*}} to M em phis,
T enn.
Lamar*}} to Holly Springs.
Lamkin*} to Yazoo City.
Lamont*}} to Greenville.
Landing to Anguilla.
Landon* to Gulfport.
Langford* to Brandon.
L arue to Ocean Springs.
L atim er to Biloxi.
Lawrence*}} to Newton.
Leaf*} to M errill.
Learned*}} to Utica.
Leedo to F ayette.
Leedy*} to C orinth.
Leesburg to M orton.
Leesdale* to Natchez.
Leflore*} to Greenwood.
Lemon* to Raleigh.
Lena* to Carthage.
L eota Landing* to Green­
Lespideza to Sardis.
.Lessley* to Woodvilie.
Lewisburg* to Hernando.
Lexie*}} to Tylertown.
Lilac to Duckhill.
Lilian to Forest.
Limerick* to Yazoo City.
Lines to N oxapater.
Lingle* to M orton.
Linn to Indianola.
Linton* to Quitm an.
L ittle Rock*i to Union.
L ittle Springs* to M eadville
Lizana to M cH enry.
Lizelia to G ulfport.
Loakfom a to Louisville.
Lobdell*} to Benoit.
Lockhart*} to M eridian.
Locum to Baldwyn.
Lodi* to W inona.
Lois to Taylorsville.
Lombardy*} to Clarksdale.
Long Beach*} to G ulfport.
L ongstreet to Tutw iler.
Longtown to Crenshaw.
Longview*} to Starkville.
Longwood*} to GreenvilleLooxahoma* to Senatobia.
Lorena* to Forest.
Lorenzen*} to Rolling F ork
Loring to Pickens.
Lorman*}} to F ayette.
Lorraine to Gulfport.
L otus to Belzona.
Louise*} to Belzoni.
Love Station* to Coldwater
Loyd to. Vardam an.
Lucas to Silver Creek.
Lucien*}} to M eadville.
Lucile to M eridian.
Luck to Collierville, Tenn.
Lucknow to Jackson.
Ludlow to M orton.
Lunch to Baldwyn.
Lurline to Coldwater.
Lux*} to H attiesburg.
Lyman*}} to Gulfport.
L ynchburg to Mem phis,
Lynn Creek to Brookville.
Lynwood to Pelahatchee.
Lyon*} to Clarksdale.
M acedonia to Shuqualak.
Macel*} to Philipp.
M ack to Holly Springs.
M adden to Carthage.
M agna Vista* to Vicksburg.
Mahned*} to N ew Augusta.
M ahon to Holly Springs.
Malone* to Holly Springs.
Malvina*} to Rosedale.
M am ie to Canton.
M annassa to Quitm an.
M antachie to Guntown.
M arathon* to Greenville.
M arianna to Holly Springs.
M arie to Indianola.
M arietta* to Baldwyn.
Marion*}} to M eridian.
M a rk ette to Oxford.
M arksville to Cruger.
M artinsville*} to Hazlehurst.
M arydell* to Kosciusko.
M aryland Station to Can­
M asengale to Quitm an.
Mashulaville* to Macon.
M atagorda to Clarksdale.
M atherville* to Shubuta.
M atthew s to Pittsboro.
M attson*} to Clarksdale.
M aud* to Tunica.
Maxie*}} to Wiggins.
iM ayersville* to Rolling
Mayhew*}} to W est Point.
M ayton to M endenhall.
M cAdams} to Kosciusko.
M cAnery to Carrollton.
M cBride* to P o rt Gibson.
M cC all Creek* to M ead­
M cCallum to H attiesburg.
McCarley*} to Carrollton.
M cCondy* to Okolona.
McCown to Columbus.
M cCrary} to Colum bus.
McDonald*} to Philadelphia._____________ ______


ACounty Seat.



M cLaurin* to H attiesburg.
McLeod* to M acon.
McNair*}} to F ayette
McNeill*}} to Poplarville.
McVille to Kosciusko.
Mechanicsburg* to Flora.
M eehan Junction*}} to
M eridian.
M ehlinger to Rosedale.
M ehr to T allahatchie.
Merrill}} to Lucodale.
M esa to Tylertown.
Metcalfe*}} to Greenville.
Midnight*} to Belzoni.
M idway to Raym ond.
M ikom a to Webb.
MilestOn*} to Tchula.
Millard* to Poplarville.
M illcreek to Louisville.
Miller*} to Collierville,
Millville to C anton.
M ineral Wells* to M em phis
M inerva to W inona.
M ingo to Belmont.
M inneola to Scooba.
M inot to Tutw iler.
M inter City*}} to Green­
Mississippi City*} to Gulf­
M isterton to Grenada.
M itchell to Ripley.
M izpah to Hazelhurst.
M olino to New Albany.
Money*}} to Philipp.
Monroe* (Franklin Co.) to
M onterey to Florence.

Paden*}} to Corinth.
P alm etto to Tupelo.
Palona to C arthage.
P anther Burn*} to Anguilla
Paradise to F riar Point.
Parchman*}} to Tutw iler.
Paris* to W ater Valley.
Parksplace to Como.
Pattison*}} to P o rt Gibson.
APaulding* to Bay Springs.
P aulette to Shuqualak.
Paynes* to Grenada.
P ea Ridge to Scooba.
Pearl* to C rystal Springs.
Pearlington to Logtown.
Pearson*}} to Jackson.
Pecan*} to Pascagoula.
Pecon to Schlater.
Peden to Scooba.
Peelers* to Vicksburg.
Penn} to Columbus.
P enton to Tunica.
Peoria* to L iberty.
Percy*}} to Hollandale.
Perkinston*}} to M cHenry.
Perth* to F ayette.
Perthshire*}} to Gunnison.


Rodney* to F ayette.
Rome*} to Tutw iler.
Rose to Clarksdale.
Roseacres*} to Lula.
Rosebloom to Grenada.
Rose Hill* to Pachuta.
Rosetta*}} to Gloster.
Roundaway*} to Clarksdale
Roundlake*} to Rosedale
Rounsaville* to Leakesville.
Rowsey to W ater Valley.
Roxie*}} to Natchez.
Ruble to M errill.
R udyard to Clarksdale.
Runnelstow n to H atties­
R ural Hill to McCool.
R ushton to Scooba
Russell* to M eridian.
Russellville to Vicksburg
Russum*}} to P o rt Gibson.
R uth* to Summit.
Rye to Aberdeen.
Sabino to Clarksdale.
Sabougla to Calhoun City.
Saints R e st to Indianola.
Samneville to Union.
Sanatorium to Magee.
Sandhill* to Brandon.
Sandy to Sardis.
Sandy Hook*}} to Angie,La
Sanford*}} to Hattiesburg.
Sapa*} to Europa.
Sarah*}} to Crenshaw.
Saratoga }} to M ount Olive.
Sarepta* to Pontotoc.
S atartia* to Yazoo City.
Saucier*}} to McHenry.
Saukum to Gloster.
Savage*}} to Tunica.
Schamberville* to Meridian
Schlater* to Canton.

Petal* to H attiesburg.
P ettit* to Greenville.
Peyton to P o rt Gibson.
P halia to Rosedale.
Phoenix* to Yazoo C ity.
Piave*} to M cLain.
Pickwick to Columbia.
Pikeville to Okolona.
Pinckneyville* to Woodvilie
Pinebluff to M aben.
Pinebur* to Columbia.
Pine Ridge* to Natchez.
M ontpelier* to M antee.
Pines to Corinth.
Montrose*}} to BaySprings
Pine Valley* to W ater
Moon} to Helena, Ark.
M ooretown to H ernando.
Pineville* to M ontrose.
Mooreville* to Tupelo.
Pinola*}} to M endenhall.
M organ City*} to I t ta Bena
Pisgah* to Pelahatchee.
1 Scobey*}} to W ater Valley.
(M arion
Scott*}} to Benoit.
r Co.) to Columbia.
P ittsboro A* to Calhoun
Scranton to Pascagoula.
Sellers to Picayune.
Moscow* to Scooba.
P lain to Jackson.
S enath to Aberdeen.
Moselle*}} to Ellisville.
Plantersville*} to Tupelo.
Service to Laurel.
Moss* to Laurel.
Sessums*} to Artesia.
M ound Bayou*} to Cleve­ Plattsburg* to N oxapater.
P leasant to Kosciusko.
Seven Pines to Sidon.
Pleasantgrove* to Cren­ Seymour to Biloxi.
M ound C ity to Rosedale.'
Sharkey* to Sumner.
M ount Carm el to Prentiss.
P leasant Hill to Hernando.
Sharon* (M adison Co.) to
Plum Point to M emphis,
M ount Nebo to Scooba.
Sharpsburg* to Canton.
M ount Pleasant* to Col­
Pocahontas*}} to Flora.
Shawnee to Holly Springs.
lierville, Tenn.
Polkville* to M orton.
Shealey to D ecatur.
Muldon*}} to Aberdeen.
Pond* to. Woodvilie.
Shellmound to Greenwood.
M urphy* to Hollandale.
Poplar Creek* to KilmiM urry to Coldwater.
Sherard*}} to Clarksdale.
M yrick to Laurel.
Porterville*}} to M eridian.
Shiloh to Rolling Fork.
M yrleville to Yazoo C ity.
Possumneck to W est.
Shinault to Oxford.
P o tter to Ruleville.
Shipman*} to Lucodale.
Powell to Lula.
Shivers* to New Hebron.
Nanchehaw to P o rt Gibson.
Shoccoe to Canton.
Nancy* to P achuta.
P rairie to Aberdeen.
Shongelo to Raleigh.
N annye to Wesson.
P rairie Point* to M acon.
Short* to Iuka.
N arkeeta to Lauderdale.
Preston* to Scooba.
Shrock to Goodman.
N ason to Grenada.
P retoria to Brookville.
Shuford* to Courtland.
N avina to Scooba.
P richard *}} to Tunica.
N earby to Philadelphia
Priscilla to Greenville.
Sibley* to Natchez.
Needmore to Philipp.
Prism atic to M eridian
SIbleyton* to Kilmichae
Neely* to M cLain.
P uckett* to Braxton.
Sidney to Grenada.
Neshoba*}} to Union.
Pulaski* to M orton.
Sidon*}} to Greenwood.
New Hope to Colum bus
Pyland* to H ouston
Signal* to Vicksburg.
New it to M onticello.
Siloam to W est Point.
Newm an to E dw ards.
City*}} to Belzoni.
New P rospect to Ackerman
Quentin to M eadville.
Silver Springs to Ripley.
New Site* to Booneville.
Quincy*}} to Amory.
Similo to Brookhaven.
Nicholson*}} to Picayune.
Quinn to Summit.
N ickbyrd to M cLain.
Quito* to Itta b en a.
Singer to Tunica.
N iie to Kosciusko.
Skene*} to Cleveland.
Niles to Rosedale.
Slate Spring* to Calhoun
Nittayuma,*}} to Anguilla.
Randolph* to Pontotoc.
C ity.
R ands to N ettleton.
Slayden to Moscow, Tenn.
Nixon to Pontotoc^
R ankin to Brandon.
Slaydens Crossing to Mos­
N oah to Oxford.
R ara Avis* to Red Bay, Ala.
cow, Tenn.
N od to Yazoo C ity.
R as to Bay Springs.
Smedes*} to Rolling Fork
Nola*} to Brookhaven.
Ratliff* to Guntown.
Sm ith to Collins.
N om ac to Richton.
Ravine* to Brooksville.
Sm ithburg to Osyka.
Norfleld*}} to Bogue C hitto
Rawles Springs to H atties
Sm ithdale to Summit.
Norfolk to M em phis, Tenn.
Norris* to Forest.
Smithville* to Amory.
R ea to Sardis.
N ortac to Poplarville.
Sm yrna to Kosciusko.
R eba to M cLain.
N ugent to Gulfport.
Snave to Rolling Fork.
Recluse to Wiggins.
Snowden to M eridian.
Red Banks*}} to Holly
Soegaard to Brookhaven.
Oakforest to Holly Springs.
Sontag*} to Monticello.
Redding to Grenada.
Oakley*} to Raym ond.
Sorin to P ass Christian.
Reddoch to Taylorsville.
Oak Ridge* to Vicksburg.
Soso*} to Laurel.
Red Lick*}} to F ayette.
Oaks to Pickens.
Southern* to Monticello.
R edstar to Brookhaven.
O ak Vale*}} to M onticello.
South Pascagoula* to Pas­
Redwood}} to Vicksburg.
Ocobla to Philadelphia.
Reform*}} to Ackerman.
Ofahoma* to Carthage.
S parta to H ouston.
Refuge to Greenville.
O. K. to Tunica.
Reganton to Utica.
Splinter to W ater Valley
Okohola (Lam ar Co.) to
P urvis.
Splunge to Amory.
Reid* to Vardam an.
Springville* to Pontotoc.
Oktoc to Starkville.
Remus to Philadelphia.
Stafford to Gunnison.
Olio* to Centerville.
Renalara*} to Clarksdale.
Stage* to M orton.
Renfro to Carthage.
Stallo*}} to Philadelphia.
Renova* to Cleveland.
Olney to Philadelphia.
Stam per to Decatur.
R etreat to Coffeeville.
Oloh to Sumrall.
Stampley*}} to Fayette.
Reuben to Indianola.
Oma*}} to Monticello.
Standard to P ass Christian.
Revive to C anton.
O’Neil* to L iberty.
Standing Pine to Carthage.
Rex* to Greenville.
Opal to Ackerman.
Stanton*}} to Natchez.
Riceville to Gulfport.
Ophelia to Canton.
Star*}} to Braxton.
Rich*} to Lula.
Ora*}} to Collins.
to Forest.
Orange Grove*} to Pasca­
Ridgeland *} to M adison.
Steens*} to Columbus.
Orangeville to Bolton.
Steiner to Shaw.
Riggins to Amory.
O’Reilly* to Shaw.
Stephenson*}} to Gloster.
Rio* to Union.
Orion to Holly Springs.
Stillmore* to Wiggins.
Roadside to Yazoo C ity.
Orvisburg to Poplarville.
Stokes to Canton.
R obbs to Pontotoc.
Orwoodfto Oxford.
Stone to Philadelphia.
Roberts*} to Newton.
Osborn*} to Starkville.
Stoneville}} to Leland.
Robinson* to L iberty.
Oswalt to Flora.
Stonewall*}} to Quitman.
Robinsonville*}} to Tunica.
Otho to Forest.
Stovall*} to F riar Point.
Otis to Holcomb.
Stover* to Sumner.
Rockport*}} to Georgetown.
Ovett*}} to Laurel.
Stratton}} to Decatur.
Rockypoint to Kosciusko.
Owens Wells} to Lexington.
Strayhorn to Senatobia.____
Rocky Springs* to Utica.
Ozona to Picayune.
Money Order Office.

t Telegraph Station.

} Express Office.


Street* to L iberty.
Strickland to Corinth.
Stringer*!! to Laurel.
Stringtown* to Benoit.
Strongs*! to W est P oint.
Sucarnoochee*!! to Scooba.
Suffolk to M eadville.
Sum m erland*!! to Taylors­
Sun to Lake.
Sunny Side to Greenwood.
Sunshine to M acon.
Suquelena to M eridian.
Swan Lake *!! to Sumner.
Sweatman* to Duck Hill.
Swiftown* to Ittab en a.
Sylvarena* to LoUin.
Symonds* to Rosedale.
Tallula* to Lake P rovi­
dence, La.
Talowah to Lum berton.
Tamola*! to M eridian.
T andy to Charleston.
T app to Corinth.
Taska* to Holly Springs
T atum to Grenada.
T aylor*!! to Oxford.
Teasdale to Oakland.
Teckville to Sardis.
Ted* to Raleigh.
Teoc to Carrollton.
Terza to Sardis.
Tew anta to Ellisville.
Thaxton* to Pontotoc.
Theadville to Quitman.
The Gums to Sardis.
Thomastown to Kosciusko.
Thomasville to Florence.
Thompson to L iberty.
T horn to H ouston.
Thornton* J to Tchula.
T hrasher*! to Booneville.
Three Rivers to oss Point
T hyatira* to Senatobia.
Tibbee Station* to W est
P oint.
T ibbs to Sledge.
Tie Plant* to Grenada.
Tilden to Fulton.
T illatoha*!! to Oakland.
Tillman* to P o rt Gibson.
T ilton!! to M onticello.
Timberville to Vardanian.
Tinsley to Yazoo City.
Tiplersville*!! to Ripley.
T ippah to Hickory F lat.
Tippo*t to Philip.
Tishomingo*! to Belmont.
Toccopola* to Pontotoc.
Togo to Brookville.
Tolarville* to Lexington.
Tomnolen*!! to E upora.
Toomsuba*!! to M eridian.
Topisaw to M cComb.
T opton to M eridian.
Torrance*!! to Coffeeville.
Tougaloo*tt to Jackson.
Townsend* to Scooba.
Trail Lake! to Leland.
Trapp to Philadelphia.
Travis to Liberty.
Traynham to Clarksdale.
Trebloc to Okolona.
Trem ont to Amory.
Trenton* to M orton.
Tribbit*! to Leland.
Tribble to Charleston.
Trim cane to Starkville.
Trinity to Columbus.
Troy* to Shannon.
T rusty to W ater Valley.
Tula* to Oxford.
Turkey to E thel:
Turnbull* to Woodville.
Turner to N atchez.
Tuscola to Carthage.
Tyro* to Senatobia.
Una to Aberdeen.
Union Church* to F ay ette
Uniondale to Tylertown.
University* to Oxford.
Upshaw to Belzoni.
Ure to Oxford.
Ustane to L iberty.
Utica Institute* to Utica.
Valewood to Rolling Fork.
Valley*t to Yazoo City.
Valley P ark * !! to Vicks­
Value* to Brandon.
Van Buren to L am bert.
Vance*!! to Tutw iler.
Vancleave* to Ocean Sp’ngs
Van Vleet*tt to Okolona.
Van W inkle to Jackson.
Vaughan*tt to Pickens
Velma to Coffeeville.
Verba to Newton.
Verna* to M onticello.
Vernal* to Lucedale.
Vestry to M errill.
Victoria*! to Holly Springs.
Vidalia* to B ay St. Louis.
Villanova to Vicksburg.
Vimville* to M eridian.
Violet to P o rt Gibson.
Vossburg*!! to L aurel.
Vowell to N oxapater.
Voy to Baldwyn._________

Wade* to M ossPoint.
W ahalak*!! to Shuqualak.
W aits to Holly Springs.
Wakefield to Byhalia.
W allerville*! to New Al­
Walley* to Richton.
Wallfleld to Houlka.
W alls to M em phis, Tenn.
AW althall* to E upora.
W alton to M yrtle.
W am ba to Kosciusko.
W anilla*tt to Monticello.
W arsaw to Byhalia.
Washington* to Natchez.
W aterford*!! to Holly
W atson to Byhalia.
W aveland*! to Bay St.
Louis, La.
W ayerly to Columbus.
W ay*f! to C anton.
Wayside*! to Greenville.
W eathersby*tt to Magee.
Weeks to Sallis.
Weigant* to Rolling Fork.
Wellenman* to Leland.
Wenasoga*! to Corinth.
Westside* to P o rt Gibson.
W haley*! to Greenwood.
W heeler*!! to Booneville.
W histler to Waynesboro..
W hitaker* to Centerville.
W hiteapple* to N atchez.
W hite Bluff*! to Columbia.
W hites to Florence.
W hitesand* tó Prentiss.
W hitney! to Ruleville.
W hynot* to M eridian.
W icker to Forest.
Wilczinski to Greenville.
Wilkinson* to Woodville. '
Willet* to Hollandale.
W illiston to Carthage.
Willows* to P o rt Gibson.
W ilm ot to Leland.
W ilson to A vera.
W iltshire to Vaiden.
W inborn*! to Holly Springs
W inchester*! to W aynes­
W ndham to Laurel.
Wingate* to New A ugusta.
W interville*! to Greenville.
W isner to Cohay.
Woodson to Aberdeen.
Wool M arket to G ulfport.
W ortham to G ulfport.
W ren to Amory.
Wright* to Rosedale.
W yatte* to Senatobia.
Yazoo Pass to Lula.
Yeargain to Cruger.
Yellow B a b b itt to Holly
Yokena*!! to Vicksburg.
Youngs to Coffeeville.
Youngton to Edwards.
Zeiglerville* to Lexington
Zemuly to Sallis.
Zion to Sebastopol.
Zion Hill to L iberty.

Aaron to Creighton.
A bbott to Springfield.
Aberdeen to Eolia.
Abesville to Galena.
Abo* to Lebanon.
Acorn* to Success, Ark.
Acomridge to Puxico.
Adair to Brashear.
Adams to Potosi.
Adalbert to Potosi.
Adolph to M orrison.
Adonis to Flemington.
Afftonf to St. Louis.
Agnes* to Lebannon.
Aholt* to Glasgow.
Aid* to Bloomfield.
Akers* to Salem.
Akron to Blythedale.
A lanthus Grove to Stanberry.
Alexandria*!! to Keokuk.
Algire to Sullivan.
Alice* to M ountain Grove.
Allen ville*!! to Jackson.
Alley* to Eminence.
Alliance* to Fredericktown.
Almartha* to Rockbridge.
Almon* to Herm itage.
Alpha to Laredo.
Alsup to Pleasant Hope.
Altheim to Clayton.
AJtona to Adrian.
Amos* to Stotesbury.
Amy* to Bakersfield.
Anabel*!! to Clarence.
Anaconda!! to St.. C lair.
Ancell*! to Fornfelt.
Andoe to Reedsprings.
Andover*!! to Lamoni,
Angelina* to Eminence.
Ann to M ountain Grove.
Anove to Albany.
Anthonies Mill* to Bour­
Antioch to K ahoka.
Apex* to Elsberry.
Applecreek to Longtown.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

4 County Seat.

Appleton to Old Appleton.
A ptus to Potosi.
Aquilla to Bloomfield.
Arab* to Zalma.
Arbor to Advance.
A rbyrd*!! to Cardwell.
Arden* to Ava.
Ardeola*!! to Advance.
A rditta to W estplains.
Ardmore* to Macon.
Argentville to Winfield.
Argo to Bourbon.
Arlington*! to Newburg.
Arloe to St. Louis.
Arm our! to Rushville.
Arnica to Humansvilie.
Arno* to Ava.
Arnsberg to Jackson.
Arroll to Summersville.
Arthur* to Rich Hill.
Ash to M adison.
A shburn*!! to Louisiana.
Asherville* to Puxico.
Ashton*! to Kahoka.
Astoria* to H artville.
A tlas to Duenneg.
Atwell to Hancock.
Auburn to Silex.
Aud* to Chamois.
A urora Springs to Eldon.
Austin to Archie.
A ustria to St. Jam es.
Avenue C ity to Cosby.
A vert to Bloomfield.
Avery* to Warsaw.
Avon* to Coffman.
A vondale! to N o rth K an­
sas City.
Axtell* to Macon.
Ayers to Slater.
Azen to C antril, Iowa.
Bachelor* to Auxvasse.
Bado* to Cabool.
B ahner to Sm ithton.
Baileys to Poplarbluff.
Baldridge to Plato.
Ballwin* to M anchester.
Balm to Eldorado Springs.
Bals to Troy.
Bandyville to Thomasville.
Bangert* to .Salem.
Banister to M acks Creek.
Bardley* to D oniphan.
B arks to Perryville.
Barnesville to A tlanta.
Barnum ton* to Climax
B arren to Van Buren.
B arry to K ansas City.
B arryville to Callao.
B artlett* to Birchtree.
Baryties* to Blackwell.
B asher to Ava.
Bass ville to Strafford.
Batesville to Poplarbluff.
Baxter* to Berryville, Ark.
Bayfield to Clarksdale.
Beach to M arshfield.
Beam an*! to Sedalia.
B ean Lake to Rushville.
Bearcreek* (Cedar Co.) to
B ebra to Versailles.
Beck to Kimmswick.
Bedison* to M aryville.
Beem ont to Gerald.
Belgique* to Chester.
Bellamy to Sheldon.
Belle Center to Joplin.
Bellefontaine to M anches.
Belleville to Joplin.
Bell Spring to Marshfield.
B an* to Owensville.
Benbow to Ewing.
Bend to Vienna.
Ben Davis* to M ountain.
Benjamin* to Canton.
Bennett* (Ripley Co.) to
D oniphan.
Bentonville* to Fairfield.
Berlin to King City.
Bernheimer* to New H aven
Berrym an* to Potosi.
Bertha* to Ava.
Bessville* to M arquand.
B ethpage to Stella.
Beverly Station*!! to P latte
Biblegrove to M em phis.
Biehle* to Perryville.
Big Piney* to Bloodland.
Bigspring to New Florence.
Billingsville* to Boon ville.
Billmore to T hayer.
B irds Mill to W yatt.
Birdsong* to Collins.
Birdspoint*!! to Charles­
Birm ingham *!! to L iberty.
Bixby* to Salem.
Black* to Centerville.
Black Jack to St. Louis.
Black W alnut to St. Charles
Blake to Jam esport.
Blanche* to Rockbridge.
Bliss* to Potosi.
Blooming Rose* to Rolla.
Bloomington to Bevier,
Blosser to M altabend.
Blue Eye* to E ureka Sp’ngs
Blue Lick* to M arshall.
Blue M ound to Dawn.
Blue Ridge,to Gilman City.
Bluff* to Forsyth.
Bluff P ort to Glasgow.
Blnffton* to Portland
'Honey Order Office.

Boaz (Christian Co.) to
Boekertown to P ortageVille.
Boeschenville to Colecamp.
Boeufcreek to New Haven.
Boles*! to W ashington-, à
B ona to Dadeville.
Bonham to M arionville. •
Boomer* to Laclede.
Boone to Sullivan.
Boonesboro* to Glasgow.
Boschertown to St. Charles.
Bbss* to Cook Station.
Boston*! to Lam ar.
Bounds to P atterson.
Bowdry to Carrollton.
Bow en!! to W indsor.
Bowman (H arrison Co.) to
B ethany.
Bowm ansville to W arrensburg.
Boydsville to F ulton.
Boylers M ill* to Stover.
B racken to M arshfield.
Branch* to M acks Creek.
B randon*!! to W indsor.
Brandsville toK oshkonong.
Brays* to Iberia.
Brazil* to Potosi.
B ranzito *to Jefferson City.
Breezy Heights to Kim m s­
Brentwood! to Kirkwood.
Brewer to Perryville.
Brian* to Campbell.
B riar Creek* to D oniphan.
Brice* to Lebanon.
Bricefield to Peirce City.
Brickeys*! to Ste. Gene­
Bridgeton*! to W ellston.
Brinktown* to Dixon.
Briscoe*! to Silex.
Bristow to N evada.
Brixey* to Rockbridge.
Broadw ater to M alden.
Broadway to St. Jam es.
Brock to Mem phis.
Brooklyn to Ridgeway.
Brooks Junction to M orley.
Brown to Green City.
Brownbranch* to Ava.
Brownfield* to Richland.
Browns Spring* to Billings.
Browns Station*! to Col­
um bia.
Brownwood*!! to Advance.
Brule to Belleview.
Bruner* to Sparta.
Brunot* to Des Arc.
Brush Creek* to Lebanon.
Brussels to Foley.
B ryant* to Mansfield.
Bryson (P ettis C o.)!! to
Bryson (Pike Co.) to Lou­
B uckhart* to M ountain
Buckhorn* to M arquand.
Bucoda* to Senath.
Bucytus* to Houston.
Buell*!! to Bellflower,
Buffington to M orehouse.
.Buick to Cook Station.
Bullion to Kirksville.
B urbank to Greenville.
B urch to Lowndes.
B urdett to Adrian.
Burfordville* to Ja c k so n .
Burgess to M ulberry, Kan.
Burksville to Bethel.
B urnham *!! to Willow
Burns* to Bolivar.
Burr* to Doniphan.
Burton*! to F ayette.
Burtonville (Dallas Co.)
to Buffalo.
B urtville to Leeton.
Bushnell to Lam ar.
B utcher to G erster.
B ute to M ilan.
Butts* to Steelville.
Byrds to Senath._
Byrnes ville to Hillsboro.
Byron to Belle.
Caddo to M arshfield.
Cadet*! to Potosi.
Cadm us to Rolla.
Cagle to Joplin.
Calm to Doniphan.
Calum et to Clarksville.
Calwood* to M cCredie.
Cam pbellton to New H aven
Cam p B ranch to Sedalia.



Carsonville to W ellston.
Cartw ell to Neosho.
C a ru th to: Senath.
C arver to Versailles.
Cascade to Williamsvllle.
Casco to Beaufort.
Case*! to M cK ittrick.
Cash to Callao.
Cassidy to Ozark.
Castle to Greencastle.
Castlewood to Valley P ark .
C astor to Lutesville.
Cato* to Cassville.
C atron to Parm a.
C averna to Pineville. .
Cave Spring to W illard.
Cawoodi to Rea.
Cazzell to D alton.
Cecil to Paris.
Cedar C ity*!! to Jefferson
C ity,
Cedarcreek* to Protem .
Cedarfork to Newhaven.
Cedargap*!! to Seymour.
Cedargrove* to Salem.
Cedarhill to Pacific.
Cedar Springs* to Eldorado
C edar Valley to H ollister.
Cedarville to Jerico Springs.
Celt* to M acks Creek.
Cem ent C ity to Indepen­
Centaiir Station* to P a ­
C entral C ity to Joplin.
Chain of Rocks! to Old
M onroe.
Chalk Level to Lowry C ity.
Cham bersburg to Kahoka;
C ham inade to Clayton.
Champion C ity to Gerald. i
C handler!! to L iberty.
Chapelhill to Odessa.
C hariton to M endota.
C harity*to Conway.
C harter Oak* to Canalou.
Chauncey to Linn Creek.
Cheney* to Ava.
C herry Box to Clarence*
Cherryville* to Steelville.
Cherryville to Leadwood.
Chesapeake to M t. Vernon.
C hestnutridge to HighlandvUle.
Chicopee!! to Van Buren.
Chilton* to Van Buren.
Chitwood*! to Joplin.
Chloe* to Lowry C ity.
Chloride* to Ironton.
Chraneville to Keytesville.
C hristian C enter to Ozark.
Civil Bend to P attonsburg.
Clair to Cosby.
Clapper to Stoutsville.
C lara to Houston.
Clarks F ork to Boonville.
Clarkson to Pierce C ity.
Claryville* to Chester.
Claud to Hum ansvilie.
Clay to Kirksville.
Clay Center to M aitland'.
Clayroot to Bragg City.
Claysville to H artsburg.
iC layton*!! (Vernon Co.)
to F o rt Scott, Kan.
Clear Springs* to Willow
Cleavesville to Bland.
Clementine* to Rolla.
Cleo to A urora.
C leopatra to Lineville.
Cliquot* to Bolivar.
Clover B ottom to W ashing­
Cloverdale to Buffalo.
Clubb to Piedm ont.
Coal to Clinton.
Cobb to Collins.
Cockrell to Lees Summit.
Coelledarto Linn Creek.
Coffeyton to Bourbon.
Coldsprings* to Norwood.
Coldwater* to Des Arc.
Coleman* to Raymore.
Colony to Rutledge.
Colum bus to W arrensburg.
Com et to W alnutgrove.
Como* to Parm a.
Conception* to Clyde.
Concord (Pemiscot Co.) to
H ayti.
Concord H ill to M arthasville.
C ondray to Salem.
Coneville to W yaconda.
Conklin to M arshfield.
Connelsvfile* to Novinger.
Conran*! to M arston.
C ontinental to Luxemburg.
Converse*! to Lathrop.
Cookville* to Richland.
Cooper Chapel • to New
Copper Hill* to Bland
Cora*! to Browning.
Corbin* to Osceola.
Corkery to Lebanon.

Canaan*! to Owensville.
Canady* to Caruthersville.
Canecreek to Poplarbluff.
Cane H ill to Stockton.
Caney to Rockbridge.
Cornelia to W arrensburg.
Caney Creek to Oran.
Cornwall* to Fredericktown
C annon M ines to Black• Corridon* to Centerville.
well. .
C orry to Dadeville.
Cannonville to Palm yra.
Corsicana to P urdy.
Cantwell* to Desloge.
Cor so* to Silex.
Corticelli to Russelville.
C ape Fair* to Galena.
Cote Sans Dessein to TebC appeln to New Wells.
C apps to Eugene.
C ottage to Elm er.
Carlow*! to G allatin.
Cottleville* to Saint Peters.
C arrington*! to Fulton.
Cotton t,0 Clarkshnrar.
Carson to W est Plains.
t Telegraph Station.

! Express Office.



Cottonwood P oint to Caruthersville.
Couch* to Alton.
Courtney*! to Indepen­
Courtois* to Potosi.
C ove to CasSville.
Covington to Steel.
Cox to M acon.
Coy to Anderson.
C rab Orchard to Orrick.
Craddock* to Rolla.
C raw ford! to Mem phis.
Crescent*! to E ureka.
C rest to Golecamp.
C retcher to Sweet Springs.
Crider* to W estplains.
Crisp* to Stockton.
Crittenden* to Climax Sp’gs
Crosno* to Columbus, Ky.
Orosskeys to P lorisant.
Cross Roads* to Ava.
Crosstown* to Perryville.
Crowder* to Morley.'
Crown to M arshfield.
Cruise* to Potosi.
Crum p to W hitew ater.
Cull* to W estplains.
Culver to Butler.
Cum m ings to Van Buren.
C urdton to Puxico.
Cureall* to W estplains.
Currentview to Success.
C uster to Salem.
Cyclone* to Pineville.
Gyrene*! to Bowling Green.
Czar to Steelville.
Dagonia to Ellington.
D allas to K ansas C ity.
Dam eron to E lsberry.
D am on to Piedm ont.
Dam sel to L inn Creek.
Danby* to D e Soto,
iDanville* to M ontgom ery
C ity.
D ardenne to O’Fallon.
Darien* to Salem.
D arksville to Huntsville.
Davisville* to Steelville.
Dawson* to M ountaingrove.
D aw t to Gainesville.
Day* (Stoddard Co.) to
D ayton to G arden City.
Dean Lake+1 to T riplett.
D e Gamp* to St. Jam es.
Decaturville* to Linn Creek
Deering to Braggodocio.
Deer to Chamois.
Deer P ark to Columbia.
D eer Ridge to L a Belle.
Deicke to E ureka.
Delasus to Farm ington.
Dell to W arsaw
D elm ar to Clinton.
Dennis to M arshfield.
Dent* to Licking.
D enton*f! (Johnson Co.) to
D enton (Pem iscot Co.) to
Depew to Seymour.
D eray to Jackson.
D erm ott to Marshfield.
D errahs to Williamstown.
Deslet* to Ellington.
D esperesf to Kirkwood.
Des$a to Seneca.
Dickens* to Forsyth.
Dillard* to Steeleville.
Dillon*! to Rolla.
Dissen to New H aven.
D ittm er* to Hillsboro.
Dixie to Fulton.
Dockery to Richm ond.
D odd to Callao.
D odds Spur to Lilbourne.
Doe R un*!! to Farm ington..
Dogwood to Seymour.
D ongola to Ad vancev
D orena to H ickm an, Ky.
Dormis* to Gainesville.
Doss to Salem.
D otham to Fairfax.
Dove* to Lebanon.
Doyle to Salem.
Drake* to Rosebud.
D rakem ore to K ansas C ity.
D resden*!! to Sedalia.
Drew to Lebanon.
D rum to W hite W ater.
D rury* to M ountaingrove,
Drynob* to Lebanon.
Dudenville to Golden C ity.
Duggimsville to Gainesville.
D uke to Richland.
D u m as!! to Revere.
Duncan* to Seymour.
D uncanville to Higbee.
D unksburg (Johnson) to
Sweet Springs.
D unksburg ‘(Saline) to
E m m a.
D urnell to Bloomfield.
D uroc to W arsaw.
D utchtow n* to Jackson.
D uval to Jasper.
D w yer to Kirkwood.
D ye to W eston.
Dykes* to H ouston.
E ad s to Coffman.
E agle Rock* to Cassville.
E arl (Callaway Co.) to
F ulton.


Easley*! to H artsburg.
E . Atchison* to Atchison,
E a st Bonne T erre to Bonne.
E a st E nd to Belleview.
E ast K ansas C ity*! to N.
K ansas City.
E a s t L eavenw orth*!! to
Leavenworth, Kan.
Eastwood* to Van Buren.
Ebenezer to Springfield.
E bo to Potosi.
Eccles to Keytesville.
Echo to Marceline.
Econom y to A tlanta.
E danville to Plato.
Edgehill* to Lesterville.
Edgerton Junction to E dgerton.
Edgewood*!! to Bowling
E dinburg to T renton.
Edmonson to Lincoln.
E dna to Fornfelt.
Edwards* to W arsaw
E gbert to Rhineland.
E gypt Mills* to C ape Gi­
Ehlenberg to H erm ann.
E ight Mile* to H arrisonville
E layer to Steelville.
Eldridge* to Lebanon.
E lgin (Shelby Co.) to
Elgin (Sullivan) to Green
Elijah* to Bakersfield.
E lkfork to Greenridge.
E lk h a rt to Adrian.
E lkhead to Sparta.
E lkins to New Bloomfield.
E lk Lick to Nelson.
E lko to Unionville.
E lk P rairie to Rolla.
E lk Springs* to Noel.
Elkton* to Flemington.
Ellis Prairie* to Houston.
Ellisville to M anchester.
E lm to Kingsville.
E lm G rove-to Forbes.
Elm ont* to Sullivan.
Elm wood (Laclede Co.) to
Elmwood (Saline Co.) to
B lackburn.
Elsey* to Crane.
E lston*!! to Jefferson City.
Elwood*! to Springfield.
E ly*!! to Palm yra.
E m erson to D urham , j
E m m et to E verton.
E m pire P rairie to K ing C ity
Englewood to Ashland.
E nough to Belleview.
E nterprise to Clarence.
Enyart- to Stanberry.
E pw orth* to Leonard.
E rie to Neosho.
E rnest to Lockwood.
E rnestville t o ' Concordia.
E skin to Osborn.
Esrom to Lam ar.
E stes to Curryville.
E sth er* !! to F lat River.
Estill* to New Franklin.
E thlyn*!! to Moscow Mills.
E tlah*!! to New Haven.
E udora*! to W alnut Grove.
Eunice* to Houston.
E uropa to Senath.
E vansville!! to M adison.
E v e !! to F o rt Scott, K an.
E velyn to Bucklin.
Eveningshade to Richland.
E v e re tt to Archie.
Eversohville to C hula.
Excello*! to M acon.
Excelsior* to Versailles. “*
Exchange to E llington .
Fabius* to Rutledge.
Fairdealing* to Doniphan.
F airm ont to W yaconda.
Fairm ont P ark ! to Anglum.
Fairview*! to Clever.
Fairville to M arshall.
F aith to Iberia.
Falcon* to Lebanon.
Fan chon to W estplains.
Fanning* to Cuba.
Farewell to T hayer.
F arm er to Bowling Green.
Farm ersville (Livingston
Co.) to Chula.
Faro to Fredericktown.
Farrar* to Perryville.
Farrenberg to New M adrid
F a te to Lebanon.
Fayetteville to W arrensburg.
Fem m e Osage to Augusta.
Fernridge to C rere Coeur.
Fertile* to Potosi.
Feuersville to Belle.
Fidelity, to Carthage.
Filley to Eldorado Springs.
F irm a! to Old M onroe.
F irth to M oberly.
Flag Springs to Union Star.
Flannery to Springfield.
Flat* to Newburg.
Flatcreek* to Crane.
Flatwoods* to Doniphan.
Flem ing to Orrick.
Fletcher* to D e Soto.
Flip to W inona.
F lory to L am ar.
Floyd to Potosi.
Floyd Station to Orrick.
Flucom to Festus.
Foil to- Ava.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

. ACountySeat.



Folk* to M eta.
Foose to Buffalo.
Fordham to Cameron.
F orker! to Laclede.
Forkners H ill to Conway.
F o rt Lyon to W indsor.
F ountain Grove* to M eadville.
Fourche a R enault to Potosi
Fowler* to M ountaingrove.
Fox to H ardin.
Foxcreek to Pacific.
Frankclay* to Lead wood.
Frankenstein to Bonnots.
Franklinville to Shelbina.
Franks*!! to Dixon.
Frazer*! to Gower.
Fredericksburg* to M orri­
Freedom* to Chamois.
F reistatt* to M onett.
French Mills* to Frederick­
French Village* to Bonne
Friedheim* to Oakridge.
Friendship to Sleeper.
Frisco to Essex.
Fristoe* to Warsaw.
F ru it City* to Ellington.
F ruitland* to Jackson.
F uget to Colum hus, Ky.
Fuson* to H artville.
Gads H ill!! to Des Arc.
Gaines to Brownington.
Gainesford to Rolla.
Galesburg to Oronogo.
Galloway*! to Springfield.
Gam burg to Naylor.
Gam e to CaruthersviUe.
Gang to Eminence.
Gano to Salem.
G ant to C entralia.
G anter to Stoutland.
G ara to Albany.
^Garber* to Branson.
Garfield to Alton.
Garland* to Clinton.
G arner to P urdin.
G arrettsburg to Agency.
Garrison* to Chadwick.
Garwood* to Piedm ont.
Gasconade*!! to M orrison.
Gashland*! to K ansas City.
Gatewood* to D oniphan.
Gaynor to Parnell,
Gazette* to Vandalia.
Gebler to H erm ann.
Geneva to Hornsville.
Gentryville* to Darlington.
Georgetown to S edalia..
Georgeville to Cowgill.
Germ antown to M ontrose.
Gibson*!! to Holcomb.
G ifford!! to South Gifford.
Gildehouse to Union.
Gilmore*!! to Wentzville.
Ginger Blue to Noel.
Ginlet to Columbia.
Gipsy* to Zalma.
Girdner* to Ava.
Gladden* to Salem.
Gladstone* to Eldon.
Glencoe*!! to E ureka.
Glendale (Jackson) to Inde­
Glendale! (St. Louis Co.) to
Glenn to N aylor,
Glennonville* to Campbell.
Glensted*! to Versailles;
Glidewell to Springfield.
Glover*! to Ironton.
Gold to Pleasanthope.
Golden* to E ureka Springs,
Golden Rule to Novinger.
Gooch M ill to Boonville.
Goodhope* to Ava.
Goodland* to Ironton,
Goodnight (Polk Co.) to
P leasant Hope.
Goodson* to Bolivar.
Good W ater* to Ironton.
Gore* to M cK ittrick.
Gorham to Laredo.
Goshen to Princeton.
Goss*! to Paris.
Gouldfarm to Cowgill.
Grabeel to Gainesville.
Grace* to Lebanon.
Graff* to M ountain Grove.
G ranada to Ava.
G rand Center to P rairie Hill
Graniteville* to Ironton.
Grassy* to Lutesville.
G ravelhill to Jackson.
Gravelton* to M arquand.
Gravois Mills* to Versailles.
G ray don Springs to W alnut
Grayridge* to Dexter.
Grayson*!! to P lattsburg.
Graysville to Unionville^
Greeley* to Bunker.
Greenbrier* to Zalma.
Greendoor to W arrensburg.
Greenlawn to Perry.
Greensburg* to Baring.
Greer* to Alton.
Gregory Landing*! to Alex­
Gresham to M orrisville.
Greys P oint to Miller.
Gridley to Osborn.
Grim m et to W estplains.
G risham to M arquand.
Grogan to Houston.,
Groom to Hollister.
Grover to Pacific.
*Money Order Office.

Grovespring* to M organ.
Grubville* to Union.
G ulf to Eudora.
Gulick to M orrisville.
Gumbo to Chesterfield.
G unn City* to E a st Lynne.
G uthridge M ills to K eytes­


Houck to Jackson.
Hough* to E a st Prairie.
H ow ards to St. Louis.
Howards Ridge* to Gaines­
Howell* to Ham burg.
Howes Mill* to Salem.
Howes Station to Salem.
Howland to Unionville.
H ubbard to P rairie Hill
H ubert to Williamsville.
H uckaby to Urbana.
Huggins* to Houston.
Hugo* to L inn Creek.
H ulda to Colecamp.
H ulston to Everton.
H u n t to Broseley.
H u nter* !! to Van Buren.
H unterville to Essex.
H untingdale to Clinton.
H untington* to Monroe
H untsdale*! to Rocheport
Hurlingen to Clarksdale.
H uron* to Bolivar.
H urricane to Lutesville.
H utchison to Laddonia.
H u tto n Valley*! to Willow
Huzzah* to Steelville.
H ym an* to Parm a.

H adley (M aries Co.) to
Hadley* (Reynolds Co.) to
Piedm ont.
Hadsell*! to Strasburg.
H agers Grove to' Clarence.
H ahatonka* to L inn Creek.
H ahn* to Zalma.
H alf Rock to H arris.
Halifax* to Bonne Terre.
H allard to Rayville.
Hailed^ to F aucett.
Ham den* to Bynumville.
H am pton to P la tte C ity.
H am s P rairie to Fulton.
Hancock*! to Dixon.
H andy to Frem ont.
H anna* to W aynesvlle.
H annon*! to Liberal.
H ardem an to N apton.
H arg to Columbia.
H arlem to K ansas City.
H arold to W alnut Grové.
H arper to Osceola.
la ta n * !! to W eston.
H a rt (M acon Co.) to Buck­
Iconium* to Osceola.
Id a to Blackwell.
I H artford to Unionville.
Idalia*!! to Bloomfield.
H artley to Fairplay.
Idlewild to Puxico.
H artshorn* to SummersIlasco*! to H annibal,
i Impo* to M ountain Grove
Hartwell* to Urich.
Indian Creek to Monroe
H artzell to Gideon.
H arvester to Saint Charles.
Indian Grove to Brunswick.
H arvey to Clinton.
Ink* to Eminence.
H aseltine to Springfield.
Ipely to K enneth
Haseville to Laredo.
Ira* to Lebanon.
H assard to M onroe City.
Iren a to G ran t City.
H astain* to Warsaw.
Iron M ountain*!! to Bis­
H atton* to Auxvasse.
m arck.
Haven to Ash Grove.
Rw in*l to Sheldon.
Haw Creek to Frankford.
Isabella to Ham m ond.
Hawkeye* to Crocker.
Isadora* to A thelstan, la.
Haw kins to Bloodland.
Isbell Station* to Bonnots
Hayden* to Dixon.
H ayw ard to Portageville.
Island C ity to Stanberry.
Hazelgreen* to W aynesville.
Jack* to Salem.
Hazel Run* to Bonne Terre.
Jacket* to Pea Ridge. Ark.
H ay elville to Baring.
Jacks F ork to Winona.
H azleton to Licking.
Jadw in to Salem.
Heagy* to Bell City.
Jakes Prairie* to Cuba.
H eather to Philadelphia.
Jamesville* to Clever.
H ecla to Linneus.
Jane* to Pineville.
H edge C ity to N ovelty.
Japan to Sullivan.
H edrick to Salem.
Jarvis to Hillsboro.
Helm to Hancock.
Jaudob to Cleveland.
Helvey to Piedm ont.
Jeff to T hayer.
Helwig to Oregon.
Jefferson B arracks*!! to St.
H em atite*!! to FeStus.
H enderson to Rogersville.
Jeffriesburg*! to Union.
H enrietta (Johnson Co.) to
Jennings! to Saint Louis.
W indsor
Jerom e*!! to Newburg.
Henson* to Charleston.
Jew ett* to D es Arc.
Hercules* to Forsyth.
Job to Alton.
H ereford to Fulton.
Johns Mills to Sparta.
Herm ondale to Holland.
Johnson C ity to Appleton
H erndon to M arshall.
H est* to Ava.
Johnson Spur to Rosebud.
H ester to Maywood.
H ibernia to New Bloom­ Johnstow n to M ontrose.
V. Jordan to Cross Timbers.
Josephville to Wentzville.
Hicks C ity to Oak Grove.
Joy* to Salem.
Higdon to, Fredericktown.
Judge* to Linn.
Higgerson to New M adrid.
Judson to H arris.
H igh Gate* to St. Jam es.
June to Neosho.
High K nob to Dixon.
Highland to Perryville.
High Point* to California.
High P rairie to Marshfield. 1 K ader to Stockton-.
Kaiser* to Brumley.
H igh Ridge* to House
Karlin* to Bolivar.
Kaseyville to Callao.
Hilda* to Forsyth.
Keener to Williamsville.
Hilderbrand* to Perryville.
Keller Station to ShelbyH ildrey to Ashley.
H illard to Poplar Bluff.
Keltner* to Chadwick.
Hilldale to Rocheport.
Kendall to Shelbina.
Hilo* to Ava.
K endricktow n! to Garthage
Him m el to V anduser.
Kenmoor to De Kalb.
Hinch* to Bourbon.
K ennard to Columbia.
H ines to Troy.
Kennedy* to H ayti.
Hinkle* to St. Jam es.
K ehton to Sparta.
H inton to Columbia.
Kenwood to Hurdland.
Hiram * to Lowndes.
Kenwood Springs to WellsH itt to Mem phis.
H obart to Eolia.
Hobson* to Salem.
Keota* to Bevier.
K erens to Poplar Bluff.
Hockm an to W arsaw.
K err to Kidder.
Hodge*! to W averly.
K err Station to P la tte City.
Hoeberville to Wentzville.
K etterm an to Walker.
Hoecker to M éta.
Kewanee*!! to New Madrid
Hofifiin* to Cuba.
K eystone to Perrin.
H ogan*!! to Ironton.
Keys Sum m it to Valley
Hollow to Pacific.
Hollywood*!! to HornerSKeysville* to Steelville.
to New Haven.
Holm es Park* to G rand­
Kilwinning to Downing.
K im ble to Licking.
Holschen Landing to W it­
Kime* to Greenville.
Kinder* to Puxico.
Holstein* to Treloar.
H olts Summit* to New
Kinderpost* to Beulah.
Kings P oint to Lockwood.
Honseville to Rolla.
Kings Valley to Rocky
Hooker* to Dixon.
Hoover to Smithville.
Kinloch* to Ferguson.
Hope* to Linn.
Kinsey* to Festus.
Hopewell* to Rondale.
K irby to Shelbyville.
Hopewell Academy to T re­
Kirbyvike* to Forsyth.
Kissee Mills* to Forsyth.
Horine*!! to Pevely.
K issinger!! to Annada.
H ornet to Joplin.
Kliever to Galifornia.
H ortense to Clinton.
Klondike (McDonald Co.)
H orton*!! to M etz.
to Seneca.
.■ ' - .
f Telegraph Station.
! Express ©tace-



Klondike! (St. Charles Co.)
to Augusta.
Knights to C arthage.
Knob Lick*!! to Farm ington.
Knobtown to Lees Summit.
Knobview*! to St. Jam es.
Knoxville to Rayville.
Kodiak to Savannah.
Koeltztown* to M eta.
Koenig* to Belle.
Koester to D e Soto.
Koping to Nelson.
Krakow* to W ashington.
Kurreville to Jackson.
Kyles* to Piedm ont.
La Crosse* to L a P lata.
Laflin*! to Lutesville.
Laforge*! to New M adrid.
Lagonda* to New Cam bria.
Lake to Creve Coeur.
Lake C ity tt to Independ­
Lakecreek to Cole Camp.
Lake Spring* to Rolla.
Lakewood to Affton.
Lakota to Clarksburg.
Lamb to Grove Spring.
Lambert to Benton.
La Mine*! to Boonville.
Lanagan*ft to PineviUe.
Lane* to Linn.
Lanes Prairie* to St. Jam es.
Langdon*tt to Rockport.
Lanton* to Koshkonong.
Laquey* 'to W aynesville.
Larissa to Ava.
Latty to Potosi.
La Valle* to Parm a.
Lawndale* to Dora.
Lawrenceburg to Ashgrove.
Lawrenceton* to Ste. Gene­
Lead Mine* to Buffalo.
Leann* to Aurora.
Lebeck to EldoradoSprings.
Lebo* to W estplains.
Leemon to Jackson.
Leeper*tt to M ill Spring.
Leesville to Clinton.
Leila* to Eldorado Springs.
Lemonsville to Lemons.
Leopold* to Lutesville.
Leora* to Puxico.
Leota* to M oody.
Leta to Dewitt.
Levick M ill to Jacksonville.
Lewis Station*! to Calhoun
Lexington Ju n ctio n !! to
Libertyville to Farm ington.
Liebig to D oniphan.
Light* to Rolla.
LiUy to P lattsburg.
Linda* to M arston.
Linden (Atchison Co.) to
Linden (Clay Co.)* to
Kansas City.
Linden (W ebster Co.) to
Lingo to Bucklin.
Linkville to N ashua.
Lisbon to Glasgow.
Lisle*!! to Drexel.
Lithium*! to St. M arys.
Little Berger to Herm ann.
Little Blue*!! to Lees Sum­
Little Com pton to Hale.
Little Rock to Gilliam.
Lixville to Perryville.
Locust to Gainesville.
Locust H ill to N ovelty.
Lodge* to Glenallen.
Lodi* to Des Arc.
Loefler to Green C ity.
Loehr to Kirkwood.
Logan* ito Marionville.
Lon to Rogersville.
London to Mansfield.
Lonedell* to Moselle.
Lone Elm to Bunceton.
Lone Hill to Poplar Bluff.
Lone Star to Albany.
Lonetree*! to Harrisonville.
Long Branch to Paris.
Longrun to Ham m ond.
Lookout to Clifton C ity.
Loring* to HartviUe.
Louisa to Cabool.
Louisville to BowlingGreen.
Lovelake to L a P lata.
Lowndes to Greenville.
Low W ossie* to W inona.
Loyd to Lutesville.
Lucas to Urich.
Luck to W alnut Grove.
Luebbering* to Moselle.
Lulu to Alton.
Luna to W est Plains.
Lutman to Sm ithton.
Luystown to Linn.
Lynchburg* to Lebanon
Lyon to New Haven.
Lyons* to Lebanon.
Mabel to W inston.
Machens*!! to Portage Des
Macomb*! to Norwood.
Maddix to Urbana.
Madisonville to Center.
Madry to Aurora.
Magnet to Rockport.
Main City to Drexel.
Majorville to Warsaw.
Mammoth to Gainesville. Manda to Owensville.
Mandeville to Bogard.

M anila to Sedalia.
M anley to Holcomb.
M ann to Ironton.
Mano* to Cassville.
M any Springs to Alton.
M aplegrove to Golden C ity
M aple P ark to L iberty.
Maples* to Licking.
M apletpn to W orthington.
March* to Buffalo.
M arco to Essex.
M arcoot to Salem.
M argaret to Bland.
M arion*! to Centertown.
M arsh Creek to Fredericktown.
M artinstow n to W orthing­
M arvin* to Versailles.
M aryland H eights!! to
Creve Coeur.
M arys Home* to Eugene.
M ason Springs to Seneca.
M asters (Cedar Co.) to
F airplay.
M asters (Polk Co.) to F airplay.
M atkins to New H am pton.
M atson*!! to Augusta.
M attese to Luxemburg.
M aud to Clarence.
M aupin to Catawissa.
M aurine to Blairstown.
M ax to Salem.
M ayesburg to Creighton.
M ayfield to Lutesville.
Mayflower to Seligman.
M cBaine*!! to Columbia.
M cBride*!! to Perryville.
M cCabe to W estplains.
McClurg* to Ava.
McCracken* to Ozark.
M cCunes Station* to Bowl­
ing Green.
McDowell* to Verona.
M cElhaney to Neosho.
McGee* to Lowndes.
M cGirk*! to Centertow n.
M cG uire to C larkton.
M cKinely to Marionville.
M cM ullin*! to Sikeston.
M c N att to Neosho.
M ecca to P lattsburg.
M edford*!! to Holden.
M edley to Columbia.
M ehlville to South St.Louis.
M einert to Lockwood.
Melrose to Pacific.
Melva* to Hollister.
Melville to Qulin.
M elzo to Blackwell.
M endota*! to Unionville.
M entor (Greene Co.) to
M entor (St. Louis Co.) to
M eram ec H ighlands!! to
M erritt to Ava.
M essier to Bell City.
M iam i Station*! to M iami.
Micola* to Caruthersville.
Midco* to Frem ont.
M iddle Brook*!! to Ironton
M iddlegrove to M adison.
M idland (Adair Co.) to
M idland (St. Louis Co.) to
St. Louis.
M idway (Boone Co.) to
M idway (Lewis Co.) to
M idw ay , (Saline Co.) to
M arshall.
M ike to M arceline.
M ildred to Forsyth.
M illard*! to Kirksville.
M illbrook to Russellville.
Millcreek*to Fredericktown
Millersburg* to Stephens.
Millersville* to Jackson.
Millheim* to Perryville.
M ills Store to Fordland.
Millville (R ay Co.) to Rich­
Millville (Stoddard Co.) to
Millwood to Silex.
M iltondale to M issoüriCity
M ilwaukee to Cassville.
M inaville to Liberty.
M incy to Hollister.
M ine L am otte! to F rede­
M ineral P oint*!! to Potosi
M ineral Springs* to Cass­
Mingo* to Puxico.
Mingsville to Plato.
M inimum* to Ironton. •
M innith* to St. M arys.
Mollie to Hum ansville.
M onarch! to Clayton.
M onarch Springs to Neosho
Monegaw Springs* to Os­
M ontague to Ozark.
M ontauk* to Salem.
M onteer* to Birch Tree.
M onterey* to Centerville.
M ontevallo* to N evada.
M ontreal* to Stoutland.
M ontserrat*!! to Knobnoster.
M ora*! to Colecamp.
M orrellton*! to St. Clair
M orse Mill* to Hillsboro.
M orton to H ardin.
M ountain to PineviUe.
M ount A iry to Cliftonhill.
M ount’Carmel* to Vandalia
M ounthope to Moselle.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

ACounty Seat.

M ount H ulda to Colecamp.
M ountP leasant toWeUston.
M ount SterUng* to H er­
m ann.
M ount Zion to Brownington
M um ford* to Springfield.
Munger* to Ironton.
M urphy td St. Louis.
M urry to HaUsviUe.
Musselfork* to Keytesville.
M yrick! to Lexington.
M yrtle* to T hayer, Ark.
M ystic to Green City.
Nagle* to Cabool.
Nailor to Higbee.
Nance* to Protem .
N apier!! to Forest City.
Narrow s Creek to Macon.
N ashville*toM inden M ines.
Nauvoo* to Berryville, Ark.
Nebo* to Plato.
Needm ore (CaldweU Co.) to
Neelys Landing* to Jackson
Neeper to Kahoka.
N eier to Union.
NelsonviUe* to SteffenvUle.
Nemo to Herm itage.
N eola to Greenfield.
New Bloomfield*!! to
New Coin to Seneca.
Newcomer to Brunswick.
New F rankfort to GilUam.
New Grove* to Seymour.
NewhaU to M endon.
New Ham burg* to Benton.
New H artford* to Bowling
New Hope to E lsberry.
Newland to Sedalia.
New Lebanon to P leasant
New Liberty* to W inona.
New M arket*! to D earborn
New Offenburg* to Ste.
New Pauline to L a M onte
New Point* to Oregon.
N ew port (Barton Co.) to
Lam ar.
Newtonia* to Neosho.
New WeUs* to Jackson.
N ichols!! to Springfield.
NickeUton to A tlanta.
N ind to Gifford.
N ishnabotna*!! to Corning
Noah to M ontrose.
N obby to W arsaw.
Noble* to GainesviUe.
N ona to Augusta.
Norman* to St. Jam es.
N orm andy*!! to St. Louis.
N orris to Blairstown.
N o rth cu tt to Suilivan.
N o rth F ork to Lakenan.
N o rth Jefferson! to Jeffer­
son City.
N o rto n !! to M arshall.
Norwine to H ighland ville.
Notch* to Reeds Spring.
N ottinghill to Ham m ond.
NoxaU* to M athew s.
N ursery* to Luxemburg,
N y h art to F oster
Oak to Clarksdale.
Oakdale (Shelby Co.) to
Oakgrove*!! to Frederick­
Oakland* (Laclede Co.) to
Oakland (Ralls C o.)! to
M onroe City.
Oakland S tation to Webb
Oakley to Ellington.
Oakside* to Summerville.
Oakton to Lam ar.
Oakville to Luxemburg.
Oasis* to Hollister.
Oates to Centerville.
Ocie to Protem .
Octa! to Senath.
Odin* to H artville.
Oermann* to Catawissa.
Ohio* to Lowry City.
Ojib way to Chaonia.
Okete to Silex.
O lathe to Mansfield.
Olden*!! to W estplains.
Oldfield* to Sparta.
Oldham to H artsburg.
Old Mines* to Potosi;
Old O rchard!! to W ebster
Olinger to Greenfield.
Olive to Fairgrove.
Oliver to L a P lata.
O livette to Clayton.
Olympia to Eldorado Spg’s.
Om aha to M endota.
Om ba to Willow Springs.
Omer to Jerico Springs.
Ongo to Sparta.
O rchardfarm *!! to
Origanna to Lebanon.
Oriole to Jackson.
Orla* to Lebanon.
O rrsburg to Parnell.
OrrviUe to Clayton.
Osa to Crane.
Osage Bend to Jefferson
Osage Bluff to Jefferson
Osage Iron W orks* to Linn
»Money Order Office.

Oscar to Licking.
Osiris to Jerico Springs.
Oskaloosa* to Arcadia,
Oswego* to Ava.
Oto to Crane. Overton*! to Rocheport.
Ovid to Cowgill.
Owsley to Greenridge.
Oxford to ParneU.
Oxly*!l to Doniphan.
Oypr* to Osceola.
Ozark Beach to Forsyth.
Ozora to St. M arys.
P ack to Southwest City.
P addy to W estplains.
Painton* to Bell City.
Palmer* to Potosi,
P alm etto to Rogersville.
Palopinto. to Lincoln.
P anam a! to Rich Hill, jj
Pansy* to Ava.
Papinsville to Rockville.
P aradise (Clay G o.) to
P aris Springs to Miller.
P arker to Bolckow.
P arkerton to T renton.
Parshley to Carthage.
Pascola*!! to H ayti.
Passo to W arsaw.
Passover to L inn Creek.
P a t to Marceline.
Patsy* to Steelville.
P a tto n to M arquand.
Pattonville* to St. Charles.
Paulding to CardweU.
Pawnee to Blythedale.
Paynesville* to Clarksville.
Peace Valley* to W estplains.
Peakesville to Revere,
P ea Ridge to Sullivan.
Pearl*! to Ashgrove.
Pearson Spur to New
Pease to Conway.
Peers* to M arthasville.
Pem bina to Rogersville;
Pehnville to G reen C ity.
Peoria* to Belgrade.
Pepsin to Granby.
Perkins* to Oran.
Pershing* to M orrison.
Peruque*!! to St. P eters.
Petersburg to Chilhowee.
Petersburg to New F ranklin
Phelps* to Miller.
Phelps City* to Rockport.
Phenix*!! to W alnut Grove
Pierpont to Columbia.
Pilgrim to Everton.
P ilot Knob* to Ironton.
Pinckney to Treloar.
Pine* to D oniphan.
P inetop to Omaha, Ark.
Pinkley to Lesterville.
Pioneer* to Pierce City.
Piper to M ontrose.
Pisgah to Bunceton.
P itcher to Fulton.
Pittsville to Holden.
Plad* to Buffalo.
Plano to Bois D ’Arc.
P la tte River to D earborn.
P lattin*! to Festus.
P leasant Gap to Appleton
P leasant M ount to Eldon.
Pleasantridge to St. Joseph.
P leasant View* to E ldorado
Plevna* to Newark.
Plum Valiey to H ouston.
P lym outh to Ludlow.
P oint Pleasant* to M arston
Pointrest* to Perryville.
Pom ona*!! to W est Plains.
Ponca to Farm ington.
Pond to M anchester.
Ponder* to D oniphan.
P ond F ork to Ham m ond.
Pontiac* to Gainesville.
Poplar to W arsaw.
P o rtia to Eldorado Springs.
P o tto Rico! to C arterville.
P ostal to Nelson.
Postoak* to Leeton.
Pottersville* to W estplains.
P o tts to Linn.
Powe* to Campbell.
Powell* to Rocky Comfort.
Powersite* to Forsyth.
Poynor* to Doniphan.
Prairie C ity to Rockville.
P rairie Lick to Boonville.
P rairie View to H awkpoint.
P ra tt* to D oniphan.
Prescott* to Licking.
Price to Clayton.
Prices Branch to Bellflower.
Prior* to M ountain Grove.
Proctor* to Versailles.
Prospect Hill to St. Louis.
Prosperine to Lebanon.
P rosperity! to Carterville.
Pulaski* to D oniphan.
P ure Air to Novinger.
P urm an to Success, Ark.
Purvis* to Linn C re e k .,
Pyle to Dexter.
P yrm ont to Stover.
Quaker to Belgrade.
Quarles to Clinton.
Quick City* to Blairstown.
Quincy* to W heatland.
Quote to Ludlow.
! Telegraph Station



Racine*! to Seneca.
R acket to Warsaw.
Racola* to Potosi.
R ader (W ebster Co.) to
Raftvifie to Licking.
Rainey to Osceola.
R andles*!! to Cape Girar­
R at* to Centerville.
R avena Station to N orth
K ansas City.
Rayborn* to H artville.
Readsville* to Portland.
Rector to Salem.
Red Bird* to Bland.
Reddings M ill to Joplin.
Redford* to Ironton.
R edm an to A tlanta.
Redmondville* to Belleview
Red Oak* to Bower Mills.
Redtop* to Buffalo.
Reform to P ortland.
Regal to Braym er.
Relfe* to E dgar Springs.
R em bert to H artville.
Renfro to Wooldridge.
Reno to Ozark.
Rensselaer*!! to Hannibal.
Rescue to Bower Mills.
Reynolds* to Centerville.
Rhyse to Salem.
Richville* to M ountain
Ridge P rairie to Nelson.
Ridgeley to Edgerton.
Ridgley to Exeter.
Riggs to Sturgeon.
Rill to Forsyth.
Rim by to Polk.
R inehart* to N evada.
Ripley to Independence.
Rippee* to Ava.
Risco* to Parm a.
R iver Aux Vases* to Ste.
Riverdale to Ozark.
F la t
River view to Brownington.
Rives* to Hornersville.
Roach* to Linn Creek.
Roads to N or borne.
Roanoke* to Armstrong.
Robins to W arrensburg.
Roby* to Plato.
Rochester* to Helena.
Rock Creek to Kimmswick.
Rockford* to Salisbury.
Rock Hill to Kirkwood.
Rockingham to Norborne.
Rockview to Chaffee.
Rockym ount to Eldon.
Rodelia to Louisiana.
R olf to Bloomsdale.
Romance* to Rockbridge.
Rombauer* td Poplar Bluff.
Rome* to Ava.
Rondo to Flem ington.
Rookins to Collins.
Roosevelt toWillow Springs.
Roseland* to W indsor.
Roselle* to Arcadia.
Roseville to Rushville.
Roubidoux* to Houston.
Round Grove to M iller.
Rover* to W bstplains.
Rowena to Gentralia.
Rowland to Stockton.
Row lett to Willow Springs.
Roy* to Ava.
Royal to St. Jam es.
Ruble* to Ellington.
Rucker to Sturgeon.
Ruegg* to St. Louis.
R ueter to Protem .
Rufus to Licking.
R ush to Rosendale.
R ush Tower*! to Festus.
Rushville*!! (Laclede Co.)
to Phillipsburg.
R.uss* to Lebanon.
Russellville*!! (Ray Co.) to
H ardin.
Ryors* to Linn.
Sabula*! to Ironton.
Sackville to W alnut Grove.
Saco* to Fredericktown.
Safe* to St. Jam es.
Saginaw* to Joplin.
Sagrada* to Stover.
Saint Albans to Labaddie.
Saint Annie to Richland.
Saint Antony to Iberia. >
St. A ubert*! to Chamois.
Saint ■C atharine*!!
St. C lair P ark to Moselle.
Saint Clem ent to Bowling
St. Francisville* to K ahoka.
S aint Francois*!! to F lat
Saint George to Hartville.
St. John Station to Over­
St. Luke to M arshfield.
Saint P atrick to C anton.
Salcedo to Sikeston.
Samford to Steele.
Samos to Charleston.
Sample to Collins.
Sampson to -Niangua.
San Antonio to Easton.
Sands to Rolla.
Sand Spring to M arshfield.
Sandstone to N evada.
Sank to Zalma.
Santiago to Lincoln.
Sawn to C o lu m b ia________
t Express Office.



Sappington* to St. Louis.
Saratoga to So. W est City.
Sargent* to WillowSprings.
Sarvis P oint to Seymour.
Saverton*!! to H annibal.
Savoy to Irondale.
Saxton*!!' to Saint Joseph.
Schluersburg to Augusta.
Schofield to Buffalo.
Scholten* to Crane.
School* to Marionville.
Scopus* to Lutesville.
Scotia* to Leasburg.
Scrivner to Russellville.
Scruggs to Jefferson City.
Seaton to Salem.
Seckman to Kimmswick.
Sedgewickville* to P atton.
Selmore* to Ozark.
Selsaf to Independence.
SenateGrove to N ew Haven.
Sentinel* to Flem ington.
Sequoia to Springfield.
Sereno to Perryville.
Settles S tationl to P latte
C ity.
Seventysix*tt to W itten­
Sexson to Hum ansville.
Seybert to Greenfield.
Shackelford*tt to M arshall.
Shatter to Purdin.
Shamrock* to Wellsville.
Shannondale to Salisbury.
Sharon to Slater.
Sharpsburg to L a Belle.
Shaw to Columbia.
Shawnee to Eminence.
Shawnee M ound to Leeton.
Shawneetown* to Poca­
Sheffield to K ansas C ity.
Shelby to Brookfield.
Shell Knob* to Cassville.
Shepard* to Belleview.
Sherman* to Pacific.
Sherrill to Licking.
Shibleys P oint to Connelsville.
Shipley to K ennett.
Shirley* to Potosi.
Shook* to Chaonia.
Shortbend to Salem.
S hott to Tindall.
Shrum* to Lutesville.
Sibley*tt to Buckner.
Sidney (P utnam Co.) to
Green Castle.
Silica! to Pestus.
Siloam Springs* to W estplains.
Silva to Greenville.
Silver Lake* to Perryville.
Silvermine *to Arcadia.
Silverton to Ava.
Sinkin* to Salem.
Skinner to C entralia.
Slagle to Bolivar.
Sledd to Elsberry.
Sligo*! to Cook Station.
Sm allett* to Ava.
Smileyville (M arion Co.) to
Palm yra.
Smithfleld* to C arl Junc­
Sm ittle to H artville.
Sni M ills to Oak Grove.
Snyder* to T riplett.
Solo* to E lk Creek.
Sorrell* to Green City.
Souder* to Rockbridge.
Southard to Lebanon.
South Pork* to W estplaihs.
South St. Louis! to St.Louis
Spalding to Oakwood.
Spanish L ake!! to Saint
Sparrow to Clinton.
Spencerburg to Curryville.
Sperry to Kirksville.
Splitlog to Anderson.
Spokane* to Ozark.
Springblufl* to Sullivan.
Spring C ity (Newton Co.)
to Joplin.
Springcreek* to Rolla.
Springdale to Rogersville.
Springfork* to Sedalia.
Spring Garden* to Eugene.
Spring Grove to Buffalo.
S prott to Farm ington.
Spurgeon to Neosho.
Squires* to Ava.
Stahl*!! to Novinger.
Standish*!! to Carrollton.
Stanley to H ayti.
S tan to n * tt to Sullivan.
S tar (M acon Co.) to E thel.
Starfleld to P lattsburg.
S tark to Louisiana.
Starkenburg to Rhineland.
S tar L anding to W itten­
berg. \
Steihhagen to W arrenton.
Steinm etz!! to Glasgow.
Sterling to Cabool.
Stet* to Norborne.
Stew art to Portageville.
Sticklerville to Green C astle
Stickney* to Vienna.
Stillings to Leavenworth,
K an.
Stinson to Miller.
Stinsonville to Sareoxie.
Stokley to Lam onte.
Stolpe to H erm ann.
Stone H ill to Salem.
Stony Hill* to New H aven.
Strain to Gerald.
S tratm an n to St. Louis.
Strother* to Paris.
S tudtz to Creve Coeur.
Stultz* to E lk Creek _____
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

S turdivant*i to Puxico.
Sublett*! to Kirksville.
Success* to Houston.
Sue C ity to La P lata.
Sugar Lake to Rushville.
Sugartree to N orborne.
Sulphur Springs*!! to
Sunlight* to Belgrade.
Sunny brook to Graham .
Sunny Side to Rogersville.
Sunny Slope to M ountain
Sunshine to H enrietta.
Surprise to Alton.
S utherland to Leeton.
S utter to St. Louis.
Swan* to Forsyth.
Swan wick to Richmond.
Sw art to F o rt Scott, Kan.
Sweden* to Ava.
Sweetwater to Neosho.
Swifton* to Portageville.
Swinton*! to Advance.
Swiss* to Herm ann.
Swope to K ansas City.
Sycamore to Gainesville.
Sylvania to Jerico Springs.
Taberville* to Rockville.
T aft* to Naylor.
T aitsville to Cowgill.
T allapoosa to Parm a.
Taneycomo* to Branson.
Taneyville* to Forsyth.
T anner-to Sikeston.
Taos to Jefferson City.
T arsney to G rain Valley.
Taskee Station* to Williamville.
Tauria* to Reeds Spring.
Tavern* to M eta.
Tea* to Owensville.
Teagues to Seymour.
Tecum seh to Gainesville.
Tedieville to H oustonia.
Tem ple to N evada.
T en B rook!! to Kinnswick.
Tenm ile (M acon Co.) to
M acon.
Ten M ile (B utler Co.) to
Poplar Bluff.
Teresita* to M ountain View
T errell to Republic.
Theodosia* to Gainesville.
T heron to Houston.
Thom as Hill to Clifton
Thom s Station to W ebb
C ity.
T hom berry
Thornfleld* to Ham m ond.
Thornleigh to Sedalia.
Thorpe to Marshfield.
T hrush to Calhoun.
Tiff* to Potosi.
Tiffany Springs to Parkville
Tiffin* to Eldorado Springs.
T ig h t W ad to Clinton.
Tigris to Ava.
T ilsit to Jackson.
Tim ber* to Eminence.
T ina*!! to Hale.
Tingley to Jerico.
T ianey Grove to B raym er.
T ipperary to Novinger.
T ipton Ford* to Neosho.
Toecoa to Gainesville.
Toledo* (Ozark Co.) to Ava
Tolona* to Ewing.
Topaz* to M ountain Grove.
Torch* to Naylor.
Toronto* to Richland.
Townley to M alden.
Tracy* to P la tte C ity.
T rail to Dora.
Trask* to Willow Springs.
T ravers to Cassville.
T ribune to Bloodland.
T rickum to Longwood.
T ruesdall*tt to W arrenton.
Tuckahoe to Joplin.
T ucker to D oniphan.
T ulip to C entralia.
T ullvania to E thel.
T unas *to Buffalo.
T unnel to D e Soto.
T urkey Ridge to W aynesville.
T urley to Plato.
T urnback to Greenfield.
Turners* to Springfield.
T urpin to Clarksville.
T u rtle to Salem.
Tuxedo to W ebster Groves.
Twin Hickories to Licking.
Tyler* to Steele.
T yrone to H ouston.
Udall* to Bakersfield.
U m ber to Stockton.
Undine to Potosi.
Unlontown* to Appleton.
Upalika*! to Williamsville.
Upton* to H ouston.
Useful to Linn.
V ada to H ouston.
Valda to Sedalia.
Valhalla* to Lowry City.
Valles M ines*!! to Bonne
T erre.
Valley C ity to Knobnoster.
Valley Ridge to Campbell.
Van* to Bolivar.
Vaneleve to M eta.
Vanzant* to M ountain
Vastus* to Neelvsville.


ACounty Seat,

Venice (Callaway Co.) to
-M artinsburg
Venice (Shannon Co.) to
, Eminence.
Venus to Vienna.
Vera* to Bowling Green.
Veracruz* to Ava.
Verdella to Liberal.
Vermont* to BUnceton.
Vessie* to Newburg.
Veto* to Rolla.
V ibbardtt to Lawson.
Viburnum* to Steelville.
Victor* to Florida.
Victoria*!! to D e Soto.
Vida* to Rolla.
Vieman to Cuba.
Vigus*+t to Overland.
Vilander to Bourbon.
Vilean to St. Jam es.
Vineit to K ennett.
Vineland*! to D e Soto.
V inita P ark to St. Louis.
Vinson to Dexter.
Viola to- Berryville.
Violet* to Bolivar.
Virgil C ity to Eldorado
Virginia to Amoret.
Voshall to Bonnots Mill.
Vulcan* to D es Arc.W addill to Stella.
Wagoner* to Jerico Springs.
W ainwright* to Jefferson
C ity.
W albert to Sullivan.
W all Street to Long Lane.
W alnut Shade* to Branson.
W anam aker* to M arshall.
W appapello* to Puxico.
W ards ville* to Jefferson
C ity.
W are to D e Soto.
W arren* to Monroe.
W ashington C entre to M ar­
Wasola* to Rockbridge.
W aterloo to Wellington.
W atkins to Iberia.
W ay ham to Eldon.
Wayne* to E xeter.
W ayside to Chadwick.
W eingarten* to Ste. Gene­
W elch to Paris.
Welcome to Chamois.
W eldon Spring to Saint
Wesco*t to Steelville.
W estalton*!! to Alton, HI.
W est dale to N ashua.
W est E ly to Palm yra.
W est Eminence* to E m i­
W est Fork* to Centerville.
W est L iberty to Union ville.
W est over* to Steelville.
W estport*! to K ansas City.
W . Quincy! to Quincy, 111.
W est ville* to M arceline.
W et Glaize* to Stoutland.
W harton to Bloodland.
W heeler to Dixon.
W hite Church to Pom ona.
W hiteoak*! to Hoicomb.
W hite Rock to Carrollton.
W hiting to Charleston.
W ien to New Cam bria.
W ilby to Poplar Bluff.
Wilderness* to Frem ont.
Wildwood* to W aynes ville.
Wilhelmina* to Cam pbell.
W ilhite to Columbia.
W ilhoit* to Gainesville.
Willow Brook to F aucett.
Wills to Greenville.
W ilson Creek* to B attle­
W ilton* to Ashland.
W inchester to W ayland.
W indom to Rockhill.
W indyville* to Buffalo.
W inkler* to Salem.
W inner to Smithville.
W innetonka to K ansas C ity.
Winnipeg* to Lebanon.
W inn W ood Lake to N o rth
K ansas C ity.
Winslow to King C ity.
W intersville to H arris.
W inthrop to Atchison.
Wisdom* to Warsaw.
Wise* to Sheldon.
W ishart*! to Bolivar.
W ithers Mills*! t to H anni­
W itty* to Bradleyville.
W olf Creek to Mansfield.
W olf Island* to Columbus,
W omack*to Fredericktown.
W oodland*!! (M arion Co.)
to Palm yra.
W oodland!! (St. Louis Co.)
to St. Louis.
Woodlandville* to Roche
W oodlawn to M adison.
Woodruff* to Cam den
P oint.
Woods to Am ity.
Woodside to Alton.
W oodville to Jacksonville.
Woollam* to Owensville.
W orcester to Rush.H ill.
W orth*!! to G rant City.
W rightville to C larkton.
W yeth to Rosendale.
Money Order Office.


