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LIST OF  TOWNS WITHOUT BANKS, IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA, GIVING NEAREST ACCESSIBLE BANK AND ATTORNEY POINT. ALABA;\IA  Abanda*t to Roanoke. Abel to Oxford. Aberfoil to Union Springs. Abernant•t to Bessemer. Ackervme• to Pineapple. Acmar* to Birmingham. Aome to Larayette. Acton* to Birmingham. Adat to Montgomery. Adamsvrne• t l to Birmingham. Addison* to Double Springs I !~fe«;r;J \.f~r~~~semer Ad ville to Oneonto.  to tile  re, cs. so rY  as 11,r. tits the  wn Uc  the  or 10n  Aimwell* to Sweetwater, Akron•u to Eutaw. Alabama Clty•rt to Gadsden. to Gordon. Alameda*t to Thomasville. ' Alanthus to Russellvllle. Alberta•ito Selma. Aldr!ch•rt to Montevallo. Alexandria•t to Annlston. Allee to Boaz. Allen• to Jackson. Allenton•t to Pineapple. Allenvllle*t to Faunsdale. Allgood to Oneonta. \llsboro* to < herokl'e. Alma• to Jackson. Almeria to Union Springs.  Bellamy• to LIVlnirston. Belle Ellen•t to West Blocton. Belle Sumter• to Be.ssemer. Belleville• to Repton. Bell Factoryt to New Market. Bell Mills• to Heflin. Bells Landing* to Camden. Bellvlew* to Camden. Bellwood*! to Hartford. Belmont* to Demopolis. Beloit•t to Selmll  ~~~~~~~at~ 'Xfl~~~~1~ie.  Benson• to Alexander City. Benton• H to Selma. Bel'lin*H to Selma. Bermuda• to Repton. Bertha to AbbevUle. Beulah to Opelika. Bevm• to Butler. Bexar• to Guin. Bigbee* to Chatom. Bllllngsley•tt to Prattv11le. Bishop to Cher:ikee. Bissell• to Cedartown, Ga. Black*t to Geneva. Blacksher• to nay Minette. Bladon Springs• to Waynesboro, '.\.Uss.  Bl 101•1 * to Orr ill . Blanche•t to Fort Payne. Blanton• to West Point.Ga. Bleec·kor. · to Opelika. Alpine• t to Tallade11;a. Biocton•ttto Wetit Blocton AAlton*tt to Birmingham. BlosRburg•u to Birming1verson to Ash vtlle. ham. Amerlc-a• to Jasper. Blount Sprlngs•tt to WarAnderson to Rogersville. rior. Annemanle* toThomasvllle. Blountsvme• to Cullman. mowborn • to Sulll1rent. Anstey• tt to Troy. Aaullla* to Waynesboro, Blue Springs• to Clio. BlurJton"'t to Oedartown, Miss. Ga. Ararat* to Butler. Archer* to Carrollton. to Living ton. Ilodka ArcW; to Elba Boguechitto t to 1arlon Arctilatt to Gordon. Junction. Argo• to Blrmlne:ham. Bollgee•tt to Eutaw. Arkadelphia• to w arrlor. Dolllng•t to Greenville. Arkdell to Florence. Bon Air• to Childersburg. Bond to Livi.n~ston. Arkwrig-ht*U to\ mccnt. Bon Secour• to Foley. Arley* to Jasper. Arllngton• t to ThomaA- Doom t to Tuscaloosa. Booth"tt to Prattvllle. Vllle. to Arm trong• Union Bootbt n*t to , lonte, allo. Sortngs. Borden Sprlngs•tt to PiedAsahel to Camden. mont. Asbury to Eclectic. Bowden to Asnland. to York. 1:hhb y• t to Montevallo. r 1dge to Haleyville. Bo:,lestt to Birmingham. Aspel* to Scottsboro. Ilra.dforu to Goodwater. Atkelson to Thomasville. Bradley* to Brewton. Haleyville. Atwood*t to Bradlcyton*:t to Lapine. Au~stln ,.. to Selma. Bragi;s• to Fort Deposit . •\u 1 11J, illo lo \ !ban~·. Branen• to Wayne boro, iutaugaville* to Prattvllle. Miss. Voca to Leighton. Branchville* to Odenville. Avondalett to Rlrmlngbam Bremen• to Cullman. iife,r tv Attalla. Brickyard to Girard. Bridgeton to Birmingham. ~~~ievllle. Ax1:. Br1er11eld • t t to lontevallo. tf>o 1{i1nng1~.' Babbie to Opp Bro1111!.:,·* to Bay Jin tte. ialleyton,.. to c·uuman. BrornpLon to Leeds. Clayton. 8 akerhlll • to Brooklyn• to Ca tleberry, Demopolts. 8 altzell to Jlro ,kst to 1cK •nzie. t l to Warrior. BangorBrookslde•t to Blrmlnganl ho, dt to .Jas1ier. 8 anks•tt h m to Troy. Bro~ksvlJle• (Blount Co.) Bankston•u to :Fayette. to Oneonto. B Brookwood•tt to Tuscaarker to Athens. 13 loosa. Barlow1ien,1• tu .Ja.c-kson. Browns•t to Uniontown. 8 arues to Scottsboro Brownsboro•rt to Gurley. 8 nrrytown• to Butler. Buck11 to Mobile. 8 arton • tt to Tuscumbia.* to B atrlce. B8.shl* to Tbomasvllle. Steven11on. 0 as Statlon•1to nutfalo*t to Fh e Poin t to Eufaula. 8 atesvme• attelle* to Valley Head Buhl* to Tuscaloosa. Bullock to Brantley. B u!ttlcs Wharf• to Fairboµe. Duncombe to Greensboro. B Xter to Columbus, 11s. Burbank• to Vinegar Bend. 8 aYou Labatre•ttto MobUe. Bean Rock to Guntersville.I Burkvllle*t to Montgomery oearcreek*tt to Haloyville. Burnsville• ti to Selma. Burntcorn* to Monroeville. i3easous Ml.I to Heflin. . well to Dora. 8 eaver, Meadow to Mobile. Burn Pme to Butlersprings* Sulllgent. to t • eavercon 8 Apple. B:dforct • to Sulligent B Cchatn to Talla.ooosa. Ga. C'ak1 *t to \'in nt. Caldwell'"tl to Springville. B elcber to Euru.ula Caledonia* to Pine pple. B e:green• to Russelville. Calhoun• t t to Fort- Depo It. e k*t ~ Fayette  l~  ~~lfii~tgr.\  est•  REF~RiENC:F KEY Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  CountJ 'eat.  Calumet to Jasper. Calvert•tt to Moblle. Campbell* to Thomasville. Canoe*tt to Atmore. Canton I3end to Camden. Capps• t to Abbevme. <'apshaw to Athens. Carctrn• to Blrmtngham. Carlton* to Jackson. ( annichael to Ne"·market. Carney*t to Bay Mtnette  Cox to .:vt:aplesville. Elmore•tt to Wetumpka. Co:theath to Sweetwater. Elon to Huntsvllle. Coy• to Pine Hill. Elrod• t t to Tuscaloosa. Cranehill* to Cullman. Elytontt to Birmingham. Crawford• to Columbus, Ga. Emelle• to Livingston. Emory to Waynesboro. Miss. Creola•t to Mobile. Crews Depot• to Sulll~ent. Empire* to Dora Crtchton•t to Mobile. l<Jolino* l·t to Grent. Cromwell to Butler. Equality!! Wetumka. Cropwen•t to Pell City. Ernest to T...tnevllle. Escatawpa•tt to , ineA:ar Crosby* to Gordon. Bend. Baldwin Co., to I3ay Minette. J<~staville to Klkmont. Crowton • to Decatur. <:rump to TUlicaloosa. Carson*! to Jackson. E11tlltrork to Scottsboro. Cartwright* to Athens. Cubahatchle to Montgom- Ethelsville*tt t,o Oo~umt-us, Catherine• ttto ~elma. Miss. ery. Cecil• to Montgomery. Cullomburg*t to Waynes- Eudora to Heftln. Cullar ( 'o, e t,o Tuscaloosa. ltureka to Calera. boro, Miss. Cedarlake* to Albany. Cunningham* to Thoma.a- Eva• to FalkvUle. Cedarvme• to Greensboro. ville. ~vans* to Greensboro Centcrgrove• to Hartsells. Curls Stationt to York. E wells to Ozark. Cusseta•tt to Westpolnt. Ceuter Star to Florence. Exmoor to Sweetwater. Ga. Central* to Wetumpka. Cypress to Eutaw. Central l\,Iills*tt to Thomaston. Fabius• to Stevenson. Chambers to Mont~omery. Fackler• t t to Stevenson. • . • . Chance• to Tnomasvllle. Coffee Dallas flillsf to 1Iuntsv1lle. Fa!l* to Waynesboro, Miss. to Chancellor* to '\Vest Point. Ga. Fairfax Dancy to Eutaw. spring-!=. I' airf'ord* lo Chat,0111. Chandler Springs• to Talia.- Danvme• to Hartsells. Falco to Laurel Hill, Fla Fall City• to Jasoer. Ch~~g!an•tt to Georgiana. Darlington* to ~amden. Dauphin Island to Mobile Fanelle* to Tuscaloosa. Chase*t to Huntsville. to Ce< l'arill*t Ch6\1est to Fort Payne. Farley• t to Huntsville. Creek to Fayette. Chelsea*tt to Columbiana. Davis Farmersville• to Selma. Wadley. to Daviston* Chcpultepec*! t0 Oneonta. Dawes to Mobile. ~rlaFayettevllle• t to cauga. to Colllnsvllle. Cbesson*t to union Springs. Dawson• Felix• to Selma. Dayton• to Faunsdale. Ohester to Dozier. Fernbank*tt to Millport. Dean to Lineville. Chestnut• to Camden. to Oxford Festus to Fayette. Chickasaw* (Walker Co.) DeArm11nv111e•t Deatsville*tt to Marbury. to Carhon Hill. tt to Vinegar Finklea* to Evergreen. Chickasaw (. lobile ('o) lo Deerpark• Fisk to Fayettevme, Tenn. Benet . • Iobilc. Fitzpatrick• tt to Union to Mobile. Delchamps•rt China• to Evergreen. Springs. Guin. to Delhi Cblnagrove to Troy. Flvernlle to Greensboro Delmar•tt to Haleyvl.lle. Choccolocco• tt to Oxford Flat Creek to Dora. Chocta1' to Butler. Flat Rock* to St,wenson. to Llnevtlle. Choctaw I.Huff• to Jackson. Delta• Flatwood*! to Tnomasv1lle. Denton to Cherokee. Chunchula•t to Mobile. Fleta to Montgomerv. Deposit• t to Newmarket. to Decatur: Fllnt•tt I Sulligent. to Detroit• Monroevllle. to Claiborne• to Da,lev11Je. Punlyce Deposit. Fort to Devenport to Clairmont Springs* Fore to Leighton. Dewdrop to 'l'uscaloosa. Talladega. Forest Home• to a reenClarksville* to Grovehlll. vllle. Dickinson• t to Thomasvllle. Claude* to Eclectic. Forkland• to Demopolis. Dlcksont to Cherokee. to Rome, Ga. Forney* Aliceville. to Dillburg ClayWll* to Thomasville. Fort Davts•tt to Union I>ixiana to Bil'miugham. Cleaver to Leighton. Springs. 11rewton. to >ix.1e I Jeveland* to Oneonta. Dixon Mills• to Sweet- Fort Mltchell•t to ColumClinton• to Eutaw. bus, Ga. wu,ter. New to Clintonville* Dobbs to F11.yette. Brockton. Foshee*tt to Brewton. Dollar to ( lanton. Clopton• to Clio. Fosters* to Tuscaloosu.. Dolomite• to Hessemer. Cloverdale•t to Florence. Fostoria• to Selma. Coalburgt t to Birming- Douglas,.. to Pinckard. Fountafnrun to Pell City. Dover to Guin. ham. Fowl River* to .Mobile. ';\fontgmncry, t-u Downing* Coal City• t t to Pell City. Downs* o Uuinn ~priug . Fox to Gordo. Coaldale to \Varrlor. to \Vinchester. Franci:sco* Ooll.lfiro to Reform. I ranktort to Russell\'llle. Drewry*t to Repton. Drtrton•t to .Ta per. Coalln1?•t1 to Tuscaloosa. Franklin* to Ileatrice. Dublin to< arh,m Dill. Coalmont* to 'Bessemer. Franlr\'llle* to Chatom. I>uckspring to Attallu.. Coatopa • t to Llvln1?ston. to Fivepoints. Fredonh1* Am,lston. to Duke*t Cochrane to Aliceville. Freeman ville* to tmore. Duncanvu:e•r t to Tusca Fremont*t Collen• rt to Moblle. to Selma. loosa. Coffeeville• to Thomasv11le. Frultdale•tt to Vinegar Dunham to Uoorgiana. Cohasset* to EverjITeen. Bend. Dunnavant* to Loeds. Coker*U to Tuscaloosa Tallato Fruithurst• t Coleanor•tt to West Bloc- Dutton• to Scottsboro. poosa, Ga. Dyae•tt to Ba:v linette. ton. Fulton•ti to Thomasville. Collbran•t: to Fort Payne, Funston to Selma. Collireue• to Selma. 1-'urman• to Pineapple. CotW{~~us City• to Gunters- Easonvllle• to Pell City. Fyffe• to Fort Payne. Ea t to Birmingham. Colvlns Gap to JacksonGabbetts• to Tuskegee. E. irlorence to Florence. vllle. East Gadsden to Gadsden Galnestown• to .Jackson. Comor to Eufaula. Gainesville to Epos. :1'8;~~~est;i* Consul*t to Thomaston. Gallant* to Altoona.. Co8ft~ ~prings,..t to Pell E. Thomas: to Birming. Galllon•t to Demopolis. Galloway* to Carbon Hill. ham. Cooper•tt to Clanton. Gandys <'ove to Faulkvllle. Station• t t to Echo to Ozark. Coosada Ganer• to Samson. Echola* to Gordo. fontiromery. Gantts Quarry*t to SylaEden•t to Pell Clt:v. Copeland to Chatom. cauga. Edmond to Leighton. Corbin to Wedowee. Edna* to Butler. Garden Citr*tt to Cullman Edwardsvllle•u to lleflin Garland• rt to Georgiana. Corona•t::: to Oakman. Garnsey*t! to W. Blocton. Eiland to Opelika. Cortelyou* to Chatom. Gasqno to Fairhope. Cottondale • t t to Tusca.- Elamville• t to Clio. Gast,onburg*tt to Selma. Elberta to Foley loosa. Gate Clty•tt to Blrmlng. Cottonhlll* to Eufaula. ham. Oottonton*t to Hurtsboro. Eldridge*tt to Carbon ll ill. Gatcswood* to Bay Minette. Cottonv11Je to Gunters- F:leanor~-:t: to Selma. Elias to Goodwater. ,111e. Geiger to Epes. Ellska• to Jackson. Cottonwood* to Dothan. Elkriver Mills to .\then,. Covtn•tt to Fayette. Geraldine to Crossville. Covington• to Birmingham. Elkwood• to Huntsvllle. Gertrude to Lineville. Elmira to Guin. Cowarts• t t to Dothan. Getup to Huntsvllle.  I  ~~Ti~fa~:::  f  -----  * Money Order Ofilce. 1971  t Telegraph  Station.  tExprese Office Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  1972  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  ALABAMA  ALABAMA  Monrovia to HuntsvUle. Lewiston to Eutaw. Gile& to Newmarket. ··1 Huu•i to Tuscaloosa. Montcalm to Fayette. Humphrey to Tu.scalooaa. Liberty• to Cullman. Gipsy to Athens. Monterey* to Pine Apple. Hymer to Stevenson. Llllta*t to Livingston. Glasgow to Greenvllle. Moores Bridge• to Gordo. Lillian* to Pensacola, Fla. Glass to West Point, Ga. I Llmrock•tt to Scottsboro. Mooresville* to Bell~ Mina. Glenallen*t to Fayette. Moreland* to Halyville. Linwood*! to Troy. Glen Carbon* to Blocton. Glencoe to Gadsden. ifo~~~~ t:~~:~i!~rri~kjackson. I Idaho to Ashland. Glendon to Jackson. Idella tu Talladega Springs. Littleton*! to Birmingham. ery. Ider to Valley Head. Littleville:t to RusseUville. Moro• to Selma. Glenmary to Haleyville. 1 Inland* to Oneonta. Morrls•tt to Warrior. Glover* to ThomMvllle. Morvin • to Tbomasvllle. Liverpool to Tuskegee. Inman to Butler. Goddard to Haleyville. Notato to Russellvute. Mount Loachapoka•ti Goethite• to Bessemer. I Ins~:~~tt to Union sulga. Mountaincreek*t: to l\'IarGoldhlll• to Ooellka. bury. Ironaton•tt to Tallade~a. Loango to Redlevel. Goodway to Repton. Ironcity*tt to Oxford. Local* to Atmore. Gordonsville* to Selma. ~1:ountainhome to II illsboro Irondale• t t to Blrmlnr- Lockhart• t1 to Florala. ham. Mt. Andrew* to Clayton. Lock 'fhree to Ragland. Goshen*t to 'l'roy. lrvmgton*t to Mobile. ~It. Hebron* to Eutaw. Loflin to Seale .. Gosport• to Jackson. ~1t. Hope* to Russellville. Logan• to Cullman. Isbelltt to Russellville. Grady-•% to Montgomery. Isney• to Waynesboro. Lois Springs to Carrollton. Mt. Meigs* to Montgomen Graham* to Wedowee. Miss. Mt Pleasant* to Jackson Lomax to Clanton. Grandviewt to Prattville. Ivy to LI ln~ston. " It. Rozell* to Athens. London* to .M ontgomery. Granger to Gordon. Long Island• to Bridgeport. Mt. Sterling*t to Butler. Granite to Moblle. Longview* t t to Colum- l\It. Union to Evergreen. Grant• to Guntersville. l\.lt. Vernon*! to Mobile. biana. Mt. Willing* to Fort DeLoollng to Russellville. Grassellit:t: to Bessemer. oosit. Loree to Evergreen. Gravelly Springs to Flor- Jacksonbt: gt to Florence. .c\lou *! t o Ren t on. Jacksons Gap•tt to Dade- Losscreek* to Jasper. ence. vllle. Lottie *to Bay Minette. Graysville to Birmingham. Mulberry• to Selma. 1 Jamestown*+ to Menlo. 11 Gree ley* to Bessemer. t;~im•I Mulga • t to Ensley . tg~!~t1~a~ Greenbrier*+ to Belle Mina. Jeddo to Repton . Munford *tt to Oxford. Hill. Greenfield to Newmarket. Jeff• to Huntsvllle. Murrycross• to Gadsden Lowery to Kinston . Grcenbill* t o St. Joseph ,! Jefferson* to Demopolis. Jemison to Clanton. Tenn. Lowndesboro• to Mont- l\.Iuscadine*t to Tallapoosa Ga Jena to Tuscaloosa. e;omery. to .Muscle Shoals"-. to She.fl'eld. Station T ,umberton Green Pond• t to Weat Jenl!er•:t to Oxford. Myrtle to Montgomery Jett to Macon, .Miss. Vinegar Bend. Blocton. Myrtlewood• t:t to Linden Jlnk to Collinsville. Lumbullt to Haleyville. Gree-ville* to Evergreen. Grimes*tt to Midland City. Jobns•tt to Bessemer. Lynn*t t to Haleyv1lle. Jones• to Selma. Groveoak• to Col11navllle. Guerryton*ttto Hurtsboro. Jones Chapel to Cullman. Gulfcrest*tt to Mobile. Nada.wah*t:t: to Pine Apple Joppa• to Cullman. Gumpond* to HaleyviUe. Naftel*t to Lapine. J oquln to Luverne. Gurnee• to Montevallo .:\Iaben* to Ilirmin"ham. Naheola* to Jackson. Josephine* to Pensacola. Mackey* to Gadsden . Nan afalia* to :::lweetwater. Fla Magazlne*t to Mobile. Nancee Creek to J ack'On• Jude* to Valley Head. • Iagnolia* to Sweetwater. vllle. l\Iagnolia Springs* to Foley Napoleon to Wedowee. I Narcis ·us to Fairhope. .Malcolm* to Chatom. Malone•tt to Wadley. Natchez* to Monroeville. .ffackneyvllle to Goodwater. Malvern•1 to Slocomb. Nathan to Double Sprlnw, Hacoda • :t to Samson. Kansas• to Carbon HUI. Manchester*! to Jasper. Natural Brldire•t to Haley• Haddock to Waterloo. Kaolin to Valley Head. ville. Manlla* to Jackson. Ha.den to HuntsvUle. Keener•n to Attalla. Repton. to Manistee to Jasper. Nauvoo•tt Hagler* to Tuscaloosa. Kellerman•t to Tuscaloosa Manti to Evergreen. Needham to Butler. Halrstontt to Eutaw. Kellyton•n to Alexander Mantua to Eutaw. Hartselle. to Neel Haleburg• to Columbia. Cltv Neenah*t to Camden. Halford to Boaz. Kents to Troy. Marble Valley•to Sylacauga Neille• to Camden . Halsell* to Cuba. K e:v• to Rome, Ga. Sweetwater. to .:\Iarcni:to* Hamburg•t to .Marlon. Keysmill to ~ ·ewmarket. to Odenville. Newala* to Calera. Keystone• to Blrmingbam. Margaret* N ewcast1e•tt to • t to Cherokee. Hammac* to Brewton. Kllle.n• to Florence. ham. Hamner• to Gainesville. K 1m berl Y* tt to W arrlor. 'l \Iarlow to Foley. New Decatur*tt to Albany. Hannon•t:i: to Hurtaboro. Kimbrel* to Bessemer. Carrollton. to to Wedowee . Newell* .Marquis Hardaway*% to Union Spgs. Kimbrough*. to Pine Hill. Station• to Orrew Lexington• to Berry. Hargrove*tt to W . Blocton Kings Landing* to Selma. Martins ville. to Alexander City ewslte N Hu.rpersville* to Vincent. Kingston•% (Autauga Co.) 7\Iartling to Albertville. Newtonvrne• to l"ayette. to West Blocton. NlcbolsvllJe• to ThomasMarvel"-t+ Harris to Decatur. to Prattville. Marvyn to Opelika. ville. Harrisburg to CentervUle. Kingston (Jefferson Co.) Mason* to Brewton. Nlghting:ale to Valley Head Harvest*t to Huntsvllle. to Brimingbam. Marion to Massillon*! to Alexander City Nlxburg• Hatchechubbe*t to Seale. 1 Klngvllle to Fayette Junction. Nokomis• to Atmore. Hatton to Towncl'eek. Kinterbish to Meridian, Matbews•tt to Union to Huntsville. Normal•t Havana* to Greensboro. Miss. Springs. North• to GuntersvUle. Hawthorn• to Jackson. Klrhycreek to Scottsboro. Cherokee. to Maud to Guin. orthlnirton N Baydent to Warrior. Klrkland*lt to Brewton. to Stevenson • · orth Mobile to Mobile. Haynes• to Prattvllle. Kirks Grove to Rome. Ga. 1Maxwell lay tu Tuscaloosa. •Hayuuvillo* to i\Iontgom- Knoxville" to Eutaw. Maylene* t t to Montevallo ~~i!lgj~~Ja:nJ:lladega ery. Knoxwood to Demopolll. " -ymph-- to Castleberry. Haywood to Weaowee. Koenton* to Chatom. Maysville• to Gurley. Hazelgreen to Newmarket. Ku11bla* to Mobile. to Bes emer. Hazen*t to Orrvi!le. Kuykendall to Tuscaloosa McCalJa•tt fcConnells• to Gordo. Healing Sprlngs•to Chatom. Kyle., to Scottsboro. :\It· ullum to Jasper. Kymulira•t to Tallad~&. to Onk* to Foley. Station ... le Donalds Heath to Anrlalusia.. Athens. Oakcblat to Butler. Hector to Union Springs. M:cDowell•t to Demopolis. Oak Grove• t t to Mobtle. Heiberger• to Marlon. Oakhill• to Pine Apple McFall*ttto Anniston. Helena•u to Birmingham. 1 Oakland to Florence. Heaai,{ar* to Valley Head Laceya Spring• to Hunts- McIntosh* to Chatom. Oakwood to Laome. Henry Ellent to Leeds. vllle. McKinley* to Thomaston. I Herbert* to Evergreen. Lacon•t to Falkville. I Oaky Streak* to Georgiana. McLarty to Oneonta. Herndon to Gordon. Lamar• to Wedowee. McSha.n*H to Columbu11, Ocre to Roanoke. Hest,le to Pine Hill. Lambert .. to Citronelle. Miss. Octairon* to Linden. Highland Home* to La- Lamison• rt to Thomasville Mcvay to Jackson. Ofella to Wedowee pine. Land to Butler. laton Hightower* to Bowdon. Ga. Landersvllle• Town MoWUllams*ttto Pineapple Obatcbee•tt to An to Old Spring HUI• to DemopMch&ma * to Leighton. Hllllans Store to GuntereCreek. Mllloort. to felborne•t olis. vllle. L&nett•t to West Point. Ga. 011 ~ er to RogeravJlle. Lanevllle• to Faunsdale. e to Evergreen. Hlllmant! to Bessemer. Laogd,ile* to W Point. Ga. Melro Meltonavllle• to Gunters- Olney to Allcevllle. Hines• to Florence. Langston• to Scottsboro. Omcea to l nlon Sprlnira. ville. Hlssop• to Alexander City La Place to Tuskeiree. O'Neal to Athena. Melvin• to Shubuta. Miss. Rlxon• to Monroeville. Larkinsville to Scottsboro. :'>tentone* to Valley Head. Opine .. to Thomasvllle, Hobson Citvt to Oxford. Merldlanvllle• to Hunts- Oplee* to Haleyville. , Laaca to Thomasville. Oran1se .Beach* toPensacola ville. Latham to Bay Minette. Hokesblutr• to Gadsden. l·la. Merrellton* to Jack~onvllle. Holl1ns•tt to Goodwater. Lathroo to Rcrorm. Orlon to Troy. :\Iexl>oro to .'\lonroovilto. Lavaca* to Butler. Holly Pond• to Cullman. Owas3a*tt to Evergreen . Mexia• to Repton. Lawley• t l to Centerville. Hollytreo* to Gurley. Owens Crossroads* to GurHollywood• t t to Scottl- Lawrence•tt to Rome, Ga. Ml<.lway•tt to James. ley . l\ilflin* to Foley. Lebanon to Pori Payne. boro. to Oxmoor•t tshoro 'co to .'\lilan* Ga. Tallapoosa, to Leota Holman* to Gorcto. ham. l\Iilll>rook to Prattv1ile. Leesburg•t to Ccn~er. Holt*t to Tuscaloosa. \lllla- to Linden. Leesdale to Falk:vill~ Honora.villc* to Lapine. Mlllers Ferry* to C;amden Legg to Elkmont. Millerville• to Ashland. Hopeful to Talladega. Painter* to Colllnsvllle. Hope Hull• to Mont!Z'omery. Le~randt to. Tontgomery. Mlllry*t to Chatom. Palestlne•t to Piedmont. Hopewell• to Tallapoosa, Lehlgh•t to Warrior. Palos• t to Ja oer Fayette. La to Mllltown• Montaom6J'Y. to Lenora Ga. Panola* to Aliceville. 1llncr to Wadley. Lenox.* to H ~pton. Horton* to Albertville. Pansey•tt to Ashford MllsteatJ• t to Tallas ee. Lenizvllle to Ath6DI. Houston* to Haleyville. Pamtone to Opelika Mlnter*+t to Pine Apple. to Leola to Oourtland. Orossro&d1 Rowels to Patsbur~• t to Lu\'erne. Station• Mltcbells Leroy• to lacksi>n. Cedar Bluff. to Oakm~n. Pa.tton*t Union Springs. Letoh&tohee• t t to Fort Huckabee to PraUvUle. Paul to Ever~een. Molder to Huntsville. Uepoalt. Huamant to Birmingham. to Union Peachburg•t Millport. to Molloy Blr-I Lewlsbur,rt to North Hugo to Thomaston. Sprtni.s El_u_1a_oo_t_o_CU1....c..1_m_an_._ _ _._'_...::;m:..:1.:::n~g=b=a.:::m:..:·_ _ _ _ _ _ _M:: . :o:. :nr:;:;. .: ;.o. :. e_• t~t to Monroeville.  tmf~;1B~*  I  [~!~  I  .\ County Scat.  • Money Order Office.  ~  Telegraoh Station  Pearcea Mms• to Guin  t'ea.rsons•i co Centerv1!le. Pelham*tt to Calera.. Pennington• to Butler. Pera% to Samson . Perdido* to Foley. Perdldo Statlon•n to Ba1 Minette. Perduehlll• to Monroevllle. Perote• to Union Sprlnirs. PerryvUle• to Marlon. Peterson to 'l'uscaloosa. Petrey*! to Lapine. Pette~ Athens. Phifer to Tuscaloosa.  R  R R  R R  R R R  R R  PlckensvUie• to Carro1lton. Piercetown to Larkinsvllle. Plgeoacrcek• to Greenv1lle. Pikeroad*tt to Montgomery. Pinehelt to Orrville. Pinelcvel* to Ramer.  ~lg:~;1;t ~lf:InKP:Cfon.  tfo Pisgah• to Scottsboro. Pitt to HlllBboro.  Plano to Gadsdec Plantersville• t % to Selma. Plateau• to Mobile. Pleasant Gap*t to Piedmont. Plea ·antgrove to Gordo . Plcasanthlll • to Selma. Pleasantridge * to Eutaw. Pleasant Site to Russellville Pletcher*tt to Prattville. Plevna• t to Newmarket. Poarch* to Atmore. Pocanontaa• t hlll.  to Carbon-  Polnt clear* to Fail'hope. Poley• t t to Opp. Pool to Falkvllle. Pope t.o Piedmont. Porter• to Blrmlnirham . Po1·tersville*tt to Collinsville. Portland* to Selma. Postoak to Union Spring,. Potash to Roanoke. Powderly t t to Blrmlnrbam . Prairie• to Camden . Pralrlevtlle• to Faunsdale. Pratt City*tt to Ensley. Prentire* to Thomaston. Press to Scottaboro. Pr&ton to cottsboro. Prestwick*:!: to Jackson. Pricbard•t to Mobile. Princeton• to Scottsboro. Pronto* to Brundidge. Prospect• to Jasper. Prultton*t to Florence. Pushmataba•t to Butler. Putnam• to Thomaavllle. Pyrlton•u to Lineville Quinton•! to Dora.  Ragans to Talladega. Ralph• to Tuscaloosa. Ranhurne to Carrollton, G•· Randolph*H to Montevallo Rang-e• to Repton. Rash* to Stevenson. Reads• to Jacksonville . Redbud to Ja<,per. Redstar* to Ja.spPr. Rehoboth* to Selma. Rembert• to Linden. Remlap• to Oneonto. Rendal1at to Talladega. ltepubUc• tt to B!rmlnf• ham. Rhine to Berry. Rhodesvllle to Florence. Richmond to Pine Applfl. Rickey• to Weit Blocton, Rlc:ks to Piedmont. Rldervllle• t t to Selma. H,iderwood to ilutler.  m~~~y  ~t~u!•tfin\o And.,  lusla.  River IUdge to Reatrire.  m:~~~~~e:N :g fue~~?W.;..  Hiv rvie, • to West Point, Oa. Roba • to Rurtsboro. Roberts• to Brewton.  Robln1on Springs to Moll., ~omerv. 15 0 t~tl~1;;ssernel'• llockcy1t1•a<1 to Arito 1. Rock Mills• to Roanoke. Roctuun• to Piedmont_:_.-  n~~& 1b1!i:tt~•  Sa  Sa  ALABAMA  A  LJ'  e.  d-  TOWNS ACCES IBLE TO BANKING POI TS  Rockrun Station~~ to Pied-I mont. Rocksprings*t:t to Gadsden. Rookwood to Russellvllle. Rosa• to Oneonto. Ro88er* to Cuoa. Round Mountatn*U to Center. Roxana to Camp Bill. Ro:1·al to Oneonta. Russellt to Citronelle. Ruther!ord•ti to Hurtsboro. Rutledge• to Luverne. Ryland• to Huntsvllle.  Saco• to Troy. Safl'Ol'd*tt to Marion Junction. Sa~inaw to Calern. Samt Clair; to :\lontgomery. St. Olalr Springs* to Attalla.. Saint Elmo•tt to Mobile. Saint Florian to Florence. Saint Stt'!phens• to Chatom. Sa.lco to Mobile. Salem•tt to Opelika. Salltpa• to Jackson. Salsoda to Luverne. Salter to {ockford. Samantha• to Tuscaloosa. Sandlin* to Bessemer.  lie  n-  sii,  le.  ro.  Sandusky to Pratt City. Sandy to Centerville. Santord•ti to Andalusia. Sapps to Carrollton. Saral!'ossat to Jasper. Saraland* to Mobile. Sardis* (Da1la1 Co.) to Selma. Satsumatt to Mobile Saville to Lapine. Sawyersville*t to Greensboro. S&Yre*t to Btrmlnghs.m. Sayreton•tt to North Birmingham. Schley• to Rockford. Scotia* to Montiromery. Scotts Station•t to Marlon. soyrene* to Grove Hlll. 8e&board* to Chatom. Searcy to Fort Deposit. Seari~ht*t to Dozier Sear1es•tt to Tuscaloo!!la. ~~tlon • to Scottsboro. -..udon • t to Pell City. Seltvll1e• to Oneonto. 8 eman to Wetumpka.. S eminole* to Pensacola, Fla 8 emmes•t to Moblle. Seweu to Carrollton, Ga. 8 badygrove*t to 'l'roy. Shawmutt*t to West Point, Ga. Sbelby•tt to Columbiana S belby Springst to Calera. 8hellliorn• to Troy. Shiloh* to Sweetwater. ~tingle to RuHellvllle. 0  Sb~~~i~dt~ J'~{:,~nSprlnirs. itortcreek*t to l~nsley. Sb~~~:~;tJe! Ga.  Qa.  allo  0  t~1~~g8~;~!.  Short Leaf* to Demopolis. ~hbottsvllle to Haleyville. reve•t to Georsrlana.  ~f1&a~f t~ Waynesboro.Miss. ur1a•rt to al0ni. f1llverWU•r to Robertsdale. Psey• to Dora  e.  0 1nt,  Candle to Nome. Cape Edwards t,o Juneau. Cape Fanshaw to .Juneau. Chatanika·• to l~airbanks. Chathamt to Juneau. Chichagoft to Juneau. Chicken to Dawson, Y. 'l'. Chtirnlkt to Seward. Chisana to Cordova. Chltina*t to Cordova.  Naknekt to Seward. Ncnanat to Fairbanks. Tine Mile Hoad Hou e to Fairbanks. inilchic to Anchorage. 'izinat to Cordova. Nolan to Fairbanks. 1 orth Arm to Ketchikan Nulato*tt to Iditarod. Nushagakt to Seward.  Chomlyt to Ketchikan. Circle•tt to Fairbanks. Cleary* to Fairbanks. Cold Bay to ~eward. Copper Center"'t to Cor• 1 dova. Counou • to Nome. Craig to Ketchikan. Cripple to Iditarod.  Ohaii:amute to Iditarod. Oku~emute to ~ ome. Olness to Fairhanks. Opnlrt to Idltarod. Owzinkie to Beward.  Deering to Nome Deweyville to Wrangell. Dikemant to Iclitarod. Dutch Harbor to Valdez.  Peril Straits to .Juneau. Perry to Seward. Pillar Bay to Petersburg. Poorman to Fail'banks. Port Alexandet· Lo Pctersbw·g.  Port Althorp to Juneau. Port Armstrong to Petersburg. Eagle•t to Daw.::on. Y. T. Port Graham to Se" ard. Ellamart to Valdez. Port Heiden to Se I ard. ~ster City to Fairbanks. Port • loller to Seward. Eurekat to Fairbanks. Port Walter to Pet0rsburg. Excursion lnlet to Juneau. Port Wells to Valdez. Quadra to Kct,chikan. Fish Bay to Juneau. Fish Egg Island to Ket- ~~:~~~!~\! t~e:!~~~ank!!I. chlkan. Ro. e Inlet to Ketchikan. Flat to Iditarod. Huby*t to Fairbanks. Forks to Iditarod. Russian l\Ii~ion to Nome. Fort :'.\loller to Seward. I<'ortuna Ledge to Nome. Fort Yukontt to Fairbanks. Salchakett to Fairbanks. Fox to Fairbank,. andpoint*tl: to ewarct. Frankltnt to Dawson, Y. T cow Bay to Petersburg. Funtert to Juneau. Seldovia•tt to Seward. Shakan1<t to Ketchikan. Shelton• to Nome Shungnak to i 'ome Gambia B11.y to Juneau. Shushaune Junction to Cor. Georgetown to Iditarod. dova. Girdwoodt to Seward. Glaciert to Juneau. I Sltka•tt to Juneau, Golovlnt to Nome. Skow! Arm to Ketchikan. Gulkanat to Valdez. 'leetmute to Iditarod. Gypsumt to Juneau. Solomon• to Nome. St. Mlchael*tt toNome. Steel Ureekt to Dawson Y. T. Haines•tt to Juneau. Stevens Yillage to FairHawk Inlet to Juneau. banks. Healy River to Fairbanks. Strelna to Cordova. Holy Cross*tt to Idita.rod. Sulzer to Ketchikan. Homert to Sewitrd. Stmny Coye to Ju11 au. Hoonah •t to Juneau. Susltna*tt to Sewaro. Hopet to Seward. Hot Springs*tt to Fairbanks. Tacotna to Iditarod. Hughes to Fairbanks Talkeetna to Anchorage. Hydaburg to Ketchikan. Tanana• t t to Fairbanks. Tee Harbor, to .Juneau. Tener• to Nome. Ikatan to Seward. Tenakee•t to Juneau. Iliamna*t t to Anchorage. Thin Point to Seward. Innokot to Iditarod. Thum Bay to Cordova. Tin City to Nome. Todd to Juneau. I{achemak Day to Anchor- Tort:vt to Fairbanks. age. Tokeen to Ketchikan. Kaket to Juneau. Tolovanat:t to Fairbanks. Kaltagtt to Nome. 'I'onsina to Valdez. Karheen to Ketchikan. Tread well*t to Doug-las. Karlukt to Reward. Tuluksak to Iditarod. Ka.saant to Ketchikan. Tyeet to Petersburg. Kata.Ila to Cordova. Ke1•walik to Nome. Kenai to Sewa.rct. Unalakleet*t to Nome. Kiaua to 'ome. Unalaska•tt to Seward. Killisnoot to Juneau. Unangashik to Reward. King Cove to Seward. Unga*tt to Seward. "\Yashington llay to PetersKlawockt to Ketchikan. bure-. Kluckwant to Juneau. Wassilla to AnchoraR:e. Kodlak•tt to Seward. Willow Creekt to AnchorKokrinest to Fairbanks. age. Kolmokofl'sky to Iditarod. Wiseman to Fairbanll:s. Kotlikt to Nome. Kotzebuet to Nome. Koyukukt to Nome. Yalrntat! to Juneau Kuskokwim to Iditarod. Yess Bay to Ketchikan Kvichak to .Nome  0  ARIZONA ALASKA  Uchcc* to Hurtsboro. Underwood to Monte,·allo. A(ol{Ilak•t to Seward. Uniform to Chatom. Akiak to ·ome. Union• to Eutaw. Union Grove• to Gunten• Akutan to Seward. Alita!· to Seward. u~~~slty•t to Tuscaloosa Amalirat to Juneau. Andreaf.·ln to , ·ome. Upton to Gunteravllle. Anvlk*t1 to Nome. Uriah* to Roy. Atka Island to Heward  Lake Ba.y to KetcWkan. La 1'ouche•t to \-'s..ldez. Lindenberg Bay to Juneau. Livengood to .Fairbanks. Long to Fairbanks. Lorlnrt to Ketoblka.n. Loudon to Fairbanks.  Adamana*tt to Holbrook. Af{Ua Caliente* to Buckeye.  !fh~i~~r! t~VJb~~p~g. 0  Alicia to Phoenix. Alpine• to Holbrook.  AmadovUlet to Nogales. An,:i;ostura Re."crvoir to Ajo. Apache* to Douglas. Spea:!·to l:iam!!lon. Aravapia •to Pima. ~etrner•tt to Wetumpka. Arlvaca* to Tucson. ~~tziirue•u to Montsromery. .Arlington* to Bucirnye. to Valhermoso Springs Ill g Garden t t to Pied-' Ashfork•tt to William,. Baranof to Petersburg. Huntsville. S ont. , Meehan to Fairbanks. 1 Avondale* to Phoenix. Barrow to Nome. Vs.nee• to Tu!!lcaloosa. sJlrtngbll) • f to Mob!le. Metla.katla*t to Ketchikan. .Aztec*tt to Yuma. BeaYer to Fairbanks. ll~\nll'Vs..lleyt to Tuscum- Vandiver*! to Leeds Bell Island Hot l:lprmgs to Mlller Houa& w Fairbanks. vangale to Pine HUI. S a. Minto Roa.d House to FairKetchikan. SJlrott• to Marlon. banks. Betbelt! to Iditarod. Bellemont• to Flagstaff. Pruce Plne•tt to Ru11Bell- vet-o*t to Elkmont. Moira Sound to Ketchikan Bellevue* to M lamf. Bettlestt to Fnlrbank!!I. Vllle. Victoria• to Elbf1. 9 li&fford Moquawkiet to Seward. Brooks to Fairhanks. Blackwater* to Florence. to Columbus. Vida* to Prattv1IIP-. Burnette [nlet to Wrangell. Mountain VHlage to om,, Blue ~e~ Mayer. --'--~ ~- ----• )loney Order Office. + Telegrapb Station. tExpre a Oftice REFERENCE KEY. ,county S at. 1  ont-  Wacoochee to Columbus. "\Vadsworth* to :\1arbury. Wagar•H to Jackson. Walnrlght* to Monroeville. Walt* to Monroeville. Walker Sprlnirs•t to JackSuggsvUJe•tt to Jackson. son. Sulphur Springs* (De '(alb Wallace•u to Brewton. Walllng to Hunt1v1lle. Uo.) to Valley Head . Walnutgrove* to Altoona. Summerdale•tt to .Foley. Waltballs to Uniontown. Summerileld • to Selma. Summit• (Blount Co.) to Wannvllle* to Stevenson. Guntersville. Sumtervme• to Livingston. Ward* to York. Ware to Wetumpka. Warrenton to Guntersville. Su.nfiower* to Chatom. Sunny South• t to P!Df Warriors1ia.nd* to Hurtsboro. Hill Wateroak* to Greensboro. Surginer to Pino Hill. Water Valley• to WaynesSusanna to Dadeville. boro. Miss. Suspe?l.!lon*: to Union Watson• to Birmingham. Springs. Watsonla to Eutaw. Swain to Paint Rock. 1 Swancott to Madison. Swearengm to Scottsboro. Waugh* to Montgomery. Sycamore•u to TalladP-ga Waverly to Camp Hill. Wawbeek• to Atmore. Sykes Mllls to Wetumpka. Weaver•t to Anniston. Sylvan• 1,0 Tuscaloo8a. Wehb•tt to Dothan. Sylvania* to Fort Payne. Webster to Florence. Wedgeworth• to Greensboro. tveha.dkee• to Roanoke. Taff*t to Port Payne Weldon to Wilsonville. Taflon"' to Birmingham. Welllngton*t t to Anniston. Ta.lucah to Madison. \Yellst to Newville. Tannert to Athan \"'i'elona to Wetumpka. Tarentum to Brundlt1g-e. Welsh to Roanoke. Tates Gap to Gadsden. Weogutka• to Sylacauga. Taylor• t to Dotnan. weoka to Wetumpka.. 1.•aylorsvme• to Huntsville Westbrook* to Selma. West Butler to Butler. Taylorville* to Tuscaloosa. Westendt to Birming-hatn. Tecumseh* to Cedart,own west Greene• to Eutaw. Ga.. Westmoreland to I<:lkmont. ~!~fl;e~t ~~e;~~dlds,re. , We;t Over to Coiumbiana. 1 Tensaw* to Bay Minette. Whatley•t to Grove Hill. Texas* to Wlnfteld. Wheeler*! to Courtland. 'l'haddeus to Tallassee. Whistler r! to Moblle. Tharln*t to Montgomery. Whitehall*tt to Selma. Thebat to Brantley. Whiteoak Springs* to ClayTheo to Marlon. ton. Theodore• tt to Mobile. Whlteplalnst to JaoksonThoruas*t:t to Birmingham. vllle. Thompson•t to UnlonSp1r11 ·whitfield* to York. Thornton to Opelika. " Uitm,y•l vu Ast1vilh:. Wiggins to Andalusia 1 Threenotch* to .James. Wiley to Berry. . Threet to r·1oreneP-. l W!lmC>r*tt to Mobile. Wilmington t,o Derry. Tlbbce to Chatom. Wllton*tt to Montevlillo Tllden to Camden. Wingard to Troy Tlnela* to Beatrice. Winn* to Jackson. Titus• to Wetumpka. Womackhill* to llutler. Toinette*tt to Chatom. Toney• to Huntsvllle .. Woodbluff to Tnomasvlllt Toulminvillet to !\lob1le. Woodland Mills lo I artToxey•t to Butler. Wo~~t1.wn U to Ilirmlng-· Trade to Cullman. w~~~~tock•n t< \\ est Tra.fl'ord to "\'\'arrior. Travellers Hc~t- to Ale.·a.nBlocton. Woodvllle•tt to ac,·ttsder City. Trenton• to Scottsboro. boro. Woodward•t to Dlrminfl• Triana to Madlaon. Trlnlty•t to Decatur. barn. Wren to Moulton. Trio to Centerville. Trussvme• tt to Blrrolng- Wright. to Waterloo. Wyatt• to Dora.. ham. Tullis to Butler. Tunnel Springs•t to BeaYantley• to Cuba. Tuti~~~·tan* to Beatrice. Yarbo to Chatom. Turkeytownt to _Gadsden. Yellow Bluff* to Pine Hill. Yellowpine•tt to Vinegar Turnbull to Beatrice. B(•nd. Tuskegee Instltute•t to Yolande*tt to Bessemer. Tuskeiree. Yucca to Stevenson. Tyler• to Selma. 'l'ysont to l\1ontgomery. 'l"ysonville*i to .1011tgomZoe to Gordon. ery.  I  Slatrunk• to Tuskegee. Sixrano to Centerville. t}nnerton* to Pineapple. S1a!::~viii:1r~. Ozark. Slosst to Bessemer. Smtthson1a• to Cherokee. Smiths Station• t to Columbu!!I, Ga. ~ead to .Boaz. SllOddy to Eutaw. 0 8 wdoun•tto Montgomery S~OWhill•tt to Pine Apple. ~der to Tuscaloosa. 8 1 8~ etyhi11• to Tuskegee. lXlervme• to Hartselle. 80 nora to Folev S S0OUth to Red level. ~1lpa•t to Waynesboro.  °  ltf, Ml"·  Vlllage Springs•tt to Birmingham. Vlnehlll:t to Selma. Vlneland •t to Tnoma11vllle. Vlnemont•:t to Cullman, Viola to Roanoke. Vredenburgh to Beatrice.  Stansel to Carrollton. Stanton• t t to Selma. Stapleton to Bay Minette. Steele•t:t to Attalla. Sterling to Fayette. Sterrett•tt to Vincent. Stewart•tt to Moundville. Stockton• to Bay Minette. Stonewall to Selma. Stought to Fayette. Strange to Athens. Stratat to Mont~omen. Straven to Montevallo. Stroud*t to Fivepoints. Strudwick* to Eutaw. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  u  ~~~e~  Ma.chusin Bay to Valdez. Matanuska to Anchorage. McOa.rthYtt to Cordova. McDou~al to Anchorage. McGratht to Iditarod. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  1974  ARKANSAS  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO -BANKING POINTS  ARIZONA  Whlterlver•t to Holbrook. , Bat on to Ozark. Laveen• to Pnren1x. Lehi to . iesa. Wide Ruins to Gallup. Battles to Evening .:bade. Leupp• to Winslow. Baxter*! to Dermott. N .• f. Bayou Meto to Dewitt. Liberty• to Buckeye. Bay Vlllage to Cherry Light* to Willcox. Valley. Lit •hfield* to Phoenix. Bear* t.o Hot Springs. Cameron to Flagstaff. Lukachukai to Gallup, N. l\I. Yava. to Prescott I Bearcreek* to :Mar hall. Cane Beds to Kingman . York to Duncan. Canwe• to Nogales. Lu_pton to Gallup, N. M. lfk~~!fphia. I Oanon* to Phoenix Yo11n11:* to Globe. Beaty*! to Bentonville. Canon Diablo•tt to WinsYucca*tt to Kingm an. Beauchamp• to Waldron. ;\,lagrnatt to Florence. low. Oarriso to Farmington, N. Mammoth• to Winkelman. Marlcopa*U to Phamlx. M. .M arinette to Peoria. Beebrancb • to Cllnton. Cartwright to Phoenix . l\.lcNeal* to Douglas. Beechgrove• to Parao-ould. Cashion* to Phmnix. Beede,1lle• to McCrory. Castle Bntte to Holbrook . Midland City to Globe. Beirne• to Gurdon. Castle Hot Sprino-s to • Iim1~a1 Hill to Tucson. j\fineral Park to Kingman. "\Yickcuhurg. Belcher* to GrUilthvllle. Mohawk* to Yuma. Belfast* to Sheridan. Cave Creek• to Phrenix Bellair to Ozan. Cedar Gladet to Prescott. Morrlstown•t: to Phrenlx. Cedar Springs to Gallup. Belletleld • to Bay. N.M. Belletonte•t l to Harrison ARKANSAS Can3·on to Hol• -a-ah T Bellmore to Batesville. Central* to Thatcher. brook. Cbambers*tt to Gallup, Belton•t to Nashvllle. Abbott•t to l\.Iansfleld. Ben* to i1ountain View. N'aco*t:t to Bisbee. N. M. Acorn* to Mena. Ben Lomonct* to Wllton. Obin Lee•t ~o Gallup. N.M. Navajo• to Holbrook. Nava.lo Aiency to Gallup, Ada to Morrlllton Benvllle to Cotter. Ohlracuhua* to Douirlas. Adona•tt to Perry. N. M. Clbecue to Globe. 13er~er to Little Rock. l\Iountaln Bergman•tt to Harrison. Advance• to Nelson*tt to Kinl?'IIlaD. Uaypool* .;o :Miami. Home. Oochise*U to Wlllcox. Berr:r*t to Calico Rock. Agnos* to Hardy. Ooldwater to Phoonlx Bessie to Conway. Ain* to Sheridan. Be ·twater* to Ho~er -. Colter to Holbrook. Octave• to Prescott. Al&bam • to Hunt vllle. Concho• to Holbrook. Bethel* to Paragould. Old Trails to Oatman. Albion to Searcy. (;ongr •ss* to l're.~c·ot,. Oracle• to Tucson. Alco• to Mountain"iew. Junction*tt to Oraibi*+ to Gallup N. M. Bethena to Hoxie. Congress Pre,-;cott. Osborntt to Lowel LittlP I Bethesda• to Batesvllle Aljf~~er * t t to Constellation* to Phoenix. Beulah to Des Arc. Alf to Womble. Bexar* to Calico Rock. Palomas• to Yuma. :ii:e!~i~'.ol,i,. Algoa to ; ewport. Blgflat• to Marshall. Allx•tt to Altus. Cottonwood* to Clarkdale. Palo Yerde* to Buckeye. Big Fork• to Mena. Allbrook toMineral Springs. Big Hickory to .Magnolia. Oourtland*tt to Douglais. Pantano*U to Tucson. Allene*:!: to Wilton. Dowtlas. to Paradise* Casa to Covered Wells Biglake* to 1\Ianila Bills• to Delight. Parker Canyon to Nogales. Allport to Englana. Grande. Almond* to Batesvtlle. Crown Ktni•rt to Prescott. Parks to Williams. Blngen•t to Nashville. Birtl to l\Iemphis. Tenn. Peach SpriugsH to nng- ~i-ionzo* to Batesville. Alpha to Dardanelle. I man. Dewey*tt to Prescott. Btrc:lell* to Tmboden. Alpine* to Amity. Pearce*lt to Willcox. Dome*U to Yuma. Blrdeye to Cherry Valley. Alston* to Mulberry, Picachor to Tucson. Birdsong* to Tyronza. Don LuJs*tt: to Lowell. Alto* to Marked Tree. Pine* to Jerome. Dos Oabezos• to Willcox. B lrta. • t to Ola. Alton to Hope. Pinedale* to Snowflake. Dragoon•tt: to Willcox. Alum to Benton. Pine Top*t to Holbrook. Duquesne to Nogales. Alvis to Batesville. Bismarck• to Arkadelpnla. Pirtleville*t to Douglas. Eagar• to St. Johns. Blackburn* to Winslow. Polaccat to Gallup. N. M. Aly to Da.nvllle. Ama~on to • ewport. Eden• to Pima. B\u.ckfork* to w·aldron. Puntennev• to Prescott. Elfrida to Douglas. Amateur to Cave City. Black Springs* to Womble. Amy t,o Ouachita. Blgtn• to Benson. Blackton • t to Brinkley Eloy to a. a Grande. Anctel'lJon• w Melbourne. Blackwell* to Atkins. Quartzsite* to Parker. Annover to Warren. Blaine* to ~cranton. Queen ('reek to Me!,;a. Falrbank•u to Tombstone Quljotoa• to Tucson. Antioch• to Beebe. Blakemore to England Fairview* (Graham Co.) Antoine• t :t to Delight. Blanchard Springs* to Juncto Pima. Aplin• to Casa. tion. Apple to Hot Springs. Bland• to Benton. Fait-view (Yavap_ ai Co.) to l Redrock*1 t to Tucson Prescott. Appleton• to Atkins. Blansett* to Waldron. Globe. to Rice• Feldman* to Wmkelman. Rllllto•t to Tucson. Arcne,-* to Clinton. Bledsoe to Marianna. Fish Creok to Phoenix. Arch1lllon* to Blytheville. Bleeker to Klnpland. Hiordan to Flag-.;tarr. Forrest. to Douglas. Arcten*t.t to Ashdown. Blocher to Hot Springs. Ulcibe. to Roosevelt• Fort Apacbe•t to Holbrook Howoo<I to Ajo. Argenta to .i..,.orth Little Bloomer• to Charleston. Fort Defiance• to Gallup, ltuby to ~ ·o.;;ales. Rock. Blneball* to Dam-ilJP.. N. 11. Arkansas Post• to GlllE>tt. Blue Mountaln•:t t-0 Fort Huacbuca•t to TombArklnda • t t to Foreman. Boone\1lle. stone. Ari berg*ft to Leslle. Bluff City• to Chidester. Fort Thomas*tt to Plma Saca.ton* to .M esa. Armada* to \.Vlnslow. Blutrton• to Danville. Four \[Ile Post to Florence. i::iahuaritot to Tucson. Armorel* to Blytheville. illy to i lelhourne. Franklin• to Duncan. Saint David• to Benson. Armstrong* to Hardy. Board Camp• to Mena Richfield, Saint Joseph• to Holbrook. A rmstroug Springs• to Fredonia• t-0 Bodcaw• to Hope. Utah. Saint _ 1 lchaels* to Gallup. Searcy. Bolding* to ::strong. N. l. Arte11lan• to Harrell. Boles• to Waldron. Oanado*t to Gallup. N. M. Salinas Springs to Gallup, Artex to Texarkana. Bannerdalo to Glenwood. Asher to Drakes Creek. ~ •• ::,.1. Bonnervllle to Jone~boro . Garces* to Bisbee. Ashton* to Lake Village. Car<.lon ('anyon to Tomh- . alume*tt to Parker. Booker* to Little Rock. San Carlos*t:t to Globe. sto111•. Askew* to Marianna. . ancler · to Gallup. N. ;\'L Atheletan to Osceola. Geronimo* to Pima. 'an Fernancio to Tucson. Bookman to Sheridan. Athens* to Dierks. Gila. Uend to Ajo San Rafn.ct to N ogale&. Boothe* to ·waldron. Atlanta• to Emerson. Gleeson*tt to Tombstone. Sasabe to Nogales. Atlas to Leslie. Glenbar to Pima. Boston* to Pettigrew. Sasr>o to Tucson. Attaway to .Junction City. Boueff to Eudora. Goou:veari to Chandl<'r. 13oughton•t to Prescott. Grand Canyon• Tt to Wll• Seligman• t tto Williama. Attica* to Pocahontas. Sentinel*tl to Yuma.. Uams. Bowen to Delight. Aubrey•tt to Helena. Box.ley to Pettigrew. Grasshopper to IIolhrvok. Servoss* to Willcox. Aurelie• to Strong. , hellion* to Duncan. Boyd to Fouke. Aurora• to Hunts\'ille. Greatervtlle* to Tucson. Show Low•t to Holbroo11:. Austin•tt: to Ca.hut. IJr;~·<lell* to Portlnnrl. Guthrte•tt to Clifton. Snumway* to Holbrook. Boydsvllle• to Rector. Auver~ne•t to Newport. Kingman. to • Slinai to Kennett, Mo. Boynton•t Springs. Hot to Avant Hackberry• t to Kingman Avoca• t to Roirera. Ban en Junction to Tempe. • ilverhellt to 'l'ucson. Skull Valley•tt to Prescott. Horsha,v to Noisa'P.s. Solomonvllle•tto Safford. DradRbaw to Arkadelohla. Heber to Holbrook. Brasnelcl• to Devall Dlutr. onoita* to Henson. Helvetia• to Tucson. flrawley1o to \Valdron. Hay. to Sonora*t Hereford*tt to Bisbee. toddarcl* to Mayer. Brazlls* to Benton. Higley* to Mesa. Brentwood• t to Winslow. ::5wansea* to Pa.1·ker. nn.iles to Parkin. HUlslde*tt to Prescott. Brewer u, Heher pring.. Baker* to Marshall. Holt,on to Phoenix. to la.ria.nna.. Brickevs Vanderto Springs* Baker Pbrenlx. to Hot Sprinp• Brti;,;gsvllle* to Danvllle. voort. Hot Springs Junctioott to Taylor• to liolbrook. Tolleson to Phamix. Balboa* to Evening- Shade. Brlgbton•·rt to Paragould, l'hoPnix." to Casa Grande. Brl •hti-ltar t.o liloomburg. Balch* to ·ewport. Houck •rt to Gallup , .l\1. Toltec* Topocktt to N1>edlp,s, Oal. Balrtwin* to Fayetteville. Tex. Hunt to Holbrook. Flagstaff. •tto City Tuba Hardy. to Ballard Huront to Prescott. Tubae* to No~ales. Banet Mill to i\Ielburne. Turkey• to Prescott. Brink to Con! Hill. Uanner to Batesvllle. Indian 0a ·is to Tuc,011 . Brister• to Emerson. Barber• t to Boonevllle. Indian Wells* to Holbrook. Twtn Buttes* to Tues n Brockett* to Pocahontas. Bard to Paragould. Brodie to Yellville. Bard. town• to Osceola. Je~~n~ Junctiontt to Pres- Vahki to Ohauclie1·. Brookings• to Peach OrBarfield• to Hlytheville. chard. Ohldester. t-o Barham• ~!~:1t1n~°. T~r'!j~gman. Johnson• to Benson. Barlngcrosst to • ·o. Little Broom• to Alicia. Phoeuix. to Heights Valley Holbrook. to l'ityt Joseph Brownstown* to Ashdown. Hock. llrowu...,-ville* to Heber Barkada* to WUmar. Kayenta to Gallup, N. l Verde to Clarkdale. pring,. Barllng*t to Ft. Smith. Keams Canon*t to Gallup. Bruin to Tunica., fies. Mount to Uarrenfork* N.M. Brummitt*t to . tuttgart. Plea..~nt.. Wagoner* to Prescott. Kelton rt to Tombstone. Bruno• to Yellvute. Barringer to i•'.I Walker to Prescott. Kelvin*! to Ray. Bryant• l to Benton. Barton•:t to Helena. Warren•t to Lowell. • flneral Uuckrange• to Bass• to Jasper. ~~~fantg. gl~ePrescott. Wasbln&"tont to Nogales. .'pring~. Baesett*T t to Osceola. Klondyko• to Pima. 0 nuckv!lle• to Hot. Sprlng-s. Batavia• t to Harrison. Ba~•:t to He~~-Okla. Buena-Vista•t! to tephcn · "'enden• .t t-o Parker. Blue Canyon to "Tin:slow. Bonita.• to Willcox. Bouse"'tt to Parker. Bro,rnell to C'asa Grande . Dumble Bee* to .:\la,}-er.  I:~~ \~ i:~~:,;~oE~!k~~~gs.  I  I  I  8gf/e:~  I  I  I  4  4  ;:~r:n~~l{~ f1i:ia.  REFERENCE KEY.  • County Seat.  · • Money Order Office.  t Telegraph  tatton.  Bulfalott to Cotter. to Cotter. II Buford• Bunn• to Carthage.  Burdette*t to Luxora. Burg* to Dierks. Burling-ton• to Harrison. Burtsell to Okolona. Busch to Eureka Sprlnirs. Bussey* to Stampe Butler• to Osceola. Butlervtlle• to Beebe. Butterfteld*:t to Malvern. Buttry to Rogers. Byron* to Salem,  Cro Cro Or  Cabana! to Berryvllle. Cabin Creekt t to Lamar.  ~  Caglcsville* to Russellville. Evenlnir to Calamine• Shade. Caldwell•t to Forrest City. Cale* to Prescott. Caledonia* to Junction. Calhoun to Magnolia. Calion*H to El Dorado. Calmer to Hison. Camp• to Salem. Campbell to Leslie. Camp Pike to Little Rock. Canfield*! to Bradley.  Cul Cul Cul Cur CUs  Ous Cyp  .. .. .... I;  I;  Canton to Hardy. Capps*! to Harrison. Carden Bottom* to Atk!rus. Cardiff"' to Waldron. Cargile* to EI Dorado. Carolan• to BoonevUle. Carriola to Eudora. Carroll* to :Malvern.  I;  I  I;  I  I;. I;,  ,  g!~%W1~! \~ 1J~~~~t:ass.  Carson• to Osceola. Oartney to ::\luuntaln Home Can·er to EYerton. 'a h* to Jonesboro. <ass to Ozark. Casscoe• to Stuttgart.  ..... • .. .-,  Catcher to Van Buren. Cato• to Little Rock. Caulksville• to Parle. Cauthron•:t to Waldron. Cavecreek* to St. Joe. <'a ·enar to Pocahontas. Cecil• to Ozark. Ceclarcreek to Waldron. Cedarglades• to Hot Springs. Cedarvllle to Van Buren. Center* to Evening Shade <' 'lit 1•rhill* to . ·eaccy. Centerpoint* to • -ashville. Centerrlclge• to Morrlllton. Centervl,le* to Dardanelle Central* to l• t. Smith. Ccrrogordo* to Horatio.  ;  I  I I  ..•..  .  , '  ;  Chadwick to C;onway. Chambersville to Fordyce. Champagnoue• to El Dora• tlo. Chapel Hill to DeQueen. 'harlotte* to ~ •ewark. Chase to Malvern. C:lla.tfleld to l\larlanna. Cherokee City• to GentO' hcster* to "\Vinslow. Chlckalah • to Danville. Cl.licka awba*tt to Blytheville. Chlcot*tt: to Lake Village. Chi mvme• to Booneville Choctaw• to Clinton. Chula to Danville. Clnclnnatlt to Westville, Okla. Cisco to Green Forest. Clarkeda!e•t: to ~ lempblsTenn. Claunch* to Lake City. Clay• to Searcy. Clearspring to Okolona. Cleveland• to Morrlllton. Clltton* to Marianna. Ollfty• to Huntsville. Cloverbend • to Portia. Clow• to Ozan. Clyde* to Cane HUI. to Heavener, Coaldale• Okla. Coffee to Marvell. Coln to Green Forest. Coleman to 1ontlcello.  ;  ...  ,,;  ,. .,..,..... ; ;  ' .  I i  0  i  Colt• i to Wynne. omh:-*i to . t. Paul. Comlnto• to Monticello. Compton* to Jasper.  l J  li8~~~-Yli! t;1lfJPe RoC1'• g~' Colllns•t: to Monticello, t~ ~~e~~~·Forest g~~1t°o: <'onv1lle to <'ot1 •r.  Cook• t.o Calico Rock, Copeland* to Cllnton. Cord• to Bat ville . Corinth to ,. 'a.shvJlle. --Corley• to Paris. ' . :: I I  •  ,,  ···•,, ....  'l  Cornerstone• to Pine Bluff. Cornervllle• to Star City. Cornhill to "Mineral Springs Cornish to Greenwood. 'o grove to Lake Yillage. Council* to Marianna. Countlss*t to Helena. Coy to En~land. Cozahorw:~* to :i\larsball. Creigh to .1arvell. Crescent to Fort Smith. Creswell* to Calico .Rock. Crittenden* to Earle. Croak to Klngsland. Crockett to Piggott. Crocketts Bluff* to Almyra..  Edgemont*t! to Shirley. Edmondson*H to Earle. Edna to Clarksvllle. Effa to Branch. Egger• to Mena. E:,typt* to "ralnut Ridge. Eight Mlle• to NeWI>ort. Ekron to Blytheville. Elba*:t to :Marshall.  Garlandvllle to Prescott. Garner• t to Beebe. Garnett• to Star City. Gassville* to Cotter. l;a ton to \Vombk. Gate to Mena. Gavin* to Mem"\)hls, Tenn. Geneva to Locksburg. Genoa•tt to Texarkana. George to Green Forest. Georgetown*tt to Searcy. El Central to Watson. Geren to Lamar. Elerson* to Sherrlli. Elevenooint to l'ocahontas. C,eridge* to Rtuttgart. Elgin to Newport. Elizabeth• io Calleo Rock.*t to Little Rock. Elk Ranch to Eureka Gethsemane• to Pine Bluff. Gibbs to Mount Ida. Springs. Glftord • to Malvern. Crosses*t to St. Paul. Ella to Marshall. Gllbert•tt to Marshall. Oros■ Roads to Calleo Rook. Elliott• to Camden. Gllkeson to Jonesboro. Cruse to Carthage. Ellis* to Gurdo!l. Glll • to Palestine . Crystal Springs • to Hot .Ellisville*t to Fordyce. Gilmore*t to Turrell. Elm to Amity. Ul· de* to l!:ureka ::lpring:. Cu~Ptl~~\Jarlisle. Elmo* to Newport. Glaays to Cllnton. Culp* to Calico Rock. Elmore• to Malvern. Oulpeper to Clinton. Curtls•t to Gurdon. Elm Store to Mammotb Glencoe to Hardy. Glendale* to Star City. Cuahman•tt to Batesville. Spring. GlP.OVille* to "'.\Ic,'eil. 0 uster* to Bakersfield, Mo. Elmwood to Harrison. 0 Yoert • to Marvell. City to Boonevl11e. Elnora*:t to Walnut Ridge Golden Golden Lake• to Wilson. Emery to Evening Shade. Goldman• to Stuttgart. Enders* to Quitman. Goodwin*tt to Forrest Cit> Engllsh* to Pine Bluff. Goshen• to Fayetteville. Enola• to Conway. Daisy• to Amity. Gosnell* to BlythevUle. Enon to Omaha, DDallas to Pocahontas. Gospoda to Do Vall Bluff. Erbie* to Jasper. alton* to Pocahontas. heridan. to D Erm* Damascus• to Conway. Gourd to Dumas. Eros* to Y llville. 0 Estes to Leola. n!~~~:,: tt to Pine Bluff. Grace Ethel• to Dewitt. Day* to Salem. Grand.field to Dierks. Etna t.o O:i:ark. Bayton to Huntington Grand Glaise*t to Newport. Manlla. to Etowah* eane* to Monticello. Grand Lake* to Eudora. D eA.nn to Emmet. Grand Vlew*t t to Berryvllle. F:ula to Marshall. to Batesville. Grange• Eva.dale• to WUson. Dean Soring to Alma. Evansville* to Still ell. Grape• to Denton. DeanyvilJe to Blevins. Okla f> easruond* to Parkin. to Pine Bluff. ExcebiorH to Greenwood. Graoevlne• D ebow* to Pocahontas. G1-aphic to :Mountainburg. Deckervllle• H to Harris- Experiment to Taylor. Gravelly• to Danville. burg. Gravelridge* to Warren. Dee• to Jonesboro. Grays•tt to Augusta. Faber* to Arkadefohla. Deep Bayou to Grady. to Okolona Graysonla*tt Fairbanks* to Quitman. Deer* to <,lark ·ville. Greenbrier* to Conway. Fairfield* to Pine Bluff. Fairmount to Stuttgart. g~::~rae~i Beray to Arkadelphia. Fair Oaks*U to Wynne. e aney• t to St. Paul. Greenrldge to Waldron. D ela.pla.ine*tt to Peach Faith* to Pine Bluff. Gregory•rt to Augusta. Fakes to Augu ta. Orchard Buckner. to Falcon ~elaware* "to Dardanelle. (;rider:t to 0-ceola. u en• to Manila. Gridley to forrlllfon. Fallsville* to Jasper r,tlln*t to _1,;),ior::iclo. ge1 mar to Alphena Pass. Famous to Russellville. 1 to Waldo. eta. Gumlog• to Russellville Fancyhlll* to Womble Gum Springs*! to Arkadelg etta Spur to 2\Iarion. Bnnkley. to Fargot 1uce• to Dewitt. phia. FarmlnC"ton•t to Fayett~ Guy• g emoorat to Forrest C'Jty. to Quitman. ville. enmark* to Ual<.l Knob. Felsenthal*H to Huttig. 1 Feltont to Marianna. Dennlng*tt to Altus. Fendley to Amlty. genton• to Black Rock. Fenter*U to Benton. Habberton"' to Springdale. Den Vf.'r"' to Green Fore ·t. Hagardlle* to Lamar. Deroche to Malvern. Ferda* to England. Hagler* to Dewitt. Batesville. to C&ha• 0 Helena. to Feri,ison* to Arkansas City. Halley•U netontt to Benton. Fern to :\!nil erry. Halliday* to Paragould De View* to McCrory. • Hermltag to Ferrell . Pocahontn to Ramil n lal to Vandervoort. I•'i'tv Six to Nl"ountain Hamlet to Conway. n ·azt io Newport. \le". Hamlin* to ·wynne. D 111lln* to Lamar. Figure Five to Van Buren Harnmons,•illa to Deebe. Dlhvorth to Horatio. Finch to Paragould. n auct to lico Rock. n}nsinore to Berryvllle. Fir* to Mount Ida. IJanover to Mountain View. Vlde to Perry. Fisher to :\larked Tree. Fitzhugh• to Augu ta. Harlow• to Rearden. Rf-!e (Perry) to Houston. H1trman to Springdale. O•>th·uff < o.) to Five Mlle to Higden. Harmony* to Clarksville. n ott,)u l'lant. Leslie. to Flag Haroldton to Van Buren. nobyvme• to Okolona. Fleming to .Malvern. Harriet* to MarBhall. City• to Yellv1lle. Batesville. to Floral* to Elkins. Harris*t ranch to Little Rock. Florence• to Monticello. n Hartley to Vandervoort. ~\~ldson•u to Arkadel- Floyd• to Beebe. Hartwell to Hindsville. a. D Fogleman* to Marlon. Harvey to ·waldron. nora* to Ft. Smith. Harwood• to Greenvll1e, 1 nota to Newark Foutain to \Valnut Ridge Miss. n~~~ie Wells to Plne Bluff. Forgy to Nashville. Haskell*tt to Benton. DoyJ, as• to GUlett. Formosa• to Clinton. to Jasper. Hasty town to Pine lllufJ'. Ft. Douglas* to Olarl""vllle b r 1 to Blevins. fl'ourchett to Bigelo \'. Hatchie Coon to Trumann. «' Creek to 1,;11 in .. Fourche Dam to Little Hattlevllle• to Morrlllton. Hatton• to Vandervoort. Rock. &~!Per to Warren. Fox* to Mountain View. Hawes* to Hot Springs. t>ra~~~ to Heber Springs. j Hazel Valley* to 1Vlnslow. Dr!ttw or U to Kingsland. Franci,; to IJarrison. lleafer* to Crawfordville. Drlggs~o * to Black Rock. Freck* to Yellvllle. 1Ieal111g pri.ngs*t t.o Ca,·e Drive + to Paris. French to Mammoth Spring Springs. j Frenchmans Bayou*tt to Dry-r r .. to Wl111on. but i?nr~ to Green Forest. Joiner. Heart to Salem. to 'cranton. . Hebron to Gurdon. Friohl t.o Shirley. Friendship* to Arkadelphia Hector* to Atkins. D uck t Dum:* t to Vandervoort. Frisbee to Ravenden. Hedges to Mountain View. Arkadelphia. t.o h I:>u Frisco to Winslow. nugnp1 to Heber Springs. Frit:i: to • Iarion. Helen to Womble. Durh ngton• to Newark. Fryatt to :Mammoth prln11 Hemp-Wallace*:t to llot l>ut o~~fi to Fayetteville Frys Mill to Lepanto. . pring:. la• to Westville. Furth* l to Star City. Okla Henderson* to Mountain Home. Dutto 11·••• to Pettigrew. Henrico to Rosedale. Mls.s. Henry to Dierks. Hensley • t to Little Rook. Gabriel to Dover. ll:a~1e M. Landini* to Arkan I Herblne* to Rison. B&rleton~ls*tt to Bearden. Gaines.' Herman! to Bay. sas City tarlett ti to Mena. Gain ville*t to Paragould H~th*tt to Forrest City 8a1Co• t~ So Bearden. H 1ckman* to Caruthersvtlle, Gaither to Harrison. t. Joe. l!:ase t _Mo .. Galena* to Gillham ltast 8O El Dorado. H1ckor1a to Cornlni;?. Rock. Little to Galloway ta! Ylamore* to Moun- Gamaliel* to Bakersfield Hickory Plains• to Beebe. B:b11 n ,.,View. Higden t.o neber Springs. Mo Ibo ng • to Forrest City. i-i.igginson • % to Searcy. Garber to Olarksvtlle. t t~Crawtordsvllle. . Hlgli to Berryville. Oarfleld*t:t w t{ogers. ditar• io if~~-e ld. r!!zhflll*t to Cave Springs. Garland •tt to Lewlsv1lle  P~!YJfi!'ir.  :/fo i!fe'ffe~fie.  fH• (\\  D~~g  0  r,  lllb~f  RE FER EN CE KEY, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Uighland*t to Nashville. Hllleman• to Hunter. Hlllsboro• to Strong. Hilo to Hermitage. Hiram* to Heber Springs. Hobart* to Danville. Hobbs to Van Buren. Holland• to Conway. Hol11s* to Casa. Holly Springs• to Bearden. Hollywood• to Arkadelphia Holmes* to Walnut Ridge. Homan• to Fuiton. Hon•t to Waldron. Hopetl.eld to Memphis, Tenn. Hooewell* to Calleo Rook, Hopper t-o "-omblc. 1 ftorsehead to Emerson. Howen• U to Cotton Plant. Huddleston to Mena. 11 ud, peth* to Dem1otL. Huff to Batesvme. Huffman• to Steele. Mo. Hulbert*t:t to Memphis, Tenn. Humnoke to En!!:land. Hunt* to Coal Hill. Hurricane to Benton. Hutchinson* to Batesville. Hutson to Newark. Hydrick• to Cherry Valley.,  Ico* to Sheridan. Imelda io Glenwood. Independence to Cotter. Indian Bay* to Marvell. Ingalls*t to Warren. Ingram* to :Maynard Ink* to Mena. Ione* to Uoonevllle. Irma to Waldo. Iuka• to Calico Rock. Ivan*tt to Fordyce. Ivy to Carthage.  .J.winto* to 'at·thagc. Jacksonport• to Newport. Jacksonvme•tt to Little Rock. Jakajones to Washington. Jamestown• to Batesvllle. Japton to Huntsv1lle. Je!lerson• to Pine Blutt. J ennle* to Lake ·village. Jenny LI n d • t t to Fort Smith. Jericho• t to Me mph Is, Tenn. Jerome to l'ortlan<l  LaKe Vlew•H to Marvell. Lambethvillt>* to Turrell. Lamont, to Pine Illutf. Lanark• to Banks. Landis to Marshall. Laneburg to Prescott. Lane Hlll to Alma. Langford to Pine Bluff. Laniley* to Glenwood. Lanteve to Hoxie. Lansing* to Crawfordvllle. Lanty• to Morrlllton Laone•tt to Strong. Larkin to Melbourne. Larue to Rogers. Latour• to Helena. Laughlln to Stephens. Lauratown* to Portia Lawson*tl: to El Dorado_ Laytonvi!le to Cotter. Lebanon* to Dierks. Lee• to Marianna. Leecreek* to Wlnlsow. Lehigh to Rison. Lena to Benton. Lenox to Amity. Leonard• to Rector. Lester•tt to Camden. Leta to Russellville. Letona*t:t to Searcy. Levesque* to Wynne. Levy* to Argenta. Lexa•tt to Helena. Lexington• to Clinton Liberty to Mount Ida , Light to Walnut Ridge. Limestone• to Jasper. Linder* to ('onway. Line* to Portland. Lippton Lo Wilton. Lisbon* to El Dorarlo Litt,er:i.l to pringdale. Litt.le Maumelle* to Little Rock. Locke* to Mountainburg. Locust Bavou to Camden. Locust Grove to Batcsvllle. Lollie to Couway. Lonelm* to Mulberry. Loneplne to Clarksvllle. Lonerock• to Mount a I n Home. Long:t: to Ashdown. Lono• to Malvern . Lonsdale•tt to Benton. Lookout to Clarendon. Lorado to Jonesboro. Lorine to Pocahontas. Lost Prairie to Texarkana. Louann• to Camden,  I.ow Gap* to Jasp •r. Lowry* to Harrison. Loy to Huntsville. Iuberto :\lountain \i ''Lucas to Mansfield. Lucky to Hot Sprln~s. Ludwig to Clarksville. Lulu to l<'orrest Citv. Luna Landing• t t·o Lake Village. Lundell to Helena. t~~=r~~r~~1~e:t:~~10urne Lunsford* to Bay . Lurtl)n to St. Joe•. Luthervme• to La.mar Lydali~k to Shirlt'Y. Lynn* to Black Rock.  Jersey• to Warren. Jerusalem to Atkins Jesslevllle* to Hot Springs Jesup• to Smlthvllle. Jethro* to Ozark. Jewell to ~•tnthrop. .Jonn to Arkadelphia. Joella* to Lewisville. J ohnson*t to F a.yettYille. Johnstown to :Sewport. Johnsville• to \Varren. Jordan to Pettigrew. Joy to Searcy. Julious to Memphis. Tenn. Mahelvale• to Little Rock. Jumbo* to Melhourne. Maberry to Cottonplant. Junet to Pine Bluff. Macedonia to Mai'Uolla. :\lac•ey to Paragould. Macon Lake* to Lake Vlll• age. Kalamazoo to Paris. Maddlne: to Plne Blu!!. Kate* to Earl. Maddox to Hot Springs. Kedron• to Rison. .'.\fadiRon*t to Forrest City. Keener• to Harrison. Magness•: to .N"ewark Keevll* to Clarendon. Magnet• to .Malvern. Mandeville• to Te:tarkana. Kellar to Biggers. Mangrum* to Lake City. Kelso* to McGehee. Manna to Pocahontas l{l'ndall to C'onwa .. R enyon • to TuOKerman l\lanning to Dalark. Kerlin to Magnolia. Manson to Pocahontab, Kerrs•tt to Lonoke. Mante* to Huntsville. Kibla.h to f<la, La. 1\1 any-fsland<, to Hardy. Kibler to Alma. Maple* to Berryville. Kimes to Yan Buren. Marble• to Huntsville. Kinir*t to Oillham. Kingtlon Springs* to Yell- Marcella* to Batesville. Marche• to Little Rock. ville. :uarle• to "Wilson. King Mills• to Hardy. { Hlll to Lewl11vllle. Kings Spur to Ueotonvllle .'.\l,1rtha to Dierks. Kinton to Fon-est City. Martinville• to Conway. Kirby* to Glenwood. .'.\I a.son to Kingsland. Kirkland to Camden. .'.\iasonvill,·* to :\JC'G\ he,. Knob to Rector . Knowlton* to Rosada.le. Ma sard to Fort Smith. :Vlaumee* to Marshall. Miss. Maxv11le to Cave City. Knoxville*tt to Lamar. l\la) to Hot Sprini;ts. Mayfield* to Springdale. 1\tu.ytlower* to Couwav. !\laysvitlo"I< to Gra,·ettP. Lacey• to Montloello. La.conla• to Ro edale, Miss. 1\lcAtmont to Little Rock McArthur to McGehee Lacrosse• to Melbourne. Ladd to Pine Bluff. McClelland to Cottonplant. Lndello to Mrmt,icello l\lcDaniel•t to Forre.-.;t City • 1cDougal to Pig!(ott. LaGrange to•t Marianna. Lake Dick to Pine Bluff. 1cPa<ldt>n to ·ewport. Lake Farm* to Pine Blurr. Mcliue• to Batesvllle. Lakehall to Lake Village. MoKamle*t to Stamps. Lakeoort to Lake Vlllaire. MoKlnney to Rlaon.  t Teleip-aph • tatlon.  t E preRR Oflh:e. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  TOW S ACCE SIBLE TO BANKING POINTS McNab*t! to Fulton. 'lcPhearsou * to Calleo Rock. Medford to 'Watson.  Oneal*t:t to BatesvUle. Oneida•tt to Helena. Onla to Mountain Viow. Onyx* to Danville. Opal to Mena. ()ppelo to Morrlllton. I.leg* to Ozark. Optlmu1 to Calleo Rock. Mellwood*tt to Helena. 1 Orlando• to Warren. Melrose* to Bates\1lle. 01age• to Green Forest. Mentree• to Plumervtlle. 01a1te Mllls• to Bentonville. Meroney to Star City. Osborne to Seligman, Mo. Middlebrook• to Maynard Otto to Conway. Mlllard to Havana. Otwell to Jonesboro. . MIiicreek to Russellvllle. Owen1vllle* to Benton. Miller*tt to Heber Springs. Oxley to Leslie. Mllltown to Greenwood. Mlllville•t t to Bearden. Ozone• to Clarksville. Milner* to McNeil. M1Jo• to Hamburg. Milton to Hot Sprln&"I, Mineola to Dierks. Palatka• to Success. Mineral* to Gillham. Pale:,tine*tt to Forrest City Minorca to 1\laynard. Palmer* to Clarendon. Mtnturn•t to Hoxie. Farad se to Monticello. Mlst•t to Hambur&", Paraloma•t to Ashdown . Mitchell to Salem. Parkers Store to Little Rock Moark•t to Corning. ·Parkplace• to Marianna. Mobley to Cave City. Parks• to ·waldron. Mock to Maynard. Parma to Mountain View Modoc* to Helena. Paronto Benton. Moffit to Prairie Grove. Paroquet to ·ewark. Moko• to Salem. Parthenon• to Jaaper. Monroe•t to Brinkley. J>a toria to Pine Bluff. .\{* to Hartman. Patmos•! to Rope. Monte Ne*! to Rogers. Patrick! to St. Paul. Pa1 terson (<.'lay (.'o ., to 1,ennett., Mo. Patterson* ('Woodruff < o.) Moody* to Wilmar. to . IcCrory. ~loore to Dover. Moorene1d•t to Batesville. Peaberry to Hamburg. Peare to Rison. Moreland• to Rus11ellvllle. Pearcy* to Hot Springs. Morganton• to Clinton. Pearson* to Heber Springs Morobay• to Hermitage. Morrison Blufl'* to Scranton Pecan Point• to Osceola. , Pedee to Marianna. Morriston* to Salem. Peel• to YellvU!e. .Morrow* to Lincoln. Pekin• to Lake City. Morton to McCrory. Pendleton* to Dumas. U:oscow•tt to Pine Blua. Pennington* to Grubbs. Mosley to Dardanelle. Mounds*t to Memphis, Penrose* to Hickory Ridge. Tenn. , Perla• to Malvern. ~Iountainburg*tt to Van Perryville* to Perry. Peterpender* to Ozark. Buren. Peters* to Me.rianna. Mountain Fork to Mena. Pettus• to Lonoke. Mountain Top to Ozark. Petty to Dalark. Pfeiffer* to Batesville. Mount Homer to Ola. Phenix to Pine Bluff. 1 Mount Judea• to Jasper. Philips to Ilelena. Mount Levi* to Clarksvllle., Pike•tt to Delight. Mount Moriah• to Prescott. Pilot* to Mammoth Spring. ).ft, Olive • t t to Calleo Pinckney* to Memphis, Rock. Tenn. Mount Pisgah• to Searcy. Plndall*tt to St. Joe. Mount Vernon* to Quitman. Pine Grove* to Dalark. Mulligan to llarrisburf!. Mundell to Eureka Springs. Murlllo to Leslie. Pine ( 'ity to llolley Gro,·e. Murray to J as-per. Myrickville to Tuckerman. Pinetree to Forre;.1, City. Pineville• t,o Calico Rock. Myron to Franklin. Piney* to London. Plnnacle*t to Little Rook. N&<1Y* to Glllett. Pitkin* to Weat Fork. ~ ·an to Pettigre"·· ~n~:nt: tfi~;g~~~: Nathan* to NashvUle. Ple.lnffeld to Emerson. N~~~al Dam* to Van Bu- Plant to Leslie. Natural Steps• to Little l'lanterl'ville to \Vilmar. Rook. Pleasant Plains* to NewNaylor to Conway. port. Needmore to Carlisle. Pleasant Ridge to HarrlNelsonvllle to Smithville. Plus~Ba.,.ou* to Pine Blu1I. Neubardt to Marion. • " Newburg• to Melbourne. Plymouth t~ Mulberry. New Castle to Forrest City. Po!nt Cedar to Amity. New Gascony• t O p In e Pomt Peter to :\Iarshall. Bluff Newbope• to Dierks. Ponca to J asoer. New London• to Strong. Poplar Grove*t+ to Helena. .. ewman* to \Valdron. Newnata to Mount a ID Poplar Ridge to Lake City. Porter Station to Winslow. View. Postelle•tt to Marvell . ~~r:J>Jtfc!~a~I Dorado Potter• t to Mena. Poughkeepsie• to Evening NIX* to Dalark. Shade. Noble Lake*tt to Pine Illuff Powell to St. Paul. Nogo* to Russellvllle. •Powhatan• to Black Rock. Nola to Waldron. Poyen•t to Benton. Noland• to Pocahontas. N orphlet*tt to El Dorado. Prague to . beridan. Prairie Creek to Hartford. Nunley* to Mena. Prairie View to ~cranton. Prattsville• to Sheridan. Prim* to Heber Springs. Oakdale* t Englanrl. Princedale* to ·wynno. Oaktorrest to Marianna. .i.Prlnceton Carthage. Oakgrove• to Green Forest Proctor•tt •totoForrest City Oakland* to Flippin. Prost)erlty to Alpena Pase. Oark* to ClarksvlJle. Provo* to Lockesburg, Obear* to Joneshoro. Pu~ht to Hamburg. Oconee* to Pocahontas. Purdy to Huntsville. Odell• to Cane Hill. Ogamaw• to Stephens. Ogden•t to Ashdown. Oll Trough• to Ne1vark. Qui!;ley to Forre.-;t City. Okay• to A tklns. Okean*tt to Walnut Ridge Quinn* to !i.:I Old Hickory to Atkins. Oldtown* to Marvell. Olena* to De Witt. Olio to Waldron. Habell to ::\Iurfreesboro. Oliver• to Waldron. Ka~o to Bentonville. Olmstead to Little Rock. Ralph to Yellville. Olypbant*t to Newport. Ramaey• to Fordyce. Oma* to Hot Spr1ng11. Randall* to Pine Dluf!. Onda to We,t J◄'ork Ratio to Helena.  I  I  -----  REFERENCE KEY.  ,i.  County Seat.  Ravana*l to Bloomburg. Tex. Rawllson* to Forrest City. Rawls* to Hamburg. Raymond to Clarendon.  ARKANSAS  Shady• to Mena. bannon* to Pocahontas. Shark* to Danville. Sharp• to Batesville. Sharum* to Pocahontas. Shaver to Alpena Pass.  'l'ie Plant*t to Argenta. Ttlton*t to Wynne. Tlmbo• to Mountain Vtew. Tina to Bat ville. Tinsman to Hampton. Tipperary to Rector. Tipton to Kingsland. Todd to Star City. Reader to Chidester. Shawmut* to Amity. Togo to }j;arl. Readland •tt to Eudora. Sbelbyvllle to E v en I n 2 Tokio*:t to Nashville. Rea Valley* to Cotter. Shade. Toledo to Rison. Redbluff*:t to Ashdown. Sheppard to Fulton. Tollette*to Mineral Sprlng1. Redfield•tt to Pine Bluff. Shibley to Van Buren. Tollville to Devall Bluff. Red Fork• to Dumas. Shiloh• to Heber Springe. Toltec• to England. Redleaf* to Lake Vllla&"e, Shoal Creek• to Paris. Red Rock* to Jasper. Shoffner* to Newport. Red Star• to Pettigrew. Shuler* to El Dorado. Tomberllns• to England. Red Store to Marvell. Tomlinson to Osceola.. Red Stripe to Mountain Sidon• to Searcy. Silex• to Lamar. Toney to Ozark. View. Reeds Creek to Cave City. Slllca• to Benton. SUver• to ,Iount Ida. Reedville• to Dumas. Slms*t to .Mount Ida. Reese to Marianna. Tontitown* to Springdale. Simsboro to Bari. Refuge to Watson. Traskwood• t :t to Benton. Sitka to WUliford. Reg-ister to Hopo. Treat to Lamar. SlxmJle to Branch. Relfs Bluff* to Monticello. Trenton• to 1'.larvell. Skaggs to Pocabontas. Remmel* to Newport. Trident to SUoam Sprln11. Sk¥Jight to West Fork. Republican* to Conway. Trigg to Kingsland. Slatington to \Vomble. Rest to Star City. Troy to Stephens. Slatonville to nreeuwoorl. Retta* to Russellville. Trull* to El Dorado. Sloan! to Imbod en. Rex to Clinton. Truth to Huntsvtlle. Slocomb• to Benton. Reyburn* to Malvern. Tubal• to Junctton. , lovaktown to Hazen. Reydel to Pine Bluff. Smackover*t ! to El Dorado. Tucker•: to England. Tulip• to Cartba. •e. Smead to Bearden . Rhea• to Lincoln. Tull to Benton. Smeadley to Coalhlll Riceville! to Memphis, Smlthdale• to Earl. Tenn . Smlthton•tt to Gurdon Turkey to Yellville. Richmond to Ashd0wn. Sneed to Kingsland. Turner* to :\:Iarvell. Rieb Mountain•u to Mena. Snell• to Heber Springs. Turrell to :\Iarion. Richwoods to WalnutRidge ~nowball • to Marshall. Tuttle to Elkins. Riddle to Lockesburg. Tuttleton to Forrest City, Snow Lake•rt to Helena. Ridge Station to Jones- Snyder• t to Hamhur~. Twilight to Conway. boro. • Social Hill* to Malvern. Twin Creek to Calleo Rook, Riley to Havana. Sodom to Amity. Tyler* to Heber Springs. l{isher to Jonesboro. Sohrnhachta • to Morrill ton Tyner to Helena. rl.iverslde*t to Augusta. Sonora• to Sorlngdale. Tyro• to Monticello. Rixey to Little Rock . Soudan to ::\1arianna. Roberts to Fouke. Soutb to Dumas. Robinson• to Siloam Sp&"S, South Bena• Fork* to Mammoth Robroy*t t to Pine Bluff. Spring. Rockhouse to Eureka Spgs. So. Ft. Smith*tt to Ft. Ulm•t to Stuttgart Ultima Thule to De Queen. Rook Sprlnl?* to Marshall. Smith. Umpire* to Dierks. Rocky to Mena. Una to Leslie. Union* to Salem. Spadra*tt to Hartman. Unlonhlll* to Newport. Splelervme• to Parts. Roe• ti to Clarendon. Uniontown• to Van Buren. Spotvllle to Mairnolla. Rohwer• to Arkansas City. Upland* to Junction CitY• Roland•U to Little Rock. Springfield* to Morrlllton. Urbana* to Strong. SprlnlZ' Hill to Hope. Urbanette•t to Berryvllle, Springtown*t to Gentry. ~~~a~c~rot~e:~ebe. Ursula•: to Charleston. Sprlni Valley• to Spring- Ussery* to Hot Springs. Rondo•t i to Marianna. • dale. Roosevelt* to Searcy. Stacv to :\fariou. Rosa* to Luxora. Stafford• to Belleville. Rosboro*tt to Amity. Stanforcl to Paragould Rose Bud• to Quitman. Stanley* t() :\Inrfreerboro. ~::r:y ~:r~::~e~leHarrl· Rosedale to Van Buren. Staple to Pine Bluff. Roseland to Manila. son. tark to Heber prings. Roseville• to Ozark. Van* to De Witt. Staves to Rison. Rosie* to Newark. Van Duzer* to Camden. , teele to Elm 'prinirs Ross (Mississippi Co.) .i.Varn r•tt to Pine Bluff, Stella" to Melbourne. Osceola. Vaughn to Bemonvllle. Ross (Pope Co.) to Lamar. Stevroclc to Judaonla. Vendor to Jasper. "'terlin1;* to Eudora. Rosston• to Prescott. Venus* to Huntsville. Round Pond t f to Forrest Stev~• to Plainview. Vero to Calico Rook. Strvens Creek to Bald Verona to Yellville. City. Knob. Round Top to Gilham. Vesta• to Charleston. Rover• to Danville. Vlck*tt to Hermitage. I ~~~~'!!~~VioM~~~~il~a. Rowell* to Rison. 8· 8tory* to :',fount Ida. Royal* to Hot Springs. tt?o J~~~l~· Strawberry• to Black Rook. Vlllage* to Magnolla. Rozelle to Osceola. Strickler* to Prairie Grove . Rubicon• to Benton. 1 Stringer to ·Waldron. Ruddels•t to !\fountain Ro1:k View. Vincent• /to Crawfordville, Rule to Green Forest. Yiueyarrl• to ~larianna.. , Rumley* to Leslie. "ubinco~t to cranton. Vlneygrove t o Pr a fr 1 Rush• to Yellvllle. 8ugar Grove• to .M agazine. Grove. Rushin~• to Shirley. Suli,uur City• to Fayette- Violet Hill* to MelbourD 8 • Russell*! to Bald Knob . ville. Rust to Mena. Summers•:t to Westvllle. Ruth to CaUco Rock. Okla. Wabash* to Helena. Ryant to England. Summerville to Harrell. Waco to :\Ionette. Rye to Wilmar Summit to Yellvllle . Waldenburg* to WeiJ!~r. Hyker* to Pettigrew. Sumpter* to Warren. Sunnyside* to Lake V11Iage. WaldsLeiu* to De w1ttWalker*t to Searcy. Sunset* to Winslow. , Sup ply to Maynard. J~o~:t;~gi~';~vill8• Sutton to Emmett. Saffell to Black Rock. Walnut Hill to BradleY• Swain• to Jasper Sage to Melbourne. Walnut Lake*t to Duma.B• ·a111t James* to llate ville. Swan Lake• to Pine Bluff. Walnut Springs to Rovlra ~ 0 • Saint Thomas• to Jolne1-. Swarts to Pocahontas. Walnut Tree* to Dan 11 · S,rnty to Bearden. Salado* to Batesville. Ward•t to Beebe. Sweden• to Ptne Bluff. Sallne to Carthage. Wardell• to Joiner. Sweet Home•t to Little Saltillo• to Conway. Rock. Saltsprings to Gillham. Sylamore*tl to lountaln ~~~:a~irfgg;\og;;s, poca• Sanders* to Malvern. View. Sandlff to Edgemont. W~~~~n• to Greenwood· Sandtown* to Batesville. Washita. to Hot Springs . Sandybend* to Strong. Watalula• to Ozark. Sans Souci to Osceola. Saratoga* to Fulton. ~!;c!11inboden, Sardis to Hope. Taft to Ozark. Wattensaw• to Lonoke, Sayre•U to Chidester. Taruo•t:t to Pine Bluff, Watts to Leslie. Scaife* to Lake Village. Tami to Russellvllle. Waveland•t to Danv*:n1l• Scanlan* to Memphis, Tonn Tarry* to Pine Bluff. Waverly* to Memphls, Schaal* to Mineral Springs. Tate to Booneville. Wayton to Jasper. chahcrg-1< to \'Vinslow. Theb s to Portland. Schooley to Ozan. Theo to Obidestcr. Scott• t to Little Rock. Thiel to Benton. Webb City• to ozarlL Scottsville• to Russellvllle Thomasville to i\loro. Weber to Gillett. . a JJl Sedalia to Rogt1rs. I 1'hompson*t to t . Paul. Wedmgton to S 11 0 Sedgwick•tt to Walnut Thornburgh to Perry. Springs. 01'.1&• Ridge. Thorney• to Elkins. Weeks* to Heavener, Selma• to TIilar. Three Brothers to Moun- Weldon•tt to Newport, Sensation to Waldron. tain Elomc. Weooa to Trumann, els to El Dorado. Three Creeks* to Junction. Wesley* to Elkins. Settlement* to Shirley. Tlchnor• to G11lett. Wesson* to El Dorado Seypp~I• to _Memphis T~nn Tid~ to Hamburg. West to M~~  :f~:~:n; t~it:!~tl~·  ~l~~1ie ~f uon1 i?~~,rJ~S1~'t1rtlo  ;:f~~t  ~:~:~~:1r~y  I  • .Money Order Ollice.  I  t Telegraph tatlon.  t Expr e Office.  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POIN~.1 S West Harttord• to Hartford. West Helena+ to Helena. West Memphi to . icmphi 'l'enn. Westover to Helena. West Point*tt to Kensett. Wharton* to Huntsville. Wheeler to 8pringdale. Wbeellng to Salem. Whelen Springe• to Gurdon. White• t:t to Fel enthal. Whitecliffs* to Ashdown. Whitehall*! to Harrlsbtll'i, Wbltener• to Hlndsvlllo. White Rock to Mulberry. l'lhltmoret to Forrest City. WWhlttlngton to Hot Spgs hitton* to Joiner. Wldemantt to Calleo Rock. Wldeners•t:t to Forest Clty. Wlggs* to Hot Springs. Wilburn* to Heber Springs Wlld Cherry• to Calleo Rook. Wllklns* to Pa.rls. Wlllcockson• to Harrison. WWUUsvllle to Waldo. illow* to~ Ialveru. WWilmington to Strong. lng* to Danv111e. WWlnstead to Hardy. lrth* to Mammoth Spit Wiseman• to ~ Ielbourne. Wltchervme• to Huntlni· ton. Witherspoon* to Arkadel-  l  Alta.• to Colfax. Altadena • t :t to Pasadena. Al Tahoe*! to Truckee. Alta. Loma* to Cucamonga Altamont*U to Lt ermore Alt5.ville• to Angels Camp Iton*t to Fortuna. Alviso*tt to Milpitll.'! Amador Clty*:t to Jackson Amboy•t:t to Needle . A.medeo•tt to Susan •llle. Am tcrdam to lerced. Andra.ctet1 to Yuma, Ariz. Angiola*t:t to Corcoran. Angwin to St. Helena. Antelope• :t to Sacramento. Applegate• t to Auburn. Aptos•t:t to Santa Cruz. Arbogat to larysvlll~. .t reim to Llvin~ tou. Armona•tt to Han!ord. Arno* to Sacramento. Aromas*t:t to Watsonville. Arrowhead Springs* to San Bernardino. Artoi *rt t i Willow . rdn*t to Baker:-flcld, Atascadero to Robles. Atchlsont to Richmond. A thens to Los Angelee. Athlone* to" 'lerced. Atlantat to Ripon. Atolla* to Los Angeles. Atwood to Anaheim. Auberry* to CloVis. Aukum* to Sutter Creek. uto l est to ·weaverville. Avery* to Angels Camp. Avila.* to San Luis Obi!:DO,  I  w&~~*  to St. Paul. Witte Sorings• to Marshall to Cotton Plant ~olt Bayou• to Bateavllle rtoxnaok to Forrest Clty. W oodberry* to Hampton. Woor1row to Heber Springs Joodson•t to Little Rook. Woolsey:t to We&t For.II:.  ~lvme•u  n,  tY• e.  Badger* to Orosl. Bagby*t to _ Ierce<l. Bagdad*tt to Needles. Balrd • to Redding. Balboa*:t to Newport Beach. Ballard* to Lompoc. Bandini to Whittier. Bangor* to Oroville, w~.i!~r: ttg ~~l~w~~ob. Banta.*:t to Tracy. W~ghtsville*:t to LI t t I e Bard• to Yuma. Artz. w••ock. Harrett to , 'an Die 00 o. ~anoka to Memphi,;, Barstow to an Bernardino. eon. Bartlett Springs* to WilWYatt to Calleo Rock. llams. WYe• to Bigelow. Bass Lake•t to Fre no. WW'Yxnan to Fayetteville. Baxter to San Bernardino. Yola to "\'Vinslow. Bay City to Valley I~ord. llaylcs*t to Kennett. Jad kin to Ravenden. ya 1e• to Ozark. yancopln* to McGehee. ya.noy• to Ozan. Yarbro to Blytheville. y&rdelle* to Harrison.  y~~~~ fg a~t~;- For01 t.  Jorktown• to Pine Bluff. young to Chidester. 0 ungtown* to Pine Bluff  ~k to far. hall. z8 bulun• to (Henwood. to Brinkley. ZI 0 t to Harrison. on• to Melbourne.  zf:':  0ALIFOR. 'IA  t,  tbUa to Watts. A.:<1etny•t to Clovis. 4.c~Do*. to Lodi. Adai:tt to Lancaster. 4da to Ualisto~a. 4de~fciSprings to Lakeporl A.Cle! a• to Paso Robles. noa.nto to :an llernnrdito Bieber. stprlngs to St. Helena ~er• o Butte City. .\rn to Yreka ~ew•tt to Santa Clara ~ : Caliente• to Sonoma. ~\Vanra• to San Jacinto. t~;;arl~~a.Lon(I. ~o•tt to Danvllle, ~ba:rlo• to Bra ley. 4.iberliy to Berkeley. °'1bio ~11 to Elsinore. i4d~ol tto Mendocino. q.,ider Sp~intos 1~0\~illows. ' An~. ~Ille~• to Nevada Olty. '"l'll!llla to Oakl&ad. ~-~rtb•tt to Delano. .&-.:."."1.oe io Aroa.ta. 11'1i&~tt•\o Loa Gatoe. to Corcor&n. to El Oa.1on.  t:ln•t 4t::  1  en,  u,.  enJI·  ~lfgie  13aysfole* to Eureka. Beatr1ce*:t to Loleta. Deck, ith*t to Loyalton. Uel<len*tt to Quincy. Bel1evuet to Santa Ho a. Bellota*t to Stockton.  K~J  Blcknel1• to Santa Mana. Big Bar• to Weaverville. Big Creek to Clovis. llig Oak Flat* to Sonora. Bbi;trees* to . tockton. Bifou* to finden. Tev. Oing~ill to • Tational Hy. Birds Landing• to Suisun m~~~·Dlamondt to Pittsburg. Point to Novato. m:~~g:~J\~o~;~· Blook:sburg*t to Fortuna. Bloomfield* to Valley Ford. Bloomlngton•t:t to Hia.lto. Rlue Canyon*t:t to olfax. Blue Lake• :t to Arcata. Blythe Junction. to ParkBoefa4tizto Reno, Nev. Bodega.•:t to Valley Ford. Bodfish• to Bakersfield, • Bodie*t to Minden. ev. Bollnas• to San Rafael. Bolsa to Garden Grove. Bonlt&*t to National City. Bonny Doon• to Santa no~t':3i• to Fall Brook. Boonville• to tJklah,. Bosoonia• to El CaJon. Boulder Creek•tt to S&nt& Cruz Boulevard to S&n Dlero. Bowtes•tt to Fresno. Bowman*tt to Auburn,  REFERENCE KEY, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  0  g:1~:iff!°~io \,·ood City. Belvedero*t to .. a1.1salito. Ben Hur to Le Grand. Ben Lomonct•tt to Santa Cruz. Benton* to Bishop. 13erenda*tt to Madera. Ber ·ford to "an ~ Iuteo. Bernardo• to E oondldo. Berros• to Arroyo Grande. Herry Oreektt to Oroville. Berryessa to San Jose. Beswick* to Yreka. Bethany*tt to Tracy. Betteravia*t:t to Guadaloupe Beulah Heights to Oakland. Beverly Glen to Sherman.  ,county Seat.  Boyes  prt.ngs* to Sonoma. Bradley*t:i: to Sau ::\liguel. Branscomb• to Wllllts. Bray*t:t to Dorris. Briccland• to Scotia.. Bridge to Fresno. Bridge House• to Ione.  •Bridgeport* to JI.linden. Nev. Bridgeville• to Fortuna. Hrlghtontt to acramento, Broad ~ ay ,'tation to Durlinga me. Broder1ck•t to Sacramento Brookdate•t to Santa Cruz. Brooks* to Esparto. Brown*tt to Bakersfield.  CALIFORNIA  Clay* to Ga.It. Clayton• to Conoord. Clearwater• to Hynes. CJements*tt to Lockerord. Olio*U to Quincy. Chppergap•tt to Auburn. Olipper 1 ill!<* to Oroville Clotho to Fresno. c I) de 1o Baypoint. Ooa.rsegold• to Madera. Cohasset* to Chico. Uolegrove to liu1lywood. ColevHle• to Gardnerville. Nev. College City* to Arbuckle. I <.Jollegt l'arl<t:t to 'an Jose. Oollegeville to to\!kton. <' c;llu.u:; t.o Untario. llnavme• i to Martinea Colurnbla•t:t to Sonora. Uulu1uuia Hill to .i: evada City. Colllptche* to ~ lendoclno. o~ ~r~~~:1•u. to 'a.nta UoneJo"t to Laton. Oou11tlence* to Tuolumne. Cooperstown• ti to Oakdale  Browns Valley* to Marysville. Brownsville* to Oroville. Brynmawr•tt to Redlands Bryte to tockton. Buck to Quincy. Buck Moadows to Sonora. Dueun, Vista to Ione. Bullards Bar* to Marysville. Copperopolis* to Angels Bulwinkle* to Arcata. <.Jamp. Buntingville to Sm,anville. Corcteua•tt to Sulsun City. Burnev• to Reddinir. Oornell to Los An~eles. Burrell to Riverdalo. Corralltos• to Watsonville. Burrough to Clovis. Corte Madera.•u to San Bur.::on* to Lodi. Anselmo. Butcher Ranch* to Auburn. Cotat1•tt to Petaluma. Button Willow*t to Bakers- Coultervme•t to Merced, Coutolenc* to Ohico. By~~~ille to Crows Land- Covel to Fresno. Cowell to Concord. ing. Coyote*tt to MorganHill. Cozzens* to Geyserville. Crattonvme• to Redland.  3  1977  E~~lc. icolau. * to • lar.} _ Easton*t:t to Burllnsrame 1<:a , ~-~~~ ~1• res no Co.), io 1  0  E.p:J"~. Pedro*tt  to ..,an  F.c.llo t.o Placer-ville.  Edendale: to Los Angeles. Eden Vale•:t to San Jose. Ed11:ewooct*U to Weod. Rdna •1 t to San Luis Oblllpo Eel l'o ·I- to l erndale. ~I Campo to Sausalito. 1~1 Cerrito* to Berkeley,  hi Dorado tOalaveras C'o). to Angels Camp.  F,lrlorado*t (Eldorado Co ) to l'lacPrdlle. · Elttman to Compton E1 ~ranada*r to San FrauCJ.Sco. Elizabeth Lake* to Loe Angeles. El!:fb:iV~~dorado Co.) to  Elk;ed~~~i!1o~cino Co.) to Elk Creek• to Willows Ellisworth* to Escal~n. Elmlra•tt to Vacaville. El Modeno• to Oran~e m Portnl*t to .\Ierccci. ~I J;tio• to Oxnard. 1<.l Serano to Los ugelc . El Toro•t:t to Santa Ana. F.:l \lerano•t:t to Sonoma. R:lv~rtatt to Sacramento. Emigrant Gap*t:t to Oolfax Emma.ton* to Antioch. Rmptre*t:t to Modesto. Encanto*t to La Mesa. Encinal to Sunnyvale. ~ncinlt~•tt to Oceanside. to Greenville. C1·escent Mills*t to Green- l<,ul{clmme* Enterprtse• to Oroville. ville. Escalle to San Anselmo. Cre.-;sey* to Livingston. Ethanac*t to Perris Cabazon*tt to Banning. Creston• to Paso Robles. Etiwa.nda*tt to Cuc-amonga Cadana sa* to Woodland. <'romberg to Quincy. Cahuilla to IIemet. Crutts to San Bernardino. Eubanks• to Dunsmuir. Eugene* to Oakdale. Cajon•t:tto San Bernardino Calabasas* to Los Angeles. Crystal Springs to Colfax. I Evergreen to Ran Jose. Caliente•tt to Bakerstleld Cudahy 'tation to Los Callahan• to Etna :\fills. .Angeles. Ca.Joella• to Uklah. Cummings* to Willits. Ca.Jwa City to Irresno. Cunningham to Sebastopol. Fa.!rfax*t to San Anselmo. Fairmead to Madera. Camanche• to Lodi. Cupertlno•t to Sunnyvale, ~a!rmont.• to Lancat<ter. Camden to I!d.ton. OyprC611 to Artesia. 1- a1r Play* to Placen·ille. Camino* to Placervllle. 1ro.1rport*t:t to I'ort BidCamp Baldy to Upland. ' di. Camp 1•earneyt to Sau Falk* to Eureka. Daginge t_t•ti to San Berna.r- Fallen Leaf'* to Placervllle. ua1?d;g~ioeker-1<tt to Valleyl di 0 Fallon•:t to Tomales Dairyville to Hed Blull'. l•'amosa*tt to J: lclfarlantl. Ford. Campo• to San Diego. Dana* to Fall River. 'I.ill . Farallone*tt to Ba.Lr Moo 11 Danby*tt to;: eedles. Bay. Campo Seco* to Jackson. Darwin* to Independence. FarmPrsville*t:t to Exeter. Camptonvllle* to Nevaaa. Fa.rmlnirton•t:t to Stockto• Datura to Rtandish. Fellows*1 t to Taft. Davenport• t :t to Santa Felton•t t to Santa Crua. Ca~:ii••t to Alturas. Cruz. Jrenuert:t to 'eedlos. Canliara* to Dunsmuir. Davis Creek*tt to Alturas. Jt'ernhridge to Fortuna. ('-antll* to Baker;;flcld. Davis • !ill to Quincy. Fertilla to Blythe. Capay* to Esparto. Dawn to 'lovis. Fetter. Springs*to Sonoma. Capetown* to Ferndale. Capitola• t t to Santa Cruz. Dei.i,th Valley*tt to Gold- Fleldbrook•t to Arcuta. field. Nev. Fields Landini?• to Enrek&. Dccoto"-tt to ~ Tiles. Finley* to Lakeoort. Cardiff By The Sea*t to Deer Park*:t to Reno. Nev Fish Camp to . !creed. oceanside. Delhi to Turlock. Fish Rock to Point Arena. ca.rlotta.t to Fortuna. Del Mar•tt to Sa.n Diego• Flintridge to Glendale. Carlsbad* to Oceanside. Florence•tt to Los Angelea. ca.rmel*tt to Monterey. Del Monte*t:t to Monterey. Florln•tt to Sacramento. Carnelian Bay* to Reno. Del Rosa*t:t to Highland. Florlston•t:t to Reno, Nev. CarrviUe• to Weaverville. Del Sur• to Los Angeles. Flournoy* to Oornlng. Car~on Hill• to Angels Denny* to Weavervllle. Fontana. to Ria.Ito. amP Uenverton to Suisun City. Forbestown• to Orovllle. artagot to Independence.* to El Cajon. Forest• to Nevada City, Casa Bia.neat t to Riverside. Devore*tt to San Bernar- Fore thill* to Colfax. C a y rdugo to Glendale. Di~~gnd Sprlng•tt to For~~k!iome* to Sutter casmalla*t :t to Santa Marl& Placervllle. Fore -t Knolls to San An elCaspar* to Fort Bragg. Dlxielaod*t to Seeley. mo. Cassel• to Redding. Forks of Salmon* to Etna castena.•t:t to Dunsmuir. Dobbins• to Nevada Clty. Mills. c tiac to Lo gcle', Donnei· to Colfa. . Fort Barry• to Sausalito Dorrlni,rton* to Stockton. Fort Dick * to Cre·cent castrovilJe•tt to Salinas. , Do l'ios*t to 'Willits. Oity. ata.llna Islandt to Avalon. Dougherty to Pleasanton. Fort Seward to Scotia ·athaY to. 1erced. Douglas City* to Weaver- Fo ·ter*tt to Ran Diego. oavucos* to San Luis ville. Fosterla • to Jackson. Obispo. 4Downievi11e• to Nevada Fouts Springs to MaxweU. cazactero•U to Guernevllle. City. .F'ranklin*tt to Elk Grove. < ecilville* to Etna Mllls. Doyle*tt to Susanville. \ Freeport• to Sacramento. cement*t:t to Suisun City. : Drytown*t to Jackson. ~~~:c~1b8:Ji~~ ag!~Ji~:: 0 Duarte*tt to Monrovia. French Corral* to Gr8.81 Valley. Oenterville (Fresno Co.) to Dublin to Pleasanton. Dudley* to Coalmga. French Gulch• t to Reddin, anger. Dulzura* to San Diego. Freshwater• to Eureka. Challen~e• to Oroville. Duncans Mills*tt to Guer- Frla.nt*t:t to Clovis. Oharter Oak*t to Covina. neville. Frodsham* to Antioch. Chataworth•t:t to Lo1An1r~ DU11dee to Burbank. Fmitvale*tt to Oakland. Dunla.p*t to Sanger. Fruto* to ·wmows. cJ:okeet to Oroville. Dunnlgan•tt to Woodland. Fulton•tt to Santa Ro1111,, Chicago Park* to Colfax. Dutcn Fla.t•t. to Coltu. Garbervllle* to Scotia. Ohilcoot*tl to Loyalton. Dyerville* to Scotia. Garden Valley• to Plao• vllle. Chinese Camp*t to Jamestown. Eaglenest to Guernevllle. Garey to Santa Marla. Obolame* to Paso Roblee. ! Eagle Rock to Los Angeles. Gas Point• to Anderson. Christine to Cloverdale. Eaglevme• t to Cedarvllle. Gavlota • tt to Santa Barbara. Chu&l&r•tt to uom:tJe1. East Auburn*t to Auburn. 01ma•tt to Laa Veiraa. Nov. East Bakersfield to Bakera- Gazelle*tt to Weed . Clarkaburg•t to Sa~ Genesee* to Greenville. fteld. mento. Hlghla.nda•tt to Hlrb- Georgetown• to Placerville. Cl&rlmvllle• to Folsom City. Gerber to Red Bluff.  I  I  f  I  • )loney Order Office.  tTelegraph Station.  t Express  Office. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  1978  'I OWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POIN' S  CALIFOR IA  Germantown•t• tovV1llows. Glant*:t to Plno1e. Giant l•'orest to \· 7 oodlal-e. GHmau to Cere::,. Gilroy Hot Springs* to Gilroy. GlamisH to Yuma. Ariz. Glazier to Mcrnoud. Glenblafr• to Fort Bragg. Glenl,urn* to Bieber. Glencoe• to Jackson. Glen Ellen* to Sonoma. Glenn* to wmows. Glennville* to Delano. Glenwood• t t to Santa Cruz. Gluryetta* to Santa Ana. Gotrs*tt to Needles. Golden Gate. to Oakland. Goleta• t t to Santa Barbara Gorman to Lancaster. Goshen• t to Visalia Gottvllle* to Yreka. ralmer ·* to CloYi . Knights to Gre.fton*tt Landing. Ora.ham Station* to Watts. Grand View• to San Rafael. Grandvllle* to Guernevllle. Grangeville• to Hantora. Graniteville• to Nevada City. Graton • to Sebastopol. ul'a\ e bro to an:l:er. Gray to Banning. Greenfield* toKin!!~ City. Greenleaf to :\Ia<let·n. Greenview• to Ft. Jones. Gret•nville to Santn Ana. Greenwood• to Auburn. Grenada to Montague. Grizzly Bluff• to Ferndale. Grizzlv Flat.* to Pl:tCC!Till Grossmont"t to La I les11. Groveland• to Sonora. Gualala • t to Point Arena. Guast1 U to Ontario Uuatay to. 'au Dj "O. Guern!!ey•tt to Hanrord. Guinda*tt to Esparto. Guthrie's Statlon to Sacramento. Halcyon* to Arroyo Grande Halleck• to San Bernardlno Hamburg• to Fort Jones. Hamilton Clty*tt to Chico. Hammonton* to l\1arysv11le. Happy Uamp• to Ft. Jones. Harbin prings to Cali ·t.011:a Harbor City to Sau Pedro. Harlem llot Springs+ to Sa.n I!eruardir,o. IJarmony to Cambria. Harper to Newport, lleach. H rrls~ to Scotia. Harrison* to Half Moon Bay Hart*t to Needles. Ha vllah • to Bakerstleld. ;o0 I:er;:~:r~od. Haytork• to Weavervllle. Hazel Creek* to DunJJmuir. Hearst to Willits. Heber to El Centro. Helena• to \Veavervtlle. Helix to La , Iesa. HAlm to Fresno. Henderson• to Reddlni, llenloyv1llc-* to Corn.In . Heruldt to Galt. Hermon• to Los Anrreles. Herndon* to Fresno IIeroult*t to Redding. Hesperta•ti to S::.n Bernardino. Hessel to Sebastopol. Hickman*ti to Hughson.  ::;J:grm~t~  Hlghgrove to ~iverllide. Hi,...hla.,rd Spring.* to T,akoport. mfihi~nt~1~1~~tville. Hilton* to ,uernevill . Hllts•tt to Ashland Ore. Hinkley *H to San Bernardino. Hipa. to . an Diego. Hobart ~IilL;*t to Reno. J. ev. 1T ohgood* to ... 'iland Hod,;on to Angel Camp. Holmes to Scotia. Holt•U to Stockton. Honcut•t to Oroville. Boodt to Sacramento. Hoopa• to Arcata. Hopeton to Merced. Hornbrook*H to Montague Hornltos• to Merced. Uot prings* ('fulare Oo.) to Ducor. Hough prings to Williams. HO\rnrd 'pring to Lakeport Howland Flat to Oroville. Hub to lla1·<.lwick. Huntingdon Lake to Fresno Hurleton• to Oroville. Huron*tt to Coalinga. Hyampom• to Weavervllle.. Hydepark* to Inglewood. Hydesville* to Fortuna.  Idrta• to Holllster. Lawndale*:t to Inglewood. ldylwyld* to :an Ja,·mto. Lawrence•t to Santa Clara Ignac1o•tt to San Rarae1. Laws•rt to Bishop. Imverial Beach• to Na- Laytonvlllc• to W1111ts. t1onal City. Lebec* to Bakersfield. Imperial Junctlontt to Leesville* to Williams. _ ilnnci. Leliter to Bakersfield. lndepenctence Lake to Lemon Grov ,*t:t: to La Reno, ·ev. :\Jes,. Indian Dlirglns to Placer- Lennox to Inglewood. ville. Lewiston•t to \Veavervllle. Indiau Wells to Coachella. Likely• t t to Alturas. Inglenook* to Fort Bragit. £,ime Kiln to L 'rnon C ov . In11:omar*t to Gustine. Linden• .t to Stockton. Ingot• to Redding. Litchfleldtl to Susanville. Inskip* to Oroville. Little Lake* to Tehachapi. hcrne :s*i" to l'oint Re;vcs Llttl6 River• to Mendocino I Lit-tlerock* to Lancaster. Station. Inyokern• to Los Ant?eles Liveoak (Sacramento Co.) Iowa IIUl • to Colfax. to Sacramento. Iron Mountain to Reddin"'. Llanada to Hollister. Irvir, tl to Tustin. Llano* to Lancaster. Ir in to Turlock. Locke to \Valnnt Grove. Il-windalc*t:t o .\zus: . Isabella• to Bakerstteld. Lo<'keport to \\'alnut Gro lvaupah to Las Vegas. Tev. Lockwood• to King Oity. Ivy* o Alturas. Lodoga to !\Iaxwell. Loma Linda*: to Redlands. Lone Pine* to IndependJrwkson Gate to Jackson. ence. Lone ..:tar to Fowler. J acksonvtlle• to Sonora. Jncumha to an Diego. Longvale*f to Willits. Jamac!m* to Ln ;\le a. Lon~ Val e.r*t to usanville. Jamul* to La l\lesa.. Lonoak* to King City. Jelly to Re<l Bluff. Jenner* to Guernevillc. Lool,r>ut *t to Bit her. Jenny Lind• to Stockton Loraine• to Kern. Lordsbur::: to La Yerne. Jerome*t to Dorris. Los Alamltos•tt to Artesia. Jerse:v• to Antioch. .Jesus .l\larifl to Lodi. Jobannesburg*tf to Rands- LoqBerros to Arroyo Grande. burg. Lo. I• lore to R d Blutr. John Adams• to Chico. Lo!! l\lollnos•+: to Hed Johnstonvllle"T to SusanBluff. vllle Los i ·1etostt to \.Vhlttfer. John ville*t to QuhlCj'. Los Oli os*tt to "anta Jolon* to King Uity. l iaria. .To ephine" to Auburn. Lo;,,t Rills to Bakersfield. Judson* to San Bernardino. Lotus• to Placerville. Lower Lake• .t to Lakeport. Julian* to Ramona. Junction Cent0r to .,lovis Junction City• to Weaver- Lucerne \'alley to San ville. Bernardino. Jun<'tion Station to Bur- Ludlcrntt t-o Teedles. bank. Lngo to Compton. Lynw<,oo to Comrlton. Lytton•tt to Healctsburg. Karlo to ~u. am ill . Kearney Park* to Fresno. Keddie•tt to Quincy. .Ma.cdoel*tl to Dorris. Keeler*tt to Iudepenclence. l deline*t:t: to Alturas. Kecnc*t to Tehachaui. Iadl on*t to Esparto .i: la.drone*t to Chlroy. agaJla•t to Chico. Ke! o*tttoLa;;Vegas, Tev. Kenny to Fort Hrng!! l agne ·fte to Porter di Kentneld*t:t to San Ra!ael. Malaga•tt to Fresno. Iammotll * to Bi hop. Kent tation to Watts. Kenwood•tt to Santa Rosa. Kern to Bakersfield. Manchester• to PolntArena. Kernville" to Bakersfield. Manhattan"' to Redondo. Manton• to Red Blutr. Keswlck•tt to Redding. Manzanar• to IndependKlnnlvcr• to Sanger. ence. • larian to Owensruouth. Kirkwoud*:t to Corniug. l\Iarigold"' to ,;\lar~•sville. Klamath to Arcata. Mnrina to_ foutcrey. Klink to Visalia. Knlghu cn*tt to Brent mod L Iariposa*.t to Le Grande. Knight · I• erry* to Oakdale. Markleoville · to i\finden, lT \' • Knowles• to Madera. • [arsh to Walnut Creek. Korbel• t to Arcata. Kramer t t to San Bernar- Marshall• t t to Tomales. Martell*:t to Jackson. dino. Massa<'k pur to Quincy. Kyburz• to Placervltle. ~Ia.tilija* to Oxnard • la¼'* to Ione. La Canada• to Pasadena. La Cresccuta* to Glendo.le. Lafayette* to ·walnut Creek i\lc('ann* to Scotia. La~nna to San Diego. Mr.Kinlevvllle* to Arcata. La Grange* to Modesto. Laguna Beach• to San ta McKlnney*t to Reno. NAV. McKlttrlck"U to BakersAna. field. Lagunitas* to San Anselmo. feadow Yalley*t to Quincy La Honda• to Red wooa . 1ecca*tt to Coachell . City. Lake City* to OeclarvUJe. Lak IIodgt::, .::tation to Melitta to Santa Rosa. 1eloland to lfolt,•ille. E ·condido. Lake Hou e to ·a.cramento. Melones* to Angels Camp. aklnnd. ~ 'lelros to Lakeside*tt to El C jon. Lake Valley to Car ·on City, • lenrlota*t:t to F irebaugb. , [enlo P, rlc *t to Palo Ito. ~ 'ov. !en tone• U to Redlands Lakeview* to Perris. Lakev1lle to Petaluma Merced Falls•:t to Merced. Lambert to Healdsburg. La Mirada*tt to Norwalk. Meridian*! to Oolusa. Corners La Molne*tt to Dunsmuir. Meridian ·an Jose. Lanarct to Riverdale. Iesa Grande* to Ramona. Lanfair* to Teed! s. L, n <lalo t-o San .An Metrooolitan* to Scotia. La Panza to San Luis Obis- r 1eyer:s to Placerville. po. ~ IiamJ to Iadera. La Porte* to Quincy. Michigan Bar• to SacraL rab c to Scotia. mento. Larkmead to ·t. Helena. Larkspur*H to San nscl- ~ Hchigan Btu.ff* to Oolfax. Ilddlo Creek to Reddin . mo. Las Cruces to Santa Dar- Uddleto ·n•4 to Calistoga. Mld Lake• to Ukiah. ba.ra. La en* to Susanville. • Iidway* to Tracy. Mllford"l to Susanvllle. Lathrop•tt to Stockton. Mlllbrae•t to San Mateo. Latin 'ta. to Watts. La.trobe•tt to Placervllle. MllJs•t to Sacramento. Millsaps* to Wlllow . Laurel*t to Los Gatos.  !REFERENCE KEY.  :~~x~~:i~;•i0t;~~~ill~~~O,  I  • County Seat  )foney Order Office.  • 1ills College* to Oakland Millville* to Anderson. Mllton•u to Stockton. 1incral Park to Bbhoo. 1inklert to Sanger. Minturn* to Chowcbill iiramar* (~an Diego Oo.) to an Die"'o. 1irama.r ( 'an • fatco Oo.) to Half 1,foon Ray. ::'1-Iiranda • to Fortuna. Mission San Jose* to Irvington. Mlst to Madera.  Oak Bar to Yreka . Oak Bottoms to lteddlng. Oakhurst• to 1adera.. Oak Park*t to Sacramento. Oakvme•tt to St. Helena. Oasis* to Tonopah, Nev. Occldental"t:t to Sebastopol. Ocean Beach*! to SanDleg-o.  g=~o;1~;;¥Ati;;o~~r;~::~ clsco. enden* to Clovis. Mohawk* to Quincy. Og by*t t to Yuma, ArlZ. Ollcenter• to Bakersfield. ~1fi~~f;~afick- Ollditle to Bakersfield. son. 01lfields• to Coallnga. (llancho.* to lndepcnclc11l'C, MoUno to Sebastopol. Monmouth* to Fowler. 01<1 Town to San I.>iego. lono Lak * to Reno. ~ To Oleander•t to Fresno. Monollth*U to Tehachapi. Olema. • t to San Rafael. Monson• to Dinuba. Oll'ta* to ~utter Creek. Montalvo*tt to Oxnard. Montara*T to Halt Moon Oleum* to Pinole. Bay. Ollndat (Orange Co.), to Monta Yi .ta to unnyvale. Fullerton. Olinda• (Shasta Co.) to Anderson. Monteclto• to Santa Bar• bara. Olympia. to Santo. Cruz. Ionte Rio to Guernevllle. Monte \ ista. to ~an I< er- Omo Ranch to Placerville. O'Neats• to Madera. nando. fontgomery <'reek* to Ono• to R~ddlng. Onyx* to Bakersflelct. Redding. , \~~~:u~;lt{o t~a:B!nair. Ophlr• to Newcastle. Orangehurst* to Exeter. Montrto•:t to Guernevllle. Oramrnvale to l• oL om City. l\Iontrose to Glendale. Or:1w: House• to MarY'" 'Iooretown" to Orovllle. Orick* to Arcata. Moorland•t to Stockton. fora!m* to ,valnut C re k. Orienta.I* to Willow . Moreno• to Redland . 'lormon Bar to Le Grande. Orleans• to Arcata. Iorro• to San Luis Obispo Ornbaun* to <'loverrlale. Oro Grand et t to San Berloss• to Watsonvllle. nardino. oss Beach* : to Half Oro Loma to Dos Palo~. Moon 'Bay. Landing to Watsonrrs to Ukiah. 'lo Or oodtt to tockt0n. ville. lnuntain Kmg*+ to Ior- Oswald to Yuba City. Ota.r•:i: to Chula Vista. ccd.  ~gt~Y::JJe  • Iountain ['anch * to \namp. gcl Mount Bullion• t to erced. Mount Eden•tt to Oakland. Mount Hebron• t tto Dorris. Iount ignal* to ( ale-s:ico. 1.uirt:t to Martinez. furoc*U to Tehachapi. Murphy• (Calaveras Co.) to Angels Camp. urrletta • t to Elslnl re. 1yford to Tustin. Napa Junction• t to Napa. Napa Soda Sp'gs• to Napa. Naples•t: to Santa Barbara u.ranjo* to Woodlake. ~ :u·od to Ontario. _ r varro to 1endocino. .. aveloncia to Hcc<lle~ . ~ellie* to Escondido. • ·cJson*t to Durham. estor•t to 'atlonal City ew Almaden• to San Jose 'ewark•rt to Centerv1lle .,.ewberg to CrP. cent City. 'ewbury Park• to Oxnard an .lt'er•ewhall*t:t t-0 nando Newmark. to r 1ontebello to Mon.1. 'ew Montereyt terey. Newville• to Orland. Nlca.slo•t to San Rafael. • ~icl10I to Ha Point. •icolau *t to ~ lary ville Nlmsbew•t to Chico. ''iplnnawa.see to Madera Nlpomo•tt to Santa a.rla Nipton*H to Las V~as ~ ev. .1.  ·ord•t to Chico. ordhotr•tt to Ojai. 'orth B1oomfleld to 0  .1.  da City.  eva-  • •orthbro.nch* to Angels Camp. to North Cucamonga• Cucamonga. ~orth Fork to ladera. North Ontario to Uoland. orth Pomonatt to Pomona. ·ortb ·o.cramento• to .: cramento. North San Dlego•t to San Diego. 'ortb San Juan• to Nevada City. Northwestern• to Willits. oyo• to Fort Bragir. .. •uo ·o (River ido Co.)* to Perri. .. uevo ( ·an Diego Co.) to Ramona.. tTelegrapb  tation.  Pnchoco* to Concord. Pacific* to Placerville. Pacific Beach• t to Sall  P~~I~~a to an Fernando Palclnes* to Holli ter . ;va1nut ~!l~~=~~1Ti~lar:o Grove. Pajarot to :vat om 11le.  Pala* to Fallbrook. Palermo•r: to Orovme. 0 Palli:ser to ~an Berno.rdi~...: P lrn City to Chula. Vis_. J>alm pring ·• t<) JJa11niog. f.:f~::;o;t:~o!n;~er?J:it.t• Palomo. Statwu (( alaeral Co.) to T.odi. Palo Verde to Blythe. Panama. to Bakersfl Id. Panoche to Holli t r. Paradlse•t to Chico. Paramount to \ oodlat1d P rkfl Id* to Sau 11 e,1 P kenta • to Cornlng, P tchln· to Los Gatos. F tton*t+ to Highlandsjutl Payn~ Creek* to Red ~all" Pedro \'alley to a.n ~· Pe~i:S?rove•t to Peta1uJD• Penryn*tt t11 No"cn-t~ePepp rwood* to scot1&, Peralta to Anaheim. $0 Perkins"! to Sacramen Perry* to Redondo .  Petrolia.• to Ferndale, 1  ~Pd!.~~otp t~} :~a. MIS· ~~~~Mo~~ri~eO~kland-  Pi dra t to Hee<ll ~ · Pilot Hill• to Aunurn, Pine Grove• to Jacksoll• Pine Vnot to Hedlaucl 5• Pine.ridge* to Clovis, •od•· Pismo• to Arroyo Gr.. Plttvme• t to Reddlni·  •  • s .;'  • ' ' .,,  ..... ' ' ' ..... . .... fit  I•  I  I  I  •~fl I  .  -·-y  r  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POU. TS  CALIFORNIA  COLORADO  Venando• to San Luis Rer toOceanslde. tevinson* to "ewmn.n. San Marcos•t:t toEscondlcio Stewarts Point* to Point Venice Btll to Visalia. Arena. Sac larttn• t % to Morgan tlnson Beach to Sau.salito. \~ernalis* to Tracy. Hill. Verona to Woodland. San Pablo*t t to Richmond. Stirlln~ City to Chico. tod,~ardsft Lo EmPr.-Yille Victor to Lodi. . au J>as<1nal to F: condido. V!daltt to Parker, Ariz. San Quentm•t:t to San Stony ford* to Maxwell. Rafael. Strawberry Parkt to Oar Villa Park! to Orange. dona. ... tra wberry \' alley* to Oro- Vlna*U to Red Bluff. San Ramon• t6 Danville. Vlneburi:• t to Sonoma. ville. San Simeon• to Cambria. Potter Valley• to Uklab. V iuton* to Loyalton. San Yincinte to anta Cruz. Poway• to Escondido. Vkla* to Ander ·on. ational uccess to Porten ill~. cm Ysidro*! to Pozo• to San Luis Obispo Virginia Mllls to Oroville. City. Sugar Pinc* to Madera.*tt to Corona.. Virner to l'lacerville. Santa Anita*t! to l lon- ultana*tt to Dinulm. Prather to Clovis. ro, ia. Summerland•tt to OarpinPresldiot to San F'rancisco Visitacion to So. an FranSanta Fe SprlDgs• to teria. Pre.ton• t to Cloverdale. ci co. , 'orwalk. Summersville to Sonora. Proberta• to Red Blull. Santa.. Iargarit.a( Iarin Co) Sum mit*tto San Bernar- Vista• ti to Oceanside. Pulga* to Orovllle. Volcano• to Jackson. ti) San Hafael. dino. Pullman to Richmond. Volta*t! to Lo Banos. Purtsslma to UaU .1oon Santa Margarita• ti (San 'unland• to Burbank. Tat,ionu.1 Vorden• to Walnut Grove. Luis Obispo Co.) to San ..."unnysido* to Bay. Luis Obispo. Uity. unny. ide* Los AnoSanta Rita to sauna.a. 'anta Rita Junction t-0 ugelP'. Lo. uartz* to Jam town. Plea anton. Sunoltt to Livermore. ulnby* to Arcata. Waddington• to Ferndale. antu. usana*tt to Oxnard. Sunolglen• to Livermore. Wakeflela• to OrescentClty. . anta Ynez* to Lompoc. Sun~et lleacbt to Hunt- Waliace•tt to Lodl. ington lleach 'a.lnut*tt to Pomona. Railroad Flat* to tockton. Santa Ysabel* to Hamona. ~ a.ntoe*tt to El Cajon. Walsh Station• to SacraRainbow* to Fallbrook. Su f*t t to Lompoc. mento. Raisin*! to Fresno. a.rauru; to ra.lnut C're k. Surrey to San Fernando Warmspr1nga• U to OakRamona (Los Angeles Co.) attle~ * to Loyalton. land. ~ Alhambra. Ramona Park to Alhambra. Saugus, l to San Fernando. s~f~e~~f1~ ;~bSa~~~~ento I Warner Springs* to RaSawyers Bar• to Etna Mllls. Swayne to Orovillo. mona. Randall to Placerville. ycamore* to Colusa. e •atla Washington* to Randsburg • t t to Teha- . cllillinit to Heddi l". Scotts* t0 Loyalton. Cit,~. chapi. Seal,righttt to anta Crnz. Rannoll:,;* to Blythe. \ rater* to rkton ill • Ravendale*t to SUBanvllle. Seal Beach to Long Beach. Tabl Blufft to Loleta. Watcrloot to Stockton. Ravennatl to Los Angeles. ~oarles* to Bakersfield. St aside• t to ionterey. Tal,I 1'01:k to Oro illo. atsonvillo Junction to Rayl* to . '11sa11ville. Sea View* to Guernevllle. 'l'ahoe*t to 'Trucl,ee. Wo.tsom. ille. &YIDond•tt to Madera. To.ho Vi ta*t t,o 11.uburu.*tt to Corcoran. Talberttto Hunt l n gt on tation to Red Banks Beach. Seigler 'prings to C'alistoga. Wawona• to Merced. "'oodlake. Tallae*! to Placerville. Redlands Junctiont to :selbY*H to rockott. '" fiYllll,t to an JO . Talmage• to Ukiah. Redlands. Weimar* to Colfax. oneca* to Gr enville. Tancred*! to Esparto. Wcltchpec• to Arcata. Redwood Valley (Cli.lpella " po* to I<'illmore. 'l'arn to Parlier. Weldon• to Bakersfield. P 0.) to Uldah. Seven Oaks to I e lland . to Redding. Taylor• Wendel to Standil;h. City. Sevillet to Omsi. Relief* to Nevada Taylors,1lle* to Green- W t Alhambra*! to AlHepre u.* to Fol ·om Oity. hambra. ville. Requa• to Cre8cent City. Sha.le*+ to Taft. ~~ue• to Placervllle. West Butte• to Colusa. 8handon-t< to Pa o Roble . Tecato to ·ational City. Q'llfw&rd* to BakersQeld West Gate*! to Sawtelle. Tecnor* to Dorris. Sharon*tl to ho"cbilla. West Glendale to Los 'l'ecopa*t1 to Tonopah. Shasta*t to Reddlni. RR~ca.rdo to Tehachapl. Angeles. lllufr. Red to hama*U 'I' 1ch to Quincy. Dunsto ha ·ta 'prings*t Tempi ton*tt to Paso ,-o ·L Haven•tt to ..,0;1!in g, muir. Rlcbfteld (Tehama. Co.) to W tley*tt to Patt< on. Jobi• . Hect Bluff. Sha vcr* to Clovis. Westminster*: to HuntingSan Diego. Teralta Rlchgrove• to Ducor. Shawmut* to Sonora. ton Beach Rich nle*1 to Diggs. Shl,eprancb* to anAndrea Terminal• to San Pedro. . Susanvill to Tcrmo* Shol<lon to Elk Grove. Terra Buena. to Yuba City \\' tpolnt"- to .Jack-,on. Rio Bonltot to Biggs. Shellvllle to Sonoma. ffo Bravo• to Bakersfield. , Shelter Cove* to Ferndale. Westoort•t t to Fon Bragi Sheridan•: to Wheatland. Thormalito*t to Oro, ille. West San Jose to San Jose. Thomasson to uisuu. RI~ i~~!~*a o ~~~t~mento. Westville* to Colfax. .. Scot111 to Thorn Shingle prings to Plo.cerRR!onido*t to Oucrno, ille. Slide to Lodi. Whu;key Thornton to Galt. , illo. lJ>l :r to Blythe. hingleto, n* to Anderson. Thr erivers* to "'oodlake. \Vhitehouse to Redding. _vista. Chula to Juana Tia hiveley*t to Scotia.. RRoberts* to Burbank. White ulphur ·prings to Tlburon*t to ausahto. oblar to P taluma. Vallejo. Tilden* to Oroville. Rockaway• to 'au to Redding. Whitmore• Francisco. icrra Oity to Los lton. T1pton•tt to Tulare. Wiest to Brawley. Rocklln*tt to Loomis ·1erravillc*! to Loyalton. Wllbur Springs to Wllllama. ilvor Lake*t: to .:an Bern- Tollnouse*t (Fresno Co.) t Wlldomar•tr to Elsmore. ~Fervllle•t to l<"ortuna. 1 ardino. 10 Rgl~~ ~ot1~~-~k~~n Simi• to Oxnard. Wlllowbrooi.*t to Compton to Co.) ·apa .. ( 11~·1SP. ToYi , ims to Dun muir. Willow Creek to Arca.ta. 'isquoc* to ...:anta .1aria. noeamond*t to Lancaster. Springs* to TehaWUlow Monica Santa To~!~~}:!"fo lsson•tt to \\. eed. nc,OSCoe to Burbank. chapi. to Colusa. t Sites• R ledale to Bakersneld. San Gabriel. to Wilmar Gardnerville to Topaz* O Skaggs• to GeyservtJle. R P.Woocl to Hod Bluff. \Vilton to l•~lk Grove. Skagg-11 Springs to Geyser- T;r:~l-t to Vallejo. 1\~•htt to San Anselmo. Winchester• t to Hemet. and Ready• to ug ville Wlndsor• t l to Healdsburg 'l'o\\ le*tt to ,~olfax. Skyland to Los Gato . ftoGrasa Valley. lnd Mountain* to Red\\'in h;neu* to Hidunoncl. Kingsburg. to •rraver*t R lni. Wlnevllle*tt to Ontario. Tres Plnos•tt to Holllster latimrton t,o Pl ccrdlle. n,oun_d alle,·• t,o Hi hop. Ninterhaven to Yuma.Ariz Livermot"e. to 'l'rcvarno outiers to Sacrn, cnto. 'lg~t.~k~~~llf~:racrnmen- Triangle to Alturas. ~19:dera. to Trigo*l ftu01sey*! to Esparto. \\""fntersburg to Huntington to ~anger. tation to Hay- s~~~tvllle• to :Marysville. •rrimmer* Ussel! Beach. Trlnldad•t to Arcata. a Ward. Smltbflat• to Placervllle. Winton*t to lerced Redding. to Center• Trlntty 'mith · Ranch to Valley Trinnfo to Oxnard. \\·it<'h reek* to Hamona. a~*• to Berkeley. l•ord. to Fortuna. 1\ \\ itter :sprin". • to kiah. ~\crtord•ti to St. HelWoodbridge* to Lodi. 'l'rona w Tehachapi. Snelllni:• t to M_erced. , . Glendale. to Tropico ~reka. Ryde* to Walnut Grove.«-. har* to Tru \'briclll,'.e to • larysv1lle. Som1s•tt to Hueneme. Truckee•tt to Reno. ·ev. Wooclfords* to ~ Ilnden. Soquel*t to anta Cruz. ~ ·ev. Tudor•t to Marysville. Woodle&!* t-0 Oroville. ~ a Beacb * l to San Sorrento: to La Jolla. 'l'uiumm* to Glenda.lo. Soulsbyvllle• to Sonora. a &nctaoo. Woodslcle~1toRedwoodClty onora. . to •ruolurnne*H , south BaYl to Eureka. ,~oa•t to Eureka. to Son01·a Woodville to Porterville. Tuttletown • Woody* to Delano. Ca Andreas•n to Angels Twain* to Quincy. San lnp, Woolsey to Santa Rosa. Willits. to Rivers Two Wrlghts•tt to Los Gatos. l\obtrdo•ti to Paso south0 Dos Palos•t to Dos Two l ock to Petaluma. Tyler• to Nevada City. arto le Ian Be~io• to Holllater. dt~,rn. Ydalpom to Keunett. Spadra • r to Pomona. Yermo* to San Bernardino. to Wheatland. Universal Cityt to Holly- Yettem*t to Orosi. a~it 'arlo. to Hedwootl Spencevme• . poonvill *t to 'tandish. Yolo.nda to 'an Auselmo. anct Y. Spreckels•t go Sallnas. to Lakeport. Yolo*U to Woodland. to r,, nca tcr. San Spring Garden*tt to Quincy u;1~dLake•.t Yorba1 to Placentia. •Pe to Gilroy. San Yosemlte•tt to Merced. AnsGeronlnw"'ti to San Sprinir Valley to La 1esa. Spriug, ill t~. 1'.ort r, iJ1 . Vacation* to Guemevllle. 8aii ehno 'oung:town to Lodi. 14 Gr~iorio•t to H&lt spyrock to \\ 1lh · 'ade to Placer, ille. a..::-:.oon Bay len in to Sacramonto. I ~~{;!~ei"ot -.itartum • 'to St. Helena. St.. John* to Cbloo. V&lley Center" to Escondido., st. Loitis to Oroville. 'all v Home to Oakdale. J~an Bautista•% to Standard• to ::;onora_. ~ Valley Springs •tt to Lodi. Zabrlskle to Green Water. Mary to "tanfield aa;;olh t r. to Angels Camp. Zamoratt to Woodland. Vallicita• Zeferia 'tation to Long aa;uan Capistrano• to Stanford Unlverstty•t to \ alona. t,o <rockett. Palo Alto. Beach. 8&ii t& Ana Val Yerdet:f; to Perris. • Zelzah*t to San Fernando. to Sui tantonl totoAn~helm. toLancaster. Valyermo* 1 --!,orenzo•ti . lmden, ... ev. Yanden to Fairfield. Stateline• Zenia* to cotia. s~dro. ucas•tt to King City. Stege•:t to Richmond. • toney Order Office. tTelegraph 'tatlon. ,county at. REFl'l'.REN ,E KEY. Polaris to Reno. Nev. Pomin' to Reno .• '(a,. , Pond to Delano. Pope Valley• t-0 St Helena Popl,tr to PorterdllP. Port C'osta*tt to C'rocl,ett. Portola*tt to Lo) alt on. Po ey* to Baker:-;flelcl. Potrero*t to National City.  lZ,  d. llt'C.  8  a.  s.. audO  atnut le.  .:••  tf  I  L  ,..  ~oiif1\ to . n  I ,· I  :  ,.'  ~fT~ Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  1  ",II  f  -  h!~1~:J:·  .:....-·.-=-,___  ---····  ... ---~·  ••.,.  •  1979  H\  ; I:  j .  f  COLORADO  Ill  ckman* to Dolore . Adams Cit-:r t,o Bl'ight.on. A(lena to l<'ort Morgan Aler •k to Bran on. Alder* to Salida. Allee• to Idaho Springs. Allens Park* to Lyons. i\ll~ns Spnr t,o Hayden. Allison to ln~acfo. Aimont* to Gunnison. Alvin to Laird. Amee•t to Tellurtde. Amlty*tt to Holly. Amo to Peyton.  t. l  1.  i  lI '  1  Antlers"' to RUle. nton to kron. Apex to C<'ntra.l City. Arboles• to Durango Arena* to Kit Garson. Arlckaree• to Flagler. Arllngton•tt to Eads. Armel• to Hale;lcr. Neb. Aroya*tt to !(it, 'al'son. ArrJola* to Dolores. .,\ Lehe,i* to Pruita. Atwf'll to Folsom. N. M. Atwood•+ to Sterling. Augu. ta*! to Aguilar. A vonaa!e• J to Pueblo A ·la!* to 1·aig. Ayer to La Junta.  j  '  I;  B ilf'y*;J: to Dem er.  Bald Mountain• to Central City. Baltimore to Central Clty. Barela*t to Trinidad. Harnos,ill * to Gill. Rarr Lake*U to Bl'1glltoa. Oasalt•tt to <.:arbondale. Ha iC'k to Canon Uity. Battle Oreclc*to Dixon. Wyo Bear River to Hayden. lledro<'J * to uC'la. Bellvue to Fort Collins. Berwlnd • t to Trinidad. Bessemert to Pueblo. Beulah• to Pueblo. BlackhM k*l to Central City. Blaine* to 'l,\o Butte.. Bloom• to La Junta. Bonanza• to Saguache. Honea.rho to Trinidad. Bonny to Rurlington. Bowen*t: lo Trinidad. Bowle• to Paonia. Boyerot+ to Hugo. Brid!,:'C · . 'witch to ,raid Junction. · Brodhead to A uilar. Brookside to Canon Ct,y. Buffalo Creek• to Denver. Buick* to Doe1·trail. Burns•toGlenwoodSprlDira. Burnt M111*t to Puehlo. Caddoa • t t to Las Anlma1. Calclte*t to Salida. Cameo* to Palisades. Carnoront! to Victor. Oamfleld to Ault. Campbird• to Ouray. Oamp humway* to \'alenbm·g. Can.lleld to Longmont. Capital <'ity* to <'mmi 011. CapuJln• to La Jara. ( aribou* to Hou! ler. Carlton• to Granada. Carr*U to Nunn. rossing* to Sugar arr <1ty. C ry Hanch* to Haydon. Cascade*! to Mo.nitou. Ca .ells to Fairplay, Cebolla to Gunnison. Cedar Creek to :\lontrose. Oe l rwood•tt to l'ucl>lo. Chama* to Alamosa. handler*t to F'lorence. C'hapleton to \\·iggin .. Ch ne.· C'P.nter to Holly. Cberrelyn• to Denver. Oberry* to Colorado Sprlnge. Chlvlngton • to Eads. Chromo• to Pagosa Sprlnp. Clmarron • U to Montrose. Claremontt to Stratton. .  ' i  --.,·  Ir "  tt i  ..  i  ~ ~  .;, ;~ ""-..::.  >  ' ,:  ·t .,..  t I ~  t '  r· ....  te· mhoat to OJ, rk* Spring·, Clyde* to Two Buttes. Coalcreek •tto Florence. Coaldale• to Salida. Coalmontt to Walden. Cokedale*t to Trlnidad. Cole to Burlington.  t Express  Offl e.  .,.. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  19t30  COLORADO  Colona• to Montrose. Colorado C1tyt,t: to Colorado Springs. Colorow to Olathe. Columbine to Steamboat Springs. Como•u to Fairplay. Oonarete*tt to Florence. •Conejos* to Antonito. Conifer* to Golden. Cornish to Briggsdale. Cory* to Delta. Cotopaxi• t l to Sallda.  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS Gr11rt to pringfleld. Granby*tt to Hot Sulphur Springs. Grand Lal-o* to Hot SulP ur. prim~s Granlte•tt to Buena Vista. Grant*t to Fair Play. Gray Creek•t to Trinidad. Gray!ln to Sterllng. Gretit Divide to Cra.i"'. Greenland*t ito Castle Rock Green Mountain Falls•t to Colorado Springs. Greenwood* to Florence. Griffith to Durango. Guffey• to Cripple Creek. Gulnare• to Aguilar.  Pleasant View to Golden. Plum Vailcy to Branson. Poncho 'p'ga to Salida. Pool to Steamboat Sprlnirs . Portlanct•t:t to Florence. Frtmero•tt to Trinidad. Prowers•ti to Lamar. Pryor• to Walsenburir. Purcell to Ault. J>yrolite* to Florence.  Loma*t:t to Fruita. L ngview~ to Littleton. Lo Cerritos to Mana. a. Louvlers*tt to Littleton. Lucerne•u to Greeley. Ludlow•u to Trlnldad. Lyean* to 'Holley. LynntI to Aguilar.  MoCoy•tt to Yampa. MoElmo to Oortez. • 1cGregor to Steamboat Springs. Radlant*t to Florence. Radium• to Kremmllniz. Mack*t:t to Fruita. • 1:aitland*t to Walsenburg. Rago* to Akron. faje tic to Trinidad. Rand• to Walden. to "\ alsenburg. Ha.ngely* to Meeker. Ho.hns Peak* to Steam- 11:afo.chite* Hap on to Aguilar. Oarbondalc. to i\Iarble*t boat Springs. Ravenwood• to WalsenburgHale* to St. Francis. Kan. Marsha.lit! to llowcter. Haymer to New Haymer. Hamilton to Craig. Read* to Delta. Loveland. to Masonvllle* 11 anover* t.o l<'ountain. Dacouo*tt to Frederick. Hed Lion to edgwick. 1 l\laster:s* to Orchard. liappy,·ille to Eckley. Darlow to l~astJakc. lattis,m*tt to ::\latheson. Reilruesa• to Durango . Harhourdale to La. Junta. •Maxey DearOcltl to .Kersey. to Lamar. H.od • lountain to uuray. 0 Springs to Lamar Ile<lvale* to . . ·orwood. J~;~eb.ollins I -Medford ~~~~~: / tf~~~1~ad. iclvin to Parker. Red Wing* to Walsenburg. Delcarbon* to "'alsenburg. Hartsel*tt to Fair Play. Henaraye* to Cortez. Trinidad. t.o Hastings*t Otis. De Nova to Aspen. to .Meredith to tonington. Richards Hawley to Rocky Ford. Derby *t+ to Denver. • Iesa* to Debeque. L{ico*tl to Dolores. Hawthorne* to Boulder. Devinet to Pueblo. Morgan. Fort to Messex* 1 Hazeltinett to Denver. Dllllngham to Otis. l\Iidway to Denver. Rinn to Longmont. DUion•tt to Breckenridge. Jlebron*t to ·walden. Steamboat Hioblanco* to Rifle. Milner to Henderson• to Brighton. Dlvide*t+ to Manitou. Springs. to Wray. Robb 1 1 Iindeman to La Junta. Rock Vale*tt to Florence. t~ Hesperus•t to Durango. .\Ilneral Hot Springs• to Dover* to Nunn. Hicks* to Trinidad. ~gfl~;vj?ie!'tfaro Central I Saguache. Doylevme• to Gunnison. Hlghee• to La. Junta. l\1inturn*tt to Leadville. City. Drake* to Loveland. Hlgblandsf to Denver. Saguache. to Mirage• to L~ Jara. Romeo*tt Dumont*+ to Idaho Springs Hillside to Westclilfe. Romley-1< to Buena. Vista. :\Iodel to Trinidad. Duncan to Trinidad. Hill Top*t to Ellzabeth. Alamosa. to Ioii:oto* • Colorado Sp'gs. to Ho&wellt Dunton* to Dolores. Hoehne•tt to Trinidad. :\Iolina* to Collbran. Rouse*t to Ainiilar. Dyke to Pagosa Springe;. Holland to Grand Junction Monarch to Hot Sulphur Rugby*tt to Walsenburiz. lloltwood to Ramah. Springs. Rulison to Grand Valley. Home• to Fort Colllns. , Montclalrt to Denver. Rush* to Calhan. Horn ville to La nrnr. Breckento Montezuma• Russell Gulch• to Central Eastonville*tt to Peyton. Howard• tt to Salida. ridge. City. Eckert• to Cedaredie. HowardsvUie• to Silverton. :\1oraino Park* to Loveland Edgewater• to Denver. Howbert*Uto CrlppleCreek forley*t t to Ti;,lntdad. Edith• to Durango. Hoyt* to Fort Morgan. Mosca• t to Aiamosa. Edler to Springfield. HuertJ1no•t t to Walsenburg Edwards• to Eagle. Hughes* to Yuma. Mountair to Denver. Edwest to Trinidad. Husted•tt to Colorado l\Iount Harris to Hayden. St. Elmo•t to Buena Vlsta. Elba* to Akron. Springs. Mount Morrison* to Den- St. Vralnstt to Erie. Eldora to Boulder. Hyde to Yuma. ver. I Salem to Denver. Elkton•tt to Victor. Hyirlene• t to Longmont. Mount Pearl* to Kit Carson Salina • t t to Boulder. Ellicott* to Peyton. Walsenburg. to Mustang-* Jara. La to Sanford• El Moro*tt to Trinidad. Elphis to Vona. San Pablo• to San Acaclo. b ,,. • Elwell to Berthoud. Saplnero•tt to Gunnison. I Ideal ! to Walsen u~~Elyriat to Denver. Sargents• U to Gunnison. Ingleside to For, Oouins. Emma* to Carbondale. Saw Pit* to Telluride. Na~ to Leadvllle. Emplre•tt to Georgetown. Iola* to Gunnison. Schramm to Yuma. Nathrop.. to Buena Vista 0 t!o~u~'f.ton. Engleville to Trinidad. 1 'aturlt&• to Telluride. 0 0 .. ·iwaho .'pring.- to Cortez. Shaw• to Arriba. Irvington to Lafayette. ~:t?n~:a\ t~ Shawnee*! to Fair Play. repesta•tt to fanzanola. Est,elene* to Kenton, Okla. Sheridan to Littleton. Newmlre to Telluride. Eureka• to Silverton. to Steamboat Spga. Sidney• Ridgway. to Toe! Evergreen* to ;\It_ :Morison. Jamestown* to Boulder. SUoam* to Florence. North Creede*t to Creede • Torthway* to 'I'wo lluttes. ,suver Cliff• to Westcliffe. Jansen*t+ to Trinidad. Silver Plum en to GeorgeJelferson*H to Fair Play. Nyburg• t to Pueblo Joycoy to Springfield. 0 Fairfield to Holyoke. to Deertrall. s1~ Joylan to Golden. Falcon*t! to Peyton. to Dixon, ·wyo. Slater Oak to City Junction Farmers ~ pur to Greeley. lia;o*; o Grover. Creek. Farr* to Walsenburg. Juniper to Oraig. Sloss to Glenwood Sprlnirs. Oak Vlew:ic to La Veta. Ferberite to Boulder. Smuggler• to Telluride. omccr to La Junta. Firestone to Fre<lerick. Snetrels• to Ouray. Ohio •to Pltkin. Flat Top to Genoa. Snowmass to Asoen. 0 Floreatat to Crested Butte. Kalou to _'ew Raymer. Solar to Walsenburg. g~l=r~ d}~o\~eJ;fngtl.eld. Florlssant•tt to Colorado Kanza* to Calhan. Ophir-ti to Telluride. St>rinits Somerset• U to Paonia. • Karval to Hug-o. Ortiz* to Antonito. Flue to pringfleld. Soprts• t to Trinidad. Kaufman* to Grover. Osgood* to Kersey FondJs• to Elbert. Kt1arns to Pag-oi;a Springs Overland• to l.Jenver. outh l<'ork* to Del Norte. Forbes* to Trinidad. Kelim to Loveland. 1 South Plattett to Denver. Ford to Yuma. to Rock Springs, Rparks Sterling. to Kelly* Oxford* to Duraniro. Forder to Ordway. Wyo. to Calhan. Forkscreek•tt to Idaho Kendrick* Genoa. t() Spence Calhan. to Keysor• Springs. .'pnrgin to Kimball, • Teb. Kline• to Durango. Fort Garland* to Blanca. Starkvllle•1 t to ·rrlnldad. Fort Loizan•tt to Littleton. Koenig! to Johnstown. Pagoda* to Craig. Fort Lyon 'to La.s Anima . Kokomo•tt to LeadvWe. Konant1.* to Stonington. Pagosa Junctlon•tt to Pa,. . till Wagon to Oalho.n. Fosston* to Greeley. , tone C'lty to Puebio. Kornman to Lamar. Foxton* to Denver. Kersey. Strong* to "Walsenburg. Pa~!f'e~~~~ Jara. Franktown• to Castle Rook. Kuner• to Calhan. to Strontia Springs to LittleKutch• Creek. Oak to Pallas Fraser*t+ to Hot Sulphur ton. Palmer Lake*+ to Oastll, Springs. Sus,:ar Loat*t to Boulder. Rock. Freeland to Idaho Springs. to Denver. 'ullivan Pa.ndo*U to Leadville. La Boca to Ignacio. Frtaco• to Breokenrtdire. Lake City*tt to Montrose. Parachute to Grand Val- . uubeam* to Craig. to Glenwood Sunlight ley. Lake George• to Coloradol Springs. Paradox* to Norwood. Springs. Galatea•+ to Eads. to Boulder. Sunset•tt Gunnison. to Parlin* Cortez. to Lakevista Galetont to Eaton. Pu.rshull* to Hot Sulphur Superlor~tt to Boulder. Lakewood* to Boulder. Garcia to Mesita. Surber• to Colorado Sp'gs. Spring·. Laporte• to Fort Colll.nS. Gardner• to Walsenburr. Swallows•tt to Pueblo. Patehe· to Walsenburg. Larlmert to Walsenburg. Gartleld* to Salida. Larkspur•tt to Castle Rock Pawnee* to nyder. Garo• to Fairplay. Gilcrert. to Peckham Lasauses to La Jara. Garrison to Hooper. Pembertont to ~ lonurnent. La.scar to Walsenburg. Gary• to Brush. Laub to Trinidad. Gillettt to Cripple Creek. Tabasco•t to Trinidad. Penrose*t to Florence. La valley* to an Acacio. Gilman* to Redclifl'. Taberna h*+ to Hot SulPenna• to Durango. Lawson• to Georgetown. Girard to Matheson phur Springs. Glade Park* to Grand June- L&y* to Cralg, 1 Petersburg to Littleton. Phlppsburg*tt to Yampa. Tabor to Lafayett.e. Lazear*t to Hotchkiss. tlon. to Boone. 'I'acony Wal8enbll?I'. to Plotou•t Leader* to Denver. Glen* to Arriba. Talpa to Wal enburg Ptkevtew *tt to Colorado Glendevey to Laramie, w·yo Lebanon* to Dolores. Tarryall* to Cripple Oreek. Spring-a. Leonard• to Telluride. Globevllle to Denver. Terclo•tt to Trlnldad. Pine• to Denver. Lester*t to Walsenburc. Goldtleld•tt to Victor. Thatcher*t: to Trinidad. Pineclifrc to ederland. Thurman• to Arriba. Pine Grovett to Denver. g~~~h1M;11tit!f1~:~ Bow-' Tiffany* to Duran;:o. Brush. Plnneott to Lime• to Pueblo. der. Tioga• to Walsenbu~. Pinon• tt to Pueblo. Goo<1 Pasture• to Pueblo. Littell to Oanon Oity. Tobe * to Trinidad. Livermore• to Fort Oolllntl. Pitkin to Gunnison. Uordon to Walsenburg. Placerville*tt to Norwood. Tolland*U to Central City. Lobatos to Antonito. Gorham• to Boulder. Logan to Sterling. to Platteville. Plateau City• to Collbran. Tollerburg* to Trinidad. b~~!~s~P[~nf>~J~a~~eblo. Cowdrey to Walrlen. Crestone* to }.foffat. Crisman• to Boulder. Critchell* to Littleton. Orowe to Pueblo Cuchara.s• to Walsenburg.  n:~~~~t-i l~  gg~~ 6~e~~- r{Jl~~~-  11l"~~~!~n.  r  }~~:iJn\  I  I.  • County Seat.  • )loney Order Office.  To tee* to Wa1sennurg. Toponas* to Yampa. Torres to Trinidad. Towaoc to Cortez. Trlnobera • U to Trfnlaad Troy• to Trinidad. Truc.kton to Calhan. Tungsten to Boulder Turon to Calhan. Turret• to Sallda. Tuttle* to Stratton. Uncompaghre to l\1ontrose. Und llffe"' to Pueblo . Union t + to Fort Morgan. University Park•tto Denver tleyville"- to Springfield . Valdez• to Trinidad. Valley City to Sugar City. Vallorso to 'I'rinidau. Valmont to Boulder. Valverdet to Denver. Veta Pass* to La Veta. Vilas• to Lamar. Vlllas,-ove• U to Saguache. Yillegreen to Branson. Vineland to Pueblo . Virginia Dale* to Fort Collins. Yroman* to :Manzanola. Wagec; to Yuma. ·wall treet* to Boulder. Walsen • to Walsenburir. Ward•tt to Boulder. "\\ratcrton to Littleton. Watklns*tt to Denver. Wattenberg to Brighton. Waverly to Wellington. Webb to Holly. ·welby to Denver. Wentworth to Syracuae. Kan. westminster•tt to Arvada. Weston•tt to Trinidad. \Vetmore• to Florenoe. Wheat Ridge* to Denver. Wblteplne• to Gunnlson. Whitewater• t t to Gran4 Junction.  Wigwamu to Pueblo. Wild Ilorse*tt to Kit Oarson Wllla;d* to Sterling. Wllliamsr-urg* to Florence. Wolcott•1 to Eagle. Wolf Creek to Byers. Woodland Park•tt to Colorado Springs. Woodrow to Brush. WoottonH to Raton, Ne• fexlco. Yellow Jacket to Dolores. Yetta to Trinidad. Yoder* to Calhan.  ~~n  t:~~: \~ 1&~\ix;:_·  REFERENCE KEY.  CONNECTICUT  t Telegrapb Stat-ton.  CO. 'NECTICUT  Abington•: to Putnam. Addlson•t to Hartford. Allingtownt to 'est Havell Allyne* to Norwich. Allyne Point to Norwich. Amston•t to WilllmantJc. Andover to WlUlmanttc. Aspetuck to Westport ..., AtwoodvWe to WWtmanw0 • Augervllle to New Have11 · Avon•tt Lo Simsbury. Bakersville to TorrtnsrtoJl, BallouvlJle• to DanlelsOJl· to Norwich. Baltlc• Bantam• t to Lltchfl.eld .• ...c Barkhamsted• to WllUIT1v••"  u  ::6~/;~t::rl <{l~n;ta°uPtuck. Bean Hill to Norwich. Beckley to New Britain, Berl!n•tt to New Brlta1Jl,  ~;wwiz~~~~~:t~ren:e~~ ua11•u  to Esse1• ti Black Black Rock to Brldg-~grd'.  :~~~i;f!~g:ti J~:Nmord·  Bolton*t to Rockville. vfll' Bolton Notch• to Rock rt· Botstord•tt to Brtdirepo Bozr h to .1. ·orwich. Bozrahvllle• to NonrJ,f~ Branchvllle•tt to "" ){IY tleld. Bridgewater• to Nelf bttt1• ford. Brook11eld•ti to nan pa'lr Brookfteld Center• to Br~~eld Jct.ti to paD· ----bury. ! Ex reee Offlca  C Br Br Bu  TOWNS .ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  CONNECTICUT  DELAWARE  Bacons to Laurel. North Westchester• to East Sta.nwtcn to Greenwich. Hallvtlle to Norwich. Stepney to Bridgeport. Haddam. Bayard to Frankford. Hamburg• to Essex. Haruden•t to New Haven. North Wllton to Norwalk. Stepney Depot• to Bridge- Bear•tt to Delaware City. Bellevue•u to Wllmlnin;on. Hampton•H to Wllllmantlc North Wlndham•tt to Wll· oort. Umantlc. Bethel• to Laurel. Sterling*tt to Plainfield. Hanover• to Norwich. Blackbird• tt to MiddleHarwinton to Torrington. North Woodbury• to Stevenson*! to Shelton. Waterbury. town. Still River*t:t: to New MilHawleyville•rt to Danbury ford. . Blackiston to Clayton. Hazardvtlle• t to Thomp- North Woodstock• to Putnam. Stony Creek*tt to Branford Blades• to Seaford. sonville. Norwichtown* to Norwich. Storrs to Wllllmantic. Blanchard to Greenwood. Hebron• to Willimantic. Bowers• to Frederica. Campvllle* to Torrington. Hig~anum*tt to l\.Joorlu .. Brandywine to Wilmington Oannondale to Norwalk. Hic:hlancl J'at·k* to outh Oakdale• to Norwich. Brandywine Springs• to ,\Ianche. ·ter. Canterbury* to Plainfield. Wilmington. High Ridge to New Canaan. Oakville*tt to Watertown. Taconic to Lakeville. Canton• t t to Coll!nsvllle. J:Torwich. to Occum Norwich. to Taftvllle•t Brentord*U to Smyrna. Haven. New to llighwood*t Ct~~~~1 enter* to ::fans-II lI ockanum*t to East lia,·t- Old Lymet to Essex. Talc0ttvllle• t to Rockvllle. Brownsville to Harrlnirton. Old Mysttc•t to Mystic. TarUJVUle• U to Hartford. Bunting to Selbyvllle. Centerbroo1r • f to Essex. ford. Center Groton to Mystic. Hop River*t:t: to Willi- Old Saybrookt to Essex. •r ..ryville w Bristol. Oneco*t:t: to Plainfield. Thompson tt to Putnam. OentervUle* to New Haven. mantic. Cannon t t to Seaford. Central*tt to Plain- Hotchklssvme• to Water- Oranc:e*:t: to \Vest Haven. Topstonett to Bethel. Ore HW* to Lakeville. Tot.oket to Branford. Canterbury to Ft'lton. bury. field. Oronoque•t to Bridgeport. Tracy• to Meriden. < arpente1·•-t to \Vilmington Huntington to Shelt,on. Che aptnvllle•t to Lakeville. Oxtordt to Seymour. TrumbuU•tt to Brldg-eport. Oas on to Dover. hap\in • to Wllllmantlc. Hurlbutt to Norwalk. Tyler City*:t: to West New Centervllle to Wllmln&1;on. Chatham to Portland. lfaven. Cheswold"t:t to Dover. CheshJre•t to Waterbury. TylervllJe• to East Haddam Choate to Newark. Packer* to Plainfield. CChestertleld to New London I Ivoryton• to Essex. Pawcatuck to Westerly,R.I. Ohrlstiana• to Newport. hestnut Hlll to Wllltmantlcl Pequabuck• tC! Bristol. Clarksville• to Frankford. K.ent•tt to New Mllt'ord. Claymont•tt to WllmlnrClarks Corner* to Wllli- Kent Furnace to ... .,.ew l\Iil- Pine Meadow• t to Winsted. Pineorchard• to Branford. Uncasvllle•t to New Lonton. ford. Southingdon. Columbia to Laurel. Cl~~t~t~~lls* to Ashaway, Kllline:wort.h to Clinton. 1 Plantsvllle• t to Union Citytt to Nauga- Concord to Seaford. ton. H.. I. tuck. Plattsvmet to Brtdgeport. Coochs Bridge to Newark. Cllntonvtue•t to New HaPleasant Valley• to Win- Unionvillt>*l·:t: to Hartrord. Coolsprln1t" t to Lewes. ven. Lakeside* to Litchfield. sted. Colchester•tt to Norwich. Laurel Glen to Ashaway, 0 olebrook• to Winsted. Plymouth•t to Thomaston. R.I. Pomfret•t to Putnam. Vernon•tt to Rockville. Colebrook River*t to Win- Leba.non • to Willlm.antic. Downs Chapel to Clayton. sted. Pomfret Center* to Putnam. Versallles•u to Norwich. Ledyard to Norwich. Vintons Millst to Hartford. Columbia to Wllllmantlc. Leete Island• t t to Gull- Poquetanuck to • ~orwich. Poquonock• to Hartford. Voluntown* to Jewett City, 1 Edgemoor• t t to Wllmlnr,Cornstocks Bridge to East tord lla.mpton. ton. Lime Rock•t to Falls Vil• PoJ~~fi~~k Bridge• to Cornwall• to Falls Vlllage. Edwardsville to Greensboro, Wapplng• to Hartford. Cornwall Brldge•ti to Falla Lo1::'km•tt to Bridgeport. Preston to N or\\ich. Md. Norwich. to City Preston j to Village. Warehouse Poiut*t Long Ridge to Stamford. 0 Windsor Locks. Prospect to Waterbury. w1'f11gf~n. i{~:tr~~;J &>scoh*tt to Greenwich. Lyme• t t to Essex. Warren to Lttch.fl.eld. C IUlburyt to Norwalk. Warrenville• to Wlllimanrescent Beach*:t: to New tlc. London. Fairmount to Georgetown. Washington•tt to New Mll-1 Farming-ton• t t to Harrln1tCl~toioutb Q'to~~r Hlll• to New L1.>ntord. ton. W aRhlngton Depot• to New Farnhurst•tt to WllmtnegaYvillet:t: to Danlel!son. M:!~~~~t~;Green• to South Q\1f~~ug•t to Webster, Mtltord. Urham • to Middletown. ton. Watertord•t to New Lon- Forest• to Middletown. Durham Center• to MiddleManchester. don . town. . lanslleld"' to Willimantic. Waterville*t:t: to Waterbury Mansfield Center•r to WllllWauregan•t to Danielson. Glasgow to Newark. Redding*t to Bethel. mantic. ~,levme•:t: to WUlimantlo. Mansfield Depot• to Wllll- 1 Reddin&Ridge• to Bethel. 1 Weatogue• to Colllnsv1lle. Granoguet to Wilmington. Westbrook• tt to Clinton. Greenvllle*t to Wilmington Eastecrlln *t t to Middletown. M~~~tlEa1e• to New MO• .Bridget to Thom- West Cheshlre•t to Water- Grubbs*t to Wllminirton. anaan • t t to Canaan. E bury. p &sttord • to Putnam. Stamford. to Riverbank ford· •a t, Gia tonbury* to Glas- Marton• t to Southing. Riverside •t:t:to Greenwich. West Cornwall•ti to Falls E! to11bu1·~ Harbeson* to Georgetown. 1 Vlllage. Marlboro* to East Riverton• to Winsted. E~ Hartland• to Hartford. Rockfall• t t to Middletown. Westford• to StaffordSpr'gs Harmony to Newark. ton. 13:•naven•t ttoNewHavcn. Mechanlcsvtlle* to Putnam. Rockyhlll * t t to Hartford. West Goshen* to Litch- Hazlettvllle to Dover field. llenry Clay Factory• to E 'lt·tcllllngly• to Danielson. Melrose•tt to Thompson-I Round Hill to Greenwich. \ 'est Granby* to Sim.-fiury. Wilmington. hfteld • t t to Torrlng.t Rowayton•t to South Nor• West ville. Hartford•t to Hart- Hlckman•tt to Denton.Md. 1!: on. walk • 1:errow Station to Tolland. ford. East LYtne• to New London Merwlnsvtllett to New Mil- Roxbury•t to New Milford. Hockessln*tt to Avondale, Winsted. to Hartland* West Pa. ll:a~ Morrts• to Lltohfteld. R~~fo'7ci~tatlon•t to New Westminster to Plainfield. Hollyoak*tl: to Wilmington. to Greenwich ·walkwalkt to South NorWest Morris* to Litchfield. Hollyvme• to Georgetown. Mlddlebury•t to Waterbury! West Mystic• to Mystic. last00t to Brtdgeport. Houston Station• t t to MUMiddlefteld • U to Mlddl~ tord. ·ctort Chester to Port Haddam* to East ~~fs1gu~:1rr~cfakevllle. West Norfolk* to Canaan. ester. N. Y. E Hampton. EasfhRtver• t t to Guillord. South Sandy Hook•t to Danbury. West Norwalkt to Kenton*tt to C'la,yton. • 'stero~pson•tt to Web- to Mystic. Norwalk. Sanford t-0 Bethel. Klrkwood•tt to Delaware Mllldale*tt to Southington. Eas • 1.. ass. Saugatuck" t to Westport. ~:ioR~d:-ge!ttpi~B-ethel. City. Haddam. East to Millington ilt Wallingfordt to WalEssex. to tt Saybrook• Easngford. Mlll Plaln•tt to Danbury. 10 O Ok Junction t to ~e~S~~'riJr~ · tii•s~~g~rd r b Say London New to Mlllstone•t S~r1;;:llllngton to Stafford Lebanon to Dover. Milton to Litchfield. East gs, Sa~g~~~k Polnt•tt toEssex Springs. ..., Windsor Hlll•tt to Mlnortown to Watertown. Soltlco•J to Thompsonville. Wes~ 3uffield"tt to Suffield. Leipsic to Dover. LlncoJn•tt to Mlltord. E: •1 arttord. Mohegan to Norwich. P~tnam to ho!Jlpsontt 1 W. Wllllmanttc. to • Scotlan Eic~00 dstock• to Putnam. Monroe to Shelton. Shailcrville to E. Haddam. W.T01Tmgton oTorrmgton Little Creek• to Dover. Montowese•tt to New Ha• Sharon•tt to Amenia. N.Y.I ~estvlllet to New H~ven. Lowes Crossroads to Millstu1tk to Plainfield. boro. Sharon v alley•t to Amenia, \.\ est W 1111 n gt o n t t to Eu1 0 ;!>n • t to Rockville. M;ifv1.ue• to New London. Rockville. ~ • . y. Elll'lw ti to Putnam. Morr1s•t to Litchfield. Sherman• to New Millord 1 ,v. Woodstock·· to Putnam. Elll:l.el~~ •tt to Hartford. 1 to Thompsonvwe Mount Oarmel*t:t: to New Short Beach*t to Branford: Wetherstleld*H to Hart- Magnolia• to Fredericka. Marshallton• to Newport. M:ua;~en.Hopo to Willi• il •er Lane*t to Ea t Hart- wi~r~eyville*-t to •ew Ha- Masten to Felton McDonough* to Odessa. mantic. P'ab Sll~~:Mlnet to Norwalk. I ven. • Midway* to Lewes. omer *t to Thompsonville Wilson t to Hartford. F'ttoban to Webster. Maas. Mtllvllle• to Frankford. Webster, to Wilsonville* Thompson-I to ille*t omer~ ~ F'ores!~1lue• to Norwich. Mission to Mllisboro. Mass. e• tt to Bristol. ville Montcha.nln • tt to WllmlnaNorwalk. to Wllton•tt Stamto Beach•tt sound· Danbury. to Fair.Oeld New ton. Winchester Center• to WlnNewtngton•t to Hartford. - 'ord Gales F Gal'd erry-tt to Norwloh. Newtngton Junction• t 0 90~ nd;iew*tt to New Lon- wf~~tam• to WllUmantlc. Mount Cuba* to Wilmington. 1 Oan~t;f Lllake to Norwich. Mll· 1 S. ~~tain*t to Waterbury. w;~nd~orvllle• to Rockville. Mount Moriah to Felton. N Hartford. •t tor<1 sv le• t to New Mil• Southbury•t+ to Water- Wmmpaukt:t: to Norwalk. Mount Pleasant• t i $o New Preston to ew Oeor... · Wolcott to Waterbury. + ford. Middletown. tlei" et own• ti to Rldge-Woodbridge to New Haven. bury. Nla.ntlo•t to New London. , OU11 Cl., S. Ch hire to 'Yaterbury. Woodmont*tt to Milford. Nlcbolst to Bridgeport. oue:_"ieeve• to Portland.. South Coventry t to Wll• Woodstock• to Putnam. , 'oank•tt to Mys~icNassau•n to Lewes. Oiaato• tto Willimantic. Woodstock Valley• to Putllmantlc. Noroton*t to Danen. o Norwtcb. nam. ,. oroton Heights* to Da- Southfordt to WaterbUfY· South Glastonbury to Woodville to Litchfield. r1en. Git,xi.b East Hanford. •0 shford to Putnam. rook• t • t 0 St t ,. 01 l G~~e~~~~~~to Branford. S. Ke.n_t* to. Tew Branford am or... ·No·. • Greenwtoh. etlvtUe•t to o1 00,1 ls D l\1_ilford. .. • Oceanvtew• to Frankford. Yalesville•tt to Meriden. Omar to Frankford. Northfield" to Thomaston. • • Kilhnidy to anie ~~Olbin° toTDaniel. ou. Norwich. to Yantio•tt ew to Lyme•t South _H!!,ven. New to Northford• orrtngton. o • ~rall.b Owenst:t: to Greenw<?od. No: Franklin* to WJlhman- So~f:~!iden• to Meriden. 81'6ende1~\io Hartford. r~~ts Fa~*~ ~ou~~ N ti~h Granby• to Suffield. South Wethersfteld*tt to Pleasanthlll to Newark. Hartford. Dale• t % or Qree · ::?orters•tt to DelawareCity outh ;\ i\lin!:!"ton*U to ·witNorth Grosvenor Gr1a,:ovul,.1~: to Norwich. Port Penn• to Delaware lk N t~{1/,~f{grd to Guilford . lin:antic. . N Gtoav " to Norwtch. City. • + t New Haven •. , 1ltont:t: to • orwa . o en 0 D East Had- South Wlndham•tt townale•t to Put- N.HahvPenl 1h4• Q ~in. r DELAWARE ltmantlc. a Nort Groton*t:t: Redden tt to Georgetown. dam .. d fl Id to Ridge- s. Windsor•! to Hartford. Qrove 13 to New London. Woo !stock* to Putnam. 'llrk)yvJiach*t:t: to Clinton. No. R1 gc e Redllon to Delaware City. to Rehoboth Beach• t l field. f dt to Stamford si>rtngdale•u to Stamford. e te Wllllmantlc. Lewes. t Greenwood. to Andrewville ~ 01~J:1~e~itng to Danielson. Staffof:• to St afford Angola t to Lewes. fl~ Richardson Park*t to Wil<iada~•t:t: to Ea ·t Had- North Stonington•ttoWestrl s~B~rd~iue• to Stafford Argo to Milford. mlngton. Springs M"• d erly, R. I. ll~l~ e•t to E. Haddam. Northville• Ashland* to Wilmington. Risingsun to Camden. · to New UJ.Or · tTelegraoh Station. • Ioney Order Oflicc. :t: Express Oftloe. REFERENCE KEY.  Brooklyn* to Danielson. Brooksvale to Waterbury. Buckland•tt to South Manchester. Burlington to Bristol. Burnside*:!: to Hartford. Burrvme• to Winsted.  l  I I  \J  tl!~~~~M1  d  Re~g~.  e.  1981  Mt~ii~st  1f~ctfe·  f Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  I  8:tf:~;t;b  io Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  1982  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  DELAWARE  -- -  Anna Marla* to Bralden- Chason* to Marianna. Cbattahoochee•tt to River town. Anona* to St. Petersburg. 1 Junction. Cherrylake to Madison. Anthony•U to Ocala. Chester* to Fernandina. Antioch* to Plant City. Chicora*! to Bartow. Saint Georges* to Delaware Aroh Creek•t to Miami. City. Fort to Arg~~is. to De Funiak Chokoloskee* Shortly to Georgetown. Stanton•u to Newport. I Btateroad*t to Wilmington i~f!g~o:e~ s_ra~~~nvUle. Ch~u~~!·•t to Mulberry. Staytonville to Harrington. Arran*f1 to Tallahassee. j Christmas* to Oviedo. Stockley•U to Georgetown . Arredonda • 1 to Galnesvllle Chuluota* to Oviedo. Summit Brldire• to Middle Ashmore•1 to Tallahassee. 1 town. Ashvllle• to Quitman, Ga. 1 Chu.muckla* to Pensacola. I Cltra. n to Ocala. Sycamore to Laurel. Crystal to CUronelle•t Astatula•t to Leesourir. River. , Astor*t to Umatilla. Citrus Park*t to Tampa. Talle,-vllle to Wllmln~n, AstorPark•1 to Eustis. Cltypolnt•t to Cocoa. Athena*t to Perry. Taylors Bridge to Odessa. Thompsonvllle to Mlltord. Atlantic Beach•tt to Jack• Clara*t to Perry. sor.:vllle. 1 Auburn to Panama City. Clarcona*t to Apopka. Clarksville* to Marianna. Aucllla •tt to Greenvme. Uniont to Newark. Cleveland*! to Punta Gorda · Audubon to Cocoa. Aura.ntiat to Titusville. Avent na to Miami. Vernon to Harrington. Coachman to Clearwater. Aycock*tt to Cottondale. Cobb to Baker. Viola• ft to Felton. Codyt to Tallahassee. Cokesberry to Hastings. Wardt to Delmar. 1 Columbia•t to Lake City. Bagdad•t to Milton. Warwick to Mlllsboro. Baken MW•tt to Jasper. Whlteavlllef to Pittsville. Baldwln•tt toJacksonvUJe 1 Compass Lake*tt to MariM:d. anna. WWlamsvllle to SelbyvilJe. ::~:!vmeria~t &!ti.and. Concord• to Ravanna. Willowgrove to Wyoming. 8arco to Crystal River. Conner* to Ocala. 1 Conway to Orlando. W ooddale*t to Wilmington 1 Bascom• to Marianna. Woodland to Seaford. Cook to Panama City. Woodslde•tt to Camden. Bassenger* to Kissimmee. Cora to Pollard. Ala. Bayard• t t to Jacksonvllle Ooronado*t to New Smyrrla. Y orklyn • t t to K en n e t 1 BaJit:.arbor* to Panama Cortez* to Braidentown. Square, Pa. Cottagehlll•t to Pensacola. Bay Lake*t to Ocala. Courtenay• to Cocoa. Crandall• to Fernandina. I Bee Ridget to s arasota. Belgium to Arcadia. Crawtord•tt ti! Callahan. Bell•tt to Alachua.*tt to Clearwater. 1 ,Crawtordvllle to Tallahassee. Bellevlew•tt to Ocala. Crooked Lake to Lakel Belllsle to Panama City. DISTRICT OF Wales. Tallahassee. to Benhaden COLUMBIA Croom•tt to Brooksville. Benotis to Perry. Croas CltY*t to Mayo. Bensont to Miami. i:~:~~;d~ot rohg: Crown Pointt to Winter Anacostia! to Washington. Berrydale• to Milton. Ga rd en. Crystal Betts to c 0 ttondale. S • g Beach to Tarpon Benn1ngst to Washington Bishopville* to De Land. Cry~i:S s8i;rings* to ZephyrBrightwood to Washington Blackman* to Pensacola. I hills. Brookland to Washington . Cypress•t:t to Marianna. 1 to Alachua. Burrville to Seat Pleasant, Bland to Dade City. Blanton•t Md. Blltchton• to Ocala. Bluffsprings• t:t to :\-1olino. Oa-Ff!~!aJt.ei~J~ to Seat Boardman*t to McIntosh. Dalkeith* to Apalachlc la. to Delray. Darllngton* ro De Funiak Congress Heights to Wash- Bocaratone*tt Springs Bokeelia•t to Bocagrande. ington. Da rnnport*tt to Haine Pensacola. to Bolton* 1 City. Bonaventure to Cocoa. Bonita. Springs• to Fort Davie to Fort Lauderdale. Deanwood to Washington. Day•t to Mayo. Meyers. I Bostwtck•tt to Palatka. Deerfield*tt to Delray. Botts* to Milton. ' Boulogne*t Garfield to Washington. to Jacksonville Deerland* to De Funiak Good Hope to Washington. Boyd*t to Perry. Springs. Bradley Junction to Bartow Deer Park to Melbournto Tampa. to Brandon*U De e~ta~! r l n gs • t t Hillbrook to Washington. Brewstert to Mulberry. Denaud • to Fort Myers. Denver• 1 to Crescent City. Laurelhlll. to Brick Kenllwortht to Washington Brid!.rnnd* to Sanford. Destin* to Pensacola. Bridgeport to Palatka. j Detroit* to Hom&;tead. Bridges* to Zolfo. La.ngdont! to Washington Broadhrarn·h to Bloun ts- Dinsmore•: to Jacksonville. Roootns*U to Georgetown Rockland• to Wilmington Roxanna• to Selbyville.  I I  I  I  I  I  I  6  Randle Highlands to Washington. Takoma Parktt to Washlngttin. Tennallytown to Washington. Terra Cotta to Washington. Twining to Washington. Uniontown to Washington. Woodburn to Washington.  FLORIDA  Acllnet to Punta Gorda. Agricolat to Ft .• teade. Alah* to Plant City. .Allord*tt to Cottondale. Alger* to St. Cloud. Allanton• to Panama City. Allenhurst* to TltusvUJe. Alllance• to Marl&nna. Alt.amonte Sprlngs*tt Orlando. A1'ba• to Marianna. Alton•tt to Mayo. Altoona• t t \o Eustla. Almru to  AlYa•  '° Fort M7era.  to  DIST. OF COL., FLORIDA  -- - - - - - - - - - ~ -  I  -  Enirlewood* to Punta Gorda Enterprise•U to Santord Enville* to Brooksville. Espa.nola*t! to Bunnell Estero• to Fort Myers. Estiffanulga* to Quincy. Esto•t to Geneva, Ala.  to St. Augustine. Hlldreth* to Branford. I Hilden H1111ard•U to Callahan.  to Havana. Hobe Sound*tt to Stuart. I H1nson*tt Hogan to South Jackson-  J;,:::~oig~iue. 1~:fi,.1r::\; .Eureka• to Ocala.  H~~i::•t to Inverness.  1t~1  0  i>°a~atka. igll~:rtt !lollyhiJl'-'t to Da~·tona. Ho1t• t to Milton.  Everglade to Fort Myers. Evergreen• to Callahan. Evlnston•u to :\Icintosh.  h~e1ana•rt to Bartow. Homosaasa • U to Cry1taJ River. Fairbanks• t to Galnesvllle. Hopkins*tt to Melbourne. Hosrord*tt to Bristol. Falrfield•t: to Ocala. Falmouth•tt to Live Oak. Houston*tt to ·wellborn. Howard to Arcadia.. Fargo to Lakl' _\Jfred. Farmdale* to Panama City. Hudson• to Broo1rsv1lle. Huntlngtontt to Palatka. Favoretta to Bunnell. Federal Point• to Hastlnp. Hurds* to St. Au~stlne. Fenholloway•t to Perry. Festus to nlontlcellc Iamonla to Tallahassee. Fiftone to Jacksonville. Ind.lanola*t to Cocoa. Fivay to Brooksville. to Titua1 Indian River City* Fletcher• to Mayo. ville. Florahome•t to Palatka. Indian Rocks* to Largo. Floral City to Inverness. l11clrio* to Fort Pierce. Inglls* to Dunnellon. Florence Vllla*Tt to Winter Interlachen•tt to Palatka. Haven. Inwood* to Marianna. Florida City to Home.stead. Iola to Apalachicola.* to :\Iilton. ~=e;:id~<! ~i~~me.stead. Formosa• to Orlando. Fort Barrancas• to Pensa- Island Grove*t to Ha1'· thorne. cola. Fort Drum* to Fort Pierce. Istachatta•tt to Brook.vllle. Fort Green*tt to Bowling Fo~ree8reen Sprlnirs*1 to . Jacob* to Cottondale. Wauchula. Jamieson to Havana Fort McCoy*t to Ocala. Janney* to Gainesville. Fountaln*tt to Cottondale. Jay• to Pollard, Ala. Jena* to Mayo. Jensen•t:t to Fort Pierce. Johnson*t to Hawthorne. Johnstown• to Lake Builef• ~~~~n~o Lees- JJudson •tot Trenton. ~~~:~ G b urg. 1 Oor 0 •a1J11 1 un per o toreens West P Juilter•tt Frultvllle*t to Sarasota. each. I }~J:ti!!iue. Franc1s•1 to Palatka. Franklin to Laurel Hill. Freeport• to De i'unlak Springs.  I~~~~d:J  Galllver*tt to Milton. Galloway*t to Lakeland. Gardaer•U to Arcadia. Garnlers* to Pensacola. Gary•tt to Tampa. Gaskin to De Funiak So'gs. 1 Gasparlllat to Bocairrande.l  I  Kl ard* to Marianna. d!P Kings Ferry• to Fernan Kln~ton*t to DaytonaKirkland to Live 01ik. Kirkwoodt to MicanopY• Knlghts•t to Plant Cit>'j,, Knox .Htll to De .FUil t!ei·e Funiak K:ir:~fif to co~tondall•  Geneva•tt to San1ord. Genoa•tt to White Sprlnirs. Georgetown• to Palatka. Georg-Jana• to Cocoa.  J~1::.r 8l:ri' Springs.  Kathleen*tt to Lakeland Kendall*! to .:\I iami. Kendric11:•tt to Ocala. Kent to Jacksonville. Kenwood*t to Palatka. Keysville* to Plant Clt1•  I  e  Glen Saint Mary •ft to MaoLacoochee•1 to Dade cttt clenny. Glenwood•tt to De Land. Lacota to Ocala. La Crosse•t! to AlachU~ Lady Lake• ft to Leeab Gomez*t to -tuart. Gonzalez*t to Pensacola. 6• • Goodall to Daytona Beach. Lake Gem to _ fount P~ Br~~k~r•tt to Lake Butler. Dorcas* to De Funiak Sp'gs Gotha to Orlando. Lake (,ene, at to Harn'fP~ Goulding to Pensacola. Dou blfl Sink to Trenton. Lake J ackso12t io Goulds*t to Homestead. Dougla.<i to Apalachicola. Brooklyn*t to Starke. Dover*tt to Planli City. Brown to White Springs. Lai~s~:·ry• t to Sanford · Brownvllle•t to Arcadia. I Dowling Park•tt to Live Grabam•t to Starke. Grand Crossing to Jackson- Lake :Monroe to sanrord · Oak. Bruce* to De Funiak Lake Pickett to o,,ied~ville. Lako Stearns to ebrJ[lg. Grandtn•tt to Palatka. BJ~~~:. to Jacksonvllle. Drlfton*tt to Monticello. Grand Island• 1 to Eustis. Dukes•t to Lake Butler. Buchanan*t to Zolfo. P" Marlto tt Ridge Grand Bueklngham * to Fort Myers. Dupont*t t to Palat~a. Burbank*t to Ocala. Lamont• to MonticellO• Gr!~~!'°t t to Melbourne. Lancaster to Live oa.k• Greenland• to Jacksonvllle. Lansing to Arcadia. -W Calloway* to Panama Oity. Lantana*t to Lake Greer•t to Dacie City. KLsimmee. to Campbellt Larklns•t to Miami. Gretna*tt to Qutncy. Campvllle • t t to Haw- Eagle Lake*tt to Winter Grlffl.n to Lalreland. Laurelt to Sarasota. thorne. Grovepark*t to Hawthorne. Haven. Camp 'Walton* to Pen-;a- Earleton• to Gainesville. Gullford*t to Lake Butler. Lebanon* to vunnell~· cola. Lecanto* to Crystal Early to Panama City. Candler*tt to Ocala. Jl)I, Gulf Hammock* to Gaines- Loe to Marlison E:irnestville to :i\lolino. Cantonment•tt to Pensa- East Lake*t to Leesburg. Lemon City• t t to Mia ville. cola. East Palatka• tt to Palatka Gulrport*t to St. Petersburg Leroy~t to Ocala. Levon*t to Ocala. Capitoia*tt to Tallahassee. Eastpoint* to Apalachicola. Gull Point* to Pensacola. rQ Eastport• to Jacksonville. Gunntown to Bronson. 8!~g~ttil'~!~~~llo. Liberty* to G reensbOold Plant to Lillibridge* Orlando. to Eatonvme•t 1\Iyers. Carlos* to Fort LUY* to Arcadia. Halr\le•t to Galnesvllle. Ebb• to Greenvllle. Carr* to Marianna. Limestone to Arcadlft· Hallandale*tt to Dania. Oarrabelle*tt to Tallahas- Ebro• to Chipley. see. bamptonSprlngs*1 to Perry Limona•t to TamP 3 • u1i f' Han on*:t to~ ladi on. Caryvllle•tt to Chipley.* to Cottondale. Ltnden*tt to Leesburi, t Hardee to Bronson. Ed~ar•tt to H wthorne. Cassia* to De Land. Llsbon•U to Leesb tf·~L Harold*! to Milton. Oates City to Sarasota. Edgeville to Arcadia. Llthla*t to Plant Haskell*% to Lakeland. Caxambus*t to Fort Myers. Llitle Rlver•t:t io Haynsworth to Alachua. Ehren•tt to Dade Clty. c,e1_10 Centralia* to Brooksville. Electra• to Ocala. Llayd•tt to .Monil~C, Elfers* to Tarpon Spring . Helen•tt to Ta.Bab ee. Century•tt to Pensacola. Chaires• 1 to Tallahassee. Hernando•u to Inverness. Lochloosa*t to IlfandO• Elkton*tt to Hastinirs. Ohampafgn to Madison. Lockhart*! to Obioud· Ellavme·tt to :\fodison. Chapman to Tampa. Hibernia to Green Cove L-oko eo* t-0 't. a,ot'-<..a. Ellzey*:t to Bronson. Charlotte*tt to Punta.Gorda Long Boat to S~~eY_~ Springs. Long Key•tt to .P- ~ Hickson to Plant City. Emathla to Ocala. Go~!~bor•tt E meralda* to Lecsburg__. ___H_l..:;.gh_l_and • !_t to Star_k_e_.___L..:. o.;:..n.:. . g=.w__.:;;o..:. o_d_•_t,_t_t_o_or  t:~: g~~~·tt t~~-i1~t1'  f::t:!'~~:! \~ ~r:r!ia,  B~it~!f !~ §i~1ltu~itine.  II  Ii  CJ,i,  to  Obi~!;e  4 County Seat.  • loney Ordar Office.  ,.  tTelegraph  tatfon.  ....... ...... ..  ..  :  I  :'  • .,  I .;. ' , ,  I  •  I'  :.;.  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  FLORIDA  Old Town•:t to Newberry. Olp* to Fort Myera.  Loretto* to Jacksonville. Lottieville to Trenton. 4  ~g~: st~Ji fg g~~:.·  !  Vllas•t:t to Apalachicola.  I Armuohee•:t  1983  to Rome.  tc:: fu  1  1  \i~~:~vllle. Wabesso*:t to Vero. Ashland• to Carnesville. Waclllsa• to Monticello. ' Aaka to Blue Rldre. Wade*t to Newberry. Wadesboro:t to Tallahassee. Astor to East Point. ;:~ffa~1 g,v~~1I>abassee. Atoo to Oarteravllle. Atk:lnaon•:t to Brunawlck. Rosewood*:t to Oedar Keys. Att to Albany. Round Lakfi*t to Cotton- Wallace* to Mllton. Aurarla* to Dahloneira. Waller to Starke. aale. Wall Sprinrs • to Tarpon Auatln to Rutleair;e. Roy to QulTicy. Autney to Dearing. Sprints. Ruskin* tfJ Tampa. Hussell* to Green C'o\·e• Walnut Hill* to Atmore, Autreyvtlle•:t to MoUltrle. , Avalon•t to MartlD Ala. :--prini~s. Walton*t:t to For11 Pierce. Axson to Willacooche. I1 Ayersvme•t to Comella, Safety Harbor to Dunedir Ward* to Apalachicola. Warrtngton•t to Pensacola. Saint Catherlne•tt to Wattkeen&h• to Monticello. Webster. St. James City*:t to Fort Wausau* to Ohlpley. 1 Waverly to Winter Haven. Myers. St. JohnsJ?ark*toCresceut Welradale•tt to L&eet>urr. Babcock• t t to ColQ'lllt\. City. Joseph• to Dade Oity. Wekiwa Springs to Orlando Baden to Quitman. Bairdstown•:t to Maxeys. Saint Leo•n to Dade City. Welaka• to Palatka. Bancroft*t to Blakely. Saint Lucle•t to Fort .Welcome to Plant Olty. West Bay* to St- Andrews. Bannlng•t to Whltesburr. Pierce. Saint Marks•t to Talia- West Farm:t to ::',Iadison. West J11pltor to Weit Bannockburn*t to Wllla.hassee. coochee. Palm Beaoll. Saint ·1ch~las to Soutb Barnett•tt to Sharon. West, Toroi*:t to Palatka. Jacksonv1lle. , Barretts*:t to Valdosta. Weatvme•t to Chipley. Salem•t to Perry. Wetappa* to Panama City.I Barrlngton•t to Darien. Salerno*t:t to Stuart. Wewahitchka• to Apalaoh-, Basoomt to Sylvania. SampsonU to Starke. BastonvUle to Gibson. loola. San Antonio• tt to Dade I White City• to Fort Pierce. 1 City. San Blas to Panama City. White House* to Jackson- Beach*t to Nicholls. Beaohton• to Thomasvllle. ville. Sanderson*tt to.Macclenny Beall to Hazlehurst. Whltney•:t to Leesburr. Sandy \O Arcadia. Beards Creek• to LudowioL Wilcox:t to Trenton. Sanibel 1 to Fort Myera. Beaverdale to Cohutta. ~an Mateo•t t to Palatka. Wllletord*t to Alachu&. : Wllma•tt to_ Apalachicola. Bede ~o Abbevllle. anta Fe*t:t to Alachua. Bel All'*:t to Augusta. Wilson to Titusville. Santa Rosa* to De Funiak, Wlmauma•tt to Palmetto Belknap to Pembroke. Bellton • l to Lula. • Windemere* to Orlando. Sprl~gs. Bellvllle•t to Rair;an. Windsor to Gainesville. Santos t to Ocala. Bemlss*:t to Valdosta. Wlntleld*t to City. Sapp* to Macclenny. Ben Hill* to Atlanta. Satsuma Heights• to PaI Woodrow to Fort Myers. 1 latka. Berkel~Yt to Carlton. S<"ot t f•'crry* Lo Blounts- , Woods to !3ristol. - Woodvllle 1 to Tallahassee Bemer to Flovtlla. tol\·n. Worthington* to Lake But- Berryton*:t to SummervUle. Seabre!'ze•t to Daytona. Bert to Demorest. ler. ebast1an*tt to Vero. Berzella•i to Harlem. Wultert•t to Fort Myer■ . Seffner•tt to Tampa. Bessie to Waahlntton. Seh:~an* to Marianna. Bir Creek to Duluth. SeDUnole• to Largo. Big Spring to La Grange. Yalaha~ to Leesburg. Sevllle•tt to De Land. ! Blllarp *to Douglasville. Ybor City to Tamoa. Shady ·o Ocala. I Blnsren to Quincy, Fla. Shadf Grove*:t to Green- York1 to oo:,1a. Younptown t1 to Panama Blrmtnrham• to Ros,vell. vll1e. City. Sharpes•:t to Cocoa. Blackwells• to Marietta. Yulee*U to Fernandina. Sllveraprlng•t to Ocala. Bla.lne* to Jasper. Slsco•i to Palatka. Blanto.n to Valdosta. Smttn Creek• to Tallaha11Blitch to Statesboro. see. Blltohton*t to Savannah. Zellwood•tt to Eustlll. Socostee*tt to Hawthorne. Zona* to Fort Lauderdale. Bloomlngdale*t:t to Savannab. Zuber* to Ocala. Socrum • to Lakeland. Blount to Forsyth. Sopchoppy to Tallahassee. Bluffton to Fort Gaines. Sorrento•t to Eustis. Blun* to Swainsboro. Southport* to City Blundale*! to Swainsboro. Sparr•U to Ocala. Bogga*to Danlelsvllle. Spray* to Greenville. Bolen to ~aycross. Springdale:t to Perry. Bolln~~roke t to Forsyth. Soring Garden• to De Land. Bolton p to Atlanta. GEORGIA Springlake to Brooksville. Bonalr_e r.t to Elko. tandard to Ocala. I Bonev1lle to Thomson. Star* to Marianna. :--1ephcad to lliV!'r,Ju11ctio11 , Bo;:in Junctlont to BreBowens Mill* to Fitzaerald Sum~tra*t:t to Apalaphlcola Aaront to Statesboro. "' Abba•t to Fltzrrerald :-;11mn:a* to Lak<• \'\ales. Abbottatord• to La.......;.nre. Boxsprlng•ti to Talbotton. summerfteld•U to* Ocala, Boyd to Sylvania. .,,._ er Haven to st · Aberdeen: to Senoia. SU Boydville to Whigham. mm Acom to Clarkeavllle. Augnstlne. Boykin* to ColQUltt. Aoree•t to Sylvester Sumner*t to Bronson. Sumtervme•i to Lees1:>urg. Acton to Hamilton. · Boynton to Chattanooga. Adair to Dalton. Sunbeam to ,Jacksonville. Tenn. Sutherland• t t to St. Peters- Adams*:t to Leesburg. Advllames. Park*:t to Jeff6rllOD· Braganzat to Waycross. Subwua~nn' ee• to Live Oak. Brentwood*t to Baxley. ., 1 Brldgeboro*:t to Doerun. u \! nrwc \ alloy to Lake Adf{ateville:t to Hillsboro. Bright* to Gainesville. Afton to Ball Ground. ( 1ty. Brlstol*t to Blackshear. Switz~rla.nd• to Green Cove Arnea to Lincolnton. Asrrtcola • t to Mitchell. ._'prmgs. Brc.,adhurat* to Je1up. Sycamore to River June-· Aid to Carnesville. Brooker to Hazlehurst. ~i!1rt~*l;3o~grt1oello. Sy~~y•,t to Tampa. t~~g:r;!1;tfo ~l~~~~n°cr. Airline to Hartwell Alexander*:t to Waynea- Brookman• to Brunswick. Brooktont to Clermont. boro. Taft*t:t to Orlando. Broughton:t to Newborn. , Alford to Sytvester. Tangerine• to Tavares. Browndale to Hawkinsville. . AlA11 antoe• :tntao*~ttoillmAocwre.rth. Taylor to l\iacclenny. Browns Crossing* to Mill1 0 ., 0 Telogla•tt to Bristol. edgeville. Allenhurst*t to Ludowici. TerreU•tt to Bushnell. Browntown to Brunswick. ·Jo~!~le. f~g~~:a·its:. r::1,12:~npa. B ullards • U to JeffersonAltamaha • to ReidavWe. .., vllle. Thterbay*t to Fort Meade. Alto•tt to Comella. Burnett to Blue Ridge. Alv"ton•+ --~ "'eno•ft. Melbourn e · to Tillman 0 ak•i to Ocala t Burnt Fort to Folkston + ""' "' A ... WilliS on. to Ralelgh*:t s1 0 Burroughs*t to Savannah. ' Red BaY* to De Funiak Tor:crrd. auci to I<'t. Laud- ~~~·~t~:~~ Grove* to Milton. Amsterdam•u to Bain• Burtsboro* to Dahloneita, Traxler to .\lachua. o!k aw•u O Titusville. I Re5lct1tl•sft to Ocala. to Bowdon . I BBurwell bridge. Tueller* to Dade City. ,.SJ>ringurs_·t• to Tarpon Redl"nd• to Homestead. ushnell*t:t to Douglas. Turkeycreek to Plant Olty. Andersonvme•tt to Ameir.. O..Ji Bushvllle to Commerce. tons. Tumbull*:t to Tftusvllle. o•sr1R:no11 to Bradentown. Red Rook• to kllton. Busser* to Lincolnton. Andes to MIUedgevllle. Tumerat to Fort Myer■. Rerdell to Bushnell. Ook} en•tt to Branford. Butts i to Garfield A 0 nla • to w hln-" ,.~_cknee•t to Tall ahas- Hialt.o* to Fort 1~ er · S"" · Byrd to Rome. aa ....n. Rlohland•tt to Dade City. Rideout* to Green cove Valkarla*t to Melbourne. j' Apple Valley to Commerce. 1' o ,App~• te Hartma. Yalrico*:t to Tampa. Sprtngs. oieasa•t to Tampa Arabi*tt to Cordele. , enice*t to Sarasota. Riley to Brade?town. Ok~t to Dania. · 1 Ar-on•tt to R ck...... \. •uu * to Arcadia. umpka•tt to Lee. Rio* to Fort Pierce. baurir. o -•· ' Ritta* to Ok e<'hob e. 0 ~eeallanta Cabaniss to Flovllla. Aroa.dla• to Savannah. lanateo. to. Verna It"' PaDlatdkaC. to to Fort Lauder- Riverdale Ce.dley to Norwood. .A.Arcola. to Statesboro. iVemon• to Chipley. .,. Rlverland•t to a e " e. cft• ......,.1e•:t to Homervlll e. Victoriat to Eustis. Oltl a cueb to Conyers. _ __ , Rlvervtew• t.o Tamu~p~a~·:_,__ _:_.:.;...:~__.:--------..,:;•.=.:..•".:..:.....::. a. ~  g~~;tfttt\~ati~il~.ltv. Oneoo•t to Bradentown. Oranre• to Apalaobloola. Orange Center to Kisslmor-r:::e Cltv•t:t to De Land. t~oQ3~~n. Ga. Orange Heights*:t to Waldo. Loyce to Brooksvllle. Orange Hill to Chipley. Orange Lake•t:t to Ocala. Lukens• to Gainesville. Orange MillF to Palatka. LUlu•tt to Lake City. Orangepark*H to JacksonLuravlllet to Live Oak. l"ille. Lutz* to Tampa.. Orangesprings*:t to HawLynne• to Ocala. thorn. Lynn Haven* to St. Andrew Ormond•tt to Daytona. OrmondBeach*toDaytona. Orsiuo* to Cocoa. Ortega to Jacksonville. Osprey*:t to Sarasota. O ■teen•:t to Sanford. Maltland•tt to Orlando. Otahlte* to Brewton, Ala Malabar•t to Melbourne. Mandarin• to Jacksonvllle. Ottercreek*:t to Bronson. Overstreet to Panama City.I Manirot to Tampa. i Oviedo"'tt to Winter Park. llannvllla-t to Palatka. Marathon*t:t to Key West.! Owanlta* to Fort Myer■ • 1 Oxford•tt to Ocala. Maroo•:t to Fort Myers. Ozona•t to St. Petersburr. Marton*t to Jasoer. MarteI•t:t to Ocala. Martln•t to Ocala. Mary Esther• to Penaaoola Pablo Beach•tt to Jacksonville. Mascotte*tt to Groveland. Pace• to Milton. Max.ville •t to Starke. Pahoke.:,* to Okee"holH:0 Ma.yport•tt to South Jack- Paisley- to Eustis sonville. Palma Sota• to Bra.dentownl Maytown*t:t to Tltuavllle. Palm Beach•tt to west Palm Beach llcAipln*t1 to Live Oak. Palm City to Stuart McCall*:t to Arcadia. Palmdale* to La Bel'ie. McDavid*t:t to Molino. 14olntyre*t to Carre.belle. Palmore to Pollard, Ala. McMeekin*t to Hawthorn. p lm Valley to JacksonI avllle Medullat to MUlberry. ~Ielrose" to 'Waldo. Panacea* to Tallahassee. Meredlth*tt to Bronson. 1 Panama Park*t toJackllon, vllle Merritt• to Cocoa. Panasoffkee*t to Leesburg. p 01 •t to Santord Metts to Milton. P!r~h*tt to Palmetto. Miakka* to Bradentown. p rker to Panama Cit v Miami Beach to Miami. P!sco•t to Dade City. · · Mtcco*:t to Melbourne. Mlcoosuke(l*:t to Montlcellol Pasaagrllle*t to St Petent· burg :\Iiddleburg* to .JacksonI Paxton• tt to Florala, Ala. Yillc. Ocala to Pedro Midwartt to Quincy. Millcreek* to St. Augustine. Pelot to Plant ·city. Millers Ferry to Chipley. , Pembroke*t to Fort Meade. Peoria* to .Jacksonville. Mllllgan•u to MUton. Perrine*t:i: to Homestead. Mlllvtew• to Pensacola. *l t Miami p t MlllvUie to Panama City. pfc!f!• tooBartow· Mlma•t to Titusville. ' Pierce to Mulberry Mlnneola•i to Winter Gar-I Plerson•tt to De Land. 1 Pine Jlarren to Pensa •ola. den. I Plne Castle*l to Orlanao. 1\1:odello* to Homestead. 1\1:ontbrook*tt to Williston.I l'int>da to cocoa. Montverde*1 to Winter Gar-1 Pinelevel* to Arcadia. Park*t:t to St. 1 Pinellas den. Petersburg. Morr1ston•t1 to Wllllston. Pinelog to Chipley. Moseley Hall to Madison. Ptnemount•t to Live Oak. 1\1:ossdale to Sanford. 14'.onv Head•t to De Funiak Pinetta to Madison. , Piney Point to Palmetto. Sorlnirs. Llowtrle•t to st. Augustine. Pitt \'ille to Jacksondlle. Mount Pleasant•:tto Qulnoy Placlda*:t to Arcadtii. Plymouth*t:t to Orlando. Mulat•t to Mllton. Point Washington• to De 1\1:unsou to Milton. Funiak Springs. Murdock*to Punta Gorda. Pomona•t:t to Palatka. M,uaoogee•t to Pensacola. <Y.1,Yakka. City to Manatee. Pompano*U to Fort Laud d le er a D·e Leon•tt to P once Chipley. p Jc* t Daytona P Naples• to Fort Myers. t~ Dunnellon. pg~teln:l~s* Na.ranja*:t to Homestead. Portland• to De Funiak tarcoossee• t to Kissimmee Springs. N&asauvme to Fernandina. Port Orange• t t to DayAugustlne•t to St. tone. P.ort Richey• to Tarpon Newug~i~. to Jackson-' s rings Ville. porf St Joe*tt to ApalacbiNewburn• to Live Oak. cola.· N8W1>ort to Tallahassee. Port Sewall* to tu art. Port Tampa• Tl to Tampa. ~ew }?ort Richey to Tarpon Poct Tampa Clty•tt to N 8 Prings. New River•:t to Lake Butler Po~~~~- Brooksville. Bronson. to Newtown 1cevme* to De Funiak Princeton* to Homestead. Prosperlty to Geneva. Ala. N 8 Prlngs. Providence to Lake Butler. Nichols* to MulbeITY. Putnam Hall•:t to Palatka. ocate~•tt to Arcadia. * to Sara. ota. NOko1m. 0 ma.•tt to Geneva, Ala. 0 0 <>rt1m* to f'hiplt•y. t~ Pensacola.  t~t~;~~n~tr° io Halne.s Oity. Loughridge* to Pert,Y. Louise to Ga.lnesvtlle.  t~~~u:f  e.  Rooneue•tt to Gainesville. Rook Bluff* to Quincy. 1  GEORGlA  Rockwell* to Dunnellon. Rodman• to Palatka. Romeo• to Ocala.  :g::1!~J::f:t~::i·  I  0~  roe.  me-  uUef•  1  I  I  1  and a,.  Oit1•  1  i  1  I  I  T  ~~~:tt~W  !P:~~~~:  oat  I  1  I  -  !  REFERENCE KEY. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  ,county seat.  • foney Order Office.  tTelegraph Station.  ~Express Offic •  • Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  1984  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  GEORGIA  Daisy• t 1 to Claxton. Dakotat:t to Ashburn.  Oamak*H to Warrenton. Cameron•:; to Sylvania.  Ferrobutte• to Cartersville.I Hayston• to Manstleld. Ficklen to Washington. Haywood to Nichols.  Damascus *t:t to Kestler. Oampanla to Harlem. Fido to Pemoroke. Oamp Creek to Murphy, Dame Ferry*! to Forsyth.I Fields Cross Roads N. C,  Oampton•t to Monroe. Candler to Gainesville. Oanoochee:t to G arfleld. Carbondalet to Dalton. Carl•t to Auburn.  to Alpharetta. Fl!e to Union City. Flllmore to Dalton. Findlay 1 to Pinehurst. Fls.h•t to Cedartown. Fitzpatrick* to Jeffersonville. Five Forks to Colbert.  Danburg• to Washington. Dasher•t to Valaosta. , Dayton* to Jasper, Fla.  I Deaton to Rockmart. Decora to Calhoun.  8:~eit~~~~.1t~~~t1edge- B::r:i:~;.rt~'¥10~~~:.111e, vllle. Dellwood* to Swatnsboro. Oarsonville to Butler. Delray to Thomaston. Cartecay• to Ellijay. Delta to Reynolds. 1 Denton•t:t to B azlehurst. Carters to Chatsworth. Cary to Cochran. I De Soto to Amuricus.  Fleming• ti to Savannah. Flemington* to Savannah. Fllnt•t to Camilla. Fllntstone•:t to Cbatta nooga, Tenn. Fllppen*t to McDonough. Florence* to Lumpkin. Floyd to Austell.  GEORGIA I Lanler*t to Pembroke.  to Cornella. Leah to Harlem. I Lear• Head River to Chattanoo-1 Leathersvllle to Lincolnton.  ga. I Heardmont•rt to Elberton. I Hebard ville to Waycross. Hemlock to Chickamauga. Hemp* to Mineral Bluff. i:~gii~~ntt~- Augusta Hermitage to Rome. Herndon*t to Waynesboro ., Herod to Dawson. Hershman* to Sylvania.  Leb to Calro. Lebanon* to Oanton. Lee Pooe• t t to Fort Valley·  Leguln to Covington.  I t:}:~11t~0 Ja':ftl!~nv1lle. Lens~ to Berlin. Leo• to Lula. Letror to Pembroke. Leverett to Lincolnton. Lew* to Glenville. Lewis to Oglethorpe.  Hickory Flat to Canton. Hickory Grove to Roberta. Hlckox•t to Waycross. Lcwistont to Gordon. Hlgdons Store• to Blue Lewner to Culberson, N. C. oJse~i;atlon•t to Carters-! B::~~Je!f roa~ft,~~ion. Ridge. Lexsy* to Wesley. Higgston• t to Vidalia. Liberty City to Ludowlcl. ville. Dickey• to Edison. Folsom• to Adalrsvllle. Cataula•t to Hamllton. High Point * to Chatt&• Llclog* to Ellijay. Diffee* to Bainbridge, Forest Glen to Fitzgerald. nooJ?a, Tenn. CJavlor to Dalton. Lillypond to Calhoun. Dlllard*tl to Clayton. Forest Park• to East Point. High Shoals• t·o Bishop. Llncnburg• to Eatonton. Cecil to Adel · Dinsmore to Alpharetta. Fort Lamar to Danielsville. High Tower to Ball Ground Lindale• t! to Rome. Cedar Grove* to La.Fayette. Dip to Clermont. Fort McPherson to East Hill CltY*tt to Calhoun. Linton* to Sparta. Point. 1 Hlllman•t to Sharon. Linwood• t to Adairsville. irar_wgs• to Colum- mi,e'¼'inotQ~i~:!:n:. Fort Oglethorpe to Ohat- Hllton•t to Columbia, Ala. Lisbon*:t to Lincolnton. tanooga, Tenn. Celeste to Washington. Hiltonia.*? to Sylvania. Lithia Springs• Tl to Austell Dodge•t to Chattanooga. Fortson•t to Columbus. Center*t to Athens. Hlnsonton•t to Pelham. Tenn. Center Post to La Fayette., Fountalnvllle to Oglethorpe , Little Row to Calhoun. Oenter Village to Folkston. Dodson to Newnan. Fowlstown•t to Bainbridge Hobby to Ashburn. Liveoak to Camilla. Centralhatchee to Franklin. 1 Doles* to Sylvester. Hoboken•tt to Blackshear. Liverpool to Cumming. Donald•tt to Ludowici. Franklinton to • !aeon. ' Holcomb to Canton. Oeylon to Kingsland. Llzella*t to Macon. Donovan* to Wrightsville. Free Homes to Oanton. Holland*Tt to Lyerlv. Locknart to Lincolnton. Chalker• t t to Sandersville., Doogan to Soring Place. Friendship to Americus. Hollonville to Wllliai:nson. Loco to Lincolnton. Frolona• to La Grange. Chalyheate* to Greenville.! Dooling ro Vienna. Hollysprlngs•u to Canton. Lollie* to Rockledge. Doravme•t to Norcross. Fruitland*t to Valdosta. I Hollywood*t1 to Clarkes- Lone Oak to Hogansvllle. Chambers to Rome. Dorchester• to Savannah. Chance to Fort Valley. Fry• to Copper Hill, TQDD.I Lorane•t to Macon. vllle. Dormineys ,;\lill to l<'itz- Funston* to Moultrie. Chappell to Griffin. Holton*rt to Ma,,on. to Soperton. Oha.rlotte to Vldalia. Loudberg to Washington. I ~~:oe;::iiott1rg~f~i~~: Chattahoochee•ti to Atlan- ntr~~~~o Madison. I.:oudsville• to Gainesville. Dot* to Bowden. I I Ilope to Hlner. ta. Double Branches* to Lin- Gabbettville*t:t to W.Polnt Hopkins to Waycro. s. Loughridge to Chatsworth. Ohatterton*t to Douglas. colnton. Gaddlstown • to Dahlonega. Cheap to Commerce. Louise to La Grange. Doublerun*f 1 to Pitts. Ga1llard*! to Roberta. Hornsby to Doerun. Louvale*r:t to LumpklD. Chelsea•:t to Menlo. Dougberty• to Galnesvllle. Galloway• to Blue Ridge. Hortense•tt to Jesup. Lovelace to Lincolnt.on. Chennault to Lincolnton, Doverel to Dawson. Garden Valley to Reynolds Houston to La Grange. Loving to Mineral Bluff. Cherokee to Canton. Dow to Alpharetta. Oherrylog* to Blue Rldll,'e. Gardt•t to Jesup. Howard*U to Butler. Lowell to Carrollton. Chestnut Gap•to Blue Ridge Doylc*t to Buena Vista Garrant!"t:t to Douglas. Bowell*t to Valdosta. Lowry to Woolsey. Gates to Dahlonega.. Chestnut M o u n t a In to Luelle to Blakely. Draketown* to Temple. Hubbard s VII 1 e to Ball Flowery Branch. Drexel to Madison. Geneva•! to Talootton. Ground. rd~oonough. China Hill to McRae. Dry Branch•t:t to Macon. Gentlan•t to (;ol1.1mbus. Hubert*l to Statesboro. Lulaton•tt to Waycross. Choestoe to Blue Ridll.'e, Dry Pond to )e:trerson. Georgetown to Eufaula, Hucnlng• to Crawfora. Luther to Thomson. Ohula*ti to Tl!ton. Dubois:t to Eastman. Huff to Lawrenceville. Luxomni* to Lawrenceville. Ala. Ducktown to Cummlnf. Huu•t to Athens. Gilbert to Fort Gaines. Lyken* to Homerville. 1 Hunters to Sylvania. Lytlet to Rossvllle. Cisco* to Cleveland, Tenn. Dugdown • to Bucnanan. Gill to Lincolnton. Duke to Waycross. HuntlnR°t"n•ttto Americus. Olarksboro to Athens. Gllmore to Atlanta. Dunbar to .:\!aeon. Buntsvllle to Dallas. Glntown to Sylvester. Olarkston*t:t to Stone Duncan to Sa. vanna.h. Hustle to Bronwood. Mountain. Dundee to Fairburn. Gladesvllle• to Monticello. , Mabel to Brunswick. Clem• t to Carrollton. Dunn to Eton. Olen Alta to Buena Vista. Cleo la• to Talbotton. Mableton•:t to Austell. Clifton (De Kalb Oo.) to Dunwoody*t to Roswell. Glenlock to Carrollton. Machen• tt to 11ontlcello. Du Pont•tt to Homervllle. 1 Glenmore•tt to Way Cross Inaba.*! to Ashburn. Madison Springs to Daniel.. Atlanta. Indian Springs• to Flovilla. Clinton• to Grays. Glenn• to Roanoke, Ala. vllle. g~~~~~:r~~cg~~~~i~oss-' Gl01•y to ·wmacoochee. Ingleside• to Decatur. Madola to Blue Ridge. Clipper to EllUay. Cllto•t to Statesboro. Madras•t to Newnan. ville. I Glostertt to Lawrenceville. Inman• to ivoolsey. Inverness• to Darten. Clopton to Eatonton. Mallory vllle to Wash~Dyas*l to Culloden. I Glovers* to Forsyth. Dyke to Ellijay. Inwood to Darien. Olyattvllle! to Valdosta. ton. Goggansvllle* to Barnea- Irene to Sparta. l\Ialone* to Cordele. · Olyde to Pembroke. Irma to Butler. Early*! to Rome. Manassas•t to Hagan. vU!e. Coal Mountain to Cumming. Eastanollee• to Martin. Goodes to Palc:i.etto. Manor• t1 to iv ayc::-oss. Isle or 11.opet to Savannah. • larble Hill* to Jasper. Good Hope to Monroe. Cobb! to Americus. 1 East Ellijay* to ElllJay. Eden•t to Guyton. Ivanhoe to Guyton. Goroy to Sylvester. Cobbham* to Thomson. Marlon to ElllJay. Ivey•: to Gordon. Edltht to Homervme. Gore•::: to Summerville. Marlow•t to Guyton. Oobbvllle* to McRae. Edwards Store to Glenn- Goshen to Lincolnton. Cofl'ee• tt to Blackshear. Martinez• to Augusta. ville. Ooffinton* to Lumpkin. fassee•! to Sparks. Eelbeck to Cusseta. Gracewood•tt to Augusta. Mat to Cumming. ggfJ1ei:rerHf~i~~~n. Egan• to East Point. Gradyvllle• to Cairo. JaPksonvllle* to IcRne. Mathls•t to Clayton. Graham•t:t to Baxley. Cole burg*t to Kingsland. l~KYPt*t:t to Oliver. Jake to Bremen. Max to Talbotton. Elder to Maxeys. Grange to Loulsvllle. James •tt to .Macon. ~ Iaxim to Lincolnton. Colller! to Forsyth. Eldora• to Savannah. Granite lllll* to Sparta. Jam town• to Cu eta. Maxwell to Shady Dale. Colon to Valdosta. .. layday to Valr!o~ta. Conasauga to Spring Place. Eldorendo*t:t to Bainbridge Gratis to Monroe. .J "ell* to Warr nton. t t to '. arrentoD, Condor*! to Dublln. t~ ,~!~~~on. &~~~:~ sl[a~~n ~~~~~; !nto t~~f;~igrY;ndo- ..Mayfield• fcBcan* to \Vaynesboro. Coney*t to Cordele. Ellabell• tt to Savannah. son. Conkling to Sparta. McCarty to Tennille. wid. I<ma Gap to Ellijay. Grays Landing toReldsvllle.l Johnstonvllle to Barne&- McCollum• to Palmetto. Conley• to Atlanta. Ellerslle•tt to Waverly. Graysvme•t! to Cha.ttaville. Constantine to Maysville. Ebnodel* to Albany. McDonald• Tt to wmaooonooga, Tenn. Jones*t to Darien. Julia to Lumpkin. Cooksville• to 11.ogansville. Elza• to Reidsville. chee. Embry to Draketown. Greenbush* to La Fayette. Jullette•tt to Forsyth. McGreizor* to Alley. Cooper to ifartwell. Greens Cut•t to Waynea- Julyss to Harrison. McHenry to Calhoun. OooperHelghts*t to Chattir Emerich to Unadilla. Emerson• ft to Cartersville. iclntosh • t! to Savannab, boro. Juniper •t to Talbotton. nooga, Tenn. Emlly to Whitesburg. Groer.wood*:t to McDon- Juno to Dahlonegr.. McIntyre• T! to Gordon. Coosa• 1 to Rome. ~mmalane to Mlllen. fcl{te to C:aine!wille. ough. Copeco to Mllledgevllle. Empire to Cochran. Greggs* to Adel. Oorea to Colquitt. Mcl'nerson to Dallas. Enecks to Sylvania. McWnorter• to WhlteabUl'I• Greshamvme• to Buckhead. Kathleen•u to Perry. Corinth* to Hogansville. Ennis* to ·wadley. Meadow to Lawrenceville, Gresston•t to Eastman. Keasle¥* t.:> Jasper. Cork• to Flovilla. Kedron to Town an. Enterprtse to Buckhead. Grlswoldvllle• to Gordon. Mears* to Sylvan1a. Cotton• to Pelham. Keith to Rlnggo1d. focca to 1, air burn. Oouncil*t:t to Valdosta. i~~~!i\~oJj~!e~ldge. g~~~!~d1~ifo!.lko. I Kelly* to Shady Dale. Meda• to Eatonton. Oovena*t to Swainsboro. Esom HllJ • ! to Cedartown. Groveland• t t to Pembroke. Kensington*tt to Chatta- Medders to Baxley. Ooverdale to Ashburn. nooga, Tenn. Oowart to Macon. .Meek.-.*:t to drinn. Esfe~~°zi. to Chattanooga,/ g~~rieii'if:Jitfgn~a.rlem. Kenwood*f ta Fayetteville. Kenzie to Thomaston. MeGahee to Harlem. Ieinhardt to Savannah. Keysvllle•u to Wre?l5. Crabapple to Alpharetta. i~i:~r:e;at~~~~~;svllle. Eulonla*t to Darien. Meldrlm•tt to SavannabHabershaD" to Demorest. Craig to Lawrenceville. 1 Mendestt to Glennville. Evens•::: to Augusta Halcyondale•U to States- Kibbee•: to Soperton. Orandall*U to Eton. Klldarett to Oliver. Creighton* to Ball Ground. Everett City• U to Brun• boro. ::~~::t~!~\ Dfort~inedP' wick. Hallway to Dahlonega. Klmbroughl to Richland. Creacent•t to Darten. Kincaid to Lyerly. Experiment•! to Griffin. Hallocat to Cusseta. Crest•! to Thomaston. Hammett E:lnderlou•u to Robena. to Valdosta. M:Alft~ville*t t to ThOIPAI" Orltlc to Elberton.. Kinlaw to Kingsland. Facevllle•tt to Bainbridge. Hannah to Whitesburg. vllle Crosland*! to Omega. I?ain to Gaines-ville. Hardwick to Milledgeville Kirkland• U to Wlllacoo- Mershon• to BlacksbearCross Roads to Lula. Falrclotb• to Camllla. cbee. Orosstle to Baconton. M:!~,;fef0 Klrkwoodt to Atlanta. Fairfax*tt to ·wa.v Cross. Harrts• t o Greenville. Crumps Park* to Macon. Harrlsburg*tf to Menlo. K'.londtke to Gainesville. Crystal Spr1ngst to Rome. Fair Play to Rutledge. Middleton• t 1 to Blb~ Knob to Stockbridge. Midland•! to WaverlY BHartslleld• to Moultrie. Fairy* to Eton. 'lidri\•or• to Kingsland. ,Knoxvllle• to Roberta. Fargo•tt to Homerville. Harvut• to Clarkesville. Milford* to Albany. Hasaler Mill to Ohatsworth Ouulbvaertto C!1t~mt 1ng;..arta. 1rarmdale to Sylvania. Mlllers to Calhoun. 0 00 • 0 S., Farmln~ton•t to Bishop. Hatcher Station • t t<> Lacey to Durden Oumberland Island to St. Farrar* to Shady Dale. Mlllhaven•t to SylV~ Marys. Georgf'!town. Felton•tt to Bremen. La Cross*t to Ellaville. Mlllwood•tt to W&Y QunyVWe• to Calhoun. Fence to Auburn. Hatley*f to Cordele. Milstead* to < onyers. Lakocre k to Cedartown. 1 Hay* to Villa Rica. OUt O&ne to Mineral Bluff. Fender• to Tltton. MlmsvlUe to Camilla. La.kemont to Clayton. OJTen..t to Brinson. Fenton to Douglasville. Haylow*tt to Valdosta. Lambert• to Jesuo. Mtneola*t to Valdoata~ 8=:a~~g!W::-ch~itmooga,  ! g:;~~~~ Afgh~~:ti;:.·  I  cog~  t~~1i!~1  !'t ~g-tYJ:w.  ~}f~  I I  •  J~:':~  I  ••PaR&NCB lt■ Y.  ,county Seat.  • Money Order Office.  t Telegraph Station.  1 Express Office.  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POtNTS  GEORGIA Mineral Bluff to Blue Ridge. Minton to Doerun. Mlnus to Sylvania. Mlsb to Cumming. Mize• to Martin. Modoc*.t to Swalnsboro. Monlac*1 to St. George. Montevideo to Hartwell. Montreal to Decatur.  Charlest to Moreland., Thunderbolt*ftoSava.nnah. I Salnt Thyre to Sylvania. Saint Clalrt to Gough.  ,  1  Mora* to Wlllacoochee. Moran*t to Culloden. Morganton• to Mineral Bluff MorganvUJet to Chattanooga, Tenn. Morrison to Pembroke. Morris Statlon•tt to Cuthbert. Morrow•t to Jonesboro. Mossy Creek to Lula.  HAWAIIAN ISLANDS  - - - - - - - - ---,-__._-------------,------------ - - - - -- -·Perktns*t to Mlllen. Phtdelta to Commerce. . Philema*H to Oakfield. Philomath* t::i Woodville. ' Pickard* to Thomaston. Ptdcock*H to Boston. Pledmontt to Zebulon. Pierceville to Copper Hill, Tenn. Pike to Ellijay. Pilot to Blue Ridge . Pine Grove*t to Baxley. Pinelevel to Ft. Valley. Pine Log* to Cartersville. Pine Mountain* to Clayton. Pinepark*H to Cairo. Plsrah to Ellijay. Plttsburg•f to Chlckamauga. Pleasant to Cumming. Pleasant Hlll to Talbotton. Pleasant Retreat; to Lula. Pocatallgo to Danielsville. Point Peter• to Carlton. Pomona•t to Griffin.  j  Saint George to Folkston. St. Simons 1~ and* to Brunswick. Salacoa to Fair Mount. Sandy Cross iv Lexmgton. Sapelo to Darien. Sarah to Mineral Bluff. Sarepta to Ball Ground. Sargent*tt to Newnan. Sautee• to Clarkesville. Scarboro•t to Millen. Schlattervillet to ·waycross. Scottd.ale*tl: to Decatur.  Tickanetley to Ellijay. Tlger•tt to Clayton Tllton•tt to Dalton. Tioga* to Ellijay. Tlppettvllle to Vienna. Tison to Glennville. Titus to Murphy, N. Car. Toledo to St. George. Tom to Kite. Tomlinson to Homerville. Toonlgh1 to Canton. Towns*t to McRae. Townsend• tt to Darien. Traders Hill to Waycross.  Worth•tt to Ashburn. Worthville to Jackson. Wray•t to Douglas. Wrayswood to Madison. Wrlirhtsboro to Tbomaon. Yahoola to Dahlonen. Yeomans to Dawson. Yorkville to Rockmart. Younlt'cane* to Blue Rldre. Youngst to Cedartown. Younker• to Eastman. Youth to Loganville. Ypallantl* to Talbotton. Yukon to Ellijay.  Scottsboro to Mllledgevllle. Traylor to La Grange. Seabrook to Savannah. Trenton to Ringgold. Zeblna to Wrens. Sellnat to Jonesboro. Zelrler•t to Sylvanl&. , Trimble* to HoransvWe. Seney,t to Rockmart. Zeke to Canton. Sevier to Flowery Branch. Trinity to Savannah. Trlon Factory*tt to Trion. Zenlth•t to Fort Valley. Shack* to Columbus. Trip to Grayson. Zetella • :t to Griffin. ShaI1>e* to La Fayette. Mountain City * t t to Zinirara to Conyen,. Sharpsborott to Sharpsburg Tuckahoe• to Sylvania. Clayton. Zlrkle*t to Blackshear. Sharps Spurt to Vidalia Mountain Hlll to Hamilton. Zone to Calhoun. Shawneett to Sprlngfleld. Mountain Town to Ellljay. Tuga10 to Toccoa. Mount Pleasant•t to Jesup. ~~:no!~'Wietio'b~~:~oro. Tulip to Summervllle. Mountvme•t to La Grange. ~~~~~~ff eal!~~~'fi~h. Tunnelhill*tt to Dalton. j 'heppardt to Sylvania. Po_pe City to Pineview. Mount Zion• to Bremen. Turnerville*t to OlarkesShingler 1 to Sylvester. Popec; Ferry*t to l\Iacon. Moye* to Edison. vllle. Porterdale.*ti to Covtngton. Shoals to Mitchell. Tusculum*t to Guyton. Shore to Quitman. Portland*! to Rockmart. Mudge to Waycro 1111 • Twlggsvllle to JetrersonvIDe HAWAIIAN ISLANDS Shoulder to Sparta. Posco to B.ockmart. Mulberryt to Hoschton Tybee* to Savannah. Sigurd to Chauncey. Mulberry Grove to HamU- Potterville to Reynold■. Tyus to Carrollton. Sileo to Brunswick. Powellville to Newnan. ton. Silver Clty to Cumming. Munnerlyn•t to Wayne&- Powelton to Sparta. Alea• to Honolulu. Silver Creek*t to Rome. Power to Roswell. boro. Union City*:j: to Fairbur·n. Murrayvme• to ualnesvtlle. Powersv1lle*tt to Ft.Valley. Silver Shoal to Cornelia. Columbus. to Uuatole•tt Sirmans* to Homervllle. Prattsburg* to Talbotton. Muaena•t to Roberta. Elccle* to ,vatnwa. Uptonvllle*1 to Folkston. Elta• to Honolulu. ' Presley to MurohY, N. C. roerb~nla. Slate to Hartwell. Pretoria* to Albany. Small to Louisville. Pridgen to Broxton. Haiku• to Kahuhu. Vada to Oamilla. Smarrs•t to Forsyth. m Primrose* to Greenville. h t t Cl k N Hakalau* to Hilo. Snellvllle to Lawrencevllle. Valambrosa* to Dublln.. N!~~~~a~t t°o vJ"iyg::ss.e. Priors*t to Cedartown. Halawa to Kohala. Valona* to Darien. Snow to Unadllla. , Puckett to Buford. Natal to Gainesville. Halelwa* to Honolulu. Putna~*l: to Buena Vllta. So!kee (Bibb Oo.) to Macon , Vanna*t to Bowman. Neal*1 to concord. Hamakua to Honokaa.. Valley. Fort to Vanoy Calhoun. to I Sonoravllle Putney to Albany. Ncedmorc* to Brunswick. Hana• to Walluku. Dalton. to Sta.*tt Varnells Clarkesvllle. to Soaue• Nelson*t:: to Jasper. llanapepe*t o \Yaimea. Hapeville. to Vaudelt Oglethorpe. to Southland*t: Nesbitt to Jesup. Jlauula* to Honolulu. Vaughn*t to Grlt!l.n. Spann• to Wrlghtsvlllc. Newell* to \Vaycross. to Kohala. Rawi* Greensboro. to Veazey* Eatonton to Spivey New Holland•:t to Gaines- Quart~* to Clayton. IIolualoa* to Kealakekua. Vega to Zebulon. Spread to Stapleton. Quill to Ellijay. vllle. Homestead* to Llbue. Apr1ng Place to Chatsworth. Vtll>ta to Elberton. QUlnce to Cobbtown. New Lacy* to naxley. Honomu• to Hllo. &prlngva1e•1 to Cuthbert. New Market to l<'orsyth. Honouliuli to Honolulu. StarK to Jackson. New Proviaence to DanHoopuloa* to Kealakekua. Starn,vllle*t to Covington. Victory to Carrollton. vUle. to Ilonokaa. Hurnuula, Lafayette. to vmanow• Rabun Gap*tt to Clayton. 1 Statenville* to Valdosta. New1·y to Lagrange. Vlnings*tt to Marietta. Stay to Dabloneira. to Waycross. Newton Factory to Coving- Racepond*1Cordele. Rockmart. to Vinson Stellavill<'* to Matthews. Ralnest to ton. Kaanapall to Lahalna. Vlrgll to Pendergrass. Sterllng*t to Brunswick. to Woodbury. Nlcholson•t to Commerce. Ralelgh*t Kahaluu to 11 onolulu. Ramhurst*tt to Chats- Stevens Pottery*tt to MlllNlckvllle to Elberton. Kahuku* to Honolulu. edgevllle. worth. Nielly to Lumber City. Kailua* to Kealakekua. Stewart to Jackson. Ranger*tt to Fairmount. Knlabeo to Lihue. Stllesboro•rt to Carters- W&de•t to Graymont. Rayte• to Washington. Nona• to Eatonton. Kalapana to Hllo vllle. j Newnan. to Ravmond Mermantown*tt to Vidalia. Kamuela'I- to Honokaa. ' alker to Valdosta. Rays Mills*tt to Ray City. Stlllwell*t to Springfield. Norwich* to Maule. Kapaau to Kohala. Recovery*l to Balnbrldre. StllBon•t to Statesboro. Note to Eatonton. Kapono* to Hilo. Walker to Albany. Redan• to Lithonia. 1 Stockton•tt to Valdosta. N•berrc to Elberton. Stokesvllle to Jacksonvllle, Walkersvllle to Blackshear. Kaunakakal* to Honolulu Redbud* to Calhoun. Nnncz"t to Norl'istown. Walnut Hlll to Camesvllle. Kaupo to Kahulu. Fla. Reddick to Sylvania. Nye to ~naron. Walthourville•ti to Jesup. Kcalia* to Lihue. Stop to Falrhum. Redland to Jesup. Keana.e to Walluku. Walthrall to Cedartown. ~· tcn-all*t to Oclei-sadale. Red Oak*t to Fairburn. W\.,aarre ebg~ro(•MtotrtgoanWa,r c_r)osts . Keei to Kcalakekua. Stricklan to Balnbrldge. Reed Creek to Hartwell. 0 akblll* to Ellljay. 10 Kekaha* to "aimea. 0 0 0 akland"' to Gay. v ,v Stuckey• to Glenwooa. Reeves•t to Calhoun. Keokea to Kealnkekua.. Madison. Oakman*t to Fair Mount. Ht'mcrton* to Valdosta. Waring (Whitfield Co.) to Kilauea"" to LihUl'. Renfroes•t to Cusseta. Oak Park*tt to Stlllmore. Kipahulu* to Ka11ului. Dalton. Subllgna to ::summervUle. Reno* to Cairo. Oakridge to Greenvtlle. Warcmkv11Sperl.ngs tt to Bul- Koloa* to Lihue. succe. s to Sylvania. Oakwood*tt to Gainesville. Resaca•tt to Calhoun. to llonokaa. Kukuihacle* 10 1 Warsaw to Duluth. Suches* to Dahlonega. ' Resource to Sylv11.nla. Oaata to Blue Ridge. Kulrniopai to Kealalrnkua. Sugar Valley•tt to CalRest to Fayettevllle. Kula to Lahaina. \\'aYerly*:t to Kingsland. boun. Reynoldsville to Brinson. Ooee to Duluth. Rlceboro*tt to Savannah. Sulphur Springs • ft t.o Wawylcnkes_ vtlle• U to Bruna- Kurtlatown• to Hllo. OcbUiee• to Columbus. Chattanooira. Tenn. O0chwalkee to Glenwood. Waynmanvtlle to ThomasRichardson to Stockbridge. Sumner•tt tc Sylvester. conee•n to Tennille Laupaboehoe• to Hilo. Wtao."ns1:de•+ to Macon. Sumter*t to Smlthvllle. Oconee MU18 to Galne;vtne. Rlchwood•t to Vienna.. Wa;,.s Sta~•ft to Savannah. gdessadal<'"'t r.o 1,recn\'ille. Riddles Landing to Mount Sun Hlllt to Tennille :-.taalea to Wailuku. J ·unny 'icle*: to Griilln. Vernon. Blackshear. to 1rennan•tt 0 :;\lakawao* to P!Lia. S~~~1ei 0ti~~nift~g-e. Riddleville to ia~sboro. l\IalrnwE:ll* to Waimea. 'weetgum*t to Blue Rtdre. Webbs to Ellljay. I Rtdrevme• to a en. Weddington to Douglasville :Viana to Waimea. Rift to Leslie. Oh Al.aunawal• to Honolulu. Wellston•tt to Macon. Rlgirton to Reidsville. 01 oopee•t to Lyons. Mountain Vlew• to Hllo. Wenona*t to Cordele. Hincon*tt to Spriuirlleld. to McDonough. \\' esley*tt to Stillmore. Ripley to Jeffersonvllle. o e* to Ellljay. "\Vest Green to Douglas. Rising Fawn•tt to Chatt&- Taft to Dallas. OOStanaula~n to Oalhoun. Naalehu• to Hllo. '\Vestlake*tt to Corhra.n. , Tails Creek to Ellljay. nool?a, Tenn. , OP~ella to Washington. Tahiku>I- to Kahului. Talking Rock•tt to Ellljay. White to Canersville. Rlvertown to Palmetto. Pc,aga~~~~~d. N apoopoo* tn Ke ... iakekua. Tallulah Falls*tt to Clay- White Bluff to Savannah. II 1 Oro_hard Hlll• t to Mllner. • 'inole* to Hilo. \Vh 'te Irall*t to At,hens. ton. Robertstown to e en. o Tallulah Lodge•t to Clay- Whitehouse to McDonough. Roberts ville to :;\!aeon. or ana to HOC'klodge. White Oak*tt to Kingsland ton Robinson• to Crawto rd V!lle. r &n<l* to Soperton. Olaa• to Hllo. 01 oa.rvme to Flowery Rocklnirham•rt to BaXJey. 'T'alluiabPark!toCornella. Whltepath* to Ellljay. Olawala to Lahaina. , Whitestone! to Ellijay. Tapley to Irwlnvlllc. Rocksprlng•t .totL:~:yette 8 ranch. O 1 to Springs• Sulphur White Kinl?slancl. to "'arboro* • :.a to Rockville Ost Chipley. 'I'aner*tt to .Jasper, Fla. Rockytace• to Dalton. ou;{field to Fitzgerald. t I'aauhan* to Ilonokaa. Whitesville to Hamilton. Rocky :\lount to Lu bers- 'l\tt.e*t to Jasper. Ow ey• tt to Valdoa t a. l'aanilo* to Honolrna. .,,iii~ tn Covington Taylor's Creek• to Savan- Whitney to Social Circle. Ro'r'i 0.,.an&Pabala• to HUo. \Vier to f:ll!jay. nah . • , • \?llJ WUdwood•tt to Chattanoo- Pahoa• to Hllo. Tazewell• to Buena Vista. Rogers*! to ~mien. Ow e to Hilo. Papaaloa• ga. Tenn. Teloga Sp'gs to SummerRoo!levelt to Ellijay. ox?ls 0 Ferry* to Kingsland. ,Roscoe Wiley* to Clayton. ville. to i'-'ewnan. . 0& 11 rd • to Covmgton. 1 Papalkou* to H_llo. Pauwella to Pa1a Wilkins to Rome. Tempera.nee to ,:\le Rae. l(o,-et>ll CI to 1,, ,gau, Ille. e to Boston Peahi to Kahului. Temple Grove to Chats- 'Wlllard•t to Eatonton. Rosier*! to :.fldvllle. Pearl City* to Honolulu. \'i'lllett to Columbus. ,,orth Round Oak*t to Gray. tano1a to L1tnonla. Pep~e1:teo* t.> µ110. \\'lllie• tu PemlJrok~. Tennga* to C'ona~auga. f{on11i-a, ilk to ~:to,,an. pansy to Lin olntoo. Puu1k1 to Wa1alua. ,vit,.;rot* to Blue f{1dge. Texas• to Franklin. Rovp.r• to Grltfln. p:~th ersvUJe to Decatur. Puunene• to Kabulu1. Thalmann*tt to Brunswick. Roy* to EllUaY, p Bh • t to Statesboro. Wlncbestert to MarshallThebes to Savannah. Huark to Alhany. p~~jVOOd"' to Orunswlck. Tlupalakua to " ' ailuku. vllle. The l;Ja(I.J:s to Luh~. Ruckersvtlle to Elberton. lal*! to Talbotton. The Rock*t to Thomaston. WlnO.eld• to Thomson. Rudden to Eatonton. Volcano House* to Hllo. ia.tmo to Griffin. to Rocky ,vinolrur*t to Waycross. Thomasborot Rupert*! to Butler. Winslow* to Jesup. For-I. Ru,.;b to Richla nd , p:tten to Thomasville. TbompsOl~S ::-Vlills to Flow- I Woodbine*tt to Kingsland. I Ruskln*tt to Waycross. p Ullna to West Point. " ' ahiawa* to ,'< hoflold Woodlawnt to Eton. en· Ilraocb. ~~ne to Chattanooia, Russell to Chattanooia. n. P Barracks. Wood Statton to Rlnggold. Thrasher to :\Iadison. Ritffo Greensboro. penflPl<l* to \Yood\'llle. (Oglethorpe ! Waiakea t-o Hilo. tt Woodstock* to Watkinsville. Thri!t*:t to Garfleld. 1 Rutherford p:nnlok to Brunswick. Kahulul. Walakoa Woodville. to Co.) Thomaston. to Thunder*! v1ll _:.___:...:.:.::._~ Rydal*ttto~_!!_ ~e~--~_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __;__ _ _~ to ~ o n to Madlaon. Office. Order }loney • Station. tTelegraph t Express Office, "county Beat. REFERENCE KEY.  I  ~im~:tti  I  I  ;:}~::! ;g ~~'i~i:i.  D,  ro,  ooab,  Uri•  le,  1985  -----  o~::;!';t ;g ~ri~:f~!: oui  I  ofaJ~;?  I.  1  I  01r::g~~1t~ ~ill'if Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  1~~~· 1,1  I  I  I Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  1986  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  HAWAIIAN ISLANDS  IDAHO, ILLINOIS  Adellne•tt to Leat River. Raymond* to Montpelier. Aden to Springerton. Regina to Boise. Resort*T to New Meadows. , Adyanee* to Yale. folkey to Dakota .• Riddle* to Mountain Home. AgnewH to Sterling. Riggins*t to White Bird. Alden•tt to Hebron. Robin* to :McCammon. Aldridge to Jonesboro. Rock Creek* to Hansen. Rockford to Blackfoot. Rocktord Bay to Creur d' Allenboro to Moweaqua. Allen Station to San Jose. Alene Rocky Bar* to Mountain Allentown*t to Mackinaw. Home. Allrlght to Martinsville. Laclecte•tt to Sandpoint. Alma to O'Fallon. Roseberry to Donnelly. Lago* to Grace. Harrison. to Alta• i to Dunlao. Roselake* Anthony. St. to Lake IDAHO Altorf to Kankakee. Lake Creek to Hockford, Ros11torkt1 to Pocatello. Alwo H to Winnebago. Roswell• to Parma. "'ash. Roy to Rockland. Amertca• to Mound Clty. Lakeview* to Sandpoint. Ame.-s to Redbud. Lamont to Ashton. Eastport•tt to Bonner• Acequia* to Rupert. Amlty to Sumner. Landing* to Hocklaml. Ferry. Adams to Grangevme. Ancona• t :t to Streator. Lane ' 1 o Hamson. Ea.tons to Weiser. 8a.ndpoint. to Sagle•t Addle to Bonners Ferry. to Rock Jslanu Andalusia• Meadows. New to Lardo•t Edgemere to Spirit Lake. Satnt Charles• to Parts. to Cambridge. Eileen to Bonners Ferry. John to Malad City. Andover• Agathat to Gifford. Peotone. to Andrest Salmon. to Leesburg• Albion. to Elba• Salem* to Sugar. Ahsanka•i to Oroftno. Andrews Station to SpringLeland• to Kendrick. Samaria• to Malad City. Soda Elk City* to Stites. to Alexander"'tt field. Lemhi to Salmon. Elkhorn to Malad City. Samuels to Sandpoint. Springs. Elk Prairie to St. Joe. Algoma::: to andpoint. ~t.T~~C:..8es~ash. 1 Applegat~ to Lawrenceville. Lenla* .to Bonners Ferry. , Elmira* to Sandpoint. 0 Almo• to Oakley. Aopleton tl to Knoxv1lle. I Sawyer* to Sandpoint Lenore tt to Gifford. Elva to Iuaho Falls. Lenox* to Mountain Home Setters to Rockford wa~h Aptaklslct to Llbertyvllle. Emlda• to St. Martes. Alpine to Afton. Wyo. 1 •Sliver CltY* to Na.mpa · · Arcadia to Ja~ksonvllle. Lesl1e* to Mackay. Enavllle*tl to Kellogir. Ammon to Idaho Falla. Archer to Sprmgfl.eld. · F B Si 1 . Letha to Emmett. Amsterdam to Rogerson. n~ air to o,::mers erry. Are:o to :\Iount C'arro!l. Lewisville* to Roberts. Annl11 to Rigby. Sm1t_bs Ferry_ to Cascade. Fav to Fav Liberty• to Paris ·· · Soldier to Fairfield. Antelope to Ririe. · Fairview to Lewiston. 1 0 ,\pple \·;tile~· to Parma . Argyle*tl to Rockford. ~g~\8iin!YJk\ t! ~:J~·ck. Idaho Faus. Falcon tt to Wallace. City. Metrooolls to Ark Kendrlck to Linden Falk• to New Plymouth. Arbon* to Pocatello. Amotd*t •+ to Jac"sonvllle. Lapwai. Spalding• · . ror to K euogg. "' ~pencer"t+t toto Dubois , L JD Farnum• to Ashton. Archer• to Rexburg. 0 Springfield* to Blackfoot. Ar~:~ Parktt to KankaArimo*tt to McCammon. f Featherville* to :\lountain ; t~1\\~biird 0 l f omc. Arrow .runc.:fion to LPwiston Athensville• to Greentleld. ~~~~f~f2~1: 6~-u~~~~f· Lund* to Bancroft. · Felt to Driggs. AtboJ•tt to Rathdrum. Atlas to Loui..,iana, Mo. to Oakley. Standrod , \tlanta *to:\Iountain llome T?enn:t to Cottonwood. Atterberry•f to Oakford. Stanley"' to Challis. Fernwood•t:t to St . .l\Iarie~ Atlas to Creur d'Alene. Attila to Marlon. Peck. to Steele* Ferrell* to St. Joe. Avery*ft to St. Joe. Avon• to Deary. Mace• l to Wallace. ft~~~~~;tfu J~n~!:ir:~· Sterling*tt to Aberdf'en. Malta* to Albion. Fish Haven• to Parts. Av('na*t to Brownstown. Stone* to :MaladClty. Marble Creek to St. Joe. 11 Ford* to Rockford. Ayers to Greenville. ; 0 t1;~~~?a~· Market Laket:t to Roberts. Forest• to Winchester. Bacl!!Pr 10 T<>tonia. to Golconda. Azotus Albion. to Sublett* MaryRvllle*U to Ashton. Fort Hall*t:t to Pocatello. Baker* to Salmon. :\Jayflpl<l"- to Boist>. Franklln•tt to Preston. Summit* to Gifford. Banlda to Preston. McArthur• to Bonners Sunnydell* to Rexburg. Fraser• to Orofino. Banks to Sweet. 1''erry. Freedom to Freedom, Wyo Basalt* t<1 Firth. Sunnyside* to Mountain Home. th ll>f ~8!~;irt ~;'rfe~fJi~~ts . Sunset* ;~ft;,ha1~°. ~!~J~~cll. 1::;:ie~*1!0 ~~c~~ drum I Babylon to Prairie City. to WalJace. Meadow CreelC to Bonners Swanlake* to McCammon. Ba.den Baden* to Poca• Beeman to Gifford. hontas. Ferry. ~wan ,·alley lO Ririe. Belmont to Rathdrum. Bader•t:t to Browning. Meadows•t to New l\lead- Sweetwater*t to Lapwat. Gannett to Bellevue. Bench* to Grace. 1 Balleyvllle•tt to Freeport. I M~di~ont• to Harrison. Baker to Leland. Benewah* to Tekoa, Wash g;~g:~a ~o l~~.mi~t no·se 1 1 Melha to Kuna. Haker-;villP to :\Iount \'erTaber to Blackfoot. Bennett to Mountain Home Garwood* ~o Rathdrum.. non. Tamarack*:t to New Melrose• to Reubens. Bennington* to MontpeUer Gem*t to Wallace. Meadows. Balcom •t :t to Anna. Mesa to Council. , Geneva to Montpelier. Berenice• to Arco. Taylor to Shelley. Mldal * to Sandpoint. BaldwtnsviUe*t to Paris. Gentile Vall;,y ro G-race. Berger to Hollister. Ball to Enfield. Teakean* to Peck. Georgetown• to Montpelier I :\I ilner$. to Burle~. Black Lake:t to Harrison. Tendoy* to Salmon. Ballou tv Wilmington. .Minkcreek* to Preston. G1bbon11vUle• to Salmon. Black Pine to Mal11.d City 'l'ensect* to Tekoa. Wash. Bankllck* to Galatia. Mohler• to Vollmer. Blanchard*tt to Spirit Lake Glbbs•t to Creur d'Alene. Banner• to Canton. Tharp• to Cottonwood. Mo teview to Roberts. Gilbert* to Orofino. Thatcher• to Grace. Barclay*H to Springfield. Moore•tt to Arco. Bloomington• to Parle. Barlow oo Beecher City. Givens Springs to Caldwell. Moravia• to Bonner11 Ferry. Thomas to Blackfoot. Bone to Idaho Falls. Thornton*tl to Rexbur~. Barnett•:t to Lltcbfteld. Moreland to Blackfoot. Glengary* to Sandpoint. Bowmont• to Kuna. ThrPe ('reek* to RogcNon. Barnh111*:t to Falrtleld. Morrow to .Ferdinand. Glenwooa• to Kamiah. C'oulam to Preston. Treasureton to Preston. Morton* t:> Sandpoint. bargdort' to New Meadowi.. Goldburg* to Arco. Triangle to Grandview. Barrow•tt to Roodhouse. Murphy•t to Nampa. Golden to Stites. Burke*tl to Wallace. Barstow• t t to East Moline. Goodrich* to Cam.llrlda:e. 1 ~lount, [daho* to G1·aniw- Trout to Oakley. Burton tu Rexburg. Barth to Savanna. 8 0 f~~:r\ t! :~~~tello. M~~!Y*:t to Kellogg. g~:~itr:t/d!i:~~1fs~int. Batestt to New Berlln. Batestown to Danville. Cabinet*i! to Sandpoint. Tuttle to Hagerman. Green Creek• to Cotton Myrtle*+ to Juliaetta. Calder to t. Joe. TwlnLakes*tt to Rathdrum Bay City* to Golconda. wood. Bayle Clty*t to Ramsey. Tybee to Pocatello. Greenleat• to Caldwell. Camas• to Roberta. Beamtngton to Chatham. Cameron• to Kendrick. Greer• t1 to Orotlno. •-ar• to Albion. Canyon ('reek to Newdall•. Gwenford to Malad City . Bearsdalet to Decatur . Beaucoup• t to Nashvllle. Oareywood*J: to 8andpornt. Ucon* to Id11.ho Falls. N8j~~~!:t to Bonners Ulysses• Beavercreek* to Greenvlll.t. to Salmon . Carlln Bay* to Harrison. Ntter* to Grace. Bedford* to MUton. Carmen• to Salmon. Ustick* to Meridian. Beechrldge*tt to Beecher Nordman to Priest River. Caetle Creek to Moun Haden to Tetonia. City. • ?orth Fork'I- to Halmon. taln Home. Hamer to Roberta. Norwood to Donnelly. \'alll'Y* to Sandpoint. Hammett*tt to Glenn, Beecreek* to Pearl. Viola.• to :c\loscow. Notus*H to Caldwell. Belgium to Westville. to Stltea. Vil'lllnia to Downey. Cataldo• to Kellogg. Belknap•tt to Vienna. VoJlrned! to ('rai!mwnt. Harrisburg* to Kamiah. Cavendish• to Peck. Belleview• to Clarksvllle. Ola• to Emmett. Centervme• to Idaho Clty. Harvard*t to Potlatch. Belltown to Carrollton. Onaway to Potlatch. HauserH to Post Falls . Central to Bancroft. BBeenmbesowto CCriettye. to Wood (Local name Art- Waha* to Lewiston. g:~;~;::t~n<{~* J~~::i;~oot H~t':ne~ake*tt to Creu1 Oneida• mo) • to McCammon. Wapello to Blackfoot River. Cherry Creek to Malad. Warren•t to New :Meadows. Oreana* to Nampa. Bennine-ton to \\'est :-:aten1. Way to Bancroft. Cheater• to St. Anthony. Ovid* to Montpelier. Hentley• t to Cartb1:1.fle. Cheetertleld • to Bancroft. Weya~• to Soda Springs. Oxford*tt to Downey. Benville to Mount SterUDi· Chllco to Rathdrum. Webb* to Lapwai. Ozone• o Idaho Falls. Berdan•tt to Carrollton. Chilly* to Mackay. Weippe* to Orotlno. Berun•t to New Berlin. Westlake• to Ferdinand Claptone*+ to SpirltLake. Bernadotte to Ipava. Westmond* to andpoint Clark Fork*tt to Sandpoint Hope•tt to Sandpoint. Weston•tt to Preston. Park* to Bovill. Olarkla* to BovUl. White Knob* to Mackay. Berryville to Parkersburl!'• Parker• to St. Anthony. Howe'" to Arco. Clayton• to Challis. Bessie to Benton. Whitney• to Preston. Patterson• to Salmon. Huston to Caldwell. Olaytonia to Caldwell. Bethalto to East Alton. Wilson to Nampa. Pauline to Pocatello. Clearwater* to Stites. Biddleborn to Mariss11o. Winona* to Kooskia. , Pearl* to Emmett. Big Bay Stattont to Metr Wlnsper to Dubois. Clementsville to St. An- Idaho City"- to Boise. Peavey to Filer. thony. Bt"pgolFlso.ot Prai'ri"e* to ,T' 111 • Pegram• Tt to Montpelier. \\'ooclland* to Kamiah. Idahome to Declo. Cleveland* to Preston. " \\'omlYille to Idaho Falls. Perkins to Boise ld.mon to Dubois. worth, Wis Wrencoe* to Sandpoint. Clltton • to Preston. Pierce• to Ilo* to ('rai~mont. Blirirs to Easton. Independence to R x:burg. Pine* to Fairfield Bigneck to Loraine. Indian Valley• to Cam- Plngree•tt to Blackfoot. Big Rock*tt to Hinckley. Placervtne• to Idaho City. YellowJacket to Salmon. bridge. Clover to Filer. BUlett•u to Lawrencev1Jlt Plano to Rexburg. Inkom*U to Pocatello. O!yde* to :.\lackay. Blnncytt to Livingston. Pleasant View to Post Falls. Cocolalla.*H to Sandpoint. Iola* to Sandpoint. Blrkhecktt to Clmton. Pollock*t to White Bird. tona • to Idaho Falla. Colburn* to Sandpoint. 0 0 {~1N:moutb Ponderay• to ~andpoint. Irwin• to Idaho Ft\Ua. t~ J~}ngevl1Je. Blsbop•l to F.,rest CltY• Poplar to Rigby. Conkling Park to Harrison. B1ackland to 1 ecatur. Po~~~t:t to Bonnera j~~~r:n~t:~li~t~: Coolln* to Priest Rlver. Blackatone•t t to Streator, ILLINOIS l'l'airie,i. to .\lountain Hom Copeland• to Bonners Fer17 ) Blair to Soarta Prichard to l{ellnl{~. Corbin• to Rathdrum. Blalnwllle* (Hamilton oo, I Princeton• to Potlatch. Keever to Blackfoot. Corral* to Fairfield. Kimama"H to Slw.-;hone. King Hill*tt to Glenna Ferry. Kingston• to Kellogg. to Bonners Klockmann Ferry. Knull to Twin Falls. Kootenai*H to Sandpoint.  Darllnitoo • to Mackay. Dayton*H to Preston. Delage to ·wauace. De Lamar• to Nampa. Dempsey*t to Lava Hot Springs. Dent to Kendrick Denver* to Cottonwood. Desmet• to Tekoa. Wash. Dletrtcn•t; to Shoshone. Dingle* to Montpelier. Dixie* to Grangeville. Dover• to Sandpoint. Dudley• to Kellogg.  Walanae• to Honolulu. Waihee to "·ailuku. Walkane to Honolulu. Waikapu to Wailuku. Watmanato• to Honolulu. Walonlnu• to Hilo.  I  ~!~~;5;  I  ~~~~"J  l  I  I  I  IHi~r•  II  I  I  g~~1ii;d\  0  ~~~~~~~~~!~1  i:~~~J:  .\h-,Jipr 10 ( arrins i\J m~. totfal~liton8~:tar~rJ t~'c;__~~~de. Quartzburg• to Idaho City. Adams• to Quincy. wood. to Pocatello. ----J,_yi~~e* to Dubois. _ _ ~uie-lt•[ to .\rneri1·an Fnll Addle!llle"t...!_o~as!_vUI,.~ Ourr:v_to_P_l~r_:_ Oryat&l  REFERENCE KEY.  , County Beat.  • ~ foney Order Office.  tTelegraph Statton.  B  I  I  ~~We;  B  B1~?rs~1if~!ansb(°\\~illlatI1!10ll Blacnoc.h)atord~atrotcaril~~nda,  r ~xprr>es ',IUce  B B  B B  B  B B B  B  Blandingt to Galena. Blocktt to Sidney. m~~!ef~ ~e:u~i~i1~on. Bloom to Wincheste1·. Bloomfield (Adams Co.) to Quincy. Bloomfield • (Johnson Co.) to Vienna. Bloomtngdate• to Roselle.  Delta• to Thebes. <'haµmantt to FillmorP. Char1otte•l to Chatsworth. Del wood• to Stonefort. Charter Grove*t to Genoa. Dennison•t to Marshall. Denny to Pinckneyville. Chattont to Golden. Derh~·• to Eriuality. Chauncey• to Sumner. Derinda Center to ElizaCheckrow to Bushnell. beth. Chemunll'*tt to Harvard. Deselm to Manteno. Cneneyville to Danville. Cherry Point* to Chrisman Detrott• to PlttRftelC1. Dewmalne• to Cartervtile. Chestervme• t t to Arcola. ('hc>,tline to ,\·a, erl) . Dexter-i to Altamont. Bluff <'ity (Fayette C'o. l to <'hka"'o Hid2:t>"' + t o Blue \'andalia. Island. Diamond Lake to Area. 1lluff <'ity (~churlt•r ( 'o . J Chtu to Bowen. Dillon to Tremont. to A,to1·ia. Dillsburg• to Rantoul Choat to Joppa. Bluff Sprlngs*t to Beards1.own. Dlona to Charleston. Clank* to Theibes. Dlsco•rt to La Harpe. Blyton to Cuba. Clare*'t'l to Sycamore. ( 'lart>nclon Jlilb*:j: to 11 ins- Dlswood • to ThebeR r!ale . Dixon Springs to Golconda. Boaz• t t to Grand Chain. Boden to Viola. Clark Center to Marshall. j B ogota• to Newton. Clarksburg• tt to Shel by- Doddsville to Industry. 8 oles* to Vienna. Dollvillett to Tower Hill. vllle. Bollv1a*t to Mount Auburn . Clarksdale•t to Taylorvtile. Dolson to Mal'8hall. Donkvllle to Colllm1ville. Boltontt· to Freeport, Clarkville to Vandalia. Doran*tl to Mattoon. BonO.eld*tt to Kankakee. Clays Pralrle to Parts. B ongard t t to Fairland. Uorrlsvllle* to Harrisburg. 8Boody•tt to Decatur. Dorsey•tt to Bunker Htll. Cleone to Martinsville. Douglas*H to Yates City. Cleveland to Geneseo. Do,·er* to Princeton. B~~~ s\~t:~n~nNewton. Cliffdale* to Kamp. ville. Dover :Mills to Kirkwood. B ooth Station to Gardner. Clifford* to Carterville. 8 Orton• t t to Kansas. Dow•tt to Jerseyville. :oskydell • t to Carbondale. Clo•terdale* tt to Wheaton. Dowell to Elkville. Dressor• t to Ramsey. Coalton to N okomls. ;ot~el~fg~~: Coal Valley •tt to East Drivers to Mt. Vernon. Dudley• tt to Kansas. Bourbonnals• to Kankakee. Mollne. B oyd to Mount Vernon. to Springfield. Codv Duncans Mills to LewisC'cwlla to Christopher. town. OYleston • to Fairfield. Coll to Wayne City. Duncanvllle*t to Robinson. radburyt to Toledo. Coles*t to Allenvillf". Dundas•tt to Olney. Braden to McLeansboro. Coleta* to Milledgeville. Dunfermlloet to Canton. :radtordton* to Sprin~fleld Colmartl to Plymouth. reckenrldge• t (Sangamon Colona*tt to East Moline. Dunkel to Pana. Dunn to Sullivan. Co.) to Edinburg. Colp to Carterville. Breects•tt to Canton. Durham to Dallas City. <'onant*t to Pinckneyville. Duvall to Findlay. Bremen to Chester. Dwina to .1arion. Confidence to Vandalia. Br~reton* to Canton. Congervtlle•rt to Carlock. HrHkewater to Hitlvil'\\. 8t1sto1•u to Yorkvllle. Conirress Park• to La Ea!!an ille to ~Iount (}Jiy '. Eagle* to Equality. Grange. Eagle Lake to Beecher. Broa.dviewtt to Maywood. Conlogue to Paris. East Cape Girardeau to troadwell*tt to Lincoln. Cape Girardeau. Mo. Cooks Mms• to Rumbolt. to Augusta. 