Yancy Mills* to Rolla.
Youngers to Halls ville.
Youngstown* to Kirksville.
Yount* to Perryville.
Y ucatan to P ortland.
Yukon* to Houston.
Y um a to Lemons.
Zadock to Bloomfield.
Zanoni to Gainesville.
Zebra* to Linn Creek.
Zell* to Ste. Genevieve.
Zenar to Fordland.
Zeta*! to Bloomfield.
Zion Hill to St. Jam es.
Zodiac to Sheldon.
Zora* to Stover.
Zwanzig to Versailles
A bsarokee to Colum bus.
Absher* to Musselshell.
Acton*! to Broadview.
Acushnet to Lewistown.
Adel* to Cascade.
Agawam *!! to Bynum .
A lberton*!! to Missoula.
Albion* to Belle Fourche,
S. D.
Alder*!! to Virginia C ity.
Alger* to Thom pson Falls.
Alham bra* to Helena.
Alma* to Joplin.
Aloe* to Shelby. .
Alzada* to BeUefourche, S.
Am sterdam to M an h attan .
Anad* to Jordan.
Andes* to Culbertson.
Angela* to M iles C ity.
Apex* to Dillon.
A rcher*!! to Redstone.
Arlee*!! to M issoula.
Armells* to Hilger.
A rm ington*!! to Belt.
A rm stead*!! to Dillon.
Ashley to W inett.
Augusta* to Simms.
A ustin*!! to Helena.
Avon*!! to Helena.
Avondale* to G lentana.
Axtell* to Richey.
Aznoe* to Brady.
Babb* to Browning.
B aeth to M alta.
B allantine to W orden.
Bannack* to Dillon.
Barber* to Harlowton.
Barr* to Glasgow.
Bascom*!! to M elstone.
B asin*!! to Boulder.
B attleson to Scobey
B attrick to W innett.
Baylor* to Opheim.
B earm outh*!! to D rum ­
m ond.
Bearpaw* to H avre.
Beaver to Thompson.
Beaverton* to Saco.
Becket* to Grassrange.
Beebe* to M iles City.
Beehive* to Columbus.
Been* to W ibaux.
Belknap* to Thom pson
Belltower to E kalaka.
Belton*!! to Colum bia
Benton to F o rt Benton.
Bew* to Custer.
Biddle* to Broadus.
Big Arm* to D ayton.
Bighorn*!! to C uster.
Birney* to Sheridan, Wyo.
Bison* to Chester.
Black Eagle*! to G reat
Blackfoot* to C u t Bank.
Bloomfield* to Glendive.
Bole*! to Choteau.
Bonin* to Frazer.
B onita to M issoula.
B onner*!! to M issoula.
Boulder H o t Springs to
Bowdoin to M a lta
Bowler* to Bridger.
Boyer to M adoc.
Boyes* to BeUefourche,S.D.
B renner to DUlon.
Brinkm an* to R udyard.
Broadview*!! to Belm ont.
B rockton*!! to Poplar,
Brockway* to Circle.
Brooks* to Hilger.
Bruce to Sum atra.
B rusett* to Jordan.
Buffalo*!! to M oore.
B undy*!! to Lavina.
Burns* to Savage.
Bushy* Ito Sheridan Wyo.
Cadm us to Browning.
CaldweU* to T urner.
Calkins* to W hite Sulphur
C am arud to Scobey.
Cam as to Plains.
Cameron* to Virginia C ity.
Cam ps Pass* to Broadus.
Canton* to Townsend.
C anyon Creek* to Helena.
C anyon Ferry* to Helena.
Capitol* to Cam p Crook,
S .D .
Ca-rbert. to Scobey.
f Telegraph Station.

Cardwell*!! to W hitehall.
C arpenter Creek to Mel­
C arter*!! to F o rt Benton.
CartersviUe*!! to Forsyth.
Centerville! to B utte.
C entral P ark to M anhat­
C hadbourn to Clyde Park
Chance to Belfry.
Cheadle to Lewistown.
C hester*!! to Inverness.
Chico to Livingston.
Christina* to Hilger.
Clancey*!! to Helena.
Clarkston* to M anhattan.
Classoil to E ast Helena.
Cleiv to Power.
Cleveland* to Chinook.
Climax to Ekalaka.
Clinton*!! to Missoula.
C lydepark*!! to Livings­
Coalridge* to Antelope.
Coalwood* to M iles City.
Coburg*!! to Savoy.
Cohagen* to M iles City.
Coffee Creek*!! to Denton.
Collins*!! to D utton.
Colony Bay to F o rt Ben­
Com anche*!! to Broadview
Com ertown*!! to Westby.
Como* to W hite Sulphur
Conner* to D arby.Content* to M alta.
Cooke* to Gardiner.
Coolidge to B utte.
Coram *! to Columbia tails.
Corbin*!! to Boulder.
Cordova to Power.
C orinth !! to Hardin.
Corwin Springs* to Gardi­
Craig ! ! to Cascade.
Crane* to Savage.
Creston* to KaUspell.
Crow Agency to Hardin.
Crow Rock* to Miles City.
C ushm an*!! to Belmont.
C u t B ank*!! to Shelby.
Dagm ar* to Antelope.
D aily to E m igrant.
Dalevlew* to Outlook.
D anvers*!! to Denton.
Deborgia*!! to Superior.
Decker* to Sheridan, Wyo.
DeU*!! to DiUon.
Delphia* to MusselsheU.
Dem ers to Sweetgrass.
Dem psey to Deer Lodge.
D evon*!! to Shelby.
Dewey to B utte.
Divide*!! to B utte.
Dover* to Stanford.
Dupuyer* to Valier.
E ast Scobey to Scobey.
Eddy* to Thompson Falls.
Eden* to G reat Falls.
Edwards* to Jordan.
E gan to Columbia Falls.
Egger to Livingston.
E lk H orn to Boulder.
E lk Park* to B utte.
E ljiston*!! to Helena.
Elmo* to D ayton.
Emory* to Lavina.
E psi to Broadus.
Essex*!! to Columbia Falls.
E thridge*!! to C ut Bank.
E varo*!! to Missoula.
Farm ington* to Chouteau.
Fergus* to Roy.
Fife to Belt.
Finch* to Hysham .
Fishtail* to Columbus.
Flshtrap* to Anaconda.
Flat* to Roundup.
FlatwUlow* to Winnett.
Florence*!! to Stevensville.
Floweree*!! to Carter.
F orest Grove*!! to Lewis­
F o rt Belknap to Harlem.
F ortine*!! to Eureka.
F o rt Peck to Homestead.
F o rt Shaw*! to Simms.
F oster to Custer.
Fowler* to Conrad.
Fox Lake to Lambert.
F ranklin*! to Hedgesvilla
Freewater* to M alta.
Frenchtow n*!! to Missoula
Fresno to Kremlin.
Gage*!! to Roundup.
G alata to Devon.
Galen to Deer Lodge.
Garneill*!! to Judith Gap
Garnet* to Drummond.
G arrison*!! to Deer Lodge.
G atew ay*!! to Eureka.
Genevieve to Saco.
Genou* to Brady.
Gibson* to Bigtimber.
Gibtown to Roundup.
Gilm an*!! to Simms.
G ilt Edge* to Lewistown.
Girard* to Fairview.
Glacier to Whiteflsh.
Glacier P ark * !! to Browning.
lengarry* to Lewistown.
old B utte*! to Devon,
oldcreek*!! to DeerLodge
old Stone* to Rudyarri___
! Express Office.,



G-oosebill to F o rt B enton.
Gould to H elena.
Grace*! to B utte.
Graham to Broadus.
Grant* to Dillon.
Grantsdale* to Ham ilton.
Gregson*tî to Anaconda.
Greve* to Saco.
Greycliff*!! to Bigtim ber.
Half M oon to W hite Fish.
Hanover*!! to Lewiston.
Hathaway*!! to Miles City.
H augan*|l to Superior.
Hays* to Harlem .
Hazel to Terry.
H eart B utte* to Browning.
Hedges!! to H arlow ton.
Hedgeville* to Harlowton.
Henderson* to Wallace,
Heron*!! to Thompson
Hervin to C arter.
Hesper*! to Laurel.
Hibbard* to Sum atra.
Hilger*! to Lewistown.
Hillside* to Jordan.
Hingham*!! to Kremlin.
Hodges*! to Wibaux.
Hoffman (Park Co.) to
Holland to Belgrade.
Homestake*!! to B utte.
Homestead*!! to Froid.
Hopsonville* to Forsyth.
Horte to Honan.
Hunters Hotsprings* to
Huntley to W orden.
Huson*!! to M issoula.
Hydro* to Chinook.
Iliad* to Big Sandy.
Inga to Big Sandy.
Ingomar to Sum atra.
Inverness*!! to R udyard.
Iron M ountain*!! to Su­
Jackson* to Wisdom.
Japan to Musselshell.
Jardine* to Gardiner.
Jeffers* to Ennis.
Jefferson City* to Boulder.
Jefferson Island*!!to W hite­
Jennings* to Libby.
Jens to Drum m ond.
Joplin*!! to Inverness.
Joslin to Roy.
Kahle* to W olf P oint.
Kendall* to Hilger.
Kenilworth* to Big Sandy.
Kevin*!! to Shelby.
Kila* to Kalispell.
Kingsley* to Broadus.
Kinsey*!! to M iles City.
Kintla to Colum bia Falls.
Kippen* to D unkirk.
Kirby* to Sheridan, Wyo.
Klein* to Roundup.
Knobs to Baker.
Knowlton* to Isinay.
Kolin*!! to Moccasin.
Kremlin*!! to H avre.
Lake Basin to Rapelje.
Lake Five to Oolum biaFalls
Lake M cDonald* to W hitefish.
Lakeview* to D illon
Lamedeer* to Forsyth.
Lanark* to Bainville.
Landusby* to Dodson.
Larchwood* to Thompson.
Laredo to Box Elder.
Larslan* to Glasgow.
Laurin* to Sheridan.
Ledger to Conrad.
Lee*t to Forsyth.
Lehigh*!! to Stanford.
Lennep*!! to M artinsdale.
Leroy* to Big Sandy.
Lilacs to Gildford.
Limestone* to Absarokee.
Limington to Choteu.
Lincoln* to Helena.
Lindsay* to Glendive.
Little Chicago to G reat
Lloyd* to Chinook.
Logan*!! to M an h attan .
Lo Lo*!i to Missoula.
Loma* to F o rt Benton.
Lombard*!! to Toston.
Lonepine* to H o t Springs.
Loomont* to W hitehall.
Lost Lake* to Dodson.
Lothair*!! to Chester.
Lovejoy* to M alta.
Lowraine to M alta.
Lowry* to Simms.
Lozeau to Superior.
Lundville to Flaxville.
Lustre to W olf P oint.
Luther* to Red Lodge.
MacKenzie* to Ism ay.
Madoc*!f to Scobey.
Manson* to Conrad.
Marion* to Kalispell.
Marsh*! to Glendive.
Martinsdale*!! to Harlow­

M arysville*!! to Helena.
M audlow*!! to Belgrade.
Maxville* to Philipsburg.
McAllister* to Ennis.
M cCabe*! to Froid.
M cElroy to W estby.
McLeod* to Bigtim ber.
M cR ae to Hysham .
M eaderville! to B utte.
M ecaha to Roy.
M edicine Springs to D arby.
M elrose*!! to B utte.
M elstone*!! to Musselshell.
Melville* to Bigtim ber.
M enard* to Belgrade.
M erino!! to Geyser.
M idvale to Browning.
Millegan* to Cascade.
M illtown to M issoula.
Mink* to Circle.
M itchell* to Helena.
Moiese* to Dixon.
M ona to Culbertson.
M onarch*!! to N eihart.
M onida*!! to Dillon.
M ontague*! to Geraldine.
M oorhead to Gillette, Wyo.
Mosby* to W innett.
M ossmain* to Billings.
M yers*!! to Hysham .
N avajo to Redstone.
Nelson* to Helena.
N iarada* to D ayton.
N ibbe to Pom peys Pillar.
Nihill* to Hedgesville.
Nina* to Oswego.
N ine Mile* to M issoula.
Nohly* to Fairview.
N ora to P ark City.
N orbett* to Highwood.
Norheim* to Chinook.
N orris*!! to Harrison.
Noxon*!! to Thom pson
Nyack* to Colum bia Falls.
Oka* to Ju d ith Gap.
Olney*!! to W hiteflsh.
Osborn to H untley.
Oscar to H avre.
Oswego*!! to Frazer.
Ovando* to Helmville.
Paola to Kalispell.
P aradise*!! to Plains.
Paris* to T erry.
P attonhill* to Frazer.
Paxton* to Richey.
P erm a*!! to Plains.
Phillips* to Dodson.
Phon* to Jordan.
Piedm ont*!! to W hitehall.
Pineview* to C uster.
Plniele* to Broadus.
Pinto* to Gillette, Wyo.
Pioneer to D eer Lodge.
•Piper to Lewistown.
P lum m erton to Power.
Polaris* to Dillon.
Polebridge to Colum bia
Portage*!! to G reat Falls.
Potomac* to M issoula.
Powderville* to E kalaka.
P rairie E lk to Oswego.
Pray* to E m igrant.
Prickley P ear Junction to
E ast Helena.
Proctor* to D ayton.
Pryor* to Edgar.
Purew ater to Terry.
Racetrack* to D eer Lodge.
Radersburg to Toston.
R anch Creek* to Gillette,
Rattlesnake* to Chinook.
Ravalli*!! to St. Ignatius.
Rayfleld to Roundup.
Redwater* to Circle.
Regina* to M alta.
Reichle* to Dillon.
Renova* to W hitehall.
Rexford*!! to E ureka.
Ridge* to Belle Fourche,
S. D.
Riebeling to Gilman.
Riedel to Big Sandy.
Rim ini*! to Helena.
Rihgling*!! to W hite Sul­
p h u r Springs.
R ivulet to Superior.
Roanwood*! to Opheim.
R ocker! to B utte.
Rock Springs* to Miles
Rockvale to Joliet
Roscoe* to Red Lodge.
Rose Valley to Circle.
Ross F ork*!! to Kolin.
Rothiem ay* to Hedgesville.
Ruby* to Virginia C ity.
Russell* to C arter.
R yegate*!! to .Harlowton.
Saint Joseph* to H avre.
St. Peter* to Cascade.
S aint Phillip* to Y ates.
St. Regis*!! to Superior.
Salem to G reat Falls.
Saltese*!! to Superior.
Sand Coulee to G reat Falls.
Sand Creek* to Terrace.
Sanders*!! to H ysham .
Sand Springs* to Sum atra.
Saugus! to T erry.
Schatz to Helena.

reference; key.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

ACounty Seat.

Seines to H ot Springs.
Shawm ut*!! to Harlowton.
Shonkin* to Highwood.
Silesia*!! to Joliet.
Silver!! to Helena.
Silverbow*!! to B utte.
Silverstar* to Twin Bridges.
Simpson* to Gildford.
Sioux Pass* to Fairview.
Sixteen*!! to Ringling.
Slayton to Lavina.
Sloan to Charlo.
South B utte*! to B utte.
Southern Cross to Ana­
Spion Kop*! to Geyser.
Springdale*!! to Bigtim ber.
Springhill to Belgrade.
Springtim e to Colum bus.
Stacey* to M iles City.'
Stark* to M issoula.
Sterrenberg* to Conrad.
Steve F ork to Ingom ar.
S tipek!! to Glendive.
S tockett to G reat Falls.
Straw *!! to Moore.
Stryker*! to E ureka.
Suffolk*!! to W inifred.
Sula* to D arby.
Sullivan* to Richey.
Sun Prairie* to M alta.
Sun River* to Simms.
T a ft to Superior.
Tam pico*! to Glasgow.
T ahde to Scobey.
T arkio to Superior.
Teigen* to Grassrange.
Thoeny* to Hinsdale.
Toluca*!! to H ardin.
T racy to G reat Falls.
Trego* to E ureka.
T rident*!! to M anhattan.
T ro u t Creek*!! to T hom p­
son Falls.
Tuscor* to Thom pson Falls.
Twete* to Harlem .
Ulm *t to G reat Falls.
Union* to Glendive.
Ural* to E ureka.
Utica* to Hobson.
Valentine* to Roy.
Valleytown* to Saco.
Van to Sweet grass.
V ananda to Sum atra.
V andalia*!! to Hinsdale.
Vaughn*!! to G reat Falls.
Verona* to Big Sandy.
Volberg to M iles City.
Volt* to W olf P oint.
W agner*!! to M alta.
W alkerville*tto B utte.
W altham to Highwood.
W are to Lewistown.
W arland*!! to Libby.
W arm springs*!! to A na­
W arren!! to Bridger.
Washoe* to Red Lodge.
W ason Flats* to Ingom ar.
W aterloo*!! to W hitehall.
W ebster* to Baker.
Weldon* to Circle.
W est Fork* to Scobey.
W estm ore*!! to Plevna.
W est Yellowstone*!! to
Ashton, Idaho.
W heat Basin* to M olt.
W hitepine*! to Thom pson
W hite W ater* to Saco.
W hitlash* to Chester.
Wickes* to Boulder.
W ilborn* to H elena.
W illard* to Baker.
Willow Creek*!! to M an­
h attan .
Wilsey to Joliet.
W indham *!! to Stanford.
W inston*!! to Townsend.
W ise River* to B utte.
W olf Creek*!! to Helena.
W oodside*!! to Corvallis.
Y antic to Lohman.
Y ates to Wibaux.
Yegen to Billings.
York to Helena.

Ash brook to M arsland.
Atkins Siding to Bridgeport
Austin to Loup C ity.
Avery to Omaha.
Bailey* to M errim an.
Ballagh* to Burwell.
Belfast to Greeley.
Bellevue*!! to Omaha.
Belmar* to Lemoyne.
Belm ont*!! to Crawford.
Benson*! to Omaha.
Benton to Richland.
Berea to Alliance.
Berlin to Otoe.
B ertha to Craig.
Berwyn to Broken Bow;
Bignell* to Maxwell.
Billings* to Gordon.
Bissel to Schuyler.
Bixby to Sutton.
Blanche to Elsie.
Bliss* to Ewing.
Boheet to Leigh.
Bookwalter to Summerfield, Kan.
Bow Valley to H artington.
Bracken to Nem aha.
B randon to Venango.
Brocksburg* to Herrick,
S. D.
Bronson to Sidney.
B uda*!! to Kearney.
Buffalo* to Cozad.
B urnham to Lincoln.
Burress to Fairm ont.
Calhoun to F o rt Calhoun.
Cam eron to Wood River.
Carlisle!! to D avenport.
Carm an* to Keystone.
Carns* to B assett. .
Cedar Creek to Louisville.
Charleston*!! to York.
Chase to Im perial.
Chim ney Rock* to Bayard.
Coffman to F t. Calhoun.
Colclesser* to Rushville.
Collins* to Hyannis.
Copenhagen to Plainview.
Cornell to Trenton.
Crowell*!! to Scribner.
Cumro* to Sumner.
Curly* to Scotts Bluff.
D aily to Newcastle.
D annevirke to Ootesfleld.
D arr*! to Cozad.
D enm an! to Shelton.
Desoto* to F o rt Calhoun.
Dewing to Rushville.
Duff* to Long Pine.
Dunlap*, to Hemingford.
D ustin* to S tu art.
E ast Omaha to Omaha.
E dholm *!! to Schuyler.
E lk City* to W ashington.
Ellsw orth*!! to Lakeside.
Elsmere* to Purdum .
Em erick to M eadow Grove.
Enderslake* to Ainsworth.
E ndicott to Fairbury.
E th e l to'M ullen.
E tn a to G othenburg.
E v erett to Hooper.
Fargo to Rulo.
Fern* to M ullen.
Finchville* to Arnold.
Flats* to Paxton.
Fletcher to Herm an.
Florence*! to Omaha.
Flowerfleld to Bushnell.
Foley to D avid C ity.
Fontanelle* to Nickerson.
F ora to Hyannis.
F o rt Crook*! to South
Freèdom* to B artley.
Gables* to Ericson.
G ard to Seneca.
Gates* to Anselmo.
Georgetown to Oconto.
Germ antown to G arland.
Giles to Dunning.
Glen* to Crawford.
Glenwood P ark to Kearney.

Zortm an* to Dodson.

A bbott*! to G rand Island.
Abdal to Superior.
Agate* to Harrison.
Akron to Loretto.
Albany* to Gordon.
Albright to Omaha.
Almeria* to Sargent.
Aloys to W est P oint.
Amboy to Red Cloud.
Amelia* to Chambers.
Anan to Glenvil.
Andrews*! to Harrison.
Annandale to Glenvil.
A rabia to W ood Lake.
Arbor to Lincoln.
Arborville* to Polk.
Arizona to T ekam ah.
Armour*!! to Liberty.
Money Order Office.

Hadar* to Pierce.
H aigville to Haig.
H alsey*!! to Purdum .
Hammond* to New port.
H arrop to Burwell.
Hecla*!! to M ullen.
H enry*!! to Gurley.
Hiawatha* to Im perial.
Hoag*!! to Beatrice.
Hoagland* to Stapleton.
Holland* to Hickman.
Hollinger* to Beaver City.
H ouston!! to York.
H untsm an to Gurley.'
Inez* to Atkinson.
Ingham * to Farnam .
Irwin*! to Gordon.
Jamison* to N aper.
Jelen to Verdigre.
Josselyn to I^exington.
! Telegraph Station.

Kennedy* to Brownlee.
Kinney* to L iberty.
Kirk* to H arrisburg.
Knoxville* to Dorsey.
Koller to Minden.
Koshapah to Dunning.
Kowanda to Oshkosh.
K ronberg to M arquette,
L a P la tte *!! to S o u t h
L eat tö M errim an.
Le Blanc to Niobrara.
Le Roy to Pauline,
Lillian* to Broken Bow.
; L inscott to Anselmo.
Logan*!! to Arnold.
Lorenzo to Sidney.
Luce t o Shelton.
Mariaville* to Newport.
M a rth a to Chambers.
M artland*!! to Shickley.
M ascot*!! to Oxford.
M atteson to Valentine.
M attsville to F alls C ity.
M ayberry*!! to Steinauer.
Mayflower to Tryon.
M eadow*!! to Louisville.
Meadville* to Springview.
Meek* to O ’Neill.
M iddlebranch* to Page.
M ilburn* to Anselmo.
M illdale!! to Callaway.
M illerton*!! to D avid City.
Mills* to Gregory, S. D.
M inersville to N ebraska
M ontrose to Ardmore, S.D.
M otala to M inden.
M ynard*! to Plattsm outhi
N ashville to Blair.
N ew ark to Lowell.
Nim burg to Abie.
Norm al* to Lincoln.
N orthport*!! to Bridgeport
N o rth star to Fullerton.
N ysted to Dannebrog.
Oconee!! to Monroe.
O ctavia*!! to D avid C ity
Odessa*!! to E lm Creek.
Opportunity* to O’Neill.
Oraflno* to Cambridge.
Orella*!! to Crawford.
Orum to Kennard.
Ovina to G rand Island.
Ovitt* to Taylor.
P aul*!! to N ebraska City
Phoenix* to Atkinson.
Pishelville* to Verdel.
Pleasanthill to Dorchester.
Ponylake to Newport.
Powel*!! to Alexandria.
P recept to Beaver City.
P reston*!! to F alls C ity.
Quick* to McCook.
Redbird* to Lynch.
Redington* to Bridgeport.
Redwillow to Indianola.
Rescue to Prague.
Ringgold* to Tryon.
Riverview* to B assett.
R okebyt! to Lincoln.
Rosqoe*!i to Ogallala.
Rosenborg to Lindsay.
Round Valley* to Broken
R uby! to M ilford.
S aint Ann* to McCook.
S aint B ernard to Lindsay.
Saint Helena* to W ynot.
Saint M ichael*!! to Boelus.
Sacram ento*! to Funk.
Sanborn* to Haigler.
Sartoria* to Pleasanton.
Sawyer! to E xeter.
Schaupps to Ashton.
Sedan* to Edgar.
Shea to Diller.
Sheridan* to Ericson.
Shestak to Crete.
Sbippee to Wilsonville.
Sholes*!! to Randolph.
Simeon* to Valentine.
Sm artville!! to Sterling.
Sm yrna to Superior.
Somerset* to Wellfleet.
South A uburn to Auburn.
So. Bend*!! to Louisville.
South O m aha!! to Omaha.
Spade* to Gordon.
Sparks* t o Valentine.
S parta to N iobrara.
Spiker to Herm an.
Stafford*!! to Ewing.
Straussville to Falls City,
Sunrise to Fullerton.
Survey* to Ashby.
Swedehome to Stromsburg.
Sybrant* to Newport.
Table* to Arnold.
T ate to Virginia,
T elbasta to Nickerson.
Thom pson*!! to Reynolds.
Tonawanda* .to Atkinson.
Trouble to Codv
t Express Office.

1892 N E B R ., N E V E D A
U niversity Place* to Lin­
Valley Ridge to Blain.
Valley view to Bur well.
Venus* to Orchard.
Violet* to Pawnee City.
V ista to Jackson.
W alnut* to Verdigre.
W a ite s to D avenport.
W alworth* to Sargent.
W areham to Beiden.
W arner ville to Norfolk.
W arren to Oshkosh.
W aterloo to Valley.
W atertow n to M iller.
W ayside*tt to Ç hadron.
W ebster to Scribner.
W eissert* to Berwyn.
Wells to Clarkson.
W est Hill to Genoa.
W est Lincoln to Lincoln.
Westerville* to Broken Bow
W eyerts* to Lodge Pole.
White* to M aywood.
W hiteclay* to Rushville.
Williams* to Hubbell.
Willis to Jackson.
Willow Isla n d * « to Cozad.
W oodlawn to Lincoln
WoodviUe to St. Edw ard.
W orm s to St. Libory.
W yom ing*« to Nebraska.
C ity.
Y anka to B rainard.
Yockey* to Bridgeport,

Alamo* to Pioche.
Amos* to W innemucca.
Arlom ont* to Tonopáh.
Arrowhead to Tonopah.

Logandale* to Las Vegas.
Lower Rochester* to Love­
Ludwig*! to Y erington.
Lund* to Ely.
L uning*« to Yerrington.

B a rn ste a d « to Pittsfield.
B a rrett to Lisbon.
B arrington! to E ast B ar­
B a rtle tt* « ter N o rth Con­
B a th * « to Woodsville.
Bear Island* to Lakeport.
M anhattan* to Tonopah.
Bedford! to M anchester.
M anse to Las Vegas.
Belmont*! to T ilton.
M ason*« to Yerington.
1 B ennetts Landing* toW hite
M esquite* to St. George,
U tah.
B ennington*« to Hillsboro.
Metropolis* to Wells.
Bethlehem*! to Littleton.
Mill C ity to W innemucca.
Bethlehem Ju n c tio n « to
Midas* to Elko.
L ittleton.
Millers to Tonopah.
B lackm ount to Woodsville.
M illett* to Austin
Blair to P lym outh.
B lodgett Landing* to New­
M ina*ti to Tonopah
M oapa*« to Las Vegas.
B oscaw en*« to Franklin.
M ontello*« to Wells.
Bow to Cpncord.
Morning S tar to Ludwig.
Bow M ills to Concord.
B radford*« to Newport.
M ound H ouse*tt to Carson
B reakfast H ill to P orts­
M ountain City* to Elko.
m outh.
Brentwood to E xeter.
B retton W oods*! to W hiteNelson* to Las Vegas
Nenzel to Love Locks.
Bridgewater* to Bristol.
Nixon* to Reno.
B rookline*« to Townsend,
Nolan to Yerrington.
M ass.
Nordyke to Yerrington.
Burkehaven* to N ew port.
N orth F ork to Elko.
Burleyvillet to Wolfeboro.
N yala to Ely.
O reana*tî to Lovelocks.
Orovada* to W innemucca.
Overton* to Las Vegas.
Pahrum p to Las Vegas.
P alisade*« to Elko.
Panaca* to Pioche.
P aradise Valley* to W inne­
Preston* to Ely.
P yram id to Reno.
Pyram id Lake to Reno.
Queen to H aw thorne.

Baker* to Ely.
B aüvard to Wells.
B e a tty * « to Goldfield.
Belmont* to Tonopah.
Beowawe*ti to Elko.
B lair Junction to Tonopah.
Bonnie Clare*! to Gold­
Buena Vista to Sunland.
Bristol to Pioche.
Bunkerville* to St. George
U tah.

Rand to Yerrington.
Rawhide* to Fallon.
Reipetown to Ely.
Rhyolite to Goldfield.
Ripley to Las Vegas.
Rochester* to Lovelocks.
Round M ountain* to T on­
Rowland* to Elko.
Ruby Valley* to Wells.
R u th * « to Ely.

C alien te* « to Pioche.
C andelaria to Tonopah.
C arlin * « to Elko.
Carrara* to Goldfield.
Carson . In dian School to
Carson City.
Centerville to M inden.
C herry C reek*« to E ly.
C o b re* « to Wells.
C ontact* to Rogerson. Ida.
Cortez to A ustin.

Saint Thomas* to Las
S churz*« to Y erington.
¡Searchlight*« to Las Vegas
iShafter*« to Elko.
Sheridan to Gardnerville.
¡Silver City* to Carson C ity.
Silver P eak to Goldfield.
S im pson« to Yerrington.
¡Skelton to H ylton.

Currant* to Ely.
C u rrie* « to Ely.

Spanish R anch to Elko,
Springdale to Goldfield.
Stew art* to Carson C ity.
Stillwater* to Fallon.
S u lp h u r* « to W innemucca.
S unkist to W innemucca.
Sweetwater* to Y erington.

D ay to n * tt to Carson C ity.
D ee th * « to Wells.
Derby* to Reno.
Devide C ity to Tonopoh.
Duckwater* to Ely* ' Ì' /
E a st E ly*t to Ely.
E hret* to Las Vegas.

Telluride to B eatty.
T ip p e tt« to Ely.
T o b a r« to Wells.
Tuscarora* to Elko.
Ursine* to Pioche.

F ernley*tt to Sparks.
Flanigan*! to Winnemucca.
F ranktow n*t to Carson
C ity. ■

V erdi*« to Reno.

Genoa* to M inden.
G erlach*ti to W innemucca.
G olconda*tîtoW innem ucea
Gold Creek* to Elko.
Gold H ill to Virginia City.
Goodsprings* to Las Vegas.

W abuska*« to Y erington.
W adsw orth*« to Reno.
W ashoe to Carson C ity.
W ellington* to Yerington.
W liite Rock to Elco.
Willow P oint to W inne­

Ham ilton* to Ely.
H arrim an to Sparks.
H atch to W innemucca.
Hawthorne* Yerington.
H azen * « to Fallon.
Hilltop* to Winnemucca.
Hornsilver* to Goldfield.
H ualipi to W innemucca.
H um boldt to Lovelocks,
H ylton to Elko.
Im la y * « to W innem ucca.
lone* to A ustin.
Jarbidge* to
Jiggs* to Elko.
Joseco to Pioche.
Jung o * tî to W innemucca.
Lamoille* to Elko.
Lee* to Elko.
Lida to Goldfield-
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Acworth* to Charlestown.
Alexandria* to Bristol.
Alstead* to Bellows Falls,
A lton*« to Farm ington.
Alton B a y * « to Farm ington.
A m h erst« to Milford.
Amoskeag to M anchester.
A nderson*« to N ashua.
A ndover*« to F ranklin.
A n trim * « to Hillsboro.
A pthorp to L ittleton.
A sh u elo t« to W inchester.
A tk in so n « to H averhill,
M ass.
Atkinson Depot* to H aver­
hill, Mass.
Auburn*! to M anchester.


ACounty Beat.

C am p to n * « to P lym outh.
C an aan * « to Lebanon.
Canaan Center to Lebanon.
C anaan Street to Lebanon.
C andia*!! to M anchester.
C andia Village to M anches­
Canobie L ak e* « to M e­
thuen, Mass.
, C anterbury* to Concord.
C ardigan to Lebanon.
Cascade* to Berlin.
: C enter B a rn stead * « to
C enter Conway* to Con­
C enter Effingham* toWolfe
¡Center H arbor*! to M ere­
C enter Sandwich* to M ere­
;C enter Strafford* to Ro­
C enter Tuftonboro* to
C herry M ountain! to LanC hesham *« to Keene.
¡Chester* to D erry.
Chesterfield to Brattleboro,
! Vt.
¡Chichester*! to Pittsfield.
iOhocorua* to Conway.
Clarem ont Junction*!! to
Clarem ont.
¡Clinton Grove to M an­
Cold R iver to Bellows Falls,
: Vt.
¡Columbia to Colebrook.
C ontoocook*« to Concord.
Converse to Franklin.
Cornish Flat* to Clarem ont
¡Cotton Valley to Wolfeboro.
C raw ford House*! toW hite,
1 field.
Croydon* to New port.
Croydon F lat to Newport.
Crystal* to Groveton.
D alton to Whitefleld.
D an b u ry * « to Franklin.
Danville* to H averhill, 1
Davisville to Concord.
Deerfield* to M anchester.
Deerfield C enter to M an­
D erry Village to D erry.
Dixville Notch* to Colebrook.
Dover P oint to Dover.
Drewsville to Bellows Falls,
Dublin*! to Peterboro.
D unbarton to Concord.
D urham to Dover.
E a st Acworth to Charles! town.
E a st Alstead* to Bellows
Falls, Vt.
E . A ndover*« to F ranklin.
E a s t Barrington*! to RochE a st C a n d ia « to M an­
E . C anterbury* to Concord.
E a st Concord*!! toConcord
E . Conway to Fryeburg, Me.
E a st Derry* to D erry.
E a st G rafton to Lebanon.
E a st H am pstead* to H aver­
hill, M ass.
E a st H averhill*!! to Woods
E a st Hebron* to Bristol.
E . K ingston*!! to E xeter.
E ast L em pster to Newport.
E a st M ilford! to M ilford.
E asto n to L ittleton.
E a st Pem broke! to Suncook.
E a st Rindge* to E a st
Money Order Office.



E a st Rochester*! to Roch­
E astside to Concord.
E a st Sullivan* to Keene.
E a st Swanzey* to Keene.
E a st view! to Peterboro.
E . W akefield*« to Wolfe­
E . W ashington to Hills­
E a st W eare« to M anE.

W estm oreland*!


E . W olfeboro« to Wolfe­
E dgem ont to New port.
Effingham* to Wolfeboro.
Effingham Falls* to Con­
Elkins* to Franklin.
Em erson to Hillsboro.
Enfield*!! to Lebanon.
Enfield Center* to Lebanon
E p p in g * « to New M arket.
E psom *!! to Pittsfield.
Errol* to Colebrook.
E tna* to Lebanon.
F abyan House*! to W hite­
Fernald to Wolfeboro.
Fitzw illiam *« to W inchendon, Mass.
Fitzwilliam Depot* to W inchendon, M ass.
Francestown* to Peterboro.
Franconia* to Littleton.
Freedom* to Kezar Falls,
M e.
F rem ont*!! to E xeter.
G ale! to Franklin.
:G arrison! to Concord.
Georges Mills* to New port.
G errish*« to Franklin,
i Gilboa to Keene,
iGilford to Laconia.
;Gilm anton* to T ilton.
Gilman ton Iron Works* to
Farm ington.
;Gilsum* to Keene.
•Glen*!! to N orth Conway.
:Glencliff*!! to Woodsville.
Glendale! to Lakeport.
¡Goffs Falls*«- to M an­
iGoffstown*!! toM anchester.
G onic« to Rochester.
Gossville* to Pittsfield.
!G rafton*!! to Lebanon.
¡Grafton C enter*!! to Leba­
¡Grange to Lancaster.
¡Granite* to Wolfeboro.
¡Grantham* to New port.
¡Grasmere*! to M anchester.
¡Greenfield*!! to Peterboro.
¡Greenland*! to Portsm outh
Groton* to Bristol.
Guild* to New port.
Halcyon to Franklin.
¡Hampstead* to D erry.
H am pton*!! to E xeter.
¡Hampton Beach to E xeter.
H am pton Falls*! to Newburyport, M ass.
Hancock*!! to Peterboro.
H arr is v ille « ! to Peterboro.
H averhill*!! to Woodsville
H ay es!! to Rochester.
Hebron* to Bristol.
H edding! to New M arket.
H en n ik er* « to Hillsboro.
H ighlands to Whitefleld.
H ill*!! to Bristol.
Hillsboro Lower Village to
Hillsboro U pper Village to
Hinsdale*! to W inchester.
Holderness* to P lym outh.
Hollis* to N ashua.
H ookset*« to Suncook. .
Hopkinton* to Concord. H ubbards to D erry.
H udson*! to N ashua.
H udson C e n te r! to N ashua.

Londonderry*! to Derry.
Long Island! to M eredith
Loudon* to Concord.
Lym an to Lisbon.
Lyme* to Hanover.
Lym e Centre* to Hanover
Lyndeboro to Milford.
M adbu ry ! to Dover.
M adison*!! to Conway.
M aplewood*!! to Littleton.
M arlboro*!! to Keene.
M arlboro D epot*! to Keene.
Marlow* to Keene.
M ascom a*« to Lebanon.
M ason«toTow nsend,M ass.
M a st Y ard! to Concord.
M atthew s to Rochester.
Meadows*! to Lancaster.
M elvin Mills* to Newport.
M elvin Village* to Wolfe­
M eredith Center* to Mere­
M eriden* to Lebanon.
M errim ack*!! to Nashua.
M iddleton to Farm ington.
M ilan* to Berlin.
M ill Village* to Newport.
M ilto n * « to Rochester.
M ilton Mills* to Rochester.
M irror Lake* to Wolfeboro.
Monroe* to Woodsville.
M oultonboro* to Meredith.
M oulton ville* to Wolfeboro
M ountainview *!! to Wolfe­
M ount S u n ap ee« to New­
M ount Vernon to Milford.
M ount
W ashington
M ount W h ittier!! to Con­
M unsonville* to Keene.
New B o sto n * « to Man


N ew bu ry * « to Newport.
New Castle* to Portsm outh
New D u rh am * « to Farm­
N ew flelds*«to N ew Market
New Ham pton* to Bristol.
N ewington to Portsm outh.
New Ipswich* to Town­
send, M ass.
New London* to Newqiort.
Newton*! to Merrimac,
M ass.
N ew ton Ju n ctio n * « to
M errim ac, Mass.
N o rth C harlestow n*« to
N o rth Chichester* to Pitts­

In terv ale* « to N o rth Con­

N o rth Danville* to Exeter.
N o rth fleld « to Tilton.
H am p to n * «
Portsm outh.
H averhill*«
N o rth Lisbon to Lisbon.
;N. M onroe to Woodsville.
N . Newport* to Newport.
N o rth Richmond to Win­
N o rth Rochester* to Ro­
N o rth Salem* to Derry.
N. Sandwich* to Meredith.
N o rth Stratford*!! to Lan­
N o rth Sutton* to Newport.
N orthum b erlan d * «
N orthville! to Newport.
N o rth W alpole! to Bellows
Falls, Vt.
N o rth W eare*« to Man­
Northwood* to Rochester.
N orthw ood
Center* to
Northw ood Narrows* to
N orthw ood Ridge* to Pitts­
N o rth
W oodstock*! to
P lym outh.
N ottingham * to New M ar­

Jackson* to N orth Conway.
Jaffrey* to E a st Jaffrey.
Jefferson*! to Whitefleld.
Jefferson Highland*! to

Oliverian to Woodsville.
Orford* to Bradford, Vt.
Orfordville* to Bradford,
AOssipee*« to Wolfeboro.
Ossipee Vailey* to Conway.

Kearsarge* to N o rth Con­
Kensington to E xeter.
Kingston* to E xeter.
Lakewood! to Conway.
Landaff to Lisbon.
Langdon to Bellows Falls,
Vt. .
L eavitts Hill* to M an­
L ee!! to New M arket.
Lee Station to New M arket
Lem pster* to N ew port.
Lincoln*!! to Plym outh.
L ittle Boars H ead* to
Portsm outh.
Liverm ore*!! to N orth
L ockm ere*« to Tilton.

t Telegraph Station.

P arkhill to Keene.
P attee to Lebanon.
P attenville to Littleton.
Pelham * to Lowell, Mass
Pem broke*! to Suncook.
Pem broke*! to Concord.
P equaket* to Conway.
Percy*!! to Berlin.
Pierce Bridge* to Littleton
Pierm ont* to Bradford, Vt.
Pike*!! to Woodsville.
Pittsburg* to Colebrook.
Plainfield* to Windsor, Vt..
P laistow * « to Haverhill.
P o tte r Place*!! to Franklin
Profile House*!! to Little­
Province Lake* to Ro­
JXxpress Office.


Quincy* to Plym outh.
Randolph*} to Gorham .
Raymond*!! toM anchester.
Redstone*!! to N o rth Con­
Reeds P erry * !! to M an­
Richmond to W inchester.
Rindge* to E a st Jaffrey.
Rindgemere to Rochester.
Riverton* to Lancaster.
Robys Corner*! to Concord
Rockingham*!! to New
M arket.
■Rollinsfordt to
R um neyll to P lym outh.
Rumney Depot* to P ly­
m outh.
Rye* to Portsm outh.
Rye Beach*! to P o rts­
m outh.
Rye N o rth Beach* to P o rts­
m outh.
Salem!! to M ethuen, M ass
Salem Depot* to M ethuen,
Salisbury* to Franklin.
Salisbury H eights to F rank­
Sanbornton* to Tilton.
Sanbornville*!! to Wolfe­
Sandown*! to D erry.
Sandwich* to M eredith.
Sawyers R iv er! to N orth
Seabrook*!! to N ew buryport, M ass.
Shelburne*!! to Gorham.
Shirley Hill to M anchester.
Short Falls*! to Pittsfield.
Silver Lake* to Conway.
Smithtown* to Newburyport, M ass.
S nu tlm lle! to Townsend.
M ass.
Snowville* to Conway.
S. Acworth* to Charlestown
S. B arnstead to Pittsfield.
South B arrington to Dover
S. D anbury*! to Franklin.
South Danville* to H aver­
hill, M ass.
South H am pton to Amesbury, M ass.
S. Keene to Keene.
S. Kingston to M errim ac,
South Lee*!toNew M ark et
S. Lyndeboro*! to M ilford
S. M errim ack*! to N ashua.
S. Newbury* to Newport.
South Seabrook to Newburyport, M ass.
South Sutton* to N ew port.
S. Tam worth* to Conway.
S. W eare to M anchester.
S. Wolfeboro* to Wolfeboro
Spofford* to Keene.
Stark*! to Groveton.
Starrking* to Lancaster.
State Line* to W inchendon,
Stinson Lake* to Plym outh.
Stoddard* to Hillsboro.
Strafford* to Rochester.
Stratford*! to Groveton.
Stratham* to New M arket.
Sugar H ill! to Lisbon.
Sunapee* to Newport.
Surry to Keene.
Sutton* to Newport.
Swainboro to Plymouth^
Swanzey to Keene.
Swiftwater to Woodsville.
Tamworth* to Conway,
Temple* to
The Weirs* to Lakeport.
Thorntons Ferry*! to
Troy to Keene.
Twin M ountain*! to L ittle­
Union*!! to Rochester.
Unity* to Clarem ont.
Wadleys F alls to New
M arket.
Wakefield*! to W olfeboro.
W arner*!! to Concord.
Warren*!! to P lym outh.
Washington* to Hillsboro.
Water Village* to Wolfe­
Weare* to M anchester.
Webb! to Keene.
Webster to Concord.
Wendell*! to Newport.
W entworth*!! to P lym outh
W entworth Location* to
West Alton*! to Laconia.
West Andover*!! to F rank­
West B arrington to RochWestboro to W hite River
Junction, Vt.
West Brentwood to E xeter.
W. Câmpton* to P lym outh.
W. C anaan*!! to Lebanon.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

W est
B rattleboro, Vt.
W. Clarem ont* to Clare­
m ont.
W. Concord*!! to Concord.
W est Epping*! to New
M arket.
W est H am pstead to D erry.
W. H enniker*! toHillsboro.
W. H opkinton! toHillsboro.
W est Lebanon*! to W hite
R iver Junction, Vt.
W est M ilan*!! to Berlin.
W estm oreland! to Keene.
W estm oreland D epot*! to
W est N ottingham to New
M arket.
W est Ossipee*! to Conway.
W. Peterboro* to Peterboro
W estport! to W inchester.
W est Rindge*! to W in­
chendon, Mass.
W. R um ney*!! to Plym ­
W est Rye* to Portsm outh.
W est Salisbury*to Franklin.
W. Springfleld*to New port.
W est Stew artstow n*!! to
W est-Swanzey*! to Keene.
W. T hornton*!! to Plym ­
W estville*! to H averhill,
M ass.
W est W ilton to M ilford.
W. W indham *!! to N ashua.
Whiteface* to Meredith.
W hittier to Conway.
Wilmot* to Franklin.
W ilmot Flat* to F ranklin.
W ilton*!! to M ilford.
W indham !! to D erry.
W indham Depot* to D erry.
W innisquam* to Laconia.
W inona*!! to M eredith.
Wolfeboro Falls* to Wolfe­
Woodman* to Wolfeboro.
W oodstock*!! toPlym outh.

Adamston* to P oint Pleas­
Adelphia* to Freehold.
Albion Place to Paterson.
Aldene! to Roselle.
Aldine to Elm er.
A llaire!! to M anasquan.
Aliam uchy*!! to H ackettstown.
Allendale*!! to Ramse.
Allenhurst*! to A sburyPark
Allenwood*!! to M anas­
quan. I .
Alliance to Vineland.
Alloway*!! to Salem.
Almonesson* to W oodbury.
Alpha*!! to Phillipsburg.
Alpine* to Closter.
Ampere*! to Newark.
Anderson to W ashington.
Andover*!! to Newton.
Anglesea*!! to Wildwood.
A nnandale*!!
A nthony to Califon.
Applegates^ Corner
Ardena to Freehold.
Asbury* to Bloomsbury.
Ashland*!! to Haddonfleld.
A tco*!i to Berlin.
A thenia*!! to Clifton.
Atsion*!! to Ham m onton.
Auburn* to Swedesboro.
A ugusta*!! to Branchville.
Aura*! to Glassboro.
Avalon*!! to Ocean C ity.
Avenel*! to Rahway.
A von!! to Belm ar.
Baleville* to Newton.
Baptistown* to Frenchtown.
Barbertow n to Frenchtown.
B arnegat City*! to Barnegat.
B arnegat P ier! to Toms
Barnsboro to W oodbury.
B artley*!! to H ackettstown.
Basking Ridge*!! to Ber­
nards ville.
B assett to Woodstown.
B atsto to Egg H arbor City.
B ayhead*!!
P oint
P leasant.
Bayville* to Toms River.
Bay W ay to E lizabeth.
Beach H aven T errace! to
Beatyestown* to H ackettstown.
B eaver Lake*!! to H am ­
B eaverrun to Ham burg.
Bedminster* to B ernardsville. •
Beemerville to Sussex.
Beesleys Point*! to Ocean
C ity.
A tlantic
ACounty Seat.

Bellem ead*!! to Somer­
Belle Plain*!! to Millville.
H addon
Bergen Point to Bayonne.
Berkeley H eights*! to Sum­
m it.
Berkleys Arms to Toms
Berkshire Valley to Dover.
Bevans* to Branchville.
Birm ingham *!! to M ount
Bissell to Califon.
Bivalve*! to P o rt Norris.
Blackwells M ills to New
Blawenburg* to Hopewell.
Bloomingdaie* to Butler.
Blue Anchor to Williamstown.
Bonham town
Bougher to M oorestown.
Braddock to W illiamstown.
Brainards* to Belvidere.
B ranchport!
B rant Beach! to Beach
Bridgeboro*! to Riverside.
B ridgeport*!! ( Gloucester
Co.) to Swedesboro.
Bridgeville*!! to Belvidere.
Brielle*! to Manasquan.
Broadw ay*!! to W ashing­
Brookdale to M ontclair.
Brooklawn to Westville.
Brookside* to Morristown.
Brookville to Barnegat.
Brown M ills*!! to Pem ber­
B uckshutem to P o rt Norris.
Budd Lake* to Netcong.
Buddtow n to Vincentown.
Buena*!! to Vineland.
Burleigh to Cape M ay C.H .
Burrsville to Lakewood.
B uttzville*!! to Belvidere.
Cam pgaw*!! to Ridgewood
Canton* to Salem.
Cape M ay Point* to Cape
M ay.
C arlton H ill*!! to R uther­
C arm el to Bridgeton.
Carneys Point* to Penns
Cârpentersville*! to P hil­

Cresskill*!! to Tenafly.
Cross Keys to Williams­
Crosswicks* toBordentown.
Croton* to Flem ington.
C rystal Lake*! to Pom pton
Culver to-B arnegat.
Culvers to Branchville.
Daretown*! to E lm er,
D avis! to Allentown.
D ayton*!! to Cranbury.
Deacons Station to B ur­
Deal Beach* to Asbury
P ark.
D eans*!! to New Bruns­
Deckertown to Sussex.
Deerfield Street* to Bridgeton.
D elair*!! to M erchantville.
D elahco*!! to Riverside.
D elaw anna*!! to Passaic.
Delaware*!! to Belvidere.
Delm ont* to Millville.
D em arest*!! to Closter.
D ennisville*!! to Ocean
Denville*!! to Boonton.
D ias Creek*! to Cape M ay
C, H.
Dividing Creek* to P o rt
N orris, t
Dobbins* to Burlington.
Dorchester* to Millville.
D orothy*!! to Millville.
Downer* to Glassboro.
D rakestow n to H ackettstown.
D udley! to Camden.
Dundee L ake!! to Paterson
D utchneck* to Princeton.
E a st B ound Brook to
B ound Brook.
E a st Long B ranch! to Long
B ranch.
E . M illstone*!! to Somer­
E a st Paterson* to Paterson.
E ast Rahw ay to C arteret.
E a st R utherford!! . to R u­
E ayrestow nto M ount Holly
Echo Lake* to Butler.
Edgew ater P ark*!! to Bev­
E dinburg to H ightstown.
E lberon*!! to Long Branch.
Eldora* to Cape M ay.
E ldridge to Woodstown.
E liza b eth p o rtü to Eliza­
Ellisburg to Haddonfleld.
Ellisdale to Allentown.
E lm *!! to H am m onton.
Elwood*!! to Egg H arbor
E m erson*!! to Westwood.
English Creek to M ays
E rial to Berlin.
Erm a* to Cape M ay.
Essex Fells*!! to Caldwell.
E tra* to H ightstown.
E verett* to Red Bank.
E verittstow n to French­
Evesboro to M oorestown.
Ewan* to Glassboro.
Ewingville to Trenton.

Cassville* to Lakewood.
Cecil to Williamstown.
C edar Bridge to Lakewood.
C edar Brook*!îtoW illiam stown.
Cedar Creek to Tom s River
Cedargrove*!! to Verona.
C edar Lake to Williams­
C edar Run* to Tuckerton.
Cedarville* to Bridgeton.
C enterton (Burlington) to
Centerton* (Salem Co.) to
Elm er.
Centerville to Flemington.
Chadwick to P oint Pleasant
Cham bersburg to T renton.
C hangew ater*!! to W ash­
Chapel H ill to A tlantic
C hatsw orth*!! to Pem ber­
Fairfield to Caldwell.
F air Haven* to Red Bank.
F air Lawn*!! to Paterson.
Cheesequake to M ataw an.
Fairm ount (Bergen)
C herry H ill to Hackensack.
Oherryville to Flem ington.
Fairm ount (HunterdonCo.)
ChesiUxurst to Ham m onton.
to Califon.
Chester*! to Dover.
Chesterfield to Borden- Fairton*! to Bridgeton.
Fairview*! (Bergen Co.) to
Cliffside Park.
Chews* to Blackwood.
Fairview (Riverside) to
Chrome*! to C arteret.
Cinnam inson to Riverton.
Fanwood*!! to Plainfield.
Clarksboro*!! to Paulsboro
F a r Hills*!! to BernardsClarksburg* to H ightstown.
Claysville to Salem.
Fieldsboro*! to BordenC lerm ont to Ocean City.
Cliflfwood*! to M ataw an.
Finderne* to Somerville.
Cloverhill* to Flem ington.
Finesville* to Bloomsbury.
Cohansey to Bridgeton.
Fishing Creek to CapeM ay.
Cokesbury to H igh Bridge.
Flagtown*!! to Somerville.
Gold Spring* to Cape M ay.
Flanders*!! to Dover.
ColesvUle* to Sussex.
Flatbrookville* to Newton.
Colliers M ill to New E gypt.
Florham Park* to M adison.
Cologne*!! to Egg. H arbor
Folsom !! to H amm onton.
‘ Forked River*!! to Toms
Colts Neck* to Freehold.
Colum bia*!! to Blairstown.
Fortescue* to Bridgeton.
Coium bus*!! to BordenF rankfort to Somerville.
F ranklin
F urnace!!
Colum bus H eights to P a t­
F ranklin Park* to New
C om m unipaw t! to Jersey
Franklinville*!! to C layton
Com o! to Springlake.
F redon to Newton.
Convent Station*to M orris­
Freneau*!! to M ataw an.
Cookstown*!! to M ount
Gallia to Plainfield.
Cooksville to Bloomsbury.
Georgetown tò Bordentown
Oopperhill to Flem ington.
Germ an Valley to H ackettsCoytesville*! to F o rt Lee.
C ram er H illf to Camden.
Gibbsboro* to Haddonfleld.
C ranbury Station* to CranGibbstown*!! to Paulsboro.
G illette*! to Summit.
Cream ridge*!! to Allen­
Glendola to Belm ar
! Telegraph Station
Money Oader Ofilce.



Glen G ardner*!! to H ighbridge.
Glen M oore*!! to Hopewell
Glen R ock!! to Ridgewood.
Glenwood* to Goshen, N.Y.
Goshen*!! to Cape M ay.
G rand View (Bergen Co.)
- to Cliffside P ark (Cliffside P . O.)
Grandview (Somerset Co.)
to Riverside.
Grantwood*! to Edgewater
Grasselli!! to Elizabeth.
G rassey Sound* to Wild­
G reat M eadow*!! to Hackettstow n.
G reat N otch*!! to L ittle
Green Bank* to Egg Harbor
Green Creek* to Cape M ay.
Greendell! to Newton.
Green Pond* to Dover.
Green Village* to M adison.
Greenville! (Hudson Co.)
to Jersey City.
Greenwich*!! to Bridgeton.
Grenloch*!! to Blackwood.
Griggstown to Princeton.
Grover to Flem ington. .
Groveville* to Bordentown.
Hainesburg*!! to Blairs­
H ainesport*!! to M ount
Hainesville* to Branchville.
H aledon! to Paterson.
H aledon Borougn! to P ater
Haleyville*! to P o rt Norris.
H alsey*!! to Newton.
H am den to Clinton. H am ilton Square*! toTrenton.
H am pton*!ltoH igh Bridge.
H ancocks Bridge* to Salem.
Hanover* to M adison.
H anover N eck to M adison.
Harbourton* to Lam bert: vilie.
Hardingville to Glassboro.
Harlingen* to Hopewell.
Harmersville* to Salem.
H arm ony to Phillipsburg.
H arrington Park* to Closte.
Harrisonyille* to Woods­
H arrison vilie; S tation to
H artford*!! to M oorestown
H askell*!! to Pom pton
H aw orth*!! to Dum ont.
H azen! to Belvidere.
H azlet*!! to M ataw an.
Heislerville*!! to Millville.
H elm etta*!! to Jam esburg.
H ew itt*!! to Butler.
Hibernia* to Dover.
H ighland P ark ! to New
Highlands*!! to Sea B right.
Highpoint* to Barnegat.
Highwood*! to Englewood.
Hillsboro to Somerville.
Hillsdale*!! to Westwood.
H ilton! to Irvington.
Hohokus*! to Ridgewood.
Holland to M ilford.
Hollybeach to Wildwood.
Holmdel* to Keyport.
Holmeson to Allentown.
H om estead!! to W est Ho­
H opatcong! to Netcong.
H ornerstow n*!! to AJlenr
Houses to Newton.
H ow ell!! to Freehold.
Hudson Heights*to G uttentenberg.
Huntsville* to Newton.
Hurffville to W oodbury.
Hyson to Lakewood.
Idell to Frenchtown.
Im laystown* to Allentown.
Indian M ills to Medford.
Iona*! to Clayton.
Ironia*! to Dover.
Iselin*!! to Rahway.
Island H eights*!! to Toms
Jacksonville! to M ount
Jacobstown* to New E gypt
Janvier to Williamstown.
Jeffers to PleasantvilleJefferson to Mullica Hill.
Jericho to Bridgeton.
Jerseyville to Freehold.
Jbbstow n*!!to M ountH olly
Johnsonburg*!! to Blairs­
Juliustown*! to Pem berton.
Junction to Highbridge.
Jutland*!! to Clinton.
K aighns P oint! to Camden.
K earney!! to Harrison.
Kéasbey* to P erth Amboy
Kenilworth*! to C ranford
Kenvil*!! to Dover.
K ingsland!! to L yndhurst.
Kingston*!! to Princeton.
Kingwood to Frenbhtown.
! Express Office.

K in k o rafî to Bordentown.
K irkw oodtî to H addon: field.
Kresson to M oorestown.
L aF ay ette*!! to Newton.
L ake Como*! to- Spring
Lake D enm ark to M ilford.
Lake H opatcong! to Dover.
L akehurst*!! to Toms
Lakeside to W arwick.
Lake View i t to Paterson.
Lam ington to W hite House.
Landing* to Netcong.
Landisville*!! to Vineland.
L an o k a* to T om s River.
Laurelton* to Lakewood'.
L av allette*tt to P oint Pleas­
an t.
to »H addon
H eights.
Lawrence to T renton.
Lawrenceville* to T renton
Layton* to Branchville.
L ebanon*tî to HighBridge
Ledgewood*t to Dover.
Leeds Point* to Pleasantville.
L eesburg*tî to Millville.
Leonardo* to A tlantic H igh­
Leonia H eights to P o rt Lee.
Lewistown to Pem berton
L iberty Corner* to Bernardsville.
Lincoln*! to Boundbrook.
Lincoln P ark*!! to Boonton
Lincroft* to Red Bank.
Lindenwold*t to Berlin.
Linwood*! to Pleasantville.
L ittle Silver*!! to RedBank
L ittle York* to Bloom sbury
Livingston* to Orange.
Locktow nt to Flem ington.
Locust P oint to A tlantic
Long Hill to Summit.
Longport*! to VentnorCity.
Long Valley*!! to H ackettstown.

M ilm ay*!! to M ays L and­
M ilton to Dover.
M ine, Hill to Dover.
M inisink, t to Dover.
M izpah*! to M ays Landing
Moe* to B utler.
M onm outh Beach! to Long
M onm outh Ju n c tio n * tt to
Jam esburg.
M onroe*! to Ham burg.
M onroeville*tt to Elm er.
M ontague to Milford. Pa.
M ontvale*ti to P earl River,
N . Y.
M ontville* to Boonton.
M organville*!! to M a tawan.
M orris P lains*ti to M orris­
Morsemere* to Ridgefield.
M ountain Lakes*! to Boon■ ton.
M ountainside to Westfield.
M oqntainview *ti to L ittle
M ountainville to Califon.
M ount A iryt to L am bertville.
M ount Arlington* to Dover
M ount B ethelt to Plainfield.
M ount E p hraim *tt to H addonfield.
M ount Freedom* to Dover.
M ount Hope to Dover.
M ount L aurel to M oores­
M ount Olive to Netcong.
M ount P leasant to M ilford.
M ount Rose to Hopewell.
M ount Royal* to Paulsboro.
M ount T a b o rtt to M orris­
M urray H ill*!! to Summit.

M arlboro*!! to Freehold.
M arlton*!! to M oorestown.
M arm ora* to Ocean C ity.
M arshallville to Salem.
M a rtin s Creek S tatio n !! to
M artinsville* to Somerville.
M asonvUle*tt to Moores­
M aurer*! to P erth Amboy.
M aurice R iver*!! to P o rt
M auricetown* to P o rt N or­
M ayetta* to T uckerton.
M aywood to Hackensack.
McAfee Valley* to H am ­
M cK ee C ity*!! to A tlantic
C ity.
M endham * to M orristown.
M enlo P ark*! to M etuchen.
M ercerville*t to Trenton.
M etedeconk to Lakewood.

N ational Park* to W ood­
N aughright* to H ackettstown.
N avesink*t to A tlantic
Nelsonville* to Allentown.
Nesco to H am m onton.
N eshanict! to Somerville.
N eshanic Station* to Som­
Netherw ood to Plainfield.
New Bedford to Belm ar.
Newbridge to H ackensack.
New D u rh am !! to W èst
■ Hoboken.
Newfoundland*!! to B utler
New Germ antown to
W hite House S tation
New Gretna* to Tuckerton.
New H am pton* to W ash­
N ew Lisbon*!! to Pem ber­
N ew M arket*!!to Dunellen.
New M ilford*!! to D um ont
N ew Orange to Cranford.
N ew port*! to P o rt Norris.
New Providence*! to Sum­
m it.
New Sharon to Allentown.
New tow n to Allentown.
N ew Vernon* to M adison.
New Village* to Phillipsburg.
N olans P o in t! to Dover.
Nordhoff to Englewood.
N orm a*!! to Vineland.
Norm andie-B y-the-Sea to
N o rth A sbury P a rk ! to
A sbury Park.
N o rth Branch* to Somer­
N o rth B ranch Depot* to
N o rth C ram er H ill! to
| Camden. ,
Northfield* to P leasant­
N o rth H ackensack*!! to
H ackensack.
N o rth Haledon to Paterson.
N o rth H am m onton to
H am m onton.
N o rth L ongbrancht! to
Long Branch.
N orthm ont to H addon
N . P aterso n !! to Paterson.
N . Plainfield! to Plainfield.
N orthvale*! to Clòster.
Norwood*!! to Closter.

M iekleton*!! to W oodbury.
M iddlebüsh*tt to New
M iddletow n*!! to A tlantic
M iddletow n Station to Sa­
M iddleV alley*!! to Califon.
Middlevflle* to New ton.
M idland P ark*! to Ridge­
M idvale*t to P om pton
M ilhurst to Freehold.
M illbrook to Blairstown.
M illdale to Dover.
M illham to T renton.
M illington*!! to B ernardsville.
M illstone* to Somerville.

Oakgrove to Flem ington.
Oakhurst* to Long Branch.
O akland*!! to Pom pton
Oaklyn*! to H a d d o n
Oak Ridge*!! to B utler.
O ak T ree! to South Plainfield.
O ceangate*!!to Tom sRiver
Oceanport* to Long B ranch
Ocean View*!! to Ocean
C ity.
Oceanville* to Absecon.
Ogdensburg*!! to H am ­
Old Bridge*!! to South
Oldwick* to W hite House.

L orrainef to Roselle P ark.
Louden to Berlin.
Lower Bank* to Egg H ar­
bor C ity.
Lower Jam esburg!! to
Jam esburg.
Lower Squankum to F arm ingdale.
L um berton*!! to M t. Holly
Lyons F arm s! to E lizabeth.
M agnolia*tî to H addonHeights.
M ahw ah*!! to Suffern.N.Y.
M ain A venue! to Vineland.
M alaga*!! to Vineland.
M anahaw kin*tt to Tuckerton.
M analapan to Englishtown.
M antoloking*!! to P oint
P leasant.
M an tu a* t to W oodbury.
M an u m u sk in tî to Millville.
M anvillet to Bound Brook.
M arcella to Dover.
M argate C ity !! to A tlantic
C ity,
M arionf to Jersey City.
M arksboro*!! to Blairstown.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


¿County Seat.

Oradell*!! to Westwood.
Orange Valley*! to Orange.
Oriental to Vincentown.
Ormond to Millville.
Osbornsville* to ■ P oint
Overbrook to H a d d o n
Oxford to W ashington.
Oxford F urnace to W ash­

R ockport to H ackettstow n.
Rocksburg to Belvidere.
Rocktown to Hopewell.
Rocky H ill to Princeton.
Roosevelt to C a rteret.
Rosedale to H am m onton.
Roseland* to Caldwell.
Rosemont* to Lam bertville.
R osenhayn*!!to Bridgeton.
Rumson* to Sea Bright.
RUnnymede to Blackwood.

P alatin e! to E lm er.
Palerm o* to Ocean City.
Palisade*! to Edgewater.
P am rako to Bayonne.
Papakating* to Sussex.
P arker to Califon.
Parkertow n* to Tuckerton.
Parlin*! to South River.
P a rry to Riverton.
Parsippanny to Boonton.
P attenburg*!! to Clinton.
P avonia S tation! to Cam ­
Peapack to W hitehouse Sta­
Peerm ont*! to Ocean C ity.
Pennsville* to Salem.
P ensauken! to M erchantville.
Pequannock*! to Paterson.
Perrineville* to H ightstow n
Phalanx* to R ed Bank.
Picton*!! to Westfield.
Pine Beach* to Tom s River.
Pinebrook* to Caldwell.
Piscataw ay! toNews Bruns­
P ittsgrove to Elm er.
P ittstow n*! to Clinton.
Plainsboro*!! to Princeton.
P lauderville! to Garfield.
Pleasantdale* to Orange.

Saddle River*! to Ridge­
Sand Brook* to Flem ington
Sayerville* to South River.
Schooleys M ountain* to
H ackettstow n.
Scobeyville to R ed Bank.
Scotch Plains*! to Plainfield.
Scullville* to Pleasantville.
Seagirt*!! to M anasquan.
Seaside to Sea B right.
Seaside P ark*!! to Toms
Seeley to Bridgeton.
Sergeantsville* to Fleming­
Sewaren*!! to Woodbridge.
Sewell*!! to W oodbury.
Shadyside! to E dgew ater.
Sharon S tatio n !! to Allen­
Sharptown* to Woodstown.
Shiloh* to Bridgeton.
Shim erst to Phillipsburg.
Short H ills*!! to Summit.
Shrew sbury!! to Red Bank.
Sicklerville* to Williamstown.
Silver Lake to Newark.
Silverton to Tom s River.
Singac*! to L ittle Falls.
Skillman*!! to Hopewell.
Sm lthburg to Freehold.
Sm iths Landing to Pleas­
Sm iths Mills* to B utler.
Sm ithville*!! to M ount
Sm ithville (M onm outh) to
Somers Point*! to Ocean
Southard to Lakewood.
South Bergen to Jersey
South Boundbrook* to
South Branch* to Somer­
S. Dennis*!! to Ocean C ity.
S. Seaville*! to Cape M ay.
C. H.
S. Vineland*!! to Vineland.
S parta*!! to Newton.
Spotswood*!! to Jam esburg
Springfield*! to M illburn.
Springtow n! to Blooms­
Spring Valley to H acken1 sack.
Squankum S tation to
Farm ingdale.
Staffordville* to T uckerton.
Stanhope*! to Netcong
Stanley*! to Summit.
Stanton*! to W hite House
Stanwick to M oorestown.
Steelmanville to P leasant­
Stelton*!! to New Bruns­
Stephensburg* to H acketts• town.
Sterling F orest*!! to W ar­
wick, N . Y.
Stew artsville*!! to Blooms­
Stewartsville Station to
Still Valley to Bloomsbury.
Stillwater* to Newton.
Stirling*!! to Bernardsville.
Stockholm *!! to Ham burg.
Stockton*!! toLam bertville
Stoneharbor*!! to Ocean
Stovers M ills to Flem ington
Stratford*!! to H addon
Strathm ore* to Ocean City.
Succasunna*! to Dover.
Summerfleld to Asbury
Sunny Side* to Clinton.
Surf* to Barnegat.
Swainton to C ape M ay
C. H.
Swartswood* to Newton.
Sykesville to Bordentown.

Pleasantgrove to Califon.
P leasant Mills to Egg H ar­
bor City.
P leasantrun to W hiteHouse
Pleasure B ay! to Long
Pluckemin* to Somerville.
Pointville* to Bordentown.
Pole T avern to Elmer.
Polkville to Blairstown.
Pom erania* to Egg H ar­
bor C ity.
Pom ona!! to Egg H arbor
C ity.
Pom pton*! to Pom pton
Pom pton Plains*! to B u t­
P om pton Station to Pom p­
to n Lakes.
P o rt Colden to W ashing­
P o rt E lizabeth*! to M ill­
P o rt M ercer to Princeton.
P o rt M onm outh*!! to A t­
lantic Highlands.
P o rt M orris*! to Netcong.
P o rt M urry*!! to W ashing­
P o rt Oram to Dover.
P o rt Reading*! to Woodbridge.
P o rt Republic* . to Pleas­
P otterstow n
W hite
House Station.
Pottersville* to W h i t e
House Station.
Preakness to Pom pton
Princeton Junction*! to
P rospect P ark to Paterson.
P rospect Plains*!! toJam esburg.
Quakertown* to Flem ing­
Quarryville! to Sussex.
Quinton*!! to Salem.
RanCocas* to M ount Holly.
Raven Rock*!! to L am bertville.
Readington* to Somerville.
Reaville* to Flem ington.
R edlion! to Vincentown.
R ed Valley to Allentown.
R epaupo to Swedesboro.
Rhode H all to Jam esburg.
Richfield to Clifton.
R ichland*!! to M ays L and­
Richwood*!! to Glassboro.
Riegelsville*!! to Phillipsburg.
Rileyville to Hopewell.
Ringoes*! to Flem ington.
R i n g w o o d M anor to
Pom pton Lakes.
Rio G rande*!! to CapeM ay
Risley*!! to M ays Landing.
RisleyviUe to Pleasantville.
Riverdale* to Butler.
R iver E dge*!! to H acken­
River vale to Westwood.
Roadstown* to Bridgeton.
Robbinsville*!! to Allen­
Robertsford to Garfield.
Rochelle P ark*! to H ack­
Money Order Office.

T abernacle to Vincentown.
Tabor* to M orristown.
T ansboro! to Berlin.
T eanecktt to Hackensack.
T en n en t* flto E nglishtow n.
Thorofare*!! to W oodbury.
T hree Bridges*!! to Flem ­
T intonfalls to Red Bank.
T itusville*!! to L am bert­
T otow a Borough to P aterT son.
Towaco*!! to Boonton.
Townley to Westfield.
T ow nsbury! to H ack ettstown.
ownsends Inlet* to Ocean
C ity.___________________
^Telegraph Station.

T ranquility*! to N ekton.
Trem ley to Elizabeth.
T renton Junction*fto Tren­
Turnersville to Woodbury.
UnderclifT! to Ridgewood.
Union H ill!! to Town of
U pper M acopin* to Butler.
Upper M ontclair*!! to
M ontclair.
Vail*!! to Blairstown.
V ailsburg! to Newark.
V alley!! to Bloomsbury.
Vanderburg to Freehold.
Van Hiseville* to Lakewood
Vauxhall*! to Millburn.
Vernon*! to Ham burg.
Vienna* to Hackettstown.
Villa Park* to Spring Lake.
V ulcanite!! to Phillipsburg.
W ading River* to Swedes­
W aldwick*!! to Ridgewood
W all to Belm ar.
W allington!! to Passaic..
W allpackCenter*toBranchville.
W alnut Grove to Dover.
W alnut Valley to Blairs­
W anam assa to Asbury
P ark.
W anaque*! to Pompton
W aretow n*!! to Barnegat.
W arren Glen to Blooms­
W arren P ap er Mills to
W arrenpoint*! to Paterson.
W arrenville! to Plainfield.
W ashingtons Crossing!! to
Lam bertville.
W ashingtonville! to New­
W atchung! to Plainfield.
W aterford Works*! toHamm onton.
W ayne*!! to Pompton
W ayside to Long Branch.
W enonah*!! to Woodbury.
W ertsville to Flemington.
W est Berlin*!! to Berlin.
W. C ape M ay to Cape May
W est Creek*!! to Tucker­
W est E lizabeth to Eliza­
W est E n d to Long Branch.
W est Englewood!! to En­
W est F o rt Lee* to F ort Lee.
W est Freehold to Freehold.
W est G rovefi to Asbury
W est Long Branch*! to
Long Branch.
W est Milford*! to Butler.
W estm ont!! to Haddonfleld.
W est M o o r e s t o w n to
M oorestown.
W est Norwood*!! to ClosW eston*!! to Somerville.
W. Paterson*! to Paterson.
W est P oint Pleasant to
P oint Pleasant.
W . P ortal*!! to Blooms­
W est Sum m it! to Summit.
W . View to Ridgefield Park.
W eym outh to M ays Land­
W harton*!! to Dover.
W hippany*! to Morristown
W hite Hill to Bordentown.
W hite H orse! to Trenton.
W hitehouse*! to White
House Station.
W hitesboro* to Cape May
O. H.
W hitesville*! to Lakewood.
W hiting*!! to Toms River.
W ilbur to Trenton.
W iibu rth a!! to Trenton.
Wildwood Crest to Wild­
Willowgrove to Vineland.
W indsor*!! to Hightstown.
Winslow* to Hammonton.
W oodbine*!! to Millville.
W oodbury Heights*!! to
W oodbury.
Woodciiff to Guttenberg.
Woodciiff Lake*!! to Westwood.
W oodglenn to Califon.
W oodlynnef to Camden.
W oodmansie to Pemberton.
W oodport to Dover.
W oodridge!! to Carlstadt.
Woodruff*! to Bridgeton.
W oodsvilie to Hopewell.
W ortendyke*! to RidgeW ykertow n to Branchville.

Yardville*!! to Bordentown
Yorktown*!! to Woods­
Zingsem to Hacksnsack.
Zion to Hopewell
! Express Office.