8 rooklyn• East Carondelet•t to East Cooper to Washington. rookvll e• to Polo. St. Louis. Cooperstown• to Versalllea. trownsvme• to Carmi. East Galesburg t to GalesCora•tt to Chester. to Salem. 8 rubakertt burg Coral to Marengo. ruce• to Sullivan. East Grovet to Downers Corde..c; to Nashville. :rushyfork to Murdock. Grove. Marion. to Corinth BlYant•t to Lewiston. East Newbern to JerseyvJlle Cornervtlle to Galatia. to Mlltord. 8 l'Ycett East Plato to Elgin. \ckharttt to MechanicsEast Wenona. to Wenona.. Cortland•tt to De Kalb. B urg. Cottage Grove to Eouallty. Eaton• to Robinson. Sterling. Mt. to ~ckknhorn 8 C er*tt to Christopher. Cottage Home to CarterB Eberle to Effingham. ucks to Heyworth. ville. Cotton Hill to Sprlnirfield. Echovllle to Mt. Vernon. Budd*rt to Dwight. Buena Vlsta*t to Orange- Council Hill •tt to Galena. Edelstetn•tt to Princeville. Ville F.den•tt to Hanna City. Coven• t t to Stanford. 8 ~alo Grove to Arlington Covington Edgar• to Chrisman. ('\Va..,hington <'o.) to Okaw\'ille. uelghts. 8 \ffalo Hart• U to Sprtn1r• Covington ( Wayne 'o.) to Ed!"emont Station to St. Louis. Fairfield. B eld. Edgington* to Reynolds. Cowllng*t to GrayvUle. to Springerton. 8 ~ngay to Peoria. Edwards•tt reau • tt Lo Hennepin. 8 Urksvme•u Eican*t1 to Leaf River. to Marlon. to Waterloo. Crab Orchard• Craig to (' 1iuton. 8 Eichorn to Golconda. ~ 8 Vllle S ta t I o n 1 to CraLnvllle• to Carterville. Cramer*t1 to Farmlnirton. Ela. to Palatine. aterJoo. 8BUrnhamtt Elba to Ridgway. toOrion Stationt Crampton to llegewisch. Elbridge to Paris. Cravat! to Centralia. Oak to Blue l,laml 8 ~rr to Ullin. Elco•tt Marion to Crenshaw 8 ~owsvllle to Hammond. Crisp to Wayne City. Eldena*t 1 to Dixon. Bu.rt to Armington. Elderville to Warsaw. Eureka. to Crugertt Quincy. to on 8 Urton Vlew • Tt to Lincoln Eleanor• t t to Little York. B Eleroy•tt to Lena. 1 Cub to Mt. Vernon. 8 Ush•tt to Hurst. SprlniQeld. to Curran•tt t<!n • t t to CharleRton Elida. to Winnebago. cusbman to Sullivan. l:!ya,!;; tltBtl~f~~~~boro. Eliza to New Bo11ton Custer• to Rochester. Custer Park*t to Wllmlng- i~~~v:0 tg!3k6J1:i~~vtlle. Elkhorn Grove to Mllled~I c~~~~ to Pinckne:vville. gable•tt to Sherrard El~r~~ to Oakdale. o!a~e*tt to Beecher· City Albl C•,. z to Elizabethtown. on. Oaggetttt to Mount Carroll. Ellery•t to o'"••weµ•u to Arthur to Dletertcb. Elllottstown W1111amsto t t • Danmda Louis st. East to ,:';hok.1a. C... vtn + t G Armstron11:. to t Elllst Id n 0 Elmbrancb to Wayne City. Penfield. ra.yvllle. • Elmira to Toulon. Daisy to Mount Sterllnl!', ga.naan to Birds. Elmore• to Laura. oa1e•t to McLeansboro. C&ntraU•tt to Athens. &f~o n CUI?• t t to East Dalzen• to Spring Valley. Elmovllle to Stockton. Elsab•tt to Grafton. Damascus to Freeport. ne. 0 ..,.o11 C:~on Hlll* to Coal City. Damiansvllle to German- ~l~1n~;~tli0n*Je:t~r~Kalb. Ca.lowa-:_•u to Burllnirton. Dai::i~~·to Mount Sterllnir. Elwood to Joliet l!:menon• to Sterllnr. • •ti>enter•tt to Edward• Dareville to Bonme. Emery*t to Maroa. 0 Darmstadt to .Marissa.. Ville. 0 Emma• to Carmi. to Dundee. Darrow to Sheldon. o:rtrptenteraville Darwin• to Mal'8hall. er•u to Salem. Energy to Herrin. Daum to Carrollton. Davia Junctlon•tt to Hol- Enlon to Havana. ~&.soade to Edlnbu~ Enos to <'arlinYill e. b • '-'aleyvm • + Enright Station to El Paao. to Col lnsvtllt I oi~:n*tt to Buffalo g~!h to. Park to Stockland. Enterprise to Cisne. Dawson Place. La to -ner 0 &.ss to Virginia. to Aurora. Eola•tt Day to Marton. 0 Epworth• to Carmi. ?a.rmt to Plainfield. Dayton•tt to Ottawa. o:~n Ernst• to Marshall. De Camp to Staunton. Cazef:viu• to Pontiac. a tt to Metamora Decorra*1 to Stronghurst. Erwin to RushvUle. C'C~ar Polnt*t to La Salle DeerO.eJd•tt to Highland Etherton to Murphysboro. Etna •tt to Neoira. p k ~u.arvm * t o=!rG~ove*tt to Tampico. Oi,uter ·1f o Freeport. Evans to Wenona.. G rto ·= Cent vi e to Carml. E"arts+ to Freeport. StervLllleStatlon• to East Deerplaln• to ra n. + • . 1 Deers to Urbana · outs. o Dego~nia to Campbell Hill. Everetttt to Lake Forest. 0 entral to Morris o:~tra.J Cityt to Centralia.. Delafield* to McLe:3 sboro. E'y~~~~':.n Park•t t to Blue 1 Ewbankst to Quincy. DeJbf•tt to JersAey_ de. Cba!1!nes to Marlon. De Long*tt to bmg on. <)b ....ahon • to Minooka. ~ e l _ ~ Antioch. ~Irey to.,;:.O:...:n=:a::...r..:::g'--a_._ _ _ _Exeter• to Bluffs.  B~~i%«;;;;t  I  BB  a.• t.  r-  ne.  her  e. ood  I  e~f  I  l1uk  utb  tor.  Oo,) a.  I  RCFERENCE ll(EY, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  • County Seat  * :'.\loney Order Office.  Godtrey•tt to Alt n Golden Eagle• to Brussell. Golf*1 to Evanston. Goodenow• tt to Crete. Falrdale•tt to Kirkland. Goodlngs Grove to Lemont. Fatrgranire • U to Charles- Gossett• to Norris City. ton. Gower to Hinsdale. Fairhan•u to ( hadwiek. Gowtus to Golconda. Fairland*tr to Longview. Fairman to Sandoval. Grand Detour to Dixon. Fairmont City to ]:l;ast St. Grandview to Kansas. Louis. Grantfork• to Hlihland. Fai1Tie,, Lan<lirHr to J{o.·i- Grantsburg•tt to Vienna. r·lace . Grape Creek•tt to Danville Fair Weather to Barry. Grass Lake to Antioch. Fallcreektt to Hannibal. Grayson to Eldorado. Mo. Green Briar*t to Oblong. Falmouth*t to Newton. Greenbush• to Roseville. Exllnet to n:ankakee. Eylar*t to Saunemin  Fancher* to Cowden. Fandon • to Colchester armlngdale•t to .Sprinirtleld. Fayette•tt to Greenfield. Fayettoville* to 1:"reeburg. Fayvllle* to Thebes. Federal*tt to Alton. Ferrel to VermJllon. Ferrtn to Carlyle. Flatt•tt to Cuba. Ficklin• to Tuscola. Fllson•t to Arcola. Fishhook t,o Griggsville. Fl1.chmoor to Mendota. Fltzgerrell to Tamaroa.  Greendale to Iuka.. Greenoakt to Princeton. Greenrldge* to Girard. Green Rlver•tt to Geneseo. Greenwood to Woodstocll. Greer to WelUngton. Griffin to New Windsor. Grigg to Redbud. Grimsby to Gorham. Grinnell to Metropolis City Gross to Elizabethtown. Grosse Polnt•t to Wilmette. Groveland• t t to East Peoria  Flaggt to Rochelle. Flagg Centertt to Rochelle.I Flemington to Paris. Fletcher to Cooksville. Flint to McLeansboro. Floraville to Waterloo. I Florence to Plttstleld. Florence Statlon*t to Fr~ port. Florid to Henneotn.  ~~~t~!l ltt,vie~iur. Fort Gage• t to Chester Fort Sheridan• tt to Hl1tb· land Park. Foster to M.uscatlne. Iowa.. Fosterburg to Alton. Foster Pond to Waterloo. Fountain Creektt toRoopeston. Fountain Green• to La Harpe. Fountain Station to Waterloo Fox Lake*t to Round Lake, Fox River Grove to Can Station. Francis Mills to Eldorado. Franku n vUle to Woodstock. Frasel'8 to Ent!eld. Frederick• t t toB eardstown Freedom to Ea1·lville. Freeman Spur to Herrin. Fremont Center to Area.. French to East St. Louis. Friendsville• to Mt. Carmel. Frisco to Whittington. Frogtown to Breese. Frutt•t to Edwarctsvllle.  Guilford to Galena. to Waukeran.  I Gurnee•tt  Hadley• to Barry. Haa-aman • t 1 to Chesterfield. Ha.garstown*t to Vandalla. Hahnamant to Walnut. Haldane• tl to Polo. Hall Day to Llbertyvllle. Halfway to Marlon. HalUdayboro• tt to Elkville Hallsvlllet to Clinton Hamburg* to Haleigh. Hame1r to ,vorden. Hamlet to Reynolds. Hamletsburg* to Golconda. Hampton•t to East Moline. Hanaford*tt to Logan. Hanson* to Pana.. Harco to Galatia. Hardinville* to Oblong. llarlem*-r to Hockford II,~nnony (.JefTer,on ('o to ~lount V..:rnon. Harmony (McHenry Co.)to Hampshire. Harness to San Jose. Harper• t 1 to Forreston. Harpster*tt to Gibson CltJ'. Harris* to Farmera City, Harrison (Winnebago Co.) to Durand. Harrlsonvtlle to Valmeyer. Harrlstown•tt to Nlantlo. Harrisville to Monroe Center. Hartland• U to Woodst.ooll:. Hartsville to Golconda.. Haselwood to Clayton. HaUon to West Union. Hayes*t 1 to Tuscola. Haypress to Eldred. Hazel Crest*t to Hom&wood. Hazelhurst• !1 to Mllledirevllle. Headyville to Dieterich. H6aley to Chatsworth. Heathsville to Robinson.  Fullersburgt to Hinsdale. Fullertont to Farmer City. Fults*t to Prairie Du Held to Varna. Rocher. Funkhouser to Effingham. Helena to Sumner. Funks Grovett to McLean. Helm to Iuka. Henderson• t t to Ga.lesburr Hendrix to Bloomington. Henkel to Mendota. Gale to Thebes. Henton*tt to Shelbyvllle. Hera.Id• to Carmi. Galesvllle*t to Mansfield. Galt*tt to Sterltng. Herbert•tt to Belvidere. Gal ton• tt to Arcola. Herborn to Stewardson. Hermon• t to London MWs. Ganntown to Vienna . Herod* to Harrisburg. Garuer*t to Gibson City. Garden plain• t 1 to Fulton. Hersman•t to Mount Sterling. Garden Pralrte•tt to Belvidere. Hickman to 'lartonyillc. Gardllpof n t toMountCarmel Hickoryhill to Kell. GartleldTt to Wenona. Hickory Rid~e to Equality. to Brocton. llicks .. to Elizabethtown. Garrison to McLeansboro Hli:~~od • t l to Hltrbland Gaskin City to Harrisburg. Htldreth to Sidell. Gatch to Vanda.lta. Htll to Effinirham. Gerlaw•tt to Alexis. Hillerman to Grand Cbaln. Gibsonla to Shawneetown. Hillery to Danville. Gila to Newton. Hlllslde*t 1 to Melroae Park. Gllberts•tt to Elgin. Gilchristt to Viola. Hodgkins to La. Grange. Gilead to Batchtown. Holland* to Beecher City. Oilmer to Area. Holllday• to Cowden. Gilmore to Altamont. Hollist to Pekin. Gllson•tt to Knoxville. Hollowayville* to Seato~ vtlle. Glasgow* to Winchester. Hollywood to Brookfield. Glenarm • tt to Chatham. Hombergt to Golconda. Glena.von•t to Belleflower. Home to Bluford. Glenburn to Oakwood. Home Acres to Lombard. Glen Carbon•ttto Edward• Honey Bend• t1 to Llt«,bville. fteld. Glenda.le* to Golconda. Hooctville to McLeanaboro. G lenridge to Centralla. Hookdale*t to GreenvUle. G ten vtew•tt to Wilmette. Hoosier to Loutsvllle. Glenwood*t to Chicago Hopkins Parktt to MoHeights. mence.  t Telegraph Statton.  1 ~xpress Office. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Horace* to Paris. Hord to Louisville. Hornsby•rt to Lltchfl.eld. Horaeshoe* to Equality. Bouston*t to Sparta. Bowardtontt to Grand Tower. Hubbard Woods•ttto Winnetka. Hudgens to Goreville. Huegelyt to Hoyleton. Huey•t to Carlyle. B umrick*n: to Ridge Farm. Hunter to Poplar Grove. Huntsville• to Augusta Hurricane to Fillmore. Hutton to Charleston. Ideal to Mount Carroll. ldlewood to Mount Vernon . Illlnottt to Momence. Illinois City• to Muscatine. Iowa. Illisvllle to Vandalia. Imba to Belleville. Ingaltont: to West Chtcairo lngleside*t to Round Lake. Inman to Ridgway. Irene•ti to Gberry Valley. Iron to Norris City. Jacob*t to Murphysboro. Jamesburg•tt to Henning  Kanevme•t to Elburn. Kangley• to Streator. Kappa•tt to El Paso. Karbers Ridge• to Eliza,. beth town. Karnak• 1 t to Grand Chain Kasbeer*tt to Princeton. Kaskaskia to Chester.  Kibble to Oblong. Kickapoo to 1:irlmtleld. Kidd to Prairie du Roeber Kingman• to Stewardson. Kingston Mines• to Glasford. Klrksvllle• U to Sullivan Klondyke to Sumner. Kolze*tt to Franklin Park Kramm to Elmwood . Kuhns Station to Edwardsville. Kumler to Farmer City. Lace to •Hinsdale. LaCrosse*tt to La Harpe. Latox•1t to Elburn. La Grange Landing to, Versailll'". Lake Bluff•ti to Lake Foreat. Lake Fork•H to Mounr Pulaski. Lamb* to Cave-In-Rock. Lamberttt to Lemont. Lancaster • (Wabash Co.) to Mount Carmel. Landes* to Sumner. Lanesvllle•tt to Buffa.lo. Langenheim to Barrington Langham to Se11e ·a. La Prairie Center to Speer. Larchland"!t to Monmouth LawndaJe•tt to Atlanta. Lawn to Speer.  Leamington to Junction. Leanderville to bester. Ledrord • t! to Harrisburg. Lee Center• to Amboy. Leedst.t to Wenona. Lehigh to Kankakee. Leonard to Crescent City. j L'Brabll) so Clltton. Lester to Kinmundy. LeTerett*H to Cbam palR'D.  M~~ffg~ii~!!Y  Oskaloosa to Kinmundy. Osman*tI to Belleflower. Otego to Vandalia. Ottervtlle• to Jersey,-llle. Oxvllle to Bluffs. Ozark• t t to Vienna.  ~:~~~1!1r~0 t%:J!!:~g~to Blue I•  Pa.rk•t I Palos land.  Mount Greenwoodtt to Morgan Park. Mount Palatine to Tonica. Mount Pleasant to Anna. Mozier• to Hamburg. Muddy* to Harrtsburg. Mulkeytown • tI to Benton. ' Muncie*tt to Fithian. Munstert to Streator. Myers to Elizabeth. Myrtlet t to B:vron  Palzo to Creal Springs. PanoJa•tt to El Paso.  Parker• t t to Creal Sprlnp. Parkland to Manito. Parkvlile to Sadorus. Parnell*tt to Farmer City Parrish*t to Thompsonville Parsons •O Carbondale. Passport to Olney. Patterson• to \.Vhlteha.ll. Pattontt to Mt. Carmel.  Reno•t to Sorento. Henshaw to Golconda. Rentchler*t to Mascoutah. ReynoldavWe*H to Jona. boro. Rice to Oakdale. Rlchardst to Streator. Rlchardson*U to Vfrgll. Richfield to Plainville. Richland to Pleasant Plain■ • Rich.mondt to Minier. Richton*t to Matteson. Richwoods to Pa.Jestine. Ricke! to Atkinson. Ri<1dle Hlllt to Sprtng11eld. R" efleld*tt to Crystal Lake. Ridge Prairie to O'Fallon. Rldg-evllle• t t to Onarga. Ridott• t to Freeoort. Riffle to Loulsvllle. Rlggston•tt to Winche11ter. Riley Laket! to Ellis Grove. Rl1e:vvltle to Galatia. Riola to Indianola. Ripley• to Mount Sterllnr . Rising to Cham pa.lgn. Rising Sun to Golconda. Rltobey•tt to Wtlmlngton. River Grove* to Frankl!• Park. Rlvervtewti to Des Plaines. Roblnettl to Odin. Roby*U to Mt. Auburn. Rock* to Golconda.. RockcreeJc to Cave In Roell:  Penrose to Sterling. Peoria Hehrhts• t to Peoria. Perdueville*tt to Paxton. Perka•ti to Ullln. Nachusa.•tt to Dixon. Peters•tt to Edwardsville. Nameoki*tt to Granite Peters Creek to Ellza.bethtown. Na<;Nts~u to Bluffs. Lowder•tt to Virden. Petrolia to Lawrencevllle. Phelps; to Berwick. Natrona*tt to San Jrise. Lowell to Tonica. Neal to Neoga. Loxa.•tt to Charleston. Phlladelphla•t to Virginia. Neelyvllle to Bluffs. Lusk to Golconda. Pbllllpstown to Crossvllle. • Neilson to :Marion. Lynn Center• to Orlon. ~~ gfigffnd. Lynnville to. Jac1:rsonvilie. I Nekoma•tt to Galva. . , Nelson*tt to Dixon. Pike to Louisiana, Mo. Lyons* to H.1vers1de. Rockwood•t to Chester. Lyons Station to Danville. Nettlecreek to Newark. Pine Creek to Polo. Rodden•: to Elizabeth. Pingree Grove• tt to Elgin. Rohrer to Waverly. Neunert to Ava. Pinkstaff• t t to La.wrence- Rollinst to Gray~ Lake. Nevada*t! to Dwiizht. Mabel to RUBhvllle. vtlle. Rollo*t to Paw Paw. Macoupin* to Plainview. Plopolls to McLeansboro. Nevins to Paris. Rome*t to Chllllcothe. Madonnavllle to Waterloo. Newbern to Jerae:vvllle. Plsgah*tt to Jacksonville. ~g~~;f!\et tfo New City to Spr1ngtleld. Ma(l'llet to Mattoon. Roots to Chester New Columbia• to Vienna. Plstakee to McHenry. Ma.I vern to Morrison. New Dennison* to Manon. Pittsuurg (Fayette Co.) to Ro .. coc*tt to Rockton. Manford to Fillmore. I Ro. f'bud* to BrClWDfield. Mulberry Grove. New Grand Chalnt to Manheim*t to Franklin Grand Cha.In. Rosedale to Grafton. Park. New Hanover* to Waterloo. Roslyn to Slgel. Manley to Prairie City. New .Hartford to Plttsfl.eld Pitt wood• t t to Martinton. Round Gro,e*tt to Morrl· Mannon to New Boston. New Hebron to Robinson. Plato Center•tt to E121n. son. Manvme•t to Streator. PlattvUle to Yorkvllle. Round Knob*tt to MetropMaplegrove to West Salem. New Hooe to Galatia. Pleak to Moweaqua. olis. Maples Mill* to Canton. New Lebanon*tt to Hamp- Pleasant ,rove to Bun- Round Prairie to Cisne. Mapleton• t l to Pekin. combe. shire. Rowet to Pontiac. Marblehead•tt to Quincy. I New Lenox•tt to Joliet. Pleasant Mound* to Green- Rowell to Kenney. Marble Top to Enfield. ville. New Liberty• to Smithland, Ruark to St. l''ranclsvme. Marceline* to Ursa. Pleasant Valley to Stockton Rudement* to HarrlsbUl'f• Ky. Marcoet to Mt. Vernon. Newmansvllle to Ashland. Pleasant View* to Rush- , Rugbyt to Pontiac. Marietta• tt to Smithfield. New Memphis •tt to New ville. Ruma to Redbud. Mark to Granville. Baden. Plumfl.eld to West Frank- Rural Hill to Walpole. Markham • to J acksonvllle. New Memphls Station to fort. Russell (Clay Co.> to LoUllMarley*tt (Wlll Co.1 to Plum.hill to Xashville. Mascoutah. vllle. Mokena. Russell• ht (Lake Co.> to Marlow*I to Mt. Vernon. ew Milford tt to Rock- ~~~~ t~IB;~J:P~~~kton. I Kenos a, Wis. Marston to Reynolds. ford. Point Pleasant to Hidal~o. f Ruasellvllle• to Vlncennelt Martinsburg to Pittsfield. New Minden• to Nashvllle. Pomona•tt to Murphy&Tnd. ::\Iartins 'tore to ::\IcLeans- New Palestine to Chester. boro. Ru~·le to Kane. boro. New Phlladelpbia. • t t to Pond to Vienna. Maryland*rt to Forreston. Bushnell. Ponemah•rt to Kirkwood. Maryville* to Collinsville. Newtown to Oakwood. Pontoosuc• tt to Dallas abinatt to Le Roy. Ma.ssbach• to Eliza.beth. City. acramento to Enfield. Niles to Niles Center. Mattnewa*t to PlnckneyPoplar City to Easton. Sagetown to GlartRtone. vllle. Anna.polis. to rville Port • to Chandlerville, Sa.ldora ?.:laud to Mount Carmel. 1 Noltlngt to Centralla. Po.en (Washington Co.)t St. Davld*tt to Canton. to .. -ashville. Nora.•tt to Warren. George to .Manteno, Maxwell• to Posent (Cook Co.) to Blue Sa.Int James•tt to St. ElIXIO• Norma.ndy•tt to Walnut. Mayberry to W a:vne City. Island. Saint John• to Du Quotn. Norrl8• t t to Canton. Mayst• to Redmon. .. 'orth ,\urora*tt to Aurora. Po-.;ey*t to Hoffman . laysville*! to Grigg"wille. Korth Chillicothe• to Cbllll- Pott~town to Peorta, Sa.Int Mary to Plymouth, Mayvtew*t to St. Joseph. cothe. Powell ton• to ·auvoo. Saint Paul to Vanda.Ila.. McCa.ll*t t to Ferris. ~r~~~ ~~e~ieawD-McClusky to Jerseyville. Torth ( 'ity to Christopher. Prairie to Red Bud . .Mc ooktt to La Grange. ·orth urystal Lalrn• t< Prairie Du Pont to Dupo. McCormick* to Stonerort. Crystal Lake. Pra.iriehall to Dalton City. Sa.i~~~ry* to Sprlng-0eld. McDowell• t to Pontiac. .·orth Hampt,Oll to Uhilli- Prairie Home to :\I oweaqua 1 IcGirrU to De Kalb. cothe. Pralrletown to Bunker Hill. t~dor~~;et•ot i;1::1u~t'hy1bOJ'O McKeen* to Marshall . • Ortonville to Fra.nklln. Prairie Yiew*t! to Liberty- Sa.ndusky•tt to Cairo. ville. Norway to Shertdan. '.:\-IcN'oel* to Metropolis. Sa.voy•tt to Cha.m'!>&lgD. • · onrood*t to Burge: . McVey• to Girard. Prentice• tt to Ashland. Preston• to Evans, llle. Nutwood to Jerseyville. MMchamt to Roselle. Sawyersvllle*t to Benld. carborrJ to . ·tcward .. PrtscUla to Lostant. ·chap,,ll]e t,o Apple wvet• Melrose (Clark Co.) to MarProctor*t to Gibson City. Oak• to Harrisburg. sha.II. Pro poet to Rantoul. ScbnelJ to Olney. Oak I~oresttt to Blue Island Prouty to Loami. Melville to Alton. School to Carmi ity to nmsno:;: chra,u Oakglen*tt to Lansing. Menard•tt to Chester. l'n.iol to hcstPt'. Pulleys Mill to Marton. ~chroadts to 'M ount Menominee to East Du- Oa.k Hm•tt to Elmwood. 1 Oakla?.'Il•t to Chicago. JllPJ. buque. Putna.m•Tt to Henry. Oakley•t to Cerro Gordo. Pyattt to PiuckDeyvlllP. Meppen• to Gratton. ~~~o~~n~~1;*;~ Oakville to . Iakanda. Meriden•tt to Mendota. Obed to Moweaqua.. Scottla.nd• to Cbrlsm&D· :'.\1ermet to .:\letropolis. Scars• to Rock Island. Quigley to Windsor. OcoyaH to Chenoa Mernatt to Bloomln11:ton. O1tle*t to Kelthstmr2' to Fatrlleld. MO· ~~:~~~~·iili Ollrtelcl* to We,stfleld . Merrimac to Waterloo. erton to · an l,11la.. Hadclle• to Grand Tower. Merrltt•r t to Winchester. Oldenburg to Alton. Meyer• to Canton, Mo. 1•1lars to Urt>anu.. 11ad[or<l*t to toweaq ua. Radom•t to A hley. Old Ripley t,o Greenville. • i>no to Lewistown. .\!eyers Stinton to Pekin. Sevlllf'* to Smltbfleld. I Oliver• t to Marshall. Randall• T to Galesburg. Micha.el* to Kampsvllle. Randolph•tt to Heyworth . Sews.rel• rt to Pccatonw.a Mlddleswortb•ttto Sbelby- Olivet• to Geor!!;etown . Olmsted• T1 to .\.found City Range to fount \ cru n. 0 vllle. tt s~ah ;o~'~ l{apatee• 1 to Falrvle\"I'. Omeira to Iuka. Mf<ldleton to Keen ·. Rapids Ctty*tto Port Byron. Midland Ctty•t1 to Kenney Oneco to Oraugeville Shabbona. l\.lllan•tt tu Rock Isl!rnd Shatter to Vandalia. Raum• to Golronda. Haven* to Uana.. Ind . :\liles Station to Brighton. Ontarlovllle•tt to Roselle Shamrock to. 'ewton. bUli· Oravme•:t to Ava. .1iley to • Ia:-eoutah Ravtnla•to HIJ.!'hlltnd Park. 'harpshurg• t to Edin Shattuc• t to CarlYle. Pekin. t rcharrl .. Iiur s Ray•t to Vermont. _ lilllmrn t-o l.ak0 Villa. Orchard 1'1ace •t to De,; • !ill ·re •k•tt to Jon . bor Bro«Jl' ~aw~~ to Plau1es. Reader* to Carllnvllle. - llller CitY*l to ( airo. Oreana.•t to Ar~enta. Reading-* to Streator. J'.\lillcrstrnrir* to Aledo. ·ue in•. . hell~•r* to \.Valto1n1 "!40, Orient* to West Frankfort Red Oak• tl to l'"reeport. Mlllenjvt11e•rt to Pana. i\.lilo to Bradford. R ed: ' t tion to t>e ~oto. Shepherd to Hannl~neld• Orleans•t to ,lacksonvllle. Hee • t ation to l,'ranklin. _ lilton llcighls to ,\lton. t G~f:onda. I Reeve ville• tt to Vienna. Oshorn* to Hll\~rtale. Mlssa.1• to :St reator. 1 Rena.uJt•t to Prairie du Mitchellt! to Granite Oity. Osbornvlllet to Mount if c~~bell stll burn. Rocher. Mltchellsvllle• to Harri. Rendville to Herrln . hinn to Barry..:..-------' Osceola to Neponset. burir.  I  J'oalln•ti to Hillsdale. Joy Prairie to Jacksonville. Junction Oity to Sandoval. JUBtice Park to Summit.  Kemp • ti to Hindsboro. Kemper•tt to Medora. Kenilworth*tt to Wilmette. Kent•tt to Pearl City. Kernan•tt to Streator. Kernck*t to Normal. Keys to Springfield.  Moccasln*tt to Altamont. Mode•tt to Stewardson. Modena to Castleton. ?.1odoc*t to Prairie Du Rocher. Mont to Edwardsville. Monterey to ·canton. Montezuma• to Milton. ~ Aurora. , Moro*t to Alton. Mossvllle•t to Chllllcothe. Mountain Glentt to Oobden. Mount Forest to Lemont.  ~l~~;~l1ff  1::e~!~~~fi1!ot:~~~~nd. Jerseyville*t:t to 1.'aylorville J'enklns to Clinton. Joetta to Carthage. Johannl ■burg to Okawvme J'ohnsburg to McHenry. Johnstown to Lerna. Jones Ridge to Gorham.  Kaufman*tt to Alhambra. Kedron (Gallatin Co.) to Equality. Kedron ( Henry Oo.) to Annawan. Keensburg•tt to Mt. Carmel. Kellervllle• to Clayton.  Lenne:1• to Grand Chain Lkkcrcek· to Buncombe. LJlly•tt to .Mackinaw. Ll17 Lake•u to Elburn. Llmerlck: to Ohio. Llndenwood•ttto Holcomb Linn to Mount Cannel. LJntner•tt to Lovlnirton. Lla to Newton. Lisbon• to Mllllngton. Llsle•tt to Navervtlle. Llterberry•tt to Jacksonville. Little Ind.iantt to VlrlZ'lnl&. Lively Grove to Oakdale. Liverpool• to Canton. Lodgett to Monticello. Lodlng to East Moline. Logan to Chrisman. Lombardvillett to Bradford Longbranch to Galatia. Longcreek*t to Decatur. Longrrove to Libertyville. Long Lake to Round Lake. Loon Lake to Antioch. .Loran to Pearl City Lorenzot ~o Wilmington. Lotus• •t to Foosland. Loudon to St. Elmo. Lo;~r~~ to National Stock,  1  REFERENCE KEY.  1~~~ri':!ine.  ~!lfn\  ~g8t::epofS.  i.i~~~,\~~i.  Wi&1;~~·.  cfi.1~\?~T  ~~:i:~;11 t;°  Au-,  • County Seat.  • Money Order Office.  ~~ll~~  tTelegraph  tattoo.  uf~  i E press Otllce,  '°  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  ILLINOIS  ld. tal  n. er.  ve.  n,. on.  iJI  es. ock  orri· roP-  ue. urr, oull-  ,) '° nnet•  \d. ne,  1e. n.  eno,  EltJlO· 01n.  th•  It.,  wne,. eld, sbor0  lgn, nld, •1uvcr,  uro'''l1'  Vandervtlle to Tay1orvWe. Woody to Carrollton. Woosun1rtt to Polo. Van Petten*U to Harmon. Worth•t to Blue Island. Vanwood to Sprine:field. 1 Wrtgbts•tt to Greentleld. Wyckles to Decatur. Venedy•t to Okawvtlle. Venedy Statlont to Okaw- Wynoose to Olney. vtlle. Veulce• to Madison. Vera•tt to Vandalia. Vermilion Grove•t to Rldire Yantisville to Assumption. York to West York Farm. York Center to Lombard. Vevay Park• to Casey. Yorktown to Tampico. Villa Park* to Elmhur ·t. Youngstown• ti to Swan Villaridge*tt to Mounds. Creek. Vineland to Jonesborc. Yuton to Bloomington. Volo to Round Lake.  w~fr?ut  !l~~!ti  ~i~f1te.  I  frg:a \~  +~g1Jl!\9f~tt  (nbur1· Je.  1989  Bean Blo1111om to Morgan- Burrows to Rockfleld. town. Bynum to Waldron. Bear Branch• to Dlllaboro. Byrneville to Corydon. Bear Creek to Nashville. Byron to Waveland. 8 eard to Frankfort. Beatrice Rtation to Hebron. Beaver Oity to Brook. Beaver Dam to Akron. Becks Mills to Salem. Caborns to Mt. Vernon. Beechwood• to Leaven- 08.dtz• to New Castle. worth. Oairo to Battle Ground. Bee Huntertt to Lyons. Oale to Shoale. Beesons Station to Cam- Caledonia to Sullivan. bridge City. Calloway to Dupont. C&lvertvtlle to WorthlnrBelleview to orth Madison ton. Bellevllle to Clayton. O&mbrla* to Rossville. Bellmore• to Rockville Ca mby• t t to Mooresville. Belmont* to Nashville. Cammack to Yorktown. Snicarte to Bath. Belshawt to Lowell. Canaan to Madison. Sollltt•tt to Grant Park. Ben Davist to Indlanapolla. Oannelburir• t t to LoogooSolomon to Wapella. Zearing•tt to Malden. Bengal to Franklin. tee. Solon Mms•u to Richmond Wacker to Mt. Carroll. Benham• to Cross Plains. Canton to Salem. Somerset to Harrisburg. Wadsworth•tt to Wauke- Zenith to Xenia. Zenobia to Pawnee. Bennetts Swttch•t to Bun- Oape Sandy* to English. Soperville to Galeshurir. ker H111. Cardonia to B ra:r.ll. wf~· Petra to Princeville. Zif to Clay City. Sou<1era"' to Cambrtdire. Bennettsville to Sellersburg. Oarp to Gosport Wakefield* to. 'ohle. South Elgin•tt to Elgin. Bennington• to Cross Plaina 08.rpentenvUle to RoachSouth Helght8 to Rock Is- Walker•tt to Macon. Benton•tt to Mlllersburg. dale. Walkerville to Whitehall. land. Carroll to Flora. South Henderson to Biggs- Walla Walla tu Greenup. Carrollton to New Palestine. Berlien to Angola. Walnut Grove •tt to Rushville. Carterabu.rr• t to PlalnBethel t:> Muncie. South Mt.Forest to Lemont. tleld. INDIANA Bethel• (Wayne Co.) to Praine*t to West South Pekint to Pekin. Carwood to Borden. Hollansburg, Ohio. Union. Bethlehem• to New WashWalsh•tt to Evansvllle. Spankey to Jerseyville. caes•tt to Dugger. ington. Sparks Hill to Shawnee- Walshvtlle•1 t to Sorento. Ca1111vtlle to Kokomo. Big Creek to Dupont. Waltersbur * to Golconda. Aaron to Vevay. town. Ca1tle to Union City. Abington to Centervllle. Waltont t Amboy. Spaulding to Riverton. ~tfff~~~~ll~o t~h6~g::e Cor- Oastleton*tt to Broad RapAboite* to Roanoke. Wamac t• Centralia. Spencer to Frankfort. ids. Abydel to Paoli. ner, Ohio. Wanda*•, Eawar<lsvllle. Spillertown• to Marlon. Greensburg. to Adams•t Cataraot*t to Cloverdale. to Decatur Blniren* Alton. i<:ast to \\'unn Spires to Minonk. Catun•t to Rockville. Adamsboro to Logansport. "rard to De Soto. Spring Bay to Peoria. Adamsville to Lebanon. Blackburntt to Petersburg, Cato to Winslow. Spring Garden to Mount Adett to Brook. Blackhawk*tt to ·rerre ,vare to Jone. horo. Vernon. Cedar* to Gan-ett. A de! to Spencer. Haute. Warner1 t tc, Orlon. Svring Hill to Erie. Cedar Lake• t t to Lowell. Blaine• to Portland. Warrenvllle* to Napervllle. Adyevllle* to Ferdinand. Cedarville to Grabill. Aetna*tt to Gary. Blanford to Clinton. Wartburg to \-\aterloo. Staleys to Champaign. to Jasper. Celestine• Hobart. to Alnsworth*tt Loogootee. to Blankenshipt Charles. St. to Wasco•tt Edwardsville. to Stallings to ~ellersburg. Cementville Rensselaer. to Alx Lexington. to Blocher•tt Standard*tt to Oranville. Washington Park to East Alamo• to Waynetown. Bloomfield <Spencer Co.) to Oenter•t! to Kokomo. St. Louis. Standard City to 'ilwood. Brooklyn. to Centerton 0 0 Chrisney. Eldorado. to Wasson* Stark•t to Princeville. Judson. Blooming Grove io Brook- Center Valley to Monrovia. ;:, Watertown•tt to Ea!!t MoStarks to Hampshire. Corydon. to Central• ville. • tateline to Terre Haute. Ceylon to Geneva. Alfordsville* to Washington Bloomingport to Carlos. W~~gonsee•tt to Mazon. Blue Creek to Brookville. Algiers• to Petersburg. Wayne•tt to El(l.1.n. ~t:,ig~efot~ Chamberlain to Grabill. Kewanna. to Grass Blue Bloomingto Creek Allens :\1akanda. to Wayside-I< Stolletown to Carlyle. ton. . Chambershurg to Paoli. Blue Lick to Henryville. Stone Church to Nashville. Webbshill Shelbyville. to Ridge Blue Chandler*tt to Boonville. EnterEast to Allensvllle Ewing. to stoy*tt to Robinson. Pekin. to River Blu~ Chapelhll\ to Bedford. prise. Webster to Carthage. 8 tratford*U to Polo. Greenwood. to Blu1rcreek Chaser t to Boswell. Laurel. to Alplne•t Serena. to Wedron•tt Olney. Stringtown to Bluff Point to Portland. Chelsea to Lexington. Weedman ti to Farmer City. Alquina. oo Connersville. Chester to Richmond. Alto to Kokomo. Sugar Grove*it to Aurora. Weir to Martinsville. Decatur. to Bobo*t • to Dalevllle. Cheeterfled English. to Alton• Steeleville. to Welga• SummerfteJd•tt to Trenton Boggstowut to Fairland. Altona. to Garrett. Sunu:nerhill*t to Pittsfield. Welland to Compton. 8tm~1u:cRi)~~~!~_seymour Orleans. to Bonds Ohio. Edon, to Alvarado Altamont. to Welton• Summum• to Astoria Bonnellt to Lawrenceburg. 0hina to North 1\1:adison. Americus to Delphi. Wendelin to Noble. Sunfield* to Du<1uoin. Bono to Mitchell. Christiansburg to Freetown Amity to Franklin. West City to Benton. Sunny Hlll* to Orlon. Boone Grove• t t to lieoron. Clnclnnatl* to Bloomtlel<l. Laurel. to Andersonville Anna. to Saratoga western Sutter• to Waraaw. j Annapolis to Bloomingdale. Boston Store to Wingate. west Jersey to Toulon. Swansea to Belleville. Boundary to Portland. Anoka to Logansport. Clate to NobleMTIUe. Swanwick•t to CoulterBovine to Prtnoeton. Clarksville to Noblesvllle. West Newell to Danvllle. Bowers•t to Coltax. Cla:vbank to Oakland City. Anthonyt to Muncie. to Chenoa. Swv:l;na• to New Windsor. Weston*H Center- Clear Creek• t t to Bloomto Green• Bowling to Co.) (Jennings Antioch Lawrenceville. to Westport Sweet Water* to Greenview. West Ridge•tt to Tuscola.. , point. ington. North Vernon .. Swttt to Adalson. Boxley to Sheridan. Clear Lake to Ray. West Viennatt to Vienna. Apalona to Tel1 City. Swisher to Clinton. Frankfort. Olear Springs to Brownato BoY1eston•tt Lynn. to Arba I Albion. to Village w Swygert•t to Pontiac. town. West York to Hutsonville. Archerville to Lafayette. Symerton to Wilmington. Clermont• to Brownsburg. 0 I Art• to Churub1;1sco. .*t to Dongola. to Greenfield. t~~~l~yra. Cleveland ~~!Jl~~di Evansville. to Armstron~* Wethersfield to Kewa"Jee. jabor to Waynesville. Clifford• t to Col um bu ■. Bramble to Loo,iootee. ~:~t;~n. Wetzelt to Parts, Tamalco• to Keysport. BranchvUle* to Leaven- Clt.rton to Liberty. Clifty to Burney. worth. Wheellng•tt to Arlington Art (Cory P. 0.) to Cory. T:~ms;it Jg1~~~na. Clinton Falls to Greencastle. Breckenridge to Corydon Arthur to Winslow. Heights ieheran•H to Ea ·t.on. Clovenand • to Brazil. Knox. to Brems*tt Artie to Butler. Whitakert to Peotone. Bretzvtlle to Huntlngburg. Clunette to Leesburir Brazil._ to Ashbor!)• City. toJohnston Whiteash* T:: ~r:\Ig1 !'1~oolconda. Whitefield to HenrY. Brewersvtlle• to North Ver- Clymers•n to Loransport. Brazil. to Ashernlle Terra Cotta*tt to Crystal , hitehill to C:vpre. :. non. Grove to Brookston. Lake. Ooal Bluff*tt to .Brazil. Brice to Portland. Terre Haute• to La Harpe. White Pigeon to Morrison. Brick Chapel to Greencaatle <Joa.I Creek to Cates. Ashland to New castle. 'rTexas City*tt to Eldorado. Whltewlllow• to Minooka. Coalmont*tt to Jasonvtlle. Brt<1geport• (Marton Oo.) Ashton to Sunman. IIanoYcr. to ,Vbittont hackery• t to McLeausCoburgt to Westville. to Plalntleld. Athens• ft to Rochester. boro Bright to Harrison, Ohio. j Cochran•t to Aurora. Atherton• t t to Clinton. Wlchert•tt to St. Anne. Thayer to Virden. Coe to Oakland City. Brighton to Howe, to Atklnson•tt :}:hhe Grove to Des Plaines. Wllburntt to Wa~bbum. Brightwoodtt to Indian- Coel86•tt to Columbia City, AtkinSonville to Spencer. Wilcox to Olay C 1tY,· . ""bomas to Tampico. apolis. 1 ornasvtll •tt Willeford to Creal :--prmg · Auburn .Tunctlon•tt to Au- Brtmtleld•tt to Albion. F Colburn•t to Delphi. to armers- WUleyt to Taylorville. e vu1e. Brtnckley to Farmland. Cold Sprlng•tt to Moore■ burn. irurbe,r to McLeansboro. Williamsburg to Lovlni· Augustat Hlll. (Marion Co.) to Brtn,ihurst•t to Flora. Ooleboro to Swayzee. Brfstow*t to Troy. New Augusta. wm~mson to 8ta11nton. 'l'{e* to Petershurg. to South Whitley. Collamer* Orleans. to Bromer Winto Co.) (Pike • A~fc:!,~ Stockton. to lllow \.V 'l'1T~\~!~etioDLem9lnlt. Collett*tt to Portland. Brooksburg• to Madison. WUJow Sprtngs•tt to Le· 1 A very to Frankfort. anvi e. Tim e to Plttsflelrl Oollingwood to Hunter•r· 1 town. Bruce Lall:e•t io Kewanna. (:)~t(l,iYiO!(Ston Co.) to Avoca• to Bedford. [o'Ei~~,a~Cl1UJ). Brunswick to Crown Point Collinst to Churubusco. Avon, 1 to Danville. l!erl<ii<'k. tiPtontt to St. J eph. A vonburg to Cross Plains Brushy Prairie to LaGrange Coloma to Rockville. Wil.::onYille to Dochc,-,ter. TOdds Point to Findlay. Aylesworth to Veedersburg. Bryant Creek to Blooming- Columbia to ('onncrsville. Wilton center to Mannat- Ayrsh1re•t Torn to Marshall. Como to Redkey. ton. to Winslow. Concord to Saint Joe. Bryantaburg to Madison. wro~mere to Gray Lake. Azalta•rt to Elizabethtown. Bryantavllle to Mitchell. s~e~~ntoul. Conroe to Stockwell. ,- 0 Peka*ti to Forest C!ty. Windom to Okawville. Oooktt to Crown Point. 0 Buckeye• to W"rren Oope to Martinsville. -.. 0 rlno• to Braceville. · "' Wintlel<l*t to Wheaton: Vey to T 1 111 l Cornelius to Morgantown. Winkl<'U to Pinclrneyv11le. BBadkge: ~ Brootkllo tSohne.rld"'n BBudcKsklnT*t ~ Elberfeld. TTrtr IDble*t toyRoorbvlnseo.,n. ra,algar. to u . "" . vomer s .er a Freeport. to eshtek WI ~ owb Comettsville to Washtnnon Buddha to Bedford. ,, .. 0 nlerro•~d* to Efllngbam. Bak~rstown to t\lhton rldge*t to Neoga. Tr Buell to Dugger. Corning to Montgomery. t t 0 B tbec•t to Pennville •· ,, Ill 'l'roitel to Maple Park. 1 B:1e1wln*tt to Monroe.ville. Buena Vista (Monroe Co.) Correct to Versailles. Harbor•t Winthrop <Janni. to 'I'uu~ihun Cortland•tt to Seymour. to Bloomington. WtZlotnnCl~rk to Blue r.. Bandon to Tell City. Tu O ertt to Kankakee. Buffalo• to Monticello. Corwin to Romney. Banquo to La Fontaine. re o T\lt'ynelhlll • tt to Vienna . Bu1'1'alovme•t to Dale. Banta to Franklin. land .• to Greenville. n Grove to Bloommirton w,,, ,011t>fucrnroeJ,* to Carterville. Barber's Mllls to Llbert:v Bufkin to Mount Vernon. Bullock to BoonvUle. Center J o J ' Ul h Burdlck•rt to Chesterton. Oospervtlle to Ltfonler. Barcetl to Fowler. Wolflah:c*H to· on~~ >or · U~ t to Cambridge. Burnett•t to Terre Haute. \ Cottage Grove• t to Colleire Bedford. to Bartlettsvtlle ~nup Womac to Carlf Union Center to C'asey 0 Corner. Ohio. Burnett& Creek• to BurnUni~~ iw1v.e:1 t to Mo~l.8on ~~;~g:H~f~~{t\ to' f.;Jizabrth. Bartonla to Spartasnbury. Cowan•tt to Muncie. ettsville. un. Rl.8lni to Baacom Hill Bunker to dburn W Redrl1l'k. to t. Un1onvme• Mllls to Richmond. Coxs 11 ~:~:v~f;t\~ toiPitz'!i.ietb- Coxton Enlty•t to J~1r:rookport. wggddale to Hcn:eit e. ::::-L~kn~inox. to Bedford. town. Bathft to College Comer Woodfordt to Ml~o. ' tAlton•t to Alton. Coxvllle to kosedale. Burr Oak•tt to Culver. Ohio ' oodruff to Dam er:,. Utah tooGMorrlson. Vevay_._ _ __ to Cralir _ o_odslde~~C'.!:h~a~t~ba~.m~._ __::__-==.:=----------..:.-=-=.: ,ale!!hurg_._ _ _ _w tTelegraph Station. • :"IIoney Order Oillce. ,county eat. Express Office. t REH.RENCE KEY.  Shlrland•rt to Durand. Shlrley•rt to Bloomington. Shobonler•rt to Vandalia. Shokokon to Burlington, Iowa. Sicilyt to Pawnee. Signal Hill to East St. Louis. Siloam Springs to Clayton. Silvis•tt to East Moline. Sims*t to Wayne C'ity. Sinclair*tl tu· Jacksonville. Skates to Pana. Skinnerville to Carterville. Blackwater to Duncan. Smithboro*ti to <,reenvllle. Smithton* to Belleville.  '1'/g~~t:  tt  I Valley*t t to Grt1ntavtlle. I Wood vale to Little York. Woodworth to Mlltord. Vandercook to Da.nville.  INDIANA  ufft~, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  wlr...  I  rwi;;h Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  1990  INDIANA  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  INDIANA  Glenns Valley to Green- Huntsville (:Madison Co.)to Leopold to Cannelton. Pendleton. wood. Lt:ota to Scottsbure;. Huntsville (Randolph Co.) L~ Roy•tt to Crown Point. Glezen* to Oakland City, Lester to Bloomfield. Glldas to Brandenburr. to 1\Iocloc. Le\ i to Hano, er. KY. Hurlburt*t 1 to Hebron. Huron•t1 to Mitchell. Lewls•tt to Terre Haute. Lewisburg to Logansport. Goblesville to Huntington. Hursh to Grabill. Hutton to Terre Haute. Lewis Creek* 1 to ShelbyGoegleln to Ft. Wayne. Hyatt to Washington. Goodview to Farmland. ville. Hyde to Butlerville. 1 .1oerty CJ ollnson co.) to Grafton to Mount Vernon. Franklin. Grammer•H to Ellzabethtown. Jjamsvtlle* to Nonh Man- Liberty lllls•t to North Marr ester. Gra.-cger*tt to Mishawaka. LlbertyviJlni to Vermillion Grantsburg• to English. r;~;;~~dence• to Attica. Ill Grass to Chrisney. Indiana :\lineral 'prings to L1lly Dale to Tell City, Gravelton to 'appanee. Attica. Grayfordt to Vernon. Indian Sprlngs• t 1 to Shoals Llmedalef to Greencastle. Llncoln*tt to Galveston. Gravsvllle* to Merom. Ingalls• t 1 to Fortvtlle. Lincoln City• tl to Dale. Inglefleld • to Evansville. Llncolnv1lle (Wabash Co.) Greenbrier to Paoll. Inwood*t1 to Plymouth. Green Center to Albion. ' to Wabash. Ireland• to Jasper. Greenfield Mills to Orland. Irvingtontt to Indlan&- Llnkvllle to Plymouth. Linwood• to Anderson. Green Hill to Otterbein. polis. Lippitt to Monrovia. 8~!:~~~~~o• (~o;PJ°e~g_1•t Iva to Otwell. Lisbon• to Kendallville. Littlepolnt to Amo. to Georgetown. Greenville (Sullivan · Co.) Jackson (Tipton Co.) to Llttles•U to Oakland City. Little York to Scottsburg. to Sullivan. Dabney*t to rlolton. Tipton. to CampbellsLivonia• Dallas to Borden. Jacksonbw·g to Pershing. burg. Dalton to Losantville. Griffln*tt to Graysville. Ill. Jackson Riil to Hymera. Jacksonville to Clinton. Darmstadt to Evansville. Falrfl.eld (Fran.klln Co.) to Griffith to Highland. Brookville. Lochlel t 1 to Fowler. Grover Town*t to Hamlet. Jalaoa to La Fountaine. Lockman to Freetown. Jetterson to Frankfort. Davidson• to Brandenburg, Fairfl.eld Center to Corunna. Lockport to ldaville. Greentown. to Jerome Guilford*! Lawrenceto Ky. Lockspring to Holton. Fair Oaks•tt to Rensselaer burg. Jessup*U to Rosedale. Dawkins to New H11ven. Fairview (Switzerland Co.) Gulon~t to Marshall. Locust Polnt• to New Jimtown to Elkhart. Daylight to Evansvllle. to E;ast Enterprise. Albany. GutonsvlJle to Dlllst>oro. Johnsburg*! to HuntingDayville to Newburg. Logan* to Harrison. Ohio. Fairview <Fayette Co.) Gutnrie* to Bedfora. burg. to Falmouth. London•t to Fairland. Johnsontt to Owensville. Deacon to Walton. Fairview '(Randolph Co.) to Lonetree to Linton. Jordan to Union City. Deedsville*t to Denver. Red Key. Jordan Village to PatricksDeepriver to Hobart. Lookout to Osgood. hurg. Deer Creek to Loga.I12port. Fansler to Antwerp, OWo. Lorane to Columbia City. Judson• t 1 to Rockvtlle. Faraoeel to Pekin. Deerfield* to Ridgeville. Loree•t to Bunker Hill. Judyvlll;*J1 t? Pence. Degonia Springs* to Boon-l Fargo* to Engllsh. Hackleman to Fairmount. Farlen to Odon. ville. Hackmann's Cross Road Julietta t + to :New Palestine Lotus to Libert~·Lovett•tt to North Vernon Farmer• to Worthlnirton. DeKalb to Auburn. to Batesville. Delaware•tt to 01good. Hadley•U to Danvtlle. Luck to Pennville. La to Institute Farmers Ford, Leiter■ DeLong•tt to Hall's Corners to Harlan.I Kasson to EvansvUle. Luther to South Whitley. Fayette. Demtng to Cicero. to Pekin. Lydick to l:;outb Bend. Keller to Terre Haute. Denham•ri to l'lortb Jud- Farmers Retreat• to Dllls- Halo Hamburg* to Oldenburr. Lyford to Clinton. Kellersr to Wabash. boro. son. Hanlet *H to Knox. Lyles• to Princeton. to Jasper. Kellervllle FarrvUle to Van Buren. Depauw•+t to Corydon. Palmyra. to Hancock Lyons Statlon•t (Fayette io Co.) (Dearborn Kelso• Fayette to Brownsburg. Derby• to Cannelton. Hanfleld to Marlon. Co.) to Connersville. Harrison, Ohio. j Fayetteville to Bedford. Desoto•tt to Muncie. Hanover Center to Crown Kelso (Huntington Co.) to 1 Shelbyville. to Fenns Devore to Gosport. Polnt. Warren. Fenton to Indlanapol11. Dexter* to Cannelton. Kennedy• (Dearborn Co.) • I act'*tt t<) Linn. burg. Flat to Pennville. Harmony•tt to Brazil. to Lawrenceburg. Flckle* to Clarks Hlll. Diamond• t tc Caroon. to La wrenc~burg. Harper tn \Vestport. Kenneth•tt to Logansport 1 .\Iadricl"' Fincastle to Roachdale. Oki, to B1·ra111. Magley*tt to Preble. to Hanover. Harrt'll to Hano,,er. Kent• I Finley to New Palestine Dickeyville to Boonville. Leavenworth. to Magnet• to Shoals. Harrisonville Kercheval to Grandview. Flackvllie to Indlanaoolll Dillman to Warren. Mainolia* to Leavenworth. Harri ·t.:nvn to Salem. Ker ·ey*t.t to Wheatfield. Dlsko•tt to Akron. Mahalasvillet to Martin .. Harrisville* to Union City. Killion to Loogootee. Dixie to Corydon. Fletciler to Kewanna. ville. Harrodsburg*tt to Bloom- .Klllmore to Frankfort. Flint to Angola. Maln to Birdseye. ington. Klnir to Princeton. Doan!!• to B!oomfleld. Florida to Anderson. to Warren. Majenlca Hartford to Aurora. King-sbury•tt to Laporte. Dolan to Bloomlngton. Floyds Knobs* to • Te" Malden t 1 to Kouts. Kings Cave to Corydon. Albany. Domestic to Petroleum. Malott Parkt to Broad Hasel to Muncie. Ossian. to 1 Kingsland* Donaldson•t to Plymouth. Folsomvllle* to Boonvllle. Rippl . Hatfl.eld*t to Rockport. Kingston to Greensburg, Doolittle Milla* to Leaven- Foltz* to Dupont. Manchester to Moores Hill. Haughvlllet to Indlanapo- 1 Kirby to Uloomington. Fontanet•n to Terre Haute I Kirksville (Monroe Co.) to Mannattan to Greencastle. lis. Foraker to \\' akarusa. no":~r~.Waba11h. Mansfield to Carbon. Hayden*H to .1. -ort,h \'er-1 Bloomington. Dover to Harrison. Ohio. Foresman•H to Brook. Frank!ort. uon. Kirksville (Gibson Co.) to Manson•t toMadison. Forest Hill to Lett. . Doverhill to Shoals. Manvllle to Haymond to Oldenburg. Princeton. Paul. St. to Downevvflle Fort Rltner•tt to Mitchell Maples•tt to Monroeville. Haysvllle* to Jasper. Liberty. to t Kltchel*t Dresden* to Bloom.field. Foxs Station to La Fontain · Hazelrlgg*tl to Lebanon. Klaasvllle to Crown Polnt. Mapleton totoIndlanapolla. Drewersburg to Okeana.. Pittsboro. Maplewood Knechts to Brookville. Fredel'icksburg* (:\Iont-Ohio. .\larble Corner to Dupont. Headlee to Royal Center KnlghtsvlJle•ti to Brazil. p;omcry Co.) to Oraw-1 Heath to Lafayette. Dry Run to Leavenworth. Marble Hill* to Lexlnsrton. Wheatfield. to Knlman•tt fordsville. Dnckrell to 'i oun~ America Mardenls to Huntington Heckton to Nappanee. Koleen•t to Bloomfield. Dudleytown to Crothera- Fredonia* to Leavenworth.I Heclat to Columbia City. Hill• to Dale. Koontz Lake to Walkerton Martah Freedom•rt to Spencer. vllle. Marietta (Shelby Co.) to Hector to Portland. Burllngton. to Koro Duff*t to Huntingburg. Shelbyville. Freeman to Spenr,er. Hedrick*t to West Leba- Kossuth to Salem, Dundee (Madison Co.), to Freeport to Morristown. larlc to Edinburg. non. Kramer• to Attica. Frend1 In Aurora. Elwood. Marklaml • to Florence. Kratzvtlle to Evansvtlle. Dundee <Blackfort\ Co.), Friendswood to Mooresville i~ip~te. ~Iarling to Se>ymour. Dyer. to Krenzburg Fritchtontt to Vincennes. to Hertford City. Hclmer*tt to So. ::\Iilford. Kurtz•rt to Brownstown. Manm to Odon. l<'ulda* to Troy. Dunfee*tt to Arcola. Martinsburg• to Pekin. Helmsburr*tt to Nashville. Dunkirk (Cass Co.) ~tt to Furnesiivlllet 1 to Mlchlran Heltonvtlle•tt to Bedford. Kyle to Aurora. Martz to Clay City. Logan!'aport. Clt:v. Marysville• fl to Lexln~on. Dunlaps to Goshen. Mauckport• to Corydon. Henderson to Arlington. Duniapavll.le to Liberty. Hendrtc1esvllle* to Bloom- Laconia• to Brandenbur2. Maumee• to Brownstown, DunnH to Freeland Park. Max to Advance. Ky. ington. Maxinkuckee to Culver. Dunnington to Freeland Gadsden to Lebanon . Lake to Richland. Herbst•t to Swayzee. Gaff to Versa.Illes. Park. Lake Brucet to Kt:wanna. Maxwell*Tl to Greentleld, Hessville• to Hammond. Dunrelth•tt to Knlrhta-, Gale to Danville. Lake Olcott•: to Logans- • taynard to Dyer. Heusler to Evansville. Ma.vsville to Harlan. Galena• to New Albany. town. Hibbard•tt to Culver. Maywood *t to Indiana poll•• Gar Creek to Woodburn. LaY..~1\ames to Angola. Durbin to Lapel. Hi~~~)nt~*\iva1I~Y1~~rburg Lakeside to Wlnamac. Garfield to Darllngton. Lake Vlllage•t to Momence, Hill Grove to Corydon. Gasburg to Mooresville. ~~g~~~~¼1~~ {£\~s}~~:hJe Ill. Hillham* to Shoals. Gatchel• to Cannelton. Eagle to Hymera. McCoysburg•t to Ren.n.tHlllsdale•tt ·to Montezuma. Lamar•t to Tell City. Eagletown•t to Westfield. Gaylor to Michigantown. selaer. Geeting ville to Ro SYille. Hobblevllle* to Bloomfield. Lamb to \'evay. Earle to Evans\1lle. McGrawavUJe•t to Peru. Hollandsburg to ~ockville. Lamong to Sheridan. East Dunnlnrton to Free- Gem to Cumberland. Lancaster CJ eJierson Co.) to McGregor to Madison. Geneva (Shelby Co.> to St. land Park. McKlnley* to Sa1em. Dupont. Home Place to Carmel. Paul. East Gary*tt to Hobart. Lancaster (Wells Co.> to Mc 'atts to Warren. Homer• t to Manllla. East Gl-rmantown to Per- Gentryville•u to Dale. McVille• to Spencer. Bluffton. Co.) Homestead to Lawrence!-hlnp;. Geor~etown (Cass Lancaster (Huntington Co.) bura:. •tt to Loganspo t. Ea!iit Mount Carmel to 14.echan!csburg (Henry co.> to Warren. Honduras to ::\lonroe. Georgta•tt to Mitchell. Mount Carmel. TU. Honey Creek*tt to Middle- Landess•t to Van Buren. Gera1d* to Cannelton. Eby to BoonvUle. Ev&DtMiih:X:~~!;1}fewnto La Paz Junction t to Plytown. Germantown Station to Echo to Ossian. vtlle. mouth. Hoosiervllle to Brazil. Pershing. Eck to New Augusta. Muncie. to Medrord Ladoga. to Lapland Loe;ansuort. to t t Hoover• Gessle*tl to Perrysv1lle. Eokerty•tt t-0 English. Meltzer to She11>yvUle. Laud to Columbia City. Horace* to Greensburg. Gibsontt to Hammond. Eddy to Wolcottvllle. iemphts• 1 to HenryviJle. Laughrey to Aurora. Horn to Farmland. Gifford* to Wbeatfl.eld. Eden to Fortvllle. Hortonville• to Westfield. Lawrenceport to ::\lltchell. EdlgI:.>n • t t to Payne, Gllead•t to Akror.. Lawrencevllle to Sunman. tl:mii~hfM~fig,r~·wn Po!Dt Hosmer to Oakland City, G1unan t t to Alexandria. Messena to Danvllle. Lawton to Winamac. Houston to Brownstown. Gilmour• to Jasonville. Edna Mlll8 to Ro88vllle. Messick to Newcastle Leach to I~owlerton. Howell to Evansville. Edwardsville to Geo?Te- Gln2 to Rushville. ,a to Logansport. :Met Monon. to Lee•t .Jasonville. to Howesvillet Giro to Hazleton. town. us Michael to A{arlon. Lee.wille to Bedford. Howland& to Indlanaoolls. Glendale to Washlnllton. Effnertt to Sheldon, m. Mickleyville to Tudlana.~0 ) Le11,.1:s1c• t to Orleans. Glendenning Corners to E~e to Avllla. ' Middle Fork (Clinton Hudson Lake to New Car- ... elsure to Elwood. Ehrmanda.le to Brazil. Geneva. lisle. Lemons to Gosport. Ekin to Atlanta. Glendora. to Sullivan. co,) MfgJe¥~~n~:1rerson Lebanon. to EllzavWe Huff* to Troy. •,ena • Tt to Carbon. Glenhallt to La Fayette. Elklnsvllle to NasbvWe. Lt>o to Grablll. Glenn to Terre Haute. ~ ~ m a n to Troy. --to Dupont. Orane to Stockwell. Cresco to Columbia City. Cre.eton*l to Lowell. Crete•U to Spartanburir. Orllman*tt to Hobart. Crookertt to Chesterton.  Ellsworth* (Dubois Co.) tol Dubois. Elmdale to Wingate. Elmlra to South Milford. • Elon* to West Baden. Elrod to Milan. Elsie to Brazil. Crooked Creek to 1<·remont. Elston to Lafayette. Elwren t 1 to Bloomington. Crooked Lake to Angola. Cross Roads to Middletown. Orowleyville to Owensville. Emison• tt to Oaktown. Emma to Topeka. Cnunstown*U to South Bend. Emporia to Pendleton. English Lake• t 1 to N ortb Crv1ta.1• to·Jaeper. Judson. Cumback to Waehlngton. Enochsburg to Newpolnt. Cu.not to Cloverdale. I<:no. t! to .:\Iorocco. Epsom to Plalnvtlle. Curryvllle to Bluffton. Erle to Bedford. 0Urt11vme•t1 to Elwood. Ethel* to Paoli. Custei· to So., tilford Etnat to Columbia City. CUtter•tt to Flora. Eugene• o Cayuga. CU.Zoo* to Jasoer. Eureka• to Rockport. Cyclone* to Frankfort. Cynthlana•tt (Shelby Co.) Evans Landing• to Cory to Shelbyville E:~~on • to ConnersvUle. 1 Oypre1111* to Evansville.  l I  I  I  I  I  ~!fi~!~  I  I  REFERENCE KEY.  • County Seat.  * Money Order 0::1 ·e.  t Telegraph  . tatlou.  ~  E pre  Office.  N N N N N N N  N  N  N  N  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING P  INDIANA Mldland•t:i: to Ja11onvllle. Midway to Rockport. M1er•1 to Converse. Mifflin• to English. Milan Center*1 to Woodburn. Mildred to Shelburn Milford (Decatur Co.) to Burney. Milford Junctiont1 to Milford. Mm Creek•Tl to Laporte. Mllledgeville to Lebanon Mlller•tt to Gary Mlllersburgtt (Warrick Co.I to Boonville. Mllleravllle (Marton Co.), to lndlanapolls. Mlllg-rove• l to Dunkirk. Millhousen• to Napoleon. Mllllgan•tt to Russellvllie. Millville• U to Newcastle. Mllner's Corner to Fortville. Milo• to Warren. Mlneral1 to Bloomfleld. Mlxersvllle to Oxford, Ohio. Mollle to MontpeUer. Monitor to La Fayette. Montclalr1 to North Salem. Monument City to Andrews Moody* to Rensselaer. Mooney• to Brownstown. Mooret to Auburn. Moorefield •t to Vevay. Moral to Acton. Moran•n to Frankfort. Morrts•tt to Batet1vllle. Morton to Bainbridge. Moscow to Milroy. Mountain Spring to Bedford Mount Auburn to Edinburg Mount armel to Brookville Mount 0omrort•t to Greenfield. Mount Etna• to Huntington. Mount Jacksont to lndlanapolls. Mount Liberty- to Nash• ville. Mount Meridian to Greencastle. Mount Oltve•tt to Bedford M ouut Pbgah to Stroh. Mount Pleasant* to Cannel• ton. Mount Sterllni to Vevay. Mount 1'abor to Gosoort. Mount Zion• (Wells Co.) to M:i a[:C:armland. tunster to Hammond.  M':i~'i-~:i t~m~8ron. 0  d  t. n. to  n.  Nabb•t to Lexington. National Military Home• to Marton. Nead to Peru. Nebraska•tt to Holton. Needmore• (Brown <Jo.) to Nashville. Needmore (Vermillion Co.) j to Clinton. Needmore• <Lawrence Co.) to Bedford. "Nevada t,o Windfall. ~evada Mills to Orland. N:: 1~:r~~'!n~agory• don. ~ewark to Worthington. N::bew~~<:i~imb:;·Lebanon. :ew Burlington to Muncie  8~~~J• ~~~~r;a. 0  tfo N:: :ew Go1hen to Terre Haute New Holland to Wabash. N::1~tJ1;&~teReii°s:C~:~~d. ~ew Lebanon •ttto Sullivan e~lle~ondon • to RU81l&New May■vllle* to Roaohclale.  le. 01n'  olll  co,>  Nine Mile House to lioagland. Nineveh" to Edinburg. Noah to Shelbyville. ol>lc to l'ortlan<i Nora• to Broad Hipple. Normanda. to Kempton. Norman Sta.tion*t1 to Freetown. Norristown to Flat Rock. ~~~t t~!i!!~~nsu::; Leeeburg. to North Indlanapollat Indianapolis. Nortri Terre Haute*t to Terre Haute. Norton to French Lick. Nortonburg to Hope Norway to l\Ionticello. Notre Dame•t to Soulb Bend. Nottingham to I\Iontpelier Null townt to Connensv1lle Nyeavllle to Rock\·llle.  Oak• to Star City. Oakdale to Tell City. Oaktord* to Sha.rp ■ vllle. Oaktore ■ t to Brookville. Oakley to Brownsburir. Oatavtlle to Oa.kla.nd City. Ober•t.. to Knox. Ockley• t t to Delphi. Octagon to La Fayette. Odell to Attica. Oiden to Knlghtatown. 8i\~vW;1~s~oc1~'tr1~~~iville. Olean to Versaille1. Oliver to ,Yadesville. Omega to Arcactla. Ontario• to Howe. Oollt10•t to Bedford. Ora•ttto \lonterey. Oranire to Glenwood. Oranirevllle to Oregon to Charleatown. Ore11te1•t to Ale.xandrta. Oriole* to Enill1h. Ormas to Columbia City. Orrville to Mount Carmel.  JU.  Ort,h to New Ro. ~. 011ceo1a•tt to Mishawaka. Oswego• to LeesLurg. Otis*t1 to , ·estvme. Ott■ co•tt to  Charlestown.  Otto* to New Washlnirton. Ovid to Andenson. Owen to Charl!'•town. Owenabura-•r:t to Bloom• tleld. Oxonla* to Salem.  Pa.ckerton*tt to Sidney. Page to Fremont. Palestine to Mentone. Palmer*tl to Crown Point Paradise to Newburg. Parlst to Parts Crosslnr. Park to Bloomfield. Parker Cltyt to Parker. Parkersburg to Ladoga. to Settlement Parkers Evansville. Parr• 1 to Rensselaer. Patronvllle to Rockport. Patton to Yoema.n Paxton•ti to Sullivan. Payne to Bloomington. Pavnesville to Lexington. Peabody"l 1 to Columbia City Pecksburg* to Amo. Pedigo to Rockport. Peerlee11* to Bedford. Pelzer to Boonville. Peoga to Tra1algar. Peoria.t1 (Franklin Co.) to Oxford, Ohio. Peoria (Miami Co.) to Peru. Pepµertown to Metamora. Perkinsville to Lapel. Perrysburg to Denver. Perth• t 1 to Carbon. Peterson*to Decatur PetersviJJe to Columbus. Pettit to La Fayette. Phlladeluhla to Greenfield. Philomath to Liberty. Phlox to Windfall. Pickard to Frankfort. Plercevllle"1 to Mllan  New .Middletown• to Corydon Ne~ ·Mount Pleasant to ""ed Key. :ew Phlladelohla.• to Salem "New Pittsburg to Saratoga. 0w Saint Bermea to i~:vt31~er:winttngburg. •8 t. nermce. "NeLwton Stewart• to French Pilot Knob* to Leaven• lck Newtonvtlle•tto Grandview Pl;~~\~·•t1 to Terre Haute Pine Lake*t to La Port<, •;:'ro~:::Pnton*-t-t to ('1•dar Pinhook to Bedford. to La l'orte 1 Pinolat Pipe Creek to Logap port. Newvme to St Joe New Waverly•·ttto.Logan• Pittsburg to Dc>lph1. Plato to La.grange. Dort. to Cross Plains. N~l Winchester to Dan- Pteaaant Pleasant Mllls• 1 to WilNI he. Ohio. shire, Ntc olasvtne to Sunman. Pleasant Plain to Warren. ne Mlle to Sheldon. REFERENCE KEY. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  , county ~eat.  Pleasant Rldget to Rensselaer. (Sulllvan Pleasantville• Co.) to Linton. Pleaaa.ntvllle, (Pike Co.), to Lynnville. Plevna to Greentown. Plummer* to Bloomfield. Plum Tree to Warren. Poe* to Sheldon. Point Isabel to Swayze.,. Pollni to Bryant. Porter•tt to Chesterton. Portersville to Jasper. Portland (Fountain Co.), to Fountain ('it.1. Portland Mills to Russellville. Powers to Red Key. Prairie Creek• to Terre Haute. Prairieton• to Terre Haute. Prescott to Shelbyvllle. Priam to Harttord City. Proctor to Shoals. Proirress to Muncle. l'rn, idl'lWl' to Bargprs, il!e. Pucket to Marlon. Pulaski" to Star City. Putnamvrue•t to Green-  INTS  INDIANA  Rutland"'1 to Ario■. Rye to Knox.  99  Spnngvrue• U to Bedtora. Spurgeon• to Lynnvflle. Stamper's Creek to Paoli. Stanford• to BloomlnK't()n. Stanley to Boonville. Starlight to Borden. Staser to Evansville. .'late LinP*t+ to " e t L1 banon. Staunton*tt to Brazil. Steam Corner to Veeder&burg. StearleYvllle to Centerpoint. Steele to Monroe. Stendal• to Huntln11:buri. Stephenston to Evansvtlle.  Sabine to Plain.field. Saint Ann to North Vernon. Saint Anthony•rt to Huntingburg. Saint Croix* to Leavenworth. Saint Henry* to Ferdinand Saint John•U to Dyer. Saint Joseph Hlll to Sellers• burg. Saint l,po11* to(. •dar (;l'O\C Saint Louie Crosalni• t to Hope. Saint Magdalene to Holton .'aint ;:\lary to Old.-nllm·". Sterli~tr (Marlon Co.) to lnd1anapolis. Sa.Int Mary o!the Woods•tl Steubenville* to Ashley, to West '.rerre Haute. Saint Maurice to Newpolnt. Stewartsvtlle• t t to Posey. Saint Melnrad•t to Dale. ville. Saint Omer to Saint Paul. StWweU•U to Laporte. .'aint Pet,ers to Sunman. Stlnesville*t1 to Gosport. Saint Philip to Evansville. ~~f~~~?:ri. Saint Thomas to Vlncennea Saint Wendells to Posey- Stonet to Winchester. ville. Stonebluff•tt to Veedere,. ca,tle. burg. Salem (Jay Co.) to Sara- Stones Crossing to GreenPyrmont• to Delphi. t,oga . wood. Salem Center to An~ola. Stonypoint to ... ·orth. Iadlson. Saline City*tt to ' ;;ry. Saltillo*1 to Oa.mpoellsburg Sanders to Bloomington. Qu.aker*t to Dana. Story* to Nashvtlle. Sanderson to ~ew Albany. Stout to Muncie. Quakertown to Liberty. Queensvllle*t to North Ver- Sandford*tt to Vermillion. Stringtown to Evansville. non. Ill. Strouse to Al on. Quercu11 Grove to East Sa.ndusky to Greensburi. Sulphur• to Leavenworth Enterprise. Suluhur Hill to St. Paul. • Quincy• t t to Cloverdale. San Jacinto to Butlerville. SummltU (DeKalb Co.) to SantaclaUB• to Dale. Hudson. Santa Fe (Miami Co.) to Summlt Grove to Clinton Amboy. Surprise to Freetown. Santa Fe (Spencer Co.) to Surrey*:t to Rensselaer. Dale. Rabert t to Col um bla City Swails to Terre Haute. Raccoon• 1 1 to Roachdale Sardlnta•tt to Westport. Swan• tt to A villa. RadleYT 1 to Swayzee. Sa~ent to Odon. Swanlngton • t t to Fowle1 Delpbl. to Radnor• Savah to Mount Vernon. Sweeneys to Lakeville. Ra~lesvute• to Odon. Scalesvllle to Boonville. Switz City• tt to Bloomfleld Scarlet to Orleans. Ra'{sdale to Vincennes Sycamore1 to Greentown. RainsviUe to Pine Village. Scherervlle•t to Dyer. Sylvania to Kine-man Schnelder*t1 to Lowell. Raleigh to Lewisville. · Syria to Orleans. Ramsey• t to Corydon. ~~~~~~::llt~· Ranier to Tell City. Raymond to Oxford. Ohio. Schooner Point to Leavenworth. Talbot•U to Boswell. Ray's c~osslni•t to Shelby- Scotland• to Bloomfield. Ta.Ima to Mentone. Scott to Shipshewanna.. ville. Tampico to Crotbersvllle. Raysville to Knightstown. Sealleld"t to Wolcott. Sedan• to Corunna. Redhridge to Amboy. Ta.ngier*t1 to Kingman. Sedleytl to Valparaiso. Reddlnirton to Seymour. Tanner to Bloomfield. Terre Taswell•tt to English. to Seelyvllle•tt Reed to Yorktown. Taylorsville• to Columbus. R~ ~!:ille1 to New Pa.les- 1 Haute. Selvln • to Dale. Tecumseh to Terre Haute. Reelsvme•tt to Greencaatle Servta•H to North Man- Teegarden•tt to Walkerton chester. Reese Mill to Lebanon. Tetrt•t1 to \Vheatfield. Sevastopolt to Mentone. Rego* to Paoli. Temple•t to English. Rehoboth to West Point Sexton1 to Rushville Templeton•tt to Oxford. Ky. Seybert* to Shlpshewanna Terhune• t t to Sheridan. Shadeland• to La Fayette Terre Coupeet to • · ew CarReut■ bur&" to Bluffton. Renot1 to Danville. Shakespeare to Mlltord. lisle. Ht·c to Oxford. <>. Shannonda.le to Darlington. Terre Hall to Kokomo. Sharps to Muncie. Retreat to Crother■ vllle. Rexviile to Versailles. +:~tc:ir1e~oC!}ft;ton. Sharps Mills to Corydon. Riceville* to Blrd ■eye. Sharotown to Harrlson. 0. Thayer• t to Lowell. I' iehlandtt to Ho!'kpo ·t Shelby*tt to Lowell. Thurman to 'ew Haven. Richland Center to Argos. ~hl'l<lon*tt to Yod<>r. '.rildent1 to Drownsburg. Rlchvalley•tt to Waba ■ h. Shepherd to Lebanon. Tlllma.n to Monroeville. Riddle* to Leavenworth. Shideler• t t to Eaton. Tlosa•tt to Rochester Sbirkieville to Vermillion, Rldertown to Dunkirk. Ill. Rld11:ewa.y to Russlavtlle. Toblnsport• to Cloverport, Ridpath to Dupont. Ky. Showley to Rochester. Shrock to Millersburg. Rlgdon to Fairmount. Toronto to Dana. Siberia to Huntlngsburg. Rlley•tt to Terre Haute. Tower• to Leavenworth. Bedford. RUey1our&'""t to Uanvllle Sllverville to Townley to Monroeville. Sllverwood 0 t1 to Cayuia. Tracewell to Fort Bra.nob. Ill. Slms•H to Swayzee Trac-y to l'nion :\l ilk Ripley to Winamac. Sitka to Monticello. Traders' Point to New Ripvlet to Broad Ripple Skeltont to Mount Carmel, Augusta. Rivarett to Decatur. Ill. Treaty• to Wabash. River to Warren. 'loan"'t.t to ,vest Lebanon. Trenton (Blackford Co.) to Hiver 'ide*1 to Attica. Slocum to Hartford City. Hartford City Rfverton to Merom. River Va.le• t 1 to Mitchell. Trenton (Randolph Co.) to Hohert,diilu to 1Ian1111ond. Smartsburg to Crawfordsl\lodoc. ville. Trevlao"'l to Moria.ntown. Robl.lon• to Bloomtlela Smedley• t to Campbell .. Trinity Springs• to Shoals. Rob Roy to Attica. burg. Tunker to South Whitley Roby•t to Whiting. Tunnelton• t to Mitchell. Rock Creek to Huntington Smithland to Shelbyville. Turner* to B ra.zll. Rockdale to Harrison. Ohio. Smlth■ on • to Reynolds. Smith Valley to Green- Twialake to Plymouth. wood. Rockford to Seymour Smithville• to Bloomlnitton I ocklane to Greenwootl. Snow HIU to Lynn. Rogerst to Petersburg. Snyder to Knightstown. Roland to Weat Baden Solitude to Mount Vernon. Ubee* to Huntlnlt"ton. Roll* to Hartlord City. Rome• to Stephensport, Ky Solon• to New Washington U~1~~~ood • t t to HenrySol ■ berry•tt to Bloomfield. Rome Clty•tt to Wolcott- Somerset* to LaFonta.lne. Unlon • to Hazleton. Union Center•tt to Laville. porte. Somerville• t t to Oakland Romona• to Gosport Clty. Unlonport to Moctoo. Ro ■ebud to Salem. <Grant Co.> Sophia to Carbon. Roseburg Uniontown• (Jackson Co.) South Bethany to Columto Marion. to Crothersville. bus. Rose Lawn*i"! to Lowell. Uniontown• CPerry Co.) to South Bostons to Ralflm. Hos tla to llarlan. Birdseye. Roaewood to LouJavllle,Ky ::-<outh (;at •*to<'(•dar<,rove U~ttfe. Village to Ba.rgersSouth Raub*t to l'tomney. Ro1s•tt to Gary. Round Grove to Brookston. South Waveland to Rus- UnlonvWe•tt (.Monroe Co.) sellvllte. Royalton to Zionsville. to Bloomlnrton. Spadea•t to SUnman. Royerton* to Muncie. Universal* to Clinton. Sparksvllle• t to Medora. R~by• t to Hope. Upton to Mount Vernon. Sparta to Moore•, Hill. Rumble to Petersburg. Urbanatt (Allen Co.) to Spearavllle to Morgantown Rural to Lynn. Grabill. · Utan to Oorydon. Rush Creek Valley to Salem Spiker to Wabash. -~raytown~o Freetown. Rusk to Shoals. Utica• to Jeffel'IIOnvme. • roney Order Office. t Telegraph Station. t Express Office.  ~i~t~~Vio  I  ~~!i~Rf:.·  1 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  1992  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  lNLJlANA  lOWA  Duncan*t to Garner. Wrights Corners to Aurora. j Brushy to Duncombe. to Monroe. Bryant•tt to MUes. Wynn to Brool!:vllle. 1 Buchanan*t to Tipton. Durango•tt to Dut>uque. Durham• to Knoxville. Buck Creek to Readlyn Buckman Station to Osage. Yan:teetown to Newbur11:. Yellowstone• to Bedford. Buck's Grove \ Grundy Go.J York to Fremont. to Parkersbure:. Yorkville* to Lawrence- Buena Vista (Clinton Co.) Eagle Center to Waterloo burg. Edna•t to Rock Raptd1. to Dixon. Young to Brookville. Burchlnal•tt to Mason City Eleanort to Parkersburg. Elk River to Clinton. Burdette•tt to Popejoy. Elmira Junctiont to Iowa Butler to Hedrick. City. Youngs Creek* to Paoli. Terre to Elon to Waukon. Youngstown Haute. Elrick• to Oakville. Youno to Nashville. Cairo• to Columbus Junc- Elvira to Low~ 1oor. Vloksburg•t to Linton. Yountsvllle to Crawtordstion. Victor to Bloomington. Emeline to .Maquoketa. vllle. Caldwell to Exline. Vienna• to Soottsburir. Enterprise•t to Ankeny. Caledonia to Mount Ayr. Vigo to Terre Haute. 1 Erickson to Boone. California* to fodale. Vilu to Spencer. Evans•tt to Oskaloosa. Zelmat to Bedford. Camanche*tt to Clinton. Vine to Attica. Zenas to Butlerville. Virgie to Rensselaer. Campbell•t to Des Moines. Bveland• to Buxton. Ewart•t to Montezuma. Canby to Casey. Vistuta•U to Middlebury. Zipp to :r.vansvllle. Zoar to Huntingburg. Canoe to Decorah. Vivalla to Greencastle. Zulu to Monroev11le. Canton* to Baldwin. Volga to Madison. Volz* to Winamac. Carbon• to Cornlni. Falrmount•t to Monroe. Carl to Corning. Falroort*tl to Muscatine. Carmel to Sioux Center. Carnarvon•tt to \Vall Lall:e Fairville to Whittemore. Fallow to Graettinger. Carnes*T 1 to Alton. Waco to Washington. FansleI'II to Yale. Carney* to Des Moines. Wadena•tt to Goodland. to \\ aterloo. Farmerl IOWA Wagoner* to Macy. Farrar to .M ingo. Carnfnrthtt to Victor. Wallesborot to Columbus. Faulkner•t to Ackley. Carrolltont to Dedham, Walker to Flora. Fern to Parkersburg. Carrvllle* to Charles CltY. Wallentt to Huntertown. Fielding to Quimby. Cedar to Fremont. Abbott•tt to Ackley. Walnut! to Argos. to Pella. Fifield Tipton. to Bluff* Cedar . Packwood. to Abingdon• Walnut Grove (St. Joseph Ackworth• t 1 to Indianola. Cedar Heights to Cedar Finch Ford to Janesville. Co.) to South Bend. Falls. Fiscus to Audubon. Aomet to Elma. Cedar Valley to West Fisk to Orient. Wanamaker toNewBethel. AdavU1e to Merrill. 1 Branch. Five Points to Dubuoue. Warrflnton to i<·ort Branch. Adaza•tt to Churdan. Moines. Warrlnirton • to WUklnson. Adelphi• to Des Flagler• tt to Knoxville. Waterford Mllls to Goshen. Afton Junction to Afton. Center to Dubuque. Alba.ton to Sloan. Center Dale*tt to West Florenceville to Cresco. Waterman to Cayuga Liberty. Flugstad to Webster City. Watson•t to Jeffersonville. Alice to Centerpoint. Folletts*t to McCau land. Centralia to Dut>uque. Almont*+ to Clinton. Waugh to Sheridan. Charleston"! to Donnellson Folsom•tt to Glenwood. Foote to North Enillsh. Chequest to Selma. Wawaseett to Syracuse. Amana•u to Marengo. Ohester Center to New Ford• t 1 to Swan. Wawpecong to Kokomo. burg. Forest Home to MonteWaymansville• to Sevmour Ambrose to Keswick. zuma. Waynesburg to Westport. Amish to Kalona. Chickasaw to Ionia. Forest Mills to Waukon . Amity to Davenport. Church• to Lansing. Waynesville to Columous. Andover•1 to Miles. Churchvllle*t to Indianola . Fort Des Moines•t to Des Weaver to Jonesooro. Moines. Webster•t (Wayne Co.) to Angu11•1t to Perry. Foster•t1 to Moravia. Clarkda1e• to Mystic. , Arborhlll to StuartWllllamsburg. Four Corners to Lockridge. Ardon•tt to Conesvllle. Clarkson t t to Carlisle. Weisburg• l to Sunman. Argo to Le Claire. Clay Works* to Fon. Dodge Fraker• t,o Buxton. Wellsboro•H to Laporte. FrankUn • to Donnellson. Arnold to Humboldt. Climax to Emerson. Westchester to Portland. Arquitt to Farley. Franklin Station to DonWest Fork• to Engllsh Cllve•t t to Des Moines. nellson. Cloverdale*? to Sibley. West Franklin to Mount Artesian to Denver. Fraser• t to Boone. Asbury to Dubuque. Vernon. Coal Cltyt t to Moulton. to Columbus Fredonia• Thornburg. to Oreek Coal ttt t~rlla~~~: Coalville to Fort Dodge. w~:1~arrtson to Harrison. Junction. Frearlc•t to Albia. Astor•t to Manilla. Colon to Oskaloosa. Westland to Greenneld. Columuus City> to Colum- Frendale to Oxtord. West Liberty (Boward Co.) Attica• to Knoxvllle. Froelich*t to :McGregor. bu Junction. to Greentown. Commerce•tt to Des Moines Fruitland We■ t Middleton• to Russia- Augusta* to Wever. to Musca.tine. Fulton• ( ackson Co.) to A very*tt to Albia. vtlle. Oommunia to Elkader. Maquoketa. Competine to Farson. West Newton• to Indian- Avon• to Carlisle. Fulton (Muscatine Co.} to apolis. Stockton . Cono,·ertt to Spillville. Weston to North Vernon. Consol to Buxton. Westphalta•tt to Sanborn. Balley• 1 to McIntire. Cool to Indianola. Baltour*tt to Glenwood. Coppock•U to Wayland. Weit Polnt•r (Tippecanoe Balltown to Sherrill. Galbraith to Luverne. Co.) to La Fayette. CoralvUlet to Iowa City. Galesburg to Monroe. Cordova•t to Knoxville. West Union•U to Mont&- !:~~f~nt~;'~tO::,~h. Gambril to DeWitt. Cornell~ to Clarion. · Barney* U to Lorimor. t:uma. Bauer to Lacona. Gardiner to Bouton. Cornell* to Sioux Rapids. Wharton to South Bend. Baum to Cherokee. Garfield to Mystic. Coster to 'hellrock. Wheaton to Roachdale. Cottonwood• t to Hillsboro Garland to Morning Sun. Wheeler• t 1 (Porter Co.) io Bayertown to Hills Bayfield to MUBcatlne. Cou Falls to North Liberty Gates to Atlantic. Hobart. County Llne*t to Batavia Genoa to Seymour. Wheeling• to Muncie. Beacon• U to Oskaloosa. Gonoa Bluff to Ladora. Whitaker to Paragon. to Ceda1 Georgetown to Albia. Beargrove to Guthrie Cen- Covington • t t Whitcomb to Brookville. Rapids. ter. Gerled to Ledyard. Whlte Cloud• to Corydon. Crain Creek to Denver. Beckwithtt to Fairfield. Germantown to Paullina. White Oak to Geneva. German Valley to Titonka. Cranston•tt to Letts. Whites Crossing to Linton. Beebeetown to Logan. Crescent • t l to Council Germanville to East PleasWhitesville* to Ladoga. 1 Belfast* to Farmington ant Plain. Bluffs. Whitewater* to Fountain Belinda to Ohariton. Giard to McGregor. Belknap•tt to Bloomfield. Cricket• to Buxton. City. (,ie ·el . 'print;"- to Epworth. Beloit•t to Canton, S. D. Crockertt to Polk. Whlt11eld to Loogootee. Gll!ord*tt to Union. Crooks to Harcourt. Wloklltre• to English. (,iventt to Oskaloo.·a. ' Benson to Cedar Falls. Croton•1 to Farmington. Wilbur to Martinsville. Newell. to Crozier -:ntr~;\i t;h~f;~~;:udson. , Be;:~~~port•1 to Bona- Curtis to North Liberty. Gia.ct ·tonct to Tama. Berlin to Gladbrook. GladWln"'t! to Haskin ■ . Glas,,;ow to Loc-krula- ' · Wllllams (Adams Co.) to Bernett to Ute. Bernhart to Batavia. D"lcatur. Glendale*t 1 to Falrlleld. Glendon•t to \1enlo. WilUams•tt (Lawrence Co.) Bertram• t1 to Cedar Ra- Dahlonega to Ottumwa. ADakotah• to Humboldt. Grat-U to Epworth. olds. to Bedford. Graham• to Colesburg. Williamsburg (Johnson Co.) Berwlck•t to Des Moines. Dale• to Stuart. Uraut ('entcrtt DarbyvUle to tystlc. Bethesda to Hepburn. to Edlnburit. Grant City to Auburn. David*tt to .\fclntire. Williamsport (Allen Co.> to Bethlehem to Corydon. Davis (.;orners to Lime Granvllle (Mahaska Co.) to Sheldon. Taintor. Bldwellt to Ottumwa. Sprln"'. Wllllamstownl to Milroy. Big Rock•tt to Dixon. Green Island• t1 to Bellevue Willis to Vincennes. Daytonvllle to Wellman. Gre •n \ alley to . •urth Bingham to Shenandoah. Wllmlngton to Aurora. J~ngli. h. Bladensburg to Batavia. Wilmot to Cromwell. Deercreek to Northwood. Deki~It,t to Van \Vert. Blanden* to Manson. Gri<lle:vtt to Armstrong. Wilson to ShelbyvUle. Delphoc;•tt to .\fount Ayr. Grlffl.nsvllle to Mystic. Bluf1 Creek• to Lov11la. Windom to Shoals. Grovehlll to Fairbank. Denhart to Convith. Bluffton to Decorah. Windsor to Parker. Depew to Cyllnder. ' Gunder• to Elgin. Wlnlleldtt to Crown Point. Boles to Janesville. Gw s to Villi. Ci\ . Dev 11fa to Ftuyd. Bolan*tl to • · orthwood. Winona to Knox. Devon•t to New Hampton Gyp ·umU to Fort Dodge. Winona Lake•u to War- Bona1r•t to Cresco. Dewar•t1 to Waterloo. Boomer to Honey Creek. saw. Dewey to ~las ena. Botna•u to Manning. Diamond* to :llystlc. Boydt to New Hampton. Hale•tt to Olin Winthrop*U to Attica. Haifa• to R!ng·ted. Wirt-1<:t to ·orth Madison. Brainard* to West Unton. Difft to loulton. 5 Brazll•tt to Centerville. Wise to Dupont. Dillon• t to Marshalltown. I~\;~·n BromJeyU to Marshalltown Dodgeville to , lcdiapoli Witts to Boston. Brompton to Mornvi,~. Donnan• to Hawkeye. Woodland to Mishawaka. flanlcyfi to , t. Chari .. Doris to lndependence. BrookvUle to Packwood. Hanna to L\l\'erne. Woodlawn to ~luncie. Douglass to ·we:·t Union. , 'Ianover to Alta. Brough to Perry. Woodruff to Wolcottville. Browns•n to Preston. Woodst to Lynn. 1 tlarrlson to Winterset. Dover to Donnellson. Woodville (Porter Co.) •t Brownville• to Osage. Harvard• t t to Sewall. Dublin to Washington. Bruce to Oelmond. to ChE"Sterton. Ha1tJe to Des Moines. Dudley tt to Ottumwa. Worth to Leav~~_Brush Creek to Arllnirton Dumfries• to Council Bluff, Hnuntown LO Clinton. Valeene• to Paoli. Valentlne•tt to La Granire. Valley City to Corydon. Valley Mllls• to Indlanapoll8. Van Buren•tt (La Granirt Co.) to Shlpshewanna. Vandalia• to Spencer. Vawter Park to Syracuse. Velpen•tt to Winslow. Vera Cruz* to Bluffton. Vermont to Kokomo. Verne to Vlncenne1. Vesta to Charlestown.  !:~rn~~r;.  •11  I  I  I  I  I  ~!~r:~~~¥?t~J tf  'gity.  I  REFERENCE KEY  & County  Seat.  • Money Order Office.  tTelegraph St11~ton.  Haven to T~ma. Havre to Crawfordsville. Hawleyvllle• to Clarinda. Hawthorn to Hed Oak.  Hazle Green to Ryan. Hebron• to Orient.  ~;g:;t5;tlo ~;;::~etake.  Hesper• to Mabel, Minn. Hiattsville to c\loravJa. Hickory to Albia. High• to Marengo. Highland Center• \.0 Hedri High Point to Garden Grove Hlgh;,1ew1 to Webster City. Hobartont::: t u Algona. Hocking• to Albia. Holbrook• to \\"llliamsbur1. Holly Springs to Homl~k. Homer to Lehigh . Homestead• t t to Marengo. Hoovt>rs*l to Buxton. Hopevme• to Murray. Horton to Plalntleld. Houirhton•t to Salem. Howe to ' tuart. Hughes to Eldora. Hurley.t to Rockwell. Huron to Oakville. Hurstvllle• to Maquokt'tA. Hustad t to Lyle, Minn Hutchlns•ti to Britt.  Iconlum to Moravia. !ndlanapol ls to What Cbl'f!r. Inaustryt to Ft. Dodge. Iowa (.;enter to Maxwell . Irmat.t t o WaYcrly . Iron Hills• to Maquoketa. lrvlng"'t to Elberon. Jrvin~rton*tt to Algona. Iveyville to Brooks. Ivy to Altoona. Ja kson to .\namo a. Jacksonvme to Harlan. Jacobs to Grinnell. James•tt to L~eds Station, Sioux City. Jamlson•t to Os~ola. Jay to Woodburn. Jerico to ~ew Hampton. J ordan•tt to Boone. jubilee to Jesup. Juddt to Duncombe. Juuiatat to Storm Lake. Kato• to Fort Dodge. .treen to Des Moines. Kemlin~ to Elliott. Kendallville• to Cresco. Kennebeo•t1 to Onawa. Kennedyt to Adel. Kenwood•t t to Arion. Key West to Dubuque. !Genet to -:-.Iooti. Kilbourne*t to Keosau<1ua. Kimball to Pleasantville. Klinger to Readlyn. Klondike (Lyon Co.) ie Larchwood. Knittel to Readlyn. Knowtton•1 to Diaronal. Knox to Sidney. Koszta* to Ladora. La Celle to Osceola. Lacey• t to New Sharon. La l 'rewt to Donnelleon. Ladoga* to Gravity. Lafayette to AI burnett. Lakewood* to Doon. LaKonta• t1 to Eddyvllle. Lamome•tt to State 0enier Lancaster to Sl~ourney. Langworthyt l to M.on,tlcello. Larland to Audubon. Lattner::, to Epworth. Lalty• to Burlington. Lawn HlllU to New Providence. Leando to Douds-Leando. t!t~Jgn 0  5  li~~ Buren co.)  Leb a~o~trt§ioux Oo.) to 'ioux Center. Leed ■' Statlontt to Slo~ City. Lena• to Paton. L Ue*t: to Osceola. Levey to Des Moines. Liberty to , •ew Virirtnl,aLlma • to Fayette Ltttleton to Jesup. Little Turkey to Lawler. Livingston to Seymour. Lockman to Albia. Locust• to Decorah. Long Point• r 1 to -rama. Lorah*t to Brayton. Lore to Dubuque. ~~gC~~eiafobri~:· RoOk, Loui:;at to. Inrion. _ _  t Express Office.  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING PO'NTS  IOWA  I Lourdes to Elma. Loveland• t t to Mlssourt I Valley. Lowell• to New London. Lowthert to Elma. Ludlow to Waukon. Lundgren to Lehigh. Lunsford to Btoomfl.eld. Lura.yti to Marshalltown. Luton to Salix. Lycurgus to Waukon. Lyman to Griswold. Mackey to Story City.  Maclaytt to Webb. MaC'ytt to ckley. Maine to Moravia. Malone*t t to De Witt. Manhattan to Spirit Lake. Maple to gddyville. Maple lTill*t to Armstrong. Maple Lear to Rima. Maple Rlver*t to Carroll Marietta. to Marshalltown. Mark to Wt>st Grove. Marqutsvllle to Des Moines. Marsh 1 t to Morning Sun. , l\lartini- to De Witt. Marysville• to Bussey. Maes!Uon*tt to Lowden. Maud to Waukon. May CITY to Ocheyedan. Maysville to Da.vcnport. Mc:--lallyt to Hawarden. MoPauJ•tt to Thurman. McPhersontt to Reel Oak. , Medervllle*t to Elkport. Medora to New Virginia. Meroa to Osage. Merrimac to Brighton. Metzt t to Newton Meyer• to Stacyville. !\liami t-o Lovilia . Middle Amana to Marengo. Mludleburg to Boyden . Middle River to Winterset. Mlllvilte to Guttenburg. Mineral Ridge to Boone. Minerva tt to Marshalltown. Molngona• to Boone. Mona to Lyle. Minn. Monterey to Moulton . ~ontpelier*tt to Buffalo. rf oore to New Sharon.  o~g  I  Oaterdock•t to Guttenbem utranto Statlon•t to Car-· t>enter. Otter Creek to Lamotte. Otterville to Independence. Owego to Salix. Oxford Mills• to Oxfordl Junction.  Woodland• Garden to Sharon to Audubon. Grove. Sharon Center to Rlvers\de. Woolson tt to Richland Sheridan to Tama. Shermant to Radcliffe. Sherwood * t to Rockwell City. Shipley*! to Nevada. Shueyville* to C'edarRaplds Yorkshire•tt to P0111l11.. Slam to Hopkins. Mo. Silver Lake to Emmons.  Packard:t to Greene. Page• to Clarinda. Page Center to Clarinda. Palestine to Lone Tree. Palsvilre to Belmond. PaI:.ther to Dallas Center. Paralta • t :t to Sorlnirvllle. Paris* {Linn Co.> to Central City. Paris (Washln~on Co.) to Rub\o. Parts Station to Unlonvllle. Payne*tt to Hamburg. Peoria to Pella. Perkins •tt to Hull. Perlee•u to Fairfield. J'prshing t o Kn ox,·ille. Petersburg to Dyersville. Petersvme•t to Charlotte. Pickerrn~t to Gilman . Pine Mills to Muscatine. Pittsburg to Keosauqua. Pitzer to Earlham. Plainview t,o Dixon. , Plato*:t to Tipton. Pleasar-t Grove to New London. Pleasant Plain * to East Pleasant Plain. Pleasant Valley* t to Le Claire. Plessls*t to Hartley. Plum Creek to Algona. Poplar to Audut>on. Portland•t to Mason City. Port Louisa to Wapello. Powersville to Nashua. Prairie Grove to Middletown. Prairie Rose to Walnut. Prlmroi,1e• to Donnellson. ProJe•tt to Indianola. Purdy to Chariton.  s1fcl~~~i to Parkersburg;. Solomon to lmogene. Solsberg to Clarion. South Amana"':t to Marengo South Garry Owen to Bernard. Specht,' Ferry*tt to Dubuquc. Spring Brook• to Bellevue. Springdale* to West Liberty Stennett• to Rect Oak. Sterling to Sabula. Stiles• to Pulaski. Stilson*! to Corwith. Stilwell to New Sharon. Stone C1t~•tt to Anamosa. treepy to Centerville. Summen,et•t to lndlanola Summltvme• to Keokuk. Sutleff to Lisbon. Swanton to New Hartford Sweetland to Muscatine.  I  I Zanetat to Hudson.  Zion to Orient. Zookspur to Madrid.  KANSAS  Achllles• to Herndon. Ackerland•t to Jiubalo. Acres* to Ashland. Adamsville to Oxford. Aetna* to Lake Clty. Agricola to Waverly. Akront to Winfleld. Alameda to Kingman. Alamota• to Dighton. Allda*tt to Junction City. Allison* to Jennings. Alta to Moundridge. Alvin to Carlton. America City to Haven. ville. Amiot*! to Harris. Amy* to Dighton. Angelus to Grinnell. Annelly• to Newton. Anness*! to Norwich.  Talleyrand* to Keota. Talmage*t to Afton. Tarat to Fort Dodge. Tenold to Northwood. Terry to Walford. Thorpe+t to Manchester. Tllton•tt to Deep River. Tiogatt to Rose Hill. Tipperary to Gunwald. Titustt to "\Vashington. Tivoli to Dyersville. Toddville*t to Centerpoint. Toolsboro to Oakvllle. Trentham to Alburnett. Trenton• to Wayland. Troy• to Mllton. Turkey Rlver*tt to Guttenberg. Tumertt to Rellou. Tu<1keega* to Lamoni. Quarrytt to Marshalltown. I Tyrone*tt to Melrose.  Oarden to Marysville. Carl to Soldler. Cartyle*tt to Iola.  lot~!:n~.:~al g:~g~!Y/ Catalpa to Gove.  Catharine to Hays, Catlin to Miltonvale. Cato to Arcadia. Cedar Junction• t to De Soto. Ohalk to Eskridge. Chardon• to Atwood. Charleston to Cimarron. Cheyenne to Luray. Chicopee• to Pittsburg. Chiles*! to Bucyrus. Cicero• to Welllniz:ton. Clara to Haddam. Olaret to Gardner. Clearfield to Eudora. Clinton• to Lawrence. Clonmel to Viola. Cloverdale to Grenola. Coalvale to Arcadl:i.. Coleman to Sedgwick. Comiskey*tt to Councll Grove. Como to Clyde. Connor to Leavenworth. Coolldge*tt to Holly, Oolo. Cora to Bellaire. Costello to La Fontaine. Crandall to Le !toy. Crawford• t t to Geneseo Crescent to Greensburg. Crlstleld•t to Attica. Critzer to Mound CltY. Crottyt to Le Roy. Croweo11rg*l to Mulberry. Ourlew to Potter. Curranville* to Mulberry.  Dale to Udall . 0 1 Dalton•t to Weillngton. !~~r~~ge;J dfrf::;~ • Dana to Gretna. Antonino to .flays. Darlow•t to Hutchinson. Ar~?f;~e*tt to Kansas Dartmouth to Ureat Bend. Day• to Palmer. Arkalon*t to Liberal. Deerhead* to Medicine Ashley to Pittsburg. Lodge. De Graff*tt to Eldorado. Dellvale*tt to Oronoque. Dentonla to Esbon. Detrolt•tt to Enterprise. Bo.dger to Galena. Devizes* to Wilsonville. Baker•tt to Willia. Diamond Sprtngs•t to BurBannock to Belpre. dick. Barclay•t:t to Osage City. Dlllon • to Hope. Barrett• to Frankfort. Dlllwyn•tt to Macksville. Basn•t to Klnl;"man. Dispatch to Cawker Clty. Batesvillet to •roronto. Division to Dlg-hton. 0 Clear- Dolespark to Canton. 1\ettf rf0 Donlphan•tt to Atchison. water. Doniphan Station to AtchiBazaar• t t to Cottonwood son. Falls. Downing to Council Grove. Bedford to Stafford. Drury* to South Haven. Bellefont* to Spearvme. Drywooa* to Arcadla. Belvldere•tt to Coldwater Dubuque to Dorrance. Belvolr to Richland. Duluth to Onaga. Ben Allen to 'cott City. Dundee to Great Bend Bernal to Hutchinson. Dunkirk to Frontenac. Berwlok*t to Sabetha. Bethel•tt to Kansas City. Beulah*! to Girard. Big Bendt! to Speed. Big Sr,rin1'ts to Lecompton. Eaton:t to Dexter. Blrkvllle to Almena. Edison to Girarct. Blrmlngham*tt to Denison. Edson• t to Goodland. Blackstone to Caldwell. Elk* to Llncolnvllle. Blalr*t to Wathena. Elkhorn to Ellsworth. Blakeman• to Atwood. Elmont•i to Hoyt. Elwood*t t to St. Joseph, Bland to Burrton. Mo. Block to Paola. Eminence• to Garden City. Bodar'? to Auinista. Emmon15• to Washington. Boda viii; to Barn~:s. Enosdale to Morrowville. Botoourt t to La Cygne. Essex* to Garden City. Boling: to Leavenworth. Bolton t to Independence. Bonaccord to Solomon. Bonlta*t to Olathe. Bow '?reek to Stockton. Fact to Palmer. Boyd. to Holslne:ton. 1-'alrmount•t to LeavenBoyle to 'Winchester. 1 rd * to Eskrtdge. worth. Bradtord Bralne ft to Whitewater . Fairport• to Natoma. Fall to Eudora. Bra~tfo rd to Age nd a. Fannlna• to Troy. l3rcczy Hill to Mulb<'rry. .. Brenner to .Troy. Bre,I?ner Heights to Kansa~ ;:;!;.r:iv1}~e;oti/t3~~1t.City. Farmlngton•tt to Etnng< it:v. Kan ham. Brooks to Neodosha. Faulkner•tt to Chetopa. Ilrownrlalc to T<lann. Ferguson* to Anth Brownspur to Kingman. Fiatt to Howard . ony. ~uckeYe to Ab+Uene,. h1tralo Parkt tol ark Findlay to Centerville. • + ' B 1 *+ Flemingtt to Cherokee. B~;;_vi~ eY-;t!~ ~~~1~.a. Flintridge to tr.ureka. Busby t_o Longton. Floral•tt to Winfield. Hush C1.tyt to Haskell. Flush• to St George. Buxton t to Fredonia. Forest to Medicine Lodge. Fo!m!. Lalrn to Edwarda-  ::~:~<!.;'  ¥~ffy~·  ¼'f:t°1~  mt~~  I I  to  1993  M~~°;n~~~~ w:rickton. M ornlng Sldet to Sioux City .'olon. Moscow*tt to Wilton Jct. Racine to Buckeye. Union Mllls to New Sharon. Rainbow to Wilton Jct. Mount Carmel to Breda. University Park• to OskaRaleigh* to E. therville. Ioosa. M°o~":i\ ~~~a~}'b~~~l;!rt. Rands to Lohrvllle. Mystic. to :\fount OliYc to C'hcroke . Rathbun•U Utica to Stockport. Mount ~lon•H to Keosau- Raymond•tt to Waterloo. Read to Elkader. qua. ~unterv111e to Blakesburg. Red Line to Kirkman. Reeders MlUs to Logan. 1urphy to ewton. Valley to Rubio. Reels to Honey Creek. Vanaalia to Prairie City. Reeve to Brad!ora. Veo* to Brl1?hton. Rex to Bussey. ~&shvllle•t to Maquoketa. Richfield to Sumner. Vernon to Bonaparte. Village Creek to Lan1ln1t. Richmond• to Kalona. N :f1~ar;tJo~~Rlekardsvllle to Dubuque. Vllmar to Greene. :eptune to Le Mars. Vincenm"* to Argyle. Ricler to Grime<;. 3 Vln:le to Scarville. Rlnggol<1 to Mount Ayr. DonnellN::b:~t~~ ~l~{!*J!n\~rsg,~~d~llbeon. Ri ing un to Altoona. Ne~°o1xon to Dixon. j~~~r~~~r- to Lonel Volney to Monona. ~ew Era to Muscatine. Tree. ewbaven to Osage. to Gowrie. Robert.· Newkirk to Hospers. Rot>ertson•tt to Iowa Falls Newport*tt to Wapello. Roblns• tt to Cedar Rapids. 1 ~11 esvme to Charles Olty. Robinson to Ryan . 1rat to Kinross. Wales to Henderson. Rochester to Tipton. :ixbon t t to Donnellson. ·wallin to tanton. Rock Dale to Dubuque. o le•tt to Wayland. Walnut City to Mystic. Roelyn to Moorland. No ra. Junctiont to Nora Rorbeck to Marne ·wanloek to Lovilia. 8 Prmv;s. ward"' to Albia HoselJrook to Centerville. ~ ordness to Decorah. Washburn •tt to Waterloo Roselle to Halbur . •orrnan,. to Emmons. Minn. Rosendale to Story City. Washington pr a Ir I e t O :Northhrancb to Guthrie. Ross•tt to Audubon. J Waukon Cent-er Watson to ·Monona. Ruble to Brunsville. ~orwtch*.t to Yorktown. Waubeek• to <.,entral City "'orwood to Lucas. Waukon Junctton•tt to ~~orwoo ville* t :i: to Des McGregor ::I.Joines. ·to Duhuaue. Waupeton• Beilevue. to Donatus• Saint Nu gent (Keokuk co.) to to Wall Lake. Weed Livermore ht 0 llle. Saint J~s~ t 0 ~•u t Grove· \>;·est* to l\Iareniro. Nugent {Linn Co.> to Cog- Saint, la st t1 °t Pilot Westerville to Grand River Ngon. West Mltchelltto Mitchell . a on o St. Paul Yman to Red Oak. Westphalia• to EarUng. Sa~;~~~· Falrtleld. Wheeler to Macedonia. • · + t<. \rg:vle ~ancl J>r~uriift >~ :f..foi1ti Wheelerwoodto Mason City nd - Whiteburg to Buxton. " Sa spring White <'loud to • Ialvcrn. K k k cello. · O Sandusky to !~lo ua;1tville \Yhitc l~lm to !-'drna. Oakkldale*t to lowa City. cm·, fills to , lount :--andyville to ap and White Ple;eon to Webster. :antiag-o: to Bondurant. 1easa t Whl trte Su.lpb.ur to DavenSara tog-a• to Rtcevme. OakJey•tn to Charlton. 0 to Sptingvllle.• Oonkwood to Charles City. Sattre to Decorah. Wh\Vlchlta• to Guthrie Center. Sa.uric* to Lawl<'r. asts•t to West Branch. Wlck•t to St. Charles. Savanna.b to Bloomfield. 8forhoJl•t to Spirit Lake. nrlghtman• to I-ohrvlll•. :-; 8 wyer to \'l,A'estk PoJnt. () .a1 to Kanawha. \\'llke • tt t~ WUilams .,. n en.,· Saylort to ,eary to ovens. or to Dedhom . 'Vllley Madrid. to Scandia Oskaloosa. (,o ~!Jtt ol ••t1t1 to HusspJJ. Fort Dodge• to Dodge City. \\"illi·amson (A..dams Co.) Schley to Cresco. 0 Fort Rlley•tt to Junction Cadmus to Parker. ,, to Nevinville. M. ti Sciola to Villisca Ontarlo•tt to Ames City. on · Scotch Grove*tt to ralahort to Ankeny. O rrd to Winterset. Fox Town to Mulberry. Williamson {Lucas Co.) to Cairo*t to Cunningham. cello. O llllat t to Cummings. FrankUn• to Girard. Calderhead to Clyde. Gunwald. Scott to Aurora. F~rraanvtezl tt,ooHGoe1n>ee,s,·.eeoll W1C'lloia.)01tsoto,~ne•= (IICahmicpktaona.w CC allist_!:tt tto AKlingman. OOrleans*tt to Spirit Lake. tn :\l oulton. . mena. o ave,• Wllltam ·town"to Kalona. Seigel to Trtpoll. o::n1a~\1lle to Ottumwa. Fremont• to MarQuette. Campus• to Oakley Spiwca to Ringsted. . son ~ to Mondamin. Or tonville to Waukee. Frlendt to Scott, Canada•rt to Hll11boro. Windham to Oxtord. Senev*tt to Le :\tar . 0 sborne• to Volga. Frlz~ll* to Larne<l. Oapaldo to Frontenac. Wolf to Pilot :\Iouncl. Shady Grove to Jesup. O s~ood,. ! to u ru ettinger. t :,t~t~o'...:M~u~l~b~e~rry2:_:.__ to::....:S:.::a:.::b:.::"..:th::.=.a_ _ _ _:_F~ull~e~r♦..:..'... m:.:a=-:. o::: _ o_o_d__to_E_d...;~:;_e_w_o_o_d_._ __ __:Ca:.::.:p:.:l.:. _ r_. __W Shaff~tt~ Low :\-I_oo l\,1orse to  o.)  KANSAS  °·  I  REl='ERENCE KEY. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  4Cl  ntr  eat.  •:-.toney Order Office.  Telegraph St ation.  f E: press Otlit-e Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  1994  Lowe• to Sec1an. Radleyt t~ Frontenac. Rago•tt to Klniroian. Lowell to Galena. Lowemont•i to Leaven- Ram ey to Eldorado. Rapp to Osage City. worth. Gas*U to Iola. Gas Center to Thayer. Lucerne• to Jennings. Ravanna• to Garden City Geneva•: to Neosha Falla. , Luctor to Prairie View. Ray•tt to Larned. Gerardy to Lanham, Neb. Lydia* to Leoti. Reager to Oronoque. Glen Lochtt to Garnett. Reamsvtlle• to Smith Center. Globe to Overbrook. Goodrlch*t to Parker. Gordon•t to Douglass. Redwing to Hoisington. Gradan• to .Morland. MacyvUJe to Glasco. Reno• t to Tonganoxie. Granada to Wetmore. Manning* to Healy. Rest• to Benedict. Grand Summlt•u to Gre- Mantey to Prescott. Rtce•t to Concordia. nola. Maple City• to Dexter. Grantvme•t:t to Topeka. Riceville to Galena. Marfenthal• to Leoti. Rlcnardson to Lans~. Grayling to Burdett. Marmaton•t to Redfield. Richfield* to Elkhart. Mathewson to McCune. Richter to Ottawa. May Day• to Randolph. Ridge to Humboldt. Greenbush to Girard. Ringo to Girard. Greenwlch•U to Kechi. McAllaster*H to Winona. Riverside to N&.ia Clty. McLain to Newton. s~~on. Medora*tt to Hutchinson. Gross*t to Arcadia. 1 Melrose to Chetooa. Roanoke to Syracuse. Meill\o* to Syracuse. Rollin to Chanute. Menokent to Topeka. Rome• t to W elllngton. Gulltord* to Benedict. Mentor• to ssarla. Roper•t:t to Buffalo. Guy to Hoxie. Rose•tt to Yates Center. Messer to Galena. Roseland• to Scammon. Middletown to Buffalo. Rosemont to Williamsburg Midian to Eldorado. Hosette to Sylvan Grove. Hackberry• (Gove Co.) to Midland to Lawrence. Quinter. Midway (Crawford Co.) to Rubens to Webber. Ruleton•tt to Goodland. Hackney• U to Wln11eld. Pittsburg. Rydal•U to Scandia. 0 Milberger to Russell. cFtfign. Millertontt to Conway Halfmound to Valley Falls. Springs. Halford• to Gem. Mllo•t to Barnard. Halltax • t to Alma. Mlna• to Summerfield. Saint Benedict to Seneca. Hallville to Assaria. Mlneral•t to West Mineral. 1 Saint Joseph to Clyde. Hammona rt to Fulton. Mln~o• to Colby. I Saint Leo to Cunningham. Hannum to Concordia. Saint Marks to Colwich. Harding* to Ma1,leton. Missler to Plains. Saint Peter• to Moreland. Hargrave to La.Crosse. Monett to Sedan. Salem to Esbon. Harttand • t t to Lakin. Monmo11th • t to McCune. Sal emsburg to Smolan. Haverhill* to Augusta. ttg fai~ft~~m. Haworth to Haddam. ~i~f;{f.s*M~w!!~eco.l to Moray•rt to Troy. Rozel. Morrlstt to Ar~entlne. Santa Fe to Sublette. Hazen to 1IulbetTy. MunJor* to hays. Schoenchen• to Haya. Hertha to Erle. Myers Valley to West- Schroyer•rt to Marysville Highland Statton to Sparks. moreland. Solplo to tilchmonct. Hllltop•t to Madison. Seabrook to Topeka. Hodgeman* to Hanston. Seguin• to Hoxie. Holllday•tt to Bonner Selkirk• to Leoti. SDrln~. National Mllltary Home•t Selma• t1 to Kincaid. Hooser*tt to Dexter. Seth to lmena. to Leavenworth. Shaffer*t to Albert. Natronat to Pratt. Horace• tt to Tribune. Shallow "\y ater• to Scott Neely to Tonganoxie. Howell to Dodge City. Oity. Nelson to Frontenac. Hunt to Marysville. Shannon•tt to Lancaster. Neola• to Stafford. Hummer to Smith Center. Nettleton to Kinsley. Sharue*t to Burlington. Huntsvme• to Plevna. Sherdahl to Scandia. Neutral to Columbus. Huscher to Concordia. Sherman•t to West Mineral. New Almelo to Lenora. Hymer• t t to Elmdale. New Lancaster to Drexel, Sh~~:ln Junct. • to Col umShook• to Anthony. Mo. Shorey to Topeka. Newman• t'l 1-'erry. Imes• to Ottawa. Slbleyt to Lawrence. Iowa Polnt•tt to White N"oble to Lyons. North Altoona • to Ben~ Cloud. diet. Irene• to Syracuse. Northbranoh• to Burr Oak. Silica* to Ellinwood. North Cedar*toValleyFalls Sklddy•tt to Whlte City. Skidmore* to Scammon. Jerome• to Healy. Northcott to Colony. Smartvllle to Lyndon. Julia to Kingman. .. orwood to Ottawa. So1omon Rapids* to Beloit Somerset* to Louisburg. outh Park to :Shawnee. Kalvesta to Cimarron. pringvale to Coats. Kampler to :Seneca. Oak Mllls* t to Atchison. Stanton to Rantoul. Kanwaka to Lecompton. Oak Valley•t to Longton.. Stlpovme• to Columbus. Keel ville to Baxter Springs Oo.kwoodt to Centerville Stone Clty• to Mineral. Keene to :Maplehlll. Oatvme•ti to Wichita. Stranger to Tonganoxie. Keighley• to Leon. Ocheltree*t to Spring Hlll. Strau s to !cCw1e. Kellogg to Winfield. Odense to Erle. Strawberry to Clifton. Kelso• to Council Grove. Odin to Claflin. Strickler to Iuka. Kendall• n to Syracuse. Oil Hill to Eldorado. Stull to Lecompton. Kenneth•U to Stanley. Oloottt:t to Turon. Sumnerville to Minneapolis Keystone to Scott City Olympia.* to Sun.nydale to Va\JeY Center. Sutphen to Chapman. Ktckapoo* to Leavenworth. Ontarlo•tt to Sycamore•tt to IndependKimeo to Greenleat. Oscar to Clay Center. ence . .Kirkwood to Pittsburg. Ost to Andale. Sycamore Spring-st to Oas oKtrot to Silver Lake. Otto* to Dexter. day. Kling• to Lake City. Ottosville to Bogue. Ottumwa to Burllngton. Gabriel to Tro~.  &~ts~ri: \~  »:rtr~~1J  ~~1:i\~';1::  I  I  Laclede to Wamego. Ladysmith to Clay Center. Laird to Ness Olty. Lake Forest to Edwardsville. Lakev1ew•t t to Lawrence. Lamar• to Delphos. Lanev11le to Parsons LangU to Emporia. Langley• rt to M.arauette. Larklnburg• t t to Arrington. Lastta• to Green. Lasswell • to Medicine Lodge. Laton to Codell. Laurel to Jetmore. Lawndale to Cunningham. Leanna* to Chanute. Leeds to Grenola. Le Hunt to Independence. Lenapott to De Soto. to Langdon. Llndsert to Mlnnea.polls. Ll.ntonU to Prescott. Lomaxt:t to Quenemo. Loretta to Bison. tio ~~r•g  ~~f;;~l;* B~r=!  KENTUCKY  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  KANSAS  PadonlB.•t to Reserve. Pal.aokY to Wilson. Parallel to Barnes. Parnell* to Atchison. Patterson*! to Burrton. Paullne•t t to Topeka. Pawnee Station• to Hl&tt,. ville. Peace Creek to Sylvta. Pearl•tt to Enterprtse. Pendennls•t to Utica. Peoria* to Ottawa. Petersburg to Uniontown. Peter on to Holcomb. Petrolla*t to Chanute. Pfeifer• to V1otorta. Piere Junctlontt to Everest. Plea ant Green to gra. Pleasant Grove to Lawrence Plymouth• t t to Satrord-  vllle.  Poe• to Leoti. Pollardt to Lyons. Pontio.c*tt to Eldorado. Portland•U to South Haven. Prairie Center to Eudora. Price to Sabetha.  REFEREN CE KEY,  -  -  --  •Coanty  eat.  Vlntnir to Clltton. Vinton• io Dexter. Voda to Collyer. Volland•t1 to Alma. Wabaunaee•tt to Wamego. Waco to Peck. Waconda Sprln~1• to Caw- 1 ker City. Wagstaff*lt to Paola. I Wallula• to Lanslng. Wal1bW1t• to Leonardville. Waterloo to Kingman. Watson to Topeka. Wauneta•tt to Cedarvale. Welborn to Kansas City. Wherry• to Nickerson. White Church to Kansas City. Wllltman to Ox.tord. Wllder•tt to BonnerSpr'p. Willowdale• to Zencta. " ' ilmin1non to Harve~·,·ille. Wllroad1 to Dodge City. Wl11onton to Mound Valley Wlndhorat to Spearville. Winkler• to Randolph. Wittrup to Jetmore. Wolcott* to Leavenworth. Womer to Riverton, Neb. Wonsevu to Cedar Point. Woodlawn to Sabetha. Worden to Baldwin.  Archcllfl' to Glasgow. A:rgentum• to Greenup. .Argllllte• t to Greenup. Argo to Williamson. W.Va.  ~m: ~ ir::~ta.  Ark to Pine,i!le. Arlen to Winchester. Arm1trot11t* to Olive HW. Arnold*t to Coneyville. Arnold ton to Sturins. .\aowood to .Ja<•k,;011.  Artemua•tt to Barbour-ville. Arthur* to Brownsville. Art ville to Hazel <in•en. Arvel to Beattyville. Ar, to Hazara. Asa to Paintsville. Asbury to Berea.  Xenia• to Mapleton.  J~.;,~e~0t;.'t\tst~uif4 ., 1 . +  "  Zeandale•u to Manhattan. Ashbrook to Lawrenceburg. Aahbyburg* to Calhoun. Ashcamp to Pikeville. Asher to Hyden. A.sktn* to Fordsville. _,\_ phalt* tu Brownsville. Atchison• to Campbell.. KENTUCKY vllle. Athens to Lexington. Athertonvme• to New Haven. Aaron to Albany. AtholU to Jackson. Abbott to Sulphur. Atlanta* to East Bernstadt. Abel to London. Atoka to Danville. Aberdeen* to Morg;antown. Atterson to Liberty. Abigail to Germantown. Attllla* to New Hope. Abner to Ewing. Atwood to Walton. Absher• to Columbia. Audubon (Henderson Co.) Acom to Somerset. to Henderson. Ault to Olive Hill. Aurora to Hardin. Adams* to Loulsa. Austerlltz•r t to Clintonville A uatln to Glasgow. Addlson•i to Clove1-port.  !l~iJ~ ftiPJ~!!:'~1:.·  !~~fn!~ ~afg~f:!~r.  Adentt to Ollve Hlll. !~~~~tf:t ~~Jigfisvtue. Ad * I h  11::~ge yf1t:~~ig~,? ,!~:  Aiton• to Grayaon. Agest to Harlan. ~nes to Lewi. burg. 1rdale to BeattyVille.  Auxler*t to Prestonsburg.  t~:::fo \~~t~i~a. Avenstokett to Waddy.  Avoca• to St. Mathews. Avon to Lexington . Awe to Vanceburg. 1 Axtel* to H&rdlnsburi. Azalea to Kuttawa.  Akersvllle"' to Fountain Run Albany Landlnit to Burkeevllle. Albert to Sandy Hook. Alberta to Sadieville. Albia to Waynesburg. Album to Manchester, Ohio Alealde to Somerset. Alcorn to McKee.  Alexander Station to Yo&co . Alrord to Salvtsa. Alger to Manchester. lhambra to Ewing. Allee to West Liberty. Tablemound to Indepen- Aliceton* to Perryvllle. Alka to Pikeville. den . • Tasco to Hoxie. \llai to Haza.rd. Teoumseb•t to Tooeka. Uegr * to I!:lkton Thomae to Waterville. lle.n* to Pr ton burg. Allcnd le to Grenburg. Allen Springs• to ScottsThurman to Mattleld Green vllle. Tll,dale• to Wln11cld. Almo• t to Murray. Townsend to Arkansas City. Alonzo to Scottsvtlle. Post to Pleasanton • lpha to Albany. Trllbyt to Kincaid Alphoretta• to Prestonsburg Turcktt to Columbus. Alpine* to Bumslde. Turk:vtlle• to Platnvllle. Altamont• to East Bernstadt. Altont to Lawrenceburg. Alton Statton •tt to LawUneda* to Meade. Upland to Chapman. renoebUfi'. Upola to Lon~n. Altro to Jackson. Urbana•ti to Chanute. Utopia• to Eureka. Alvaton• to Bo Ung Green. hin to Prestonsburg. Alzey to Mount Vernon, Ind. Valencia•u to Topek Amandavllle* to Burkesville Varok 10 GaJena. Amba to Plkevllle. Verdi•t to iles. Ambro e to !'ilcholasvllle. Ammie* to anchester. ictor to Beloit. Ammons* to Cloverport. Am to Scottsvllle. Vin  :g~~t~~l~~tl~lre.  Amster= to Richmond. Anchor to Barboursville. Anchoraie•t:t to Mlddl&town. Anderson to Lewlsburi. Andersonvllle to Owensboro. Ande.~ to East Bernstadt. Andyvllle• to Brandenburit Angel to Jellico, Tenn. Anna to Bowling Green. Annalee to .Manchester. Anneta * to Leitchfield. Annville* to Bond. Ano to Seinerset. Ansel* to Science Hill. Antep&st to Manchester Anthoston to Henderson. Antioch* to Springfield. Anton to Madl.!!onvllle. Apex to Greensvllle. Arabia* to McKinney. Arat to Burkesvllle. Arch to Vine Grove.  Backusburg to Maytleld. Baden• to Corbin. Badger to Hodgenville. BaUeys Switch• to Barbourvtlle. Bainbridge to Cerulean. Balzetown* to Deaver Dam. Baker• to ::'1.fcRoberts. Bakerton* to Burkesvllle. B ld Eagle to Sbarvsburg. Bald Hill to Flemingsburg. Bald Rock to London. Baldwin* to Valley View. Balkan to Pineville. Ballance to Paducah. Ballard (Anderson Co.) to Lawrenceburg. Ballard (Floyd Co.) to WaY land. Ballardsvllle to La Grange. Ballot to Paintsville. Hall Landing to Gratz. Balltown to Ba.rel. town. Balm to Fleming burg. Bancrott• to Greenvllle. ~ancty* to Somerset. Banrord* to Beattyville, Bangor to Morehead. Banks to WhllRSburg, Banner to Pr tonsburg. Banock to Morgantown. Bapti t to Campton. Dar to Owenton.  ~~~fo~l~· to Shepherd1vme. Barefoot to Cynthiana. c1l~1k~~~viJ1iinr.-  0 ::~~;~  :a~ ~o  mo.  Ba~~~k to PaintBarnsley• to Madl1onvt11e. Barrallton to Shepherd.vlllo. Barrenfork to Pine Knordt.,.. Barrett Ferry to Fo ville. !E pr  om e.  ---  E  E  Boaz•u to Mayfteld. Bob to Prestonsburg. Bobtown* to Science HW. Boggs to Maysville. Bohon* to Harrodsourr. Boldman to Plkevllle. Bolyn to Hindman. Bonanza* to Preetonaburr. Bonayr to Gluirow. Bondurant to Hickman. Bondville• to Lawrenceburir. Bonham to Lonrlon. llon Jellico to Willinmsburg. Bonnievllle*+.t to Muntordville. Bonny to West Liberty. Bonnyman to Hazard. Booker to Springfield. Boone to Berea. Boones Creek to Lexington. Boonsboro to Winchester.  Burdick• to Campbellllvfile.. Burtleld to Montlcello. Burlka to Mount Ollvei. Burke to Sandy Hook. 81ll'khart to Cannel Cit}' Burkley• to Columbus. Burna to Blrdsvllle. Burning Springs• to Manchester. Burr to Mount Vernon. BurtonvUie• to 'l'olesboro. Buah* to London. Busnbrancn to Jackson. Bushong to Glasgow. Busseyville to Louisa. Bybee to Waco. Byron to Manchester.  <.'heap to HussC'll. Cordell to Blaine. Cordta• to Hazard. ChenaUltt• to Cloverport. Cordova to Corinth. Chenoa* to Pinevllle. Corn Cr~ek to Bedford. Chenowee to Jacksou. Cherokee• to Blaine. Cornettsvllle* to Hazard. Cherry to Murray. Cornwell to 1\Iount Sterling. Cherrygrove to Williams- Correll to Burnside. town. Cortland to Booneville. Chester to London Costelow,.. to Lewisburg. Chestnut Grove to Shelby- Cottageville to Tollesboro. ville. Cottonburg to Richmond. Chlcago•t to Raywick. Cottongin to Manchester. Chiles burg• t to Lexington. Couder to Williamson, W. Va. Chllton* to Hustonvllle. Chinnvllle to Russell. Counts Crossroads* to Chinquapin Rough to Bond Olive Hill. Christiansburg•tt to Ba.g- Covedale* to Manchester, da.d. Ohio. Christopher to Hazard. Cowan*! to Ewing. Christy to ~I orelwad. Cabell* to Monticello. Cowc-reek* to Booneville. Ohuck to Dunnville. Cabot to Fordsville. Coxs Creek* to Bardstown. Churcn,.. to Leitchfield. Caddo to Falmouth. Coxton to Harlan. Cade to Rocky Hill Station Church Hill to Hopklnavllle. Ooy-41 to Lancaster. Cicero to Versailles. Cadmus to Louisa Coyle to Richmond. Boons camp* to Paintavllle. Cains Store* to Somerset. <'inda to Hyden. Cral'tsville* to McRoberts. Clrgie to Greenup. Cairo to CorYdon. Crall Hope• to Horse Cave. Booth to Campton. Caleast to Richmond. Clahill to Greenup. Crains to Flemingsburg. Bord.Icy to Sturgis. • Oland to Chaplin. Caledonta to Cadiz. Cranenest• to Barbourville.