Abbot*! t to Roy.
Abiquiu* to Espanela.
Abo to Belen.
Acme*ft to Roswell.
Acomita to Albuquerque.
Adelino* to Albuquerque.
Aden*! to Deming.
Akela to Deming.
Alameda* to Albuquerque.
Albert* to Roy.
Alcalde* to Española.
Algodones* to Albuquerque
Allison* to Gallup.
Alma* to Silver C ity.
Amalia* to San Acacio,
Amargo* to Pagosa Springs,
ColoAmistad* to N ara Visa.
Ancho*!! to Carrizozo.
Animas*!! to Lordsburg.
Anton Chico* to Las Vegas.
Arabela* to Roswell.
Aragon* to M agdalena.
Archuleta to Aztec.
Arrey* to Hillsboro
Arroyo Hondo* to Taos.
Arroyo Seco* to Taos.
Atoka to Artesia.
Aurora to W agon M ound.
Avis* to Alamogordo.
Bacaf to Albuquerque
Bacaville to Belen.
Baldyt to Cim arron.
Bard* to Tucum cari.
Barney* to Clayton.
Barranca to Taos.
Barton to M oriarty.
B ayardfi to Silver C ity.
Beenham* to Clayton.
Bell Ranch* to Tucum cari.
Bellview* to Clovis.
Bent* to Tularosa.
Berino*! to Las Cruces.
Bibo to Albuquerque.
Blanco* to Aztec.
Bloomfield* to Aztec.
Blossburg to R aton.
Bluewater*!! to Albuquer­
Boaz* to Henna.
Brazos to Cham a.
Breece to Gallop.
Brice to Alam ogordo.
Buchanan*!! to P o rt Sum­
Buckhorn* to Silver City.
Caballo* to H o t Springs.
Cabezón* to Albuquerque.
C am bray*tt to Deming.
Canjilon* to Cham a.
Cánones to Española.
Canyon to Albuquerque.
Caprock* to Roswell.
Capulín* to Des Moines.
Carson to Taos.
Carthage*! to Socorro.
Casa Blanca* to Albuquer­
Causey* to Portales.
Cebolla to Cham a.
Cedar Hill* to Aztec.
Cedarvale* to M ountainair.
Central* to Silver C ity.
Cerrillos*! to S anta Fe.
Cerro* to Taos.
Chacon* to M ora.
Chamberino* to E l Paso.
Chamisal to S an ta Fe.
Chamita* to Española.
Chaperito* to Las Vegas.
Chico* to M axwell.
Chilili to E stancia.
Chimayo* to E spañola.
Chloride*! to Hillsboro.
Clapham* to Clayton.
Clark* to E stancia.
Claud to Clovis.
Cleveland* to M ora.
Clifi* to Silver C ity.
Cloudcroft*t! to Alamo­
Cloverdale* to Lordsburg.
Clyde!! to San M arcial.
Colfax!! to Dawson.
Colinor*!!toWagon M ound.
Colonias* to Santa Rosa.
Columbus*!! to Deming.
Cone* to N ara Visa.
Contreras to Socorro.
Cordova to Española.
Costilla to San Acacio, Col.
Cousins to G allup.
Cowles* to Las Vegas.
Coyote* to E spañola.
Coyote Canon to Gallup.
Orownpoint* to Gallup.
Crystal*! to Gallup.
Cuba* to Albuquerque.
Cubero* to Albuquerque.
Cuchillo*! to Hillsboro.
Cuervo*!! to S anta Rosa.
Dátil* to M agdalena.
Dayton!! to Artesia.
Dedmán to D es M oines.
Derry* to Las Cruces.
Dilia* to Las Vegas.
Dixon* to E spañola.
Domingo*!! to Albuquer­

D ona Ana*! to L as’Cruces.
D o retta to Las Vegas.
D ulce*!! to Pagosa Springs,
D unlap* to Vaughn.
D uran*!! to Corona.
D uro to P o rt Sumner.
Dwyer to Deming.
E lizabethtow n! to R aton.
Elk* to Alamogordo.
Elkins* to Henna.
E l Rito* to Española.
E l Vado* to Chamo.
E l Vale to S anta Fe.
E lvira to P o rt Sumner.
E m budo*!! to E spañola.
E m ery Gap*to Des Moines.
Emzy* to Portales.
Encino*!! to Vaughn.
Endee*T! to Tucum cari.
Engle*!! to San M arcial.
E nsenada*toPagosaSprings
Eunice* to C arlsbad.
F air view*! to San M arcial.
Faywood* to Silver City.
Field* to Melrose.
Fierro*!! to Silver City.
F lora Vista*! to Aztec.
Floyd* to P ortales.
Folsom *!! to Des M oines.
F orest to Melrose,
F o rt B ayard to Silver City.
F o rt B ayard*! to SilverCity
F o rt Selden to Las Cruces.
F o rt Stanton* to Carrizozo.
F o rt W ingate! to Gallup.
French*!! to Springer.
Frio to Tucum cari.
Frisco to M agdalena.
F ruitland* to Farm ington.
Gage*! to Deming.
Galisteo* to S anta Fe.
Gallina* to Española.
Gardiner* to R aton.
Garfield* to Las Cruces
Garrison to Portales.
Gascon* to Las Vegas.
Gibson* to Gallup.
Gila* to Silver C ity.
Gladstone* Mills.
Glencoe* to Carrizozo.
Glenrio* to Tucum cari.
Glenwood* to Silver C ity.
Globe to Carlsbad.
G lorieta*!! to S anta Fe.
Golden*! to Albuquerque.
Governador to Durango,
G ran Quivira to M ountainair.
G rant*!! to Albuquerque,
Greenfield*!! to Hagerm an.
Griegos to Albuquerque.
Grier to Clovis.
G uadalupita* to M ora.
Guy* to Des M oines.
H achita*!! to Lordsburg.
H anover!! to Silver C ity.
Hassell* to F o rt Sumner.
H atch*!! to Las Crueces.
Hayden* to N ara Visa.
Haynes* to Albuquerque.
Heaton* to Gallup.
H ernandez to Española.
Highrolls* to Alamogordo.
Hill* to Las Cruces.
Hobbs* to Carlsbad.
Hollene* to Clovis.
Holman* to M ora.
Hondale* to Deming.
Hondo* to Carrizozo.
Hope* to Artesia.
H ot Springs (San M iguele
Co.) to Las Vegas.
House* to F o rt Stunner.
Hudson* to Logan.
H urley*!! to Silver C ity.
Hyer* to E stancia.
Im a* to Tucum cari.
Inez* to P ortales.
Isadore to Tucum cari.
Isleta*!! to Albuquerque.
Jal* to Pecos, Tex.
Jarales* to Belen.
Jemes* to Albuquerque.
Jem ez Springs to Albuquer­
Jenkins* to Elida.
Jicarilla to Carrizozo.
Joneta to Vaughn.
Jordan* to Tucum cari.
June to Las Vegas.
KeBy* to-M agdalena.
H enna*!! to Roswell.
Kingston* to Hillsboro.
Kirtland* to Farm ington.
Knowles* to Carlsbad.
L acueva to M ora.
L aguna*!! to Albuquerque.
Lajoya*! to Socorro.
Lake A rthur*!! to Artesia.
Lake V alley*!!to Hillsboro.
L ake W ood*fi to Artesia.
L a Lande*! to F o rt Sum ner
L a Luz* to Alamogordo.
L a M adera*! to TaosL a Mesa* to Las Cruces.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

ACounty Seat.

Larny*!! to S anta Fe.
L a Plata* to Aztec.
! Largo* to Aztec.
' Las Palomas* to San M ar­
Las T ablas to Taos.
L a Union to E l Paso, Tex.
Lem itar* to Socorro.
Levy* to W agon M ound.
Leyba to Las Vegas,
iLincoln* to Carrizozo.
Lindrith* to Albuquerque.
Longwell to Alamogordo.
Los Alamos to Las Vegas.
Los Cerrillos! to S anta Fe.
iL os Lim as*!! to Albuquer­
Lovington A* to Carlsbad.
Lucero* to M ora.
L ucy*!! to M ountainair.
L um berton*!! to Pagosa
Springs, Colo.
M cAlister* to Melrose.
McDonald* to Roswell.
McGaffey* to Gallup.
M cIn tosh to Estahcia.
M adrid*! to S anta Fe.
Maes* to Las Vegas.
M alaga*! to Carlsbad.
M alpie* to Des Moines.
M angas to M agdalena.
M anuelito*!! to Gallup.
M anzano to E stancia.
M ariano Lake to Gallup.
M arquez to Albuquerque.
M ayhill* to Alamogordo.
M entmore* to Gallup.
Mescalero* to Tularosa.
Mesilla* to Las Cruces.
M esillaPark*!!toLasCruces
M esquite*! to Las Cruces.
M iami* to Springer.
Miera* to Clayton.
M imbres* to Silver City.
Mogollon* to Silver City.
M onero*!! to Pagosa Sp’gs,
M onticello*! to San M ar­
M ontoya*!! to Tucum cari.
M onum ent* to Carlsbad.
Mosquero* to Roy.
M ountainair to Belen.
M ountain P ark*! to Ala­
M ule Creek* to Clifton,
Nadine* to Carlsbad.
Nam be* to Española.
Negra* to M ountainair.
Newhope to Elida.
Newkirk* to Santa Rosa.
New m an*!! to E l Paso,
Nogal* to Carrizozo.
Nolan* to W agon M ound.
N orton to Tucum cari.
Obar*! to N ara Visa.
Ocate* to W agon M ound.
Ochoa to Pecos, Tex.
Odon to Deming.
Ohaysi to Alamogordo.
Ojo Caliente* to Taos.
Ojo Sarco to Española.
Old Albuquerque*! to Al­
Optimo* to W agon M ound.
Orange* to Van H orn, Tex.
Organ* to Las Cruces.
Orogrande *!! to Alamo­
Oscura*!! to Carrizozo.
Otis to Carlsbad.
Otowi to S anta Fe.
Otto* to Estancia.
P ajarito to Albuquerque.
Palm a* to Vaughn.
P araje to San M arcial.
Parkview* to Cham a.
Parsons* to Carrizozo.
Pasam onte* to Clayton.
P astura*!! to S anta Rosa.
Peach Springs to Gallup.
Pecos* to S anta Fe.
Pedernal to Estancia.
Penablanca* to Albuquer­
Peñasco* to Taos.
Pendleton* to Aztec.
Peralta* to Albuquerque.
P etaca to S anta Fe.
Picacho* to Roswell.
Pinon* to Alamogordo.
Pinos Altos* to Silver City.
Pinoswells to M ountainair.
Plácitos* to Albuquerque.
Plain* to Tucum cari.
Plainview* to Lovington.
P leasant H ill to Farwell,
P ojuaque to Española.
Polvadera* to Socorro.
Ponil to Cim arron.
Porvenir to Las Vegas.
Progresso* to M ountainair.
P uertecito to M agdalena.
APuerto D e Luna* to Santa
Q uarai to M ountainair.
Quay* to Tucum cari.
Quemado* to M agdalena.
Questa*! to Taos.
*Money Order Office.

Ramah* to Gallup.
Rana* to Logan. ,
Ranches of Taos* to Taos.
Ranchvale to Clovis.
Rayo to Belen.
Redlake* to P ortales.
Red River* to Taos.
Redrock* to Lordsburg.
Regina* to Albuquerque.
Reserve* to M agdalena.
Ribera*!! to Las Vegas.
Ricardo*!! to F o rt Sumner.
Richland* to Elida.
Rincon*!! to Las Cruces.
Rio Pueblo to Taos.
Rock Island to Tucum ari.
Rociada* to M ora.
R odarte to Taos.
Rodeo*!! to Douglas, Ariz.
Rodey* to L as Cruces.
Rogers* to Portales.
Rosa* to Durango, Colo.
Rosebud* to N ara Visa.
Rowe*!! to S anta Fe.
Ruidosa* to Carrizozo.
Russia to Alamogordo.
Sabinoso* to Roy.
St. Vrain* to Melrose.
Salem* to Las Cruces.
Salt Lake to M agdalena.
Sampson to Grenville.
San Acacia* to Socorro.
San Antonio*!! (Bernalillo
Co.) to Albuquerque. *
San Antonio (BernalilloCo )
to Albuquerque.
Sandoval to Albuquerque.
San Fidel to Albuquerque.
San Jose to Las Vegas.
San Ju a n to Belen.
San Lorenzo to Silver C ity.
San Mateo* toAlbuquerque.
San Patricio to Carrizozo.
San Rafael* to Albuquer­
S anta Cruz to Española.
Santa R ita*!!to Silver City.
San Ysidro to Albuquerque.
Sapello to M ora.
Saynosta to Farm ington.
Scholle!! to Belen.
Seama to Albuquerque.
Seboyeta* to Albuquerque.
Sedan* to Clayton.
Seneca* to Clayton.
Separ*! to Lordsburg.
Servilleta to Taos.
Sherman* to Silver C ity.
Shiprock* to Farm ington.
Shoem aker*!! to Las Vegas.
Silton* to Deming.
Silver C ity a*!! to Deming.
Skarda to A ntonito, Colo.
Sm ith’s Lake to Gallup.
Sofia to Grenville.
Solano*!! to Roy.
Stanley*!! to E stancia.
Stead* to Clayton.
Steeplerock* to D uncan,
Steins*!! to Lordsburg.
Stong to Taos.
S trauss! to E l Paso, Tex.
Sunshine Valley* to A ntoni­
to, Colo.
Sw arts to Silver City.
Taft* to F o rt Stunner.
T aiban*!! to F t. Sumner.
Tajique* to E stancia.
Talpa* to Taos.
T aos Canon to Taos.
Taos Junction!! to Taos.
T atu m to Carlsbad.
Taylor Springs* to Springer.
Teel to Silver C ity .. ¡¿
Telles to Las Cruces.
Texico*!! to Farwell, Tex.
T herm a to Cim arron.
T horeau*!! to Gallup.
T hree Rivers*!! to Alzmogordo.
ATierraAmarilla*to Chama.
T ijeras to Albuquerque.
Tinnie* to Roswell.
Toadlena* to Gallup.
Tohatchi*! to Gallup.
T okay to Socorro.
Tolar*!! to Melrose.
Tome*! to Albuquerque.
Torreón* to E stancia.
T ram pas to Taos.
Trem entina* to Las Vegas.
T res P iedras!! to Taos.
T res Ritos to Las Vegas.
Truchas* to Española.
Tusas* to Taos.
T yronne*!! to Deming.
U te P ark*!! to Cim arron.
Vado to Las Cruces.
Valdez* to Taos.
Valedon* to Lordsburg.
Valencia to Albuquerque.
Vallecitos* to Taos.
Valley Ranch* to S anta Fe.
Valm ont to Alamogordo.
Vanandium* to Silver City.
Veguita* to Belen.
Velarde* to Española.
Venus* to Estancia.
Vermejo Park* to R aton.
Villanuvea* to L as Vegas.
W aldo*!! to Albuquerque.
W arren* to Portales.
Waterflow*-to Farm ington.
f Telegraph Station.



W atrous*!! to Las Vegas.
Weed* to Alamogordo.
W est to Tucumcari.
W hite Oaks* to Carrizozo.
W hite Signal* to Silver C ity
W hite T ail to Tularosa.
W hitew ater*!! (G rant Co.)
, to Silver City,
W hitew ater*!! (M cKinley
po.) ‘to Gallup.
W illard*!! to M ountainair.
Y ates to Roy.
Yeso*!! to F ort Summer
Youngsville* to Española.
Zuni* to Gallup.

A bbotts to Cuba. ,
Academy to Canandaigua.
Accord!! to Kerhonkson.
Acidalia* to Roscoe.
Acra* to Catskill.
Adam s Basin*!! to Spencerport.
Adam s C enter*!! to Adams.
Adam s Corners to Peekskill.
Adirondack* to W arrensburg.
A drian*!! to Canisteo.
A labam a! to M edina.
A labam a C enter to M edina.
A labam a Station to Oakfield.
Alburg to St. Regis Falls.
Alcove* to Ravena.
Alden (Center to Alden.
Alder - Brook* to Saranac
Alder C reek*!! to Boonville
A ldrich to Harrisville.
Alexander*!! to A ttica.
Alfred Station*!! to Alfred.
Allaben*! to M argaretville.
Allens Falls to Potsdam .
Allenshill to E a st Bloom­
Allentown* to WellsvHle.
Alligerville* to New P altz.
Alloway to Lyons.
Alma* to Wells ville.
Alm ond*!! to Hornell.
Alpine*!! to Odessa.
Alplaus to Schenectady.
Alps to Troy.
Alsen*!! to Catskill.
A ltay to Dundee.
A ltm ar*!! to Pulaski.
A lton*!! to Sodus.
A ltona*!! to Ellenburg
D epot.
A m agansett*!! to E a st
H am pton.
Amber* to M arcellus.
Amboy to Solvay.
Amboy C enter to Parish.
Amenia Union to Amenia.
Ames* to Canajoharle.
Amity* to Warwick.
Ancram *!! to Pine Plains.
Ancram Lead M ines*!! to
Pine Plains.
A nnadale!!
Borough) to N . Y. C ity.
(Dutchess Co.) to Red
Apalachin*!! to Owego.
Apex*!! to Hancock.
Appleton*!! to Barker.
Apulia*! to Tully.
A pulia Sta.*! to Tully.
Aquebogue*!! toR iverhead.
A queduct! (Queens Co.)
to W oodhaven.
Aquetuck* to Ravena.
Archdale to Greenwich
A rden*!! to M onroe.
Ardonia* to New P latz.
A rdsle*!! to Dobbs Ferry.
Ardsley on H udson*!! to
A rena*!! to M argaretville.
Argusville* to Canajoharie.
Arkville*!! to M argaret­
Arkwright to Fredonia.
Arlington* (Dutchess Co.)
to Poughkeepsie.
Arlington! (Richmond Co.)
to M ariners H arbor.
Armonk* to Pleasantville.
Arm or to Ham burg.
ArroChar! (Borough of Rich­
mond) to N . Y. City.
A rthursburg* to MillbrookArverne*! see N . Y. City
(Borough of Queens).
(C attaraugus
Co.) to Ellicottville.
Ashford to Ardsley.
Ashland* to W indham.
Ashokan*!! to Kingston.
A shton to Kingston.
Ashville*!! to Jam estown.
Ashwood*fi to Lyndonville
A storia*!! see New Y ork
C ity (Borough of Queens:
Athol* to W arrensburg.
A thol Springs*!! to Ham > burg.
A tw ater*!! to A urora.
Atwood to Kingston.
Augusta to O nskany Falls.
Aurelius to Auburn.
! Express Office.




A uriesville)) to F ultonvüle.
Ausable Chasm* to Keeseville.
Austerlitz* to O hatbam .
Ava* to Boonville.
Averill Park* to Troy.
Awosting to W aiden.
Baiting Hollow Station to
Riverhead. l
Bab cocktail to W est W in­
Bacon H ill to Schuylerville.
B aiting Hollow S tation to
Bakers Mills* to N orth
Balconi to South D ayton.
Baldwin Placò*)) to C ar­
Ballstom C enter to Ballston
Ballston L ake*)) to Sche­
B alm villet to Newburgh.
Bangall*)) to Millbrook.
Bangor* to M alone.
Banksville to Greenwich,
Bannerhouse* to C hateaugay.
Bardonia* to Spring Valley.
Barkersvillè to BallstonSpa.
Barnard*) to Rochester.
Barnerville* to Oobleskill.
B arnes*ti to Dundee.
B arnes Corners* to Copen­

Bethel* to Jeffersonville.
Bethlehem C enter to Al­
Big Creek to Hornell.
Bigelow* to Gouverneur.
Big F lats*)) to Corning.
Big Hollow to Catskill.
Big Indian*)) to M argdretville.
Big M oose*)) to Old Forge.
Big Tree to Ham burg.
Billings* to Poughkeepsie.
B innew ater*)) to Kingston
Birchton to Ballston Spa.
Birdsall*)) to Angelica.
Blackbrook to Au Sable
Black Creek* to Cuba.
Blackmans Corners to
Cham plain.
Black River*)) to W atertown.
B lauvelt*)) to Sparkill.
Bleecker to Gloversville.
Blissville) to Long Island
C ity.
Blockville to Jam estow n.
B lodgett M ills*)) to C ort­
Bloom ingburg*))to M iddletown.

B arneveld*tt to Trenton.
B arre C enter to Albion.
B arrytow n*)) to Red Hook

Bloomingdale*)) to Sara­
nac Lake.
Blooming G rove.) to W ashingtonville.
Bloomington* to Kingston.
Bloomville*)) to H obart.

Barryville* to P o rt Jervis.
B arton*)) to Waverly.
Bartow on th e Sound to
Now Y ork C ity (Borough
of Bronx).
Basom *).to Oakfield.

Blossom to Lancaster.
Blossvale*)) to Cam den.
Blue M ountain Lake* to
Old Forge.
Blue P oint*)) to P atcho­

Batchellerville to N orthville.
B ates to M iddleburg.
B athbeach*)) to Brooklyn.
B ath on th e H udson to

Blue Ridge* to P o rt H enry.
Blue Stores* to G erm an­
Bluff Point* to Penn Yan.
Bohemia*) to Sayville.
Boiceville* to K ingston.

Battenville* to Greenwich.
Bay Chester to New Y ork
C ity (M anhattan)
B ay p o rt* tt to Sayville.
Bayside*)) see N . Y. C ity
(Borough of Queens).

Bolton* to Lake George.
Bolton L anding*)) to Lake

Bayville*) to Oyster Bay.
Beach R id g eti to N o rth
Tonaw anda.
Bearsville* to Saugerties.
Beaver Brook to M onticello.
Beaver D am s*)) to Corning.
Beaver Falls*), to Oroghan.
Beaver Kill* to Roscoe.
Beaver Meadow* to South
Beaver R iver*)) to Remsen.
Beckers Corners to Albany.
Beckwith to Rochestèr.
Bedford*) to M ount Kisco.
Bedford Hills*)) to M ount
Kisco. .
Beekm an to Pawling.
Beekm antown to P la tts­
Beerston*) to W alton.
Belcher* to Salem.
B elf or t to Lo wville.
Belgium to Baldwinsville.
Belle Isle to Syracuse.
Belleville* to Adams.
Bellevue to Lancaster.
Bellona* to Geneva.
Bellona S tatio n )) to Gen­
B ellport*).to Patchogue.
Bellvale* to W arwick.
Bell wood to Lowville.
Belm ont C enter) to M alone.
Belvidere*)) to Belm ont.
Bemus Heights* to M echanicsville.
Bemus Point*) to Jam es­
Bènedict* to Northville.
Behnettsburg* to W atkins.
Bennettsville to Bainbridge.
B ennington to A ttica. \
Benson M ines*) to C a rth ­
Benton C entér to P enn YAn.
Bergholtz to N o rth T ona­
w anda.
Berkshire*)) to N ew ark
Berkshire Pass to Millerton.

Bernhards Bay* to C entral
Besem er)) to Ithaca.
B ethany to B atavia *
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Bom bay*) to F o rt Coving­
Bonaparte* to H arrisville.
Bonney to Norwich.
Boomertown to Jam es­
Boquet* to P o rt H enry.
Borden to Elkland, Pa.
B order City* to Geneva.
Boreas R iver to P ortH enry.
Borodino* to Skaneateles.
Boston* to Ham burg.
Boston Corner*)) to M illerton.
Bouckville*)) to Ham ilton.
Bovina* to Delhi.
Bovina Center* to Delhi.
Bowen to Randolph.
Bowens Corners to Fulton.
Bowmansville*)) to Lan­
Boyd to Lowville.
Boylston C enter to Lacona.
Boyntonville to Hoosick
Bradford* to B ath.
Bradley* to Liberty.
B rainard S tation*))
C hatham ,
Brainerdsville* to Chateaugay.
Branchport* to P enn Y an.
B rant* to Angola.
Brantingham * to Lowville.
Brasher C enter to Brasher
B rasher Iron W orks to
Brasher Falls.
Brasie Corners* to H am ­
m ond.
Breakabeen* to M iddle­
Breesport to Horseheads.
Brentwood*)) to B ay Shore.
Brew erton*)) to C entral
Briarcliff M anor*)) to Ossi­
Brice) to Albion.
Bridgeport* to Syracuse.
Bridgeville* to M onticello.
Bridgewater*)) to W est
Brier H ill*)) to M orristown
B righton*)) to Rochester.
Brightw aters*) to Bayshore.
Brinckerhoff*)) to Beacon.
Brisben*)) to Greene.
Briscoe to Jeffersonville.
B ristol to B ast Bloomfield.
B ristol Center* to Canan­


* County Seat.

Bristol Springs to Naples.
Brockway* to Beacon.
Brodhead* to Kingston.
Bronxdale) to New Y ork
City,, M anhattan.

C edar H ill to Albany.
C edarhurst*)) to Lawrence.
C edarvale to Syracuse.
Cedarville* to W est W in­

Brookdale to W inthrop.
Brookfield* to Earlville.
Brook H aven*)) to P a t­
Brooklyn to New Y ork C ity
<Borougri 01 m-. oklyn).
Brooksbiirg* to W indham
B rookton*)) to Ithaca.
Brpokview*)) to C astleton.
Broome C enter to M iddle­

Celeron* to Jam estow n.
Cementon* to Saugerties.
C enter to F rankfort.
C enter (Herkim er Co.) to
F rankfort.

Brownville*)) to W atertown.
Bruynsw ick to W allkill.
Buchanan* to Peekskill.
B uckton to W inthrop.
Buel to Canajoharie.
Bulls H ead (D utchess Co.)
to Rhinebeck.
Bulls H ead) (Richm ond Bo­
rough) to Graniteville.
Bullville*)) to M iddletow n.
B urden to Germ antown.
B urd ett* )) to W atkins,
Burke*)) to M alone.
Bur]ingham *toM iddletown
Burlington* to E dm eston.
Burlington Flats* to E d­
m eston.
Burnham s* to Fredonia.
Bruns*) to Canaseraga.
Burnside*)) to Washingtonville.
B u rn t Hills* to Ballston

C enter Berlin* to Berlin,
C enter Brunswick to Troy.
C enter Cam bridge to Cam ­
Center each* to Stony Brook
C énter Lisle* to Lisle.
CenterpOrt* to H untington.
C enter Village*)) to Afton.
Centerville* (Alleghany Co.)
to Pike.
Centerville (U lster Co.) to
Centerville Station to
C entral Bridge*)) to Scho­
C entralia tp Stockton.
C entral P ark * )) to F arm ingdale.
Ceres*)) to Glean.
Chadwicks*)) to Clayville.
Chafee*)) to H olland.
Chambers*) to Corning.
Cham pion to Carthage.
C hapin*)) to C anandaigua.
C happaqua*)) to P leasantville.

Burnwood* to Hancock.
B urrs M ills to W atertow n.
B urt*)) to New Fane.
Burtonsville* to Am ster­
dam .
Bushes Landing to Low­

Charleston* to Tottenville.
N . Y. C ity (Borough of
Richm ond).
Charleston Four Corners to
C harlotte*) to Rochester.
C harlotte C enter to Sinclairville.

Bushnellsyille* to Kingston.
Bushville* to M onticello.
Buskirk*) to Hoosick Falls.
B usti to Jam estown.
B utler C enter) to W olcott.
Byersville to Dansville.
B yron*)) to B atavia.

CharIotteville*to E astW orcester.
C harlton to Ballstòh Spa.
Chase Mills*) to W addington.
Chaseville* to Schenevus.
C hasm Falls to M alone.

Cadosia*) to Hancock.
Cadyville*)) to P lattsburg.
Cairo*) to Catskill.
Calcium *)) to E vans Mills.
Callicoon Center* to Jeffer­
C alverton*)) to Riverhead.
Cam eron*)) to Addison.
Cam eron M ills*)) to Addi­
Campbell H all*)) to Gosh­
Campville*) to Owego.
C anaan*)) to C hatham .
C anada Lake to Glovers­
Canadice to Livonia.
C anarsie) to Brooklyn.
C aneadea*)) to Belfast.
Cannonsville* to D eposi
Canoga to Seneca Falls.

C hateaugay Lake* to C hateaugay.
C hatham C enter*)) toC hatham .
Chaum ont*)) to Cape Vin­
Chauncey*)) to D obbs
C hautauqua*)) to M ayville.
C hazy*)) to Champlain.
Cheefetowaga to L ancaster.
Chelsea*)) (D utchess Co.)
to Beacon.
Chelsea*) to P o rt Rich­
m ond, New Y ork C ity
(Borough of Richm ond).
Chem ung*)! to W averly,
Chemung C enter to W av­
Chenango Bridge*)) to
Bingham ton.

C a nterbury to Cornwall.
C antonville to Ellenville.
Capron* to Utica.
Cardiff to Tully.

Chenango Forks*)) to
Chepachet* to W est Win­
Cherryplain to Berlin.

Carle Place to Mineola.
Carlisle* to Oobleskill.
Carlisle Centre* to Ooble­

Cheshire to C anandaigua.
ChestertOwn*) to W arrensburg.

C arlton*) to Albion.
C arlton S tation to Albion.
C arlyon to Lyndonville.
Carm an* to Schenectady.
C aroga Lake* to Glovers­
C aroline) to Ithaca.
Caroline Center to Ithaca.
Caroline Depot* to Ithaca.
C arrollton*)) to Salamanca.
C aryl) to Yonkers.
Cassadoga* to Fredonia.
Cassville*) to W est W in­
Castle*) to Oneida Castle.
Castle Creek* to W hitney
P oint.
C astleton Corners to P o rt
Richm ond.
C astorland*)) to Lowville.
C atatonk*) to Owego.
C ataw ba to Ham m ondsport
C aton to Corning.
C atharine to Odessa.
CaughdenOy)) to C entral
Catskill Station to Catskill.
C ayuga*)) to Auburn.'
C ayuta*)) to Odessa.
C ayutaville to Odessa
Caywood*)) to Ovid.
Cedarcliff*) to M arlboro.
C edar Grove to Poughkeep­
* Money Order Office.

Chesterville to R avena.
Cheviot* to G erm antow n.
Chichester* to
Fleischm anns.
Childs to Albion.
Childwold* to T upper Lake
Chili* to Rochester:
Chili Station to Churchville.
Chilson* to Ticonderoga.
C hipm na to M adrid.
Chipm onk to Allegany.
Chippew a Bay* to H am ­
m ond.
C hittenango Falls to Cazenovia.
C hittenango S tation*) to
C hurchtow n to Hudson.
Churubusco* to C hateaugay.
Cicero* to Syracuse.
Cicero C enter to Syracuse.
Circleville*)) to M iddletown.
C ity Island*)) to New York
C ity (Bronx).
C lare to Canton.
Clarence C enter*)) to Clar­
) Telegraph Station.

Clarenceville) to Richmond
H ill, New York City
(Borough of Richmond)’
Clarendon* to Holley.
C lark to Jam estown.
C lark M ills*)) to Clinton.
Clarkson* to Brockport.
Clarkvilie* to Albany.
Claryville* to Liberty.
C laverack*)) to Hudson.
Claverhouse* to Rochester.
Clay*)) to Syracuse.
Clay burg* to Plattsburg.
Clear Creek to Conewango
Clearwater* to Remsen
Clemons*)) to W hitehall.
Clermont* to Germantown.
Cleveland*)) to Centra
Clever dale* to Lake George.
Clifton* (M onroe Co.) to
Clifton (Richmond Co.) to
Stapleton. N. Y. City,
(Borough of Richmond).
Clifton P ark ) to Mechanicsville.
Climax* to Coxsackie.
Clinton Corners*)) to
C lintondale*))to N ew Paltz.
Clinton Hollow to Pough­
Clinton ville* to Keeseville.
Olockville* to Canastota.
Clove to Dover Plains.
Clove Valley to Pawling.
Cochecton*)) to Callicoon.
Cochecton Center* to Calllcoon.
C ockburn to Saugerties.
Coeymans*) to Ravena.
Coeymans Hollow* to
Coila to Cambridge.
Cold Brook* to Poland.
Colden*)) to Hamburg.
Coldenham to Walden.
Coldspring Harbor*) to
H untington.
Cold Springs to Huntington.
Cold Springs (Steuben Co.)
to B ath.
Cold Springs (Ulster Co.)
to New Paltz.
Cold Springs Station to
H untington.
C oldW ater*)) to Rochester.
Colem ans to Utica.
Colem an Station*) to Millerton.
Collamer to E ast Syracuse.
Colliers)) to Oneonta.
Colliersville* to Oneonta.
Collins*)) to Gowanda.
Collins Center* to Gowanda
Colonie) to Albany.
Colosse* to Parish.
Colton* to Potsdam .
Colum bia to Mohawk.
Columbiaville* tp Hudson.
Colum bus to New Berlin.
Commack* to Northport.
Com stock*)) to Whitehall..
Concord, (Erie Co.) to
Concord) (Richmond Co.)
to Stapleton.
Conesus*)) to Livonia.
Conesville to Grand Gorge.
Conewango* to Conewango
Coney Island*)) to Brook­
Congers)*) to Haverstraw.
Conifer* to Tupper Lake.
Conklin*)) toHallstead.Pa.
Conklin Center to Bing­
ham ton.
Conklingville*) to Corinth
Connelly* to Kingston.
C onquest to Weedsport.
Constable*)) to Malone.
Constableville* to BoonC onstantia*)) to Central
Cooksburg* to MiddleburgCook's Corners to Brushton
Cooks Falls*)) to Roscoe.
M anor.
Coonrod to Rome.
Coopers Plains* to Corning.
Cooperstown Junction to
Coopersville*)) to Cham­
Copake*)) to Mülerton.
Copake Falls* to Millerton.
Copiague*)) to AmityviiieCoram* to P o rt J e f f e r s o n ^
) Express Office.

Corbett*!! to Dbwnsville.
Corbettsville* to H allstead.
Cornwall Landing* to Corn­
Cornwallville* to Catsklll.
C orona*tt see New York
C ity, Borough of Queens.
CosSayuna* to Salem.
Cottage to South D ayton.
C ottekill*tt to Kingston.
Countyline to Lyndonville.
Couse to Albany.
Coventry*!! to Greene.
Coventryville* to Bainbridge.
C overt!! to Trum ansburg.
Coveville to Schuylerville.
Cowlesville* to A ttica.
Cow N eck to P o rt W ash­
Coxsackie Station (Green
Co.) to -Coxsackie.
Coxsackie Station (Colum­
bia Co.) to R avena.
Crafts*t to Carm el. ;
Cragsm oor*. to Ellenville.
Craig to Schenectady.
Craigsville*!! to Chester.
C ranberry C reek*!! to
C ranberry Lake* to C a rth ­
Cranesville to Am sterdam .
Crary Mills* to C anton.
Craryville*!! to P hilm ont.
Creedmoor*!! to Jam aica.
N. Y. C ity. (Borough of
Creek Locks* to Kingston-.
Crescent* to Cohoes.
Crestw oodtt to Yonkers.
Crigttenden*} to Alden.
C rockett!! to Oswego.
Cronomer Valley to Newburg.
Oropseyville* to T roy.
Crosby to Penn Yan.
Cross River* to M ount
Kisco. *
Croton Falls*!! to Brewster
Croton Lake*!! to M o u n t
Crotofi Landing to Croton
on th e Hudson.
Crown Point Center* to
Crown Point.
Crugers*! to Peekskill.
Crum Elbow to Pough­
Crystal D ale to Lowville.
Crystal R un*!! to M iddletown.
Cuddebackville* to P ort
Cullen to Richfield Springs.
Curriers S tatio n ! to Arcade.
Curry to L iberty.
Curtis to Campbell.
Gutchogue*tî to M attitu ck .
Cuyler*!! to D e R uyter.
Cuylerville*tt to M ount
M orris.
Dairyland* to Ellenville.
Dale*!! to W arsaw.
Damascus to W indsor.
Danby to Ith aca.
D annem ora*!!toPlattsburg
Danube to L ittle Palls.
Darien!! to A ttica.
Darien Center*! to Corfu.
Davenport* to Schenevus.
Davenport C enter*!! to
Daws to B atavia.
Day* to Cprinth.
Daysville*!! to Pulaski.
Dayton*!! to Gowanda.
Deansboro*!! to Oriskanÿ
DebruCe*! to Livingston
M anor.
Deck tQ Mohawk.
Deerfield to Utica;
Deerhead to Willsboro.
Deerland* to T upper Lake.
Deer P ark * !! to Farm ingdale.
Deer R iver*fi to Carthage.
Deferiet* to- C arthage.
Defreesville! to Albany.
Degrasse* to Hermon.
Dekalb to C anton.
DeKalb Junction*!! to
DeLancey*!! to Delhi,
Delanson*!! to Schenec­
Dellwood to L ancaster.
Delmar*!! to Albany.
Delphi F alls!! to Cazenovia
Demster* to Mexico.
Denley to Boonville.
Denmark* to Carthage.
Denton to New H am pton.
Denver* to M argaretville.
Depauville* to Clayton.
De Peyster* to H euvelton.
Derby*!! to Angola.
Derrick!! to T upper Lake.
Deerhead to Willsboro.
Despatch to E ast Rochester
D e'w itt* ! to Fayetteville.

Dewittville*! to M ayville.
Dexterville to Pulton.
Diam ond Point* to Lake
Dickinson C enter*!! to St.
Regis Palls.
Dix to Rome.
Dodge to Jam estow n.
D ongan H ills!! to Stapleton, N. Y. C ity, (Borough
of R ichm ond).
Doraville to W indsor.
Dorloo* to Cobleskill.
Dormansville* to Albany.
Douglass to Keeseville.
D ouglaston*!! to Bayside,
N, Y. C ity, (Borough of
Dover Furnace*!! to Dover
Doyle to Ebenezer.
D resden*!! to Penn Y an.
D resden Station*!! to
W hitehall.
Dresserville to M oravia.
Drybrook to M argaretville.
Duane* to M alone.
D uanesburg*!! to Schenec­
Dugway to Parish.
D unham s Hollow to T roy.
D unraven*! to M argaretville.
D unton! to Jam aica, N . Y.
C ity, (Borough of Queens
Durham * to Catskill.
D urham ville*!! to Oneida.
D urlandville to Florida.
D u tch Settlem ent to Kings­
D utchess Junction*! to
Beacon, j
D w aar Kill to Pinebush.
D ykem ans*!! to Carm el.
Eagle*!! to Bliss.
Eagle B ay*!! to Old Forge.
Eagle Bridge*!! to Hoosick
Eagle H arbor*! to Albion.
Eagle Lake to Ticonderoga.
Eagle M ills to T roy.
E. Amherst* to Williamsville.
E . Ashford to Springville.
E . Avon to Avon.
E a s t Beekm antown to
P lattsburg.
E a st Berne* to A ltam ont.
E . B ethany*!! to B atavia.
E. Bloomfield*! to Hol­
E a st B ranch*!! to H an­
E ast C hester (!!B ronx Co.)
to N. Y. C ity (Borough
of M a n h a tta n ).
E ast C hester!! (OrangeCo.)
to Chester.
E ast Clarence to Clarence.
E. Cobleskill* to Cobleskill.
E , Concord*!! to Spring­
E . Dickinson to B rushton.
E a st Durham * to C atskill.
E a st E den to H am burg.
E ast Fishkill to Beacon.
E ast Florence to Camden.
E a s t Floyd to Holland
P aten t.
E . Freetown*! to M arathon
E. Galway* to Ballston Spa.
E . Greenbush* to Albany.
E a st Greenwich* to Salem.
E ast G roveland to Geneseo.
E a st Guilford to Sidney.
E ast H am lin to H ilton,
E . Hamilton*, to Ham ilton.
E ast H am pton Springs to
E a st H am pton.
E a st H annibal to Fulton.
E ast H averstraw to Peekskill.
E a st Hom er*!! to Cortland.
E a st Irvington! to Irving­
E a st Ja v a to N o rth Java.
E ast Jew ett* to T annersville.
E ast Kingston to Kingston.
E a st Koy to Pike.
E a st M arion*! to Greenport.
E ast Masonville* to Una. dilla.
E . M eredith*!! to Oneonta.
E ast M oriches*!! to Center
M oriches.
E a st Nassau* to C hatham .
E ast N ew ark to Newark.
E . N orthport*! to N orthport.
E . Norwich*! to Oyster
E aston to Greenwich.

E astp o rt* !! to C enter M or­
E a st Poughkeepsie to Ar­
E . Quogue*! to River head.
E a st R iver to Cortland.
E a st Rockaway*! to Lynbrook.
E a st Rodman* to W atertown.
E a st Salam anca! to Sala­
m anca.
E a st Schodack*! to Albany
E a st Schuyler to F rankfort,
E a st Shelby to M edina.
E a st Sidney to Unadilla.
E a st Springfield* to C herry
E a st Steam burg to T ru ­
m ansburg.
E astview *!! to T arrytow n.
E a st W alden!! to W alden.
E a s t ' W hite Plains* to
W hite Plains.
EastW illiam sburg to Brook­
lyn, N . T . C ity, (Borough
of Brooklyn)
EastW illiam son*!! to W il­
E . W illiston*!! to M ineola.
E a st W ilson to Wilson.
E ast W indham* to W ind­
ham .
E . W indsor*!! to W indsor.
E . W infield!! to W. W in­
E a st W orcester*!! to W or­
E aton*!! to H am ilton.
E b e n !i to Potsdam . ,
E cho to P o rt Jefferson
E ddy to C anton.
Eddyville* (Ulster Co.) to
E ddyville (C attaraugus Co)
to Ellicottville.
E den C e n te r!! tt> Eden.
E den V alley!! to H am burg.
Edenville* to Warwick.
Edgem ere!! to F ar Rocka­
way, N . Y. C ity, (Borrough of Queens).
E dicks to Mohawk.
Edinburg* to Northville.
Edson to W indsor.
Edwardsville*! to M orris­
Eggertsville* to Williamsville.
E gypt to F airport.
E lb e rta!! to Ransomville.
Elbridge* to Syracuse.
Eldred* to P o rt Jervis.
AElizabethtown*! to W estport.
Elizaville*! to Red Hook.
E lka P ark*! to T annersville.
Elkbrook* to Roscoe.
E lk Creek* to Schenevus.
E lkdale! to L ittle Valley.
Elko* to Salamanca.
Ellenberg* to Ellenburg
Ellenburg Center* to Ellen­
burg D epot.
E llicott to Orchard Park.
Ellington* to Conewango
Ellisburg* to Lacona.
Ellsw orth to Aurora.
Elm a*! to L ancaster.
E lraa C enter to L ancaster.
E lm dale to G ouverneur.
Elm Valley to Wellsville.
E lm hurst*!! see N . Y. City,
(Borough of Queens).
E lm ont! to Floral Park.
E lm P ark ! to P o rt Rich­
m ond, N. Y. C ity, (Bor­
ough of R ichm ond).
Elm sford*!! to W hitePlains
E lnora*!! to Mechanicsville. E lpis to Cleveland.
Elsmere* to Albany,
Eltingville*!! to Stapleton.
N. Y. C ity, (Borough of
R ichm ond).
E lton*! to Arcade.
Emerick* to Cohoes.
Emerson to W eedsport.
Em eryville! to G ouverneur.
EmmonsviHe to Livingston
M anor.
Em pireville to K atona.
Endwell to E ndicott.
Enfield C enter to Itbaca.

E a st Onondaga to Onon­
daga Valley.
E a st Otto* to C attaragus.
E a st Palerm o to C entral
E a st Palm yra*! to Palm yra
Ensenore*!! to M oravia.
E a st P ark to Poughkeepsie." E phratah* to F o rt Plain.
E a st Patchdgue*! to P a t-1 Erièvillè* to Cazenovia.
E rin*!! to Horseheads,

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

E . Pem broke*!! to B atavia.
E a st Penfleld to F airport.
E a st Pharsalia* to Norwich.
E ast Pleasantville to Pleasantville.

ACounty Seat.

Money Order Office




Esopus*!! to Kingston.
Esperance* to Schoharie.
Essex* to W estport.

Fohr Corners to P o rt Rich­
m ond, N. Y. C ity, (Bor­
ough of Richm ond).

E tn a * !! to D ryden.
Euclid* to Baldwinsville.
Eureka* toEllenvilie.
E vans to Angola.
E vans C enter to Angola.
E vergreen to Ridgewood,
N . Y. C ity, (Borough of

Four M ile! to Olean.
Fowler to Gouverneur.
Fox Hollow to M argaret­

Fabius* to Tully.
F airdale to Fulton.
F air field*, to L ittle Falls.
F air H aven*!! to Red Creek
F airm ount! to Syracuse.
F air Oaks* to M iddletown.
Fairville to Newark.
Fallsburg* to M onticello.
F ancher*!! to Holley.
F argo!! to Corfu.
Farm er t o . Interlaken.
Farm ers Mills* to Carmel.
Farm ersville!! to Franklinville.
Farm ersville Station* to
Farm ington! to Palm yra.
Fa,rnham *!i to Angola.
F a r R ockaw ay*!! see N. Y.
C ity, (Borough of Queens)
Faust* to T upper Lake.
Faw ns to Saugerties.
F ayette* to Seneca Falls.
F elts M ills*!! toW atertow n
Fentonville* to Jam estow n.
Fergusons Corners to Penn
Fergusonville* to Schene­
F erndale*!! to Liberty.
Fernwood*!! to Pulaski.
F eura B ush*!! to Albany.
Findley Lake* to Sherman.
Fine* to Edw ards.
Fine View* to Clayton.
Finks Basin to L ittle Falls.
Fire Place to E a st H am ptoa
Firthcliffe*!! to Cornwall,
F ish Creek*!! to Oneida.
Fishers*!! to Victor.
Fishers Island* to N ew Lon
don, Conn.
Fishers Landing* to Clay­
Fishkill Plains to W appingers Falls.
Fishkill Village to W appingers Falls.
Fishs E ddy*!! to Hancock.
Five Corners to Genoa.
Flackville to Heuvelton.
F latbush to N . Y. C ity,
F la t Creek to Canajoharie.
Flem ing to Auburn.
Flem ingsville!! to Owego.
F lin t to Geneva.
Florence* to Camden.
Floyd to Holland P aten t.
Flushing*!! to Corona,New
York C ity, Borough of
F luvanna to Jam estown.
F ly Creek*! toCooperstown
F ly M ountain to Rondout.
F ly Summit* to Cambridge.
Folsonidale to A ttica.
F orest*!! to C hateaugay.
Forestburg to M onticello.
F orest Hiils*! to New York
C ity, (Borough of Queens
F orest Hom e to Ithaca.
Forestine to Monticello.
Forest Lawn* to Webster.
F orrest'of D eans M ines to
C entral Valley,
F orestport*!! to Remsen.
Forks*! to Lancaster.
F orsyth to Ripley.
F t. A nn*!!,to F o rt Edward,
F o rt H am ilton*! to Brook­
F t. H unter*!! to Am ster­
dam .
F o rt Jackson* to W inthrop.
F t. Johnson* to A m ster­
F o rt Miller* to Schuyler­
F o rt M ontgom ery*!! to
H ighland Falls.
F o rt Salonga* to N orthport.
F o rt Terry* to New London.
F o rt Ticonderoga*!! to T i­
F t. W adsw orth! to Stapleton, N. Y. City.



! Telegraph Station.

Fowlerville*!! to York.
Fox Island to P ort Chester.
F rankfort Hill to Frankfort.
Franklin Depot* to Frank­
Franklin Iron Works to
FranklinSprings*!! to Clin­
Franklin Square! to Hemp­
Franklinton to M iddleburg.
Go.) to Riverhead.
Fraser*! to Delhi.
Freedom *!! to Arcade.
Freedom Plains to Pough­
Freehold* to Catskill.
Freem an to Addison.
Freetow n Corners to M ara­
Freeville*!! to Dryden.
F rem ont Center* to Callicoon.
French Creek to Sherman.
French M ountain to GlensFalls.
Frewsburg*! to Jamestown.
Freysbush to F o rt Plain.
F rontier to C hateaugay.
F ruitland*!! t o , Ontario.
F ru it Valley to Oswego.
F ullers!! to Schenectady.
Fuller ville Iron W orks to
G ouverneur. .
Fultonham * to M iddleburg.
Furnaceville to Ontario.
G abriels*!! to Saranac Lake
G aines to Albion.
Gale* to T upper Lake.
Galilee to Ogdensburg.
Gallatinville* to Pine Plains
Gallupville* to Schoharie;
Galway* to B allston Spa.
G anahgote to Newpaltz.
Gansevoort*!! to F o rt E d ­
G arbutt*!! to Rochester.
Garden C ity P ark to New
H yde Park.
Gardenville*! to Buffalo.
G ardiner*!! to Newpaltz.
Gardners Corners to Low­
Garfield* to Pittsfield,M ass
G arland to Brockport.
G arnertow n to Cornwall.
GaTnerville*! to H aver­
straw .
G arnet* to N o rth Creek.
Garoga to Johnstow n.
G arrattsvill e*! to Edm eston
G arretson’s S tation to Sta­
pleton, N if City. (Bor­
ough of R ichm ond).
G arrison*!! to Cold Spring.
Garwoods to Canaseraga.
G ates! to Rochester.
Gayhead* to Coxsackie..
Georgetown*! to Earlville.
Georgetown Station*! to
G erm antow n*!! (Grange
Co.) to P o rt Jervis.
G erry*!! to Jam estown.
Getzville*!! to Williamsville.
G hent*!! to Chatham .
Gibson to Corning.
Gibson Landing to Ham m ondsport.
G ilbert M ills! to Fulton.
Gilboa* to-Stam ford.
Gile*! to St. Regis Falls.
Glasco* to Saugerties.
Glen* to Fultonville.
Glen Aubrey* to W hithey
P oint. ■
Glenburnie* to Ticonderoga
Glen C astle to Bingham ton,
Glenco Mills* to Hudson.
G lendale! to Brooklyn, N .
Y. City, (Borough of
B rooklyn),
Glendale S tation! to Brook­
lyn, N. Y. C ity, (Borough
of Brooklyn.)
Glen Eyrie* to Ticonderoga
Glenfield*!! to Lowville.
Glenford* to K ingston.
Glenham *!! to Beacon.
Glen H ead*!! to Glen Cove
Glen Lake* to Glens-Falls.
! Express Office.



G lenm ont*« to A lbany.
Glenmore* to Camden.
G len o ra« to Dundee.
G lenpark*t to W atertow n.
Glen Spey* to P o rt Jervis.
GlenvUlef to Schenectady.
Glen Wild* to M onticello.
Glenwood*tt to Springville.
Glenwood L a n d in g « to
Godeffroy* to P o rt Jervis.
G oldenbridge*« to M ount
G ood G ro und*« to South­
am pton.
Goodyears to A urora
Goose C reekt to Woodhaven, N . Y. C ity.
G orham *ft to C anandaigua
Grafton* to T roy.
Grahamsville* to Liberty.
G ranby C enter to F ulton.
G ran d G orge*« to H obart.
G rand H otel S ta tio n « to
Fleischm anns.
Grandview to N yack.
Grangerville to Schuylerville.
Granite* to Kerhonkson.
G ranite Springs*« to C ar­
G ranitevillet to P o rt Rich­
m ond, N . Y. C ity, (Bor­
ough of Richm ond).
G rant* to Poland.
G ran t C ity t to Stapleton.
- N . Y. C ity, (Borough of
R ichm ond).
G ranton*f to W alton.
Grapeville to Coxsackie.
Graphite* to Ticonderoga.
Grasmere? to Stapleton,
N . Y. City.
G rassy P o in t« to H averstraw .
G ratw ick to N o rth Tonawanda.
G rav esen d tt to Brooklyn.
N . Y. C ity, (Borough of
Gravesville* to Poland.
G ray to Poland.
G reat B e n d « ? to C arthage.
G reatkU ls«? to T ottenvUle, N. Y. C ity, (Bor­
ough of R ichm ond).
G reat R iv e r« ? to B ast
G reat V aU ey«? to EUicottville.
Greece to Rochester.
G reendale«? to Catskill.
Greenfield* .to BUenville.
Greenfield Center* to Sara­
toga Springs.
Green H a v e n « to Pawling.
Green Island?? to Troy.
Greenlawn*tt to H untington.
G reenport C enter to H ud­
Green Ridge to Tottenville,
N . Y. C ity, (Borough of
R ichm ond).
Green R iver to C hatham .
Greenville* (Greene Co.) to
Greenville (Orange Co.) to
P o rt Jervis.
Greenville (W estchesterCo)
to Scarsdale.
Greenville Center* to Cox­
G reenw ayi to Rome.
Greenwood Lake* to W ar­
Gregorytown to Downsville
Greig* to Lowville.
G reigsviU e«?.to York.
Grenell* to Clayton.
G rey co u rt« ? to Chester.
Griffins M ills to E a st Au­
ro ra. I
Grindstone* to Clayton.
Groom s to Schenectady.
Grooville* to Livingston
M anor.
G roton C ity to Groton.
G roveland to Geneseo.
Grove Springs to Rome.
G u ild erlan d « to Albany.
G uilderland C e n te r« ? to
G uilford*tt to Sidney.
Guilford Center to Sidney.
G ulf S um m it*tt to Deposit.
G urn Springs to Saratoga
G u ym ardt to P o rt Jervis.
Gypsum to Clifton Springs.
H ad le y « ? to Corinth.
H agam an* to A m sterdam .
H agedorns M ills to Broadalbin.
Hagerm an? to Patchogue.
Hague* to Ticonderoga.
Hailesboro* to Gouverneur.
H aines F aU s«? to T annersville.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

H alcott Center* to Griffin
H alcottsvüle«? to M argaretville.
H ale E d d y « ? to D eposit.
H alesite*t to H untington.
H alf M oon to Cohoes.
H alf W a y tt to Syracuse.
H all*ti to P enn Yan.
HaUsville to F o rt Plain.
H alsey Valley* to Spencer.
H am blettville to Deposit.
H am let* to South D ayton.
H a m lin « to Broökport.
H am m el Station to New
Y ork C ity.
H am pton* (Orange Co.) to
M iddletown.

H oosick«?
Hope F alls to N orthville.
Hopewell to C anandaigua.
Hopewell Ju n c tio n « to
W appingers Falls

H am pton* (W ashington
Co.) to P oultney, Vt.
H am pton B ays*t to South­
am pton.
H an k in s« ? to Callicoon.
H annaw a Falls* to P ots­
dam . ;
H an n ib al« ? to Fulton.
H annibal C enter to Oswego
H arbor to Utica.
H ardys? to Gainesville.
Harford* to D ryden.
H arford M ills*t to Dryden.
Harkness* to Keeseville.
Harlem ville to Philm ont.
Harm on-On-Hudson*

H ow ells« to M iddletown.
H ubbardsviU e«? to H am ­
Hughsonville* to W appin­
gers Falls.
Huguenot* to P o rt Jervis.

Harpersfleld* to Stamford.
H arpursville*ti to Afton.
H a rrim an « ? to M onroe.
Harris* to Monticello.
H arrisburg to Lowville.
H arriso n « ? to Rye.

Hopkinton* to W inthrop.
Horicon* to W arrensburg.
H orseshoe«? to Tupper
H o rton*« to Roscoe.
Hortonville* to Callicoon.
H oughton*« to Fillmore.
Houseville to Lowville.
Howard* to Hornell.
Howe C a v e* « to Cobleskill.

H uguenot P a rk * « to T ottenville.N . Y. C ity. (Bor­
ough of Richm ond).
Hulberton* to Holley.
H u letts Landing* to W hite
Hume* to Fillmore.
H um phrey* to Ellicottville.
H um phrey Center* to Elli­
Hum phreysville to H udson.
H unt* to D alton.
H u n te r* « to W indham .
H unters L and to M iddleburg.

Hartfleld* to M ayville.
H artford* to F o rt Ann.
H artlan d to Gasport.
H a rt Lot* to Skaneateles.
H artm an to Glens Falls.
H a rtsd a le « ?
to W hiteplains.

H unters P o in tt to Long
Island C ity, N . Y. City.
-H unts Corners to M arathon
H unts P o in tt to New York
C ity, (Borough of M an­
h attan ) .

H artw ick Seminary* to
H arv ard * tt to Downsville.
Hasbrouck* to L iberty.
Haskinville to Hornell.
Hastings* (Oswego Co.) to

H urley*« to Kingston.
Hurleyville*t to M onticello
H usteds to M illerton.
Hyde P a rk * « (Dutchess
Oo.) to Rpughkeepsie.

H astings W estchester to
H astings upon Hudson.
H astings C enter to C entral
H auppauge* to Sm ithtow n
Haven* to M iddletown.
Hawkeye* to Au Sable
Hawkinsville* to Boonville.
H aw leyton to Bingham ton.
H aw thorne*tt to P leasantville.
H aynes t o Oxford.
H aynerville to T roy.
H ay t C o rn ers« ? to Ovid.
Hazel* to Roscoe.
H eath to Saugerties.
Hebron to Salem.
H ecla to Vernon.
H ecla W orks to Vernon.
H ector*tt to W atkins.
Heddens* to Ithaca.
H elen a« to B rasher Falls.
Hem lock*t! to Livonia.
Henderson*t to Adams.
Henderson Harbor* to
Adam s.
H en rietta* ti to Rochester.
HensonvUle* to W indham .
H erm itage to Gainesville.
Herring* to Carthage.
H ew lett« ? to Lynbrook.
H ibernia to Millbrook.
H icks to Elm ira.
H igh F alls* tt to K erhonk­
H ighland
M ills*«
C entral Valley.
H ighm ount*t to Fleischm anns.
Highview*t to Middletown.
High Woods to Saugerties.
H iU burn«? to SufCern.
H iU sdale«? to Philm ont.
H im ro d « ? to Dundee.
H inckley*« to Remsen.
H indsburg to Albion
H inm ansville to Phoenix.
H insdale*« to Olean.
Hoag Corners to Albany.
H offm ans*« to A m sterdam
Hoffmeister* to Poland.
Hogansburg* to M assena.
H olbrook« to SayviUe.
H ollandt to Rockaw ay
Beach, N . Y. C ity, (Bor­
ough of Queens).
H ollis« to Jam aica, N . Y.
C ity, (Boroughof Queens).
HoUoWviUe* to H udson.
Hollywood* to P otsdam .
H olm es*« to Paw ling.
H olm esville« to Norw ich.
H oltsviU e« to Patchogue.
Honeoye* to Livonia.
H onk Hill-to EllenviUe.


ACounty Seat.

H yde P ark to New H yde
P ark.
H yde P ark (Otsego Co.) to
HyndsviU e«? to Cobleskill.
Inex to Cooperstown.
Indian C a stle « to L ittle
Indian Falls* to Corfu.
Indian Fields* to Ravena.
Indian Lake* to N orth
Indian R iver to Croghan.
Ingham M ills to Dolgeville.
Ingleside to Naples.
Ingraham to P lattsburg.
Inlet* to Old Forge.
Inm an* to Saranac Lake.
Inwood? to F ar Rockaway,
N . Y. City.
Io n ia* « to Holcomb.
Ira* to Cato.
I ro n a « to E llenburg D epot,
lrondequoitt to Rochester.
Iro n to n t to N o rth T onawanda.
Irv in g * « to Silver Creek.
Isc h u a « to Franklinville.
Italy to Naples.
Italyhill to P rattsburg.
Itaska* to W hitney P oint.
Jacksons Corner* to Pine
Jacksonville* to Trum ansburg.
Jacks Beef to Syracuse.
Ja m aica* « see N. Y. C ity,
(Borough of Queens).
Ja m esp o rt* « to Riverhead.
Jam esviUe*« to Syracuse.
Jam ison R o a d * « to E ast
Jaquins* to Corry, P a.
Jasper* to Canisteo.
Java* to Arcade.
Ja v a C e n te r« to N o rth
Ja v a Village* to N o rth Ja v a
Jay* to Au Sable Forks.
Jeddo to M iddleport.
Jefferson* to Stamford.
Jefferson Valley* to Peekskill.
Jenksville to Owego.
Je ric h o « to Hicksville.
Jerry to P arish
Jerusalem South to Free­
Je w ell« to Oneida.
Jew ett* to W indham .
Jew ettville*«
E a st
A urora.
Joeindian* to Potsdam .
Jo h n sb u rg « to N orth Creek
Johnson*« to M iddlëtown.
John so n b u rg « to N orth
•Money Order Office.

Johnson Creek to M iddleport.
Johnsontow n to H averstraw .
Johnsonville*« to Hoosick
Jones P o in t* « to Peekskill.
JonesviUe* to Mechanicsville.
Jo rd an v ille« to Richfield
Joy to Sodus.
J u n iu s « to Lyons.
K alurah to Harrisville.
K a n o n a* « to B ath.
K arher? to W est Albany.
K asoag*« to Camden.
K attelville to Binghsftnton.
K attskill Bay* to Lake
Kauneonga to Monticello.
K ecks C enter to Johnstow n
Keene* to Lake Placid.
K een es« to Gouverneur.
Keene Valley* to Lake
Kelloggsville to M oravia.
Kelley Corners* to M argaretville.
Kelsey* to Hanc.ock.
K e n d a ia « ? to Romulus.
K endall*« (Orleans Co.) to
K endall M ills to Holley.
K ennedy*« to Jam estown.
Kenoza«Lake* to Jefferson­
Kensico to W hite Plains.
K ent* to Albion.
K en t Cliffs* to Carm el.
Kenwood? to Oneida.
Kenyonville to Lyndonville
K etchum ville« to N ew ark
Keuka* to H am m ondsport.
K euka Park* to P enn Yan.
Kiamesha* to M onticello.
K iantone to Jam estow n.
K ild a re « to T upper Lake.
K illaw og*« to M arathon.
Kill B u c k « to Salamanca.
King Ferry* to Genoa.
Kings B rid g e « to N . Y.
C ity, (Borough of M an­
h attan ) .
Kingsbury* to • H udson
Kings P a rk * « to N orthport.
K irk to Norwich.
Kirkland* to Clinton.
K irkville*« to Syracuse.
K irkw ood*« to Bingham ­
KirschnervUle to Croghan.
K iskatom to Catskill.
K itchaw an*« to M ount
K napp Creek* to Olean.
Knowelhurst to W arrens­
Knowlesville* to M edina.
Knox* to Schoharie.
Knoxboro* to Oriskany
Kortright* to Oneonta.
Kripplebush to Kerhonkson
Krumville* to Kerhonkson.
Kuckville to Lyndonville.
K yserike*« to Kerhonkson.
Lackawack* to EUenviUe.
L adentow nto SpringValley.
Ladleton* to Ellenville.
La FargeviUe*« to Clayton.
L a F ayette* to Tully.
L a G ran g e« to Perry.
LagrangevUle* to Pough­
LairdsviUe to Clinton.
L ak e* « to Warwick.
Lake Bluff* to W olcott.
Lake B onaparte? to HarrisviUe.
Lake Clear* to Saranac
Lake Clear Ju n c tio n * « to
Saranca. Lake.
Lake Colbey to Saranac
Lake G ro v e« to Stony
Lakehill* to K ingston.
Lake H untington* to JeffersonviUe.
Lake K a trin e « to K ingston
Lake K ush aq u a* « to M a) lone.
Lake L and to SayviUe.
Lake M ahopac?? to Carm el.
Lake M innew aska to K er­
Lake M ohegan? to Peekskill.
L ake M ohonk to N ew P altz.
Lakem ont* to Dundee.
Lakeplacid Club to Lake
t Telegraph Station.

ALake Pleasant* to North­
L akeport to Canastota.
Lake R onko n k o m a« to
Lakeside to WiUiamson.
Lake V iew *« to Angola.
Lakeville*« (Livingston
Co.) to Livonia.
Lakeville (N assau Co.) to
G reat N eck Station.
Lakew ood*« to Jamestown
L am berton to Fredonià.
Lam ont to Castile.
L am so n « ? to BaldwinsvUle
LanesviU e« to Kingston.
Langford to N o rth Collins.
Lansing to Oswego.
Lansingburg to Troy.
LansingvUle to Ithaca.
L aonat to Fredonia.
L apala to Kingston.
L archm ont M anor? to
L archm ont.
Larkfleld to N orthport.
LasseUsviUe to St. Johnsville.
L atham to W atervHet.
L attingtow n to Glen Cove.
L attintow n to Newburgh.
L aurel* « to M attitu ck .
L aurel HiU? to Long Island
C ity, N . Y. y, (Bor­
ough of Queens).
L a u re n s« to Oneonta.
Lava* to CaUicoon.
LawrencevUle* (St. Law­
rence Oo.) to Brushton
Lawrenceville (Ulster Oo.)
see N . Y. C ity, (Borough
of Queens).
L aw ton s* « to N orth Collins.
Lawyersville* to CobleskiU.
L eban o n « ? to EarlviUe.
L ebanon Springs*« to
Pittsfield. Mass.
L edyard to Auburn.
Lee to Rome.
Lee Center* to Rome.
L eed s« to CatskiU Leek to FranklinviUe.
Lehigh to Corfu.
Leibhardt* to Kerhonkson.
L eicester*« to M t. Morris.
LeUa to Rome.
Lenox to Oneida.
Leon* to C herry Creek.
LeonardsvUle« to West
L eptondale to WallkUl.
Le Raysville to E vans Mills
Leister to Windsor.
Lestershlre to Johnson City.
L evan n a* « to Aurora.
L evant to Falconer.
Lewbeach* to Roscoe.
Lewis* to W estport.
Lewisboro to Ridgefield,
L ew iston*« to Niagara
Lexington* to Windham.
Leyden to BoonviUe.
L iberty F alls to Liberty.
LibertyvUle to New Paltz.
Lily D ale* « to Stockton..
Lime L a k e « to Franklin­
L im erick*« to Watertown.
Lime Rock to Le Roy.
L im estone*« to Bradford,
Amestreet to Catskill.
Ancklaen* to De Ruyter.
jincklaen Center to De
R uyter.
Ancoln* to Fairport.
jincolndale*tt to Mount
„ ,
Ancoln Park?? to RochesA nden«? to A ttica.
A ndley « to Corning.
AnUthgo*t to Germantown.
AnoleumviUe« to Port
Richmond, N. Y. City,
(Borough of Richmond).
Anwood*« to York.
AshaskiU to Schenectady.
Atchfleld to IUon.
Athgow to Amenia.
Attie B rita in « ? to NewAttle^ F rance to Central
_ „ „„
A ttie Genessee* to Bolivar.
A ttie N e c k « to B ay side.
N . Y. C ity, (Borough of
A ttie R iver to Canton.
A ttie U tica to BaldwinsviUe.
A ttie Y o rk * tt to Homer.
A verpool«? to Syracuse.
Avingston* (Columbia co.1
to Germ antown.
Livingston? (RichmondCo.;
to W est New Brighton,
N . Y. C ity
Livingston Station to Hua
tExpress Office.

Livingston vili e* to M iddleburg. i
Livonia Center* to Livonia.
Lloyds N eck to H untington
Loch Muller* to N orth
Loch Sheldrake* to Liberty.
Lock Berlin* to Lyons.
Lockwood*! to W averly.
Locust Valley*!! to Glen
Lodi*t to Ovid.
Logan to W atkins.
Lomontville to Kingston.
Long E ddy*!! to Callicoon.
Long Island C ity * tt see N .
Y. C ity, (Borough of
Long Lake*t to T upper
Long Lake W est!! to
T upper Lake.
Loomis to W alton
Looneyville to Lancaster.
Loon Lake*t to M alone.
L ordville*tt to Hancock.
Lorraine* to Adams.
Loudonville*t to Albany.
Louisville* to M assena.
L anding
M assena.
Lounsberry*tt to Owego.
Lowell to Rome.
Lowerret to Yonkers.
Lowm an*tt to Elm ira.
Low P oint to Chelsea.
L oyd*tt to Highland.
Ludingtonville to Carmel.
Ludlowville*tt to Ithaca.
Lycoming*t to Oswego.
Lykers to Canajoharie.
M ountain*!!
P lattsburg.
Lyonsdale* to P o rt Leyden.
Lyons Falls*!! to P o rt
Lysander* to Baldwihsville.
M abbettsville to Millbrook.
M acDougall*!! to Geneva.
Macedon*! to Palm yra.
M acedon Center* to P al­
m yra.
Machias*! to Franklinville.
M achias
M ackey to M iddleburg.
M acomb to Gouverneur.
M adalin*! to Saugerties.
Madison* to Oriskany Falls
M adrid Springs to M adrid.
Magee to Waterloo.
M ahopac*!! to Carm el.
M ahopac Falls* to Carmel.
Maine* to Union.
M alden Bridge* to C hatham
M alden on H udson*!! to
M allory*!!
C entral
M alta to Ballston Spa.
M altaville to Ballston Spa.
M anchester*!! to Clifton
M anchester Bridge to
M anitou* to Peekskill.
M anlius*!! to F ayetteville.
M anlius C enter to F ay ettsville.
M annsville*!! to Lacona.
M anor to C enter M oriches.
M anor Kill to Stam ford.
M anorville*!! to Center
M aple Beach to Livonia.
M aple Grove to M orris.
M aples! to Ellicottville.
M aple Springs* to M ayville
M aplestreet to Wilson.
M apleton*! to Auburn.
M apleton S tation! to Lockport.
Maple View*!! to Pulaski.
Maplewood to Monticello.
M arbletown to Kingston.
M arcellus Falls* to M arocellus.
M arcy*!! to Utica.
Marengo to Clyde.
Mariaville to Schenectady.
M arietta* to Marcellus.
M arilla*t to E a st Aurora.
M arilla Station to L an­
M ariner H arbor*!! see N .
Y. C ity, (Borough of
R ichm ond).
M arkham s!! to South D ayton.
M arshville to Canajoharie.
M artindale to P hilm ont.
M artindale D epot*!! to
Philm ont.
M artinsburg*! to Lowville.
Martinsville* to N o rth Tonawanda.
M artville*!! to Cato.
M aryland*!! to Schenevus.
Masonville* to Sidney.
M aspeth*! to E lm hurst, N .
Y. C ity, (Borough of
Queens)._______ ________

M assapequa*!! to Am ityville.
M assena Center to M assena
M assena Springs*! to M as­
M atinecock to Glencove.
M atteaw an !! to Beacon.
M ayfield*!! to Gloversville.
M cClure Settlem ent to
McOolloms* to M alone.
M cConnellsville*!! to Cam ­
McDonough* to Oxford.
M cGraw*! to Cortland.
M cK eever*!! to Old Forge.
M cK inley to Canajoharie.
McKoWnville to A lb a n y .
M cLean*!! to D ryden.
M eacham Lake*! to M alone
M eadowdale*!! to Albany.
M echanicstown! to M iddletown.
Mecklenburg* to T rum ansburg.
Meco to Gloversville. .
M edford Station*!! to P atchogue.
Medusa* to Coxsackie.
M edway to Coxsackie.
Mellenville*!! to Philm ont.
M elrose*!! to T roy
Melville to Farm ingdale.
M em phis*!! to Syracuse.
M endon*!! to Victor.
M endon Center to Honeoye
M eredith* to Delhi. \ ,
M eridale* to Delhi.
M eridian* to Cato.
M errick*!! to F reeport.
Merrickville*! to W alton.
Merrifield*! to Auburn.
M errill* to C hateaugay.
M errillsville to Oneida.
M ertensia*! to Victor.
M essengerville*!! to M ara­
M etropolitan! to Brooklyn,
N . Y. City.
M ettacahoncs to Kerhonkson.
M iddle Falls* to Greenwich
Middlefleld* to Cooperstown.
C enter
M iddle Granville*!! to
M iddle Grove* to Saratoga
M iddle Hope* to Newburgh
M iddle Island* to P o rt
M iddlesex*!! to Naples.
M iddle Village! to Brook­
lyn, N . Y. City.
M idland Beach! to Staple. ton, N. Y. C ity, (Borough
of R ichm ond).
Mileses* to Callicoon.
M ilford Center to M ilford.
M ilburn to Baldwin.
M iller Place*! to P o rt Jef­
M illers*!! to Lyndonville.
M illers Mills* to W est W in­
M illersport to Lockport.
Millgrove* to Alden.
M ill P oint to Am sterdam .
M ill P ort*!! to M ontour
Millville to M edina.
Millwood*!! to M t. Kisco.
M ilo Center to Penn Yan.
Minaville* to Am sterdam .
M inden to St. Johnsville.
M indenville to St. Johns­
M ineral Springs to Cobleskill.
M inerva* to N o rth Creek.
M inetto*!! to Oswego.
Mineville* to P o rt Henry.
M inisink* to P o rt Jervis.
M ink Hollow to Kingston.
M innewaska* to Kerhonkson.
Minnowbrook to Boonville.
Minoa*! to Syracuse.
M insteed to Newark.
M itchellville to B ath.
M odel C ity !! to N iagara
Modeltown* to N iagara
M odena*!! to New P altz.
MoflQtsville* to P lattsburg.
M ohawk Hill to Boonville.
M ohegan Lake* to Peekskil
M ohonk L ake''! to New
M oira*!! to B rushton.
M olyneux C om ers to Lockport.
M om baccus to Kerhonkson
Mongaup* to P o rt Jervis.
M ongaup Valley* to M on­
M onsey*!! to Spring Valley
M ontauk*!! to E a st H am p­
M ontcalm Landing to Ticonderoga-

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

i County Seat.

M ontela* to Ellenville.
M onterey to W atkins.
M ontezum a* to W eedsport.
M ontom a to Kingston.
M ontrose*! to Peekskill.
M oodna! to Cornwall.
Moody* to T upper Lake.
Mooers* to Champlain.
M ooers Forks*!! to Cham ­
M ooersJunction!! to Cham ­
Moons*! to Sinclairville.
M oores M ill*!! to Millbrook
M orehouseville to Poland.
M oreland to W atkins.
M oreland Station*! to W at­
M oresville to G rand Gorge.
Morganville* to Le Roy.
M oriah* to P o rt Henry.
M oriah Center* to P ort
M oriches*! to C enter M o­
Morley* to Canton.
M orris Heights*! to New
York C ity (M anhattan).
M orrisonville*!! to P la tts­
M orris P a rk !! see Rich­
m ond H ill, N- Y. City,
(Borough of Queens).
M orrisville S tation*!! to
M orris ville.
M ortim er!! to Rochester.
M orton*!! to Holley.
M orton Corners to Springville.
M oses Kill to F o rt E dw ard.
M osherville to BallstonSpa.
M ottville* to Skaneateles.
M ountain Dale*!! to Ellen­
M ountain House to C atskill.
M ountain View*!! to M a­
M ountainville*!! to Corn­
M ounthope (Orange Co.) to
M iddletown.
M t. H ope!! (W estchester
Co.) to H astings upon
M ount Ivy*ttoH averstraw .
M t. Lebanon* to Pittsfield.
M ass.
M ount M arion*!! to Sau­
M ount Prosper to Middletown.
M ount R ead to Rochester.
M t. Ross*!! to Pine Plains.
M t. Sinai* to P o rt Jefferson
M t. Trem per* to Kingston.
M ount U pton*!! to Sidney.
M ount Vision*! to O neonta
M ultzeskill to C astleton.
M um ford*!! to Caledonia.
M undale to W alton.
M unnsville*! to Oneida.
M unson to Hem pstead.
Munsonville to Gloversville
M urray to Holley.
M u rray Isle to Clayton.
Myers* to Ithaca.
N anuet*!! to Spring Valley.
N apanoch*!! to Ellenville.
Napoli* to E a st Randolph.
N arrow sburg*!! to Calli­
N ashville to Forestville.
N assau*!! to Albany.
N atu ral Bridge* to C ar­
N atu ral Dam* to Gouver­
N aum burg to Carthage.
N avarino to M arcellus.
Nedrow* to Onondaga
N ehasane*!! to T upper
NelUston* to F o rt Plain.
Nelson* to Cazenovia.
Nelsonvillei to ColdSpring.
N epera P ark*!! to Yonkers.
Nesconset* to Smithtown.
Neversink* to L iberty.
Nevis to Red Hook.
New Albion* to C a tta ­
New Baltimore* to Cox­
New Baltim ore Station to
R avena.
New Boston to Lowville.
New Bremen* to Lowville.
New C ity*! to H averstraw .
Newcomb* to N orth Creek.
New D orp! to Stapleton,
N . Y. C ity, (Borough of
Richm ond).
Neweiden to Callicoon.
Newfield* to Ithaca.
New Hackensack* to W appingers Falls.
New Ham burg*! to W appingers Falls.
New H am pton*!! to M id­
New H aven*!! to Mexico.
Money Order Office.

New Hope to M oravia.
New H yde P ark*!! tö M ineola.
New Kingston* to M argaretviile.
New L ebanon*!! to P itts­
field, M ass.
New Lebanon Center* to
Pittsfield, M ass.
New Lisbon* to M orris.
New London to Rome.
Newman*! to Lake Placid.
New M ilford*! to Warwick.
New Oregon to N o rth Col­
New Russia* to W est P o rt
New Salem (Albany Co.)
to Albany.
New Salem to Eddyville.
New Scotland*!! to Albany
New Springvilie! to P o rt
Richm ond, N- Y. C ity,
(Borough of Richm ond).
New Suffolk*! to M attitu ck .
Newtonfalls*! to H arrisville.
N ew ton H ook*!! to Cox­
Newtonville*! to W atervliet.
Newtown to E lm hurst, N.
Y. C ity, (Borough of
New Vernon to M iddleton.
Newville* to L ittle Falls.
New W indsor!! to New­
New W oodstock*!! to Caz­
New Y ork Mills* to Utica.
Nicholville* to St. Regis
Nile* to Friendship.
N ineveh*! to Afton.
Nineveh Junction*! to Af­
Niobe*!! to Jam éstown.
N iskayuna*!! to Schenec­
N issequoque to StonyBrook
N iverville*!! to Kinderhook.
N orm ansville to Albany.
N ortham pton* to N orthville.
N o rth Argyle to Argyle.
N orth Bangor* to Malone.
N orth B ay*!! to Oneida.
N o rth Beach to New York
C ity, (Borough of Queens)
N o rth Bellmore* to Free­
N . Bellport to Patchogue.
N o rth B ergen! to Bergen.
N o rth Blenheim* to M id­
N orth Bloomfield* to Hone­
oye Falls.
N orth Boston* to Ham burg
N orth Branch* to Callicoon
N orth Brookfield*! to W aterville.
N orthbush to Johnstown.
N o rth C hatham *! to Kinderhook.
N o rth Chemung to Elm ira.
N o rth Chili* to Rochester.
N . Clymer* to Sherman.
N . Cohocton* to W ayland.
N . C onstantia to C entral
N o rth Evans* to Angola.
N . F air H aven*!! to Red
N orth F enton to Greene.
N orthfieldt! to W alton.
N . Franklin to O neonta.
N orth Germ antown* to
Germ antown.
N . Granville* to Granville.
N . Greece* to Spencerport.
N . Greenwich to Greenwich
N orth H am den to W alton.
N orth H am lin to Brockport
N orth H annibal to Oswego.
N orth H arpersfleld toStam ford.
N o rth H ebron to Granville.
N o rth H ector to W atkins.
N orthH illsdale toC hatham .
N o rth Hoosick*!! to Hoosick Falls.
N o rth Hudson* to P o rt
H enry.
N o rth H uron te W olcott.
N . K ortright to Stam ford.
N o rth Lansing! to Locke.
N , Lawrence*!! to Brasher.
N o rth M anlius to Syracuse.
N orth Norwich* to Sher­
N o rth Pelham to Pelham .
N o rth Pem broke to B atavia
N o rth Petersburg to, Hoo­
sick Falls.
N o rth Pharsalia* to South
N o rth Pitcher* to South
N orth Ridge to Lockport.
N. River* to N o rth Creek.
N orth Roslyn! to Roslyn’.
N o rth R ush to Scottsville.
N . Russell to Canton.
! Telegraph Station.