* to London. Craney to Morehead. Boston Statton• to Butler. Calltornla•t to New RichClare to Franklin. mond, Ohio. Cranston to Morehead. Bosworth* to Mlddlesboro Clarence• to Eubank. Calla* to Jackson. Cravens to Bardstown. Botland to Bardstown. Clark•t to Jeffersontown. Crawford• to London. Oalvary•t to Lebanon. Botner to McKee. 1 0 lioa:U:r~~w. to Columbia. Bourbontl to Bardstown. ~~;!~~~a. Craycraft t~ f1~~~tsterllna:. Crayne•: to Marlon. Bourne to Br:vantsvtlle. Bee to Munfordville. Claxton,.. to Princeton. Camella to Pactucah. Craynor to Pikeville. Beeohburg to Flemtnpburr Bowen•t to Stanton. Camo Knox• to Greensburg. Clayburn to Mayfield. Cra:vton to Carlisle. Beeoh Creek* to Greenville. I Bowlingtown to Hazard. Crecellus* to Leavenworth, Bowman to Flemlniisburg. Camp Nelson•to Nicholas-I Clayhole* to Jackson. Beechwood• to Sadlevllle. Claymour• to Elkton. vfile. Ind. Beeohy to Greenup. Cold Claypool*to Bowling Green. Creech* to,Harlan. to Campsprings Boxvllle• to Morgan!1eld. Beelerton to FUlton. Claysville* to Cynthiana.. Creekmore to Pine Knot Springs. Bee Lick to Crab Orchard. Boyce• to Woodburn. Campton Junction tt to Creelsboro* to Jamestown. Bee Sprtng• to Brownavfile. BoydsvU!e• to Hazel. Stanton. Clay Village to Shelbyville. Crenshaw to Taylorsvtlle. Brachttt to Walton. Belcher to PlkevUle. to Williamson, W. Clearfield* to Morehead. Canada• Crescent Sprlngs•t to ErBarbourville. to Brade! Belcourt to Slaughtervllle. Va. langer. Cleaton*tt to Central City. Bradford•t to Au~t.a. Belknap to Cannel City. uorlnth. to Canby Casey to Clementsville* Cressmont to Beattyville. I Salyersville. to Bradley Hopklnsvllle. t.o Bell Canecreek to London. Creek. Creston to Liberty. Bradshaw to McKee. B 11 City to :\I ayflclcl. Creswell to Princeton. Bradsha wmlll to Kirksville Cane Ridge to North BelleJelllco* to Plnevllle. .M1ct<lletown. Clemmons to Jackson. Crider• t to Princeton. Belle Point• to Beattyville. Brady* to Jamestown. Crigger to Wllliamaon. W. Bratn&rd to Prestonsburr. Bells Trace to Grayson. City. Ca.nnel to Caney•n Shepherdsto Va. Clermont*? Carl11le. to Bramblett Bellwood to Bardstown. Cannon to Barbourville. ville. ('ri:-;,.; to BarbonrsY.ille. to Lebanon Brandon• to Murray. Belmont•t OannonsbUr&'* to Catletts- Cleveland to Richmond. Crtx to Morehead. Junotlon. burg. Olide. to Stanton. Crockett to Sanrlv Hook. Brandy Keg to PrestonBeltont to Greenville. canoe• to Jackson. Cllff-41 to Prestonburi. Crockettsville* to· Jackson. burg. Benge* to Manchester. Cadtz. to Canton• Louisa. to Clifford Crocus• to Columbia. Lexington. to Brannont Benha.m•tt to Harlan. Cantrill to Irvine. Cll!ton Mills* to Irvington. Croley to Clln ton. Brashear to Patriot. Ind. Benleo to Bowling Green. Elkton. to Clifty to Beave1 Dam. Cromwell* Waoo. to Brassfleld*l Greenup. Bennett to C&nyon Falls to Beattyvllle. Climax to Berea. Crossland* to Hazel. Bennettstown• to La Fay- Bratton to Mount Olivet. Carbondale to Dawson Orum to Vanceburg. Braxton to HarrodalDUri ette. Sprtngs. Crutchfteld •tt to Moscow. Brayvllle to Butler. Benson• to Frankfort. Clock to Glasgow. Cardiff to Hazard. Crystal to Irvine. Brazil to McKee. Bent to Somerset. Cloud to Oakland. J to C..:ornish,1Ue. C&rdw Cuba to Mayfteld. Owenton. to Breck Berlin to Brookville. Clover Bottom• to Berea. Breckinridge to Cynthiana. Carico to Livingston. Cloverfork to Appalachia, g~~afi~<! ~~n~~~ordvllle. Carl to Hopkinsville. Breeding* to Columbia. Hern in! to :\ I anchest 01•. Va. Culbertson to Catlettsburr. Bremen* to South Carroll• Carllnbul"&' to Owensboro. Bernstadt• to London. Cloyds Landing* to Burkes- Cull to New Liberty. Carmack to Kuttawa. Berry Ferry• toGol conda, ville. MUton. to Carmel CUlver to Sandy Hook. prings. Cold to Br~~itt Ill. Clyde to Monticello. Carmen to Pikevllle. Cumberland City to AlBerry, Lick* to Morgantown Brewers to Benton. Carntown• to Mo11oow, Ohio Coakley to Greensburg. bany. Brldireport to Frankfort. Bet• to Olive Hill. Coal to Paintsville. bur&'. Williams to Carpenter* Cumberland Fallst:t (McOlivet. Mt. to Bridgeville Bethany to Monterey. Coalmont to Williamsburg. Carrie to Hmdman. Creary Co.) to Burnside. Br1ensburg to Benton. Bethelridge* to Eubanks. C&rrllli°tOll to Salt Lick. , Coal Run• to Pikevllle. Cumberland7 Falls* (Whitley Brlghton*t to Lexin£1on. Bethesda* to Monticello. CaIToll to Lockport. Co.) to ,, illiamsburg. Bethlehem* to PleasurevUle Brlghtdhade*to Mancheste1 Ca1TS*l to Vancebur~. Coalton to Ashland. Cumminsville to BrooksBrinkley to Hindman. Betsey to l\fonticollo. Carter• to Grayson. Cobb•t to Cerulean Springs ville. Betsy La;rne* to Preston - Bristletown to Glasgow. Oartersvl11e to •Paint Lick. Cobhill• to Irvine. Cunningham• to Bardwell. Bristow• H to Oakland. bnrg. Cartwri1rht* to Albany. Campbellsvllle. to Coburg• to West Point. Cupto Pembroke. to Brltmart Beverly (Christian Co.) to Cody• to Hindman. Carver to Salyersville. Curdsvllle* to Owensboro. Brocade to Burnside. Hopkinsville. Cary• to l'lnevllle. Corer to Edmonton. Curry to Princeton. Beverly (Bell Co.) to Pine- Brock* to London. Coffey* to Liberty. Curtis* to Edmonton. Bromley (Kenton Co.) to Casad Landing*t to Tolu. ville. Curve to Grayson. Cogswell to Salt Lick. Bevler•tt to Central City. Cohron to Bowling Green. Custer• to Hardinsburg. C'asl.'v to 1-Iorg-antown. te Co.) (Owen Bewleyvllle to Irvington. Nebo. to Coiltown Sturgis. to Cutshln* to Hyden. Caseyvme• Jonesvllle. Biddle to Georgetown. Coln to Somerset. Ca.ah to Upton. 1 Cuzick to Richmond. Vernon. Mount to Bromo Blgbone to Walton. Colburn to Morgantown. casky•t to Hopkinsville. Cyclone to Summer Shade Bir Creek• to Manchester. Bronston• to Burn1lde. Murray. Cyrus to Salyersville. Brooklyn• to Morgantown. Cassady to Bowllng Green. Coidwater toWJlllamaon, Bighill• t,o Berea. w. Coleman* to oaiawba*i to Falmoutn. Shepberditto Brooks•tt B!groedy to Caneyville. Va. O&therlne to Somerset. B!g Spring* to Vine Grove Colesburg• tt to Elizabeth- Dabney• to Science Hill. CaW1ey to Hyden. B1gstone to 'andy Iloolc. 1 Br~~:litentown to Crab 0 1 t!'W~~:J: ~~J~o~a::P,~8Jireen. col~fo';n to Lextnitton. Bllvla* to Mc Roberts. Greenvllle. to Br~;~he~1i BBimble to Barbourville. Cannel City. to Dale Waco. to Hill• College Edmonton. to Ridge Cave Green Bowllni Brownl~ to lrks City to Owensboro. Da.lesburg* to FlemingeCollier to McKees. Cave Ruu to Salt Lick. bUl'g. t Colly• to Whltesburr. cawood* to Harlan. twood. Cr to Brownsboro ~lackJack to Pranlclin. Daley to Hyden. t Oolmar to Pineville. to Moscow. Brown• Crosa Roads*to Al- cayce•tl olackjoe to Harlan. Dallams Creek to LewisColo to Somerset. Cecil to Paducah. Biackrock* to Leitchfield. : Br~~J· Grove* to Murray. 'cdar Grove to :\fount Colson• to Whltesburr. burg B lacks Ferry to 'rompklnsDaina to Whitesbur • Cynthiana. to Colville tcrling. , Browns Valley to Utica. ville. Dalton• to Provldenoe. Cedarvfile to Mount Vernon Comer* to Sebree. BurkesvWe. to Brownwood Black Water-4' to London. Concord•t to Manchester, Dan to West Liberty. Cedral to Manchester. BBlackweu to Pleasureville. Bruce to Gl&Bl?OW. Dana to Plkevllle. Ohio. Center* to Ho!'se Cave. lalra MU111 to West Liberty Brucken to Island. Concordla.•to Bran enburg. Dango to Livingston. Bruin to Sandy Hook. Blake to Beattyvllle. Daniel Boone*t to EarllnrPoint to Tompkins- Conestoga. to Jackson. Brumfleld*tt to Perryvllle. Center B1anohe* to Pl.nevllle. ton. Confederate to Eddyville. ' me. Brushart• to Greenup. Danish to Worthvllle. :iandvllle• to Wickliffe. Hyden. to Confluence* Leitchfield. to Centerview Brush creekt1to Mount Ver0 0 11 Bl~:~ \ t ff.l!rf1~.erty. Congo to East Bernstadt. I B:~i~tt~ 1~~'f1~aG;~n. ;; ro:kap1!~t. nrx:i~~Y to Hodgen ille. B Ielot to Golden Pond. Davella to Inez. Conkling to Boonevllle. Ceredo to Kevil. Brutus to Manchester. 8 levtna• to Wlllard. Davenport* to Morgantown. * to Smiths Conley to Salyersville. Bry~nts store to Barbour-, Chalybeate ~ 11ncoe* to Springfield. Connersvllle to Cynthiana. David to Whitesburg. Grove. 1 11111 to Columbia. Davidson to Carlisle. Chambers* (Hancock Co.) Conrard to Mt. Vernon. Louisa. to B:d~:na.n•.t Blood• to Murr y. Davis to Sadlevllle. Constance• to Luctlow. to Hawesville. Bloomingdale to Winches(Menifee Co.) to, Oonatantlne• to Vine Grove. Davleourg* to Pineville. Buckcreek* t Booneville. Chambers ter. to Inez. Davlsport to Brodhead. Conway• Sterlin~. Mount Bloomington* to Cannel Buckeye• to Lancaster. Davlsvllle to Blaine. Chandlerville to Palntsvllle. Cooksburg to Mt. Vernon. Buckhorn* to Hazard. Citv. Daysboro* to Hazel Green. Ohapel Hlll to Scottsville. Cookville to Farmington. Grange. La to Buokner•tt Blo:911 "to l:. ncton. t0Sbephere111vllle Coon Hollow*t to New Daysvllle to Elkton. Hucks Branch to Prestons- Chapeze•t Bloyd* to C mpbellsvllle. Deane to Whitesburg. Haven. Chappell to Iiyden. Deanefleld*+t to Whitesiiue Diamond to Hazard. B:;~~- Monticello. Charleston to Dawson Sp'&'S Cooper• to Monticello. ville. Cooperstown to Russdvllle. Charley• to Blaine. ~: ::,10k Springs• to car- Buel to Calhoun. 1 fontlcello Deanwood* to Marion. 1 Coopersvillu* to Oo.) (Garrard Vista• Buena River to Prestonsburg. \ Deaton to Jackson. Jackson. to Copebranch Gray-1 to Furnace• Charlotte '-° Bryan~vllle. tone to • loreheau. Copeland (Breathitt Co.) to Deatsvme• l to Bardstown son. 81 ~tff' Butord to Hartford. ,. City to Henderson. ' Decatur* to Jameatown Jackson. Charters to Vanceburg. 81 to Milburn. Bulah Oopeland (Callaway Co.) to Decker to Woodbury · Sprtn~ to White Bulan to C atham to Brookville. Hazard. Covington to Coursey De Hardin. Glasgow to Chaumont Bullit , ill • to Burlington. 1ust~to Dunnvillo. · \ Decoy• to Jackson to Glasgow. Junc-tfon. 1 Coral Hlll 1ythe to Tompkinsville. ,. Bunoh to London. Deering to Corbin.· Coraville to llenderson. Cha~ to Hazard. 8 oa~rtgh~ B~el2._to_Bnrlan.:. .Murray. • Money Order Office. t Telegraph Statton. tExpr Office. 1Count C t. Rll::FERENCE KE •  Barrier to Monticello. Bart to l\tionticello. Bartervtlle* w Carlisle. Barthell"' ti) Burnside, Bartles to Brandenburr. Harton to Corbin. Bascom to Sandy Hook. Basil to Gradyville. Basin Springs to Irvington. Baskett•t to Henderson. I Bau to Campbellsville. Bath to Hindman. Battle to Mackvllle. Battle Run to !£wing. B&itletown* to Brandenburr. Bauer• to Burnside. Baxter•tt to Harlan. Ba.yfork to Bowling Green. Bayou• to Blrdsvllle. Bays• w Jackson. Btamvllle to Glasg-ow. Bean to Mount Sterling. Bear Wallow to Hone Cave Beaumont• to Edmonton. Beaver to Plkevllle. Beaver Creek Statlontt to Prestonsburg. Beaverllok• to Walton. Beoknervtue to Winchester.  R:~!~  8:~~g~  I  g:~~t1;!f i~  g\~;:i t~W~~r::~~1fe.  I  Bi~~~c;•·  I  0  y  e.  e:~~i  g::!  ge::r:6!  I  fl}11e  .  e.  t. ds·  l  ir Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  KENTUCKY Earles to Greenville. Early Times• to .Bardstown Earneatvillf'* io Ilooneville East Eagle to Owenton. Easterday to Carrollton. East Fork* to Edmonton. East Hickman to Lexington. Easton to Fordsville East Point* to Paintsville. Eastwood* to Middletown Ebenezer to Salvisa. Ebon to West Liberty. Eby to Grayson. Echo to Edmonton. Echols• to Rockport. Ed to Liberty. Eden (Butler Co.) to Morgantown. Eden, Martin Co., to Inez. Edenton* to Kirksville. Edgar to Pre.stonburg. Edgington" to Greenup. Edgoten*t to Clarksville.  Free Union to Dixon. ,Frenchburg*toMt.SterlJng Frew to Hazard. Frieclaland to Beaver Dam  Exodmi to Stearns. Ezel • to Hazel Green. Ezra to :Morgan.  Grab tn Greensburg. Gracey*tt to Hopkinsville. Graetenburg to Waddy. Graham•t to Greenville. Gra.hamton to BrandenFactory to l\llorgantown. Fristoe* to Benton. burg. Fagan* to Mount Sterllng. Fritz to .'alyersville. Grahamvllle to Paducah. Fainville to Irvine. Frogpond to London. Grahn• to Olive Hill. Falrbank11* to Owenton. Frugue to Bu.·ke.sville. Grancer to Morgantown. Fair Deall~ to Benton. Frozen <'reek*i" to Jackson. Grand Rivers*t to GilbertsFairland to Albany. Fruit to Vanceburg. ville. Fairplay to uoiumbia.. Fruit Hill to Crofton. Grange City* to FlemingsFairthorn to Camner. Fry to Greensburg. burg. Fairview* to Pembroke. Frymire* to Hardinsburg. Grant* to Belleview. Faith to Calhoun. Fuget to Paintsville. Grants Lick* to Butler. Falcon* to Salyer.,ville Fulgham to Clinton. Grasslan to Brownsvllle. Fallsbur~• to Louisa. , Fullerton to Portsmouth. Grassy to Mount Sterlin~. Falls of Rough*tt to Caney- 1 Ohio. Grassy Creek* to West Llbvllle. , Fultz to Grayson. erty Funston to Burnside. Gravity* to Mlddlesboro. Fannin to Sandy Hook. Furnace* to Stanton. Gra.y*t to Corbin. Fargo to Greenup. Fusonia to Hazard . Gray Hawk* to McKee. Far!Bton• t to London. Futrell to Golden Pond. Grays Knob! to Harlan. Farler to Hazard. I Fyffe to West Liberty. Grayson Springst to ClarkFarmdale• to Frankfort. son. Eciii~io Columbia. ! Farmers•tt to Salt Lick. Great Crossings to GeorgeEdna to Cannel City. I Farmersville to Princeton. Gabbard to Booneville. tO\\ n. Fa.ubush* to Somerset. Edwarda*t to Lewisburg. Gabe to Greensburg. Gr(iear* t •) West Liberty. Faulconer to Burgin. Effie to Jam1.. town. Gad to Hyden. Greelc~• to lleattn•ille. Faxon to l'vlurray. Gadberry to Columbia. Green* to Sandy Hook. tfo Eglon to McKee. Faywood to Midway. Gage to Kevil. Greenhril·r* to nardsto,vn. Egypt to McKee. Fear!!!* to Manchester, Ohio Gainesville to Scottsville. Greencastle to Uowling Dermot•t to Owensboro. Eighty-Eight• to Glasgow. Fed to Pikeville. Galdia to Prestonsburg. Gr o. Desda to Albany. Ekron*t to Brandenburg. Felt to Caney\<ille. Gallup•t to Louisa. Green Chapel to Bloom• Deskin* to Plkevll1e. Elam to West Liberty. Fenton to Golden Pond. Galveston* to Pikeville. field. Detroit to Muntordvllle. Elamton to West Liberty. Fenwick to :Mackville. ' Game• to Glasgo'"· Greendale•tt to Lexington. Devon to I<'lorence. Elder to West Liberty. Gapcreek to Monticello. 1 Green Grove to Burkesvllle. Dewey to Prestonsburg. Elfie to Caneyville. Ferguson*! to Russpllville. Gapvllle to Salyersville. I Green Hall* to McKee. Dewitt• to Barbourville. Elgin * to Eubanks. Gar to Monticello. , Greenhill to Bowling Green. Ferndale* to Plnevme. Dexter• t t to Hardin. Fern Leaf to Maysv11\e. Gardnersv111e to Crittenden Greenmount to East Bern, Dextervllle* to Morgantown EH* to Jam es town. Gartlel<l•t to Hardinsburg. I stadt. Fielden to Sandy Hook. Dezarn• to H odgensvtlle. Elias* to Bond. Ellhu* to Somerset. Garlin to Columbia. I Green River to Rockport. Fillmore to Beattyville. Diablock to Hazard. FUsonU to Stanton. Diamond Spgs.* to Lewis- Elizabeth*t to Paris. 8!~:it~~i~!tl;;ts~~!lden- 1 g~::~~~id ~~ ?[;eB~lae. Elizaville* to Ewing. Flncastle•t to Beattyville. burg. Finchtown to Newport. burg. Gregory to Monticello. Dickeys 1\lill* to Leitchfield Elkatawatt to Jackson. Elk Chester*t to Lexington Finley* to Lebanon. Garrard to :\Ianchester. Gresham to Greensburg. tioN Elkcreek* to Taylorsville. Garrett (Floyd Co.) to Grider to Burkesville. Finnell to Georgetown. Elkfork to West Liberty. Wayland. Finney to Smiths Grove. Griffin to Monticello. Dimple to Morgantown. Elk Horn* to Campbells- Firebrick• to Portsmouth. Garrett (Meade Co.> to Griffith to Owensboro. Dingus* to West Liberty. ville. Brandenburg. Grle:sby to Hazard. Ohio. Dione to Harlan. Elkin* to Wlnchestez. Garrett CWood!ord Co.) to Grit to London. Dirigo to Columbia. Ella to Columbia. Versallles. Fisher* to Leltch1leld. Gross to Plnevllle. Dirk• to Hindman. Ellen to Blaine. Flshervme•tt to Jefferson- Garrison• ti to Vanceburg. Grove to .Middleburg. Dlsputanta to Berea. Eller to Jamestown. Gartrell to Grayson. Grove Center•t to Morgantown. Bl!~ee;<! Fishtrap to Pikeville. Gascon to Edmonton. fteld. Ellington to Burkesville. F!skburg to Walton. Gasper* to Auburn. Grundy* to Somerset. Dobbins to Grayson. Elllottvme• to Morehead. Fisty to Hazard. Gates to Morehead. Guage to Jackson. Dock to Prestonsburg. Elllsburg• to Hustonville. Fltchbur;? to Irvine. Gatewood to Hawesvllle. Gubser to ~ ' ew 11ichmond, Dodge• to Winchester. Fixer to Beattyville. Gatliff*! to WiJliarusburg. Ohio. Dorcreek to Mun!ordvllle. Elllston•tt to Glencoe. Ellisville to Carlisle. Gauley to Livingston. Flag Fork to Bagdad. Gud~el to Lawrenceburg. Domino to Hazard. Flaherty to Vine Grove. Gays Croek to Hazard. Guerrant• to Jackson. Donaldson (Trigg Co.) to Elm to Salyersvllle. Elmbm·g lo Pleasureville. , Gutlle to Calhoun. Fla.nagant to Wlncheater. Oadiz. Flanery to Paintsville. Gee• to Lawrenceburi. Gullett to Cannel City. Donansburg* to Greensburg H:lm1?rove to Augusta. Elmrock to Hindman. Flat to Campton. Genet to Stanton. Gulnare• to Plkev1lle. Donerau • i to Georgetown. ElmvUJe to Stampln1 Flat Creek to Mount Geneva• to Henderson. Gum Sulphur to Brodhead. Dongola to Whitesburg. Gentrys M111 to Columbia. Gus* to Drakesboro. Dony to Prestonsbw·g. El;:~~i'!i:1ntsville. Fl~;;i,~gto Blalne. I G~orges Creek to Luulsa. Gu, tave to Paintsville. Doorway to ).1anchester. Elrod to Somerset. Flat Lick•tt to Pineville. 1 German to Prestonsburr. Guston•t to Irvington. Dorcey to La Fayette. Elsie to tialyersville. Flatrock•tt to Somerset. Guy to Woodbury . Gertrude to Brooksville. Dorena to Somerset. Elsmere to Erlanger. Flatwood• to Paint Lick. Gest• to Monterey. Gypsy to ~alyersvtlle. Dorretts Run to Stithton. Elva tt to Benton. Flener to Morgantown. Getbsemane•t to New Dorthea to Corbin. Elvira to London. Fletcher to London. E:aven. Dorton to Jenkins Elys*tt to Barbourville. FUngsvUle to Crittenden. Habit to Owensboro. Dot to Allensvtlle. Emanuel*tt to Barbourville Flint to Whitesburg. Gex to Warsaw. Hackley to Lancaster. Dotson to Prestonsburg. Gibbs* to Corbln. Haddixtt to Jackson. Doudton to Williamstown. Emberton to Tompkinsvllle. Flora• to Carlisle. Gibson to Hodgenville. Hadenavlllet to Guthrie. Douglast (Casey Co.) to Emerson* to OUve Hill. Floral to Hawesvllle. Gifford to Salyersville. Hadley* to Bowling Green. Liberty. Florence Station• to Pa.du- Gilberts Creek* to Lancaster Hager• to Salyersvllle. Dove to Liberty. cab. Gil · to 1 'icholasville. Hagerhill* to Paintsville. Dowagiac to Hodgenville. Emery to Butler. Florresa to Weat Liberty. Gilley to Whitesburg. Hau• to Somerset. Downlngsvllle to Dry Rldtre Emlyn"' to Williamsburg. Emma• to Prestonbnrg. Flournoyt to Waverly. Tillmore to Hazel Green. Halcom• to Willard. Doylesville tc. Rl~hmond. Floyc1 (Mercer Co.) to Gilpin* to Liberty. Haldeman•t to Morehead. Drake* to Bowlwtr Green. Emma.Lena to Hindman. Salvisa. Gilstrap to Caneyville. Haleys ;\lil1* to Crofton. Drennon Springs to Port Endee to I3oonerville. Endicott to Prestonsburi. Floyd (Pulasld Co.) to Gimlet• to Olive Hill. Hal!way• to Scottav!lle. Royal. Energy to Golden Pond. Eubank. Ginseng to Hodgensville. Hall to Hindman. Dreyfus* to Richmond. Engle to Hazard. Girdler• to Barbourvllle. Hallam to Owenton. Drt!t to Prestonsburg. En~llsh•t to Worthville. Floydsburg to Crestwood. Girkin to llowlinir Green. Hallie to Whitesburg. Drip Rock• to Irvine. Enldo to Perryville. Fogertown* to Manchester. Givens to Mor~anfleld. Halo to Russellvllle. Drum to Somerset. Ennis* to Rochester. Folsom* to Glencoe. Gladstone* to :\Iarton. Hamby Station• to Dawson Dry Fork to Glasgow. Enoch to Campbellsville. Folsomdale to Lowes. Gleanings* to New Hope. Springs. Dry Hill to Hyden. Enon to Fredonia. Fonde*t to Mlddle11boro. Glee to Jackson. Hamdintt to Hazard. Dublln• to Fancy Farm. Ensor to Owensboro. Fontana• to Gray11on. G1enarm•1 to Crestwood. Hamilton to Walton. Duck to WUllamsburg. Entcrprise*tt to Olive Hill. Foothill* to Russell Springs Glencairn• to Campton. Hamlin• to Murray. Duckers•t to MJdway. Eolia• to Whitesburg. Foraker to Salyersville. Glen Dea.n*U to Hardlns- Hammack to Paint Lick. Ep to Owenton. Ford•ti to Winchester. burg. Hammond to Barbourvllle. Dudley to Mou--nt Vernon. 11:pley Station to Lewtsburi Fords Branch to Pikeville. Glenmary• to Campbell&- Hammonville• to Upton. Du.If* to Leitchfield. Fords Ferry* to Marion. burg. Hampshire to Greenup. Duganvllle to Corn1shville. Epson to Cannel City. Forest Cotta~e to Albany. Hampton (Breathitt oo.) Dukehurst to Hartford. Epworth* to 'l'ollesboro. l•'crest<;rove to Winchester Glenmore to Bowling Green to Jackson. Dukes to Cloverport. Equality to Hartford. P'orestvUie* to Munfordville Glenn to Hazard. Hampton* (Livingston Co.) Dulaneyt to Princeton. Era to Crofton. l<'orkland to Perryvllle. Glenna to Frankfort. to Rirdsville. Duluth to Richmond. Ermine to Whitesburg. Forks of Elkhorn• toFrank- Glens Fork' to Columbia. Handshoe to Hindman. Dulworth to Columbia. Erose to Barbourville. fort. Glen Spring * to Vanceburi Hanks to Dry Ridge. Dunbar to l\-1organtown. Esco to Pikeville. Forkton* to TompklnavUle. Glenville to Calhoun. Hanly* to Nicholasville. Duncan to Cornish ville. Fort Branch to Hazard. Glenwood• to Grayson. Han ford* to Somerset. Dundeet (Powell Co.) to Eacondlda*t to Parts. EEaatteespbtuor~at tleEttusbbuanr~.. Stanton. Fort Garrett• to Versailles Globe• to Olive HUI. Happy to Hazard . .. 0 Jc Fort Spring to Lexin1Z"ton. Glom.twr to Hazard. Harbor• to Salyersville. Dundee, (Ohio Co.) tc Esto• to Jamestown. I•'ort Thomas*t to New- GobE>lgap to .Jackson. Harcourt to Elizabethtown, Hnrtford. Ethel to McKee. port. Goddard• to Flemingsburg. Har<lcastle* to Bowlin!; Dunleary to Praise. Fount* to Barbourville. Godfrey to Fountain Run Ure •n . Dunmor*tt to Drakesboro Ethridge to Warsaw. Etna to cience Hill. Four Mlle• tt to Plnevllle. Goering to Ha we11vllle. llarcl >sty to Itlizabethtown, Durbin to Catlettsburg. Etolle* to Glasgow. oIT · to < aney ville. Ill. Durblntown to Berry. Fox to Irvtne. <;o •orth to Fal mo uth . Hardin Sprlngs* to LeltcbDuvall*to Stamping Ground Etty* to Plkevllle. Euclld to Greenup. ll'ox Creek to Lawrence- Goldbug to Wllllamsburg. fteld Eunice to Columbia. burg. Gold City to Franklin. Hard lonoJ to Paducah. Dwale*t to Prestonsbur~. 11 Dwart• to Hazard. fr1;~!~~sburg. Ua~~fd~esvllle. ~a~~f/ L~Y~1if~~~u. W. D:,cueburg* to Kuttawa. Foy to Cane;·ville. Goochland• to foKee. ·a. Dyer to Hardinsburg. Eve• to Greer.sburg. Fragrant• to Clarkson. Goodloe to Preston burg. Harato frdne. Dykes* to Somerset. Eveleigh to Leitchfield. Fraley to ::\forehead. Good Luck t Edmonton. Hargett to Irvine. Evelyn•ti to Irvine. Frances to Fredonia. Goodnlltht to Glase:ow. Hargis to Burnside. e:vereti to Lewlsburr. Frazer• to Burnside. Clood;· to \\'llliarJL-;011. Harnect•ti to Hardinsburg. Eadston* to Morehead. Everman to Grayson. Fredericktown to Bard• Gooserock to Manchester. Harold•tt to Pikeville. ~::r:~nr~~oGlfi::~~llo. iversole tf Booneville. town. Gordon* to \\'hiteshurg. Haro to Frankfort. Eagle Mills to Hodgen- E~~:r~~d ~~efi:ci.rord. l•'redville to Salyersville. g~;g~~~vt~{';r~st~~i~svlll, ::~r;;d;;u\~~nr;~~:[si,url ville. Ewington to Mount Sterling Free to Cloverport. Gosneyvllle to Campton. Harris to Vancebure:. _B_&...:lf:.;;.le.;....;;Sta.;..:.;.t-'1..:..on::;:_•t:;.t;,:.Y_:_..=E:.:x::.le=.* __:_F~ree::::::d:.::o:..::m:::....:t::;:o~G::::;;la:::11~g:.'.'.o:..:w:.:·_ __:.....:G~uur~I _t_o Whi_tes_·_h_u_r..;;, ~·_ _ __H ~ls Grove to u rraY.!-REFERENCE KEY. .t. County Seat. • \loney Order Office. tTe!egraph tatlon. :! Expr fflce. Deer Lick to Lewlsburi. Deevert w Grayson. Defeated Creek to McRoberts. Defoe* to Pleasurevllle. Defries to Canmer. De Hart to West Liberty. Dekoven • Tt to Sturgis. Delaplaln*t to Georgetown. Delaware• to West Louisville. Della to Dry Ridge. Dell to Monticello. Dellvllle to New Castle. Deln1er to Somerset. Delpha to Richmond. Delphia to Hazard. Delta to Monticello. Dema* to ,vay and. Democrat* to McRoberts. De Mossville•t to Butler. Demund to Ca.noel City. Denison to Cavu City. Denmark* to Jamestown. Denney to Monticello. Dennis to Louisa. Denniston to Hazel Green. Dent to Jamestown. Denton• t l to Grayson.  !  B:~~;~·t pcf1~~~m:.  I  mf1~~ ii':r[~~e. .  ~g11r~~fan.  I  ~~i:;t; ti ii~~Zi~~n.  i~:~!-~ ;g  ggJg ~~  i~  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POIN...,.S  KENTUCKY  Johnsons(MontgomeryOo.) Lay to Bart>ourvllle. to Mount Sterling. Layman to Harlan. JohnsvUle to Brookville. La.ynesvllle• to Plkevtlle. Laytonsville to Hopkins0 City, ville. Leach to Canneyville. Tenn. Josephine to Sadieville. Leadingham* toSandyHook Joy• to Golconda., Ill. Leander to Paintsville. Joyce* to Eubank. Leatherwood to J acksoll. Juan to Jackson. Leburn to Hlndman. Judd to Middleburr. Leota to Glasgow. Judio to Burkesville. Ledbetter* to Paducah. Judson to Lancaster. Ledfordl to Hickman. Judy to Mount Sterllnr. Ledoota. to Louisa. Julianl to Hopkinsville. Lee to Morgantown. Julip to Williamsburg. Lee Clty•t1 to Cannel City. Jumbo to McKinney. 0 Justice to Russellville. Leeport to Milton. Leesburg* to Cynthiana. Haynes to Somerset. Leesilck to Cynthiana.. H~frds Creek* to Jaok!oa. Kaler to Mayfield. Haynesville to Fordsvllle. Leetown to Morgantown. Howardstown* to New Kansas to Lowes. Hays to Smiths Grove. Karlus to Jamestown. Legibson to \Vinchestor. Haven. Haywood to Glasiow. Kaut* to Greenup. Legrand to Horse Cave. Hazle Pa.tch*tl to East Howell*! to La Fayette. Kavito to Jamestown. Leighton* to Irvine. Howevalley to Cecilia. Bernstadt. Keaton to Palntsvllle. Lejunior to Harlan. Head of Grassy to Vane» liubble* to Lancaster. Lemons Mills to GeorgeKea.vy* to Corbln. burg. Keet< to .Jackst111. town. Head Quarters t.o l\lillers- :~~~~7:i~ ~ Lennut to Hazard. Hueysville to Prestonburg. Keefer to Corinth. bu~. Keel to Lewisburg. Lenore to Bardstown. Huff* to BroWillJvtlle. Ht' to Kevil. Keene•ti to Nicholasville. Lenox to West Liberty. Hebba.rdsvme• to Hender Hugh to Berea. Kehoe* to Greenup. Lenoxburg to Falmouth. Hughey to Fredonia. son. Kelat to Berry. Leon• t to Grayson. II ulen to PinevHle. Hector* to Manchester. Kelly• t to Crotton. Lcrose* to Booneville. Hulette to Louisa. Hedgest to Winchester Lesbas* to London . lluml>le to Russell Springs. Hedgev!lle* to Dan ville. Keltner to Coiumbia. Leslle* to Burkesvllle. Hume to Verona. Heekln to Williamstown. Kem1> to Greensburg. Lester* to Whitesburg. Bumpb.rey" to Eubanx. Heftln to Hartford. Kennarct to Maysville. Letltla*to Portsmouth.Ohio Hunnewell• r to Greenup. Hegira to Burkesville. Kennedyl to Clarksville, Levee* to Mount Sterling. Heldelberg*tt to Beatty - Hunt to \Vinchester. Tenn. Level Green* to Mt.Vernon. Hunters Depot to Bards,·llle. Keno to Burnside. Levi* to Booneville. Heights• to Hardin. town. Kensee* to Williamsburg. Levlas to Marlon. Huntersville* to Albany. Heiner to Hazard. Kentenia t,o Harlan. Le\\ isburg*tt to MaysHuntsville• to Rochester. Helena to Mays Lick. Kenton•t to Independence. ville. Helena Station*t to May~ Hurley to McKee. Rentontown* to Mt. Olivet. Lewistown to Princeton. l:iutchlson•t to Parts. Lick. Lexie to Hazel Green. Hyattsvllle*t to Lancaster Kenwood to Pa1ntsv1lle. Helm to Jamestown. Kepler to Smiths Grove. Hydro to Smiths Grove. Helton* to Hyden. Liberty Road to \Vest Hymon to Murray. I Kerbyknob to Berea. Hematite* to Cadiz. Libert,y. Hempriclgett to. hdbyville Kerns Llokburg to Salyersville. to Columbia. Hendricks• to Salyersville Kesslnger·to Munrordvllle. Lick Creek to Pikeville. Henrietta* to Paintsville. [berta to Clarkson. Kettle Island to Pineville. Lick Falls to Grayson. Henry to West Liberty. [bex* to Sandy Hook. Kewanee* to Pikeville. Licking River• i to West Henryville to Carlisle. toe to Whltesbuni::. Key to Jackson. Libert:v. Renshaw*tt to Morgan.flelo Ida• to Albany. Keysburg to Allensvilll'I. Lida* to London. Hensley to Manchester. Idamay* to lJeattyvH!e. Keyser to Pikeville. Lllao* to Leitchfield. Hensonvllle to Edmonton Idlewild to Petersburg. Llletown* to Greensburg. Kidder* to Burnslcte. Reraline to Columbia. Ilsley *!to Madison. Kidds Crossing tu Monti- Lillian"' to Hazard. Herbert to Whitesville. Incline to Harlan. 1 Lily• ti to Corbin. cello. Herd to 'c\lcKee. Index* to West Liberty. Herman to Waverly. Indian Bottom* to Whites-- Kidds Rtore to Hustonville. Llmaburg to Burlington. Limestone to Olive Hlll. Klddvllle to Mt. Sterllnr. Hermon to Elkton. burg. Limp to Leltchfiela. Herndon• t to La Fayette Indian Creek to Ba.rbours- Kildav to harlan. Lincoln to Somerset. Kllgore• r to Grayson. Bersohel* to Rochester. vllle. Lindsay to Barbourville. !!eselton to Vanceburg. tndlan Flelds•i to Clay City Kimbrell to Clay City. Llnefork to Whitesburg. Klniz to Barbourville. .uesler to Owenton. [ndlan Head• to Burnside. -Link to Scottsville. Hestand to Tompklnsvllle [ndian Run to Ashland. Linnie to Liberty. Kings Creek to "'hitesbw·g. 0 Kinl(S ~lountain*tl LO Linton• to Cadiz. ~~~l~fgesiom:~Jana. Linwood to Plkevme. \Vay nesburg. Hickorytt to Mayfield. Ingram to Pineville. Ltpps* to Manchester. Ktnpton• to Berea. Hickory Flat• to FrankllD Inroad to Columbia. Lisman• t to Clay. ~1~re:1°tt*Wa~a;it~~burg Lii;s to Matewan. \V. Va. ~ll~~tlcello. ~~:i~.t~oLi~~~r~ity. Kinniconick to Vanceburg. Litsey to Springlleld. .ulrdon to Clarkson. lrad* to Louisa. Klno to Glasgow. Little Bend to Morgantown. !11th Brldge•tt to Wllmort Irene to Campbellsville. Klrbyton to Bardwell. Little Cypress• to Calvert .ulghknob to McKee. Irma to Tolu. City. Kirk*% to Hardtnsbura !lrhla.nd to Waynesburg lron Bridge to Oakland. Kirkland to Harrodsbur~. Little Hickman• to Nicho-<dghland Park*t to Louis- Ironhill* to Marlon. Klrklevlngton to Lexington lasville. Ville. Iron Mound to Clay Uty. Kirkwood to Salvisa. Little Mount to Taylorsville H tghsplint to Harlan. Ironton to Kuttawa. Sprlntts to Daw- Little Muddy to Woodbury . 8 ..,,.lgbtower to Falmouth. lrvins Store* to Jamestown. Kirkwood son Springs. .ulrhway• to Albany. lsaars to Bond. Littlerock to No. MiddleKite to Hindman. RBlmlda to Morehead. I■Iand City* to BoonevWe. Kitts town. to Harlan. to Wllllamsburr. I ■om* to Whitesburg. Llttlesandy to Sandy Hook. 8 lllsboro to Flemingsburg I1onv1lle* to Sandy Hook. Littrell to Burkesville. 8 lllside• to Greenville. tuka* to Kuttawa. Knight to Murray. ll Ulsvme to Tiline. lnJI to Prestonsburg. Knlgbtsburg to Rochester. Llvta•t to Calhoun. Ivls to Hindman. 11IUtop to Nepton. Knob Lick• to Edmonton. Load to Greenup. Loam to McKee. ff!Isdale to Woodburn. lvyton• to Salyersville. Knott·.ille* to Owensboro. Lobb to Greensburg. Lockland to Louisvil.le. t~a{li~~~e~llle. Jabez* to Jamesto~n. Knowlton* to Stanton. Locust to Carrollton. ltlnesctale to l\1unfordville. Ja<'hhorn* to _Flemmg. Knoxfork* to Corbin. Locust Branch to Irvine. lit I d t O GI nco Knoxvllle to Dry Ridge. a Dkle to Barbourville. Jackson Lan mg e • Kobler to Alexandria. Locust Fork to Brooksville. alnklevllle to La Center. ' Jacksonville to Paris. Koon to Kuttawa. Locust H1ll to Hardinsburg. lnton•i to Corinth .Jaokstown to Carlisle. Korea to West Liberty. Lodlburr•t to Irvlni;rton. 11 l{IPpo to Prestonsburg. : Jacktown to Yanceburg. Kosmosdale*tt to Shively. Logana.* to Nicholasville. aisle to Bedford .Jacobs* to ouve Hill. Kragon to Jackson . Logansport* toM organ town aJ~chins•tt to G·rayson. Jamboree to Williamson. Krupp to Williarusburg. LoKantown to Htanford. Logllck* to Clay City. ll1t:s~1k'.it~oo\i::t~rly. Ja~isv;tore* to Barbour- 1 Kryptont? Hazard. Logmont* to Mlddlesboro. llobart to Albany. ville. . Kyle to a z. Logvi1le to Cannel City. J~~bs to Shepherdsville. Jason to LWisb~rgter Lola• to Salem. Lacie to Turners Station. a son to Campbellsville J11.Sper* to nc es · I Lackey• to Wavland. Lomba.rd*tl to Stanton. 11°ckat1ay to Richmond. Jattle* to Louisa. ' Lacon to Clarkson. Loneoak to Paducah. Long* to Bowling Green. to Science Hill. Jean* toJlalnf Latr•t to Cynthiana.. II I rook to Owenton. Jeff* to azar · M St _' Lake to London. Long Lick to Sadieville. ~n to Barbourville. Jeffersonville* to t. er Lakeland• t to Middletown. Long Ridge• to Owenton. Long Run*l to Simpsonville 11 111 elci to Wingo. ltnr. R Laketon*tt to Bardwell. Longstreet to Jamestown. d* to Fountain Run t Jeffrey tco F~uitai{t.wfa°ma- Lakeville to Salyersvllle. 11 1 ay to <'a1mcl City. Jelllco ree o Longway to Moorehead. a011010nvn1e to Campton I burg. Lookout* to Pikeville. Lamar to CaneY. way to l\Ioun<l City, j Jenmngs* to Sulphur .. Lonulale to •rton. Lamasco• to Prtnoeton. lJ 1. , Jensonton to Perryv111 e. Lamo• to J:rountaln Run. Lorain to Camobellsvllle. llolly to Leitchfield Jeptha. to West LlbertY. Lorena to Burnside. Lambric* to Jackson. ;a 011 Ybush to Hindman. Jeremiah to Whitesburg. Loretto•tt to Lebanon. Lamont to Paducah. 11Y Hlll to Pine Knot. Jericho•: to L~_Grange. Lost Creek* to Jackson. Landing to Verona. 01 rnes to Colu 1bia. Jessamine to "!!more. Lottt to Jellico. Tenn. Landsaw* to Campton. olston to Beaver Dam. Jet.son to Bowling Green. Lane to Campton. Lothair to Hazarci. ;a 01 Jett• to Frankton. Langford to )fount Vernon. Love to Cane:vvllle. :a: 1' Cross• to New HaveD Jetts <~reek* to _Jackson. Langley• to Prestonsburg. Lowder to Greenup. 11°1llhre• to Hazard. Jewell* to Jenkins. Lowell*% to Paint Lick. Lanviau• to London. :a~lller• to Auburn. Jinks to Irvine. Lower Buffalo to BeattyLassiter to Murray. Ii naker to Prestonburr. Job to Inez. ville. Laura to Inez. ltoneybee to Burnside John to PlkevWe. Laurel Creek to Man~hl'l8ter Lower Greasy• to Palnts~~~Ygrove to Hop kins- Johnetta* to M.t. Vemin· vllle. Laurel Station to Greenup. :a e. Johns Hill to 1',ewpor . Lawrenceville to Wllllams- Lowmansvllle to Palntsvtlle }J~~Ysuckle to Frankton JohnsonJunctlon*tto FlemLoyd to Lancaster. II s to Greenup !ngsburr. La~~• to Ollve Hlll. Lucas* to Glasv:ow. l!~ker to Manchester. Johnsons* (Cbri5 tian Co.) Lax to Murray . Lu<'lle to Sandy Hook ~ w n to Mlllersbunr. to White Plains. • Money Order Office. tTelegraph Station. • county Seat.  Harrison to Pineville. Han1sonvllle to Waddy. Harrods Creek• to Louisville. Hart to London. Hartley* to Plkevllle. Harveyton (Casey Co.) to Hustonville. Harveyton (Perry Oo.) to Hazard. Ilarvteland to Frankfort. Harvy to Benton. Hatcher* to Ca.mobellsvllle. Hatton* to Bagdad. Havana to Mount Sterling. Havlla.ndsville to Falmouth  i::t~~~!'! : xf~~!ri~~a.  Hope* to Mount Sterltnc. Hopewell• U to Grayson. Hopper• to Barbourville. Hopson to Princeton. Horn to McRoberts. Horntown to Clarkson. Horse Branch• U to Beaver Dam. Horsemill to Morgantown. Horse Shoe Bottom to Jamestown. Horton* to Beaver Dam. Hosklnston to Hyden. Hosman to Pineville. l:iouaton to Jackson. Hovious to Casey Creek. Howard to Stithton. Howard Mills to Mt. Ster-  f~rJ':n~tf f~mJ>~ton  Taft~~&~[!:  1  Int!~~ ~~ 3~ii!?o.  Jla~1~~  a~:;i~  I  :a:~~e a~  ll~1lrn1 1\ Jt°  :a  u  0 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  J?  KENTUCKY  1997  Lula to Jamestown. Lunda to lllaine. Luretha* to Somerset. Lusby to Owenton Luzeme*l to Greenville. Luzon to Dixon. Lykins* to Canoe) <'tty. Lyndon•t to St. Mathewa. Lynn Camp to Cortiln. Lynn Cityt to Sacramento. Lynn Grove to Murray. Lynnvillt>* to Mayfield. Lyonla to Fordsville. Lyons•t to New Haven. Lytle to Stanford. Lytten to Sandy Hook. McAtee• to Harrodsburg. MoB rayer• t to LawrenceM:Ji1f*to Portsmouth.Ohta .l.'vlc( 'arr to )latewan. \'\'. \ a. McCausey to Mount SterM~8Yure to Inez. MoCombs to PlkevUle. McCormick* to Stanton. ~r(;oy to Hardi11s})urg. McCreary* to Lancaster. McDanlels• to Leltchlleld. McDonalcis Landing to Henderson. MoDowell • to Pikeville. McGana to Columbia. McGlone• to Olive Hlll. McHenry to Beaver Dam. McIntire to Sorlngtield. McKees Cross l{Oads to Versailles. McKenzie to Manchester. Ohio. MoKlnneysburg to Falmouth. McLeods Station* to Auburn . McNary* to Greenv1lle. McQuady*t to Hardlnsburc Mcl{obprt:a:*·t1 t u Fleming. McVeigh to Williamson. McWhorter• to East Bernstadt. Mabel to Hickman. 1\fac to CampbPllsville. Macedonia to Dawson Springs. Maceo*tt to Lewisport. Mackoy* to Greenuo. Macon to Munro rd vWe. Madge to Louisa. Madrid* to Leitchfield. Magan to Fordsville. Maggie to Cadiz. Magness to Hardin. Mains to Falmouth . Majestic* to Matewan. Major to Booneville Malaga to Hazel Green. Malcom to Manchester. Mallie to Hindman. Malone•: to West Liberty. )laloneton* to Portsmouth. Ohio Malott'° Jeffersontown. l\1alt to Hodgenville . Mammptn Cave• to Cave City. Manda to Beaver Dam. ~:~~~oti~~:s°v~~eHW. Manitou• Lo MadlsonvUle . Ma.nnlni:rton*t to Crofton. Mannsville• to Campbell• vllle. Manse to Paint Lick. Manuel to Hazard. Maple t ') Camphellsville. Maplesv11le* to London. Marcellus• to BryantsvWe.. :'.\larcum to ) Maretburg*t to Mount Yernon. Mariba* to Ha14-I Green. Mark to Somenimt. Marksbury• to Lancaster. Marr to Gamaliel. Marsh to Pine Knot. Marshall Station to Maye Lick Martlla to Blaine. Martha Mills to Flemingsburg. Martin* to Vanceburg. Mart.indale to Woodbury Martinsburg* to Tompkln'l ville. l\1 art wick to Ro<'kport. l\lary to Oampton. Maryctet1 • to London. Mason•t to Wlllla.rnstown Masonville to Owensboro Ma.ssack to Paducah. M asu to Hazard l\fatanza:- to Hartford. Mater to Whitesburg. Matlock to Bowling Greeu Mattie* ;,o Blaine. Mattingly to Cloverport. Mattoon to Marton. Maud• to Bloomfield. MuuldPn to Bond Maurice Station to C)oviog. ton. Mavity to Catlettsburg. Maxonmm• to Paducah. Maxwell to Owensboro. l\layapplc to Bowling Ureen. Mayk1ng• to Wbitesbur11 Maynard to Scottsville. :t Express Office. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  1Q98  KENTUCKY  TOWNS ACCE SIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  \1ayo to SalYha. llulllkln* to Salem Ola to .i:rvlne. Petra to Milford. PuoUo• to Somerset. Maytown* to Hazel Green. 1 Mullinst to Livingston. Olaton* to Fordsville. Petri Station to Hawesville. Pueolo to Monticello. Maywood to Stanford. Mullla to Wllltamsburir;. Oldham to Sulphur. Petroleum• l to Soottavllle. Pulasld•i to Science HW. Mazie* to Blaine. Muncy•t to McKee. Old Landing* to Irvine. Pettit to Owensboro. Pulllam to Sprtngfteld. Mundys to Wilmore. Meador* to Scottavtlle. Old Town• to Grayson. Peytona to Waddy. Puncheon to Hindman. Oleoak to Glasr;ow. Peytonsburit* to B urkeavWe Purdy to Columbia M~:~~ Creek to Wllltame I Munk to Verona. Muri to Monticello Olg-a to Jamestown. Peytontown to Richmond. Pyramid to Prestonsburg. Means* to Mount Sterling 1 MurphysvUle to Maysville. Olive to Hardin. Pyrua (Adair Co.) to Meece to Somel'set. , Muses Mills* to Flemings- ome• to Brownsville. Phelps* to Matewan, W. Gradyville. burg. Meeting Creek* to Cecilia Olmstead• l to Allensville. Va. Music to Grayson. Olney to Princeton. Melber• to Paducah. Pherba to BurkesYille. M:yera•l to Carlisle. Melbourne*t to Cold Olympia*tt to Salt Lick. Ph11° to Liberty. Quall to Brodhead. Myra* to PlkevUle. PbUllpsburgi to Lebanon. Quality• to Rocbeater. M~FJ;~;;!\o Middlesboro. Myrtle to Prestonsburg. Phllpot• to Owensboro. Omer* to West Liberty. Qulcksand*tt to Jackson. Mystlet to Stephensport. Mell* to Greensburr. Oneonta* to New Rich- Pickett to Greensburg. Quincy• U (Lewts Co.) to Melrose to Sonora. mond, Ohio Plonlo to Columbia. Poi;umouth, Ohio. :\lelyin to Weeks()ur~·. Ono• to Jamestown. Pierce• to Greenst,urg. Quinn to Providence. Mentor*l to Moscow, Ohio. Nancy• to Someraet. Onton* to Sebree. Pig to Brownsville. Quinton to Burnside. Nannie to West Liberty. Mercer* to Central City. Oolite to Brandenburg. Quire to Frankfort. Meredith to Leitchfield. N aoml* to Somerset. Ophir to West Liberty. Pliteonroost•·to Mancheater Napier to Hyden. Merrimac• to Lebanon. Oppy• to Eden. Pilcher to West Point. Merry Oaks to Smith~ Naplea to Ashland. Pilgrim *to Inez. Rabbit Hash to Rlalllr Na1>oleon to Glencoe. Grove. Orangeburg to Maysville. Pilot to Stanton. j Sun, Ind. Mershons to East Bern- ~ arrows•t to Fordsville. 1 Orchard to Prestonsburg. Pilotoak toDukedom.Tenn. Raccoon to PlkevUle. Narvell to Albany. stadt. Ordway to Prestonburir. Pilot View to Winchester. Radical* to Irvine. Oreknob* to Pikeville. Plnckard*t to Versailles. Ragland* to Bandana. Meshack* to Tompklnsvtlle Na■h to Caneyville. Natlee to Corinth. Meta* to Pikeville. Oren to Loulsvllle. Pinckneyville* to Tilioe. Ragland Station to Sali N eatus to Caneyville. Mex1co*t to Marlon. Orient* to Salyersville. PinrJell to ButlE~r. Lick. Nealton t Nicholasville. ~liami"" to Greenshm·g. Orinoco to Williamson, W. Pine Grove•u to Winches- Rail to Weeksbury. Mid to Prestonourg. Neave to Milford. Va. ter. Railton to Smiths Grove. Middlecreek* to Prestons- Ned* to Jackson. Orkney to Prest.onsbur.g, Plnei HW•t: to Mt. Vernon. Rain to Barbourvllle. Nt-lJ to Gr:i.dyv1lle. burg. Orlando• to Mt. Vernon. Pine Knob*t to Caneyville. Raleigh to Shawneetown, Middlefork* to Bond. Nellavale to Greenup. Orr to Louisa. Pine Mountain to Harlan. Ill. .\I iclland (Bath Co.) to alt Nelaon•t to Rock1>ort . Ortiz to Sebree. Ptner to Walton. Ralph to Whitesville. ' Orville to Monterey. Li<'k. I Nelsonville•t to Boston. Pine Ridge tc Campton. ctalston* to Mlddlesboro. Neola• to Cannel City. Osborn to Prestonsburg. Pine Top• to Hindman. Ramey to Salt Lick. :.\I 1;c1~~;t\~11}ftberg Co.) I Neo1heo to Franklin. 8::r;o~1t!n°;nter. · ~o Ja'ii~:~~Mildred* to McKee. J Nepton*t to Ewing. Mlllard • to Pikeville. Osrood to Mlliersburir;. Pinsonfork to ·wmiamson. Rankin* to Monticello. Osle* to LoUlSa. Mllledgevllle* to Moreland Netty to CanneJ City. W. Va. Ransom to Matewan, W. Miller· Creektl to Irvine. Nevada to Perryvllle. Pippa.pass to Wayland. Va. Nevelsvtlle to Burnside. Ote to Greensburg. Piqua* to Mt. Olivet. Rapids to Franklin. Mllleratown • to Upton. Million*t to Richmond. Nevisdale to WiJliamsburg. Ottawa* to Brodhead. Plagah*t to Vel'll&lllea. Ratcliff* to Grayson. New to Monterey MUJs• to Barbourville. Ottenhelm to Crab Orchard Piao to Williamson, W. Va. Raven* to Wayland. Newby* to Richmond. Otter Pond• to Princeton. Mlllsport*t to Island. Ravenna to Irvine. Mill Springs* to Monticello. New Columbus to Corlnth. 1 Ottusville to Frankfort. Pitman to Campbellsville. Ray to RuBBellville. Newcombe to Sandy Hook. 1 Ousley to Pikeville. .:VUHstonP to Fleming. Pitts to Irvine. Raymond* to Irvlnrton. New Concord• to Murray. Outland to Murray. Mllltown• i.«> Columbia. Plttsburg•U to London. New Cypress to Olinton. Millvillet to :Frankfort. Ovenfork to Whitesburg. Pitts Point to Lebanon Jct. Ready• to Caneyvllle. MUI wood• t l to Leitchfield Newell to Eubank. Ovll to Hopklnsvtlle. Place* to Corbin. Records to Vanceburg. .1. ·cwfound to :\Ianchester. Owensby to Jamestown. Milner* to Versallles. Plank to Man~heater. Rectorville* to Tollesboro. Newroundland* to Sandy Oxford to Georgetown. Milo* to Inez. Plano* to Bowling Green. Red Asb• to Jelllco, Teo. Hook. to West Liberty. Ozark to Columbia. Plato• to Mount Vernon. Redbird to Wllilamaburg. ,\Tineford to ~aln:r ·\ille. :::ZOJi!1r~!f t~~:~~~~~: ;1=:~~hJPo:e~~r~:1a:tz. ~=~~~:\~ t~ii~~t-■vme. Minerva• to Dover. New Providence to Murray. Packard* to Wllllamsburr. Plea ant Ridge to Utica. Mingo• to Paintsville. Redfox to Hindman. New Roe to FranklJn. Pagevllle to Glasgow. Pleasant Valley*t to Ewing. Redhouse*tt to Richmond. 1 ~Y;~gt~ ~~Jgo~;fif:toWD Newstead+ to Hopkinsville., Paint diff to .'tearns. Pleaaant Vlew•l to WU- Red Lick to Edmonton. Newt to Greensburg-. Palace* to Monticello. Minnie* to Pikev1lle. UamsbUJ"i'. I Heel ox to Hyden. Mlnorsvllle to Stamptne N~!~wn •ti to George,~e~:~~bellsville. Pl!~sf~ti~ln~.g e Park i I ~~~ ~~~~* :;; ::r";i!:ibertY Ground. New Zion to Georgetown. Palmer to Waco. Minta to Paducah. Plum to North Miadletown. Reed• to Henderson .. Palmore to Wingo. lUatonvllle* to Science HW Niagara to Henderson. Plummers Landing* to Reedville to Grayson. Miracle to Pinev111e. ::~~of~o~r~~-~:~dence. i:!i.~fZ!\rtc?I~::· Fleming ·burg, ~::~!a~eI~t~?rgantoWL Miranda to Carlisle. 'ickell* to Cannel City. Pansy• to Harlan. Pod to Crofton. Mlatletoe to Manchester. Regina to Pikeville. Nigh to Praise. Mitchell to Bagdad. Panther to Owensboro. Poindexter•: to Cynthiana. Region to Cane7v1l1e. MltchellBburg• t to Perry ~i~!v~'1 ~~nz::::!noeburc. ii~~~~~~~~m~ te~;;~l!1~e¾S~C'aster. Hazel Green. 'lppa• to Palntsvllle. J'arlna to Urooks, ill('. Mize* Polkville to 011.kland. Render* to Beaver Dam. r1si to Morehead. Yoberly•i to Waco. Park* to Htsevtlle. Pollard (Boyd Co.) to h- Renfrow to BeaTer Dam. Parker:- to Williamsburg. Mcidoo to Burkesvllle. laud. Repton to Marlon. Molus to Harlan. Noah to Vanceburir. Parkers Grove to Buffalo. Pollard (Jessamine Co.) to Rex• to Harctyvllle. Monford to Morgantown. Parkers Lake* to Burnside Noble to Jackson. , Ticbolasville. Rexton• to Vanceburg. Monica* to Jackson. Park11vllle•t to Perryville. I Polleyton• ,o Wl1Uam1burg Reynolds Sta.•t to ForbNobleton to Grayson. Monitor to Carrollton. I Nobob• to Glasgow. Parmleysville• to Monti- Polly to Whitesburg. vllle. Monroe* to Hardyville. Noe to Pleasureville. cello. Polsgrove• to Frankton. Reynoldsvllle to OwlnP Mont• to Ed<1yvtlle. Nola to alyersville. Parnell to Monticello. vllle. Parrot• to Bond. Ycinwomery• to Cadiz. Pomeroyton* to Hazel Green Rhoda to Brownsville. Noland to Irvine. YentpeUer• to Columbia. Nolansburg* to Harlan. Partlow to Wlllard. Pomp to West Liberty. Hhodelia* to Drand nbOrg. Montrose to Lexington. Nolln*l to Sonora. Partridge* to Whitesburg. Pono-o to Loudon. Kook* te Hard.lnsburir. Nonchalanta to Greenup. ParYin to Irvine. Pools Creek to Cold prings Ribbon to London. Mooleyvllle* to Hardins- Nonesuch* to Wllmore. Poorfork*t to Harlan. Ribolt* to Tollesboro. burg. Pru cal to Hardyville. Poplar Fl t* 'to Toll boro. Rice Station• t t to Irvin•• 1 Nora* t:> Albany. Moon to Sandy Hook. Patesville• to Cloverport. Norfleet to Somerset. Poplar Grove to Glencoe. Rlcetown• to BoonevWe. Pathfork to Harlan. Popi, rhill to :Middl burg. Riceville* to Paintsville. Moores Creek• to Mcree. Noris to Louisa. Moores Fel'ry to Salt Lick. Normal•t to Ashland. Po1~1::bti~~1ns•t to Flem- mgf:;~~;tt~~n~f~to Moore.svllle to Sprlnglleld. Normandy*t to Taylorsvtlle ~:~~~~\~ol~~~a. Moorman•t te South Car-- .i:Tortllern to l'rClston.·buri;. 1 1 1 ~:~ et. BolYllDI rollton. Northfield to Somerset. Y l'&llburlZ' to May11vt11e. North Fork* to Mays Lick. Paxton to Jackson. Porterabul to London. Green . .Morell to Pikeville. Northtown• to Horse Cave. Payne Depot•i to MJdwa:v. Portland dair Co.) to Richeliou• to Auburn. i 1orningg-lory to Cynthiana Nortonville•tt to Madlson- Paynevllle• to BrandenGradyv:il e. Richland (Hopkins Co,) to Yorning Vlew*tt to Butler. burg Portland (Pendleton Co.) to ville. Earlington ) Merrow to .Montlcello. Peachgrove to Butler. Norwood to Science Hlll. Butler. Richland cietrerson Qo, Ko11eleyvtlle to Calbottn. Nuckols• to Livermore. Peach Orchard*t to Louisa. Portsmouth to Jackson Rltcoh LPoouisndrtllteo. WoodbUr9• Moss to Bowling Green. Peaks fills to Frankfort. Post to aneyville. • Pearl (Bell Oo.) to Pine- Potter• to Louisa. Rlchwood*ti to Walt.OD• Mos.-y Bottom• to Pikeville. ville. PotteN I ork to 1 ·l'ol ert . Riddle to Sandy Hook. Mote* to Berea. Oakdale to Jackson. Motley to Bowllng Green. Riders to Upton. Oak Grove•l to Pembroke. Pearl (Bracken Oo.) to Brook ville. Mound to Burnside. Pottertown to Murray. Oakland Mills to CarllBle. Rfedland to Paducah. Pearman to LeltchQeld. Mount Aerial• to Franklin. Oak Level to Benton. PottsvUle (Gravea Co.) to Rlley•l to Lebanon. Mountain Aah•t to WU- Oakley to East Bernstadt. Pebble to Bethel. Lowea. Rim* to P1nevme. U&msburg. Oaks (Bell Co.) to Plnevllle. 0 ~~;~~ri;~ ~ah\°e~vtlle. Mt. Carmel• to Flemings- Oaks (McCracken 0'1.) to ~~~:t,rtt;bi rfv?onevtlle. Pecksridge to Powder M11l11* to Canmer. Ringgold to omers~g,bur . M~uttilead ta Flemings- oat~iY;~~·o Russellville. Po ell to Irvine. Ring-o Mills* to Fl Peedee to'La Fayette. burg. Oakwood* to Ewtng. Po rs to Hustonville. burg. Mt. Hermon* to Tomp- O'Bannon•t to Crestwood. Pee, oo to Harlan. PoweBburg to Monticello. Rio to Canmer ..... PekJn to Mount Sterling. Powersville to Brooksvme. Rloyvtlle to Lawrenoebw•• ldnsvme. Obed to Hyden. Pral e• to Elkhorn Olty. .Mount Lebanon to Nlcho- Ocala (Pulaski Co.) to Pellvllle* to Whltesvllle. Ritchie to Hindman . P llyt n• to asey Crc k. Prater to Olive Hill. las ville. Rltner to Monticello. Somerset. Pence to Jack on. Pratt to Sebree. Mt. Pis~ah* to Monticello. Odds* to Palntsv1Jle. Riv ls to Taylorsville. P ndleton•i to Sulphur. Mount alem to McKinney Oddv)lle to Cynthiana. Preachersville to Crab Or- Rlnr• to Palntsv~e . 0 ) to Penick* to Lebanon. chard. Mount Sharon to Elkton. iverslde (llrc thlU 0 Odessa to Owlngsvllle. Yo nt Sherman• to Butl'ato. Offutt to J>aintsville. Penney* to PlkevUle Preece to Inez. J cks n ) to Penny to Murray. Prentiss* to Beaver D m. Mount Victory* to Somerset Oiden to La Center. Riverside; (Warren Co, 1 Penrod*t to Lewisburg. Pr ton•tt to Owing vme. Woodbury. •ue, 1 ~g~~~°c!~dJ ~ise. 8ff~~oBMa~<;1~~f!:· Penshunit to Falmouth. Pre tonvme• to Carrollton. Roanoke* to Hodgenvi i,, Peonla to Leitchfield. Prices fill o Frn.nkUn. Kouth of Laurel to Vane&- 011 Center to Somerset. Roarln SprtniS to burr;. OU City to Glas1row. 0 ~'hl1:'msbU1"1?. ~~::"rt~ ~b~~r:ctvllle. R!~~:ti!·Hyden. lloxley• to Wheatley. 011 Springs• to Paintsville. Pennon to Barbourvllle. Printer to Prestonsburi. Muddy Fork*t to George- Oilton to Monticello. Robards*ti to SebreebuJ1' Perry to icholasville. Privett to MoKee. town. Oil Yalley to Monticello. Robem• to Branden Hud Ltok to Tompklnsvllle. O. 1{. Junction to Smiths Perslmon• to TompklnavUle Proctor to Beattyville. Robln1on • t to BerrY'• piJce" Muir• Tt to Lexlniton. Petercreek• to Glasgow. Provo Grove. to Rochester. Robinson Creek to lluldraugb 0 l to Branden- Oklahoma to Campton. Pe ersvllle to Vance bun:. Pryoraburg• to MayOeld. Rovolkllet.o Murra.,. _burg. Okolona to Lo~~le. Peth to Caneyvil!!: ~--~Prye• to Irvine_.______ ,, - •E pr Offl e, REFERENCE KEY. • loney Order Office. Te' rapb t ton.  I  I  I  li  ~~:Y  rft~g~~!\~e.  ~:~~~B!! i~  I  ~:}:!!~~  I  i:~:~~s:: ;g  ~:!!!t~~ ;:~!r~~erty.  I  I  I  p:~~ ~e;~k~~1ifie.  ~~~:~~ ;J~1~~ri:.  Rl:b:~ls:m~trgio  m~:~~1t~- tin-J?:taro'f..  ;J'1~~  ~:~cl~: 1~  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POI "TS Rockbridge to Tompkinsville. Rockcastle* to Cadiz. Rockcastle Springs to Lon-  Scranton* to Salt Lick. I Seco Seavllle to Harrodsburg. to Fleming.  htttb Portsmouth•t to Portsmouth, Ohio. South trn1on•t to Auburn. Southvllle to Shelbyville.  Sedaua• to Mayfield. 1  Tygarts Valley• to Greenup Tyler to Paducah 'fyner• to MoKee. Typo to Haza.rd. Tyrone•u to Lawren~ burg. Tyson to Crotton.  Swallowtl.eld• to .Monterey.I Swampton to Salyersvtlle. ~\\Ccden* tu Leitehtkld. Sweeneyville to Ca.mpbells-  Ro~i1:ia1e• to Sad1ev1lle. §:ft~ • t~o BS~;;::.~ee. ~~!;~*Lt~w11~':{ifcello. Swv~!\eowen to Owenton. 1 RockQeJd•t to Bowltne Select* to Beaverdam. SpVareksrnonQ.uarry to Mount 1 Swifton to Monticello. 1 st Ro~~~:~d to Berea. ~:Ua~•c::ec~~el Cit)'. Sparks\'ille to Grady. I SwJ~~~~~ to !l.mplng Rockgao to :vla.nchester. Semlway to Sacramento. Sparrow* to Chaolln Swope to Owenton. Rock:haven•t to Branden- Seney• to Grayson. Spears* to Nicholasville. Sylvandell to Cynthiana.. burir. Sergent* to Whlte!!burg. Speck to Casey Creek. Symsonla to Benton. Hpc•kholcls*t::: to William.·- Seth to .l'vla.nchester. Speedwell* to burii. Settle to Scottsvllle. 1 Speight to Plkevllle. Tablow to CornlshvUle. RocJtla.nd*toBowllngGreeol Seventy six• to All:>any. 1 Spencer to Mount Sterling. Tabor• to Mount Sterling. Roek: Lick to Greensburc. Sewellton* to Jamestown. Solder to Hindman. Tacketts Mill to Monterey. Rockvale* to Hardln■burc. Sextons Creek* to Man- Spike to Upton. ' Taffy to Harttord. Rockybranch to Monticello che,..ter Spiro to Mount Vernon. Taft to Booneville. Rodbourn to Morehead. I Se:vmour to Horse Cave. Spottsvllle•ttto Hendersonl ,l.albert to Jackson. Rodemer to Scottsville. Spoutsprlng to Clay City. l'allega•tt to Jackson. Rodney to Sturgis. Shade to Irvine. Spray to Mayfield. Talmage•:t to Salvisa.. Roa to Hardinsburg. Shady Grove• to Provl- SpringCreek*toManchester. Tangletown to Germantown Rorer■ to Camoton. dence. Sprlngdale•tt to Ma.ysvllle. Tanksley to Manchester. Rogersgap*tt to Esadieville. Shadynook to Cynthiana. Spring Grove to Henshaw. Tanner to Hodgenville.  Ucum to Jamestown. Ulvah*t to Whitesburg. Ulysses* to Louisa. Union City* to Richmond. Unionha.11 to Irv1ne. Union Mills to Nlchola.avtlle Union Star• to Cloverport. Unity• to Ashland. Uno to Horse Oave. Ut,church to Albany.  I  ~l~~igu~b~nhreensburg Rolling Fork to Hustonville Rollings to vravel Switch. Rome• to Ow"nsboro Romine to Campbellsville. Rooney" to Ollve Hill. Roosevelt to Jack■on. Roscoe (Elliott Co.) to Sandy Hook. to Rol~~es. {Grave, Co.) Roseburg* to ::\Iunfordville. Rosedale to Willard. Rosefork to ca.noel Oitj. Rose HUI• to Harrodsburg. Rosetta to Irvington. I Rosevllle* to Glasgow. j Rosewood to Greenville.  0  ~:t:oiw:snrP_!~r~ ti::W'o~\41ddle-,  ~~~~n~~e\  0  1  ggg:~b.f~~:J~ ~a8tt~~~fu Urban• to Manchester. Utlllty to Hawesvtlle. Uz* to Whitesburg.  0  t~ ir!~gnla. ¥!~:;tr*tJ s~~:.burc. Spring Llck•tt to Caney- Tartork* to Cloverport. Shamrock* to Mlddlesboro. vllle. Tar Hlll to Clarkson Shannon to Mays Lick. Spring Statlon•tt to Mid- Tanna to Drakesboro. Sharer* to Morgantown. way. Tarter to Columbia. 1 Springville• :t to Lawrenc&- Ta.teville*! to Burnside. Sharkey to Morehead. burg. Tatham Springs* to BloomSharnn to Ripley, Ohio. Sprout to Mooretleld. flt-Id. Sh;~~?fle to Williamson. ~g~f:i~ri:rtg0 :r.:~~;sep~~/~iki~lmgton. Sba.ronirove* to Elkton. Spurl\ugton•t to Camp bells- 'raylors Store to Hazel. Sharp to Paducah. ville. Teague* to Barbourville. Sha11>11vllle to Springfield. Spurrier to Sonora. Tearooat to Jamestown, Shawhan•tt to Parle. SQulresvllle to Owenton. Teateravllle to Lancaster. Shelblana* to Plkevtlle. Tedders to Barbourv1lle. Sheloy Clty•t to Junction Sta.c:v to Hazard. Teddy to Liberty. Olty. Stacy For~ to Ca.nnel City. Teges* to Manchester. Shelby Gap to Jenkins. Staffordsville*_to Pa.intsv11le Tella to Salye111vllle. 1 Shelton to Dixon. Stahl to B:iwlmg Green. Temperance• to Franklin. Rol!lne•i to Beaver Dam. Sherburne* to Moorefield. Stambaugh to Pajntsvitle. Temple Hlll* to Glasgow. Rosstngton to Kevil Sheridan• to Marton. Stamp to Caneyville. Templer to East BeI'D.!ltadt. Rol8lyn• to Stanton· Sberman•r:t to Crittenden. Standard to Caneyville. Tenm.Jle to Cold Springs. Rosspoint* to Harlan Shiloh to Murray. Stanhope to Providence Teresita to Monterey. , Rothwell•t to Mount Ster- Sblneo to London. Stan1eY*tt to Owensboro. Terrill to Richmond. · Ung. Sh!pley to Albany. Stark to Sandy H ook. . Terryvllle to Sandy Hook Round HUI• {Butler Co) Sbll'ley to Berea. Star Ltme Works to Eddy- Teutonla to Vanceburg. to Caneyvllle · Shoal to Hyden. ville. Texas* to Springfield. Round Hlll" {Madi n Co ) Star Mills*t to Glendale. Thealka-1< to Paintsville. to Kirk vllle so · Shoemaker to :'.\Ionticello. I State Llne•t to Hickman. Thelma• to Paintsville. Rousseau io Ja· kson Shopville* to Somersr>t. Staub to Haza.rd. The Ridge to Sandy Hook. c · Sh t o Pek* to Caneyville Thoma.a• to Prestonsburg. R owena* to Jamestown. 1 or r F d8 m Steele to Plkevllle. Thomson• i to Mount SterRowJandtt to S t anto rd · I Un~ 0 [e1~hfteld. Stella to Salyersvllle. Rowletts*tt t_o M~nto r ctvllle idell* to Manchester. Stephens .. to WUla.rct. Thor to Vanceburg. Howton to. Pike_, 111P. Sldevtew to Mount Sterllng. Stephensburg*:t to Cecllla.. Thornton to Whltesburi. Roxan.i"' to Whitesl>urg. Sideway to Sandy Hook. I Stephensport•tt to Clover- Threerorkst to Oakland. Roy to Columbia w· rt Threelinks to Berea. Royal to Olarkson Sidney to Williamson, po · Three Springs* to Horse Ruby to Columbia. ' Va. StTfrstone•t to Mt. SterCave st :uokervlllet to Wlnche er. SteJ~envme• to Monticello. Threlkei tc Bowling Green U<tdel1 Mlll_s to MlHersburij Silervillet to Pine Knot. Stevenson* to Jackson. Thruston to Owensboro. to Prmceton. Sboe.m* to Portsmouth. Stewart (Mercer Co.) to Thurlow• to Greensburg R Ugby to Columbia.. Perryvllle. Tilden to Dtxon. · 1 Silva to Hodgenville. ugless* to Vanceburg. Silver Oreek*t:t to .Kirks- Stewart (Pike Co.) to Plke- Tilford* to Caneyvllle. Rumsey• t<? <;Ja.lhoun. vllle. Tillie* to Whitesburg. 8 tural to W1lhamson, W.Va • Grove to Cold Stewartsville to Wllllams- Tilton to Flemingsburg Ulb• to Ashland. town Ting to Taylorsvllle. · ~uasell Cave to Lexln~ton. SilSvperringilsl. t,o .....,.est Liberty. Stibbins to West Point. Tinker to Manchester. nUth (Caldwell Co · to SlmerstoWllllamson.W.Va. Hi " Tl ns l ey * to Pineville. ; Stiles to .._Tew H aven. Fredoma. R k ti stmwater* to Campton. Tip-Top•tt to Stithton. Ruth (Pulaski Co.) to Simmons* to oc ·por · Stinnett to Bloomfield. Tobacco* to ffazel. Somerset. Slmpaon• to Jackson. Stinson to Grayson. Todd• to Eubanks. Rutl Sina.I* Lawrenceburg. R 1t on t o Pi " c 11m0n 1 · SinkingtoFork to Cerulean. Stockholm* to Brownsville. Todds Point to SimpsonRJ'an* to Flemlnitsburg. SIP* to Patntsville. Stonewall to Brooksville. ville. Yle• to Verona. Sirocco• to Bra.ndenburr. . tonlngton to Greenup. Toliver to Hazel Green. Sitka* to Pa.lntsv1lle. Stoop!I to Mount Sterling. Tomahawk to Inez. 1 · Stop to MontlcE'llo. Tonga to Greenup. !~credwind* to Blaine. ~~:~;~~Lo~~~;· tovall to Glasgow June- Tonlevme•t to Hodgena~dler• to Leltohdeld . to Stanton. Sklllman* to :r=rawesvllle St~~~ to Franklln. To~~~lght*t to Louisa.. Saint Charlea•U to MadlStraight Creek• to Pineville Toria to (Jradyville. •• ~onvtlle. Sklnnersburg to Stamping Straw to Brownsville. Torrent• r::: to Campton. Elmo to Pembroke. Ground. Strawherey to Somerset. Tousey• to Caneyvllle. St.Helena•t:tto Bea.ttyvllle. Skip to Somerset. . . Strtcklett* to Vanceburg. Towers to Independence. John*:t to Cecilla. 81.rullbuster to Sadieville. Strode to Tomoklnsvtlle. Townsvlllo to Morgantown. St. Jo1eph• to West Louis-I Skylight• to LaGranire. Strunk• to Pine Knot. Trace* to New Richmond, ._y_!Ue. tuart to L wi,lrnrg. Ohio. '!'tllDt Mary•i to Lebanon. Slade* to Stap.ton. Stubblefield to Wingo. Tracefork to Hyden. lh. Paul* to Portsmouth, Slat to :Monticello. tubbs to Moscow. Traer* to Glasgow. Ohio. Slater to La. _center. stuni:eon• to Booneville. Trammel• to Scottsville. • ~hle to Jack.., 0 n. . Slaughtersv11le to SlaughTrap to Winchester. ~lmons• to Franklin. Travellers Rest* to Boonetcrs. s 111 ~! 0 ma• to Campbellavllle. Slavans to Monticello. SUblett* to alyeI'8V e. ville. ....t Well to carlllle. Slemp to Hazard. Subtle to Edmonton. Trench* to Sandy Hook. ~arta• to Grayson Sllckford to Monticello. udith to Salt Lick. •rrentt to Hazel Green. tlllt>le*t to Hardinsburg. Slick Rook• to Glas,;ow.ld ru~~g,r~~~~;~eWoodbury. Tribbe~ to Jiazar,l niue1s•t to Bard■town. Sloana Valle~* to.Bums e. suruvan•:i: to Sturl,\'IB. 8t.nd~ap* to McKee. Siu her to Pme,nlle. Sulphur Lick• to Tompkins- Tribune* to Marton. 8anctHm to Bowling Green. b ville I Trigg Furnace* to Cadiz. 8 a.nfordtown to Covington. SroalleY to Prestons urg. Sulphur Sprln'"' to Fords- Trimble* to Somerset. Smil~ to Morehead. .~ T I It • t M h te to Ru elll prlngs Smith to Harlan. sur:Ni~r Well• to Edmonr J1h1r o anc ea r 9!Dtafe to Milford. · Smtthsboro'tO Hi nd man. ton. Triplet• to Morehead. s tab to Sandy Hook Sm 1ths Creek to Grayson. Summersvllle• to Greens- Trisler to Fordsvllle. ~ • to faysville. · Smlthville~r to Shepbe rdsburg Trosper• to Barbourville. ~ raa to Hazard. ville. • to Olive Summli•t to Elizabethtown Trotter to Vanceburg. SaU}erbto London. Smoky Valley sumner* to W1111amsburg. Troy to Wilmore. ~ 11 erry• to Ollve Hlll. Hlll. sunfish* to Brownevllle. Trueavtlle to Monterey. s Y~e• to Albany. Snap to Clark 9on. Sunnybrook to Monticello. Truitt to Greenup. s::~!"'tdto Wtlllamsburg Snider toAr::Joyrsvl11 e. Sunnydale to Beaver Dam. Tuck to Owensboro. to Horse Cave. Snow ~t• t oitve Hill. sunny Lane to Bowling 'l'ug to Hazard. Sa. ..... er to Somerset. Soldier • o Green 'l'ulga to Greenup s ~ t t t to Jellico, Tenn. Solitud:*t t 0 Sunny s·ide*t to Oakland. Tunnel Hill•rtto Ellzabeth• 1 Sob1ey ot arbourvllle. Solway t 0 Owensboro SUnset to Hillsboro. Tutriown nto' Boonevt11e. Sch00 o Adairville. Sorgho• htl.eld · unslline to Jamestown. 8Ch hoh to Adairville. South* to ~eltc 0 · SUsle* to Monticello. Turkey to Jackson. Scb~~%v1 llde*t to Winchester South ~lokrhbi~~ uterville to tamping Turkey Foot to Sadlev1He. 0 Sob e1 to Newport. South 1::. In Oi0 ) Ground. Tumersvllle to McKinney. ~Iller to Butler. South Forkt (Llnco • Sutherland to Owensboro. Tuscola• to Loullla. ~::izter to Franklin. to ~f1cKkJn(8~iey Co.) to Sutton (Fleming Co.) to Tuttle* to Barbourville. ~ o 1ndcpenctence. South or Flemingsburg. Twelvomile to IIyden. sco!t~utorir•nto P~noeton. BoonHevi I~ Rochester. Sutton (Pike Co.) to Plk~ Twila. to Harlan. a,,.. b oonev1lle. Soutb 111 u1 vtlle ville Twin Sprinas to Princeton "'~, a ble to llagdad. Soutb Pa.rk1to J-,0 !_ · - - - _:__ - - - -- - - - "' · - - - ,county seat. • loney Order Office. tTelegrapb Station.  ~~~m:  I  I  I  0  I  !  t~=~~i;~ry!>\  Sil~!!,  I  g.  ..  ... ,.,.. .)'° .)'°  nt,  s.__.,•~ •  i  Jti1~~?·  :&;:fii'Rton  I  REFERENCE KEY. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  I Vernon to Celina.. Tenn. Vertrees• to Cecllia.  I  lll:1\~vt>u~:i~gurg.  :urus  Va.le to Morehead. Valeria to Campton. Valley* to Vanceburg. Valley Hlll to Springfield. Valleyoa.k to Somerset. Valley Station• to Low. vill_e. V~ifl~.View*t:t to NicholaaVanardsdell*:t to Salvtsa. Vance to Port Ro:ya.1. Vanderburg to Dixon. Vandetta. to Madlsonvtlle. Vanlear• to Palntsvtlle. Vanzant• to Fordsvllle Varilla:t to Pineville. Varney to Williamson, w. Va. Vaughns Mill to Clay City. Vealaburg to Lynnville. Veazey to Hanson. Veeehdale•ti to Slmpsonville. Velber to Science Hill. Venus to Cynthiana. Verda to Harlan. Vessie to Grayson Vest* to Hindman. Vicksburg• to Smithland. Victory to East Bernatadt. View to Marlon. Vincent• to Boonevllle. Vine to Bond. v· v~~r::iot~~~~;ftown. Vinson to Independence. Viol.A to Maytleld. Vlper* to Hazard. Virden to Olay Ctty. Vlrg1e* to Pikeville. VlsaJta•tt to Independenoe. Viva* to East Bernstadt. Vivian to Summer Shade. Yo"'el to Irvine Vo",.r. a'vtne. ll,:. to Paln...., Vortex to Cami,ton. Vo. to Corbin. Vulton Creek to Maytl.eld. Wabd to Mount Vernon. Wades Mill to Winchester. Wactm1vllle• to Ir,;lDe. W&&'ller to Morehead. Waltman• to Lewtapart. Wakefield• t to Bloomfield Walcott to Brookeville, Walden to Wlllla.msburc. Waldo to Salyeravtlle. Walea to Plkevllle. Welker• to BarbourvtJle. W&ll&oe• to Midway Wallaceton to Paint Lick. Walllnltford* to Flemlngsbuiy.  Wallins Creek• to Harlan . W&llonla• to Cerulean. W&llsend* to Plnevtlle. Walnutfla.t to Orab Orchard. Wa.lnutgrove* to Eubank Walnut Hlll to Lexington. WallJb to Portsmouth, Ohio Wa.lte111vllle to Clay City. Waltz to Morehead . Wampum to Falmouth.  \Yanamaker to Poole. Warl>rancb to Hyden. War Creek to Ja.ckson. Ware to Eubanks. Warner to Elizabethtown. Warnock to Greenup. Warren*t to Barbourville . Warwick to Sa.lvisa. Waahlngton • to Mayavtlle . Waaloto•t to Plnevtlle. Watauita* to Albany. '\Vatch to Corbin. Waterford* to Taylorsville. 0  J:t:fo~•t~ ~~~:~:isburg Watervtew• to Marrowbone Weatherford to Ktrkma.nsville.  Weaver to East Bernatadt. Webbs• to GreeIUJbU1!· -  t Express Office. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2000  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  KENTUCKY  Bailey* to Amite Oity. Woodstock* to Eubank. Carvtlle* to White Castle. Ba.ins to Baton Rouge. Casplana • t t to Shreveport Woodv1lle to Kevil. Caatllle to Rayne. Baker•ti to Zachary. Woollum to Manchester.• to ·washlngton. Ball• to Alexa.ndrta. Wooton* to Hyden. Ballina• to Vidalia. Cecil* to Marion. Worlty* to Pine Knot. , Bancker• to Abbeville. Worth to Crestwood. Cecilla to Breaux Bnd~e. Cedarton to Ruston. Worthln~n to Crestwood. 1 Bancroft* to Merryvllle. Ceiper to Boyce. Wrigley• to West Liberty. ' Bannister• to De Ridder. Center Point• to Marksville Wurtland* to Ironton, Ohio Baratarla* to Gretna. Welborn to Science Hill. Central• to Donaldsonville Welchs C'reek to Cane:,vllle. Wyandotte to Winchester. Barbreck* to Bunkie. Barhamtt to Leesville. Wynna to Crorton. Welcome to Caneyville. Chacahoula • t t to ThiboBarron Tio Alexandria Weldon*tt to Brandenberg. Wyoming to Owingsville. daux. Barton• to Donaldsonvllle. Wellington* to Hazel Green Wysox* to Rochester. Chaler to Natchitoches. Wellsburgtt to Augusta. Batchelor•ti to New Roads Chalmette•tt to New Or WeaJeyvm~• to Grayson. leans. Xena to Stanton. Bayou Barbary* to PonWess to Liberty. chatoula. Chamberlin• tt to Port Xerxes to Burkesville. Allen Bayou Chene* to PlaqueWestbend* to Clay Ctty. Charenton•t to Baldw1n. mine. We1t Clifty* to Clarkson. Bayou Chicot• to Vllle Cbarllev11Je• t to Mangham West Covingtont to Cov- Yaho to London. Yale* to Salt Lick . Chase• to Winnsboro. Platte. ington. Westerfield to Whltesvllle. Yamacraw* to Pine Knot. Bayou Current* to Melville. Chauvin* to Houma. Yatesville • to Louisa. Bayou Goula • t t to White Chenal• to New Roads. West Irvine* to Irvine. Yeager* to Plkevllle. Castle. Cheniere t to Monroe. Weston* to Marlon. Yeaman* to CaneyvUle. Bayou La Chute • to Chester to Columbia. Westvort• to La Grange. Shreveport. Chestnut•tt to Wlnn0eld. West Van Lear to Paints- Yellow Mountain to Hindman. Bayou Sale*tt to Center- Chopin*tt to Colfa'-. ville. ville. Choupique* to Vinton. Weatvlew* to Hardinsburg. Yellowrock to Beattyville. Yelvington* to Owensboro. Sara*H to Baton Weymouth to Fulton. Clnclare• tt to Port Allen , Rouge. Yerkes• to Hazard . City Price• to Nrw Orleans Yocum* to West Liberty. Bear• to Lake Charles. Whalen to Whltesvllle. 1 York to Greenup. Beekman* to Bastrop. Wharton to llazard Yosemite• to Middleburg. Clare* to Many. Begg• to Washington. Wheatcroft•tt to ClR.y. Yost• to Greenville. Belair"-t to _~ew Orleans. , Clarence• t t to Campti. Wheeler to Barboursville. Clarks• tt to Columbia. Wheelersburg to Salyers- Young to Salt Lick. Youngs Creek to Corbin. Bell Chase to ew Orleans. I Clay• to Ruston. ville. Yuma to Camt)bellsvllle. Clayton*U to Vidalia. Bell City• to Welsh. Belle Alllance*tt to Don- Clear Lake to Campti. Wheelers Mills* to MunCllrton•t:t to Franklinton aldsonville. fordville. Olio• to Hammond. 1\'heelwright, to ,Yeekshury Zachariah to Clay City. 1 Belle Amie to Lockport. Belledeau to ~Iansura.. Whetstone• to 8'1.rkesvUle. Zebulon to Pikeville. Zelda* to Louisa. Belle Helene• to DonaldWhlck*tt to Jackson. Zero to Hogdenville. Cockfield to .:--rontgomery. sonvllle. Whisman to Campton. Zion to Henderson. Belle Rose• to Palncourt- Coe• to Church Point. Whitco to 'Whitesburg. Zion Station•t to Mount 0 t~ 1 Zion. Berl~:Ue• to Shreveport. Whitehall* to Richmond Whitehouse*tt to Paints- Zoe to Beattyville. Bellwood* to .Natchitoches. I Colsons to Farmerville. Zold to Beattyville. Belmont• to Zwolle. ville. Comite* to Baton Rouge. Zoneton to ShepherdsvllJe. White MWs• to Sonora. !Convent•tt to Lutcher. Benson•tt to Mansfield. Whiteoak* to Cannel City. Zula to Monticello. , Conway* to Farmerville. Bentley• to Pollock. Whitepost to Williamson. Bermuda• to Mont~omery. , Cook to Yanstleld. W.Va. Copeland to Vidalia. Bertie• to NapoleonvUle. Denham to Bertrandvllle•t to New Or- Corbln*t White Rose to CampbellsSprings. leans. ville. Oorey Station to Columbia Bethany• to Shreveport. Whlte Run* to CaneyvWe. , Corleyvllle• to Many. Big Bend• to Mansura. Whltes Statlon•t to Berea. CornerTlew*to Baton Roul[t B1g Cane• to Bunkie. White Star to Harlan. LOUISIANA Cornor to Woodville. Blackburn• to Homer. White Sulphur to Mldway. Cossinade• to Ka.plan. Black Creek* to Coltax. Whitewood to Greensburg. Black llawk*tt to Vidalia. Couchwood to Cotton ValWhittteld to Taylorsville. ley. Blanchard • tt to ShreveAbbie Joe to De Quincy. Whltleyt to Pine Knot. Cowey to Winnfield. port. Whitley City*t to Pine Abington to Shreveport. Co,·erdale to Kinder. Knot. Abita Sprtngs•tt to Cov- Blanks to Lottie. Whitlock to Richmond. lne-toJ>. Cow Island to Abbeville. Blankston• to Columbia. Whitt• to Olive Hill. Acme to Vidalia. 'rane to Boyce. Blond to Covington. Whynot to Irvtne. Acy• to Baton Rouge. Cravena•tt to De Ridder. Bluff Creek* to Clinton. Boatner• to Jonesboro. Wit:>org to Somerset. Adeline t t to Baldwin. Creole* to Lake Charles. Bodcau • t to Shreveport. Wide A wake to Carrollton. Adner• t,o Shreveport. ' Crescent to Plaquemine. Bodoc to Cottonport. Afton* to Tallulah. WUbur* to Blaine. Boeut River (Caldwell Co.) Creston•t to Campti Wlldle•tt to Mt. Vernon. Ageratum to Robeline. Crew Lake•t to Rayville. to ColumWa. Almwell~ to Jena. Wildwood to Scottsville. Bollnger•t to Plain Deallne; Crichtontt to Coushatta. Ajak to Pleasant JI ill WUey to Benton. Cross Keys to hreveport Bolivar• to Tangipahoa. Wllhelmlna to Elkton. Akerat to Ponchatoula. Crowvme• to Winnsboro. Wilhoit• to Harlan. Albany* to Hammond. Curry to Wlnn0eld Wllburat•tt to Jackson. Albemarle• to Labadlevllle Bonaml*U to De Ridder. Curtl1* to Shreveport. Bontouca• to Slidell. Alberta•tt to Castor. , Bonham Landing to Moor- Cypress•tt to Natobltochea Alcus to lidell. Willailla to Brodhead. ingsport. Alden Brtdge•tt to Plalnj Wlllard*tt to Grayson. Bonlta•tt to Mer Rouge. Williams to Cannel City. Boothville to New Orleans. Williamsport* to Paintsville Allemands*tt to Raceland. Bosco•u to Monroe. WUlow* to Beattyville. Dalcour to New Orleans. Boudreaux* to Houma. Willowgrove to Butler. Allendale to Shrevevort. Dalley to Chatham. Wlllow Shade* to Marrow- Alma to Dubach. Bourland Station to Mon- Danville* to Bienville. bone. Aloha• t t to Colfax. roe. D'Arbonne to Choudrant Wlllow Shoalal to Beatty- Alpha to Coushatta. Darlington• to Clinton . ville. Alsatla • tt to Lake Provi- Boutte•tt to Paradis. Darrow• to Donaldsonvllle Bowie*tt to Raceland. dence. Braithwaite• to New Or- Daspit to Houma. Willow Town to Campbells- Alsen to Banton Rouge. to • f'w Orleans. leans, ville. Alton• to SU dell. Davis 'tation to Gretna. Branch• tt to Rayne. Wlllowtree to Irvine. Brandon* to Baton Rouge. Dean to :\Iarion. Wilson Ville* to Taylorsville. Ama• to Gretna. Ue-ertord • to Zachary. WU ton• to C'}rbln. Ameua•tt to Morgan City. Breckwolclt to Hammond. Brewerton to Donaldson- De rparktt to Vidalia. Amesvtlle• to Gretna. Wimsatt to Bardstown. De Loutre to P'armervllle Win to Salyersville. Brti~:c to Donaldsonville. I Delta •tto Vicksburg, Miss ~~~~~tio t*t:i1~3s. Wind Cave to McKee. Deltabrtdge• to St. Joseph Windsor to Somerset. Brooks• to New Roads. Andrepont to Opelousas. Dennis Mllls* to Denham Brown to Saline. Andrew• to Rayne. Winesap to .;\Iunford~ille. Springs. An~ola•tt to Baton Rouge. Brusly Lan1.liug to Port AlWinifred* w Blaine. Derouen• to New Iberia. len. Winkler to 8an<ly Hook. Ansley*t to Ruston. Derry•tt to Colfax. Buckeye• to Alexandria. Antioch to Homer. Winston• to Irvine. Deshotel ■• to Ville Platte. Buckner• to Mangham. Arbroth • to Port Allen. Wireman• to Prestonsburir. 1 Archlbald•tt to Mangham. 1 Bundick to De Ridder. D strehan t to Kenner Buras•t to New Orleans. I Arcola.•tt to Roseland. Wisdom* to Edmonton. Burnside• ti to Donaldson Devall to Port Allen. A.rgo to Jont ville. Wlsemantown• to Irvine. I Deville to Alexandria. vUle ,1 Ariel• to Raceland. Wishbone to Tollesboro. Dlamond•t to Gretna. Arkana• to Plain Oeallne-. Burrs i<'crry to Leesville. Wiswell to Murray. Burtvllle• to Baton Rouge Dlckard to Waterproof. Armlde to Opelousas. Withers* to Livingswn. Dido* to Fullerton. Armisteadtt to Coushatta. Burwood to New Orleans. Witt to Irvine. Dixie• t l (Caddo Co.) to Bush*tt to Bogalusa. Witt Sprlng-11* to Irvine. Belcher. Butler to Pleasant Hill. Ashland •tt to Minden. Dollette to fansfleld . Wotrord•t to Wllllamsbu~. Ashly• to Tallulah. Donner•rt to iorgan City Ashridge to Vidalia. Wolf t:> Grayson Dorcheat to Cotton Valley Caddo to OIi City. Ashton• to Baldwin. Wolf Coal to Jackson. Oorcyvllle• to\''lhlte Castle. Cado•tt to ... - ew Iberia. Wolf Creek• to Branden- Ashwood to • ·ewellton. Dorfg o < olumbla. Atchafalayat to Breaux Cadevllle to Eros bun,;. Doss• to Collinston. Calhoun•tt to Monroe. Bridge. Wolfpit to Pikeville. Douglas to Ruston. Atherton• to Lake Provt- Gallaway to FarmervUle. I Down ville• to Choudrant. Calumet•t to Patterson. dence. Woodhlne•u to Corbin. Dreytus• to Donaldsonvlllt Calvtn•t to vVlnnfteld. Atkms•tt to Shreveport. Woo<tlake to Frankfort Ory Creek* to Klnde-r. Woodlawn*t to Bardstown. Atlanta•u to New Verda. !Cameron• to Las:o Charlee Ory Prong•tt to Pollock . Woodman* to WWlamson. Aubrey to Fullerton. 1 Dubherl:v•tt to Minden. Carnot to Homer. Audubon to Slidell. W Va. Duboin• to . ·ew Iberia. Avery Ialand•t to New Carli. le• to New Orleans. Woodrow to Irvington. OubulsRon to Washlnsrton. CarlySII* to Lake Charles . Iberia. W00011• to Prestonshurg. Duck Port• to \'lcksburg. Carroll* to Coushatta. Woodaonvtlle to Munford- Avoca•t to Labadlevillo. _ _A_r_e&_d_la_____C~a_ra:..;o_n_•-'t~l_to~De Rldde_r.___ '-tiss. _Tlll_e_._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _A,.cy_c_o_c_k_to Webbs Cross Roads* to Russel Springs. Webbvllle*tt to Grayson. Web■ ter•t to Hardlnsbu~. Wedonia* to Mays Lick. Weed to Gradyville. Weir• to Greenville.  8~l~~1i~r: Ji::i~~~h.  !  I  A1t1!ff~1~tBoyce.  l 1  I  l 1  ••wr••••c• KEY.  , County Seat.  • Money Order Office.  tTelegraph Station.  LOUISIANA Dwac to Houma. Dunbar• U to PearllnirtoD Miss. Dunn•t to Rayville. Duplesdls* to Donaldsonville. Dupont• to New Roadt1. Durald to Eunice. Dutch Town• to Donaldsonville. Duty* to Columbia. Dykesvllle to Haynesville. E~ ton* to Mamou.  l!:ast ~dleton to Many. East Polnt•ttto Coushatta. Echo• to Mall8ura. Eden• to Jena. aEdgard •tt to Reserve. Edirard Station to Reserve. Edgerle y•tt to Vinton. Edith * to Franklinton. Edna• to Kinder. Effie* to Marksville.  Egan•tt to Crowley. Egg Bend to Mansura. Elam to ,vinnshoro. Elba• to Melville. Eldoradot to Tallulah. Elizabeth*tt to Oakdale. Ellendale• to Houma Ellis to Crowley. Elmer• to Alexandria. Elmgrove* to Shreveport. Elmoret to Ruston . Elm Park to Baton Rouge. Emad to Kimler. Empire• to New Orleans.  Enirllsh Lookout to Pearl• lngton. Miss . English Turn to New OrleaM. Enoka* to Tallula.b. Enon• to Franklinton. Enterprise to Columbia. Eola•tt to Bunkie. Epney• to Amite City. Epp. to OakgroYe. Ero:•tt to l\louroe. Erwinville*tt to Port Allen.  Esther• to Abbeville. Estherwood•tt to Crowley. Esto to Many. EstoplnaJ• to New Orleana. Ethel• t t to Clinton. Eva• to Jonesville , Evane;ellne- to Jennlnga. Evelyn• to Mansfield. Everirreen•tt to Bunk.le. Extension* to Winnsboro. Fairbanks to Monroe. Fairmount• to Colfax. Feite!• to Vacherie. Fellxvllle* to Clinton. Fenris to Eunice. Fenton •tt to Kinder. Ferry Lake to Oil City. Fields* liO Lake Charles. Fisher• t t to Many. Flat Creek to Olla. Flatwoods• to Boyce. Flora• to Natchitoches. Florenvllle•tt to Slidell. Flournoy •to Shreveport. !Floyd• to Oak Grove. Fluker* to Rosedale. Flynn to Opelousas. Folsom•tt to Covington. Fondale to .:\Ionroe. Forbln~• to Shreveport. Fordoche•tt to l\larlngoulD Foreman to Baton Rouge. Forest Hill •rt to Alex· andrta. Fort Jesup• to Many. Fort Necessity• to WlnD!-' boro. Foster•t to Centerville. Foul • to Ferriday. to ettlement• Frencn Baton Rouge. '<'rey• to Eunice.  ~~:~~:iv;  ~ ~~~~:eport. o larlngouin. FrogmorP t o \ idalla.  ~gJZ!ke Charles. t~y~;:ft Funston to Lo1rnnsport. Furrh to Shreveport.  Gaars Mills• to Dodson. Gahagan• t t to Coushatta,  Galbraith* to Colfax G lllon•tt to Merrouge. Galloway to B gnlusa Galvez to Baton Rouge. Gandy to lanv  g:~J:~1c1i~•~ fc!' l;al!kl1Jl. 0  0  Gardner* to lexandr1a, Gart1eld to Vivian , ~;,1Garland* to Wa.,;hlngt,o owary to Lake 1 r G  Ga~~~~t  to Shreveport.  g~d\ i~nff:0 .ett. 0  rk, Gelsmar• ti to uona.JdsaD" ___.ville.  tExpress Office.  G G G  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POIN'I'S  LOUISIANA  LOUISIANA  New Light* to Newellton. Randolph*U to Junction City, Ark. Newlin* to De Rldder. Ravenwood to Melville. Newport• to Columbia. Newton to Campti. Red Cro■1• to Melville. New Verda* to Winnfield. Reddell• to Ville Platte. Lookout• (St.Helena Co.) to Nezplque* to Jennlnga. Red Fish• to Cottonport. Clinton. ickel to Jena. Redllch* to Eunice. Loranger* to Independence. Ninock* to Shreveport. Red Oak* to Coushatta. Lotus• to Natchitoches. Nolla to Montgomery. Reeves• to lilnder. Lou to Rlnggold Nona to Leesvllle. Refds* to De Ridder Glynn*tt (De Soto Co.) to Jack* to Greensburg. Loyd to Cheneyville. Jacoby• to New Roads. N orab to Lockport. Mansfield. ~:~g{.*tti ~a~~~~rn~_rt. Norma to Hessmer. Glynn (Pointe Coupee Co.) Jamestown•t to Ringgold. Lucas"'tt to Shreveport. Lucknow* to Mangham. Jarreau* to New Roads Notnac• to Newellton. Rem:v* to Lutcher. *tt to New Roads. New Lucky* to Saline. Nugent to Pollock. Jesuit Bend•t to Rexmere to Bordelonville. Golddust"'t1 to Bunkie. Lucy• to Reserve. Or1eans. Nunez* to Abbeville. Reynolds to Alexandria. Goldman•t to Waterproof Ludlngton•tt to De Ridder Goldonna•tt to Winnfield Jewella to Shreveport. Rhmehart* to Jena. Luella* to Natchitoches. Johnson to Hammond. Rhoda• to .Morgan Clty. Good Plne*tt to Jena. Johnson (St. John Baptist Lula"' to Mansfield. Rice to Welsh. Luling*tt to Gretna. Co.) to Reserve. Riceville* to Gueydan. Gordon* to Haynesville. Luna* to :Monroe. Jones*tt to Mer Rouge. Richard to Bunkie. Gorum* to Colfax. Oakland* to Strong, Ark. Lydla*t to Jeanerette. Joycet to ·winnfield. Richland* to Alexandria. Goss to Mansfield Slidell. to Oaklawn* Junc1.ion City to Junction Rid~e• to Rayne. Goudeau to Bunkie. Oaknolla to Slaughter. City, Ark. Rio*tt to Bogalusa. Grabow to De Ridder. Odenburg• to Melvtlle. Junior* to New Orleans. Rlverton*tt to ColumLI&. Grace* to Winnfield. Okaloosa to Eros. Roanoke•tt to Welsh. Junks* to Vidalia. Gramercy•tt to Lutcher. 1 Oldfield* to Independence. Magda• to Alexandr\a. Robert to Hammond. Grand Bayoutt to Couto Denham Olga• to New Orleans. Magnolia * shatta. Springs. Branch• to Slaughter Robson* to Shreveport. Olive Rochelle•tt to Olla. Grand Chenier• to Lake Kahns• to Port Allen. Mahon to Homer. Ollvler•tt to New Iberia. Kateland to Colfax. Arthur. Malllar.:l to Jeanerette. Grand Coteau• to Sunset. Keatchie*tt ro Shreveport. l\Ianchac to Baton Rouge. tioTigiouJfn~ton. Grand Bcore to N atchi- Keith to De Ridder. Manifest• to Jena. Ora to Farmerville. Rock to Hornbeck. Kelthvllle*tt to Shreveport Manill.i Village to Gretna. Orutta to De Ridder. toches. Rocky Mount• to Pla1D Grand Isle•tt to Gretna. Manstord* to Tallulah. Oscar• to New Roads. Dealing. ~o~r::~~!tta. Grand Lake• to Lake Marcel* to New Iberia. Osceola to Independence. Rodes$a • tt to Vivian. Kents Store"' to Clinton. Charles. Marco• to Colfax. Ossun to cott. Rollins to Shreveport. Grangeville*t to Clinton. Mark• to Port Allen. Ostrtca• to New Orleans. Romeville* to Lute-her. Kile to Le&ville. Grant* to De Rlddn. l\Iarston to Bogalusa. Otis to Boyce. Roosevelt*tt to Tallulah Kllllan* to Ponchatoula. Grappes BlutT• to Campti. Martin to Cotton Valley. Ouachita• to Monroe. i to Melville. Rosa•t Klllona • t tto Reserve. Gray• to Thibodaux . Mason to Winnsboro. Oubre* to Vacherie. Rosedale• tt to Maringouin. Greenwood•tt to Shreve- Klng• to Tallulah. Mathews*t to Raceland. Oxford•tt to Mansfield. Rosefield• to Olla. Manst!eld. to Ktniston• port. to Slidell. Hoseland"'tt to .\mite. I Maud Grosse Tete•t t to Maring- Kiolin to Alexandria. Maurepas• to Ponchatoula. Rosepine• 1 to De Ridder. Klein wood to Bordelon ville. Maxie to Crowley. ouin to Alexandria. Ruby* Klotzvllle* to PalncourtvUle Mayna to Jonesville. Grove• to Minden. Ruple* to l-Iaynesville. Gullets 8tationt to Amite Knowles to Dubach. Mayo to Lee.svllle. Rustville to Leesville. Packton*t to Winnfield. Minden. to Koran• City. Palmetto• ti to Melvllle. Kraemer to Thibodaux. Gurley• to Jackson. Paradis*::: to Kenner. Krotzsprings*tt to ~Ielto Delcambre. Parcperdue* Donaldaonto McCall•tt ville. Pa.rhams* to Jonesville. ville. Sailes* to Gibsland. Kurthwood to Leesville. Parkst to St. Martinsville. McCrea* to New Roads. Saint Amant• to Baton Parkville to Leesville. Hackberry* to Vinton. 0 Rouge. Hackley*t to Franlrlinton. Labarre to Paincourtville • ~~g~g~;gJJl~~tefo b%tna. Pasman* to Franklinton. Saint Ameua• to DonaldPatoutvtlle to Jeanerette. Mc:Vlanust to Jackson. La Branch*t to Kenner. Hadley to Shreveport. sonvllle. Lutcher. to Paulina• Alexandria to McNa.ry \\Telsb. to Station Lacassine Halle*t to Marlon. ,st. Bernard*t to Arabi. Pearl Rlver•rt to Slidell. M k • t L oompte Lacbute to Shreveport. Hall to Denham Springs. St. Charles Station to Pear onville to l\Ielville. tg Al~xandrla. Halls Summit to Coushatta Lacombe to Slidell. Gretna. Hornbeck. to Peason Melonie* to New Orleans. Hamburg• t tto Moreauvllle. Lacour• to New Roads. t. Elmo to Donaldsonville. Pecan 1s1and* to Gueydan. St. Melrose• to Natchttoches. La Fay to Oa.kgrove. Hanna•tt to Coushatta. Gabriel*tt to PlaqueWinnsboro. to Peck•t Meraux* to New Orleans. ew Lafitte* to New Orleans. Happy Jack* to mine. Perry• to Abbevllle. Lafourche Orossing*tt to Meridian to Alexandria. Orleans. Saint James*t to Vacherie. Bastrop. to Perryville Jennln1r1. to Mermenton• Thibodaux. Haraban to Kenner. Salnt Landry*tt to Bunkie. Phillips to Amite City. Me.ssick to Coushatta.. La~an• to Donaldsonville. Hardie* to Columbia. Maurice•ti to MontPhillips Bluff* to Kinder. Saint Harelson to Ba ton Rouge. Lake End*tt to NatchJ- Metcalf to Shreveport. gomery. Orleans. New to Phoonlx* Mldland•tt to Crowley. toches. Hargis to Montgomery. Vacberfe. Patricks* St. Plckertn~• t t to Leesville. St. Rose*tt toto Lakeland• to New Roads. Millda1e to ZacharJ. Harman to Coushatta. New Orleans. ::\fillikin*tt to Lake Provi- Plllette to Broussard. Lamar to Winnsboro. Harris to Pleasant Hlll. to CovTammany•t Saint Pilot Town• to New Ordence. Harvells Mllls to Greens- Lamourie*tt to Lecompte. ington. leans Lamourte Station to Le- Milton* to Broussard. burgh. Samstown to Whitecastle. Franklinton. to Pine Harvey• t to Gretna. .Milton berg to Alexandria. Pine Grove*+ to Amite. La~~;1ft~· Belcher. 111 1 0 Haughton• ttto Shreveport. Satsuma to Doyle. Pineville• ft to Alexandria. Schley to Leesville. t~ ii~s:!~~ · Lapine* to Monroe. R&wthorn* to Leesville. Pinewood* to De Ridder. Schriever• t t to Thibodaux. l\lira*tt to Ida. liayes•tt to Lake Arthur. Laplace• t t to Reserve. Ploneert'tt to Oak Grove. l\1issionarv* to Ida. Laran* to Strong, Ark. chwab to Morganza. Pirmont to Coushatta. L'Argent• to Waterproor · Mitchell• to Pleasant HUl Head of Island* to Denham Scotlandville to Baton 1 Larose to Lockport. Pltkin*tt to De Ridder. Houge. PltrevUle to Opelousas. Latex to Marshall. Texas. lleSJli:ffo· Columbta. Seale* t,o De Quincy. Plaisance* to Opelousas. Lauderdale• to Donaldson- Mitchener* to Delhi. Security to Jonesv1Ue. B.emphill* to Alexandria.. Planchette to New Roads. Segura• to New Iberia. Mi:r• to New Roads. lienrv* to Abbevllle. ville. Paln- Sellers* to Kenner. Plattenvme•tt to Hermitage• to New Roads Laura to Na~oleonvll~a.ton Moberly* to Gretna. courtvllle. Selma.• t 1 to Pollock. Modeste to Donaldsonvme Laurel Hill t to Bester* to Lutcher. Baton to Plettenberg Serena to J onesvllle. !ickory to Cottonport. Moncla* to Marksville. L Rouge; to Jonesville Rouge. SeymourvilJe to Plaquenloo• to Dubach. Montegut* to Houma. L av'tcc;. to Ringgold · Point Blue to Ville Platte. mine. l'llgbJand• (Tensas Co.) to Law. 0 Tew Orleans. Montrose•t to Natchltochea ~. t to Robeline Shamroc,1c• 1::r Waterproot. ~lontz* t? Reserve. L:~~~~;i 0 le~vllle. to Baton Rouge Sharpsburg New to Hache•t la a •Pointe .u 111 to Dodson. Moorland to Alexandria. L e B eau t O Melville. Shaw*tt to Ferriday. Orleans. limy• to Dubach. Mora* to Boyce. • Point Pleasant* to Newell- Shelburn•tt to Lake ProviMorblhan to New Iberia. LeBJanc*t ~o Krnder. lllneston • to Alexanana. dence. ton. Lee Bayou toB Fe[".lda.y. , :.ioney•t to Plaquemine. Rholl Beach to Arabi. Poley"' to Doyle. I Morris to Boyce. ?!obart* to Donaldsonvtlle. Lee :'.'.loyen to un ic. Shreveport to Poo1e Bunkie. to to Harrison burc, Sherwood Morrow•ti Marksvllle. to Legonl~r• nobson to Farmerville. Port Barrow to Donaldson- Shiloh ( Union Co.) to BerMorse•tt to Crowley. Leland to,Harrlsonburg !;!odge• t t to Jonesboro. nice. ville. Morville*t to Vidalia. noben Solms• to White Leleux to ha.plan. Moselys Bluff to Farmers- Port Chalmettef to New Shonialoo• to Haynesville. Lens Station tofi ~gyce Castle. ville Orleans. Shrewslmryt to Now Orlloluen•t (Livingston Co.) Lenoir* to Mans e · leans. Moss Bluff to Lake Charles Port Eads* to New Orleans. Lenzburg to Co~shatta. to Hammond. Mossv!Jle* to Lake Charles. Port Hudson•t to St. r'ran- Shute1n.on• to Sunset. Leonville to Ope ousas. Dol\owa:v• to Alexandrta. (Lincoln Co.) to clsvllle. Sibley Tallulah. to tt Mound• Reserve. t~ Sassier Le to Mansfield. 11 olly• Choudrant. to Winnsboro. Leslie to l\~nti81~ Valley Mount Alrey* t('I Lutcher. Port Vincent* to Denham 11olly Grove* Springs. to CottonSimmesport*H Ridgett to Rayville. llo}ly Mt. Hermon*l to KentLLettotn* trtoh•tot ~o New . port. Potash*t to New Orleans. wo<>d. e swo Campti. to Leesvllle. to Simpson Powhatan•tt t~?u~~l;ie. Glbsto Lebanon• Mount Martinsville St Rorta1s·to Slnger•tt to DeRidder. Poydras to New Orleans. land · ijo1,1e Place to N cw Orleans L eve Ii Ooct to Arcadia. Lewls*tt t~ i'c~:rch Polnt Mount .Pleasant• to Colum• Pralrlevllle* to Donaldaon- Sllgo* to Shreveport. vllle. Smoke Bend* to Donaldson• bla Ml Lewisburg Ii Ope•t to Minden. Prlchard to Harrisonburg. ville. fowa·ca• to Eunice. <we Vllla*t to Baton LewlstonH•UJto. O~Y~fenvMe Soap Stone t.o Oberlin. Pride* to Zachary. to Maringouin. \fusson · . Liberty If <'-OUge nd Shreveport. to Prlnceton to Pleasant HW. Sodustt Monroe. to att :1.1 ria. Alexa to Libuse llortman• to Cotton Valley Provencal*tt to Robeline. !\I~tist! to Vivian. Llddlevllle to Winnsboro. °sston•tt to Gilliam. 11 ondheimert to Tallulah. Myrtle Grove*! to New Or- Pugh to Labadleville Llllle*tt to Bernloe. llot Well to Boyce. Lincecum to Pollock. Sorrento•tt to Baton Rouge OUltonvllle to Madlson- Llndsay•tttoSt. 1eans. FranclsvUle ~lllP.. South Manstleld*tttoMa.nsMarion. to Llnvllle* fleld. !gwarcttt to Shreveport. LtoDB• to Garyv!Ue. Southportt to New Orleana. }I wen to Baton Rouge. to BlenvU!e. Sparta• Naborton* to :\1ansflelrl. ltUgbes ::lpur* to Benton. Quadrate• to Boyce. to H?.mcr_. Spearsville to Bernice. Natrn•t to New Orleans. a Utnpbreys• to Houma. Lisbon* Quarry to Boy~e. Lismore• to \ 1C_laha. Spencer•t to Monroe. Orleans. New to Naomi* liUnter•t to Mansfield. Quebec•tt to Tallulah. Litroe* to Marion. Spider• to Manslleld. Naplestt to .'.\larksviile. ll Usser- to Inoependflnce. Little to Newellton. Creek to Jena. Springcreek* to Tani,tipahoa to Hammond. Quimbytt V<lrooolls to Marksville. Roads. New t.o Quinton Little '\Voodst to ... Tew Natalbany• to Ponchatoula Springfield• Natcbez•tt to ·atchltoche8 Qultman•tt to Jonesboro. Springndge to Shreveport. Ridder. De to t Neame• Ll~;~~~f• to Gree?sburg. Ponchatoula to Sprlnv:vme• Nebo* to Jena . Livinirston* to Do) le. l . Standard• tt to Olla. Llvonta• to New Roads. ~tt• to Winnfield. tanton Landing to New ~~~~\·o Raccourcl• to New Roads. Orl«>ans . Ragleyt to De Ridder. l)c:~llllll e• to Baton Rouge. Lobden•tt todti0 Telson to Gibsland. h ...Nero• Loch Lomon e to Welsh 111 Starhill* to Baton Rouge. Ra.mhin to Pelican . to New Orleans. Locust Ridge* to St.Josep l dlan Bayou"' to Rayne. Starks-l<tttoLake Charles. Ramos• to Morgan City. Nesom to Cllnton llwan Mound* to Baton Logtown* to Monroe .. Nestor* to New Orleans RamseJ' to (;ovlngt"-on..;..:_.---'--=-'.:..te:.:r.:.11.:.n.:.g:.:t.:.on:.::....:t.:.o-.::.M:.:<.:.l'.::lr:.:.o:..:~~-_ , L ~ ~ o Cheneyvllle. ou~e.  Genessee•tt to Hammond. Georgetown•tt to Pollock. Gheens* to Raceland. Glbson•tt to Thlboda111 GUils* to Lake Charles. Girard • t t to Rayvtlle. Glencoe• to Baldwin. Gloater• t t to Grand Cane.  J Innis• to New Roads. Iowa• t 1 to Lake Charles. Irene• (East Baton Rouge Co.) to Zachary. Irish Bend•t to Franklin. Isa.bell*tt to Bogalusa.. Ivan to Benton.  Lonewa to Monroe. Longbrldger t to Mansura. Longleat• to Alexandna.  g~~:  l:~fi:1JJg  M:rd::.  I  J)  tO  t.  es,  a.  ilJl·  2001  :~~:~~a!  llg1~~"fi1  I  REFS:-RENCE KEY, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  11i~:e  • county Seat.  t~~!tlfe.  • Money Order Office.  tTelegraph Station.  tExpress Office. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2002  LOUISIANA  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  MAINE  Weyanoke* to Baton Rogue. Bowerbank to Do, et·. CUnts Corner •tt toLewl8ton EAl!t Wtnn • to Old town. Whitehall* to Doyle. Bowery Beach t "~ Port.- Cushing* to rhomaston. East Wlntnrop• to WinWhltevllle•:t to Bunkie. land Cutler• to Machias. throp. W,cklilfe" ro New Roads. Eaton*t to Bangor. WUbertt to Port Allen Boyd Lake to Milo. Eddington to Bangor. Eden* to Bar Harbor. Wilcmt* to Baton Rouge. g:~~~fdJn:~r~~'K.rJo. Daigle* to Fort Kent. Edes Falls to Bridgton. Wilda to Boyce. Bradley•r to Oldtown. Damartscotta. MWs•tt to Edgecomb• to Wiscasset. Edmunds to Eastport. Wlldsvme• to Jonesville. Branch Mllls to Augusta. Damariscotta. Egiemoggln• to Rockland Willets to Vidalia. I Bremen to Waldoboro. Damascus to Bangor. Willhite to Monroe. Bridgewater Center• to Danville Junctiontt to Ellot• Tl to Portsmouth, Wllliams* to Coushatta. Presque Isle. Auburn. N. H. W1lllamsport to New Roads Brighton* to Skowhegan. Dark li 11r•,or*t to Belfast. Ellingwood Corner to BanWills Point to Bristol* to New Castle, 1 DDa.a,!1.dsno?.. 1 }_dtodeHroorulci.ton. 1 g 1, Ellsworth Falls• t to ElleWilson Landing to Jones-I 1 •0 ville. Broad Cove• to Waldoboro I Dead Rive, to r·annl:llgworth. Brooklin• t to Ellsworth. ton. Elmore* to Thomaston. Wilmer* to Amite City. Brooksville• to Bucksport Deblois* to Ellsworth. Elms to Kennebunk. Wilson*tt to Norwood. BrooJnon•t to Calais. I Dedham to i,,..u.,,,.·r. Embden*t to Madison. Brownfield•t to Bridgton. Emery Mills• to SDrlne;vale. I Womack to Chatham. Enfleld*tt to Oldtown. Woodland* to Clinton. Brownvllle*U to Mllo. Deerlngl to Portlirnd. Taft* to Gretna. Woodl wn* to Kinder. · DeerlngCentert tc L'ortlano l Etna•U to Newport. . 11stls* to Rangeley. Ta.llsheek*tt to Slidell. Woodworth*tt to Alexan• Brownville Junctlon•tt to Deer lsJe•t to Rock.,md Tallleu* to Labadlevllle. drla.. Milo. Denmark• to Brldgtv. L ..:eter• to Bane:or. Tangipahoa*tt to Kent- Wright* to Gueydan. Bryant Pond•t:t to Bethel Dennysvllle•tt to Eastpv, -~"eter Mills to Bangor. wood. Wyatt•tt to Jonesboro. Bucks Harbor• to Machla.s. Derby to Milo. Taylor• t to Gibsland. Bucksport Centertto Buck• 1 Detroit• rt to Plttstl.eld. Taylortown•tt to Shreveport. Dixfield Center to Rumford port. Yellow Pine*t to Minden. Burdin to Guilford. Falls. Fa1ruanks to Fa.rmlnR."ton. Teohe to Franklin. Burkettvlne• to Waldoboro Dl:xmont• to Newport. lt'alrneld Center• to FatrTemple to .Boyce. Burlington• to Oldtown. Dorman to Machias. fteld. Tenmile* to Oberlin. Zimmerman•tt to Boyce. Burnham•tt to Pittsfield. Douglas Hill* to Portland. Fairmount to Fort Falrftela Terry to Oak Grove. Zion 10 ,Yinnfielcl. Bustlns Island to Freeport Dover South Mills to Dover. Falmouth to Portland. Theriot to Houma. to Falmouth Foreslde Zona•tt to .t<'ranklinton. Bu.xton•t to Saco. Dresden• to Richmond. Thomastown•t to Tallulah. Buxton Center• to Saoo. Dresden Mllls• to RichPortland. Thornwell• to Lake Arthur. 1 Byron*U to Rumford Fallll ·mond. Farmtngdalet to Gardiner. Thurman to Bernice. Drew• to Bangor. Farmington Falla•to FarmTlcktaw•tt to Hammond. Dryden•t to Wllton. ington. Tide to Winnfield. Fayette• to Winthrop. Dry Mills* to Portland. Durham to Auburn. Tillman*t to Fullerton. Fayette Corner to WinTlllou to Bastrop. Dyer Brook*t to Houlton. throp. I Cambridge• to Dexter. Timberton*tt to Lutcher. Canaan• to Skowhegan. Five Islands• to Bath. Flagstaff• to Skowhegan. Timon* to Campti. l\lAL~E I Canton*tt to Livermon• Fly Point• to Ellsworth. Tlnus* to Greensburg. Falla. to Camden. Tioga• tt to Alexandria. Forest City• to Bangor. Ca~~r~ lari~~t• to Llver- 1 Eagle~ Togo to Newellton. Eagle Lake•tttoFor~ Kent. 1 Fortunes Rock to Biddeford. Abbott Vlllage• tt to Gull- I Cape Cottage• to Portland. East Andover to Rumford. Torbert to Lottie. ford. Caoe Elizabeth to Portland j Ea11t Auburn to Auburn. , Foxcrott*l to Dover. Cape Neddlck• to York Vil- E~~~laldwtn•t:t to Port- I Franktort*tt to Searsport. Toro• to Many. Aoa.dla* to Caribou. lage. Franklln • tt to Ellsworth Torra.s•rt to New Roads. ~.\ddhon* to Jonesport. Toups to Lockport. Albany to Bethel. East Bangor to Bangor. Freedom* rn Unity. Capens* to Guilford. Cape Porpoise• to Kenne- East Bethel to Bethel. Transylvanla*H to Lake Alblon•:t to Falrfteld Freeman to F-amungton. East Bluebill* to Ellsworth. I Frenchboro• to Bar Harbor Provldence. Ale:xa.nder* to Calais. bunk. Cape Rozler• to Beltast. East Boothbay• to Bootn- 1 Frenchdlle> to FortKeut. Trees* to Vivian. •Alfred• t t to Sanford. Frtendshtp• to Waldoooro. Tremont*tt to Choudrant. Allegash to Fort 'Kent. 1 Capitol*t to Bath. E!f&r!t1'~~rEllsworth. I Frye• t to Rumford Falls. i~!it~f** :i':h~:~~hes. I :~a:frt!~i~~ton Caratunk• to Madison. East Brownfleld*t to Frye- Fryeburg Oenter to I<'ryeburg. burg. Triumph to New Orleans. .Altont to Oldtown. Cardvllte• to Oldtown. Trout•tt to Jena. Amherst~ to Bangor. Carmel• rt to Bangor. East Corlnth•t to Bangor. Truxno to Strong, Ark. Andover• to Rum!ord. Carron• to Bangor. Dlxfteld • to Wilton. Tullos*l to Olla. Anson•t to Madison. Carthage to Rumford Falls East Dixmont to Bangor. Tunica to St. FrancisYille. Appleton• to Camden. Cary* to Houlton. East Dover•U to Dover. Garland• to Dexter. Turkey Creek* to Le- AnrYle to Oldtown. Geor2'etown• to Bath. Cashs Corner to Portland. East Eddlngton•tto Bangor Gllead•tt to Bethel Compte. Arrows1c*t to Bath. Castlne*t:t to Belfast. Turps to Lake Charles. Ashpotnt• to Rockland. Caswell Plantation to Fort East Edg-ecQmb* to Dama- , Glenoove• to Rockland. Glendon•t to Waldot>oro. Tyne to Many. Ashvme• to Bar Harbor. Fairfield. rlscotta. Asticou* to Bar Harbor. Ea.s; Franklln*toEUswortb. Goodrich t to Fort FalrfieldCathance* tu Brunswick. Athens• to Skowhegan. East Frtendshlp*toThomas- Goodwln's Mlllst to l:HddoUneedas to Covington. Atkinson to Dover. ton. rord. Ced<-r* to Calais. Atlantic• to Ellsworth. Cedar Grove• to Richmond East Gray*t to Portland. Gore to Sanford. Unitt to Belcher. Gotts Islanct*to Ba::Harbor. Union• to Donaldsonvllle. Aurora* to Bangor. Geater Belmont• to BeUast. \8a~s~~J \~ BJ~~~ I Goulcl!looro• to Ellsworth. Avon to Ph\Ulps. Unionville to Dubach. 0 t~ Ayers• to Calais. Grand Isle• to Van Buren. Urantatt to Olla. Wick. Utlllty• to Jonesville. Cha.mberlaln* to Damarl&- East Hiram• to Fryeburg. Grand Lake Stream* to. East Holden•t to Bangor. Calais. ootta. Chapman to PresquH I-.Je. East Jackson to Belfast. Valverda* to Maringouin. Grants to Rangeley. Charleston• to Bangor. Balley Island• to Bruna- Charlotte to Calais. Vancevllle to Shreveport. East Knox to Belfast. Gray• to Portland w1ck. Varnado*H to Bogalusa. East Lamoine to Ellsworth. P&nodr;~. Old· Bald Mountain to Phllilps. Chebeague Isl and •r to East Lebanon•t to Sanford. Vatican to Scott. Velie to Shreveport Bancrofttt to Bangor. Portland. East Llmlngton*toLlmenck town. Velma to Leesville. Ba.rlnlt'• to Calais. Chelsea to Augusta. East Llvermore• 1 to Liver- Greene• ti to Lewiston. Barker* to Rangeley. Greenfield• to Old town. Venice• to New Orlean11. Cherry0eld *t tto Machias. more Falls. Bar Mms• tt to Saco. Chester to Oldtown. V1:intress• to New Roads. East Livermore Mills• g~!!~J1~:e;~~i~o~~~1°\o Verda*tt to Winnfield. Bauneg Ber to North Berto Livermore Falls. Verdunville to Franklin. wick. Cbestervme• to FarmingGreenville. Bay Point* to Bath. ton. East Lowell* to Oldtown. Greenwood to Bethel. Vel'&'ert to Covlnirton. Hayslde (Hancock Co.) to Chesuncook• to Greenvtlle. East Machlas•u to Machias Grimes to Caribou. "Vernon• to Ruston. Vick* to Marksville. Ellsworth. Chlna•t to Waterville. East Madison to Skowhegan Grove* to Calais. Bayside* (Waldo Oo.) Chisholm• to Livermore! Mlillnocket•tt1;o Milli• Groveville to Saco. Vtctorla•H to Robeline. Belfast. Falls. nocket 1 Guerette to Caribou. Vldrtne to Ville Platte. Bai?'o'i.lle* to Boothbay Har- ChA~;~t:. Cove* to Dama- E'\~ro:onmouth co WlnVienna• !;O Ruston. Vincent* to Sulphur. Beachwood*t to Biddeford Clty Polnt*f to Belfast. East Mt. Vernon to Auguata 1 Vlolet to New Orleans. Beals• to Jonesport. Clark Island• to Rockland. , EapsotrtN_ ewport•tt to New- Haines Landlng*to Ran"&Violin* to Covlngton. Beaver Pond to Rangeley. I Clarks Mill* to Saco. • Vixen* to Chatham. Belgrade• tt to Oakland. East New Portland*toli.adl- . ley. Vowells MIJls to Robellne. Belgrade Lakes•t to Oak- Cleveland to Fort Kent. son. Hale to Rumford. land. CUIJ Isiand*rt to Portland. East, Northport* toBelfa,t. Halldale to Belfast. gar· Belmont to Belfast. Clltton* to Bangor. Easton•rt to Fort Fairfield Hall Quarry• to Bar Waddlll to Lake Providence Bemis*tt to Rumford Falls CUnton*t:t to Waterville. East Orland to Buokaport. bor. . Benedicta• to Houlton. Columbia*t to .Jonesport. East Orrington to Bangor. Halls Mills to Machi&S· ~!