N o rth Salem* to Brewster.
N o rth Sanford* to Afton.
N drth S cribaf to Oswego.
N . Spencer*!! to Spencer.
N orth Stephentown* toBerlin.
N . Stockholm* to Norwood
N . Syracuse* to Syracuse.
N o rth T arrytow n*! to T arrytow n.
N orthum berland to Schuylerville.
N o rth V ictory to Cato.
N orth W estern* to Rome.
N orthW hite Lake* to M on­
N o rth W ilna to Carthage.
N o rth W olcott to W olcott.
N o rth Yonkers to Yonkers
Norton Hill* to Coxsackie.
Norway* to N ew port.
Norwood*!! to H em pstead.
Num ber Four to Lowville.
Nyando*!! to M assena.
Oakbeach* to Babylon.
Oak Hill* to CatskUl.
Oakland Valley* to M onti­
Oak Orchard to M edina.
Oak Orchard on th e L ake to
Oakpoint to Ham m ond.
Oakridge to Fultonville.
Oaks Corners*!! to Phelps.
Oaksville* to Cooperstown.
Oakwood*!! (Cayuga Co.)
to Auburn.
Oakwood to Stapleton, N.
Y. C ity, (Borough of
Richm ond).
Obernburg* to Callicoon.
Obi to Cuba.
Oceanus see Rockaway
Beach, N. Y. C ity. (Bor­
ough of Queens).
Ohio* to Poland.
Ohiovillei to New P altz.
Olcott*! to Lockport.
Old C hatham *!! to C hat­
ham .
Old W estbury*! to M ineola
Olive to Kingston.
Olivebridge*! to Kingston.
Olmstedville* to N orth
Omar* to Clayton.
O nativiat! to Syracuse.
Onchiola to Saranac Lake.
Oneida C astle! to Oneida
Oneida Valley to Oneida.
Onondaga* to Onondaga
Onondaga Castle to Syra­
Onoville* to Randolph.
Ontario Center* to Ontario.
Oppenheim to St. Johns­
Oquaga Lake* to Deposit.
Oramel* to Belfast.
Oran*!! to Cazenovia.
Orangeburg*!! to Sparkill.
Orange Lake* to W alden.
Orangeport to Lockport.
Oregon to Peekskill.
Orient* to Greenport.
Oriskany*!! to Utica.
Orlando to Ellicottville.
Orleans*! to Clifton Springs
Orleans Corners!! to T here­
Orville to Fayetteville.
Orwell* to Lacona.
Osborn Bridge to N orthville.
Oscawana*!! to Croton on
Osceola* to Camden.
Ossian to Dansville.
Oswegatchie*! to C arthage.
Oswego Center to Oswego.
Otego*!! to Oneonta.
Otisco* to Syracuse.
Osisco M ills to Cambridge.
Otisco Valley* to Tully.
Otisville*!! to M iddletown.
Otselic* to South Otselic.
Otterlake* to Boonville.
Otto* to C attaraugus.
Ouaquaga* to W indsor.
Ovid Center* to Ovid.
Owasco* to Auburn.
Owasco L ake!! to Auburn.
Owens Mills to W averly.
Owls H ead*!! to M alone.
Oxbow* to Antwerp.
Oxford D epot*!! to Chester
Ozone P a rk !! to Woodhaven, N. Y. C ity. (Bor­
ough of Queens).
PagebrOok to Greene.
Pages Corners to Richfield
Palatine Bridge*! to C ana­
Palenville* to Catskill.
Palerm o to Fulton.
Palisades* to Sparkill.
i Express Office."



Palmer*} to Corinth.
Pam elia Four Corners to
W atertow n.
Panama}} to Sherman.
P anam a S tation to Sher­
m an.
Paradox* to Ticonderoga.
Paris* to W aterville.
Parish ville* to Potsdam .
P aris Station*}} to W aterville.
Parkston* to Livingston
M anor.
Parksville*tt to L iberty.
P arm a to Spencerport.
P arm a Center to Hilton.
P asadena to Boonville.
P atau k u n k to Kerhonkson.
P atten s M ills to Qlens
P atterso n * ti to Pawling.
Pattersonville*}} to Am­
sterdam .
Paul Smiths*} to Saranac
Pavem ent to Lancaster.
Peabrook to Hancock.
Peach Orchard to W atkins.
Peakville* to Roscoe.
P earl Creek*}} to. W yom ing
Peasleeville* to P lattsburg.
P econic*tt to Southold.
Pekin to Lockport.

P oint Breeze to Albion.
P oint C hautauqua*to M ayville.
P oint Peninsula* to W atertown.
P o in t Pleasant to Rochester
P oint Rock* to Rome.
Pomona*} to Spring Valley.
Pompey* to Syracuse.
Pom pey C enter to Syra­
P ond Eddy*}, to P o rt Je r­
Ponds to Rochester.
Ponquoque to Southam p­
Poolville*}} to Earlville.
Pope Mills* to G ouverneur.
P oplar Ridge* to Auburn.
Portage}} to N unda.
Portageville*}} to Castile.
P o rt B enjam in to K erhonk­
P o rt Byron*}} to Auburn.
P o rt Crane*}} to Bingham
. ■ton.
P o rt Dickinson to Bing­
ham ton.
P orter to Salem.
P orter Corners* to Saratoga
Porterville* to E a st Aurora.
P o rt Ewen*} to Kingston.
P o rt Gibson*} to Newark.
P o rt Jefferson Station*} to
P t. Jefferson.
P o rt Kent*}} to Keesville.

Pelham Bridge to N . Y.
C ity, (Borough of M an­
h attan ).
Pelham M anor* to N o rth
Pelham .
P em broke*tt to Corfu.
Pendleton} to Lockport.
Pendleton Center} to Lockport.

Portland*}} to Brocton.
P ortland Point* to Ithaca.
Portlandville*}} to M ilford.
P o rt Ontario to Pulaski.
P o rt Richmond*}}See Rich­
m ond, N . Y. City.

Penfield* to F airport.
Pennellville*}} to Phoenix.
Peoria to York.
Pepacton*}} to Downsville.
P erch R iver to W aterstown.
Perkinsville* to W ayland.

P o rt ville*}} to Olean.
Portway}} to W ayland.
P ost Creek to Corning.
P otter* to Rushville.
P o tter Hill to HoosiCk Falls
P o tter Hollow* to M iddleburg.

P erry C enter to Perry.
P erry C ity to Trum ansburg
Perrysburg*}} to Gowanda.
P errys Mills* toCham plain.
Perryville* to 'C an asto ta.
P erth to Am sterdam .

Pottersville* to W arrensburg.
Poughquag*}} to Pawling.
Poundridge to N ew Canaan
P ra tts Hollow* to M orrisville.

Peru*}} to P lattsburg.
Peruville* to Groton.
Peterboro* to C anastota.
Petersburg*}} to Berlin.
P etries Corners* to Lowville

Prattsville* to G rand Gorge
Preble*}} to Tully.
Presho*}} to Corning.
Preston* to Norwich.
P reston Hollow* to M iddle. burg.
Prim rose to M iddletown.

P harsalia to Cincinnatus.
Pbilipsburg to Mechanicstown.
Phillips Creek to Belm ont.
Phillipsport*} to Bllenville.
Phoenicia*}} to M argaretville.
Phoenix M ills to Cooperstown.
Piercefleld*}} to T upper
Piermont*} to Spar kill.
Pierrepont* to C anton.
P ierrepont Manor*}} to
Pillard*}} to Geneseo.
Pike Station to Gainesville.
Pillarpoint to Dexter,
Pine City*}} to Elm ira.
Pine Hill*}} to Fleischm anns.
Pine Island*} to Florida.
Pinelawh*} to Farm ingdale.
Pines Bridge to M t. Kisko.
Pine Yallëy*}} to Horseheads.
Pine ville to W alton.
Piseco* to Northville.
Pitcairn to Harrisville.
Pitcher* to Cincinnatus.
Pittsfield to New Berlin.
Pittsford*}} to Rochester.
P ittstow n* to Troy.
Plainville* to Baldwinsville.
Plasterville to Norwich.
P lato to Ellicottville.
P la tt Clove* to Saugerties.
Plattekill* to Newburgh.
P leasant Brook* to C herry
P leasant Lake* to T upper
P leasant Plains (D utchess
Co.) to Poughkeepsie.
P leasan t Plains} to T otten' ville, N . Y. C ity, (Bor­
ough of Richm ond) .
P leasant Valley*}} (D utch­
ess Co.) to Poughkeepsie.
Plessi* to Theresa.
Plum brook*},to Norwood.
P lu tarch to New Paltz.
Plym outh* to Norwich.
Pocantico Hills*}}to T arrytown. ,
Poestenkill* to Troy.
P oint Au Roche to P latts­
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Prince Bay* to T ottenville,
N . Y. C ity, (Borough of
Richm ond).
Princetown* to Schenectady
Prospect*} to Remsen.
Prospect Station to W estfield.
Protection*}} to Holland.
Pulteney* to P rattsburg.
Pultneyville* to William­
Pulvers Corners to Millerton.
Purchase*} to W hite Plains.
P urdy Creek to Canisteo.
P urdys M ills to P lattsburg.
P urdy Station* to Brewster.
Purling to Catskill.
Putnam }} -to W hitehall.
P u tn am Station* to W hite­
P u tn am Valley to Peekskill.
Pyrites* to C anton.
Quaker Bridge*}} to R an­
Q uaker Hill* to Pawling.
Q uaker Springs to Schuylerville.
Quaker Street*} to Schen­
Quarryville to Saugerties
Quassaick Bridge to New
Queens*}} see N . Y. City,
(Borough of Queens).
Queensbury to Glens Falls.
Quogue*}} to W est H am p­
ton Beach.
R acket River to M assena.
Ramapo*}} to Suffern.
Randall*}} to Fonda.
Randallsville}} to H am ilton
Rapids to Lockport.
R aquette Lake*}} to Old
Rathbone*}} to Addison.
Ravenswood} to Long I s ­
land C ity, N . Y. C ity,
(Borough of Queens).
Rawson to Cuba.
R ay to At(ica.
R ay Brook*} to Saranac
Raym ertow n to Troy
Raymondville*} to Norfolk


¿County Seat.

Readburn* to Hancock.
Reading to W atkins.
Reading Center*}} to W at­
Reber to Wilksboro.
Rector to Lowville.
Red F alls to G rand Gorge.
Redfield* to Camden.
Bedford* to P lattsburg.
Red House*}} to Salamanca
Redrock to C hatham .
Reeds Corners to C anan­
Remsenburg*} to W est
H am pton Beach.
Rensselaer Falls*}} to Heuvelton.
Rensselaerville* to Albany.
Reserve to Lackwanna.
R esort to W olcott. •
R esult to Coxsackle.
Retsof*}} to York.
Rex to F o rt Plain.
Rexford* to Schenectady.

Rose Hill* to M arcellus.
Roseland to W ebster.
Rosendale*t} to Kingston.
Rosendale Plains to New
P altz.
Rose P oint to P o rt Jervis.
Roseton*}} to Newburgh.
Rose Valley to Clyde.
Rosiere*}} to Cape Vincent.
Rossburg*}} to Fillmore. .
Rossie* to Ham m ond.
Rossman* to Hudson.
Rossvillet to Tottenville.
N. Y. C ity, (Borough.of
R otterdam } to Schenectady
R o tterd am Junction* to
R ound Island to Highland
Round Lake*}} to Ballston,
Round Top* to Catskill.
R oyalton to G asport.
Ruby* to Kingston.
R uralgrove to Canajoharie.
R ural Hill to Adams.
Rush*}} to Honeoye Falls.
Russell* to Hermon.
R utland to W atertow n.
Rutsonville to W alden.
R ye Neck to M am aroneck.

Rexville* to Greenwood.
Reynolds} to M echanicsville.
Reynoldston to Malone.
Reynoldsville* (Schuyler
Co.) to W atkins.
Rheims*} to Ham m ondport.
Rhineclif^}} to Rhinebeck.
R icard to Pulaski.
Rices*}} to W atertow n.
Riceville to Springville.
Richburg* to Bolivar.
Riches Corners to Albion.
Richfield* to R i c h fl e 1 d
Richfield Junction!} see

Sabael* to N o rth Creek.
S abbath D ay Point* to Ti­
Sacandaga* to Northville.
Sacket Harbor*}} to W atertown.
Sagaponack*} to Sag H ar­
Sagetown to Elm ira.

Richford*}} to N ew ark
Richland*}} to Lacona.
Richmond*} to Stapleton.
N . Y. C ity, (Borough of
R ichm ond).
Richm ond Hill*}} see N . Y.
C ity, (Borough of Queens).
R ichm ond M ills to Rome.
R ichm ond Valley} to T o t­

Sageville to N orthville.
Sailors Snug H arbor to New
S aint Albans}} to Jam aica
N . Y. C ity, (Borough of
Saint George*}} to New
Saint James*}} to Stony
S aint Johns to H averstraw .

Richyille*}} to Gouverneur
Ridge to M t. M orris.
Ridgebury* to M iddletown.
Ridgeland to Rochester.
Ridge M ills to Rome.
Ridgeroad to Newfane.
Ridgeway to M edina.

St. Johnsburg to N orth
Tonaw anda.
St. Josephs* to M onticello.
Saint Lawrence* to C layton
Saint Remy* to Kingston.
Salem Center* to Brewster.
Salisbury* to Dolgeville
Salisbury Center*}to Dolge­
Salisbury Mills*}} to W ashingtonville.

Ridgewood* to Brooklyn.
New Y ork City, Borough
of Queens.
Rifton* to Kingston.
R iga to Churchville.
Rio* to P o rt Jervis.
Riparius* to W arrensburg.
Risingville to Campbell,
Riverdale}} to New York
C ity (M an h attan ).
R iver Forks} to ■Unadilla
Riverside}} to W arrensburg
Riverview* to SaranacLake.
R ochester Junction*}} to
Honeoye Falls.
Rockaw ay Beach*}} see N .
Y. C ity, (Borough of
Rock C ity (C attaraugus
Co.) to Olean,
Rock C ity (D utchess Co.)
to Red Hook.
Rock C ity Falls* to Ballston Spa.
Rockdale*}} to Sidney.
Rock Glen*}} to Silver
Rock Hill* to M onticello.
Rockland*}} to Roscoe.
Rockland Lake* to Nyack.
R ocklet see Rock T avern.
Rock Rift*}} to W alton.
Rockroyal* to W alton.
Rock Stream*} to Dundee.
Rock Tavern*} to W ashingtonville.
Rock Valley to Callicoon.
Rockville* to Belfast.
Rockwells Mills*} to Sid­
Rockwood*} to Johnstow n.
Rocky P oint *} to P o rt Jef­
R odbourn ville to Norseheads.
Rodman* to Adams.
Rogersville*}} to Dansville.
Roland} to Lackawanna.
Rondout*}}.to Kingston.
Ronkonkoma*}} to Sayville.
Rose* to Clyde.
Rosebank*}} to Stapleton
N . Y. C ity, (Borough' of
Richm ond).
Rcseboom *toCherry Vailey.
Rosedale}} to Jam aica. N
Y. C ity, (Borough of
Money Order Office.

Salmon River to Pulaski.
Salt Point*}} to P ough­
Salt Springville* to C herry
Sammonsville to Fonda.
Sanborn*}} to N iagara Falls
Sandlake* to Troy.
Sands P oint to P o rt W ash­
Sandusky* to Arcade.
Sandy Creek* to Lacona.
Sandy Hill to H udson F alls .
Sanford* to Deposit.
Sangerfleld* to W aterville.
S anitaria Springs*}} to
Bingham ton.
S anta Clara*}} to St. Regis
Saranac Junction to Sara­
nac Lake.
Saranac*} to P lattsburg.
Sardinia*} to Arcade.
Sauquoit*}} to Clayville.
Savannah*}} to Clyde.
Savilton to Newburgh.
Sawens to Corfu.
Sawyer’s Creek to N orth
Sawyer to Albion.
Scar boro*}} to Ossining.
Schaghticoke*}} to Troy.
Schodack Center to Castleton.
Schodack Landing*} to
Schroon Lake*} to Crown
P oint.
Schroon R iver to P o rt
Schultzville to Rhinebeck.
Schuyler Falls* to P latts­
Scio*}} to Wellsville.
Sciota*} to P lattsburg.
Scipio to Auburn.
Scipio C enter to Auburn.
Scipioville to Aurora.
Scotch B ush to A m sterdam .
Scotchtown} to M iddletown
S cott to Homer.
Scottsburg* to Dansville.
Scottsville*}} to Rochester.
Scribal} to Oswego.
Sea Breeze to Rochester.
Seaford*}} to Amityville.
Seager* to M argaretville.
Searsburg to T rum ansburg.
Searsville to M ontgom ery.
t Telegraph Station.

Seaside} see Annadale.
Seaside Station to Rock­
away Beach, N . Y. City,
(Borough of Queens).
Seaverton to W inthrop.
Seely Creek}} to Elmira.
Selden*} to P o rt Jefferson.
Selkirk*}} to Albany.
Sempronius to M oravia.
Seneca Castle*}} to Geneva.
Seneca Hill to Oswego.
Sennett*}} to Auburn.
Setauket*}} to P o rt Jeffer­
Severance* to Crown Point.
Sevey to Potsdam .
Seward*}} to Cobleskill.
Shady* to Kingston.
Shakers to Albany.
Shandaken*}} to M argaret­
Shandalee to Livingston
M anor.
Sharon* (Schoharie Co.) to
Sharon Springs.
Shavertown*}} to Downville.
Shawangunk to Wallkill.
Shawnee to Lockport.
Sheds* to De R uyter.
Sheepshead Bay*} to Brook­
lyn, N. Y. C ity, (Borough
of B rooklyn).
Shekomeko*}} to Pine
Shelby to M edina.
Sheldon to N orth Java.
Sheldrake Springs}} to In­
Shelter Island*} to Greenport.
Shelter Island Heights* to
G reenport.
Shenandoah to Beacon.
Sherburne Four Corners*
to Sherburne.
Sheridan*} to Forestville.
Sherrill* to Oneida.
Sherwood* to Aurora.
Shimhopple*} to Downs­
Shokan* to Kingston.
Shongo* to Wellsville.
Shoreham*}} to P o rt Jeffer­
Short T ract to Fillmore.
Shrub Oak* to Peekskill.
Shushan*}} to Cambridge.
Sidney Center* to Unadilla.
Siloam to Oneida.
Silver Lake Assembly*}} to
Silvernails*}} to Pine Plains
Skaneateles Falls* to Skaneateles.
Skerry to Malone.
Slate Hill*}} to Middletown.
felaterville Springs* to Ith­
Slingerlands*}} to Albany.
Sliters to Rensselaer.
Sloan} to Buffalo.
Sloansville* to Schoharie.
Sloatsburg*}} to Suffern.
Smithboro*}} to Waverly.
Sm iths Basin*}} to F t. Ed­
Sm iths Landing to Sau­
Sm iths Mills*}} to Forest­
Smithtown*}} to Smithtown Branch.
Smithville* to Adams.
Sm ithville Flats* to Greene
Smyrna*}} to Norwich.
Snyder* (Erie Co.) to
W illiamsville.
Sodom* to W arrensburg.
Sodus Center*}} to Sodus.
Sodus Point*}} to Sodus.
Solon* to Cortland.
Solsville*}} to Oriskany.
Somers*} to M ount Kisco.
Somers C enter to M ount
Som erset to Barker.
Somerville to Gouverneur.
Sonora to B ath.
S. Alabam a to Oakfield.
S. ïAmenia to Amenia.
S. A palachin to Owego.
S. Argyle to Argyle.
S. Bangor to Malone.
S. Bay}} (M adison Co.) to
C anastota.
S. B ay (Onondaga Co.) to
S. Beach} to Stapleton, N.
Y. C ity, (Borough oi
Richm ond).
S. Beach} to Stapleton.
S. Berne* to Altamont.
S. Bethlehem*}} to Albany.
S. Bom bay to Brushton.
S. Bristol to Naples.
S. Brookfield to Edmeston.
S. Butler* to Wolcott.
S. Byron*}} to Batavia.
S. Cairo* to Catskill.
S. Cambridge* to Cam­
„ X. '
S. Canisteo to Camsteo.
S. Colton* to Potsdam ..
S. Columbia*}} to Rich­
field Springs.
S. Corinth}} to Corinth.
S. C ortland to Cortland.
S. Danville* to D an sv ille^
} Express Office-


S. Durham * to Catskill.
S. E ast C enter to Brewster.
S. E asto n to Cambridge.
S. E dm eston*! to New
Southflelds*tt to M onroe.
S. Gilboa*!! to Stam ford.
S. G ran b y !! to Fulton.
S. Greece to Rochester.
S. H am ilton to Sherburne.
S. Ham m ond*! to H am ­
m ond.
S. H annibal to Fulton.
S. H artford* to F o rt E d ­
S. H artw ick to Hartw ick.
S. Horicon to W arrensburg.
S. Jam esport*t to Riverhead.
S. K o rtrig h t* tt to H obart.
S. L ansing! to Ith aca.
S. Lebanon to Earlville.
S. Lim a*!! to Livonia.
S. Livonia*! to Livonia.
S. Millbrook* to Millbrook.
S. New Berlin*!! to New
S. N yack to N yack.
S. Onondaga to Syracuse.
South Oyster B ay to Am ityville.
S. P lattsb u rg to P lattsburg.
S. Plym outh* to Norwich.
S outhport to Elm ira.
South P ulteney to P ra ttsburg.
South R ondout to Kings­
S. Russell* to Edw ards.
S. Rutland* to W atertow n.
S. Salem* to Ridgefield.
S. Schenectady*! to Sche­
S. Schodack* to Castleton.
S. Schroon* to W arrens­
S. Scriba to Oswego.
S. Sodus to Lyons.
S, Stockton to Sinclairville.
S. T renton to Holland
P aten t.
S. Valley* to C herry Valley.
South ' W esterlo to CoxS. Wales'*!! to E a st Aurora.
Southwest Oswego to Os­
S. Worcester* to W orcester.
Spaffbrd to Homer.
Sparrow Bush* to P o rt Je r­
S parta to Ossining.
Speculator* to Northville.
Speedsville to D ryden.
Spencertown* to C hatham .
Speonk*tt to W est H am p­
to n Beach.
Spillway to K ingston.
Spilt Rock to Syracuse.
Spragueville* to Gouverneur.
Sprakers*tt to Canajoharie.
Spring Brook*t to E a st Au­
Springfield (Otsego Co.) to
C herry Valley.
Springfield!! to Jam aica, N .
Y. C ity, (Borough of
Springfield Center* to Rich­
field Springs.
Spring Glen*! to Ellenville.
Springlake* (Cayuga Co.)
to W eedsport.
Spring Mills* to W hitesville.
Springs* to E a st H am pton.
Sprout Brook to F o rt Plain.
Spuyten D u y v ilti to New
York C ity, (Borough of
M a n h attan ). .
Staatsburg*!! to Rhinebeck
Stacy Basin to Rome.
Stafford*!! to B atavia.
Stanard to Wellsville.
S tandish*tt to P lattsburg.
Stanfordville*!! to M illbrook.
Stanley*!! to C anandaigua.
Stanwix to Rome.
S tap leton*tt see N. Y. C ity
(Borough of Richm ond).
Stark* to Potsdam .
S tarkey*tt to Dundee.
Starkville* to F o rt Plain.
Starlake* to Carthage.
S tate Line to Olean.
S tate Bridge to Oneida.
S tate Line to Northville.
S team burg*tt to Randolph.
S tate Road to Horseheads.
Stedm an to M ayville.
Steele to Geneva.
S teinw ayt to Long Island
Stella to Bingham ton.
Stephens Mills to Hom ell.
Stephentown*!! to P itts­
field, M ass.
Stephentown Center* to
Pittsfield, M ass.
Sterling! to OswegO.
Sterlingbush to Carthage.
Sterling Station*! to Os­
Sterlington*!! to Suflern.
Sterling Valley to Oswego.
Sterlingville*!! to Philadel­
Steuben to Holland P atent.

Stevensville* to Liberty.
Stew art to Stamford.
Stillwater*- to M echanlcsville.
Stissing* to Pine Plains.
StittviUe*!! to Holland
P aten t.
Stockbridge* to Oneida.
Stockport* to Hudson.
Stockton to Sinclairsville.
Stockweil to W aterville.
Stokes* to Rome.
Stone A rabia to Canajo­
Stonechurch to Bergen.
Stoneco* to Poughkeepsie.
Stonehouse* to Pawing.
Stone M ills to Clayton.
Stone Ridge* to K erhonkson.
Stony C reek*tt to W arrens­
Stony Hollow to Kingston.
Stony P oint*!! to H averstraw .
Storm King to Cold Spring.
Storm ville*!! to Beacon.
Stottville*! to Hudson.
Stow*! to Jam estow n.
S traits Corners* to Owego.
Stratford* to Dolgeville.
Streetroad to Ticonderoga.
Strykersville* toN orthJava.
S tuyvesant*!! to Kinderhook.
S tuyvesant Falls*!! to Kinderhook.
Sugar Loaf*!! to Chester.
SuUivanville to Horseheads.
Summerdale* to M ayville.
Summer H ill to Locke.
Summit* to Richmondville.
Sum m itville*!! to Ellen­
Sundown* to Ellenville.
Sunnyside to Long Island
C ity, N . Y. C ity, (Bo­
rough of Queens).
Surprise* to Coxsackie.
Suspension Bridge!! to N i­
agara Falls.
Swain*!! to Canaseraga.
Swartwood*!! to Spencer.
Sweden to Brookport.
Swormville* to Lockport.
Sylvan Beach*!! to Oneida.
Syosset*!! to Oyster Bay.
Taberg* to Rome.
T aborton* to T roy.
Taghkanic to Hudson.
Talcottville* to Boonville.
Talcville*! to Edwards.
T allm an*! to Suflern.
T appan*!! to Sparkill.
T aughannock F alls!! to
Taylor* to Cincinnatus.
Taylor C enter to Cincinna­
Tennanah to Roscoe.
Texas to Mexico.
Texas Valley to M arathon.
T he Corner to Kingston.
T he Glen*!! to W arrens­
T hendara*!! to Old Forge.
T he Vly to Kerhonkson.
Thiells*! to Haverstraw.
T hom aston! to G reat Neck
Thompson Ridge*!! toPine
Thompsons Lake to Altam ont.
Thomson* to Schuylerville.
Thornwood*! to Pleasantville.

U lster H eights to Ellen­
U lster Landing to Sauger­
U lster P ark*!! to Rondout.
U lsterville! to Pine Bush.
U nadilla Forks* to W est
Uncas* to Ticonderoga.
Underhill to M ount Kisco.
Union Center* to Union.
Union Church to Albany.
Union Corners to Bronxville.
Union Course! to Woodhaven.
Union Square to Pulaski.
Union Grove*!! to M argaretville.
Union Valley to D e R uyter.
Union H ill*!! to W ebster.
Unionville to Pleasantville.
U nionport to New York
C ity (M anhattan).
U pper Aquebogue to Riverhead.
U pper Jay* to Au Sable
U pper Lisle* to W hitney
P oint. ,
U pper N yack to N yack.
U pper Red Hook* to Red
U pper Saranac* to Sara­
nac Lake.
Urbana* to H am m ondsport
Urlton* to Coxsackie.
Ushers*!! to M echanicsville.
Vail Gate* to Cornwall.
Vail M ills*! to Gloversville
Valatie*! to Kinderhook.
Valcour*!! to P lattsburg.
Valhalla*!! to W hitePlains.
Valley C ottage*!! to N yack
Valley Falls*!! to Troy.
Valley M ills!! to Oneida.
Vallonia Springs to Afton.
Valois*!! to W atkins.

Tioga C enter*!! to Owego.
Tiorona to Beacon.
Tivoli*!! to Saugerties.
Toddsville to Cooperstown.
Tom hannock to Troy.
Tom kins Cove*!! to H averstraw .
Tom pkins Corners* (P ut­
nam Co.) to Peekskill.
Tom pkinsville!! to Stapleton.
ton, N . Y. C ity, (Borough
of Richmond) .
Tongore to Kingston.
T ottenville*! see N. Y. C ity
(Borough of Richm ond).
Tower H ill! to P o rt Rich­
m ond, N. Y. C ity, (Bo­
rough of Richm ond).
Towlesville to B ath.
Towners*!! to Brewster.
Town Line*!! to L ancaster.
Townsend to M ontour Falls
T racy Creek to Union.

V andalia! to Allegany.
Van E tten * !! to Spencer.
Vanhornesville* to F ort
Van N e s tt to New York
C ity, (Borough o f M an­
h attan ).
V arna to Ithaca.
Varysburg* to No. Java.
Venice Center*! to M oravia
Verbank*!! to Millbrook.
Verbank Village* to M ill­
Verdoy to W atervliet.
Vermillion to Mexico.
Vermontville* to Saranac
Vernon Center to Vernon.
Verona*! to Oneida.
Verona M ills to Rome.
Verona S tation*!! to Ver­
Verplanck* to Peekskill.
Versailles* to Gowanda.
Vesper to Tully.
Vestal*!! to Union.
V estal Center* to Union.
V eteran to Saugerties.
V ictory to Cato.
V ictory Mills* to Schuyler­
V ienna!! to Camden.
V incent to Canandaigua.
Vine Valley to Rushville.
Vineyard* to Brocton.
V intonton to Cobleskill.
Viola to Spring Valley.
Virgil to Cortland.
Vischer Ferry* to Schenec­
Vista to New Canaan.Conn.
Volney to Fulton.
Volusia to Westfield.
Voorheesville*!! to Albany.

Travisville to P o rt Rich­
m ond, N . Y. C ity, (Bo­
rough of Richm ond).
Treadwell* to Franklin.
T renton Falls* to Holland
P atent.

W adham s*!! to W estport.
W adham s M ills to W estport.
W ading River*!! to P o rt

T housand Island Park*!, to
T hree M ile B ay*!! to Cape
T hree Rivers to Phoenix.
Throopsville to A uburn.
T hurm an* to W arrensburg.
T hurston to Campbell.
Tillson* to New P altz.
T illy F oster*!! to Brew­

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Triangle* to W hitney P oint
T ribes H ill*!! to Am ster­
dam .
T ristates to P o rt Jervis.
Troupsburg* to Knoxville,
T rout B rook!! to Roscoe.
T rout Creek* to Unadilla.
T ro u t River to M alone.
T rudeau* to Saranac Lake.
T rum bull C ornerstolthaca.
Truthville* to Granville.
Tunnel*!! to Bingham ton.
T upper Lake Junction*!
to T upper Lake.
T urner to Monroe.
T urin* to Lowville.
T urnpike! to Potsdam .
Turnwood* to M argaretville.
T uscarora*!! to M ount
M orris.
T uthill to New P altz.
T u ttles to Victor.
Tuxedo P ark*! to Tuxedo.
T yner to Oxford.
T yre to Seneca Falls.
Tyrone* to W atkins.

ACounty Seat.

* Money Order Office.

W adsworth* to Geneseo.
W ainscott*! to Bridgeham pton.
W aits to Nichols.
W ake to Windsor.
Wakefield to M t. Vernon.
W ales Center* to E . Au­
W alker*! to H ilton.
W alker Valley* to Pinebush
W allace*!! to Avoca.
W allington*!! to Sodus.
W alloomsac*!! to Hoosick
W alm ore to N iagara Falls.
W alshville to K atona.
W alworth*! to Palm yra.
iW am psvilie*! to C arthage
W anakena* to Harrisville.
W antagh*!! to F reeport.
W ard to Scio.
W arner*!! to Baldwinsville.
Warnersville* to Cobleskill.
Warren* to RichfleldSpring
W arrens Corners! to Lockport.
W ashington Hollow to M ill­
W ashington' M ills*!! to
W ashington Square to
H em pstead.
W ashingtonville*! to New
York C ity (M anhattan.)
W assaic*!! to Amenia.
W ater M ill*!! to South­
am pton.
W aterport*!! to Lyndonville.
W atervale to Fayetteville.
W ater Valley to Ham burg.
W atson* to Lowville.
W atts F lats*!! to Jam es­
W averly (Suffolk Co.) to
W averly (W estchester Co.)
to Tuckahoe,
W awarsing*! to K erhonk­
Wayne* to Dundee.
W ayne C enter to Lyons.
W ayneport! to F air port.
Wayville* to Mechanicsville.
W ebatuck to D over Plains.
W ebb M ills! to Elm ira.
W ebster Crossing* to W ayland.
W ebster Station* to Cazenovia.
Wedge wood to W atkins.
Wegatchie to Gouverneur.
Wells (Chem ung Co.) to
Elm ira.
Wells* (H am ilton Co.) to
Wells Bridge*!! to Unadilla
W ellsburg*!! to Elm ira.
W eltonville to Owego.
W endelville to N o rth Tonaw anda.
Wesley to C attaraugus.
W. Albany*!! to Albany.
W, Alden to Alden.
W. Amboy* to Parish.
W. A thens!! to Athens.
W. Bangor* to B rushton.
W. B arre to Albion.
W. B a ta v ia !! to B atavia.
W. Beekm antown to P la tts­
W. Bergen*! to Bergen.
W. Berne* to Schoharie.
W. B ethany to B atavia.
W . Bloomfield*! to Lima.
W. Branch* to Rome.
W . B righton! to Rochester.
W . Brookville*! to M iddletown.
W. Burlington* to Edm eston.
W estbury (Cayuga Co.) to
"R a H r i p p p l r

W. C am p*!! to Saugerties.
W. C andor!! to Candor.
W. C aton to Corning.
W. C atskill to Catskill.
W. C harlton to Schenec­
tad y .
W. Ghazy*!! to P lattsburg.
W. Chenango to Bingham pton.
W estchester*!! to N , Y.
C ity, (Borough of B ronx).
W. Clarksville* to C uba
W. Colesville to Bingham pton.
W. Conesville to G rand
W. Constable to F o rt Cov­
W . Copake* to Pine Plains.
W. Coxsackie* to Cox­
W estdale*!! to Camden.
W. D anby*!! to Ithaca.
W. Davenport* to Oneonta.
W. Day* to Northville.
W. D ryden to D ryden.
W. E aton* to M orrisville.
W. E dm eston*! to Edm eston.
W esterleigh to W est New
B righton, N. Y. C ity,
(Borougn of Richm ond).
Westerlo* to Ravena.
t Telegraph Station.



Westernville* to Rome.
W. Exeter* to W est W in­
W. Falls*!! to E a st Au­
Westford* to Schenevus.
W. F o rt Ann* to Hudson
W. Fulton* to Cobleskill.
W. Galway* to Am ster­
dam .
W. Glenville to Amsterdam .
W. Granville Corners* to
W. Greece to Spencerport.
W. Groton to Locke.
W. H am pton*!! to W.
H am pton Beach.
W est Harpersfleld to Stam ­
W. H averstraw *!! to Haverstraw .
W. Hebron* to Salem.
W. H enrietta*!! to RochW. H urley*!! to Kingston.
W. Islip to Babylon.
W. Junius to Geneva.
W. Kendall* to Holley.
W. Kill* to C atskill.
W. Kortright* to SchehevUs
W. Laurens* to M orris.
W. Lebannon*! to C h at­
ham .
W . Leyden* to Boonville.
W. Lowville to Lowville.
W. M artinsburg to Low­
W. M eredith to Delhi.
W. M ilton to Ballston Spa.
W estm inster Park* to Alex­
andria Bay.
W . M onroe*! to C entral
W estm oreland*!! to Clin­
W. M t. Vernon! to M t.
W. New Brighton*! see N .
Y. C ity, (Borough of
Richm ond).
W . N yack*!! to N yack.
W. Oneonta*! to Oneonta.
W eston to Dundee.
W estons Mills* to Olean.
W . P ark*!! to Highland.
W est P atterso n !! to Pawl­
W est Paw ling!! to Pawling.
W . P ierpont to Canton.
W. P lattsburg to P latts­
W. P oint*!! to Highland
W . P otsdam to Potsdam .
W . Richm ondville to Rich­
m ond ville.
W. Rush*!! to Honeoye
W . Salam anca! to Sala­
W. Sand Lake* to A lbany.
W . Saugerties to Sauger­
W. Sayville*! to Sayville.
W. Schuyler to Utica.
W. Seneca! to Lackawanna.
W. Shelby to M edina.
W. Shokan* to Kingston.
W est Side to Lake George.
W est Somers to G ranite
W. Stephentown* to P itts­
W. Stockholm* to P o ts­
W . Stony Creek* to W ar­
W . Taghkanic to Hudson.
W esttow n*!! to Middletown.
W. T roupsburg to Knox­
ville, ,Pa.
W . Township to Altam ont.
W . Valley*!! to Springville.
W estville to Milford.
W est Vienna to Oneida.
W estville C enter to F ort
W . W alworth* to Fairport.
W . W ebster* to W ebster.
W . W indsor to Windsor.
W ethersfield to Bliss.
W ethersfield Springs to
W evertown*! to N orth
W hallonsburg*!! to Westport.
Wheeler*! to Bath.
Whippleville* to M alone,
W hite Creek*to N o rth Ben­
nington, Vt.
W hite Lake* to Montioello.
W hite Lake Corners* to
Boonville. ,
W hitelaw to C anastota.
W hiteportf! to Kingston.
W hite Store to New Berlin.
W hite Stone see N . Y. City,
(Borough of Queens).
W hite Sulphur Springs* to
! Express Office.



W hitney Crossings* to Canaseraga.
Wicopee to Beacon
W ilbur to Kingston.,
W illard*!! to Ovid.
Willet* to Concinnatus.
Williams Bridge*t to N . Y.
C ity, Bronx.
W illiamstown*}! to Cam ­
Willis to M ineola.
Willow* to Kingston.
Willowemoc* to Liberty.
Willow Glen to M echanicsville.
Willow P oint to Johnson.
C ity.
Willowvale to Utica.
Willseyville*! } to Candor.
W ilmington* to Au Sable
W ilm urt to Poland.
W ilton* to Saratoga Springs
W indham* to G rand Gorge.
Winfield* (Herkim er Co.)
to W est W infield.,
W infield Ju n ctio n f to E lm ­
h urst, N . Y. C ity, (Bo­
rough of Queens).
W ingdale*ttto D overPlains
W interton*} to M iddletown
Wiscoy* to Fillmore.
Wisner*}} to W arwick.
W itherbee* to P o rt H enry
W ittenberg* to K ingston.
W olcottsburg to Clarence.
WolCottsville to Akron.
W olf B un to Salamanca.
W oodbourne* to Liberty.
W oodbury* to H untington.
W oodhaven*tt see N . Y.
C ity, (BoroughofQueens.)
W oodhaven Junctionf to
W oodhaven, N . Y. C ity
(Borough of Queens).
Woodhull* to Addison.
W oodlaw nf! to N . Y. C ity ,’
(Borough of M a n h a tta n ).
Woodrow to P leasant Plains
W oods to A ntw erp.
Woodside*}} to Long Island
C ity, N . Y. C ity, (Bo­
rough of Queens).
Woodstock* to Saugerties.
Woodville* to Adam s.
W orth to Adams.
W rights Corners to Lockport.
Wurtsboro*}} to M iddletown.
W yandale to Springville.
W yandanchf! to Farm ingdale.
W ynantskill* to T roy.
Y ankee Lake* to M iddletown.
Y ap h an k * tt to Patchogue.
Y ates to Lyndonville.
Yatesville to P enn Yan.
Yorkshire*t to Arcade.
Y orktow n Heights* to
M o u n t Kisco.
Yorkville* to U tica. , e
Y osts to Fonda.
Young Hickory to Green­
wood. i
Youngs*}} to Unadilla.
Youngstown*} to N iagara
Youngsville* to Jefferson­
Yulan* to P o rt Jervis.
Zena to Kingston.
Zurich to Newark.

Abbottsburg*} to Clarkton.
Abner to Star.
Abshers* to Northw ilkesboro.
Acme* to W ilm ington.
Acton to Asheville.
Adako* to Lenoir.
Adams* to Boone.
A ddiet to Sylva.
Addor* to Aberdeen.
A doniram to Virgilna, Va.
Advance*!! to Mocksville.
Ai to Roxboro
Airlie* to L ittleton.
Aiarka* to Bryson C ity.
Albertson to P ink Hill.
Alert* to Louisburg.
Alexander*!} to Asheville.
Alexis* to Stanley.
Allen* to C harlotte.
Allenton* to Lum berton.
Alliance* to Bayboro.
Allreds to Star.
Alma* to M axton.
Almond*}} to Bryson City.
Altamahaw* to E lon College. ,
Altam ont* to Newland,
A ltapass*t! to Bakersville.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Alto to Asheville.
Amelia to Sparta.
A m herst to W illiamston.
A m ity to Cleveland,
A natone to Burnsville.
Anna* w Sparta.
Anneta to Woodland.
Apple Grove* to Jefferson.
Aquadale* to Norwood.
Aquone to Andrews.
Ararat*} to P ilot M ountain.
Archdale* to H igh Point.
Areola* to W arrenton.
Arden*}} to Asheville.
A rgura to Sylva.
Armour* to Wilmington.
Ash* to Whiteville.
Ashford* to M arion.
Ashland* to M ountainC ity,
Ashley Heights* to Aber­
Ashton*} to Burgaw.
Ashwood to Oriental.
Askewville* to W indsor.
Askin to Vanceboro.
Athlone to Burnsville.
Atkinson*}} to W ilming­
A tlantic toM orehead C ity.
Auburn*} to G arner.
Aurelian Springs to L ittle­
A ustin to Elkin.
A utryville*!! to F ay ette­
Avoca* to E denton.
Avon* to M anteo.
, A ydlett* to M oyock.
Ayersville to Stoneville.
Azalea*}} to Ashville.
Bachelor* to New Bern.
Bagley to Kenly.
Bahama*} to D urham .
Bain to Denton.
Bald Creek* to Burnsville.
Bald M ountain to Burns­
Baldwin* to Jefferson.
Balm* to E lk Park.
Balsam*}} to W aynesville.
Balsam Grove* to B revard.
Bamboo to Boone.
Bandana* to Bakersville.
Banks Creek to Burnsville.
Barber*}} to Cleveland.
Barco* to Moyock.
B arkers Creek to Sylva.
Barnard*}} to M arshall.
Barnardsville* to Asheville.
Barnesville* to Fairbluff.
B arrett to Sparta.
B a rtlett to E lizabeth City.
B atC ave*to Hendersonville
Bath* to W ashington.
B attle Ground* to Greens­
B ay to Columbia.
Beach Spring to H ertford.
Bearcreek*}} to Siler C ity.
Bear Poplar* to M ooresville.
Beasley} to Smithfleld.
B eaum ont to Pittsboro.
Beaver Creek* to Jefferson.
Beckwith to Belhaven.
Beech* to Asheville.
Beechcreek* to E lk P ark.
Bee Log* to Burnsville.
Bel A rthur to Farm ville.
Belcross*}} to E lizabeth
Belew Creek* to W alnut •
Bellair to Newbern.
Belva* to M arshall.
Belvidere* to H ertford.
BelwoOd* to Cherryville.
Benaja* to Reidsvflle.
Benbow to Elkin.
Beng* to Jefferson.
Benham* to Elkin.
Bentonville* to Smithfleld.
Berea* to Oxford.
B ertha to M oyock.
Bessie to Sylva.
Beta* to Sylva.
Bethania* to R ural Hall.
B ethel Hill to Roxboro.
B ettie to Beaufort.
Big Laurel* to H ot Springs.
Big Pine* to M arshall.
Bina* to Jefferson.
Birch to M urphy.
Bixby* to Mocksville.
Blackburn to Newton.
Blackwood to Chapel Hill.
Blades* to Newbern.
Blaine to Troy.
Blanch* to M ilton.
Blantyre*} to Brevard.
B lounts Creek* to Aurora.
Bluff* to H o t Springs.
Boardman*}} to C hadbourn
Bogue Banks to M orehead
Boliva*} to W ilmington.
Bolton*}} to W ilm ington.
Bonnerton* to Aurora.
Boomer* to Northwilkesboro.
Boonford*}} to Burnsville.
Bosley* to Sunbury.
Bosts Mills* to Concord.


i County Seat.

Bowdens*}} to Warsaw.
Bowditch to Burnsville.
B randon to Jefferson.
Brasstown* to M urphy.
Brickton* to H enderson­
Bridgew ater*!! to M organton.
Brim* to M ount Airy.
Brinkleyville* to L ittleton.
Brock* to Andrews.
Brookford to Hickory.
Brooks to Sparta.
Brookside to Sparta.
Browns Summit*}! to
Brownwood*} to Jefferson.
Bruce* to Greenville.
B rum m ett to Bakersville.
Brushcreek to Siler City.
Buck to Northwilkesboro.
Buckland to Gatesville.
Buckner* to M arshall.
Buck Shoal to Elkin.
Buffalo Cove* to Lenoir.
Bughill* to W hiteville.
Buies*}} to Red Springs.
Buladean to Bakersville.
Bullock*}} to Stovall.
Bunlevel* to Lillington.
B unyon to W ashington.
Burden to Aulander.
Burgess to H ertford.
B urton to Burnsville.
Bushnell*}! to Bryson City.
Busick to Burnsville.
Buxton* to M anteo.
Bynum* to Pittsboro.
Cabarrus* to Concord.
Calabash to Southport.
Calahaln* to Mocksville.
Call to Northwilkesboro.
iC am denf! to E lizabeth
Campbell* to S tu art, Va.
Cana* to M ocksville.
O anby to M ount Gilead.
Candler* to Asheville.
Canecreek to Siler C ity.
C ane River* to Burnsville.
C anto to M arshall.
Capella to P ilot M ountain.
Caraw ay*to Ashboro.
Carbonton* to Sanford.
Cardenas* to Raleigh.
Carm en-to M arshall.
C arotenn to Erwin. T enn.
Carpenter*}} (W ake Co.) to
C arters M ills to C arthage.
Casar* to Shelby.
C ash Corner* Bayboro.
Cashiers* to Sylva.
Casm a to Varina.
C astle Hayne*}! to W il­
C atherine Lake*to Jackson­
Cedar creek* to F ay ette­
Cedar Falls*}} to Ashboro.
C edar Grove* to Hillsboro.
C edar Hill to Ansonville.
C edar M ountain*} to B re­
Ceffo to Roxboro.
Celo* to Burnsville,
C entral Falls to Ashboro.
C halybeate Springs* to
C ham bers to Bryson City.
Cham pion to N orthw ilkes­
Chandler* to Albermarle.
Chapanoke*} to H ertford.
Charles to Statesville.
Cheeks to Ram seur.
Cheoah* to Andrews.
Cherokee* to Bryson C ity .
C herry to Creswell.
Cherryfield* to B revard.
C herry Lane* to Sparta.
Chicod* to Greenville.
Chim ney Rock* to R utherfordton.
Chinquapin* to Wallace.
Chip to T roy.
Chocowinity* to W ashing­
Cid*} to Thomasville.
Cisco} to E denton.
C itron to Sparta.
C ity to Sparta.
Clarendon*}} to Tabor.
Clarissa* to Bakersville
Clark* to Newbern.
Clear R un to W allace.
Clemmons*}} to W instonSalem.
Clifton* to Jefferson.
Climax*}! to Greensboro.
Cpfieid*! to W inton.
Coinjock* to E lizabethC ity.
Coles Store* to Ramseur.
Colfax* to Kernersville.
Colington* to M anteo.,
Collettsville*!! to Lenoir.
Colon} bo Sanford.
Comfort* to T renton.
Como* to M urfreesboro.
Complex to Denton.
Congo to Northwilkesboro.
Cool Spring to Statesville.
Cooper* to Fayetteville.
Corapeake* to Sunbury.
*Mpney Order Office.

Corbett* to M ebane.
Corepoint to W ashington.
Corinth*! to M erry Oaks.
O ornatzer! to M ockville
Corolla* to E lizabeth City.
C ourtney to Yadkinville.
Cove City* to Dover.
Cove Creek* toW aynesville
Cowarts* to Sylva.
Crabtree* to W aynesville.
Cram erton*}! to G astonia.
Cranberry*} to E lk Park.
Creek* to W arrneton.
Cremo*} to Powellsville.
C restm ont to ' New port,
Creston* to Jefferson.
C ricket to Northwilkesboro.
Croatan* to Newbern.
Crossnore* to Newland.
Crouse*} to Ltncolnton.
Crumpler* to Jefferson.
Cruso* to W aynesville.
Crutchfield*!} to Elkin.
Culberson*}} to M urphy.
C ulbreth to Stem.
Cullasaja* to Franklin.
Cullowhee* to Sylva.
Cum berland*toFayetteville
Cumnock*}} to Sanford.
Cunningham to Roxboro.
Currie*}} to Atkinson.
iC urrituck* to Moyock.
Cycle* to Elkin.
Dabney* to Henderson.
D ale to Bakersville.
Dalton* to Pilotm ountain.
Dana* to Hendersonville.
Dandy* to Jefferson.
D arby to Lenoir.
Dardens* to Plym outh.
D arkridge to E lk Park.
D arnell to N orthwilkesboro
D avidsons River*} to Bre­
Davis* to Beaufort.
D ay Book* to Burnsville.
Dealville* to Taylorsville.
Deep Run* to Kinston.
Deerfield to Boone.
D ehart* to Northw ilkes­
Delco*}} to Wilmington.
Dellwood* to Waynesville.
Delway* to Wallace.
Democrat* to Asheville.
D enny to N orthwilkesboro.
Denton* to Salisbury.
D erita* to C harlotte.
D evotion to Elkin,
D exter to Oxford.
D illard to M adison.
Dillingham to Asheville.
Dillsboro*}} to Sylva.
D im m ette to Elkin.
Dim sdale to Tryon.
Dixie to Charlotte.
Dockery* to N orthw ilkes­
Dome* to Black M ountain.
Dixon*} to Jacksonville.
Donnoha*}} to R ural Hall.
Dothan* to T abor.
Doughton* to Elkin.
Dresden to Jefferson.
Drew to W indsor.
Drexel*}} to M organton.
Druid* to M arshall.
D rum hill*!! to Gates.
Drycreek to Candor.
Dublin*} to Bladenboro.
D uck to M anteo.
D uck Creek* to Jackson­
Dudley*!! to Goldsboro.
D ulah to Tabor.
Dundarrach*} to Raeford.
D urants Neck* to H ertford.
D uvall to Franklin.
D wight to H ertford.
Dysartville* to M arlon.
Eagle Rock* to Wendell.
Eagle Springs*}} to Candor.
Earl*!} to Blacksburg, S. C.
E arleys *to Ahoskie.
E . Arcadia to C larkton.
E . Lake* to M anteo.
E . L a Porte* to Sylva.
E . M onbo* to Statesville.
Edgar* to H igh Point.
Edgemont*} to Lenoir.
Edison to Jefferson.
Edmonds* to Galax, Va.
Edneyville* to H enderson­
Edward* to Aurora.
E dw ards Crossroads* to
Eia*}} to Bryson City.
Elams* to L ittleton.
Biberon* to W arrenton.
Eldorado* to T roy.
Elease* to Fayetteville.
Eleazer to T roy.
E ld reth to Lansing.
Elkton*} to C larkton.
E lkville to N orthwilkesboro
E ller to Lexington.
Ellijay* to Franklin.
Elm wood*!! to Cleveland.
Elrod*}} to Rowland.
E m bro to M acon.
Emerson* to Clarkton.
English to M adison.
Eunice* to Sparta.
E nola to M organton.
E nterprise to Lexington.
} Telegraph Station.

E rastus to Sylva.
E rect to Ashboro.
E rlanger to Lexington.
Ernul* to Vanceboro.
E skbta* to Burnsville.
Essex* to L ittleton.
E statoe to Bakersville.
Ether*} to Troy.
E tna* to Franklin.
Etowah*} to Henderson­
Eufola*!} to Statesville.
Eulalie to Franklin.
Eureka* to Frem ont;
E va to H ertford.
E vans to Pittsboro.
Evergreen*} to Chadbourn.
E w art to Bakersville.
E xeter to W indsor.
Exum* to Vineland.
Exway to M ount Gilead.
Fairfield* to Swanquarter.
Fairview* to Asheville.
Falcon* to D unn.
Falkland* to Greenville.
Fallcliff to Sylva.
Farm er* to Ashboro.
Farm ington* to Mocksville.
Faro to Frem ont.
F aust to M arshall.
F earrington to Durham .
Ferguson* to Northwilkes­
Fig* to Jefferson.
Finley to Blowing Rock.
Fisher to Troy.
F itch to Yanceyville.
F la t Rock*}} to Hender­
Flats* to Franklin.
Fleetwood to Jefferson.
Flinty* to Burnsville.
Florence* to Bayboro.
Folkstone*!! to Wilming­
Fontana* to Bryson City.
Footville to YadkinvUle.
Forbes to Bakersville.
F ork to Mocksville.
Forney* to Bryson City.
F o rt Barnwell}! to Dover.
F o rt Landing* to Columbia.
Francisco* to P ilot Moun­
Frank* to E lk P ark.
Freeland* to W hiteville.
Freem an* to Wilmington;
Friendship to Kernersville.
Frisco* to M anteo.
F rosty to Pittsboro.
Fullers* to Thomasville.
Furches* to Jefferson.
Gale to Jefferson.
Galveston to Durham .
Gap to P ilot M ountain.
Garden City* to Marion.
Gatewood to Danville, Va.
G ay to Sylva.
Gaylord to W ashington.
Geneva (Rockingham Co.)
to Stokesdale.
Genoa*} to Goldsboro.
George* to Woodland.
Georgeville* to Concord.
Gerton* to Asheville.
Ghio to Ham let.
Gilkey*!! to Rutherfordton
Gilreath* to Northwilkes- ,
Glade Valley* to Sparta.
Glen Alpine*}} to M organ­
Glen Ayre to BakersvUle.
Glendale Springs to Jeffer­
Glendon*}} to Sanford.
Glenn to M ountain City.
Glenola* to H igh Point.
Glen Raven* to Burlington.
Glenville* to Sylva.
Glenwoodf to M arion.
Gliden*} to Hobbsville.
Globe* to Lenoir.
Gloucester* to Beaufort.
Gneiss to Franklin.
Godwin*}} to D unn.
Gold Hill*}} to Rockwell.
G oldpoint to Robersonville.
Good Spring to Dobson.
Gorman* to D urham .
Goshen to Northwilkesboro
Gragg to Newland.
Grandview* to M urphy.
Grandy* to Elizabeth City.
G ranite Quarry*} to Salis­
Grantsboro* to Bayboro.
G rantville to M arshall.
Grassy Creek* to Jefferson.
Gray* to Sparta.
Grayson* to M ountainC ity,
Greene to Goldston.
Green Hill* to Rutherford­
Green Lees to M arion.
Greenmountain*}! to Bak­
Greens Creek* to Sylva.
Gregory* to Elizabeth City.
Greystone*!! to Henderson.
Griffith to Charlotte.
Grissom to Creedmoor.G rists to Chadbourne.
! Express Office.

Grove Hill* to M acon.
Gudger to Columbia.
Guilford* to Greensboro.
Guilford College*!toGreens
G um berry*!! to Seaboard.
Gum Neck* to Columbia.
Gupton to Louisburg.
Guyton to Bladenboro.
Gwyn to Yadkinville.
H ackett to. E lk Park.
Hackney to Pittsboro.
Hallison*tt to Carthage.
Hallsboro*t to W hiteville.
Halls Mills* to Northwilkesboro.
Hallsville* to Kenansville.
Hampstead* toW ihnington,
Hamptonville* to Yadkin­
Handy to Denton.
Hanrahan* to Grifton.
Harbinger* to Moyock.
Hardin to Dallas.
Hargrove* to Stem.
Harkers Island* to Beau­
Harley to Northwilkesboro.
Harris*!! to H enrietta.
Harrisburg* to Concord.
H artm an to D anbury.
H arts to Mooresville.
H artshorn to Liberty.
Harvard* to Burnsville.
Hassell*! to H am ilton.
Hasty*! to Laurinburg.
H atteras*t to M anteo.
Havelock* to Newport.
Hawbranch to Sanford.
Hawk to Bakersville.
Hayne*! to Clinton.
Hays* to Northwilkesboro.
Haywood* to M erry Oaks.
Hazelwood*tt to W aynes­
Heathsville* to Enfleld.
Heaton* to E lk P ark .
Helena!: (Alleghany Co.) to
Helton* to Jefferson.
Hemlock* to M ountain
City, Tenn.
Hendrix to Northwilkes­
Henrico* to L ittleton.
Henrietta* to Avondale.
Henry* to Lincolnton.
Henry River* to Hickory.
Hester* to Creedmoor.
Hewitts* to Bryson City.
Hexlena to Aulander.
Higgins* to Burnsville.
Highfalls* to C arthage.
High Rock*!! to D enton.
Highshoals*!! to Lincoln­
Hightowers* to Yanceyville.
Hildebran*!! to Hickory.
Hillgirt* to Hendersonville.
Hiwassee* to M urphy.
Hobucken* to Bayboro.
Hoffman*!! to H am let.
Hollis* to Ellenboro.
Hollister to Halifax.
Hollow Poplar to Bakers­
Holly Ridge* to Jackson­
Hom iny!! to Asheville.
Hoover HiU to Ashboro.
Hope M ills*!! to F ay ette­
Hopkins* to Todd.
Horse Shoe*tt to H ender­
Houstonville* to M ocks• ville.
Howard to W indsor.
Hoyle to Randleman.
Hubert* to Jacksonville.
Hudson*!! to G ranite Falls.
Hughes* to Newland.
Huntdale*!! to Bakersville.
H unters Bridge to Pinetown.
Hunting Creek* to N o rth
Huntley* to Clinton.
Hurdle Mills* to Roxboro.
Husk* to Jefferson.
Icard* to Hickory.
Idalia to Aurora.
Idlewild* to Jefferson.
Index to Jefferson.
Indian Town* to E lizabeth
Indian Trail* to Monroe.
Inez* to W arrenton.
tngalls* to Bakersville.
tngold* to Clinton,
tnk to Northwilkesboro.
iotla to Franklin.
Iron Station* to Lincoln­
Itom to R utherford.
Ivanhoe*!! to W ilmington.
Ivy* to M arshall.
Jacocks to H ertford.
Jalong* to Roxboro.
James C ity !! to Newbern.
Jamestown*! to H igh Point
Japan* to Bryson City.
Jarvis to Northwilkesboro.
JaTvisburg* to E lizabeth

Jasper, to Newbern.
Jennings* to Statesville.
Jerom e to Fayetteville.
Jerry* to Columbia.
Jessam a to Beaufort.
Joe* to H ot Springs.
Johns*!! to Laurinburg.
Jonas Ridge* to Newland.
Jones to Jefferson.
Jonesville* to Elkin.
Jordan* to Siler City.
Joy to M organton.
Joynes to Elkin.
Judson* to Bryson City.
Julian*! to L iberty.
Juno to Asheville.
Ju s t to M ars Hill.
K anoy to Ashboro.
K apps M ill to Dobson.
Katesville* to Louisburg.
K earney to Louisburg.
Kellum* to Jacksonville.
Kelly* to Atkinson,
Kem ps M ill to Ashboro.
K endal to Northwilkesboro
Kennebec . to F uquay
K err*! to W ilmington.
Kimbolton* to Siler City.
Kimesville* to L iberty.
K ingsboro*!! to T arboro.
Kings Creek* to Lenoir.
Kinsey to M urphy.
Kipling*, to Angier.
K ittrell*!! to Henderson.
K itty Hawk* to M anteo.
K notts Island* to E lizabeth
K nottville to Northwilkes­
K ona! to Burnsville.
Kyle to Franklin.
Lagoon* to Elizabethtow n.
Lake Com fort to Swanquarter.
W aynes ville.
Lake Landing* to Swanquarter.
Lake Toxaw ay*!! to Bre­
Lakeview*! to Southern
Lake W accam aw*!! to
W hiteville.
Lanvale to W ilmington.
Lasker* to PoteOasi.
L atham to W ashington.
L aurelbranch to Sparta.
Laurelsprings to Sparta.
Laws to Hillsboro.
L eam an to Carthage.
L eander to E lk P ark.
Leasburg* to Roxboro.
Leatherm an* to Franklin.
Ledger* to Bakersville.
Lee* to H ot Springs.
Leechville* to Belhaven.
Leland* to W ilmington.
Lemon Springs*!! to San­
Lena to Fayetteville.
Letitia* to M urphy.
Lewisville* to W instonSalem.
Linden*!! to Fayetteville.
Linville* to Newland.
Lin ville Falls* to M organ­
Linwood*! to Lexington.
Littlefield to Ayden.
L ittlerock Creek to B akers­
L ittle Switzerland* to B ak­
Lodo to C harlotte.
Log to E nfleld..
Lomax to Elkin.
Long Creek to W ilmington.
Longisland* to Statesville.
Longs M ills to Liberty.
Long Shoals* to Lincolnton.
Loray* to Statesville.
L o tta to Spruce Pine.
Lovelace* to Northwilkes­
Lovill to Boone.
Lowe* to Lum berton.
Lowesville to Stanley.
Lowgap* to Galax, Va.
Lowland* to Bayboro.
Lucia* to M ount H olly.
Lukens* to Oriental.
L um ber Bridge*!! to Red
Lunday* to Bakersville.
L upton to Beaufort.
Lynn* to Tryon.
Lyons*! to Stem.
M abel to Boone.
M ackey F erry to M ackeys.
M ackeys*!! to Plym outh.
M adge to C harlotte.
Maggie* to W aynesville.
M agnetic C ity to B akers­
M akatoka* to W hiteville.
M akelyville to Belhaven.
M am ers to Lillington.
Mamie* to E lizabeth City.
M anchester*!! to F ay ette­
M anly* to Southern Pines.
M anndale* to Pittsboro.
M anns Harbor* to M anteo.
M anson*! to Norlina.
M aple* to Elizabeth City.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

ACounty Seat.

M aple Cypress to Grifton.
M aple Hill* to Jacksonville.
M aplesprings* to N o rth ­
M apleton to M urfreesboro..
Mapleville* to Louisburg.
M arble*! to Andrews.
M argaretsville* to Sea­
Maribel* to Bayboro.
M arietta*!! to Proctorville.
Marines* to W ilmington.
M ariposa to Stanley.
M arler to Elkin.
M arm aduke* to W arrenton.
M arshallberg* to Beaufort.
M arston*! to H am let.
M artins M ill to T roy.
Mashoes* to M anteo.
M ast* to Boone.
M atney* to Boone.
M atrim ony to Leaksville.
M aury* to Sno.w Hill.
Mayfield to Reidsville.
M ayhew to Mooresville.
McAdenville* to Belmont.
McConnell* to Carthage.
M cCullers*! to Raleigh.
M cGrady* to N orthw ilkes­
M elver* to Reidsville.
McLeansville* to Greens­
Meadows* to D anbury.
M eat Camp* to Boone.
Mechanic* to Ashboro.
M edora to Rocky M ount. *
Meege to C enter Hill.
M elvin Hill to R utherfordton.
M em ory to B anner Elk.
M enola to W oodland.
M erchant M ills to Gatesville.
M errim on to Beaufort.
M erritt* to Bayboro.
M erry Hill* to Windsor.
M erry M ount* to Norlina.
M erry O aks*!! to P ittsboro
Mesic* to Bayboro.
M ethod*! to Raleigh.
Mica* to M arion.
Micaville* to Burnsville.
M iddleburg*!! to H ender­
Middletown* to Englehard.
Miles to Sparta.
M illboro*! to Randleman.
M ill Brook*! to Raleigh.
M ill Creek to Roxboro.
M illers Creek* to N orth­
M ill Spring* to Tryon.
Millwood to Pittsboro.
M ilsaps to Andrews.
M ilton*!! to Danville, Va.
Milwaukee* to Conway.
M ineola to W ashington.
M ineral Springs* to Waxhaw.
Minneapolis* to E lk P ark.
M inor t o Concord.
M in t Hill to M atthew s.
M ints* to Roseboro.
Misenheimer* to Rockwell.
Mizpah* to R ural Hall.
M offitt to Ram seur.
Mollie* to W hiteville.
Moltonville* to Clinton.
M om eyer to Nashville.
M onbo to Statesville.
M ontezum a* to Newland.
M ontreat* to Black M oun­
M ontrose to Raeford.
M oravian Falls* to N orth­
M oriah* to Roxboro.
M orrisville*!! to Cary.
M ountain Island to M o u n t
Mountainview* to W arren­
M t. Gould to Colerain.
M t. M itchell* to M arion.
M t. M ourne* to M oores­
M t. Sterling* to New port.
M t. U lla*!! to Mooresville.
M t. Vernon Springs* to
Siler City.
M t. Zion to N o rth W ilkes­
M um ford to E lizabeth City.
Murchison* to Burnsville.
Nagshead*! to M anteo.
Nakina* to W hiteville.
N ance to Reidsville.
N antahala*!! to Bryson
Naples* to Hendersonville.
N ath an s Creek* to Jeffer­
N avassa to W ilmington.
NealsviHe* to M arion.
Nebo*!! to M arion,
Needmore* to Bryson C ity.
Nellie* to W aynesville.
Nelson to D urham .
Neuse*!! to W ake Forest.
New Castle* to Elkin.
Newdale* to Burnsville.
Newell*! to C harlotte.
Newhill*!! to Apex.
New H olland to Swanquarter.
Newhope* to Statesville.
New Hope Academy* to
N ewlifetoN orthw.ilkesbor o.
Money Order Office.


New London*!! to Rich­
Newsom*!! to Albemarle.
Newton Grove* to Clinton.
Niagara*! to SouthernPines
Nicanor to Hobbsville.
N im ród to Charlotte.
Nixonton to E lizabethCity.
Noland* to Bryson City.
N o rth Ç hatlotte* to C hatlotte.
N o rth Cove to M arion.
N. Harlowe* to Newport.
Northside* to Oreedmore.
N ulin to Sparta.
Qak H ill to Stovall.
Oakley to Parm ele.
Oak P ark to Ducktown,
Oak Ridge* to Kernersville.
Oaks to M ebane.
Oakwoods* to Northwilkes­
Obids* to Jefferson.
Observer to Pineville.
Ocean* to M orehead C ity.
Ocona Lufty* to Bryson
Ocracoke* to Swanquarter.
Odessa* to Asheville.
Ogden to M urphy.
Ogreeta to M urphy.
Okewemee to T roy.
Okisko*! to E lizabeth City.
Ola* to Waynesville.
Old Dock* to W hiteville.
Old Hundred* to Gibson.
Olds* to Moyock.
Oldtown to R ural Hall.
Old Trap* to E lizabeth C ity
Olin* to Statesville.
Olive B ranch to M arsh ville.
Olivia*! to Fayetteville.
Ophir to Troy.
Orange to Roseboro.
Ore Hill*!! to Siler City.
Ore Knob* to Jefferson.
Orenburg to H enrietta.
Orion to Jefferson.
Orrum* to Lum berton.
Osborne*!! to H am let.
Osgood* t o Sanford.
Ostw alt! to Statesville.
Othello* to Jefferson.
Otila to M anteo.
Ottanola* to Henderson­
O tto*!! to Franklin.
Otway* to Beaufort.
Oval to Jefferson.
Pactolus*!! to W ashington.
P aintfork to M arshall.
P ain t Gap* to Burnsville.
Paintrock*! to H ot Springs
P alestine to Albemarle.
Palm yra*!! to Scotland
Pamlico* to Oriental.
Pantego*! to Belhaven.
Parker* to M ountain City,
P arkersburg*!! to Clinton.
P ark M ountain to Elkin.
Parm ele*!! to W illiamston.
Parsonville* toN orthw ilkesboro.
Pates* to Rowland.
Patterson* to Lenoir.
P atterson Springs* to Shel­
P atto n s Ridge to N orth­
Paw Creek* to C harlotte.
Peach T ree to M urphy.
Pearson to M organton.
Peden to Sparta.
Pee Dee*!! to Lilesville.
Pekin* to M ount Gilead.
Peletier to Jacksonville.
Pelham *!! to Danville, Va.
Pendleton*! to Conway.
Penelo to Tarboro.
Penland*!! to Bakersville.
Penrose*! to B revard.
Pensacola*! to Burnsville.
Peoples to Pittsboro.
Peoria to Valle Cruces.
Peppers to Bakersville.
Perkinsville* to M organton
Persim m on Creek to M ur­
Pfafltown* to W instonSalem.
Phoenix*! to Wilmington.
Pinebluff*! to Aberdeen.
Pine H all*!! to M adison.
Pineola* to. Newland.
Piney Creek* to Sparta.
Pinnix to Lexington. ,
Pinson to D enton. <
Pireway* to W hiteville.
Pisgah* to Ashboro.
Pisgah Forest*!! to Brevard.
P itts to M arion.
P lateau to Newton.
P leasant , Garden*!to
Pleasant H ill*!! to Garysburg.
Plum tree* to E lk P ark.
Point Caswell* to Atkinson.
P oint H arbor to M oyock.
Pollocksviile*!! to M aysville. V
t Telegraph Station.


Pom ona*!! to Greensboro.
Pom ona Mills* to Greens­
Poplar* to Bakersville.
Poplar Branch* to Eliza­
beth C ity. ■
Pores Knob* to North-.
P orter to Norwood.
Postell to M urphy.
Powells Point* to Elizabeth:
Prentiss*!! to Franklin.
Price*!! to Stoneville.
Prices Creek to B urnsville,
Proctor* to Bryson City.
P roctorville!!! to Fair-m ount.
Progress to H igh Point.
P ropst to Hickory.
Prospect Hill* to H illsboro,
Prosperity* to C arthage.
Pum p to M arshall.
Pungo* to Belhaven.
Purl ear* to N orthw ilkesboro.
P urley to Danville, Va.
Purvis* to M axton.
P utnam * (Moore Co.) to.
P y a tte to Newland.
Quebec* to Brevard.
Queen to T ro y ,
Quick to Reidsville.
Quinine to Ashboro.
Quitsna to W indsor.
Rachel to Ashboro.'
Radical to N o rth Wilkes­
Ram say tow n to Burnsville,
Ranger* to M urphy.
Ransomville* to Belhaven.
Raven to Jefferson.
Ravensford* to BrysonCitjr
Raynham * to Pembroke.
R eadybranch to N o rth ­
Red Bug to W hiteville. '
Reddies River* to N orth­
Red Oak to Rocky M ount.
Redtop* to Old F ort.
Reelsboro*! to Newbern.
Reepsville* to Lincolnton.
Reese to Boone.
Regal* to M urphy.
Relief* to Bakersville.
R ennert*!! to P arkton.
Reno to Jefferson.
Revere* to M arshall.
Rex* to P arkton.
Reynoldson to Gatesville.
Rhine* to Jefferson.
Rhodhiss*!! to G ranite
Rhodo to Andrews.
Richardson* to Bladenboro.
Rich M ountain to Sylva.
Riddle* to E lizabeth City.
Ridgecrest*!! to
M ountain.
Ridge Spring to Ayden.
Ridgeville* to Roxboro.
Ridgeway*!! to Norlina.
Riggsbee* to Chapel Hill.
Rileys Store to Ashboro.
Ringwood* to Enfield.
Riverdale to Newbern.
Riverside* to Boone.
Rives Chapel to SUer C ity.
Roaring R iver*!! to N o rth ­
R oark to M ountain City,
Robbinsville* to Andrews.
Roberdell* to Rockingham.
Rock B ranch to F ay ette­
Rockcreek* to L iberty.
Rock C u t to Statesville.
Rockfish*! to Fayetteville.
Rockford*!! to Elkin.
Rockview to Asheville.
Rockyhook to E denton.
Rocky P oint*!! to Burgaw.
Rocky R iver Springs to
Rodanthe* to M anteo.
Roduco*! to Eure.
Roe* to Beaufort.
Rom inger toM ouhtain C ity ,
T enn. •
Rooks*! to Atkinson.
Roper*!! to Plym outh.
Roscoe to Pittsboro.
Rosedalé to E lizabeth C ity,
Rosindale* to Clarkton.
R osm an*!! to Brevard.
R ougem ont*!! to Roxboro
R ound M ountain bo N o rth ­
R ound Peak* to M ountAiry
Rowan*!! to Mooresville.
Royal* to Aurora.
Ruffin*!! to Reidsville.
Rusk* to Elkin.
Ruskin* to Elizabethtown.
R u th to R utherfordton.
Rutherford College* toM organton.
Rutherw ood to Boone.
Ryland*! to Hobbsville.
! Express Office.



Sadler to Reidsville.
Saginaw to Newland.
St. John to Ahoskie.
Salem ! to W inston-Salem.
Salem Chapel to W alnut
Sam arcand*t to Candor.
Sands* to Boone.
Sandy M ush* to M arshall.
Sandy Bidge* to Stoneville.
Sans Souci* to P lym outh.
Sapphire* to B revard.
Sarem to Gatesville.
Satterw hite to Oxford.
Saulston* to Goldsboro.
Savage* to Gatesville.
Sawmill* to G ranite Palls.
Saxapahaw* to Graham .
Scaly to Franklin.
Scotts* to Stony P oint.
Scotts H ill*tt to Wilmington.
Scottville* to Sparta.
Scranton* to Sw anquarter.
Seuppernong to Creswell.
Sea G ate to W ilmington.
Seagull to Moyock.
Sealevel to Beaufort.
Sedalia* to Gibsonville.
Selica* to Brevard.
Selwin to Hobbsville.
Sem ora*!! to Danville, Va.
Senia to E lk P ark.
Sevensprings*.to LaGrange.
Sevier*!! to M arion.
Shallotte* to Southport.
Shannon*} to Red Springs.
Shawboro*! to E lizabeth
Sheffield to Mocksville.
Shelmerdine to Greenville.
Sherm an to Jefferson.
Sherrills Ford* to Mooresville.
Sherwood* to Boone.
Shiloh* to E lizabeth City.
Ship Y ards to E lizabeth
Shoals* to R ural Hall.
Shookville to Pranklin.
Shooting Creek* to M urphy
Shulls Mills* to Boone.
Sidney to Belhaven.
Silas Creek to Jefferson.
Siloam*!! to R ural Hall.
Silverdale* to Jacksonville.
Simpsons Store to M adison.
Sims*! to Wilson.
Sioux to Burnsville.
Skinnersville to Plym outh.
Skyland*! to Asheville.
Sladesville to Swanquarter.
Sloan to Wallace.
Slocomb to Fayetteville.
Sloop Point* to W ilmington
Sly to Jefferson.
Small to Aurora.
S m ethport*t to W est Jeffer­
Smith* to S tuart, Ya.
Smokemont* to Bryson City
Smyrna* to Beaufort.
Sneads Perry* to Jackson­
Snow Camp* to L iberty.
Snowden*!! to Beaufort.
Snug Haven to W ilmington.
Soda H ill to Boone.
Solola to Bryson City.
Sophia*! to Randlem an.
Sound to E den ton.
South Creek* to Aurora.
South Lowell to D urham .
South Mills* to Elizabeth
Southm ont*!! to Lexington
South R iver to Salisbury.
South Shore* to Columbia.
Southside* to Lincolnton.
Spear* to Newland.
Speedwell to W ebster.
Spies* to Carthage.
Spokane to Ashboro.
Spout Springs*!! to F ay­
Spring Creek* to H ot
Springhill*! to Scotland
Spurgeon to N o rth wilkes­
Stackhouse* to M arshall.
Stacy* to Beaufort.
Staley*! to L iberty.
Stancell* to Weldon.
S tate Road* to Elkin.
Stecoah* to Bryson City.
Stedm an*!! to Fayetteville.
Steeds*! to Star.
Stella* to M aysville.
Stocksville* to Asheville.
Stokes*! to Parm eie.
Stonewall*! to Bayboro.
Stony Fork* to Boone.
Straits* to Beaufort.
Stratford* to Sparta.
Street to Bakersville.
Strieby to Ashboro.
Stum pypoint* to M anteo.
Sturgills* to Jefferson.
Sugar Grove* to Boone.
Suit* to M urphy.
Summit* to N orthwilkesboro.
Sunburst* to Canton.
Supply* to Shallotte.
Surl to Roxboro.
Sutherlands to M ountain
City. Tenn.______________
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Swain to Bryson City.
Swancreek to E lkin.
Sw annanoa*!! to Black
M ountain.
Swann Station* to Jones­
Swansboro* to Jacksonville.

Wayside* to Bryson C ity.
W easel to Jefferson.
W eaversford* to Jefferson.
W ebb to Burnsville.
• iW ebster* to Sylva.
Weeksville* to Elizabeth

Swayney* to Bryson C ity.
Sweet W ater* to Boone.
Swepsonville* to G raham .
Swindel to Sw anquarter.
Swiss* to Burnsville.

W ehutty to M urphy.
Welcome* to Lexington.
Wells to Siler City.
W enona*!! to Belhaven.
A W entworth* to Reidsville.
Wesser* to Bryson City.
W est End*! to Aberdeen.
Westfield* to M ount Airy.
W. Raleigh* to Raleigh.
W ests Mill* to Franklin.
Whaley* to E lk Park.
W hichard*! to Stokes.
W hitehead* to Sparta.
W hitehurst to Parm eie.
W hite Oak* (Bladen Co.) to
W hite Plains* to M ount
< Airy.
W hiterock* to R unian.
W hitnel* to Lenoir.
W hitney! to Badin.
W bitsett* to Gibsonville.
W hittier*!! to Bryson C ity.
W hortonsville to Oriental.
Wiggins Cross Roads to

T am arack toM ountahnC ity,
Tarheel* to E lizabethtow n.
T ar R iver to Creedmore.
Teacheys*! to W allace.
Teer* to M ebane.
Tellico to Franklin.
T erra Cela to Belhaven.
Terrell* to Mooresville.
Thaxton* to M ountain
C ity, T enn.
T helm a*!! to L ittleton.
T herm al C ity*! to R utherfordton.
T heta to Jefferson.
Thornwall to Fayetteville.
Thurm ond* to Elkin.
Timberlake* to Roxboro.
Tim berland* to Raeford.
Tobaccoville* to RuralH all.
Toecane*!! to Bakersville.
Toledo* to Burnsville.
Toliver to Jefferson.
Toluca to Cherryville.
Tom ahawk*! to Wilming­
Tomotla* to M urphy.
T opnot to Yanceyville.
Topsy to Gatesville.
Topton*!! to Andrews.
Towncreek* to Wilmington.
Transon* to Jefferson.
TraphiU* to Elkin.
T reetop to Jefferson.
Triangle to Stanley.
T rilby to Roxboro.
T rinity*! to High Point.
T riplett to Boone.
Trotville* to Hobbsville.
T ro u t to Jefferson.
T rust* to Asheville.
T ruth* to M erry Oaks.
T ryphosa to Franklin.
Tuckaseigee* to Sylva.
T uckerdaleü to Jefferson.
Tuckertown* to Albemarle.
Tulls to E lizabeth C ity.
T ulu to E denton.
T unis*!! to W inton.
Turnersburg* to Statesville.
Tuscarora* to Newbern.
Tuskeegee* to Bryson C ity.
Tuxedo* to Hendersonville.
Tyner* to Hertford^
Ulah* to Ashboro.
Unaka* to M urphy.
Union to Ahoskie.
Union Ridge* to Burlington
Uniqnville* to Monroe.
U niversity*!! to Hillsboro.
Upton to Lenoir.
Uree* to R utherfordton.
Uwharie to T roy.
Vade Mecum* to D anbury.
Valdese*! to M organton.
Valley to E lk Park.
Vanceboro*!! to Bridgeton..
Vandem ere*!! to Bayboro.
Vander* to Fayetteville.
Vannoy* to Northwilkesboro.
Vaughan*!! to Littleton.
Vein M ountain*! to M arion
Venable* to Carrboro.
Verona*! to Jacksonville.
Vilas* to Boone.
Virgil to Boone.
Vista* to W ilmington.
Vivian to Gatesville.
Vixen to Burnsville.
Vox to Sparta.
V ultare to Garysburg.
W ade*!! to Fayetteville.
W adeville*!! to M ount
Wagoner* to Jefferson.
Wakefield* to Zebulon.
W akulla* to Red Springs.
W alkertow n*!! to W instonSalem.
Wallburg* to Thomasville.
W alls to Sparta.
W alnut* to M arshall.
W alsh to N orth Wilkesboro
W althall* to Holly Springs.
W am pler to Burnsville.
W ananish* to Vineland.
W anchese*! to M anteo.
W arbler to Sw anquarter.
W arlick to M organton.
W arne* to M urphy.
W arren Plains*!!: to W ar­
ren ton.
W arrensville*!! to Jefferson
W atauga Falls* to Boone.
Waterlily* to E lizabeth C ity
W atha*!! to Wallace.
W atson* to Burlington.
W averly to M arshall.