~!!~~2~ttJ~t~~e~~tge I Benton*l to Fairfield. C'olumhia Fali,:*tt to Jones- Ottsfteld* to Norway. Hamlin to Cartbou. ·waldbeirn* to Slide11. Benton Falls* to Fairfield. port. East Palermo to August11. Hampden•tt to Bangor. or Walker* to Denham Springs Benton Station• to Fa.Ir• Convene• to Bridgton. Parsontleld• to Lim- Hampden Center to a~nllto fleld. Cooks to Bridgton. erlck. Hampden Highlands Wallac;e• to Reserve. Walls• to Port Allen. Berna.rd* to Bar Harbor. Cooper* to :\fachias. East Peru* to Dixfleld. Bangor. tb Berry Mills* to Dixfield Coopers Mms•t to Augusta. East Pittston• to Gardiner. Ra.ncock•rt to Ellswor811,.. Walnut Hill to Leesvllle. Walnutlane* to Farmerville. Berwtck* to Somersworth, Corea* to Bar Harbor. East Poland• to Auburn. Hancock Point• to Walters to Jonesville. N. H. tot~~~~i~a.n. ::ir~~;lttoB~fd~~d. n:'n°o1;:r* to Rwnford Fall• Wardvllle*t to Bastrop. E. Stoneham* to .Norway. Harbor to Fryebunt, Warnerton*tt to Franklin- Bldde.tord Pool• to Bldd~ Costlgan•tt to Oldtown ton. rord. Cousins Island•t to Port- E. Sullivan• to Bar Harbor. Harborstde* to BellallJeJd, Watson* toDenha.m Sprlngs1 Bingham-1rtt to Madison. land East Sumner*tt to Buck- Ha.rmony•tt to Pitts Waverly• t t to Tallulah. Birches* to Rang-eleY. Cranberry Isles•to Bar Harfield :nsBirch Island*t to Bruns• bor. East Surry• to Ellsworth. Harpswell Center to aru waxla* to Washington. wick. Criehaven* to Rockland. East Troy to Plttafteld. wick. _ cirt• Weeks* to Baldwin. Weil to Alexandria. Bla.lne•t to Mars Hill. Crousev11Je• to Preaqueisle East Union• to Warre~. llarrinizton*tt toJone"'g Wel,s to Denham Springs. Blanchard•tt to Guilford Crystaiti to Houlton. East Vassa.1ooro* to Wat- Harnson•I ,to BrlclJt~ord Welcome• to Dona.ldson- Bluehill*t to Ellswo,rtb. Cumberlan<1 Center• Tt to ervUle. Hartford t t to n-U vllle. Bluebill Falls* to Ellswortb. Portlaua. East Waldoboro to WaldoFalls. tttst1eldWeldon to Bernice. Bolsters Mills* tn Nnnray boro. Hartland*tt to P uitotl· Westdale• t t to Coushatta. Boothbay• to Booth Ba} Cumberland Forc;itlet to East Warren to Thomaston. Harvey S1dln,i; to Bo Westlake• t t to LakeCharles Harbor. Portland. \Vaterborort to San- Haven• to Ellswlio~·tofl• 1 Weston to Jonesboro. Boundary to Houlton. Cumberland Millst to ford. Haynesville• to O a,1ei, Bowdoin to Richmond. Westbrook. Watertord* to Norway Head Tide•t to W'~~11&Jlft ~ex~~~rta.Or- 1 l:Sowdolnham*!l to Brur• Cundy& Harbor• to Bruna- ' E&at Wllton•u to Fa.rm- Heb!~!1• to ___. leans. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ w_lc_k_._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _1__w1=c:.:k: .:.·__ __l__l_n_gt_o_n_._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ F ~ Stevensda.le to Baton Rouge. Stevenson* to Bastrop. Stille to I3oyce. Stonewall• t to Shreveport. ~:~~!82\~t;;~e~t~~ter. Sugar Creek to Arcadia. SUgartown• to De Ridder. Summerfield• to Junotlon l City, Ark. Summerville* to Jena. sun•tt to Bogalusa.. Sunbeam to Cllnton. Sunny Hill* to Franklinton. Sunrise to Port AIIPn. Sunshlne• to Plaquemine. Swords to Opelousas. Sycamore to Ale:xandr1a. ,  I  I  I  I  I  I  fili1!  :g lf  g:~~:~ ii~~;~iu~  I!  E E E  i~ft~s~'. I i::~  g~:i  frfgr,  to,·  I  I  I  I  ~~:,ti  i::i  I  ;:f~~~;f  REFERENCE KEY.  "County Seat.  • Money Order Office  tTelegraph Station.  · ! Express Office.  Lt  11Li Li  Ll Lt  Ll:  Lt  Lli  !Ji  Lll  Lt1  Lli  Lt1  I  Lit  Lit  I  Lit  Lil  Lh  J  Liv  ti  ~  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING PO  MAINE  Hebron Station• to Me- Longcove* to Thomaston. Long Island• t to Portland. chanic Falls. Long Pond•tt to Greenville. Hermon• to Bangor. Heron Island to Boothbay Loon Lake to Rangeley. Loud ville• to Damartacotta. Barbor 11 errkks to F,l] ·,1 ort h Lovell• to Brldgton. Higgins Beach•:t to Port- Lowell* to Oldtown. land. Ludlow•tt to HoUlton. Highland to Warren. Highland Lake* to Weit• Lyman to Biddeford. brook. Hillside ♦ to Bridgton. Hlnckley•U to Skowhega11 Machiasport• to Machias. Hiram• U to Portland. Macwahoc• to Howton. Madawaska * t t to EdHodcrdon • to Houlton. monston. N. B. Bolden t :I: to Bangor. Madison Center• to Mad.1Boleb•U to Greenvllle. aon. Bollis Center• to Saco. Madrid to Phillips. Hope• t to Camaen. \lagallcrna) l'l a 11talion to Howe Brook*tl to Houlton < ul brook, '. JI. Bowes Corner to Auburn. Malnstream •t t0 Plttstleld Bowland• to Baniror Manchester• to Augusta. Budsontt to Bangor. Manset• to Bar Harbor Bulls Cove*to Bar Harbor Maj~frt1~fg~e • t t to Fort Mapleton•ti to Presque Isle Maplewood to Limerick. Indian River• to Jonespo Maranaoook• t t to WinIntervale• to Auburn. throp. Illand Falls*tt to Howton !ale Au Haut• to Rockland Mariaville* to Ellsworth. \I arion to . I ach in &■leaboro• to Belfast. I arlboro to Ellswo r th . Islestord • to Bar Harbor. Martin* to \Va1doboro. Martinsville• to Thomaston to Ma11ard11~ t :I: to Houlton. Station•i Jackman Matinicus• to Rockland . .Jackman. Mattawamkeag•U to Old· Jackson to Belfast. town. JJacksonvme• to Machias. ay•u to Livermore Fal111 Meddybemps• to Calal1. Medford t to MUo. Jefferson• to Waldoboro. Medford Center• to Milo. JJemt1anc1•t to Caribou. Medomak• to , v aldoboro. olce to Gardiner .:\Jeduncook* to w·aldoboro. Jon • ·horo"' to .Jon, ,1u11· t . Medway• to Millinocket. Mercer• to Skowhegan.  North Bethel• to Bethel. North Bradford• to Milo.  N:  ~~~~,(wi:t~  EW!ftrt3i~ N. Brooks-..ille* to Bucksport. . Buckfield to Buckfield. T . Buck. port to Buckspot·t. North Carmel to Bangor. North CaBtlne• to l •• Chesterville* to Farmington. N. Cornville to Skowhegan., North Cutler* to Machia.a. North Deerlngt to Portland N . D eer Isle•i to Rockland. North Dexter• to Dexter. N. Dixmont* to N e wport . • o rt hcast ( ' arry* to ( T!' l' t n illc . Northeast Harbor*tfto Bar Harbor. North Edgecomb• to Wiscasset. • . Ell worth to ElL<:worth Northern Maine Junction to Bangor. Northfield• to Machias. N. Fryeburg* to Fr)·eburg. N. Gorham* to W ·tbrook. North Gray to Portland. North Gulltord to Gulltord. N . Hancock*t to Ellsworth. N . Harpswell to Brunswick. N. Haven* to Rockland.  \'!Fn~~f;~f*t~ o~~i~~~~k:Torth Livermore* to Live,· 0  K1n~t~l \; a~ftfJ?r'K:  1  1  to  tf~ant•  Llb~~;nf~  g~~~~\°it~  J>:iI!..  ;~1!~re• Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  •. !oney Order Office.  · t•,, ca tl<'.  ~~lt~em~; ~~ qM!!-~~th.  Smyrna Mllls• t ltofloulton. Snow Corner to Bangor. Soldier Pond * t t to Fort Kent. Solon• ti to Madison. Somerset* to Madison. to Somerset .Junctiont ! Groen ville. Somerville to Augusta. Son,ro Lock to Rrldgton. Sorrento• t to Bar Harbor. South Addison to Macblu . ·. Anc.lo ver to l umfm·d. S . Bedrlingt-on to 1;;11sworth. S. Bluebill• to Ellsworth. South Brewer•tt to Bangor S . Brid~ton* to Bridgton. South Bristol* to Boothbay Harbor. S. Brooksville* to Ell worth.  Prentiss• to Oldtown. Prides Corners to Portland. Princeton• t l to Calais . Prospect t t to Stockton Springs. Prospect Ferry to Bucksport. Prospect Harbor• to Bar Harbor. Prouts Neck*t to Portland. Pulpit Harbor• to Rockland . South Casco• to Portland. South China• to Augusta . South Corinth to Banger. Randolpht to Gardiner. '011th < u ·hing* t o 'I homa ton Rar mond • to Portland. Razorville* to ,valdoboro. S. Deer T. le to Rockland. Readtleld •t to Wlnthroo. South Dover to Dover. Readtleld Depot•tt to Win- 8. Dresden to Richmond . throp. S. Eliot* to Por mouth ' l r. H. Red Beach• to Calais. Redding* to Buckfield . South Exeter to Dexter. Richmond Corner• to Rich- South Freeport•to Freeport mond. '. Garcliner*tt to C,ardine.r. Rldlonvllle• to Rumford. ' S. Gouldsboro* to EllsRlggsvllle* to Bath. worth. RIiey• l to Livermore Falla. S. Hancock* to Ell worth. Rloley• to Dexter. S. Harpswell* to Portland. Riverside% to Augusta. S. Hiram• to Kezar Falls. South Hollls to Saco. Robbln11ton• to Calais. South Hope• to Camden. Hobinhood to Bath. Soutn Jefferson• to DamarRohlnsons•tt to Mars Hill. lscottli. Rockville to Rockland. S. La Grange*tt to Oldtown Rockwood•t to Greenville. South Lebanon to Roche! Rome to Farmington. ter, N. H. Roque Blutrs• to Mach.1as. Hoss Corners• to Limerick. South Levant to Bangor. to South Liberty to U lfnst . l\fountain* Round S. Limington• to LirnPrirk. Rangeley. Round Pond• to Damaris- South Lincoln• to Oldtown. s. Litchfield to Gardiner. cotta. Ro;!i~y• t l to Rumford I South Livermore r.o Lh·ermore Falls. Rumford Center• to Rum- South Lubec• to Lubec. ford. South Monmouth to \\ 1ntbrop. Rumford Corner to Rumford. South Newburg to Banror. Rumford FallsU to Rum- S. Orrinl!"ton*t! to Bangor . ford. S. Penobscot*t to Bucksport. Rumford Point• to Rum- · ford. South Poland•t to Auburn. Southport•:t to Boothba1 Harbor. Sabattus• tt to Auburn. S. Portland* to Portland. Sabbatbday Lake• to Au- :Jouth Robbinston to Calata. Sanford to Sanford. 1 South S. Springfield to Oldtown. ~;i i~~\~at ha"" to \"an Buren. S. tandish* to Portland. Saint Albans•! to Pittsfield. , S. Thomaston* to Rockland Saint David•tt to Van I South Unlon•t to Rockland Buren. Saint Francis• t :I: to Fort S. Waldoboro S. Warren• to Thomaston. Kent. Saint George• to Thomae- S. Waterford* to Bridgton. ton. St. John Plantation to Fort Southwest Harbor•+: to Kent. Bar Harbor. Salem• t to Pbllllps. S. Windbam*t:t to Westbrook. Salisbury Cove• to Bar Harbor. South Windsor to Au~ata. Sandy Creek• to Bridgton. South Woodstock to South Parts. Sandypolnt•t:t to Stockton Spencer* to Rangeley. sa:~~r~lrie•u to Gulltord. Sprairues MUl to F'ort Fa.lrSargentvme• to Ellsworth. 1'!.eld. Scarboro•t to Portland. Sorln2'tleld• to Oldtown. carboro Beachtt to Port- Spruce Head• to Rockland. land. ea.lcove• to Southwest Har- :--(1tta l'an t+ 10 Ashland . bor. Squirrel Island*tl to BoothSeal Harbor•ttto B&r Harbay Harbor. bor. Stacyvllle*t lto Mllltnocke\. Searsmont• to BeUaat. Standlah • to Westbrook. Starboard to M achiaa. Seawall• to Bar Harbor. _!_arks• to Madison. 1  r:a•  N~~1;;"...  to  Plaisted* to t.<'ort Kent. Pleasantdalet to Portland. Pleasantisland •to Rangeley Pleasant Polnt*to Thomas- Small Point Beach*toBat  f  , County Seat.  'he · J>sL'ot *!  Sher idan• to .\:-.hland . Sberman•t to Mlllinoc.ket. Sherman Mllla•t to Houlton. to Statlon*:t Sherman Houlton. Shirley Mllls•tito Guilford. Sidney to Augusta Silvers M1lls• ! to Dexter Sinclair to Fort Kent. Skinn e r * t o h rePn\ ill e.  ~s~!~'!~ it~t:i:o. ~PJf Pittston t to Gardiner.  .i:  ~: s~fil~tf!1~ot'tJ,~~~,;~~it  2003  Sebaito* to Bridgton. Sebago Lake• Tl to Port land. Sebasco* to Bath. Sebec• to Dover. Sebec Lake* to Dover. Sebec Statlon•t to Dover. Seboe111-1< to Milo. Sedgwick• U to Ellsworth Selden to Houlton. Shapleigh* to 'anford. Shapleigh Corner t o 'anford. Shawmut•Uto Falrtleld.  l'ood to . krlll Pl~~~an Pl~~~~~ville to Warren. Plymouth• to Newport. to Mechanic Poland• t l Falls. Pond Covet to Portland. North Islesboro• to Belfast. Popham Beach• to Oath. .1. orth Jay•tt to Wilton. ~g~ag;J;. troFi'h~!::t~n. •. Lebanon* to Sanforr!. North Leects•U to Liver- Porter* to Kezar Falls. Pownal to Freeport. more Falls.  more Falls. North Lubec• to Lubec. N. ivfonmouth* to Winthrop. Newburg to Bangor. Katahdin Iron Worka*t Merepoint* to Brunswick. North N . .i:Tewcastle* to Wiscasset. MexJco• to Rum!ord. to Milo. New Portland•r to North Kent. I•'ort to lichaud Keeitan•tt to Van Buren. Madison. Middle Dam* to Rumford fenduskeag• to Bangor. North Newry• to Bethel. Mlltord• to Oldtown. .1. T. • obleboro to Waldoboro Mlllbrldge to Machias. orway. • r. ,. orway to Milltown*t to Calais ley. Torth Orrington to Bangor. Bucksport. to Millvale* Kennebunk Beach•tt to Auirusta. to Palermo North Milo Junctlon•n to Milo. Kennebunk. Parts to South Partll. Kennebunkport*T 1 to Ken- Milton Plantation to BetheJ ... •ortn Limerick. to TJficld Par. •. Minot• to Auburn. nebunk. Penobscot* to BucksT. Rents Bm•t to Winthrop. Minturn• to Rockland port. Monarda• {Silver Ridge North Perry to Eastport. f:eo•tt to Greenville. Pla-ntatlon) to Houlton. North Pittston to Gardiner. 0 Monhegan•t to Boothba~ Northport• to Belfast. Harbor. N1~h8~I~t?amp Ground Monmouth•tt to Winthrop Tort h l'ownal to l'orl laud. to Belfast. I~! tPr) Dt>pol *t to 1· i11er~. M.onroe• J. ' . Haymond* to Auburn. luttc,-:1 l'oint *1t to 1· i1t •n Monaon•tt to Guilford. carboro to ,vestbrook. N. Montlcello*t t to Houlton. fnightsville to Portland. North Searamont*to Beltast Montvlll * to Belfast. _nox to Belfast. .. . earsport to Searsport. Kennebunk. to M.ood:,• lrnox , lat io11 :I: to l nit .. North Sebago• to Brid~on. Moosehead*t to Greenville •. okactJo• to ureen vUle. Sedgwick* to Ellsworth. Yoo ■ e River* to GuWord. Morrlll• to Be\1&1t. · Mountain to Auburn. La Grange• U to Milo. North Troy to Plttstleld. LaLakke Moxie*t:t to Madison Mountalnvlew• to Rang&- North Turner• to Auburn. e Parlin to Green,1lltTurner Bridge to .L Torth EIL-;worth. to ~eiicitaiu\'ille :\J Lake Shore to Augusta. Livermore Falls. Patt.en. :'\fount Chase ~~keslde• to Oakland. Mount Desert• to Bar Har- N. Vassalboro* to ''Vater.._ke View• t t to Mllo. ville. bor. Lakewood (Somerset Co.) Waldoboro• to Wal· Mount Desert Ferry•ti to North to Skowhegan. doboro. Harbor. Bar LaLambert Lake• t to Clllall Warren to Warren. North Mount Vernon• to Augusta N. ,vaterboro• tnotne to Ellsworth. to Limerick. La rone to Skowbe,ran. N. ,vaterford* to Norway. LaLarrabee• to Machia.A. Wayne•ttoWlntllrop North Nap1e1•1 to Brld&"t<>n. wry• to Waldoboro. • Whitefield*! to Gardi er Naakear• to Ellsworth. to Portland. National Soldier'• Bome•i N.. \Vindbam* ~~anont to Sanford . ,vinterport to Bangor. Gardiner. to to Oldtown. to Bethel Woodstock North ., _eds• to Livermore F&ll1 Nel1on to Caribou. Nortn Yarmouth•!:ttoPort...-cLeeda Junction • t 1 to Newagen * to Boothbay l&nd. Harbor. wlaton. Norway Lake• to Norway. Newburg to Bangor. Newbure: Center to Bantror to Ban,:or. DamarlsNewcastle•t to Oakdeld*tt to Houlton. cotta. t:eif:r~t. Oaks to Norway. Newdeld• to Limerick. LL1Roniat to Portland. Park• to Saco. Ocean 1 New Glouoeater•ti to Auto Van Buren. ., 1.~e•tt Ocean Point• to Boothbay burn. -..uulnitton • to Limerick. Harbor. Lincoln Center •tt to Old- New Harbor• to Damart. Ocea.nville• to Rockland. cotta. town. Ll New Llmerlck•tt to H011l· u:ooinvme• to Camden. o~J~~~nk. ton. C~~°J~~~ Center* to New Portland• to Farmlnr• to Saco. Orchard*tt Old ton. Llne1<1n• to Boothbay HarOnawa*U to Greenvllle. bor. Oquossoc•tt to Rumford. ~ e,vry to Bethel. New Sharon• to FarmingLlnneua• to Houlton. Orient• to Houlton. ton. l:f:bon•tt to LllbOD Falla New Sweden•ttto Carlhou. Orland• to Bucksport. Center• to Lisbon New Sweden Statlon•t to Orrington• to Bangor. Orn Island• to Portland. Caribou. !-!tcbtleld • to Gardiner. -tobfteld C rners• to Rieb• New Vineyard• to Farm- Otts to Ellsworth. Otlafteld to Norway. rnond. Lttcbfteld Plalnt1 to Gardl- NI~~~!\: to Elleworth. Otter Creek to Bar Harbor. Ou •lleltl' to l•'ort KPnl. Ll:1t1~· land.Deer Isle• to Rook- Nobleboro•:t to Damarta- Owls Head• to Rockland. tl to ~1llllnocket. Oxho1, * t<> \sh land. Little John Island*t to Norrtdrewock*T i to Skow- Oxford• to Mechanic Fall,. Portland b«"tean. North Amity• to Hou1ton. 1:fttletontt' to Houlton. North Anaon•Uto Madison. Palermo•: tt) Auirusta. to Livermore N. Palmyra• to N~wport. Appl~ton* to amden. Parts• to South Parts. Livermore Center to Liver- North AuburD to Auburn. North Baldwtn•toBridtrton. Parker Head• to Bath. more Falla N. Belgrade*t! to Oakland . Parkman• to Gulltord. Locke Mllle•tt to ~f'thel.  REFERENCE KEY.  MAINE  Parsonsl'!.eld * to Limerick. Passadumkeag• tt to Oldtown. Pattapmpus to Millinocket Peak Island• t to Portland. Pearly Brook to Fort I ent. Pe;Jepscot•t to Brunswick. Pemaquld •to Damariscotta Perna.quid Beach* to Damariscotta. Pemaquld Harbor• to Damariscotta. Pemaquid Point* to Damari cotta. Pembroke 0 U to Eastport. Penobscot• to Bucksport. Perham •t:t to Caribou. Perkins to l\,Iillinoeket. Perry• U to 1:<;astport . Peru*:t to Rumford. Phalr•t to Presaue Isle.  0  K:~:~:f~*L!iJ'fti\~!~~  d·  TS  l  1  t Telegraph Statton.  l Express Office. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  '2004  Steep Falls•tt to Portland.I Stetson• to Newport. Steuben* to Cherryfield. Stevensville to Fort li'airfield. Stickney Corner* to Waldoboro. Stillwater• to Oldtown. Stockbolm*tt to Caribou. Stonlngton*f t to Rockland. Stow to Bridgton. Stratton• to Pb11llps. Strickland• t to Livermore Falls. Stronst• t t to Phillips. Stroudwater* to Portland. Sugar J sland * to Guilford. Sullivan• t to Bar Harbor. Sumner* to Buckfield. Sunset• to Ellsworth. Sunshine* to Rockland. Surry• to Ellsworth. Swan, Ialand • to Bar Harbor. Swanville• to Searsport. Sweden to Brlditton. Temple• to Farmlnirton. to Tenants Harbor• t Thomaston. The Fork•• to Madison. Thorndlke•u to Belfai.t. Thornton Heights to Portland. T\m to Rangeley Togus to Gardiner. Topsfield• to Calais. Topsham• to Brunswick. Tref~then to Portland. Tremont• to Bar Harbor. Trescott to Lubec. Trevett• to Boothbay Harbor. Troy• to Pittsfield. Troy Centre to Pltts.lleld. Turner• to Auburn. Turner Center• to Auburn.  Untonville• t to Machle.I. U~:rd. i'lantatlon to FairUpper Dam* to Rangeley. UppC'r Frenchville"' to F'ort Kent. Upper Gloucester• to Auburn. UDton• to Bethel. Vanceboro•tt to Calais. Vassalboro•U to Watervllle. Veazlett to Bangor. Verona to Bucksport. Vienna• to Farminiton.  Waldot to Belfast. Waldo Station*t to Belfast. Walea to Lewiston. Wallagrass Plantation t 1 to Fort Kent. Walnut Hlll*? to Portland. Walpole to Damariscotta. Waltham• to Ellsworth. Washington• to Waldoboro Waterboro• to Sanford. Waterboro Center• to Llmertck  Waterford• to Norway. Wayne• to Winthrop. Webbs Mmtt• to Brld&-ton. Webhannet* to Kennebunk. Webster to Orono. Weeks Mlllll" t to Augusta. Welchvllle• to Mechanic Falls. Weld• to Phillips. Wellington• to Gu!Hord. Wells• t to Kennebunk. Wells Beachtt to Kennebunk. Wellsbranch to Kennebunk. W t~~wRi~W t to N ortb Wesley• to Machias. 1_~bbe::n~ositb~~~n. W. Baldwin*tt to Portland. Weat Batht to Bath. West Bethet•u to Bethel. West Boothbay Harbor• to Boothbay Harbor. W. Bowdoin* to Li bon Fall!!. W. Brooklin* to Ellsworth. W . Brook ville*t to Belfast. West Charleston to Dexter. "\Yest <'orinth to Bangor. W. Cumberland to Portland. W. Dresden* to Richmond. W. Durham to Lisbon Fall. 1 W. Eden to Bar Harbor. West F.n.lleld• to Oldtown. W Falmouth*t to Portland West Farmlnirton•t to Farmington. ~e•ttleld*tl to Mars HW.  :::!  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  MAINE  MARYLAND  Brentwood•t to Hyattavllle l ,\hen* to !l'ruitland. Br1diteport to Emmtttsbur~ Allens Fresh to La Plata. Brid~etown to Greensboro. AJUbone to Bel Air. Brighton* to Sandy Sprin~. Alpha* to Sykesville. Altamontt to Oakland. American Corners to Fed- Bristol• to Upoer Marlboro. Britton• to Leonardtown. eralsburg. Broadtordtn~ to HagersAndersontown to Denton. town. Andrews to Cambridge. Annapolis Junctlon•U to Brookeville* to Sandy Spring. Laurel. W. Harpswell to Brunswick Antietamt to Sharpsburg. , Brooklandville*t to Towson. W. Hollis to West Buxton. Appeal to Solomons. i,v. Jonesport* to Jonesport. I Applegarth* to Cambridge. Brookview* to Hurlock. w ne!~~~~bunk*t to Ken-, Ai~s:io• to Upper Marl- Bri~~:'nJ:~and to Prince Brown to Upper Marlboro. W. Lebanon* to Rochester Arbutus to Baltimore. Brownlngsvtlle to Monrovia Armliter to Annapolis. N. H. 1 Brownsvme•t to KeedysWest Leeds to Lewiston. I ville. Arnold•t to Annapolis. ,vest Levant to Bangor. Asbestos*t to Reisterstown.l Bryans Road* to Indian West Lubec• to Lubec. Weit Forks to .Madison. W. Franklin* to Ellsworth. Weat Gardiner to Gardiner. West Garland to Dexter. W. Gorham to Westbrook. Gouldsboro* to Ellsworth. Weat Gray to Portland. West Hampden to Bangor. Weat Hancock to Ellswortb l  ,v.  Colrate• to Baltimore. OoJJege Park* to Hyattsville. to Upper Colllnirton•t Marlboro. Colora•tt to Rising sun. Columbia to Ellicott City. Compton• to Leonardtown. Comu1• to Poolesvllle. Concord to Denton . Conococheague to Hagen,-, town. Conowlngo•tt to Port D&P°'1t. li:~!vme. g~~~~u~<! Corbett•t to Cockeysvllle.  I  I  11lt~ir~~e Co.) !:~1!~r-! ~:!l ~'l~~·ttrrt;1i;;g;;::: to Cockeysvllle. Win-  t:  Cornersville* to Cambridie. Corrlganvllle*t to Cumuer-  I  c~!~~·H to Pocomoke Oity Cove Point to So•omons. Cover to New Windsor. Cowentown to Newark, Del. Oox's Station to La Plata. Crapo• to Cambridge. Creagerstown to Thurmont. Crellin• to Oakland. nd 1 1~~~~;i~\ g~~=~rf'fo°J~i°.XFr.berla · ~~~~fft~e;nf~• Avtlton* to Lonaconing. Burnt Mills to Silver i Crocheron• to Camorldge. Cronhardt to Towson. Spring. Croome* to Upper MarlBachmans Mills to West- Burrisvllle to Centerville boro. Burrsville to Denton. minster. 1 Croome Station*! to Upper Burtonsvme• to Laurel. Baden"'t to Brandywine. Marlboro. Bushwood to Leonardtown , Bagley* to Bel Air. to Georgetown, 1 Cropley Butler• to Cockeysvlile. Balle to New Windsor. D. C. 1 Bakersville to Keedysville. Bynum•t to Bel Air. Gros11 Roads* to .La Plata. Baldwln•tt to Bel Air.  I  Head. Bryantown* to Hughesville. W. Mount Vernon to AshlandtlfQueenAnneCo.> Buckeystown•t to Fredthrop. erick. to Centerville. Weat Newneld• to Limerick Bucklodge•t to GalthersW. Tew Portland to Far- Ashton• to Sandy Spring. burg. Aspen to Rockvllle. mington. Bucktownt to Cambridge. West Oldtown to Oldtown. Athel to Salisbury Atholton* to Ellicott C1t1 , Budds Creek to l\.lechan. I icsville. Avalon* to Tilghman. W. Outlet* to Greenville. W. Paris*tt to South Paris. W. Pembroke* to Eastport. W. Penobscot to Bucksport W Peru* to Rumford. West Point, to Bath. W. Poland* to Mechanic Falls. Westport to Wiscasset. West Pownal• to Portland. "\V Rockport* to Rockport.  West Scarboro• to Portland  "\V. Searsmont to Belfast.  W. Sedgwick to Ellsworth.  W. Southport* to Boothbay Harbor. W. Sullivan*t to Ellsworth. West Sumner* to Buckfield. W. Tremont* to Bar Harbm West Trenton* to Ellsworth W. Waldoboro to Waldoboro. W. Warrent to Waldoboro. West Washlnirton* to Waldoboro W. Winterport to Bucksport. West Woolwich to Bath. Wheelock* to Edmunston, N. B.  Whltene1d •tt to Gardiner White Rook*tt to Portland. Whiting• to Lubec. Whltneyvllle•t to Machias Willardt to Portland. WlllJmantlc• to Dover. Windham Centert to Westbrook.  Wlndsort to Augusta. Wlndsorvllle• to Augusta. Winn*tt to Oldtown. Wlnnecookt to Plttsfteld. Wlnnegance• to Bath. Winslow• to Watervllle. Wlnslows Mllls•t to Waldoboro. Winter Harbor•t to Bar Harbor.  ~l~~~~eri~:u ~~i~~~~~  I  ~!  Barclay• tt to Sudlersville. Bark Hlll to Union Bridge. Bar ~·eek to Tilghman. Barnesvllle• t t to Poolesvllle Barrellville*t to Mount Savage. Barstow• to Prince Fred- I erick. to Mount ! Ba_n~~ows• t Bayard to Upoer Marlboro. Bay View to North East. Beachvllle• to Leonardtown 9eallsvllle• to Poolesvllle. ' Beane to Rockvllle. Beauvue to Leonardstown. Beaver Creek*:t to Hagerstown. Beaverdamt to Pocomoke 1 City. Beckleysvllle to Hamostead [ Bectswortnt to Crls.lleld. Bel Alton• f to La Plata. Belcamp*tt to Bel Air. Belfast to Cockeysvtlle. Belle Grove• to Hancock. Bellevue*:t to Oxtora. Beltsvme• t to Laurel. Benedlct•:t to La Plata. Benevola to Boonsboro. Benfield to Odenton. Bengles • to Baltl'llor" Benson• to Bel Air. Bentleys prings*t to Parkton. Berean to Cockeysville. Berkley•t to Port Deposit. Berrett to Sykesv!lle. Berry* to La Plata. Berwyn• t to H yattsvtlle. Bestpitch to Cambridge. Betblebem•H to Preston.  I  I  Crumpton• to Millington. 'urtb Baytt to Baltimore. Cabln Creekt to East New Market. Cabin John* to Rockville. Calltornta.• to Leonardtown Calvary to Bel Air Calvertt to Rlsln11: Sun. Calverton Mllls to BaltfCa~°J~ell to Bishopville. Camp Springs to Upper Marlboro. Capitol Heights to Washlngton, D. C. Cardiff• to Delta, Pa. Carea to Stewartstown, Pa.. Carlos* to Frostburg. Carmichael• to Queenstown Carny to Towson. Carroll to Baltimore. Carrollton• t to Westminster. Carsins to Aberdeen. Cascade• to Emmitsburg. Castleton• to Bel Air. Catoctin Furnace to 'l'hurmont. Cavetown• i to Smithsburg Cayots to Chesapeake City Ceartoss to Haiterstown. Cedar Grove to Galthersburi. to Prince j Hlll Cedar Frederick. ~goB;i~ldy- ' wine. Champ* to Princess Anne. Chance• to Princess Anne. Chaney*:t to Owing·.  I  I  g~~~~;;r  Daisy to Woodbine. Damascus to Mt. Atry. Dameron to Leonardtown. Dames Quarter- w PrlnceH Anne. Dares Wharf to Prince Frederick. DaM'_aia~o Harpers Ferry, Darnestown to Gaithersburg. Davldsonville• to Annapolis. DawsonvUle* to Poolesville. Day to Woodbine. Daysvllle to Walkersvflle. Dayton• to E111cott Cfty. Dea1e• to Annapolis. Deep Run to Westminster. Deer Creek to Aberdeen. Deerfield t to Thurmont. Deer Park• fl to Oakland. Delliht to Relsterstown. Dentsvlllet to La Plata. Derwood • i to Rockvllle.  Dickerson• t t to Frederick, Dodson* to Kitzmiller. Doncaster• to La Plata. Dorsey•t to Laurel. g~~~~~;e~oa:rer:r1c:iucoti City.  g~:~:~11l ti  Cha.ptlco• to Mechanicsville ll1t~C:.·portCh:~:,iown• t to North , orawbr1dge t to Cambrldre. Cbarlesvllle to Fredertok. j Drayden* to LeonllrdtoWD.• Big Pool*tl to Clear Spring. Charlotte Hall• tto Meehang~~~ lcsvllle. Woodland (WashingtonCo.) Big Spring to Clear Spring. Charlton•i to Wllllamsport ' oubltn to Bel Air. Annapolis *H to Calais. Baltimore. to ti Chase• Bishopville. to DuBola to La Plata. Bishop*tt Woodland (Aroostook Co.) Cheltenham t t to Upper Dulaneys Valley to TowsonBishop .. Hf'ad* to Crapo. to Caribou. Duley:t to Uoper ~arlboro. Marlboro. Blttln&-er• to Grantsvllle. Woolwlch•tt to Batb. Wyman to Machias. 1 Dunkirk* to 8e:~~e~k~· ~e!~tt11:· to Dynar<1 to LeonardtoWD• ~~~J~~foe~n. Wytopltlock•tt to Bangor. Upoer Marlboro. Blackrocli: to Cockeysvllle Bladensburg• to Hyatt&- Chesapeake Junction to Yarmouth*U to Portland. Washington D. C. ville. Chester•tt to Stevensville Yarmouthville*toPortland. Blake to Elkton. York 8each•ti to York Blakistone* to Leonard- Chesterfield* to Anna.poll . 0 Village. Earlele;b Heights• to ~ntfM~r1\~~Bl~~~nio Westminster. York Harbor*tt to York Bl~~~i1!.~on• to Piedmont. I g~:~~~i to~enl-i~~~~- Ea~ff,.?iU!•to Mtddleto1'1l• Vlllage. 1 Ea~l~~n to Havre de Grace· ~l~:sfo~~ tot! kiY~cbanic _, Ch~~:~uxen to La Plata. 1.:. Urooklvo* to Bnlti~ore. Cbllds•U to Elkton. ville. Chlllum to Washington Ea:tport*t to Anna])!>I 1s, • Ea ·t View to Weslmtr) st D. C. Blythedale to Port Deposit. MARYLAND Eckhart Mines• to rros Chootank•t to Preston. Boliver to Middletown.  'Winthrop Center*t to \Vinthrop. Woodlordst to Portland.  Plfi~g::t~1:~~-  m:~l!'t; ~g  2~~=t~~Ju\  t  l  Abell to Leonardtown. Abingdon• to Bel Air Accident• to Frtendsvllle. Accokeek• to La Plata. Adelina• to Prince Frederick. Ady to Oclair. Aikin"'! to Perryville. Airedele* to Leonardtown. Aireys•t to Cambridge. Alberton•t to Ellicott City. Aldlno to Havre de Grace. Alesta•t to Manchester. Alleganyt to Frostburg.  REFERENCE KEY.  ,County Seat.  Boonet to Annapolis. Borlng•t to Relsterstown. Bowen* to Prince Frederick Boxlront to Girdle Tree. Boyds• t t to Galth<Jrsburz. Bozman• to St. Michaels. Braddock Heights to Fred-  I Chb~a~e.Creek*  t.o CamChurchton• to Annapoll . ChurcbvWe• to Bel Air. Clalborne•tt to St.. • Iichael 's. Clara• to Nanticoke. Clarksburg• to Gaither:--  Br':d~~baugh to Bel Air. Cla~~~me•to Elllcott. City. Clayton* to Bel A!r. Bradshaw•tt to Bel Air. Brancbvlllet to Hyatt&- Clements• to Leonar<ltown. Clifton to Frederick. vllle. Breathedsville* to KaedysColeman to B ttt•rton. ville. Brentland* to La Pla_ta_.___C_'olesv1lle* to Silver Spring. •. !oney Order Office.  t Telegr, pl! Station.  Eleun"ltt to Fruitland.~ Edesvllle to Cheetertoltb,; Ed1temont•tt to Sm bur~. Edgewater* to AnnaP 0 Ediewood• i to Aber Ednor• to RocKvllle.  J~n.  Elder burg to Sykesville. Eldorado w Hurlo<'k• Elloali:* to blllcott CltY• Elk Milts• t to Elkton. t Elk Neckr to North ~~e'. Elk Ridge* toOatons" 1ct Ellerslle• to cumberle.1!,_...:-  :t Exp re• Office.  MARYLAND  MARYLAND Ellerton to Myersville. ' Elltott• to Vienna. Ellwood•tt to Preston. Elvaton* to Annapolis. Emmorton•t to Bel Alr. Engles Mills to Friendsville. Enterprise to New Windsor Etchison to GaltheratJurg. Evna to Cockeysvllle. Ewen• to Crlafield.  Fairbank* to Tilghman. Fair.field• to Ba!tlmore. Fair Hill to Elkton. Falrland to Laurel. Fairlee to Chestertown. Fairmount• to Prlnceas Anne. Fairmount Hoights to Washington, D. 0. Fairplay* to Hagerstown. Falrvlew to Hagerstown.  t.  d.  I-  er  Grave Run M1lls to Man-! I chester. Grayton• to La Plata. Great Mills• to Leonardtown. Greenmount•t to HamJ)stead. Greenock* to Upper Marlboro. Green Rldge*tt to Cumberland. Greensburg to Smithsburg., Grifton to Sandy Sorlnir. Grimes"'t to Jfa,:rer town. Guard• to Friendsville. Guilford to Elllcott City. Guys to Queenstown. Gwynn brook• 1 to Relsterstown.  Habnab• to Princess Anne. Halethorp•t to Catonsville. Balfway•t1to Williamsport Halls*t to upper_ 1arlboro. liampcteot to Baltimore. Hanover•: to Elllcott City. to Frederick. I Hansonville Fallston•u to Bel Air. Hardesty to Upper MarlFarmington to Rlslng Sun. boro. Faulkner• to La Plata. Hartord Furnace to AberFea~avllle to Frederick. deen. Fearer* to Fnendsvllle. Harmans to Baltimore. Federal Hlll to Bel Alr. Harmony to Myersville. Grove•: to Harmony Flnchvlllet to Federalsburg Frederick. Flnksburg•t to Westmin~:~~;1;ot1rr:i~~YJ~~on. ster. Harrlsont to Hurlock. Finzel to Frostburg. Fishing Oreek*t to Cam- Harrisonville to Relstersbridge. town. Flint Stone*t to Cumoer- Harwood• to Annapolis. Hawkeye_to East New Marland. Fllntvllle* to Delta, Pa. ket. Hayden• to Centerville. Florence to Woodbtne. I Fords Store• r to Queens- ~:~~v!~\J~cg:~\~1;1i,We. Henderson• t t to Goldsbcro town. Fore11t Glt:n*t t to Kensington. Hereford to Cocu:eysvUie. Hermanvtlle• to LeonardForeston to Hampstead. town. For stville• to Upper MarlHernwood to BaltlmoNJ. boro. Hess to Bel Air. Fork• to Bel Air. Port Foote to \\'ashin~ton, Hickory to Bel Air D. <'. Fort Howard* to Baltimore. Hlghfleld • t 1 to Emmitsburg. Fort Washmgton•r to A1exHigh Knob to Frederick. andrla, Va.. Fountain Green to Bel Air. Fountain Mllls to _ Ionrovla. HlghlandtownU to Baltimore. Four Locks to Ulear Spring. Hillsdale*t to Baltimore. Hills Point to Cambridge. Fowling Creek to Preston. Hlll Top*t to La Plata. Hinkle to Mt. Airy. Foxvllle to Thurmont. Hobbs•t1 to Denton. Franklintown to Baltimore. Holbrook to Plkesvllle. Hollands Island* to PrinFranklinville to Bol Air. cess Anne. Frederick Junction to FredHollywood* to Leonarderick. town. Freeland*t to Shrewsbury, Homesteadt t-0 Baltimore. Pa. Honga to Cambridge. Friendshiptt to Owings. Frlzellburg to Westminster. Hoods Afflls•t to SyKesvllle. Hoopersvllle * t to CamFuitord to Bel Air. bridge. / l?ulJerton* to OvcrJea. Fulton*t to Laurel. Funkstown• to tlaicerstown Hope to Centerville. Hopewi-111 to Crisfield. Houcksvme to Hampstead. Howardsvme• 1 to Pikes-ville. Boyes• to Friendsville. Hudson.., to Cambridge. Gaitbcr*tt to :ykrsville. Hill to GaltheraGalestown to Seaford, Del. Hunting bur~. Gallownvs* to (·al ·\'ille. • to Prince Hunttn~town Gamber· to Westminster. I Frederick. <lamlJrill-;* Lo Odelll,011. to Mechanlcsv1lle. Gapland•tt to Keedytlville. Hurry* lluttontt to Oakland. Ga.rd ndlle*t to Baltimore. Huyett to Ha~erstown. Garneld to Smlthsbur~. H,·attstm 11* to 1\'IonroYia. Garrett Park* 1 to Kenstnic- Hydes•: to Towson. 1 Ga\~fson• to Plkesvllle. Gary to Elllcott City. IJamsvfJle*1 to Frederick. Georgetown, to Galena. GermaI1town • t to Galtbers- Tlohester• ! to Ellicott City. Indian Springs to Hai:ersburtt. town. Gibson to Bel Air. Ingleside• to SudlersvlJle. Gilmore• to Midland. tnverness* to Princess Anne Gllpentr to Cumberland. lronhJll*tt to Elkton. Gist to Westminster. Ironshlre•: to Berlin. Gittings• to Towson. lronitlde~ to La Plata Irvington to Baltimore. Glen to Rockville. Crc k to l'rinc I fslaud Glenarm•t to Toweoo. Fre<lerick. Glencot-• t t to Cockey8vllle Glen Echo• to Washington. Issue to La Pia ta Ivory to Sykesvlll G1fr:ieTi• to Ellicott City. Glenn Da1e•t to Uppe1 Jacksonville to Cock Marlboro. vllle. Glenville to Havre cic Grae James• to Camhrltl1?e. Glenwood• to SykeJvllle. G!u,·klll'IJUt to 1•;ast • Tel\ .Jarboesvme• to Leonardtown. • Iarkl't,. (;J~•n1ont to Indian llt,ad. 1 Jason to yr1nce. Anne. Golden tt111• to camhru1i:~. Jennlng-s to Grnntl!vllle. Jerus11lem* to Bel Air Golts"t to Millint>;ton. Goodwill to Po ·omoke City Jessups*l ~o l;aurel. Gorsuchs :\!ills to Stewart. Jesten:llle to • antlcoke. Jewell to Upper farlboro. town Pa Jlmtown to Th_urmont. Goshen 'to GaltherAburg. Graceham•t to Thurmont JohnsvUle to Union Bridge. Jones to Berlin. Grange to Baltimore. Joppa•t to Bel A_l_r_ __ ~nlte• to Svkesvllle.  I  I  e.  0-  -,.e. er.  d.  J.D• ,nl,  aoe-  ore.  S,  . tet•  °'"  as'·  Ille, d.  REFERENCE KEY. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Kalmla to Bel Air.  :Matthews to Cordova. Maugansvme • t to Hager&town. Mayben-y to Taneytown. Kennedyvme•ttto Chester- Mayfield to Ellicott City. town. Mayo* to Annapolis. Keymar•tt to.Union Bridge McConchle*t to La Plata Keyser to Grantsvllle. Keysville to Union Bridge. McCoole to Keyser. W. Va. McDaniel• t l to St. Ml• chael8. Kifer to Cumberland. Klngs CreekU to Princess McHenry• to Oakland. Anne. McKalg to Frederick. Klngston•u to Marlon Sta- McKendree• to Upper Marl boro. tion. Kings Valley to Gaithers- McKinstry to Union Bridge burg. Klng1vme• to Bel Air. Meadows* to Upper MarlKlej Granice to Gtrdletree. Knollwood to Ellicott C'ity. We~t~iilc Valleyr to North! East. Knoxville•: to Brumw ck. Medtord•t to New Windsor Kumol to Taneytown. Mellto\a to Chestertown. Melrose to Manchester. Melsont to Delmar. Del. to WoodsLadlesburg•t boro. Middlebrook to GaithersLakeland to Hyattsville. burg. Lake Shore to Annapolis. to Union Middleburg• t Lakesvllle* to Cambridge. Bridge. Lamotte• to Relsterstown. Middle Point to .M yersville. Lander* to Brunswick. to Baltimore. Landover•tt to Hyatts- Mlddlerlver• Midlothian* to Frostburg. vme. to Leonardtown. Lanham*tt to Washing- Mllestown Mlllers• to Manchester. ton. D. C. to Annapolis. Lansdowne• t to Baltimore. Millersville• Mills to Hagerstown. 0 to Hancock. ·tone*! :.\Iill. t:~r~~~o t~ht~ 8!poslt. UpperMarlLargo to Washington. D.C. Mltchellvllle*to boro. Lauraville* to l3a.ltimore. to Me• Monie* to Princess Anne. Laurel Grove • cbanlcsvllle. Monkton•ti to White Hall. Lawsonla*t to Crtsneld. Montrose to Rockvllle. Layhlll to Kenalngton. Laytonsville• to Galtbers- ::\lorg;rn*t to Woodbine. Morgantown to La Plata. burg. Morganza• to Mechanics-I * vUle. Leeland• t to Upper Marlboro. ~~:g;:.Mf~s E:!it~':i~~. Le Gore to Woodsboro. Mountamdale to Frederick. Leitcbst to Owingff. Mountain Lake Park•U tol Leltersburg to Hagerstown Oakland. Leon to Upper Marlboro. Leslie*t to North East. Mt. Carmel* to Hampstead Level to Havre De Grace. . It. Harmony* to 0\\ ings. Lewlsdale to Monrovia. Mount Pleasant to Fred.erLewistown* to Frederick. ick. Liberty Grove • : to Port 1-1:t. St. l\lan·s to EmDerostt. mittsburg. Llcksvllle to Frederick. :\IountsYille to Freclerick. Lime Kiln•: to Frederiok. l\1t. Vernon to Princess Anne. tl~~~~;:vmeK i~sl~!~ber- Mount Victoria to La Plata land. Mountview to Sykesville. Llneboro•t to Manchester. Mt. Washington*tt to Linganore to Mt. Airy. Baltimore. Llnkwood•t to Cambridge Mt. Winans*! to Baltimore. Linwood• 1 to Union Br!dice Lisbon• to Mount Air,. Mulrkirk•tt to Laurel. Little Orleans to Hancock. Lloyds to C!\mbrld1te. ~~i~ni~ ti 0M\;;}~'le· Fred-  Keep Tryst•t to Harpers Ferry, W. Va. I Kemptown to Mount Alty.  Loch L~•nn Heights to Oakland. Loch Raven•tt to Towson Locust Grove• to Chestertown. Long* to Cumberland. Lon~ Corner to Mount Airy Lonic Green• to Towson LonitWoods* to Easton. Lora* to Midland. Lorettot to Princess Anne Lothian• to Upper Marlboro. Love Point*t t to Stevensville. Lovevllle to Leonard.own Lower Marlboro• to Prince Frederick. Luke*t to Piedmont, W.Va Lusbys• to Solomons. LuthervJlle• t to Towson. Lydia• to Hagerstown. Lyncb • r: to Chestertown. Lyons Creek to Upper Marlboro.  I Maoton to Bel Atr. Maddox• to Mechanicsville Madison* to Carnbrlctge. 1adonna to Bel Air. Mairnolla•tt to Bel Air. 1falcolm* to La Plata ~!anokln• to Prln~ess Anne 3.lanle Grove l to Manchester. Maple\'llle*t to Doonesboro larl>ury* to La Plata arlhoro t to l'ppcr .Marlboro. • lurlP."* t-o Baltimore .Marrlottsvllle• t to SykeMvllle. Mar ball Hall_. to Alt!xandrla. Va. Marston to New Windsor. Martinsburg to Leesburg. Va.  1arumsco to Marlon Sta• tlon. larydell*t! to Goldsboro. Maryland Line• to New Freedom, Pa. • Iason Springs* to La Plata1  2005  Owlngs Mllls•U to Plkesvllle. Oxen Hill to Anacostla. D.C.  Palmers to Leonardtown. Paramount to Hagerstown. Paris to Owing . Parkhan• to Leonardtown. Park Mills to Frederick. Parkville• to Baltimore. Parole• to Annapolis Parran* to Prince Frederick Parsonsburg•t: to Pittsville.  Parsonvllle to Crisfield.  w~~ri~{!i~:~:i:~i;\; Pearl to Frederick. 0  Pearre*t: to Hancock. Pearson* to Leana,.dtown. Pecktonvllle to Hancock. Pe,lrin to Lonaconing. Peninsula Junction* to Prln cess Anne. Pen lar to mithsburg. Perry Hall to Towson. Perryman• t t to Aberdeen. Petersvllle to Brunswick. Phrenlx (Allegany Co.), to ·westernporL Phrenlx • r 1 (Baltimore Co.) to Cockeysvllle. Pindell•! to Upper Marlboro. l'lnesburg to Williamsport. Piney Grove• to Hancock. Piney ·eek to Rock llnll Piney ~Point• to Pinto• to Cumberland. Piscata:vay* to Brandywine Pisgah t to La Plata. Pl'tfiunfX~~r Four to Pleasant Hill to Elkton. Pleasantville• to Bel Air. Plum Point to Prince Poizit~f1f{~cks•t to Frederlck. Pomfret* to La Plata. Pomona to Chestertown. Pomonkey• to La Plata. Pondsvllle to Smithsburg. Popes Creek•t: to La Plata. Poplar Hill to Brandywine. Poplar Springs to Wood• blne. Port Republic* to Prince Frederick. Port Tobacco*t to La Plata. Polg18!~b~i}!~5~ny Co.) Potomac * (Montgomery Po<;>el1~~1~f;~";~~:vme. Powhatan to Baltimore.  erick.  Pratt to Cumberlancl. Prices*! to Church II ill. Prlnclplo to Rising Sun. to Furnace• Prlnclplo 0 North East. [tl Prospect to Bel Air. eri t..> Cumberland. Providence• to Elkton. Pumphrey to Baltimore. Newburv• to La Plata. Purdum to fonrovta. New Germany• to Grants- Pylesvme•tt to Delta, P&. ville. New London to .fonrovla. New !\Ia.rket• (Frederick Quantico•: to Hebron. Co.) to Monrovia. Queen AnnP*H to Hillsboro New Midway•: to Woods- Qulnce Orchard to Gaithersboro. bu11t. Newport• to La Plata. Nanjemoy to La Plata. :-.rational• to .\lldland.  ; !J~f  tc? ~f.e:  Norbeck to Rockville. Normans to Stevensville. Norrisville* to StewarLstown. Pa. 1 orth Branchtt to Pikcsville. Norwood to Sandy Springs. Nottingham*! to Upper l\larllloro. Nutwell• to Annapolis.  Randallstown to Plkesvllle. Raspeburg* to Baltimore. Ra wllngs • t t to Keyser. W. Va. Rayville to Parkton.  Reckord• to Del Afr. Redgate to Leonardtown. Redland to Galthershuri;r. Heels Mills to Frederick. Reese to We tmluster. Rehobeth* to Pocomoke City. Oakdale to Sandy Springs. Reid t to Hagerstown. Oaklaud • lill. to t;lllcolt Heidsgrove*tt to Hurlock. <'itY l'elay*! to Baltlmor . 011 kle·y-·• to Leonardtown . Revell* to Annapo!L'I. 01:1-k ville• to Mechanlc:svlUe . Oalnvood to IUslnir Sun. Rhoclesclale•rt to Hurlock. Ocean• to ~ldland. Rhode~ Point to Crli;ttelcl. Odenton to,imore. Hlchardsmcre to Rising Sun. ltiderwoodt to To\'son. Oella• to Ellicott City. IUdge• to Leonardtown. ()ldtown•t1 to Cumb rland Rldgevllle to Mount Airy. Ringgold to Smithsburg. Oli ·ov" to Solo111ons. Olney• to andy Sprlngg. Rison,.. to La Plata. Orangeville to l altimore. Ritch let to Upper ~iarlbor Ora ville* to • rechanlcsvll1e. Rlverrlale*t to Hyattsvllle Oregon to Cockeysvllle. Riverside* to La Plata. Oriole• to Princess Anne. River Springs• to LeonardOrme*t to Brandywine. town.  I  tTelegraph  tatlon.  :!:E.·press Otlice. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  MARYLAND  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS --  -  - - --- -  -  ---~-  I  -  I  Bernardston• U to Green- Douiclas'U to Uxbrldie, State Sanatorium• to Thur- Wheaton to :Kensington. Whltebu to Snow HW. mont. fteld. Dover•tt to Needham. Dracut• to Lowell. Stemmer'e Runrt to Baltl-' Wh1tetor11•t to Delta, Pa. B11lerica•tt to Lowell. more. B1Jlbee11• to Northampton. Dudley•t to Webster. Stepney to Aberdf'en. Blaoklnton •t to Nor t b Dunstahle•tt to Naabua. N.R. Stevenson• t t to Towson. Adame. Whlteleysburg to Greens Steyer• to Oakland. boro. Blaolcstone •tt to Woon• T>uxbun·*tt to Plymouth. Still l'ond*t+ lo Betterwn. W!1t!~~e.Marsb•l to Baltl- I 1ocket, R. 1. Dwlght•t to Amherst. l:!toakley to Prince FredBlandford•t to WestOeld. ertck. White Plains • l to La Bolton• to Clinton. Street• to Delta, Pa. Bondn1lle•tt to Palmer. Plata. East Acton to Concorrt. Sudley• to Annapolis. Whiton to Pittsville. Bourne•t to Wareham. East Blackstone to WoonSultland to Wa1hlngton, Wicomico• to La Plata. Bournedale*t to Wareham. socket R. I. Widgeon to Princess Anne. ' Bo:r.tord to Georgetown. D. c. E . Boxford* to Georgetown. Wlllards•tt to Plttsvllle. Sunderland* to Owing!'!. Bo7l■ton Center• to Clinton East Braintree to Qulncy. Sunny Brookt to Cockey.. Williamsburg*t to Hurlock. Br&dtordf to Haverhlll. ter*tt to Harwich. E. Br Bradstreet•toN orthampton E . Brirnfleld* to SouthWilliston to Denton. ville. Willoughbytt to Hillsboro. Braggvtlle•t to Milford. Ro1aryv11Ie* to Upper .Marl- Sunnyside to Oakland. bridge. boro. Sutton to Frostburg. Willows• to Prince Fred Braley'stt to New Bedtorct. E. Brookfleld•tt to Spencer ertck. Rosecrott to Anacostla. D .C Swanton• t to Oakland East !Jarver* to Plymouth. Rosedale to Baltimore. Brant Rock* to Plymouth. East Dedham to DAdham. Sweet Air* to Cockeyevme. Wilna• to Bel Air. Sylmar•t to Rising Sun. Roslyn• t to Plkesville. Brewster • t to Harwich. E. lJ eerfleld,..tto Greenfield Wilson to Prince Frederick. Brier• to Adams. Rowlandsvllle•: to Pon Briggsville to North Adams East Oennts• to Harwich ~ lnchestert l to QueensDeposit. town. Brightontt to Boston. Roxbury*t to Hagerstown. E. Douglas*t! to WbitinsBrightwood t to SpnngRoxbury Mills to Sykes- Tannery*tt to Westminster, Windy Hlllt to Easton. ,ille. 1\eld. ville. Tanyard to Preston. 1 Winfield to Mount Airy. E. Falmouth* to Falmouth. to St Taylor to Cockeysvllle Brlmtleld•t to Palmer. Wittman* to St. Mtona~ls. Royal Oak•t t Foxboro*t to Foxboro. Brooktleld*tl tc Spencer. East Freetown• ft to New Michael. Taylors I land• to Cam- Wollevlllet to Myersville. '\Voodberryt to Baltimore. Brookvtlle• to Brockton. Rumbley to Princess Anne brldR"e. Bedford. Bryantvtlle•t to Whitman. Eastham• t to Harwlch. Taylorsville to New Wind- Woollbrook•tt to Towson Rush to Cumberland. Woodensbuqp:•tto Relsters- Buckland• t to Shelburne E Harwich*t to Harwich. sor. RuthsbUrlf to Centerville. Falls. town. r. B.* to Brandywine. Rutledge to Bel Air. E Holliston*! to FramingTempleville* to Goldsboro. Woodfield to Gaithersburg. Burllnv:ton to Woburn. Ruxton*t! to Towson. ham. Burrage• to Whitman. Woodland to Easton. Texaa•t to Uockeysvllle. Rycevllle* to La Plata. East Lee• to Lee. Woodlawn• (Baltimore Co.) Buzzard ■ Bay•tt to Ware- E. Leverett to Amherst. Theodore to Rising Sun. to Baltimore. ham. Thomas* to Cambrldae. E. Lexington! to Arlington. Tlmonlum•tt to C,ockey1-! Woodlawn (CecU Co.) to Byfteld•tt to Georiretown. EaJ~rl~g:i,d_Meadow•1 t to Port Deposit. Sablllasvme• to Thurmont. vllle. Woodmore to Upper MarlSaint Augustine to Chesa- Tipr,ilt. to Brandywine. E .• Iansfleld* to Mansfield. boro. Toddvllle*t to Cambrtare. Mattaootsett• to Falrsaf:f~e~i~Yto Baltimore. Woodetook*U to ElUoott Cambrldgeporttl to Cambave~ • bridge. City. St. George* to Reistertown Tolcbester Beach* to ChesEast Mihon-" to Milton. to WoodvUlet to Mount Airy. Campellott to Brockton. St. Georges faland East Northfield•ttoBrattlotertown. Junction tt to CanLeonardtown. lioro. Vt. Tomolclnsvllle to La Plata. Woodwardvllle* to Annap- Canton ton. olls. St. Inigoes* to Leonard- Town Point to Chesapeake Norton• to Taunton. town. Woolford*t to Cambrtdire. Carlisle• to Concord. Easton•t to North Easton. City. Samt Leona.rd• to Prine, Townshend*t to Brandy- Worton•rt to Chestertown. , Carver•t to Plymouth Eaatondale• to Norttl EuCaryvtUe•t to Milford. Frederick. Wrights to Cambrid~e. ton. wine. Cataumet•ti to Falmouth. East Orleans•t to Harwich. s\, ~argaretst to Annap- 1 TracyeLdg.* to UpperMarl- Wye Mille• to Centerville Wynne •t to Leonardtown. Center Marshfield• to East Otis• to Lee. 1 boro. Plymouth. Saint Martins% to Berlin. Travllab to Roclcvllle. E . Pembroke* to Rockland. Centervme• to Hyannis. Saint Mary's City• to Leon- Treio• to Keedysvtlle. Central Village• to New E. Princeton* to Leominardtown. Troutville to Woodsboro. ster. Yarrowsburg to Brum wi~k. 1 Bedford. S&lemt to Vienna. Trump to Parkton. Yellow Springe to Fredertok. 1 Charlemont•tt to Creek to New Wind- Tunis Mllls to Easton. Sandwlcb*t to YarEast Y eobo to Cockeysvtlle. burne Falls. sor. mouthpon. Charlestown•tt to Boston. Sandgates to Mechanlcsvlll, Tuscarora• t to Frederick. Washington. to T~~c.•t to Lynn. Saugus•t East Southbridge to Charlton•tt Sandy Hooktt to Harper'• 1 Charlton Clty•t to South-1 East Sharon to Canton. Ferry, W. Va. Zihlman to Frostburg. East Taunton• t to Ta.unto• Sandyvllle to Westminster. Twlggtown• to Cumberland Gtont to North East. brldire. CharltonDep,t•ttoSpencer E. Templeton• to Gardner. Sang Run• to Oakland. Two Jobns to Denton. 1 Cbartley•H ~o Attleboro. East WalooleU to Dedham Saasafraa to Middletown. Tyaskln • to Nanticoke. E. Wareham*tt to War&Del. Tylerton* to Crisfield. ham. ChathamPort•tto .Harwich. Savage• to Laurel. Tyrone to Weetmlnater. E. Whately* to N orthampLowell. to Chelmstord•rt Laurel. to Sca1nrsvllle 1 ton. Cherry Valley• to Leicester. Scarboro t.o Bel Air. East Windsor• to PlttaOeld Scartr•t to Bel Air. Eddyville to Middleboro. Cheehlre•t t to Adams. LeonardScotland• to MASSACHUSETTS Unicorn Mills to Millington Edrewortht to Malden. Chester•tt to ·weaifteld. town. Chester0eld •tto NortnampSeabrook*tl to Upper Marl• , Unionville• to Union Bridge! ~ef~!~~am. ton. Unity to Galthenbur1. boro. to Vineyard Elm Grove• to ShelbunM Chllmarkt Secretary• to East New Upperco• to Hampstead. Haven. , Hinghan.. to A.ccord• Falls. Bel to 0rossroads Opper Market. i Chlltonvllle to Plymouth. Elmwood• to East Brtdtr► j Acouet• to Fall River. Air. 0 Upper Fairmount• to Prinwater. Seourlty•tt to llalt"erstown i cess Anne. Bedlord. 1 8\?re~d~; I tg!~~~e\'! EndlC'otU to Dedham. Selbyeport• to Frlendsv1Ue. 1 Upper F'alls• to Bel Air. to Pawtucket Clayton to Canaan. Conn. Enfteld•tt to Ware. Adamsdalel Sellman* to Poolesville. Ervtnir•rt to Orange . Urbana to Frederick. Seneca• to Poolesville Easex • tt to Ipswich. Utl~a Mills to Walkersville. .\d~m~~le-" to Shelburne' 2llft~~d: ttg ::;vb~~~~c:::d. Severn•tto Baltimore Cllftonctate•t to Lynn . Falls. Sewell*t to Bel Air. <'llauot to Bolli~ton. Aiawam• to Springfield. Sbaay Bower to Hagen .\Uord to Great Barrington. < oehesett>1-t to Bridgewatt•r town. .\llerton•! to Hingham. Falrvtewl to Holyoke . Vale• to Bel Air. Shady Side• to Annapolis. Vale Summit• to Fro1t- Allc;tontt to Boston. Falmouth Heights• to FalCocbltuate• to Natick. Shatt•t to Frostburg. mouth. Coldbrook ~prtni'll•t to A.nnlequam to Gloucester. buri. Shane to WhJte Hall. Barre. l''arley• t t to Orange. Valley Lee• to Leonard- Arllniton Heiihte• U to ArSharon•i to Bel Air.• to Plttsl1eld. Coldspring• to Lowell. llngton. town. Shawan to Cockeysvllle Shelburne Farnumsvllle•t to Gratton. to Coleratn• Asbury Grove• to Salem Van Blbber~t to Bel Air. Sbawsvllle to Cockeysvllle Venton to Princes.. Anne. Falls. Faulknert to Malden. A11hburnham•tt to Gardner Shelltown* to Marlon Sta• Vindex to Kitzmiller. Fayvllle• t 1 to FramlnrColltnsvme• to Lowell. Ashby•t to Fitchburg. tlon. Concord Junction•tttoConham. Ashfield• to Conway. Shet,perd to Cockeysvllle. cord. Feecllnir HUis•tt to SprlDS.AJlhlud*tt to Framingham Sherwood* to Tilghman. field. Wakefield* to NewWlndlor Ashley Fa.11s*tt to Great Congamondtt to WE>stfleld. Sherwood Station to Tow- Waldort•tt to La Plata. Conomo Station to Glouce1- Flshervme• to Gratton. Barrington. • son. ter. Flskdale• to Southbrtd,e. Walker's Switch• to Park- Asslnnippl• to Rockland. Showell*H to Bishopville. Forestdale ♦ to YarmoutllCooleyvllle• to Athol. Al8onet• U to Fall River. ton. Siebert• to Cumberland. Waltvme• to Prince Fred- Asylum Station to Danvers. Cordavme•t to Westboro. Sllesla• to Alexandria, Va. Cotult•t to Hyannis • tt to Lo"'ell Atlantic• to QulMY, ertck. Silver Hlll to Washington. Warlleldburg to Westml.D- .\.ttleboro Fallstt to North Cra.igville* to Hyanni!I . Fraoklln Park•t to Lynn. D. C. Freetown to Fall River. 1 Crow Point to Hingham . Attleboro. ster. 1 Silver Run to Littlestown Furnace• ft to Ware . Crk~~~~- Spring! to Fall ::~rc;.to t~o~iJJ~~~-1 ~~~~rt1i J~o!i~~~ster. Pa. S~Ft~~nvllle• to Ellicott Cu~~~qutd• to Yarmouth- Gay Head to Vineyard W~s~lngton Grove. t to .\yen Vlllage to Haverhill Slues* to Oakland. Haven. CUmmlngsvtlle to Woburn. Galthersburi. ~Inger to Bel Air. :o;klpton to CordoYa. ~:::~~:1rre::i/J~:gf~;ry Ballardvate•tt to Andover I Cu:o~~r.on•t to North- gnr~~tv,p~::~ ti; Sligo to Silver Spring. Cushing to ewburyport. Gleasondale•t to Hud1on. Bancroft• to Plttstleld. Watkins to Ga.ltbersburi Smlthvllle to Federalsburg. Waverly to Ba.ltimorP. Glendale•tt to StockbrldP Bardwells Ferry*! to Shel- Cushmant to Amhen,t. Glenwood to Medford. burne Falli;. Smoketown to Boonsboro. Wayside• to La Pia.ta. Goshen• to NorthamptonSnydenburg to liampstead Webster to Havre de Grace • Barnstable•rt to Yar0 Sollers to Lusbys. 0 io Dana• to Barre. Ba~~u~ffi~·u to Barre. ~~}~g~~~~• t~ot: Solley• to Baltlmore. Granvllle • to Westfte}d. 1,Barrowsvme•t to Attleboro Danversport to Danvers. Sotterl:v to Leonardtown. Wellnam1 to BaltlmCJre. Granville Center•t to Well Bay tate to Northampton. Darby to Plymouth. S. Baltimore* to Brooklyn. Wenona• to Deal Island. tteld. Dartmouth• to New BedSouth CumberlandH to W. Friendship* to Sykes- Bayvtew to Gloucester Greenbush•tt to Hlntri;r,; tord. Cum her land. Beach Blutr•t to Lynn. ville. Davis* to Shelburne Falls. Green Harbor • to South River• to Anna.pollJI. Westover• tl to Prlncee. Becket• tt to Pittsfield. mouth. Deerfield• tl to South Deer• Bedford• tt to Concord. Anne. Spence to Snow Hill. Spencerville• to Laurel. W g~~~~:1~rt Bei:iJ~l SpringS! to Con- o:if!dto Shelburne Falls Spickler to Olear Spring. ~:iP~f!e~<! ~:~~~~~Ila. Splelmant to Wakefield to Gr:~~ood g:~~}:;i~~~r:~~flh~rt. ~!~~~~Brnndyto w;\~;~od*tt Sprlnr1leld*t to Laurel. Grlswoldvme• to SMIDlghton•U to Taunton. Belllnirham•t to Milford. SprlngGap•t toCumberland Wetlpquln* to Nanticoke. burne Falls. Dodire• to Worcester. Weverton•tt to Brunswick Bemis to Watertown. Spring Hill to La Plata. 'tarkpy to ( 'hureh JI ill. tilll Dodievme•t to Attleboro. Groton•tt to Ayer. 8erksnlre• to Plttsfteld. Whaleysvtlle•tt to Berlin Starr to Centervtlle. __C_ll_n_t_o_n_.____DorchPStertt ~ B ·ton. _ G r o v e l a n d • t ~ ~ _e_r_lt_n_•_t_t_to ll_s b_ u--'ry' -__B Wbayland t to S_a_~  Riverton• to Sharptown. Riverview• to Annapolis. Robbln1t to Cambridge. Roberts•t to Church Hill. Roblillont to Anna.poll,. Rockawalklng to Salisbury Rockdale to Plkesvllle. Rock Point• to La Plata. Rocks• to Bel Air. Rocky Ridge• t t to ThUl· mont. Rodgers Forge• to Towson. Rohrersvme•rt to Keedy► vme. Roland Park*t to Baltimore.  !  I  I  I I  I  I I  J J  ~fil'f.rlt  fa°~~\~  I  I f1?sf[~~r~~~;)ll.  !  g~:~~!;J1~m1 e·..,,eu.  t1~\':t_~·  I  REFERENCE KEY.  ~u~:i!'i  ::r~:~g~;.\~  • County Seat.  • ~Ioney Order Office.  !Telegraph Station.  t E~pres Office  L L  I  Mllllngton• to Athol. N ortn Tisbury* to Vine- Sheldonvllle • to Wren- Unlonvme• t to Franklin. yard Haven. Uphams Corner1·i to Boetham. Mlllls•t t to Holllston. ton. Mill Rlver•to Canaan.Conn North Truro•tt to Pro- Sherborn•t to Natick.. Upton•tt to Milford . Shlrley*tt to Ayer. vincetown. Mlllvllle•u to Woonsocket ~ . Uxbridge* to Uxbridge. Shirley Center• to Ayer. R. I . North Westport•r to Fall Shrewsbury• to Worcester Minot• to Hlnirham . Vineyard Haven *t! to TisShutesbury• to Amherst. River. bury. MlttlneaiUe*Tt to Sprtng- N. Weymouth* to Quincy. Hiast·onsc>tt •t to ~ · ant u<' ke t. North Wllbraha.m•t: to Silver Lake*t to Plymouth. tlela. Sprlngfteld to Acres Sixteen Sprtngtleld. Monponset t t to 'W h itm an. North Wllmlnitton • t t to Smlths*t to Ware. Monroe Bridge*t to Waban• to Newton Center. Andovec. H!~cf!f~• to Barre. Adains. Wales• to Palmer. Somerset•t to Fall River. Walnut hlllf to Dedham. ~ . Wobornti to Woburn. Hartavme• to Great Bar- MontaiUe•t to South Acton•tt to Concord. Waquolt• to Falmouth. Norton•r to Attleboro. rlnitton. Falla. South Amherst• to Amherst Ward Hlll•tt to Haverhill. Harvard•tt to Ayer. MontaiUe Clty•tttoTUrners :-iorwlch to Westtleld. Southampton*f t to Eastr Warwick• to Oranie. Falls. hampton. Harwich Port • t to Har- Montellof t to llrockton. 1 t~ wich. Monterey• to Great Bar- Oak Blutrstt to Vineyard South Ashbumham*U to Ashburnham. · Haven. don. Hatfteld•t to Northampton rlnitton. Conway. to Ashfield• South Worcel!ter. to Oakdate•tt Montrose to Wakefteld. Hatherly to Rockland. South Athol• to Athol. Oak Grovet to Malden. Hathorne•tt to Danvers. Waverley•tt to Waltham. Montvale to Woburn. H. Attleboro*t to Attleboro. Wayland•tt to Waltham. Hawley• to Shelburne Falls Montwaltt to Framingham. Oakhan,• to Barre. South Harre• to Barre. to Taunton. Weir Vlllaire to Taunton. South Berlin• to Northboro. Ocean Bhill to Rockland. Heath• to Shelburne Fall11. Monument Beach•t to t,ti~i~~rd. Ocean Grovet to Fall River. Southboro*t t to Marlboro. ~ Wareham. Hebronvllle•t to Attleboro. Hlnitham Center•t to Hlni- Moores Corner* toAmherst. Ocean Spray to Winthrop. S. Brewster*t to Harwich. ·wendell Depot to Orange. S. Carver* to ,var~bam. ham. Wenham•tt to Beverly. Mount Auburn* to WaterOldtown to North Attle- S. Chatham•t to Harwich. town. Hlnsdale*t t to Pltts0eld. . Chelmsford*! to Lowell. West Acton*ti to Concord. boro. HHolbrook*H to Brockton. Mount Hermon•t:tt0GreenS. Dartmouth* to New West Au bum* tovVoroester. Onset*t to Wareham. 1le1a. olden•u to Worcester. Bedford. West Barnstable•tt to HyMount Tom• t to North- Onset Junctlontt to WareHolland to Southbridge. S. Dennis•tt to Harwich. ham. annis. ampton. Hoosac Tunnel• Tt to N ortb S. Duxbury* to Plymouth. West Berlln•rt to Clinton. Orleans•rt to Harwich. Adams. Myricks*tt to Taunton. ,.,, _ Easton* to ~Torth Easton West Boxtord • to Georit~ Osten me• to Hyannis. Hopedale•t to Mlltord. South Egremont• to Great Otis• to Lee. town. Horse Neck Beach to New Nahant•t to Lynn. Barrington. to Otter Rlver•u to Gardner. Beach*t Nanta.sket to Boylston • f t West Bedford. Gloucester. to Essex• South . Worcester to Oxford*U Hingham. Worceater. River. Fall to llortonvllle So~;~i~~• to Great Bar- W. Brewster* to Harwich. Needhan. Heigbts*tt to Brlditewater•t to West Hg~:~;~nfc~t~fgG9~iiarS. Framinghamt to FramPaxton• to Worcester. Milton. Brldiewater. rtnitton. ingham . West Brookfteld*U to Ware H 111>bardston•ttt0Gardner. New Boston• to Winsted . Pelham to Amherst. S. Groveland to Haverhill. Pembroke• to Whitman. Conn. 8 UU*t to Hingham. Pepperell*tt to East Pep- South Hadley• to Holyoke. West Chatham* to Harwlob Humarock to Plymouth New Braintree• to Ware. • Hadley Falls*tt to Holy- West Chelmsford •i to perell. H unt1ng-ton•tt to Westtleld Newbury to Newburyport. Lowell. oke. Peru•t to Plttstleld. 8 to Hyannis. New Lenox*t to Lenox. 'bJ'annlsport• qyde Parktt to Boston. Wea.smt ~tboean_terlkJd• toNortbNeBwarrlMna,!1b nor_o• to Great ~:~l~~~:\~oA1:~f.l. 5 0 th 1 0 0 tlroBckevlaenrly_ d. West ., Chop• to Vineyard Pigeon C ~veto Rockport. s. UH anHoavmer H+ tno* . IDdlanOrchard*f ttoSprfnr- New Salem•tt to Athol. 1 Haven. S. Hanson*tt to "Whitman. Plaln0eld to AdamsNewstate to Adams . fteld. West Cummlnitton • to Harwich. to Harwich*tt S. NorthAttl&to Plalnvllle•tt to Hlghlands•t Newton 1~!,erla.ken• to Stoclcbr clge. Northampton S. Hingham• to Hingham. boro. 1-nd Creek • to PlyNewton Center. 1 Fallst Pleasant Lake•u to Har- S. Hyannis• to Hyannis. , Westdale* to East Brld~~ Lower Newton rnouua. water. , S. Lancaster•t to Clinton. , wlch. to West Newton. I 11tand Park• to Haverhlll. , West Dennis• to Yar1lllnitton•t to Dedham. Newton Upper Falls*tt to Plympton• to Plymouth. : South Lee•ti to Lee. S. Lincoln•t to Concord. : mouthport. Pooauet•t to Wareham. Newton Genter. t.o West Dudley• to SoutbSouth Mlddleboro•t Ponkapog• to Canton. brldite. Mlddleboro. j•malca Plaint; to Iloston. Nobscot•ttto Framlngh~m Potie.r.vllle• to Fall River. , South Middleton • t to : West Duxbury • to PIJ'• Preacott• to Amherst. eirereon • t t to Worcester. Nonantum to Newton. mouth. Danvers. Prides Crosslng•tto Beverly Nonqult• to New Bedford West Everettt t,o Everett Sou b Natick to Natick. Prlnceton•tt to Gardner. Nortolk•tt to Franklin. · to , , . rleans* to Harwich. Depot•U Nortolk OoWD.l'lt to Quincy. Prlncetap !5enberma to Hingham. Falmouth•tt to F&lWest Provtto Rehoboth South Worcester. Abto Ablnitton*U North a.endal Green•tt to Walmouth. I. R. denoe, ington. tham. Weattord•t to Lowell. . Royal:4on*tt to Athol. North Acton•t to Concord. B:lnzaton•u to Plymouth. Qulnapoxet•t to Worcester 1 S. Sandwich* to Hyannis. West Glouceatert to Glouceater. , South Sudbury*tt to FramN. Amherst• to Amherst. Quluett• to Falmouth. West Granvllle to Westfield ingham. N. Andover•tt to Lawrence Lake Boon to Maynard. South Vernon to Brattle- West Groton•: to Ayer. Lake Pleasant•ttto Turners • N. Bellingham*t to Milford Weathampton• to Nortbboro, Vt. North Beverlyt to Beverly. Raynham•: to Taunton. Palls. ampton • to Southvtlle•ti to Westboro. Center• Raynham . Billerica*tt to Lowell. ~kevme•t to Mlddleboro. S. Walpole*tt to Wrentham W. Hanover•t to Rockland. Taunton. N. Blandford to Westfield. -noaster" t t to Clinton. Harwir.h*t to Harwich. ,v. \Vareham. to Wareham•t S. Park. Hyde to lfrad\·illct.t Harwich. to Brewster•t N. I Pltts!lelct. to ~eaboro• orthS. Wellfleet*tt to Province- West Hat.field* to Northbrldre• u to WbltlI18- Rehohoth•t to Taunton. -ueavtlle to Gloucester. ampton. ' town. Rlcbmond•U to Pittsfield. vWe. helburne to Hawley• w. , New to Westport• South to i Furnace• Richmond Camto Cambridgett N. ~Le •t to Northampton. I Falla. Bedford. , Plttsft.eld. bridge. Lenoxdale•tt to Lenox. , Southwlet•tt to WeatOeld. Weat Leyden•to Greenfteld. N. Ca.rver•t to Middleboro. RidgehiJI to Rockland. Le verett•u to Amherst. Weat Lnn*f to Lynn. to lamstown• WU South Weatfteld. to RlnrvUle* Harwich. N. Chatham_. to J.llden• to Greentleld. w. Mansfleld*tt to ManaWilliamstown. Rlveralde to •1-urner Fall1. T. Cbelmsford*tt to Lowell fleld. South Worthlnitton • to ~af3::.ord. I N. Cohasset• to Hingham. Hobertstt to Waltham. Weet Medford*' to Medford Northampton. ti:bwlaood • to Whltlnsvllle. Leloeater. to Medway*tt ta Mf!dway. W. Rochdale•.u to Athol. to Station oana•u Sprlnitdale North . Northampton. to • West Millbury• to Mlllbur7. ton. N Dartmouth* to New Rochester to Wareham. Llttleton • tt to Ayer. 1 Standish• to Plymouth. Rock•tt to Mlddleboro. ·Bedford. I State Farm• to Brldirewater Westminster*t to Gardner f;:!,t1eton Common• Ho Ayer : N. Dighton•tt to Taunton. Roc~vllle• totoBolllaton. Boston. N. Duxbury* to Plymouth. Roslmdalett Lo ka Vlllaite• to Oranire. Depot• f to State Llne•u to Great BarI Fa111. Shelburne to Rowe• . . Harwich to Eastha.m*t N. ~!feadowt to Spring- ' North Eitremont• to Great Rowley•? to Ipswich. ewbury•t to HaverW. rlnirton. hill. Sterllnit•tt to Clinton. Roxburytt to Boston. Lo,ng Plato to .New Bed- T.Barrlnitton West Northfteld•t to Stlll Rlver•u to Ayer. Falmouth*tt to Fal- RoY&llton• to Athol. L ,ord. Stony Brook•i to Waltham . Brattleboro, U<llow Center• to Sprlnit• t ~~4;:~~ld. mouth. Weston*U tc Waltham. Stow• to Maynard. Geld. Straights Pond to Hingham tunenburg• to Fltchburi. North1leld*ft to Green1leld. W. Orange to Orange. t?DDG.eld•u to Wake1leld. North1leld Farms•t to TurSaramore •rt to W arebam. SSutudrbburlrydr;t: totoSHouutdh b rtd. re. W. Pf!abody*tt to Peabod7. ner Falll. to 'wDDfteld Centre•tt 110 0 Weatport•t to Fall River. • NorthGr&tton*U toGratton Salisbury •t to NewbUTJ'· L akefteld. to South Westport Point• to Fall SUnderl&Dd • port YFonavme • to Shelburne North Hadley• to North- ."ali.-hury River. Deertleld. Beach to .Newau,. ampton. West Quincy to Quincy. Suttonf to Mlllbury. huryport. l West H.oxburyt to Boston. N. Hanover* to RocKIS:nd. Salisbury Point to Amee- Swampscott to Lynn. I West Rutland•t to Barre. Swanaea• to Fall River. bury. !'!arnouau to Gloucester. N. Harwich*! to Harwich Swansea Center to Warren, -.&ncbauit• to WhltlnsvWe. ' North Hat1leld•Uto North- I ~andhllla* to Bingham. West Somerville*tt to I. R. Wareham. to ic-h*U Sandv. ' tanomet•t to Plymouth. : amoton. I Swift River• to Nortbamp- Somerville North Leomlnater t t to Santult• to Hyannla. &Plewood.f to Malden. West Sterllnr• to Clinton. 11arlon•tt to Wareham. ton. Leoxnlnster. West Stockbrldre U to 11alanl'lbdt1.eld Hllll•U toRock- N. Leverett* to GrP~nfleld. augus Centert to Lynn. Stockbrldite. ~ . Lexington to Arhngton. Saundersvme•ti to Gratton W. Stoughton* to Canton. Tapleyvlllet to Danvere. Savoy•t to Adams. . Marshfle1C1T to Rockland Saxonvilletl to Framing- Teatlcket• to Falmouth. l\-I:=tons Mills* to HyanTempleton•u to Gardner. Welt Sutton to MlllbufJ'. ham. North Mlddleboro • to ll&ehpee• to Hyannla West Tisbury• to Vineyard Tewkeabury•t to Lowell. No':rlidJt:ir:rio Natick. ~&t1leldt to Brockton. Haven. Scituate Center• \.o Blnr- / Thomdlke*U to Palmer. North NewSalem* toOranire 11:-i~pantt to Roston. Three Rlvers*U to Palmer. I ''\eJg_wnsend*t to TownSo:~:nd to Brldrewater. venPollett•Uto Fair fla- North Oranre• to Atbol. Wett Upton•t to MWor<l Tltlcutt to Brldrewater. North oxtord•tt to Oxtord. Sea Side to Plymouth. :~~~d•U to Dedham. · Tolland• to Wlnltea, uonn. ~":e""t H blanc1t•tt to N. Pembroke* to Rockland. Seaside Park to Hyannla. Westvale to Concord. Tops1leld•tt to Danvers. Plymouth•t to Ply- ea View•t to Plymouth. N -. rose Wa.reto Wareham*t W. Warren, to Toulssett•tt Provldenoe, to • SeekoDlr 'mouth. ll-,ndon • io Mlltord. ham. , R. I. R. I. l\:tenemsha.* to Vineyard North Prescott to Oranre. SecrCianset •: to Taunton. Townsend Harbor•tt to West Warren•tt to Ware Haven. West Whately to So. DuerTownsend. N. Readingtt to Reading. Sbaron*lt to Canton. t/errlck•t to prlngfleld. field . . Rochestert to Mlddl~ Sbattuckvllle • to Shel- Tremont Station to Waro}tt9rrtmacport• to Merrtmar Westwood• to Dedham ham. , bume Falls. boro. M etcalt'*t to Framingham. W. Yarmouth* to Hyannis Provincetown. to Truro•: ! Bedford. New to Shawmut• No. rtbScitRuua:~t~: :33fe1leld•t to Plttafteld. 11 to Weymouth Heii;thtst SbelDeld*Tl to Great Bar- Tufts Colleg-ef to Medford + Mill eton•tt to Danvers South Weymouth · Tully• to Athol. rtn1tton. . Stoughtontt to Canton. hlll brook• to Plymouth. . Sudbury•t t'1 Mavna.rd. Shelburne to Shelburne Tyngsboro•tt to Lowell. Whatety•t to So Deert\eld ~ era FaU.•t• to Tu me~ T. Swan ea.* to Fall River. • Falla. b e e l w ~t o ~ · Tyrlnrbam• to Lee. ~ Fall" Hadley•: to Northampton Halifax• to Plymouth. ' Hamllton•t to Beverly. Hampden •t to Sprlnirfteld. Hancock• to Plttstleld. Hanover•tt to Hanover Center• to Rockland. Han.on• to Whitman. Harding• to South Fram-  r;t:~~::  ~:;~:~fil~!1i· =~~~ttff  •~=;f.;0  ,. V  j  I  ).bi:~;~  I  I  can-1  I  W~!~J:=~  1  :=~lf  v,.  1  I  I  I  1  :r~a.m.  REFERENCE KEY. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  • Countr Seat.  • :'>loncy Order Ollke.  t Telegraph  Station.  :t E xprcRe Office Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  -  White Horse Beach to Plymouth. White Valley* to Barre. Wblttentont to Taunton. Wllbraham •t to Springfield Wllklnsonvllle•U to Millbury. Wllllamsburg•U to Northamvton. Wllllamstown Statton•U to Williamstown. WWlamsvme• u to Barre. Willimansett* to Holyoke. Wllmlngtm1 • ti to ReadlnK Winchendon Sprtng1• to Winchendon. Windsor* to Dalton. Woods Hole•ti to Falmouth. WoodvWe• to Hopkinton Woronoco*t to Westfield. Worthlngton•t to Plttsfteld Wyominit to Melrose.  Bates*t to Tranrse City. Bauer to Fl udsonvWe. Baxter to llle,,ick. Bay Mills to Brimley. Bayshore•U to Petoskey. Bay Side to Bay City. Beacon•t to Ishpeming. Beacon HW*U to Houihton. Beadle to Battle Creek. Beal City to Mount Pleuant. Bearcreek to Manistee. Beaverdam to Zeeland. Bedell to Bay City. Bedford• to Battle Creek. Beebe to Ithaca. Beecti:t to Detroit. Beechwood• to Iron River. Bell Branch to Redford . Belle Oak to Webbe1·ville. Belmont•t to Rockford. Bend on• t t to Thompsonville  Zoar•t1 to North Adams.  ' MICHIGAN  Abbotsford •to Port Huron. Acme• to Traverse City.• to RlchmonCl. Adamsville to Edwardsburg Aetna. to White Cloud. Afton* to Cheboygan.  un;~k\  0  Perry• to Shelby. Carlton Center to Ha.stings. Deunlson to CoopersvWe. Ferrysburg•tt to Grand Carpey"'t t to Stephenson. Denton•t to Ypsilanti. Haven. Derby•t to Saint Joseph. De Tour•t to Sault Ste. Fibre*t to Rudyard. 8:~riki:{t1°t~al;;~~ing. Filer Clty•t to Manistee. Marie. Carrollton*tt to Saginaw. Devereaux•tt to Sprtni- Flllon•t to Kinde. Cary to Baldwin. Fillmore Center to Ilamilport. ton. Cascade to Ada. Devlls Lake* t to Addlson. Casco to Richmond. Flndleytt to Burr Oak. Deward*tt to Frederic. Cash to Sandusky. Flshvllle to Stanton. Dewtnp to Leroy. Cass Lake to Pontiac. Dlamondloch to Newayio. Fitchburg to Stockbridge. Oathro* to Alpena. Diamond Springs to Hamll- Five Lakes to Lapeer. Five Points to Redford. ton. Flowercreek to Montague. Dice to Freeland. Cecn•t to Mackinaw. Fl erfteld•tt to SchoolDinca to Falmouth. 1 Cedar Bank to Hanover. cratt. Dlortte• to Ishpeming. Cedarcreek to Hastings. I Floyd to Midland. Dlsco to Utica. Cedardale to Deckerville. I Dlxboro to Ann Arbor. Ford City to Wyandotte. I Dodgeville• to Houghton. I Ford River* to Bark River. Cedarlake*t to Edmore. Cedarriver* to Stephenson. Dollar Bay•U to Houghton Forester to Carsonville. Oedarrun*tt to 'fraverse DollarvW~t to Ntiwberry. I Fo~t Grove to HudsonCity. Cedarville• to Saint Ignace. D1~!~1!on to Sault ste. Fores:·Hm•t to Alma. Cement Clty•ttto Addison. Donken ·t o South Range. 1 Forest Lake to :M unising. Ceresco•t to Marshall. Forsythe* to Gwinn. Dorrance to Coldwater. Champlon*U to Ishoemlng. Dorr Station to Midland. Forward to McBain. Channing• tt to Iron Moun- Do ■ ter• t t to Plainwell. Foster City• t tto Escanaba. tain. I Fosters* to Sa11:lna.w. Dover to Clare. Fouch+ to Traverse City. Dowling• to Hastings. Downinirton• to Decker- Fra.nclsco•ttto Gras!! Lake. Chapel to Ada. Frankenlust to Bay City. vllle. Chaptn• to Elsie. Frankentrost to Sag:lnaw. Charleston to .11,Uncten City. Drake to Lapeer. 10 Drayton Plalnst t to Pon- ~~!~~• Chase•U to Reed City. tlac. ton. Zeeland. to Drenthe Munising. to Chatham•tt to Belleville. Drummond • to Sault. Ste. Frenchlandlng Chauncey to Rockford. Frontier• to Hillsdale. Marte. Cherry Hill to Ypsilanti. Hemlock. to Frost . Rud~'"ard Drylrnrg*t t o Cheshire to Allegan. Fruitport• to Grand Haven Dublin•tt to Manistee. Chestert to Charlotte. Fruit Ridge• to Adrian. Chesterfield t t to Mount Ducklake to Springport. to lllancelona.. Furness • Duel to Midland. Clemens. Chestonia to East Jordan. Duffleld*tt to Durand. Duke to Ewen. Chicora. to Allegan. Chief• to Bear Lake. Chief Lakett to Bear Lake. Gaastra* to Stambaugh. Dunham to Bessemer. Chlldsdale to Rockford. Galloway to Merrm. Dunningville* to Hamilton. I Ganges• to Fennville. Chllson•t to Brighton. Chlµpewa La!{e • ~o Big Dutton• t t to Caledonia. Gardendale to Akron. Rapids. Garnet•t to Sa.ult Ste. Chippewa Station• tt to Marie. Evart. Gaston to Cadillac. Church to Hudson. Eagle• t t to Grand Ledre. Gatesvllle*t to Sault Ste. farle. Ear-deriver* to l\Iohawk. Gay• tt to Lake Linden. Eames• to Pontiac. Davton to Kingston. Geary to Laingsburg. Clarence* te Marlon. Geddes to Ann Arbor. Clarencevlllet to Farming- East Gilead to Bronson. Genessee• to Flint. Eastlake•tt to Mamstee. ton. Battle to to Hudson. Leroy•U Genevat East Clarendont to Homer. Gera. • tt to Frankenmuth. Clarion• tt to Petoskey. to Coopers- Germania. to Marlette. I Ea~~nvllle Clark to Manistee. Germtask* to Seney.• t 1 to Brooklyn. Clawson• to Birmingham. Easton (Shiawassee Co.) to Gert to Peter~burg Chesanlng. Gibson to Sau11:atuck. Claybanks to Montairue. East Paris to Grand Raplds Giddings to Baraga Clay Hill to Luther. Eastport• to Central Lake. GUbert• to Manton. Cloverdale*t to Delton. East Sauga.tuck•U to Sau- Gilchrist*tt to Engadlne. 1 gatuck. Gilmore to Farwell. g~g~-d~nl~e~g ennvllle. East Thetford*t to Flint. Girard to Tekonsha. • Gltchel to Zeeland. Eaatwood to St. Charles. Glen .,.,rbor• to Cedar. Coates Grove• to Hasting■. Glendale to Paw Paw. Cobmoosa to Walkerville. Glendora•tt to Gallen. Coburntown to Hancock. Eben Junction to Munising. Glenhaven"" to Empire. Coe to St. Louis. Cohoctah Center to Rowell. Eckerman tt to Newberry. Glenlord to St. Joseph. Glenmere* to Empire. Coldwater Lake to Cold- Eckford•tt to Homer. Glenwood*:t to Decatur Eden• to Mason. water. Glover to Standish. Edenville* to Midland. Colebeck to Beaverton. Goetzville to 'ault Ste. Edgerton• t to Rockford. Colling*t to Caro. • Iarie. ColUnstt to Lyons. Edi.retts *tt to Luther. Gog-ebic*tt to Be~semer. Edgewood to Ithaca. Colonvllle to Clare. Good Harbor to CeJa.r. Edward to West Branch. Columbus•t to St. Clair. Good Heart to Harbor Egleston to Levering. Comfort to Bellaire. Sorlngs. Eha • 1 t to Lapeer. 0 gg:~~~~e•i ttU~~~azoo . Elbrldire to Hart. Goodln~•ti to Sparta. Connors Creek to Detroit. Eldorado* to Roscommon Goodlson• to Rochr.,ter. Goodland to Imlay City. Conway*tt to Harbor Spgs. g11ake* to Harrison. Gorman to Adrian. Elllngton to Caro. Cooks• to Manistique. . Gotts to Caseville. Elli to ~ Iarshall. Cooper to Kalama.zoo. nould City•t ::: to :;\Iau1s· Ellisville to heboygan. Copper City-to Mohawk. tique. Corey•tt to Three Rivera Elmt to Plymouth. Gowen• t 1 to Greenville. Corinnct to Engadine. Elmdale" t to Alto. Graa!schap to Holland. Cornell* to Escanaba. Elmer to Sandusky. Grand Bea.cht to Michigan Corning to Wayland. Elm Hall*t to Hiverdale. Council Cornerg to Royal Elmwood to Cass City. I Gr~!liJ'·i~~tlon*tt to BaJl• Oak. Covington*ti to Baraga. b go~ Crane to Midland. Grand Maire to St. Jo~~~ ..; Grand :\larals• to ,....... Craµo to Reed City. Elo• to Hancock. Quette. Eloise• t to Wayne. Cressey• to Rlcnland. Crlso to Holland. Grape to Maybee. Elton to Cadlllac. Croshy• to ura.nd Rapids. Emerald to Evart. Cross• to Leverlng. Emery to Ann Arbor. 1g:ereJe~oc~~lkign, por• Croton to Newaygo. Huron. Emery Junction• t t to Orattan to Belding. Crown to Kinde. 1'\J.rner. Gray to Midland. Culver• to Kalkaska.. Engll<;hville•::: to parta. En ·ign* to <1lad tone. Cumber• to Cass City. bt~i-~~~~afi~~1wllle, Entric-an* to tnutou . Curran to Lincoln. Greemlalt> to Shepller<!. Ep -ilo::i* to Petoskey. Curtis* to ·ewoerry. Gr nfleld* to Detroit. e Estey* to Pinconning. Cutcbeon* to Lake City. Green:1:ardeu to • lan1uett · Cutlerville Lo Grand Kapids Eureka" to .St. Johns. ,r ~nlake to Wayland. Evan ·•t to Cedar ::iprtngs.  l  Bennett to Baldwin. Bennlngton•tt to Owosso. Benson to Cadillac. Bentheim to Hamilton. Herglaud*H to Ewen. Berlamont• t to Bloomingdale. Berrien Center•tt to Eau Claire. Berville* to Armada. Bethel to Coldwater. Heverly to Grand Rapid ■. Blit Ba.y•t to Marquette. Blg Beaver•to Birmingham. :lli1:t,c•k;ot%tae~~stig:.· Blngham to Traverse City. Birdsell to Adrian. , Bishop to Fremont. Blackmar to Birch Run. Blackriver*tt (Alcona Co.) to Harrisville. Black River (Allegan Co.) to Fennville. Blaine• t to Port Huron. Blaney* to Manlstl<1ue. Bolton• to Alpena. Bonifa'>* to Iron River. Borcu1n" to zeelana. Borland to Morley. Bowen to Grand Rapids. Bowens Mills to Middleville. Bowmanv1lle to Standl.8b. Boyden to Mount Pleasant.  Yarmouth•t to Yarmouthpon.  MICHIGAN  -  t?lt1b~1::~r.n. Ainger• to Olivet. Altken to Croswell. Alabaster•H to Tawas City Alamo•tt to Kalamazoo. Alaska to Caledonia.. Alcona to Harrisville. Alderson*t to Baldwin. Alembic to Mount Pleasant Algansee to Quincy. Alger• t t to Standish. Boyne*tt to Boyne City. AUcta.• to St. Charles. Allendale• to Coopersville. Bradford to Midland. Bradley*tt to Wayland. Ailenton""t to Almont. Brady to Chesaniniz. Allenvllle* to St. Ignace. Brampton*tt to Gladstone. Allouez• to Calumet. Branch*t1 to Scottville. Almena to Paw Paw. Brant• to St. Charle9 Aloha•tt to Cheboygan. AJproe•t to Grand Rapldl Bravo•tt to Fennvllle. Breedsvllle•tt to Bangor. Alston*tt to Houghton. Brentcreek•ti to Flushlni.' Altona• to Lakeview. Brest to MonroC'\ Alverno to Cheboygan. Amadore•tt to Croswell. Amasa•tt to Crystal Falla. Bretbren•t to Copemish. Brevort* to St. Ignace. Amber to Scottvllle. , Brice to Middleton. Amellth to Bay City. Anchorvme•t to New Bal- 1 Brldsteport•tt to Saginaw. Bridgeton to Grant. tlmore. Andersont to Pinckney. Brter to Midland. Angellt to Elk Rapids. Brinton to Farwell. Antrlmt to Mancelona. Brt■ tol to Tustin. Arbela to Clio. Arden to Berrien Spring■ . I Brockton to Marlette. Brookfield to Charlotte. Arenac to Omer.  J?n::r: ii~:1ti-  I  I  \f  I  I  f~feC:;1foe~!~eLb~f;_n. Arnhelmt to Baraga. Arnold* to Escanaba. Arthur to Reese. Ashland Center to Grant. A1hmore to Gagetown. Albton•tt to Reed Clty. Auyrta• to Bellevue. Atklns•tt to Port Huron. Atlantic Mine* to South Ran11:e. • A.tlas•i to Fllnt. Attlca•tt to Imlay City. Atwood to Ellswort.11. Auburn Heights to Pontiac. Aurellus to Mason. Austerlitz to Rockford. Autra.1n•tt to .Munising. Averm•tt to Midland. Avondale to Evar.t. Axtn• to Cadillac. Malla"t:t to Dundee. Bachelor to Fountain Bailey•t to StephenRon Bainbridge Center to Coloma. Ballard~ to Sparta. Ballontincto r:, en. Baltic- to ;:,outh Range. Baltimore to Hastln,:r'I. Ba.oat• to Stepnemon. Banlleld to Battle Creek. Bankerstt to Hillsdale. Barbeau to Sault Ste. :\[arie to KalBarkercreek•tt kaska. Barkvllle to Bark River. Barron Lake to Niles. Barton City* to Llnc-oln. Bus River to Coopersville. Batavia• tt to Coldwater  t~g~: JgJ!~!n~egiare. B.rownstown to Lako Linden. BrownsvWe to Cassopolis. Bruces Crossing*tt to Rockland. Ilrunswirk*tt to Holton. Drutus•tt to Pellston. Bryan* to :M anistique. Bunker H111 to Leslie. Burdkkville* to Empire. Burnips* to Dorr. Burnips Corners* to Dorr. Burns to Port Huron . Bu?Dlllde to Brown City. Burt to :Montrose Burt Lake" to Indian River. · Burton• to Ovid. Bushnell to ~herlda.n. Butler to Quincy. Butman* to Gladwin. ButtertleJd• to Lake City. to Adrian. I Cadmus•tt Cad:v to Fraser.  Ca.1a·erwooo .. to Ma.:Quette. Caldwell to Mount Pleasant. California to Ra~·. [nd. Calklnsvllle to Roset>ush. Camorla to Reading. Campbella Corners to West Branch. Canada Corners to Casnovia. Canandaigua to Morenci. Canboro to Owendale. Canfield to Hale. Cannonsburg:• to Rockford. Canton• to Wayne. Carland •t to Owosso. Carlisle to Charlotte. Carlshend • to Marquette.  REFERENCE KEY  • County Seat.  I  8~!~  g;;;~  Dafoe• to Alpena. DaBey•tt to Ca ·sopolls. Dale to Heaverton. Dalton:t to Muskegon, Dansville to ~la,;on. Darra11:h* to Kalkaska. Davls to Romeo. Da.vlsburg•tt to Holly, Dayton* to Buchanan. Defiance• to Gladstone. Delb' fills to Ann Arbor. Delray to Detroit. Delta ft to Grand Ledge. 1 Delwlnt to Coleman. , Demmon• to Hancock. • loney Order Ofilce.  g~~~~ 1 ~1\-~~ ft ~,ncd~!1'ona•  F actoryvtlle to A then . Fairfax• to Colon. Falrfleld* to Ja&per. Fair Haven • l to New Haven. Fairvon to Garden Faltnorn • to Menominee. Farnhamt to Houghton. Fayette•t to Garden. · Felch*t to Iron Mountain. Fenmore to Elsie. Fergus• to Chesantni. Ferris to Vestaburg.  Telegraph St t1cn  ~ ~rn~atr;:n~0  2;:~ml l~·  poO Au tin. Grom;* to E:c nuba. Groscap* to St. lllnnce, Gro e Isle• t to Trenton• to Gru e Pointe l•'artll 9 hores to Gr~et;;oif;ointe Gros:;c Pointe. Grove to Sand Lake. Gulliver• to. lanlstlQUe. Gunma.rah to . lartln. Gu tin to Harri v_!!.1~:..--  :t Expre s Oflice.  I  l  I I I I  MICHIGAN  I i~n~gfo tgu1~:fcf1·  e. 1-  ew Holland to Holland. !lranltou Beach• U to Addison. New Budeon•u to South Lyon. Manntn to Cheboygan. Kendall•tt to Goblevllle. Mansfle~d to Crystal Falls. New Rlchmond•tt:to FennKennetht to St. Ignace. Mapelton to Iron River. ville. Kenton• tt to Ewen. Kentvllle to Tnomosonvllle•. Maple Clty•t to Cedar. New, alem to Jamestown. Kewa<11n• to Elk Rapids. i Maplegrove to Nashville. to Maple Ridge* (Arenac Co.) New Troy• to Three Oaks Bay•tt Keweenaw to Prescott. New Wexford to Buckley. Baraga. Klbbie*t to Soutb Raven. Maple Ridge (Delta Co.) Nicholson to Morrice. to Escanaba. Nlcholsvllle to Marcellus. Killmaster• to Lincoln. Maoleton to Traverse City. Nick<ll Plate to Ionia. Irlmball to Port Huron. Hannah to Kingsley. Nlrvana•t to Reed City. Kinderhook• to Coldwater. Barbert•t to Three Oaks Nlsula • to Baraga. Kings l\lill*tt to North Marengo•i to Albion. Hardwood• to Escanaba. Noordeloos to Holland. . larenisco* to Yakeneld. Branch. Harlan* to Cooemlsh, Norrisville to Traverse City Kinross•ttoSault Ste. Mariel Marilla* to Kaleva. Harriette to Cadillac. , Marlon Springs to 'St. North Bradley•ti to ColeKipllng•t to Gla~stone Harris* to Bark River. man. · Charles. Kirk to Walkerville. North Detrott•t to Detroit. , Kirkland* to West Branch Markell to Fostoria. Hartland• to Howell. Dorr to Dorr. North Roscommon. to 1Iarkey• SturR'ls. to KltnR"ers* Barvard • t t to Greenville. I Farmlne;tonttoFarmH arvey to Marquette. I Klondike to Walkervme. :Martinsville to Belleville. North lngton. Hatmaker to Bronson. . lasonville*:t to Gladstone. gawkhead to South Haven.: Kneeland to Mio. Nortngrove to Mayville. • 1 ass*tt to Hockland. Kochvtlle. to Sasrlnaw. North Holland to Holland Matchwood• to Rockland : Korelock• to Ewen. 1i~~~~~ty. H::~;~t Matherton*to Hubbardston • · orth Lake to Lake. Kosstt to Stephenson. Haymars.n• to Lake City. Mattawan *U to Paw Paw. Northland•:t to Escanaba. Kurtz to Mikado. North Manitou Islana• to Mattison to Sherwood. Helena (Antrim Co.)* to Traverse Clty. Maxton• to Sault Ste. Marte Bellaire. North Morencl*t t to Morenci Holland. to May Helena. (lluron Co.) to Muskegon to MuskeI North Mayfteld•t to Kingsley. Labarge to Caledonia. Harbor Beach. gon. La Branche• to Escanaba. Mccarron* to Sault Ste. North Helmer• to Newberry. Street• to Port Marie. · Hendricks Quarry to En- Lacey to Nashville. Huron. Lacota•tt to South Haven. McDonaJd•tt to Bangor. ganuine. to Cedar. Unity North Charles. St. to McDonough Lagrange to Cassopolls. BHenrtetta to Jackson. North Wheeler to Wheeler. Laing to Argyle. ermantt to L'Anse. Midland. Williamsto North City. Tawas to Mclvor•t Farwell. to Lake*tt germansvllle*t:t to Powers Lake Ann•U to Traverse McMlllan•u to Newberry. Norven•tt to Manchester. N orwalk*tt to Onekama. tio Norwich to Lake City. ~=:~~!~k~~'ioHJaVciifiao. Lai~t1eld to Merrill. Bening Lake to Honor. orwood to Charlevoix. Lake George*1 to Farwell. Medina• to Hudson. terrinv;ton to .:\Iarne. Nottawa•tt to Centervllle. :.V1obtrand to . lunising. Lnlrn Gogel>ict to Ewen. to Deford. Novesta S\;gn/oc:annes-, Lakeland•tt to Pinckney. Novl•U to Northville. Lake Mine • t t to Green- Meridian to Wllllamston. burg. Merlebeach• to St. J ohm. land. _ferrltt to Lake Clty. BHlckory Corners• to Delton. Lak(• Orion to Roche ter. 1gglns Lake to Roscom- Lakeport to Port Huron .Merson to Alle11:an. Oak to Plymouth. , Lake Shore to l\lount Cle- .:\Iesnard to Hancock. mon. Metropolitan * t 1 to Iron Oak0eld Center to Greenmons. g11rhland • U to Milford. ville.. Mountain. Lakeside*t (Berrien Oo.) to ithwood• to Gladwln. Oak Grove*tt to Howell. Mlchelson•tt to Harrison. 'fhree Oaks. nuuards• tt to Hopkins. O:ik Hillt to Manistee. L'Anse. to*tt I Co.) (Macomb Lakeside Hlllls Corners to Gallen. Mlohlgan Center to Jackson. Oakland to Hamilton. to Mount Clemens. Berrien to nohmant Lakeside (Muskegon Co.) to Mtchlllln<la* to Whitehall. Oakville to M!lan. SPrings, Middle Vlllage to Harbor Oakwood (Oakland Co.) Muskegon. t,0 Oxford. Springe. Laketon (Muskegon Co.) to Hobart• to Cadlllac. to Remus. Mlllbrook•tt Muskegon. B ockaaay to Gladwin. Oberlin* to Gladwin. 8 odunk to Coldwater. Lakevme• to Oxlord. Ocqueoc• to Millersburg. Lambertville• to West To- ~Hiler* to Greenvllle. Holloway• U to Adrian. Oden•tt to PetosKey. MlllertoJl"I t to Manistee. ledo, Ohio. Bo11P"Wood to St. Joseph. O'Donnell to Haatlnre. B o1t•tt to Mason. Lamont• to Coopersville. Ogden U to Jasper. Lansing. to Mlllettt Lamotte to Mariette. Ogden Centre to BJ!ss0eld. Mllls to Deckervllle. B~estead (Benzie Co.) to Ojib-vayt to Mohawk. onesvllle. J to MUnes G1eenvllle. to Langston 1 Okemos•tt to Lansing. Mllo• to Delton. Freeland. Bopc,1!-Zig- ~1a1and Milton Junction to Reed Ola to Ashley. 0 Pklns Sta. to Hopklna. Laredo to Auburn. Old Ml■slon• to Traverst City. 0 rton • U to Jackson. Larkin to Midland. Clty. Minard to Jackson. 110rton Bay to Boyne City. La RocqueH to Rogers. Minerlake• to Allegan. La Salle• t l to Monroe. to Coldwater. Olds City. Lake to Missaukee• llourhton Lake• to Roa- Lathrop•tt to Escanaba. Olive to St. Johns. Modciersville• to McBain. Lattin to Hart. Common. Rogers. to Center to Holland. Olive Moltke nowardsvtlle to Marcellu1. Monitor to Auburn. Laurel to Sandusky. eyville* to Luther. Oliverstt to Reed City. Gra\\n. to enter 1 Ionroe 8 toMontrose Corners Layton B.OZ.le .to N Orth Adams. Olivet Stationtt to Olivet. Lea.ton• to Mount Pleu- Monterey to Hopkins. °~vtlle to Mulliken. Moore Park• f 1 to Three Olney to Elsie. 8 ant. Bu bard Lake• to Alpena. to Midland. Olson* Rivers. B.Utnboldt•rt to Ishpeming Lee•t to Fennvtlle. Omena•:t to Suttons Bay. Moores to Standish. 8 Unters Creek•tt to Lapeer Leer* to Posen. Onota to Munlslng. Standto Junction Moore'• Marcellus. to Leesburg lIUnt Spur•t to Manistique Orange to Ionia. Leetsville• to Kalkaska. H~dontown to Houghton. Mi~~estown • to Lake City. Orangeville• to Martin. Legrand* to To"or. " e to Bark River. Orchara Lake• U to PonMuskegon. to Moorland• Leisure to South Haven. tiac. Ignace. 1 ,Leland• to Traverse City. Moran*tt to St. City. Lake to Morey Copc,ml.ah to l Lemon Laket Dlrhton. to {na to Reed City. Orono•t I to Oo.) (Barry t Morgan• 11 River * t i to CheI Orr to Hemlock. Nashville. Lengsvllle to Bay City. rn oygan Osceola•tt to Calumet. LeonU to Grass Lake. lngalls*tt to Stephenson. Morgan (Newaygo Co.) o Oshtemo• to Kalamazoo. Leota• to Harri.Bon. 1.. !~e&lde• to Levennr Osier• to Gladstone. White Cloud. Les Cheneaux * to St. f ...eter• to Wayne. · Oskar• to Houghton. n~rtlochen • U to Tra vene Osseo•tt to Hlllsdale. Moacow• tt to J oneavllle. Fremont, Ind. :v. .Moseleytt to Lowell. MoshervWe•t to Jonesvllle 8~!1!ltf-Mh~i/bY!~t Liberty to Brooklyn. to FowlervWe ~•co Otisco to Belding. to Kalkaska. Llckleys Oorner to Hudson. Mossback b 0 ns•i to Balawln.' Mottville to White Pl1eon. Otsego Lake• to Gaylord. Llme Creek to Hudson. Ir~o~• to Charlevoix. Otter burnt to Flint. ?vlountvernon to Romeo. Munlstnr. to Limestone* Overisel* to Hamilton. l•abe1l tJ to Middleville. Mulberry• to Bl18s0eld. I le Roa t t to Manistique. LillJ{ville to Owendale. Mullet Lake to Cbeboyiran. 1 Sparta. to Lisbon t to Hancock. tva to Jackson. to Munith Liske to Rogers. Munson• t1 to .Morenci. Axe. Little La.kett to Gwlnn. tvanhoe .Mystlc to Manton. Livonia to Plymouth. Lockwood to Coldwater. Paavola• to Hancock. :::bsvme• to Houirhton. Loehne to Auburn. Par.lcard to Covert. Nadeau•tt to Powers. London to Dundee. to Saginaw. Painest Jeae::O Merrm. Escanaba. to N&bma• South Palnesdalc*U to OPOU: Townablp to Cue- Long Lake (Clare Co.) to Napoleon•U to J11.ckllon. Ran,e. Springport. to Lake Narrow Lo~;1't~i1!· (lo co Co.) to Nathan*U to Menominee. Palatka• to Stambaugh. jea~ to Portland . Oit Tawas J~~¼ to Grandvllle. Long Rapids* to Lachine. National MJne•tolshpemlnir Palmer• to Negaunee. ~ - U to Lake City. Loom1s•ti to Coleman. Naubinway• to Engadfne. Palmyra•tt to BllssO.eld Paradise to Klnpley. i:t!e to Ovid. Loretto•tt to No~B:Y· Parts•t t to Big Rapid■, to Kalamazoo. Nazareth• Jo!inann,Wburg*t to Gaylord. Loud Spur to MumSing. Parlsvllle to Minden Cl~. Nelson to Hemlock. Grayling. to Lovells•t Nessen Clty•U to Tbomp- ParshallvWe to Howen. J ~arte 00d to Sault Ste. LoXley to H4rriaon, to Olivet. P11.rtello sonvWe. Lucas•t to Cadlllac. 1:~P~ Paulding to Ontonagon. 4 to East Leroy. Jub1 'L,Cf.rnere to Flu1hln1. Luce• to Chesanlnlr, Pavlllon•t t to Vlok1bur1. to L'Anse Nestorta•U Lulu• to Ida. lUllla.ta -arlette. Pawlowekl to Ruth. Lupton*t to Rose City• U toV&88&r. (Gratiot Oo.) to Paw Paw Laket to Coloma. Luzerne• to Roscommon. Newark Ithaca. Pa~~~ to S&ult Ste. Lyon Lake to Battle Creek. s Newark•t (Oakland Oo.) to Payneavllle•ti to Ewu. lt&latn Mackinac Island*tt to t. lt&rlbi2 to Vermontvtlle. Peacock•tt to Luther. Holly. Ignace. ltarr to to Copemtah. Pe:,yg~~er.Station •tt to Macomb to Mount Clemena. G~retown. Kea ewburg to Plymouth. 1Ceeir~1': tt to Calumet. Macon• to Tecumseh. ew Casco to Allegan. Pear1•t to Fennvme. geefer to "lhor to Pontiac. Madison to Howell. • ·ew Dalton *to Marquette Pearlbeach• to Algonac. MaltbY* to Rose City. lteuer to .u.&rtford. Zeeland. to Gronhten New to Oooper■vllle. Pearllne 0 rand Rapids. Malts to SaR'lnaw. • loney Order Office. Stat on. Telegraph t ,county Seat.  Bagensvllle to Rogem. Hallock* t<' Gaylord. Hamburg• t tto SoutbLyon. Hammond <Kent Co.J to Caledonia. Hammond* ~Presque tale' Co.) to Millersburg. Band Station • t to Dear-, born. Hanley to Grand Ra.olds.  I  l~  a. e.  e. D  1 1  I  B~~t i?iie.  1  u:t~~~•  Pelkle•t to Baraga. PenJleld • to Battle Creek. Penn• t t to Cassopolis. Pentecost•l to Tecumseh. Pentoga•tt to Iron River. Pequamlng• to L'Anse. Perfection to Harrisville. Perkins• to Gladstone. Perrlnsville• to Wayne. Perronvme• to Escanaba. Perrys Pier to Onekama. Peters to Marine City. Peterville to Honor. Petreville to Eaton Rapids. l'hclps•t to Charlevoix. Phillips, ille to Calumet. Phoen1x•i to Mohawk. Pler Cove to Fennvllle. Pierport* to Onekama. Pterson*tt to Howard City · Pinecreek to Athens. Pine GroveMms•t to Goblevllle. Pino Lake to Pontiac. Pine Rtvertt to Omer. Plnnebog• to Kln<le. Pioneer• to Lake City. Pipestone to Eau Claire. Plttsfteldt to Saline. Plainfield (Kent Co.) to Rockford. Plainfield (Livingston Co.) to Stockbridge. Plato* to l\Iass. Pleasant Otty to Suttona Bay.  Pleasant Valley to Saini · Louis. Point Aux Barques•t t.o Port Austin. Pointe Aux Pins•t to Cheboygan. Point Mllls• to Hancock. Pokagon•t to Dowagiac,. Pomona• to Copemish. Popi;>Je to Bad Axe. Portage•i (K.a1amazoo Oo.) to Kalamazoo. Portage (Manistee Co.) to Onekama. Portage Lake to Houghton. Porter to Breckenridge. Po1yvllle to Midland. ~:l:i:nJgn1J~~~~~~cellu■. Pralrlevme• to Delton. Prattvme• ti to Hudson. Presqut1 Isle to Alpena.  ~t-~~~:: ;~~Jt~ Prltchardvllle to Hastlnp.  l  I  °  1  gtan  L~f~::·  ha i::1~!~·  f  REFERENCE KEY. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  200!)  Prosper to McBain. Pulaskf•tt to Concord. Pullman•t1 to 1''ennv1lle. Puritan* to Ironwood. Putnam* to Tecumseh.  Quanlcassee City to Fairgrove. Quick• to Gaylord Quimby• to Hastings. Qulnnesec• t tto Iron Mountain. Raber• to Sault Ste. Marte. Raco to Brimley. Racy to Chesaning. Ralsmvllle* to Dundee. Ralph*t to Iron Moumaln. Ramona.•:t to White (;loud.  ~:~J!n  i~a~gsi~ri~:ion. Randvme•tt to Iron Mountain. Rankin to Fllnt. Ransom• to Hlllsdale. Rapid River• t t to Gladstone. Rapson to B&d Axe. Rathbone to Breckenrtdp, Rattlerun to St. Clair. Ray Center to New Havcm.. Rea U to Dundee. Ready to Saginaw. Red Jackett to Calum9'. Redman to Port Hopf!. Redrldge• to Houghton. Red Star to Marlette . Redstone to Breckenridge. Reeds to Cedar Springs. Reed1boro to Munlsinir. Reeman•u to Fremont. Reno to Berlin. Rescue to Owendale. Rew to Laingsburg. Rexton•tt to St. Ignace. Rlch0eld to Davlllon. Rlchmondvllle to Deckervllle. Rldireway•tt to Tecum■ eh. :lf&~"~~l~~eboyii&D. Riley Center* to 'F~mmett. Riverbank to Tustin. Rlverside•tt to Coloma. Rive■ Junction• tt to Leelle Robbins to Wakefield. Rook• to Escanaba. Rockharbor to Hancock. Rontn•ti to Hudson. Romi- to Adrian. Roosevelt to St. Cha.rlee. Ro1e• to Holly. Rose Oenter*tt to Holly.:... tE ·press Office. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2010  MICHIGAN  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  Albom*U to Duluth. Waldenourg to Utica. Stacks to Escanaba. Alice to East Grand Forkis Wates• to Port Huron. ~ta1,rer to '1•ystal Falb. Alida• to Shevlin. Stanley to Battle Creell. Walhalla•t to Scottvllle. Allen to Biwabik. Walker to Grand Rapids. Star City* to La.Ke Clty. Star Island to Detroit. ena. Wallace•u to Stephenson. Alma Oity• to Pemberton St2.rkU to Plymouth. Ross to Byron Center. Walled L&ke•tt to South Altona to Ver1ta1. . I Alvina to Cook. Lyon. Rothbury•t to Montape. Stato Road to Pinconning. , Steamburii to Hlllsdale. Wallln•tt to Thompsonville \ A1vwooa• to Blac11:duck. Rowland to Blanchard. Walloon•tt to Petoa- America* to Warroad. Rowleytt to South Board- Steiner•tt to Monroe Amherst to Canton. key. Stetson to Walkerville. man. Amor to Battle Lake. Steuben* to Manlstloue. Walton•t to Fite Lake. Roxana to Charlotte. Anderson to Kelliher. Stirlin11:ville to Pickford. Waltz•t to Carleton. RoJ'alton to St. Jo1eph. Andovert Anoka. Wa■ept•u to Centerville. Stlttlvllle• to ~kc City. i~r1!~id. Waterford•ttto Clarklton. Andree to Braham. Rumely* to Munising. Angora* to Cook. Stonin~on*t to Escanaba. Waterloo• to Chelsea. Rm;e to Marquette. Anthony to Halstad. Waters• U to Gaylord. Stony Creek to Newport. Watersmeet*tt to WakeRu1hton•t to Soutb LJ'OD Stra1burir•t to Monroe. field. Apple to Argy!e. Ruak to Zeeland. Strathmoor* to Detroit. WatertoWE to Sandusky. Ara11:o• to Park Raoids. Ruatford to Morle7. Strom* to Bes;;emer. Ryan to Merrill. Arendahl to Rushford. Watson to Martin. Stronach• to Manlltee. Wat.Ion Comers to Martin. Arnesen to Warroad. Stronp•tt to Newbeny. Arnold to Duluth. Suokt" Creek to Ontonaiton. Watton* to Covington. Waucedah•U to Norway. Arthur to Dent. Sar&ninit• ft to Pinconnlnr. Sugargrove to Scottville. Arthyde*t to Moose Lallo Sugar Island to Sault Ste. Sare to Roae City. Weadook• to Cheboyian. •\rtichoke to orrell. •Sag1naw Wc,at Slde•i to . Marie. •\tTilla to Das.·eJ. Sugar Rapids to Gladwin. Weare to Hart. Saginaw. Web1ter to Dexter. Saiiola•ttto Iron Mountain. Sulllv6.11•t to Muskeiton. Aspelfn* to Gatzke. Well■*% to E1ca.naba. St. Anthony to Petersburg. Summerton to Alma. A1pelund to Kenyon. St. Clair Flats to Detroit. Summit CitJ'•t to Klnitlley. Wellaton*tt to Baldwin. Wellsvllle to DeerQeld. AHumption to N cnvood. 1 Sumner• to Riverdale. West Bay City T to Bay Atkin11on•t to Carlton. St. Clair Heights* to De- Sumnervllle to Nlles. City. Aure* to Leonard. Swan CreeJc•t to Saitlnaw. troit. West Carlllle to Grand Axel to Battle Lake. Saint Jacques*t to Glad- Swanaon* to Marinette. Rapid• Sylvester to Mecosta. stone. Westhaven to Owosso. Saint James• to Charlevoix. Salem• t t to South Lyon. ~~~~~t Badoura• to Nevis Samaria• t t to Temperance. Taft to Hale. Wt11tminlter to Kinnley. Bain*tt to Palisade. Talbot to Stephenaon. Sand Bay to Cheboyian. Weat Olive• U to Grand Ballclub*l to Deer River. Talcott to Petoskey. Sa.ndcreek*tt to Adrian. HaYen. Balmoral to Battle Lake. Tallmad2;e 1,0 :\Iarne. Sand Hill to Redford. Weat Sumpter to BelleTllle. Bancroft to lbert Lea. Tallman•t to Fountain. Sands* to Negaunee. Banks to Wells. Sanllac Center to Sandusky. Tamarack City to IloughWetmore•ti to .M:unlsln1. Barr to Zumbrota. ton. Sana Souci* to Alitonac. Barsneas to Glenwood. Wetzell•t to Mancelona. Taplola* to Houithton. Santiago* to Turner. Bassett t to Biwabik. Taquamenon to Sault Ste. Wexford to Buckley Sauble to Llither. Wheatland to Addison. :\Iarie. S&undera• t t to Iron River. ~!:w¾,~~e\~o J1~:;J}~·er. I Taylor Center* to Wyan- Wheatley• to Gladwin. 'awyer*H to Bridgman. Camden. Wb1tet dotte. Wbitedalett to Manistique. Bath to Hartland. TaTIDoUth to Birch Run. Schaffer to Bark River. Whiterord Center to Bliss- Battle River• to Kelliher. Temple• rt to Marton. Schomberg• to Cedar. Baylake to Deerwood. tl.eld. Texu Comera to KalamaSoodeld•tt to Maybee. Beard to Clearbrook. White Lake to BollJ'. zoo. Scottdale to Benton Harbor White Oak to Stockbridge Bear Lake to Hutohlnson. Tbomu•tt to Oxford. Seara•U to Evart. Tbomuton*tt to Beuemer. White Pine to Ontonagon. Bear River• to Hlbblnit. Sebewa• to Portland. Beau1ord to Mapleton. White Rock to Ruth. See Wby*t to Newberry. Thomasville to Hastings. Thompson• to Mani1tique. Whitmore•u to Ann Beaulieu• to Mahnomen. Selkirk• to Weit Branch. Beaver to Minneiska. Arbor. Thornton to Port Huron. Seneca• t to Morenci. Beaver Bay• to Two HarWhitney• to Escanaba. ThomTllle to Metamora. Seney to Newberry bon. 1 Whittaker• t t to Milan. Senter- to Hancock. Setbton to Middleton. Shadyside to Hlllada.le. ::~!Nife:~.unctlon to ;R~:;o~o ~aa\;aw::cuan : i:f;:~:~~rwood Sb&ftsburi• U to Perry. River. Sharon* (Kalkaska Co.) to Tobins Harbor• to HanBeldentt to Clovertoo. Wiley to Scottville. cock. Kalkaska. Belle Creek to Goodhue. Sharon (Washtenaw Co.) Toivola*U to South Ranie. Willard to Auburn. Wllllams•t to Kalamazoo. Belleriver t > uarlos. Tomokinl to Lealle. to* 1\Iancbester. Willlam1vllle to Vandalia. Belvidere Mills to Goodhue Sheffield to Cedar Springs. \Villow• to Carleton. Topaz• to Ewen. Bena•u to Casa Lake. Sbelbyv1Jle•ti to Martin. Topina.bee*tt to Oheboygan Willwalk to Sault Ste. Benedlctt (Hubbard Co.) to Sheldon to Wayne. Marie. , La Porte. Shelldrake to Sault Ste. Toquln to Covert. Tor<'h Lake to Lake Lind u Wllmot•tt to B.ln1tStoo. Bengal*H to Hibblnr. Marie. WU1on•U to Powera. Bennettvllle• to Aitkin. Shepardsvllle*t t to Ovid. Town House to Hu<lson. Wilwin to Trout Lake. Benton to Cologne. Townley• to Hudaon. 8horman"'t to Buckley. WinPgars to Beaverton. Benwood* to Strathcona Sherman City to Barryton. Trenary*t to Munllinit. Wlnona•u to Rockland. Bera to Northfteld. Trent to Casnovia. Shield• to Sagma. w. Beriren to Windom. Trtmountaln•t t to South Winsor to Owendale. Shllob•U to Belding. Winters• to Munllinr. Ranie. Berkey to Underwood. Sblnitleton•tt to Munlslnit, Wise to Coleman. Trtat to Grass Lake. Berlln to New Richland. Shultz• to Hastin1t1. Wllner to Akron. TroJ'•t to Birmingham. Berne to West Ooncord. Slbley•U to Trenton. Wlxom*U to Millard. Berner* to Gonvick. 1 Turin• to Neitaunee. Sickels to Ithaca. Bescemar to Littlefork. Turtle to Turner. Sidnaw•tt to Rockland. Wolf Creek to Adrian. Tu1co1a• to Vassar. Betcher to Gary. Siitel to Harbor Be&ch. Lake to Woodbury•U Holton. to Lake*tt Bethany•t to Lewiston. Twin Kalkaska. to Siirma tt Odessa. Tyre• U to Ubly. Beverdam to Elysian. Slloam • to Hale. Woodlawn• to Escanaba. Tyrone to Kent City. Big Woode to Oelo. Silvercreek to PlaiJlwell. Woodmeret to Detroit. 81.eter Lakes* to Dowagiac. Woodvtlle•tt (Bay Co.) to Birchdale* to Baudette. Sitka to Holton. Pinconning. Birkholz to OBlo. Unadilla to Grerory. Skaadla* to Marquette. WoodvUJe•i (Newayito Oo.) Blackberry•ttoGrand RapUnJon• to Bristol, Ind. Skanee• to L'AnH. Rapids. Big to ThreeOaks to Pler•tt UnJon lda. Gladwl11.. to Skeels Black Hammer to SprlDc Sllehts to Tranrae City. Upper Blit Rapids to Blit Woolmltb to Maybee. Woo1ter•t to Fremont. Grove. Rapids. :,Jocum*H to Ra, nna. Blomford to Cambridge. Sm.Jths Crossingt to .Mid- Upton Work•*% to Port Worden to South Lyon. Worth to Standish. finneHuron. Bloomington to land. WrJght to Conklin. Smyrna• t t to Beldine. Boacft?~to Isanti. WTID&n to Edmore. Sodus*tt to Benton Harbor. Bomba:vt to Kenyon. Valley Center• n to Brown Solon U to Cedar. City. Boonlake to Buffalo Lake. Somerset• t t to Brooklyn. Border to Baudette. Somerset Center * f t to Van Buren to Rapid City. Y&lmar• to Marquette. Iia Bowstrlnit• to Deer River. Vandercook Lake to Jack- Yankee Springs to Brooklyn. levllle. on. Sonoma to Battle Creek. Soo Junctlon•u to New- Van Harbor* to Escanaba.. Yaritervllle to Monroe. Yates Station to Rochester. to Cambrtdre. Velzy to Cedar Sprlnp. berry. York to Milan. Brager* to Ponsford. Vergennes to Lowell. Soule to Elkton. Yorkvllle*U to Richland . Bratsberr to Ru11hford. South Blendon to Hud~on- Verne to Burt. Yuma•t to Mesick. Br da to Two H arbo . Vernon*tt to Duraud. ville. \'orona *-1 to \\'alrnfleld. Southbranch•t to Hale. llridge \\'atc•r to Duud . Verona Mllls to Bad Axe. South Butler to Quincy. Zeba to L'Anse. Brlmaon•ti to Two Harboni South Fah1leld to Jaaper. , Brockway to Rice. Southfteld to Birmincham. VJckeryvllle• U to Canon Zllwaukeet to Saginaw. City, Zutphen to Zeeland. Brookfield* to Buffalo Lake Southlake Linden to Hub7 kk hur~•t~ to ;\Iarys, ill•, Brownsburg to JackBon. bell. Brucet to Hllla. Vlotorta • to Rockland. Southland to Riga. Brush Creek to Bricelyn. South Ma.nJtou• to Cedar. Vineland to St. Joseph. Scuth Monterey to Alleitan. Vogel Center• to McBain. Burchard to Balaton. Volney to Walkerville. Spaldlng•u to Powers. Burnettt to Proctor. Vrtesland • t to Zeeland. Speaker to Yale. MINNESOTA Burachvllle to Loretto. Vuloan•U to Norway. Spencer• to Kalkaska. Butler• to New York Mllll. Spinks Corners to Benton Butternut to Lake Cry1t&l. Harbor. Buyck to Tower. Wacouata •t to Grand Ledite Aastad to Wendell. Spratt* to Alpena. Bnl&nd to F11her. Sortnsr Arbor• to J aokson. Wadhams to Port Huron. Acoma to Hutchlnaon. Acton to Litchfield. '1>rl11ggrove to , outh Ha- Wadsworth to Bad Axe. Adolph* to Duiuth. Wagarvllle to Gladwin. ven. Ahlbrecht to Ookato. Sprtnrva1e•t to Boyne F&ll1 Wahjamega to Caro Atrue•U to Plpeatone. Oahlll t<' ilnneaoolis. Walnola. to Greenland. S-prtnrvllle to Onated. Springwells to Detroit. Wakelee•U to Marcellus. Albion Center to M ple Oannonvllle to Waterville. Lake. Spruce• to Alpe~.:._ Walburg to Alpena. Oanosia* to Duluth. Rosedale• to Sault Ste. Marte. Ro1elawn to Rockland. Ro1evllle• to Mount Clem-  ::t~~~= l~  ~:: lfi!~~~~  :i  '°  REFERENCE KEY.  --------  • County Seat.  •  oney Order Office.  tTelegr pb St tlon.  MINNESOTA Canyon to Duluth. Caribou• to Lancaster, C&rlmona to Preaton. Carlaon•tt to Murdock. <'armel to Grygla. OarmOdy to Princeton. Carp -r,o Baudette. Carson Lake• to Hibbing. Casey to Darwin. Cuenovta • t to Plpeatone. Cedar Lake*% to Aitkin. Oellna to Oook. Cm.tohowa to Delano. Centerville to Hugo. Central (Koochlchinr Co.) to Baudette . Central (Wadena Co.) to Verndale. Central Lake to Virginia. Chamberlin• to Akely. Cbeney•t to Dodre Center. pring Cherry Grove to Valley . Cbeater•U to Rocheater . Choice to Mabel. Christiana to Farmington. Cisco to Erskine. Olaybank to Goodhue. Clear River to Warroad. Olementson• to Baudette. Ollnton Falls* to Medford. Clotho to Lonir Pralrte. Ooatee*tt to Rosemount. Coln to Braham. cow,• to Graceville. Columbia Helithta•r to Minneapoll.l. Conception to Kellogg. Concord to West Concord. Coustanee* to 'udar. Ooon Creekt to Anoka.. Copu•tt to Scandia. Corcoran to Osseo. Cordova to Lesueur Center. Cormorant• to Audubon. Corning to Lansing. Ooronat to uarlton. Cottaiteitrove• to Haatinit•· Cotton• to Eveleth. Oove• to Onam.Ja. Craigville to Big Fork. Cramer• to Two Harbors. Credit River to Prior Lake.  Cross Lake* to Pequot. Crown to Bethel. Crow River to Grove CitJ. Crow Wing*t to Barrows. Crystal Bay•tt to WayzataOulver• to Cloquet. Current Lake to Balaton. Cusson*tt to Cook. Cutler to Aitkin, Cyp erst to Walker.  DarUnq:t to Little Falll. Day to Dalbo. I>eh.· tu l'irwwood. Deephaven*rl to Excelsior. Deerfield to :Medford. Dell to Frost. Derby to Guckeen. Dickinson to Buffalo. Domaa.s to KeUlher. Dooelius*t to Bluffton, Dorothy! to Red Lake Fa.llB Doyle to Kilkenny. Dresbach•t to Dakota. t~ 0L;'W~e1¾f  g~~~i!13•  ar·  bors.  Duane• to Fosston. Dudleyt to Marshall. Duelm to Foley . Durdale•u to Mentor. Dumtrlea to Wabasha. Dunb~ to Blackduck, Duquette*t to 1 ·errick, Dutchle to ·wmiams. Duxbury to ~iarkvill0,  R;~~~:: t:idr~~erd. 0  East Lake•:: to Aitkin, It• E. Prairieville to Fartibtau to East Saint Cloud aint Cloud. East Union to Carver. Eastwood• to Altldn. Ebro*% to Bag1ey. Echols* i to St. James, d Eddsville to Bird Jsla.D ' EdenU to Dodite centf;,vEden Pral1'1e•rt to klns.  dwards to Erhard, Effie to Deer River.d w111I· Euleaton • t t to Re Etdswold to LakevUJe.  ~..!;:.;olden. i~::;ht~ Ellis* to Motl y.  Ellsburg• to v1rginla, Ellson• to Denh~:..--Express Office,  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  MINNESOTA  Hlgblandt (Lake Co.) to Two Harbor11. Highland (Wright Co.), to Howard Lake. High Landing* to Goodridge. Highwoodt to t. Paul. Hill River to Fosston. Rill View• to ebeka. Riwood to ·warroad.  Elmdale to Bowlus Elmer• to Proctor. Elmpark to Grandy. Embarrass•tt to Tower. EmUy• to Pequot. Empire City*tt to Hampton. Enfleld*t to SilYer Creek. Englund to Strandquist. Enok to Kennedy.  .) to  r. ng  MINNESOTA  2011  Rollis* to Gatzke.  Lome*% to Hanley Fall•.1 Norway Lake• to New Lon-j dQn. Louriston to Murdock. Nowtben to Elk River. Lundgren to Big Falls. Lutsen• to Grand Maraia Nymore•t to Bemldjt. Luxemburg to Saint Cloud.'  to Bemidji. Roscoe (Goodhue Co.) I Rosbytl Zumbrota..  to  I  Rose City to Miltona. Roseland to Svea. Rosen to Bellingham Rosendale to Grove City. Ron• to Roseau. Ro11burg*tl to Aitkin. Rowena to Waba so. Rowland to Hopkins. Rudell to Trail. Runeberg to Menahga. Rush Point to Rueb City. RUllb River to Le Sueur. Ruskin to Faribault. Russiat to Beltrami. Rutll'd!!'e*t to Willo\, Hhcr  ,  1l;~:~0WJ1~~-  I Oakoenter to Lake City. Oakdale to Lake Elmo. Oak Hilt to Osakis. Oak Point to Lancaster. Mack to DeP.r River. to White Olga• to Gully. Mahtomedl•t Bear Lake. Hobson to Claremont. Ericsburg• to kay. ~~b#alker. Maine to Underwood. Hollywood to Mayer. Erie* to Goodridge. Malcolm* to Grygla. Holman•t to Bovey. Esplee* to Grygla. .1:toyalton. to Opole Holyoke* i to Superior. Mallard• to Shevlin. Estesbrook to Foreston. Opstead* to Isle. Malmo• to Altkln . Wis. Eureka• t to Excelsior. to Savage. Lake Orcnaru Malung• to Ro1eau. Eureka Center to Lakedlle. Homer•tt to Winona. Orelandt to Deerwood . Everdell*l to Foxhome. Manannah to Litchft~'i. }i~ffo~s ti/i!'f~~a\ga. Worthington. to Orir;tl Everirreen to Deer Rtver. Manitou to International Orrock to Big Lake. Houpt*t to Northome. Ortb•t to Blackduck. Falls. Hovey Junction to BlackSaginaw•tt to Cloquet. Oeare• to Park Ra.olds. Mansfield to Alden. duck. Palrbanks•tt to Biwabik. Saint Anna to Avon. Osh,~wat to Backus. Hovland• to Grand Marais. 1\1:anston• to Rothsay. Fair Hills to Detroit. Oshawat (Nicollet Co.) to Saint Anthony to Albany. Maplebay• to Fertile. Fairland oo International Hoyt to Lamberton. St. Anthony Parkt to Saint . Saint Peter. Hubbard* to Park Rapids., Maple GroYet to O11seo. Falls. Paul. I l\1aple Jslandt to Marine on Hubert•:i to Pequot. Faith to Twin Valley. tudA.ugustai to Sain& Sacln to Co.) (Dodge :i Oslo• St. Croix. Hughes to Cook. Farmlnir to Richmond. 10 Hayfield. Huntersville* to Menahga. Maplertdge to Braham. Faunce to Williams. St. Francis* (Stearns Co.) Oster to Waverly. Marcell• to Deer River. Huot to Red Lake F31ls. to Holdingford. Otl11ville• to Scandia. March to Warren. Hutton• to Preston. Fernando to Stewan. Saint Georie to New Ulm. Ottawa•ti to Le Sueur. Marcy• to Two Harbon1. Fillmore to Wykotr. Falls. Big to Marrle*tt Fletcher to Rogers. stinio~~ 8~~t1:igtfi> Marion to Rochester. Imogen t t to Gr1.nada. Plorenton to Vlrglnla. Ox1>oro Heath to lvlinne-1 Ht.. Jathias to Fort, lliplc~·. Mark.ham* to .l:Hwablk. Independence• to Duluth. Florian to Strandquist. Saint Nicholas* to Watkins. appoltols.Isanti·. Indus* tointematlonalFalls Martinville to Canby, Patrick to Now · Saint Ox li1 Fond du Lao•ti (corporate! Inez~ to Blackduck. Prague. 0flen to Staples. Mart:, to Kimball. Inger to Bena. name Duluth> to Duluth. Invergrove St. Paul Park.,tt to St. Paul. Maryetown to Shakopee. South to t • Forbea• to Eveleth. .·t. l'Ptcr*t+ to Kasota. Mattson to Hallock. Saint Paul. P<1rest City to Lltohtl.eld. Satnt Thoma11 to Le Sueur. Max• to Northome. Iron• t to Virginia. Pork• to Oslo. Saint Wendall to Avon. :\Iayhew Lake to Sauk Padua to Brooten. F088um to Twin Valley. Palm Dale to Taylors Falls. Salo* to Moose Lake. Rapids. Four Town to <;rY"la. ' Palmer (St. Louis Co.) to Sandridge to Holt. Mayville to Austin. binourstt to Prc.-ton. Fox*t to Roseau.' Two Harbors. MoKlnley•tt to Biwabik. Itaska to Dayton. 1 Sandy*t to Virginia. Meadow Brook to Cook. I Palmer (Waseca Co.) to SSaaurtem~_,tt t Ktoellslba.uker.Raplda. Iversont to Carlton. 0 Freedhem • to Little Falla. Waseca. Melvln*l to Fertle. Freer to Foreston. :\Icrriam Park*tt to .·1. 1 Palo• to Biwabik. 1 S awyer*U to Carlton. ! Parent•t to Fole:,. Paul. P'Temont to Lewiston. Jacob11on• to Grand Rapids. I Saxet to Buhl. Merrttl.eld•t to Brainerd. • Payne to Eveleth. French to Fergus Falls. Jarrett.<:* to Hammond. French River to Duluth. j Pelland to International Sca~on*tl to Cloauet. Jessie Lake* to Deer River.' Merton to Owatonna. Scriven to Carlos. Falls. Me11aba•tt to Tower. F'rldlev• t to Mlnneapolll. Johnsburg to Adams. : f'seaH>;\* to .:\lcGrath. , Pencer* to Roseau. Midway• to Proctor. Frieslandt to Hinckley. Johnsdalo tn Onamia. Section Thlrty• to Ely. Pengilly*t to Marble. Miesville to Haatlnp. Frontier• to Baudette. Joy to Parkers Prairie. Mlldred•t to Pine Rlver. i Pennington• to Cass Lake. , 'emcr to To" er. Fruthville to Sauk Rapids. / Set,ont to Mound. • Petenburw to Jackson. Miles to Danube. Funkley•tt to Blackduck. Shaw to Eveleth. , Petrell to Aurora. l\.Iillel'fiburg to Dundas. Kalavala to Moo11e Lake. Shermant to ilver Lake. Miloma•tt to Heron Lake. I Pett~ to Kasota. Karmel to C'ambrlrlge. Sh~eldsvme to Faribault. Pt>yla to TmH•r. Garrison* to Bralner,:1. Kelley Lake--ti to Ribbing. l\.Iiw'esota City*tt to Roll-I Shilling to Grygla. Ga.ry*tt. St. Louis --.o. to Kelsey• t t to Virginia. 1 Phelp■ to Underwood. ingstone. Duluth. Shookst to Kelliher. i to Eaat Grand :Minnesota Falls to Granite Phena to Northome. Gemmell•tt to Mizpah. Flhoreham to Detroit. PbUbrook•ti to Staples. Falls. Genola*tt to Little Falls. Kimberly*t! to l\lcGregor. Minnesota Shotly to Kelliher. Sta- Pickwick to Winona . Transfer Gheen• to Orr Kingsdalett to Cloverton. Stirsbee to Hayward. PUlsbW'J' to Swanvllle. tion to St. Paul. Gie ·e to I• inla~·.·on. Kirk Siding to Eveleth. . 'imp.·on*tt to Hod1~,-,1er. Minnetonka Beach • t l to Pllotgrove to Elmore. Gilchrist to Sectan. Kitzville to Bibbing. Sioux Valley to Lake Park. Pilot Mound to Obatfteld Wayzata. Glad1tone• t t to Saint Paul Kletotzen to Badrer. Ia. Northome. to Plnetop Hopto Mills Minnetonka Glasgow to Wabasha. Knapp to Cokato. Sklme to Roseau. Pineville* to Biwabik. kins. Glen• to Aitkin. Knatvold to GlenvUle. Mill•tt to Janesville. Smith Baudette. to Pltt•t Victoria. to l\Iinnp,1,•ashta Glendale to Savage. Knlre Rlver • t l to Two M\f~~it~i to Grand Smlthvtlle*l to Duluth. Platte to Pierz. Glendorado to Princeton. Harbon. Snellman to Ponsford. Komensky to Hutchison. Pleasant Grove to Stewart- Sobieski to Little Falls. Moland to Kenyon. Glory to Aitkin. Kost to Nortb Br1,ncb. Sogn ta Denni.Ion. ville. Money Creek to HoU11ton. Go<1abl to Saint Jame11. Kratka* to Goodridge. Plymouth to MlD.Ileapolla. Solana•tt to Denham. Foley. to Morrill Goldenvalley (Hennepin Kroschel to Hinckley. Bemidji. to Ponemah Oakland. to Moscow Co.) to Minneapolis. "oules Siding to Pease. Mound Prairie• to Ho111ton. l'ontoria* to Ba<'kus. Golden Valley (Marshall South Branch to t. Jamea. Popple to Northome. Mulfords to Kilkenny. Co.) to Holt. 80. Park• to So. St. Paul. Potsdam to Elgin. Lac Qui Parle to Watson. Munger* to Proctor. Goodland*t to Warba. Spafford to Round Lake. Lake Elizabeth to Atwater. Musk.odatl to Hawley. Gotha to Cologne. to Gilbert. Soarta•tt Wegdahl. to Myers Ha1,Park Cloquet. to 10 <'a,., ... lta Poupore* J,al,t' Gowan• to Floodwood. Hpc1•tade Lake to Dalbo. Pratt•t to Owatonna. Graceloclr to Montevideo. Spencer Brook to Prtnoeton Hudson. to t t • Laik~lan<1 Eyota. to Predmoret grand Laket to Cloquet. Hpina to Kinney. Priamt to Raymond. Wl11. r~1!.~aliortare to Grand Lake Lena to Danbury.Wis. Namsos to Alpha. Prootorknott io .Proctor. 8p[~nte~;\!~v~~asca Co.) kenvon. to ansen Meadowlands. to Prosit Lake Ltlllan • to Bird Island. GrayUng•t to Aitkin. Spring Park*tt to Mound. Provtdenoc to Dawson. Nass• to Oook. Greaney to Cook. Sortnr Vale• to Cambrtdre. Puposky to Bemidji. Lake Lizzie to Pelican Navarre to Mound. Greeley to Braham. Spur to Tenstrike. Mahto Naytahwaush Rapids. Green Lake to Spicer. Squier to Wendell. nomen. Lakenetta to Anoka. Greenland• to Elyslan. Stanley (Isanti Co.) to Lakeside to Buffalo Lake. Nebish• to Bemidji. 0 reenleat to Litchfield. Cambridge. City. Hill to Rabey Kerkhoven. to egord •. El to ermillion \ Lal{, Greenleafton to Preston Stark to Harrt1. Lake. Cass to Raboin Lake Moose to NemadJiH Lambert to Oklee. G reenvale to Northfield. Star Lake to Dent. Ramey• to Foley. eotune to Gully. LamoUle•tt to Winona. GrccnviP\\ to H •ltrarni. Ramsey Junction to Austin. Lamson to Dassel. Grogan•u to St. James. Nesbitt to Minneapolls. Randen* to Middle River. Steele Center to Owatonna. , Langdon•tl to Hastings. 0 rove Lake to Brooten. Steinert to 'l'hlet Rlnr Ranum to Fertile. Nett Lake*t to Cook. Lanre to St. Peter. Falla. eutral to Brainerd. Rasset to Buffalo . Langnel to Starbuck. HHa.der to Wanamingo. Sterllnit Center to Amboy. .1 Teving• to Leonard. Rauch to Cook. Lansford to McGregor. adler Ho Ada. to Htbblnr. Stevenaon•tt Mabel. to Newburg International to Laurel• Hairan to Mllan. Stockholm to Cokato. New Duluth*tt (Corporate Reads to Wabasha. Falls. Glyndon. to *l Stookwood 8 Duluth. to Duluth) name Demld:ii. to Lavinia:!: Hamilton Station to SavStonehouse to Cloquet. .1. ew Germany*tt to. lotor- ::~bf.a~e• tg1\gl~1dJ1. Leader• to Motley. age. .'torden to <'otton,100(1. Red Too*t to Wahkon. dale. Leaf Valley to Garfield. famlinet to St. Paul. New Hartford to Dakota. Regal to Paynesville. Leech Lake to Walker. 1 Strout 'tO Lltchtleld. Newbouse*l to Mabel. , Reno•u to Caledonia. 1 H~1°! ~~\~iu1! Crook- Leigh to Genola. Stubbs Bay to Long Lake. New Pierz to Genola. Renova•u to Dexter Leipold to Hill City. ston. Sundahl to Fertile. Rhoda* to Oklee. Lemond to Otisco. HHarrlllon to Atwater. 1 Sveada.hl to Dartur. Lenora to Canton. art to Rushford. ~fc~1~:re, Rloetord to .Mabel. Swan River•tt to Grand Leo• to Gr cnbu b. Hl\ssan to Roger11. Rapids. New Trier• to Hampton. Rice Lake to Duluth. Leota• to Edirerton. HHaety•ti to Clearwater. Laporte. to Niawa* Mlnneaoolla. to to Warroad. Swift*! Rlchfl("ld Hayward. to Lerda.l aug•to Greenbush. Kerrick. to to Pillager. ylvan*:i ickerson*t: Roseto Valley*U Rich CenSueur Lexlnrton to Le gavanau to Owatonna. mount. o.) (Dakota 'icol • Callaway. to Richwood• to Palisade. to Li~f a!~d~~eelfi~oR~1a~.~: 'lendota. Tacontte•t:i: to Bovey. Lida to Vergas. Hazeltont to . lotordale. t~rt~~ona. Nimrod• to Sebeka. '!'aft to <'!<>quot. Lillo* to Oklee. llazclwood to \\'chstt r. to Pequot. isswa•t Ringe to Rochester. Tawney to Mabel. Llmecreek•tt to Fulda. Heatwole to Hutchin. on. Nodine to Dakota. Ripple to Big Falls. Terrace• to Sedan. Nokay to Deerwood. River to Roseau. Terrebonne• to Red Lake Linden to Hanska. Helbe~t t 0 T l Vall Riverside to Bena. Fall11. Pr:ue. LlntonvUle•t: to Paynee- 'opeming to Duluth. Heldeiberg to Norden to Kelliher. Thomaon•t to Carlton. ormania to Cottonwood. Robbln•to Drayton. N. D. Thorbult* to Goodridge. ~:t:g~a t:J~;~J ork Mills. u:lf!eY.arals*to 'J.'wo HarNorseland to Saint Peter. Roberta to Ferlir\18 Falla. Tobique to Remer. bor■ Henrvtown to Harmony. Rochert to Detroit. Little ·Rock to Royalton. Northern to Bemidji. Heretord*t to Wendell. Tofte• to Two Harbora. Northland (Polle Co.) to Rock Dell to Byron. Little Swan to Hibbing. Heulln to Kelliher. Togo to Hlbblnir. Rogers Spur to Remer EMt Grand Forks. Forest to Stewartville. Loman• to International Tolml* to Aurora.. • Northland• (St. Louis Co.) Roland* to Oklee •roivola to 1 adm\la11d . _1_\_1!_?:..:~;.::n:.:...<_F_W~m-o_r_e_c_o_._>_t_o__L.;...o_~f~il ,., ~ - -Rollag• to Hawle!:.__ __!_011.n to Princeton. _ _ _ _ _.,; Bibbing. •. loney Order Office. REFERENCE KEY. tTelegraph Statlo • Lyman to Deer Creek.  g~~:.  1  e.  d.  'ff~~:1~_r.  1  i~=i~, ttg lr!':~~ri:  I  1  1  I  er. n. p.  ..  ta-  I  Kv:r:~  1  iot•  ::~!~fe!i°~:  y•  m~~n!  i:.,,  H~h Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  I Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2012  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  MINNESOTA  Alcorn• to Port Gibson. Algoma.• t to Pontotoc. Alhambra* to Greenville. Alice to Philadelphia. Allandale to Columbus. Allen* to Wesson. Alligator*t to Shelby. Almadale to Terry. Alphaba to Coldwater. Alplka to Memphis, Tenn. Alolne to New Albany. Altus to Ox!ord. Alva.• to Duck Hill.  Tonka• to Excelsior. Tooekat to Little Falls. Traverse*tt to Saint Peter. TrondJem to Lonsdale. Troy to St. Charles. Turtle Lake to Deer River. Turtle River*t to Tenstdke , Twig* to Duluth. Two Inlets to Park Rapids. ,  Union to Blooming Prairie. Union HUl to New Pra.~e. Amazon to Waynesboro. Anderson to Flora.. Andlng•tt to Yazoo City. Andrew to Mize. Anna to Natchez. Valley Creek to Stillwater. Ansley* to llay St. Louis.  Chewa.lla to Holly .:iprings. I Cblcora•t to Waynesboro.  Blue La·:~* to Tutwiler. Blue Springs• l to New ' Albany. Bluff to Blue Mountain. Bobo*t to Clarksdale. Bodone to Durant. Bolatu:sha* t o Sa1lis. Bolivar to Benoit. Bond*tt to Wiggini,. Bonhomie to Hattiesburg.  I  Bonita• to Meridian. Bonus to :M eadville. Bounds to Calhoun City. Bourbon* to Leland. Bovlna•t + to Vlcksburi. Bowerton to Wesson. Bowles to Houlka. Bowllng Green (Holme, Co.) to Durant. Bowman to Coldwater. , Boyce* to \Vaynesboro.  MISSISSIPPI  Chita to Kosciusko. to Pontotoc. Chotard* to V cksburg. Chulahoma • to Holly Sp'gs ChunKy•tt to Hickory. Chunn to Waynesboro. Church Hill• to Fayette. Clacks• to Tunica. Clara to Waynesooro. Claremont• to Clarksdale. Clarion to Tunica. Clark to Port Gibson. Clarksburg*tto Pelahatchee Clarks Mill to Greenwood .I Clarkson• to Maben. Clarysvllle to Ripley. Claude* to Columbia. Clay* to Fulton. Clayton*tt to Tunica.  Dubard*l to Grenada.. Dubbs• to Tunica.. Dublln*t l to Clarksdale. Duffee to Union. Duke to Utica. Dumas• to Ripley. Dunlelth•t to Leland. Durham* to Clarksdale. Dwiggins* to Drew. Dw-yer* to Moorhead.  Eagle to Corinth. Eagle Bend• to Vicksburg.  ~arly Grove to Moscow, Tenn. I Earlyvtlle to Kosciusko.  I t~;~e:·tlt~oC~r~~~~~ive. ~!~t::r t~til~~alton. Eastman* to Fulton. Ea.stslde* to Moss Point. Verdon to Grand Rapld1. 1 Arcadia_. to Vlcksbunz:. l Ebenezer• to Lexin~on. tgJ~~~~e. Bradley• to Sturgis. Verna t to Grand Rapids. Ariel* to Centerville. < liftonville• to Brooks ville. Eddiceton•ti to Meadville. Ve1ell • to Lonsdale. Branch* to Morton. Ark• to Isola.. \ Cloverhllltt to Clarksdale. Eden•t to Yazoo City. Vineland* to Onamia.. Brewer to Quitman. Clyde•t to Hattiesburg. Arkabutla• to< oldwater , Brldgevllle to Hazlehurst. Viola•tt to Elgin. Friar Ed.lnbur~• to Philadelphia.. to Coahoma• r 1 Briers• to Natchez. Vlasatytt to Dodge Center. Arm*tt to Monticello. Point. ~dsvllle to West. Arnold to Rosedale. Bright* to Hernando. Voss to Ulen Eggville to Tupelo, Cobbs to Brookhaven. Askew•t to Crenshaw. Bristow to Amory. Cockerham to :McComb. 1 E~~1;1ir°nt• l Britton to Waynesboro. Atlanta to \ oodlaud. Rolling to Cockrum• to Hernando. Brody to \Va.lnut. Auburn• to Summit. Ezypt• t l to Okolona. Auris to Vaiden. Brooklyn•tt to Hattles- Cofer to Pontotoc. Wagner to Finlayson. Eldorado• to Vicksburg. Austin* to Tunlca. 1 C'ohay to . lize. burg. Brownfl.eld•t to Middleton, Colla.• to Carrollton. Auter• to Angu.11111.. Walbo to Cambridge. Electric Mllls*tt to Scooba. (Dakota Co.) to Avalon* to Greenwood. Elena to Greenvllle. Colbert to Holly Springe. 'l'enn. Northfield. Elfin to Baldwyn. Browning to Greenwood. Coles* to Gloster. I Avonn to Green\Tllle. Eliphaz to Senatobia. College Hlll to Ox!ord. Wallace (St. Louis Co ) to~ Brownsvllle to Bolton. Virginia. Colll.nsvllle to Meridian. Eliza.beth*t! to Leland. Elkville to Amory. Wall Lake! to Fergus Falb. • Browns Wells to Hazle- Com°'erce• to Tunica. Commodore to Ethel. Elliott• l to Grenada.. hurst. Wa.n"s to Dennison. Balley• to Merldla.n. Ell.lstown to New Albany. Complete• to Meridian. Brozville to Lexington. Wanke* to Trail Balrd*tt to Indianola.. Ward Springs* + to Grey Baker to New Albany. Brunswick• to Vlcksburi. Coneha.tta • to Lake Ea~le, Embry* to Eupora. Conn* to Hermanville. Baleshed • to Lake Provl• Bryant• to Coffeeville. Emera.Id to Ma.11:nolta. Conway• to Carthage, Bryantville to Va.Iden. dence. Warman* to Mora. Emory to West. Warsaw• to Morriatown. Bucatunna•n to Waynes- Cooksey to Decatur. Ballardsville to Tupe10, Cooksville-I< to Shuaualak. Endvllle to Sherman. Wasioja to Dodge Center. boro. Ballentine to Sardis. Coopers \Velis to Raymond. Enondale* to ' cooba.. Waskish to Kelliher. Ballground • to VlcksbUf¥. Budett to ~leadvllle. Enterprise•tt to Quitman. Wastedo to Cannon Falls. Ba.loll to Colllervme, Tenn Buena. Vista* to Okolona. Corinne to Aberdeen. Enzor to Meridian. Cork to Noxapater. Bullock to Ripley, Watertord to Northfield. Baltzer to Clarksdale. Epley•tt to HattleebUf¥. Cornersvllle to Myrtle. Waukon to Gary. Bunckley* to Gloster. Bankstt to Tunica. Errata:t to Sandersville. Cornish* to Oxford. Bankston to Eupora. Wawinat to Floodwood. Erwln*t t to Greenvllle. Cottondale to Rulevllle. Burdette*:t to Leland. Banner• to ·water Valle:,. Weber to North Branch. Burgess• to Oxford. Weggeland to Fergus Falls. Ba.rlana* to Port Gibson. Cotton Plant*t+ to Blue' Escata.wpa• to Moss Point. l\Iountaiu. Eskridge* to Duckhlll, Burns• to Raleigh. \Veme to Clearbrook. Barlow• to Hazlehurst. Burnslde•:t <;o Phlla.delphla.. County Line to Leakesville. Essex• to Marks. West DuluthU to Duluth. Barnett•t to Pachuta. Coxburg to Lexington. West Lyn to Hutchinson. Burnsville*tt to Corinth. Barr to Senatobia. Esta.butchte• t to HattiesCraig• to Ya.zoo City. Burtons to Booneville. West Minneapolis to Hop- Bartlett to Newton. burg. kins. Crandall to Quitman. Busyton* to Vardaman. Barto* to .:\Iagnolia. Crane Creek to Poplarville. Estes to Louisville West Point to Cambridge. Ba!';fc City to Quitman. Byra.m•tt to Terry Eetesmlll* to Cartha~e. Cranfield to Natchez. Wheatvillet to Ada. Basin to Lucedale. Creek (Attala Co.) to Ethel Estlll•t to Hollandale. White Earth* to Ogema. Bassfield • t :t to Prentiss. Etta• to Myrtle. Crevl to Hatesvllle. White Pine• to Willow Battle* to Waynesboro. Crews to Helena, Ark. Eucutta to Shubuta. River. Battlefield• to Union. rowder t o Bat esville. Eudora* to .1:1 ornando. Whitewillowt to Goodhue. Baxter* to Bay Spring. Orump* to Indianola. Eunice to Liberty. Wilbert to Fairmont. Cadaretta to Duck Hill. Eureka Springs to Court,. Cuba to Corinth. :;1we~~?ed:0 t*~i~t~in;,~ul' Ba.xterville•tt to Lumber- Caddo to Carrollton. land. Oub Lake* to Hern:i.ndo. Clllsar• to Picayune. Bena.. Itta to Cude*t t o Tunica.. Evansville• City. Yazpo to Ba~l~nd Amb<;>Y, Willow Creek to 0 Cuevas• to Pass Chrtstla.n Evergreeo to Nettleton. t~ Spring• to Morton. to Wilmington Lauderdale. to Cullum• to Cairo to West Point. Bear Creek (Hinds Oo.) Grov!.t WI Cumberla.nd •t to Maben. Wl1son* o Utica. nona. Caledonia* to Columbus. Uupid to Senatobia. Bear Creek ((Washington Calvert to Meridian. W!lton U t~ Bemidji. Currie to :\lize. Co.) to Belzoni. Wmnor to \~,arroad. Cybur to Picayune. Shuqula.k. to Calyx• Point. Wm to Beasley t~o to Jackson. Cynthia• Fairground to Phlladelphl&. Camden* to Pickens. Wirt• to Deer River. Fairport to Brookvllle. Beatrice (Clarke Co.) to Cameron* to Pickens. Wltoka • to Winona. Pachuta. Fair River to Brookhaven. Ca.meta* to Aniruilla. W olt Lake to Frazee. Faisonla to Indianola. Beatrice* (Harrison Co.) to Camp Oaks to West Point. Gulfport. Falcon to Sledge. to Grand Junction, t~~ie~.lmo. Dabney to Duck Hlll. Tenn. Falin to Braxton. Beaumont•U to New AuWoodrow to Brainerd. gusta. Cannonsburgt to Fayette. De.horny• to Benoit. Falkner•tt to Ripley. Woodside to Mentor. Dale to Columbia. Fallback to Benoit. Carley to Columbia. Beauregard•t to Wesson. Wrlithtstown to Hewitt. Dale,ill * to Ieridian. Fanntn• to Brandon. Becker to Amory. Wya.nette to Princeton. Da.llaa• to Pontotoc. Carllsle*U to Utica. Bedford to Greenwood. Farrell*! to Friar Pol t. Wyattvllle to Lewiston. Dam cu to eba topol. Carmichael• to Quitman. Beelake• t 1 to Tchula. Dancy• t to Maben. Carnegie to Winona. Belden•t to Tupelo. Fearns Springs* to LouisDantzler* to McHenry. ville. , Oames* to Lumberton. Belen• to Marks. Fenton• to Bay St. Louis. Darbun• to Columbia. Carpenter• tto Utica. Bellefontaine• to Eupora.. Darllng•tt to Crenshaw. Carriere• t t to Picayune. i Fernwood*H to Magnolia.. Bellewood-I< to Isola.. Field to Tunica. Darracott to Aberdeen. Oarson*tt to Prentiss. Belllsle• to Rosedale. York to Lime Spring, Ia. Finger to Ripley. Davo to Tylertown. Carter*:!: to Yazoo City. Bells to Tupelo. Yucatan to Houston. to Ocean Days to Hernanao. Fltler• to Rolling Fork. Carterville * Benmoret to Richton. Springs. Fltz.hngh*t to Ruleville. . Bentoak•t to Artesia. Flat_. to Canton. Deasonvllle to Pickens. Cartledge to Friar Point. Benton• to Ya.zoo City. Deborah to Clarksdale. Floweree to Vlcksburir. llentonia•u to Yazoo City. I Cary•U to Rolling Fork. Deemer•tt to Phlladell)hla.. Fonde to Waynesboro. Zerkel to Bagley. · Cascilla • to Holcomb. to Jackson. Fondren ztm• to Eveleth. t~c~~~!3_ena. I Caseyville to Brookhaven. ~=~b~~~ii~rookvWe. Fonta.inebleau to Ocean Zions* to Zumbrota. 1 "pring. Oeeson•tt to Gunnison. Caswell to Oxford. Zippel* to Williams. Berwick to Centerville. Foote•% to Greenville. Catahoula* to Ba.y St.Lows. DeLay• to Ox!ord. Bethany• to Baldwyn. De Li le* to Pass Christian. Catchings* to Anguilla.. Betheden to Loulsvllle. Ford (Jackson Co.) to Moll Delta• to Crenshaw. Bethlehem to Holly Springs Cato to Braxton. Point. Cayce to Collierville, Tenn. Denham to Waynesboro. Bett to Coldwater. Ford (Smith Co.) to TayDenman to Grenada. Cayuga. to UtJca. Beverly to Clarksdale. lorsvllle. Cedar Blutr•tt to Weat Denmark* to Bevil to Louisville. Dennis*% to Corinth. Point. Fordyke to Pickens. Bewelcome* to Liberty. MISSISSIPPI Dentvllle to Hazlehurst. Forkvule* to Morton Cedar Hill to Wlnona.. Bexley*H to Merrill. Deovolente* to Belzona. Fort Adams• to Woodville. Cedars• to VloKSbUf¥, Bigbee to Amory. FortLorin11;•t to Greenwood. Cedar View• to Hernando. , Derby*% to Poplarvllle. Bigbee Valley to Macon. De Soto•tt to Quitman. Fort Stephens to Merldl&D. Big Creek• to Calhoun Clty. Center• to Kosciusko. A.bbevllle•tt to Dickerson• to Friar Point. Foster to 'atchez. Birt Point* to Moss Point. Abbott• to West Point. Central Academy• to Batee- Dle10 to Ackerman. Fox to Winona. Aberdeen Junction to AberDinan to Tylertown. ville. Bli Springs to West Point. deen. Foxtrap to Macon. Dinsmore to Macon. Chambers to Shelby. Binford to Aberdeen. Abney to Tupelo. Foxworth*tt to Columbia. Dlstall to Pblllpp. Chancy* to Marks. Blnnsvllle• to Scooba. Ab11alom to Loul.svllle. Franks to Pblladelphla. Divide to lontlcello. Chaparral to Wayneaboro, Birdie• to LUia. A.oona to Lexln~on. 1 Chapeltown to Batesville. Frazier to Shaw Dixon• to Union. Bissell to Tupelo. Adair to Sidon, Freeman• to Sunflower. Dockery* to Ruleville. A.dams Station• to Utica. Black Hawk* to Lexington. Charlton* to Canton. Doddsvme•tt to Ruleville. Freeny to Ca.rtha.ite. Chatawa•tt to MagnoU&. Blackland to Boonevillt. Addie to Rolling Fork. French Camp• to AckerDoloroso* to Woodv:llle. Chatham• to Greenvllle. Blackmonton• to Vaiden Atrtca• to Duncan. man. Dont to Colllns. Cheraw• to Columbia. Blackwater* to O:i:.tord. A.arrlcola• to Lucedale. Friendship to Okolona. Dorsey• to Tupelo. Cherokee to Columbus. Aarrtcultural College* t t to Blaine*t to Ruleville. Friley to Hollandale. Douville• to Kosciusko. Cberry Creekt to Ecru. Blair to Guntown. Starkville. Frostbrldge to Waynesboro Dry Creek to Collins. Blanton• to Rolling Fork. Cherry Hlll to Houston. ount• to Coffeevllle. Fruitland Parlet to Wiggins. Dry Grove to Terry. Chester• to Ackerman. Blodgett to Hichton. ucha to Meridian. Furrs to 'Tupelo. Booneville. R._:; __:._D::..:.ry:!....._ _ ..:.,.__ . __W_e_b_b'-.';"' "!!""'-•_s_to • County Seat. • Money Order Office. t Telegraph Station. :E.xore Office.  gfg1Ic,  I  I  I  8!fi~e I:J;:?1s.  -;:~ig; F~fcta~r ;g~i'e,1:[! ~g  I  i:~fu;  I  I  G G G G  G G G G  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  MISSISSIPPI  I  MISSISSIPPI  • t t to Aniruma. l Nlttayuma Nixon to Pontotoc.  Kreole*t to Pascagoula. -,-M~rath::-t:-Greenville. Marianna to Holly Sprtngs. Kuhns to Cleveland. Marie to Indianola. Marietta• to Baldwyn. Lackie to Aberdeen. Marlon•t to Meridian. Ladner to Poplarville. Markette to Oxford. Lafayette Sprtngs• to Ox- Marksville to Cruger. tord. Martlnsvllle•tto Ilazlehurat t>1t::>~::151!i~~: La Grange to Eupora. Marydell • to Kosciusko. Garlandvllle• to Newton. 1 Lalne•t to Pascactoula. Maryland Station to SchlaGarner to Water Valley. Laird to Flaulsbury, Tenn. ter. Hinze• to Noxapater. Lake Carrier to Sardis. Masengale to Enterprise. Gatesvllle t t to Cnrstal Hlwannee•t to Shubuta. Lake Clty• to Yazoo City. Masbulavme• to Macon. Springs. Hodge to Inverness. LakeComo* toBaySprings. Matagorda. to Clarksdale. Gatewood to Coffeeville. Hoffman Switch to West. Lake Cormorant • t 1 to Mathervme• to Shubuta. Hohenllnden• to Maben. Gattman• t to Aberdeen. Memphis, Tenn. Matthews to Pittsboro. Holcut to Corinth. Gault to Ox!ora. Lakeshore *1 to Ba.y St. I Gautler•tt to Pascagoula. Holladay to Houston. Louis Mattson*l to Clarksdale. Hollis~ to Vardaman. Geevme• to BaldwYD. llolly Bluff*! to Yazoo City Lake View *tl to Memphis, Maud• to Tunica. . Gerald* to Friar Point. Tenn. Maxie*tt to Wiggins. Geren• to Philipp. Lamar• U to Holly Springs. ,Mayersvme•t to RoWng Hollyknowe to Leland. Germania to Yazoo City. Fork. Holly Ridge• to Indianola. Lamb* to Gunnison. Gholson• to Shuqualak.. Lamkint*t to Yazoo City. Mayhew•u to West Point. Hollywood•tt to Tunica. Glbson•t to Aberdeen. Mayton to Mendenhall. Holmesville• to McComb. Lamont•tt to Greenville. Gltt to Corinth. Landing to AnguU!a. McAdamst to Kosciusko. Homewood* to Forest-. McAnery to Carrollton. Homochitto to Lake Provi- Landon* to Gulfport. Giles to Scooba. Brandon. to Langford* McBride* to Port Gibson. dence. Glllsbursr• to Osyka. Langsdale• to Shubuta. McCalls Oreek*t to MeadGilmer to Taylorsville. ville. Hoods to Leland. Gip to Carthage. Larue• to Ocean Sprlnp. Mccarley• t to Carrollton. Hookston to Meridian. Gitano• to Laurel. Latimer• to BUoxl. McCondy• to Okolona. Hope to Philadelphia. Gladburst to OsylC&. Mccown to Columbus Hopewe1J>1-tt to Gcorgl'tO\\ll Lawrence•tl to Newton. Glading*t to Liberty. Laws Hill* to Holly Springs McCrarytt to Columhus. liopoca to Kosciusko. Gladys• to Itta Bena. Leaf• U to Merril\, McDonald*t to PhiladelHoratio* to Sardis. Glancy• to Hazlehurst. phia. Horn La11:e•t1 to Mempbl.s. Le&mee1 •rt to Utica. Glass• to Vicksburg. McLaurtn•rt to Hat!le&I ~:~~•tot:ad';;f:th. Tenn. Glen• to Corinth. burg. 0 McLeod• to Macon. Leeke to Mount Olive. m:~g~1;ia.*t1 e~1Vl~~,. House to Union. McN air• U to Fayette. Leesburg to Morton. Hovey to dcHenry. Glenville to Como. Leesda.le to ·atchez. McNelll•U to Poplarvllle. his Tenn Hovis to Corinth. Gl e • t M Leflore•t to Greenwood. Gl~~k~tad~• t~~dlson Sta: Howard*t to Lexington. Valley. Water to Leno to Kosciusko. MoVllle Gulfport. to Howlson•tt Ala. Bay, Red to Golden•t Lemon• to Raleigh. Mechanicsburg• to Flora. Hub•U to Columbia. Gomez to Oxford. Meehan Juoctlon•t to Hudsonvllle • 1 to Holly Goode to Senatobia. L na* to Carthage. Meridian. ll Ssrlngs. Good Hope (Leake Co.) to Leota Landini• to Green- Mehlinger to Rosedale. ~~~oi~tko. <'arthagc. to Lucedale: Merrill vtlle. 1 Mesa to Tylertown. Goshen Springs• to Brandon Humber* to Friar Point. Lesp1deza to Sardis. Metcalfe*t to Greenville. Lessley to Wood ville. Huntsville to, tewart. Goss*t to Columbia. Midnight*t to Belzoni. Leverett to Charleston. Hur1e:v• to Moss Point. Gossett to Ripley. Lew1sburg* to Hernando. 1 Midway to Raymond. I Hurst to Liberty. <:,owdey to Jackson. • Tylertown. to Lexie*tt Mikoma. to Webb. helby. to Hushpuckena•t Graoe•tt to Rolling Fork. Lllac io Duckbill. Gratton to Richton. Mileston*t to Tchula. Forest. to Lilian Graham to Baldwyn. MUlard• to Pop1arvu1e. Lilly to Kosciusko. Grand Gulf* ro Port Glb11on. Mill Creek to Louisville. Limerick• to Yazoo City. lda to Baldwyn. Grango•t to Silver Cree!c Miller• t l to Colllervllle, L\nes to Noxaoater. Improve• to Columbia. Grapeland* to Benoit. Tenn. r,lngle* to Morton. Ina to Mendenhall. Graves to Ripley. Mlllvllle• to Canton. Linn to IncHanola. Increase• to Merldlan. Gray to Kosciusko. Mineral Wells*lto Memphis Independence• to Cold- Linton• to Quitman. Graysport • to Grenada. Minerva to Winona. Lit tie Rock to Cniou. water. Greene to Brandon. Minneola. to Scooba. Ingleside• to Port Gibson. Greenfteld • to Brandon. Little Springs• to Meadville Minter Clty•tttoGreenwood Albany. Green Grove 1 to Clark• tniromar1 New Mlsstsslppl Clty•U to GUlt• Flora. to Livingston Byhalla. to Mlll Ini:;rams dale. port. Ltz.ana* to McHenry. Mtsterton• to Grenada. Gulfport. to Llzella Utica. to lusmore*t Greens to Flora. Louisville. to • Loaktoma Pasca~oula. to Towana Greenwood Springs• t to Mitchell to Ripley. Lobdell*t to Benoit. Ireland• to Gloster. Amory. Mlzpah to Hazelhurst. Lockhart*t to Meridian. Irene• to McComb. Greer to Carthage. to New Albany. Mollno• Baldwyn. to Locum Fork. Rolllng to [s~aquenat Gregory• to !Cthel. M oney•tt to Philipp. Lodl'" to Winona. ttuma to Tchula. Gridley to Bay Sprin~s. Monroe•t (Franklin Co.) to to Hernando. Lodockery Grlmth to West Point. Meadvllle. Groveton t,o Mort-on. Monroe (Perry Co,) to HatLois to Taylorsville. <inlrle to I' •lahatchic. tiesburg. LombardY*t to Clarksdale. Gttlf View to J~a.v 't. Louis. Jacinto to Rienzi. Long Beach•tt to Gulf- Monterey to Florence. Jago to Hernand~Gum Rldv;e• to Natches Gunn to Ralelgn. 1 James to Greenville. Lo':i~1:ireet to Tutwiler. Montpelier* to Mantee. Java to Union. Longtown to Crenshaw. Montrose•tt to Bay Spring. .Jaw to Puion. Longview • t to Starkville. Moon• 1 to Helena, Ark. to Monticello Jaynesvllle to Mount Olive. Lonpood•t to Greenville. Mooretown* to Hernando. Mooreville • to Tupelo. Jeanette* to Natchez. Looxahoma • to Senatobia Morgan 01tY*ttto ltta Bena na.lstead • to Cleveland to Lorena* Jeffries• to Lula. Morgantownt to Columbia.. Loring to Pickens. Jessie to Carthage. li::~~g!tfo ti~~~~~· Moscos to Collins. Lorman• t t to Fayette. liampton•U to Rolllna Joe to Mendenhall. Moscow• to Scooba. Gulfport. to Lorraine• J obns* to Brando!.' Fork. Moselle• tt to Ellisville. Lottvllle* to Canton. umtt> 'tation*t Joh11ston Randle to oxapater. !.loss• to Laurel. Lotus• to Belzona. Hand11boro• to Gulfport. Mound CltY* to R<!sedale. Louin*tt to Bay sr,rlngs. llankinson* to Port Gibson. Jo~~inan• to Leakesville. Louise•t to Belzon . Josephine to Rosedale. Carmel to Prentl!18. Mount Cold-I to Statlon•t Love liardy Statlon•tt to G~ Judah to Pontotoc. Mount Nebo to Scooba. water. nada to ColMt~r!m~~e~~~~• Loyd to Vardaman. to Lucedale. ~arleaton• 4 ~&rlow* to Boyle. Muldon•u to Aberdeen. Luclen•t to Meadville. ffannontown• to Oxford. Luelle to Meridian. Keen to Ackerman. liarpersvme• to Forest. Murphy• w Hollandale. 1 Luck to Colllervtlle, 'l'enn. Keirn to Cruger• Ii a.rristcm • t t to Fayette. Murry to Coldwater. Lucknow to Brandon. Kellfs store* oo Scooba. liarrtsvme• to Braxton. Myrick to Laurel. Lucre to Rolling Fork. Tenn. Memphis, to Kelly ll. &rtness to Starkville. Myrlevllle to Yazoo City. Morton. to Ludlow Kemo to Kilmichael. li &ssle to Starkvllle. Lunch to Baldwyn. atborn*t (Marion Co.) to Lurllne to Coldwater. Kenago to Ackerman. -o Columbia. Luther to Carthage. 4 Kendrick• to Corlnth · ~ aLthorn (Winston Co.) to Lux•t to Hattiesburg. Keno to Columbia. -o outsvme. Lyman•tt to Gulfport. Kc•ow11villc to. ·e,, .\.lban:r. L~chburg li&tley to Amo?"!". to Memphis, Kerr to McCool. ~~e to Courtland 11 Kewanee•t to Merld_lan. 1,aL * to .'chastopol. L~'areek to Brookville. • ~anachc Ha,\ to Port Gib~azc1 Dell to llooueville. Kienstra. to Woodville. son. Lynwood to Pelahatchee. Nancy• to Pacnuta. Lyon• t to Clarksdale. Kiln• to Bay St. Louil. Mea{Js• to L land. Nannye to Wesson. s.t a:e hman•u to Indianola. Kincaid* to Grenada. Nason to Grenada. Klng to Florence. eckla to Hattiesburg. Navina to Scooba. Kingston to Natchez. 1 ~earby to Philadelphia. Kloto• to Tylertown. Jelcma* lo l\loss Point. Macedonia. to huqualak. Needmore to Philipp. 1rn • t 1 to Leland. Kipling to 8cooba. Neely to McLain. Ma.cel*t to Philipp. Kirby* to Meadville. lie~1\gway to Carrollton. Mack to Holly Sprtngs. Neshoba*tt to Union. Madden• to Carthage. Kirklin to Tylertown. lierb~ Ill* to Richton. Magna Vista to Vlcksburr New Hope to Columbus. Klrksy to Como. rt to Meridian. Augusta! New Mahned•ttto Kirkville to BaldwYll, to Water Valley. Newlt to Monticello. Mahont to Holly Sprtnp. Kitehener* to Hcba-;lopol. ll~' vey to Port Gibson. Newman to Edwards. ,\lako rn .'ebnstopol. l\'.kin* to Ralcle;h. llt~•~ervtne• to Kosciusko. New Prospect to Ackerman. • !alone to Holl.· Springs. Knoxo•t to Tylertown. lit ·"-8 to Fayette. New Site• to Boonevllle. _ 1ah·ina•t to Ho-; dale. Knoxvllle*tt to GloS t er. l-l1!dhotn to Holly Sprlnit■. Canton. to Mamie Ko1wmo•1 to TYlf?rtown. o Sture:ls. I( j" ~lcholson*rt to Picayune. Mannassa to Qultma.n. Kola.• to Mount Olive. Ii ill to :--; •ha. topol. Nlonolsonvllle to Shaw. Mantachie to Gunt!?_WD, and to Corinth _ ~ o~th • to _£orln th · Ofllce. Order •~fonev ~ Telegraph Ststlon t Coun v :eat~ ~EFF.RENCE KEY,  Galena to Holly Sprlnp. Galilee to Mendenhall. Gallo.tin to Hazlehurst. Gallman•tt to Crystal Springs. Gallway to Myrtle.  Hlghlandale* to Schlater. High Polnt*t to Loulavllle. Hight to Noxapater. Hle;htown to Corinth. Hlllhouse•tt to Friar Point Hillman to Leakesville. Hillsboro• to Forest. Hlllsdale•t to Lumberton. Hlnchcllff* l to Marka.  8:~d~n  I  t  I  I:~gh~  I  a:  l~n  I  R1;g,  128 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2013  Noah to Oxford. Nod to Yazoo City. Nola•t to Brookhaven. N omac* to Richton. Norffeld•tt to Bogue Chltto Norfolk to Memphis, Tenn. Norris• to Forest. Nortac to Gulfport. Nugent• to Gulfport ..  Oakt'orest to Holly Springs. Oa~ ~g;~a--(Kemper Co.) Oakley•t to Rtimonel. 8!~sRf:~~:~ns~cksburi. Ocobla to Phlladelpbla. Otahoma • to Carthage. 0. K. to Tunica. O~!~fs. (Lamar Co.) to Oktoc to Starkville. 0110• to Centerville. Oliver• to Clarksdale. Olney to Philadelphia. Oloh• to Sumrall. Oma*tt to Monticello. 0' ell• to Liberty. Opal to Ackerman. Qphella to Canton. Ora*t:t to ('ollins. Orange Grove•u to Pa.sea• goula. Orangeville to Bolton. O'Reilly•t to Shaw. Orlon to Holly Springs. Orvisburg• t 1 to Poplarvllle Orwood to Oxford. Osborn•t to Starkvllle. Oswalt to Flora. Otho to Forest. Ovett•t:t to Laurel. Owens Wells * t to Lexlngton  Paden•t to Corinth. Palmetto to Tupelo. Palmyra• to VlcksbUrfl. Palona to Carthage. Panther Burn•t to Anguilla Paradise• to Fnar Point. Parchman•u to Tutwiler. Pardue to Booneville. Parts• to Water Valley. Parksplace to Como. Pattison•t:t to Port Gibson APaulding• to Bay Spring. Paulette to Shuqualak. Paynes• to Grenada. Pea Ridge to cooba. Pearl* to Crystal Sprln1ts. Pcarlingtou• to Logt-own. Pearson U to Jackson Pecan•.t. to Pascagoula, Pecon to Schlater. Peden to Scooba. PeelerP* to Vicksburg. Peete to Holcomb. Penn•t to Columbus. Penton• t to Tunica. Peoria to Liberty. Percy• t t to Hollandale. Perklnston*t t to McHenry. Perklnsvllle to LoulsvUle. Perth• to Fayette. Perthshlre•tt to Gunnison. Petal* to Hattlesourg. Pettit• to Greenville. Peyton* to Port Gib .. on. Phalla to Rosedale. Phronix* to Yazoo City. Piave to • lcLain. Pickwick* to Sandy Hook. Plkevtlle to Okolona. PlnckneyvUle• to Woodvllle Pine Bluff to Maben. Pine Bur•ti to Columbia. Pine Ridge* to Natchez. Pines to Corinth. Plne Valley• to Water Valley. Pineville• to Montrose. Pinola•tt to Mendenhall. Pisgah• to Pelahatchee. Plain to Jackson. Plantersville • l to Tupelo.. Plattsburg• to Noxapater. Pleasant to Kosciusko. Pleasant Grove• to Cren• shaw. Pleasant Hill• to Hernando. Plum Point to Memphis. Tenn. Pluto• to Yazoo City. Plymouth to Pontotoc. Poca.hontas•tt to Flora. Polkvllle• to Morton. Pond• to Woodv1lle. Poplar Creek• to Kllmlchael. Porterville*t to I ridian. Pos umneck to w t Potter to Ruleville • Po ell to Lula, •  I  1Expresa Office Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2014  -  _______ ____________________  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE _._ TO BANKING POINTS  MISSISSIPPI  MISSOURI  Sharon•· (Madison Co.) to Tibbs to Sledge. Wicker io Forest. I Allhton•t to Kahoka. Wllczlnakl• io GreenvWe. ' Astoria• to Hartville. Tie Plant• to Grenada. Wilkinson• to Woodville. , Athens• to Farmlneton Ia. Tilden to Fulton. Shawnee to Holly Sprlnp. Tileville to Rosedale. wmeit• io Hollandale. Athol to Butler. Shealey to Decatur. Tfilatoba • tt to Oakland. Atwell to Hancock. Wlllllton to Carthace. Shellmound • to Greenwood Tillman• to Port Glb■on. Prlaofila to Greenvme. Sherard• t t to Clarksdale. Prismatic to Meridian. Tiltontt to Monticello. wmowe• to Port Glb1on. l Shiloh• to Rollin, Fork. Timberville to Vardaman. Wilmot• to Leland. Aurora Sprtnp• t to Eldoll. Puckett• to Braxton. Wiltshire to Vaiden. Tinsley to Ya.zoo City. PUlaakl • to Morton. Auetln • to Arohle. j Shinault• to Oxford. TiplersvUte•u to Rlpiey. Pyland• to Houston. :H~~y Shipman• tt to Lucedale. Tippah to Hickory Flat. Avenue City• to Co1by. boro. Sblvera•t to New Hebron. Tippo to Philipp. Avert• to Bloom1leld. I Shoccoe Windham to to Canton. Laurel. Tlahomlngo*t to Oortnth. Avery• to Waraaw. Quincy•tt to Amory. "'ingate* to ew Augusta. Av • to Ootrman. Shonirelo to Ralelih. Qutnn to summit. Short• to Iuka. Toro to Brookvfile. Wintervtlle• t io Greenvtlle. Quito•t to Itta Bena. Shrock• to Goodman. Tolarville* to Lexington. Wlldom• to McHenry. Tomnolen•tt to Eupora. Shuford• to Courtland. Wisner• to Taylorsvme. Axtell* to Macon. Toomsuba • U to Meridian. Ayers to Slater. Randalls Bluff to Loulnille. Slbley• to Natchez. Toplllaw to summit. Wooa to Columbus. Slble:,ton • to Kilmichael. Azen to Granier. Randolph• to Pontotoc. Woodburn to Indianola. Sidney to Grenada. To-ptont to Merldlan. Randa to Nettleton. Sidon•ti to Greenwood. Torrance•tt to Coffeeville. Woodson io Aberdeen. Rankin% to Brandon. Bachelor• to Auxvaaae. Wool Market to Gulfport. Ba.con to Sandy Hooit. Tou1raloo•tt io Jackaon. Rara Avis• to Red Bay.Ala. SIP&l • to Vlcksburir. Wortham• to Gulfport. Slfoam to West Point Townsend to Scooba.• to Cabool. Wren to Amory. Silver City*H to Belzonl. Ras to Bay Springs. Bahner to Smithton. Sllver Springs to Ripley. Wright* to Rosedale. Tran Laket to Leland. Ratliff• to Guntown. Baileys to Poplarblu.ff. Wyatte• to Senatobia. Shnllo to Brookhaven. Trapl) to PhUadelphla. Ravine to Brookville. Bainbridge to Cape Girar• SlmmonsvJlle to Mairnolla. Travis to Liberty. deau. Singer to Tunica.. Traxler to Raleigh. Rea to Sardis. Baldridge to Plato. Yazoo Pass to Lula. Traynham to Clarksdale. Skene• to Cleveland. Reba. to McLain. Banwtn• to Mancheater. Trebloc Ye~ain to to Okolona. Cruirer. Slate Sprtni• to Calhoun Recl118e to Wliilnl, Balm• io Eldorado Sprlq.. Tremont to Amory. Yellow Rabbitt to Holly Bala io Troy Cit:,. Red Banke• ti to Holly Springs. Slayden to Moscow, Tenn. Trenton• to Morton. Bandyville to Alton. 1 Yokena•U to Vlckaburc. Slaydens Crossing to Mos- Tribbit*t to Leland. R~J/::8t·o Grenada. Tribble to Charleston. Youngs• to Coffeeville. cow, Tenn. Reddoch to Taylorsville. i=1!-\~J~!:creek. Yountrton to Edwards. Smedes• io Rollinit Pork. Trlmcane to Starkville. Red Llck•tt to Fayette. Bardic:,• to Doniphan. Trinity to Columbus. Smlthburc to 01:,ka. Redstar to Brookhaven. Barka to Perryvllle. Troy• to Shannon. Redwood U to Vlokaburs. Smltbdale• to Summlt. Zemuly to Sallis. Barnesville to Atlanta. Smlthvtlle• to Amory. Truitt to Plckena. Retorm•t to Ackerman. Ziglerville"" to Lexington. B ~ = n • io C l Im a s, Smyrna to Xo1cl111ko. Trutlell to Union. Retuite to Greenville. Sna ve• to Rolling Fork. TrUlt:, to Water Valley. Reganton to Utica. ZZiioonn tHoills:btoa~?ipoertl.y. Barren to Van Buren. Tula• to Oxford. Snowden to Meridian. Reid* to Vardaman. - b Barryt to Kansas Cit:,. Turkey to Ethel. Soeitaard to Brookhaven. Bartlett*.t to Birchtree. Turnbull* to Woodville. Sontai•: 110 Monticello. Barytles* to De Soto. Remua to Philadelphia. Turner* to Natchez. Sorin to Pan Chrlatian. Buher• to Ava. Renalara•t to Clarkadale. Turnervllle to Laurel. so,o•t to Laurel. Bassville to Strafford. Renova• to Cleveland. South Pascairoula•to Pasca• Tumetta to Canton. Batesville to Poplarbluff. Retreat to Coffeevme. Tusoanola Station to Elli• coul&. Baxter• to BerryvUle. Arll, MISSOURI Reuben• to Indianola. Snarta to· Houston. ville. Baytleldt to Clarksdale. Revive to Canton. Spinks to Meridian. Tuscola io Carthaire. Bayouvllle to Eaat Prairie. Ru• to Greenville. Splinter to Water Valley. Tyro• to Senatobia. Splunire• to Amory. Beach to Marshfteld. Rhodes to Richton. Aaron to Crelchton. Spring Cottage* to Sandy Una to Aberdeen. Beaman •t l to Sedalia. Riceville to Gultpor,. Abbott to Sprindeld. Hook. Union Church• to Fayette. Bean Lake to Rushville. Rich•: io Lula. Aberdeen to Eolla. St>riniVflle* to Pontotoc. Univerattr to Oxford. Bearcreek• (Cedar Co,) to Abeevllle to Galena. Upshaw to Belzoni. Fairplay. Abo io Lebanon. Riche:, to Anrufila. l~~i~on. Ure 'tO Oxford. Bebra. to Versailles. Aoom• to SUcceae, Ark. i to Stallo•tt to PhUadelphla. Ustan,. to Liberty. Beck to Kimmswick. Acomrldce to Puxico. Rlntna to Amory. Stamper to Decatur. Utica Institute"" to Utica. Bedillon • 1 to Maryvllle. Beemout* to Gerald. Adair to Brashear. Bio• to Union. J~si~h~:ian. Belgique* to Chester. to Potosi. Roadside to Yuoo Cliy. Standing Pine to Cartna,e. Valewood to Rolllng Fork. Adolph to Morrison. Bellamy to Sheldon. Robbi to Pontotoc. Stanton•U to Natches. Va.lley•t to Yazoo City. Belle Center to Joplin. Aaonla to Flemintrton. Roberts• t to Newton. Star• to Braxton. Valle:, HW • to Carrollton. Affton• to Luxemberr. Bellefontaine to Mancb.Robin8on•t to Liberty. Steel to Foreat. ValleyPark*U to Vlckaburc Agnea• to Lebanon. ter. RobinaonvUte•tt to Tunica Steens•t to Columbu1. V lue* to Brandon. Belleville to Joplin, Aholt• to Glasitow. Van Buren to Lambert. Bell Spring to Marshfield. Robtnwood*tttoMonticello ~:::::~~:i~Gloster Vance•u to TutwUer. Belltown to Sleeper. Aid* to Bloomfield. 0 p~*Jil t~ G~~~r:~ • Stillmore to Wiggins.• Vancleave• to Ocean Sp'np Akers• to Salem. Belmont•tt to ColumbUI, Ky Van Vleet•t t to Okolona. AklnllvUte• to Fortuna. Rocky Springs• to Utica. ' Stokes t 0 Cant n Van Winkle to Jackson. Bem • to OwensvUle. Rodney• Fayette. Stone to PhUa3e~·hta Vaughan•t: to Picken ■• Rome• i to Tutwller. • · t~rh: BJro~:d~. StanVelma to Coffeeville. :b°a~~f'1t~ Mountain Roee to Clarkadale. Stonevfile-11 U to e~and. Roseacres•l to Lula. Stonewall H to Qmtman. l Verba to Newton. berry. Grove. Verna• to Monticello. AliU'e to SUlllvan. Benjamin• to Canton. Stovall*t to Friar Point. Vernal• to Lucedale. Allee• to Mountain Grove. Bennett• (Ripley co.> co Ro1ebloom to Grenada. Stover to Sumner. Vestry• to Merrill. Aile:,• to Eminence. Doniphan. Roae Hlll* to Pachuta. Stratton•t to Decatur. 1 Alllance* to Fredericktown. Bentonvllle• to Falr11eldRoeetta•n io Gloster. Strayhorn• ;ia~!!*ioti!1;> to Senatobia. Almartha• to Rockbrtdre. Berlin to King City. Roundawa:v•.t to Clarksdale Street• to Liberty. Vlmvtne• to Meridian. Roundlake•t to Gunnison. Strickland Almon• to Hermltaire. ::~:i~~r;0~~[;~~ar. to Corinth. Violet• to Port Gibson. Rounaavtlle•to Leakesvllle. Strincer•tt to Laurel. Vlrill to Pel&hatcheo. Alpha to Laredo. Bertha to Ava. Rowae:, to Water Valley. Strtnrtown• to Benoit. Vossburg•tt to Laurel. A.laup to Pleasant Hope. Bessvllle* to Ltitesville. Roxie •ttto Natchez. Stronp•t to Weat Point. Vowell to Noxapater. Althelm to Clayton. to Stella. Ruble to Merrill. Voy to Baldwyn. Altona• to Adrian. Beverly Statlon•tt toPl•'" Rudrard to Clarksdale. Sucarnocbee•tt to Scooba. Cit:,. Amoa• to Stotesbury. Blbleirrove to Memt>bll, Runnelstown • to Hatties- Suffolk• to Natchez. Summerland•tt to Laurel. Wahalak•tt to Shuqualak. , Amy•to Bakeraf1eld. Blehle*t to Perryvme. Sun to Lake. Walts* to Holly Sprinp. Anabel•tt to Clarence. Bigpiney• to Bloodland, R:~m •to McCool. Sunnyside• to Greenwood. Wakefield to Byhalla. Anacondatt to St. Cl&lr. Blgsprtng to McKlttrlcJi:, Rushton to Scooba. Sunshine to Macon. Waldo to Philadelphia. Ancelltt to Forn!elt. Blllinrsville• to Boonvlll•• Ruesen • to Meridian. Suquelena to Meridian. Wallerville •: to New Al• • Andover•tt to Lamonl, Blllmore to Tha:ver. Ru■aellville to Vlcksburr. bany. Iowa. Birdsong to Collins. Ruaawn • l to Port Gibson. Swan Lake•u to Sumner. Sweatman• to Duck Hill. Walley to Richton. Ancellne• to Eminence. I Birdspoint to Chariest~!,. Ruth* to·summit. Swiftown•t to Itta Bena. Wallfteld to Houlka.. Blrmlnibam•tt to Llbv-• Rye to Aberdeen. SwUtwater•t to Greenville. Wall HW to Byhalia. Ann• to Mountain Grove. Bixby• to Salem. Sylvarena• to Louin. WalJs•t to Memphis, Tenn. Anove to Albany. Black• to Centervtlle. Sabino• to Clarndale. Symonds to Rosedale. Walnut Grove• (Leake Co.) Sabousrla* to Calhoun City. to Carthage. Anthonies ~Iill* to Bour-I Blackjack to St. Louis, St. Saints Rest to Indianola 1 1Walth&11• to Eupora. bon. Black Walnut• io Samnev~lle to Union. Tallula• to Lake Providence Sanatormm to :Magee. La ~~~: t:m:~ko. ~ck. I Bl~::ri::rameaport. Sand HW to Brandon. Tamola*t to Meridian. Wanllla•tt to Monticello. Apex•i to Elsberry. Blanche• to Rockbridl8 • Sandy to Sardis. Tandy• to Charleston. Warsaw to Byballa. Applecreek to Longtown. Bllu* to Poto11. Sandy Hook•tt to Anile, La Tapo to Cortnth. Washlntrton• to Natches. Appleton• to Old Appleton. Sant'!rd•tt to Hattiesburg. Taska• to Holly Sprlnp. Water!ord•ti to Holly Aptue• to Potolll. 1 Bloomlnr Rose to .Rolla• Sapa : to Eupora. Ta.tum to Grena.d4'. Springs. Aquillat to Bloom1leld. Bloominitton to Bevdlet, Sarah U to Crenshaw. Taylor•u to Oxford. Watson• to Byhalia. .Arab• to Zalma. Bio ser to ~laltaben · •'/Jlf• Saratoga• ti to Mount Olive Waveland•t to Ba7 St. Arbort to Advance. Blue Eye•to Eureka SP Sarepta• to Pontotoc. Teasdale to Oakland. Louis, La. Arden• to Ava. Blue Lick• to Marshall• TeckvWe to Sardll WaverI:vi to Columbua. Ardeola*tt to Advance. Blue Mound to Da.WD'old· Satartia• to Yazoo City. Ted• to Raleigh. Way•u to Canton. Arditta to Westplains. Blue Rldire io GllmaD Saucler•tt to McHenry. Ten.mile•t to Gulfport. j Wayslde•t to GreenvWe. Ardmore• to Macon. Bluff to Forsyth. Saukum to Gloster. Teoc to Carrollton. Weathersb:v•ti to Maree. .A.r,ontville to Wln!leld. Bluff Port to Giaarodv,. Savage*tt to Tunica. Terza to Sardis. Weeks to Sallis. ~o to Bourbon. Bluaton• to Portlan · Tewanta to Ellisville. 'Wcigant"' to Rolling Fork. Ark to Salem. Bly• to Balter■!leld. Schamberville to Meridian. Thaxton• to Pontotoc. Weilenman• to Leland. Soobey•tt to Water Valley. TheadvUle• to Quitman. Wenaaoira•: io Corinth. Arllnrton•t to Newbuc. Bou• (Ohrlatlan co.> Scott•tt to Benoit. Tbo Gum, to Sardis. We■ talde• to Port Gibson. Arloet to St. Loula. Clever. aJX1P· Scrantont to Pascagoula. Thomastown to Kosciusko. Wbale:,•i to Greenwood. Armourt to Ruabvtllo. Bocschenville to Col~.... Thomasville to Florence. Wheeler*tt to Booneville. Arnloa io Hwnanaville. BoeUftJreek to Ne\Y !!,.a, Selden to Corinth. Thompson to Liberty. Whistler• to Waynesboro. Arno• to Ava. Boles•u to washlD•1 Bona to Dadeville, Sellers to Picayune. Tbom to Houston. Wbltaker• to Centervtlle. Arnlberc* to Jaoboa. Senath to Aberdeen. Tbornton•t to Tchula. White Apple• to ,. Tatchez. Bond io Clayton. ill• Sonloe to Laurel. Thrasher• to Booneville. White Bll11l'*tt to Oakvale., Arroll• to Summeravtlle. Bonham to Ma.rfonv • Seuuma•t to Arteela. Three Rivera• to Mou Poln, Whltoa to Terry. Arthur• to Rlcb BW. Boomer• to Laclede. Seven Pines to Sidon. Tbyatira• to Senatobia. Whltesand • t to Prentla. Alb to Madllon. Boone to Sullivan. ._. Se?mour to Biloxi. Tibbee Statlon•t io Weat Whitney• to Ruleville. Aabbum•tt to Loulllau. Boonesboro• to G~~O~ ...::.,el Sbal'lu,7• io Sumner. Point. Whynot• to1Merldlan. Alhervtlle• io Puxlao. Bo chertown to S t ~ . Pralrle .Point• to Maco Preston• to Scooba. Pretoria to Brookville. Pr1ohard•t t to Tunloa.  I Sh~~~:ri• to Canton.  I  !:~~ ~h~~C:1s.  i:~g~•er~  I  Wa~:r.:  I  l  I  I  Blgf:{f':t •  s:::r1:  Madlson  ~~:J'l:a:tJ  := '°  i::d  I  I  ~t se~~-  I I  I  ~t~:i! t  I  I  Ra FERENCE KEY.  ,county Seat.  • loney Order Office.  t Telegraph  Station.  ~ Express  omce.  I Boss• to Cook Station. Boston*t to Lamar. Bound■• to Piedmont. Bowdry to Carrollton. Bowen•rt to Windsor. Bowman (Harrl1on Co.) toi Bethany. Bowmansvm~i to War• rensburg.  Cappeln t,0 ... .,.ew Wells. Capps to EUR"ene.  Carrlnirton•t to Fulton. Carson to West Plains. Carsonvllle to Wellston. Cartmell to Neosho. Caruth• to Senath. Carver to Versallles. Cascade to Coldwater. Casco to Beaufort. Case• t to McKittrick. Boydsville to Fulton. Casb to Callao. Boyer to Hartville. Cassidy to Ozark. Boylers Mill• to Stover. Castleti to Green Castle. Castlewood to Valley Park. Castor• to LutesvWe. Branch• to Macks Creek. Brandon <Benton Co.) to Cato• to Cassvllle. Catron to Parma. Windsor. Branum to Homersvllle. to Plnevllle. cavema Winona. to Brawley• Cave Spring to Willard. Brays• to Iberia. cawoodt to Rea. Brazn• to Potosi. Brazlto• to Jeaeraon OitY, s::uee, ~J?s~lton. ' Clt:r•u to Jeaeraon Breezy Heights to KimmS· Cedar City Wick. to Protem. Brenner to North Kansas Cedarcreek• Cedarfork to Newhanl'.l. City. to eymour. Brentwoodt to Kirkwood. Ccdargap*H Cedargrove• to Salem. Brewer• to PerryvWe. Cedarhill* to Pacific.  I  r•  Ce~;~.!~lnp• to Eldorado Cedar Valley• to Hollister. Cedarville to Jerico Springs.  ~~:~;rtoeek~amtoP¥:~niphan.  ,~~:~:::i  1~bi:~~e City. .  B~~!:!~*~ to ste · Gene- Celt• to Buffalo. Bridgeport to Pattonsburg. Celynda to i;>oolphan. Inda. Brldgeton•tt to Wellston. Cement City to pendence. • • Brtnktown• to Dixon. Centaur Station 1 i to pa,. Brtacoe• i to Silex. oUlo. Brl■tow to Nevada. Central CltY to Joptlln. Old Brixey to Rockbridge. Chain of Rocks to Monroe. Id M d B Level* to Lowry City Chalk B roa water to a en. Chambersburg to Kahoka. roadway• to St. Jamea. 8 rooklyn to ~ldgeway. . Chamlnadet to Clayton. :rooks Junct10n to Morley. Champion City to Gerald. Chandlertt to Liberty. Brown to Gre~n City. Chantilly to Winfield. rownbranch to Ava. Cbapel Hill to Odessa. Brownfield* to Richland. Chaplot to Westplalns. B Spring• to Bllllnp. Charlton to Mendota. B rown rowna 3tat,Jon • l to C t + Columbia. Brownwood•t• to Advance Charter Oak+ to an on. Chauncey* to Linn Creek. • :rule• to Belleview. Cheney• to Ava. Cherrybox* to Clarence. ~~ Cherryville* to Steelville. Brushcreekt to Lebanon. Cherryville* to Leadwood. Bnusela to Foley. Cheaat)eake• to Mt. Vernon. Chestoutrtdge to Ozark. • B,... Chicopeett to Van Buren. -.,ant to Mansfteld. 8 ?/on (Pettis Co.) to Childers to Cross Tlmbera. Chilton•: to Van Buren. Bry~~~nridg~. L .. (Pike Co.) to Chltwood•t to Joplin Chloe•t to Lowry City. OU1s1ana. to Ironton. B Uckhart• to Mountain Chloride* Chranevllle to Keytesville. Christian Center to Ozark. Grove. Christopher to ... ..,. o. ho . RUCkhorn• to Marquand. ClvU Bend to Pattonaburr. B UCOdat to Senath. Clair to Cosby. BUcyrus• to Houston. Clapper to Stoutsville. Buiapest to Ellsinore. Bu· ngton to MoMhouse. Clara to Houston. Clarks Fork to Boonvllle. B utck to Cook Station. Clarkson to Pierce City. Urbank to Greenville. 8 Urch to Lowndes. ctaryvllle• to Chester. B Claud to Humanavllle. BUrdett• to Adrian. ClaY center to .Maitland. BUrtordvWe• to Jackson. B Urgess to Mulberry, Kan. C'lay Root:!: to Bral?I? it~•Clay:,;ville to Harri hurg. \rnbam•tt to Willow Clayion (Vernon Co,) to Bu Prtngs, Fort Scott, Kan. B rns• to Bolivar. Clear Sprlnp• to Wlllow to Donlohan. 8 urr•Oak Springs. to l<'oh y . Burr Cleavesvllle to Bland. B:~n•t to Fayette. to invtlle (Barry Co.) Clementine• to Rolla. !co to urora. urdy. B ~nvme (Dallas Co.) Cleopatra to Lineville. cnaord to Bollvar. B 0 Butralo. Clines Island to Bloomfield. B:Srtvme to Leeton. CUquot•t to Bollvar. B ch• to Hannibal. Clover Bottom to Washing• B:;hnell to Lamar'. ton B e to Green City. Clubb. to Piedmont. s:ue~eld•t to Purdy Coal to Clinton. s to Steelville. Cobb• to ColllnS. B Cockrell to Lees Summit. BYl'Cla• to g,matb. I Coelleda to Linn Creek. erro~Vllle to Hlllsboro. offert-0n* to Bourbon . on to Belle. uoid SprlnP* to Norwood. · Coldwater• to Dea Arc. ColeIJ1an•tt to Raymore. Colony to Gorin. Columbus• to Warrensb~ ga&ddedto.!o Marshlleld. comet to Walnutgrove. + to Pot 1 Como• to Parma. C&clmus to Roll~· Conceotlon•ti to Clyde ga11e to Jo9Un. • concord (Pemiscot Co.) to to Doniphan. CoHncaoyrtdi. Hill to Martha. Cai:,inedt to Clarksville. c oo • to Fulton. o~Pbellton to New Haven Oo~~W;y to Salem. Conklin to Marshfteld, ~b~~nch to Sedalia. M ton n.::::- n • to OwenavWe. · ars Q"ady•t to Carutbersvllle. Conran• t to anbl4!.Oreek•i to Poplar- Continental to Luxemburg. Converae•i to Latbrop. \LU, 0 Cookvtlle to Richla nd · .,. o::e lilll• to Stockton. Cooper Chapel to ~ ew Oan2 Cto Rockbride;e. Franklin. Ca _,, reek to Oran. Oannnnoonvu:\-lin .· to Blackwell Cooper Hill• to Bland. Cora•t to BrownlDI, n le to P l Corbln to oaceola. . a. myra. C&ntw-eu to Cordz to Willow prings. ()~&tr•  II I  B~:: ~!'srtt-c.  Id, but,  taln  I  I  I I  I  c:t1°  I  t:?~!.Yf:a..  REFERENCE KEY. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  MISSOURI  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING f-OINTS  MISSOURI  6 County  Seat.  I Drake*t to Rosebud. Corkery to Lebanon. Comella to WarrensbUrK, ,I Drakemore to Kanaaa OltJ Comwau • to Fredericktown Dreeden •u to Sedalia. Drew to Lebanon. Corrldon•to CentervWe. Drum to Adv~mce. Corry to Dadeville. Drury to Mountaingrove. Corsicana to Purd:r. Dr)'l)ob• to Lebanon. Corso• to Silex. Cortlcelll to RusaellvWe. Cote Sana Desseln to Teb- l DudenvWe to Golden City. Dugglnsvllle to Galnesvllle. betts. Duke to Richland Cottage to Elmer. Cottleville• to Saint Petera. Dumastt to Revere. Duncan• to Seymour. Cotton to Clarksburg. Cottonwood Point to Car• DuncanaBridg~ toOlarence Ounksburg to Sweet Sp'ca. uthe!avWe. Dunn• to Mountain Grove. Couch to Alton. Durnell to Bloomfield. Coulatone to Licking. Courtney•tt to Indepen• Duroc to Warsaw. Dutchtown• to Jackson dence. Duval to Iantha. Courtois• to Potosi. Dwyer to Kirkwood. Cove to Cassville. Dye to Weston. CoVlDgton to Steel. Dykes• to Houston. Cox to Macon. Coy to Anderson. Crab Orchard to Orrick. Eads to Coffman. Craddock• to Rolla. Eagle Rock• 1.0 CassvWe. Cra.ig*tt to Poplar Bluff. Earl (Calla.way Oo.) to Memphis. to Crawfordt Fulton. Crescent•t to Eureka. Easley•t to Hartsburir. Crest to Colecamp. E. Atchison* to Atchison, Kan. g~~rto East Bonne Terre• to Bonne Crisp to Stockton. Terre. Crittenden• to CllmaxSp'gs. .East End to Belleview. East Leavenworth• t i to Crook• to Chamois, Leavenworth, Kan. Crosno• to Columbua, Ky. Eastview to Bradley-ville. Cronke1• to .Florlsant. Eastwood* to Van Buren. Cro111 Roads• to Ava. Ebenezer to Sortngfteld. O rosstown • to Perryville. Crowder•t to Morley. .Eccles to Keytesvllle. Crown to Marshfteld. Echo to Marceline. Crutae to Potosi. Economy to Atlanta. Crump to Whitewater. Edanville to Plato. ouu• WestDlains. Culver to Butler. Edgehill* to Lesterville. Cummings to Van Buren. Edgewood•ti to Bowling Curdton to Puxico . Green. Cureall* to Westplalna. currentvlew to Succeu. Edinburg to Trenton. Edith to Linn Creek. Ark Edmonson• to Lincoln. Curzon• to Oregon. Edna to Fornfelt. Custer to Salem. Edwards• to Warsaw. Cyclone to PlnevWe. Cyrene• t to Bowling Green. Egbert to Portland. Egypt Mllls • to Cape Gl· Czar to Steelville. rardeau. Eblenberg to Hermann. Etght Mfle•ttoHarrlsonvWe Elayer to teelville. i\:°a:S~nBtt;: Dameron to Elsberry. Eldridsce• to Lebanon. Damsel* to Linn Creek. I Elgin (Shelby Co.) to Danby• to De Soto. Bethel. ,DanvWe• to Montromery .Elgin (Sullivan Co.) to City. Green City. j Dardenne• to O'Fallon. , Elijah• to Bakers.lleld. Darten"' to Salem. Elk Fork to Greenridge. DarJrsvllle to Huntsville. Elkhart to Adrian. DavtavWe• to SteelvWe. Dawson• (Wright Co.) to Elkbead to Sparta.. Elkins to~ Tew Bloomfield. Mounta.ingrove. D~~~~~~~ to Burlington ! Elko to Unionville. Elk Prairie to Rolla. Dawt to Galnesvllle. 1?1:g:itton. Daif100:tt:.ard Co.) to Day (Taney Co.) to Reeds Ellis Prairie• to Houston. Spring. ElllsvWet to Manchester. Dayton to Garden 91tY. Elm to KlnpvWe. Dean Lakett to Triplett. Elm Grove to Forbes. De Camp• to St. Jamea. 1 . Ehnont• to ~ulllvan. Decatur t~ RusseJ!vWe.. Decaturville* to Lmn Ci eek Elmwood (Laclede Co.) to Lebanon. Deer to Caamols. Elmwood (Salnle Co.) to Deerpark to Columbia. .Blackburn. De!3rrldge to La Belle. Ellleye to Crane. De1cke to Eureka. Elaton•t to Jefferson City. Dell to warsa~. Elwood•t to Sprlng11eld. Delmart to Ohnton. Ely•U to Palmna.. Delpha to UnlonvWo. Delta1 l to Jackson. Denlow• to Norwood. Emerson to Durham. Dent to Licking. Emmett to Everton. Denton•t (Johnson Co.) to Empire Prairie to King City Chllbowee. Englewood to Ashland Denton (Pemiscot Co.) to Enough to Belleview. Steele. Enterprise to Clarence. Det>ew to Seymour. En:rart to Stanberry. Deray• to Jackson. Epworth• to Leonard. Dermott to Marsh.lleld. Derrah• to W1Wam1town. Erle to Neoabo. Deslet to Elllnirton. Emeat (Dade Co.) to LockDesperest to KlrkWood. wood. Dessa to Seneca. to Concordia. Ernestville Deventer to Charleston.  tc>J.::;fai~~P  Exchange• to Ellington. Fabius*t to Rutledge. Falrdealing* to Doniphan. Fairmont to Wyaconda. Fairmont Park to \ up;lu111. Fairville to Marahall. Faith to Iberia.. l<'alcon• to Lebanon. Fanchon to W estplalo . Fann1nr•t to Cuba,  Farewell to Thayer. Farmer to Curryvllle. Fa8;;,'tf;1~tul~~iv iugst on Farmersville (Ralls Co.) to Monroe City. Faro to Fredericktown. Farrar• to .Perryville. Farrenber1t•t;:, New Madrid. Fate to Lebanon. Faust• to Hayti. Fayetteville* to Warrensburg.  Fegley to Connelwille. Femme Osage to Augusta. Fernridge to Crere Coeur. Fertile• to Potosi. Feuersville• to Belle. Fidelity to Carthage . J~I~; tfoEJ13rlla°n~J!!:ings. Firtll to Moberly, Flag Springs to Union Star. Flannery to Springfield. Flat• to Newburg. Flatcreek* to Crane. Flatwoods• to Doniphan. Fleming to Orrick. Fletcher* to De Soto. Flip to Winona.  I  Florilla to Mountain Grove Flory to Lamar. Floyd Station to Orrick. Flucom to Festus. Foil to Ava. Folk"' to Meta. Foose to Buffalo. Fordnamt to Cameron. Forkeri to Laclede. Forkners Hill to Conway. Fort Lyon to Windsor. Fountain Grove• to J\,leadville. Fourche a Renault to Potosi Jg;\~ir~<i'fn~untalngrove. Foxcreek to Pacific.  E:'~*  I  Frankclay• to Leadwood. Frankenstein* to Bonnot• Mllls. Franklln•:t to New Franklin Franklin Junction to New Franklin. Franklinville to Shelbina. Franks•:t to Dixon. Frazer• l to Gower. Fredericksburg•to Morrison Fredonia to Warsaw. Freedom• toChamols. Freistatt• to Monett.  1  i~t.~1:i':nf:  French Mills* to Frederick• town. French Village• to Bonne Terre. Frtedhelm*i to Oakrldite. Friendship to Sleeper. Frisco• to Essex. Fristoe• to Warsaw. Fruit City to Elllngton. Frultlan<1•t to Jackson. Frumet to De Soto, Fuget to Columbus, Ky. Fuson to Hartville.  Gads Hill*tt to Des Arc. Galnes to Brownlniton. Galesburir to Oronoiro. Galloway• t to Sprlngfleld. Gamburg to Naylor. Game to Caruthersville. Gamma• to Bellflower.  I  Dickens• to Forsyth.  Dillard* to Steeleville. DWon•t to St. James. Dtasen to New Haven. Dittmer to Hillsboro. Dl.xle to New Bloomfteld.  Eakin to Osborn. Esper4to Mendota. Earom to Lamar. Estes to CUrryvWe. Eather*T :t to Flat River. Eatw•tt to New Franklin. I Ethlyn•tt to Mo1cow Mills. I Etlah*t t to New Haven.  1  I Eunice• to Houston. Dockery to Richmond. Dodd to Callao. Europa to Senath. Dodd· . pur to Lilbourn. Doerun• t t to Farmlniton. EvansvWe•i (Monroe Co.) Dogwood to Seymour. to Madison. Dongola to Advance. Dorena to Hickman. K~·. Eve•tt to Fon Scott, Kan. Evel:rn*t to Bucklin. Dormlll* to Gatneavtlle. Evenlngshade to Richland. Do• to Salem. EYerett to Archie. Dotham to Fairfax. Evenonville to Chula. Douglas to Steele. Exoello• i to Macon. Dove to Lebanon. 11:xcelslor* to Versailles. Doyle to Cook Station.  I  • :Money Order Office.  t Telegraph Statton  2015  1  Gane to Eminence. Gano to Salem. Gant to Centralia.. Ganter to Stoutland. Gara to Albany. Garber• to Branson. Garfteld to Alton. Garland• to Clinton. Garner to Purdin. Garrettsburir to Airency. Garrison• to Chadwick. Garwood• to Piedmont.  Gasconade• tt to Morrtaon. Gucondy* to Freeburc. Gashland • 1 t to Kansu City. Gatewood• to lJonlphan. Gaynor to Parnell. Gasettc• to Vandall&. Geblcr to Hermann. Gentryville• to Darllnrton lExpress Office. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2016  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  MISSOURI  Hassard to Monroe Oity. Haataln* to Warsaw. Hatton• to .Auxvaaae. Haven to Aab Grove. Haw C'r eek to Frankford. Hawkeye• to Crooker. Ha wklne to lilooctJand. Hayden* to Dixon. Hayward• to Portav;eville Hazelrun* to Bonne Terre. Hazelvtlle to Baring, Hazleton to Licking. Heather to Philadelphia. Hebron• to WUlow Springs. Hecla to Linneus. Hedge City to Novelty. Hedrick to Salem. Helm to Hancock. Helvey to Piedmont. Gl~~~:f:nr:r.c6£ouis Co.), Helwlc to Oreiron. Hematite*tt to Festus. to Kirkwood. Henderr. n to Rogersville. Glenn• to Naylor. Glennonville .. to Campbell. Glensted • i to Versalllea. Glesa to Rogersville.  Georgetown• to Sedalia. Georgevllle to Cowirlll. Germania to Queen City. Germantown to Montrose. Gertrude to Rogersville. Glbson•U to Holcomb. Gldeon•U to Clarkton. Gifford*tt to South Gifl'ord . Glldehouse to Union. Gllmore•u to Wentzvtlle. Ginlet to Columbia. Gipsy* to Zalma. Girdner to Ava. Gladden to Salem. Gladstone• to Eldon. Glaisc Cit y to Richland . Glencoe• rt to Eureka. Glendale (Jackson Co.) to  MISSOURI  , Lambert to Benton. Lam1ne•t to tsoonvllle.  Marya Home• to E\li"ene. Mason Springs to Seneca. Maatera to Fairplay. tfop~:;!1:fe. I1 N:Bi~~mfteld. Matkins to New Hampton. Ma.tson•tt to Augusta. Lane*. to Linn. Ilaaco*t to Hannibal. Impo* to Mountain Grov e.' 1 Lanes Prairie to St. James. Mattese to Luxemburir. Maud to Clarence. Indlanrreek to MonroeClty Langdon*tt to Rockport. Maupin to Catawissa. Indlangrove to Brunswick. Lanton• to Koshkononlt'. Maurine: to Blairstown. Laquey• to WayneavWe. Ink• to Eminence. Mayesburg to Cretghton. Larissa to Ava. Ipleyi to Kennett. Mayfteld to Lutesvllle. Ira* to Lebanon. Mayflower. to Seligman. La Valle to Parma. Irena to Grant City. Iron Mountaln*U to Bis• Lawndale to Gainesville. Lawrenceburg• to Ashgrove McB e•U to Columbia. marck. Lawrenceton*to Ste Gene- MoBrldet i to Perryville. Irwtn•i to Sheldon. McCabe to We.c;tplains. vieve. lsadora• to Athelstan, Ia. McClurg to Ava.. I1bell Statton*! to Bonnote Lead Mine• to Buffalo. Aurora. to Leann• \.icCracken*.t to Ozark. Mlll. Lebeck to Eldorado Springe McCunes Station• to BowlIsl&nd City to Stanberry. ing Green. ~!R~1ns. McDowell• to Verona. McElhaney to Neosho. Leemon to Jackson. Jack• to Salem. McGee"' to Lowndes. Leeper*H to Mill Spring. Jacket to Pea Ridge, Ark. McGinty to Neosho. Leesvme• to Clinton. Jadwln to Salem. Lella• to Springe. Jakes Prairie• to Cuba. McKinley to MarlonvUle. Lemonville to Lemons. Jameevtlle• to Clever. McMullln • t to Sikeston. Leopold• to Lutesvtlle. Henrietta (Johnson Co.) to. Jane• to Pineville. to Neosho. Puxico. to Leora• Japan to SUlllvan. Windsor. Meccat to Plattsburg. Leota* to Moody. Glldewell to Sprlngfteld. H enson t o Charleston. Jarvis to Hlllsboro. 0 Glover• o Ironton. Cleveland. to Jaudon•: Forsyt.11. to t!!!ot ~llllt\o Jackson- I ~:tf~;d;Jtct~Jl~J?;~· Golden• to Eureka Sprlnp, Hercules* Jeff• to Thayer. Hereford to Fulton. I Medoo• to Carl Junction. vtlle. Ark. Jefferson Barracks•tt to St. ' Lewls H ermoudale t o Holland . Statlon,.tto Calhoun . Mehlv1lle to St. Louis. Golden Rule to Novtni-er. Louis. Herndon to Marshall. Lexlni-ton Junction ti to Meinert to Lockwood. Gooch MUl to Boonville. .Teffrtesbur11:•t to Union. Ava. to Rest* Melrose to Paciftc. Henrietta. Goodbope* to Ava. Jenningst to Saint Louis. Hester to Maywood. Llbertyvtlle• to Farming- Melva* to Bolllster. Goodland* to Ironton. Jerome•tt to Newburir, Melville to Qulln. ton. Goodnight (Polk Oo.) to , Hlg:{cf.ia to New Bloom- Jewett to Des Arc. Mentor (Greene Co.) Pleasant Hope. Hickman Mllls•i to Belton Job to Alton. Ozark. Liebig to Doniphan. Goodllon • to Bolivar. City to Appletoa Liege Johnson Russellville. to Hickoryhill Mentor (St. Louis Co.) io Bellflower. to Good Water* to Ironton. Clty. Hicks City to Oak Grove. Webster Groves. 0 Gore* to McKlttrtcK. John~on Spur to Uosebud. Fredericktown. to Higdon Hlghla.ndsti tG Gorham to Laredo, Higgerson to New Madrid. Johnsonville to Weatherby Linda to:i~ii:imrir. Marston. Kirkwood. Goaben to Princeton. Johnstown• to Montro1e. High Gate• to St. James. Lindell to Vlenn, Goaa• i to Parts. Jordan to Cross Tlmben. Dixon. to Knob High Sta.tlon•U to Miami to Co.) ·on (Atchi Linden Gould Farm to Cowgill. Josepbvtlle to Wentzville. Highland• to Perryvllle. Rockport. .:\Iicola*t to Caruthersville. Grabeel to Galneaville. Joy* to Salem. Highpoint* to California. to Fremont. l\Iidco Galt. to Lindley Grace to Lebanon. ·. Loni ·t. to Linn. to• Highridge* :\Iiddlebrook•U to Ironton. Linkville to Nashua. Graff• to Mountain GroTe. Hilda• to Forsyth. Judson to Harris. Mlddlegrove to Madison. Llabon to Glasgow. Granada• to A Ya. June to Neosho. Perryville to Hilderbrand*! Midland Adair Co. to Lisle*t:I: to Drexel. Grand Center to Prairie Hlllard to Popl11r Bluff. Novinger. Litbium•.t to St. Marys. Hill. Hllldale to Rocheport. Midland St. Louis Co. to Hermann. to Berger Little Graniteville* to Ironton. Hllo* to Ava. St. Louis. Grassy• to Luteavme. Little Blue*tlto SumK.ader to Stockton. Himmel to , ·anduser. Midway (Boone Co.) tc Graveihill to Jackson. Compton to rlale. I Kaiser .to Brumley. Columbia. Gravelton • to Marquand. , Little Rock to Gllllam. KarUu .to Bolivar. Midway (Saline Co.) to Gravois Mills• to Versa.mes. Lively to Warsaw. Kaseyville Lo ,C.allao. Marshal. Graydon Sprlngst to WalLlxvllle to Perryvllle. W1lhamsville. to Keener* Mike to Marceline. nut Grove. Hines to Troy. 1 Keller Station to Shelby- Locust to Ga.lnesvllle. Mildred to Forsyth. Gra.yridge* to Dexter. Hinkle to St. James. Locusthill to Novelty. . ville. Hinton to Columbia. I Lodge* to Glenallen. Keltner to Chad~·1ck. Millard• t to Kirksville. Hiram• to Lowndes. Lodl• to Des Arc. Kendall to Sbelbma. Mlllbrook to Russellvllle. Hitt to Mempbta. Kendricktown to Carthage. Loeffler to Green City. Grayaon•U to Plattsburir. Hobart to Eolia. Mlllcreek*to Fredericktown Loehr to Kirkwood. KenmoorU to De KalD. Millersburg• to Stephen■• Gravsville to Unionville Hobson to Salem. ville. Marton to i Logan• Columbia. Kennard;<> Greeley to Bunker. to Jackson. Mlllersvme• Hockman to Warsaw. London to :\Ians fl eld. Kennedy to Hayti. Greenbrter•t to Zalma. Millheim* to Perryville. Hodge•: to Waverly. Lonedell• to Moselle. lillville (Ray Co.) to Greendoor to Warrenaburc Hoebervllle to WentzvWe. Kenton to Sparta. Lone Elm to Bunceton ~enwood to ~urdland.. Hlchmontl. Greenlawn to Perry. Hoecker•: to M~ta. 1 Kenwood Sprmgs to ' ' ell- Lone nm to Poplar Blufi'. 1iil1Yill ( ' toddard Co.) to Homln to Cuba. g~::~~~rlit~~-Barlnir. AdYance. Alba.nv. to Star Lone ston; Hoiran•U to Ironton. Lonetree • i to Harrison• Millwood to Sllex. Keota to Bevier. Grerory Landlnir• to Alex- Hollow to PaoU1o. ville Bluff. Poplar to Kerens to Missouri CltY, Mlltondale andria. Hollywood*tt to HornersLongbram:h to Parts. . Kerr to Kidder. Milwaukee to Cassville. Gresham to Morrtsvllle. Greys Point to Miller. Minaville to Liberty. HJ~~ ?ark•U to Grand_! Kerr Station to Platte City. Longrun to Hammond. Lookout Lo Clifton City. Ketterman to Walker. . Gridley to Osborn. view. U1~;YL!~~t~~~s:rr to Fred· ~ewanee*J to New. Madrid. Loring• to Hartvllle. Grunmet to W estplatn,. Louisa to Cabool. Kcy,,toue to Perrm. Groian to Houston. Bowling M:~~:i~~t•u to Potosi. to Keys SumDllli to Valley Loulsvllle• Groom• to Hollister. Green Park. 2\lincral Springs* to Cass• Grover to PacU1o. Holschen Landing to Lovelake to Atlanta. Keyavtlle•.t to Steelville. ville. Grubvllle to Unlon. Wittenberg. Mingo* to Puxico. Gulf to Eudora. Winona. to Wossle*t Low lf~f:;t!1~:~. Holstein* to Treloar. Gulick to Morrisville. Loyd to Lut~ville. Holts Swnmit• to New Kimberly to Moberly. ~ Gumbo* to Clayton. Lucas to Urich. Kimble to Llckln&'. Bloomfield. Mlnnlth•t to St. Mary1. Gunn City• to East Lynne. Luck to ·walnut .Grove. to Greenville Kime* Rolla. to Honsevllle Guthridge Mllls to Keytest~f~~~~fi*o~~ St. Clair. Kinder to Puxico. . Hooker• to Dixon. Mollie to Humansville. ville. Hoover to Smlthvllle. Monarch: to Clayton. to Houston. Kings Point to Lockwood. LundY Hope• to Linn. Monarch Springs to Neosh Smithton. to Lutman Kings Valley to RockyCom- Luxemburgt to St. Loub . Hopewell• to Irondale. Monesta.w Springs• to 0 ., fort. Hopewell Academy to Treceola. t.> Linn. Luystown Kinloch to Ferguson. Montal(Ue• to Ozark. Lebanon. to Lynchburg* Hadley (Maries Co.) to H~~fiie•tt to Pevely. K lnsey* to Festus. Montauk* to Salem. Haven. New to Lyon Kirby to Shelbyvllle. Monteer• to Birch Tree.Ill Lyons* to Lebanon. H11i\~;d·cP.eynolds Co.) to ~g~:t!~;gfl~on. Klrbyvllle• to Forsyth. Monterey• to Centerv e. Horton•ti to Metz. Piedmont. Kissee Mills* to Forsyth. Montevallo• to Nevada, Houck to Jackson. Hadaell*l to Str&abUJ'&'. J Ki. singertt to Annada. Montreal• to Stoutland, Hagers Grove• to Clarence. Hough to East Prairie. Kliever to Calltornla. Montserra.t•U to KnobHabatonka • to Linn Creek. Howards to St. Louis. Klondike.t (McDonald Co.) noster. to eneca. .;\larhen. *tt to l'ortag U .:\1ora*! to Colccamp. I Howards Ridge to GalnesII:rrn~~~if:~ml¼arris. Klondike*.t (St. Charles Co.) ,'ioux. Morrellton•r to St. Clair, H~~'fi* to Hamburg. Hahfa"'• to Bonne Terre. to Augusta. Macomb•: to Norwood. Morse Mill* to Hlllsboro. Howes Mlll* to Salem. Knights to Carthage. Ballard to Rayvllle, Maddix to Urbana. forton to Hardin. Howes Statton to Salem. Halleck to Faucett. Knobllck• t t to Farmington. Madisonvtlle to Center. Mosler to Linn Creek. Knobtown to Lees umrqit. Madry to Aurora. Howland to Unionville. to Pinevllle. Mountain l Hamden• to Bynumvllle. Knobvlew•t to St. Jam ·. Hubbard to Prairie Hill. Mairnet to Rockport. Hampton to Platte City. Knoxville to Rayville. Main Clty to Drexel. .:\Iount Airy to cumo11 Hams Prairie to Fulton. Savannah. Kodiak to 1Iajorvilk to War.·aw. Mount Carmel• to vandrw Handy to Fremont. Koeltztown • to Meta. Mammoth to Gainesville. Mounthope to Moselle. Hubert to Wllllamsvme. Hannon• t to Liberal. Koenlir* to Belle. Manda to Owenavllle. Ioant Hulda to Colec'J1ffii Huckaby to Urban . Hardeman to Naptou . Koester to De Soto. Mandeville to Bogard. Mount Pleasant to we ~es• Koping to Telson. HUHtns• to Houston. Hare to Columbia. Manila to Sedalia. Mount Sterllng• to u. Krakow• to ·w ashlngton. Manley• to Holcomb. Harlem to North Kansas Hugo to Linn Creek. gtoll mann. Kyles* to Piedmont. Hulda to Cole Camp, City. Mann to Ironton. Mount Zion to Brownind Hulaton to Everton. Harold to Walnutgrove. Many Springe to Alton. Mumford to Sprinirftel · Hunt* to Droselcy. Harper* to Osceola. Maple Grove to Golden Cit} Munger to Ironton. Hartl (Macon Co.)to Buck- 1 Huntervllle• to Morehouse. Lacrosse• t to La Plata. :\-Iaple Park to Liberty. Murphy to St. Louis. lln. Laflin*t to Lutesville. .:\Ia.pies* to Licking. 1 Huntlnitdalo to Clinton. Huntington •to Monroe CltJ Laforge•t i to New Madrid • Iapleton to "' orthington ~~J~rf•3l1~~~esvill"' llartford to Unionville. HuntBdale• U to Rocheport Lagonda* to New Cambna March• to Butra10. Myrick to Lexington. Hurlingcn to Clarksdale. Lake to Creve Coeur. Myrtle• to Thayer, ~ 1'· Marco to Essex. Huron• to Bollvar. Hartley to Fairplay. Laite Clt:v*t l to Independ• Marcoot to Salem. Mystic to Green CltY• ence. IIartahom• to Summersville Hurricane to Lutesvllle. Margaret to Bland. Hutchison to Laddonia. Lake Creek to Oole Camp. Marion*t to Centertown. Hartwell• ti to Unon. Hutton Valley• i to WUlow Hartzell to Parma. Martlnlltown to WorthinllSprings. Harvester to Salnt Charles. Lake Soring• to Rolla. ton. Hunah• to Steelvtlle. Uarvey t to Clinton. Lakeview to Hardin. Marvin"! to Venallle1. Nairle to Cabool. Hydaburg•: to Hannibal. Lakota to ('larksburir. Ha seltine to Sprtngfteld. 'ance• to Protem. Cltf· .t to ..Napler•U I _ _H_yman* to ~a_rm~_a_.- - ~ Lamb to Grove pring. Haaev1Ue to Laredo. to Fores~ Iatan*tt to Weston. Ioontum• to Osceola.  i~!J~. r  t:~~::;iI.t  t:~g:U~~ i!  I  ttn~\~  L1rif!·  f  ~rnrm~e xr~~i:'on.  °  I I  ~H~  I  M~ie~~<bm~~igh  REFERENCE KE Y.  1Conoty Seat.  • . ioney Order Office.  tTelegraph ..:tattoo.  ! Expre11s .>tllce.  0 0 0  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POTNTS  MISSOURI  Narrows Creek to Macon. I Ostria to St. James. Nashville• to Mindenmines. Oto t,o Crane . Nauvoo•to Beuyvllle, Ark.I ovenon•i to Rocheport.  g::.~~•cf:fllian.  Purman to tsuccess Ark. Purvis* to Linn Creek. Pyle to Dexter. Pyrmont to Stover.  St. Francisville• to Kahoka. Samt Francols•t % to Flat River. Saint George to Hartvllle. St. John to Powersville. St. John Station to Overland . St. Luke to Marshfield. Saint Patrick• to Canton. Salcecio to Sikeston. Samford to Steele. Sammy Lane to Hollister. Samoa to Charleston. Sample to Collins. Sampson t o l\1angua. San Antonio to Easton. Sandt to Rolla. Sand Spring to Marshfield. Sandstone to Nevada. Sank to Zalma. Santlaro to Lincoln. Sapp to Columbia. Sappington to Kirkwood. Saratoga to So. West City Sarirent• %to Wlllow Spgs.  n. to tc to  WJl  n•• to to  ltY• red· toaL ass·  g~ea•  I  alf• ro.  2017  Springcreek* to Rolla.. Springdale to Rogersville. Spring Fork• to Sedalia. Spring Garden •to Rugene.  ~~:n~~e~~!fdwell Oo.) to Owsley to Greenridge. Kingston. Sprott• t t to Farmington . Neelys Landing* to Jackson Oxford to Parnell. Spurgeon to Neosho. Quaker* to Belgrade. ox1y•ti to Doniphan. Neeper to Kahoka. Quarles to Clinton. Squires• to Ava. Quick Ctty•t to Blalntown. Oyer• to Osceola. Stahl•U to Novin1?er. Ozark Beach to F-0rsyth . Quincy• to Wheatland. Neler to Union. Standish*U to Carrollt on. ~ ~E-lsonville* to St efl'onvillc. Ozora* to St Marys. Quinn to Pollock. Stanton• I to Sullivan. Star (Macon Co.) , to Ethel. Quote• to Ludlow. Nemo to Hermitage. Starfleld to Plattsburg. Neola to Green11eld. Pack to Southwest Cltr. Stark to Louisiana. Paddy to W estplalns. ~ esbitt to Senat h . Racine•% to seneca. Netherland to Hayti. Starkenburg* to Rhineland. P ain ton t o Bell City. Star Landing to W itt.enRacket to Warsaw. Palmer* to Potosi New Coin to Seneca. berg. Racola• to Potosi. Palmettot to Ro,-eravllle. Newcomer to Brunswick. Stelnmetztt to Glasgow. Rader (Webster Oo.) io New Franktort to Gllllam. Palopinto to Lincoln. Conway. St erlingt to Cabool. Panamat to Rich Hill. New Grove"' to Seymour. Stet• to Norborne. Radical• to Reeds Sprtng. Pansy• to Ava. Stewart to Portageville. Raftville to Licking. Newball to Mendon. stlcklervllle to Green Castle Rainey to Osceol& New Harmony to Curry- Paptnavfile to Rockville. Stickney* to Vienna. Paradise (Clay Co.) to Randles* to Cape Girardeau ville. Stillings• to Leavenworth, Randolph•U to Kansas Smithville. New Hartford• to Bowling Kan. City. Parts Sprtnirs to Miller. Green. Stinson to Miller. Ranger"' to Salem. Parker to Bolckow. New Rope to Elsberry. Stlnsonvllle to Sarcoxie. Rat• to Centervtlle. l Parkerton to Trenton. Newland to Sedalia. Sarvis Polnt to ~eymour. Stokley to Lamonte. Rayborn• to Hartville. New Lebanon to Pleasant Parshley to Carthage. Saverton•u to Hannibal. Stolpe to Hermann. Readsvllle• to Portland. Pascola• t t to Hayti. Green. Savoy to Irondale. Stone Hlll to Salem. Rector to S&Jem. New Liberty• to Winona.. 11 Saxton•U to Saint Joseph Stony Hill* to New Haven. R edbird* t o Bland . New Market• % to Dear- Passo to Wan,aw. Atrain to Gerald. SehluersbUI'i' to Augusta. Passover to Linn Creek. born. Schofield to Buffalo. StMtma.nn to St. Louis. Redd to Dudley. New Offenburg t t to Ste. PatsY* to Steelville. Scholten• to Crane. Strother• to Paris. Genevieve. 1 Pattonvme• to St. Charlee. Recidings Mill to Joplin. School• to Marionville. Pauldlnir•U to Cardwell. . Red1ord• to Ironton. New Point• to Oregon. Studt to Creve Coeur. Scopus• to Lutesville. Redman• to Atlanta. Newport (Barton Co.) to Paullne to Sedalla. Stultz• to Cabool. Redmondville to Belleview. Scotia• to Leasburg. Lamar. t to Puxico. Sturdivant• Mills. Bower to Oak• Red Pawnee• to Blythedale. Newtonia• to Neosho. Scrivner to Russellvtlle. Sublett• t to Klrksvllle. Paynesville• to Clarksville. Redtop* to Buffalo. New Wells* to Jack1on. Scruggs to Jefferson City Success• to Houston. Peace Valley• to West- Reece• to Puxico. Nlchols•u to Sprlndeld. Sue City to La Plata. Seaton to Salem. Retorm to Portland ola.lns. Sugar Lake to Rushvllle. Seckman to Kimmswick . Regal to Braymer. Peakesville to Revere. Nlckellton• to Atlanta. Mar• to Sugartree to Norborne. Sedgewlckvtlle• Hartville. to Rembert* Sullivan. to Ridge Pea Nlnd to Gifford. auand. Renfro to Wooldridge. Nlshnabotna•U to Corn• Pearl*t to Ashgrove. Su}f~s!Pc~~gs • t i to Selmore• to Ozark. Pearson Spur to New FrankSummit to Potosi. Selsat to Independence. Reno to Ozark. N~i· to Montrose. lin. Rensselaer• tt to Hannibal. Senate Grove to New Haven Sunllght • to Belgrade. Pease to Lebanon. Nobby to Warsaw. Flemington. to Sunnybrook to Graham. Sentinel Mills Bower to Rescue Peera*t to Marthasville. Noble• to Gainesville. Sereno to Perryvllle. Sunshine to Henrietta. Reynolds• to Oentertille. Nonsucb* to Linn Creek. Richville* to Mountain Settles Statlont to Platt,e Surprise to Alton. Pembina to Rorenvllle. Cit.Y. Sutherland to Leeton. Grove. Pendleton•Uto Warrenton. Norman • to St. James. ~eventys1x•ti to Witten• Sutter to St. Louis. Normand}' •tt to St. Loultl. Pennville to Green City. berg. Suttonville to Longlane. Ridge Prairie to Nelson. Peoria• to Belgrade. Norris to blalntown. Sexson to Humansville. Swan• to Forsytn. Ridgley to Exeter Pep1in to Granby NNorthcutt to Sullivan. Greenfield. to Seybert Swa.nwlck to Richmond. Sturcceon. to Rlgp Orth Fork to Hunnewell. Shackelford• t t to Marshall Swart to Fort Scott, Kan. Rimby to Polk. North Jeffersont to Jeffer- Perkins* to Oran. Shatter to Purdin. Sweden* to Ava. ainehart•t to Nevada. Pershing to Morrison. , son City. Shamrock• to Wellsvllle. Sweetwater to Neosho. Ripley to Independence. Peruque*U to St. Peters. -Norton"'H to ~larshall. Shannondale•t to Sallsbuey Swifton to Portageville. Rippee• to Ava. Petersburg to Chilhowee. otch• to Reeds Sprtnr. Slater. to Sharon Swlnton•t to Advance. Parma. o Rlsco•t 'ottinghill to ~ Tobie Phelps* to Miller. Swiss* to Hermann. Phelps City•rt to Rockport, River aux Vases• to Ste. Sharp• to Gainesville. Nox to Walnutgrove. Shaw to Columbia. Swope to Kansas City. Genevieve. N oxall to Mathews. Phentx•U to Walnut Grove Shawnee• to Eminence. Sycamore to Gainesvllle. Riverdale to Ozark. ·N'ur:scry* to t. Loui . Rivervi&w to Brownington. Shawnee Mound ·to Leeton Sylvania• to Jerico SprlJlp. Pierpont to Columbia. Yhart to Foster. Poe&to Shawneetown Hornersville. to Rives Pilgrim to Everton. hontas. Roach* to Linn Creek. Pllotknob• to Ironton. Tabervme• to Rockville. Roads to Norborne. Pinckney to Treloar. to Kansas City. Tatt•: to Naylor. SheffleldU Armstronr. to Roanoke• Pine• to Doniphan. Oak to Clarksdale. Shelby to Purdin. Taltsvllle to Cowglll. Oakdale (Ripley Co.) to l'ine Lawn* to St. Louis. Robins to Warrenaburr. Shell Knob• to Cassvllle. 'C'alliposa to Parma.. Pine Top to Omaha, Ark. Doniphan. Roby* to Houston. Shepard to Belleview. Taneycomo to Branson. Oakdale (Shelby Co.) to Pioneer"' to Pierce City. Helena. to Rochester• PacUlo. to % Sherman*t to Forsyth. TaneYVrne• Montro1e. to Piper Shelbina. Rock to Hume. Sherrill to Llcklni. Taos to Jefferson City. Oakland• (Laclede Co.) to Plsrah to Bunceton. Kimmswick. to Rock Creek Shibleys Point to OonneJa.. Tarsney to Grain Valley. Pitcher to Fulton. Lebanon. Rockdale to Bagnell. vUle. Taskee Station• t to WllOakland (Ralls Co.) to Rockford• to Salisbury. Shipley to Kennett. llamsv1lle. Monroe City. Kirkwood. to Rockhill Potosi. to Shirley* Tauria* to Reeds Spring. Oakland Station to Webb Plad* to Buffalo. Rockingham to Norborne. Shook* to Cbaonia. Tavern* to Meta. City. Plano to Bois D' Are. Rockview to Chaffee. Shortbend to Salem. Tea• to Owensville. Platte Rlver to Dearbom. Oakslde•to Summerville. Rocky Mount t~ _Eldon. Shott to Tindall. Teagues to Seymour. Oakton to Lamar. Plattln • U to Festus. to Loms1ana. Shrum• to Lutesvllle. Tedlevllle to Houstonia. Pleasant Gap*to Appleton Rodelia OaJn·me to St. Louis. Roe to Lebanon. ±:~~~otgkfte!~d~a.xvllle. Sibley "'U to Buckner. to Bloomsd?,le. . Pl~i!!int Ridge (Buchanan Rolr Oa.sts• to Hollister. Sidney (Putnam Co.) to Tenmile (Macon Co.) to Romance* to Gamesville. co.) to St. Joseph. to Centerville. Castle. Green Bluff. Rombauer•ttoPoplar Macon. Pleasant View• to Eldorado Rome• to Ava. Sigsbee to Steffenville. Ten Mile (Butler Co.) to Oc~:tt~op~~~~~h. Festus. to i t • Poplar Bluff. Slllea Pl~rl{}~~iey to Houston. Odin• to Hartville. Siloam Springs* to West- Teresita to Mountain View, Rook-ins to Collins. g~r ma.nn to Catawissa. via.ins. Sprln,is Wlllow to Roosevelt 1 0 Plymouth to Ludlow. . • to Lowry CltY. Terrell to Republic. Silva* to Greenville. Ro■eland• to Windsor. Pocahontas•t (Qhartton OJib,vay to Chaonia.. Sliver Lake• to Perryville. Theodosia* to Galnesvllle. Roselle to Arcadia. co ) to Marceline. Arcadia. to Theron to Houston. Silvermine Houston. to Roubidoux* Point Pleasant* to Marston Round Grove to Miller. glatbe to Mansneld, Silverton to Ava. Thomas Hill to Clifton Polntrest to Perryvillto. of~nen•tt to Westpla.lns. Hill. ~estplains. to Rover* Ponca* to Farm.tnrton. OI eld• to Sparta. Thoms tation to Webb Slnkln • to Salem. Rowena. to Centralia. to Hartsburg. City. Skiatook to Vienna. Stockton. to Rowland 0 1ddham Pond to l,lanobester. Thornberry to Climax Rowlett to Willow Springs. Skinner to Centralia. 0 1 Mines• to Potosi. ~ Orchardtt to Webster Ponder• to Doniphan. Springs. Ava.. to Roy• . •roves. Pontiac• to Galneavllle. Thorndeld* to Hammond. Royal* to St. James. 01 poplar to Waraaw. q tiger t to G re nfielcl. Thornlelgh to Sedalia. Sligo*t to Cook Station. R\•ble* to Ellington. Portla to Eldorado Sprl~r Rucker to Sturgeon. Thorpe to Marshfield. Ava. to to Falrirrove. Smallett* Porto Ricot to ca.rtervi e. Rueirir• to St. Louis. Smileyville (Marion Co.) to Thrush to Calhoun. otei- to La Plata. l"oital to Nelson. Palmyra. IVettp• to Clayton. Tllf* to Potosi. Rueter to Forsyth. Poat Oak• to Leeton. Smileyville (Marlon Co.) Tiffany Springs to Parkville Licking. to Rufus 'Pym Tight Wad to Clinton. to Marshall. ()\l'lhPla to Eldorado Spr't. Potteravtlle* to Westplalna Rule to Springfield. Smlth11eld • % to Carl J'Ull• Ruah to Rosendale. a to Mendota. < ' ' Tilden• to Buffalo. tlon. Rush Tower• t to Festus. ()Ulba * to Wlllow Sprlnp. Potts to Linn. Powe* to Campbell. Tllslt to Jackson. Rushville (Laclede Co.)*tt Smittle to Hartville. 0 :er to J erlco 8prtnp. Powell • to RockY comfort Timber• to Eminence. Snl Mllla to Oak Gron. to Phillipsburg. On to Norwood. Powersite to Forsyth. 0 Tingley to Jerico. Snyder•t to Trtpleti. Russ• to Lebanon. 0 ~ to Spana. Poynor• to Donlt>han. Tinney Grove to 1Jra.ymer. Russellville*tl (Ray Co.) Solo to Houston. Orch to Macks Creek, to Green City. Sorrell• 'l:'lpton Ford* to Neosho. Hardin. to Ch~~~!::m*H to St. Prairie Clty to Rockville. Titman to Advance. Souder to Rockbridge. Ryon• to Linn. Prairie Llok to Boonvlll~- t Toccoa to Gainesville. Southard to Lebanon South Fork* to Weslipl&tna. Toledo*(Ozark Co.) to Ava. Prairie View to Hawk:Po n g~colanna. to Lebanon. South St.Louil• to St.Louil Tolona.•t to Ewlni, Sabula•t to Ironton. Pratt• to Dofl!p:ian. Orta•" to Jackson. saoo* to Fredericktown. 'l'ooaz• to Mountain Grove. Prescott to Ltc ng. 0 111 to Lebanon. 'fopozark* to Belgrade. Spalding to Oakwood. Sate• to St. James. o burc to Parnell. Saint to LakeU Torch to Naylor. · Spanish Joplin. to sa~aw• Clayton. to l'rvllle Louis. Torch Station to Naylor. Bell Saiuada* to Stover. Prtce to Clayton. Toronto* to Richland. · .'aint Albanst to Labaddie. Soarrow to Clinton. Prices Branch to to Crane. SDencerburg io Cunyytlle. Townley* to Malden. dower. M ntaln Grove. Saint Annie to Rlchla~d. Bend to Jetrel"IIOD c't" Sperry to Klrkavllle. Saint Antony to Iberia.. Tracy• to Platte City. Prior* to ou Ill lly. 0~ Trask•t to Wlllow Sprtnp. Blutr to Jeffel"IIOD Proctor• 1xe~aste'Louis. l st. Aubert*H to Chamois. Solltlor to Anderson. Traverse to Cassville. Saint Catbarlne•U to Spokane to Ozark. Prospect t O Lebaii.on. Oaa,.>'• Springbluff* to Sullivan. Brooldleld. Tribune to Bloodla.nd. c rtervUle c'e Iron Woro•io Linn Prosperlne 0 Saint Clement to Bowllni SpJ!,t~~~ty (Newton Co.) to Trickum to Houstonia. prosperlty•t :, nl~han 0 ~k. Triumph to Belle. Green. Pulaskllr*tt!0No~rer · o!f!!• to Licking. • • Pure A ~ c o Sprtnp. • Money Order Office. s t tTelegraph Statton. t E xpreee Ofllce , •County ea. REFERENCE KEY.  l  to  MISSOURI  ~l!!!f :g :~~:~.  ore  °  8:: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  i Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2018  MISSOURI  TOWNS ACCESSlHLE TO BANKING POINTS  Troutt to Poto■I. Trueadau•u to Warrenton. Tuckahoe• to Joplln. 1 Tucker to Doniphan. Tulip to Centralia. Tullvanla• to Ethel. Tune.a to Butralo. 'I'unnel to Do Soto. Turkey Ridge to WaynesvilJe.  1  Wildwood• to Waynesvllle.j Wllhemlna* to Campbell. Wilhite to Columbia. WU olt to Galneav1lle. '\Villmathsville•to Greentop Willow Brook to Faucett. Will. to Greenville. \Vllson Creek• to Battle1leld I Wilton• to Ashland. ! Winchester to Wayland. r  Bearmouth*U  to Drum- Dover to Stanford. Dupuyer• to Valier.  mond. I Beavertont Beaver to Thomp,on Falls, to Saco.  to Grassrange. I Becket Beebe• to Miles City. Beene• to Wibaux.  MONTANA  II  Ktp;en to Shelby. - . Kirby* to Sheridan, Wyo. Klein* to Roundup. Knobs to Baker. Knowlton• to Ismay.  East Scobey*t to Scobey. Eddy•tt to Thompson Falla. Lake Basin* to Rapelje. Belair to Helmvllle. Eden to Stockett. Lakeside to Bainville. Belknap•t to Thompson Edwards to Jordan. I Lakeview to Dillon. Falls. Eggert.t to Livingston. Lamedeer• to Forsyth. 0 Elllaton•U to Helena. Lanark* to Culbertson. ~6:ci°tci~;~en1leld. ; ~ei:1• tlo'X!Pe8!~r Grovea , t~Et~\t~hla Elmo• to Dayton. Landusky• to Harlem. Turners• t to Sprln~eld. Winner to Smithville. Falls. Elwood to Dutton. Larchwood to Thompson Turners Station to Colum- ,vinnetonka. to Kansas City Bentont to Fort Benton. bia. Wlnnlpeg to Lebanon. Benzlon to Sumatra. Emory to ~vina. L~~- to Glasgow. Turpin to Clarkavlllo. Wlnnwood Lake to North .Bew to Custer. Epsl t!> Mlles City. Laurtn•t to Sheridan. Turtle to Salem. Kansas City. Biddle to Broadu . Essex tt to Columbia Falla Ledger to Conrad. Tuxedo to Webster Groves. Winslow to King City. Big Arm* to DaYton. Ethridge to Cut Bank. Lce*t to Forsyth. Twin Hickories to Licking. Wlnteravllle to Barria. Bigborn•ti to Ouster. Evaro*U to Mlaaoula. Lennep•tt to Martinsdale. Tyler• to Steele. ' Winthrop to Atchison. Kan. Birney• to Shertdan. Wyo. Leroy* to Big andy. Tyrone• to Houston Wladom• to Warsaw. Black Eagle• to GreatFalls Lilacs to Gildford. Blackfoot•t to Cut Bank. Family* to Browning. Udall• to Bakersfl.eld. Wise• to Sheldon. Blakeslee to Grassrange. Farmlnicton • to Chouteau. Limestone to Absarokee. Umber to Stockton. Wlahart• to Bolivar. Bloomfteld* to Glendive. Fergus to Roy. Limington to Bole. Undlne* to Potosi. Withers Mills*l to Hanni- , Bonin* to Frazier. Fife to Belt. Lincoln• to Helena. Uniontown* to Appleton. bal. Bonlta•t to Missoula. Fincht to Hysham. Lindsay• to Glendive. Upalika•t to WilliamsviJle. Witt~·• tc Bradleyville. Bonner*U to Ml88oula. Fishtail• to Columbus. Little Chicago to Great Upton• to Houaton. Wolf Creek \o Manafl.eld. Boulder Hot Springs Flshtrap• to Anaconda. Falls. Uaeful• to Linn. Woll Island to Columbua, to Boulder. Flat to Roundup. Little Crooked* to Roy. Yada to Houston. Ky. Bowler• ~ Brldirer. Flatwillow* to Musselshell. Living Springs* to Judith Valda to Sedalia. Womaok•toFrodenoktown. Bowmanville* to Sumatra. Florence•tt to Stevenavme. Boyer to Madoc. Floweree* to Fort Benton. tc:> Chinook. Valle■ Mlnea• t t to De Soto. Woodland•ft (Marton Co.) Boy~•to Bellefourch.!3,S. D. Forest Grove•to Lewtatown. Loesch to Miles City. Valley City to Knobnoster. to Palmyra. Bren1zer to B~ach, •. D. Fort Belknap to Harlem. Loiran•tt to Manhattan. Valley Ridge to Campbell. Woodlandf (St. Lout. Co.) Brenner to Dillon. Fortlne•tt to Eureka. Loirlrtnir Spur to Belt. Van• to BoJlvar. to St. Loul.l. Brinkman to Rudyard. Fort Peck to Homestead. Lo Lo•tt to Missoula. Vancleve• to Meta. Woodlandvme• to Rocho- J3ruce to Sumatra. , Fort Shaw• to Simms. Lombard•tt to Toston. vanzant•to MountalnGrove port. Brunelda* to Ingomar. Foster* to Custer. Lo. ·t Lake* to Dodson. Vastus to NeelysviJle. I Woodlawn to Madi.Ion. Brusett• to Jordan. Fowler• to Conrad. LoveJoy• to Malta. Venice (Callaway Co.) to Woodrulf • t to Camdcm l Brush Lake to Grenora, Fox Lake to Lambert. Lowry* to Simms. Martinsburg. Point. N. D. . Franklin to HeJiresvme. Lu.tre to Wolf Point. Venico (Shannon Co.) to Woodl_to Amity. Bundy* to La.vma. Freewater to .Malta. Luther* to Red Lodie. Eminence. Woods1_de• to Alton. . 1 Bu.rns•t to Savage. French Gulch* to Anaconda Venus to Vienna. Woodville to Jackson_v1lle. Busby* to Sheridan. Wyo. 1 Frenchtown•tt to Mlsaoula MacKenzie to Ismay. Vera•.to Bowllni Green. 1-Voollam• to Owensville. Manson to Conrad. Veracruz to Ava. Worcester to Rush HUI. Marton to Kalispell. Verdella to Liberal. Worland•: to Foster. Caldwell to Dodson. Gare• to Roundup. Marsh•t to Glendive. Vermont• to Bunceton. Wrlgbtvllle to Clarkton. Calkins to White Sulphur Gamem•ti to Judith Gap. Maryavtlle•t t to Helena. Veale to Newbwy. Wyetht to Rosendale. Springs. Garnet• to Drummond. :.\Iaudlow•tt to Belgrade. Veto• to Rolla. ' Camas• to Plains. Garrlson•tt to Deer Lodge. 1 Maxvillet to Phlli1>sburg. Vibbard*tt to Lawson. ,,.,, •• to R Camas Pralrte• to Plains. Gatewa-v•t: to Eureka. McAllister• to Ennta. Y ancy .IIIUllD Viburnum• to Steelvllle. o11a. Cameron• to Vlrytn1a City. Genevieve to aco. Vicksburg to Braggodoclo. Youniters to Hallsvllle. Camp Creek•ti to Man- Gerhard to Winifred. Victor• to Florida. Younpt<,wn• to Klrkavllle. hattan. • Gibson to Blgtlmber. McElroy to W~by. Victoria• t t to De Soto. Yount• to Perryville. canton• to Townsend. Gtbtown to RounduI>. McLeod• to Bigtimber. Vida• to Rolla. Yucat&;-1 to Portland. I Canyon Creek• to Helena. Gilt Edge* to Lewistown. McRae to Hysham. Vieman to Cuba. Yukon to Houston. canyon FerrY* to Helena. Girard* to idney. Meaderville*t to Butte. 0 Yuma to Lemons. Capitol* to camp Crook, Giacier• to Whitefish. Mec~a to R!)Y. tfo s. D. Glacier Park*tt to Bro,Yn- :.\.Iedicme Sprmgs to Darby, Vllean to St. J amea. Cardwell•tt to Whitehall. ing. Melrose•tt to Butte. Zadook• to Bloomfteld. Vineland • T to De Soto. Carpenter Creek to Mel- Glengarry• to Lewistown. Melville• to Blgtlmber. Zanonl to Galneavme. Vinita Park to St. Louis. stone. Goldbutte• to Devon. :,\,Ien_ard to Belgrade. Zebra• to Linn Creek. Vinson to Dexter. Cartersville*ft to Forsyth. Goldcreek*ti to Drum- I M~rmo to Geyser. . Zell• to Ste. Genevieve. Viola• to Berryville. Castle* to l\Iartlnsdale. mond. I M1dYale•tt to Browrung. Zenar to Fordland. Violet• to Bolivar. Castle Butte to PompeyF Gold Stone• to Rudyard. i Mlllepn• to Caa0&<1e. Vlrlrtl City to Eldorado Zeta•t to Bloom1leld. Pillar. Gould• to Helena. Milltown to Missoula. Zlnclte• to Joplin. Sprlnp. Graoe•t to Butte. Mink to Circle. Zion to Fredericktown. Vlrdnla to Amoret. Centervillet to Butte. Grant• to Dillon. Iizaph* to Miles City. Zion Hill to St. James. Vogt to Bunker. Central Parkt to Man- Grantsdale•.t to Hamilton. Moeisf' to Dixon. Zodiac* to Sheldon. Voshall to Bonnota .Mlll. hattan. Gregson•tt to Anaconda. Monarch•U to Nelha~. Zola to Coatsville. Vulcan to Des Arc. Greve to Saco. Montda •ft to Dllion. Zora• to Warsaw. Chadbourn to Clyde Park. Greycliff•tt to Blgtlmber. ~~~:id:;<>ritH~~~, wyo, Zwanzig to VersaJlles. Waddill to Stella. ~ f!