ACounty Seat.

W ilbar* toNorthwilkesboro.
Wildwood* to Newport.
W ilhite to Burnsville.
W illard*!! to Wallace.
Willets* to Sylva.
Williams to W inston-Salem
Willis Creek to Fayetteville.
W illiston to Beaufort.
Willow to Gatesville.
Willow Spring*!! to Raleigh
Wilmot* to Sylva.
Wilsons M ills*!! to Selma.
Windom* to Burnsville.
W indy Gap to Northwilkesboro.
Winfall* to H ertford.
Wing* to Bakersville.
W innabow*! to W ilmington
W inthrop M ills to New­
W ise*!! to Norlina.
W it to Beaufort.
W olf M ountain* to B revard
W ood to Louisburg.
W oodard* to W indsor.
Woodford* to Jefferson.
W oodleaf*!! to Cleveland.
Woodleigh* to Norfolk, Va.
Woodrow to Canton.
Woodsdale*! to Roxboro.
WoodvUle* to Lewiston.
Worley* to M arshall.
Worry* to M organton.
W orth* to Dallas.
W orthville* to Randlem an.
W rightsvillef to W ilming­
W ysocking to Engelhard.
Y adkin College* to Lexing­
Y adkin Valley* to Lenoir.
Y ancey to Roxboro.
Yeatesville to Belhaven.
Yellower eek* to Bryson
Yorick to Elizabethtow n.
Yuma* to Boone.
Zara* to Clarkton.
Zebra to N o rth wilkesboro
Zephyr to Elkin.
Zionville* to Boone.
Zirconia* to Hendersonville

A bsaraka*!! to W heatland.
Ackworth* to D unseith.
Acton to G rafton.
A ddison!! to D avenport.
Agate* to Bisbee.
Akra* to Cavalier.
Alpha* to Golva.
A lta (Barnes Co.) to Valley
A lta * (Burleigh Co.) to
Amidon to D e Sart.
Antelope* to Richardton.
A rm ourdale to Hansboro.
A rndt to Omemee.
Auburn*! to Grafton.
A ylm er!! to Anamoose.
Baden to Coulee.
B adland to Rham e.
Bangley to Balfour.
B anks to Alexander.
Barrie to Leonard.
Beaulieu* to Olga.
Bedford to Page.
Belcourt* to Rolla.
Beiden* to Stanley.
Belm ont to Buxton.
B erea! to Valley City.
Berg* to Charlson.
Bessie* to Bowman.
Bierman* to Rham e.
Birdsell to New Leipzig.
Blackwater* to Garrison.
Blaisdell*!! to Palerm o.
Bloom to Jam estow n.
Bluegrass* to New Salem.
Money Order Office.

Bonetraill* to Zahl.
B rantford to Grace C ity.
Brazil* to B alta.
Breien* to Tim m er.
B rittin* to Bismarck.
Buffalo Springs to Scranton
Burleigh!! to M enoken.
Caledonia* to Shelly, M inn.
Cam pbell to K intyre.
Cannon Ball*!! to F o rt Rice
Carl* to Carson.
C arpenter* to St. John.
C artw right*!! to Arnegard.
Cashel*!! to G rafton.
C atlin to W atford City.
Center* tq M andan.
C ham a to Sentinel B utte.
Chandler* to Haynes.
C harbonneau*!! to Arne­
Charlson* to Stanely.
Clement* to Oakes.
Clifton to Selz.
Coalbank to Regent.
C oburn to Shelden.
Cottonwood Lake to Alamo
Crocus*! to Olmsted.
Croff* to W atford City.
C rystal Springs* to Tappen
C uba!! to Fingal.
Dale to Pollock.
D ana to Hazelton.
Dawson*!! to Steele.
Deep*!! to Russell.
Defiance to. Dodge.
D eisem *!! to Edgeley.
Denbigh*!! to Towner.
D e Sart* to New E ngland.
Dore*! to Fairview, M ont.
Dover to Carrington.
Drady* to M inot.
Duane to Ellendale.
D undas to New Rockford.
D unn C enter*!! to Killdeer.
Dunning to M axbass.
D urbin*!! to Casselton.
Eastedge* to K athryn.
Edson to N orm a.
Elbowoods* to Parshall.
Elmo to Southam .
Elsw orth to Arnegard.
Emerson* to D unn Center.
Ernrick*!! to Fessenden.
Enger to P ortland.
Epworth* to Parshall.
E verest to Casselton.
Expansion* to Hazen.
Fairfield to Belfleld.
Fallon to Flasher.
F arrington to Beulah.
Fayette* to M anning.
Fero to Rugby.
Fillm ore*!! to Silva.
Flushing to Inkster.
Fonda*!! to Overly.
F o rt Clark*!! to W ash­
F o rt Ransom* to Lisbon.
F ort T otten* to Devils
Freda*!! to Raleigh.
Fried* to Jam estown.
F unston to Anamoose.
Gaylord to Belfleld. ■
Genoa to Norwick.
G lover*!! to LaM oure.
Golden Lake to H atton.
Goldwin* to W oodworth.
Gorham* to Belfleld.
G rand H arbor to Devils
Grenora*!! to Zahl.
Griffin*! to Rhame.
Gronna to Rolla.
G uthrie*!! to Balfour.
G w yther to F o rt Rice.
H aggart to Fargo.
Haley* to Gascoyne.
Hallson* to Concrete.
Ham ple to Oakes.
H anks*!! to Zahl.
H annover* to Center.
Harlow*!! to Baker.
Harm on* to M andan.
H arry to H am let.
Havelock*!! to New E ng­
H azen*!! to Beulah.
H ekton to F o rt Rice.
Helium to St. John.
Hensler* to W ashburn.
H esper*!! to M addock.
Hickson*!! to Fargo.
Holmes* to Reynolds.
Hom er Siding to Jam estown.
Hong to York.
Horace*!! to Fargo.
Hoving to M ilnor.
Howard to Grenora.
H uff!! to F ort Rice.
Hull* to Hague.
Hurd* to Lansford.
Independence to L a M oure.
Johnstown* to Gilby.
Joliette*!! to Pem bina.
Josephine* to Oberon.
t Telegraph Station.

K arnak*!! to Luverne.
Keene* to Charlson.
Kellys* to Mekinock.
Kelso*! to Hillsboro.
Kelvin* to Dunseith.
K enaston*!! to Kenmare.
K erm it*!! to Noonan.
Kidville to F o rt Ransom.
Klose to Jam estown.
K urokil to W esthope.
Lallie* to Oberon.
La M ars to Fairm ount.
Lark*!! to Carson.
Larson*!! to Columbus.
L aureat to D unseith.
Law ther to New Leipzig.
Leal*! to Rogers.
Leff to Reeder.
Lehigh!! to Dickinson.
L em ert to Carrington.
Leroy* to Backoo.
L evant to M anvel.
Leverich to Rugby.
Leyden* to W alhalla.
Lincoln* to Lincoln Valley
Logan*!! to M inot.
Lonetree*! to Deslacs.
Lynchburg to Chaffee.
M an d t to Grafton.
M arshall* to Richardton.
M arstonm oore to Woodworth.
M athew s to Mooreton.
M cK inney to Tolley.
M edberry*!! to Edgeley.
M elby to D unn Center.
Merrifleld to Thompson.
M idway* to New England.
Millers Spur to Bordulac.
M ineral Springs* to Bow­
m an.
Mona* to Olga.
M ortim er to Galesburg.
Mose* to Binford.Moselle to .Wyndmere.
M osher to Beach.
M ount Carmel* to Mow­
M ow bray to M aida
M unster to New Rockford.
M u rray to M ayville.
Nash* to Grafton.
New Hradec* to Dickinson.
N iles to Leeds.
Nom e*!! to Lucca.
Norfolk to Anamoose.
Nicholson to Cogswell.
Nom e*!! to Lucca.
Norton* to Adams. _
Norwich*!! to Granville.
Num edahl* to Walhalla.
Oakdale* to Kildeer.
Oakwood* to G rafton.
Odessa* to New Leipzig.
O jata to Emerado.
Olm stead*!! to Egeland.
Oriska*!! to Valley City.
Osgood to Horace.
Oswald to Fairm ount.
O tter Creek* to Center.
Paradise* to W atauga, S.D.
P arkin to Timmer.
Peebler to Deering.
P elto to W hitm an.
P erry to R utland.
P eters to Napoleon.
Petrel* to Lemmon, S. D.
Pickardville* to McClusky.
P ickert* ! to Blabon.
Pierce* to Scranton.
Pilot* to M cCanna.
P leasant Lake to Rugby.
Plum er* to Crosby.
P ortland Junction to Port­
Powell to G rand Forks.
Power to Leonard.
P raha to Fordville.
P re tty Rock* to Elgin.
Price to Sanger.
Prosper*!! to Casselton.
R ainy Butte* to New Eng­
R am sey to Penn.
Rangely to Balfour.
Rawson*!! to Arnegard.
Ree to Expansion.
Rhodes to Esmond.
Riga to Granville.
Rising to Norwich.
Rohrville to Crary.
Rosebud* to New Salem.
Ruso*!! to Benedict.
Russell*!! to Eckman.
St. Anthony* to Mandan.
St. Joe to Starkweather.
Saunders to Fargo.
Schefleld* to Dickinson.
Schmidt* to M andan.
Seneschal to Banks.
Shawnee* to Larimore.
Shell to Plaza.
Shepard to Cooperstown.
Sherbrooke to Blabon.
Silverleaf*!! to Ellendale.
Sims to Almont.
Skaar* to Savage.
Skogmo* to Drake.
Slope Center* to Bowman.
Snow* to Belfleld.
Sonora to Fairm ount.
Stiles to Lidgerwood.
! Express Office.



Still to W ilton.
Stover to Edmore.
Stowers to Lemmon, S. D.
Straubville*!! to Cogswell.
Svold* to Backoo.
Swastika to M cIntosh, S.D.
Sweetbriar*!! to Judson.
Sydney*! to M illarton.
T aft to Hillsboro.
Tagus*!! to Berthold.
Thelen to Beach.
T horne*tt to Rolette.
Tim m er*!! to Solen.
Tolley*!! to N orm a.
Trotters* to Beach.
Truro to Lansford.
Tunbridge*! to Rugby.
Tyler* to W ahpeton.
Union*ft to M ilton.
University*! to G rand Forks
Urbana* to Eckelson.
Vang* to W alhalla.
Vashti* to Pingree.
Venlo to Anselm.
Veseleyville* to Voss.
Viking to Hamberg.
Voltaire*!! to Bergen.
Wabek to Parshall.
Walden to Page.
Walle to Thompson.
Walseth Siding to Glenburn
W alum *tt to H annaford.
W arren! to D avenport.
Warsaw* to M into.
Washegum to Bottineau.
Watrous* to Bentley.
W eaver?!! to Ham pden.
W estby'to Divide.
Westerheim to Sentinel
Westfield* to Hague.
W hetstone to Killdeer.
White Spur to Kram er.
W hynot to Reynolds.
Wild Rice*! to Fargo.
Willa* to B urt.
W oburn*!! to Coteau.
Wolf B u tte to Bucyrus.
Wolseth* to Glenburn.
Woods* to Leonard.
Youngtown* to New Salem.
Yucca* to Sanger.
Zenith*!!- to Belfield.
Zion to Cando.


Abbeyville to M edina.
Abe to Covington.
Aberdeen* to M aysville, K y .
Academia to M ount Vernon.
Adams Mills* to Dresden.
Adams Vi lie* to Zanesville.
Addison* to Gallipolis.
Addyston*!! to Cleves.
Adrian* to Carey.
Africa to W esterville.
Afton to Batavia.
Agosta*tt to L a Rue.
Aif to Swanton.
Aid* to Ironton.
Ainger to M ontpelier.
Albion to W est Salem.
Alcony to Christiansburg.
Alexandersville to M iam isburg.
Alexis to W est Toledo.
Alfred* to Pomeroy.
Alice*! to Vinton.
Alledonia*!! to Beallsvllle.
Allensburg to Lynchburg.
Allensville* to M cA rthur.
Allentown to Elida.
Alma to W averly.
Alpha* to X enia.
Altitude* to Woodsfleld.
Altont to W est Jefferson.
Altoona to W ellston.
Alum Creek to Delaware.
Alvada to Fostoria.
Alvordton*tt to Kunkle.
Amboy to Oonneaut.
Amity (Knox Co.) to
Amlin*tt to Hilliards.
Amsden*tt to Fostoria.
Anderson* to Chillicothe.
Andersonville to Chillieothe
Andis to Ironton.
Andre to Portsm outh.
Andrews to M ount Gilead.
A-nkenytown*!! to Fredericktown.
Annapolis (Crawford Co.)
to Bucyrus.
Antioch*! to Woodsfleld.
Antiquity* to Racine.
Antonis* to W averly.
Antrim to Freeport.
Apple to Laurelville.
Apple Grove* to Racine.
Appletonf to Croton.
Arabia to Ironton.
Arbela to Rich wood.
Archers Fork* to M arietta.
Arion to Otway.
Arkoe to Piketon.
Arlington (M ontgom ery
; Co.) to Brookville.

Arlington H eights to Lockland.
Arm strongs
Arnheim to Sardinia.
A rnold!! to P lain C ity.
A rthur to Defiance.
Ash to P ataskala.
Ash Ridge to Georgetown.
Ashton to Caldwell.
Athalia* to H untington, W.
A therton*! to Hebron.
A tlanta*!! to W illiam sport.
Atlas* to Barnesville.
A uburn to M antua.
Auglaize to Delphos.
Augusta*! to M inerva.
Aultm an* to Canton.
Aurora* to M antua.
A urora Station*!! to M an­
tu a Station.
Austin* to F rankfort.
Austinburg*!! to efferson.
Austintow n to Youngstown
Ava*! to Caldwell.
Avenue to Columbus.
Avery*!! to M ilan.
Avis to Kalida.
Avion to Bremen.
Avon*!! to E lyria.
Avondale* to Thornville.
Avon Lake* to Lorain.
Axtel to Vermillion.
Ayersville to Defiance.
B achm an to Brookville.
Baileys Mills*! to Barnes­
Bainbridge*!! to Chagrin
B airds F urnace to New
Bairdstown* to Bloomdale.
B aker to Greenville.
Bakersville* to New Comerstown.
Baldwin to B atavia.
Bangorville to Bellvilie.
Bangs*!! to M ount Vernon.
Banner to Oak Hill.
Bannock*! to St, Clairsville
Bantam * to Bethel.
Bardwell to M ount Orab.
Barlow* to W atertow n.
Barnesburg to Miami.
Barnhill* to Uhrichsville.
B arretts M ills to B ain­
B arrs M ill*! to Shanesville.
B arry to Chagrin Falls.
Barton*! to St. Clairsville.
Bascom *!! to Tiffin.
B ashan to Pomeroy.
B atem antow n to Fredericktown.
Batesville* to Quaker C ity.
Bath* to Akron.
B atson to Payne.
B ayard*!! to M inerva.
Bay Bridge to Sandusky.
Bays* to Rudolph.
B ay Village* to Rocky
Beach P ark to Lorain.
Beacon P ark to Lorain.
Beamsville to Versailles.
Bear Creek to Portsm outh.
B eatty to Springfield.
B eaum ont!! to Athens.
B eaver*!! to Jackson.
Beaverpond* to Peebles.
Beavertow n to D ayton.
Beckett* to Beverly,
Bee to M cA rthur.
Beebe to Athens.
Beebetown to M edina.
Beidler* to New Philadel­
Belden to E lyria.
Belfast*! to Hillsboro.
Bellbrook* to Spring Valley
Belle Valley*!! to Caldwell.
Belle Vernon to Sycamore.
Bellpoint to Delaware.
Beloit*! to Sebring.
Belpre*!! to Parkersburg,
W. Va.
B ennetts Corners to Berea.
Benton* (Holmes Co.) to
B enton (Crawford Co.) to
B enton Ridge* to Rawson.
Bentonville* to M anchester
Berkey*! to M etam ora.
Berkshire to Sunbury.
Berlin* (Holmes Co.) to
Berlin to Wellston.
Berlin (Williams Co.) to
Berlin C enter*!! to Alli­
ance. .
Berlin Cross Roads* to
W ellston.
Berlinville . to
Berne*! to Summerfleld.
Berrysville to Hillsboro.
B ertha to P ortsm outh.
Berwick*!! to Tiffin.
Bethany* to Monroe.
Bevan to St. M arys.
Bevan* to M arietta.
Bevis to M ount H ealthy.
Bidwell*!! to Vinton.
Bien to Sardinia.
Biers to Chillicothe,
Bigp lain to London.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

ACounty Seat.

Bigsprings*! to Rushsylvania.
Birds Run*! to Cambridge.
Birmingham* (Erie Qo.) to
Birm ingham (Guernsey Co.)
to Cambridge.
Bishopville* to Chester hill.
Black Fork (Jackson Co.)*!
to Oak H ill.
Blackfork* (Lawrence Co.)
to Oak Hill.
Black H and to Newark.
Blacklick*!! to Columbus.
Blackrun*! to Frazeysburg.
Bladen* to Gallipolis.
Bladensburg + to Utica.
Blaine* to Bridgeport.
Blairm ont to Adena.
Blairsville to New Rich­
m ond.
Blake to W adsworth.
Blakeslee* to Edon.
Blanchard to D unkirk.
Blanco to W arsaw.
Blissfleld*!! to Warsaw.
Bloom C enter to Lewistown.
Bloomer* to Versailles.
Bloomfield (M uskingum
Co.) to New Concord.
Bloomingdale* •to Steuben­
Blooming Grove to Galion.
Bloomington to Sabina.
Bloom Switch to Oak Hiil.
Blowville to W illiamsburg.
Blue Ash*!! to P leasant
Blue Ball to M iddletown.
Blue Creek to Otway.
Blue Rock* to Zanesville.
Bluestone to Euclid.
B oardm an to Poland.
Bobo to Beaver.
Boden to Cambridge.
B odm an to M ount Orab.
B ogart to Sandusky.
Bokes Creek to Richwood
Bolins M ills to Albany.
B oneta to M edina.
Bono* to Toledo.
Bookwalter to Jeffersonville
B ooth (Lucas Co.) to
Boston (Belm ont Co.) to
Boston M ills!! to Penin­
B otzum !! to Peninsula.
Boudesferry to Higginsport.
Boughtonville*! to N orth
Bourneville* to Bainbridge.
Bowdil to Massillon.
BoWlusville to Springfield.
Braceville*! to Newton
Bradley* to Dillonvale.
B radrick of H untington, W.
B rady to Cambridge.
Braffettsville to New Paris.
B railey to Swanton.
B ranch Hill*! to Loveland.
Brandon to M ount Vernon.
B randt to New Carlisle.
Brandywine to Bucyrus.
Brecon! to Lockland.
Brice*!! to Reynoldsburg.
Briceton*!! to Paulding.
Bridgetown to Cheviot.
Bridgeville to Zanesville.
Bridgewater Center to
M ontpelier.
Brier Hill*! to Youngstown.
Briggsdale*! to Columbus.
B righton!! (Lorain Co.) to
Brighton (Ciark Co.) to
South Vienna.
Brimfleld to K ent.
Brinkhaven*!! to Danville.
B ristol (Morgan Co.) to
M alta.
Bristol (Perry Co.) to New
Bristolville!! to W arren.
B rittain to Akron.
Broadacre*! to Steuben­
Broadw ay*!! to M arysville.
Broadwell to AmesvUie.
Brock to Versailles.
Brokaw* to Beverly.
Brokensword to Bucyrus.
Brookfield to Sharon, Pa.
Brooklyn*! to Cleveland.
Brook P ark to Berea.
Broughton*!! to Paulding.
Brown! to New Carlisle.
B row nhelm t! to A m herst.
Brownsville* (Licking Co.)
to Newark.
Brownsville (Brown Co.),
to Hamersville.
Brownsville (M onroe Co.)
to New M atam oras.
Browntown to Sardinia.
Bruno to Thornville.
Brunswick* to Valley C ity
Buchanan to W averly.
Buchtel*! to. Nelsonville.
B uchw alter to ‘ Jefferson­
Buckeye C ottage to Rose­
Buckeye Lake* to Hebron.
B uckingham ! i>0 Corning.
B uckland*!! to W apakoneta.
♦Money Order Office.



Buena V ista (F ayette Co.)
Chicago Junction toW illard
to Greenfield.
Chili! to Coshoston.
Chilo* to Felicity.
Buena Vista* to Vanceburg.
Chippewa Lake*!! to M e­
Buford* to M ount Orab.
Chuckery to Milford Center
Bulgoe to Bloomyille.
Churchhill to G irard,
B undysburg to W est Fárm i Circle Hill to Covington.
Claiborne*!! to Richwood.
B urbank!! to Lodi.
Claridon to B urton.
Burghill*!! to Kinsm an.
Clarion* to Vinton.
Burgoon*!! to Bettsville.
Clark* (Coshocton Co.) to
B urkhart! to Woodsfleld.
M illersburg.
Burlington to H untington,
C lark (D ark Co.) to New
W. Va.
M adison.
B urr Oak to Glouster.
Clark Corners to Conneaut.
B urton City*! to Orrville.
Clarksfieldt! to W akem an.
Burton Station*! to B urton
Clarkson* to E a st Liver-;
Burtonville to W ilmington
Bushnell to Cohneaut.
Businessburg to Belllaire. , Clay Center* to Genoa.
Clay Lick*! to N ew ark.
Butlerville to Blanchester
Claysville* to New Con­
Byer* to Wellston.
Byhalia* to M ount Victory.
Clayton* to Brookville.
Byington* to Peebles.
Byron to Yellow Springs. J Clear port to Lancaster.
Cliffyville to Summerfleld.
Clifton* to Yellow Springs.
Clim ax! to Edison.
Cable*!! to Woodstock.
Ciintonville! to Columbus.
C adm us to Gallipolis.
Cloud to McConnellsville.
Cadwallader* to Freeport.
Cloverdale*!! (Putnam Co.)
Cairo! (Allen Co.) to Lima.
to Continental.
Cairo (Stark Co.) to C anton
Cloverdale*!! (Wood Go.)
Calais* to Batesville.
to Portage.
C alcutta to E a st Liverpool.
California* to Cincinnati.'
Cluff to Cincinnati.
Calla* to Canfield.
C oalburgtl to H ubbard.
Camba* to Jackson.
Coal Grove*! to Ironton.
Coalridge* to Caldwell.
Cameron to Clarington.
Coal R un to Beverly.
Camp* to Piketon.
Coalton*!! to Jackson.
Cam pbell*!! to Ironton.
C oats to Woodsfleld.
C am pbellstow n*!!toEaton.
Cochranton to M arion.
Cam p Chase*!to Columbus.
Cam p Dennison*! to M il­ Coddingville to M edina.
Coitsville to Struthers.
Colby! to Clyde.
Canaan to Creston.
Colebrook* to Orwell.
Canaanville*!! to Athens.
Colerain* to Bridgeport.
Canal D over to Bellaire.
Canal Lewisville to Coshoc­ Coletown to Greenville.
Colfax to L ancaster.
College Hill* to Cincinnati.
Cannelville*! to Roseville
Collins*!! to BerlinHeights.
Collinsville*! to Somerville.
C aptina! to Bellaire.
Collinwood*!! to Cleveland
C araghar to M etam ora.
Colton*! to L iberty C enter.
Carbondale* to Nelsonville.
Carbon H ill *!! to Nelson­ Colum bia to Edon.
Colum bia Center to P a ta s­
Careytown to New Vienna.
Carlisle (Noble Co.) to
Colum bia Station*!! to
Carlisle*!! (W arren Co.) to
Com et to Clinton.
Com ly! to Corning.
C arlton to M iddleport.
Conant to Spencerville.
Carm el to Hillsboro.
Concord to Painesville.
C arpenter*!! to MiddleC ondit*!! to Sunbury.
Conesville*!! to Coshocton.
C arrington to Shawnee.
Congo*! to Corning.
Congress to W est Salem.
C arrothers*!! to A ttica.
Connorville* to M t. Pleas­
Carthagena* to Chickasaw.
C arthon*! to Junction C ity
Conotton* to Bowerston.
Carysville to Saint Paris.
Conover*!! to St. Paris.
Cassella to St. Henry.
C onstantia to Delaware.
Cassels to Cambridge.
C onstitution*! to M arietta.
Casstown* to T roy.
Converse to Spencerville.
Castine*! to W est M a n ­
Cook* to M ount Sterling.
Cooney to Edon.
Catawba* to South Vienna.
Cooper to Republic.
C ataw ba Island to P ort
Cooperdale*!! to Dresden.
C a v e tti to Scott.
Coopersville* to Piketon.
Caywood* to M arietta.
Copley* to Akron.
Cecil*!! to Paulding.
Cora to Gallipolis.
Cedarhill to Am anda.
Cornersburg to Youngs­
C edar Mills to Peebles.
Center Belpre* to P arkers­
Corwin to W aynesville.
burg, W. Va.
Cosmos to Union C ity.Ind.
Centerfield to Leesburg.
Costonia* to T oronto.
C enter P oint to HigginsCove*! to Jackson.
Cox to Adelphi.
C enterton to W illard.
Cozaddale*! to Loveland.
Center Village to Galena.
C rabtree to Portsm outh.
Craig to Cambridge.
Centerville (Clinton Co.)
Craigton to Shreve.
to Sabina.
C ranberry P rairie to St.
C enterville (Gallia Co.) to
H enry.
Oak Hill.
Centerville*!! (M ontgom­ C raver to B atavia.
ery Co.) to D ayton.
to Carey.
C entral C ity to Newark.
to Urbana.
C entral College to W ester­ Crayon
to Cheviot.
Creola*!! to M cA rthur.
C eylon!! to Berlin Heights.
to St. Clairs­
Chadwick Corners to C ort­
Chaffee to Brecksville.
Crescentville!! to LockC halfants*!! to Glenford.
Cham pion to W arren.
resw ellto Steubenville.
Chandlersville*! to Zanes­ C
Crisp to Chillicothe.
Crissey to Swanton.
Charlestow n to Ravenna.
Cromers* to Tiffin.
Charm * to M illersburg.
Crookedtree to Caldwell.,
Chasetown to M ount Orab.
Crossenville to Bremen.
Chaseville to Senecaville.
to Williamsburg.
Chatfield*!! to New W ash­ Crosstown
Crown City* to Gallipolis.
C rystal Springs to M as­
C hatham to Lodi.
Chauncey*!! to Athens.
C uba*!! to Wilmington.
Chenoweth to M t. Sterling.
Culbertson to Ironton.
Cherry Fork* to W inchester
Cutler* to M arietta.
C herry Grove to Cincin­
Cuyahoga Heights to Cleve­
n a ti (M t. W ashington.)
C herry Valley to Andover.
Cynthiana* t o Bainbridge.
Chesapeake* to H untington, W. Va.
Cheshire *!! (Gallia Co.) to
D ailyville to W averly.
M iddleport.
D airy to N ew M artinsville,
W. Va.
Cheshire (Delaware Co.) to
Dalzell to M a rietta.
Damascus* to Salem.
Chester* to Pomeroy.
Chesterfield to Chesterhill.
D anbury*! to P o rt Clinton.
D anford to Cam bridge.
I Chesterland* to Chardon.
Chesterville to Frederick- D anville to Hillsboro'
D arbyville to M t. Sterling
! Telegraph Station.

i Express Office.

1906 O H IO


D arlington (Richland Co.)
to Bellville.
Darrowville* to Hudson.
D arrtow n to Oxford.
D a rt to M arietta.
D arw in to Pom eroy.
D asie to Convoy.
D avis to Portsm outh.
D avisville to Jackson.
Dawn*! to Ansonia.
Dawson* to Sidney.
D ean to Ironton.
Deavertown* to Crooksville.
Decatur* to Russellville.
Decliff*!! to L a Rue.
Deerfield*!! to Alliance.
D eer P ark to Norwood.
Deersville* to Cadiz.
D elhi!! to Cleves.
Delisle to Arcanum.
D ell to M arietta.
D ellro y * tt to C arrolton.
Democracy* to Howard.
Demos* to Belm ont.
D enm ark to M ount Gilead.
Denson to Morenci.
D en t to Cheviot.
Denver* to W averly.
D erby*!! to M ount Ster­
D erw ent*!! to P leasant
C ity.
Desoto to Georgetown.
Deucher to New M atam oras.
D eunquat*! to Sycamore.
Deweyville* to McCom b.
D exter*!! to Pom eroy.
D exter C ity*!! to Caldwell.
D ialton to Springfield.
Diamond* to N ew ton Palls.
Dick to Jefferson.
Dillies Bottom * to M oundsville, W . Va.
Dixie* to. Shawnee.
Dixon*! to M onroeville,
Doanville* to Nelsonville.
D obbston to H untington,
W. Va.
D odds! to Lebanon.
Dodgeyille* to Orwell.
Dodsonville to Lynchburg?
D oherty to Summerfleld.
D ola*ft to D unkirk.
Domeryille to Defiance.
Donneisville to Springfield.
Dorcas to Racine.
D orset*!! to Jefferson.
Dove* to Beaver.
Dover (Belmont Co.) to
Dover Center* to Rocky
Dowling* to Perrysburg.
Downington to Pom eroy.
D ra k e sti to Corning.
D rill to Bridgeport.
D ry R u n to P ortsm outh.
Dublin* to Columbus.
D ucat to Rudolph.
Dudley*} to Caldwell.
Duffy to New M artinsville,
W. Va.
Duke* to Peebles.
D ull to Ohio C ity.
D um ontville to L ancaster.
D unbridge*!! to Bowling
D uncan Falls*! to Zanes­
Duncanwood* to Cadiz.
D undas*t to M cA rthur.
D undee*!! to Beach City.
Dungannon (Columbiana
Co.) to Kensington.
Dungannon (Noble Co.) to
Dunglen* to M t. Pleasant.
D unkinsville to Peebles.
D unlap to M t. H ealthy.
D upont*!! to Continental.
D urant* to M cConnelsi ville.
D urbin (Clark Co.) to
D urbin (M ercer Co.) to
Duvall* to Ashville.
D ye to M arietta.
Dyesville*! to M iddleport.
Eagle M ills to Chillicothe.
E agleport to M alta.
Eagleville* to Jefferson.
E arley to Celina.
E a st C anton*!! to Canton.
E . C laridon*!! to Chardon.
E . Columbus* to Columbus.
E . D anville to Hillsboro.
(£>F ultonham * to Zanesville.
E . Greenville to M assillon.
E . Lewistown to Colum­
E . M onroe*! to Leesburg.
Easton*! to Doylestown.
E . Orwell*!! to Orwell.
E . Ringgold to Circleville.
E . Rochester*! to M inerva.
E . Sparta*! to M agnolia.
E . Springfield to Am ster­
dam . .
E a st T rum bull to Jefferson.
E a st Union to Orrville.
E a st View to Bedford.
Eastwood* to W illiams­
Ebenezer to New Paris.
E ber to W ashington, C. H.
E b ush to Chillicothe
Eckley to W auseon.

Eckm ansvilie to Winches• ter.
E denton* to Blanchester.
Edgefield to Jam estown.
E dinburg to R avenna.
Edison*!! to M t. Gilead.
E d ith to Lower Salem.
Edw ardsville to M orrow.
E gypt to Barnesville.
Eifort* to Oak Hill.
Elba*! to Caldwell.
Elenor to M ilford.
E lery to M alinta.
E lgin*!! to Spencerville,
E li to Jeffersonville.
E lizabethtow n!! (Ham il­
ton Co.) to Cleves.
Elizabethtow n (Guernsey
Co.) to Quaker City.
E lk to Caldwell.
E lko to M cA rthur.
Elkton* to Lisbon.
Ellenora to M r. W ashing­
E llerton to M iamisburg.
E llet to Akron.
E lliott to Chester Hill.
Ellis*! to Dresden.
Elliston* to Elm ore.
E llsberry to M aysville.Ky.
E llsw orth to Canfield.
E llsw orth Station* to Canfield.
E lm Grove* to Pikèton.
Elm ira*! to Archbold.
Elm ville to Peebles.
Elmwood to Kingston.
E lroy to Ansonia.
Emerson* to M t. Pleasant.
E m m ett to Sherwood.
Em pire*! to Toronto.
E non*!! to Springfield.
E nterprise*!! (Hocking Co.)
to Logan.
E pw orth H eights to Love­
E ra to M ount Sterling.
E rastu s to Cold W ater.
E rh art* ! to M edina.
E ris to U rbana,
E rlin to Frem ont.
E thel*! to Summerfleld.
E tna* to P ataskaia.
Euclid*!! to N ottingham .
Eureka* to Gallipolis.
E vànsport* to Stryker.
E verett*! to Peninsula.
Evergreen* to Gallipolis. .
Ewington* to Vinton.
ExceÙo* to M iddletown.
Fairfax to Hillsboro.
Fairfield*! to Osborn.
Fairhaven* to College Cor­
Fairhope* to Louisville.
Fairlawn* to Akron.
F air m ount! to N ottingham .
F airpoint*!! to St. Clairsville.
F airp o rt! to Painesville.
F airport Harbor* to Painsville.
Fairyiew (F ayette Co.) to
W ashington, C. H.
Fairyiew* (Guernsey Co.)
to Barnesville.
Fairview (Highland Co.)
to Hillsboro.
Fallsburg to Utica.
Farm dale*! to Kinsman.
Farm er* to Bryan.
F arm ers S tation! to New
Farm erstown to Baltic.
F arnham to Conneaut.
F arrington to Piqua.
F aw cett to Peebles.
Fay* to M arietta.
Feesburg* to Georgetown.
F ern B ank!! to Cleves.
Fernwood *! to Steuben­
F erry to Waynesville.
Fiat* to Baltic,
Fidelity to W est M ilton.
Fields to E lyria.
Fincastle* to Sardinia.
Firebrick*! to Oak Hill.
Fireside to Bellevue.
Fitqhville* to New London.
Fivemile to M t. Orab.
Fivepoints to M ount Ster­
F la t Rock*! to Bellevue.
Fleming* to M arietta.
Fletcher*! to Piqua.
F lin t to W esterville.
F lints M ill to New M atam oras.
Floodwood to »Nelsonville.
Flora* to Pomeroy.
Florence (Erie Co.) to Ber­
lin Heights.
Florence (M adison Co.) to
Florida to Napoleon.
Fly* to Sistersville.
Folsom to Hillsboro.
Footville to Rock Creek.
Foraker*!! to Kenton.
Ford to Burton.
Forestville to M t. W ash­
Forgy* to New Carlisle.
F o rt Ancient* to M orrow.
F o rt Jefferson to Green. ville.
F o rt M cKinley to D ayton.
F o rt Seneca* to Tiffin.
Foster*! to Loveland.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


County Seat.

Fowler to Cortland.
Fowlers M ills to Chardon.
Fox to Circleville.
F ram pton to Frazeysburg.
F rank*!! to Bellevue.
F ranklin
Greenup, Ky.
F ranklin Square to Leetonia.
F ranklin S tation to Coshoc­
Fredericksdale* to Cald­
F reeburgi! to Louisville.
Freedom S tation to R a­
Freeland! to Zanesville.
French town (D arke Co.)
to Versailles.
Frenchtow n (O ttaw a Co.)
to O akharbor.
Fresno*!! to Coshocton.
Friendship* to Portsm outh.
F rost*! to Athens.
Fruitdale*! to Greenfield.
E ruithill to Cincinnati.
F ryburg to Botkins.
F ulda to Caldwell.
Fullertow n to Chardon.
F ulton*!! to C ardington.
F ultonham *!! to Zanesville.
Funk*! to W ooster.
Gage to Gallipolis.
Galford to W averly.
Gallia* to Oak Hill.
Galloway*!! to Columbus.
G allup to H am ler.
Ganges to Shelby.
Garfield*! to Sebring.
G ates Mills* to Chagrin
G aysport* to Zanesville.
Geauga Lake*!! to Chagrin
Gem to Caldwell.
G eneva-on-the-Lak e to
George to Portsm outh.
Georgesville!! to W est Jef­
G epharts to Portsm outh.
Gerald to Napoleon.
Germano*! to Jew ett.
Getaway to H untington.
W. Va.
Geyer to Botkins.
G hent to Akron.
Gibisonville* to Logan.
Gibson*! to Quaker City.
Giddings to Jefferson.
G ilbert! (D arke Co.) to
, B urkettsville.
G ilbert*! (M uskingum Co.)
to Zanesville.
Gilboa*! to Ottawa.
Gillespieville* to Chilli­
Gillford to Lisbon.
Gillivan to W est Jefferson.
Gilmore* to P o rt W ashing­
Gingham sburg to T ippe­
canoe City.
G irton to Rising Sun.
Given! to Beaver.
Glade*! to Beaver.
G ladstone to Cedarville.
Glandorf* to O ttaw a.
Glass to New M atam oras
Glass Rock to Glenford.
Glencoe*!! to Bellaire.
Glendale*! to Lockland.
G len k arn ü to Hollansburg.
Glenm ont*!! to Millersburg.
Glenmore to Ohio City.
Glenn* to Vinton.
Glenrose* to B atavia.
Glenroy! to Wellston.
Glenville! to Cleveland.
Glenwillow* to Bedford.
Glen wood* to P léasantC ity.
Glynnwood to St. M arys.
Goes* to Yellow Springs.
Golden Corners to Lodi.
Goldsboro to Wellton.
Gomer* to Elida.
Gordon*! to Verona.
Gore* to New Straitsville.
Goshen* to Loveland.
G raham to Woodsfield.
G rand River* 1to Paines­
Grandview* to New M a ta­
m oras.
Granger to Shaw Center.
G rant to Kenton.
G raitot* to Zanesville.
Grayson to Tippecanoe
C ity.
Graysville* to Woodsfield.
G raytow n*!! to Elmore.
G reasy Ridge* to Ironton.
G reatbend to Ravenswood,
W. Va.
Greenbush to Gratis.
Greencastle to Carroll.
G reendale*!! to Logan.
Greenford*! to Canfield.
Greenland to Frankfort.
Greensburg (Sum m it Co.)
to Akron.
Greensburg (Trum bull Co.)
to N o rth Bloomfield.
Greentown* to New Berlin
Greers* to Brinkhaven
Money Order Office.

G relton*!! to M alinta.
G resham to Cleveland.
Groesbeck to M t. Healthy.
Grogan! to Columbus.
Guernsey* to New Comerstown.
Guildford to Seville.
G urney ville to W ilmington.
G ustavus to Kinsman.
G utm an! to W apakoneta
Guysvilie*! to Athens.
G ypsum *!! to R ort Clinton.
Hackney to Beverly.
H aga to Caldwell.
Hagler to Milledgeville.
Hallsville* to Adelphi.
H am bden to C hardon.
H am er to W est Unity,.
Ham etown to Doylestown.
Hamlet* to B atavia.
Ham m ansburg to N orth
Baltim ore.
Ham m ond C om ers toAkron
Hammondsvilie* to Wellsville.
Hanging Rock*! to Ironton.
Hannibal* to New M ar­
tinsville, W. Va.
Hanover*! to Newark.
Hanoverton* to Kensing­
Harbor*! to A shtabula.
H ardin to Sidney.
Harlem to W esterville.
H arlem Springs* to Car­
H arm ony to Springfield.
H arper*!! to Rushsylvania.
H arpers S tation! to Green­
Harpersville* to Smithfleld.
H arriet to Hillsboro.
H arriets ville* to Lower
Salem.H arris (Gallia Co.) to Vin­
H arris! (Ross Co.) to Bainbridge.
H arrisburg (Stark Co.) to
Harrisonville* to Pomeroy.
H arris Station to Bainbridge.
Harrisville* to Cadiz.
Harshasville to Seaman.
H arshm an to D ayton.
Hartford* (Trum bull do.)
to Orangeville.
H artford (Licking Co.) to
H artford (Guernsey Co.)
to Buffalo.
H artland Center to N or­
H artsgrove to Orwell.
H artw ell! to Lockland.
Harwood to Lynchburg.
Haselton*! to Youngstown.
H astings to Lucas.
H atch to Piketon.
H atton*!! to Rising Sun.
H avana! to Monroeville.
Havens* to Frem ont.
Haverhill* to Greenup, Ky.
Hawk*!! to M cA rthur.
H aydenf! to H illards.
Haydenville*!! to Logan.
Hayesville* to Ashland.
H aynes to Laurelville.
Hazael to Racine.
Hazlewood* to M ason.
Headleys Corners to Co­
lum bus.
H eath ’s to Newark.
Hegler to Milledgeville.
Helmick* to Coshocton.
Hem lock*!! to Corning.
Hemlock Grove* to Pom ­
Hendrysburg* to B arnes­
Henley* to Otway.
Hennings M ill to Williams­
H epburn*!! to L a Rue.
Herrick* to M ount Pleas­
an t
Heslop* to M arietta.
Hessville to Lindsey.
H ibbetts* to Carrollton.
H ickm an to Newark.
Higby* to W averly.
High Hill to Cum berland.
High W ater to Utica.
Hillgrove to Union City,
Hills Station* to Loveland.
Hilton to Gallipolis.
Hinckley to M edina,
lin to n to Rockford.
Hiram* to Garrettsville.
H iram sburg to C um ber­
Hoadley to Oak Hill.
Hoaglin to Van W ert.
Hockingport* to Cool ville.
Holden to Waynesfleld.
Holland*!! to M aum ee.
Hollister* to Glouster.
Holloway*!! to Flushing.
Homer* to Utica.
Homerville* to Lodi.
Homeworth*! to Alliance.
H onesty to Lowell.
H ooker*! to L ancaster.
H ooksburg to Lowell.
Hope to M cA rthur.
Hopetown to Chillicothe.
Hopewell* to Zanesville.
Hopkinsville to M orrow.
Horatio to Gettysburg.
Hoskinsville to Caldwell
+Telegraph Station.

Houcktown to M t. Blan­
Houston*!! to Sidney.
Howenstine! to C anton.
Hughes! to M onroe. *
H ulington to B atavia.
Hum boldt to Bainbridge.
H um e*!! to Lim a.
H unchbargers Corner to
Union City, Ind.
H u n t to M ount Vernon.
H untington to Wellington.
H untsburg* to Burton.
Hustead* to Yellow Springs.
H yattville to Delaware.
Iberia to Edison.
Idaho* to Piketon.
Iler*! to Fosteria.
Im m anuel to New Holland.
Independence* to Brecksville.
Indiancam p to Cambridge.
Ingom ar*! to W est Alex­
Inland* to Akron.
Irondale*! to Wellsville.
Ironspot* to Roseville.
Irville to Zanesville.
Irw in*!! to M ilford Center.
Isleboro to Logan.
Isle St. George* to P o rt
Isleta*! to New Comerstown.
Ithaca* to Arcanum.
Ivorydale*! to Elmwood
Jacksonboro to Middletown.
Jacksontown* to Thornville.
Jacksonville*!! to Gloust er.
Jacobsburg*! to Bellaire.
Ja ite to Peninsula.
Jasper* to Piketon.
Ja v a to Swanton.
Jaybird* to Peebles.
Jaysville to Greenville.
Jefferson (W ayne Co.) to
W ooster.
Jelloway to Danville.
Jep to Ironton.
Jerom e to P lain City.
Je rry City* to Cygnet.
Jersey to Pataskaia.
Jerusalem *!! to Somerton.
Jesse* to K ent.
Jester* to Conneaut.
Jewell*! to Defiance.
Jobs*! to Nelsonville.
Johnson to New Holland.
Johnson Corners to Barber­
Johnson ville to Cortland.
Johnsville (Montgomery
Co.) to New Lebanon.
Johnsville (Morrow Co.) to
Jones Crossing to Chilli­
Jonestown to Ohio City.
Joy* to Stockport.
Jum bo to Belle Center.
Jum p to Alger.
Junction to Defiance.
Justus*!! to Beach City.
K am m st to W estpark.
K anauga*!! to Point Pleas­
ant, W. Va.
Karle to M ontpelier.
Keene* to Coshocton.
K eith to Caldwell.
Kelleys Island*! to San­
Kefioggsville to Conneaut,
Kelsey*! to Bellaire.
K em p!! to Lima.
K ennard to Urbana.
K ennedy! to Pleasant
Keno to Pomeroy.
Kenwood to Adena.
Kerr* to Gallipolis.
Kessler to W est M ilton.
Kettlersville* to Botkins.
Key*! to Bellaire.
Kidrbn to Apple Creek.
K iefervillet to Continental.
Kilbourne* to Delaware.
K ile!! to Plain City.
Kileville* to Plain City.
Kilgore* to Scio. _
Kim ball*!! to Monroeville:
Kim berly to Nelsonville.
Kim bolton*!! to Cam­
K inderhook! to Williams­
port. :
Kingm an to Wilmington.
Kings Creek!! to Urbana.
Kings M ills*!! to Mason.
Kingsville*! (Ashtabula
Co.) to A shtabula.
Kingsville! (Montgomery
Co.) to D ayton, j
K ingsw ayt! to Frem ont.
K innikinnick to Kingston.
Kinsey to Englewood.
Kinsm an S tation to Kins­
m an.
Kiousville to M t. Sterling.
Kipling* to Cambridge.
K irby*!! to Forest.
K irkersville Station to
K irkpatrick to Caledonia.
Kirkwood! to Sidney.
K irtlahd to Willoughby.
! Express Office.



Kitchen* to Oak Hlh.
K itchener to Wayttesvill®,
K itts Hill* to Ironton.
Klee to Bellaire.
Klondike* (ColumbianaCo.)
see E ast Liverpool.
Knight to Cum berland.
Knox to Athens.
Knoxdale to A ntw erp.
Kopp to Vanceburg.
Kossuth to Spencerville.
Krum roy to Akron.
Kuhn* to Summerfield.
Kyger* to M iddleport.
Kyle to M onroe,
Labella to H u ntington.
Lacarae*! to P o rt Clinton.
Ladd t o Piketon.
L afayette (M adison C o.)to
Lafferty*! t o M ushing.
Latngs* to Woods field.
Lake to Akron.
Lake P ork to Jeromayffile.
Lake M ilton to N ew ton
Lakensore*' to A kron,
Lakeside*! to M arbtehead.
Lakeville*! to Londonville.
Lamartine* to Scia.
Laffiiira*!! to Belm ont.
La&deck to Delpiios.
Landis to G ettysburg.
Langs ville*! ! to M iddleport.
Lansing* t o Bridgeport.
L ap o rte t o E iyria.
Lapper*tHl to ‘B ainbridge.
Latchte* to G enoa.
Lathaan* t© Bainbridge.
Latbitop* (to Amesville.
L a tte s 'to F rankfort.
LatftfasbtK'g to W est Salem
Laltey*!! to Paulding.
L aura*!! to W est M ilton.
Laurel to New Richm ond.
Lawndale*! to Kenmore.
Lawrenceville to Springfield
ÎLawshe*tî to Seaman.
ÎLa'ÿland*!! to Killbuck.
L aym an to M arietta.
Leaper* to Gallipolis.
L eav ittsb u rg * ti to W aren.
iLeavittsviUe to C arrollton.
Lee ta* to Ironton.
Lees Creek* to Sabina.
Lees ville* to Bowerstown.
LeesvUle Cross Roads to
Leith* to M arietta.
L em ert!! tô Bucyrus.
Lemoyne*!! to Luckey.
Lenta to St. Paris.
Lenox to Jefferson.
Leon*!! to Ando-ver.
Leonardsburg*!! to Ashley.
Lerado* to Blanchester.
Leroy (Lake Co.) t o Painesville.
Leroy* (M edina Co.) to
Le ta r t Falls*! to Racine.
Levanna* to Ripley.
¡Level to Blanchester.
Levering to Fredeiicktown.
Lewis C enter*!! to W orth­
L ib erty t o New Lebanon.
Lightsville to Rossburg.
Lilly*!! to Portsm outh.
Lima ville*! to Alliance.
Lime C ity*!! to Perryeburg
•Limerick to Jackson.
Lim estone!! to Rocky
Lincoln to GalHpolls.
Lindale to New Richmond.
Linden H eights! to Colum­
Linn to Beaver.
L inndalei! to Cleveland.
Linn ville to Newark.
L inton to WellsviUe.
Linton M ills to New Comerstbwn.
L inw orth*!! to Colum bus.
Lippincott to U rbana.
Litchfield*!! to M edina.
LLthopolis*! to Canal Win­
l i t t l e Hocking*! to P ark­
ersburg, W. Va.
L ittle Sandusky to H arpster.
L ittle Y ork (M ontgom ery
Co.) to Englewood.
Lock to C enterburgh.
Loekbourme* to Columbus.
Lockington to Piqua.
Lockville*!! to C anal W in­
Lockwood to N . Bloomfield
Locust Corner to Amelia,
lo c u s t Grove to Peebles.
Loeustpoint to O akharbor.
Locust Ridge to W illiams­
Loganville to Degraff.
Londonderry to Freeport.
Long to Greenville.
Long Bottom * to Ravenswbod, W . Va.
Longley to Fostoria.
Longstreths* to Nelsonville
Loramie to F o rt Loramie.
Lordstown to W arren.
Lore C ity*!! to Cambridge.
Lottridge to Coolville.
Loudon to Peebles.
Lovell! to U pper Sandusky
L ovett to Peebles.

Loyal O ak to B arberton.
Ludlow to W est M ilton.
Ludlow Falls*!! to W est
M ilton.
Luhrig! to N ew M arshfield.
Lum berton to P o rt William.
L unda to R aym ond.
L u ttrell to Milledgeville.
L ybrand bo O strander.
L yda to Coolville.
L ykenst! to Bloomville.
Lyndoa*! to Greenfield.
Lynx t o W est Union.
Lyra* to Portsm outh.
Lys&nder to Athens.
L y tle!! to W aynesvllle.
L y tto n to Swanton.
M acedon to F o rt Recovery.
M ack to Cheviot,
M acksburg*!! to Caldw ell.
Macon*! to W inchester.
M addox to M anchester.
M adeira*!! to M ilford.
M adisonburg to W ooster.
M adison M ills*!! to Bloomin^burg.
M adison ville*! to Cincin­
M agnetic Springs* to Richwoods.
M agrew to U rbana.
M aholm tb N ew Lexington.
M ainevilie to Loveland.
M alaby to Pine Grove.
M alaga* to Somerton.
M allet Creek* to M edina.
M alvern*!! to W anesburg,
M anchester*! (Sum m it Co.)
to Clinton.
M andate*! to Grover Hill,
*M a n tu a Corners to M an tu a
M aple Grove*!! to Tiffin.
M apleton to C anton.
M aplew ood*!! to Jackson
C enter.
¡Marathon* to Fayetteville.
M arble Cliff*!! to Columbus
M archand to New Berlin.
M arcy to Canal W inchester
M aria Stein*! to Chickasaw
M arits to M ount Gilead.
M ark Center*! to Sherwood.
M arlboro to Alliance.
M arquand to Coshocton.
M arr* to Woodsfield.
M arseilles to Upper San­
M arshall to Hillsboro.
M ar shall ville*!! to Orrvllle.
M artel*!! to Caledonia.
M artin*! to Genoa.
M artinsburg* to Utica.
Massieville to Chiliicothe.
M asury* to Sharon, Pa.
M atviUe to M ount Sterling.
M aud*!! to M ason.
M a x to Bremen.
Maximo*! to Alliance.
M axville to Logan.
Mayfield to Cleveland.
M ay hill to Seaman.
M aynard*!! to St. Clairsville.
M aysville to Apple Creek.
M cC artyville to Anna.
M cClainvttle to Bellaire.
McCuneville* to Shawnee.
M cD erm ott*!! to P orts­
m outh.
M cDonald* (Trum bull Co.)
to Girard.
M cDonaldsville to New
M cGill to Payne.
M cGonigle!! to Oxford.
M cGuftey*!! to Alger.
M cK ay to Loudonville.
M cK ays to P o rt William
M cK inley H eights to Gir­
M cLean to W ashington
C. H.
M cLuney*! to Crookville.
M cM orran to Le wist own.
M cZena to Loudonville.
M eade'to Kingston.
M eander to Niles.
Means* to Cadiz.
M ecca to C ortland.
M echanicstown*! to Salineville.
M eigs to M cConnelsville.
M edway* to Osborne.
M eeker* to M arion.
Meigs ville to M cConnelsville.
M elbern*!! to Bryan.
Melmore* to Tiffin
M elrose*!! to Oakwood.
M elvin* to Sabina.
M em phis to Sabina.
M entor*!! to Painesville.
M ercer* to M endon.
M ercer ville* to Gallipolis.
M erm ill*! to Portage.
M-erwin* to Amelia.
M esopotam ia* to N orth
M etz to Cuyahoga Falls.
Mexico to Sycamore.
M iamiville*! to Milford.
M iddle Bass*! to Sandusky
M iddlebourne to Quaker
M iddlebranch*!! to C anton
Middleburg* (Logan Co.)
to E a st Liberty.
M iddleburg (Noble Co.)
to Caldwell.
M iddleton to New W ater­

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


County Seat.

M idland* to Blanchester'.
M idvale*!! to Uhrichsvlfte.
M idway bo Sedalia.
Mifflin bo Mansfield,
Miffiinvtlle to Columbus.
M illbury*!! to Genoa.
Miller* to M illersport.
M iller C ity*!! to Leipslc.
M illersport*!! to H untington, W. Va.
M illerstown to St. Paris.
M iliersville*!! to Helena.
Mlllfleld*! to Glouster.
M illport* to Kensington.
M illtow n to M arietta.
M illville to H am ilton.
M illwood to Howard.
M ilnersville to Cambridge.
M ilton to N ew ton Falls.
M ilton Center* to C ustar.
M iltonsburg*! to Woodsfleld.
M ineral*!! to Athens.
M ineral Ridge*! to Niles.
M ineral Springs to Peebles.
M ineral Springs Station to
M inersville to Pomeroy.
M in e rto n t! to M cA rthur.
M inford* to Portsm outh.
M ingo*!! to N o rth Lewisburg.
M isco to New Lexington.
M ishier to K ent.
M offitt to Oilboa.
M ohaw k Village* to Coshoc­
M ohican to Loudonville.
M oline to Toledo.
*M om eneetown to Toledo.
M onclova*! to M aumee.
M onday to Nelsonville.
M onfort to Cincinnati.
Monnetbe*! to Bucyrus.
M onroe*! (Jackson Co.) to
Oak Hill.
M onroe Center bo Conneaut.
M onterey* to Owensville.
M ontezum a*! bo Celina.
M ontgom ery*
(Ham ilton
Co.) to P leasant Ridge
M ontgom ery (Licking Co.)
to Newark,
Montacello to Spencerville.
M o n tra to Jackson C enter.
M ontrose to Akron.
Montville* to Chardon.
M oons to Leesburg.
Moorefield*! to Piedm ont.
M oores Fork t o Blanchester.
M oorland to W ooster.
M organ 'to Columbus.
M organ C enter to Utica.
MorgansvMle to M alta.
M organtown*toBainbridge.
M orning Sun* to Camden.
M orrisville to M artinsville.
M o rtim er!! to Findlay.
M o rto n to New M artins­
M oscow M ills to Beverly.
M o ulton! to W apakoneta.
M oultrie*! to M inerva.
M ount A iry! to Cincinnati.
M o u n t C arm el to B atavia.
M o u n t Ephraiim* to Cald­
M ount Holly* (Clerm ont
Co.) to Amelia.
M ount Holly (W arren Co.)
to Spring Valley.
M ount Hope* toFredericksburg.
M o unt Jo y to Otway.
M ountL iber by*!! to Centerburg.
M o u n t Olive to Felicity.
M o unt P erry*!! to Glenford.
M o unt Pisgah to New Rich­
m ond.
M o unt Repose to Milford.
M o unt St. Joseph* to
M ount Starling*!! (M us­
kingum Co.) to Zanesville.
M ountville to G louster.
M o u n t Zion to Pleasant
C ity.
M oxahala*!! t o Corning,
M udsock to Halliards.
M ulberry to Milford.
M ungen to Cygnet.
M unroe Falls* to C uya­
hoga Falls.
M unson to Chardon.
M u n tan n a! to C ontinental.
M u rlin H eights to D ay to n ,
M urray* to Nelsonville.
M useville to Zanesville.
M u tu a l to U rbana.
N ankin*!! to Ashland.
Naom i to Wauseon.
N ashport* to Zanesville.
N ashville (D arke Co.) to
Nashville* (Holmes Co.) to
N ational M ilitary Home*
to D ayton.
N ational Road Crossing to
T horn ville.
Neapolis*! to W hite House.
N ebraska to Ashville.
Neel to Ripley.
Neelysville to McConnels­
Negley*! to E a st Palestine.
Money Order Office.

Nellie* to Warsaw.
Nelson to Garrettsvllle.
N eptune to Celina.
N ettle Lake to Columbia.
Neville* to Moscow.
New Albany* to .Gahanna.
New Alexandria to Mingo
New Antioch to Wilming­
New Athens* to Cadiz.
New Baltim ore (H am ilton
C o.)'to Harrison, i
New Baltim ore (Stark Co.)
to Alliance.
New B avaria*!! toH olgate.
New Bedford* to Baltic.
New Berlin to N o rth Can­
N ew Bloomington to La
New B oston! to P o rts­
m outh.
New Buffalo to Canfield.
Newburg to Cleveland.
Newburgh Heightsville to
New Burlington* (Greene
Co.) to Spring Valley.
New Burlington (H am ilton
Co.) to M ount H ealthy.
Newbury to Burton.
•New California to Plain
C ity.
Newcastle* (Coshocton Co.)
to Danville.
New Cum berland*!! to
New Dover*!! to M arys­
Newell R un to M arietta.
Newfain* to Bainbridge.
New F ranklin to M inerva:
New Guilford* to Warsaw.
New H arrisburg to Carroll­
New H aven (H am ilton Co.)
to Harrison.
New Haven* (Huron Co.)
to P lym outh.
Newhope (Brown Co.) to
M ount Orab.
New Hope (Preble Co.) to
E aton.
New Jasper to Jam estown.
New Lyme* to Orwell.
New Lyme Station* to
Rock Creek.
New M arket to Hillsboro.
New M artinsburg to Green­
New Middletown* to Lowellville.
New MUford* to Ravenna.
NewMoorefield*! to Springfield.
New Moscow to Coshocton.
New M ount P leasant to
M cA rthur.
New Palestine tb New
New Petersburg* to Green­
New P ittsburg to Wooster.
New Plym outh*! to Logan.
N ew port (M adison Co.) to>
N ew port (Shelby Co.) to
F o rt Loramie.
N ew port (Tuscarawas Co.)
to Uhrichsville.
Newport*(W ashington C o,)
to St. M arys.
New Portage* to B arberton'
New Richland* to Belle
New Rochester to Pem bervilie.
New Rumley* to Scio.
New Salem*!! to Basil.
New Salisbury to Salineville.
New Springfield* to Colum ­
New S tark to Jenera.
N ew ton to Raym ond.
Newtonsville* to B atavia.
N ewtown*!! (H am ilton
Co.) to M ilford.
Newtown (Tuscarawas Co.)
to New CoinerstOwn.
Newville to Bellville.
New W ay! to Johnstown.
New W eston*!! to B urkettsville.
New W estville to New
New W inchester! to B.ucyrus.
Nicholsville to New Rich­
N ina to O akharbor.
Nipgen to Bainbridge.
Noble* to N ottingham .
Nobjeville to P leasant C ity.
N orm an to Newark
N. Am herst to Am herst.
N. Auburn* to New Wash­
N . Bass Island to P o rt
N . Bend*!! to Cleves.
N . Benton*!! to Alliance.
N . Berne! tb L ancaster.
N . B ristol to W arren.
N . C layton to Covington.
N . Creek*!! t o Continental.
N . Dover*!! to Roeky River
N . E aton*!! to E lyria.
N o rth ' Exeello to M iddletown.
t Telegraph Station.



N . Feesburg to Georgetown
Northfield* to Bedford.
N . Georgetown* to Alliance
N . Greenfield to W est
N . H am pton* to Springfield
N . In dustry*!! to Canton.
N . Jackson*!! to Niles.
N . Kenova* to C atlettsburg, Ky.
N . Kingsville*! to A shta­
N . L iberty (Adams Co.) to
Winchester.N . Liberty, (Knox Co.) to
B utler.
N . Lima* to Columbiana.
N . Linndale to New Rich­
N . Madison* to Madison,
N. R andall!! to Bedford.
N . Ridgeville* to E lyria,
N , Robinson* to B ucyrus,
N . R oyalton to Brooklyn..
N . Salem to Cam bridge.
N . Sheffield to Ashtabula..
N . Star* to Osgood.
N orth'U niontow n to Bills«boro.
N orthup* to Gallipolis,
N orthw est to n Camden».
M ich.
N orton to Delaware-.
Norwich* to Zanesville.
N ottingham to Cleveland.
Novelty* to Chagrin- Falls..
Nutwood* to C ortland.
Oakfleld* to N o rth Bloom­
Oakgrove to Piedm ont.
Oakland (Butler Co.) to Monroe.
Oakland (Fairfield Co.) to
Oakley*! to Cincinnati.
Oak Shade to Wauseon.
O akthorpe to Somerset.
Obetz Junction to Colum­
Oceola* to Nevada.
Octa* to Milledgeville.
Ogden! to W ilmington.
Ohltown to Niles.
Okey to Gallipolis.
Okolona*!! to Napoleon.
Oibers to Glouster.
Old Portage to Akron.
Oldtown to Xenia.
Old W ashington* to Cam ­
Olena* to Norwalk.
Olentangy to Columbus.
Olive Branch* to B atavia.
Olive Green (Delaware Co.)to Sunbury.
Olivegreen* (Noble Co.) toCaldwell.
Ofivesburg to Ashland.
Omar*! to A ttica.
Omega*! to W av erly ,
Oneida! to M inerva.
Ontario*! to Mansfield.
Opperfhan to P leasant C ity
O ran to F o rt Laramie.
Orange^ (Coshocton Co.) toNew Comerstown. ,
Orange (Cuyahoga Co.) toChagrin Falls.
Orbiston*!! to Nelsonville,
Oregon .to Celina.
Oregonia*!! to Lebanon.
Oreton*! to M cArthur..
Orevflle! to- New S traitsvflle.
Orient*! to Columbus.
Orland*! to M cA rthur.
Orpheus to Oak Hill.
Osman to W est U n io n .,
Otho to Zanesville.
Otsego* to New Concord.
O ttokee to W auseon.
O utville*!! to Kirkersville,
Overpeck* to H am ilton.
Overton to W ooster.
Ovid to Columbus.
Owens*!! to M arion.
Ox to M cA rthur.
Ozark*!! to Beallsville.
P adua to F ort Recovery.
P ain t to Bainbridge. •
P ainter Creek to G ettys­
Paintersville to Jam estown,
P ain t Valley to M illersburg
Palerm o to Bow erston,
Palestine* (Darke Co.) to
P alestine (Pickaway Co.) to
M t. Sterling.
P alm yra!! to Newton Falls.
Pancoastburg to New Hol­
Panhandle to Hopedale.
P ansy to Blanchester.
P aradise Hill to Ashland.
Paris*! to M inerva.
P arkertow riti to Sandusky ,
Parkm an* to G arrettsville,
Parlett* to Hopedale.
P arm a to Cleveland.
P arral to Dover.
P arrott* to Jeffersonville,
Pasco to Sidney.
Patinos to Salem.
P atriot* to Gallipolis.
Patterson*! to Forest.
P atterson ville* to M inerva.
! Express Office.

1908 O H IO
P a tty to .West M ilton.
Pavonia*}} to Mansfield.
Pawnee to Lodi.
Paxton to Akron.
Pearl* to Coshocton.
Pearson to Bowersville.
Pedro* to Ironton.
Peerless t o M arengo.
Pemberton*}} to Quincy.
Penfleld* to Wellington.
Pennsville* to Stockport.
Peoli* to New Comerstown.
P eoria*tt to Raym ond.
Perintown*}} to M ilford.
P erry * tt to Painesville.
Perrysville to Scio.
Perryton to Dresden.
Pershing to Delaware.
P eru to Norwalk.
Petersburg* to B ast Pales­
Petrea to Jackson.
Petroleum to Sharon.
Pfeiffer to K enton.
Phalanx to W arren.
Phalanx S tatio n * tt to W ar­
Pharisburg to Rich wood.
Pherson to W illiam sport.
Philadelphia Roads} to
Philanthropy to Okeana.
Philo*}} to Zanesville.
Philothea to St. H enry.
Phoneton* to Tippecanoe
Picola to P o rt Clinton.
Pickreiltown to W est L ib­
Pierpont* to Jefferson.
Pigeon R un to N avarre.
Pike* to Piketon.
Pikeville} to Greenville.
Pinegrove to* Vinton.
Piney Fork*}} to Smithfield.
P ink to Portsm outh.
Pipesville to Gambier.
Pisgah to Sharonville.
Pitchin to Springfield.
Plainfield* to W est Lafay­
Plainville*} to M adisonville
Plankton* to Sycamore.
Plano to W ashington C. H.
P lants to Racine.
Plantsville* to Chester Hill.
Plattsburg*}} to South
Plattsville to Sidney.
P leasant Bend*}} to Holgate.
P leasant Corners to Colum| bus.
P leasant Grove (Belmont
Co.) to Dillonvale.
P leasant Hom e to W est
Pleasant P lain * ti to Blani Chester.
P leasant R un to M ount
H ealthy.
Pleasant Valley*} to Zanes­
Plim pton to Loudonville.
Plumwood to Plain City.
P o ast Town* to M iddletow n.
Point Isabel to Felicity.
Point Place to Toledo.
Point Pleasant* to Moscow.
Poland* to Struthers.
P olkadotte to H untington,
W . Va.
Polo to Covington.
Pondrun* to Portsm outh.
Poplargrove* to Peebles.
Portersville* to New Lex­
P o rt Homer* to WeHsville.
P o rt Jefferson* to Sidney.
Portland* to Ravenswood,
W. Va.
P ort Union to H am ilton.
Postboy* to New Comers­
Poston* to A thens.
Potsdam * to W est M ilton.
Pottersburg*}} to M arys­
Powell*tt to W orthington.
Powellsville to Portsm outh.
Power Point* to Lisbon.
Powers Station to F ayette.
P rall to W illiamsburg.
P ra tts Fork* to A thens.
Prentiss to Leipsic. •
Pricetow n (H ighland Co.)
to Lynchburg.
Pricetown (M ahoning Co.)
to N ew ton Falls.
Pride to Chillicothe.
Prim rose to Alvordton. ‘
Proctorville* to H untington, W. Va.
P ro u t to Sandusky.
Pulaski to Bryan.
M ount
• Gilead.
Purseii to LaurelvUle.
P u t in Bay*} to P ort
Clinton. ;
P yrm ont to Brookville.
Q uarry to Woodsfleld.
R aab to Swanton.
Raccoon Island* to Gallipolis.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

R adcliff*tt to M cA rthur.
Radnor* to Delaware,
Ragersville* to Sugar Creek
Rainsboro* to Hillsboro.
Ramsey* to Dillonvale.
R andall to Bedford.
Randolph* to A tw ater.
Range to M ount Sterling.
R apids to- M antuaR appsburg to H untington,

w . va.

R arden*tt to Otway.
Rarigville to Columbus.
R atchford to W ellston.
Ratcliflburg to M cA rthur.
R athbone to Delaware.
Ray* to t W ellston.
R ayland*t
M artins
Redfleld to Roseville.
Redlioh to Franklin.
R ed R iver to G ettysburg.
Reedsburg to W ooster.
Reedsville* to Parkers­
burg, W. Va.
Reeses to Lockville.
Reesville* to Sabina.
R ehoboth to New Lexing­
Reily* to Oxford.
Reinersville* to McConnelsville.
Relief*t to Beverly.
Rem ington to Milford.
Rem pel to Oak Hill.
Remsons Corners to M e­
R endville*tt to Corning.
Reno* to M arietta.
Renollet to Paulding.
Renrock to Cum berland.
Rensselaer to C arthage
Resaca to Plain C ity.
Reservoir to Barberton.
Revenge to Am anda.
Rex to New Carlisle,
Reynolds to U rbana.
Rhodesdale* to Smithfleld.
R ialto to Lockland.
Rice to Continental.
R icheyf to Van W ert.
Richfield Center .to Sylvania
Rich Hill to C enterburg.
Richland to Belle Center.
Richmond* (Jefferson Co.)
to Steubenville.
Richm ond (Lake Co.) to
Richm ond C enter to And­
Richm ond Dale* to Chilli­
Rich Valley to Caldwell.
Richville to Canton.
Ridge to Beverly.
Ridgeton*} to Bucyrus.
Rim er to Vaughnsville.
R inard Mills* to New
M atam oras.
Ringgold* to M alta.
Rio Grande* to Oak Hill.
R iver Styx to W adsworth.
Rix M ills to New Concord.
Roachester to M orrow.
R oachton to Perrysburg.
Robbins to Beaver.
Robertsville*} to M inerva.
Robins to Byesville.
Robtow n to Ashville.
Robyville* to Adena.
Rochester*} to New Lon­
Rock to Uhrichsville.
Rockbridge*}} to Logan.
Rock Camp* to Ironton.
Rockcreek Station*}} to
Rock Creek.
Rockdale to H am ilton.
Rockland* to Parkersburg,
W. Va.
Rock M ills to W ashington
C. H.
R ockport to Beaverdam .
Roekyhill to Jackson.
Rockyridge*}} to Oak H ar­
Rodney* to Gallipolis.
Rogers*} to Lisbon.
Rolandus* to Ravenswood,
W. Va.
Rollersville to Helena.
Rom e (Adams Co.) to
Vanceburg, Ky.
Rome*}} (A shtabula Co.)
to Orwell.
Rom e. (Franklin Co.) to
Rom e (Richland Co.) to
Rootstown* to Ravenna.
Roscoe* to Coshocton.
Rosedale to M echanicsburg.
Rose Farm * to Crooksville.
Rosehill to Rossburg.
Iioselm s to Grover Hill.
Rosemont*} to Canfield.
Rosewood*!} to St. Paris.
Ross* to Sandusky.
Rosseau to M alta.
Rossmoyne* to Lockland.
Roswell* to New Phila­
R ound Bottom * to Clarington.
Roundhead* to Belle Cen­
Rousculp to Lim a.
Rowland to M cConnels


i County Seat.

R ush to Greenville.
Rowsburg to Ashland.
Roxabell*t} to F rankfort.
Roxbury* to Stockport.
Royal to M cA rthur.
R oyalton to Lancaster.
Ruggles to New London.
R upert to London.
R uraldale to McConnellville.
Rushcreek to Richwood.
Rushmore* to Delphos.
R ush Run*t} to Steuben­
Rushtown* to Portsm outh.
Russell (Geauga Co.) to
Chagrin Falls.
Russell*} (H ighland Co.)
to Lynchburg.
Russells Point*} to Lake
Russia*!} to Versailles.
St. C lair to E . Liverpool.
St. James*}} to Galion.
St.Johns*}} to W apakoneta.
St. Joseph (H am ilton Co.)
to Cincinnati.
St. Joseph (Portage Co.) to
M ogadore.
St. Louisville*} to Utica.
St. M artin* to Fayetteville.
St. P atrick to F o rt Lormaie
St. P eters to F o rt Recovery
St. Rosa to Chickasaw.
St. Stephen*} to Bloom ville
St. W endelin to St. Henry.
Salem C enter to Pom eroy.
Salesville*} to Quaker City
Saltair to Bethel.
Saltillo*}} to Roseville.
S altpetre to M arietta.Salt Rim to Steubenville.
S am antha to Highland.
Sample to Canfield.
Samsonville to Oak Hill.
Sandhill to Sandusky.
Sandrun to Nelsonville.
Sandy Springs to Vance­
burg, Ky.
Sandyville*}} to M ineral
Sant to M cA rthur.
S anta Fe*}} to Lakeview.
Santoy* to Corning.
Sarahsville*}} to Caldwell.
Saundersville to Gallipolis.
Savona*}} to New M adison
Sawyerwood to M ogadore.
Saybrook}} to Geneva.
Sayler Park*} to Cleves.
Sayre*}} to Corning.
Schley to New M atam oras.
Schumm to Willshire.
Science H ill to Cadiz.
Scienceville* to Youngs­
Scioto Furnace*} to P o rts­
m outh.
Scioto S tation to Columbus
Sciotoville*}} to P o rts­
m outh.
Scipio Siding*} to Republic.
Scofield to Ripley.
Scotch Ridge* to Pem berville.
Scottown* to H untington,
W , Va.
Scotts to Carrollton.
Scotts Crossing to Delphos
Scroggsfield to Carrollton.
Sebastian to Chickasaw.
Sedan to Peebles.
Sego to Somerset.
Sekitan* to Addyston.
Seiden* to Washington C ,H .
Selig to Vanceburg, Ky.
Selma*}} to S. C harleston.
Sentinel to Jefferson.
Seventeen* to Uhrichsville.
Seward to Lyons.
Sewellsville to Barnes ville
Shade* to Athens.
Shadeville} to Columbus.
Shalersvillo to M antua.
Shandon*}} to Okeana.
Shanesvfile* to Sugar Greek.
Sharline* to Youngstown.
Sharon to Caldwell.
Sharonville (Pike Co.)*}} to
W averly.
Sharpeye to Greenville.
Sharpsburg* to Amesville.
Shauck* to Lexington.
Shawtown* to McCom b.
Shay to New M atam oras.
Sheeprun to Higginsport,
Shenandoah to Shiloh.
Shepard*} to Colum bus.
Shepherdstown to St.Clairsville.
Sherodsville*}} to Bowerston.
Sherritts* to Ironton.
H eights.
Short Creek* to Adena.
Shyville* to Piketon.
Siam* to A ttica.
Signal* to Lisbon.
Silica to Sylvahia.
Silo to M antua.
Silvercreek to K enton.
Silver Creek (M edina Co.)
to W adsworth.
Silverton to Cincinnati.
Simons*} to Andover.
Sinai to Beaver.
Sinking Spring* to Peebles.
Sitka* to M arietta.
Si»-nr,inis to Prairie D enot.

♦Money Order Office.

Sixteen M ile S tand to Love­
Skeels Crossroads to Celina.
Slabtown to Lima.
Slate M ills to Chillicothe.
Sm iths Siding to Sylvania.
Sniders Pickerington.
Snodes to Sebring.
Socialville to M ason.
Sodom to Girard.
Solon*}} to Chagrin Falls.
Somerdale*}} to M ineral
Sonora*}} to Zanesville.
S. A m herst to Am herst.
S. B antam to Bethel.
S. Bloomfield to Ashville.
S. Bloomingville* to L aurelville.
S. Brooklyn to Cleveland.
S. E uclid *to N ottingham .
South F incastle to Win­
Southington to W arren.
S. Lebanon*}} to Lebanon.
S. L orain to Lorain.
S. N ew bury to B urton.
South New Lyme to Orwell.
S. Olive*} to Caldwell.
S. Park*}} to Bedford.
S. P erry to Laurel ville.
S. P lym outh to Milledgeville.
S. Point*} to C atlettsburg,
S. Salem* to Greenfield.
S. Thom pson to Madison.
S. W arsaw to Lima.
S. Webster*}} to Oak Hill.
“S. W oodbury to Cardington
Southw orth to Delphos.
S. Zanesville*}} to Zanes­
Spanker to Englewood.
Spargursville*} to BainbridgeSparta* to Centerburg.
Specht to M inerva.
Speidel* to Barnesville.
Spencers Station to Quaker
Spokane* to W arren.
Spore} to BUcyrus.
Spratt*} to Cum berland.
Springdale to Lockland.
Springer to Jackson.
Springfield Center to Akron
Springfield Lake to Akron,
Springhill to W . Liberty.
Springlake to M ontpelier.
Spring M ountain to W arsaw
Springville to Shreve.
Squires to K ansas.
Stafford* to Woodsfleld.
Stanley to Holgate.
Stanleyville* to M arietta.
S tantontow n to Ashley.
Stanwood to M assillon.
Starr}} to Logan.
S tate Road to W arren.
Station Fifteen* to D enni­
S tauntontoW ashington O H .
Stedcke to Celina.
Steece* to Ironton.
Steel to Bellaire.
Steels R un to M arietta.
Stella to M cA rthur.
Stelvideo} to Greenville.
Steuben to W illard.
Stewart*}} to A thens.
Stewartsville* to Neffs.
Stillwater* to Uhrichsville.
Still W ater Junction to
Stillwell to Killbuck.
Stockdale* to Piketon.
Stockton*} to H am ilton.
Storms* to Bainbridge.
Stout* to Shiloh.
Stovertow n to Zanesville.
Straitsville to New S traitsville.
Streetsboro to K ent.
Stringtown to Kingston.
Strongsville*}} to Berea.
Suffield* to M ogadore.
Sugar Grove*}} to Lan­
Sugar Ridge*}} to Bowling
Sugar T ree Ridge* to
M owrytown.
Sugar Valley to E aton.
Suiter* to Ironton.
Sulphurgrove to Osborn.
Sulphur Lick to F rankfort.
Sulphur Springs* to Bucy­
Summerford to London.
Summer side to B atavia.
Summersville to Richwood.
Sum m it (H am ilton Co.) to
Summit} (Ross Co.) to
W averly.
Sum m it (Sum m it Co.) to
E . L iberty.
Summithill*} to W averly.
Sum m it Station*}} to P ataskala.
Summitville*}} to Salineville.
Sumner* to Pomeroy.
Sun Dale}} to New Con­
Superior* to Ironton.
Surryville to M ount Orab.
Swan Creek to Gallipolis.
Swanders (Seneca Co.) to
T iffin.
Swanders to Anna.
Sweden to Harbor.
} Telegraph Station.

Sweetwine to Cincinnati.
Swifts*}} to Beverly.
Sybene to H untington, W
Sycamore Valley* toWoodsfleld.
Symmes Corners to Hamil­
Syracuse* to Pomeroy.
T abor to Carrollton.
Tacoma*} to Barnesville.
T adm or to Tippecanoe City
Tallmadge*} to Akron.
T am ah to Rockford.
Tappan* to Dennison.
Tawawa to Sidney.
T aylor to Columbus.
Taylorsburg to D ayton.
Taylors Creek to Cleves.
Taylorsville* to Mowry­
T ed to Bloomdale.
Tedrow to Wauseon.
Teegarden* to Lisbon.
Temperanceville*to Barnes­
Terrace Park*} to Milford.
T errehaute to Urhana.
Texas to L iberty Center.
Thackery*}} to St. Paris.
T hatcher to Circleville.
T he Bend to Sherwood.
T he Plains* to Athens.
Thivener* to Gallipolis.
Thompson* to M adison.
T hornton to Greenfield.
T hurm an* to Oak Hill.
Thurston*}} to Baltimore.
T inney to Helena.
Tippecanoe*}} to Freoport.
T ipton to H aviland.
T iverton to Buckeye City.
Tobasco*} to Amelia.
Tobias Station to Marion.
Toboso*}} to Newark.
Tokio to Ohio City.
Topes M ills to Carrollton.
Torch* to Coolville.
Townsend to Clyde.
Townwood} to Leipsic.
T racy to Uhrichsville.
Tradersville to Mechanicsburg.
T rail to W ilmot.
T ranquility to Seaman.
Trebeins to Xenia.
T rem ont City* to Springfield.
Triadelphia* to McConnelsville.
T rilby to W est Toledo.
Trimble*} to Glouster.
Trinway*}} to Dresden.
T rium ph to No. Bloom­
Trowbridge*}} to Elmore.
T rum bull to Geneva.
Tucson to Chillicothe.
T ulip to W est Union.
T unnel Hill*} to Warsaw.
T uppers Plains* to Cool­
Tuscarawas* to Uhrichsville
Tw entym ile
S tand
M ason.
Twightwee to Loveland.
Tycoon to Vinton.
Tym ochtee to Sycamore.
Tyrrell*}} to Cortland.
Ulricto Racine.
Underwood see Corning, to
Union} (Licking Co.)
Co.) to Englewood.
Union Furnace*}} to Logan.
Union Plains to M t. Orab.
Unionport*} to Cadiz.
Union Station to Granville.
Uniontown (Belm ont Co.)
to Flushing.
Uniontown* (Stark Co,)
to Akron.
Unionvale} to Cadiz.
Unionville*} to Madison.
Unionville Center* to Plain
Uniopolis*}}to W apakoneta
U nity to E a st Palestine.
U topia to Augusta, Ky.
Vales Mills* to M cArthur.
Valley to Salem.
Valleycrossing}} to Colum­
Vallonia to Bellaire.
V anatta* to Newark.
Vanburen*} to No. Bal­
tim ore.
Vanceton to Vinton.
Vega to Oak Hill.
Venedocia*}} to Delphos.
Venice (Butler Co.) to
Ham ilton.
Venice*}} (Erie Co.) to San­
Vernon} to Kinsman.Vernon Junction to Shelby.
Veto to M arietta.
Vickery*}} to Clyde.
Victor to Piketon.
Victoria* to F o rt Recovery.
Vienna to Niles.
Vigil* to Berea.
Vigo*} to Chillicothe.
Villa to Springfield.
Vincent*} to M arietta.
Vine to F o rt Recovery.
} Express Office.



Wabash* (H arrison Co.) to
W abash (M ercer Co.) to
Wade* to St. M arys, W.Va.
Waggoner Ripple to W est
W agram to P ataskala.
W ainwright* to New P hila­
W ait to Portsm outh.
W akatom ika to Dresden.
Wakefield*! to Piketon.
Wales to Oak Hill.
W aldhonding*!! to W arsaw
W alkers to Wellsville.
W allsburg to Georgetown.
W alnut to Ash ville. _
W alnut Grove to Rushsyl-:
W alnutrunt to London.
W alton to W ashington,
S. H.
Wamsley* to Peebles.
W arner*!! to M arietta.
W arnock*! to St. Clairsville.
Warpole to H arpster.
W arrensburg to Delaware.
Warrensville* to Bedford.
W arwick*!! to Clinton.
W aslÎingtonville*tî to Leetonia.
Waterloo* to Ironton.
W atkins to Ostrander.
W atson to Tiffin.
W attsvillet to Bergholz.
Way land*! to N ew ton
Weaver Station to Green­
Webb Sum m it to Logan.
W ebster to Versailles.
Weems* to Smithfield.
Weilersville*! to Smithville.
Welcome to Killbuck.
Weldon to Sharon.
Wellman to Waynesville.
Wellsville Shop to Wells­
Welshfield* to B urton.
Wengerlawn to Brookville.
W. Andover to Andover.
W. Austintown* to Youngs­
W. Bedford* to Dresden.
W estboro*! to Blanchester.
W, Brookfield to M assillon.
W. Cairo*t to Lim a.
W. C anaan to P lain C ity.
W . Carlisle* to Frazeysburg
W. C harleston to T ippe­
canoe City.
W. Chester* to Sharonville.
W. Clarksfield to W akem an.
W est Cleveland to Cleve­
W. Dover* to Cleveland.
W. Elkton* to Camden.
W estern S tar to W ads­
W esterville
W esterville.
Westfield to Ashley Station.
W. Florence to E aton.
, W esthope to M cClure.
W. Independence to Fostoria.
W. Jefferson*! (Williams
Co.) to M ontpelier
W. Ju n ctio n ! to Chillicothe.
W est L ancaster to Jeffer-;
W. Lebanon to D alton.
W. L éipsictî to Leipsic.
W. Lodi* to Republic.
W. M ecca to Cortland.
W. M entor to Willoughby.
W. M iddletown* to M id­
W. Millgrove* to Rising
W estminster* to H arrod.
W. N ew ton to H arrod.
W est P o in t (Columbiana
Co.) to Lisbon.
W. P oint (Morrow Co.) to
W. Richfield* to Peninsula.
W. Rushville*t to Rushville
W. Sonora*! to Léwisburg.
W estview*!! to Berea.
W estville!! to Urbana.
W. W heeling to Bridgeport.
W. WoodviUe to BlanW etsel to M iddlepoint.
Weyers to Sandusky,
W eym outh to M edina.
W harton*!! (Scioto Co.) to
Portsm outh.
W heat to Seaman.
Wheelersburg*! to P orts­
m outh.
Whigville*! to Summerfield
W hipple*!! to M arietta.
Whisler* to Kingston.
W hite C ottage*!! to Zanes­
W hite Oak to M ount Orab.
W hite S ulphur!! to D ela­
W hiteville to M etam ora.
W hitfield to Miamisburgl
W hitm ore to Frem ont.
Wick to Andover.
Wickliffe*!! to Willoughby.
Wickliffe (M ahoning Co.)
to Youngstown.
Widowvilie to Ashland.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Wiggonsville to Bethel.
Wilberforce* to Xenia.
W ildare to'C ortland.
Wilgus* to Ironton.
Wilkesville* to M cA rthur.
W ilkins to Newark.
W illettville to Hillsboro.
W illiams C enter to Bryan.
W illiamsfleld*tt to Ando­
W illiam sport*!! (Morrow
Co.) to M ount Gilead.
W illiam stown*!! to D un­
W illiston*!! to Genoa.
Wiilowbrook to Coshocton.
Willowdell to Osgood.
Willow Wood* to Ironton.
Wills Creek to Coshocton.
W ilson M ills to W illoughby
W inameg to D elta.
W inchester (Guernsey Co.)
to C am bridge..
W indham *!! to G arrettsville.
Windsor* (A shtabula Co.)
to Orwell.
W indsor (W arren Go.) to
Winesburg* to Beach City.
W ingett Rim* to New M a *
tam oras.
W ingston to Rudolph.
Winkle* to Hillsboro.
W inona* to Salem.
W inter green* to Danville.
W interset* to W inchester.
W intersville to Steuben­
W ithamsville* to B atavia.
Wolf* to New Comerstown.
Wolfcreek to Beverly.
W olf Run* to Am sterdam .
W ood to Oxford.
W oodgrove to Cum berland.
W oodington*f to Green­
W oodlawn to Lockland.
Woodside to B radner.
W oodworth to Youngs\ town.
W orstvillef to Payne.
W rightsville to M anchester
W yandot to N evada.
W ynant to F o rt Loramie.
W yom ing*!! to Lockland.
Yatesville to Bloomingburg.
Yellowbud to Kingston.
Y elverton to Belle C enter.
Yoder to Lima.
Y ondota to Toledo.
Y ork to Richwood.
Yorkshire*! to Osgood.
Y ost! to Glenford.
Young* to Otway.
Young Hickory to Cum ber­
Zaleski*!! to M cA rthur.
Zanesfleld*!! to Bellefontaine.
Zeno to Cum berland.
Zenz C ity to F o rt Recovery.
Zimmer toG roveport.
Zim m erm an to X enia.
Zoar*f+ to Bolivar.
Zoar Station to M ineral
Zoarville*tt to M ineral
Zone to F ayette.

A bbott to Ada.
Acme* to R ush Springs.
Addielee* to W estville.
Agawan to N innekah.
Ahloso to Ada.
Akins* to Sallisaw.
Alabam a to W eleetka.
Alamo to Guymon.
Albany* to Bennington.
Albert* to F o rt Cobb.
Alden *to Carnegie.
AIderson*tt to McAlester.
Aledo* to Leedey.
Alfalfa* to Carnegie. •
Allison* to D urant.
Alma* to D uncan.
Alpers* to Davis.
Alsuma*! to Broken Arrow.
Altona to Omega.
A m aroda to Ardmore.
America* to Idabel.
Anderson* to Savanna.
Anthon* to C uster.
Antioch* to M aysville.
Ara* to D uncan.
Arch* to H artshom e.
Arkoma* to F o rt Sm ith,
Arlington to Prague.
Arm strong to D urant.
Arpelar* to M cAlester.
A rta to Tonkawa.
A rthur* to D uncan.
A rtie to H aw orth.
Ashland* to Kiowa.
Ashley to Alva.
Asphaltum* to Loco.
Atlee* to Ringling.
Autwine* to Tonkawa.
A ydelotte! to Shawnee.
Avlesworth*!! to M adili.
¿County Seat.

Bache* to M cAlester.
Bailey* to Marlow.
Baird* to Duncan.
Baldhill to M orris.
Banner* (Canadian Co.) to
Banner (Garvin Co.) to
B anty* to Bokchito.
Barber* to Tahlequah.
B arnes to Soiling.
Barney* to Fairview.
Baron* to W estville.
B a rtle tt to Hoffman.
B arton to Sentinel.
B eachton to Hatfield, Ark.
Bear* to Calvin.
Bearden* to Okemah.
Bebee* to Ada.
Bee*, to M ilb u rn .,
Beland* to Muskogee.
Belford* to Ralston.
Bellem ont to Prague.
Belleville to Ringling.
B elva*tt to Quinlan.
Bengal*!! to T alihina.
Bentley* to Caney.
Berlin* to Sayre.
Bernice*!! to Ketchum .
Bethel* to W right C ity.
Bidding Springs*to Stilwell.
Big Cedar* to Heavener.
Bilby to Holdenville.
B ird to Longdale.
Blackgum* to Vian.
B lacklandt to Foraker.
Blackrock to Allen.
Blaine to K eota.
Blake* to M angum .
B land to M annford.
Bliss! to M arland.
Blocker* to Crowder.
Bloom ington to B rinkm an.
Blue*!! to D urant.
Bluff to Hugo.
Bly* to N ow ata.
Boehler* to Boswell.
Boggy Depot* to Caney.
Bokhom a*!! to Forem an,
Bomar* to M arietta.
B ookerta to W eleetka.
Boss* to Idabel.
Boulangerville to Elgin,
Bowden*!! to Sapulpa.
Bowles to M a rie tta .,
Box (Cleveland Co.) to
Box*(SequoyahCo.)to Yian.
Boyd* to Beaver.
Braden* to F o rt Sm ith,Ark.
Brady* to Wynnewood.
Braithw aite* to Bessie.
Bray* to M arlow.
Brent* to Sallisaw.
Briartown* to Porum .
Brock* to Ardmore.
Brocken*! to C larita.
Brooken* to Quinton.
Brooksville*! to Shawnee.
Brown* to D u ran t.
Bruno* to A toka,
Brush Hill* to Checotah.
B ry an t to H e n ry e tta ..
B unch*!! to Stilwell.
Burneyville* to M arietta.
Bushyhead*!! to Foyil.
B utner to Wewoka.
Byng* to Ada.
Cabaniss* to S tuart.
C ade to Bennington.
Cainville to Longdale.
Cairo *to Coalgate.
Calhoun* to Poteau.
C am bria to M cAlester.
Cameron to Poteau.
Cam p to Hooker.
Campbell to Gore.
C anadian*!! to Indianola.
Carbon* to Krebs.
Cardin to T ar River.
Carl to Hollis.
Carlton* to Okeene.
Carpenter* to E lk C ity.
Carroll to D ustin.
Carson* to W etum ka.
Cartersviile* to Bokoshe,
C arver C ity to Elmore.
Carwile to Ringwood.
Casey*!! to M aram ac.
C atale*!! to Chelsea.
Catesby* to Shattuck.
Cedardale* to M utual.
Cedars to F t, Smith, Ark.
Celestine to M cAlester.
Center* to Ada.
Centerville to M ountain
P ark.
Ceres to R ed Rock.
Cestos to Vici.
Chance to W estville.
Chaney* to Gage.
C hant to M cC urtain.
Cheek* to Ardmore.
Chester* to Selling.
Chewey* to W estville.
C heyarha to Seminole.
Chigley to W ynnewood.
Childers* to L enapah.
Chism* to Byars.
Chockie*! to Stringtown.
Choctaw to Spencer.
Christie*! to W estville.
Church* to Stilwell.
Citra* to Allen.
Civet* to P auls Valley.
Clarion to Cleo Springs.
Clarksville to P orter.
Claypool* to W aurika.
Clear Lake* to Beaver.
Clearview* to W eleetka
•Money Order Office.

Cleo to Cleo Springs.
Cleora*! to Afton.
Cloud Chief* to Cordell.
Cloudy* to A ntlers.
Clyde*! to M edford.
Coalton* to H enryetta.
Cobb to F o rt Cobb.
Cogar* to M inco.
Cold Springs*! to Roose­
C o le tto Blanchard.
Columbia to Lovell.
Concho* to E l Reno.
Connerville* to Pontotoc.
Coodys Bluff* to N ow ata.
Cookson* to P ark Hill.
Cooper to Shidler.
C orbett to Lexington.
Corinne* to F o rt Towson.
Cornish to Ringling.
Corum to Comanche.
Cottonwood to Coalgate.
Council to W heatland.
Council H ill*!! to Boyn­
Courtney* to Ringling.
Cowden to Cordell.
Cowlington* to Spiro.
Coy* to Coldwater, Kan.
Crawford* to Strong City.
Crekola to Muskogee.
Creta* to Eldorado.
Criner* to Purcell.
Cross to Ponca City.
Crowder to Indianola.
Crowson to Bristow.
Cruce* to D uncan.
Crum Creek to Clayton.
Crystal* to Atoka.
Cumberland* to Aylesworth.
C urtis*!! to M ooreland.
Daisy* to Atoka.
D ane to Fairview,
D arrow ! to Hom estead.
Darwin* to Antlers.
Dawson*!! to Tulsa.
Deese to Ardmore.
D ela to Antlers.
Delhi* to Sayre.
Dem psey to Sayre.
D enton to M arlow.
D enver to Norm an.
D ibble to Blanchard.
Dickson to Spencer. x
Dighton* to Hoffman.
D illard! to Wilson.
Dillon to Eagle City.
Dilworth*! to Newkirk.
Dixie* to Loco.
D oby Springs* to Engle­
wood, Kan.
D odge*lto So W est City,M o
Dolberg! to Roff.
Dombey* to Tyrone.
D ougherty*!! to Davis.
D outhat* to Quapaw.
Dow* to Haileyville.
Doxey*! to Sayre.
Doyle* to M arlow.
D rake to Sulphur.
D ropright to Yale.
D uland to Soper.
D unbar (M cIntosh Co.) to
H itchita.
D unbar (Pushm ataha Go.)
Dundee to W irt.
Dunlap*! to M ay.
Durham * to Cheyenne.
D urw ood!! to Ardmore.
Eagle Chief to Avard.
Eagletown* to Broken Bow.
Eaton* to Lenapah.
E contuchka to Shawnee.
E ddy*! to Lam ont,
E d ith ! to Freedom.
E dna* to Beggs.
E go to Coleman.
Eldon to Tahlequah.
E li to H ulbert,
E lk to Ardmore.
E lkton to L am bert.
E lliott* to Coffeyville, K an.
Ellis to Chandler.
Elmwood* to Beaver.
E m anuei to W atonga.
Em erson to W alter.
E m et to D urant.
E m pire C ity to Comanche.
Enos* to Woodville.
Enterprise* to Quinton.
Enville* to M arietta.
E ola to Elmore.
E ram *! to M orris.
Erviri* to Hugo.
Estella* to Vinita.
Estelle to Fairchild.
Ethel* tb A ntlers.
E tow ah to Noble.
Eubank* to Antlers.
Eucha* to Jay.
Eva* to Guymon.
Exendine to Lookeba.
F air to Comanche.
Fairvalley* to Avard.
Falfa to Talihina.
Fallon to Hugo.
Fame* to Eufaula.
Fanshawe* to Howe.
Farris* to A n tlers..
Farry* to Avard.
Faulkner to Alva.
Faw n to Checotah.
Featherston* to Quinton.
Ferguson to Hitchcock.
F ern to W oodward.
Fewell* to Antlers.
Fillmore*!! to M ilburn.
f Telegraph Station.


Finley* to Antlers.
Fisher to Tulsa.
Fitzgerald to Supply,
F itzhugh*!! to Ada.
Fleetwood* to T erral.
Flint* to Siloam Springs
Florence* to W akita.
Floris to Forgan.
Fob to Kingston.
Fogel* to M ena, Ark.
Folsom* to Caddo.
F onda to C anton.
F ord to M arland.
Foreman* to Gans.
Forney* to Hugo.
F o rt Sill*!! to Lawton.
Foster* (Garvin Co.) to
P auls Valley.
Foster (Hughes Co.) to
Fox* to Healdton.
Francis*!! (Greer Co.) to
M angum .
F ranklin to Norm an.
Franks* to Stonewall.
Frey* to D rum righf;
Frisco* to Stonewall.
Frogville* to Hugo.
Gabriel to Tahlequah.
Galena* to Aline.
G arnet to Alva.
Gano to Cushing.
G arland to Stigler
Garlington* to Techoma.
Gas C ity to D uncan.
Gay* to Hugo.
Gerty* to Calvin.
Gibbon*! to M anchester,
Gibson Station*! to Wag­
Gideon* to Tahlequah.
G ilbert to Jefferson.
Gilmore to Poteau.
Gladstone to W alters.
Glencoe to Stillw ater.
Glendale to W ister.
Glenn* to Ardmore.
Glenpool*! to Kiefer.
Glover* to W right City.
Golden* to G arvin.
Goodland* to Hugo.
Goodnight*! to Coyle.
Goodwater* to H aw orth.
Gore to W ebbers Falls.
Grady* to Ryan.
Graham * to Ardmore, i
Grand* to Higgins, Tex.
G rand Valley* to Liberal,
K an.
G ranton to Fairview.
G ray to P erryton, Tex.
G ray Horse* to Fairfax.
Grayson* to Hoffman.
Greenough to Forgan.
Greenleaf* to Braggs.
G resham 'to Clayton, N.M .
Grimes* to Sayre.
Guild to Prague.
H am burg to Cheyenne.
Ham den* to Hugo.
H anson*!! to Sallisaw.
Hardwood* to Coalgate.
H ardy*!! to A rkansas City,
H arjo to M aud.
Harmon* to Fargo.
H arrington to Haworth.
Harris* to Idabell.
H arrisburg to D uncan.
H arrison to Gotebo
Haslcew to M ooreland.
H attonville to Commerce.
Hawley to N ash.
Hayden* to Chelsea.
H aynes to Muskogee.
Haywood*!! to McAlester.
Hazel*! to Konawa.
H easton to E l Reno.
Helen to Kingston..
Helsel to Lexington.
Hem an*! to W aynoka.
H enderson to Purcell.
Hendrix*! to Kem p City.
Hennepin*,to Davis.
H erbert to W ardville.
Herring* to Ham m on.
H ess to Elm er.
H ester*! to M angum .
H ew itt*! to Wilson.
H ex Switch to E lk City.
Heyburn* to Kelleyville.
Hico to N orm an.
Kill*, to Cameron.
Hix t o M ena, Ark.
Hoardsvffie to Dewar.
Hochatown* to D e Queen,
H odgen*! to Heavener.
Hogshooter to Bartlesville.
Holliday*! to Faxon,
Hollow* to Welch..
H om estead*!! to Fairview.
H ood to Sallisaw.
Hoover* to Davis.
H ow ard to M ena, Ark.
Hoxbar* to Ardmore.
Hoyt* to Stigler.
Hughes* ! ! to Red Oak.
H ula to Caney, Kans.
Hulen* to Lawton.
H um phreys*! to Altus.
Hurley* to E lkhart, Kan.
Huskey* to Hugo.
Iconium to M eridian.
Ida* to V alliant.
Im o to D rum m ond.
! Express Office.




Independence* to C uster.
Indianapolis*!! toW eatberford.
Ioland to Grand.
Iona* to,W ynnewood.
Ireto n to Alex.
Isom Springs to Woodville.
Ivanhoe to Shattuck.
Jackson to Bexmington.
Jackson Switch to Broken
Jadie* to H aw orth.
Jenness to H enryetta.
Jesse to Stonewall.
Jester* to M angum .
Joplin .to Quapaw.
Ju a n ita to Indianola.
Jum bo* t o A ntlers.
Junction to Geronimo.

M itch* to Vian.
M ocane to Forgan.
Muffet* to F o rt Sm ith,
M öller to Tupelo.
M onarch to B axter Springs,
K an.
M onroe*!! to Howe.
Moodys* to Tahlequah.
Moorewood*t to Ham m on.
Morse* to Okemah.

K anim a*!! to Stigler.
Kansas* to Siloam Springs,
E arn s Spur to Calum et.
Katie* to W ynnewood.
K eefeton*tt to W arner.
Keirsey* to D urant.
Keller to Wilson.
Kelso to Vinita.
Kenwood*! to Salina.
Keokuk Falls to Prague.
Kiamichi* tor Albion.
K ibby to W oodward.
Kinlock* to M adill.
K om alty to H obart.
Kosoma*! to Antlers.
Kullituklo* to Idabel.
K usa to Dewar.

Naples* to Chickasha.
N arcissat to M iami.
Nashoba* to A ntlers.
N atu ra to Okmulgee.
Nebo* to Sulphur.
Needm ore '(Cleveland Co.)
to Noble.
N ellda to Ardmore.
Nelson* to Soper.
Neodesha* to W agoner
N erotow n to E ufaula.
Newby* to Bristow.

Lacey to Hennessey.
Ladessa to M angum .
Lakem p to Booker, Tex.
Lane* to A toka .
Langston* to Coyle.
Lark* to Kingston.
Lam a* to Tuskahom a.
L averty to Chickasha.
Lawrence* to Ada.
L ayton to P auls Valley
Leach* to Siloam Springs,
Lebanon* to M arietta.
L egate to Ardmore.
Leger to Altus.
Lehigh*!! to Coalgate.
Lela*! to Glencoe.
Lenna* to Eufaula.
Léon* to M arietta.
L eonard*!! to Bixby.
Leonel to Oakwood.
Lequire* to M cC urtain.
L etitia to Lawton.
Liberty* to M uldrow.
Lightning Ridge to Roff.
Lima* to Wewoka.
Lincolnville to B axter
Springs, Kan.
Linn to Aylesworth.
L ittle to Seminole.
L ittle Ax to N orm an.
Loaf to Adair.
Lockridge* to Edm ond.
Lodi* to Red Oak.
Logan* to Ivanhoe.
Lone Grove* to Ardmore.
L one Star to W alter.
Long* to M uldrow.
Lookout* to Avard.
Lorena* to Liberal, Kan.
Louis* to Gould.
Loveland*!! to Hollister.
Loving to H eavener.
L ugert*! to Lone Wolf.
L u k fata to Idabel.
L ula*!! to Tupelo.
Lutie* to W ilburton.
Lynch to Strang.
Lyons* to Stillwell.
M abelle to Vian.
M adison* to Laverne.
M agnolia to Elm ore City.
M aguire to Noble.
M an ard to F o rt Gibson.
M aple* to M uldrow.
M arble C ity*!! to Sallisaw.
M ardock to N orm an.
M arion to Oklahoma C ity.
M arkham to Yale.
M arsden* to Ardmore.
M asham to Pawnee.
Mason* to Okemah.
M assey to M cAlester.
M ato y to Bokechito.
Maxwell* to Ada.
M a y * tt to Supply.
M ayfield *to Sayre.
M cB ride to F t. Gibson.
M cC arty to P auls Valley.
M cCom b to Macomb.
M cKey* to Sallisaw.
M cLain to W ebbers Falls.
M cM ann to W irt.
M cM illan* to M adill.
McQueen* to Guold.
MeWillie*! to H elena.
M ead to Ardmore.
Meers* to Lawton.
M ehan*t to Stillw ater.
M ellette* to Eufaula.
M eno to Enid.
M errick*! to M eridian.
M esser to Hugo.
Mexhoma* to Clayton, N.
M icawber* to Paden.
M iddleberg* to Blanchard.
M idlothian to Chandler.
Midwell to Guymon.
Miles* to Vinita.
Milo* to Ardmore.
M ilton*! to Bokoshe
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

M orvin* to M cComb.
Mosley* to Siloam Springs,
M oyers*!! to A ntlers.
M ulkey to Ardmore.
M urphy* to C hoteau.
Muse* to T alihina.

Newcastle* to Norm an.
New Durwood to Ardmore.
Newport* to Ardmore.
N ida to M ilburn.
Niles* to H inton.
Nolia to Antlers.
Non* to Calvin.
Norfolk! to Yale.
Norge*!! to Chickasha.
N orth Enid* to Enid.
N orth M iam i to Commerce.
N orth Muskogee to Okay.
Noxie* to Coffeyville, Kan.
Numa*} to D eer Creek.
O akdale to' Eakley.
Oak Hill* to Idabell.
Oakhurst* to Tulsa.
Oakland* to M adill.
Oakman* to Ada.
Oaks* to Kansas.
Oberlin* to Bennington.
Ocina* to C arter.
Octavia* to H atfield, Ark.
Odell, to Idabell.
Odetta* to Snyder.
Oglesby* to Ochelata.
Oil City* to Wilson.
O kesa*tt to Bartlesville.
Okfuskee* to Okemah
Oleta to Fargo.
Olive* to M annford.
01ney*tt to Coalgate.
Ona to Guymon.
Onapa to Cheeotah.
Oneta*! to Broken Arrow.
Gney to F o rt Cobb.
Onyx to Douglas.
O rienta*!! to Fairview.
Orion* to Fairview.
Oscar* to Ryan.
Oswalt* to Ardmore.
O ttaw a to M iami.
Overbrook* to Ardmore.
Owl to Centrahom a.
Ozark to Braggs
Page*!! to M ena, Ark.
P anam a*!! to Spiro.
P anola to W ilburton.
Parker* to Coalgate.
P ark Hill to Tahlequah.
P arkland to Agra.
P atterson*! ! to W ilburton.
Paw Paw to F o rt Smith,
Payne* to Lindsay.
Payson*! to M eeker.
Pearsonia*!! to Foraker.
Peggs* to H ulbert.
P eiheta*!! to Cushing.
Peno* to F o rt Smith.
Pensacola*!! to Strang.
Peoria* td Seneca, M o.
Pernell to Elm ore C ity.
Pershing*!! to W ynona.
P erth to Lovell.
Petersburg to Nocona, Tex.
P haraoh to W eleetka.
Phillips* td Coalgate.
Phroso* to Selling.
Pickens* to Idabel.
Pierce* to Cheeotah.
Pierceton to Tonkawa.
Pike* to M arietta.
P ine to Coalgate.
P lney to Stilwell.
P ink to Tecumseh.
P la tte r* !! to D urant.
P leasant Hill to Haworth.
Pollard* to Idabel.
Pontotoc* to M ill Creek.
Poolville to Ardmore.
Port* to Sentinel. ■
Powell to M adill.
P raper to Kiefer.
Prentiss to Sayre.
P reston*ft to Homing.
Proctor* to W estville.
Provence* to Ardmore.
Prue*f to Osage.
P ulare to Osage.
Purdy* to Lindsay.
Qualls* to Braggs.
Quay*!! to M aram ec.


AConnty Seat.

Rabit* to M iami.
Ragsdale to Gray.
Raiford* to H anna.
Randolph to M adill.
Range* to Guymon.
Rankin* to Cheyenne. I
R attan* to A ntlers.
R avia to Tishomingo.
R ay to W agoner.
Reagan* to Mill Creek.
Reason to A rnett.
Redbird*! to Coweta.
Redden* to Stringtown.
Redland*! to F o rt Smith
Reed* to M angum .
Rentiesville* to Cheeotah.
R etrop to. Sentinel.
R e tta to Blackwell.
Rex to Okay.
R exroat to Wilson.
Rhea* to Leed
Rich to Stringtown.
R ichardville to CheCotah.
R ichert to H eavener.
Richland* to E l Reno.
Ringold to F o rt Towson.
Robberson* to Elm oreCity.
Roberta* to D urant.
Rock Island*t to H ackett.
Rocky Ford to Cement.
Roland*! to M uldrow.
Roll to Strong City.
Rom ulus! to M cComb.
Rose*, to Pryor.
Rossville to W ellston.
Row* to G entry, Ark.
Royal* to Lindsay.
R ubottom * to M arietta.
Rufe* to ValUant.
Russell to M angum .
Russell Creek to Welch.
Russelville* to Quinton.
R ussett*! to Mannsville.
Ruthdale* to Delaware.
St. Louis (O ttaw a Co.)* to
_ Quapaw.
, S t. Louis (Pottaw atom ie
i Co.) to M aud.
Sacred Heart* to Konawa.
Saddle M ountain* toM ounta in View.
S a lie to Sallisaw.
Sageeyah* to Claremore.
Salem to H enryetta.
Sampsell* to Texhoma.
Sand Creek* to W akita.
S anta F e to Duncan.
Saratoga to Coldwater,
Sardis* to T uskahom a.
Saylor to Tam aha.
Schlegel to Cushing.
Schoolton* to Okemah.
Scott* to H inton.
Scraper* to Tahlequah.
Scullin*!! to Hickory.
Sedan* to M ountain View.
Seward*!! to N avina.
Sewell to Tecumseh.
Shadypoint*!! to Poteau,
Shawneetown* to Idabel.
Shay* to Kingston.
Sherman* to Quinlan.
Sherwood* to Broken Bow.
Short* to Van Buren, Ark.
Shrewder to Gould.
Shults* to Idabel.
Sickles* to Lookeba.
Signet to Stillw ater.
Silo* to D urant.
Simpson* to M annsville.
Sinnett to Keystone.
Sledge to Duncan.
Sleeper to Wagoner.
Slim *to Valliant.
Sneed to Wilson.
Sobol to F o rt Towson.
Sophia* to Beaver.
Souten to Cleveland.
S outhard*!! to O’Keene.
So. Canadian* to Oakwood.
So. Coffeyville*tt to Coffeyville, Kan.
South E nid to Enid.
South M cAlester to M c­
Spaulding*!! to Holdenville.
Spavinaw* to Salina.
Speer*t to Hugo.
Speermoore* to Laverne.
Spencerville* to F t. Tow­
Spokogee to D ustin.
Springer* to Berwyn.
Spring Hill to W eleetka.
Stafford* to Clinton.
Standing Rock to Lehigh.
Stanley*!! to Antlers.
S tapp to H eavener.
Star* to Keota.
Staunton to Healdton.
Stecker*tt to A nadarko.
Steedman* to Allen.
Stella to Newalla.
Stidham* to E ufaula.
Stonebluff to Haskell.
Story to M aysville.
S tu a rt* tt to Calvin.
Summerfleld* to Le Flore.
Sum m it to Muskogee.
Sum pter to Bram an.
Sunset to Beaver.
Surprise to Knowles.
S utter to Poteau.
Swan to Thomas.
Sweetwater* to Erick.
Swink*!! to F o rt Towson.
Sycamore to Southwest
City, Mo.
Sylvian* to Shawnee.
»Money Order Office.

Tabler* to Blanchard.
Tabor* to Bristow.
T aft* !! to Haskell.
T ahona to Cameron.
T am aha* to Vian.
T angier*tt to Fargo.
T a r R iver to Commerce.
T ate to Wewoka.
Tatum s* to Davis.
T aylor to R andlett.
Tegarden* to Alva.
T eresita to Tahlequah.
Texanna* to Cheeotah.
Thackerville*!! to M a rietta
Thom asville to H eavener.
T hree Sands to Tonkawa.
Ti* to H artshorne.
T iaw aht to Claremore.
Tidm ore to Seminole.
Tiffin to Beaver.
Tiger to D rum right.
Tillm an to Grandfield.
T inney to Lawton.
T itantic to Stilwell.
Tivoli to Fairview.
Togo to W aynoka.
Tom* to Idabel.
Trail*! to Camargo.
T renton to Okemah.
Trousdale*t to Tribbey.
T roy*!! to M ill Creek.
Tucker* to Spiro.
Tullahassee*t to P orter.
T urkey Ford* to Grove.
Turley* to Tulsa.
T uskha*!! to A toka.
Tuskegee* to Beggs.
Tussy* to Duncan.
T yler to Madill.
Tyrola* to Ada.
Ulan to Scipio.
Unger to Boswell.
Usna to Boise City.
Utica* to D urant.
Valeria to Glencoe.
Valley* to Pawnee.
Vamoosa to Konawa.
Van Tress to Le Flore.
Velma* to Duncan.
Verdigris*tt to Claremore.
Vernon* to H anna.
Victor to Poteau.
Victory ,to Qlustee.
Vinco* to Perkins.
Vining* to Jet.
Vinson* to M angum .
Virgil to Hugo.
Virginia to Tonkawa.
Vista to Konawa.
Vivian* to E ufaula.
Vrona to Sallisaw.
Waco to Shawnee.
Wade* to D urant.
Wainwright*+i to Boynton.
Walls to M cCurtain.
Wallville to Lindsay.
W ann*tt to Dewey.
Warren* to Blair
W arw ick*tî to W ellston.
W ashita*! to F o rt Cobb.
W ashunga to Kaw C ity. *
W atchhorn to M orrison.
Waterloo* to Edm ond.
W atkins to Kiefer.
W atova* to N ow ata.
Watson* to Cove, Ark.
Wauhillau* to Stilwell.
Wayside* to Dewey.
W eathers to McAlester.
Webb to Lenora.
W ebb C ity to Shidler. 1
Weer to Broken Arrow.
Wekiwa* to Sand Springs.
Welling*f î to Tahlequah.
W elty* to Castle.
Wesley* to Stringtown.
W est P oint to Glencoe.
W est Tulsa*! to Tulsa.
Wheeless* to Clayton, N. M .
White&gle*! to Ponca City.
Whitefield* to Stigler.
W hitehorse* to Avard.
W hite Oak*!! to Vinita.
Whitesboro* to Talihina.
W ilkerson to Porum .
Wilkins* to Clayton, N . M .
W illiard* to Ashland, Kan.
Williams* to Poteau.
Willis* to Kingston.
Willowbar* to Texhoma.
Willow View to PUrcell.
W illzetta to Prague.
W inchester* to Alva.
W itcher J to Edm ond.
Wolco to A vant.
W olf to Wewoka.
W ooddale to Fairview.
Woodford* to Ardmore.
W ybark*ft to Muskogee.
Yahola* to Haskell.
Yanush* to Tuskahom a.
Yarnaby* to Achille.
Y ates to Stillwater.
Y eager*ti to Holdenville.
Y elton to Buffalo.
Yewed*!! to Lam bert.
Y onkers*!! to W agoner.
Yuba* to D urant.
Zafra to H eavener.
Zeb* to P ark Hill.
Zena* to Grove.
Zenobia to Bromide.
Zita* to H ealdton.
Zoe* to Heavener;
Zula to Dacoma.
! Telegraph Station.


Acme to Florence.
Adam s*!! to Athena.
Adel* to Lakeview.
Adrian* to Parm a, Idaho.
Agate Beach* to Newport.
Agness*t to Goldbeach.
A irlie*tt to M onm outh.
Albee* to Pilot Rock.
Alberson*t to Crane.
Alfalfa* to Bend.
Algoma*!! to K lam ath Falls
Alicel*! to Im bler.
Allegany* to Marshfield.
Aloha* to Beaverton.
Alpine*!! to Monroe.
Alvadore* to Junction City.
Andrews* to Crane.
Anlauf* to Drain.
Antelope*t to Shaniko.
A ntone*t to John Day.
A piary to Rainier.
Applegate* to Jacksonville.
Arago* to M y rtle Point.
A rdenw aldf to Portland.
Arleta* to P ortland. \
Ashwood*f to Shaniko)
Aspgrove to K lam ath Falls.
A ustin*!! to Prairie City.
Azalea* to Glendale.
B allston*!! to Sheridan.
Barlow*t to C anby. •
B a rtlett* t to Flora.
B arton*f to Carver.
Barview*! to Tillamook.
Bay C ity*!! to Tillamook.
Bayocean*! to B ay City.
Bear C reek! to Junction
B e atty * t to Bonanza.
Beaver* to Tillamook.
Beaver Creek! to Oregon
Beaver H illf to Coquille.
Beckley* to Crane.
Beech Creek*! to John Day
Belknap Springs! to Springfield.
Bellevue to Sheridan.
Bellfountain to Monroe.
Bellrose to Portland.
Berlin* to Lebanon.
B e rth at to P ortland.
B ethany to Beaverton.
Beulah* to H arper.
Biggs*!! to Wasco.
Bingham Springs to Pen­
Birkenfeld*t to Clatskanie.
Blachly* to Junction City.
Black R ock!! to Falls City.
Blaine* to Tillamook.
Blalock*! to Arlington.
Blind Slough*!! to Knappa.
Blitzen* to Crane.
Blodgett*! to Philom ath.
Blue River*! to Springfield.
Bly*! to Bonanza.
Boardman* to Hermiston.
Bolton to Oregon Center.
Bonita* to Vale.
B onita to T igard (Wash­
ington Co.)
Bonneville*!! to Troutdale.
Booth to Glendale.
Boring*!! to Gresham.
Bourne*! to Baker.
Boyd*! to Dufur.
Bridal Veil*!! to Troutdale.
Bridge*! to M yrtle Point.
Bridgeport* to Baker.
Bridgeview to G rants Pass.
Brighton* to Wheeler.
Brightwood! to Sandy.
B roadacresf to Donald.
B roadbent*toM yrtle Point.
Broadm ead to Sheridan.
¡Brockway* to Roseburg.
Brogan*!! to Vale.
Brooks*! to Gervais.
Brothers* to Bend.
Brownlee* to Halfway.
Brownsboro*! to Eaglepoint.
Brownsmead*! to Astoria.
Bruce to Corvallis.
Buena Vista*! to IndependBullards*! to Bandon.
B ullrun*!! to Sandy.
B urlington! to Portland.
B u rn t Woods* to Philo­
m ath.
Butte* to Paisley.
B utteville to Donald.
B uxton*!! to Banks.
'C am as Valley*! to Rose­
C anary to Florence/
C annon Beach* to Seaside
Canyonville*! to Riddle.
Carson*! to Halfway.
Cascade Locks*!! to Hood
Cascadia* to Lebanon.
C astle Rock* to Arlington.
Catlow* to Crane.
Cayuse* to Pendleton.
Cecil*! to lone.
Cedar M ill to Beaverton.
Celilo* to The Dalles.
Champoeg to Donald.
Chapm an*! to Scappoose.
Chemawa*! to Salem.
C herry Grove*! to Gaston.
Cherryville*! to Sandy.
Cheshire*! to Junction City.
tExpress Office,



Chiloquin*!! to K lam ath
Chitwood* to Toledo.
Clackamas*! to Oregon C ity
Clarkes to Oregon City.
Clem *t to Condon.
Cleveland* to Roseburg.
Clifton*!! to K nappa.
Climax to M edford.
Cochran*!! to Banks.
Colestin to Ashland.
Colton* to M olalla.
Colum bia City* to St.Helen
Comstock*! to C ottage
Connell! to N o rth Plains.
Oooston* to N o rth Bend.
Corbett* to T routdale.
Cord to Ju n tu ra.
Cornucopia*! to Halfway.
C ottrell to Gresham.
Cove Orchard*! to G aston.
C rabtree*!! to Lebanon.
C rater Lake* to K lam ath
Crawfordsville*! to Browns­
Crescent*! to Bend.
Crow* to Eugene.
Crowley* to Ju n tu ra.
C ry stal! to K lam ath Falls.
Culver*!! to M etolius.
Currinsvillef to E stacada.
Curtin* to D rain.
Cushm an*!! to Florence.
D airy*! to Bonanza.
D ale to P ilot Rock.
D am ascus! to Oregon City.
D anner to Jordan Valley.
D ays Creek*! to Riddle.
Dayville*! to John Day.
Dee* to Hood River.
D eer Island*!! to St.Helens
D elm ar! to M arshfield.
D e M oss Springs* to M oro.
Deriio* to W innemucca,
D enm ark*! to Bandon.
Denzer* to P hilom ath.
Deschutes* to Bend.
D etroit*!! to Albany.
D ever to Albany.
D evitt* to Philom ath.
Dexter* to Springfield.
Diam ond*! to Crane.
D illard*!! to Roseburg.
Dilley*! to F orest Grove.
D ivide to C ottage Grove.
D ixie! to H untington.
Dixonville* to Roseburg.
Dolph*! to Cloverdale.
D onna to Springfield.
Dora* to M y rtle P oint.
Dorena* to C ottage Grove.
D othan*! to Glendale.
Drew to Riddle.
Drewsey* to Ju n tu ra.
Dryden* to G rants Pass.
Dundee*! to Newberg,
D urham to Tigard.
D urkee*!! to H untington.
Eagle Creek* to E stacada.
Eastside* to M arshfield.
Ecola* to Seaside.
Eddyville* to Toledo.
Edenbower to Roseburg.
Elam* to Philom ath.
E lk C ity*! to Toledo.
E lkhead to Yoncalla.
Elkton* to Drain.
Elmira* to Eugene.
Elm onica to Beaverton.
E ly to Oregon City.
Empire* to N orth Bend.
E ndersby to D ufur.
Evans* to Lostine.
E vergreen Station to P o rt­
Fairview *!!
(M ultnom ah
Co.) to Gresham.
Fall Creek* to Springfield.
Falom a to P ortland.
Fargo to Donald.
Farm ington to Hillsboro.
F ayetteville! to Shedds.
Ferndale bo Freewater.
Fields* to Winnemucca,
Fife*! to Bend.
Fisher to Alsea.
Flavel* to Astoria.
Follyfarm* to Crane.
F o rt K lam ath*! to K la­
m ath Falls.
F o rt Rock*! to Lapine.
Foster* to Lebanon.
Fox* to Canyon City.
F ranklin to Junction City.
F rem ont! to Lapine.
Friend*! to D ufur.
Gales Creek* to F orest
Grove. >
Galice to G rants Pass.
G arden Hom e*!! to T igard.
Garibaldi*!! to Tillamook.
Gates* to M ill City.
G atew ay*!! to M adras.
Gearhiart*!! to Seaside.
G ibbon*!! to Pendleton.
Gladstone* to Oregon City.
Glenbrook to M onroe.
Glencoe! to N o rth Plains.
Glenwood to F orest Grove.
Glide* to Roseburg.
Goble*!! to Rainier.
Goldson* to Ju n ction C ity.
Goshen* to Sprinsrfield

G overnm ent
Cam p
Granite*! to Baker.
Green to Roseburg.
Greenberg to Tigard.
Greenville to Banks.
Grizzly* to M adras.
Gunter* to D rain.
Gurdane* to P ilot Rock.
Gwendolen*! to Condon.
Gypsum* to H untington.
Ham ilton*! to C anyon City.
Ham m ond*! to Astoria.
Ham pton* to Bend.
H arbor*! to G rants Pass.
H ardm an*! to Heppner.
Harlan* to Philom ath.
H arney! to Burns.
H ay C reek! to M adras.
Hebo*! to Cloverdale.
Helloff to W heeler.
H elvetia to N o rth Plains.
Hemlock* to Tillamook.
Hereford*! to Baker.
H ilderbrand to Bonanza.
H ilgard*!! to L a Grande.
Hillsdale*! to P ortland.
H ipp to Philom ath.
Hoff* to Oregon City.
Holbrook*! to Portland.
Holdman* to Pendleton.
Holland*! to G rants Pass.
Holley*! to Brownsville.
Home* to H untington.
Hom estead*! to Halfway.
H ope to Vale.
Hopewell! to Am ity.
Hopm ere to Gervais.
Horton* to Junction City.
Hoskins*! to Philom ath.
H ot Lake* to L a Grande.
Houlton* to St. Helens.
Houser to N orth Bend.
H uber to Beaverton.
Hugo*! to G rants Pass.
Hullt* to Silverton.
Illahe*! to Powers.
Im naha*! to E nterprise.
Inglis to Clatskanie.
Ironside* to Vale.
Irrigon*!! to Herm iston.
Irving to Eugene.
Island City* to L a Grande.
Jacksonville* to M edford.
Jamieson* to Vale.
Jasper* to Springfield.
Jennings Lodge* to Oregon
Jewell* to Astoria.
Jordan to Stayton.
Kam ela*!! to L a Grande.
Keating*! to Baker.
Kelso to Sandy.
Keno*! to K lam ath Falls.
K ent*! to Grass Valley.
Kerby*! to G rants Pass.
Kernville* to Newport.
K erry*!! to Clatskanie.
Kingsley to Dufur.
Kingston! to Stayton.
Kings Valley*! to Philo­
m ath.
Kirkford to K lam ath Falls.
K lam ath Agency*! to K la­
m ath Falls.
Klondike* to Wasco.
Kubli to G rants Pass.
Lacomb* to Lebanon.
La F ayette*!! to D ayton.
Laidlaw see Tum alo.
Lake* to Lapine.
Lakecreek* to Eagle Point.
Lakeside*!! to N orth Bend.
L am onta! to M etolius.
L ancaster to Junction City.
Landax* to Springfield.
Langlois*! to Bandon.
Langrell to Halfway.
L apine*! to Bend.
Latourell Falls* to T routdale.
Laurel* to Hillsboro.
Lawen* to Crane.
Leland*!! to .Glendale.
Lena to Heppner.
Leneve* to Coquille.
Lents*!! to Portland.
Leona*!! to Drain.
Liberal! to Molalla.
L iberty to Salem.
Lime* to H untington.
Lincoln to Salem.
L innem anni! to Gresham.
L innton*!! to P ortland.
Livesley to Salem.
Logan to Carver.
Logsden to Toledo.
London to C ottage Grove.
Lonerock* to Condon.
Long Creek*! to Canyon
Lookingglass* to Roseburg.
Lorane* to C ottage Grove.
Lorella*! to Bonanza.
Lowell*!! to Springfield.
L utgens! to Newport.
Lyons*!! to Mills City.
M abel*! to Springfield.
M acksburg to Aurora.
M acleay* to Salem.
M adero to Burns.
M alheur*! t.o Baker.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

ACounty Seat.

M a n h attan Beach to
M anning* to Banks.
M anzanita* to Wheeler.
M apleton*!! to Florence.
M aplewood*! to Portland.
M arcola*!! to .Springfield.
M arial*! to Glendale,
M arion*!! to Jefferson.
M arm ot* to Sandy.
M arquam *! to M t. Angel.
M arshland* to Clatskanie.
M ayger* to Clatskanie.
M ayville*! to Fossil.
M cCoy*! to Amity.
M cEw an*! to Baker.
McKee* to M ount Angel.
M cKenzie Bridge*! to
M cKinley*! to Coquille.
M eacham *!! to La Grande.
Meadow View! to Junction
Mecca*! to M adras.
M edical Springs* to Baker.
Mehama*f. to M ill City.
Melrose* to Roseburg,
M erlin*!! to G rants Pass.
M etzger*! to Tigard.
M idland*! to K lam ath Falls
Mikkalo* to Arlington.
Millican* to Bend.
M illport to Toledo.
Millwood* to Oakland.
M ilo to Riddle.
M inam* to Wallowa.
M ission to Pendleton.
Mist* to Clatskanie.
M odoc P o in t!! to K lam ath
Mohawk* to Springfield.
M ohler*! to Wheeler.
M ontavilla* to P ortland.
M onum ent*! to Heppner.
M oody*! to T he Dalles.
M organ*! to lone.
M ountaindale* to Banks.
M t. Hood* to Hood River.
M t. T ab o r! to P ortland.
M t. Vernon*! to John Day.
M ulino*!! to M olalla.
M ulloy to Wilsonville.
M urphy*! to G rantsPass.
Narrow s*! to Burns.
Nashville*! to Philom ath
Nécanicum to Seaside.
N eedy ro Aurora.
Nehalem* to Tillamook.
N ekom a! to Florence.
Neskowin* to Cloverdale.
N etarts* to Tillamook.
N ever still to Clatskanie.
New Bridge*! to Halfway.
New E ra*! to Canby.
New Pine Creek*! to Lakeview.
New Princeton to Crane.
Nolin* to Echo.
Nortons*! to Toledo.
Norway* to M yrtle P oint.
N oti*!! to Eugene.
Oak Grove*! to Milwaukie.
Oakridge*! to Springfield.
Ocean Side to Tillamook.
Ocean View to W aldport.
Odell* to Hood River.
Olalla* to Roseburg.
Olene* to K lam ath Falls.
Olex*! to Arlington.
Olney* to Astoria.
Opal City*! to M etolius,
Orenco*!! to Hillsboro.
Oretown*! to Cloverdale.
Otis* to W illamina.
Pacific City*! to Cloverdale
Palmer to P ortland.
Palm er Junction* to Elgin.
Paradise*! to Flora.
Parkdale* to Hood River.
Parker* to Independence.
Parkers M ill*! to Heppner.
Parkplace* to Oregon City.
Paulina*! to Prineville.
Pedeel to M onm outh.
Peoria to Shedd.
Perdue to Riddle.
Perry* to L a Grande.
Perrydale*! to Dallas.
Phillips to Hillsboro.
Phoenix*! to T alent.
Pine*! to Halfway.
Pioneer*! to Toledo.
Placer*! to G rants Pass.
Plainview! to Shedd.
P leasant Hom e! to Greshm.
P leasant Valley*! to Baker.
Plush*! to Lakeview.
Point Terrace*! to Florence
Portola to Eugene.
P ort Orford*! to Bandon.
Post*! to Prineville.
Powell B utte* to Redmond.
Powell Valley! to Gresham.
P ratum * to Silverton..
Prescott*! to Rainier.
Preuss to Coquille.
Princeton to Crane.
Progress to Beaverton.
Prospect* to Eagle P oint.
Prosper*! to Bandon.
Pro volt* to G rants Pass.
Quinaby to Salem.
Quincy*!! to Clatskanie
* Money Order Office.

Range to P ilot Rock.
ReedviHe*!! to Beaverton.
Remote to M yrtle Point.
Reston to Roseburg.
Reuben* to Raineer.
Rex* to Newberg.
Rhododendron*! to Sandy:
Richland*! to Halfway.
Richm ond! to Fossil.
Rickreall* to Dallas.
R ieth*!! to Pendleton.
R itter*! to John Day.
Riverside*!! to Ju n tu ra.
R iverton*! to Coquille.
Roberts*! to Prineville.
R obinette*!! to Halfway.
Rockaway*!! to Wheeler.
Rockcreek* (Gilliam Co.)
to Arlington.
Rockford to Hood River.
R ockton! to N o rth Plains.
Rockwood! to Gresham.
Rogue River*! to G rants
Rolyat* to Bend.
Rose Lodge* to W illamina.
Rowland to Harrisburg.
Roy to Banks.
Ruch* to Jacksonville.
Rufus*!! to Wasco.
Russellville! to Portland.
R yan Place to P ortland.
Rye Valley*! to H untington.
Saginaw* to C ottage Grove.
St. John to P ortland.
St. Louis! to Gervais.
Sams Valley*! to Gold Hill.
Sandlake*! to Tillamook.
S anta C lara to Eugene.;
Scheffiin to Cornelius.
Scholls to Sherwood.
Scottsburg*! to Reedsport.
Sellwood* to P ortland.
Selma*! to G rants Pass.
Seneca! to Canyon C ity.
Service Creek to Fossil,
S hattuck Station to P o rt­
Shaw*! to Aumsville.
Shelburn*! to Scio.
Siletz*! to Toledo.
Siltcoos*! to Florence.
Silver Lake*! to Paisley.
Siskiyou*!! to Ashland.
Sisters*! to Redmond.
Sixes to Bandon.
Sodaville* to Lebanon.
Southbeach to Newport.
Sparta*! to Richland.
Speaker to Glendale.
Spray*! to Fossil.
Springbrook* to Newberg.
Springdale to Troutdale.
Spring w ater! to E stacada.
Stafford to Sherwood.
Stanley Station to P ortland
S tar to C ottage Grove.
Starkey to La Grande.
Strassel* to Banks.
Sublimity* to Stayton.
Summer Lake*! to Paisley.
Summerville*! to Im bler.
Sum m it*!!'to Philom ath.
Sumner* to M arshfield.
Sum pter*!! to Baker.
Sunnyside (Clackamas Co.)
to Oregon City.
Suntex* to Burns.
Suplee* to Prineville.
Susanville*! to Prairie City.
Suver*! to Independence.
Svensen*! to K nappa.
Sweet Home* to Lebanon.
Swisshome! to Florence.
Sycamore to Gresham.
Sylvan to Portland.
Tâblerock to C entral Point.
Taft* to Newport.
Takilm a*! to G rants Pass.
T albot to Jefferson.
Tangent*! to Albany.
Telocaset*!! to N o rth Pow­
Tenutile* to Roseburg.
Terrebonne* to Redmond.
T erry to Gresham.
Thurston* to Springfield.
Tidewater* to W aldport.
T iernan to Florence.
Tiller* to Riddle.
T im ber*!! to Banks.
T rail*! to Eagle P oint.
Treriholm* to St. Helens.
T rent* to Springfield.
Troy*! to Flora.
T ualatin*!! to Sherwood.
Tumalo*! to Bend.
Tw in Rocks to Wheeler.
T ygh Valley*! to M aupin.
Ukiah*! to P ilot Rock.
Umapine* to Freew ater.
U m atilla*!! to Herm iston.
Umpqua* to Sutherlin.
Unionvale to D ayton.
U nity*! to B aker.
Valsetz to Independence.
Van H orn to Hood River.
Veneta*!! to Eugene.
Verboort to F orest Grove.
Vesper! to Clatskanie.
Vida* to Springfield.
Viola to E stacada.
Voltage* to Crane.
f Telegraph Station.



W aconda*!! to Gervais.
W aldo*! to G rants Pass.
W alker* to C ottage Grove.
■W alterville* to Springfield.
W alton*! to Eugene.
Waluga* to O swego..
W apinitia*! to M aupin.
W armspring* to M adras.
W arren*! to St. Helen.
W arrendale*! to Troutdale.
W arrenton*!! to Astoria.
Waterloo* to Lebanon.
W auna*!! to Clatskanie.
W eather by to H untington.
W edderburn*! to Goldbeach
Welches* to Sandy.
Wells* to Corvallis.
W endling*!! to Springfield.
W estfall to H arper.
W estim ber to Banks.
W estlake*! to Florence.
W est Linn* to Oregon City.
W estport*!! to Clatskanie.
W. Stayton*! to Stayton.
W. W oodburn*!! to Woodburn.
W hitesont! to M cM inpville
W hitney*!! to Baker.
W ilbur*! to Sutherlin.
Wilderville* to G rants Pass
Wilhoit*! to Molalla.
W ilkesborol to N. Plains.
W illamette* to
W illard to Silverton.
Williams* to G rants Pass.
W imer to G rants Pass.
W inant* to Newport.
W inchester* to Roseburg.
W inchester B ay! to Reeds­
Winlöck*! to Fossil.
W olfcreek*!! to Glendale.
Wonder* to G rants Pass.
Woodlawn to P ortland.
Woods*! to Cloverdale.
Worden* to Dorris, Calif
Wren* to Philom ath.
W yeth*!! to Hood River
Yachats* to W aldport.
Yainax*! to Bonanza.
Y ankton* to St. Helen.
Y aquina*!! to New port
Yoder to M olalla.
Aaronsburg* to Millheim
Abdera to M illhall,
Abington*! (M ontgomery
Co.) to Jenkintow n.
Abram s*! to Norristown.
Academia* to P o rt Royal.
Academy Corners* to Knox­
Accra to Carlisle.
Acker to Newport,
Ackermanville* to Bangor.
Acme* to M t. Pleasant.
Acotsa* to Boswell.
Adah* to Carmichaels.
(W estmore­
la n d Co.) to M anor.
Adamsdale*! to Schuylkill
H aveh.
Adamstown* to D enver.
Adamsville*!! to Green­
Addingham*! to Clifton
Heights. ■
.Adelaide* to Dawson.
Admire to York.
Adrian* to K ittanning.
Advance to Indiana.
Aiken to Bradford.
Ailston to D elta.
Airville* to D elta.
Aitch* to Huntingdon.
Akeley*! to W arren.
Akersville* to E verett.
A lba*!i to Canton.
Albany* to H am burg.
A lbert to Wilkes-Barre.
Albrightsville* to E ast
M auch Chunk.
A lburtis*!! to Em aus.
Aldan* to Clifton Heights..
Alden*! to Nanticoke.
Aldenville* to Honesdale.
Alderson*!! to Dallas.
Aldham to Phoenixville.
Aleppo* to Cameron, W.Va
A lert to Gap,
A lfarata to Lewistown.
Alford*!! to M ontrose.
Alice* to M ount Pleasant.
Alicia* to Brownsville.
Alinda* to Landisburg.
Aline to M iddleburg.
Allegheny to Pittsburg.
Alleghenyville to Reading.
Allemans to Houtzdale.
Allen* (Cum berland Co.) to
Allenport*!! to F ay ette
Allens Mills* to Brockwayville.
Allensville* to H untingdon.
Allenvale to Somerset.
Allis Hollow to Towanda
Allison* to Brownsville.
Allison P ark*!! (Allegheny
Co.) to Sharpsburg.
Allport* to W inburne.
Almedia* to Bloomsburg.
t Express Office,



Almont* to Sellersville.
Alpine to Goldsboro.
Altenwald to Cham bersburg.
Althom f to Tidioute.
A lto n tl to M ount Jew ett.
Alum Rock* to Em lenton.
A luta to N azareth.
Alverda to Barnesboro.
A lverton*ti to Scottdale.
Alvira to Allen wood.
Am aranth* to Hancock, M d
Ambersons* to Shippensburg.
Ambrose to M arion C e n t« -.
Amity* to W ashington.
A m ityvllle to Boyertown.
xAmsbry* to-Cresson.
A nalom ink*tt
E a st
Andalusia*t to Holm esburg
Andersonfourg* to New
Anderson R oads to Coraopolis.
Andersontown to M echanicsburg.
Andover* to M cConnellsburg.
A ndreas*!! to Lehighton.
Andrews Settlem ent* to
Angelica to Reading.
Angels* to Scranton.
Anise to Schwenkville.
A nita*!! to Punxsutaw ney.
Anselma*! to Phoenixyille.
Ansonia*!! to W ellsboro.
Ansonville* to Curwensville
A ntesfort*! to Jersey Shore.
A ntrim *!! to W ellsboro.
Appehzell to Stroudsburg.
Applebachsville to Quakertown.
Aqua to Cham bersburg.
Aquashicola* to Palm erton.
Aquetong* to Lam bertville,
N . J.
Aram to G ettysburg.
A rarat* fi to Susquehanna.
Arbor to Red Lion.
Arbuckle to Union C ity.
Arcadia*!! to Glen Cam p­
Archspring to Tyrone.
Areola* to Collegeville.
Ardara* to T rafford.,
A rdent to W ashington.
A rdsleyt to Glenside.
Arensberg to Rices Landing
Argentine*!! to P arkers
Argus* to Sellersville.
Ariel*t to Lake Ariel.
Ariosa to G ettysburg.
Aristes* to C entralia.
Arlington (W ayne Co.) to
Lake Ariel.
Arlington (W estm oreland
Co.) to Jeanette.
Armagh* to Johnstow n.
Arm brust* to Youngwood.
Arnold C ity *t to F ay ette
' A rn o t* tt to Blossburg.
Arona* to Herminie.
Arrow* to W lndber.
Arroyo* to Ridgway.
A rtem as to Cum berland,
M d.
A rters to Sunbury.
A rthurs to Clarion.
Asa to B ath.
Asaph* to Wellsboro.
Ashbourne*! to Jenkintow n
Asherton to Sunbury.
Ashfleld* to Lehighton.
Ashville*tt (Cam bria Co.)
to CresSon.
Ashville to Oxford (Lan­
caster C o unty).
Askam*! to Asfdey.
Aspers* to G ettysburg,
Aspinw allft to Sharpsburg.
Aston M illsf to M edia.
Atco to Honesdale.
Athol* to Boyertown.
Atkinsons M ills to McVeytown.
A tlantic*!! to Greenville.
Atlas* to M oim t Carmel.
Atlasburg* to B urgettstow n
Atwood* to R ural Valley.
A uburn Center to M eshoppen.
A uburn Four Corners to
M eshoppen,
A udenried*!! to Hazleton.
Audubon*! to Norristow n.
Aughwiek to M ount Union.
Augustaville to Sunbury.
Aula to Cham bersburg.
Aultm an*! to Indiana.
AustinbUrg* to Knovxille.
A ustin Ville to. Troy.
Avery to Tunkhannock.
Avon*! to Lebanon.
Avondale! (Luzerne Co.) to
P lym outh.
Axeman to Beliefofite.
Bachmanville* to P alm yra.
B ackus! to Sm ethport.
Baden*! to Ambridge
Bagdad to Leechburg.
Baggaley* to L atrobe.
B air*!! to Spring Grove.
B aird to M onongahela.
Bairdford* to Russelton.
B airdstow n! to Blairsville.
B akers Station to W ash­
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

B akers Summit* to Wood­
Bakerstown*! to M ars.
Bakersville* to Somerset.
Bala* to Ardmore.
Bald Eagle to Tyrone.
B aldm ount to Clarks Sum­
m it.
Baldwin to G irard.
Balfour to Carlisle.
Balliettsville to C atasauqua
Balls M ills to W illiam sport.
Balser to Freeport.
B andanna to H anover.
Banksville to P ittsburg.
Bannerville to M cClure.
Banning* to Sm ithton.
B arbara to W illiam sburg.
Barbours to M uncy.
B ard to Bedford.
Bareville*!! toN ewHolland.
B arker to Chester.
Barkeyville to Grove City.
B arnards to D ayton.
Barnes* to Sheffield.
Barneston* to Honeybrook.
Barnesville* to M ahanoy
C ity.
B a rn e tt see Dudley.
Barnitz* to Carlisle.
Barnsley* to Oxford.
Barree* to Petersburg.
B arren H ill! see L afayette
Barronvale* to Rockwood.
B arry to Ashland. ’
B art* to C hristiana.
B ar to*!! to Boyertown.
Bartonsville*! to Strouds­
Bartville* to C hristiana.
B astress to Jersey Shore,
Baum gardner to L ancaster.
Baum stown to Birdsboro.
Bausman* to Lancaster.
Bavington to B urgettstow n
Baxter* to Brookville.
Bayne to Sewickley.
Beachdale to G arrett.
B eachhaen*!! to Berwick.
Beachlake* to Honesdale.
Beachly* to Addison.
Beadling* to. Carnegie.
Beans C oveto Cum berland,
M d.
Bear Creek*! to W hite

B ethel! (M ercer Co.) to
W est Middlesex.
B ethesda to Quarryville.
Betula* to Austin.
Beyer to Plumville.
B ig B end to E bensburg.
Big Cove Tannery* to
M cConnellsburg.
Bigdam to Dillsburg.
Bigler*!! to Philipsburg.
Bigm ount to E a st Berlin,
Bigpond to Troy.
Big Soldier to Sykesville.
Bigspring to Newville.
Billm an to South Williams­
Billmeyer* to Bainbridge.
Bingen*!! to S. Bethlehem.
B ingham *!! to Bradford.
Bingham Center to Ulysses.
Binkley to Lancaster.
Bino to Greeneastle.
Birchardville* to M ontrose.
Birchrunville*! to Phoenixville.
Birdell to Honeybrook.
Bird in H and*!! to In te r­
Birdville* to N atrona.
Birm ingham *!! to Tyrone.
Bishop to Cecil.
Bissell (W ashington Co.) to
W ashington.
Bittersville* to Red Lion
B ittinger to Hanover.
Bitum en* to Renovo.
Bixler to New Bloomfield.
Blackash to Townville.
Blackfield to G arrett.
Blackgap* to C ham bers­
Blackhawk to Beaver Falls.
Blackhorse to Parkesburg.
Blacklog to M ount Union.
Blackrock to Hanover.
B lackw alnut to M eshoppen
Blackwell!! to Wellsboro.
Blackwood* to T rem ont.
Blain C ity to Coalport.
Blainesburg to Brownsville.

Blainsport* to Denver.
Blair Four* to Williams­
Blairs Corners* to Knox.
Blair Station*! to Olairton.
Bear Gap* to Shamokin.
Blairsville Intersection!! to
Bear Lake*!! to Corry.
Bears Creek to M uncy,
Blakeley to Peckville.
Beartown* to Honeybrook.
Blakeslee* to Stroudsburg.
B eatty * !! to L atrobe.
Blanchard* to Beech Creek.
BeaUmont to Dallas.
Blanco to R ural Valley.
B eautiful to Cham bersburg
Blandburg*! to Bellwood.
Beaver Brook to McAdoo.
Blandon*!! to Reading.
Beaver C enter to SpringBlawnox* to Aspinwall.
Bloomfield (Crawford Co.)
Beaver M eadow s*!! to
to Union City.
Bloomfield to New Bloom*
Beavertow n to H untingdon
field (Perry Co.)
(H untingdon Co.)
Bloomingdale* to ShickBeavertow n*!! (SnyderCo.)
to Beaver Springs.
Blooming Glen* to Perkasie
B eavertow n*!! (York Co.)
Blooming Grove*toHawley.
to Dillsburg.
Blooming Valley to M eadvilie.
Beaver V alley* to Catawissa.
Bloserville to Newville.
Beccaria* to M adera.
B all!! (Clearfield Co.)
Bechteisville*!! to Boyersto Philipsburg.
Blue Bell* to Ambler.
Beckersville to Birdsboro.
Blueknob to Portage.
Becks M ills to Canonsburg.
Bluff to W aynes burg.
Bedminster* to Perkasie.
Blythedale to Sutersville.
Beechtree to Brockway ville
Boalsburg* to S tate College
Beechview! to Pittsburgh.
Boardm an* to M adera.
Beechwood (Cameron Go.)
Bodines*!! to W illiams­
to Em porium .
Bela to Rim ersburg.
Boltz* to New Florence.
Belden to Bedford.
Bonnair to Glen Rock.
Belfast* to N azareth.
Bonneauville to G ettysburg
B elfry to N o rth Wales.
B onny Brook to Carlisle.
B elknap to D ayton.
. Boone to Berlin.
Bell* to Sipesville.
Boone Station to D arby.
Booneville* to Loganton.
Bellaire! to E lizabethtow n.
Booth Corner to Chester.
Bellegrove to Annville.
Boothwyn*! to Chester.
Belle Valley! to Erie.
Boquet to M anor.
Bellrun to P o rt Allegheny
Bordell to Bradford.
Bells, Landing *to M ahaffey
Bossardsville to Strouds­
Belsano* to Ebensburg.
Ben A von!! to Avalon.
Boston*!! to M cK eesport.
Bendersville Station* to
Bourne to T roy.
G ettysburg.
Bovard to Slippery Rock.
Bendertown to B enton.
Bower H ill (Allegheny Co.)
Benezett* to S aint M arys.
to Bridgeville.
Benfer to Beaver Springs.
Bower H ill (W ashington
Benjamin* to Perkasie.
Co.) to Finleyville.
Benningers to Slatington.
Bowers*!! to T opton.
Benore* to S tate College.
Bowersville to Punxsutaw ­
Ben B oy to R ed Lion.
Bensalem* to Bristol.
Bowerton to Bridgeville.
B entley Creek to E lm ira,
Bowlder to Gettysburg.
N. Y. .
Bowman Creek to T unk
Bentzel to York.
Benvenue to Duncannon.
Bowm ansdale*!! to M eBergey* to Schwenkville.
Beringer C ity to ClintonBowm an Station to Bowville.
m anstown.
BoWmansville* to D enver.
Berlinsville to Slatington.
Boyds Mills* to Honesdale.
Bermudian* to Dillsburg.
B ern*!! to H am burg.
Boyle(York Co.) to Shrews­
B ernharts* to Reading.
Boynton*to E lk Lick.
B ernice!! to M ildred.
Berrysburg* to ElizabethBracken to E bensburg.
Brackney* to Bingham ton,
N. Y.
Berwinsdale*!! to Coalport
Bradenville!! to L atrobe.
Best* to Slatington.
Bradford Woods to M ars.
Bethany* (W ayne Co.) to
Bradleytow n to Franklin.
Bethayres*!! to H unting­
Bradys B end! to East.
don Valley.
Braeburn*!! to New Ken­
Bethel* (Berks Co.) to
M illersburg.
1 sington.


t County Seat.

Money Order Office.

Bragtown to Dillsburg.
Bram an (o Honesdale.
Branch to Blairsville.
Branchdale* to M inersville.
B ranchton*!! to Slippery
Brandaffiore*!! to Honey­
Brandonville*!! to Shenan­
, B randt* to Susquehanna.
B randtsville! to Dillsburg.
B randy Camp to Brockwayville.
Brandywine M anor to
Brandywine Sum m it*!! to
W est Chester.
Brave* to Blacksville, W.
Braznell*! to Brownsville.
Breadysvillet to H atboro.
Breezewood to E verett.
Breinigsville* to Allentown.
B rent to M ercer.
B reslau! to Plym outh.
Bressler* to Steelton.
Briar Creek* to Berwick.
Brickchurch to F ord C ity.
Brickerville* to L ititz.
Brick T avern! to Quaker­
B ridesburg!! to Philadel­
Bndesburg*! to P hiladel­
B ridgeport to Brownsville
(F ayette Co.)
B ridgeport Station to Lemoyne.
B ridgeton (Bucks Co.) to
M ilford, N . Y.
Bridgeton*! (York Co.) to
Bridgetown to Perkasie,
Bridge Valley to Doylestown.
Bridgewater (Beaver Co.)
to Rochester.
Bridgewater* (Bucks Co.)
to Bristol.
Brier Hill* to Brownsville.
Briggsville to Berwick.
B rillhart*! to York.
B rinkerton to Youngwood.
Brin to n ! to Braddock.
Brisbin*! to Houtzdale.
B ristoria to Cameron, W.
Broad Axe! to Ambler.
B road Ford*!! to Connellsville.
B road M ountain to St.
Broadtop* to Saxton.
Broadway* to Shickshinny.
Brock to W aynesburg.
B rockport*! to Brockwayville.
Brockton* to Tam aqua.
Brodbecks*! to Codorus.
Brodheadsville* to Strouds­
Brogueville* to York.
Brom pton* to W illiam sport
Brookdale to H allstead.
Brookfield to Westfield.
Brookland* to Coudersport.
Brookline! to P ittsburg.
Brooklyn* to H op B ottom .
Brooklyn Station to Downington.
Brookside* to Jersey Shore.
Brookston! *to Sheffield.
Broomall* to M edia.
Broughton* to C astle Shan­
Brownfield* to Uniontown.
Brownhill to Cam bridge
Brownsburg*! to L am bert­
ville, N. J.
Brownsdale to B utler.
Browns M ills toG reencastle
B rubaker to L ititz.
Bruce (Indiana Co.) to
New Florence.
Bruceton*! to Garrick.
Brum baugh to New E n te r­
B runer Run* to Connellsville.
Brunnerville* to L ititz.
B rush Valley* to M echanicsburg. *
B ryan to D ayton.
Bryansville to D elta.
B ryn A thyn*!! to H u n t­
ingdon Valley.
B rysonia to Gettysburg.
Buck to Quarryville.
Buckglen to Ringtown.
Buckhorn* to Bloomsburg.
Buckingham *!! to Doyles
Buckingham Valley* to
Buckmanville* to L am bert­
ville, N . J.
Buck M ountain*! to M a­
hanoy City.
Buck R u n !! to P arkers­
Buckstown to Stoyestown.
Bucksville* to Riegelsville.
N. J.
Buck Valley to Hancock,
M d.
Buena Vista (Alleghany
Co.)*! to M cKeesport.
! Telegraph Station.

Buena V ista (Butler Co.)
to Chicora.
Buena V ista (Fayette Co.)
to V anderbilt.
Buena Vista Spring* to
W aynesboro.
Buffalo* to W ashington.
Buffalo M ills*!! (Bedford
Co.) to Hyndm an.
Buffalo Roads tó Lewisburg
Buffalo R un to Bellefonte.
Bulger*!! go M idway.
Bullion to Clintonville.
B unker H ill to Jonestown.
Bunkertown* to Miffintown
Bunola*! to Elizabeth.
Burlington* to Towanda.
Burmon* to Lansdowne.
B urnt Cabins* to McCon­
B urn wood to Forest City.
Burrows to Kane.
Bursonville to Quakertown.
Burtville* to P o rt Alle­
Bushington to Doylestown.
Bushkill* to Stroudsburg.
Bushkill Center to Naza­
B ute to Uniontown.
Buttonwood* to Blossburg.
Butztown* to Bethlehem.
B yberry Road to Hatboro.
Byers Station to Uwchland.
Byrnedale*! to St. M arys.
Cabel to Shamokin.
Cabot*!! to Butler.
Cadis* to Owego, N . Y.
Cadogan*! to Ford City.
Cains* to Gap.
Calcium*! to Reading.
Caledonia to Saint M arys.
California (Bucks Co.) t®
Calkins to Honesdale.
Callensburg* to Sligo.
Callery*! to E vans City.
Cain to Coatesville.
Calum et* to Youngwood.
Calvert* (Lycoming Co.) to
W illiam sport.
Calvin*! to M t. Union.
Camargo to Quarryville.
Cambra* to Benton.
Co.) to Honey Brook.
Camden* to Dravosburg.
Cam eron*! to Emporium.
Cammal* to Jersey Shore.
Campbellville to Dushore.
Camptown* to Wyalusing.
Canadensis* to E . Strouds­
Canal to Cochranton.
C anby to Bloomsburg.
Candor to M idway.
Cannelton*! to Beaver
Canoe Camp to Mansfield.
Canoe Creek* to Hollidaysburg.
Canoe Ridge to Punxsu­
taw ney.
Caprivi to Carlisle.
Carbon (Carbon Co.) to
Carbon(W estmorelandCo.)
to Greensburg.
Carbon Center to Butler.
Carbon Station to New
C ardale to Republic.
Cardiff to St. M arys.
Cardington* to Philadel- ,
Carley Brook* to Hones­
Carlisle Springs to Carlisle.
Carlo to Kane.
Carlton* to Cochranton.
C arnot to Coraopolis.
Carnwath* to Curwensville.
C arpentertow n to M ount
P leasant.
Carroll to Loganton.
Carsonville to Halifax.
C artw right to Brockwayville.
C arversv ille to Doyles­
tow n.
C arverton to Wyoming.
Cash town* to G ettysburg.
Casselman* to Rockwood.
Cassviile*! to M t. Union.
Castanea*! to Lock Haven.
C astle F in to D e lta ."
C a ta ract! to Renovo.
Catfish* to E ast'B rad y .
C ato to Snowshoe,
Ceases M ills to Nanticoke.
C edar Creek to Allentown.
C edar Lane to New Hol­
Cedar R un*!! to Jersey
Shore. .
Cedars* to N o rth Wales.
C edar Springs to Mill Hall.
C edarvillet to Pottstow n.
C em enton!! to N ortham p­
Centennial* to Hanover.
Center (Allegheny Co.) to
Center* (Perry Co.) t®
New Bloomfield.
Centerbridge! to Lam bert­
ville, N. J.
Center M ills (Adams Co.)
to Gettysburg.
C enter M ills to Millheim
(Center Co.)_______ ■ ___
! Express Office.