~town. Half :,\,loon to Columbia Mosby* to Winett. Waroner• to Jerico SI>rlnp. Falls. .. fossmaintt to Billing . Walnwrlrht• to Jeaeraon Chico to Livingston. Ha.mblin to Wolf Point. M:,ersti to Hysham. City. Chlmneyrook•to Llvlnpton Hanover to Lewiston. Walbert to Sullivan. Christina to Hilger. Hatbaway•tt to MDes City... • ntelle to":::\falta. Walnutshade* to Branaon. Haugan*H to Superior. Narada to Dayton. t\10 TA A Wanamaker• to Marshall. Clancey•tt to Helena. Ha-v11• to Harlem. Navajo to Redstone. W&ppapello•t to Pu.xloo. I Clara• to La,·ina. Hazel to Terry. Nelson to Helena. Clark to Sidney. Wardell* t-0 Portaitevllle. Heartbutt, to Browning. • 'ewton Groves*+ to , Iel· Wardavllle• to letrerson Absher to Melstone. Clarkston•t: to Manhatian Hedges*Uto HedresvWe. ~tone. Cleiv to Choteau. Henderaon•t to W&ll&ce. • ·ielsen to .. Ialta. City. Acton*t to Broadview. Clemons• to Gilman. Ware to De Soto. Idaho. Adel• to Cascade. Tfhill to Hedgesville. Warren• to Monroe. I AJ{awam• to Bynum. Cleveland• to Chinook. Heron•u to • ·ma• to O wego. Climax to Ekalaka. Falls. .. 'inemlle• to .. fi.l soula. WashJngton Centre to Ahles to lngomar. Martinsville. Ajerton to Wolf Point. Cllnton•U to Missoula. Hervin to Carter. : Wasola• to Rockbridge. Alberton* to Missoula. i~f~d~oLa~!tra. .1. •orbett to Highwood, Waterloo to Welllngton. Albion• to Belle Fourche, Coalcreek to Scobey. Watklna to Iberta. Coalrfdge* to Antelope. HUlside to Jordan. S. D. .l. ·orheim* to Chinook. Waybam to Eldon. Alder•u to Vlrglnla Clty. Coalwood* to Miles Oity. I Hodrrea•tt to Wibaux. .i.-orris•tt to Harrison. l Hottman (Park Co.> Waynei to Exeter. 'oxon•tt to Thompson r Alger to Thompson Falls. Cohagen to Miles City. Wayside to Chadwick. Alhambra• to Helena. Collins*tt to Dutton. Livingston. , yFacalkla•+ to Columbi"a FallS• Colony Bay• to Loma. Welnrarten•tt Holland to Belgrade. to Ste. Allen*t to Miles Clty. ~ + Genevieve. Alma• to Joplin. Comanche•t to Broadvtew Homeatake*U to Butte. Nye• to CoJumbua. Welch to Paris. Aloe to Shelby. Comertown to Westby. I Hop om.ille* to Forsyth. Oka to Judith Gap. Welcome to Chamois. Alzada• to Bellefourche, S. Como•t to Darby. Horte to Ronan. Weldon Sprtnr• to Saint Olive• to Miles City. Conner• to Darby. D. Hoyle to Grass Range. Charles. Amsterdam to Manhattan. Content• to Malta. Hunters Hotsprings• to Olne:r* to Whitefish. Weaco•t to Steelville. Osborn to Huntley. Andes• to Culbertson. Cooke• to Gardiner. Bigtimber. Weatalton•tt to Alton, Ill. Angelat to Miles City. Oscar to Havre. Coramt to Columbia Falls. Huson•tt to .Missoula. West Dale to Nashua. Oxford• to Judith Gap, Anita to Ballantine. Corbln•tt to Boulder. Westely to Palmyra. Apextt to Dillon. Oordova.t to Power. Iliad to Big Sandy. West Eminence• to Eml- Apgar to Columbia Falls. , Corintht to Ilardin. Paolat to Kalispell. Inga to Big Sandy. Corwin Sprlnp * i to nence. Archer to Redstone. Iron Mountain•tt to Su- Paradlse•tt to Plains. l Gardiner. Weattork• to Centervllle. perior. Arlee•t t to Missoula. 1~rr~elstOP6 • West Hinton to Columbia. Armells• to Hilger. Craig• ft to Cascade. Ivanell to Ingomar. Crane• to Savage. Weat Liberty to Untonvllle Armington• t :t to B lt. Paxton• to 'Poolar. Pefley to Rooert,c;. Creston• to Kalispell. Westover• to Steelville. Jackson• to Wisdom. Armstead•tt to Dllion. Weatportt to Kansas City. A Wey* to Winett. P"rma•t:t to l'aracthe. Crow Arency•U to Hardin Japan to Ielstone. Crow Rock* to ~rn~ City. Jeffers• to Ennis. Ash.moor to Brady. W. Quincyt to Quincy, Ill. Austlnt to Helena. Cusnman*ti to Belmont. Jefferson City• to Boulder. We tville• to Marceline. Jefferson Island Ho \Vhlt~ Phillips to Dodson. Cu.skerton to cobey. Avon•u to Helena. Wet Gla.ize* to Stoutland. Avondale to Glentana. 0 Je~gstt to Libby. en J~ot~ri!1tewlstoWll• Wharton to Bloodland. Dal{mar• to Antelope. Axtell to Richey. Wheeler to Dixon. Jen to Drummond. Pine,i w* to u:ter. Daleview to Outlook. Aznoe to Brady. White Church• to Weat Joslin to Roy. Da.nYe to D nton. Pluto to Gillette, WY-d~e Plalna. Judith* to Winifred. Plone~ to Deer LO • • D' te to Dixon. Whiteoak•: to Holcomb. Babb* to Browning. Deborgia*t:t to uperior. Julian•: to cobey. ~i~::~~t~~wlot,(P~:cr. White Hock to Carrollton. Baeth to Malta. Den• t t to Dillon. WhitJng to Charleston. Sandy. Polaris• to Dillon. pall• · Bannack• to Dillon. Delphla*t to MU88elahell. Whitton* to .'VlcFall. Kevin• to Shelby. Portage*l to Great Barr to Glasgow. Demers to weetgr . ~- upen·or Potomac• to Missoula. .,. Bascom•t to Melstone. Demp ey :t to Doer Lod e. Ke .,.,toDe ., u• to Kalispell· uv • Powdervtlle* to Ekala ..... • Wlen• to New Ca.mbrta. Klla Basln•tt to Boulder, Dewey to '.Butte. Wilby to Poplar Bluff. King ley to Miles lty. Prairie Elk to Oswego. Batt! on to cobey. Dllo* to umatra. ~lderness• to Frem~n t. Klnsey•tt to lles City._ ~ y • to Living ton. Battrlck to ,vinnett. ~--1 Divide• t l to Butt~-  ~:}~'!t~  I  l  Ll~;J.  I  ;~;!;. J~t~~:  I  l  8~!~Jf:  l  ·g~~·~o :~ivttty.  I  I  E~~*Ilo~~ ~f!i  I  REFERENCE' KEY  , County Seat.  ~=::~~~;t~ [i;il~~-  • foney Or<!er Office.  !  Office.  MONTANA,NEBRASKA  TO BANKING POINTS TOWNS ACCESSIBLE _____ _________________ ________  I  Quartz*t to Superior. Racetrack*l to Deer Lodge Radersburg* to Toston. Ramsey to Butte. Ranch Creek to Gillette, Ra~I~nake to Chinook. Ravalli•t: to St. Ignatius. Redwater• to Circle. Regina to Malta. Refchle to Dillon. Rema to Camp Crook. S. D. Renova• t to Whitehall. Rextord•t t to Eureka. Ridge* to Belle Fourche, S. D. Rlmlnl•t to Helena. R o .awood to Opheim. R OCkert to Butte. R OCk Sprlnga to Mllee City. RRockvale•t to Joliet. Ollins• to Dayton. Roecoei, to Red Lodre. Rose Valley to Richey. .RRoss l<'ork*t:J: to Kolin. othlemay to Hedgesville. R uby• to Vlrirtnla Olty. R ussell to Carter. Saint Joseph to Havre. St. Peter• to Cascade. 8&tnt Phlllip• to Yates. S t, Regis•tt to Superior. 8 a1tese•ti to Superior. :and Oreek to Terrace. &llders*tt to Hysham. Sand Sprmgs to Sumatra. Sappington•ti to Willow Creek. ~augu!lt:J: to Terry. Selway• to Broadus. !~onkin• to .Highwood. -afllla • t t to J ollet. Silvertt t-0 Helena. SUver Bow•u to Butte. SU ... ver Star• to Tw1D Brldr~ Q&OU Paa• to Mondak. Sixteen•t to Ringling. SlaYtont to Lavina. !~ow Belt• to Sumatra. ,-uth Buttett to Butte. Southern Cross to Anaconda. S1>ion Kop*H to Geyser. ;Prtnrlngdale•tt to Bigtimber. Sp Shill to Belrrade. 8 ~gt1me to Columbus. 8tar:?*t!OM~~~~~ty• Stlpekt to Glendive. ~Ckade to Reed Point. Q•raw•tt to Atoore. ~!IJ'ker*tt to Eureka. ..... olk to Winifred. Sula• to Darby. :Ullivan• to Richey. un Prairie to Malta. River"- to Simms. SSun 7kea• to Ekalaka. l·  ll  'l'att•t to Superior. :f:•m1>1co•t to Glaeiow. 'I' ande to Scobey. Tango to Opheim. T8fkio• to Superio1·. T:riren to Grassrange. 'l' race• to Vida. Thoeny to Hinsdale. '!'Odd Lake to Frazer. Toluca•tt to Hardin. 'l' l'&cy to Stockett. ,{1d.ent•tt to Manhattan. out Creek•tt to Thom1>'I' IIODFalla. T~°to\ to Thompson Falls.  er: t!Ui~~i~~-  Ty1  tc Great Falla. g1tn• U~f* to Glendive.  Uticaio Eureka. to Hobson.  ;alentine to Roy. v:!!eYtown to Saco. v ndto Bweetgrass ya alia to Hinsdale v!.-Ughn•tt o Great Falls. ona to :Big Sandy. W Warner•u to Malta. W&lkervllle•t to Butte Wa~lum•:t to Hedgesville. , wa tham to Highwood 1 · W ILI'e to Lewistown , w•rland•t:t to Libby. &nnsprfngs•ti to Alla- I ) ~ --  tehall • ~rg~n4!n ~aFcJ~~r. ;::~~rlofe~ umro• to SUmner. Watson* to White Sulphur  I rly* to Scotte Blutr. Springs. Webster• to Baker. Weldon to Circle. West Butte• to Sweetrrasa. Dally to Newcastle. West Fork* to cobey. ·west Yellow ·tone to Idaho. Dale to Arlington. Dandale* to Ashby. Whitcomb to Malta. Dannevtrke to OoteaCeld. White Pine*ttto Thompson Darr•t to Cozad. Delphi to Lawrence. Falls. Whitewater to Saco. Denman to Shelton. Whltlash to Chester· Desoto* to Fort Calhoun. Dewing to Rushville. Whltney*t to Terry. Dorsey* to Lynch. Wickes• to Boulder. Dunlap• to Hemlnrtord. Wilborn to Helena. Wilder• to Roy. Willard to Baker. WllacJ'toJollet. Wln1ton•u to Tow111end. Bast Omaha to Omaha. Wise River* to Butte. :fth~f:;.t Wolfcreek•U to Helena. W oodside*tt to Corvallis. Ellsworth*+t to Lakeside. Elsmere• to Dunning. Emertok•to Meadow Grove. Endenlake to Atnawortb. Yantlc to Lohman. Ethel* to Mullen. Yegent to Billings . Etna• to Gotnenburr. York to Helena. Everen to Hooper.  f  Zenon to Malta. Zortman* to Dodson.  NEBRASKA  AbbotU to Grand I1land. Abdal to Superior. Admah to Herman. Arate• to Harrllon. Akron to Lomto. Albany• to Gordon. Albright to Omaha.. Almeria.* to Sargent. Aloys tQ West Point. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  uo::~J;t,n,  Fem to Mullen. Finchville to Arnold. l"lata• to Paxton. Fote~ to Davtd OltJ'.  Wareham to Belden. Warne"ille• to Nortolk. Warren to Oshkosh.  Weblter to Scribner. Weluert• to Berwyn. Weatervtlle• to Analey. West Hlll•t to Genoa.  I  Ooonee•tt to Monroe. Odeua•tt to Elm Creek. Opportunity• to O'NeW. Oraflno* to Cambridge. Orella*U to Orawtora. Orum to Kennard. PaUl•tt to Nebraska Clty. Plla,nlx* to Atklmon. Plabelvllle• to Verdel. PonJ' Lalte to Newport. Powel* to Alexandria. Precept to Beaver City. Preston*tt to Falls City.  Yanka to Brainard. Yockey to Bridgeport.  NEl'ADA  Alamo• to Pioche. Amoa• to Wlnnemuooa. Arden•tt to Laa Veru. J Arloment to Tonopah. Arrowhead to Touopah.  Baker* to Ely. Bauvarat to Wells. Beatty•tt to Goldfteld.  :::,~~i:z.~ tgw&~·  Blair Junctiont to Tonopa.h, Bonnie Clare*tt to Goldfteld. Bristol to Pioche. Buena Vista to Bishop, Cal. Bunkervllle• to St. George, Utah.  Caliente*tt to Pioche. Carun•u to Elko. Carrara to Gold.tleld. Carson Indian School to Carson City. Saint Mlchael*H to Boelus, Centerville*t to Minden. Ohatey to WlDnemuce&. Sacramento• to Funk. Ohernr Creek•tt to ElJ', Sanborn• to Hal~ler. 0 1 Sartoria• to Pleaeanton. ~i;!i1s. Oobre•tt to Wella. SawyerU to Exeter. Contact• to Rogerson. Ida. Sohaupps to Ashton . Crescent• to Lal Veras. Sohedlnr to Brewater. Currant• to Ely. Sedan* to Edpr. Shawivan's Ferry to Lor- Currle*tt to ElJ', etto. Shea to DUler. Sheridan• to Ericson. Shippee to Wilsonville. Dayton*H to Carson City. Simeon• to Valentine. Deeth•U to Wslla. Smartvillett to St. Mary. Dern,• to Reno. Duckwater• to Eb  S&lnt Ann• to ko«Jook. Salnt Bernard to Llndaay. Saint Helena• to Wynot. Saint Henry to Howells.  •t!° J::»Jnr::  8f::er:16~t;  L~:1.~tt : i~Yit~t  South Auburn•t to Auburn. So. Bend*tt to Louisville. South Omaha.ti to Omaha. Spade• to Gordon. Sparu• to Valentine. Sparta to Niobrara. Spiker to Herman. Statrord•tt to Ewlne, Straussville to Falls City. Sunrise to Fullerton. Survey• to Ashby. Swan• to Atklneon. Swedehome to Stromsburg. Sybrant* to Newport.  Table• to Arnold. Tate•t: to Virginia. Telbaeta to Nlckenon. Thomp1on•U to Reynolds. Tonawanda• to Atklnaon. Trouble to Cody.  8  • ~loney Order Office.  2019  We:,erts* to LodJe Pote. Wheeler to Bartlett. White* to Maywood. Whlteclay• to RushvWe. Willett to Arthur. Williama• to Hubbell. Willis to Jackson. , Willow Island• t t to Ooud. Woodville to St. Edward. Newark* to Kearney. Worms to St. Libory. Nimbtirg to Abie. ormal,._ to Lincoln. Wyomlnr•t t to Nebruk& Clty. Northoort •tt to Brtdrep0rt N orth1tar to Fullerton. Norway* to Thedford.  I  I  ,county Seat.  Middle Branch* to Pare. ~IidYale,._ to Ainsworth. Milburn• to Anselmo. Mllldale• to Callaway. !v.llllerton•tt to Davtd Cit,-. Mills* to Gregory, s. D. Mlner,ville to Nebruka Clt:v. Monterey to West Polnt. Montrose to Ardmore. S. D.I Motala to Minden. Moulton to Taylor. Muriel to Glenvil. Mynard•tt to Plattsmouth  Fontanelle• to Nickerson. Port Crook• t to South Omaha. Oulok to Mccook. Port Robtnaon•tt to Crawford. Preedom• to Bartler. Redbird* to Lynch. Redlnirton• to Brtdreport. Redwillow to Indianola. Gables to Erloaon. Reaoue to Prairue. Ringgold* to Tryon. Q.ates• to Anselmo. Riverview to Bassett. <1eol'K8town* to Oconto. Germantown to Garland. Rokeby•tt to Lincoln. Gil to Dunning . Rollwltz•t to Parks. Ro1ooe•t to Ogallala. Glen• to Crawtord. , Glenwood Par& to Kearney. Rosenburg to Lindsay. : Graole• ;o Burwell. Round Valley* to Broken : atayaon• to Rusbvtlle. Bow. I Ruby to Mlltord.  Amboy to Red Cloud. Amelia• to Chamber,. Anan to Glenvil. Andrew,• to Harrtaon. Haigville to Haig. Annandale to Glenvil. I Halsey*H to Thedford. Arabia* to Wood Lake. Arbor to Lincoln. f I g=~~~ Arborvfile• to Polit. Heola•t t to Mullen. Artzona to Tekamab. Hermosa to Broken Bow. Armour• t t to Liberty. A1hbrook• to M.anland, Hiawatha to Imperial. Aten to Yankton. S. D. Hlnch10Y to Gordon. Atklns Siding to Brldgepori Hoag•t:t to Beatrice. AUltln to Loup City. Hoagland* to Stapleton. A very to Omaha. Hofflandtt to Alliance. Holland• to Hickman HoWnier• to Beaver City. Ho111tontt to York. Howardsville to Giltner. Balley to Merriman, Buford to Lyon.a. Beltaat to Greeley. Bellevue• t t io Omaha. Ines• to AtkJnlon. Belmar to Lemoyne. In11:nam• to Farnam. Belmont•tt to Crawford. Irwin* to Gordon. Ben on*t to Omaha. Bentontt to Richland. Berea to Alliance. J'amlsoa• to Naper. Berlin to Nebraska Cit:r. to Lakeside. 1 Jennings Bertha to Craig. , J ouelyn to Lexlniton. Blsrnell to Maxwell. Bllllngs to Gordon. Bissel to Schuyler. Kennedy to Brownlee. Kesterson to Fairbury. Blanche to Elsie. KlnnCJ' to Liberty. Bluevale to Waco. to Harrllburr. Kirk• Boheet to Leigh. Knoxville• to Dorsey. BookWalter• t :t to SUmmer- Koller to Minden. fteld, Kan. to Oshkosh. Bow Valley to Hartlnirton. Kowanda to Marquette. Kronborg BrackenU to Nemaha. Brooklburr• to Herrtok. outh La. Platte * t t to Bu~kPa'.u• to Paxton. Omaha. Buda•tt to Kearney. Merriman. to Leat Butralo• to Cozad. Le Blanc to Niobrara. Burnham to Lincoln. Le Roy to Pauline. Bum:11:t to Fatrmont. LWL&n• to Broken Bow. Logan to Arnold. Lomax•:t to Eddyville. Luce to Shelton. Calhoun to Fort Calhoun. Cameron to Wood River. anton• to Hemlnrtord. Mariaville* to Newport. arllale•t t to Davenport. Martha to Chambers. Carman• to Keystone. Martland•tt to Shickley. came• to Bauett. 2\13' cot*tt to Oxfo1·d. Oarter•:t to Orleana. Cedar Creek to Louisville. Matteson to Valentine. Mattsville to Falls City. Mayberry• t to Steinauer. Oharleeton•U to 1:ork. Ma.yflower•t to Tryon. Ohue to Imperial. 2\leCandless Siding to NernOberry• to Mullen. Ohimney Rock to Ba:ra.rd. aha. Meadville• to Sprtnrvlew. Cnmax• to Anselmo. Meek• to O'Nelll. 01o1ter to Albion.  REFERENCE KEY,  NEVADA  _____.:_  : Colclesser to Rushville. Prlckley Pear Junction t t to Warren•: to Bridger. , Collln,.,, to Hyannts. ·warrick* to Big andy, East Halena.. Copenhagent to Plainview. Proctor* to Dayton. Washoe• to Red Lodre. Wason Flats* to Ingomar. Cornell• to Trenton. Pryor• to Billings.  I 1  Va.lleYview to Burwell. Velma to Lewellen. Venus• to Orchard. Violet• to Pawnee City. Vllta to Jacklon.  Femley•tt to Sparkl. Flanigan to Susanville, Cal. Francis to Reno. Franktown • f to canon City.  ,Genoa• to Minden. Gerlach*H to Winnemucca. Golconda •tttoWlnnemuooa Gold Creek• to Ellto. Goodsprings* to Las Vegas.  }lgmUton • t-o Ely. Harriman to Sparke. ,Hawthorne•t Yerington. Hazen•tt to Fallon. HUl Top*to BattleMountain Hornsilver* to Goldfield. Hualipe to Winnemucca. Hudson to Yerington. Humboldt to Lo,·elocks. Hylton* to Elko.  Imlay•tt to Winnemucca. Indian Springst to Las Walnut* to Verdigre. I Walt.era Vegas to Davenport Ione to Austin. Walworth• to Sarient'. ---- ---------~ tTelegraph Statton.  t Express  Office, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2020  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  NEVADA  Jarbldg~ to Buhl, Idaho. Jean•tt to Las Veiras, Jiggs to Elko. Joseco to Pioche. Jungott to Winnemucca. Lamoille* to Elko. Lida• to Goldfield. Logandale* to Las Vegas. Lower lfochester to Lovelocks. Ludwig*t to Yerington. Lund•t to Ely. Luning* tt to Tonopah. Manhatta.n*t to Tonopah. Manse* to Las Vegas. ~1a.ry Mine to Goldfield. Mason to Y erington. M.esqulte" to St. George. Utah. Metropolis* to Wells. Midas* to Elko. Mill City• rt to Wlnn&mucca. Mlliett• to Austin. Mlna•U to Tonopab. Moapa • U to Las Vegas. M.ontello*tt to Wells. Morning Star to Yerington. l\'lound House*tt to Carson f- City. Mountain Clty• to Elko. National• to Winnemucca Nixon* to .Reno. Nordyke* to Yerington. North Fork• to Elko. Oreana to Lovelocks. Osceola• t to Ely. Overton* to Las Vegas. Owyhee• to Elko. Packard to Lovelocks. Pahrump to Las Vegas. Pallsade• ft to Elko. Panaca.* to Pioche. Paradise Valley• to Wlnnemucca. Pfoneer•t to Goldfield. Platina to Las Vegas. Preston•t to Ely Pyramid Lake to Reno. Queen to Bishop. Cal. Hand,._ to Yerington. Rawhide* to J:<'aHon. .Relpetown to Ely. Rhyollte•U to Goldtl.eld. Ripley• to Las Vegas. Rochester to Lovelocks. Round Mountain*t: to Tonopa.h. Rowland• to Elko. Ruby Valley* to Wells. Ruth•t: to Ely. Saint Thomas* to Las Ve~a.s. Schw-z*H to Yerington. Searchhght*tt t.o Laa Vegas Sneridan* to Minden. Silver City* to Carson City Silverpeak* to Goldfield. Simpson to Yerington. Skelton• to Elko. Stillwater*t to Fallon. SuJphur*tt to Winnemucca. Sunkist to Winnemucca. Sweetwater* to Yerington. Tellw-ide to Goldfield. Thorn*tt to Yerington. Tippett*t 'to Ely. Tobarti to Wells. Tuscarora• to Elko.  Verdl•U to Reno Virginia City to Carson City. Wabuska"'tt to Yrrine:ton. Wadsworth*tt to Reno. Washoe* to Carson City. Wellington to Yerington. Whiteplains to Lovelocks. Willow Point to Winnemucca.. Wonder• to Fallon.  NEW HAMPSWRE  t.  1 Alton• t t to Farmington. Durham•u to Dover. Highlands Station to Whlte- North Chichester• to Ptttsfield. Alton Bay*tt: to fteld. ton. North Danville• to Exeter. HW•tt to Bristol. Amherst• l to Milford. Northfieldtt to Tilton. to Manchester. E. Acworth* t o Charles- Hillsboro Lower Village • North to Ha.mpton•tt Portsmouth. to Hlllsboro. Anderson Statton to Na• I town. • East Alstead" to Bellows Hillsboro Upper Village• to North Haverhlll"U to shua. Woodsville. Andover•u to Franklin. Hillsboro. Falls. Vt. Antrlm•tt to Htllsboro. E . Andover*tt to Franklin. Hlnsdale*tt to Winchester. North Lisbon to Lisbon. N . Monroe to Woodsville. Apthorp to Littleton. East Barrtnirton•t to Roch- Holderness• to Plymouth. N . Newport* to Newport. Homa• to Nashua. Allbuelot•t to Wincheater. ester. East Candla•t to Man- Hookset*t:t to Manchester. Atkinsont to Haverhill, Hopkinton• to Concord. chester. North Richmond* to WlnMass. cwter. E. Canterbury* to Concord. Hubbards to Derry. Atkinson Depot•tto Haver- East Concordtt to Concord. Hudson•i to Nashua. North... Rochester* t to Rohill, Mass. chester. E.M~nway to Fryebw-g, Hudson enter to Nashua. North Salem• to Derry, Auburn•t to Manchester. 1 East Deering to Hlllsboro N. Sandwich* to Meredith. East Derry• to Derry. North Stratford to Lancaster. East Gratton• to Lebanon. Intervale•tt to North Conway. East Hampstead•to HaverBarnstead• l to Plttsfl.eld. North Sutton• to Newport. hlll, Mass. Barrett to Lisbon. Northumberland• t t to Barringwn*t to Rochester. EastHaverhill•U toWoodsGroveton. vllle. Bartlett•U to North ConNorthville Stationt to Newway. port. Jackson• to North Conway East Hebron• to Bristol. Bath•U to Woodsvllle. E. Kingston*tt to Exeter. Jaffrey• to East Jaffrey. North Walpolet to Bellows F a lls , Vt. Bear Island* to Lakeport. Jefferson*ti to Whitefield. Bedford, l to Manchester. Ma.<1lson• to Conway, Jefferson Highland• t to North•tt to ManBelmont• l to Tllton. chester. Whitefield East Milford to Milford. Northwood• to Rochester. &aston• to Littleton. Bennetts Landinir*toWhite P.a,t PembroKe to concord. Northwooa Center• t to field. Pittsfield. East Rindge• to East Bennington•t l to Hlllsboro Kearsarge • to North Con- Northwood Narrows• to Jaffrey. Bethlehem•u to Littleton. East Pittsfield. way. to Rochester•tt Bethlehem JunctionH to ~ ' orthwood Ridge* to l'ittsKensingtOn to Exeter. Rochester. Littleton. rte ld. KlnitSton• t to Exeter. East Side to Concord. BlaokmounttttoWoodsvllle East Sull1van• to Keene. North Woodstock•tt to Plymouth. East Swanzey• to Keene. Blodgett Landing* to New- Eastview to Peterboro. Nottingham• to New Marport. ket. E. Wakefi£.ld*t:!: to Wolfe- Lakewoodt to Conw ay . Boscawen•u to Franklin. Landaff to Llsl>on. boro. Bow to Concord. E. Washington• to Hills- Langdon to Bellows Falls, Bow Mllls to Concord. Vt boro. East Weare• t to Man- Leavltt·s Hill• to Man- Ollvertan to Woodsvllle. Bradtord•U to Newport. chester. Ortord • to Bradford. Vt.. chester. Brentwood• to Exeter. Lee• to New Market. Ortordvllle• to Bradford, E . Westmoreland*t to Bratton Woods*t to WhiteVt. Lee Statlontt to New MarKeene. field. ket. ,osstpee•tt to Wolfeboro. Brookline• t t to Townsend. E. Wolfeboro•t: to WolfeOssipee Valley• to Conway. Mass. Lempster• to Newport. boro. Bw-kehaven• to Newport. Llncoln*t t to Plymouth. Edgemont to Newport. Bw-leyvillet to Wolfeboro. Effingham• to Wolfeboro. Little to Boa.rshead • t Parkhill• to Keene. Portsmouth. Effingham Falls• to WolfeLlvermore•u to North Patteet to Lebanon. boro. Pattenvllle to Littleton. Conway. Elklns• to Franklin. Pelham• to Lowell. Mass. Lockmere*tt tc Tilton. Campton•tt to Plymouth. Emerson to Hillsboro. Lonaonderry•U to Derry. Penacook tt to Concord Enfleld•t t to Lebanon. Canaan•U to Lebanon. Canaan Centre• to Lebanon Enfield Center• to Lebanon. Long lsland• to Meredith. Pequaket• to Conway. Percy•tt to Berlin. Canaan Stree.; to Lebanon. Epping*t t to New Market. Loudon• to Concord. Lyman to Lisbon. Epsom• t to Pittsfield. Candia•u to Manchester. Pierce Br1dge*t to Littleton Lyme• to Hanover. Candia VUlage to Manches- Errol• to Colebrook. Lyme Centre• to Hanover , Piermont• to Bradford, Vt. Etna• to Lebanon. ter. I Plke•tt to Wooasvllle. Lyndeboro to :Milford. Canoble Lake•t l to Methuen, Mass. ~\~~~~~~·vt. Canterbury• to Concord . Plaistow• t t to Haverhill, Fa.byan House* to White Cardlirant to Lebanon. Mass. Madlson•t to Conway. 11.eld. Maplewood•t to Littleton. Ponemah•tt to Miltord. Fairview• to Plymouth. Cascade• to Berlin. Potter Place*tt to lfranklln Marlboro•t t to Keene. Center Barnstea.d•tt to Fernald to Wolteooro. Fltzwtlllam•t to Winchen- Marlboro Depot•tto Keene. Profile ouse•ttto Littleton Plttstl.eld. Province Lake• to Roche!lMarlow• to Keene. don, Mass. Center Conway*t to Conter. way. Center Efflngham*to Wolfe- FliiJ~h~~don~efr°a~~~t to boro. Flume House*to Plymouth Mast Yard*t t to Concord. Quincy• to Plymouth. Center Harbor• t t to Mere- Francestown• to Peterboro. dith. :M atthews to Wolfeboro. Franconia• to Littleton. Meadows• l to Lancaster. Center Sandwich• to Mere- Freedom* to Wolfeboro. Melvlns Mills• to Newport. Randolph• to Gorham. Fremont•tt to Exeter. dith. Melvin Village* to Wolfe- Raymond*H to Manchester boro. Redstone*t tto North con· Center sira.fford*to Rochesway. Meredith Center• to Mereter. Reeds Ferry• tt to Mandith. Center Tuftonboro* to Ga.let to Franklin. chester. Meriden• to Lebanon. Garrlsont to Concord. W<>lfeboro. Georges Mills• to Newport. Merrlmack•U to Nashua. Richmond to Winchester. Middleton to Farmlnirton. Rlndge•tto ~ast Jaffrey. Cllerry Mountalnt to Lan- Gerrtsb*H to Franklin. Rlnd~emere to RocbeRter. Milan• to Berlin. Gilboa. to Keene. caster. Riverton• t to Lancaster. Mill Village• to Newport Gll!ord to Laconia. Obesham • t t to Keene. MUton*T t to Rochester. Gilmanton• to Laconia. Chester• to Derry. Chesterfield• to Brattleboro Gilmanton Iron Works• to Milton Mllls•tto Rochester. Robys Corner•t to Concord Mirror Lake* to Wolfeboro Rockingham• tt to NeVf Farmington. Vt. Market. Gilsum• to Keene. Chichester• to Concord. Rolllnsfordt to Sa.llnOJI Glen•u to North Conway. Monroe• to Woodsvllle. Chocorua• to Conway. Falls. Claremont Junctlon•tt to Glen Cllfl*tt to Woodsville Moultonboro• to .Meredith. i\Ioultonville *t to Wolfe- Rumney•t to Plymouth. Glendalet to Lakeport. Claremont. Rumney Depot to Plf• boro. Clinton Grove to Manche&- Goffs Falls t t to Manmouth. Mounta.lnvlew•tt to '\Yollechester. ter. boro. Rye• to Portsmouth. -+... Cold River Station to Goffstowu*t Mount Sunapee•t to New- Rye Beach * t to Po•·Gonlc• t to Rochester. Bellows Falls, Vt. port. Gossvllle• to Pittsfield. Columbia to Colebrook. Mount Vernon* to rntord. Ry~~~~~th Beach* to PorteGratton• tt to Lebanon. mouth. Contoocook*t t to Concord. Gratton Center • t t to Mount \Vashinirton•t to Whitefield. Lebanon. Converse to FrankUn. Mount Whittler Statlont to Cornish Flat• to Claremont Grange to Lancaster. Conway. Salem• to Methuen, M-• Cotton Valley to Wolfeboro. Granite* to ·w otfe boro. Salem Depot•t to Methuen, Munsonvme• to Keene. Orawtor<t House•t to Little- Grantham• to Newport. Ma~s. Grasmere• t to Manchester. ton. Salisbury• to Franklin, Greenfleld"tt to Paterboro. Croydon• to Newport. Salisbury Heights to Fran.1'• Croydon Flat• to Newport. Greenland•tto l-ortsmouth. Un. Greenland Depot*ttoPorts- New Boston•u to ManCryata.1• to Berlln. chester. moutb. 1~tO~;ol(&Newbury•tt to Newport. Groton• to Bristol. boro. New Castle•tto Portamouth Guild"' to Newport. New Durh&m•ti to Farm- Sandown•t to Derry. Dalton to Whltedeld. ington. Sand wlch • to Meredith. to Danbury•U to Franklin. Newfields"Uto New Market Sawyer River Sta.tlont Danville• to Haverhill, New Hampton• to Bristol. 0 Halcyont to Franklin. Mass. ~ ·ewington to Port mouth. Se~ r1J:k~ftw~. Newbut1" Hampstea.dtt to Derry. Deer1ield• to Manchester. Deer:6.eld Center•tto Man- Ha.mpton•tt to Exeter. Ha.moton to Exeter. New Ipswlcb • to Town- Sb~?~~~si to Gorham, • chester. hirlev Hill Station to M•D send. Mass. Hampton Fa.lls•t to NewDerry Village to Derry. New London* to Franklin. Id che.;t<>r. bury port, Mass. Dixville Notch* to ColeNewton•t to Merrimac, Short Falls•t to Pltts116 ' Hancock•tt to Peterboro. brook. Mass. Silver Lake•t to Conwb~!d• I Harrisville• tt to Peterboro Haverhlll•t t to Woodsville Newton Junot,on•t t to Smithtown* to New u,, Dover Pointt to Dover. Hayest to Rochester. Merrimac, Ma88. Drewsvllle to Bellows Hebron• to Bristol. Vt. North Branch to Hillsboro sJii~fe~·to Town,dd, . 14888. Hedding* to New Market. North Charlestown• tt to Dublln*f to Peterboro. Snowville• to Conw~ Charlestown. tlennlkert to Hlllsboro. Dunbarton• to Concord.  I  I  ~m~~rn: \~  ~!:~~i.ni4;it;~~!~~~~'!"ed.  I  I  Ursine to Pioche.  Acworth• to Cbarleatown. Alexandria• to Bristol. Alsteadv •t to Bellows Falls,  NEW HAMPSHIRE  I  REFERENCE KEY.  ~!~g~~~~fl:.w  I  Falls,,  • county Seat.  • Money Order Office.  tTelegraph Statton.  f Expre111 Offl.ce.  \V  '\V '\V  \V  I \V  NEW HAMPSHIRE S. Acworth* to Charlestown' South Barnstead to Pittsfield. foutb Barrington to Dover. ~- Danbury*t to Franklin. South Danvme• to Haverhlll. Mass. S. Effingham* to Wolfeboro South Hamoton to Ames• bury, Mass. South Keenet to Keene. S. Kingston to Merrimac, Mass. Soutb Lee•tto New Market S. Lyndeboro*1 to 1ilford. S. Merrimack*t to Nashua. S. Newbury* to Newport. South Seabrook to Ne1'-  0 0  0  :r-  d,  y.  ter onan-  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  --- --------Wilmot Flat• to Franklin. Blackwells Mills to New Brunswick. Wilton*t to Milford. Blair to Newton. Windham to Derry. Windham Depot • t 1 to 0 i~:iY~:Jf;e;! ~ Derry. Blue Anchor• to WllllamsWlnntsquam to Laconia. town. Wlnona•tt to Meredlt1' Wolfeboro Falls* to Wolfeboro. Bonhamtown to ew \Vonalancet* to C01n ·ay. Brunswick. Woodman• to Wolfeboro. Bougher* to Moorestown. Woodstock*t1 toPlymouth. Braddock to Williamstown. Brainards• to Belvidere. Branchporttt to Loni• branch. Brant Beacbtt to Barnegat. ----  N~11~::  Brldgeboro•t to Riverside Brtdgeport•U (Gloucester Co.) to Swedesboro. Brldgevllle• t t to Belvidere. Brielle• t to Manasquan. Broadway*t1 to Washlni· ton. Brookdalet to Bloomfield. Brookside• to Morristown. Brookville to Barnegat. Brown Mllls*t to Pemberton. Buckshutem to Port Norris. Budd Lake•t to Netcong. Buddtown to Vincentown. Buena*t1 to Vineland. Burleigh*t1 to Cape May O. H. Burraville to Lakewood. Buttzville•U to Belvidere. to Frenchtown.  NEW JERSEY  ~~:-f;·  tol  Georgetown• to Bordentown. German Valley•n to Hackettstown. Gibbsboro • to Haddonfield. Glbbstown•tt to Pa.Ulsboro G11lette•t to summit. Gladstone • t t to White House Station. Glendola to Belmar. na. Costa1 to Hammonton. Gl~~ldi::dner• t 1 to HtghDaretown•t to Elmer. Davist to Allentown. Glenmoore*U to Hopewell. Dayton*t t to Cranbury. Deacons Station to Bur- Glen Rockt1 to Ridgewood. lington. Glenwood• t to Goshen, N.Y. D1irlc~each*t to Asbury Goshen• t 1 to Cape May. Deanstl to New Brunswick. Grand View (Bergen Co.) to Deckertownt to Sussex. Hackensack. Deerfield Street• to Brldg&- Grandvlewt (Somerset Co.) ton . to Somerville. Delair*U to Merchantvllle. Grantwood• t to Edgewater Delan'19• U to Riverside. Grasselll • t to Elizabeth. Delawanna*t to Passaic. Great Mf!&dow•tt to Hackettstown. Delaware•u to Belvidere. Great Notcht to Little Falls Delmont• to Millville. Greenbank*t1 to Egg Harbor City. Demarest•U to Closter. Denntsvllle•U to Ocean Green<.'reek*t to Cape May. Greendellt to Newton. Greenpond to Dover. De':i'!fiie•U to Boonton. Dias Creek• U to Cape May Greenvlllage•t to Madison. O.H. Greenvlllett (Hudson Co.) to Jersey City. Dividing Creek• to Port Norris. Greenwlch•tt to Bridgeton. Dobbins• to Burllngton. Grenloch • t t to Blackwood. Grlggstown• to Princeton. Dorchester• 1 to Millville. Grover to Flemington. to Millville. Grovevllle• to Bordentown. Downer• to Glassboro. Drakestown to Hackettetown. Dudleyt to Camden. Dundee Lake•t to Paterson Haines burg• t: to BlairsDutchneck• to Princeton town. Hainesport• t to Mount Holly. East Bound Brook to Hainesville• to Branchville. Bound Brook. Haledon•t to Paterson. East Lon~ Brancbt to Lonir Haledon Borough to PatBranch. erson. E. Millstone*t1 to Somer- Haleyville • to Port ville. Norris. East Paterson * to Paterson ~,;::,~on. East Rahway to Roosevelt. East Rutherfordt to Ru- Hamilton Square• to Trentherford. ton. Eayreatown to Mount Holly Hampton•tt to High Bridge Echo Lake• to Butler. Hancocks Bridge • to SaEdgewater Park• t to Bevlem, erly. Hanover• to Madison. Edinburg to Hightstown. Hanover Neck to Madison. Elberon•u to Lonir Branch Harbourton • to LambertEldora•u to Cape .May. ville. Eldrldges Hill1 to Woods- Ha.rdfngvllle1 to Glassboro. town. Ellzabethport t to Ellz~ ::~~~~:~ beth. Harmony• to Phllllpsburc. Ellltburgt to Haddondeld. Harrington•: to Closter. Elllsdale to Allentown. Harrisonville• to Wood• Elm• ti to Hammonton. town. Elwood•ti to Eu Harbor Harrisonville Station to City. Woodstown. Emeraon•tt to Westwood Hartford• t t to Moorestown English Creek to Mays Haskell*t to PomptonLakea Landing. Haworth•tt to Closter. Erlal to Berlln. Hawthorne• 1 to Paterson.  ~:!~•i!i'fs~f  w·  nardsvllle. Baasett•tt to Wood sto wn· Vt rattl b '\V. 01ai-6e~~':it* to Clare- Batato to Ertir Harbor City. Bayhead•tt to Point Pleast Wlllont. w· Ooncordtt to Concord. ant. RJ ~t Epplng•t to New ver. Bayville* to Toms w""arket. west Hampstead• to Derry Bay Way to Ellzabe th · w· fenniker*t to Hillsboro Beach Haven Terracet to Wes· opkinton* to Hillsboro BeBatayrensegtoawnt. • to Hackett&t Lebanon*t to White I Betaovwner'Lakett to Hamburit WRiver Junction, Vt. b eat M:ilan•u to Berlin. Beaverrun to Ham urg. \\I Keene. to estmoreland• W~tmoreland Depot•t to Bedminster• to Bernard a-  \VeaB·~an8J'::S\t;ge~e1!ano~  orts-  as&· uell•  2021  Cressklll•tt to Tenafly. Cross Keys• to Wllllama-town. Crosswicks* to Bordentown Croton• to Flemington. Crystal Lake*1 to Pompton Lake'>. Culver to Barnegat. Culvers to Branchville.  So~~r8~f!o~a:~· Newport. S. Tamworth* to Conway. S. Weare* to Manchester. Adamston* to Point Pleas8. Wolfeboro* to Wolfeboro ant Adelphla•t to Freehold. Albion Placet to Paterson. Spofford• to Keene. Aldenett to Roselle. Sprtn~deld • to Newport. Aldtne to Elmer. Stark• i to Groveton. Allairet1 to Manasquan. j Starrklng•to Lancaster. State Line• to Winchen- Allamuchy• ti to Hackett&town. don, Maas. Stinson Lake* to Plymouth. Allendale•U to Ramsey. Allenhurst•U to Al!lbury j Stoe1dard • to Hlllsboro. Park. strafford • to Rochester. Allf'nwood•U to Mana.aStratford• to Groveton. quan Stratham• to New Market. Alliance• to Vineland. :ugar Hill*1 to Lisbon. Alloway•U to Salem. s:::fne_e* Almoneason to Woodbury. Alpha*U to Phl111psbur1. ~Walnboro to Plymouth. Alpine• to Closter. C11.mpgaw*t1 to Ridgewood 0 J«;~~vllle Amato! to Hammonton. Canton• i to Salem. Amperet1 to Newark. Ca~'!,y~ay Point• to Cape Anderson to Waahln~on. Carlton Hlll•U to Pa.asalo. AndoverU to Newton. Carmel• to Bridgeton. Tamworth• to Conway. T emple• to Townsend, Anileaea • U to Wildwood. Carneys Point* to Penns Annandale• t t to Hlih Grove. Maas. Carpentersvllle•ti to Phil• TbT e Welra•t to Lakeport. to CalUon. llpsbUrf. norntons Ferr, •ti to Oarteret*H to Roosevelt. Naahua. ca.asvllle• to Lakewood. Corner Apifil~tes 'l'roy•t i to Keene. TWln Mountaln•U to Litg:~~rti~~~at~f!re'-wood. Ard~~ri~~eehold. tleton. Asbury* to Bloomsbury. ld l Cedarbrook*t1 to Willlamstown. Aahland •U to Haddonde ' Cedar Creek to Toma River. Atco•u to Berlin. Unton•u to Rochester. Cedargrove*t to Montclair. Athenia*H to Passaic. Unity* to Claremont. Atl!llon•U to Hammonton. Cedar Lake to Williams• town. Cedarrun*1 to Tuckerton. Wadley•• Falla to New Auburn• to Swedesboro. Au~sta•U to Branchville. Cedarvme• r to Brld~eton. Market. WWaketleld*1 to Wolfeboro. Aura•: to Gl&asboro. Avalon•U to Ocean City. , centerton?(Burllngton Co.) arner*tt to concord. to Moorestown. Avenel• to Rabwa:,. W arren•u to Plymouth B I Centerton*? (Salem Co.) to Washington• to Hillsboro, Avontt to Belmar. Elmer. e• Water Village* to Wolfe- Avon-by-the-Sea• to , CentervllleU to Flemington mar. boro. Chadwioktto Point Pleasant WWeare• to Manchester. I Chambersburg to Trenton. ebbft to Keene. Wub1 Changewater•U to Balevllle* to Newton. WWeb■ter to Concord. ln~on. Baptlatown• to Frenchendell• to Newport. Chapel Hill to Atlantic town. Welltwortb•U to Plym• Highlands. Barbertown to Frenchtown. outh Wentworth Location• to Barne1at Clty•t to Barne- Charlotteburgtt to Butler. Chatham*t i to Madison. gat. Colebrook. Barnegat Piertt to Toms Chatsworth•U to PemberRiver. West Alton•t to Laconia. f1~~!idwell. WeatAne1over•tt to J<·ranJrCh~i!equake to Matawan. Etra • to Hightstown. Barnsboro to Woodbury. lln. Weat Barrington to Roch- Barrlngton*t to Haddon Cherry HlllU to Haoken- Everett* to Red Bank. Everlttstown to French• wr:g~~o to White River Ba1A~~~tti to Hackett&- Chs:~vllle• to Flemington. town. Chesllhurst•H to Berlin. town. Evesborot to Moorestown. '\V unction, Vt. Ewan• to Glassboro. Ber Chester*tt to Dover. + est Brentwood to Exeter. W Campton• to Plymouth. Basking Ridite•t • to • Chesterdeld• to Border- Ewlnpllle to Trenton.  :g NJ::;~. s:i~~?t:;  NEW JERSEY  Ch~O:;J!· to Blackwood. evelt *t t R g~~lnlo~•t ~~sRlverton Clarksboro•U to Pa.Ulsboro Clarksburg• to Hightstown. Claysville to Salem. Clermont•t to Ocean City. cmrwooct•t to Matawan. Cloverhill* to Flemington. Cobansey to Bridgeton. Cokesbur:v* to High Bridge. Coldsprlnir• t to Cape May• Colesville• to Sussex. Colliers Mills to New t E Colo~•U to Eii Harbor  ::~z;u  t~Yiv::.~·  Hazent to Belvidere. Hazlet•U to Matawan. Helslervllle• T1 to Mlllvllle. Helmettat1 to Jamesburg. Hewltt*H to Butler. Hibernia* to Dover. Highland Park to New Brunswick. Hlitblands•tt to Sea Brighi High Point• to Barnegat. Hlghwood•t to Englewood. Hillsboro to t;omervllle. Hlllsdale•u to Westwood. Hilton•t to Newark. Hohokus•U to Ridgewood. Holland to Mlltord. Holly Beach to Wildwood. Holmdel* to Keyport. Holmeson to Allentown. Homesteadt1 to West Ho-. boken Hopatcon11:t to Netcon«. Hornerstown•tt to Allentown. Rouses* to Newton. Howell t 1 to Freehold. Hudson Hel~hta*t to Guttenberg. Huntsville* to Newton. Hurffvlllet to Woodbury. Hyson to Lakewood.  Falrdeld to Caldwell. ' Haven• to Red Ba.Dk. Fair Lawn*t1 to Paterson. Fairmount* (Bergen Co. to Hackensack. Fairmount • (Hunterdon Co.) to Califon. Falrton•t to Bridgeton. Falrvtew•tt (Bergen Co.) to Hackensack. Fairview (Burlington Co.) to Riverside. Fanwood•tt to Plalndeld. Far Hllls•U to Bernardaville. Fleldsboro•tt to Bordentown. Co~!!YNeck* to Freehold. Flndernl'l•t to Somervllle. w~ieW'ottlngham to New Be~~!rville* to Sussex. Beesleys Point•t to Ocean Columbta•H to Blairstown. Flneavt..le* to Bloomsbury. W..-...arket. Columbua•u to Bordenti City. Wes~ Osslpee•tt Conway. Fishing Creek*t to Cape town w· 1 eterboro* to Peterboro Belford•tt to At1an May. w;:~P~rt*tt to Winchec;ter. Be\1~~~~ti to Somer• Columbus HelghtaU to t~OD~~~:,rville. Co~!~~Y:awU to Jersey v1ll Wlnchendon. ~dge•tto 8 F\atbrookvllle* to Newton. Idell to Frenchtown. 1 W. Run! ::v*tt to Plym- Bellf,•tiaine•tt to Mlllville. co°m~Yt t to Springlake. Florham Park• to Madison. Idlewood* to MaysLandlng. Bellmawr to Haddon w 0 Uth. e ConYent Station* t t to Folsom• U to Rammonton. Imlaystown • 1 to AllenHeights. Rye• to Portsmouth . Forked Rlver*tt to Toms town. )lorristown. Salisbury• to Franklin Bergen Polntl to Bayonn · Indian Mllls*t to Medford. River. Wealrslngtleld* to Newport Berkeley Heights* to sum- Cooklltown•U to Mount. Iona•tt to Clayton. Fortescue* to Brldieton. Holly. tewartatown•ti to C Ironla•t to Dover. T ms Cooksville to Bloomsbury. Frankfort to Somervllle. mlt. w O1ebrook Franklin Furnace* t 1 to Iaelln • tt to Rahway. o '\VCl!l~Swa11%e:V-tt to Keene Berkley Arms to Island Heights*ti to Toms Hamburg. outhh_ornton*tt to Plym- BeRrkivsherlr·e Valle" to Dover. Copperhill to Flemington. Franklln Park• to New Rlver. bury Cornlsh to Belvidere 'r W Brunswick. t!!llle•u to Haverhill, Bethleh*emtotoB~~':i~1t;~ne. · Coytesvllle*H to Fort Lee. Frankllnvllle•tt to Clayton -P lsboro Cramer Hlllt to Camden. 1 Bevans w s. Jacksonville t to Moun\ Billingsportt. to t!u Mount Cranbury Station• tto Cran- Fredon to Newton. Wilton to Milford. Holly. Freneau•tt to Matawan. bury. Wb~lndbam•tt to Nashuo. J Blrmlngbam U Jacobstown• to New Eap\ Creamrtdge•U to Allen- Gallia to Plainfield. :!~Nyio Califon. W1u~tf:;::•t to Meredith. 1 .'.rt...-:t~e,'.__W~l~lll~a~m~Bt~o~w'.!:n~. C'l.:.:ra=n=f:.:o~rd=•: ._~J:.:&~n~v~le'.:'.:...' _ o.:. . o.:. .:d. .*. . :t.. .::t_ t:.;:o:......:.. I ltvalve•t _!t~o_!P~o~r~t:_N~o~rrf~s.:.__..::to=-wn:.:.=..'--------- -G-'---arw ~ t •~ooF~~~~f[.' t Express OtH.ce. t Telegraph Station. • :.ioney Order Office. , county Seat. REFERENCE KEY.  I  °  ~:rci~~:r:tf  west w-J  w"-' Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  I Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2022  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  NEW JERSEY  NEW JERSEY  New ProVldence•t to Sum-/ Pomonatt to Egg Harbor Sidney to Cnnton . City. liver Lake* to Bloomtleld . mlt. Silverton* to Toms River. :::i~~rfr;ioAtii:~i~· Pof1a_Yr~~•tt to Pompton Slngac•t to Little Falls. to Sklllman • t t to Hopewell. New Vernon• to Madison. Pompton Pla.tns•U Smlthburg to Freehold . Butler. New VUlage•t to PbllllpsPompton Station to Pomp- Smith Mills* to Butler. burg. Smiths Landing to Pleaston Lakes. Nolans Polntt to Dover. antvme. NordhoffH to Englewood. Port Colden• to WashlngSmlthvllle*t t (Burlington ton. Norma•tt to Vineland. Co.) to Mount Holly. Port Ellzabeth•tt to MWNormandle-by-the Sea to Smithville (Monmouth Co.) vllle. Sea Bright. to Freehold. N. Arlington to Arlington. Port Mercer to Princeton. Kaighns Pointt to Camden McKee City• t to Atlantic North Asbury Parkt to Port Monmouth•tt to At- Somers Point• t to Ocean Koarnyt,:j: to Harrison. lantlc Highlands. Clt1':' Asbury Park. City. Xoasbey• to Perth Amboy. Kenllworth•t ito Crantord. Mendham• t to Morristown. North Bergen*t to West Port Morrts•t to Netcong. Southard to Lakewood. Port Murry•tt to Washlnir- S. Bergant to Jersey City. Hoboken. Menlo Park•t to Metuchen. Kenvu•n to Dover. to South Boundbrook• KJngslandH to Lyndhurst. Mercervllle* to Trenton. ton. North Branch•tt to SomerPort Oram to Dover. Bound brook. ville. Kinpton • t t to Princeton. Mete<1econk to Lakewood. Kingwood to Frenchtown. Mlckleton •t to Woodbury. North Branch Depot• to Port Rea<1lng•y to Wood- Southbranch • to Somerville. brldsre. Somervllle. Klnkoratt to Bordentown. Mlddlebush • t t tn N e w Brunswick. North Cramers HUIT to Port Republic• to Pleaa- S. Dennis•t:t: to Ocean City. Kirkwood• t t to Haddon• S. Seaville•tt to Cape May deld. Mlddleto •ti to Atlantic I antvllle. Camden. C.H. Highlands. Northfield• t to Pleasant- Potteratown to White Kressonr to Moorestown. S. Vlneland*tt to Vineland. House Station. Station to ville. Middletown U to Newton. Sparta• White to • Salem. Pottersvllle to Hackensack•U North Lafeyette*H to Newton. Spotswood*ttto Jamesburr House Station. Hackensack. Lake Como*t to Spring Middle Valley• t t to CaliSprln~ela • t t to Millburn. fon. North Haledon to Paterson. Preakness to Pompton Lake. Springtownt to BloomsLake Denmark to Milford. Mlddlevme• to Newton. NoG:mm::::.-ontont to l Prt¾i~~:n Junctlon•ti to bury. Lake B.opatcongt to Dover Midland Park•ti to RidgeValley to HackenSpring Princeton. wood. to t Longoranch North Lakehurst•ti to Toms sack. Prospect Park Borought to Long 1:Sranch. Midvale•tt to Pompton River. quankuru tation to FarmPaterson. Lakes. Northmont to Haddon Lakevlewt t to Pate?Bon. ingdale. l Prospect Plafnll•tttoJameaFreehold. Heights. Lamlngton to Wblte House Milhurst to Stafl'ordville* to Tuckerton. Millbrook to Blalrstown. N. Paterson*tt to Paterson. I burg. Station. to Netcong. Stanhope*t Dover. to Mllldale Plainfield to Plainfieldt N. Landlng•t to Netcong. Stanley*t to SUmmlt. Northvale•i to Closter. Landlsvllle• tt to Vineland. Mlllham t to Trenton. Stanton•tt to White House Mfillngton•tt to Bernards- Norwood•U to Closter. Lanoka• to Toms River. Quakertown• to FlemlnrStatton. vllle. Laurel Sprlnp•tt to Hadton. Stanwicktt to Moorestown. Millstone• t to Somerville, dondeld. Sussex. to t Quarryvllle• LandMays to U Mllmay• Laurelton to Lakewood. Qulnton•U to Salem. StePlmanville to Pleasanting. LavaJlette*t to Point Pleas- Milton ville. to Dover. Oakdale to Lambertvllle. ant. Bernardsville to Stelton*t::: to New BrunsMinebrook Oakgrove to Flemington. Lawnside•t to Haddon wick. Minehill to Dover. Oakhurst• to Long Branch Heights. Stephensburg•to Hackett• Mlnlslnkt to Dover. Lawrence t to Trenton. town. T to Mays Land- Oaf!ti::;.*tt to Pompton ::~~~~~ti~ ~o'¾!~i~~ Lawrencevfile* to Trenton. Mizpah• ing. Sterling Forest* t t to WarVille. Oaklyn•tt to Haddon Layton• to Branchvllle. wick, N. Y. Readington• to Somerville. Heights. Lebanon•ti to HlghBrldge. Moe* to Butler. StewartsVllle•t Ho Bloom• Reavllle• to Flemington. Monmouth Beach t t to Oak Ridge•ti to Butler. Ledv;ewood•tt to Dover. bury. Vlncentown. to Branch. Long Redllon Plalnfteld. to Tree• Oak Leeds Point* to Pleasant- Monmouth Junction • t t to Stewartsville Station to Ocean Gate • t t to Toms Red Valley to Allentown. ville. Swedesboro. to Bloomsbury. Repaupo River. Jamesburg. Leesburg• t t to Mlllvfile. Rhode .ha.JI to Jamesburg. Still Valley to Bloomsbury. Oceanic• to Sea Bright, Leonardo•to Atlantic High- Monroe• t to Hamburg. Stlllwater•tt to Newton. Richfleldt to Passaic. Oceanport • to Long Monroevllle*tt to Elmer. lands. Rlcbland•U to Mays Land- Stlrllng•tt to Bernardsville Branch. Montague to Mllford, Pa. Leonia• U to Englewood. Flemington to Montgomery Ing. Ocean to Oceanvlew•tt Leonia Heights to Fort Lee. Rlchwood•tt to Glassboro. ~~g~~g~; City. Lewistown ti to Pemberton. Montvale•tt to Pearl River Rldgefleld*t+ to Ridgefield Stoneharbor• T l to ooean N.Y. Oceanville* to Absecon. Liberty Comer• to BerCity. Park. Hamto t t Ogdensburg• nardsvllle. Riegelsville• : to Phllllp• Stovers Mills to Flemington burg. Montvme• to Boonton. Llncoln•t to Boundbrook. t t to HaddoD Stratford* Matl!,wan. Morganvllle•ttto burg· South to rldge*tt B Old Lincoln Pa.rk*tt to Boonton Heights. Rlleyvllle to Hopewell. River. Morris Plalns*T t to Morrl&Llncrott• to Red Bank. town. Old wick to White House Rlngoes• t to Flemington. Strathmere to Ocean Oity. Ringwood Manor t t to SUccasunna•t to Dover. tation. 'Morsemerett to Edgewater.' Llndenwold•t to Berlln. Summerfield to AsburyPark Mountain l.akest to Boon- Oradell*tt to Westwood. Pompton Lakes. Llnvale to Hopewell. Grande•tt to Cape May Sunnyside• to Clinton. ton. Rio Orange. to Valleytt Orange Linwood• t to Pleasant- Mountainside• to Westdeld Rlsley•1t to Mays Landing. SUrf* to Barnegat. Oriental to Vlncentown. vllle. to Cape Ma.Y, tt to Little Ormond• to Mlllvfile. m::ida~tf~~~vWe. Swainton•u Little Ferry*tttoRldgefteld Mountatnvlew• C.H. Falis. Park. to Point River .ll:dge•tt to Hacken- Swartswood • to Newton. Os~fe~~r.e • Callton. to Mountatnvllle• Bank ttoRed Sllver*t Little Sykesvllle to Bordentown. Mountalrytto Lambertvllle Overbrook to Haddon .sack. , R1vervale to Westwood. Heights. Arllnrton • to Little York• to Bloomsbury Mount Dover. Bridgeton. t.o Roadstown• Washington. to Oxtord•t Llvlnpton • t to Orange. Bethelt to Plain- Oxford Furnace to Wa.·h- Robblnsvllle t t to Allen- Tabernaclet to VlncentowD Locktown T to Flemington. Mount Tabor• to Morristown. field. Locust Point to Atlantic Mount R;~~stord to Garfield. ington. TansboroU to Berlin. to Had• Epbralm•tt Highlands. Rochelle Park•tt to Hack- Teanecktt to Hackensack. donfteld. Long Hill to Summit. ensack. Tennent• t to EngllsbtoWD, Dover tto • FTeedom Mount Lon~port*tt to Ventnor Rockport to Hackettstown. Thorotare• to Woodbury, Mount Hope to Dover. City. Rooksburg• to Belvidere. Three Brldges•tt to FlemElmer. to t Palatine• Lo~~vn~alley to Hacketts- Mount Laurel to Moorea- Palermo•tt to Ocean City. ington. :~~O~fll~ Tinton Falls to Re<i Bank. Pallsade•t to Edgewater. town. I, Mount Lorrainet to Roselle. Hammonton. to t Rosedale• l to Lambe"9 Tltusvllle Olive• to Netcong. Louden •tto Berlin. 0 Roseland• to Caldwell. vllle. Lower Bank*t to Egir Har-, Mount Pleasant to Milford. PaterLambertvllle to Rosemont• Borough Totowa Hopewell. to Rose Mount · bor City Parker to ~allton. son. tol Mount Royal• t to Paula- Parkertown • t to Tuckerton. Rosenhayn • t t to Bridgeton. Lower Jamesburg Bright. Sea to Rumson•t Boonton. to Towaco•t boro. Park Ridge*tt to Pearl Jamesburg Runnymede to Blackwood. Townley to Westfield. River, N. Y. Lower Squankurn to Farm- , Mount Tabortt to MorrisTownsbury*t to Hackett.1Parlin • t to South Fiver. town. ingdale town. Murray um• t to Summit. Parry to Riverton. Llldlowtt'to Bloomsbury. Townsends Inlet• to ocean Boonton. to Parslppanny Lumberton•t t to Mt. Iiolly City. Patten bun:• ti to Clinton. Saddle River• to RldgoL7ons• t to Bernardsville. wood. Pavonia. Stationt to CamLyons Farmst to Elizabeth. I t1l~a:e~r.on. Sandbrook* to Flemlnict;on. den. South Trenton Junctlon•tt CO to Peapack•ti to White House Sayervllle• t Tatco to Keyport. Trenton. River. Station. National Park• to WoodPeermont• to Ocean City. Schooleys :Mountain•t to TurneraVllle• to WoodbUrf• bury. to Haddon- N~~~~ghi• to Haoketts- i:~:s~~!:t;g ia~~~~nsack. Sc~b~~\mf~~-Red Bank. Ridgewood, Mahwah,.tt to Suffern.N.Y. Naveslnk•t to Atlantic Pensauken to:MercbantviUe Scotch Plains*t to Plain- Undercll.fftt to 1 Pequannock•t to Paterson. I field. Highlands. Main Avenuet to Vineland. ~bftJ1'" o! Nelsonvllle• to Allentown. ' Perrlnevme• to Hightstown Scullvllle• to Pleasantville. Malaga•tt to Vineland. Un1on. Seagtrt•tt to Manasquan. Opper Phalanx• to Red Bank. Manahawkln•tt to Tucker- Nesco to Hammonton. Macoptn• to Butter. Sea Isle City•ti to Ocean Tcshanic*t to Somerville. 1 Plcton•tt to Westfield. ton. Upp~ Montclairtt to Mon' City. Manalapan• to Engllsh- Neahanlo Statlon•tt to Pine Beach*tto Toms River. c:lair. Seaside to Sea Bright. Pinebrook• to Caldwell. SomerVllle. town. Mantoloking•tt to Point Netherwoodt to Plainfield. Piscataway to New Bruna- Seaside Heights to Toms River. wick. Pleasant. 1 New Bedford to Belmar. Seaside Pa.rk•ti to Toms V&U*t.i to Blairstown. New Brid~e to Hacken ack. Pittsgrove•t to Elmer. Mantua•t to Woodbury. V&U1bure-t to Newark. River. Manumusklntt to Mlllvllle. 1 New Durham•tt to Wesi Plttstown•t to Clinton. V&lleyf to Bloomsbury. Plalnsboro•tt to Princeton. Seeleyt to Brldsreton. Hoboken. Manvillett to Bound Brook Vanderburg* to Freeboldd. Sergeantsvllle• to Flemtng- V&nhl1ev111e• Kapleshade• t to Moore&- Newfield •It to Vineland. Plaudervllle to Garfield. to La.keWOO • ton. Newfound and•tt to Butler Pleasantdale• to Orange. town. Pleasant GTove to Cal1fon. Sewaren•tt to Woodbridge. V&u.xball* toto.Millburn. New Germantown•t to Marcella• to Dover. HambU~• Vernon•U Pleasant Mills to Egg Har- Sewell•ti to Woodbury. Whlte House Station Margate City to Atlantic to Hackettiito1'D· Shady ldet to Edgewater. Vienna• bor City. New Gretna•. to Tuckerton Oity. J,ake, Spring to Park* Yilla Allento New Hampton•to Washing- Pleasantrun to WhiteHouse Sharon Station Marlont to Jersey City. VulcaniteH to Phillipsburg town. Station. ton. Marksboro• ti to Bia.Ira. Pleasure Bayf t to Longl Sharptown • to Woodstown. • Wading River•i to SwedeB· town. Branch. New Llabon•H to PemberMarlboro•tt to Freehold. --" boro. Shlloh• to Bridgeton. ton. Marlton•t to Moorestown. 1 Pluckemln• to Somerville. himerst to Phillipsburg. W&ldwtck•tt to Rldgewovu llannora•t to Ocean City. Newmarket•ttto Dunellen. Polntvllle• to Bordentown. Short Hllls•tt to Summit. Wall to Belmar. New Mlltord•tt to Hacken- Pole Tavern to Elmer. Marshallville to Salem. Shrewsbury•tttoRedBank. Walllmrtonti to PS.S."!1; 0..,_ , Polkville to Blairstown. sack. Kartlns Creek StatlonU to New OrangeU to Crantord. Pomerania • to E1nt Har- Slcklervllle• to Wllllam> WallpackCenter• toDrBeIVldere. -,_ _ _ville. town. _________ . _ y Clt_ bor Norris. Port Ma.rtlnsville* to Somervllle. Newt>0_!'li*T to 1 Jeffers to Pleaaantvfile. .Jeaeraon to Mulllca HW. .Jertohot to Bridreton. Jerseyville to Freehold. .roostown• ti to Mount Holly. .Jobnaonburg • t to Blaira. tOWD .Jullustown•t toPemberton. .Junction to High Bridge. lutland•U to Clinton.  Masonvllle•tt to Mooreatown. Maurer*t ito Perth Amboy. Maurice Rlver"ti to Port Norris. Maur1cetown •i to Port Norris. Mayetta to Tuckerton. Maywood• t t to Hackensack. McAtee Valley- to Hamburg.  I  I  tJ t:~fJ:M.  0  ~:::::tU \  ~a=~-  ~~:;~ron.  I  ¥r!~1!~lr  MTe~l~/tt  g:igfkf8rl  REFERENCE KEYo  • County Seat.  • ioney Order Office  t Telegraph tattoo.  :i Ex pre  Office.  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING P INTS  EW JERSEY  NEW MEXICO  Ramah* to Gallup. Lindrit.h to Albuquerquu. Longs• to Portales. Rana* to Logan. Longwell to Alamogordo. Ranche1 of Taos• to Tao■. Los Alamos* to Las Vegas Rayo to Belen. Los Cerrlllost:t to Santa Fe. Redlake to Portales. •Los Lunaa•t :t to Albu- Red River• to Taos. Q.Uerque. Red Rock* to Lordsburg. Los Pinos to Alamosa,Colo. Regina* to Albuquerque. Los ·ranos*t to Santa Rosa Rlbera•:t to Las Vegas. Rlcardo*t:t to Fort Sumner. Lower Penasco to Hope Richland* to Ellda Lucero• to Las Veias. · Ridinger to Farmington. Lucille* to Montoya., Rio Pueblo to ·raos. Lucy*t:t to Willard. Lumberton•u to Pagosa Roclaaa to Las Vega.a. Sprlnis, Colo. Rock Island* to Tucumcart. Rodarte to Taos. Fairview*t to San Marcial. I Luna to Magdalena. Rodeo*t:r: to Douglas, Ariz. Faywood• to Silver Olty. Rodey• to Las Cruces. Field to Melrose. Rogers* to Portales. I MoAllater* to Melrose. Flerro•tt to Silver Olty. Roosevelt* to .Melrose. McDonald to Roswell. I Flora Vista• to Aztec. to Durango, Oolo. I Molntoah•t:t to Estancia. Rosa• Flo:vd• to Portales. . Baca to Albuquerque. Rosebud* to Nara Visa.. Fe. Santa to Madrt<1•t Momes. Des to Folsom*t:t Bacavllle* to Belen. 1 Roaedale* to San Marcial. I* to Las VegM. Forrest to Melrose. Baldy-1tt to Clmarron. Roslnir:* to Aztec. Fort Bayard• t to Silver City Malasra*:t to Carlsbad. Ba.rd Oity to Tucumcari. Rowe• Tt to Santa Fe. Fort Selden to Las Cruces. Malpai to Des Moines. Barney* to Clayton. Ruidoso• to Carrizozo. Barranca. Statton to •raos. Fort St~nton*t to Carrizozo , Mangas to Magdalena. Russia to Alamogordo. Fort Wmgatet to Gallup. I Manuellto•t:t to Gallup. Ba.ya.rdt:t to Silver City.* to Estancia.. Fr~nch*tt to Sprl~iter. Beenham• to Clayton. Mariano Lake to Gallup. Bell Ranch* to TUcumcart. Fr~o to Tucumcari. St. Vrain*t to Melrose. Frisco* to Magda.Jena. Bellvlew* to Clovis. 1 Ma1·quez to Albuquerque. Salem* to Laa Cruces. Fruitland• to Farmlnrton. , Mayhill* to Alamogordo. Bent•t to Tularosa. S&lt Lake to Mairdalena. Mentmore to Gallup. Berfno* to Las eruceaSii,n Acacia* to Socorro. Me1calero• to Tularosa. ,Bernalillo*t:t to Albuquer- Gage•t to Demlng. 1 San Antonio*t:t (Berna.llllo Mesilla• to Laa Cruce■• Gallsteo* to Santa. Fe. que. Oo.). to Albuquerque 1 Meallla.Park*t:t toLasCruces Gallina* to Santa Fe. Bibo* to Albuquerque. Mesquite•t to Las Cruces. Sanchez to Roy. Garlleld • to Las Cruces. Hlanoo• to 'Aztec. Sandoval• to Albuquerque. I Mlaml•t to Sprtnir:er. Garrison to Portales. Bloon11i.eld• to Aztec. San Fidel to Albuquerque. Miera to Clayton. Glbson*t to Gallup. Blossburg to Raton. San Jose io Las Vettaa. Mimbres• to Silver City. Bluewater*t:t to Albuquer- Gila* to Silver City. San Juan to Belen. I Moir;ollon* to Silver City. Gladstone* to Mills que . Monero*t:t to Pagosa Sp'gs, San Lorenzo to Sliver City. Glencoe• to Carrizozo. Boaz* to Kenna. Ma.te~to A:lbuquerque. San Colo. I Glenrio* to Tucumcari. Brice* to Alamogordo. Montlceno•to San Marcia.I Sau Patricio to Carrizozo. Bucbanan*t:t to Fort Sum- Glenwood to Silver Oity. Monto:va•ti co Tucumcari. San Ratael* to Albu• Globe to Carlsbad. Q.Uerque. Monument• to Carlsbad. Glorieta*t:t to Santa Fe. Bu~~orn* to Silver City. Santa Cruz to Santa Ft. Goldent to Albuquerque. Moses* to Clayton. Bueyeros• to Clayton. Santa Rlta•t:t to SUver CltJ Governador to Durango, .Mosquero* to Roy. Mountain Park• i to Ala- Sapello to Laa ~iras. Oolo. Saynosta to Farmington. moirordo. Grant•U to Albuquerque. Scnolle to Belen. I • t Albuquerque Gr~tleld*t to Hagerman. MYDdu.a• to Deming. b Seama to Albuquerque. 0 a ezon Gr1egos to Albuquerque. to Albuquerque, Seboyeta• Vegas. Las to cambra~•t to Demln~c0 l 0 Guadaluplta• Sedan* to Clayton. • Guy• to Des Moines. Canjllon to Alamosa. 1 Seneca• to Clayton. Nadine* to Carlsbad. Canon to Aztec. Separ*t to Lordsburg. Hachlta•t:t to Lordsburr. Nambe* to Santa Fe. Canton• to Merrose. Servilleta to Tao . Negra• to Willard. Hanover• to Silver City. Oa.prock to Roswell. Sherman to Silver City. Ellda. to Newhope Maxwell. to Harrington I . Carson to Taos. Newkirl!:•t to Santa Rosa. Shlprock* to Farmlngt on. Carthage* to San Antomo. Hassell to Fort Sumner. Nl1wman*t:t to El Paso, Sboemaker•t to Las V eiaa ' Ha.tod to Springer. i. Silton to Deming. Tex. Casa Blanca• to Albuquer- Havena.·• to Clovis. ~arion•t:t to Dover. Smith's Lake to Gallup. Hayden* to Nara Visa. que. ~!P1>any•:t to Morristown. 1 Noiral• to Carrtzozo. Sofia* to C!a.yton • Mound. Waeon to Nolan• Albuquerque. to Haynes "!'.!.te Hlllt:t to Borden- ceaar Hlll• to AJ:tec. Soham to Las Vegas. Norton to Tucumcari. Heaton• to Gallu1>. Cedarva.le* to Corona. ... wn. to Roy • Solano•t:t Columbus. to Hermana.s*t:t , Cl~F. Central• to Silver ~ t e Horse to Trenton. Stanley• i to Estancia. Hlghrolls:t to Alamogordo. .. wtehouse*t to White CerrUloa•U to Santa 8 • State College • to Laa Obar•i to Nara Hilario* to Las Vegas. Cerro• to Taos. House Station. Cruces. Ocate• to Wagon Mound. Hlll to Las Cruces. Wbltesboro*t to Cape May Chacon to La■ Veiraa, Steeplerock * to Duncan. Ochoa to Carlsbad. CbamberlDo* to l!;l Paso. Hol>hs* to Carlsbad. 0. H. Ariz. Deming. to Odon Clovis. to Hollene* ~!tesvtlle•t to Lakewood. Oha.misa.l to Santa Fe. Stelns•t:t to Lordsburir;. Ohaysi* to Alamogordo. Holman* to Las Vegas. ~i:ibttne111 tt to Toms River. Cbamlta• to Santa Fe. , traus~t to El Pa ·o. Te ·. Ojo Caliente• to Taos. Hondale• to Demlnir;. Ohapertto• to Laa Veiaa, -•"11 u.r to Trenton. Swarts to Sliver City. I Ojo Barco to Santa Fe. Hondo* to Carrizozo. WUburtba•t:t to Trenton. Chico* to Maxwell. Albuquerque •t to Hot Springs (San Miguel l Old Wildwood Crestf to WUd- ChllW to Estancia. AlbuquerQue. Vegas. Las to Co.) Fe. ChlmaYo* to Santa wood. Ootlmo• to Waion Mound. '\'aft to Fort Sumner. House• to Melrose. ChJoride*t to Hillsboro. Wtnmowgrove to Vineland. W dsor•i to Hightstown. Claud* to Clovis. Orange* to Van Hom, Tex. Tajlqu~• to Estancia. Hudson* to TUcumcart. Orran• to Las Crucet. Wtn1low• to Hammonton. Cleveland• to Las Veir;aa. Hurley to Silver City. to Taos. Orogrande • t :t to Alamo- Talpa* Hyer* to Estancia. cuir• to silver City. WWoodbine*f i to Mlllvllle. Taos Ca.non to Taos. gordo. oodbury Helchts•t i to Oloverdale to Lordsuurg. to Taos. Junctiont:t Taos Oscura..,t:t to Carrizozo. Clvctet to San .Marcial. Woodbury. Taylor Springs* to Spr1nrer. Otis to Carlsbad. Im.a* to Tucumcari. WWoodcUtrt to Guttenberg. Colfax to Raton. Vegas. Las to Tecolote Otto• to Eatancla. oodclltl Lake•t:t to Weat- Colmor*tt to Wagon Mound • Inez to Portales. Teel to Silver City. tsleta • t t to Albuquerque. Colonl~• to Sant~ Roaa. Wood. Telles to Las Cruces. Cone* to Nara V1Sta. Woodglenn to Ca.Ufon. Thomas* to Clayton. Contreras to ocorro. Woodlynnet to Camden. Tboreau•tt to Gallup. Albuquerbue. to PaJarlto• Tex. Pecos. to Jal :oodri:tansietto Pemberton Cordova* to Santa Fe. Three Rlvers*l to AlamoPalma* to Vaughn. Jarales• to Belen. Oorreo to Albuquerque. oodport to Dover. 0 Pa.lomas Springs to Hot Jemea* to Albuquerqu . Wood Ridge*t:t to Carl• Amarllla • to Springs. Costlllo* to Sa,nAcaclo,Colo. Jemez Sprlngs to Albuquer- Parajet to San Ma.re1a1. stadt. Durango, Colo. que. Cowles* to Las veir;as. WoodnitU to Bridgeton. Albuquerque. to Tijeras Vegll.S. Las to Springs Park Elida. to Jenkins* Coyote* to .Espanola.. WoodsvUle• to Hopewell. Ttnnle* to Roswt-11. Parkview* to Jlcarl.lla* to Carrtzozo. Wortendyke•t:t to Rldir;e- Coyote Canon to Gallup. Toadlena to Gallup. Carrizozo. to Parsons* Tucumcari. to Jordan* Orownpolnt to Gallup. wood. Tohatcbt•t to Galluo. Pasamonte• to Clayton. June to Las Vegas. ;Yokkotr•t:t to Ridgewood. crozler•t to Gallup. Pastura•t:t to Santa Rosa. Tokay to San Antonio. Y ertown to Branchville. Qryatal•t to Gallup. Tolar*tt to Melrose. Patterson to Clayton. Tome*:t to Albuquerque. Cuba* to Albuquerque. Peach Springs to Gallup. Kelly• to Magdalena. Cubero• to AlbuquerQ.ue. Torreon to Estancia.. Fe. Santa to Pecos• Farmington. to Kentucky Jarctvme•tito Bordentown Ouchillo*t to Hill boro. Trampas• to Taos. Pedernal to Estancia. Kingston*t to Hillsboro. orktown • t to Woo~ cuervo•tt to Santa Rosa. Trementina* to Las Vegu. Albuto * Blanca Pena Melrose. to Kirk town. Pledras• t to Taos. Tres ourry to Fort Sumn~r. querque. Kirtland• to Farmlnrton. Tres Ritos to Las Vegas. Cutter* to San Marcial. Penasoo• to Taos. Knowles* to Carlsbad. Truchas* to Santa Fe. Aztec. to Pendleton• Turley to Aztec. ~}nraem to Hackenaack. Peralta• to Albuquerque. on• to Hopewell. Tusas to Taos. Perea to Gallup. La Cebolla to Las Vegas. Datu• to Mai.rda;ena. Petaca to Santa Fe. La Cueva* to Las Vegas. Dayton to Artesia. Lagnna•U to Albuquerque Plcaoh * to Roswell. Defiance to Gallup. Upton to Elida. Pinon• to Alamogordo. L&Joya*t to Socorro. * to Portales. Delphos Plnos Altos• to Sliver Olty. Ute Parkf • to Cimarron. Lake Arthur to Artesia Ir Lake Valley*H to Hillsboro Plnr,swella* to Willard. Dereno to Me ose. La .ta.ncte• t:t toFort Sumner Placitos* to Albuquerque. Derry* to Las Cruces. Vado to Las Cruces. Plain* to Tucumcari. La Luz• to Alamogordo. DDlix_lla•n;otLoa;:p:~~a. NEW MEXICO Valdez* to Taos. 0 Plainview* to Lovlnrton. r ue La Madera to Taos. b Valedon to Lordsburg. Po1uaque• to Santa Fe. La Mesa• to Laa Cruces. Domtngo•t:ttoAl uQue q Valencia to Albuquerque. Potva.derat to Socorro. Dona. Ana•t to Las Cruces. Lamv•tt to Santa Fe. A.bbottt:t to Roy. Vallecltos* to Taos. Ponil to Cimarron. La Plata• to Aztec. Dora to Portales. Valley Ranch* to Santa Pe. Progresso* to Willard. Duolrc t;attoo PL!gs0';!g~;rlngs, Largo to Aztec. !bblQulu• to Santa Fe. Valley View to Elida. Las Palomas* to San Mar- Puerteclto to Magdalena. o to Belen. 0 6 ,Puerto De Luna• to Santa Valmont to Alamogordo. cial. DuCnokloe.n* to Artesia. Acnne•tt to Roswell. Va.nandium to Silver Olty. Rosa. Las Tablas to Taos. Dunla.n* to Roswell. ia~W,lta to Albuqueraue. Veguita to Belen. La. Union to El Paso, Tex. Punta.* to J!;stancia.. c na. .,• Albuquerque. Ad en•u to Deming. Velarde• to Santa Fe. Ledoux to Las Vegas. Dura.n*H to oro · Venus to Estancia. \ Lemltar*t to Socorro. ttmeda• to Albuquerque. Dwyer• to Deming. Vermejo Park* to Raton. Quay• to TUcumcart. Levy* to Walt'on Mound. Al ert• to Roy Villanueva* to Las Vegas, Queen• to Carlsbad. Leyba to Las Veiras. A. C8.lde• to Santa Fe. 0 dones• to Albuquerque Ea\!e Hill to Elida. Warren Glen to llloom _ LtbertY* to Farmlnrton. I Quemado• to Magdalena. Q_u_e_sta_•--'t_to=-T.:.a. .:o:.:s-=.. _ _ ___;,_ but·g. nta..::R::.o::::s:.:a:.:-~•=L==ln:..o.:.0_1n_•_t_o_C_a_rrt_z_o_z_o_._ _ _ t t ;. , son• to Gallup. --'--------· a E. aughn ~SllverCtty. Otti +E p t Telegraph Station. • ~Ioney Order Office. eat ce. + x rese • coun t 'J S • REFERENCf: KEY.  Walnut Grove to Dover. Walnut Valley to Blain,town. Wanamassa to Asbury Park Wanaque*tt to Pompton Lakes. Waretown•U to Barnegat. ,va.rren Glen to Bloomsbury. Warren Paper MUia• to Bloomsbury. Warrenpolnt* to Pater,on. Warrenvtlle•t to Plalntle1d. Wa.shingtons Crossingt:t to Lambertville. Wuhlnrtonvlllet:t to Newton. Watobung•t to Plaln1leld Waterford Works• to Hammonton. Waterloo* to Netcong. Wa.yne*tt to Pompton Lakes. Wayside to Lonr Branch. Weehawken*t:t to Hoboken Weehawken P. o. to Town of Union. Wenonah•U to Woodbu~. Wertavllle to Flemln~n. West Berlln*t:t to Berlin. W. Cape May*t to Cape May. Westcreek*t:t to Tuckerton. West .Elizabeth to Elizabeth. West End to Long Branch. Weat Englewood U to En• glewood. West Fort Lee to Fort Lee. Weet Freehold to Freehold. W oat Grove to AsburyPark. West Long Branch* toLong Branch. West Mlltord• to Butler. Westmont• to Haddon• •Geld. ..., Moorestown Weat Moorestown. Weat .Norwood•t:t toCloster Weaton•t i to Somervllle. WW. Pa.terson*t to Paterson. to est_ Polntpleasant P omt Pleasant. W. Portal*tl to Bloomsbury. Weat Summ1t•:t to Summit. W. View to Ridgefield Park. WhieYrnoutht to Mays Land-  Amalia* to ·an .\cacio,1 Colo. Amargo to Pagosa Springs, Colo. I Amlstad* to Nara Visa. Ancho*T :t to Carrizozo. , Animas• to Lordsburg. Anton Chico• to Las Vegas. Arabela to RoswellAraion* to Maidalena. Armijo to Albuo.uerque. Arrey* to Hillsboro. Arroyo Hondo• to Taos. Arroyo Seco• to Taos. Ataque to Gallup. Atoka to Artesia. Aurora to Wagon Mound. Avis* to Alamoiordo.  EUzabethtown•:t to Raton. Elk• to Alamogordo, Elklrut'- to Kenna. El Rlto• to Santa Fe. .El Vado to Pagosa Springs, Elvira to Fort Sumner. Embudo*tt to Espanola. Emery Gap:t to Des Moines Emzy to Portales. Endee•t:t to TUcumoart. Engle*t:t to San Marcial. EnsenadatoPagosaSprings, Colo. Eunice* to Carlsbad.  I  I  I  ·I  °  I  I  I  •Tf~ir~  D  r. $  20:.:!3  I I  i\ffi Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  I  ° Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2024  Bristol Center• ti> c~na~:,-;ayu-ga•u to Auburn. Cayuta• t l to Odessa.. dalg-ua. Brlatol Springs to Naples. Cayutavtlle to Ode!l88.. Caywood•tt to Ovid. Brockway• to Beacon. Brodhead*tt to Kingston. Cedarclifl"l<t to Marlboro. Bronxdalef to New York , Cedar Grove to PoughkeepCity, Manhattan. ale. Brookdale to Winthrop. , Cedar Hlll to Albany. Brookfield to Earlville. , Cedarhurst•t t to Lawrence Brook Haven*tt to Pat- Cedarvale to Syracuse. Cedarville• to West Winchogue. field. Brooksburg• to Catskill. Celoron• to Jamestown. Brookton•tt to Ithaca. Brookview•tt to Castleton. Cementa to Saugerties. Broome Center to Middle-Center (Herkimer Co.) to burit. Frankfort. Brownville*tt to Water- Center Berlin• to Berlin. Brunswick to Troy. Center town. Poughkeepsie. to Bllllngs* WinWeat to Hill Babcock Center Cambridge to CamBlnnewater•tt to KtngstoD Bruynswick to Wallkill. field. bridge. Buchanan•t to Peeksklll. Bacon Hill t > Schuylerville Blrchton to Ballaton Spa. Centereach* to StonyBrook Bucksbridge to Madrid. Batting Hollow Station to Blrdsall*U to Angelica. Center Lisle* to Lisle. Buckton to Winthrop. Bishopville to Hornell. Riverhead. to Huntington. Centerport• Canajoharie. io Buei Bakers Mills* to North Blackbrook* to Au Sablf Center Village• U to Atton. Bull Run to Ellenvllle. Forks. Creek. Centervllle • t t (Allegany Co.) (Dutchess Bullshead* Balcom io fouth Da;vton. m:~ti!~~k~;~~b~o Co.) to Pike. to Rhinebeck. Bullshead (Rlobmond Co.) Centervllle (Ulster Co.) to Champlain. Baldwin Place•tt to CarHighland. Richmond. Port to Waterto Rlver•U Black mel. Bullvllle• t 1 to Middletown. Centervllle Station • t l to l b rt C Ballston Center to Ballston Bltolwnt. Woodridge. a 11e o ana o a e. Spa. Burden to Hudson. Ballaton Lake• ti to Sche- Blauvelt•tt to Spar.kill. Central Brldge•tt to SchoBurdett•U to Watkins. Bleecker• to Gloversville. nectady. harle. Bl~r~ett to Long Ial&nd Burke*tt to Ma.lone. Balmvlllef to Newburgh. Burllngham•to Middletown Centralia to Stockton. Central Isllp*tt to Islip. Burlington• to Edmeston. Burllnrton Flats• to Ed- Central Park•tt to FarmBlockvllle to Jamestown. t=:rook. lngdale. meaton. Bankavllle• to Greenwich, Blodgett :a.nn.•u to Cort. Ceres• U to Olean. Burnhama• to Fredonia. land. Conn. Ceylon• to Homer. Bannerho1111e• to Ch&te&u• Bloomlnrburr•tttoMlddle• 8u:ns• ti to Canaseraga. town. ray. ~tJigll~~~:ville. to Washing-, Sprlns Bloomingdale• U to Bardonla • l Burnt Hills• to Ballston Chamberat to Cornlnit. nae Lake. Valle,: Ca'l'."thage. to Champion Spa. Barkersville to Ballston Spa Blooming Grov~t to WashChapln•U to Canandaigua. Bumwood• to Hancock. ingtonville. Barnard • t t to Rochester. Watertown to Mills* Burrs Barnervllle• to Coblecklll. Blooml~n• to Kingston Chappaqua•t i to Pleasantvllle. Burt•U to Lockport. Barnes•U to Dundee. Burtonavllle• toAmaterdam Charleston to ~ ~. Y. City. Barnes Oorners• to Copen- Blouvale•U to Camden. Bushes Landing*t to Low- Onarleston Four Corners to hagen. Fultonville. ville. Bameveld*U to Holland Blue idountaln Lake• H to Old Forge. Bushnellsville* to Kingston. Charlottett to Rochester. Patent. Center to SlnCharlotte Monticello. to Bushville* Patchoto Polnt•ti Blue Barre Center to Albion. clalrvllle. gue. Buskirk*t to Hoosick Falls. Barrytown • t t to Red Hook to East Charlotteville• Henry Port to Jamestown. to Rldre• Busti Blue BarryvUJ.e• to Port Jervta. Worcester. Blue Stores• to Hudaon. Butler Centert to Walcott. Bartlett* to Rome. Rluff Polntti to PennYa.n. Buttermilk Falla to High- Chantont to Ballston Spa. Barton•U to Waverly. land Falla. Bartow on the Sound to Bohemia• to Sayvllle. Chase Mills•t to Madrid. Byersville to Dansville. New York City (Bronx). Boiceville• to Kingston. Chasevllle* to Schenevus. Byron*tt to Batavia.. Bolton• to Lake George. Chasm Falls to Malone. Bolton Landing• U to Lab Buom• to Oakfield. Chateaugay Lake* to ChatGeorge. BatohellervWe• to Northeaugay. Bombay•U to Fort Covlngvllle. Chatham Center•Uto Chation. Cadosla • U to Hancock. Bates• to Mlddlebure;. ham. BathbeachU to Brooklyn. t ~~~tsburir Chaumont*tt to Cape to Bonaparte• to Harrisville. 8!t~~~e;~ 0 c-ent. ~!ills. E-rnns to Norwich. to Calcium~tt Bonney• Rensselaer. to Dobb: Battenvme• to Greenwich. . Boomertown f to James- Caldwellt to Lake George. C'bauncey*tt Ferry. town. Callicoon Center• to JefferChautauqua•U to Mayvllle. Ba ft~~~~a.tfa~) York: Boquet• to Port Henry. sonville. Borden to Elkland, Pa. Calverton• t l to Riverhead. Bayport•U to SayvUle. Chazy•tt to Champlain. Cameron• U to Addlson. Bayside*tt to N. Y. City. Border Clty•t to Geneva. Cheektowaga to Bu.fl'alo. J:Jayville*t to Oyster Bu. Boreas River to PortHenry Cameron Mllla•U to Addl- Chelsea*t (Dutchess Co.) aon. Borodlno• to Skaneatelee. to Beacon. B~~!a:i~!!.t t to North C&millua*U to Syracuse. Campbell Hau•u to Gosh- Chelsea (Richmond Co.) to Boston•u to Hamburg. Bearsville• to Saugerties. Port Richmond. Boston Comer• f i to Miller- , en. Chemung•U to Waverly. Campvllle•u to Owego. ton. B°teilC:. Brook• to Monti-- Bouckvllle•u Chemung Center to Waverto Hamilton Canaan•ti to Chatham. ly. Canada Lake to GloversBeaver Dams•u to Cornlnr Bovina• to Delhi. to Chenango Brldge• t t ville. Beaver Fans•i to Lowvllle. Bovtn& Center• to Deihl Binghamton. Canadlce to Livonia Bowen to Randolph, Beaver Kill• to Roscoe. Chenango Forks• U to Beaver Meadow •to South Bowens Cornerat to Fulton. Canarslet to Brooklyn. Greene. Bowmansville•U to LanOtselic. Chenlngo to Truxton. Caneadea.*tl to Belfast. caster. Beaver River•tt to Remaen . Cannonsvllle* to Deposit. Chepachet• t to West WinBecker·s Corners to Albany. Boyd to Lowville. field. Boylston Center to Lacona. Canoga to Seneca Falla. Beckwith to Rochester. Cherry Plain to Berlin. Bedrord•t to Mount Ktsoo. Boyntonvllle to Hoosick I Canterbury to Cornwall. to Canandaigua. Cheshire Cantonvllle to Ellenville. Falls. Bedford Hills*tt to Mount Chestertown•T to Warre119Ca.pron• to Utica. Kisco. Bradford• to Bath. burit. Cardiff* to Tully. Bradley* to Libert:,. Chesterville to Ravena. Brainard Statlon•tt to Beekman to Pawling. Cheviot• to Hudson. Carle Park w .Mineola. Chatham. Beekmantown to Plattsto FleischChichester• Brainerdsville* to Cbateau- Carle Place to Iineola. burg. manns. Carlisle• to Cobleskill. gay. Beerston•t to Walton. Albion. to Childs Branchport• to Penn Yan. Carlisle Centre• to Coble- Child wold to Tupper Lake. Belcher• to Salem. skill. Bra.ndretht to Tupper Lake I Bel!ort to Lowvllle. Chlll• to Rochester. Carlton* to Albion. Belgium* to Baldwinsville. Brant• to Angola. Brantingham• to Lowvllle I Carlton tation•tt to Al- Ctlll Station• t t to Church· ville. bion. Brasher Center to Brasher Belle Isle to Syracuse. Chllaon • to Ticonderoga. Carlyont to Lyndonville. Falls. Bellevllle• to Adama. Chipman to Madrid. Brasher Iron ·works to Carman• to Schenectady. Bellevuet to Lanoaater. Ca.raga Lake* to Glovers- Chipmonk• to Allegany Brash r Falls. Bellona•ti to Geneva. Chippewa Bay • to Ham· ville. Brasle Corners• to Ham• to Sta.tiontt Bellona mond. Caroline to Ithaca. mond. Geneva. Bellport*tt to Patcboirue. . Breakabeen• to Middleburg. Caroline Center to Ithaca. Caroline Depot• t to Ithaca. Chittenango* to Syracuse. Bellvale• to Warwick. Breesport*tt to Horseheads Carrollton•tt to Salamanca Chlttenanio Falls to casBellwood to Lowville. enovla. Bay. Carylt to Yonkera. to Belmont Center to Ma.lone ..1 Brentwood •ft Chittenango Statlon•U to • Cassadaga* to Fredonia.. Belvldere•tt to Belmont. I Shore. Syracuse. Brewerton*tt to Central Caasvllle•tto WestWl.nfteld. Churchtown to Hudson. quare. Bemus Heights to MeehanChurubusco• to ChateaU• Bnarcllff ManorU too ssi- Castle to Oneida. icsville. gay. ' Caatlto Creek• to Whitney nlng. Bemu1 Point•U to JameitCicero• to Syracuse. Point. I Bricett to Albion. town. Bridgeport• to Syracuse. I Castleton Cornerst to Port Cicero Center to Syraou■eBenedict• to Northvllle. Richmond. Bennettaburit• to Watklna. Brtdgevllle" to Monticello. Bennettsvllle to Balnbrldp Brldgewater•u to West l Caaiorland•tt to Lowvllle. Clrclevllle•U to Middletown 1 Catatonk•i to Owego. Wlnfteld. Bennlnl[ton• to Attloa. Benson Mines•:t: to Harris- Brier Hill*tt to Morristown Catawba• to Hammond&- City Isiandtt to New York City (Bronx). ))Ort. Brlghtonti to Rochester. ville. " .. Clare• to Canton. Benton Center to Penn Yan, Brightwaters*tt to Bay- Catlin to Horaebeada. Clarence Center• t t to - · Caton to Corning. shore. · ...._ ron. Berirholts to North Tona- Brinckerhoff•tt to Bea.con. Cawldll Stailon•t to CatsClarenceville t t to R 1,_.kill. B rlaben • ti to Greene. wand&. mond HUI . Berkahlre*ti to Newark Brl8coe• to Jeffersonville. Caughdenoy•tt to Central Clarendon• to HollC!Y- _ quare. Br11tol• to Eaat Bloom0eld. Valley.  $tori a to l •• Y. City. Waldo to Albuquerque. Ashvllle*t to Jamestown. Warren to Portales. Watrous•tt to Las Veiras.' Asbwood•tt toLyndonvllle. I f:t~rs~r:~1:fi8!':1iamWeed* to Alamoe;ordo. bure;. Wh1te Oaks* to Carrizozo . White Sl~l to Silver Clty. Atlanta•ti to Wayland. Atwater•U to Aurora. White Tail to Tularosa. Whitewater*tt (Grant Co.) Atwood* to Kingtson. Auirusta• to Oriskany Falls. to Silver Oity. Whitewater*tt (McKinley Aurellust to Auburn. Aurlesvlllef t to Fultonvllle. Co.) to Ga lup. Au Sable Chasm• t to X Ray to Mountainair. Keesevllle. A111terlltz• to Chatham. Yeso*tt to Fort Summer. Ava• to Boonville. Averlll Park• to Troy. Youngsville to Santa Fe. Awosting to Walden. Zuni• to Gallup.  NEW YORK  Abbotts to Cuba. Academy to Canandalp&. Accord*tt to Kerhonkson. Aoldalla • to Roscoe. Aora • to Catskill. Adam'a Basln•U to Brock-  A!a°~i Center• t ito Adam.a  Adam'• Comera• to Peekskill. Adlrondack•U to Warrensburg. Adrian• f i to Canisteo. Alabama•t to Medina. Alabama Center to Medina. Alabama Sta.tiontt to Oakfield. Alburg to St. Regis Falla. Aloove• to Ravena. Alden Center to Alden. Alder Brook• to Saranac Lake. AlderCreek•U to Boonville Aldrich to Harrisville. Ale:s.ander•tt to Attica. Alfred Statlon•U to Alfred. Allaben*t to Ma.rgaretvllle. Allens Falls to Potsdam. Allens BIil to East Bloomfield, Allentown•T to Welllvllle. Alllrervllle• to New Paltz. . Alloway to Lyons. Alm&• to Wellavllle. Almond•ti to Hornell. Alpine• ft io Odesaa. Alplaua to Schenectady. Alp1 to Troy. Alien• U to Catsklll. Altay to Dundee. Altmar• t t to Pulaski. Alton•U to Sodus. A\tona•U to Chamolain. Amaganaett•u to Eut Hampton. Amber• to Marcellus.  f:~~ 8~~~~ tg I:~1t..  Ames• to Canajoharie. Amity• to Warwick. Ancram• t t to Pine Plalna. Ancram Lead Mlnes•u to Pine Plains. Annadalet t <Richmond Co.) I to N. Y. City. Annandale-On-Hudson• (Dutchess Co.) to Red Hook. Apalachin•U to Owego. Apex•U to Hancock. Appleton*tt tQ Barker. ,\pulla•t to Tully. Apulla Sta.•U to Tull:,. A,1u-eboirue• l to Riverhead. AqueductU (Queens Co.) to Ozone Park. Aquetuck• to Ravena. Archdale to Greenwich. Arden•u to Monroe. Ardonta• to New Platz. Ardaley•U to Dobb's Ferry Ardsley on Hudson•u to Irvington. Arena•t:t to Margaretvllle. Arrusvme• to ~anaJonarte. Arkvllle•U to Margaretvllle. Arkwright to Fredonia. Arlington• (Dutchess Co.) to Poughkeepsie. Arlingtont <Richmond Co.) to Mariners Harbor. Armonk• to Pleasantvllle. Armort to Hamburg. Arrochart to N. Y. City. Arthursburg to La Grangeville. Arverneti to N. Y. City. Ashford (CattaraulrUl!I Co.) to Ellicottville. Ashford (Westchester Co.) _.._~_J:?obbs Ferry. ......uad • tto Grange Gorre ~h~~a:•totiKtol Kingston. ngaton, ..... ...,n  I  NEW YORK  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  NEW MEXICO  I  Berkshire Pass to Millerton. Berne to Altamont. Bernhard~ BaJ·* to Central B~~~~~<z·u to Ithaca. Bethany to Batavia. Bethel* to Jeffersonville. Bethlehem Center to Albany. Bidwell to Rochester. Bigcreek to Hornell. Bigelow• to Gouverneur. Big Flats•U to Corning. Big Hollow* to Catskill. Big Indian*ti to Margaretville. Big Moose*tt to Old Forge. Big Tree to Hamburg.  I  i::gi;:t!  IIIIFERENCE KEY.  I  !  Bi~:~ir:!t  m~~1::rii  ;;ru~:~:~~-  g::~:-Jt~  i  I  I  6  I  !  l  ,county Seat.  • !\loney Order Office.  tTelegraph Statton.  tExpreBB Office.  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  NEW YORK  Donnansvllle* to Albany. East Poughkeepsie Coventry• to Greene. to Coventryvllle• to Bain- Douglaston*tt to Queens, Poughkeepsie. N. Y. City. bridge. E. Quogue•t to Riverhead. CovertU to Trumansburg. Dover Furnacett to Dover East River to Cortland. Plalna. Covevllle to Schuylerville. :~~kaway•ti to LynDresden•tt to Penn Yan. 0 ~it~Zon. Dresden Station • t i to East Rodman• to WaterWhitehall. town. Claverhouse* to Rochester. Cow-Neck to Port WaahlngDresservllle to Moravia. East Salamanca* to Salaton. Clay• ti to Syracuse. manca. Olayburg• t to Plattsburg. Coxaackie Station t (Colum- Drybrook to Margaretville. East Schodack• t to Albany bia Co.) to Coxackie. Clear Creek to 'onewango East Schuyler to Frankfort. Coxsackie Station (Green Duane• to Malone. Valley. Duaneabllr&'• ti to SchenecCo.) to Coxsackie. Clearwater• i to Remsen. tady. Crafts*t to Carmel. Cleaver• to Walton. Dugway to Parish. East Shelby to Medina. Cra~moor• to Ellenville. Clemons• ti to Whitehall. Dunhams Basin to Hudson East Sidney to Franklin, Ora1g*t to Schenectarly. Clermont• to Hudson. Falls. Springfield• to Cherry Clevetand*H to Central Cralgsvllle•ti to Chester. Dunham& Hollow• to Tro1 Valley. Cranberry Creek•U to Square. Dunraven•ti to Margaret- Steamburg to TruNorthville. Oleverda.le*t to La.keGeorge ville. mansbur1t. Cll1ton•t (Monroe Co.) to Cranberry Lake" to Canto.1. to Jamaica, . Y. CranesvWe • to Amater- Duntont Caledonia. City. Eastvtew•tt to Tarrytown. dam. Ollftont (Richmond Oo.),to Durham*t to Catskill. East Waldentt to Walden. Crary Mllls• to Canton. N. Y. City. ti to Oneida. East White Plains• to White CllftonPark•t toMechanlcs- Craryville•tt to Philmont. Durhamvme• Florida. to Plains. Creedmoort to - -. Y. ity. Durlandville ville. Junction• ti to East Wllllamsburitb1 to Creek Locks* to Kingston. Dutchess Climax• to Coxsackie. Bea.con. Queens. . Y. City. Crescenti to Cohoes. Clinton Corners•U to Dutch Settlement to Kings- Eai:it Wllliamson•ti to WllCrestwoodtt to Yonkers. Poughkeepsie. ton. hamson. Cllntondale•Uto NewPaltz. Urittenden*t to Corfu. Dwaar Kill* to Pinebush. E. Williston•tt to Mineola. Clinton Hollow to Pourh- Oroi>kett•U to Oswe&"o, Dykemans•u to Carmel. East Wilson to Wilson. keevsle. East Windham•tto Catskill Clintonville* to Keeseville. Cronomer Valley to NewE. Windsor*tt to Windsor. burg. Olookville* to Canastota. E, :ffieldti to W. WinCropseyville• to Troy. Clove to Dover Plains. 6 Eaitle• ti to Bliss. Crosby to Penn Yan. Clove Valley to Pawling. Eastwood • t to Syracuse. Forge. Old to Bay*tt Eagle Mount to iUver• Cross Clymerbil to Olymer. Eagle Bridge• ti to Hoosick East Worcester to WorKisco. Oochccton*H to Callicoon. cester. Falls. Oocheton Center* to Calli- Croton Fallll•ti to Brewster to Hamilton. Croton Lake•U to Mount Eaitle Harbor• t 1 to Albion Eaton•tt coon. Eatonville to Little Falls. I Eaitle Mills• to Troy. Kisco. Cockburn to Saugerties. Croton Landing to Croton I Ooeymans*t to Ravena. E. Amherst to Tonawanda. Ebentt to Potsdam. on Hudson. Coeymans Hollow• to ti to Buffalo. Crown Point Center• to E. Ashford to Springville. Ebenezer• Ravena. Echo•t to Port Jefferson. E. Avon* to Avon. Crown Point. Colla• to Cambridge. East Beekmantown* to Eddy to Canton. Peekskill. to Crugers*t Eddyville (Ulster Co.) to C o Id Brook* to Poland. Plattsburg. Crum Elbow to Pou&"h· Rondout. keepsle Colden•ti to Hambur&", East Berne* to Altamont. Crysta\ Dale* to LowvUle. E. Bethany*tt to Batavia. Eddyville(Cattaraugus Co.) Coldenham to Walden. Elllcottville. to Middleto Crystalrun*tt E. Bloomfleld*t to HolCold Spring (Suffolk Co.) to Eden• to North Colllns. town comb. Huntlngton. Eden Centret i to North Coldspring Harbor•t to Cuddebackvllle• to Port Colllns. Jervis Huntington. East Branoh•tt to HanEden Valley to Hamburg. cock. i~~gs (Steuben Oo.) Cullen to Richfield Springs. to Warwick. Edenville• Chatham*H to Chatham Oold Springs (Ulster 00 ) Currlers Stationt to Arcade E. East Chester1 (Orange Co.) Ediemeret t to Far Rooka· g~~.t~ 0Lg'a«;;fbell. to New Paltz. to Chester. to Cold Spring Statton to Cutchogue• to Mattltuck. East Chestert (Bronx Oo., to New York City (Man- Ed nburg• to Northville. cu ler•H to De Ruyter. Huntington. Windsor. to Edson hatt 1 •. ) Coldwater•U to_ Rochester. Cuyylervllle•t1 to Mount Edwardsville to Morristown Colemans to Utica. East Clarence to Akron. Morr1s. Coleman Statlon•ti to MUE. Cobleskill* to Cobleskill. lerton. E. Concord*tt to, Spring- Eg!!ertsvilJe to "'illiamsville. <'ollamer to East yracuse. ville. E. Dickinson to Brushton. Egypt to Fairport. C'ollege l'oint*"tt Lo . Y. Dairyland* to Ellenville. ('ity. Dale• t t to Warsaw. East Durham•t to CatskW. Elbertatt to Hansomville. Colllerst t to Oneonta. Damascus to Windsor. Elbridge• to Syracuse. East Eden to Hamburg. Colllersvllle• to Oneonta. Danby to Ithaca. Eldred• to Port Jervis. Fishkill to Beacon. East Collins• U to Gowanda. toPlattsburg t Dannemora*t 1Ellzabethtown*tto WestCamden. to Florence East Collins Center•to Gowanda. Danubet to Little Falls. East Floyd to Holland Colosse* to Pari h. Darien• U to Attica E1Pz~1;u1e• t to Red Hook. Patent. Oolton• to Potsdam. Darien Center•t to Corfu. E. Freetown*t to l\Iarathon Elka Park•t to Catskill. Columbta• to Mohawk. to chenevus. Elkbrook*to Roscoe. Columbiaville• to Hudson. Davenport• Davenport Center•H to Elk Creek• to Schenevus. olumbus to New Berlin. Oneonta. I Commack• to Northport. 1~1~~~cI~lley. Batavia. East Greenwich• to Salem. Comstock•U to Fort Ed- Daws•totoCorinth. Day• East Groveland to Geneseo. Ellenburg• tto Chauteagay. Pulaski. Ellenburg Center • to Chat,. East Gulltord*t to Sidney Co~~~~ci (Erle Co.) to Daysvillet itotoGowan<;1.a. eaug-ay. Dayton*H E. Hamilton* to Hamilton. Sorlngvllle. Ellicott to Hamburir. Concordt(Rlchmond Co.) to Deansboro•U to Oriskany East Hamll.nft to Hilton. 1 Falls. to Conewango Stapleton. Deoruce * t to Livingston East Hampton Springs to Conesus•ti to Livonia. Elllslmrg* to Lacona. Manor. East Hampton. Coneavllle• to Grand Gor~e. Ellsworth to Aurora. East Hannibal to Fulton. to Co11e- Deck to • Iobawk. Conewango*t Deerhead* to Kee.seville. East Haverstraw to Peeks- Elma•tt to Lancaster. Center• t1 to East Elma L~ke. Tupper to IJeerland* BrooJ·to co'~~~!gfs1r1~N:+t Aurora. Deer Park*t t to Faraung- E~fiiomer• t tto Cortlar d. lni dale. East Irvington to Irvington Elmdale to Gouverneur. gongers•tt to Haverstraw. Elmhurst·~tt to New York East Java to North Java. ,onlfer*t to Tupper Lake. Rtver•tt to Carthage. East Jewett• to Catsklll. City. Borough of Queens. Cconklin•tt to Hallstead.Pa. Deer to Carthage. East Kingston• t to Kings- Elmontt to Floral Park. 0nklin Center to Bing- Deferiet* Albany. Defreestville to Elm Parkt to Port Rlchton. hamton. to Hermon. East Koy to Pike. gonkUngville•t to Corinth. Degrasse* DeKalb to Canton. Plains. E~f~~d•;i~ onnelly• to Kingston. DeKalb Junctton*t i toCan- i~sU~~~~~i~P\~nfg~: l<~lm \'alley to WcllsYille. Conquest to Weedsport. Elnora• t t to Mechanlosville. Constable•u to Malone. to Delhi. vllle. East Masonvllle* to UnaConstablevme• to Boonville. D;f~ncey*t Schenectady Elpls to Cleveland. dilla. 00111,tantia*tt to Central Delanson*t tto Dellwoodtt to Lancaster. E. Meredith*H to Oneonto. Elsmere to Albany. Square. to Albany. East Mllls to Poughkeepsie. Eltlngville*t to Richlllond, gooksburit• to Mlddleburir. Delmar•tt . Y. City. C Ooks Corners to Brushton. Delohl Falls t i to Cazen- East Morlches•tt to Center Morlches. 00 c00kl8 Falls•ti to Roscoe. Di~~ier * to Mexico. to Arcade. Elton• Chatham. to Nr.ssau• East ey• to Liberty. Denley to Boonville. Emerick* to Cohoes. East N£.wark to Newark• goomer to Lockport. Denmark* to Carthage. orthport*t to NorthE. 00 nrod to 'Rome. lWt~edm,c:ir;ernDenton to Mlddleto~. port. Coopers Plalna• to Comlnir. Denver* to Margaretville. eur. E. orwich* to Oyster Bay. Cooperstown Junction* tc,'Clayton. Depauvllte• to Richmond• Greenwich. to Eminence Easton to Oneonta. ville. to Chaxn- De Peyster• to Heuvelton. East Onondaga* to OnonCoopersvwe• Angola. to Derby•U to Livingston Emmonsvllle Valley. daga Plaln. Derrick: to TUoper Lake. Manor. East Otto• to Cattaraugus. gooake• U to Mlllerton. RoEast to t Despatch Katonah. to Falls• to Millerton. East Palermo to Central Empireville 0 °Pake Enfield Center• to Ithaca. quare. 1 to Amityville. Dih,~~~f•t to I•'aycttevpl . 0 ~~lairue• Palmyra Auburn. to to t t Palmyra•: Ensenore• East Jefferson. rt P to am• Dewittville*tt to Mayville. East Park to Poughkeepsie. Ephratah• to Fort 0 orbetttt to Downsvllle. Plain. 00 to Fulton. PatHarto t Mariners to Patchogue• Erastinat East [;~~ttsville* to Hallstead. Dextervllle Diamond Point• to Lake bor. . Y. City. chogue. Cornwall Landing* to Corn- Dl~~~~4;i center• ft to St. E. Pembroke*tt to Batavia. Er1eville•tt to Oazenovia. Ertn•ti to Horseheads. Co'\Vall. Reita Falls. East Penfield to Falrvort. Esopus•u to Kingston. o0tnwaUvme• T to CaatkW. Divine corners• to LlbertY. East Pharsalia• to Norwich Esperance*t to Schoharie. r<:>na,1ctt to New York East Pitcairn to Edwards. Essex• i to Westport. Co~Y, Borough of Queens. Dix to Rome. East Pleasantville• to Plea- Etna• U to Dryden. o YUna• to Salem. Dodge to Jamestown. santville. Euclid• to BaldwlnsvWe. O:ttage to South Dayton. Dongan Rieb-, .to Hills*t East Poestenkill• to Troy. Eureka* to Ellenville. 0 0 tteklll•ti to Klnpton. mond, . Y. City. Eaatport•u to Center Mor- Evans to Anirola. ~,ty Line to Lyndon- Doraville Windsor. to 0 •111e. lchea. Eva.n's Center to Angola. Dorloo* to Cobleskill, ~ to Albany. • Money Order Office. t Telegraph Station. , County Sea\. REFERENCE KEY. Clark to Jamestown. Clark Mllla•U to Clinton. Clarksburg to Hamburg. Clarkson• to Brockport. Clarksville* to Albany.  8l:Ve"~::,tr  I  Oolg  Ed;;li"s ·J~h~~k:  u  I  I: i~~':~b~;~*'ai~~{t~~;: if~i:f~  Eli ~T~~t'  l  W~i';;  ~::~n!~  u Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2025  Evergreentt to Ridgewood N. Y. City.  i:::~m:l~  E~:  g~~rvcm;~t~l~~·  I  NEW YORK  I  ~T:::fton Fairfield• to Little Falla. l<'a1r Heaven*tt to Oato. Fairmountn to Syracuse. Fairoaks* to Middletown. Fairville to Newark. Fallsburg• to Monticello. to Sta.tiontt Fallsburg South Fallsburg. Fancher• t t to Holley. FargoU to Corfu. Farmer to Interlaken. Farmers MUls* to Carmel. Farmersvllle to Frankltnvllle. Farmersville Statlon•ti to Franklinville. Farmlnltton to Palmyra. Farnham• t 1 to Angola. Far Rockaway*tt t.:> New York City, Borough of Queens. Faust•t to Tupper Lake. Fawns to Saugerties. Fayette• to Seneca Falls. Felts Mllls•tito Watertown Fentonvtlle*to Jamestown. Fergusons Corners to Penn Yan. Fergusonville• to Schenevus. Ferndale•ti to Liberty. Fernwood•U to Pulaski, Feura Bush*tt to Albany. Findley Lake• to Sherman • Fine* to :!:Edwards. Flne View* to Clayton. Finks Basin to Little Falla. Fire Place to East Hampton. Firthcllffe*tt to Cornwall. Fish Creek*t t to Oneida. Flshers•tt to Victor. Fishers Island• to New London, Conn. Fishers Landing• to Clayton. Fishkill on the Hudson to Beacon. Fishkill Plains to Wappln~ers Falls. Fishkill Villa~e to Fishkill. Flshs Eddy• t t to Hancock. Five Corners to Genoa. Flackville to Heuvelton. Flatbusbtt to N. Y. Clty • Brooklyn. Flat Creek to Canajoharie. Fleming to Auburn. Flemtngsvtlle1 t to Owego Flint• to Geneva. Fiorence* to Camden. Floyd to Holland Patent. Flushing*it to New York City, Borough of Queens. Fluvanna to Jamestown Fly Creek•tto (;001>erstown Fly l\fountain to Hondout. Fly Summit• to Cambridge. Folsomda.le to Attica.  il!'~o t~h:l;!f,~:lio~ < ;~~::~;i Forest, _Hills to Que 11 ·,  \. City.  Forest Hornet to Ithaca. Forestlne* to Monticello. Forest Lawn•u to Webster Forest of Deans Mir es to Central Yalley. Forestoort•tt to Remsen. Forks• to Buffalo. Forsyth to Ripley. Ft. Ann*tt to Fort Edward, Fort Hamilton Tt to Brooklyn. Ft. Huntn*tl to Amsterdam. Fort Jack. on• to Winthrop. Ft. Johnson*tt to Amsterdam. Fort Mlller• to Schuylervme. Fort Montgomery• to Highland Falls. Fort Salonga• to Northport Fort Terry•to New London, Conn. Fort Ticonderoga*t 1 to Tl• conderoga. Ft. ,vadswortbt to Richmond, . Y. City. Fosterdale* to Jeffersonville. Four Cornerst to Port Richmond, . Y. City. Four Mlle• t to Olean. Fowler to Gouverneur. Fowlerville• U to York. Fox to Springville. Fox. Hollow to Margaretville. Fox Island to Port Chester Frankfort Hlll to Utica.. to Depot•tt Franklln Franklin. Iron Work■ to FrankUn Springs• f lto Clin-  Fr~!1l:n. ton.  Franklin Square to Hemp. ltead.  t Expre11e Ofllce. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2026  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  NEW YORK 1  Franklinton• to Mlddle1 Fr:~f!lin~me • t t (Sutrolk Co.) to R\verhead. Fraser• to Delhi. Freedom• t t to Arcade. Freedom Plains to Pough- ' keepsle. Freehold•t to Catskill. Freemant to Addison. Fri~~~~m Corners to :MaraFreeville•tt to Dryden. Fremont Center• to Callicoon. ' French Creek to Sherman. French Mountain* to Glens Falls. Frewsburir•t to Jamestown Freysbush to Fort Plain.  I  Grandviewt to Nyack. HHaarrtrroswoner*JtttooARmyes.terda ..... l Gr~ftfe~rvllle to Schuyler- Rartfteld* to Mayvllle. ..... Gra ite to Kerhonkson. Hartford* to Fort Ann. Granite Springs•ti to Car• Hartland to Gasport. mel. Hart Lot•t to Skaneateles. Graniteville to Port Rich- Hartman to Glens Falls. mond, N. Y. City. Hartsdale•tt to White Grant• to Poland. Plains. 1 Grant Oit yt to Stapleton, Hartwick Seminary• to 1 H~~~~r~~~- Downsville. Gr~J~.~~J" Walton. Grapevllle• to Coxsackie. Hasbrouck• to LlbertY. Grasmeret t o Stapleton, Haseiton to Au Sable Forks. • . Y. City. Haskell Flats to Cuba. Grassy Po1nt•t to Haver- Hasklnville to Hornell. straw. Hastings *H (Oswego Co.) Gratwlckti to North Tonato Parish. wanna. Hastingst (Westchester Co) Gravesendt to Brooklyn. to Hastings upon Hudson Gravesvllle* to Poland. Hastings Center to Central  NEW YORK Kenoza Lake* to Jeffersonville. Kensico to White Plains. Kent•t to Albion. Kent Cliffs• to Carmel. E"enwooct•U to Oneida. Kenyonvllle to Lyndonville Ketchums Corners to Sara-  lHiuunnt~tlantod TtannM ersdvd11·u:: 0 1 burg~ Hunter'& PolntU to Long bland ity, .. ~. Y. Oity. Hun ta Com era to Marathon. Hunts Polnt1 to New York City (Manhattan). Hurley•tt to ~lngston. Ji~~~~~e:Jtt~'ri~~lcello. Husteds to Millerton. Hyde Park • t t (Dutchess Co.) to Poughkeepsie. Hvde Park (Nassau Co.) to Mineola. Hyde Park (Otsego Co.) H~dCsoopee;9t\otwn.o Cobleskill. , ~ villi •  K~~.;filr.'i to Newark Valley. Keuka • tto Ht!:mmondsport Keuka Park•to Penn Yan. Klam a• to Monticello. Kiantone to Jamestown. Kildare• t to Tuppor Lake. Klllawog•tt to Marathon. Klll Buck•ttto Salamanca. King Ferry* to Genoa. York Kingsbury• to Hudson ~~ft\~~d~t f~a~tWf:-Json. i~nd Carth . Hf~~~ie• to Smithtown I Falls. Frult Valleyt to Oswego. Greatkills•ti to TottenJff:, Kings Park*Uto Northport Branch. Index •t to Cooperstown. Fullers*ti to Schenectady. T _ Y. City. Haven• to Middletown. Indian Castlett to Little Kirk to Norwich. Fullervllle Iron Works• to Great River•ti to East Hawkeye * to Au Sable Klrkland•t to Clinton. Falls. Gouverneur. Islip. KlrkvWe•tt to Syracuse. Forks. I Indian Falls• to Corfu. Fultonham• to Middlebu11t. Great Valley•tt to Ellicott- Hawkinsville• to Boonvllle. Indian Fields* to Ravena.. ville. Hawleyton to Binghamton. Indian Lake• to North Klrkwood•ft to BlnghamGabrlels*Uto Saranac Lake Greecet to Rochester. Hawthorne•tt to PleasantCreek. ton. Gage• to Penn Yan. Greendale*t to Oataldll. ville. , Indian River to Croghan. Gaines to Albion. Greenfl.eld* to Ellenville. Haynerville to Troy. 1 Ingham M.llls to Dolgeville. Kir ·chnen·ille to Croghan. Gale• to TUpper Lake. GreenQeld Center • to Sara- Hayt Corners• t t to Ovid. 1 Ingleside to Naples. Kiskatom to Catskill. Galilee to Ol?densburg. toga Springs. Hazel• to Roscoe. , Ingranam to Plattsbu11t. Kltcbawan•tt to Mount Gallatlnvile• to Pine Plains Green Haven• to Pawllnr Heath to Saugertlea. Inlet* to Remsen. Kisco. Gallupville• to Schoharie. Green Islandt to Troy. • Hebron to Salem. Inman• to Saranac Lake. Knaop Creek• to Olean. Galway• to Ballston Spa. 1 Greenlawn•UtoHuntington Heclat to Vernon. Inwoo<!t tc;, Far Rockaway, Knl'welhurst• to WarrensGanabitote* to New Paltz. Greenport Center to Rud- Hecla Works to Vernon. • •. ): . City. baTg. Gansevoort•tt to Fort Edson. Hector•tt to Watkins. Ionia•U to HolcoP'lb. Knowlesville• to Medlna. ward. Green Rldge*t to Totten- He'1dens* to Ithaca. Ira• to Cato. Knox• t0 Schoharie. Garbut•tt to Rochester. I ville, N. Y. City. Knoxboro Helena*H to Brasher Falls. Irona•t to Champlain. to Oriskany Garden Clty*tt to Mineola. , Greenrlver to Chatham. Hemlock•tt to Livonia. Irondequoit•t to Rochester Falls. Garden City Parkt to Min• , Greenvlllo•t (Greene Oo.) Henderson •t to Adams. Ironton to North Ton'"° Kortright• to On('l()nta. eola. to Coxsackie. Henderson H a r b o r• to "!anda. . Kripplebush* to .B..erkonkGardenvllle•t to Buffalo. Greenville (Orange Co.) to Adams. Irvmg•tt to Silver Creek. son. Gardlner•tt to New Paltz. Port Jervis. Henrletta•tt to Rochester. Ischua•tt to Fra.n.Kllnville. Krumville*t to KerhonkGardners Comers to Low- Greenville ( Westchester Hensonville•t to Catskill. Italy to Naples. son. ville. Co.) to car dale. Hermitage to Gainesville. Italy Hlll to Prattsburg. Kuckville to Lyndonville. Garfield• to Plttsfteld,Mi&Ss. Greenville Center• to Cox- Hemn1r to Carthage. Itaska•~o Wbttney Point. Kyserike*tt to Kerhonkson saokle. Hewlett• U to Lynbrook. Garland to Brockport. Greenwayt to Rome. H~bernla• to _Millbrook. Garnertown to Comwall. Greenwood Lake• to 'War- 11 Hicks to Elmira. GamervWe•t to Haverwick. Higginsville to Oneldir. . Lack ll straw. Gregorytown to Downsville High Falls•H to Kerhonk- .Jackson Comers• to Pine Lad awack• to SE env111eal. Garnet• to North Creek. Greig• to Lowville. son. Plains. entown to prtnr V • Garoga• to Johnstown. GreipvUJe•rt to York. Highla?,d Lake• to Port Jacksonvtlle• to Trumau- L;~f'eton• to Ellenville. Garrattsvme• to Edmeston. Grenell•tt to Clayton. 1 JervIS. built, L F - *H Cl O arretsons t.ation to Rich- Greycourt• tt to Cheater. Highland MWs•ti to Jacks Reef to Syracuse. argevi.11 e to ayton mond, N. Y. City. Grlfflns Mills to East AuCentral Valley. Jamaica•tt to New York T _ , aytetttvie llt to Tullto y.Pl Garrlson•tt to Cold Sprlnr. rora. Hlghmount*t to FlelschCity, Borough of Queens. .._.aye e e ne Ortn dstone •t to Cla,~on. -+ manns · Jamesport•tt to G arwoo d ++ to C anaseraga. M d Jamesville•tt to Riverhead Syracuse LaPlains. Grange to Perry. Gates*t to Rochester. Groome to Schenectady. Highvlew•J to Id letown. Jamison Road•tt to East Lagrangeville•tt to PougbGayhead• to Coxsackie. Groovllle* to Livingston High Woo s to Saugerties. Aurora. . keepsle. Georv:etown•t to Earlville. Manor. HHlbum*U to Suffern. Laird Ill Olin G Statl • to Groton City to Groton. Hllllldale•U to Phllmont. Jaquins• to Corry, Pa. sv e to t-0n. ~~~T~~ on i: Groveland to Geneseo Jasper• to Canisteo. Lake•tt to Warwick. Germantown*tt (Columbia Grove Springs to Rome. Java• to Arcade. ta~e to wt01; 0 ti Oo.) to Hudson. Gullderland•t to Albany. Hillside• to Pleasantville. JaJ:v;.enter•r: to North aH!rr1sv°n~:~ar e o Ge:gi~~~~n!i~.ranre Oo.) G~i«:!r<1 Center•tt to Hlmrod•tt to Dundee. Java Village• to North Java Lake Clear• to Saranac Gerry*tt to Jamestown. Guilfurd*tt to Sidney. Hlnckley•tt to Remsen. Jay• to Au Sable Forks. Lake. 0 Getzvllle•tt to Tonawanda. Gulllord Center• to Sidney. La~r,&1:~rrl::ctlon•ti to 1 f;bJ'h~mx. 1 Jeddo to Middleport. Gulf Summlt•tt to Depos1t. Hlnsdale•tt to Olean. f~g:~~~•.J~~;~ntir3eeks- Lake Colbey to Saranao Ghent•tt to Chatham Gum Spring to Saratoga Hoag Comers to Albany. kW. Lake. 1 Glb11on to Cornln~. · Hoffmans •tt to Amster- Jenkentown to New Paltz. Lake Grove•t to StonJ 1 GuSJ!...~•t• to P 0 rtJ __,_ Glbsons Landing to Ham• ,• e,,. dam. Brook. 1 Jenksvllle to Owego. mondsport. Gypsum to Clifton Sprmga. Hoiransburr• to Fo. rt Cov- Jericho• t to Hicksville. Lake Hill• to Kingston. Gilberts Mills·;· to Fulton. lngton. Jerry to Parish. Lake Huntington• to JefGllboa• to Stamford. Holbrookt to S&yvllle. Jerusalem south to Freefersonville. Glle• to St. Regis Falls. I Hadley•tt to Corinth. Hollands t t to Rockaway port Lake Katrtne•I to Klnpton Glasco• to Sa.ugerttes. Hagaman•tto Amsterdam. Beach, .. ~. Y. City. Jewelli to Oneida. Lake Kushaqua•tt to Ma1 Glen• to Fultonville. llai-tedorns Mill * to Broad- Hol1:i, t.t: to Jamaica, • Y. Jewett• to Catskill. lone. Glenaoker to Livonia. albin. City. Jewettvllle•tt to Lakeland to ayville. Glen Aubrey• to Whitney Hagerman to Patchogue. Hollowvllle• to Hunson. Aurora. Lake Mahopac to Carmel. Point. Hague• to Ticonderoga. Hollywood* to Potsdam. Jocindian to Potsdam. Lake Minnewaskat to Ker· Glenburnle • to ' Tlcon- Hallesboro• to Gouverneur. I Holmes• to Pawllniz. .Johnsburg•r to North creek honkson. deroga. Hai?e · Falls*H to Tanner.• Holmesville•t to Norwich. Johnson•tt to Middletown. Lake Mohegant to Peekskill Glen Castle•to Binghamton, nlle. Holtavme•tt to Patcnorue. Johnsonbu11t•U to North Lake Mohonk to New P&1t11. Glenco Mills• to Hudson. Halcott Center* to GrUDn Honeoye•t to Livonia. Java. Lakemont• to Dundee. Corners. Honk Hill to Ellenvllle. Johnson Creek to Mlddlo- ,Lake Pleasant• to North· Glendale to Queens, .. ~. Y. Halcottsville•tt to Mar- Hooper to Johnson City. port. ville. City. garetvllle. Hooslck•tt to Hoosick Johnsontown to Haver- Lakeport to Canastota. Glendale Sta'tion to Queens, Hale Eddy•tt to Deposit. Falla. straw. Lake Ronkonkoma • t w .. ~. Y. City. Halestte• to Huntlni't()n. Hope Falls• to Northvllle. Jobn.lonville•tt to Troy. Bayville. Glen Evrte• to Tlconderop. Half Moon to Cohoes. Hopewell to Canandaigua. Jones Point•tt to Peekskill. Lakeside• to Wllllamaon. Glentleld • t t to Lowville. Halt Wayt t to Syracuse. Hoti.ewell Junctlon•t t to .Jonesville • to M~hanic&- Lake View•tt to Angola. Glenford to Kingston. Hall*tt to Penn Yan. Wappingers Falls. vUie Lakeville•tt (Livlnpton Glenham•tt to Beacon. Hallsvllle to Fort Plain. Hopkinton• to Winthrop. Jordan• to Weedsport. Co.) to Livonia. Glen Head• t t to Glen Cove. Halsey Valier to Spencer. Horicon• to Warrensburg. Jordanvfile•t to Richfield Lakeville <~ Tassau Co.) to Hamblettville• to Deposit. Horseshoe• t t to TUpper Springs. Great Neck Station. Glen Lake• to Glens Falls. Hamden•tt to Delhi. Lake. Joy to Sodus. Lakewood•ttto ,TamestoWD Glenmont•tt to Albany. 