Center M oreland* to Tunkhannock.
Center P oint to N orth
Centerport* to Ham burg.
Center R o ad t to Conneautville.
Center Square*t to N orris' town.
Centertow n to Grove City.
Center Valley*}} (Lehigh
Co.) to Coopersburg.
Centerview to Millersburg.
Centerville*}} (Crawford
Co.) to Titusville.
Centerville to Dickinson
(Cum berland Co.)
Centerville to St. M arys
(Elk Co.)
Centerville (W ashington
Co.) to Brownsville.
C en tral to Benton.
Cereal to Irwin.
Cessna*}} to Bedford.
C etronia to Allentown.
Ceylon to Carm ichaels.
Chadds Ford*}} to K ennett
C hadds Ford Junction*} to
K ennett Square.
C hain to T am aqua.
Chalfont*}} to Doylestown.
Chalkhill* to Uniontown.
Ohallenget to Brockwayville.
Chambersville*t to In d i­
Champion* (F ay ette Co.)
to M t. Pleasant.
Cham pion (W ashingtonCo.)
to Millsboro.
Chanceford to D elta.
C handlers Valley* to Sugar
Chaneysville* to E v erett.
C hapelt to E a st Greenville.
Chapm an to Herndon.
Chapm an Quarries*} to
B ath.
Chapm ans R un to E verett.'
C hapm ans Station to Allen­
Chapm ansville to T itus­
Charleston (M ercer Co.)
to Sharon.
Charlesville to Bedford.
Charlton to N orristown.
Charmian*} to Fairfield.
Charteroak* to Petersburg.
Chase (Luzerne Co.) to Ply­
m outh.
Chatham*} to W est Grove.
C hatham Run*} to Lock
C heat Haven*} to Point
M arion.
Chelsea to Chester.
Cheltenham*}} to Fox
g Chase.
C herry F lats to Wellsboro.
C herry F ord Station to
N orth am p to n .
(W arren
Co.) to Sheffield.
C herry Hill (N ortham pton
Co.) to N azareth.
Cherry M illst to Dushore.
Cherry Ridge to Honesdale.
C herry R un to Sligo.
C herry Springs to Couders­
C herry Tree*}} (Venango
Co.) to Oil City.
C herry Valley to B urgettstown.
Cherryville* to Slatington.
C hester Heights*}} to M e­
Chesterville to W est Grove.
C hestnut Level to Quarryville.
ChestnutRidge* to Browns­
C hest Springs* to P atto n .
Cheswick*}} to Springdale.
Chewton to W am pum .
Cheyney*}} to W est Ches­
Chickasaw*} to New B eth­
Chickies} to M arietta.
Childs*} to Carbondale.
Choconut* to Bingham ton,
N. Y.
C hristian Springs to N aza­
Christm ans* to M auch
Christopher to W ilkesbarre.
Chrome to Oxford.
Church to Knox.
Churchtow n
(Cum ber­
land Co.) to Carlisle.
Churchtown* (Lancaster
Co.) to Honey Brook.
Churchville*}} (Bucks Co.)
to Newtown.
Circleville to Irwin.
Cisna R un to Landisburg.
Cito* to M cConnellsburg.
Olaghorn* to Blacklick.
Clair to Saxton.
Clarence* to Snow Shoe.
Claridge*} to Jeanette.
Clarington* to M arienville.
Clark* to Sharpsville.
Clarksburg* to Saltsburg.
Clarks F erry to D uncannon
Clarks Green* to Scranton.

Dahoga* to Wilcox.
Clarks Mills*}} to StoneD airy to Bethlehem.
Daisy town to California.
Clarkstow n to M uncy.
Dale} to Boyertown.
Clarksville* (Greene Co.) to
Daleville to Moscow.
D allas City* to Bradford.
Claussville to Allentown.
Dalton*}} to Scranton.
Clay* to Lincoln.
Damascus* to Honesdale,
Clayhill to Greencastle.
Danboro* to Doylestown.
Claylick to M ercersburg.
D ane to M cConnellsburg.
Clayton*} to E a st Green­
Darling* to M edia.
Darlington*} to Beaver
Claytonia*} to Slippery
D arlingtons Corners to
Olayville to Punxsutaw ney
W est Chester.
Clear .Ridge* to M cCon­
Darragh* to Herm inie.
Dauberville* to Reading.
Clear Spring* to Dillsburg.
D avidsburg to E a st Berlin.
Clearville* to E verett.
D avis to Bradford.
Clemo to Lake Ariel.
D avis Station to Westfield.
Cleona* to Annville.
D avlstow n to W aynesburg.
Clermont*}} to Sm ethport.
Davisville* to H atboro.
Cleversburg to ShippensD ay to Clarion.
Deal} to M eyersdale.
Cliff M ine to Coraopolis.
Dean* to OreSson.
Clifford* to Carbondale.
Deanville to New B ethle­
Clifton (Allegheny Co.) to
hem .
Coudley* to Clearfield.
D earth to Republic.
Clifton}} (Lackawanna Co.)
Coulters* to M cKeesport.
D eckard to Cochranton.
C ounty Line to D alm atia.
to Scranton.
‘Deckers P oint to M arion
Climax* to New Bethlehem
Coupon* to Gallitzin.
C enter.
Courtney*}} to M onongaDecorum* to Orbisonia.
Clinton* (Allegheny Co..)
Deegan* to Clintonville.
C ovalt to Hancock, M d.
to Coraopolis.
D eem ston to FrederickCove Forge* to W illiams­
Clintondale* to Lock Haven.
Cloe* to Punxsutaw ney.
Valley* to L ittleton,
Clovercreek to M artinsW . Va.
Deer} to Palm yra.
Cove S tation to Saxton.
Clovertop to Somerfleld.
D eer Lick*} to W aynes­
Covington*}}.to Mansfield.
Cly*} to Goldsboro.
Covode to Punxsutaw ney.
Clyde* to Johnstow n.
Defiance* to Hopewell.
Coal Bluff* to MonongaDegolia*} to Bradford.
Cowanesque*} to Westfield.
D e Haven to Sharpsburg.
Cowanshannoc to K ittan ­
Coal Center*} to Califor­
D eibertsville to Slatington.
Cowansville to K ittahning. * Delabole to Pen Argyl.
Coal Glen* to BrockwayD e Lancey* to Punxsu­
taw ney.
Coyleviile} to B utler.
Coal Hill to Oil C ity
Delaney to G allitzin..
Coyne to Old Forge.
C oalm ont to Saxton.
Delano*}} to M ahanoy
Crabtree*}} to L atrobe.
Coalridge to W ilkes-Barre)
C ity.
Craigs M eadows to E ast
Coal R un (Ind-. Co.) to
Delaware W ater Gap* to
E a st Stroudsburg.
Craigsville}} to K ittanning.
Coalrun (Somerset Co.) to
D elhil to N orth E ast.
Graley* to Red Lipn.
E lk Lick.
Delk to M ercersburg.
Cramer* (Indiana Co.) to
Coaltown to Slippery Rock.
Dellville to Duncannon.
Coal Valley* to Wilson.
Delphi* to Schwenkville.
Cranberry* to Oil C ity.
Coburn*}} to Mfflheim.
D elroy to W rightsville. ■
Cranesville*}} to Albion.
Cocalico to Lincoln.
D em pseytown to Oil C ity .
C rates to Summerville.
C ochran M ills to LeechD em unds Corners to D al­
Crawfordtown to P unx­
Cochranville*} to Atglen.
Denbo to Brownsville.
Cocolamus* to Mififintown.
Denison to Greensburg.
Cogan House to W illiams­ Creamery* to Collegeville.
D ents Run* to St. M arys, j
C ream ton to Honesdale.
port. 1
D eodate to Elizabethtown.
Cogan Station* to W il­ Creasy Station}}to BloomsD er bydown to Coatesville.
liam sport.
D eronda to Leechburg.
Cokeburg* to Scenery Hill.
D errick City* to Bradford.
Creighton*} to T arentum .
Cokeville*} to Blairsville.
D errs to Benton,
Crenshaw* to BrockwayCold Spring S tation to
D erry Church to H ershey.
Desire* to Big Run.
Colebrook*}} to E lizabeth­ Cresco*}} to E a st Strouds­
D e T urksville to Pine Grove
Cressm an to Quakerstown.
Devault}} to M alvern.
Creswell to Columbia.
Colegrove* to Sm ethport.
Devon*}} to Berwyn.
Cribbs to Young wood.
Colemanville to M illers ville
Dewart}} to W atsontown.
Crisp* to Ligonier.
Colerain to Oxford.
DeYoung*} to Kane.
Colerain Forgé to Tyrone.
D ial to K ittanning.
Colesburg to Coudersport.
Diamond* to Titusville.
Crosby*} to Sm ethport.
Coleville to Sm ethport.
Dick to Irwin.
Cross Creek* to B urgettsColfax} to H untington.
Dickerson Rim*}} to Daw­
Collamer* to Hom estead.
College Hill}} to Beaver
Dickeys M ountain to H an­
Crossgrove to M cClure.
cock, M d.
Crossingville to Edinboro.
Colléy* to Dushore.
Dickinson*} to Newville.
Crosskill M ills to M yersCollier to Fairchance.
to C onneauttown.
Collingdale} to D arby.
Collins to Quarryville.
Dietrich to Millersburg.
Crosskill Roads to M yersCollomsvillè* to Jersey
Dilliner* to P oint M arion.
Dillingersyille to Em aus.
Cross Roads to ElizabethColmar*}} to Landsdale.
Dilltown* to Johnstown.
ville (D auphin Co.)
Colona to M onaca.
D ilworthtow n to W est
Columbia Cross Roads*}}
Co.) to B ath.
to Troy.
Dim e to Leechburg.
Crossroads (York Co.) to
Columbus*}} to Corry.
Dimmsville to Newport.
Colver*} to E bensburg.
Dimock* to M ontrose.
Crothers* to Claysville.
Colwyn to D arby.
Dingm ans Ferry* to M il­
Growl* to Shamokin.
Colyer to C enter Hall.
Comly to Turbotville.
Dinsm ore to Burgettstow n.
Crozers to M edia.
Compass* to Parkersburg.
Disston to Lititz.
Concord* to Shippensburg.
D istant* to New Bethlehem
Crum b to W indber.
Concord Station (Dela­
Dixon to Tunkhannock.
Crumlynne*}} to Chester.
ware Co.) to M edia.
Doe R un to Coatesville.
C rystal Springs* to E verett.
Concordville*}} to M edia.
D olf to Stewartstown.
Conestoga to Millersville.
Dolington* to Newtown.
C ulbertson to ChambersConeville* to ShingleHoiise.
Donaldson* to Trem ont.
Donegal to M ount Pleas­
Culmerville} to Russellton.
Conewago Township to
Culp to Tyrone.
D onnally M ills to M illersCum berland Valley* to
Conger to W ashington.
Congo to Boyertown.
Donohoef to L a Trobe.
Congruitÿ to New Alexan­ Cumbola*} to Pottsville.
Dora* to Punxsutaw ney.
Cummingsville to Peters­
D orm ers to Pottsville.
Conifer*} to Brookville.
Domsife*}} to H erndon.
C onneaut Lake Park*}} to
Dorrance to N anticoke.
Curfew to Perryopolis.
M eadville.
Dorranceton} to Kingston.
Curley H ill to Doylestown.
Conner to Boswell. Y
Dorseyvill'e to Sharpsburg.
Curlisville* to Rimersburg.
Connerton*} to Girardville.
D ott* to Hancock, M d.
C urry Run*}} to M anaffey.
Conoquenessing* to E vans
DouglassviUe*}} to P o ttsI
Curtin*}} (Center Co.) to
Conrad* to Coudersport.
D outyville to Shamokin.
C onstitution to D elta.
Dow to Pine Grove.
C urtin (D auphin Co.) to
Conway* to Freedom.
Downey to Berlin.
M iller sb tug.
Conyngham to Hazleton.
Downingtown to E ast
Curtisville*}} to Russellton.
Cookport} to Commodore.
C ustard to M eadville.
Cooksburg* to Tionesta.
Doylesburg* to Blairs Mills.
C uster City*}} to Bradford.
Cooks Mifis} (Bedford Co.)
Doyles M ills to P o rt Royal.
Cyclone* to Sm ethport.
to H yndm an.
D rab to W illiamsburg.
Cym bria Mines* to BarnesCooks Run} to Renovo.
D raco to Stewartstown.
Coolbaugh to E a st Strouds­
D rake to Grove City.
Cynwyd}} to Ardmore.
D rakes M ills to Cambridge.
Cool Spring (Fayette Co.)
to Uniontown.
D raper to Wellsboro.
D aggett to Elm ire, N . Y.
Coolspring* (Jefferson Co.)
DrehersviUe*t}toTam aaua.
Daguscahonda* to St,
to Brookville.
Dresher*}} to Jenkintow n.
M arys.
Coon Corners to SagarsDrexel Hill* to Lansdowne.
to w r
___ Dagus Mines* to St. M arys.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Coon Island to Claysville.
Cooperstown (Butler Co.)
to M ars.
Coop er stown
Co.)* to Franklin.
CopeUa to Bath.
Cora* to M ount Union.
Coral*} to Black Lick.
Cordelia to M ountville.
Corinne to W est Chester.
Corning to E a st Greenville.
Cornplanter* to W arren.
Cornpropsts M ills to H u n t­
Cornwall*}} to Lebannon.
Cornwells S tation to C orn­
wells Heights.
Corsica* to Summerville.
Cortez* to Lake Ariel. .
Corydon*}} to W arren.
Coryville* to Eldred.
Costello*}} to A ustin.
C ottage to Petersburg.

4 County Seat.

•Money Order Office,

t Telegraph Station.



Drifting* to W inburne.
Drifton*}} to Freeland.
Driftwood*}} to Em porium ,
D rinker to Scranton.
Dromgold to New Bloom­
Drumore* to Quarryville.
Drums* to Hazleton.
D ry Valley Crossroads to
Dryville* to K utztown.
Dublin* to Doylestown.
D ublin M ills to McCon­
Duboistown*} to Williams­
Dudley*} to Saxton.
D uetterras S tation to G et­
Duflfteld to Chambersburg.
Duffryn Mawr* to M alvern
D uke Center* to Bradford.
D uncan to Wellsboro.
Duncansville* to Hollidayburg.
Dundaff to Carbondale.
D undore to Herndon.
Dunkard* to P oint M arion.
Dtmlevy* to Charleroi.
Dunlo*} to South Fork.
Dunnings ville to W ashing­
D unns Station* to W aynes­
Dupont}} to Avoca.
D urbin to Cameron, W. Va.
Durell to Towanda.
D urham to Easton.
D urlach to Lincoln.
D utch Hill* to Parkers
Landing. :
D yberry* to Honesdale.
Dysart*} to Cresson.
E aglepoint to K utztow n.
Eaglerock*}} to Tionesta.
Eagles Mere* to Hughesville.
Eagles M ere Park* to D u­
Eagleville (Centre Co.) to
Beech Creek.
Eagleville* (Montgomery
Co.) to Norristown.
Earlington* to Souderton.
E arlston to E verett.
Earlville* to Boyertown.
E a st Altoona*} to Ju niata.
E a st Bangor*}} to Bangor.
E a st Benton to Scranton,
E . Branch to Spartansburg.
E . Broadtop to Orbisonia.
E a st Brook to New Castle.
E a st Butler* to Butler.
E a st C anton to Canton.
E . Charleston to Mansfield.
E . Conemaugh to Conemaugh.
E . C oventry to P ottstòw n.
E a st Earl*}} to Blue Ball.
E a st Finley to Claysville.
E . Freedom*}} to Roaring
E . H anover to Jonestown.,
E ast H anover Township to
Palm yra.
E a st Hickory*} to T ionesta.
E astlem on to T unkhan­
E a s t Lenox to Hop B ottom .
E ast Lewisburg to Lewisburg.
E . Liberty*}} to P ittsburgh
E a st M cKeesport* to Wilmerding.
E a st M ahonoy ‘Junction}}
to M ahanoy' City.
E a st Millsboro*} to Fredericktown.
E astm ont to York.
E a st N antm eal} to Down­
E a st New Castle}} to New
E ast Point* to Blossburg.
E . Riverside to Brownsville,
E astrun to M arion Center.
E a st R ush to. M ontrose.
E a st Salem to, Mifflntowh.
E ast Sandy to Oil City.
E a st Sharpsburg to Roar­
ing Spring.
E . Sm ethport* to Smeth­
E a st Springfield*} toG irard.
E a st Texas* to Allentown. -Æ.
E a st Titusville to T itus­
E a st Troy to Troy.
E astvale} to Beaver Falls.
E . Vandergrift* to Vandergrift.
Eatonville* to Tunkhan­
Eberlys M ill to Harrisburg.
Echo*}} to Dayton.
E ckert to Allentown.
Eckley* to Freeland.
Economy}} to Ambridge. ;
Eddington*}} to Bristol.
E ddy stone}} to Chester.
E ddyville to New B ethle­
hem. ;
E della to Scranton.
Edelman* to Pen Argyl.
E den to Lancaster.'
E denborn to Uniontown.
E denburg to Knox.
Edenville* to Chambers’ burg.
Edgegrove to Hanover.
Edge Hill*}} to Glenside.
Edgem ont* to M edia _____
} Express Office.




Edgewooti P ark to Wilkinsburg.
Edgew orth! to Sewickley.
Bdgwood to Yardley.
Edie to Sipesville.
Edinburg* to New Castle.
Edison* to Doylestown.
Edmon* to Apollo.
B dri*t to Avonmore.
Edw ardsdale to Edw ardsville.
Effort* to Stroudsburg.
E g y p t Mills*! to Strouds­
E ighty four* to W ashington.
E lam to W est Chester.
Elbinsville to Cum berland,
M d.
Elbon* to Brockwayville.
Elbrook to W aynesboro.
Elco* to Roscoe. ,
E lders Ridge* to Saltsburg.
Eldersville to BurgettStown.
E l Dorado* to Altoona.
E ldredsville to Dushore.
E lgin*!! to Corry.
Elim sport* to W illiam sport.
E lixir to M ahanoy City.
E lk Dale (Susquehanna Co.)
to F orest City.
E lkins P ark *!! to Jenldntown.
E lk Lake to M ontrose.
Elkview *!! to W est Grove.
Ellenton*!! to Canton.
Elliottsburg*{ to New
E lliottson to Carlisle.
Elliottsville* to Uniontown.
Ellisburg* to Genesee.
Elm* (Lancaster Co.) to
L ititz.
Elm dale to Scranton.
Elmer* to Westfield.
E lm Grove to D unbar.
E lm h u rst* ti to Scranton.
Elm ora* to Carrolltown.
E lram a* tt to W est Eliza­
Elroy* to Souderton.
Elstonville to M anheim .
Elton* to W indber.
E lw y n * tt to M edia.
E ly f to Doylestown.
Em breeville*!! to Coatesville.
Emeigh* to C herry Tree.
Em erald* to Slatington.
Em erickville to Brookville.
Em erson to E verett.
Emigsville*t to York.
Emiue* to Bristol.
Emmaville* to E verett.
Emmons* to C herry Tree.
E m sw o rth tt to Avalon.
E ndeavor*! to T ionesta.
Enders* to Halifax.
E nergy to Ellwood City.
Enfield* to C hestnut Hill.
Englesville to Boyertown.
English Center* to Jersey
E n h au t* t to Steelton.
Enid* to Hopewell.
Ennisville to Petersburg.
E non Valley* to E a st
Palestine, O.
E nterline to Halifax.
Enterprise* (W arren Co.)
to Titusville.
E ntlerville to Newville.
E n triken*!! to H untingdon
E pton* to Finleyville.
E quinunk* to Hancock,
N . Y,
E q u itab le to Apollo.
Ercildoun* to Coatesville.
Erdenheim * to C hestnut
E rd m an to M illersburg.
E rdon to Coalport.
Eriton* to Dubois.
E rneys to H arrisburg.
Erwinna* to Frenchtown,
N . J.
E sh b ach t to Boyertown.
Esheol to N ew port.
E spy*!! to Bloomsburg.
E spyville! to Linesville.
Espyville Station*! to
E stella to Dushore.
E sterly* to Reading.
E sth er to M idland.
E tters* to Goldsboro.
E uclid * tt to B utler.
E ureka to Lansdale.
Evansburg to Collegeville.
E vans Falls to T unkhannock.
E vansville*tt (Berks Co.)
to Reading.
E vendale to Mifflntown.
Evergreen (Bradford Co.)
to New Albany.
Evergreen H am let to M illvale.
Everson*t to Scottdale.
Ewingville to Carnegie.
Excelsior*t to Shamokin.
E x etert to W est P ittston.
E xeter Borough to W est
P ittsto n .* to E bensburg.
Exposition to M eadville.
Exton* to Downingtown.
E yers Grove* to Millville.
Eynon* to Peckville.
Fagleysvillet to Boyertown.
Fagundus to Tidioute.
Fairbank* to New Salem.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Fairdale* to M ontrose.
Fairfield C enter to M ontourSville.
F air H aven!! to Castle
Fairhope (F ayette Co.) to
Belle Vernon.
Fairhope* (Som erset Co.)
to H yndm an.
F airm ount (Lancaster Co.)
to Quarryville.
F airm ount City* to New
F airm ount Springs* to
Fairoaks*! to Ambridge.
F airplay to E m m itsburg,
M d.
Fairview (Butler Co.) to
Fairview (Cam bria Co.)
to Conemaugh.
Fairview to
H arrisburg
(Cum berland Co.)
Fairview *!! (Erie Co.) to
Fairview Village* to N or­
Fairville* (Chester Co.) to
K ennett Square.
Fallentim ber* to Coalport.
Falling Springs to New
, Bloomfield.
Falls*!! to P ittsto n .
Fallsdale to Honesdale.
Fallsington*toTrenton,N . J .
F allsto n t to New Brighton.
Falm outh* to M iddletown.
Fargo to Claysville.
Farm ers to York.
Farm ers M ills to Center
Farm ers Valley to Smethport.
Farmersville* to Akron.
F arm ington to E au Claire
(B utler Co.)
Farm ington* (F ayette Co.
to Uniontown.
Farm o to Coraopolis.
F arrag u t to M ontoursville.
Farrandsville*t to Lock
H aven.
F assett to Elm ira, N . Y.
F ay to New W ilmington.
Fayetteville*! (Franklin
Co.) to Cham bersburg.
F earnot to Tower C ity.
Feasterville* to Langhorne.
Federal* to Carnegie.
Felix to W indber.
Felton*! to R ed Lion.
Feltsville to Scranton.
Fenelton*!! to B utler.
Fenm ore
S tew ar tsto w n.
F ern to Knox.
Ferndale* (Bucks Co.) to
Riegelsville, N . J.
Ferndale (Cam bria Co.) to
Johnstow n.
Ferndale to O atasauqua
(Lenigh Co.)
Ferney to Lock H aven.
F ern G len*f! (Luzerne Co.)
to Hazleton.
Fernridge* to Stroudsburg
Fernwood (Clearfield Co.)
to Houtzdale.
Co.) to Landsdowne.
Ferris* to Harrisville.
Fertigs* to Oil City.
Fettersville* to Blue Ball.
Fiedler to M illheim.
Fields Station* to W illiams­
F ilbert to New Salem.
F iler to Stoneboro.
Finland to Pennsburg.
Firstfork* to Em porium .
Fiscal to Glen Rock.
Fisher* to Clarion.
Fishers Ferry* to Herndon.
Fishertow n*!! to Bedford.
Fisherville* (D auphin Co.)
to Halifax.
Fishing Creek to Berwick.
Fitzw atertow n to Glenside.
Fiveforks to W aynesboro.
Flatw oods to Dawson.
Fleetville* to Scranton.
Fleming* to Bellefonte.
Flpmington* to M ill Hall.
Flicksville*! to Bangor.
Flinton* to Coalport.
Flora to Punxsutaw ney.
Floradale* to G ettysburg.
Floreffet to Elizabeth.
Florence* to Burgettstow n.
Florenza* to Punxsutaw ­
Flourtown*! to Ambler.
Floyd to Franklin.
Flynn to M ontrose.
Fogelsville* to Allentown.
Folcroft*! to' D arby.
Folsom* to Chester.
Foltz* to M ercersburg.
Fombell* to Zelienople.
Font* to E a st Downing­
F ontana to Annville.
F ootdale to New Salem.
F orbes Road* to Greens■burg.
Force*! to Dubois.
Ford Cliff* to Ford City.
. Fordyce* to W aynesburg.
Forem an to E verett.
Forestgrove* to Doyles­



County Seat.

Foresthill to Mifflinburg.
F orest House to Austin.
F orest Lake to M ontrose.
ForestvHle (Butler Co.) to
Slippery Rock.
Forks*!! to Benton.
Forkston to M eshoppen.
Forksville* to Laporte.
F ort Hill* to Confluence
F o rt H u n ter! to H arrisburg
F o rt Littleton* to McConnellsburg.
F ortney to Dillsburg.
F o rt W ashington*!! to
F ortyfort! to Kingston.
Fossilville* to H yndm an.
F oster!! to Hop Bottom .
F oster Brook! to Bradford.
Foundryville to Berwick.
Fountain to M inersville.
Fountain Dale to G ettys­
Fountain Springs! to Ash­
Fountainville* to Doyles­
Fowlerville to Berwick.
F ram pton to Clarion.
Francis to Girard.
Franconia* to Souderton.
Franconiaville to Souderton
Frank* to Sutersville.
Frankfort Springs to B ur­
gettstow n.
F ranklin! (Cam bria Co.)
see Conemaugh.
Franklin Corners to E dinboroFranklindale to Towanda.
Franklin Forks to M ontrose
F ranklin M ills to Hancock,
M d.
Franklintown* to Dillsburg
Franklinville* to Tyrone.
Frankstown* to Hollidayburg.
Frazer*!! to M alvern.
Fredell to E ast Brady.
Frederick* to Schwenkville.
Fredericksville to Boyer­
Freed* to Scottdale.
Freedom to Em lenton.
Freehold to Sugar Grove.
Freem an to Reading.
Freem ansburg*!! to B eth­
Freestone to Cham bersburg
Frem ont to M iddleburg.
Frenchtow n to Meadville.
Frenchville* to Clearfield.
Fretz to Quakertown.
Freys to Chambersburg.
Freystown to M yerstown.
Freysville to Red Lion.
Fribley to Hughesville.
Fricks* to Lansdale.
Fricks Lock to Spring City.
Friedens*! to Somerset.
Friedensburg (Berks Co.)
to Oley.
Friedensburg* (Schuylkill
Co.) to Schuylkill Haven.
Friends to Elm ira, N. Y.
Friendsville* to M ontrose.
Frisco to Ellwood City.
Fritz S tation to Allenwood.
F ritztow n to Reading.
Frogtown to New Bethle­
taw ney. ,
F rugality*!! to Coalport.
F ruitville to Pennsburg.
Frym ire to Reading.
Fullerton*! to C atasauqua.
Furlong* to Doylestown.
Furnace Run* to K ittaning.
Furniss* to Quarryville.
Furnondaga* to Big Run.
Gabelsville to Boyertown.
Gaffney* to Ulysses.
Gaibleton to M arion C enter
Gaines*! to Galeton.
Galilee* to Honesdale.
Gallatin* (Allegheny Co.)
to M onongahela.
G allatin (F ayette Co.), to
M asontown.
Ganister* to W illiamsburg.
Gans* to Smithfield.
Gapsville to E verett.
G ardeau to Em porium .
Gardenville* to Doylestown
G ardners to M ount Holly
Garfield (Berks Co.) to
Garfield to Sheffield.
Garisville to Souderton.
G arland*!! to Youngsville.
G arm an to Barnesboro.
G arrettford
to . Clifton
G arrett Hill to B ryn M awr.
G arretts R un to K ittan ­
Garrison* to B urton, W.Va.
Garwood to California.
Gastonville* to Finleyville.
Gastown to Elderton.
Gatchellville to D elta,
G ates to M asontown.
G atesburg to Tyrone.
G ayly to M cKees Rocks.
G aysport to Hollidaysburg.
Gazzam to Curwensville.
'Money Order Office.

Geiger to Somerset.
Geigers Mills* to Birdsboro.
G eigertow ntt to Birdsboro.
Geistown* to Johnstown.
G elatt* to Susquehanna.
Gem to McConnellsburg.
Geneva*! to Meadville.
George to M cD onald.
Georgetown* (Beaver Co.)
to E ast Liverpool, Ohio.
Georgetown to Christiana.
Georgetown fcWayne Co.)
to Lake Ariel.
Georgeville* to M arion
Germania* to Galeton.
Gerinansville*!! to New
Geryville to E . Greenville.
Gibbon Glade* to Uniontown.
G ibraltar*! to Reading.
Gibson* to New M ilford.
Gibsonia* to M ars.
Gideon to Somerset.
Gifford to Bradford.
Gilbert* to Stroudsburg.
G ilberton*!! to M ahanoy
Gilbertsville* to Boyertown
Gilfoyle* to M arienville.
Gillespie to F ay ette City.
G illett*!! to Elm ira, N . Y.
Gillmor! to Bradford.
Ginter* to Houtzdale.
Gipsy* to Glen Campbell.
G irty to Apollo.
Gladdens to Hyndm an.
Glade* to Rockwood.
Glade M ills to M ars.
Gladwyne*!! to Ardmore.
Glasgow*!! (Cam bria Co.)
to Coalport.
Glassmere*! to New Ken­
G latfelters! to York.
Gleason to Canton.
Gleasonton* to Renovo.
Glen to Jersey Shore.
Glenburn*! to Scranton.
Glencoe*! to Hyndm an.
Glendale to Carnegie.
Glen E yre*!! to Hawley.
Glenfleld*! to Sewickley.
Glenhope* to M adera.
Gleniron*! to Mifflinburg.
Glenloch*! to M alvern.
Glen M aw r S tation to
Glen M ills*!! to M edia.
E a st
Glen Olden*!! to D arby.
Glen Richey* to Curwens­
Glen Riddle*!! to M edia.
Glen Roy to Oxford.
Glen Savage to Hyndm an.
Glenshaw*! to Sharpsburg.
Glenville*!! to Glen Rock.
Glenwhite* to Gallitzin.
Glenwillard* to Ambridge.
Glenwood to Nicholson.
Globe Mills* to M iddleburg
Glyde to W ashington.
Glyndon to Spartansburg.
Godard to Erie.
Goff to Clintonville.
Goheenville to New B eth­
Gold* to Ulysses.
Golden to York.
Goldenville to Gettysburg.
Goodhope to M echanicsburg.
Good In te n t to Claysville.
Goodspring*!! to Valley
Goodville* to Blue Ball.
Goodyear* to Carlisle.
Goram to D elta.
G ordon*!! to Ashland.
Gordontown to Clarion.
Gordonville*!! to In ter­
Gorsuch to Huntingdon.
G orton! to W inburne.
Goshen to Quarryville.
G ottshalls to Trevorton.
Gouglersville to Reading.
Gouldsboro*!! to Moscow.
Gowen City* to Shamokin.
Gracedale to Wilkes-Barre.
Graceton* to Hom er City.
Gracey to M cConnellsburg.
G radyville to M edia.
Grafton*! to H untingdon.
Graham ville to W rightsville
G ram pian*!! to Curwens­
G rand Valley*!! to T itu s­
Grange* to Punxsutawney.
Granitehill to G eyttsburg.
G rantboro to New Castle.
G rantham *!! to Carlisle.
Grantville*! to Palm yra.
Granville*!! (Mifflin Co.)
to Lewistown.
Granville (W ashingtonCo.)
to California.
Granville C enter to T roy.
Sum m it
Grapeville*!! to Jeannette.
Grassflat* to W inburne.
Grassland to B yrn M awr.
G raterford*!! to Schwenk. ville.
G ratztow n! to Sjitersville.
G ravity*!! to Lake Ariel.
Gray* to Boswell.
Graybill to Y ork.
t Telegraph Station.

G raydon to York.
Grays Landing* to M ason­
Graysville* to Tyrone.
Greason*! to Carlisle.
G reat Belt*! to Butler.
G reat Bend*!! to Hallstead
Greble to M yerstown.
Greeley* to P o rt Jervis,
N . Y.
Greenawalt to Ham burg.
Greenbank to New Holland
Greenbrier* to Shamokin.
Greenburr* to Loganton.
Greene to Quarryville.
Greenfield (M ercer Co.) to
M ercer.
Greengrove to Jerm yn.
Green H ill! (Chester Co.)
to W est Chester.
Green Hill (York Co.) to
Greenm ount to G ettysburg.
Greenock* to M cKeesport.
Greenpark* to New Bloom­
Green Ridge (Adams Co.)
to New Oxford.
Green Ridge! (Lackawan­
na Co.) to Scranton.
Green Ridge to Codorus
(York Co.)
Greenspring to Newville.
Greenstone to Fairfield.
Greentown* to Moscow.
G reentree! (Allegheny Co.)
to P ittsburgh.
Green Tree to Lansdale
(Bucks Co.)
Green T ree! (Chester Co.)
to M alvern.
Green Village to Cham bers­
Greenville to Clarion
(Clarion Co.)
Greenville to Clymer
(Indiana Co.)
Greenwald* to Greensburg.
Greenwood to Millville.
Greggs* to Oakdale.
Greider to Carlisle.
Grier point to D uncannon.
Griesemersville to Reading.
Griffin to M asontown.
Grill to Reading.
Grimville* to K utztow n.
Grindstone* to Brownsville.
Groffs Store to Lancaster.
G rovania! to Danville.
Grover*! to C anton.
Grove Sum m it to Falls
Groveton*! to Coraopolis.
Guava to Benton.
Guernsey*! to G ettysburg.
Guilford Springs to Cham­
Guldens* to G ettysburg.
G ulf M ills! to Conshohocken.
Gump to W aynesburg.
Gum T ree! to Parkesburg.
Guthriesville* toEastD ow nington.
G uths Station to Allentown
G uthsville to Allentown.
Guyaux* to Point M arion.
G uys Mills* to Meadville.
Gwendolen!! to Hickory.
Gwynedd* to N o rth Wales.
Gwynedd Valley*!! to N.
W ales.
H aafsville to Allentown.
H aas to Ashland.
H ackett to Finleyville.
Hackneys* to W ashington.
H ade to Greencastle.
H adley*!! to Greenville.
Hagersville* to Perkasie.
Hagevo* to W indber.
H ahnstow n to E p h rata.
H ahntow n to Irwin.
H all to Dillsburg.
Hallowell* to H atboro.
Halls Station to M uncy.
Hallton*! to Ridgway.
Ham etown to Shrewsbury.
H am ilton to* Summerville.
H am lin (Lebanon Co.) to
Hamlin* (W ayne Co.) to
Lake Ariel.
Ham m ersley Fork* to Re­
H am m ett to Erie.
H am m ond to Tioga.
H am orton
K ennett
H am pden to Mechanicsburg.
Ham pton* to E a st Berlin.
Hancock* to Reading,
H anlin Station*! to Bur­
gettstow n.
H annah to Tyrone.
H annah Furnace to P ort
M atilda.
H annastow n* to Greenburg
H annasville to Cochranton.
H anoverdale to Hummelstown.
H anover Junction*! to Glen
H arbor Bridge to New
Oy B/Stl6

H arbour Creek*!! to Erie.
H arding to P ittsto n i
Harford* to Hop Bottom .
H arlansburg to New Castle.
Harleigh* to Hazleton.
! Express Office.

Harlem to Pennsburg.
Harm arville*! to Oakm ont.
Harm onsburg*! to Linesville.
H arm ony*!! to Zelienople.
/Harnedsville*to Confluence.
Harold to Ligonier.
H arper to Slatington.
, H arrim an* to Bristol.
H arrison to Sipesville.
H arrison City* to M anor.
Harrison Valley*! to W estfield.
Harrisonville*f to M cCon­
H arrity to Lehighton.
Harrow* to Perkasie.
Harshaville to M idland.
H artleton* to Mifflinburg.
H artley to York.
H artley H all to M uncy.
H artran ft to N orristown.
H artstow n*tt to Jam es­
H artsville*t to H atboro.
Harveys* to W aynesburg.
Harveyville to Shickshinny.
Harwick* to Springdale.
Harwood Mines* to Hazle■tonH atchery to M auch Chunk.
H atfield*!! to Souderton.
H auto! to Lansford.
H averford*!!
M awr.
Hawk Run* to Philipsburg.
Hawks Crossing to Uniontown.
Haws to Lewistown.
H aw thorn*!! to New B eth­
Haydentown to F air chance.
H aydenvillet to Smithfleld.
Haynie to Shippensville.
H ays Grove to Shippensburg.
Haysville*!! to Sewickley.
Hazel H urst*! to M ount
Jew ett.
Hazel K irk to Monongahela
Hazen* to Brookville.
Hazlebrook*! to Hazleton.
Hazzard* to M onongahela.
H eart Lake* to M ontrose.
Heathville* to Summerville
Hebe to Herndon.
Heberlig to Newville.
Hebron to Coudersport.
Heckendon to Snow Shoe.
Heckschersville* to M inersville.
Heckton M ills to H arris­
burg. •
Hecktownf to N azareth.
Hecla (Schuylkill Co.) to
T am aqua.
Hecla (W estm oreland Co.)
to M ount Pleasant.
Hector* to Westfield.
Heidelberg to Carnegie.
Heidlersburg* to G ettys­
Heilmandale to Lebanon.
Heilwood*! to Clymer.
Heistersburg to Brownsville
Helen* to Uniontown.
Helen Furnace* to Clarion.
Helfenstein to Ashland.
Helixville to Schellsburg.
Heller to Hanover.
Helvetia* to Dubois.
Hemlock to W arren.
Hemlock Hollow to Hawley
Hench to New Bloomfield.
Henderson to Sandy Lake.
Hendersonville* to Canonsburg.
Hendricks* to SchWenkville
Henningsville to Macungie.
H enrietta* to M artinsburg.
E ast
Hensel to Quarry ville.
Hepburnville* to W illiams­
Hepler* to Shamokin.
Hereford*! to Pennsburg.
Herman*! to Butler.
Hero to H undred, W. Va.
Herrick C enter*!! to Forest
Herrickyille to Towanda.
Heshbon* to
H undred,
W. Va.
Hess to Gap.
Hessdale to Strasburg.
Hetlerville to Berwick.
H everly! to Coalport.
Hewitt to Cum berland, Md.
Hibbs* to Republic.
Hickernell to Springboro.
Hickman* to Carnegie.
Hickory Corners* to Dal­
m atia.
Hickory Grove! to Sus­
Hickoryhill to Oxford.
Hickox to Genesee.
Higbee to Cameron, W. Va.
Highhouse to Uniontown.
High Lake to Hancock.
N. Y,
High Rock*! to D elta.
Highville to Millersville.
Hillchurph to Boyertown.
Hillcoke to Republic.
Hillegass to Pennsburg.
Milliards*!! to Butler.
Hills! to Canonsburg.
Hillsboro (Somerset Co.) to
W indber

Hillsboro to Scenery Hill
Indianrun to M ercer.
(W ashington Co.)
Industry*!! to M idland.
Hillsdale* to GlenCampbell.
Inglehart to Honesdale.
Hillsgrove* to Hughesville.
Inglesm ith* to E verett.
Hillside*!! (Westmoreland
Ingom ar to P ittsburgh.
Co.) to Derry.
Ingram !! to Crafton.
Hillside to Jenkintow n.
Inkerm an! to P ittston.
Hillsview to Ligonier.
Instanter*! to Wilcox.
Hillsville*! to New Castle.
Intervilla* to Wyomissing.
Hilltown* to Doylestown.
Iola to Millville.
Hinkletown to E phrata.
Iona to Lebanon.
Hiram* to McConnellsburg
Irishlane to Shickshinny.
Hites* to T arentum .
Irish Ripple to W am pum .
H oadieys*!! to Honesdale.
Irishtow n to H anover.
H obart to H anover.
Tronbridge* to Collegeville.
Hobbie to Berwick,
Ironore to H anover.
Hoboken to AspinWall.
Iron Springs* to G ettys­
Hockersville to Hummelsburg.
Ironton to Coplay.
H oernerstown to HummelsIrvine* to Youngsville.
Irvineton!! to Youngsville.
Hoffman to Slatington.
Isabella* to Honey Brook.
Hogestown to M echanicsIselin*!! to Saltsburg.
Island P ark ! to E aston.
Hokendauqua*!! to C ataIsle! to Slippery Rock.
Ithan* to Wayne.
Itley to Edinboro.
Hokes to Glen Rock.
Iv a to Strasburg.
Holbrook* to W aynesburg.
Ivanhoe to M onongahela.
Holicong* to Doylestown.
Ivarea to Albion.
Holiday to Wellsboro.
Ivyland*!! to H atboro.
Holland* to Langhorne.
Ivyw oodl to Saxonburg.
Hollenback to W yalusing.
Hollinger* to Lancaster.
Hollisterville* to Scranton.
Holmes*!! to D arby.
Jackson (Erie Co.) to Wa­
Holtwood*! to Quarryville.
H oltz to Red Lion.
Home*! to M arion Center.
Co.) to Susquehanna.
Homecamp to Dubois.
Jackson C enter*!! to M er­
Hornets F erry !! to W yalus­
Jackson Sum m it*!! to E l­
Homeville (Allegheny Co.)
m ira, N. Y.
to Hom estead.
Jacksonville (Center Co.)
Homeville (Chester Co.)
to Howard.
to Oxford.
Jacksonville to Newville
Homewood*!! to Koppel.
(Cum berland Co.)
Hofieoye*! to Shingle House
Jacksonville (D auphin Co.)
Honey Grove* to P ort
to Halifax.
Jacksonville to Indiana
Honor to New Castle.
(Indiana Co.)
Hooker! to Chicora.
Jacksonville* (Lehigh Co.)
Hookstown* to Beaver.
to New Tripoli
Hoopeston! to A m bler..
(W estmore­
Hooverton to Norristown.
land Co.l to Irwin.
Hope to Smithfleld.
Jacksonwald* to Reading.
Jacksville to Slippery Rock.
Hopeland* to Lincoln.
Jacobs to Orbisonia.
Hopewell Center to York.
Jacobs Creek*! to Sm ithton
Hoppen ville* to Pennsburg.
Jacobs M ills to Hanover.
Hopwood* to Uniontown.
Jacobus* to York.
H oratio to Punxsutawney.
Jam es City* to Kane?
H ornby to N o rth E ast.
Jam es Creek* to H unting­
Horning* to C astle Shan­
Jam estow n*!! to Portage.
Horrell to Hollidaysburg.
Jamison* to Doylestown.
Horsham* to H atboro.
Jam ison C ity*!! to Benton.
H ortons to Glen Campbell.
Jam isonville! to B utler.
Hosensack*!! to E . Green­ Janesville to Houtzdale.
Jarrettow n*! to Ambler.
Host* to Womelsdorf.
Jeanesville* to Hazleton.
H ostetter* to Latrobe.
Jeddo*!! to Freeland.
Houserville to Bellefonte.
Jefferson (York Co.) to
Housum*! to ChambersC odor us.
Jefferson C enter to Butler.
Howe to Brookville.
Jefferson C ity to Knox.
H oytdale to W ampum.
Jefferson Station to Auburn
H o y tv illeü to Wellsboro.
Jeffersonville*! to N orris­
Hublersburg* to Bellefonte.
H udson!! to Parsons.
Jeffries to Houtzdale.
H udsondale to W eatherly.
Jenners* to Boswell.
Huefner* to Fryburg.
Jennerstown* to Boswell.
Huey* to Rimersburg.
Jennersville to W est Grove.
Huff* to New Florence.
Jenningsville to M eshoppen.
Huffs Church to Boyertown
Jersey M ills to Jersey Shore
Huffs Station to GreensJersey Shore S tation! to
Jersey Shore.
Hughestown! to P ittston.
Jersey town to Bloomsburg.
H ull! to Coudersport.
to Birdsboro.
Hulmeville* to Langhorne.
Jobs Corners to Elm ira,
H ulton! to Oakmont.
N . Y.
Hum bert* to Confluence.
Joffre* to Burgettstow n.
Hum bertson to Somerfleld.
Jo hnetta*!! to Leechburg.
Hummells W harf to Selins
Johnlowen to Fryburg.
Johnsburg to M eyersdale.
Hunkers* to Youngwood.
Johnson C ity to Shamokin.
Hunlock Creek*!! to Shick­
Johnsonville to P ortland.
Johnsville* to H atboro.
H unters Run to M t. Holly
Joliett* to T rem ont.
Jollytown* to H undred, W.
H unterstow n to G ettysburg
Huntersville to Hughesville
Huntingdon F urnace to
Jonas* to Palm erton.
Mills* to M ount
H untington Mills* to Shick­ Jones
P leasant.
to Orangeville.
H untsdale* to Carlisle.
Jordan* to New Tripoli.
H untsville to Dallas.
to New
H usband to Somerset.
Josephine*!! to Black Lick.
Hustontown* to McCon­
Joyce to New Castle.
Julian*!! to Bellefonte.
H utchins!! to M t. Jew ett.
to M anheim .
Hyde*!! to Clearfield.
Juneau*!!)to Punxsutaw ney
Hyde Park*! to Leechburg.
Junedale* to Hazleton.
Hydetown* to Titusville.
to Pleasant
Hynem ans ville to Allen­ Juniataville
H yner*!! to Renovo.
Kämm erer* to M ononga­
Idam ar to M arion Center.
KaneviUe to Oil City.
Idaville* to Gettysburg.
K antner* to Stoyestown.
Iddo to M cConnellsburg.
Kaolin* to Avondale.
Idetown to Dallas.
K arhs City*! to Chicora.
Idlepark to Ligonier.
Kasiesville to Mercersburg.
Idlewood!! to Carnegie.
Kaska* to New Philadel­
Im ler*!! to Bedford.
Im lertown to Bedford.
K ateilen to Pen Argyl.
Independence* to Avelia.
K ato* to SnoW Shoe.
Indian Creek*! (Fayette
K auffm an! to Greencastle.
Co.) to Connellsville.
'K aylor*! to E ast Brady.
Indianland to Slatington.
Kearney* to Hopewell.
Indianola to Oakm ont.
K earsarge to E rie

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

ACounty Seat.

♦Money Order Office.


K eating*!j to Renovo.
K eating Sum m it*!! to Aus­
Kecksburg to
P leasant
Keech to Genesee.
Keefers to Chambersburg.
Keeneyville! to Wellsboro.
Keewaydin* to Clearfield.
Keffer* to Ligonier.
Kegg* to Schellburg.
Kehler to Ashland.
Keiser* to M ount Carmel.


Laflin*! to PittstoD
L a Grange to T unkhannock
Lahaska*!! to Doylestown.
Laidig* to M cConnellsburg.
Lairdsville* to Hughesville.
L a Jose*!! to Mahaffev.
Lake Cary*! to T unkhannocK.
Lake Como* to Hancock.
Lakemont* to Altoona.
Laketon* to Dallas.
Lakeville* to Hawley.
Lake Winola* to Factoryville.
Keisters* to Slippery Rock.
Lakewood*!! to Hancock,
Kelayres* to Hazleton.
N. Y.
Kellersburg to New B eth­
Lamar* to Lock Haven.
Lam artine* to Emlenton.
Kellers Church* to SellersLam berton* to New Salem
Lambs Creek* to Mansfield
Kellettville* to Tionesta.
L am okin! to Chester,
Kellyburg* to W illiam sport
L am ott! to Jenkintow n.
K elly Crossroads to LewisLam peter* to Strasburg.
L anark to Coopersburg.
K elly P oint to Lewisburg.
L andenburg*!! to Avon­
K elly Station*!! to Ford
Lander to Sugar Grove.
Kellytown to Curwensville.
Landingville*!! to Schuyl­
K elton*!! to W est Grove.
kill Haven.
Kemblesville* to Newark,
Landis Store* to Bally.
Landis Valley to Lancaster.
Kendall Creek* to Bradford
Lanesboro*!! to Susque­
Kenilworth to Pottstow n.
Kennard* to Greenville.
Lanes M ills*!! to BrockKennerdell*!! to Clintonwayvllle.
Langdondale* to Hopewell.
Kenwood to Clymer.
Langeloth* to B urgetts­
Keown to P ittsburgh.
Keown S tation! to P itts
Langville to Brookville.
Lanse* to W inburne.
K epner to T am aqua.
Lansing to Westfield.
K etnsville to Allentown.
L apark to Intercourse.
K err to Freeport.
Laplume*!! to Factoryville
Kerrm oor*!! to Curwens­
Lapps to Gap.
Laquin*!! to Towanda.
Kerrsville to Newville.
L arabee!! to Eldred.
K errtow n to M eadville.
Large* to Clair ton.
Kersey*!! to Saint M arys.
Larim er*!! to Irwin.
Keys to Red Lion.
Larksvillef! to EdwardsKhedive* to Carmichaels.
Kifertown to Scottdale.
L arry ville* to Jersey Shore.
Kilfgore to Sandy Lake.
Larue* to Glen Rock.
Killinger to M illersburg.
Lash* to W est Newton.
Kilmer* to P o rt Royal.
Lashley* to Hancock, M d.
K im berton*!! to PhoenixL
athrop to Hop Bottom .
Latim ore to Dillsburg.
Kim ble*!! to Hawley.
Lattagrove*! to M t. Union.
Kimmelton* to Stoyes­
L attim er M ines*! to Hazle­
K inderhook to. Columbia.
L aubachs to N ortham pton.
King of Prussia* to N orris­
to Ligonier.
Laurel* to York.
Kingsdale* to Littlestow n.
Laurel Lake to M ontrose.
Kingsley*!!,to Hop B ottom
Laurel R u n !! to WilkesKingston*!! to Latrobe.
Kingsville to Summerville.
Laureiville to M t. Pleasant.
Kingwood to Rockwood.
L aurys Station*! to N o rth ­
Kinport*! to C herry Tree.
am pton.
Kintnersville* to FrenchLavansville to Somerset.
town, N. J.
Lavelle* to Ashland.
Kinzers*!! to Gap.
Lawn*!! to Elizabethtown.
K inzua*!! to W arren.
Lawsonham *!! to Rim ers­
Kirby* to Newtown.
Lawsville Center to HallK irbyville to Fleetwood.
K irkm an to Brookville.
Kirks M ills to Rising Sun,
Lawton* to M ontrose.
M d.
L ayton*!! to Perryopolis.
Kirkwood* to Quarryville.
Leacock* to New Holland.
Leam an Place*!! to In te r­
Kishacoquillas to Reedsville.
Kissimmee toM iddleburg. • L eard to Clymer.
K istler toNew Bloomfield.
Leatherwood to New B eth­
Klahr* to Clasburg.
Klecknersille to B ath.
Le Boeuf to W aterford.
Leek Kill* to Shamokin.
Kleinfeltersvill* to M yerstown.
Leckrone* to M asontown.
Klines Grove to Sunbury.
Lecontes Mills* to Clear­
Klinesville* to H am burg.
K nauers to Reading.
to Harleysville.
Knob to Freedom.
Ledger to Gap.
Knobsville* to M cConnells­
Leeper* to Clarion.
Knousetown to M illerstown
Leesburg!! to Mercer.
Knowlton to Chester i
Leesburg S tation to Mercer
Lees Cross Roads*!! to
Knoxlyn to G ettysburg.
Knoxville to P ittsburg.
Leetonia* to Wellsboro.
Koonsville to Shickshinny.
Leetsdale*! to Ambridge.
Koontzville to Bedford.
Lehigh Furnace to Slating­
Kossuth to Knox.
K ralltown to Dillsburg.
Lehigh Gap to Palmeriion.
Kratzerville* to Selinsgrove
Lehigh T annery to W h ite
Kraussdale to E ast Green­
H aven
K ream er*!! to Selinsgrove.
Lehman* to Dallas.
Kregar* to Ligonier.
Lehnenburg to E aston.
Kreidersville to N ortham p­
Leib to Ashland.
Leinbachs to Reading.
K rem isf! to Fredonia.
.Leiperville to Chester.
Kresgevilie* to Lehighton.
Leithsville to Bethlehem.
Kricks Mill to Womelsdorf.
Lemon to Tunkhannock. ■
Krum sville to K utztow n.
L em ont*!! to S tate College.
K uhl to Erie.
Lem ont Furnace* to UnionK ulp to Catawissa.
Kulpsville* to Lansdale.
Lenape*!! to W est Chester,
K um ry to Quakertown.
Lenhartsville*!! to Ham ­
Kunckle to Dallas.
Kunkletown* toiPalm erton.
Lenni Mills* to Media.
Kushequa*! to M ount Jew­
Lenover* to Parkesburg.
Lenox* to Hop Bottom .
Kylertown* to W inburne.
Lenoxville*! to Nicholson.
Kyleville to D elta.
Leola*!! to New Holland.
Leolyn* to Canton.
Leona to Tro:?Laanna* to Stroudsburg.
Leopard! to Berwyn.
L a Belle* to Fredericktown.
Le Roy* to C anton.
L aboratory to W ashington.
L ester! to Darby.
L ab o tt to York.
L etort to Millersville.
Lackawaxen*!! to Hawley.
Levin to Doylestown.
Laddsburg to New Albany.
Leviston to Hazleton.
L afayette* to M ount Jew­
Lewisberry* to Goldsboro.
Lewis Run*! to Bradford.
L afayette Hill*! to Consho.Lewisville* to Oxford,
Lexington to L ititz
! Telegraph Station.

! Express Office.



L iberty (M cKean Co.) to
P o rt Alleghany.
L iberty Corners tbTow anda
L iberty Square to Quarryv ille .

Library*! to Finleyville.
Lickdale*!! to Jonestown.
Lickingville* to F ryburg.
Light Street*! to Bloomsburg.
Lima* to M edia.
Limekiln* to Reading.
Limeport* to Binaus.
Limerick* to Schwenksville.
L im eridgeti to Bloomsburg
Lime Rock to L ititz,
Limestone*! to Clarion.
Limestoneville to M ilton.
Lim e Valley to Strasburg.
Lincoln Place*! to Hays.
Lincoln U niversity*!! to
Lincolnville to Union City.
Lindaville to Hop Bottom .
Linden*!! to W illiam sport.
Linden H all*! to Center
Lindsey* to Punxsutaw ney.
Line Lexington* to Lansdale.
Line M ountain to Shamokin.
Lineville*!! to Shippenville.
Linfleld*!! to Royersford.
L inhart* to T u rtle Creek.
Linwood Station*! to Ches­
Lionville* to Downingtown.
Lippincott to W aynesburg.
Lisbon to Em lenton.
Lisburn* to M echanicsburg
Listie*! to Somerset.
Listonburg* to Addison.
Litchfield to Athens.
L ittle Britain* to Oxford.
L ittle Cooley to Townville.
L ittle Gap to Palm erton.
L ittle M arsh* to W ellsboro.
L ittle Meadows* to Owego,
n .m
L ittles Corners to Saegerstown.
Litzenberg to Allentown.
Livermore*! to Blairsviile.
L lanerch!! to Lansdowne.
Llewellyn* to M inersville.
Lloyd* to Wellsboro.
Lloydell* to South Fork.
Loag to Honey Brook.
Lobachsville to Boyertown.
Local to C astle Shannon.
Lochiel to Lewisburg.
Lochvale* to Glen Cam p­
Lock No. 3* to E lizabeth.
Lock No. 4* to Charleroi. <
L ockport! (Clinton Co.) to
Lock Haven.
L ockport! (N ortham pton
Co.) to Slatington.
Lockport Station* to Boli­
Lockville to P ittston.
Locust to M arion Center.
Locustdale*! to Ashland.
Locust G ap*!! to M ount
Locustgrove! to Hancock,
. M d.

Lucinda Furnace to F ry ­
Luciushoro to Homer City.
Lucknow*! to Dauphin.
Lucky to Red Lion.
Ludlow*!! to Kane.
Lull to Somerset.
Lum ber C ity*!! to CurWensville.
Lumberville* to Lam bertville, N. J.
Lundys Lane* to Albion.
Lungerville to Hughesville.
L urgan to Shippensburg.
Lusk* to Delmont.
Luthersburg*! to Dubois.
L uthers Mills to ToWanda.
Lutzville* to E verett.
Luxor* to Greensburg.
Lycippus* to Pleasant
U nity.
Lycoming to W illiam sport.
Lyles to Quarryville.
Lynch* to Sheffield.
Lyndell* to Dowingtown.
Lynn* td T unkhannock.
L ynnport*!! to New T rip
Lynnville* to New Tripoli.
Lyona to M eadville.
Lyon Station*! to Top ton.
Lyon Valley to New Tripoli.
M abel to Ashland.
M acada to Bethlehem,
M acdonaldton* to Berlin.
Mackeyville* to Mill Hall.
Maddensville* to Orblsonia.
M adeira H ill to M ahaffey.
M adeline to Glen Cam p­
M adison to P ottstow n
(Chester Co.)
M adison*! (W estmoreland
Co.) to Herminie,
Madisonburg* to Millheim.
M adisonville to Moscow.
M adley* to Hyndm an.
M ahanoy Plane*!! to Girardville.
M aharg to Butler.
M ahoning* to K ittanning.
M ahoningtow n*!! to New
M aiden Creek*!!, to R ead­
M aiden Creek Station to
M ainesburg* to Mansfield.
M ainland* to Souderton.
M ainville*!! to Catawissa.
M aitland* to Lewistown.
M a lta to D alm atia.
M a ltb y f to Wilkes-Barre.
M am m oth*! to P leasant
M anadahill to Hummelstown.
M anataw ny* to Boyertown
Mance* to M eyersdale.
M anchester*to M ountW olf.
M andata to Herndon.
Manifold* to W ashington.
M anito to Latrobe.

M artn a Furnace to Bellefonte.
M articville to Lancaster.
M artin* to M asontown.
M artindale* to New Hol­
M artins Corner tO’Coatesville.
M artins Creek*! to E aston.
M arvindale to M t. Jew ett.
M arwood*!! to B utler.
M aryd* to T am aqua.
Mascot* to New Holland.
M ason and Dixon*! to
M asten*!! to W illiam sport.
M astdrson ville* to M anheim.
M asthope*!! to Hawley.
M ateer to Apollo.
M ather* to Jefferson.
M attaw ana*! to Lewistown
M a ttie to E verett,
M aud to Cornwells H eights
M ausdale! to Danville.
M awr glen* to Hughesville.
M axataw ny* to Allentown.
M axwell to Fredericktown.
M ayburg* to T ionesta.
M ayport*!! to New Bethle­
M aysville to New Bethle­
M aze to Miffintown.
M azeppa to Lewisburg.
McAlevys Fort* to P eters­
McCance* to Ligonier.
M cCandless to B utler.
M cC artney*! to M adera.
M cCaslin to New Castle.
M cCleary to M idland.
M cClellandtown* to M a­
M cConnell’s M ills to H ous­
f McConnellstown* to H u n t­
McCoysville* to P o rt Royal
M cCracken to Cameron.
W. Va.
M cCrea* to Newville.
McCullochs M ills to Mifflntown.
M cE lhattan*!! to Lock
McEwensville* to W atsontown.
M cFord to D elta.
M cGees M ills*!to M ahaffey
M cGovern to W ashington.
M cGrann* to F ord City.
M cllhaney to Stroudsburg.
M cIntyre*!! to Indiana.
M cKean* to Erie.
M c Keansburg* toT am aqua
M cKee to Roaring Spring.
M cKees H alf Falls to Seilinsgrove

M cKinley* to Jenkintow n.
M cKnightstown* to Get­
M cLallen Corners to Cam ­
bridge Springs.
M anns Choice*!! to SchellM cLane to Edinboro.
M cLeans Station to PennsM anns ville to New Bloom­
M cM ichaels to Srtoudsburg
M anoa to B ryn M awr.
M cM urray to Canonsburg.
M anor Hill* to Petersburg.
M cNeal to Blairs Mills.
M anorville*! td K ittan ­ M cSparran* to Quarryville.
to Freeport.
Locust Valley to CoopersManown* to Monongahela
McWilliams* to Tim blin.
M antz to T am aqua.
Meadowgap to Orbisonia.
L ofty*!! to McAdoo.
Mapleglen* to Ambler.
M eadow Lands*!! to H ous­
Logania* to Duncannon.
M aple Grove to E ast
Logan M ills to L oganton
Mechanic Grove to Quarry­
Logans F erry! to Parnassus
Logansport* to Ford City
M aplehill to W illiam sport
M echanicsburg*!! to Ho­
Loganville* to York.
M aplelake to Moscow.
m er City.
LogUe to Coudersport.
M apleshade to Oil C ity.
M echanics Valley* to
London to Grove City.
Londonderry to W est Grove
M aplewood*!! to Lake
Mechanicsville* (BucksCo.)
London Grove* to W est
to Doylestown.
M arble* to Fryburg.
Lonepine to W ashington.
M echanicsville (Lehigh Co.)
M arburg to H anover.
Longlevel to W rights ville
to C atasauqua.
M archand* to Punxsutaw ­
!. Longpond* to Stroudsburg
M echanicsville to Clarion
Longrun to Avonmore.
(Clarion Co.)
L ongsdorft! to Newville.
Mechanicsville to W est
M arguerite to Greensburg.
Longswamp to Allentown
(Venango Co.)
M aria to W oodbury
Lookout* to Honesdale.
Meckville* to M yerstown.
Loop* to D ayton.
Medixrun* td St. M arys.
M ariasville to E m enlton,
Lopez*!! to M ildred.
M arion H eights to M ount
M ehoopany*! to M eshopLorah to W erners ville.
Lorane*!! to Reading
Markelsville* to Newport.
Meiserville* to Selinsgrove.
Lords Vailey* to Hawley.
M arkes to M ercerburg.
M elcroft to Confluence.
Loretto* to Ebensburg.
M arkham *! to M edia.
M elrose P ark to Jenkin­
Lost Creek* to Shenan­ Markle* to Apollo.
town. ,
M arklesburg Borough to
M endenhall*!! to K ennett
Lottsville* to Sugar Grove
H untingdon. g
Loudon to M ercerburg.
M arkleburg Station to
M endon to Scottdale.
Loupurex* to Carnegie.
H untington.
Menges Mills*! to Hanover.
Lovejoy to Commodore.
M arkleton*!! to Rockwood
M enho to Belleville.
Lovells Station to Corry.
Markleysburg* to Somer- M eridian to Butler.
Lovelton to M'eshoppen.
M erion*!! to Ardmore.
Lovely to Alum Bank.
M arkton to Punxsutawney.
M erion Square to Ardmore.
Lowber* to Sutersville.
M arple to M edia.
Lower. Providence to Col
M arsh* to Honey Brook.
M erion Station*!! to Philalegeville.
M arshalls Creek to E ast
, delphia.
Lower Saucon td Bethlehem
M erion ville to Ardrhore.
Lowhill to New Tripoli.
M arshallton to W est Ches­ M errittstow n* to Browns­
Low Phos to Uniontown.
ter. .
Lowville to Union City.
M arshbrook to Dalton.
M ertztow n*!! to Allentown
Loyalhanna* to Latrobe.
M arshburg to Bradford.
M erwin to Apollo.
Loyalsock to M ontoursM arsh Hill* to Williams­ M erwinsburg to Strouds­
Loyalton* to Lykens.
M arshlands to Galoton.
Messmore* to Uniontown.
Loyalville to Dallas.
M arshrun to NeWport,
M etal* to Cham bersburg.
Loysburg* to New Enter,
M arshs Store to W aynes­ Mexico* to P o rt Royal.
M ickleys to C atasauqua.
Lucesco to F reeport.
M arsh wood* to Jessup.
M iddaghs to Belvidere,
Lucinda*!! to Fryburg.______ M arsteller* to Spangler.
N. J.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


a County


* Money Order Office.


M iddlebury Center* to
M iddle Creek* to Lewis­
M iddle Lancaster, to Zelienople.
M iddleport*!! to Pottsville.
M iddlesex to Carlisle.
M iddle Spring to Shippens­
M iddlesw arth td M iddieburg.
M iddletown (W estm oreland
Co.) to Youngwood.
M iddletown
C enter
M ontrose.
M idvale! to W aynesboro.
Mifflin Cross Roads to
Miffinville* to Bloomsburg.
M ilan*!! to Athens.
Milanvilie* to Callicoon.
N . Y.
M ilerun to Sunbury.
M ilesburg*!! to Bellefontie.
Milesville to W ebster.
M ilford to Juniata.
M ilford Square* to Quakertown.
M illbach to Richland.
M illbank to Ligonier.
M illbrook to Grove City.
M illburn to Mercer.
M ill City* to Tunkhannock
M ill C reek!! to H unting­
Milledgeville to Cochranton
M iller to Pen Argyl.
M iller Run* to Cairnbrook.
M illersburg (Berks Co.) to
M yerstown.
M illers S tation! (Crawford
Co.) to Cambridge Spgs.
M illerton*!! to Elm ira,
N . Y.
M illgrove (Columbia Co.)
to Catawissa.
M ill Grove to N azareth
(N ortham pton Co.)
M illm o n t* !!to Mifflinburg.
M illport* (P otter Co.) to
Shingle House.
M illport to Palm erton
(Carbon Co.)
MUlrift*! to P o rt Jervis,
N. Y.
M ill Run* to Connellsville.
Mills*! to Westfield.
M illstone to Brookville.
MiHtown (Allegheny Co.)
to U nity Station.
M illtow nf (Chester Co.)
to W est Chester,
M ill Village*!! to W ater' ford.
M illville to New Bethle­
M illway*!! to L ititz.
Millwood*!! to D erry.
Milnesville*! to Hazleton.
- M ilnor! to Greencastle.
M ilton Grove* to M ount Joy
M ilwaukee to Scranton.
M ineral Point* to South
M ineral Springs to Clear­
M iners Mills*! to Parsons.
Mines* to Williamsburg.
M inet to M ount M orris.
M ingo to Royersford.
Mingoville* to Bellefonte.
M innequa*!! to C anton.
M innick to C atasauqua.
M inooka*!! to Scranton.
M insi to Stroudsburg.
Miola* to Clarion.
M iquonf to Oonshohqcken.
M itchells M ills to Clymer.
M odena*!! to Coatesville.
M ohrsville*!! to Leesport.
M ollenauer* to Castle Shan­
M olltown to Fleetwood.
M onaghan to M ount
P leasant.
M ongul to Shippensburg.
M oniteau to Slippery Rock.
M onocacy to Birdsboro.
M onocacy S tation!! to
Monroe* (Clarion Co.) to
M onroeton*!! to Towanda.
M onroeville to T urtle
Creek (Allegheny Co.)
M onroeville to Knox
(Clarion Co.)
M ontandon*!! to Lewis­
M ontclare* to Phoenixville.
M ontdale to O lyphant.
M ontello to W ernersville.
M onterey* to T opton.
M onterey Spring to W ay­
M ontgom ery F erry to New­
M ontgom ery ville to Lansdale.
M ontsera to Carlisle.
M onum ent*!! to Lock
M oon R un*!! to Crafton.
Moores*! to Darby.
M ooresburg*!! to Danville.
M oores Mills to Carlisle.
Moorestown to Bath.
Mooreheadville* to N .E ast.
M oosic*!! to Old Forge.
Mooween* to Saltsburg.
M orann* to Houtzdale.
M oravia* to New Castle.
t Telegraph Station.

M orea Colliery!! to M aha­
noy City.
M oredale to Carlisle.
M oreland to M uncy.
M organ* to Bridgeville.
M organtown* to Honey
M orrell to Tyrone.
M orrellville! to Johnstown
M orris*!! to Wellsboro.
M orris Cross Roads to
P oint M arion.
M orris Run*! to Blossburg
M orton*!! to Swarthmore
M ortonville*! to Coates­
Morwood* to Telford.
M oselem to Fleetwood.
Moselem Springs to Fleetwood.
M osgrove*!! to K it tanning.
M oshannon* to Snow Shoe.
M osiertow n to Saegertown.
Mosserville to New Tripoli.
M ostoller to Stoyestown
M ount .¿Etna* to M yers­
M ountain to Ham burg.
M ountaindale* to Coalport
M ountain Grove to Hazle­
M ountainhom e* to Strouds­
M ountain Sunset to Wer­
M ountaintop*! to WilkesBarre.
M ountainville! to Allentown.
M ountair to New Castle.
M t. Alton*! to M ount
Jew ett.
M ount Bethel* to Bangor.
M t. Braddock*! to Dunbar.
M t. Carbon to Pottsville.
M ount C hestnut to Butler.
M ount Cobb to Scranton,
M t. G retna*!! to Lebanon.
M t. H ope!! to M anheim.
M t. Jackson to New Castle.
M ount L ebanon! to Dorm ont.
M t. Nebo to Quarryville.
M ount Oliver*! to P itts­
M ount P leasant To Knox.
M ount P leasant Mills* to
M iddleburg.
M ount Pocono*!! to East
M ount Rock to Hanover
(Adams Co.)
M ount Rock (Cumberland
Co.) to Newville.
M ount Royal to Dillsburg.
M ount Top* to Dillsburg.
M ount Zion to Lebanon.
Mowersville* to Shippens­
Mowry* to Ashland.
M oylan*! to M edia.
M uddycreek to T erre Hill.
M uddycreek Forks*! to
M ud Lake to Montrose.
M uff to Dayton.
M uhlenburg to Shickshinny
M uir* to Tower City.
M ulberry to E ast Berlin.
M um m asburg to Gettys­
M uncy Valley*! to Hughes­
M underf* to Brockwayville.
M unhall*!! to Homestead.
M unson*!! to Winburne.
Murdocksville* to Burgettstown.
M urray* to Dushore.
M urrell to E phrata.
M urrinsville to Clintonville
M urrysville* to Export.
M ustard to Sutersville.
M u tu al to Pleasant Unity.
M uzette* to Marienville.
M yersburg to Towanda.
M yra to Portage. .
M y rtle to Shingle House.
Naces to Hanover.
N adine to Verona.
Naginey* to Reedsville.
N antm eal Village to Potts­
Naom i Pines! to Strouds­
N arberth * !! to Ardmore.
N arcissa to Ambler.
Narvon* to Honey Brook.
N asby to Renava.
Nashville to Spring Grove.
Natalie* to M ount Carmel.
N auvoo to Blossburg.
N ay Aug to Scranton.
N eale to Leechburg.
Nebraska* to Tionesta.
Ned* to L ittleton, W. Va.
Needmore* to Hancock,
M d.
Neelyton*! to Orbisonia.
Neffs Mills* to Petersburg.
Neffsville* to Lancaster.
Neiffer! to Schwerikville.
N eim an to Glen Rock.
N ekoda to Millerstown.
Nelson*! to Elkland.
Nemacoiin* to Carmichaels
Neola to Stroudsburg.
Nesham iny* to Hatboro

t Express Office.



Neshannock to W est M id- j Ninepoints* to C hristiana
Nineveh* to W aynesburg.
N isbet*! to W illiam sport.
Neshannock Palls to New
N ittany* to Bellefonte.
W ilmington.
N iverton to E lk Lick.
N ettle H ill to H undred,
N oble!! to G ettysburg.
W. Va.
N oblestow n*! to Oakdale.
Nettleton* to Ebensburg.
Nolo* to Indiana.
Neville Island tp P itts­
N ordm ont*! to Dushore.
N orm al to Lehighton.
Nevilton to Coraopolis.
New Athens to Rimersburg.
Normalville* to Connells­
New Baltimore* to Schéllville.
to ConneautNew Bedford* to New Cas­ N orrisville
to N orris­
New Berlinville* to Boyertown.
N orth Bangor to Bangor.
Newberrytown to Golds­ N orth Bend*!! to Renovo.
N orth Bessemer*! to Ve­
New Boston*t to M aharona.
noy City.
N orth Bingham* to Ulysses.
New Bridgevilleto W rightsN . Braddock! to Braddock.
New B ritain*!! to Doyles­ N orthbrook*!! to W est
N o rth Buffalo to Ford C ity.
New Buena Vista* to Schell- N o rth Clarendon to W ar­
New Buffalo* to D uncanN o rth C oventry to P ottsnon.
(Cum berland
Co.) to Shippensburg.
to Hancock,
Newburg (H untingdon Co.)
M d.
to Saxton.
N o rth Pork to Westfield.
Newburg (N ortham pton
N o rth Freedom to New
Co.) to N azareth.
Bethlehem .
New Centerville*! (ChesterCo.) to Berwyn.
N . Glenside*! to JenkinNewchester to Gettysburg.
New Colum bia*!! to M il- N . Heidelberg to Womton.
New Colum bus to Shick- N . L iberty to Grove City.
N orth
M ehoopany*
Newcomer to Union town.
M eshoppen.
New Danville* to Lancaster N o rth M ills to Fredonia.
New Derry* to D erry.
N . M ountain to HughesNew Eagle* to M onongaville.
N o rth O akland to Chicora
Newell*!! to California.
New E ngland! to Carrick.
N orth Orwell to Towanda.
New E ra to New Albany.
N orth P enn to T am aqua.
Newerf to Sm ethport.
N orth Pine Grove* to M aNewfleld* to Ulysses.
Newfoundland* to Lake
N orthpoint*!! to D ayton.
N o rth Sewickley toEUwood
New P ranklin to OhamN orth Springfield* to Gi­
New Preeport* to L ittleton
N orth S tar to Im perial.
W. Va.
N orth Tow anda to To­
NewGalilee*! to W am pum .
New Geneva* to P oint
N . Vandegrift to VanderM arion.
New Germantown* to New
N orthville to Ripley, N . Y.
N orth W arren*! to W arren.
New Grenada* to M cConN orth W ashington* (B ut­
ler Co.) to B utler.
New H am burg to Predonia.
N orth W ashington (W est­
New Hanover* to Boyerm oreland Co.) to Apollo.
N orth W ater G ap*!! to
Newhaven to Connellsville.
Norwich! to Austin.
New Jersualem to T opton.
Nossville to Blairs Mills.
New Lebanon* to Sandy
N ottingham *!! to Oxford.
N owrytown to Avonmore.
New Lexington* to RockNuangola* to Nanticoke.
N u Mine* to R ural Valley.
Newlin to Catawissa.
Nurem burg* to Hazleton.
New London* (Chester Co.)
Nyesville to Chambersburg.
to W est Grove.
Newlonsburg to E xport.
New M ahoning to LehighO akbottom to Quarryville.
Oakbrook to Reading,
Oakford* to Bristol.
Newmanstown*! to Wom­ Oak P orest to W aynesburg.
Oak Grove to Ligonier.
Newmansville* to T ionesta.
Oak H all Station*! to Cen­
New M ayville to New
te r Hall.
Oak H ill to Oxford.
New M illport* to CurwensOakland*!! to New Bethle­
New Paris* to Schellburg.
Oakland Cross Roads to
New Park*! to StewartsE xport.
Oakland Mills* to MiflfiinNewport (Lawrence Co.) to
W ampum.
Oak Lane! to Philadelphia,
Newport (Luzerne Co.) to
Oakleaf to Shickshinny.
Oakm ont to Ardmore.
Newportville* to Bristol.
Oak Ridge* to New B eth­
New Providence*!! to
Oaks*!! to Phoenixville.
New Richmond to TownOak S tation! to P ittsburgh.
Oakview* to CliftonH eights
New Ringgold*!! to T am a­
Oakville*!! to Newville.
Obelisk* to Schwenkville.
Newry* to Hollidaysburg.
Oberlin* to Steelton.
New Salem (Armstrong Co.)
Obold to Bernville.
to New Bethlehem.
Odemthal to Portage.
New Sheffield* to Wood- Odin to Goudersport.
Ogden to Chester.
Newside* to Slatington.
Ogdensburg* to Canton.
New S tanton*!! to Youngs Ogle to M ars.
Ogontz* to Jenkintow n.
New Texas (Allegheny Co.)
Ohiopyle*! to Confluence.
U nity Station.
Ohioville to E a st Liverpool,
New Texas to Allentown.
Newton to Scranton.
Ohl* to Brookville.
Newton H am ilton*!! to
Okeson to Miflflintown.
M ount Union.
Okiolo to Chester,
Newtown (Green Co.) to
Olanta* to Curwensville.
M ount M orris.
Old Concord to Claysville.
Newtown Square*! to M e­
Oldframe to Smithfield.
Old Line to M anheim .
W ashington* to
Old Zionsville* to Em aus.
M ahaffey.
O liphant Furnace* to Pairchance.
Niagara to F orest C ity.
Oliveburg* to Punxsutaw Nianfic*! to Boyertown.
Nichola to K ittanning.
Oliver* to Uniontown.
Nickel Mines* to Gap.
Olivers M ills to WilkesNickleville* to Em lenton,
Nicktown* to Spangler.
Olivet to Saltsburg.
Nilan to Point M arion.
Oneida*+ to Hazel ton.
Niles Valley to Wellsboro.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


ACounty Seat.

Onnalinda* to South Fork.
Ono* to Jonestown.
Onondago to Punxsutaw ney.
Onset* to Jonestown.
Opp* to M uncy.
Option to Hays.
Orange to P ittston.
Orefield* to Allentown.
Oregon to Brownstown.
Oregon H ill to Wellsboro.
Ore Hill* to Roaring Spring.
Ö reland*!! to Jenkintow n.
Ore Valley to York.
Orient* to New Salem.
Oriental* to Millerstown.
Oriole to Jersey Shore.
Ormrod to Coplay.
Ormsby* to Sm ethport.
O rrtanna*!! to Gettysburg.
Orson*!! to Carbondale.
Orviston*!! to Howard.
Orwell* to Towanda.
Orwig to Stewartstown.
Orwin* to Tower City.
Osgood! to Greenville.
Oshanter* to Curwensville.
Osterburg*!! to Claysburg.
Osterhout* to T unkhannock.
Oswayo* to Shingle House.
O ttaw a*!! to W atsontown.
O tto to Glassport.
Ottsville* to Doylestown.
Outcrop* to Smithfield.
Outwood* to Pine Grove.
Oval to Jersey Shore.
Over brook to C astle Shan­
O verbrookü to Philadel­
Overton* to New Albany.
Owensdale* to Connellsville
Oxford C hurch! to Phila­
Oxford Valley* to Langhorne.
Packertph*! to Lehighton.
Paintersville*!! to Lewistown.
Painterstow n to Irwin.
Paisley to Carmichaels.
Pallas to Selinsgrove.
Palm *!! to Pennsburg.
Palo A lto! to Pottsville.
Panic to Reynoldsville.
Pansy* to Summerville.
Panther* to Scranton.
Paradise Valley to Strouds- '
Pardee to Miffiinburg.
Pardoe*!! to M ercer.
Pardus* to Reynoldsville.
Paris to Burgettstow n.
Parke* to Stewartstown.
Parkerford*! to Spring C ity
Parkersglen*!! to P o rt Je r­
vis, N . Y.
P arkers Station to P arkers
L anding,
Parkersvine! to W. C hest­
Parkland* to Langhorne.
P ark Place*!! to M ahanoy,
Parkwood* to Indiana.
Parrish* to Sheffield.
Parryville*!! to W eissport.
P arvin to M ill Hall.
Passer to Coopersburg.
Passm ore to Boyertown.
P attonville to Lansdowne.
P aulton to Apollo.
Pavia* to Claysburg.
Paxinos*!! to Sbamokin.
Paxons Corners to Lam bertville, N . J.
P axtang! to H arrisburg.
Paxton* to M illersburg.
Paxtonville*! to M iddleburg.
Peach B ottom (Lancaster
Co.)*!! to P o rt Deposit,
M d.
Peach B ottom (York Co.)
to D elta.
Pedora to Export.
Peely* to Ashley.
Pencoyd*! to Philadelphia.
Penfleld*!! to Dubois.
Penllyn*!! to N o rth Wales.
Penm ar* to W aynesboro.
Penn to Jeanette.
Pennline to Linesville.
Penn Run* to Clymer. .
Penns Creek* to M iddleburg.
Pennsdale* to M uncy.
Pennside to Albion.
Penns Park* to Newtown.
Penn Square to N orris­
Pennsville* to Scottdale.
Pennsylvania Furnace*! to
Penowa to Avella.
Penryn* to M anheim .
Peoples to T rem ont.
Pequea*! (Lancaster Co.)
to Gap.
P equea (Lancaster Co.) to
Millers vi lie.
Percy to D unbar.
Perkiomenville*!! to Greenlane.
Perrysville* (Allegheny Co.)
to P ittsburg.
Perryville (Lvcooting Co:)
* Money Order Office.

Perryville (P otter Co.) to
Pershing* to Clarks Sum­
m it.
Perulack* to P o rt Royal.
P eru Mills to P o rt Royal.
P eters Creek to P o rt De­
posit, M d.
Petersville to N ortham pton
Petroleum Center* to Oil'
Petrolia*! to Bruin.
P e ttis to Oochranton.
Pfouts Valley to M illers­
Philipston* to E a st Brady.
Phoenix to D ayton.
Pickering to Phoenixville.
Pierceville to ' Carmichaels.
Pigeon* to M arienville.
Pikes Creek to N anticoke.
Pikesville to Boyertown.
Piketown* to H arrisburg.
Pine Bank* to B urton, W.
Pinedale to Pottsville.
Pine P lats to Clymer,
Pine Forge*!! to P ottstow n
Pine Grove Furnace* to
Pine Grove Mills* to State
Pinehill to Berlin.
Pine Station* to Jersey
Pine Sum m it to Millville.
Pineville* to Newtown.
Pineycreek to E verett.
P inkerton to Rockwood.
Pinola! to Shippensburg.
Pipeline to Elm ira, N. Y.
Pipersville* to Doylestown.
Pitco* to Cecil.
Pitm an* to M t. Carmel.
Pittock* to M cKees Rocks.
Pittsfield*!! to Youngsville.
Pittsville* to E m lenton,
Plainfield* to Carlisle.
Plain Grove to Slippery
Plainsville*! to WilkesBarre.
Planebrook to M alvern.
P latea*!! to Girard.
Pleasant Corners (Carbon
Co.) to Leighton.
P leasant Corner (Lehigh
Co.) to New Tripoli.
P leasant Gap* to Bellefonte
P leasant Grove* to Rising
Sun, M d.
P leasant Hall* to Shippens­
Pleasant M ount*! to Garbondale.
Pleasantridge*! to McOonnellsburg.
P leasantrun to Pennsburg.
P leasant Valley* (Buck’s
Co.) to Quakertown.
Pleasant Valley (W estmore­
land Co.) to Irwin.
Pleasant View (Juniata Co.)
to P o rt Royal.
Pleasantville (Berks Co.)
-to Boyertown.
Plowville to Birdsbofo
Plum to Titusville.
Plum er to Oil City.
Plum Run* to Hancock,
M d.
Plum steadville* to Doyles­
P lunketts Creek to M uncy.
P lym outh Meeting* to Conshohocken.
Pocahontas to M eyersdale.
Pocono* to E . Stroudsburg.
Pocono Lake*!! to Strouds­
Pocono Pines*! to Strouds­
Pocono Sum m it!! to E ast
Poeopson*!! to W . Chester.
Point* to Schellburg.
P oint Pleasant* to Frenchtown, N, J.
Poland to 'P o in t M arion.
Polk*! to Franklin.
Pollock to P arkers L and­
Pom eroy*!! to Parkesburg.
Pom fert to Slatington.
P ond E ddy*!! to P o rt Jer­
vis, N . Y.
P ond Hill* to Shickshinny.
P ont to Albion.
Poplar R un to Hollidays­
Portage Creek to P o rt
P o rt Clinton*!! to H am ­
Porter* to D ayton.
P orters Sideling*! to H an­
PorterSville* to Zelienople.
Port'G riffith to P ittston.
P o rt K ennedy*!! to N or­
P ortland Mills*! to Ridgway.
P o rt P erry* to Braddock.
P o rt Trevorton* to Selins­
P ortvue! to M cKeesport.
Possum Glory to Clymer.
Potosi to Glen Rock
P o tter Brook* to Westfield:
Pottersdale* to Clearfield.
t Telegraph Station.



P o tters M ills to Center
Potterville* to Le Raysville.
Pottsgrove*!! to M ilton.
Pottstow nLanding t<3-P o tts­
Powder Valley to Em aus.
Powell*!! to Towanda.
Powelton* to Osceola M ills.
Powls Valley* to Halifax.
Poyntelle*!! to Carbondale.
Prescott* to Lebanon.
Prescottville! to Reynolds­
President* to Tionesta.
Presto* to Bridgeville.
P reston P ark*!! to H an­
cock, N . Y.
Priceburg to Dickson City.
Pricedale* to Belle Vernon.
Pricetown to Fleetwood.
P richard to Shickshinny. Prim os*! to Clifton
H eig h ts, ,
Prim rose!! to M cDonald.
Princeton* to New C a stle .'
Pringle to Kingston.
Proctor* to Hughesyille.
Progress*! to H arrisburg.
Prom pton*! to Honesdale.
Prospect* to Butler.
Prospeetville* to Ambler.
Prosperity to W ashington.
Providence Square*! to
Pueblo to Brookville.
Pughtown to Pottstow n. >
Pulaski*! to W.Middlesex.
Pum p to Slippery Rock.
Purcell to E verett.
Purchase Line to Commo­
Puritan* to P ortagel
P utneyville! to New B eth­
P y rra to F ord City.
Quakake*!! to M ahanoy
Queen*!! to Claysburg.
Queen Junction*!! to B u t­
Queenstown* to E a st B rady
Quentin* to Lebanon.
Quicks Bend to W yalusing.
Quincy*! to W aynesboro.
Raccoon! to Burgettstow n.
R adnor*!! to W ayne.
Rahns S tation!! to College­
Railroad* to Shrewsbury.
Rainsburg* to Bedford. .
Ralphton* to Stoyestowh.
R am ey*!! to Houtzdale.
Ram saytown*! to Brook­
Randolph to Townviile.
Ranshaw*! to Shamokin. ,
Ransom*! to P ittston .
Rathm el* to Reynoldsville.
R attigan to Chicora.
Raubenstine to H anover,
Raubsville*! to E aston, i
Rauchtown* to Jersey Shore
Rauschs to T am aqua.
Ravenrun*! to Shenandoah
Ravine* to Pine Grove.
Rawlinsville to Quarryville.
R aym ilton*!! to Sandy
Raymond* to C oudersport,
Rea* to Hickory.
.Rebuck* to Herndon.
Rector* to Ligonier.
R edbank*!! to Eas« Brady.
Redclyffe to Marifenville.
Red Gross* to Herndon.
Redfern to Dubois.
Red H ill*!! to Pennsburg.
Redington*! to E aston.
R edland to Littlestow n.
Redm an M ills to Hays.
Red Raven to Oakm ont
Red Rock* to Bradford.
R edrun to Denver.
Reed* tó Indiana.
Reeder to Lam bertville,
N . J.
Reeders*!! to Stroudsburg
Reeds Gap* to Mifflintown
Refton* to Strasburg.
Register* to Shickshinny ; ;
Rehrersburg* to W om els­
Reidenbachs Store to New
Reidsburg to Clarion.
Reilly to Wilkinsburg.
Reinertòn* to Tower City.
Reinholds Station*!! to
D enver.
Reistville to M yerstown.
Reitz* to Hooversville.
Relay to Y®rk.
Rem ington to Oarrnegie.
Rem lu to Jenkintown.
Rendham to Old. Forge.
Renfrew*!! to Butler.
Rennerdaie* to Carnegie.
Reuo*!! to Oil City.
Renton* to U nity Station.
R etort to Osceola Mills.
Revere* (Bucks Co.) to
Frenchtown, N. J.
Revere (F ayette Co.) to
! Express Office.



Revloc* to Ebensburg.
Rew* to Bradford. ‘
R ew ard to Newport.
Rexmont* to Lebanon'
R eyburn to Shickshinny.
Reynolds! } to T am aqua.
Reynoldsdale*}} to Claysburg.
Rheems*}} to E lizabeth­
Rhone*! to Nanticoke.
R ibold to 'E v an s C ity.
R ibot to Petersburg.
Riceville* to Union City.
Richardsville* to Brook■ ville.
Richboro* to Newtown.
R ich Hill to Quakertown.
R ichland Center to Quaker­
Ricblandtown* to Quaker* town.
R ichm ond (Clarion Co.) to
Em lenton.
Richm ond* (N ortham pton
Co.) to Belvidere, N . J.
Richm ondale to F orest C ity
.Richm ond Furnace* to
M ercersburg.
Riddlesburg*} to Hopewell.
R iddles Crossroads to T arentum .
R idgebury to Elm ira, N . Y.
Ridgewood to Parsons.
Rife to Millersburg.
Rileyville to Honesdale.
Rillton* to Irwin.
R im er*! to K ittanning.
Rinely to Glen Rock.
Ringdale to Dushore.
Ringgold* to Summerville.
Risingsun to Slatington.
Riverside*! to Danville.
R iv erto n ! to Lemoyne.
R iver View to M onongahela.
Rixford* to Eldred.
Roadside to W aynesboro.
Roaring Branch*!} to R al­
R oaring Creek* to C ata­
R obbins Station to Irwin.
Robertsdale*} to Saxton.
Robinson* to Bolivar.
Robinsonville to E verett.
R ochester Mills* to M arion
Rock*! to Pine Grove.
R ockdale! (Delaware Co.)
to M edia.
Rockdale* (Lehigh Co.) to
Rockey to Red Lion.
R ock Glen*!! to Hazleton
R ockhill (Bucks Co.) to
Rockhill (Lancaster Co.) to
Rockhill Furnace*! to Orbisonia.
Rockingham to Hooversville,
Rockledge to Fox Chase,
R ockport to W eatherly.

Rum m erfield*!! to Towanda.
RunviUe* to Bellefonte.
Rupert*! to Catawissa.
Ruppsville to Catawissa.
Ruralridge to RusseUton.
Rush* to M ontrose.
Rushboro to M eshoppen.
R ushland*!! to Newtown.
Rushville* to M ontrose.
Russell* } to W arren.
RusseU C ity to Kane.
RusseUviUe* to Oxford.
RUtan* to W aynesburg.
R utherford
H eights
H arrisburg.
R utland* to Mansfield.
Rutledge* to Swarthmore.
Ryde* to M cVeytown.
R ye to Red Lion.
Ryersons Station to Cam ­
eron. W . Va.
R yot to Alum Bank.

S abbath R est to A ltoona.
Sabinsville*!} to Westfield.
Sabula*!! to Dubois.
SaCkett* to Kane.
Sacramento* toVaUeyview.
SadsburyvEle* to Parkesburg.
SaegersvUle* to New T rip­
Safe H arbor*!! to M illersviUe.
Sagamore*!! to Plum ville.
Saginaw to M ount Wolf.
Sagon* to Shamokin.
Saiht A ugustine to P atton
Saint Benedict*! to Spang­
Saint Bonifacius* to P atto n
Saint Charles* to New
St. Clairsville* to Bedford.
Saint Cloud to W ashington.
S aint Johns* to Hazleton.
Saint Joseph* to M ontrose.
Saint Lawrence* to P atto n .
St. Michael* to South Fork.
Saint Nicholas*!! to M ahanoy C ity.
St. P eters*!! to P ottstow n.
Saint Petersburg* to ' Foxburg.
Salem (Clarion Co.) to
Em lenton.
Salem (Snyder Co.) to
Salem Church to CarHsle.
Salem C ity to Oil C ity.
SalemviUe* to New E n te r­
Saliordvilie* to Schwenkville.
Salina (Venango Co.) to Oil
C ity.
(W estmoreland
■ Co.) to Avonmore.
Salisbury* (Lancaster Co.)
^ to Gap.
Salisbury (Somerset Co.)to
E lk Lick.
Salix*} to South Fork.
SaUadasbUrg* to Jers.ey
.Rocksville! to Langhorne.
R ockton*! to Dubois.
Salona* to M ill HaU.
R ockville! to Danielsville.
Saltillo*! to Orbisonia.
R ockygrove! to Franklin.
Salunga* to Landisville.
Rodfield to Finleyville.
Saluvia* to M cConnellsRodl* to W ilkinsburg.
R odney to M ount P leasant.
Sanatoga*! to Pottstow n.
R oelofs*!! to Y ardley.
Sandbeach to Hershey.
Rogers Mills co ConnellsSandiford to Philadelphia.
Sand P atch*! to MeyersRogerstown toConnellsville.
Rogersville* to W aynesSandts E d d y to E aston.
Sandy Creek to Verona.
R ohrerstow n*!! to LanSandy Ridge*!! tb Osceola
Rohrsburg* to Benton.
Sandy R un to Freeland.
Sandy' Valley*! to ReyR oler to York.
Rolfe to Johnsonburg.
Ronco*} to M asontown.
Sarah (H untingdon Co.) to
Ronks*!} to Intercourse.
H untingdon.
Rootville to Union C ity.
Sardis to Export.
Rose Bud to Coalport.
Sarver*! to Freeport.
R'osecrans to Loganton.
SassamansviUe* to BoyerRosedale*} to K ennett
Satterfield} to Dushore.
Roseglen to D uncannon.
Saucona to Coopersburg.
Rosemont*}} to B ryn Mawr
Saulsburg* to Petersburg.
Rose Point*! to New C astle
SaviEe to New Bloomfield.
Sawyer C ity to Bradford.
Roseto* to Bangor.
Saxman* to C herry Tree.
| Roseville to Mansfield.
Saxonburg* to Butler.
Roslyn*!} to Jenkintow n.
Saybrook* to Sheffield. Rossland to Pen Argyl.
Saylofsburg* to P en Argyl.
Rossmoyno to Plum ville.
Scandia to W arren.
Rosston* to F ord C ity.
Scarlets Mills* to Birdsboro
Rossville* to DiBsburg.
Schadts to Allentown.
Rothsville *to L ititz.
Scheib to Lykens.
Rough and Ready* to Ash­
Schenley* to Freeport,
SchockS MiEs to M arietta.
Roundhill to E a st Berlin.
Schoeneck* to Denver.
Round Top to WeEsboro.
Schoenertown to Easton.
Rouzerville* to W aynes­
Schofer to Topton.
SchoffnersCorners to Brock­
Rowenna* to M arietta.
way vUle.
Rowland*!! to Hawley.
Schubert to Womelsdorf.
Roxbury* (Franklin Co.) to
SchultzviEe! to Scranton.
Schuyler* to T urbotville.
Roxbury (Somerset Co.) to
Schuylkill to Phoenixville.
Schweyers to Reading.
Roy to Spring Grove.
Sciota* to Stroudsburg.
R oyalton*! to M iddletown.
Scotch Hill* to Clarion.
Royer*! to W illiamsburg.
Scotia}} to S tate CoEege.
Ruble to Smithfleld.
Scotland*} to ChambersRuchsviEe to Coplay.
Rudy* to Schwenkville.
Scotrun* to Stroudsburg.
Ruficreek to W aynesburg.
Scottville to Bristol.
Ruffs Dale* to Scottdale.
Scrubgrass to C linton ville.
Rumilla* to Telford.
Rurrimel* to W indber._____ Scullton* to Rock wood.
A County Seat.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Scyoc to P o rt Royal.
Seal to W est Chester.
Seanor* to Hollsopple.
Searights to Union town.
Sebring to Blossburg.
Secane*! to Swarthmore.
Sedan to W atsontown.
Sedgwick to G ettysburg.
Seek} to Tam aqua.
Seelyville* to Honesdale.
Seemsville to B ath.
Seiberlingville to New TripoH.
Seidersville! to Bethlehem.
Seiples* to Allentown.
Seips to E aston.
Seipstown to K utztow n.
Seisholtzville to Pennsburg.
Seitzland* to Glen Rock.
Selea to Orbisonia.
SeEs Station*} to Hanover.
Seminole*! to New B eth" lehem.
Seneca* to Oil City.
Sensenig to T erre Hill.
Sergeant* to Kane.
Sesson to W yalusing.
Sevenpoints to Sunbury.
Sevens tars} to Gettysburg.
Shade Gap*} to Orbisonia.
Shadeland to Springboro.
Shade VaEey* to Blairs
to Greencastle.
Shaft* to Shenandoah.
Shafton! to Irwin.
Shamokin Dam* to Sun­
Shamrock to New Salem.
Shamrock Station**} to
Shanesville* to Boyertown.
Shanksville* to Somerset.
Shannondale to Summer­
Sharon Center* to Shingle
Sharon Hill*!! to D arby,
Sharpe to Hancock, M d.
ShartlesviBe* to H am burg.
Shavertown* to Luzerne.
Shawanese* to Dallas.
Shawm ut*!! to Brockwayville.
Shawnee-on-Delaware* to
Shawville* to Clearfield.
Shay to Ford City.
Shazen to C herry Tree.
SheakleyviBe* to Sandy
Shearers Crossroads to
Sheeder* to Spring City.
Shehawken to Hancock.
Shelly*}} to Quakertown.
SheBytown to WiEiamsburg.
Shelocta*!! to Indiana.
Shenango*}! to Greenville.
Shepherdstown* toM echanicsburg.
Sheppton*}} to Hazleton.
Sheridan*}} (Lebanon Co.)
to Womelsdorf.
Sheridan (SchuylkiE Co.)
to Williamstown.
Sherman* to Deposit, N. Y.
Sherm ans Dale* to New
Shermans ville to LinesviBe.
Sherrett to K ittanning.
Sheshequin* to Athens.
ShimerviUe* to Em aus.
Shindle to Lewistown.
Shippingport* to M idland.
Shire Oaks to M onongahela
Shirland to Oakdale.
Shirleysburg*! to Orbisonia
.Shoaf Works to Fairchance.
Shoenersville to C atasauaua.
Shohola*!! to P o rt Jervis,
N . Y.
Shohola FaBs* to P o rt
Jervis, N . Y.
Shoring* to Fredericktown.
Shoustown to Ambridge.
Showers* to Clarion.
Shunk* to C anton.
Shy Beaver* to Saxton.
Siddonsburg to M echanicsburg.
Sideling Hill to Hancock,
M d.
Sides! to Barnesboro.
Sidman* to South Fork.
Sidney* to M ahaffey.
SiegersviBe to Allentown.
Sigel* to Brookville.
Siglerville to Lewistown.
Sigmund to Allentown.
Sigsbee to M asontown.
Silvara to Wyalusing.
Silver Creek* to PottsviBe.
Silverdale* to Perkasie.
Silvermills to E verett.
Silverspring* to M ountvfile
Simpson (Lackawanna Co.)
to Carbondale.
Simpson (M cKean Co.) to
Sm ethport.
Simpson S tation to Browns­
Sinnam ahoning*!! to E m ­
Sinsheim} to H anover.
Sipes Mill* to McConneEsburg.
S itka to D u n b a r..
Money Order Office.

S ittler to Lehighton.
Siverly to Oil City.
Six M ile Run* to Hobewefi.
Six Roads to Alum B ank.
SizerviEe*!! to Em porium .
Skinners Eddy*} to Laceyville.
Skippack* to CollegeviEe.
Slab to D elta.
Slabtown to Catawissa.
Slatedale* to Slatington.
Slateford* to P ortland.
Slate Hill* to D elta.
Slate Lick to Freeport.
Slater Run*}} to Jersey
Slickville*! to Avonmore.
Slocum to Nanticoke.
Slovan* to B urgettstow n.
Smithdale* to Sutersville.
Smithmill* to Coalport.
Sm iths Ferry*} to E ast
Liverpool, Ohio.
Sm iths Station* to Hanover
Smithville* to Quarryville.
Smock*}} to Brownsvflle.
Smokeless to Seward.
Smokerun*} to M adera.
Smoketown* to B ird in
H and.
Smullton* to M illheim.
Smysers to Seven Valleys.
SnedekervUle* to Troy.
Snyders* to Tam aqua.
Snydersburg* to F ryburg.
Snydersviile* (Monroe Co.)
to Stroudsburg.
Snydersviile to Allentown
(Lehigh Co.)
Snydertown*!! to Sunbury.
Sober to Millheim.
Soldier* to Sykesville.
Solebury* to LambertvEle,
N. J.
Somerton*!} to Philadel­
Sonestown*} to Hughesville.
Sonman* to Portage.
Sonora to B utler.
Soudersburg* to Lancaster.
Southam pton*!! to H atboro.
S. Auburn to M eshoppen.
South Bend* to Apollo.
South Bethlehem*! to B eth­
Browns viUe.
Smith Burgettstow n to
B urgettstow n.
S. Canaan* to Lake Ariel.
South ConnellsviEe*!} to
South E aston} to Easton.
S. Gibson* to Hop Bottom .
S. Hatfield to Souderton.
S. Heights*} to Woodlawn.
S. H erm itage to Honey
S.Langhorne* toLanghorne.
S. Montrose*} to M ontrose.
S. M ountain* to W aynes­
S. Oil City} to Oil City.
South Share® to Farrell.
S. Sterling* to L ake Ariel.
S. W arren to. Le Raysville.
S W av erly; t o W a verly, N . Y.
M ount
South W hitehall to Allen­
Spangsville to Boyertown.
SpeeceviEe to H arrisburg.
Speers} to Belle Vernon.
Spinnerstown* to Quaker­
Sporting H ill to M anheim .
Spraggs* to W aynesburg.
Spragueville to E ast
Sprankle MiEs*} to Punxsutawney.
Springbrook to Moscow.
Spring Church* to Apollo.
Spring Creek*}} to C orry.
Springet to York.
Springfield (Bradford Co.)
to Troy.
Springfield (F ayette Co.)
to Normalville.
Springfield (N orthum ber­
land Co.) to Shamokin.
Spring Garden to W atson­
Spring Glen* to Williamstown.
Springhope* to ScheBburg.
Spring House* to Ambler.
Spring Mill*} to Conshohocken.
Spring Run* to Blairs MEls.
Springs to E lk Lick.
Springtown* to Quaker­
Springvale} to Red Lion.
Spring Valley to Doylestown.
Sproul*!! to Claysburg.
Spruce Creek*}} to Tyrone.
Sprucegrove to Oxford.
Spruce Hill* to P o rt Royal.
Spry to York.
Squaretop to d a r k s Sum­
m it.
Stahlstown* to Ligonier.
Staley to York.
Stalker* to Honesdale.
S tandard to Allentown.
t Telegraph Station.

Stanley}} to Dubois.
Starford* to Clymer.
Starjunction*} to Perryopohs.
Starlight*}} to Hancock,
N. Y.
Starners}! to Carlisle.
Starr* to Tionesta.
Starrucca*} toSusquehanna.
StarView to M ount Wolf.
StateBne} to Hagerstown,
M d.
Stauffer* to M ount Pleas­
Steam burg to Conneautville.
Steelviile* to Christiana.
Steinsburg* to Quakertown.
Steinsville* to New Tripoli.
Stemlersville to Lehighton.
S tem tonf to N ortham pton.
Stenger to Shippensburg.
Sterling* to Moscow.
Sterling Run* to Emporium
Sterner to Hanover.
S terrettan ia to. G irard.
S terretts Gap to Carlisle.
Stetlersville* to Allentown.
Stevens*}} to Denver.
Stevens Point* to Susque­
Stevensville* to Wyalusing.
Stewartsville (Indiana Co.)
to Indiana,
StewartSville! (Westmore­
land Co.) to Irwin.
Stier* to P ortland.
Stiles* to Coplay.
Stillw ater*!! to Benton.
Stiltz t© Glen Rock.
Stines Corner to New Trip­
Stockdale* to Roscoe.
Stockertown*} to Easton.
Stockton* to Hazleton.
StoddartsviBe to White
Stonechurch* to Bangor.
Stonedale to Sewickley.
Stonehenge to Chambersburg.
Stone House to Indiana.
Stonerstown to Saxton.
Stonersville* to Reading.
Stonetown to Reading.
Stonington to Sunbury.
Stonybrook} to York.
Stonycreek to Berlin.
Stony Creek Mills* toReading.
Stonyfork to WeEsboro.
Stony Point}} to Fannettsburg.
Stony Run* to Hamburg.
Stoopville to Newtown.
Storm stown to Bellefonte.
StormviEe to Stroudsburg.
Stottsville to Parkesburg.
Stouchsburg*} to Womels­
Stoughstown to Newville.
Stoverstown to York.
Stowe*!! to P ottstow n.
Strafford*! to W ayne.
Straight*}} to Johnsonburg
Strattonviile*} to Clarion.
S trause to Reading.
Straw berry Ridge*!! to
Strawbridge to Hughesville.
S traw n to Addison.
Strickersville* to Newark,
Strinestown to M ount Wolf
Strobleton* to Fryburg. ,
Strodes M ills to Lewistown.
Strongstown* to Indiana.
Struthers} to W arren.
Studa to Avelia.
Sturgeon*} to McDonald.
Sturgis to Union City.
S tu rtev a n t to Titusville.
Suedberg*}} to Pine Grove.
Sugar Creek to Franklin.
Sugar Hill to Brockwayvifie
Sugarloaf* to Hazleton.
Sugar Notch*} to Ashley.
Sugar Run* to Wyalusing.
Sulphur Springs* to Bed­
Summerhill*}! to South
Sum m it (Cam bria Co.) to
Sum m it (Crawford Co.) to
C onneautville.
Sum m it C ity to Clintonville
Sum m it M iEs to Meyersdale.
‘Sum m it Station* to Pottsville.
Sumneytown* to Green
Sunbeam to Chambersburg.
Sunderlinville* to Westfield
Sunnyburn*} to Delta.
Sunset to W ashington.
Superior*} to Derry.
Suplee*}} to Honey Brook.
Surveyor* to Clearfield.
Suttonscreek to P ittston.
Swales to Miffintown.
Swam to E a st Berlin.
Swanvilie} to Erie.
Swarts to Waynesburg.
Swartzville to DenverSw atara Station*!! toHummelstown.
Swedeland*}} to Norris­
Sweden VaEey to Coudersport.
! Express Office.

Swedeton to Scottdale.
Sweet Valley* to Shick­
Swengel* to Mifflinburg.
Swiftwater* to Stroudsburg
Swoyers to Luzerne.
Syberts ville* to Hazleton.
Sycamore*! to W aynesburg
Sygan to Bridgeville.
Sylvan* to M ercersburg.
Sylvania* to Troy.
Syner to Palm yra.
Tablerock* to G ettysburg.
Tafton* to Hawley.
Talmage* to Brownstown
T alm ar to Benton.
Tam arack* to Renovo.
Tanguy* to W est Chester.
T ank to Berwick.
Tanners Palls to Honesdale.
Tannersville*t to Strouds­
Tanom a to Indiana.
T arrs*!! tp M ount P leasant
Tarrtow n to K ittanning.
T atam y*!! to N azareth.
Tatesville to E v erett.
Taxville to York.
Tayioria* to Oxford.
Taylorstow n*t to Claysville.
Teepleville to Cambridge
Tellar to Union City.
Temple*! to Reading.
Tem pleton*!! to K ittan ­
Tenmile* to W ashington.
Tenmile Bottom to Oil City.
Terrace*! to Hom estead.
T errytow n to Wyalusing.
T hatcher to Quakertown.
T hom a s* | to Finleyville.
Thom asdale to Somerfield.
Thom as M ills to Hollsopple.
Thomasville*!! to York.
Thompson to Susquehanna.
T ho rn b u ry t to W. Chester.
T horndale*!! to Downingtown,
Thornhurst* to Scranton.
Thornton* to W est Chester.
Three T u n st to Ambler.
Thurlow f to C hester.
T iadaghton*tt to Wellsboro.
Tidal* to E a st Brady.
Tidedale to Hom er City.
Tilden to York.
Tillie to Gettysburg.
Tim e to W aynesburg.
Tinicum to Frenchtown,
N. J.
Tiona*! to Sheffield.
Tippecanoe to Brownsville.
Tipton* to Tyrone.
T ire Hill* to Hollsopple.

Turtlepoint* to P o rt Alle­
T uscarora*tt to Tam aqua.
Tusseyville to, Center Hall.
Twin Oaks to Chester.
Twilight to Charleroi.
Twin Rocks!! to Bbensburg
Two Taverns to Littlestow n
Tyler*!! to Dubois.
T ylerdalef to W ashington.
Tyler Hill* to Honesdale.
T ylersburg*tt to Fryburg.
T ylersburg Station to
Tylersport* to Sellersville.
Tylersville* to Loganton.
Tyre* to M idway.
Udell! to Youngwoo
Uhlerstown* to French­
town, N . J.
Uhlersville to E aston.
Uledi* to Uniontown.
Underclifif to E tna.
Unicorn to Q uarry ville.
Union D ale*!! to Forest
Union Deposit* to Hum melstown.
Union Grove* to New Hol­
Unionville (Beaver Co.) to
Unionville (Berks Co.) to
P ottstow n.
Unionvillet (Butler Co.) to
Unionville!! (Center Co.)
to Bellefonte.
United* to P leasant U nity
U nity ville* to Millville.
Universal*! to Verona.
U pland*tt to Chester.
Upper B e rn t to H am burg.
Upper Black Eddy* to
Milford, N . JUpper Hillville to E . Brady.
Upper Lehigh* to Freeland.
Upper M auch C hunk! to
M auch Chunk.
Upper M iddletown* to
Upper M ount Bethel to
Upper Strasburg* to Shippensburg.
Upton to Greencastle.
Urban* to Herndon.
Urey to Glen Campbell.
Uriah to Carlisle.
U rsina*tt to Confluence.
U tahville*tt to Coalport.
U tica*!! to Franklin.
Uwchland to E . Downington.

W akefield to Quarryville.
W alberts*! to Allentown.
W alk Chalk to K ittanning.
W alkers M illsi to Carnegie.
W alkertown to California.
Wall* to W ilmerding.
W allace to Honey Brook.
W allaceton*ti to Philips­
W aller to Benton.
W allingford*!! to M edia.
W allis Run* to Williams­
W allopsburg to Plum ville.
W all Rose to Ambridge.
Wallsville to Scranton.
W alnut* to Mifflintown.
W alnut Bend to Oil C ity.
W alnut Bottom * to Newville.
W alnut Hill to Uniontown.
W alsall to Johnstown.
W alston* to Punxsutaw ney
W alters to E aston.
W altersburg*!! to Uniontown.
W alton!! to Ulysses.
Waltonville* to Hum m els­
W anam akers*!! to New
W anam ie*t to Nanticoke.
W anneta to Albion.
W apwallopen*!! to Betwick.
W arble to P o rt Royal.
W ard* to M edia.
W arfordsburg* to Hancock,
M d.
W arm inster* to H atboro.
W arren Center* to Owego,
N . Y.
W arrendale* to M ars.
Warrensville* to Williams­
W arren T avern to M alvern.

W arrington* to Doylestown
W arrior R un to Ashley.
W arriors M ark*! to T yrone
W arsaw to Brockway ville.
Warwick* to Birdsboro.
W ashington Boro*! to Co­
W ashington Crossing* to
W ashingtonville*! to T urbotviUe.
W assergass to Bethlehem.
W aterfall* to M cConnellsburg.
W aterford (W estmoreland
Co.) to Ligonier.
W aterloo to Blairs Mills.
W aterm an* to Hom er City.
W aterside* to W oodbury.
W ater Street* to P eters­
W aterton to Shickshinny.
W aterville*!! to Jersey
Valencia*!! to M ars.
W atson F arm to Sheffield.
Valier*!! to Punxsutawney.
W aitersonville to
E ast
Tivoli* to Hughesville.
T obyhanna*!!
E ast
Valley Forge*tt to Phoenix- W attsburg* to Union City.
W aukesha to Mahaffey.
Todd*f to H untingdon.
W aver ly*t to F actory ville.
Valley S toret to M alvern.
Tohickon* to Perkasie.
W aw a*tt to M edia.
Tolna to Shrewsbury.
W aym art*!! to Carbondale
Tompkins to Lawrenceville.
W aynesville to Halifax.
Van Buren to E ast Brady.
Tompkinsville to Jerm yn.
W eaverland to T erre Hill.
Tomstown to W aynesboro.
W eavers Old S tan d i to
Torpedo*! to Youngsville.
T orrance to Blairsville.
W eaversville toC atasauqua.
Vandling* to Forest City.
Toughkenam on*tt toAvonW ebster Mills* to M cConVandyke* to Mifflintown.
Vanilla to Greencastle.
Townhill* to Shickshinny.
Vankirk S tation to W ash­ W ehr to Tam aqua.
Townline to Shickshinny.
W ehrum*! to Ebensburg.
Tracyville to Honesdale.
W eidasville to Slatington.
Van M eter* to Sm ithton.
T rade City* to Punxsutaw W eigh Scales to Shamokin.
Van Ormer to Coalport.
Weiglestown to York.
T rainerf to Chester.
W eikert* to Mifflinburg.
onongaT ransfer*!! to Sharpsville.
Weisel* to Perkasie.
Trappe* to Collegeville.
Weisenburg* to Kutztown.
Trauger*! to P leasant U ni­
W eishample to Ashland.
Varden to Lake Ariel.
ty .
Weisstown to Allenwood.
Treichlers*!! to Siegfried.
Welcome Lake* to Hones­
Tresckow* to Hazleton.
Trestle to U nity Station.
Weldon* to Jenkintow n.
Venice to Hickory.
TreveskynJ to Cecil.
Weller sburg* to M ount
Trevose*!! to Langhorne. , Ventland to M adera,
Savage, M d.
Venus* to Shippenville.
Trexler* to Ham burg.
Wells to'E lm ira, N . Y.
Vera Cruz*!! to Allentown.
Trexlertown*!! to Allen­
W ellsburg to Albion.
Weliscreek* to Somerset.
Verne to Reedsville.
Trim ills to Benton.
W ells Tannery* to HopeVernfleld* to Souderton.
Trindle Spring to M echanwell.
Vernon* to Tunkhannock.
W elsh H ill to F orest City.
Versailles!! to M cKeesport.
Trooper* to N orristown.
W elsh R un to M ercersburg.
FredericksT ro tter to Connellsville.
W elty to P leasant U nity.
Troughcreek* to Saxton.
Wendel* to Irwin.
Vetera to Spangler.
T routrun*!! to W illiams­
W enks to G ettysburg.
Vian to Hummelstown.
W erleys Corner to New
Vici to New Holland.
Troutville* to Sykesville.
Trowbridge to E lm ira,N .Y .
Wertz* to W illiamsburg.
Victor to Philipsburg.
W ertzviile to M echanicsVideo to Cameron, W. Va.
Vilas to Jersey Shore.
Trucksville* to Luzerne.
Wescosville to Allentown.
Village Greenf to M edia.
Truemans* to Sheffield.
W eskit to K ittanning.
Vincent to Spring City.
T ruittsb u rg to New B eth­
Wesley to Grove City.
Vinco to Conemaugh.
W, Auburn* to Laceyville.
Vinem ont*!! to Reading.
Trumbauersville* to Quak­
W est Bangor to D elta.
Vintage* to Gap.
W est Belle Vernon to Bell
Virginia Mills to Fairfield.
T runkeyvillef to Tidioute.
T ru st to G ettysburg.
W est Berwick to Berwick.
Voganville* to New Holland
Tryonville* to Titusville.
W. Bethlehem to Bethle­
Vose to M eshoppen.
T uckertont to Reading.
Vowinckel* to M arienville.
Tullytow n*!! to Bristol.
W est Bingham to Ulysses.
Vrooman to Titusville.
Tulpehocken* ' to W omelsW
est B ranch to M edia.
W est Bridgewater* to Ro­
T unnel Hill* to Gallitzin.
W addle*! to Bellefonte.
T unnelton*!! to Saltsburg.
W est BrOWnsville*t to
W ade to Pottsville.
T urkey City* to Em lenton.
Wagner* to Lew^stown.
Turnersville to Jam estown.
W est Burlington to Troy.
CoatesTurniphole to Foxburg.
_____ W est Clifford to ForestC ity
_Turnpike*! to Shrewsbury.
Money Order Office.
i County Seat.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

W . Conshohockentt to Conshohocken.
W . D ecatur* to Philipsburg
W. D ublin to McConnellsburg.
W est E arl to Brownstown.
W . E lizabeth*tî to Eliza­
W est E n d to Berlin.
W est Fairfield to New
W. Fairview*t to H arris­
W est Finley* to Claysville.
W estfordft to Jam estown.
W est Franklin to C anton.
W est Freedom to Parkers
W. H am burg to Ham burg.
W est Hanover* to Palm yra.
W. H ickory*ft to T ionesta.
W est Hom estead to Home­
W estland* to Hickory.
W est Leesport* to Reading.
W. Leisenring* to Uniontown. !
W est Lenox to Hop B ottom
W est L iberty to Slippery
Westline* to M ount Jew ett.
W. M anayunk to M anayunk.
W. M iddletown* to Avella.
W est M ill Creek to Erie.
W est Millville to New
Nethlehem .
W est M onterey*!! to P ark­
ers Landing.
W estm oorf to Kingston.
W estm oreland City* to
M anor.
W est M oshannun* to
W. N anticoketî to N an ti-'
W. Nicholson to Nicholson.
Weston* to Hazleton. ,
W estover*!! to Mahaffey.
W est Pike to Galeton.
W est Pikeland to Phoenixville.
W est P ittsb u rg h t (Alle­
gheny Co.) to Crafton.
W est Pittsburgh*! (Law­
rence Co.) to W am pum .
W est P itts to h ti to P ittsto n
W. P oint*ft to N. Wales.
W estport*!! to Renovo.
W est Readingf to Reading.
W. Salisbury* to E lk Lick.
W est Spring Creek to Corry
W est Springfield*! to Con- i
neaut, Ohio.
W est Sunbury* to B utler.
W. Union to W aynesburg.
W. View! to P ittsburgh.
Westville* to Brockwayville.
W. Vincent to Phoenixville.
W. W arren to Nichols,N.Y.
W est W hiteland* to'D ow ningtown.
W. Willow*!! to L ancaster.
W. Winfield*! to Freeport.
W etm ore to Kane.
W etona to Troy.
Wexford* to M ars.
W eyant to Claysburg.
W harton*f{ to Austin.
W heatland*!! to Farrell.
W h eat Sheaf to Trenton,
N . J.
Wheelerville*! to C anton. ,
W hitaker*! to Hom estead.
W hite! to Scottdale.
W hite Bear to Birdsboro.
W hite Calvin to Bethlehem
W hite Carbon to Bethle­
W hitedeer*!! to W est Milton.
W hite H all (Adams Co.) to
Littlestow n
W hite H all (Mifflin Co.) to
W hite Hall* (M ontour Co.)
to M uncy.
W hitehorse! to M alvern.
W hiteley* to Carmichaels.
W hitem arsh*!! to Jenkintbwn.
W hite Mills to Honesdale.
W hiteoak! (,L ancaster Co.)
to M anheim .
W hitepine* to W illiam sport
W hite Rock* to Oxford.
W hite Valley to Export.
W hitesburg ot K ittanning.
W hites Corners to W estfield.
W hites F erry to Tunhannock.
W hitesprings to Mifflin­
W hites Valley* to Hones­
W hite Valley to Export.
W hitford*! to Downingtown.
W hitford Station to Downingtown.
W hitnèy* to L atrobe.
W hitsett* to Perryopolis.
Wick* to Harrisville.
W ickboro to K ittanning.
W ickhaven* to Perryopolis.
Wiconisco* to Lykens.
Widnoon* to Rimersburg.
W igton to Phillipsburg.
Wila* to Newport.
W ilawana*!! to W averly.
N . Y! Telegraph Station.



W ilburton* to M t, Carmel.
Wildwood*! to M ars.
Wildwood Springs to Cresson.
Wilgus to Glen Campbell.
W illet to Indiana.
W illiam Penn* to C'onshohockenWilliams to Hyndm an.
Williams Grove (Clearfield
Co.) to Philipsburg.
Williams Grove*! (Cumber­
land Co.) to M echanicsburg.
Williamson*! (Franklin Co.)
to Chambersburg.
W illiams Valley! to Johns­
Willock* to Hays.
Willowdale to K ennettsquare.
Willow Hill* to Cham bers­
Willow Street* to L ancaster
W ilmore*!! to Portage.
W lim ot to Wyalusing,
Wilpen* to Ligonier.
W im m ers*!! to Lake Ariel.
W indham to Owego, N . Y.
W indham Center toN ichols,
N . Y.
W indom to M ountville.
W ind Ridge* to Cameron,
W. Va.
W indsor C astle! to H am ­
W infield*!! to Lewisburg.
W ingate* to Bellefonte.
W ingerton to Waynesboro.
W inslow! to Big Run.
W interdale* to Hancock,
W interstown to Red Lion.
W intersville to M yerstown.
W inton*!! to Jessup.
W iota to Spring Grove.
Wireton* (Allegheny Co.)
to Ambridge.
W ireton (W estmoreland
Co.) tp Monessen.
Wirsing to Fairchance.
Wishaw* to Reynoldsville
Wismer* to Doylestown.
W istar to Renovo.
W istie to M ount Union.
W itm er*!! to Lancaster.
W ittenberg to M eyersdale.
Wolfsburg*! to Bedford.
Wolfs Store to Millheim.
Woodbine*! to D elta
W oodbourne*tf to Lang­
Woodcock to Cambridge
W ooddale to Scottdale.
Woodhill to Newtown.
W oodland*!! to Clearfield.
Woodlyn to Chester.
W oodmont*! to H atboro.
Woodrow* to Hickory.
Woodruff to W aynesburg,
Woodside* to Yardley.
Woodville* to Carnegie.
Woodward* to M illheim.
Woolrieh* to Lock Haven.
Worcester* to N orthW ales.
W orleytown to Greencastle.
Wormleysburg*! to H arris­
W orthington* to K ittan ­
Worthville* to Summer­
W ortzville to Fairfield.
Woxall* to Schwenkville.
W rights* to P o rt Alleghany
W rightstown* to Newton.
W urtem burg to Ellwood
Wyano* to W est Newton.
W ycombe*!! to Doyles­
W yebrook to Honey Brook.
Wylandville* to W ashing­
W yncote*! to Jenkintow n.
W yndm oor! to C hestnut
Hill, Phila.
Wysox*!! to Towanda.
Yarnell* to Bellefonte.
Y ates to P ittston.
Yatesboro*! to R ural Val­
Y eadont! to Lansdowne.
Yeagertown* to Burnham .
Yellow Creek* to Hopewell.
Yellow House* to Boyertown.
Yerkes* to Collegeville.
Yocumtown to Goldsboro.
Yoe*! to Red Lion.
Yohoghany* to Sutersville.
Y orkana to Wrightsville.
Y ork New Salem* to York
York Run* to Fairchance.
Youngdale*! to Lock Haven
Youngs to Bath.
Youngstown* to Latrobe.
Y ounts to Bedford.
Zehner to W hite Häven.
Zenith* to Berwick,
Zerbe*! to Trem ont.
Ziegler to E a st Berlin.
Zieglervillett to Schwenk­
Zimm erm an to Somerset.
Zion* to Bellefonte.
Zionhill* to Quakertown.
Zions Grove* to M ahanoy
City! Express Office,



Zions View to.Y ork.
Zionsyille*!! to Em aus.
Zollarsville to M arianna.
Zora to Em m itsburg, M d.
Zucksville to E aston.
Zullinger* to W aynesboro

A bbottrun*! to Paw tucket.
Adamsville* to Pall Riyer,
M ass.
Albion*!! to W oonsocket.
Allendale to Providence.
Allenton* to Wickford.
Alton* to Hope Valley.
A nthony*!! to Arctic.
Apponaug*î to E a st Green­
Arcadia* to Hope Valley.
A rkw right!! to Phénix.
Arlington! to Providence.
Arnold M ills*!! to Paw ­
A shton*!! to Paw tucket.
A ub u rn !! to Providence.
Barrington*!! to W arren.
Bellevillet to Wickford.
B erkley!! to Paw tucket.
Block Island*!! to Newport.
B radford*!! to W esterly.
Bridgeton* to Pascoag.
Canonchet* to Hope Valley.
Carolina* to Hope Valley.
Centerda3e*t}to Providence
Centerville*!! to Arctic.
C entral Palls*ftoPaw bucket
Charlestown* to Wakefield.
Chepachet*t to Pascoag.
Clayville* to Phénix
Conim icut*! to Providence.
C oventry*!! to Arctic. Cowesett* to E . Greenwich.
C ran sto n fi to Providence.
Crom pton*f to Arctic.
C um berland H ill! to Woon­
Davisville*! to E a st Green­
Diam ond H ill to Paw ­
Edgewood*! to Providence.
Escoheag* to Norwich.
Exeter* to Wickford.
Fiskeville*t to Phenix.
Forestdale*! to Slatersville.
Foster* to Danielson, Conn.
F oster Center* to D aniel­
son. Conn.
Georgiaville*t to Greenville
Glendale*! to Slatersville.
Greene*!! to Arctic.
Greystone*t to Providence.
Ham ilton* to Wickford.
Harm ony* to Greenville,
H arris!! to Phenix.
Harrisville*!! to Pascoag.
Hifisgrove*! to Providence.
H ope*!! to Phenix.
Hopkinton* to Ashaway.
Howard*! to Providence.
Hoxie*! to Providence.
Hughesdale to Providence.
Island P ark to Fall River.
M ass.
Jam estow n*!! to New port
Kenyon*! to Kingston.
K nightsville! to Providence
L aFayette* to Wickford.
Lakewood! to Providence.
L iberty to Wickford.
Lime Rock to Paw tucket.
L ittle Com pton*! to Fall
River, M ass.
Longmeadow*! to Provi­
Lonsdale*! to Paw tucket.
LymansvUle! to Providence
M a n to n t! to Providence.
M anville*!! to Woonsocket
Mapleville* to Pascoag.
M atunuck to Wakefield.
M elville!! to Newport.
M eshanticut
M iddletow n!! to N ew port,
Nasonville*!! to Slaterville.
N atick*!! to Phenix.
Nooseneck Hill to Arctic.
N o rth Scituate* to Green­
N o rth T iverton to Fall
River, M ass.
Norwood*!! to Providence.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Oakland*! to Pascoag.
Oakland Beach*! to E ast
Oak Lawn*!! to Providence
Paw tuxet to Providence.
Peace Dale*! to Wakefield.
Perrysvilie to Wakefield.
Phillipsdale to Providence.
P oint Ju d ith ! to N arraganse tt Pier.
Pontiac*!! to Phenix.
Portsm outh*! to Newport.
P o tter Hill* to Ashaway.
Q uidnickü to Arctic.
Quohochontaug to W esterly
River P oint*!! to Phenix.
Riverside*!! to Providence.
Rockland* to Phenix.
Rockville* to Hope Valley.
Rum ford to Providence.
Saunderstown* to Wickford.
Saylesvilie* to Paw tucket.
Shannock*! to W esterly.
Shawomet* to Providence.
Slocum*! to Wickford.
So. F oster to Danielson,
S. P ortsm outh to Newport.
South Scituate* to Phenix.
Stillwater* to Greenville.
Sum m it*!! to Arctic.
T arkiln! to Slatersville.
T hornton*! to Providence.
Tiverton* to Fall River,
M ass.
T iverton Four Corners* to
F all River, Mass.
Usquepaugh* to Kingston.
Valley Falls*!!


Paw ­

W allum Lake*! to Pascoag.
Warwick*! to Providence.
W ashington*!! to Arctic.
W atch H ill*!! to W esterly.
West B arrington*!! to W ar­
W est Gloucester to P utnam ,
AW est Kingston* to Kings­
Wood R iver Junction*! to
Hope Valley.
Woodville* to Hope Valley.
Wyoming* to Hope Valley.

Adamsburg* to Union.
Adamsrun* to Charleston.
Adrian* to Conway.
Alcolu*!! to M anning.
Alcot to Bishopville.
Allen*!! to Conway.
Allsbrook* to Loris.
Alvin* to St. Stephens.
Angeius*! to Jefferson. Ï
Antioch to Camden.
Appleton*! to Allendale.
Arcadia* to Spartanburg.
Arkwright to Spartanburg.
Arlington* to Greer.
Armenia to Chester.
Asbury to Jonesville.
Ashepoo*!! to W alterboro.
Ashley Junction to Charles> ton.
Atkins* to M ayesvihe.
Atlanticville* to Charles­
Austin to Laurens.
Au tun* to Pendleton.
Avon to Blackstock.
Awehsdaw* to McClellanville.
Badham* to St. George.
Baldock* to Allendale.
Ballentine* to Columbia.
Bannockburn* to Florence.
Barksdale* to Laurens.
Barnes (Anderson Co.) to
B arr to Léxington.
B arton*!! to Allendale.
Bascomville* to Chester.
Batesville to Greer.
B ath*!! to Augusta, Ga.
B attlecreek to W estm inster
B axter to Batesburg.
Bayboro* to Loris.
Beech Island to Augusta, G a
Belfast to Clinton. *
Belvedere to N. Augusta.
Benson to Kingstree.
Bethera* to M oncks Cor­
Bingham *!! to L atta.
Bishop to' Spartanburg.
Blacks to Ridge Spring.
Blairs*!! to Carlisle.
Blaney*!! to Cam den.
Blenheim* to Bennettsville.
Blooming Vale bo Andrews.
Bloomville* to M anning.
Blossom to Scranton


ACounty Seat.

Blue Brick to L atta.
Bluffton* to Beaufort.
Blythewood*!! to Ridge­
Boiling Springs to Spartan­
B onneau*!! to Moncks
Bookman* to Columbia.
Bordeaux*! to M cCormick.
Borden* to Hagood.
Bowling Green* to Clover.
Boykin*!! to Camden.
Bradley*!! to Troy.
Breezewood* to Troy.
Brogdon* to Sum ter.
Brownsville* to B ennetts­
Bucksport* to Conway.
Bucksville to Conway.
Buddenviile to Allendale.
Bullock Creek* to Sharon.
Burgess* to Conway.
B urton*! to Beaufort.
Bush to Ellenton.
Calhoun*!!, to Pendleton.
C alhoun Falls*!! to Abbe­
Callison* to Greenwood.
Cam p Ridge to Cades.
C am pton to Inm an.
Car to Dillon.
Cartersville*! to Tim m onsvihe.
C arvers B ay to Georgetown
Cashs D epot to Cheraw.
Cashville to Woodruff .
C assatt*!! to Camden.
Catawba* to Rock Hill.
Cateechee* to Norris.
Causey to Fairbluff, N . C.
Caves to Allendale.
Cayce*! to Columbia.
Cedar Grove to F ountain
Cedar Spring* to Spartan­
©handler to Belton.
Cheddar to W illiam ston.
Cherokee* to Spartanburg.
Cherokee Falls* to Blacks­
Chicks Springs to Taylors.
Chicora* to M oncks Corner
Chisolm to Beaufort.
Ohopee to Georgetown.
Clarks H ill*!! to Augusta,
Claussen* to Florence.
C learw ater*!! to Augusta.
Cleora* to Edgefield.
Cleveland to T raveller’s
R est.
Clyde to Hartsville.
Cohens Bluff to H am pton.
Cokesbury* to Hodges.
Cold Springs to A dgusta.
Colemans to Chappells.
Colleton*!! to W alterboro.
Colliers* to Edgefield.
Collins to L ancaster.
Congaree*!! to Columbia.
Connors to Holly Hill.
Cool Spring to Conway.
Cooper* to Hemingway.
Coosawhatchie*! to Beau­
Cordesville* to M oncks
Cordova*!! to Orangeburg
Cornwell* to Blackstock:
Coronaca* to Greenwood.
Gottageville* to W aterboro.
Crescent* to Woodruff.
C resto n tt to Elloree.
Crocketville! to H am pton.
Crom er to Newberry.
Cross* to Holy Hill.
Crosskeys to U nion.
Crouch to Saluda.
Cummings*! to H am pton.
Cypress to Lam ar.
Dacusville* to Easley.
Dale* to Beaufort.
Dalzell*!! to Sumter.
D antzler to Holly Hill.
Daufuskie to Savannah,Ga.
D avis Station*! to Summ erton.
Dawkins*! to W innsboro.
D ean Crossing to Green­
D elm ar to Leesville.
Dentsville to Columbia.
Dongola to Conway.
Donora* to Barnwell.
D orchester*! to St. George.
Dovesville*! to Darlington.
Drake* to Bennettsville.
D rayton* (Spartanburg Co.)
to Spartanburg.
Drum m ondville to Woodruff
D unbar*!! to Clio.
D u n b arto n * !! to Barnwell
D.unvegah to Georgetown.
D upont to Charleston.
Dyson* to N inety Six.
E adytow n to St. Stephen.
Earle* to Aiken.
E arly Branch*! to H am p­
Ebenezer* to Florence.
E den to Graycourt.
Edgewold* to Columbia.
Edgm oor*!! to Rock Hill.
E disto Island* to Charles­
»Money Order Office.

E dm und*!! to Lexington.
Effingham*! to Florence.
Ekom to Laurens.
Eldorado to Loris
Elko*!! to Williston.
Embree* to Branchviile.
English to Hagood.
E nterprise to Charleston.
Epworth* to Ninety-Six.
E theridge to Leesville.
E u lo n iafi to M arion.
Eureka* to Aiken.
Fairforest*! to S partan­
Fairm ont* to Duncan.
F air Play* to W estminster.
Fairview to Fountain Inn.
Fechtig to H am pton.
Ferguson! to Eutawville.
F ilbert to Clover.
Fingerville* to Inm an.
Floyd Dale*! to Dillon.
Foreston* to Greeleyville.
Forney to Conway.
F ort F rem ont to Beaufort.
F o rt Hill to Pendleton.
F o rt Lawn*!! to L ancaster.
F o rt M adison to W est­
m inster.
F o rt M otte*!! to St.
M athews.
Fowler* to Kingstree.
Fox to Batesburg.
Franklin to Edgefield.
Frankville to Pelzer.
Frogmore* to Beaufort.
F ru it Hill to Johnston.
Fudges to Lancaster.
Gable* to Olanta.
Gadsden*! to Columbia.
Gaines* to Greenwood.
Galivafits Ferry* to M arion
G an tt to Greenville.
G arnett*!! to Estill.
Gaston*! to Swansea.
Gifford*! to H am pton.
Gillisonville* to H am pton.
G ilm ania!! to Yemassee.
G ivhans! to Summerville.
Glendale* to Spartanburg.
Glenn Springs* to Spartan­
Glym phville to Newberry.
Goldville*!! to Clinton.
Goose Creek to Summer­
Goucher tp Gaffney.
Gough to M oncks Corner.
G ourdin! to St. Stephens.
Govan*! to Olar.
Gowensville to Inman.Graham ville to Ridgeland.
G ray to H am pton.
G rays Hill*! to P o rt Royal.
Greenland to Barnwell.
Green Pond*!! to W alter­
Green Sea* to T abor, N . C.
Gresham*! to M arion.
Grover* to St. George.
Gurley*!! to Loris.
Guthriesville* to Yorkville.
H am er*!! to Dillon.
Hammond* to Conway.
Hand* to Conway.
H annah to Johnsonville.
H ardeeville*!! to Savan­
nah, Ga.
Harvin* to M anning.
H askell to Conway.
H attieville*! to Barnwell.
Hawthorn* to Ellenton.
H ayne! to Spartanburg.
Hèinem ann to Greeleyville.
Hendersonville to W alter­
H enry*!! to Hem ingway.
H ester to Calhoun Falls.
H ilda to Barnwell.
H ilton to Chapin.
H iltonhead* to Beaufort.
Hobbysville to Woodruff.
Homewood to Conway.
Honeyhill* to McClellanville.

Hopkins*!! to Columbia.
H oratio* to Hagood.
H orrell to Columbia.
Horry*! to Conway.
Horse P ond to Charleston.
Howellton to Aiken.
H udson to Florence.
Huger* to M onks Corner.
Hym an* to Scranton.
Irene to Lexington.
Irm o*!! to Columbia.
Islandton* to Varnvilie.
Jackson*! (Aiken Co.) to
Jackson* (Richland Co.) to
Jacksonboro*!! to M eggett.
Jacobs to Columbia.
Jalapa to Newberry,
Jam es Crossing to Colum­
Jam es Island! to Charles­
Jam estown* to St. Stephen
Jam ison*!! to Orangeburg.
Jedburg* to Summerville.
JenkinsvWle* tò W innsboro.
Jennings to Winnsboro.
! Telegraph Station.

Jennys to Fairfax.
Johns Island*!! to Charles­
Jordan*! to Summerton.
Jordanville to Conway.
K alb to Camden.
Kathwood* to Augusta, Ga.
K eaton to Abbeville.
Kelton* to Jonesville.
Kem per*! to M arion.
K illian to Columbia.
K inards*!! to Clinton.
Kings to Central.
Kingsburg* to Pamplico.
Kings Creek*!! to Blacks­
K ingvillel! to F o rt M otte.
Kirksey* to Greenwood.
Kitchings Mills* to Aiken.
Kollock*! to Cheraw.
Ladies Island to Beaufort.
Ladson*! to Summerville.
Lam bs to Charleston.
Lando* to Chester.
Lanford Station* to Enoree.
Langley*!! to Graniteville.
L atim er to Georgetown.
Laurel to Georgetown.
Lawtonville to Estill.
Leeds*! to Chester.
Lees* to Blackville.
Lena*! to E still.
Leo* to Lake C ity.
Lesslie* to Rockhill.
L ester to Bennettsville.
Level Land* to D ue West.
Levys* to Savannah, Ga.
Lewis Turnout* to C h est« .
L iberty Hill* to Heath
Lim a to Travellers Rest.
Lincolnville to Summerville
Lisbon to Columbia.
Livingston*!! to N orth.
Lobeco!! to Beaufort.
Lolo to Spartanburg.
L onestar*! to Elloree.
Longcreek* to W alhalla.
Long Ridge to Summerville.
Longs* to Conway.
Longtown* to Ridgeway.
Lowryville*! to ChesterLucknow*! to Bishopville.
L um ber*!! t,o Darlington.
L uray*! to E still.
Lydia*! to Bishopville.
Lykesland* to Columbia. .
Lynchwood to Bethune.
Lyndhurst* to Barnwell.
M acbeth* toM oncksCorner.
M adden to Laurens.
M adison*!! to W estm inster
M agnolia to Lynchburg.
M ajors to Liberty.
M allory* to Latta."
M appus to Charleston.
M arietta* to Travellèrs
R est.
M arlboro to Bennettsville.
M arsbluff*!! to Florence.
M arshall to Columbia.
M artin*! to Allendale.
M artins Point* to Charles­
M auldin*!! to Greenville.
M aynard to Easley.
M ayo*!! to Spartanburg.
McConnellsville* to York­
M eeting Street* to John-,
M eriwether*! to Augusta,
M e rritts Bridge to Aiken.
M eyers Mill*! to Barnwell.
M ichael to Loris.
M iddendorf*!! to Cheraw.
M idland' P ark to Summer­
M idw ay to Bamberg.
M iley! to Brunson.
M illettville* to Barnwell.
M in tu rn ! to Dillon.
M odoc*!! to Parksville.
Monie to Blackville.
M ontclare* to Darlington.
M onterey to Abbeville.
MonticeUo* tò Winnsboro.
M ontm orenci*!! to Aiken.
M oore*! to Spartanburg.
M orris to Barnwell.
Morrisville* to Andrews.
M oultrieville*! to (Charles­
M ountain Rest* to Walhalla.
M t. Caram el to Willington.
M ount Gallagher to Lau­
M ount Holly*! Moncks
M ount
P leasant
M o u n t Tabor* to Union.
M ount Willing to Bates­
M ouzons to Kingstree.
M udlic to Chappells.
M ullet H all to Charleston.
M ulligan to E still.
M urad to Ridgland.
M urrells Inlet* t o , George­
M yers* to Charleston,
M yrtle Beach*!! to Con­
Î Express ©fice.

S O U T H C A R O L IN A , S . D A K O T A
N avy Y ard to Charleston.
Nebo to M arion.
Nelson to W innsboro.
N esm ith*!! to Hemingway.
Newffiarket* to Greenwood.
New P rospect to Inm an.
Newry* to Seneca.
New Zion* tp Olanta.
Neyles to W alterboro.
Nixon ville* to Oonway.
Oakley Depot* to M oncks
Oaks to Kingstree.
Oakway to W estm inster.
Oats to L am ar.
Okatie to Savannah, Ga.
Old P oint to Rock Hill.
Oldtown to Chappells.
Ora* to Laurens.
Orum* to Florence.
Osborn* { to Charleston.
Osceola* to Waxhaw, N . C.
Oswego* to Sum ter.
Outland to Hemingway.
Owdoms to Johnston.
Pages M ill! to Lakeview.
Palmer vi lie* to Andrews.
Palm etto to Darlington.
Paris to Greenville.
Paris Island* to Beaufort.
Parkers F erry to Charles­
Parksville to P lum Branch.
Parler to Elioree.
Patrick*!! to Cheraw.
Pauline* to Spartanburg.
Peak*!! to Prosperity.
Peedee*tt t© M arion.
Pelham to Greer.
P erry * f| to Salley.
Pineland*! to Estill.
Pineville* to St. Stephens.
Pinkney to Union.
Pinopolis* to M oncks Cor­
Planters ville* to George­
Pleasant to Ridgeway.
Pleasant H ill to H eath
Pleasant Lane* to Edgefield.
Ponpon to Charleston.
Pontiac to Columbia.
P ort R oyal*!! to Beaufort.
Poston*!! to Johnsonville.
P overty Hill to Augusta.
Power to Owings.
Pregnall*tt to St. George.
Prescott to Edgefield.
Princeton* to H onea P ath.
Prioleau to Holly Hill.
Pritchardville* to Savan­
nah, Ga.
Privateer to Sum ter.
Progress to Greer.
Providence to Sum ter.
Purysburg to Savannah.
Rains! to M ullins.
Rapley to Owings.
Raven els*!! to Charleston.
Raymond* to Orangeburg
Red Top to Charleston.
Reidville* to D uncan.
Rem bert*!! to Hagood.
Renno* to Clinton.
Rhems* to Andrews.
Richburg*! to Chester.
Richland*! to Seneca.
Rileys to Hodges.
Rimini* to Pinewood.
Rion* to W innsboro.
R itter*t to W alterboro.
Riverside* (Lancaster Co.)
to L ancaster.
Riverview to Travellers
R obbinstt to Barnwell.
Robertsville to Estill.
Rock to Pickens.
Rockywell to Lexington.
Rodman* to C hester.
Roebuck*!! to S partanburg
Rome to Hemingway.
Roseland to Aiken.
Round* to W alterboro.
Runnymede to Charleston.
Rushville to Troy
Russellville* to St. Stephens
Saint Charles*!! to Sum ter.
Saint Helena Island to
Saint Paul* to Sum m erton.
Salem* to W alhalla.
Salkahatchie* to W alter­
Salters Depot* to Kingstree
Samaria* to Leesville.
Sampit to Andrews.
Sandover to McCormick.
Sandridge to Holly Hill.
Sandy Run* to Columbia.
Santee* to M cClellan ville.
Santuck*!! to Carlisle.
Sardinia* to M anning.
Savage to Pamplico.
Scarboro to Sumter.
Scotia*tt tp Estill.
Seabrook*! to Beaufort.
Sedalia* to Union.
Seiglingville to Allendale.
Seivern*tt to W agener
Sellers*ti to L atta.
Septus to Pendleton.
Sheldon*! to Beaufort.

Table M ountain to Easley.
T alatha* to Aiken.
Tamassee* to W alhalla.
T arboro! to Estill.
T atum *! to Bennettsville.
Taxahaw* to Kershaw.
Ten M ile to Charleston.
T he F arm s to Charleston.
Thickety* to Gaffney.
Thom pson to .Georgetown.
Thor* to Pelion.
Tigerrille* to Greer.
T illm an*!! to E still.
Tindal*! to Sum ter.
Tirzah*! to Yorkvilie.
Todd ville* to Conway.
Toney Creek* to Belton.
Townville* to Seneca.
Tradesville to L ancaster.
Trough* to Spartanburg.
T roy*!! to McCormick.
T ueapau*! to S partanburg.
Turbeville* to M ayesville.
T urner to Ellenton.
T uten to Fairfax.
Ulm ers*!! to Olars.
Vance*! to Emtawville.
Van Wyck*! to Waxhaw,
N. C.
Varntown to W alterboro.
Vaucluse*!! to Graniteville.
V erdery*!! to Greenwood.
Vina to Oonway.
Vox to Hemingway.
Waco to Anderson.
W alkersville to Greenville.
Wallaceville* to Columbia.
Wampe©* to Oonway.
Wando* to Charleston.
W aring to Scranton.
W arrenville*!! to G ranite­
W arrs Crossing to Andrews.
Water©©* to F o rt M otte.
W atts! to Abbeville.
W averly Mills* to George­
Wedgefield*!! to Sum ter.
Weeks to St. George.
Weimer to H am pton.
W eston to Columbia.
W est Springs to Jonesville.
W est ville*! to Kershaw.
W hitehall! to W alterboro.
W hite Oak*!! to W inns­
Whit® Pond*! to Williston.
W hite Reck*! to Chapin.
W hite Stone*!! to S partan­
Wiggins* to W alterboro.
Wilkins* to Beaufort.
Wilkinsville* to Hickory
W ilksburg to Chester.
Williams*! to E hrh ard t.
Wilson* to M anning.
W inona to Florence.
W isaeky*!! to Bishopville.
Wolfton* to Orangeburg.
Woodford*!! to N orth.
Woodward* to Blackstock.
W ren to St. Stephens.
W ysesFerry to Prosperity.
Yaw hannah to Gedrgetown
Yonges Island*!! to Meggett.
Zion to M arion.
Academy* to P latte.
Ada* to Chance.
Adelaide to. Conde.
A irm ount to Hillhead.
Allen* to Interior,
Alsen to Beresford.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Shell* (H orry Co.) to Con­
Shelton*! to Carlisle.
Shiloh* go Lynchburg.
Shoals Junction*!! to Don­
Silver*!! to Summerton.
Silverstreet*!! to Newberry
Smallwood to Ridgewood.
Smithboro* to M ullins.
Sm iths M ills to Johnson­
Sm iths T urnout* to Rock
Snelling to Barnwell.
Society Hill*!! to Darling­
South Lynchburg to Lynch­
Stafford to E still.
Stalvey to Conway.
Steedman*! to Batesburg.
Stirling to Greenville.
Stockm an to Prosperity.
Stokes* to W alterboro.
Stokesbridge to Bishopville.
Strawberry* to M oncks
Strother*! to Carlisle.
Sunnydale to Pickens.
Switzer* to Woodruff.
Syeamore*!! to Fairfax.
Syracuse! to Darlington.

ACounty Seat.

Appleby to W atertow n.
Arnott* to Harrold.
Arpan* to Nisland.
A thboy to Lemmon.
Avance* to Faith.
B ard to M itchell.
Batesland* to M artin.
B ath*! to Aberdeen.
Beebe* to Ipswich.
Ben C lare! to Valley
Bendon to Kimball.
Bergen to Southshore.
Berton to Howard.
B etts to Mitchell.
Big Springs to Hawarden,
la .
Bixby* to F aith.
Black H aw k*!! to R apid
B laha to T yndall.
Bloomington to Bovee.
Blue Range* to Dimock.
B oneita Springs*toOwanka.
Bonhomme to T abor.
Booge*! to G arretson.
Brennan to Gordon, Neb.
Bridger to Philip.
Bullhead* to M cIntosh.
Bullock to Camp Crook.
Burch t î t o B ritton.
B urdette to Rockham.
Burdock to Edgem ont.
Burkmere* to F aulkton
B urton to Mitchell.
C actus to W atertow n.
C aputa*!! to R apid C ity.
Oarlock* to Gregory.
Cash* to H ettinger, N . D.
Castle Rock* to Newell.
C edarbutte to Belvidere.
Cedar Canyon* to F aith.
Center to Salem.
C enterpoint to Viborg.
C entral City* to Deadwood
C halkbutte* to Sturgis.
Charles C ity to Colton.
C herry Creek* to M idland.
Cheyenne Agency* to G et­
Clarno to W infred.
Clayton* to Em ery.
Clearfield* to Colome.
Clough* to Sturgis.
Coal Springs* to Meadow.
Cole* to H aynes, N . D.
Como to Ahnberg.
C onata*!! to Interior.
Cooper* to Sturgis.
Cottonw ood*!! to Phillip.
Cox* to Bowman, N . D.
C raven to Ipswich.
Creighton* to Wall.
Creston* to Farm ingdale.
Crow Creek to Chamberlain.
Crowlake to W essington
O utm eat to Orookston,
D ahlberg Siding to Veblen.
Dalesberg to Centerville.
Dalzell* to W asta.
Deerfield* to H ill C ity.
Degrey to Pierre.
D em pster*!! to Estelline.
D enby to Gordon, Neb.
Dewey*!! to Edgem ont.
Dowling* to Philip.
Dunnebecke to Faith.
D uxbury to M ellette.
D yce to R utland.
Eagle to Kimball.
E ast Sioux F ails!! to Sioux
Edson* to F aith.
Elbon* to Philip.
Ellingson* to H ettinger,
N . D.
Elm Springs* to W asta.
Elrod*!! to Clark.
Endlee to Strool.
Englewood*!! to Lead.
Epiphany* to Farm er.
Fairbank*to Onida.
F airpoint*to Newell.
Farley to Belvidere.
F arnsw orth to Forestburg.
Farwell to Artesian.
Foley to W atertow n.
Folsom* to Farm ingdale.
Forest City* to G ettysburg.
Forestville to Southshore.
F o rt Thompson* to Cham ­
berlain. .
F ruitdale*!! to Bellefour che.
Fullerville to Gayville.
Gage to Aberdeen.
G allup Siding to Ashton.
Glad Valley* to Isabel.
Glendo* to Strool.
Goldfield* to Sturgis.
Goldwell to Glencross.
Gopher to Isabel.
Gorman* to Gettysburg.
Govert* to Buffalo.
G rand Valley* to M orris­
G rant to E lkton.
Greenfield to B urbank.
Greenwood* to W agner.
G retna to Roscoe.
»Money Order Office-

Grindstone* to Cottonwood
Grosse* to Chamberlain.
H anson to Irene.
H anton to W atertown.
Harding* to Bellefourche.
Harrison* to Corsica.
Hawley to Highmore.
H ay Creek to Newell.
H ay Draw* to New U nder­
wood .
Hayes* to M idland.
H enkini to Chester.
Hereford* to Sturgis.
H iland to Ortley.
Hilland* to Philip.
Hillside to Dimock.
Hilltop to Hillhead.
Ilisega to R apid City.
Hooker*! to Viborg.
Hoover* to Newell.
Huffton* to Groton.
Imogene to F aith.
Inland* to Newell.
Iona* to Dixon.
James* to Groton.
Jonesville* to New U nder­
Jordan* to W inner.
Joubert to Corsica.
Kam peska*!! tp W atertown.
Karinen* to Buffalo.
Keldron*!! to M orristown.
Kenel to McLaughlin.
Keyapaha* to W inner.
Knodell to W hite River.
Kyle* to Interior.
Ladelle to Doland.
Ladner* to Bowman, N . D.
L akeport to Y ankton.’
Lakeview to Orookston,
Landeau* to Mobridge.
L antry*!! to Eagle B utte.
LeeviUe to Beresford.
Leslie* to M idland.
Lightcap to Isabel.
L ittle Eagle to M cLaughlin
Lodgepole* to Lemmon.
Longlake* to Leola.
Lower Brule* to Reliance.
L oyalton*!! to Roscoe.
Ludlow* to Bowman, N . D.
Lyman* to Reliance.
M adra*!! to Greenway.
M ahto* to M cLaughlin.
M anchester to D e Smet.
M anderson* to Gordon.Neb
Manila* to M idland.
M ansbridge to Armour.
M apleleaf* to M cLaughlin.
M arindahl to Mission Hill.
M arlow to Veblen.
M a rtin * i to Rushville,
N ebr.
M arvin*!! to Twin Brooks.
M ason* to Newell.
M athew s to Desm et.
McGill to Reliance.
M cK ain to Bushnell.
McNeely* to Colome.
Milesville* to Philip.
Millard* to F aulkton.
Millboro* to Colome.
Milltown* to Parkston.
M innekahta*!!
H ot
. Springs.
Miscol to Tim ber Lake.
Mission* to W hite River.
M oe to Hudson.
Moenville* to M idland.
Molai* to M enno.
Morefield to Sioux Falls.
M oritz* to Gary.
Mullen* to Lucas.
M urchison* to Buffalo.
M ystic*!! to Hill City.
N ahon to Aberdeen.
N ansen to Howard.
Nemo*! to Lead.
New Holland to Corsica.
N ora to Alcester.
N orbeck to F aulkton.
Oelrichs*!! to HotSprings.
Oglala* to Rushville, Neb.
Okobojo* to Pierre.
Okreek to C arter.
Ola to Pukwana.
Opal* to Faith.
Ordway*!! to Columbia.
Ottum wa* to M idland.
Paefcola* to R apid C ity.
P arade to Eagle B utte.
Paris* to T hunder Hawk.
Parm elee to Valentine,
P axton to Carlock.
Pedro* to Quinn.
Pennington to New Under­
Peno* to Highmore.
Penville to Reeder, N . D.
Perkins to Springfield.
Phelps to M elham ,
Pine Ridge* to M arsland,
Plainview* to M arcus.
! Telegraph Station.



Plana* to Aberdeen.
P lum a to Deadwood.
Plum b to Scotland.
Poinsette to Lake Norden.
Porcupine* to Gordon, Neb
Powell* tí to Philip.
Promise* to M obridge.
Provo*!! to Edgem ont.
Ralph* to Reeder, N . D,
Randolph*! to Verdon.
Rauville to W atertow n.
Reasy to Roscoe.
Red Elm to Dupree.
Redig* to Buffalo.
Reyville to Cavour.
Richland to E lk Point.
Richm ond to Aberdeen.
Riverside to M itchell.
Robey to W hite Lake.
Rochford*!! to Deadwood.
Rockarville to Keystone.,
Rosebud*to Valentine, Neb.
Roubaix* to Deadwood.
R oyhl to Arlington.
R udolph to Aberdeen.
Rumford* to Ardmore.
Runningville to Vivian.
Running W ater * !ito Springfield.
St. Francis* to C rooksten,
Sansarc* to F o rt Pierre.
Savoy* to Spearflsh.
Shadehill to Lemmon.
Sheffield to Yale.
Silver City* to R apid City.
Sisseton Agency to Sisseton
Sm ith ville to W asta.
Sm ith wick*!! to Oelrichs.
Spain* to B ritton.
Spink to Burbank.
Spottswood to Tulare.
Spring Valley to Hurley.
Stam ford*!! to Belvidere.
Stevens to Sioux City, la.
Stoneville to Sturgis.
Sulphur *to Newell,
Swan Lake to Viborg.
Tacom a P ark to Columbia.
T am a to F aith.
T ea!! to Shindler.
Tem pleton to W essington
Terraville* to Deadwood.
Terry* to Lead.
Tilford*!! to Sturgis.
T rojan*!! to Lead.
Tuthill* to M artin.
Twilight to Newell.
Unityville*! to Salem.
Vale* to W hitewood.
Van M etre*!! to Capa.
Vega* to Pukwana.
Verdón*!! to Conde.
Vetal to Cody, Neb.
Viewfield* to New U nder­
W alker to M elntosh.
W anam aker* to Belvidere.
Wanbiee* to Interior.
W ellington Center to H um ­
W endte to F o rt Pierre.
W essington Springs*!! to
W eta* to K adoka.
Wheeler* to Geddes.
W hitedeer* to. M orristow n.
W hitehorse! to Tim ber
W hite Owl* to M arcus.
W hitney*! to Lemmon.
Willett* to Buffalo.
W inship to Frederick.
W ist to W aubay.
Wood* to W hite River.
Wososo to Valentine. Neb.
Acorn to M adisonville.
A cton to Corinth, M iss.
Adair to Jackson.
Aetna* to Centerville.
Afton*! to Greeneville.
Agee to Lafollette.
Albany to Mosheim.
Alberton to Lexington.
Alcoa* to M aryville.
Alderville to Oneida.
Aldon to Linden.
Allardt* to Jam estown.
AUisona*! to College Grove
Allons* to Livingston.
Allred* to Livingston.
Almaville to Murfreesboro.
Alm ira to Covington.
Almsville to M urfreesboro.
Alpine to Ashland City.
A ltecrest to Oneida.
Alto* to Sewanee.
Alton Park* to C h a tta­
Anderson* to Stevenson,
Andersonville* to Clinton.
Andrew Chapel to Jackson.
Anes* to Lewisburg.
Angle to W estm oreland.
+Express Office.



Annadel* to W artburg.
Anthras* to Jellieo.
Antioch* to Nashville.
Apison* to Cleveland.
Appleton* to Loretto.
Arcadia to G ate C ity, Va.
Archer to Lewisburg.
Archville* to Etow ah.
Ardee to Clarksville.
Arm athwaite* to James. town.
Arp to Ripley.
Arrington* to Franklin.
A rth u rt to C um berland Gap
Asbury to Knoxville.
Ashburn to Adairsville, Ky.
Ashport* to Ripley.
Ashwood* to Columbia.
Aspen Hill*t to Pulaski.
Atkins to Lexington.
Aulon to Memphis.
A unt to Rogersville.
Austin to Lebanon.
Austins Springs to Johnson
Austral* to Etow ah.
Ava to Bradford.