1 Hamlet• to South Dayton. Horton•t to Roscoe. Junius to Lyon11. Lamberton to Fredonia. Glenmore• to Camden. Hamlln*U to Brockport. Hortonville• to Callicoon. Lamont to Ca.stile. Glenora•t to Dundee. Ham.mets Station to Rock- Houghton•tt to Flllmore. Lamson •tt to BaldwlnlGlenpark• to Watertown. away Beach, N. Y. City. Rouseville* to Lowville. ville. Glen Spey• to Port Jervta. Hampton (Orange Co.) to Howard• to Hornell. Kaatersklll•t to Kingston. Lanesville•tt to KinKSton. Glenvlllet to Schenectady. Middletown. Howe Cave•ti to Coble• Kanona•u to Bath. , Langford to North Collln.8· Glen Wlld• to Monticello. Hampton • (Washlnrton skill. Karner to West Albany. Lanslnir to Oswego. Glenwood•tt to Springville Co.) to Poultney, V . Kasoa.1r•tt to Camden. Lanslngburgt to Troy. Glenwood Landlng•t to Hanklns*U to Calllooon. Howells•t to Middletown. Kattelvllle to Binghamton. Lanslngvllle to Ithaca. Glen Cove. Hannawa Falls• to Pot. Howes• to Afton. Kattsklll Bay• to Lake Laonatt to FredonlA. Godeffroy• to Port Jervta. dam. Hubbardsvllle•tt to HamGeorge. Lapala to Kingston. Goldenbr1<1re•tt to Mount Hannlbal•tt to Oswero. llton. Kauneonga to Monticello. Larchmont Manor f i to Kisco. Hannibal Center to Oswego. Hughsonvllle• to Wappln- Keck& Center to Johnstown. Larchmont. Good Ground•tt to South- Harbortt to Utica. v:ers Falls. Keene• to Lake Placid. ampton. HardysU to Gainesville. Hu~uenot• to Port Jervis. Keenes tt to Gouverneur. Larkfteld to Northport. Goodyeara to Aurora. Harford•t to Dryden. Huguenot Park•ti to Tot- K~ene Valley•t to Lake LaSalle-ti to Niagara F~ Goo■ecreekttoWoodhaven, Harford Mllls•tto Dryden. tonville, ~. Y. City. Placid. Lassellavllle to St JoD N. Y. City. Harkness• to KeeaevUle. Hulberton• to Holley. Kellonavllle to M:oravta. vUie. Gorham•tt to Canandaigua Harlemville to Philmont. Ruletts Landing • to KeelltevUy c.omera• to Ma11tar- Latatlnthamtownto towaNteervwbll~et.~ Gratton• to Troy. Harmon-On-Hudson to Whitehall. ... 1 10 Grah&m11vtlle• to Llberty. Croton-On-Hudson. Hume• to Fillmore. Kellley• to Hancock. Lattingtown to Glen oY•• Granby Center to Fultoa. Barpers11eld• to Humphre:v• to Ellicottville. Kendata•tt to Ovid. Lauret•tt to Mattltuck, Grand Hotel Statlontt to Harpursville•tt to Afton. Humphrey Center• to Elll• Kendall•tt (Orleana Co.) Laurel Hilltt to Lolllit" Fleischmanns. Ha.rrtman•t to Monroe. cottvllle. to Holley. I land City. T. Y. 0 • • Grand laland • to Tona- Harris• to Monticello. Humphreysville to Hudson. Kendall Iii!:· to Holley. Laurens• ti to OneoDIA• wuda. Barrtsbu11t to Lowvtlle. Hunt•t to Dalton. Kennecl)'•tt to Jamestown. Lava• to Callicoon.  I  g~;  K18ft8:~:Jii~t::r  ~1rr:o  I I  I! F  Bllll'l*  IU~!:.;fi !  I  T.  I  I  REFERENCE KEY.  l  &County Seat.  •Mo1tey Order Office,  tTelegraph Station.  tExpresa Office.  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  NEW YORK  Mendon Center to Honeoye Morrisville Statton•ti to 1 M~~~ fio Rochester. Mir!~fth• to Delbl. Morton•u to Holley. Merldale• to Deihl. Morton Corners to Sprin~Meridian• to Cato. ville. Merrlck•U to Freeport Mosesldll to Fort Edward. Merrlckvllle•:j. to Walton. Moshervllle to Ballston Spa. Merrifield* to Auburn.t Mottville• to Skaneateles. Merrill* to Chateaugay. Mountam Dale*ti to EllenMerrlllsvllle to Oneida. ville. Mertensla•t to Victor. Messenirervllle*t 1 to Mara,-  Lawrencevllle•t (St. Law- Loyd•t to Highland: L,;~;!c~~ietcB1~~~tg~:) to Kingston. Lawtons tttoNorthOolllns. Lawyersvllle* to Cobleskill. Lebanon•tt to Earlville. Lebanon Sp r 1 n g a•U to Plttsfteld, Mass. Ledyard• to Auburn. Lee to Rome. Lee Center• to Rome.  t:fil~r~~rt!,<>I~:~~Luzerne• to saratoira Springs. Lycomin11;•t to Osw~. to Lykers to Canajoharie. Mountain•U Lyon Plattsburg. Lyonsdale* to Boonvllle. Lyons Falls*Uto Boonville. Lysander• to Baldwlnsvllle.  Lehlsz:h to Corfu. Leibhardt* to Kerhonkson. Leicestert:t to Mt. Morris. Leila to Rome. t o ld L enox O ne a. L eon • to Cherry Creek. Leonardsvllle•i to West Wlnfteld. L eotondale* to Wallkill. Le Ray -ville to Evans. Iills Lester to Windsor. Lestershirett to Johnson Le~~iiii.a•u to Aurora. L r.:vant to Falconer. L ~each• to Roscoe. * to Westport. Wlsboro to Rldgefteld, Conn. L ewtston•u to Niagara LeFalls. xlnirton• to Catsklll. Leyden to Boonville. te~1;iilz.:. Lily Dale*t:t to Stockton. Lime Lake*t to Franklinvllle. Llmertck•tt to Watertown. B A,,. d Lim estone•n to ra.uJ.Or • L~!street to Catsldll. D R Lin kl Ltngk,::r b~nt:r• u~!er.De Ruyter. Lincoln• to Fairport. Lln 1 d co !l ale•ti to Mount R b • Lt:lslnco. Park•t • to oc esLLtni!~en•tt to Attica. dtey• t to Coming. Llnllth~o•tt to Hudson. Linllthgo Stationt to Hud-  Macedon*tl to Palmyra. Macedon Center• to Palmyra. Machtas•ttto Fr~tnvllle. to Machias Junction Frankllnv1lle. Mackey to Middleburg. Macomb to Gouverneur. Madalin • t to Saugerties. Madawaska• to St. Rep Falls. Madlson•to Oriskany Falls. Madrid Sorings• to Madrid. Magee to Waterloo. I Mahopac•tt to Carmel. Mahopao Fans• to Carmel. Matne• to Unl<!n• Malden Brtdge to Chatham Malden on Hudson •ti to Saugerties. Mallory*tt to central Squar~. Malta to Ballston Spa. Maltaville to Ballston Spa. Manchester* t t to Shortsville. ManchesterBrldireotoPoughkeepsle. Manhasset•t to Great Neck. Manttou•t to PeekskUI. .-anlius*t+ to Fayette, ill . iranlius Centert to FayetteYille. Mannsvllle*tt to Lacona. Manor to Center Morlchea. Manor KUI• to Stamtord. ManorvtlJe•U to Center Morlches Maple Bea~h to Li"rnnia. Maple Grove to Morris. ' Maoles to Ellloottvllle. Maple Sorlngs•ttq l!layvllle Maplestreet to Wilson. Mapleton•ti to Auburn. Mapleton Statlont to Look•  r.:~g!•iotir~~~viue.  r!  tf~:~;v1t~~~  I  ~!~~~ti:~ttt~~~~~~~~-  f\! d~tJr·  I  t  ~;e,  8'1st  °  c:na.lre1:0~· 8  to  ll•  e. ng  r, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Fto~!cus:·  Newtown (Queens Co.) to  Ne~ V~~l~~~ t~·MYddr~i~wn 1  Newvllle* to Little Falls. New Windsortt to Newburgh. New \'Voodatock•U to cuenovta. New York Mllls*HtoUtlca. Nlcholvllle• to Potsdam. Nlle• to Frlendshlp. :~e:v~';Jtu~Titon  I I  I  2027  Houset to Cats-' to Mouniatn V!ew•u to Ma,- Nineveh Junctlon•t . . . . Y. City. Brooklyn! M'k'N-raln I M!~~o~olltanttto Afton. lone Mettacahonts to KerhonkMountalnvllle•t; to Corn- Nlobe•u to Jamestown. son. I Middle Nlskayuna•U to Schenee>wall. "Falls* to Greenwich. M~ddlefield to Cooperstown .iiddlefleld Center to Cooperstown. lllddle Granvllle*t ttoGranville. Middle Grove• to Saratoga Springs. Middle Hope*~ Newburgh to Port Middle Island Jefferson. Mlddlesex•u to Naples. Ml~dle VWageti to Brookhn, N. Y. City. Mldlan,!1 B~acb*toStapleton . l'. City. Milani~ Rhinebeck. Ml!eses to Callicoon. M!lford Center to Milford. Milburn to Freeport. Miller Place*t to Port JefMf:irso~i to L d vill llers MW *toynWon We.In • est s Ml ers field. Mlllersportt to Lockport. l\Iill Grove to Alden. MUI Point to Amsterdam. Mill Port•ti to Montour Falls. Mills Corners to Gloveraville. Mlllvllle to Medina. Mlllwood•tt to Mt. Klsoo. Mllo center to Penn Yan. Minavllle• to Amsterdam. Minde!l to St. Johnsville. Mindenvillett to St. JohnsC bl ville. Mineral Springs• to o eakill. Minerva• to North Creek. *in,neetvtoUI•et_ttotoPoortswHegeon;..., ., Mlnlsinlt* to Port Jervts. linisink Ford* to Port Jervis. Mink Hollow to Kingston. Minnewaska.*t to Kerho~son. Minnowbrook•to Boonville Minoa•t to Syracuse. Mlnsteed to Newark. Mitchellville to Bath. Modelcitytt to Niagara Falls Modeltown•to NlagaraFalls Modena•U to New Paltz. Moffltsvlll11•t to Plattsburc  1,1l;1Z-v1ew•t to Pulaski. Manlewood•t to Mo?tlcello. Ma..,rbletown• to Kingston. Mar • • to Marcellus F&lls cell'!,8 • 0 ~arcy uarrfn~le to Schenectady. Marcellus -a a • ~a~llr!L tot~ast Aurora. :rma StatlonU to Lan· a M b 0 * to ·ewl caster. (horough of l\lafiner ~lta_r l' or1{ 1 :\ • nd Ricbmo ), M khu... a+ to South Dayar - • ton, Mohawk Hm to Boonville. Marshall to Belfast. b r1 Marshville to CanaJ.o O e. 1 Mohegan Lake• to Peekskill Mohonk Lake• t to New Martindale Depot Paltz. Philmont.• to Lowville ~artartinins~:• to North Ton- Molra•tt to Brushton. Molyneux Comers to Locksd • to Kerhonkport. M:J:i"Yie~'tt to Cato. Maryland•U to Schenevua. Mombaccus* Mg~~aup• to Port Jervis. Masonville• to Sidney. Maspethti.. to Elmhurst, Mongaup Valley•to Montlcello. · Y. ity ♦ t AmltY· Monsey*f i to Spring Valley )laasapequa • f • 0 to Lowville. Montague Massena Center•to M~'!1e~ Massena Sprtnp•tt to Ma.e- Montauk•U to East HampM;~~la• to Ellenvllle. sen& Monterey• to Watkins. Matinecock to GBlen Montezuma•tto Weedsport • Matteawan• to ea Maybroo1t•rt to Montirom- Montoma to Kingston. M::Keld•t t to Glovel!vllle. Montrose•t t to Peekskill. to Moodna*t to Cornwall. McClure Settlement Deposit.• tt to Malone. I Moody• to Tupper Lake. };>ian to Watkins. ~:ontvtile* to Kingston. McCollomllss UI •tt to cam-I Mooers• to Champlain. Mooers Forks• t t to ChamLong Edny*tt to Callicoon. McOonne V e I plain. Oxford den. ~g Island City*t:t to Mooers Junction t tto Chamew- York City, .Bor- McD01\oU1th • t0 Ortland · l plain • MoGraw*l to of Quee Loough McKeever*tt to Old Forge. Moona;i to Slnclatrvllle. ns. n Moores MUI• t t to MUibrook Loilke~ake•t to Tupper McKlnlev to iorehouseville* to Poland. rtland • ~g Lake West t t to McKownville ltloLean•tt to to Maione Moreland to Watkins. LonUI>per Lake. Moreland Statlon•ito Watpg Year to Mount Meacham Laple;ts~rg. klns. Alb&nY Meaders to • a t leasant. Meadowdale tt ~ M.lddle: Moresvllle to Grand Gor1re. ~nus to al ton. Morganvllle• to Le Roy. )lechanlcstown1 !..o neyvtlle to Lancaster. M~~enburg* to Trwnans- ~~~~• ~eiit~~ H::ryPort t.o~~ke•t to Malone. Henry. Ille burg. ~rena :;yo~ranoock. Meoo to Glovtlers!'tt io Pat- Morlches•t to Center Mol.orralne• to Adami. riches. St& on l.oUdonvrue•t to Albany. Morley• to Cantonkle chogue. LoUlaVUle• to Massena. Morris Helirhtst to New ~Vllle iLandln~ • ta Medusa• to c3xsacclde York City (Manhattan). Medway• ~t ♦ ~hUmont ~ &asena. Mellenville •L&nslne:bunr: Morrisonville•ti to Platt,a.. t.olltlaberryeu to Owero. burg. . dal Melrose• t t to 'to"ell to Rome. MorrlsPark,.tttoRlchmond :Melville to Yonken. • .., p Memohta•U L ~ u to Elmlra 1 Hlll, Mendon•tt to Vlctor. ~ l n t to Beacon: • Money Order Offl.ce. • county Seat. REFERENCE KEY.  L~~i!iumvme•t to Port d - Y c·t Ri h Ltn c mon · ~ · · 1 y. Wood•tt to York Llebon•tt to Ogdensburg. Llaiiaa Rill to Schenectad.7 t~:thfteld to Illon. Llttlgow to Amenia. e Brltain•U to New· Li~yrr. France to Central e Lt 8 quare. Little Genessee w so11Tar. , t~le ~ecJ;t•ti to Bayllde, ~ · 1: . City t•ttle River to Canton. l~lllle Utica to Bald,rin.sL lttlee.York•tt to Homer. Llverpool•tt to SyraOUN Livingston• (Columbia Oo.) to Hudson. Ll"\Tingstont(RichmondOo.) to Wyest _New Brighton, Lt · • C1ty. ~!ston Station to HudLtv-tngstonvrue• to Mlddl&burg t~Yonla Center• to Livonia. Oyda Neck to Huntington. Lo 6~eeruller* to North t~~hk S heldrake•to Liberty. 8 erltn• to Lyons. T .;_ to Waverly. ~ckwood•i 440 VaUey•ti to Glell Lod~li0 Ovid.  NEW YORK  i Mounthope (Orange Co) to  · Middletown. Mt. Hope*t:t (Westchester Co) to Hastings upon Hudson Mount Ivv•tto Haverstraw Mt. Lebanon* to Pittsfield· · Mass Mount ·Marion•tt to Saugertles. 11,tount Read to Rochester Mt. Ross*t:t to Pine Plains. Mt. Sinai*toPortJefferson .._\it Tremper* to Kingston Mount Upton•lt to Sidney: Mount Vision* to Oneonta Multzesklll to Castleton. Mumtord*U to Caledonia. Mundale to Walton. Munnsvllle• t to Oneida Munson to Hempstead.' Munsonville to Gloversvllle Murray to Holley. Myers•t to Ithaca.  Nanticoke• Point.  to  Whitney  : :~~:~~Lt l1 ~g11ftfe!:ill'l.  tady. to Ston7Nlssequoque brook. Nlvervllle•U to Kinderhook. Normansvllle to Albany. Northampton• to Northville. North Argyle to Argyle. North Bangor•t to Malone. North Ray•tt to Oneida. N }3eac~ t~ ¼img Island City, N. Y. City. N. Bellport to Patchogue. North Bere:ent to Beriren. North Blenheim• to Middleburg. North Bloomtleld• to Hon~ oye Falls. North Boston: to Hamburc North Branch to CaWcoon to North Brookfield• t Waterville. Northbush to Johnstown. North Chatham• t to Kinderhook. North Cllemung to Elmira North Chut• to Rochester. N. Clymer* to Sherman. N. Cohocton* to Wayland. North Colesvllle to B ~ hamton. N. Constantia. to Central Square. North Easton to Greenwtoh orth Evans*t to Angola. N. Fair Haven*t:t to Cato. North Fenton to Greene. NorthO.eldU to Walton. N. Franklin* to Oneonta.  ::~~!:s~~r:m R:,nd~~~~ coon. Nashvllle to Forestvllle. Nassautt to Albany. Natural Bridge• to Car-thage. Natural Dam• to Gouverneur. Nawnburg to Carthage. Navarino to Marcellus. Nedrow to Onondaga Valley. North Germantown•: to Nelliston• to Fort Plain. Hudson. Nelson• to Cazenovia. N. Granville* to Granville. Greece* to Spencerport. N. : :~~~1"{~·i1~~c;:r~~~n1r Greenwich to Greenwich Nepera Park•U to YonKers N. Hamden to Walton. North Nesconset• to Smithtown North Hamlin to Brockport Branch. North Hannibal to Oswc,co. to North Harpersfield• Neversink• to Liberty. Stamford. Nevt.s to Red Hook. North Hebron to Granville. New Albion• to Catta- North Hectort to WatklDL N:,:u~tlmore•t to Cox- North Hlllsdale to Chathalll sackie. North Hooslok•U to Ho~ New Boston to Lowville. sick Falls. New Bremen* to Lowville. North Hudson• to Port Henry. New Brldire"' to Canton. ee New North Huron to Wolcott. New Brighton*t Y. City, Richmond. N. Kortright* to Stamford. New Centerville* to Aaams North Lansinsz:• ttto Locke. 4New Clt:v•tt to Haver- N. Lawrence*ti to Brasher straw. Fa.Us. Newcomb• to North Creek. North Manlius• to Syracuse New DQrp*ti to Stapleton, North Norwich• to Sher. Y. City. burne. Newelden• to Callicoon. Newfteld* to Ithaca. North Pelham to Mount Vernon. New Hackensack• to Wappingers Falls. North Pembroke to Batavia. New Hamburir • i to Wap- North Petersbur1r to Hoopingers Falls. sick Falls. New Hampton•tt to Mid- North• to South Otselic. dletown. New Haven•tt to Mexico. North Pitcher• to South New Hope• to Moravia. Otsellc. New Hyde Park*ti to Min- North Rldsz:et to Lockl)Ort. eola. N. River* to North Creek. New Kingston• to Marirar- North Roslynt to Roal,u. etvllle. New Lebanon• t t to Pltts- North Rush• to Scottsville. 0ela, Mass. N. Russell to Canton. New Lebanon Center• to North Salem• to Brewster. Plttstleld, Mass. North Sanford• to Afton. New Llabon• to Morrla. North Sea to Southampton. New London to Rome. N. Spencer*tt to Spencer. Newman•t to Lake Placid. North Stephentown • to New Mllford•t to Warwick. Berlin. New Oreiron to North Col- N. Stockholm*tto Norwood llna. N. Syracuse*t to Syracuse. Tareytown•t to North Tarrytown. New Russia• to West Port. New Salem• (Albany Co.) Northumberland to Schuyto Albany. lerville. New Salem (Ulster Co,) to North Victory to Cato. Rondout. North Western• to Rome. New Scotland•U to Albany North White Lake• to New Springvillet to Port Monticello. Richmond, N. Y. City. North Wilna to Carthage. New Suffolk•tto Mattltuck. North Wolcott to Wolcott. Newtonfalls*tt to Harrisville. North Yonkers to Yonkera. Newton Hook•U to Oox- Norton Hm• to Coxsackie. saolde. Norway• to Newport, NewtonvWe•t to Water- Norwood (Nauau Co,) to vliet. Hempstead.  t Telegraph Statton.  t Express  Office, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2028  Number Four to LowvWe.l Pasadena to Boonville. Pataukunk• to Kerhonkson Nyando •ti to Massena. Pattens Mills to Glene Falls. Pattersontt to Pawllnr. Oakbeach• to Babylon. Pattersonvllle•tt to Am• Oak HUl•t to Catsklll. lterdam. Oakland• to Nunda. Oakland Valley• to Monti- Paul Smiths*t to Saranac Lake. cello. Pavement to Lancaster. Oak Orchard to Medina. Oak• Peabrook to Hancock. Peach Orchard to Watklna. to Albion. Peakvllle•t to Roscoe. Oak Point to Hammond. Oak Ridge to Fultonville. Pearl Creek• t t to Wyoming Oaks Corners•u to Phelps. Peasleevllle• to Plattsbur~. Oaksvllle• to Cooperstown. Peconto• t t to Southold, Oakwood•tt (Cayuga Co.) Pekin to Lockport. Pelham•ti to Mount Verto Union Sprtn1t11. non. Oakwood* (Richmond Co.) to Stapleton, N. Y. C"ity. Pelham Bridge to NewYork City (Manhattan.) Obemburg• to Calllooon. Pelham Manor*H to New Obi to Cuba. Rochelle. Ocean Bidet to Rockville Pembro.11:e•tt to Corfu. Center. Pendleton to Lockport. Oceanus to Rockaway Pendleton Centerttto Look• Beach, N. Y. City. port. 1 Ohio• to Poland. Ohioville• to New Paltz. , Pen1leld• to Fairport. Pennellvllle•tt to PhwnlX. Peoria to York. Olcott• to Lockport. Old Chatbam•tt to Chat- Pepacton•tno Downsville. Perch River to Watertown. ham. Old WestbUJY•tto Mineola Perklnsvllle•t to Wayland. Olive to Kingston. Olivebrldge*t to Kingston. Perry Center to Perry. Ollverea • to Margaretville. Perry City to Trumansburg. Olmstedvllle•t to North Penysburir•U to Gowanda. Perrys Mills•to Champlain Creek. Perryville• to Canastota. Omar• to Clayton. Perth to Amsterdam. Onatlvta t t to Syracuse. Onchiota• to Saranac Lake. Peru• tt to Platt!lburg. Peruvllle• to Groton. Oneida Castle•t to Oneida. Peterboro • to Canastota. Oneida Lake to Canastota. Petersburg• t t to Berlln. Petrtes Corners*to Lowville Oneida Valley to Oneida. Onondaga•t to Onondaga Pharsalla to Cincinnatus. Valley. Onondaga Castle to Syr&- Phllllpsb11rg to Middletown. Phillips Creek to Belmont. cuse. Phllllpsport• t to Ellenville. Onovllle• to Randoloh. Ontario Center* to Ontario. Phoenicia*tt to Margaretville. Oppenheim to St. John&Phoenix Millst:t to Coopersvllle. town. Oquaga Lake• to Deposit. Plii:~~ld•tt to Tupper Oramel • to Belfast. Plermont*t to Sparkill. Ora.n • ! t to Cazenovia. Orangeburg*tt to Sparklll. Pierrepont• to Canton. Orange Lake*T to Walden. Pierrepont Manor•tt to Adams Oran~eoort to Lockport. ' Pl.trard•tt to Geneseo. Oregon to Peekskill. Orient• to Greenport. Gainesville. Ortskany•U to Utica. Plkevllle* to Wellsville. Orlando to Elllcottvllle. Orleans• t to Cll!ton Spr'nge Plllar Polnt to Dexter. ' Orleans Four Corners• t to Pine City• t t to Elmira. Pine Hill*tt to Fleisch-' Theresa. manns. Orville to Fayetteville. Orwell• to Lacona. Pine lsland*tt to Florida. Osborn to Waverl:v. Osborn Bridge* to North· Plnelawn•t to Farmingdale Pines Bridge to Mount ville. Kisco O1oawana•tt to Croton on Pinc Valley*H to llorseHudson. heads. Plnevllle to Walton. Osceola• to Camden. Plseco* to Nortbvllle. Ossian to Dansvllle. Oswegatchie*; to Harris- Pitcairn to HarrL-,ville. Pitcher• to ClnclJ::.!latus. ville. Oswego Center to Oswego. Pitcher Springs to Cincinnatus. Otego*t t to Oneonta. Pittsfield to New Berlin. Otisco• to Syracuse. Otisco Mllls to Cambridge. Plttsrord*t t to Rocllester Pittstown• to Troy. Otisco Valley* to Tully. Otlsvllle•U to Middletown. Plains to Rome. Pla.lnvllle• to Baldwlnsvlllc Otsdawa to Oneonta. Plastervllle to Norwich. Otsellc* to Souto Otselic. Plato to Ellicott \·ille. Otterlake to Boonville. Platt Clove• to Saugerties.I Otto• to Cattaraugus. Plattekill* to Newburgh. Pleasantbrook* to Cherry , Ouaquaga • to Windsor. Valley. Ovid Center•t to Ovid. Pleasant Lake* to Tuoper Owasco• to Auburn. Lake. Owasco Lakett to Auburn. Pleasant Platns• ( Dutchess Owens Mills to Waverly. Co.) to Poughkeepsie. Owls Head• t t to Malone. Pleasant Plainstt to TotOxbow• to Antwerp. t m·ille .... ~. Y. City. Oxtorct Depot*tl to Chester Ozone Parkt! to Wood- Pleasant Valley•tt (Dutchess Co.) to Poughkeepsie. Y. Cit~·haYen, Plessts•t to Theresa. Plumbrook•t to Norwood. Plutarch to New Paltz. Pagebrook to Greene. Pages Corners to Rlchlleld Plymouth• to Norwich. Springs. 1 to Hllls • t t Painted Post•t t to Cornlnir Pocantlco Tarrytown. Palatine Brldge•t to Cana: joharle. Poestenkill* to Troy. Point Au Roche to PlattsPalenvme• t to Catskill. Palermo to Fulton. Po1G:f\reeze• to Alb on. Palisades* to Sparldll. Point Chautauqua•tt to Palmer• to Corinth. MayvUie. Pamelia Four Corners to Watertown. Point Peninsula.* to Watertown. Panama•t to Sherman. Panama Statlont to Sher- Point Rock* to Rome. man. Point Vivian• to Alexandr1a Bay. Paradox• to Ticonderoga. Pomona.•t to Spring Valley. Parts• to WatervUle. , Pompey• to Syracuse. Parlllhvme• to Potsdam Parts Statlon•t to Water- Pompey Center to Syracuse. Pond E d d y • t t o P o r t ville. Jervis. Parkston• to Livlnoton Manor. Ponds to Rochester. Parksvllle•tt to Liberty, Parma to Hllton. Ponquoque to Southampton Parma Center to HUton. Poolvllle•u to Earlvllle.  I  ~tt!*sfiti~!~~  I  4  NEW YORK  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  NEW YORK  -.  REFERENCE KEY.  A County  Seat.  Round Lake•u to Ballston Spa. Round Top• to Catskill. Rouses Point•tt to Champlain.  Pope Mills* to Gouverneur.! Reeds Corners to Oanandalgua. Poplar Ridge• to Auburn. Remsenburg*t to West Portage•tt to Nunda. Hampton Beach. l'ortagevllle*tt to <Jastlle. Po~n~enjamin to Kerhonk- 1 R~~~~~ Falls*tt to HeuPort Byron*tt to Auburn. Rensselaerville*t to Albany Port Crane• t t to Bingham• Reserve to Buffalo. Resort to Wolcott. ton. Port Dlcklnson•t to Bing• Result to Coxsackie. Retsot*t t to York. hamton. Rex to Fort Plain. Porter to Salem. Porter Corners to Saratoga Rex!orct •t to Schenectady. Rexvme• t to Greenwood. Springs. Porterville• to East Aurora. Reynolds ft to Mechanicsvllle. Port Ewen•tt to Kingston. Port Glbson•t to Newark. Reynoldston• to Malone. Port Hixon to Kerhonkson. Reynoldsville • (Schuyler Co.) to Watkins. Port Jefferson Statlon•t to Keeseville R~~~~•tt to HammondRhinecllff*t to Rhinebeck. Portland*U to Brocton. Portland Point• to Ithaca. Ricard to Pulaski. Portla.ndville•U to Mlltord. Rlces•tt to Watertown.  Sabbatls•t to Tupper Lake. Sabbath Day Polnt•to Tlconderoga. Sacand aga*H to Nor th ville Saf!!;~arbor*Uto WaterSagaponack•t to Sag Har•  m~:t~;g!<>t:\1~R~~Riches Corners to Albion. Richfield• to R 1 ch fl e 1 d Rl~g~rjunctlontttoWest Wlntleld. Rlchford*H to Newark Valley. Rlchland•tt to Lacona. ARlchmond•t to Stapleton, mi1J~-n~itlim1-tt Queens, . Y. City. ee I  bor. i~;~~ 1M~~~~llle. SaUors Snug HarborttoN ew Brighton. Saint AlbansU to Jamaica. Saint YG;,i;leu to New Brighton. Saint James•tt to Stony Brook. Saint Johns*to Haverstraw. Sa!fdni~!~~~~rg to North  Po~·.J.::ie:n~o  ~g~ i~J~~l~~lMl~~ichmond, N. Y. City. Portville*! i to Olean. C~~Ji~~d. ~~~'t;~!Jk Potter• to Rushville. Potter Hill to Hoosick Falls Potter Hollow• to Middleburg. Pottersvllle•t to WarrensPot~~ciuag•tt to Pawllng. PoundrldgettoNew Canaan,  ;g  Pr~f:1Hollow• to Morrisvllle. Prattsvllle•t to Grand Gorge. ~ b~Jing. Preston• to Norwich.  m~:~~~a ~~1\~;~  f~".fit  tenvllle. Rlchvllle•U to Gouverneur Ridge to Mt. Morris. ma~:ra~1~C:'k~:f~!r!~.wn. Ridge Mill! to Rome. Ridge Road to Lockport. Preston Hollow• to Middle- Ridgeway to Medina. burg. Ridgewood*t to .i.'ew York Primrose to Hastings upon R~~J",.; io~:~n~ueens. Hudson. Prince Bay•t to Tottenvllle Riga to Churchville. . Y. City. Rio* to Port Jervis. Prlncetown•to Schenectady Rlparlus• to Warrensburg. Rlsln~llle to Campbell. Prospect•t to Remsen. Rlverdalet to New York Statlont City (Manhattan). Prospect to Westfield. Ri~fnfle18~kst to Protectlon•H to Holland. Pulteney• t to Prattsburg. Riverside Station to Warrensburg-. Pultneyvllle• to William• Riverview* to Sar an a c P~~r•s Corners to MillerLake. Robinson to Plattsburir. ton. • Purchase tto Wblte Plains. Rochester Junctlon•tt to Purdy Cre~k to Canisteo. Honeov., Falls. Purdys • lllls to Plat sburg. Ho<'kaway Il 1wh*tt to <}ucen:-:. ~ -. Y. < it •. Purdy Statlon•tt to Brewster. Cattaraugus Rock City Co.) to Olean. Purling• to Catsklll. Putnam to Whitehall. Rock City (Dutchess Co.) Putnam S ta t I o n • t t to to Red Hook:. Whitehall. Rock City Falls to Ballston , Putnam Valley to Peekskill. RoSJ~ale•tt to Sidney. Pyrttes• to Canton. Rock Glen•tt to Silver Spr1ng,s. Quaker Bridgett to RanRock Hill• to Monticello. dolph. Rockland• T to Roscoe. Quaker Hill• to Pawllnl? Quaker Springs• to Schuy- Rockland Lake• to• ·yack. Rocklet• to Washingtonlerville. Quaker Street•t to Schen- R~iiift*t.t to , alton. _ ectady. Rockroyal • to Walton. Quarryvllle to Saugerties. Quasslck Bridge to New- Rock Stream• ft to Dundee Rock Tavern•t to "'nshburg,h. ingtonYille. <Ju ·mt-;*tt to Jamaica. • . Rock Valley• to Callicoon. y C'ity. Queensbury to Glens Falls. Rockville* to Belfast. Quogue• t t to West Hamp- Rockwells Mllls*t to Sidney. ton Beach. Rockwood* to John town. Rocky Potnt•u to Port Jetrerson. Rodbournvllle to HorseRacket River• to Massena.. heads. Rodman• to Adams. Ramaoo•u to Suffern. Rogersvlllelt to Dansville. Randall• t to Fonda. Randall Road to Ransom- Holandt t0 La ka wanna. ville. Rondoutt:t to Kingston. i{andallsvillcU to Hamilton Ronkonkoma•tt to Say. Rapids to Lockport. ville. Haquette Lake*tt to Old Roosevelt• t to Freeport. Forge. Rose• to Clyde. Rathbone• tt to Addison. Rosebank• t to Stapleton. Ravenswood! t to Long I&- Roseboom*to CherryValley land City. Roscdalctt to .Jamaica, Y. 'ity. Rawson to Cuba. Rose Hlll*t to Syracuse. Ray to Attica. Raybrook•tto SaranacLake Roseland to Webster. Raymertown to Troy. Rosendale• t t to Klnirston Raymond to Lockport. Rosendale Plains to New Paltz. Raymondville•t to Norwood. Roses Point to Port Jervis. Roseton*tt to ·ewburgh. Rose Valley to Clvde Readburn• to Hancock. Ho ·i re*t.t to Cap Yiucent. Reading to Watkins. Readlnir Center•u to Wat- 1 Rossburg•ti to Fillmore. Rossie* to Hammond. kins. Rossman•t to Hudson. Reber• to Keeseville. Rossvllle•t to Tottenvllle, Rector• to LowvUle. . Y. City. Red Falls to Grand Gorire. RotterdamttoSchenectady. Red.O.eld• to Camden. Rotterdam Junctlon•u to Redtord•t to Plattsburir. Schenectady. Red House•t:t to Sal&• Round lslandtto Hlibl&nd manca. Falls. Redrock to Chatham.  ~~~J~··\\  4  • Money Order Office.  tTelegraph Station.  ••  ~:i~~~~ort.  :~t~l;~~ Rural Grove to Canajoharie Rural Hlll to Adams. Rush• ft to Honeoye Falls. Russell* to Hermon. Russia to Poland. Rutland to Watertown. Rutsonvllle• to Walden. Rye J. k to Mamaroneck.  %  Saint Lawrence•to Clayton. ~:~ ~~Z::ie:•t~oK~~~~it!r. alisbury* to Dolgeville. Salisbury Center•tto Dolgesa1Jt~ry Mills*H to Washingtonville. Salmon River to Pulaski. Salt Polnt•U to Pough• keepsle. Sa~J~~gvllle• to Cherry Sammonsvllle to Fonda. Sanborn*! ttoNlagara alls. Sand Lake• to Troy. Point t to Port sands Washlngton. Sanduskrt to Arcade. Saucty Creek* to Lacona. Sai~fis. Hlll t to Hudson Sanford• to Depo-,it. San~erfield • to Waterville. Sanltarla Sprlngs•U to Binghamton. Santa Iara*tt to St. Regis Falls. Saranac•t to Plattsburg. Saranac Junction to Sara· nae Lake. Sardinia• H to Arcade. Sauquolt•ti to Utica. savannah*tt to Clyde. Saviltou* to Newburgh. Sa.wens• to Corfu. Sawyer to Albion. Sa ~'Y rs Creek to Nortn Tonawanda. Scarboro•t1 to Ossining. Schaghtlcoke*tt to 'l'roy. Schodack Center to Ca.:;tles 0 ~ k L di •tt to c c~stt~ton. an ng Schroon Lake•t to Crown Point. Schroon River•! to port Henry. Schultzvme to RhlnebeckSchuyler 1''alls•t to Platts· burir. Sclo*t:t to Wellsville. Sciota•: to Plattsburg. Scipio to Auburn. Scipioville* to Auburn. Scotch Bush to Amsterdatxl, Scotchtownt to Middletown Scotia•! to Schenectady. Scott to Homer.  t  Scottsburg• to Dansville, Scottsvllle*t t to Rochester Scrtba to Oswe~o. Sea Breeze* to Rochester. Sea Cliff*tt to Glen Co~e Sea!ord*tt to Amltyvllle, Seager* to MargaretvilleSearsburg to Trumansburg, " arsvill • to ::'llontgomcrr, 'easidet (Riehmond Co-, 0  se:1l t11~Yl~~- to Roc1'· away Beach. Seaverton to WinthrOP· Seely Creek• t to F:ltnlra. Selden•t to Port Jefferson, Selkirk• U to Albany. Semprolnus to 1oravla, Seneca Castle•u to Gene Seneca Hill to Osweiro. • Sennett*tt to Auburn. Setauket•tt to Port Jetret  v•  Se~~~ance• to Crown potDt• Sevey to Potsdam. - - -  t Express  Office.  NEW YORK S. Colton• to Potsdam. S. Columbia*tt to Richfield Springs. S. Cortnth*T l to Corinth. S. Cortland to Cortland. S. Dansville* to Dansville. S. Dovert+ to Dover Plains. S. Durham* to Catsklll. S. East Center to Brewster. S. Easton to Cambridge. S. Edmeston •t to New Berlin. Sharon Station • t t to S. Edward!:'!* to Edwards. Southfields•tt to Monroe. Amenla. Sba.vertown • t t to DownS . Gllboa•tt to Stamtor<1. vllle. S. Granby•tt to Fulton. Shawangunk to Wallkill. s. Greece to Rochester. Shawnee to Lockport. S. Hamilton* to Sherburne. Ruyter. Sheds*t to De Sheeoshead Bay t t to s. Hammond*tt to Hammond. Brooklyn, N. Y. City. S. Hannlbal to Fulton. ShekomekoeU to Pine S.Hartrord •to FortEdWl!,rd. Plains. s Hartwick* to Hartwick. Ja.mesport*tto Riverhead Shelby to A{edlna.. S. Kortrigbt*tt to Hobart. Shelby Basin to Medina. S. La.nslnit*t to Ithaca. Sheldon to North Java. Sheldon Corners to Sher- S. Lebanon to Earlville.  Sewara•tt to Coblesklll. Shady* to Kingston. Shakers to Albany. Shandaken*tt to Margaretville. Shanda.lee to Livingston Manor. Sharon (Dutchess Co.) to Amenia. Sharon• (Schoharie Co.) to Sharon Springs.  s:  S. Lima• t :t to Livonia.  Sh~a~ake Springs*t to Interlaken. Shelter Island • t to Greenoort. Shelter Island Heights• to Greenport. Shenandoah to Beacon. Sherburne Four Corners• to Sherburne. Sheridan•:t to Forestvllle. Sherman Parktt to Pleas•  S. Llvonia•t to Livonia. S. Millbrook* to Millbrook. to S. New Berlin •ti New Berlin. S. Nya.ckt to Nyack. S. Onondaga to Syr~cus~. S. Oyster Bay to Amityville S. Pla.ttsburgtto Pla.tts'!)urg S. Plymouth* to ~orw1ch. Southport to Elnnra.  !1t> Oneida.  South Pulteney to Prattsp burg. S. Ripley to North East, a. Sherwood• to Aurora. 1 Shlnbopple • t t to Downs• S. Rondout to Kingston. S. Russell to Edwards. vllle. S. Rutland* to ·wa.tertown. Shoka.n* to Kingston. I S. Salem* to Ridgefield, ShonR"o• to Welll!vllle. S\~~~~~~ t to Port Jet- s. coi~enectady*tt to Schenectady• Short Tract to Fillmore. S. Schodack*• to Castleton. Shrub Oak• to Peeksklll. s. Schroon t to WarShusban•u to Salem. rensburg. Sidney Center• to Unadilla. S. Scriba to Oswego. S. Sodus to Lyons. Siloam to Oneida. Silver Lake Assembly•ttto s. Somerset to J;3a1t~r. ·ne s. Stockton to 8 me all"Vl • l?erry Sllvernahs• t t to Pine Plains S. Trenton• to Holland Pvat e nt; t Cherry Valley. Skaneateles Falls •t to S. a11ey o Skaneateles. A Skerry• to Malone. Slate Hlll•U to Middle- S. Wa.les•tt to East urk~ra . s. Wester[o-1< to Coxsac 1e. town SiatervUle Sprlngs• to Ith· Southwest Oswego to Oss. W!~ciester* to Worcester. aca. Sllngerlands•tt to Albany. Spafford• to Homer. P 0 rt ' Sparrow BuSJ:1* to Sllters to Rensselaer. J ervts. Sioan*t to Bufl'alo. 1~1g;ihvllle Spartattto Sioansvtuo• to Schoharie. · Specu1a or Sloatsburg•tt to Suffern SIDithboro•tt to Waverly. Speedsvllle to Dryden. Spencertown • to Chatham. Smiths Basln•t: to Ft. Ed· Speonk•H to West HRIDP· ward. ton Beach. Smiths Landing to Sau- Spillway to Kin!? ton. Rock to Syracuse. sxftih~i1"ms • t t to Forest- Spilt Spraguevme•r to Gouverville. SIDithtown•tt to Smith- Sp~!~rs•t :tto Canajoharie. Sn~ft~nf{f~;h.Adams. Sm!thvllle Flats• to Greene. Spring Brook•tto East Au-  Sh!~Jf  •  I  I I  0  ·s  .Ofi  tn e-  n rt ks~  y. o.l  c"a.  n.  (Otsego Co.) Smithville South to Free- Sp~?~:tleld to Cbf'rry Valley. Springfleldt:t (Q!l~s f 0 -J sJ~;!a•t:t to Norwich. . ) • C It.)· to Jamaica, Snyder•t (Cayuga Co.) to Sprlnirfield Center• to Auburn. Richfield Springs. Snyder*t (Erie Co.) to Spring Glell i to Ellenville ·William. ville. Springlake• (Cayuga Co.) Sodom• to Warrensburg. Weedsport. to ~odus Center•tt to Sodus. Spring Lake (Dutche s Co.) o dus.Polnt• fl to dSodus. to Red Hoolt. So1on :t to Cortlan . Spring Mills* to 1'71.itesville. Solsvtue• t t to Orlskaney Sprtngs• to Hampton. Palls Somers•t to Mount Kisco. Sorout Brook to Fort Plain. ~omers Center to Mt. Kisco S uyten DuyvUH to New omersett to Barker. PYork City (.Ianha.tta.n). Ssomervme to Gouverneur. Sta.atsburg•tlto Rhinebeck onora to Bath. Stafford• t l to Batavia. Stalblrd to Hermon .. S. Alabama. to Oakfield. Stanard * to Wellsville. ~- Amenia• to Amenia. Standlsh•tl to Plattsburg. S• Palachin to Owego. Stantordvllle•U to Ml.ll· B~~i~rti/:&frline. S. Baytt (Madison Co.) to St~~r~:• t t to can11:ndalirua. Canastota. S. Bay (Onondaga Co.) to ·taplcton* to J ichmond, • '. Y. it::r. 8 Stark* to Pot ·dam. Stapleton. s. Starkey• t l to Dundee .. Starkville* to Fort Pla.m. S. Berne* to Altamont. ~· Bethlehem*t:t to Albany.* to Harrisville. · Bombay to Brushton. State Bridge to Oneida. State Linet (Cattaraugus S. Bristol to Naples. co ) to Olean. ~- BBrookfleld to Edmeston. State Llne(ChautauquaCo.) · utler* to Wolcott. to Riolef. ~- BY!on*t:t to Batavia.. 0 · airo•t to Catskill. State Road to Horseheads. S. b 9ambridge• to Ca.m- Steamburg• ft to Randolph r1dge. Stedman to Mayville. ~anisteo* to Canisteo. , county seat. REFERENCE KEY.  s:  f  l!:g;;rto  129 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  Steele to Geneva. Steinwayt t to Long Island City. Stella to Binghamton. Stephens Mllls to Hornell. Stepnentown • t t to Pittsfield, Mass. Stephentown Center• to Pittsfield, Mass. Sterling• to Oswego. Sterllngbush to Carthage. Sterling Station• t t to Oswego. Sterlington• tl to SUffern. Sterling Valley• to Oswego. SterllngvUle• t t to Phlladelohla. Steuben to Holland Patent. Stevensvme• to Liberty Stewart to Stamford. StUlwater • to Mechanicsvllle.  Tivoli• t l to Saugerties.  Vermontvme• to Saranac Lake. g~r~r;~own Vernon Center• to Vernon. Tomkins Cove*t to Haver- Verona•t to Oneida. straw. Verona Mills to Rome. Tompkins Corners (Che- Verona Station• U to Ver111ung Co.) to Horseheads non. Tompkins Corners (Put- Verplanck• t to Peekskill. nam Co.) to Peekskill. Versallles• to Gowanda. Tompkinsville*t:t to New Vesper• to Tully. Brighton, . Y. City. Vesta.l•tt to Union. Tongore to Kingston Vestal Center• to Union. Tot,tenville*t to Richmond, Veteran to Saugerties. N. Y. City. Victory to Cato. Tower Hlll to Port Rich- Victory Mills* to Schuylermond. ville. Towlesvllle to Bath. Vienna*tl to Camden. Townel8• U to Brewster. Vine Valley to Rushville. Town Line• t t to Lancaster Vineyard• to Brocton. Townsend to Montour Fa.Us Vlntonton to Coblesklll. Tracy Creek to Union. Viola to Spring Valley. Travlsvtlle to Port Rich- Virgil to Cortland. mond. Vlscher Ferry• to Schenectady. StlBslnit*t t to Pine Plains. Treadwell• to Franklin. Stlttvfile• t l to Holland Vista to New Canaar.., Conn. Patent. Trenton Falls• to Holland Volney to Fulton. Stockbridge• to Oneida. Patent. Volusia to Westfield. Stockport• to Hudson. Trlangle•to Whitney Point. Voorheesvllle*t:t to Albany. Stockwell* to Waterville. Tribes Hlll*ti to AmsterStokes* to Rome. dam. Stone Arabia to CanaJo• Tristates to Port Jervis. barle. Troupsburr• to Knoxville. Stone Church to Bergen. Pa. Waccabuc to Mount Kisco. Stoneco• to Poughkeepsie. Trout Brookt:t to Roscoe. Wadhams*t! to ·westport. Stone Dam to Wellsvllle. Trout Creek* to Unadilla.. Wadhams Mills*t:t t,o Westport. Stonebouse• to Pawling. Trout River to Malone. Stone Mills to Clayton. Trudeau*tto Saranac Lake. Wading River• U to Port Jefferson. Stone Ridge*t to KerbonkTrumbull Comers to Ithaca Wadsworth* to Geneseo. son. Wainscott* to BridgehampStony Creek*t to Warrens- Truthvtlle• to Granvllle. ton. Tunesassa• to Randolph. burg. Stony Hollow• to Kingston. Tunnel • t t to Binghamton. Wake to Windsor. Stony Polnt•U to Haver- Tupper Lake JunctlonU Wakefleldt to Mt. Vernon. to Tupper Lake. straw. WaJes Center• to E. Aurora. Storm Klng•to Cold Sprtnr. Turin* to Lowville. Walker•t:t to Hllton. Turner•u to Monroe. Stormville*t:t to Bea.con. Turnpike tto Potsdam. Walker Valley* to Pinebush Stottvme•i to Hudson. 'Turnwood*to Margaretvllle Wallace•rt to Avoca. Stow*t to Jamestown. Rtraits Oorners* to Owego. Tuscarora*t:t to Mount Walllngton•t:t to Sodus. Morris. Stratford• to Little Falls. Walloomsac•n to Hoosick Falls. Street Road to Ticonderoga Tuthlll to New Paltz. Strykersvllle•to North Java • Tuttles to Victor. Walmo~e to Niagara Falls. Walshv1lle to Coxsackie. Stuyvesa.nt•tt to Kinder- I Tyner to Oxford. Walworth• to Palmyra. Tyre to Seneca Falls. book. Wa.mosvllle• t to Oneida. St¥{~~:i1 :.alls •ti to 1 Tyrone• to Watkins. 0 W anakena. • t to n arrisville. Sugarloaf• t t to Chester. j ;:~Jat~h;u ~0 Freeport. Sulliva.nvtlle to Horseheads. Summe,. Dale*t to Manille Summer Hill to Locke. Summit* to Richmondville. SummlttvlUe•tt to Ellenville. Sundown* to Ellenvme. SunnysldeT to Long Island City. Surprise• to Coxsackie. Sum:~!'r~n Fa~~~dge t t to Swain• t l to Canaseraga.. Swartwood• tt to Spencer. Sweden to Brockport. swonnvme•t to Lockport. Sylvan Beach•ttto Oneida. Syosset•rt to Oyster Bay.  Ta.berg• to Rome. Taborton* to Troy. Tagbkanick to Hudson. Tahawus• to Warrensburg. Talcottvllle• to Boonville. Talcville*t to Edwards. Tallman•t to Suffern. Ta.ppan*t:t to Spark 1. Taughannock Falls•u to Trumansburg. TaYlor* to Cincinnatus. faylor Center to Cincinnatus. Taylor Valley to Cincinnatus. Tennana.b* to Roscoe. Texas to Mexico. Texas Valley to Marathon. The Corner to Kingston. The Glen• t t to Warrensburg. Thendara to Old Forge. The VIY* to Kerhonkson. Thlells•t t to lia.verstraw. Thomastont to Great Neck ~tation. to Thompson Ridge•t: Pine Bush. Thompsons Lake to Altamont. Thomson• to Schuylerville. Tbornwood*l to Pleasantville. Thousand Island Park • t to Clayton. Three Mile Bay*tt to Cape Vincent. Tbree Rivers to Phrenlx. Tbroopsville to Weedsport. Thurman* to Warrensburg. Thurston to uampbell. Tlllson• to New Paltz. TlllY Foster• t to Brew·center• tt to Owee;o. Tt~i8: Tiorona to Beacon. • lloney Order Office.  f~~::!1!~:~~ f t  0  Ulster Helghts to Ellenville. Ulster Landing to Saugerties. Ulster Park*tt to Rondout. Ulsterville*t to Pine Hush. Unadilla Forks• to West Winfield. Unc:i,s* to Ticonderoga. Underhlll to Mount Kisco. Union Center" to Union. Union Church to Albany. Union Corners to Bronxville. Union Courset:t to Woodhaven. Unlon Grove•t:ttoMargaretville. Union Hlll•tt to Webster. Untonport t to New York City (Manhattan). Union Square•tt to Pulaski  Warner• U to Baldwlnsvme WarnervllJe• to Coblesklll. Warren * to Richfield Springs. Warrens Cornerst to Lockport. Washington Hollow to Mlll~ brook. Wt8n~1!_~ton M!lls•tt to to Square Washington Hempstead. Washingtonville to New York City (~:lanhattan). Wassaic*t:t to Amenia..  Water Mlll•t:t to Southampton. Waterport• t t to Lyndonvllle. Watcrvalc> to I<'ay tt , ille Water Valley* to Ham bur& Watervllet Center to Watervliet. Watson• to Lowville. ( Westchester Watts Flats•tt to JamesUnlonvllle town. Co.) to Pleasantvllle. Upper Aquebogue to River- Waverly (Suffolk Co.) to Patchoque. head. Upper Jay• to Au Sable Waverly (Westchest r Co.) to Tuckahoe. Forks. Upper Lisle• to Whitney "\Va.wa.rsing*t to Kerhonkson. Point. Upper yack to .,.yack. Wayne• to Dundee. Upper Red Hook• to Red Wayne Center to Lyons. WayneporU to Fairport. Hook. Upper Saranac•t to Saranac LakP.. Wayvllle* to Mechanie&vllle. Urlton• to Coxsackie. Ushers•tt to Mechanics- Webatuck to Dover Plains. vllle. Webb Mlllst to Elmira. Webster Crossing• to Wayland. Webster Station• to Cazenovia. Wedgewood to ,vatkiu,-,. Wegatchle to Gouverneur. Vail Gate* to Cornwall. Vall Mllls• to Gloversville. Wells (Chemung Co.) to Elmira. Vala.tle*t to Kinderhook. Valballa•u to WhltePlalns WeUR•t (Hamllton Co.) to Northville. Valley Cottage•ttto Nyack Wellsbridge•t:t to Unadllla. Valley Falls•tt to Troy. Wellsburg• t t to Elmira. Valley Mlllst t to Oneida. Vallonla Sprinlt!I to Afton. Weltonvllle to Owego. Wendel ville to North TonaValots•tt to V.atklns. wanda. Vandalla.•t to Alleghany. Van Etten*tt to Spencer. Wesley to Cattaraugus. W. Alba.ny*t to Albany. VanhornesvlUe• to Fort Plain. W. Alden to Lancaster. Van Nestt to New York City. (Manhattan.) W. Amboy* to Parish. Varna• to Ithaca. W. Atb~nstt to Catsklll. Varysburg*tt to No. Java. W. Bainbridge to Ba.ln· bridge. Venice Center•:t tc Moravia W. Bangor• to Brushton. Verbank•tt to Millbrook. W. Barre to Albion. Verbank Vlllage* to Mlll- W. Batavia U to BataVla. brook. W. Bergen•t to Bergen. Verdoy to Watervliet. W. Beme• to Schoharie. Vennlllion to Mexico. W. Bethany to Batavia. tTelegraph Statton.  t ExpreBS  Office, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  203  NEW YORK  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  W. SteohentoWll* to PlttsW. Bloomfield •r to Lim&. fteld, Mass. W. Branch" to Rome. W. Brightont to Rochester. W. Stockholm• to Potsw. Brookvllle•1 to Middle- dam. W. Stony Creek* to Wartown. w. Burlington• to Edmes- rensbu~. W. Taghkanick to Hudson. ton. Westbury <Cayuga Co.) to Westtown*H to Middletown. Red Creek, W.*tt to Saugerties. W. Township to Altamont. W. Troupsburg to KnoxW. Ca.ndor•ti to Candor. vllle, Pa. W. Ca.ton to Coming. W, Valley•tt to Springville. W. Catsklll to Catskill. W. Charlton to Schenec- W. Vienna* to Oneida. Westville to Milford. tady. W. Chazy•tt to Platts- Westville Center* to Fort Covington. burg. W . Chenango to Binghamp- W. Walworth• to Falrport. ton. Westchesterti to N. Y. W. Webster• to Webster. W. Windsor to Windsor. City, Bronx. Wethersfield to Bliss. W. Clarksville• to Cuba. W. Colesville to Binghamp- Wethersfte,d Springs to Gainesville, ton. W. Co11esvllle* to Grand Wevertown• t to North Creek. Gorge. w. Constable to Fort Cov-1 Whallonsburg•tt to Westport. lugton. Wbeeler•u to Bath. W. Copake* to Pine Plains. Wblpplevllle• to Ma.lone. W. Coxsackle•t to Cox- 1 White Creek• to North Bennine-ton. Vt. sa.ckle. W estdale*tl to Camden. w. Danby•tt to Ithaca. Whlte Lake • to Montlcello. W. Davenport*tt to OneWhite Lake Corners• to onta. Boonville. W. Da.::v"' to Northville. Whltela.w to Canastota. W. Dryden to Ithaca. W. Eaton* to Morrisville. Whiteporttt to Kingston. W. Edmeston* to Edmes- Whitestone•t to New York City, Borough of Queens. ton. Westerleigh to West New White Store to :N'ew Berlin. White Sulphur Springs• to Brighton.  NORTH CAROLIN A Candler• to Asheville. Cane Creek to Siler City. Cane River* to Burnsville. Canto to Marshall. Capella to Pilot Mounta.ln. Ca.pelsle* to Troy. Caraway• to Ashboro. Carbon ton• t to Sanford. Ca.rdena.s• 1 to Ralelih,  Bath• to Washington. Battle Ground*lto Greensboro. Baugus to Sparta. Bay to Columbia. Falls. Beachspring to Hertford. Youngsville* to Je1ferson- Bear Creek•U to Siler City. ville. Bear Poplar* to 1\-Iooresville. Yutan• to Port Jervis. Beasley* to Smithfield. Beaumont• to Pittsboro. Zena• to Kingston. Beaver Creek• to Jetrerson. Zurloh to Newark. Beckwith to Belhaven. Beech to Asheville. Beech Creek to Elk Park. Bee Loi* to Burnsville. Y06ts to Fonda.. Young Hickory to Green• wood. Youngs*tt to Unadilla. Younntown*l to Niagara  I  Carmen to Marshall. Carot enn to Erwin , Tenn. Ca.rpe r *tt (Wake Co.) to Apex.  I  NO  RTH  CAROLINA  Abbottsburg• t to Clarkton. Abner to Star. Abshers* to Northwilkes boro. Acme*tt to Wilmington. Acton• to Asheville. Ada.ko* to Lenoir. Adams to Boone. Addiett to ylva.. Addor*t to Aberdeen. Adva.nce•u to Mocksville.  Casar• to Shelby. Comer* to Bayboro. Ca.shiers• to Sylva. Casma to Varina. Castle Haynett to Wllmlnrton. Oatperine Lake* to Jackson v1lle. Oedarcreek* to Fa.yetteville.  Bel Arthur to Farmville. Belcross * t t to Elizabeth City. ' Beldon to Jeflerson. Belew Creek to Walnut Cove. Bellair to 'N"ewbern. Belva.* to Marshall. Belvldere• to Hertford. Belwood• to Cherryville. Benaja*t to Reidsville. Benbow to Elkln. Beng* to Jefferson. Benbam• to Elkln. Bentonville• to Smithfield.  Cedar Fa.lls*t t to Ashboro. Cedar Grove• to Hlllsboro. Oedar Hill to Ansonville. Cedar Mounta.ln*to Brevard Cedar Valley to Lenoir. Ceflo to Roxboro. Celo* to Burnsville. Central Falls to Ashboro. Cbalybeate Springs• to Lllllnstton. Chambers to Bryson City. Champion to Northwilkesboro.  Berea.• to Bertha to Elizabeth City. Bessie to Sylva. Beston to La Grange. Beta• to Sylva.. Bethania* to Rural Hall. Bethel Hill• to R?xboro.  Al to Roxboro. Alrlle• to Littleton. Alar.lea. to Bryson Oity. Albertson* to Pink HUI. Alert• to Louisburg. Alexander• t t to Asheville. Big Laurel* to Hot Springs Big Pine• to Marshall. ~~1~1te. w~frtf~J\o Kerhonkson. ~:~:r~.:Ut~.~~vi~~e. Bilbao to Durham. Whltney Crosslng•ttoCana- 1 Allenton•t to Lumberton. Blltmore*t t to Ashevllle. Alliance• to Bayboro. w. Exeter• to West Win- Bina to Jefferson. Allreds to Troy. Wicopee to Beacon. Qeld. Bixby• to ~ocksvllle. w. Falls• ti to Au- Wilburt to Kingston. Blackburn to Newton. Alma•t to Maxton. Wlllard*t to Ovid. rora. c d I Almond*tt to Bryson City. 1 Willet* to Cincinnatus. Westford• to Schenevus. !~~o~ ~wt!~.1 H 111 · W. Fort Ann* to Hudson Williams Bridget to N. Y. Altamabaw• to Elon OolBl1 1n t 0 Tr 1020. City, Bronx. Falls. Bl:nc'ii• to ~bton. w. Fulton• to Cobleaklll. Wllllamstown•U to Cam- 1 Altamont* to Newland. Altapass*tt to Bakersville. Blantvre•t to Brevard. den. W. Galway• to Amstermounts Creek* to Aurora Alto to Asheville. Wllllnk to East Aurora. dam. · H s Bl fl* Ameua to Sparta. w. Glenville to Amsterdam. WllllsT to Mineola. u to ot prings, Amherst to Williamston. W. Granville Comers• to Willow• to Kingston. 1 Boardman•Uto Chadbourn Willow Oreektt to I th aca. Granville. Bogue Banks* to l\Iorehead Amity to Cleveland. to Liberty. w. Greece to Spencerport , Wlllowemoc• City. Willow Glen to Mechanics- Ana.tone to Burnsville. w. Groton to Locke. Angeline to Hendersonville. B ville. W. Ha.mpton*tt to W. , ollvla* l to W 11 mlngton. Willow Point* to Johnson Anna* to Sparta. Ha.moton Bolton*tt to Whlteville. Anneta to Woodland. City. W. Haroersfteld to Stam- , Apple Grove• to Jefferson. Bonnert~n• totuw:-~ Willowvalet to Utica. tord. • esor Botmer to Norwood. to Aguada.le Keeseville. to Wlllsboro•tt RavW. Haverstraw•tt to Boo':t~·rd •tt to Burnsvllle. Aquone to Andrews. erstraw. , Borum to Elizabeth Olty. Wlllseyvllle•t: to Candor. W. Hebron• to S&lem. Bosley• to Ga.tesvllle. W. Henrletta•tt to Roch- Wilmington• to Au Sable Ara.ra.t•t to Pllot Mountain. 1 Bosts Mills* to Ooncord. w~tirley* to Kingston. 1 wK:::t* to Poland. Wilton• to Sarato1ta.Sp'ngs. !~~ra~i:,rw~!!ro~~lnt. Bowdens•U to Warsaw. W. lslloT to Babylon. Wlndham•rto Grand Gorge. A d •tt t Ash vlll W. Junius to Phelps. Windham Center to Grand ~~a to 3ylva.e e. W. Kendall• to Ho_lley. Armour• t to Wilmington. Bowditch to Burnsville. Gorge W. Klll • to Catskill. Branch to Morganton. W. Kortright* to Schenevus Wlnfteld •t (Herkimer Co.) Ascend to Merry Oaks. Brandon to Jeflerson. Aah to Whltevllle. to Weat Winfield. w. Laurens• to Morrts. Bra.nkton* to Asheville. w. Lebanon•t to Chatr Wlnfteldtt (Queens Co.) to Ashford• to Marlon. to Murphy. Bra.sstown• Olt taln M to Ashland* Elmhurst. bam. y, Brlckton* to Hendersonvllle oun Tenn. W. Leyden• to Boonvllle. Winfield Junctiontt to N. hley Heightst to Aber- Brldgewa.ter•tt to MorganCity (Borough of Y W. Lowville to Lowville. ton. deen. Queens). W. Martinsburg* to Low-I Brim• to Mount Alry. Wlngdale•titoDover P'a.lna ville. Brlnkleyvllle• to Hautax. Wlnterton•t to Mlddletown Aahton•t to Buiv:a.w. W. Meredith to Delhi. Brock to Andrews. Ashwood to Oriental. W. Mllton* to Ballston Spa WlscoY- to Fillmore. AskewvWe*U to W\ndsor to Hlckocy. Westminster Park•t to Wtsner•H to Warwick. · Brooks to Sparta. Wltberoee• to Pon Henry. Askin* to Newbern. Alexandria Bay. Brookside to Sparta. W. Monroe*t to Central 1 Wittenberg* to Kingston. Athlone to BurnsvUle. Atlantic• to Morehead City. Browns Summit• Tl to Wolcottsburg to Akron. Square. Westmoreland•ft to Clin- Wolcottsvtlle to Middleport Greensboro. Wolf Run to Salamanca. ton. Aurella.n Springs• to Lltt.Ie- Ilrownwoodt to Jefferson. W. Mt. Vernont to Mt. Woodboume• to Llberty. ton. Bruce• to Greenville. w~fn.~~~,- Brighton*t to woodbury•t to Huntlnrton Austin• to Elkin. Autryville• t t to Fayette- Brummett to Bakersville. Brush Creek to Siler Clty. Wood.haven•tt to New Richmond, N. Y. City. ville. Buchanan to Virgilina, V&. ~~~ns~ity, Borough of Avoca* to Edenton. Buck to Northwilkesboro. Avon• to Manteo. Woodhaven J-unctronU to Aydlett* to Elizabeth City. Buckland to Gatesville. W. Oneonta•t to Oneonta ~ . Y. City (Borough of Ayersville to Stoneville. ' Buckner* to Marshall. Westons Mills• to Olean. Queens). W. Park•tt to Highland. Buck Shoal* to Elkin. Ayr to Rutherfordton. Buffalo City• to Columbia. West Pattersontt to Pawl- Woodhull• to Addison. Aza.lea*tt to Asheville. Woo<1la.wnt to New York ing. Butralo Cove* to Lenoir. City (Manhattan). West Pawlingtt to Pawling. Bughlll* to Whiteville. Woo<1mere*Uto Cedarhurst W. Pierpont• to Canton. Butes•u to Red Sprinp. Bachelor* to ~ .,.ew Bern. W. Plattsburg to Platts- Woodrow to Tottenvllle. Ba.hama•t to Durham. · Bula.dean to Bakersville. Woods to Antwerp. burg. to Denton. W. Polnt*T t to Hlihland w oodsidett to Long Island Bullock•tt to Stovall. City, .i: • Y. City, Queens. , Bald Creek• to Burnsville. Bunlevelt to Lillington. Falls. Woodstock*tt to Saugerties Bald Mountain to Burns- l3unyon to Washlnirton. W. Potsdam to Potsdam. Burden to Aulander. ville. Woodvllle• to A<1ams. BUriCSS• to Hertford. Baldwtn* to Jefferson. W. RlcbmondVllle to Rlch- Worth• to Park. Elk to Burton to Burnsville. Balm• Lockto Comerst Wrights mondvllle. Balsam•U to Waynesville. Buahnell•ttto Bryson City. w. Rush•ti to Honeoye port. Wurtsboro• U to Mlddl&- Balsam Grove• to Brevard. Buslck to Burnsville. Falls. Buxton• to Manteo. Bamboo to Boone. town. W. Salamanca.• to S&laBandana• to Brnum• to Pittsboro. Wyandale to S p ~ e . manca.. W. Sand Lake• to Troy. Wyna.ndanch•U to Farm- Banks Creek to Burnsville. lngdale. W. Saugerties to Sauger• Ba.rber*tt to Cleveland. Wyna.ntsklll• to Troy. ties. Barco• to Elizabeth City, Cabarrus to Concord. W. Sayville*t to Bayville. Barkeni Creek*t to Sylva. Calabash* to Southport. Pa.tcborue. to Yaphank•t Utica. to W. Schuyler Barnard• U to Marshall. Calahaln • to Mocksville. W. Seneca t to Lacka-- Yates to Lyndonvllle. BarnardsvUle• to Asheville. Call to Northwilkesboro. Ya.tesvllle to Penn Yan. wa.nna. ,camden•i to Elizabeth Barnesville* to Fairbluff. Yorkshlre•i to Arcade. W. Shelby to Medina. Clty. to Heights• W. Shokan*t to Kingston. Yorktown t~ sjf~teth Olty, Campbell• to Stuart, Va. Mount Kisco. W. ~Ide to Lake George. Batcave• to Hendersonville Can&• to Mocksville. W. Somers to Carmel. Yorkville•t to Utica.  ilf~t:•::  Chandler to Albermarle. Chapa.noke• t to Hertford. Charles to Sta.tesvllle. Cheeks to Ramseur. Cheoab • to Andrews. Cherokee• to Bryeon City. Cherry• to Creswell. Oherryfleld*t to Brevard. Cherry Lane* to Sparta.  I  i  Ohicod to Greenville. Chimney Rook*to Rutherfordton. Chinquapin• to Pink Hlll. Chocowlnlt:v•ttto Wa.shlnrton. Cid• to Thoma.svllle. Cl.sco to Edenton. Oity to Sparta. Clarendon•tt to Tabor. Clarissa* to Ba.kersvllle. Clark• to N ewbem. Clear Run to Wallace. Clemmons•tt to Wlnaton• Salem. Cllffdale to Rutherfordton. Cllfton• to Jeflenon. Cllmax•tt to Greenaboro.  0  Comfort• to Trenton. Como• to Murtreesboro. Complex to Denton. Oongo to Northwilkesboro Cool Spring to Stateavllle. Cooper• to Fayettevllle.  I  :es~J':1!•it~:!~ack.  I  Bain•  Bakersville.  f~fe;tt  REFERENC~ KEY .  Cofteld•tt to Winton. Colnjock• to EllzabetbClt:,. Coles Store* to Ramseur. Coltax• to Kernersville. Colington* to Manteo. Collettsvllle•tt to Lenolr.  l County Seat.  • Ioney Order Office.  tTelegraph tatton.  Oorapeake•t to Suffolk, Va. Corbett* to Mebane. Oorepolnt to Washington. Corinth to Merry O&ks. Comatzeri to Mocksville. Cornwall to Stovall. Corolla• to Elizabeth Olty.  Courtney to Yadkinville. 0 ..Jla.~~ie g~~~ Covtngon to Mount Gilead. Cowarts* to Sylva. Crabtree• to Waynesville. Cranberry*t to .l!!lk Park, Oreek• to Warrenton.  g~!i~t\~  Cremo*t to Powell Yille. Crestmont• to Newport. Tenn. Creaton • to Jefferson. Cricket toNorthwllkcshoro. Croatan•t to Newbern. Oroftl to Charlotte. Crossnore-. to Newland. Crouse• t to Lincolnton. Crumpler• to Jefferson. Oruso• to Waynesville. Crutcbfteld•t to Elkin, CUlberson•tt to MurpbY· Oulbretb to Stem.  :t E preBB Office.  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POfNTS  NORTH CAROLINA  NORTH CAROLINA  2031  Gr:nd~e-:-=-to Murpby. - ,Ho~~e -:~~:dl-;m-:i:.- - ,-Lee* to Hot Springs. Essex• to Littleton. Cullasaja• to l"ranklln. Leecbvtlle• to Belhaven. Grandy• to Ellzabetb City. I Hubert• to Jacksonville. Estatoe to Bakersville. Cullowhee* to Sylva. Rudson•tt to Granl~e Fall111 Leland•: to Wilmington. Grantsboro*t to Bayboro. Cumberland*toFayettevllle Ether-tit to Troy. Lemon Springs•u to SanGrantville to Marshall. Etna* to Frankllli. Cumnock•U to Sanford. ford. Etowah*t to Henderson- Gra11sy Creek• to Jefferson. Hughes* to Newland. Currte• ti to Wilmington. Runtdale•t:tto Bakersville. I Lena to Fayetteville. Gray• to Sparta. ville. .&.Currituck • to Ellzabetb Grayson*to Mountain Clty, Hunters Bridge to Wasb• City. Eufola • tt to Statesville. I Letitia• to Murphy. lngton. Tenn. Cycle• to Elkin. Eulalie to Franklin. Lewisville* to WlnstouHunting Creek* to ~orth Greene to Goldston. Sa.lem. Eureka• to Fremont. Wilkesboro. Green Rill*to RutherfordLight* to Thomasville. Huntley• to Clinton. ton. Lilly* to Elizabeth City. Eva to Hertford. Hurdle Mlils• to Roxboro. Lindent to Fayetteville. Green Lees to Marion. Evans to Pittsboro. Dabney•t to Henderson. Llnvtlle•t to Newland. Evergreen*t to Chadbourn. Greenmountain•tt to Bak- Husk to Jefferson. Dale to Bakersville. j ersvtlle. Linville Falls* to MorganDalton• t to Greens Creek* to Sylva. ton. Ewart to Bakersville. Dana• to Hendersonville. Gregory•t to Elizabeth Clty, Excelsior to Whitevtllc,. Linwood• t t to Lexington. Dandy to Jefferson. Greystone•tt to Henderson1 Icard to Hickory, Exter to Windsor. Darby to Lenoir. Idalla to Aurora. Grlffltht to Charlotte. LlttleO.eld to Ayden. Exum• to Vineland. IdlewUd• to JeffeTSon. Grlssom• to Creedmoor. tlo Littlerock Creek to BakeraEx.way to Mount Gilead. Index to Jefferson. Grists* to Chadbourne. ville. Davtdson Rlver•t to Bre, Indian Town•to Ellzabetb Little Switzerland to vard. City Gudger to Columbia. Bakersville. Davis• to Beaufort. Indian Trall•t to Monroe. Lodo to Charlotte. FalrO.eld• to Swanquarter. Gullrord•Tto Greensboro. Gulltord College • t to 1 Lomax to Elkin. Day Book* to Burnsville. Fairview• to Asheville. Inez• to Warrenton. Greensboro. Longcreek to Wilmington. Dealville• to Taylorsville. Faith to Salisbury. Ingalls• to Bakersvtlle. Gulf• t t to Sanford. Falcon• to Dunn, Longisland* to Statesville. Dean to Franklin. , Gumberry*t:): to Seaboard. Ingold* to Clinton. Longs Mills to Liberty. Deeprun• to Kinston. Ink* to Northwilkesboro. Gumneck* to Oolumbla. Long Shoals•to Lincolnton. Falkland* to Greenville. Deerftelel to Boone. Iotla to Franklin. Gupton to Louisburg. LoraY"t to StatesvWe. Dehart* to Northwilkes- Fallclltr to Sylva. Iron Statlon•t to LinoolnGuyton to Bladenboro. Fallston• to Sbelby. boro. Lotta to Spruce Pine. ton. Gwyn to Yadkinville. Farmer• to Ashboro. Delco* to Wilmington. Iva.nhoe•ti to Wilmington. Lovalace• to NorthwilkesDellwood• to Waynesville. Farmlngton•to Mocksvtlle. boro. I Ivy• to Marshall. Faro to :Fremont. Delway• to Wallace. Lovill to Boone. Democrat• to Asheville. Lowe to Lumberton. Denny to Northwilk..isboro. Fearrlngtl)n to Durba.m. LowesvWe to Stanley. Ferguson to Northwilkes- j Hackett to Elk Park. Derita•t to Charlotte. Lowgap• to Galax, Va. Hackney to Pittsboro. boro. Devotion to Elkin. , JaclUlons Creek to ABhboro. Lowlane1• to Bayboro. Ha.llison•t to Carthage. Ferry to caroleen. Lucia to Mount Holly. Roxboro. to Jalong"Whiteville. to Hallsboro*t Jefferson. to Flir* Dewdrop to Hot Springs. Halls Mills* to Northwilkes- 1 James Clty•t to Newbern. Luck to Hot Springs. Finley to Blowinl? Rock. Dexter to Oxford. 1 Lukens• to Oriental. Jamestown•tt to Hlgh boro. FJsber to Tro1. Dillara• to Madlson. Lunday* to Bakersville Point. Hallsville* to Wilmington. Fitch• to MU ton. Dillingham to Asheville. ; Lupton• to Beamort. · Japan• to Bryson City. Flatrock•tt to Henderson0 Hampstead•ttoWflmlngton Jarvis to Northwilkesboro. l Lynn• to Tryon. vtlle 1 Lyons•t to Stem. Ha.mptonvtlle • to YadkinFlats• 'to Franklin. Dimsdale to Tryon. Ja.rvisburg• to Ellz&betb 'I ville. Jefferson. to Fleetwood Dixie to Charlotte. City, Denton. to Handy Dlxon•u to Jacksonvllle. Hannersville* to Tbomas- Jasper to Newbern. Burnsville. Dockery to N orthwilkes- Flinty* to to Jennings• to Stateavllle. ville. Orienta1. Florence• boro. Mabel* to Boone. Jerome to Fa.yettevllle. Hanrahan to Gritton. Jerry• to Columbia. Elizabeth to Harbinger• Wllmlngto Mackey Ferry•tt to Roper. Folkstone•tt Dome• to Black Mountain.• to Washington. City. t Mackeys*tt to Roper. Donnoba.•tt to Rural Hall. Fo~i1~ to Charlotte. Ma.dire Da.Uas. to Hardin Morganton. to Flora Dothan• to Tabor. Hot Springs. to Joe• to Waynesville. Maggie* City. Bryson to Font,.na• Double Shoal to Shelby. Johns*tt to Laurinburg. Magnetic Olty• to BakersHargrove to Stem. Footville to Yadkinville. 0 oughton to Elkin. ville. Ha.rkers Island*to Beaufort Jonas Ridge•to Morganton. Forbes to Bakersville. Ma.ka.toka* to Whiteville. Harley to Northwilkesboro. Jones to Jefferson. Fork to Mocksville. D resden• to Jefferson. Jonesville• to Elkin. M&kelyville to Bellhaven. Harristt to Henrietta. Forney• to Bryson City. 0 rew to Windsor. Jordan• to Siler City. Concord. to t • Harrisburg Kinston Barnwell•ttto Fort D rexe1 • U to Morganton. Mamers to Lillington. 0 ruid to Marshall. Fort Landing* to Columbia 11~:_~~~ti~:?:;:· ~~~~ Mam.le• to Ellza.betb City, DDI'llmhill*tt to Gates. 1 Judson•: to Bryson City Manchester• t: to FayetteFranclscO* to Pilot :Moun• Harts to Mooresville. l'Y Creek to Candor. Jullan•t to Liberty. Vllle. I Hartsbom• to Liberty. ' tatn. Asheville. to Juno to Mount Gilead. Man1tum* I Frank* to Elk Park. gublin to Bladenboro. BurnsvUle. to to Southern Plnea. Kanly•t Harvard* I Whltevllle. to Freeland• 1 8 to Pittsboro. Manndale• City. Oak to Hassen•t Wllmington. to Freeman•t ~~e!i~~ J°acksonvUle Frtendshlpt to Kemeravllle. 1 Hasty•t to Laurinburg. Manns Ha.rt>or• to Manteo. Dudley•U to Goldaboro. Manson•t to Norlina. Hatteras•t to Manteo. Frisco• to Manteo. 0 Ulab to Tabor. • Kanoy tCI Asbboro. Havelock*t to N~wport. Dundarrach•t to Raeford. Frosty totoPittsboro. Mavle* to Elizabeth City. Kapps Mill to Dobson. Haw Branen• to :Sanford. Thomasvtlle. D urants Neck* to Hertford. Fullers* , Maple Cypress to Grifton. to Loulsburg. Kateaville Bakersville. to Hawk Jefferson. to FUrches• 0 UVall• to FrankllD. Hayne• to Clinton. Maple Hill* to Ja.cksonvfile. Kearney to Loulsbunr. D wtgbt to Hertford. Hays• to Northwilkesboro. Kellum to JacksonVUle. Maple Springs to North0 Y■artvllle• to Marlon. wilkesboro. Kelly• to Clarkton. Mapleton to Murtreesboro. Haywood• to Merry Oaks. Kemps Mill to Ashboro. Ma.plevllle" to Loulsburg. Hazelwood• to Waynesville Kendal to N orthwilkesboro Marble•t to Andrews. Heathsvllle• to EUO.eld. Earle Rock•ti to Wendell. Gale to Jefferson. Margarettsvtlle•tt to sea.Kennebect to Fuquay Heaton to Elk Park. l!:&gle Springs•: to Candor. Galveston to Durham. board. Springs. to Co.) (Allegbany Helena Gap to Pllot Mountain. 1ar1•u to Blacksburg, S.C. Garden Maribel• to Bayboro. Kerr•t to Wilmington. Soart&. Marion. to City• artent to Ahoskie. t t to Lumberton. Marietta• City. suer to Klmbolton• Jefferson. to Helton• Gatewood to Danville, Va. Klmesvllle• to Liberty. to Sylva. ~- Arcadia*! to Clarkton. Gay Lenoir. to Creek• Kings City Mountain to Wilmington. to Marines• Hemlock• ~. Flat Rock• to Hender• Gaylord to Washington. Mariposa to Stanley. Klpllnr• i to LIWngton. Tenn. Geneva (Rockingham Co.) Elkin. to Marler• to Stokesdale. E.s£!~leio Manteo. Hendrix to Northwllken-l Kittrell•tt to Henderson. Marley Ford to NorthE. Monbo• to Statesville. Genoa•t to Goldsboro. wilkesboro. Kitty Hawk•t to Manteo. boro. Knotts Island• to Norfolk, Marmaduke• to Warrenton. i1 George to Woodland. l~gar* to High Point. Marsballberg• to Beaufort. Va. Henrico• to Littleton. Georgevtlle• to Concord. Marston to Hamlet. Henry• to Lincolnton. Ect~mont•tt to Lenoir. Henry Rivert to Hickory, Knottvtlle to NorthwilkesEctmo~t/::~r:f:x, Va. boro. Hester•t to Creedmoor. Edneyvme• to Henderaon- Gerton to Ashevtlle. Kona to Burnsville. Masboes• to Manteo. Hewitts to Bryson Oity. Mast* to Boone. Kyle to Franklin. E Vllle. Hexlen& to Aulander. Hamlet. to Ghlot Matney• to Boone. 11:awarct•t; to Aurora. Glbbs to Morganton. Matrimony to Leaksville. Crossroads* to Gllkey•U to Rutherfordton Hlgldns• to Burnsville. to Snow Hill. Maury Carthage. to Htgnfalls* Gillett• to Jacksonville. Lagoon to Ed.zabethtown. Maytteld to Reidsville. Gilreath• to Nortbwllkes- Hl11:hlands to Franklln. Lake Comfort to Swan- Mayhew to Mooresville. to Bryson CltY. Mayworth to Gastonia. El ma• to Littleton. · High Rock*t to Denton. G~~~0va.ney• to Sparta. to ~eron• to Warrenton. : Hlgb Shoals• rt to Llnooln- La1~arte1:iunaluska*t 81 Waynesville. F.l oracto• to Troy. Glen Alptne• t: to Morgan- ~ Hi1:?· Towers• to Yancey- Lake Landing* to Swan- MoAdenvWe• to Belmont. to Fayetteville. e,~e• quarter. ..._ertoTroy, McOalns to Waxhaw. ville Bak rsvllle ton. Lake Toxaway•tt to Bre- McConnell to Carthage. GGlleDdAalY'!estoprings eto Jt:41er.! HUdebra.n•t to Hickory. vard. Mccullers• t to Raleigh. Hllle1rt• to HendersonvUle. en l\~?-rt tc Clarkton. Lake VieW*t to Southern McGrady* to N orthwilkes~honu e• to N orthwilkes- Gl=~~on•t to Sanford. I Hlwaasee• to Murpby boro. Pines. ro. • •Iler to Lexington Glenn to Mountain City, Hobucken• to Bayboro. Mciver• to Reidsville. Lake Wa.cca.maw•tt to Wbltevllle. McLeansville t to Greena!llllay to FranJdui. Hoffman• ti to Hamlet. HI- p Int Tenn. Lanva.le to Wilmington. boro. •lliott•t to Clinton. Glenola.•t to to Bur&gton. Homs• to Ellenboro. Hollow Poplar to Bakeral~:ood•tt to Cleveland. Glen Raven Washington. to L&tbam •tt to Rowland. Meadows• to Danbury. H~e-Ridge•t to Ja.cklOD• L&urelbra.nch* to Sparta. E ro• to Macon. Glenvilled• •toto5t:!~~n Meat Camp• to Boone. ville rd · meraon • to Clarkton. Glenwoo • Meobanlc to Ashboro. HomlnYtt to Asheville. Glldbe~\ OtoL!1n~1ro ' Laurel Springs• to Sparta. Meaora. io Rocky Mount. Hooker to Sparta. B. utort Glo e Lawndale• to Shelby, Meie to Edenton. Hoover Hill to Asbboro. · Glo~~te~~kl: Hope Mllls*tt to Fayette- Laws to Hillsboro. to Dunn, 11rl1ah to Marshall. Melvin Hill• to RutherGold Hlll*tt to Rockwell : vt~ to Boone Leading to Mount Ple~ant. Etlnlce• to Sparta. fordton. Goldpomi to Rot>ersonvWe. I~~ Shoe•u ,,; Hender- Leaman to Carthage. Menol& to Woodland. e,11018 to Morganton. Leander to Elk Park, 11:nterortae to Lexington. MerchantMills to Gateavtile H!~~ne• to Mook• Leasburg• to Roxboro. e , ~ to Sylva. Good Spfnt! ~J:~n. Merrlmon to Oriental. vWe Leatherman• to Franklin. Merritt• to Oriental. wilk. b O Gorman tc=•~o Ashboro. Goshen toNNortlanbd es or Howard to Windsor. Ledsr:er• to Bakersville. Merry Hill• to Windsor. Eakota Newbern. • Gragg to ew ---.::.: to Burnsville. Office. Order Money • Station. Telegraph t t Express Office. , county Seat. REF ER E NCE KE Y.  I  &:~~rJ;e plr:1:3~;~:  B~;t~:li t1° ~r::.·  I  ~ow~n.  D~g~  I  1·  s~':.<l:.  i\:tt  Emt  l Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  g~gwtnfu Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2032  NORTH CAROLINA  Merry Mount• to Norlina. Merry Oaks*tt to Pittsboro Mesic• to Bayboro. Metal to Shelby. Method• 1 to Raleigh. Mica* to Marlon. Mlcavme• to Burnsville. Middleburg• t 1 to Hende1son. Middletown• to Swanquarter. Midland* to Concord. Miles to Sparta. Millboro*tt to Randleman. MUI Brook*1 to Raleigh. Mill Creek• to Roxboro. Millers Creek* to Northwilkesboro. Mllllngport to Albemarle. Mlll Sprtng• to Tryon. Millwood to Pittsboro. Milsaps to Andrews.  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  Point Caswell*to WllmmgOak HUI to Stovall. Oakley to Bethel. ton. Oak Park to Ducl..-town. Point Harbor to Eliza.beth City. Tenn. Oakridge• to B.ernersvUle. Pomona•ttto Greensboro. Oaks to Mebane. Poplar• to Bakersville. Oakwoods to Northwilkes- Poplar Branch• to Elizaboro. beth City. Pores Knob* to North Oblds to Jefferson. Wilkesboro. Observer to Pineville. Porter to Norwood. Ocean to Morehead City. Ocona Lufty* to Bryson City. Postell to Murphy. Ocracoke• to Swanauarter. Powells Point• to Elizabeth Odessa• to Asheville. City. Prentissti to Franklin. Price• t l to Stoneville. Prices M1ll to Monroe. Okewemee• to Troy. Oklsko•t to Elizabeth City. Print to Littleton. Proctor* to Bryson City. Pro~ress to High Point. Old Dock* to Wbltevllle. Old Hundred•% to Gibson. Propst to Hickory Prospect H111• to Hillsboro . Ol~s to Elizabeth City. Prosperity• to Carthage. Oldtown• to Rural Hall. Old Trap• to Elizabeth City Pump to Marshall. Olin• to Statesville. Pungo* to Belhaven. Olive Branch to M.arshvUJe Purlea.r* to N orthwilkes• Olivia*1 to Fayetteville. boro. Ophlr to Troy. Purley• to Danv1lle 1 Va. Purvis• to Maxton. Ore Hill*tt to Siler City. Putnam• (Moore Co.) to Ore Knob* to Jetrersc\J. Carthage. Orenburg liO Henrietta.. Pya.tte to Newland. Orlon to Jefferson. Orrum•t to Lumberton. Osborne*tt to Hamlet.  8&1:~~M=ty.  Mllton*tt to Danville, Va. Milwaukee* to Conway. Mineola to Washington. Mineral Sprlngs•toWaxhaw MlnneapoUs• to Elk Park. Mlnor to Concord. Mint Hill to Matthews. Mints•t to Roseboro. Misenheimer• to Rockwell. Mizpah• to Rural Hall. Moffitt* to Ramseur. Mollle* to Whiteville. Osgood• t to Sanford. Moltonvme• to Clinton. Ostwalt to Statesvllle. Monbo* to Statesville. Othello to Jefferson. Otlls* to Manteo. Ottanola*to Hendersonville Mcnroeton to Reidsville. Montezuma* to Newland. Montreat•tto Black Mountain. Moravian Falls* to North' wilkesboro. Moriah• to Roxboro. ::\Iorrisville*t+ to Cary. Mountain Island to Mount Holly. Mountainview to Warrenton. Mt. Gould to Colerain. Mt. Mitchell* to Marion. Mt. l\1ourne*t to :Mooresville. Mt. Sterling* to Newport. Mt. Ulla*tt to Moores,·ille. Mt. Vernon Springs to Siler City. Mount Zion to , Torth "\YilkPshoro. Mumford to Elizabeth City. MuTCblson to Burnsville.  Otto•tt to Franklin. Otway to Beaufort. Oval to Jefferson.  Rougemont• t 1 to Roxboro Rough to Andrews. Round Mountain to Northwilkesboro. Round Peak• to Mount Airy Rowan to Mooresville. Royal to Aurora. Ruffin• t l to Reldsvllle. Rusk• to Elkin. Ruskin* to Elizabethtown. Ruth to Rutherfordton. Rutnerford College•to Morganton. Rutherwood to Boone. Ryland• 1 to Edenton.  Springcreek* to Hot Spgs. Spring Hill• 1 to Scotland Neck. Splll'!;eon to Northwilkesboro. Stackhouse•t to Marshall. Stacy to Beautort. Staley*1 to Liberty. Stancell to Weldon. State Road• to Elkin. Stecoah• to tlryson City. Stedlll'IW • t to Fayettevllle. Steeds*t:t to Star. Stella* to Maysville.  Stocksvllle• to Asheville. Stonewall• to Bayboro. tony Fork* to Boone. Straits• to Beaufort. Stratford* to Sparta. Street to Bakersvllle. Strieby to Aahboro. Stubbs to Shelby. Salem Chapel to Walnut Stumpypoint* to Manteo. I Sturgllls• to Jefferson. Cove. Salem Cbureh to Denton. Sugar Grove• to Boone. Sama.rcand to Candor. Sand Bluff to Elizabeth• Sult* to .r.furphy. Saddle to Sparta. Sadler to Reidsville. Saginaw• to Newland. St. John to Ahoskie. SalemT to Winston-Salem.  I  I  I  town.  Sands* to Boone. Sandy Mush* to Marshall.  ummit* to Northwilkesboro. Sunburst to Canton. .·upply 4 to hallotte. Surl to Roxboro. Surry* to Washington. Sarem• to Gatesvllle. Sutherlanas to Mountain Satterwhite to Ox.fotd. City, Tenn. Saulston • to Goldsboro. Swain* to Bryson City. Savage* to Gat~ville. Quebec• to Brevard. Sawmill• to Granite Falls. Swancreek to Elkin. Queen to Troy. Swannanoa*tt to Black Saxapaba.w• to Graham. Quick to Reidsville. Mountain. Scaly* to Franklln. Quinine to Aahboro, Swann Statlon•t to JonesScotts• to Stony Point. Qultsna to Windsor. boro. ScoUs H1ll*tt to WilmingSwansboro* to Jacksonville. ton. Swayney to Bryson City. Sweet Water* to Boone. Scottville• to Sparta. Scranton• to Swanquarter. 1 Swepsonvllle•t to Graham Swimlel to wanquarter. Scuppernong to Creswell. Rachel to Aahboro. Swiss* to Burnsvllle. Radical to Northwilkesboro Seagate to Wllming:ton Ramsa.ytown to Huntda.le.. Seagull to Norfolk, Va. Sea Level to Beaufort. Ranger• to Murphy. Sedalia• to Gibsonville. Ransomvllle•toWashlngton 1 Sellca•:t to Brevard. I Selwin to Hobbsville. Raven to Jefferson. emora*t to Danville, Va. Raynham•t to Lumberton Tamarack to MountalnClty, Ready Branch to North- Senla to Elk Park. Tenn. Seven Sprlngs•to LaGrange wilkesboro. Tarn eel• :tto Elizabethtown. Seviert:t to Marion. Red Bug* to Whltevllle. Tar River *1 to Creedmore. Reddies River* to NorthTeacheys•t to \Vallace. wilkesboro. Shankle to Norwood. Red Hill to Bakersville. Shannon• t to Red Springs. Teer- to Mebane. Red Top to Old Fort. Shawboro•tt to Eliza.beth Telephone to Roxboro. Tellico to Franklin. City. Reelsboro•t:t to N.iwnern. Terra Ceia to llelha ven. Reepsvllle• to Lincolnton. I ~~:~e~~f~e Terrell* to Mooresville. Reese to Boone. Thaxton• to Mountain Sherman to Jefferson. City. Tenn. Relief to Bakersville. Sherrills Ford* to 'IooresThelma• t 1 to Littleton. Rennert• t 1 to Red Sprln2'8 ville. Thermal City• t :t to Ruther• Reno to Jefferson. Sherwood to Boone. tordton. Shiloh• to Elizabeth City. Theta to Jefferson. Revere* to :Mar11hall. Shipyard to Elizabeth City. Thornwall to Fayetteville. Rex*:t to Parkton. Thurmond* to Elkm. Shoals•t to Rural Hall Reynoldson to GatesvUJe. Rhine to Jefferson. Shooting Creek* to Murphy. Timberlake• to Roxboro. Tlmberland•t to Raeford. Rhodhiss • t t to Graulte Tobaccoville• t to Rural Falls. Shulls Mills* to Boone. Sidney to Belhaven. Hall. Rbodot to Andrews. Toecane •t t to Bakersvme. Richardson• to Bladenboro Silas Oreek to Jefferson. Toledo to Burns-ville. Slloa.m•tt to Rural Hall. S1lverdale*to Jacksonvllle. Toliver to Jefferson. Rich Mountain to Sylva. Slmpsons tore to " 1adison. Toluca to Cherryville. Tomahawk•! to WUmlng• Riddle* to Elizabeth (;ity. Sims• to Wilson. ton. Black Sioux to Burnsvllle. to Rl~f Tomotla*t to . Iurphy. Topia to Sparta. Ridge Spring to Ayden. Sklnnersvllle to Roper. Topnot to Yanceyville. Ridgeville• to Roxboro. Skyland*t to Asheville. Ridgeway*'tt to Norlina. Sladesvllle to Swanquarter. Topsy to Gatesville. Riggsbee* to Chapel Hill. Sli~o to Elizabeth City. Topton•t:t toAndrews. Sloan* to Wallace. Towncree1i:•tto Wilmington Slocomb to Fayetteville. Rlleys Store to Ashboro. Sloop Point to Wllmlngton. Transon• to Jefferson. Ringwood• to Enfield. Traph111• to Elkln. Sly to Jefferson. Rlverdale•t to Newbern. Treetop* to Jefferson. Small to Aurora. Riverside• to Boone. Rives Chapel to Siler City. Smethport to \ e~t Jeffer- Triangle to Stanley. son. Trilby to Roxboro. Roarint:!: River•tt to. ·orth• Triulty *tt to High Point. Smlth• to Stuart, Va. wilk ·boro. Roark to Mountain City. Smokemont*to Bryson City Triplett to Boone. Smyrna• to Beaufort. Tenn. •Robbinsville• to Andrews. Sneads Ferry* to Jackson- Trotv1l.Ie• 1 to Gatesville. Trout to Jefferson. vill6. Roberdell• to Rockingham. Rock Branch to I?ayette- Snow• to Liberty. Snowden•u to Elizabeth Trust* to Asheville. ville. Truth to Merry Oaks. City. Tryphosa to Franklin. Rock Creek• to Liberty. 1 • oda Hill to Boone. Rock Cut to Statesville. Tuckaselgee• to Sylva. Rock Flsh•tto Fayetteville. Sol to Denton. Tuckerdale to Jefferson. Solola to Bryson City. Rocldord•U to Elkin.  ~l~~i:~e. ~!~io1!~1f~ 8a.ppb1re• to Brevard.  I  Pactolus•u to Greenville. Paintfork to Marshall. Paintgap* to Burnsville. Pa.lntrock*H toHot Spr'gs. Palestine to Albemarle. Palmervme• to Albemarle. Palmyra• t 1 to Scotland , 'eek. Pamlico• to Oriental. Pantego•: to Belhaven. Parker to Mountain City, Tenn. Parkersburg•U to Clinton. Parsonville* to_ -orthwilkes boro. Patest-1 to Maxton. Patterson• to Lenoir. Patterson Springs* to Shelby. Ridge to N"orthPatton wilkeshoro. Paw Creek•t to Charlotte. Peach Tree to Murphy.  ~ ·agsh •ad* to ::\Iantec,. Nakina * to ·whiteville. Pearson to Morganton. Nance to Reldsvllle. Nantahala•rt to Bryson Peden to Sparta. Pee Dee• H to Lllesvllle. City. Pekin* to tv1ount Glleaa. Peletier to Jacksonville. Pelbam•tt to Danville. Va. Naples to .t-lendersonville. Pendleton•t to Conway. Nathans Creek* to Jeffer- Penelo• to Tarboro. son. Penland*tt to Bakersvme. Nealsvme• to Marion. Penrose*! to Brevard. Neoo•tt to Marlon. Needmore to Bryson Clty. Pensacola* to Burnsvllle. Peootes ... to Pittsboro. Nellie* to Wa.ynesvllle. Peppers to Bakersville. Nelsont to Durham. Neuse•U to Wake Forest. PerklnsvllJe*to Morganton. New Castle* to Elkin. Persimmon Creek to MurNewdale to B urnsvllle. phy. Charlotte. to Newell•t Ptafftown• to WinstonNewhill*tt to Apex. Salem. New Holland to Swanquarter. Newhope* to Statesville. Phrenlx•t to Wilmington.  New Hope Academy* to Denton. Newlife to Northwilkesboro New London•u to Albemarle.  NORTH CAROLINA  fg~i:;i~~e.  ;~~°t~i::.  Plnebluff•U to Aberdeen. Pine Hau•u to Madison. Pineola.* to Newland. Pineview• to Fayetteville. Piney Creek• to Spart  ~~~~~~~~f~hdee~;n. I Sopbla.*1 to Randleman. Rocky Point*tt to 1:lurgaw. Sound to Edenton. Rocky Hiver Springs to S. Creek• to Aurora. Newsomtt to Albemarle. , S. Lowell to Durham. Norwood. Plrewa:sr* to Whiteville. Newton Grove• to Clinton. Pisgah• to Ashboro. Rocky Springs to Stokes- , Southmont * t t to Lexlngton. , dale. Nlagara*ttoSouthemPlnes. Pisgah Forest•tito Brevard Pitts to Marion. I South River to Salisbury. Nicanor to Hertford. Rodan the• to Manteo. South Shore to Columbia. Roduco,.. to Eure. Plateau to Newton. Nile to Sparta. Nimrod to Charlotte. Southslrte• to Lincolnton. Roe to Beaufort. Spear• to Newland. Nlxonton to Eliza.beth City. Pleasant Garden•t to Greensboro. j Noland* to Bryson City. Rominger to MountalnCltY I Pleasant Iilll"U to GarysTenn. Norma.n*tt to Ellerbe. 1 Speedwell to Webster. burir. N. Brook to Cherryville. Hooks*t to Atkin. on. N. Oove* to Marion. Soles•t to Carthage. Roscoe to Pittsboro. N. Harlowe* to Newport. Pleasant Rldge:tto Gastonia Rosedale to EllzabethClty. Spokane to Aabboro. Plumtree• to Elk Park. Northslde• to Creedmore. Spoutsprlngs•tt t.o l"ayette-Rosindale• t to Clarkton. Plyler to Aloemarle. Nultn to Sparta. ville. Roaman•u to Brevard. ,county Seat. REFERENCE KEY. • ~loney Order Office. tTelei:'faph Statton. Pinnix to Lexlnitton. Pinson to Denton.  I 1  I  I  Tuckertown"- to AlbcmarleTulls• to Ellzaoeth CitY• Tulu to Edenton. =~~lu%~in~~!iesvlll6 Tuscarora• U to Newberll• Tuskeegee• to Bryson Clt1• TUxedo•tto HendersonvJUe  I Ulah to Ashboro.  Unaka• t.o Murphy. - - :i Expreas Office.  NORTH CAROLINA  :m~  1· e  Woodleigh* to Norfolk, Va. VVoodrow to Canton. Woodsdale•t to Roxboro. Woodvtlle to Lewiston. Worley• to Marshall. Worry• to Morganton. Worth• to Dallas. Worthville• to Randleman. Wrightsville to Wilmington Wysocking to Swanquarter.  Eaatedire•u to Kathryn. Edson to Norma. Elbowoods* to Parshall.  NORTH DAKOTA,  Munster to New Rockford Murray to Mayville.  OHIO  2033  Warren• to Davenport. Warsaw• to Minto. Washegum to Bottineau. ,vatrous to Bentley. Elsworth to Arnegard. Weaver*tt to Hampden. Emerson to Dunn Center. Nash•t to Grafton. Westby to We:;tby, Mont. New Hradec• to Dickinson. ,vesterhcim to . entinel Emrtck*t to Fessenden. Enger to Portland. Newport* to Bowbells. Butte. Epworth* to Palermo. Nicholson*tt to Cogswell. Westt1e1ct• to Hague. F.:verestt to Casselton. Niles! to Leeds. Whetstone to Killdeer. Expansion to Hazen. N orfolkt to Anamoose. White Spur to Kramer. Norton• to Adams. Whynot to Reynolds. Valdese•i to Morganton. 1 Numedahl • to Walhalla. Wlld Rice• t to Fargo. Vallev to Elk Park. Willa* to Burt. Vandemere •ti to Bayboro. Yadkin College• to LexlngWoburn*tt to Coteau. Vander to Fayetteville. Wolf Butte* to Bucyrus. ton. Vannoy* to NorthwilkesYadkin Valley• to Lenoir. 1 Farrington* to Beulah. Wolseth to Glenburn. boro. Fayette* to Killdeer. Woods*t to Davenport. Yancey to Roxboro. Oakdale* to Kildeer. Vaugnan•u to Littleton. Ferot to Rugby. Yea.tesvllle to Belhaven. Oakwood• to Grafton. Vein Mountain* to Marlon Yellow Creek* to Bryson Fleak• to New Leipzig. Odessa.*t to New Leipzig. Venable* to Carrboro. Flushing;t to Inkster. O}ata.•t to Emerado. Verona• to Jacksonville. Fondatt to Overly. Youngtown• to New Salem Yoili· to Eltza.bethtown. Vests to Murphy. Ositood • t to Horace. Fort Totten* to Devils Oswald to Fairmount. Yucca* to Sanger. Yuma.• to Boone. Vilas• to Boone. Lake. Otterberg to New Leipzig. Vinela.nd*t to Whiteville. Freda*tt to Raleigh. Otter Creek* to Center. Vlrgll* to Boone. Fried* to Jamestown. Vista to Wllmington. Funstont to Anamoose. Vivian to Gatesville. Zenlth*tt to Belfield. Zara* to Clarkton. Vixen to Burnsville. Zebra to Northwilkesboro. Paradise* to Watauga, S.D. Zion• to Cando. Vox to Sparta. Parkin*t to Timmer. Zephyr to Elkin. Paulson to Crosby. Zlonvllle• to Boone. Peebler to Deertn11:. Zlrconta. • t to Henderaon- Gaylord* to Belnel<l. Goldwin to Woodworth. Pelto to Brocket. vllle. Perryt to Rutland. Gorham* to Belfield. Grand Harbor•ti to Devils Peterst to Napoleon. Wade•U to Fa.yettevllle. Lake, Petrel* to Lemmon. S. D. Wadevllle•ttoMount Gllead Griffin* to Rhame. Pickardville to McClusky. OHIO Wagoner• to Jefferson. Grinnell• to White Earth. Plckert"'t to Blaoon Wakefield• to Zebulon. Gronna to Rolla. Pierce to De Sa.rt. Wakulla •i to Red Sprinp. Gwytherti to Fort Rice. Pilot* to Mccanna. Walkertown*t:t to Winston Pleasant"" to Sherwood. Abbeyvllle to Medina. NORTH DAKOTA Salem. Portland Junction:t to Port- Abe to Covington. Wallburg• to Thomasvllle. land. Aberdeen• to Maysvllle,Ky. Walls to Sparta. Powell to Grand Forks. Academia to Mount Vernon Walnut• to Marshall. Haley+ to Gascoyne. Power• to Leona.rd. Mllls• t to Dresden. Walsh to North Wilkesboro Absara.ka•tt to Wheatland. Hallson* to Concrete. Praha to Fordville. Adamsville* to Zanesville. Walthall* to Holly Springs. Ackworth to Dunseith. namplet to Oake1. Pretty Rock* to Elgin. Addison• to Ga.lllpolls. Acton to Grafton. Wampler to Burnsville. Hannover* to Genter. Price to Sanger. Addyston•ti to Cleves. Addlson•tt to Davenport. Wana.nlsh*t to Vineland. HarrY to Hamlet. Adrian• to Carey. Agate•t to Bisbee. Wanchese• to Manteo. Africa to Westervtlle. Akra• to cavalier. Warbler to Swanquarter. Hekton to Fort Rice. Afton to Wllllamsbur~. Alicia*! to Lidgerwood. Warlick to Morganton. Hensler*t to Washburn. Agosta• U to La Rue. Alpha* to Golva. Warne• to Murphy. Rainy Butte* to Midway. Al to Swanton. Herrick to Drayton. Warren Platns•U to War- Alta (Barnes Co.) to Valley Ramseyt to Penn. Aid* to Ironton. renton. Rangelyt to Balfour. A1P1ty (Burleigh Co.) to Holmes• to Reynolds. · Alnger to Montpelier. W arrensvllle* to .) efferson. Homer Siding to James- Ransom•tt to Oa.yuga. Alcony* to Ohristlansburg. Regan. Watauga. Falls* to Boone. Amor* Ree to Expansion. town. Alexandersvllle to Mlamlato Bowman.• to Dunn Oenter. burg. Ante1ope •i to Richardton Waterlily*to Elizabeth City Armourdale RhodesU to Esmond. Alexlst to West Toledo. to Hansboro. tg~g11011bknor. Watha•ti to Wallace. Rlga.•t to Granville. Howard* to Grenora. Allred• to l'omeroy. Arvid • to Beach. Watson• to Burlington. Rising to Norwich. Hutr•t to Fort Rice. Allee• t to Vinton. Auburn• t t to Grafton. Waverly to Marshall. Rohrvllle to Ora.ry. Hull* to Hague. Alledonia*tt to Beallsville. Aylmerti to Ana.moose. Wayside to Bryson City. Rosebud* to New Salem. Hurd*tt to Lansford. Allensburg to Lynchburg. Allensvllle• to McArthur. Weasel to Jefferson. Allentown to Elida. Weavers!ord*to Jefferson. Alma to Waverly. Webb to Burnsville. Independence; to La Moure Alpha• to Xenia. Baden•:t to Coulee. St. Anthony* to Mandan. Altitude* to Woodsfield. •Webster• to Sylva. Weeksvllle• to Elizabeth Badland• to Rhame. St. Bonifacius to Kintyre. Alton *t t to West Jefferson. Bangley to Balfour. City. Saunders to Fargo. Altoona to Wellston. Barrie to Kindred. Webutty to Murphy. Schafer* to Watford City. Alum Creekt to Delaware. Johnstown*• to Gilby. Beaulieu• to Olga. Schefteld to Dickinson. WWelcome'* to Lexington. Jo■ephtne• to Oberon. Al vada. • t to Fostoria. Bedford:!: to Page. Schmidt to Mandan. ells to Siler City. Amboy• to Conneaut. Shell to Plaza. • Wentworth• to Reidsville. Belcourt• to Rolla. Amity (Knox Co.) to Belden* to Stanley. Shepardi to Cooperstown. Wesser• to Bryson Clty. Howard. Belmont to Buxton. ,Sherbrooke* to Finley. West End*t to Aberdeen. Amlin• t to Hilllards. Benson to La Moure_. Westfield• to Mount Alry. Keene* to Charlson. Amsden*tt to Fostoria. Bereatt to Valley O1ty. Silverlea!*t to Ellendale. ; . Raleigh*t to Raleigh. Kellys*:t to Mekinock. Anderson •t to Chillicothe. Sims•H to Almont. Kelso•: to Hillsboro. Andersonvtlle to Chillicothe. Berg* to Charlson. w~~fii~l;f~ i~~~~un. Skaar* to Wibaux, Mont. Kelvin• to Dunseith. Bessie* to Bowman. Skogmo* to Drake. WWhlchard • to Greenville. Kenaston•tt to Kenmare. Andis to Ironton. Bierman to Rhame. Slope Center to Bowman. Andre to Portsmouth. hltehead* to Sparta. Kermit to Noonan, Birchwood to St. John. Snow* to Belfleld. Whitehurst to Bethel. Kidville to Engleva.le. Andrews to Mount Gllead. Birdsell to ~ew Letpalg. Sonora; to Fairmount. Klose to Jamestown. Ankenytown • t t to FrederBlac.1twater• to Garr'LBon. Stampede *tt to Columbus. White Oak•t (Bladen Co). Bloom Kuroki*t icktown. to Westhope. to Jamestown. Stiles:j: to Lidgerwood. to Elizabethtown. ~~aR~~~~rawrord Oo.) Bluegrass• to New Salem. Stillt to Wilton. it~te Plalns*toMount Airy Bonnie View to Beach. Stover to Edmore. Anthony to Athens. W 1te Rock* to Iarshall. Brazil* to Balta.. towers* to Lemmon, S. D. Antioch* to Woodsfield. White Store• to Ma.rshvllle. Breien to Timmer. Straubvllle*t to Cogswell . Antlqulty*t to Ra.cine. .,..,h,tnel* to Lenoir. Brittin*t to Bismarck. Svold • to Backoo. Antonis* to Waverly. LaUiet to O baron. •v hitney*H to Badin. Burleightt to :'.\Ieuok n. wartwood* to Bowman. Antrim• to Freeport. La. Mars to Fairmount. ;hhlltsett• to Glbsonvllle. Swastika.*:t to McIntosh, S. Apple to Laurelvllle. Langberg* to Bowman. ttler•tt to BrysonClty. D. Applegrove* to Racine. Lark*t to Carson. Sweetbriar•tt to Judson. Appleton t to Croton. La.urea.t to Dunseith. i~ortonsvllle to Oriental. Sydney to Millarton. Arabia to Ironton Lawther to New Leipzig. \tgins Crossroads to Caledonia* to Shelly Minn, Leff to Reeder. Arbela to Richwood. W haleYV1lle. to Klntyre. Archers Fork* to Marietta. Lehigb*t to Dickinson. w,!}bar• to orthwilkesboro Campbell Cannon Ball*H to FortRlce Lemert:!: Tartt to Hillsboro. Arion to Otway. to Carrington. wtlhldwood*t to Newport. Carpenter* to St. ,John. Tansom to Colgan. Arkoe to Piketon. Leroy*t to Bac-koo. WI te• to Burnsvllle. Cashel• t to Grafton .. Tarsus•t to Bottineau. Arlington (Mon~omery Levantt to Manvel. n-. llard•tt to Wallace. Catlin* to Watford O1ty. Thelen to Beach. Co.) to BrookvUle. Leverich n- Ulets• to Sylva. to Rugby. Chamai to sentinel Butte. Leyden*t to Walhalla. Trotters• to Beach. Arlington Heights to LockWuuams• toWinston-Salem Cha.ndler*t to Haynes. land. Lincoln* to Lincoln Valley. Trurot to Lansford. Creek to Fayettevllle. Clement*t to Oakes. Tunbrldie• t to Rugby Armstrongs Mills*:t to Logan to 'awyer. Wm ston to Beaufort. Coalbank to Regent. Tyler• to Wahpeton. Beallsville. Lynchburg+ to Casselton. Wu 1ow to Gatesvllle. to Sheldon. Arnhelm to Sardinia. · w11 ow Sprlng•t to Raleigh Ooburnt Oole Harbortt to 0 oa 1 Arnoldtt to Plain Oity. Wn~ot•t to Sylva. Harbor. Arthur to Defiance. w~ns Mills*ti to Selma. Cottom ·ood Lake to Alamo Unton•u Asbury to Cinclnnatl. to Milton. Windom to Burnsville. Croff* to Watford City. University*t to Gra·nd Ash to Pataskala.. b Y Gap to Northwilkes- Cuba*:t: to Fingal. Forks. · Ash Ridge to Georgetown. Mandt to Grafton. Wt oro. Urbana*t to Eckelson. Ashton to Caldwell. 14arsball* to Richardton. w1nfall• to Hertford. Athalia• to Huntington, W. '.[cJGnney to Tolley. w~i* to BalrArsvllle. Va. Medbernr•tt to Edgeley. nabow• to "\Vllmington. Atberton:t to Hebron. Melby* to Dunn Center. Wtnatead Ill lb DailY to Kathryn. Atlanta.•U to Wlllia.msport Merrifleldt to Thompson. Vang• to Walhalla.. Wtnth v e to Be aven Da.nat to Hazelton. Vashti to Pingree. Atlas• to Barnesville. . lidway"" to Amidon. b rop Mills• to New- oeep•t to Russell. Venlo:t: to Sheldon. Auburn to Mantua Millers Spur to Bordulac. Auglaize to Delphos. Mineral Springs* to Bow- Veseleyvllle• to Pisek. ?ltst~•~tti to Norlina. Defiance* to Dodge.I "' B Deisem*H to Edge ey. Vlklngti to Hamberg. Augusta*H to Minerva. man. o eaufort. Dore* to FairVl~w. Mont. ::\Iona* Aultman• t.o Canton. to Olga. Wolf Mountain* to Bre- Dover:t: to Carrington. :\Iortimer to Gale burg. Aurora• t-J Mantua. W Va.rd. DradY to Minot. Waldont to Page. .Mose*:t to Binford. Aurora Statton• t t to Mau. Woodard• to Windsor. Duane to Ellendale. kt rd Mosellet to Wyndmere. Wallo to Thompson. tua Station. VVO0<Uord* to Jefferson. Dundas:!: to New Roe o . Mount Carmel• to Mow- Walseth Siding to Glen- Austln • to Frankfort. Woodlawn to Marlon. Dunnlngt to Maxbass, burn. bray. Austtnburg•U to Jefferson ~eaf1'H to Cleveland. ourbtn•H to casselton. • )!oney Order Office. tTelegraph Statton. t Express Office. REFERENCE KEY. ,county Seat.  Union to Ahoskie. Union Ridge• to BurUni:ton. Unionville• to Monroe. Un1verslty•U to Hillsboro. Upton to Lenoir. Uree• to Rutherfordton. Uwharie to Troy.  e  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2034  OHIO  TOW NS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  Banner to Oak Hill. Bannock•t to St. Clairsville. Bantam• to Bethel. Bardwell to Mount Orab. Barlow• to Watertown. Barnesburg to Miami. Barnhill• to Uhrichsville. Barretts Mills to Bainbridge. Barrs Mill*tt to Shanesville. Barry to Chagrin Falls. Barryvllle to Louisville. Barton•t to St. Clairsville. Bascom• t 1 to Tlmn. Buban• to Pomeroy. Batemantown to Fredericktown. Batesvllle• to Quaker City. Bath• to Akron. Batson to Payne. Bayard• t 1 to Minerva. Baya•t to Rudolph. Bay Vlllage* to Rocky River. Beacb Park to Lorain  Beamavllle to Anson.14. Beatty to Springfield. Beaumontt:i: to Athens. Beaverpond* to Peebles. Beavertown to Dayton. Beckett•t to Beverly. Bee to McArthur. Beebe to Athens. Beebetown to Berea. Beidler• to New PhHadelphla. Belden to Elyria. Belfast•t to Hillsboro. Bellbrook• to SpringValley Belle Valley• ft to Caldwell. Belle Vernon to Sycamore. Ballpoint to Delaware. Beloit•t to Sebring. Be{Pfe to Parkersburg, W.  Bennetts Corners to Berea. Benton• (Holmes Co.) to Millersburg;. Benton (Crawford Co.) to Sycamore. Benton Ridge• to .8awson. Bentonvme• to Manchester Berkey•t to Metamora. Berkshire to Sunbury. Berlin• (Holmes Co.) to Mlllersburg, Berlin (Jackson Co.) to Wellston. Berlln (Wllllams Co.) to Edon. Berlin Oenter•tt to Alliance Berlin Crossroads • to Wellston. Berlln to BerUnvme• Heights. Berne• t to SUmmerfteld. Berrysville to Hillsboro. Bertha• to Portsmouth. Berwtc1t• U to Timn. Bethany• to Monroe. Bevan.,, to Marietta. Bevis to Mount Healthy Bldwen•t to Vinton. Biers to Chillicothe. Big Plain to London. • t tO R b 1 I Bl us BY· Birds Run* t to Cambridge. Bl\}11e!,1:lt"o~: (Erle Co.) to BtrminghamtGuernseyCo.). to Cambridge. B lshopvllle• t to Chesterhill !  ~!~:,gs  .Slack!ork (Jackson Co.)tl to Oak Hill. Blackfork*t (Lawrence Co.) to Oak Hill.  I  Cheshire (Delaware Co.) to Cutler•t to Marietta, Delaware. Cynthiana• to Bainbridge. Chester• to Pomeroy. Chesterfield to Chesterhlll. Dalcy to New Martlnavllle, lngton. Chesterland• to Chardon. Burbank•tt to Lodi. W.Va. Bu.rgb1ll•tt to Kinsman. Dallas to H11lsboro. Chesterville• to Frederlck- Dalzell* to Marietta. Burgoon•tt to Bettsville. Burkhart*t to Woodsfield , town. Damascus•! to Salem. Burlington* to Huntington, Chicago Junction to Wil- Danbury•t to Port Cllnton lard. W. Va. Danford to Cambridge. , Chlllt to Coshocton. Burroak to Glouster. Danville to Hillsboro. Burton City• t to Orrville. · Chilo• to Fellctty. Darbyville to Mt. Sterling. (Muskingum Darlington i~rtig~:It~t\~n~tf~f!~t~ ChJ~;_wa Lake•tt to MeCQJ to Zanesville. Chuckery to Mll1ord Center. Darlfflgton (Richland Co.) Bushnell to Conneaut. Churchhlll to Girard. Buslnessburst to Bellaire. to Bellville. Butlerville to Blanchester. Circle Hill to Covington. Darrowvllle• to Hudson. Clatborne•tt to Richwood. Damown to Oxtord. Bloomfield (Muskingum Byer•t to Wellston. Byhalia• to Mount Vlctocy. Claridon to Burton. Dart to Marietta. Co.) to New Concord. Clarion• to Vinton. Darwin to Pomeroy. Bloomingdale* to Jewett. Byington• to Peebles. Clark• (Coshocton Co.) to Blooming Grove to Gallon. Byron to Yellow Springs. Millersburg. Cable•tt to Woodstock. Bloomington to Sabina. Daste to Convoy. Clark (Dark Co.) to ~ ?ew Davia Bloom witch* to Oak Hill. Cadmus to Galltpolls. to Portsmouth. Blowvllle to Williamsburg. to Jackson. to Conneaut. Davisvllle l,~J.r:t<I~a. 1 Blue Ash*tt to Pleasant to Ansonia. Dawn•t Cairo (Stark Co.) to Canton. Clarksfield t t to Wakeman. Dawson•t to Sidney. Ridge. Clarkson• to East Liverpool Dean to Ironton. Calais• to Batesvllle. Blueba.ll to Middletown. Calcutta to East Llverpool Blue Ore k to Otway. Dearing to Ironton. Oalifornfa•t to Cincinnati. Clay to Oak Hill. Blue Rock• to Zanesville Deavertown• to Crooksville Calla*t to Canfteld. Bluestone to Euclid. Genoa. to to Russellville. IJenter• Decatur• Clay 1 Boardman to Youngstown. Decliff*tt to La Rue. Clay Ltck•t to Newark. Bobo to Beaver. Olaysville* to New Concord Deerfteld•tt to Alliance. Camba*t to Jackson. Boden to Cambridge. Deer Park to Norwood. Clayton•t to Brookvllle. Cameron to <.,'larlngton. Bodman to Mount Orab. Deeravllle• to Cadiz. Clearport to Lancaster. Camp* to Piketon. • Campbell•tt to Ironton. 1 Clermontville to.,_ ew Rich- Delhitt to Cleves. Bogart to Sandusky. Dellsle to Arcanum. Campbellstown•tt to Eatonl mond. Bokes Creek to Richwood. Camp Chase•tto Columbus. ClUfYville to SUmmerftel<1. Dell* to Marietta. Bolins Mills to Albany. Camp Dennlson•tto !dlltord Cllfton• to Yellow Springs. Dellroy• U to Carrollton. Boneta to Medina, Cllmaxt to Edison. Canaan to Creston. Bono• to Toledo. Canaanvtlle•tt to Athens. Cltntonville•tito Columbus Bookwalter to J effersonvllle Canal Dover*tt to Dover. Cloud to Malta. Booth (Lucas Co.) to Canal Lewlsville•to Cosho~ Cloverdale•tt(Putnam Co.) Denmark (Ashtabula Co.) Toledo. to Continental. ton. to Jefferson. Boston (Belmont Co.) to Cannelville•t to Zanesville. ClulJ to Cincinnati. Denmark to Mount Gilead. Barnesville. Coa.lburgtt to Hubbard. Denson U to Morenci, Mich Boston (Summit Oo.)*H Ironton. to Grove•t Coal Dent to Cheviot. Oaptina to Bellaire. to Cleveland. Coalrld~e•t to Caldwell. Denver•: to Waverly. Caraghar to Metamora. Bostwick to Chardon. Coal Run to Beverly. to Mount Sterling Derby•tt Nelsonville to Carbondale• Boudes Ferry to Htgi!nsto Jackson. Derwent•U to Pleaaant Carbon HUI* t to Nelson- Coalton•u port. Coats to Woodsfield. City. vllle. Boughtonvllle• t to North Desoto to Georgetown. Carlisle (Noble Co.), to Cochranton• to Marlon Falrfteld. Deucher• to New Mata• Summerfield. Bourneville*t to Bainbridge g~~~fi:'¥g moras. to Co.) (Warren Carllsle•tt Bowlusvlllettto Sprlngfleld. Deunquat•t to Sycamore. Franklin. Braceville•fi to Newton to McComb. Deweyville• Orwell. to Colebrook• Middleport. to Carlton• Falls. Dexter•tt to Pomeroy. BracUey• to Dillonvale. ~ Carmel• to Hillsboro. Dexter Clt,,- t t to Caldwell. Bradrick to Huntington, W. . Dlaltont to Springfield. Carpenter•tt to Middleport Colfax to ~ancast~r.. Va. , College Hill to Cmcm?at1. Dlamond•t to Newton Falll Carrie to Olarksburg. Brady to Cambridge. Dlok to J etrerson. BerlinHe1ghts to t Colltne•t I Shawnee. to Carrington Bralleyt to Swanton. Collinsville*t to Somerville. Dlllles Bottom• to Mound•· Branch Hlll•t to Loveland. Carrotbers•tt to Attica. vllle. W. Va. Cleveland to Collinwood•tt Cincinnati. to Carthage Vernon. Brandon to Mount Carthagena• to Chickasaw.' Colton•t to 1berty Center. DWe*t to Shawnee. Brandt* to New Canlsle. Columbia Center to Patas- Dlxon•u to Monroevllle, Carthon•t to Somerset. Brandywine to Bucyrus. Ind. kala. Carysvllle to Saint Parle. Columbia Statlon•tt to Doanville•t to Nelsonville. Casaella to St. Henry. Brecont to Locklana. Dobbston to Huntinrton, Berea. Cambridge. to Cassels Brewster to Navarre. W. Va. I Comet to Clinton. Ca.sstown•t to Troy. Coml:v•t to Cornlng. Brlce•tt to Reynoldsburg. to Lebanon. Doddst Brlceton•rt to l'auldlng. Ca.stlne•tt to West Man1 Dodievtlle• to Orwell. Conant to Spencerville. Brickner to Ottawa. chester. to Lynchburr. Dodsonvllle Bridgetown to Cheviot. Ca ta w b a • to South Concord to Painesville. Dohertyt to Summerfield. Condit• t 1 to Sunbury. Bridgeville to Zanesville. Vienna. Dunkirk. to U • Dola Cosbocton. to 1 t Conesville• Bridgewater to Montpeller. Catawba Island • to Port Domervllle to Defiance. Conio*l to Coming. Brier HW t to Youngstown Clinton. Donnelsville• to Sprlnrtield Congress to West Salem. Brlggsdale* to Columbus. Cavett•tt to Scott. Oonnorville• to Mt. Pleas- Dorcas• to Racine. BrlghtonU (Lorain Co.) to Caywood• to Marietta. Dorset•tt to Jefferson. ant. Welllngton. Cecll•U to PaUldinit. Dove• to Beaver. Conotton• to Bowerston. Brighton (Clark Co.) to Cedar Hill to Amand&. Dover (Belmont Co.) tJ Conovert to St. Parle. South Vienna. Cedar Mllls• to Peebles. Bellaire. Constu.ntia. to Delaware. Brllllant•tt to Wellsburg, Cedron to Fellctty. Constitution• t 1 to Marietta DoverU l Union Co.) to MarYSvllle. Center Belpre* to Parkers- Converse to Spencerville. Brtmfield•t to Kent. Cook•t to Mount Sterlinr. Dover Center*tt to RockY burg, W. Va. Brlnkhaven*t* to Danvllle. River. Cooney to Edon. Bristol (Morgan Co.) to Centerfield to Leesburg. Dowllng•t to PeITYsbu~. Center Point to HtgglnsMalta. ggg~:~d~e1:t¥~~ui·readen. Downington to Pomeroy. Brlstol*(Perry Co.l to New l port. Drakest to Corning. Coopersville-- to Piketon. Centerton• to Chicago. Lexington Copley• to Akron. Brfstolvllle*tt to Warren. Center Village to Galena. Gallioolis. to Cora Drill to Bridgeport. , Ce~t~It~°o~r.elmont Co.), Brittain to Akron. Comeraburi to Youngstown Dry Run to Portsmouth. Waynesville. to Corwin Dublin• to Columbus. Broadacre* to Steubenville. I Center~le (Clinton Co.), Cosmos to Union City, Ind. Ducat to Rudolph. Broadway•Hto Marysvllle. l to Sabma. Toronto. to • Costonla to Caldwell. Dudley*t (Gallia Co.) to Oove*t to Beavertown. ceg~e Broadwell* to Amesville. Duffy to New Mart1nsvU1e, 1 W. Va. Centerville• t t (Montgom- Cow Run• to Marlett&. Rrock to Versailles. Cox• to Adelphi. ery Co.) to Dayton. Duke to Peebles. Brokaw•t to Beverly. Central College to Wester- Cozaddale•: to Loveland. Dull to Ohto City. Brokensword to Bucyrus. Dumontvllle to Lancaster. vllle. Brookfield• to Sharon. Pa. Ceylont t to BerltnHelghts. Crabtree to Portsmouth. Dunback to Portsmoutb. Brooklynt to Cleveland. Dunbarton to Peebles. ,.,.,. 1 Chadwick Corners to CortBrook Park to Berea.. I ~~~t~~Dunbrldge• t t to Bow-• land. Broughton•tt to Paulding. Cranberry Pralrle to St. Brownt to New Carllsle. Chaffee to Cleveland. zo.netto nu<::ce::·Falls•t Henry. Brownhetmtt to Amherst. , Chaltants•t to Glenford. vllle. Craver to Batavia. Brownsville (Licking Co.I Champion to Warren. Dun an wood to Cadi.1.:. Crawtord to Carey, Chandlersville*tt to Zanes_ Crayon to Urbana. to Ne~ark. ville. Brownsville (Brown Co.), ~!1J!11gitY · Creedville to Cheviot. Charlestown• to Ravenna. Creola•t to McArthur. to Ha~ersVIlle. Brown~ville (Monroe Co.) Charm• to Mlllersburg. Crescent•tt to St. Claln- Dungannon (Oolumbiana Chase to Athens. Co.) to Ken lngton. to to ... ew Matamoras. vllle. Chasetown to Mount Orab. Crescentville t t to Lock- Dungannon ( ·oble oo.) Browntown to Sard lnta. Chasevllle to Caldwell. Bruno to Thomv1lle. 1 land. Brunswick• to Valley City. Chatfield*tt to New Wash- Ore well* to Steubenvillo. D:n~:~ l"to rt. Pleasant, Dunklnsvllle to Peebles. Crisp to Chillicothe. in11:ton. Crtssy to Swanton. Dunlap to Mt. HealthY, tal• Chatham• to Lo<li nucllanan to ,vaverly. Dupont• Tl to Conttne!!,,1e Cromers• to Tiffin. :~~~~~;ie~~~:~~~~};;:iue l 8t!~~~lt~T fo tM:tgi~tng. Crone to Portsmouth. Durant*t to McConnels)vu Durbint (Clark Co. Buckeye Cottage to Rose- I Cherry Fork* to Winchester Crooked Tree to Caldwell. Cherry Grove• to Cincin- Crossenvllle to Bremen. vllle. nuft>?tg~t~rcer co.) to nati (Mt. Washington.) Cross Roads to Oak Hlll. Buckeye Lake* to Hebron. Cherry Valley to Andover. Crosstown to Wllliamsburg. BuckingbamT to Corning. Buckland•U to Wapako- 1 Chesapeake• to Hunting- Crown City* to Galllpolll. D~,~~1{t:i to A hville. Crystal Spring• to Mass1Uon Dwight to Clarlnrton. ton. W. Va. neta. rt Dye to farletta. Buena V1sta• to Vanceburg, Cheshire• t lGallla Co.) to Cuba•tt to Wilmington. l\fld0Jeport. Ky. Dyesvllle•t to ~~ Culbertson• to Ironton .  Austintown • to Youngs-I town. 1 !::;fietioc~~1::ii·ua. Avery• tt to Milan. A via to Kalida. Avlon to Bremen. Avon• tt to Elyria. Avondale to Thornville. A TOD Lake* to Lorain. Axtel to Vermilllon. Ayeravllle to Defiance. llachman to Brookville. Bacon to Coshocton. Balley to Waterville. Baileys Mllls•t to Barnesville. Bainbridge•tt to Chagrin Faus. Balrds Furnace to New Straitsville. Balrdstown•t to Bloomdale. Baker to Greenville. Bakeravme• to New Comeratown. Baldwin 1 to Batavia. Bangorville to Bellville. Banga•tt to MountVernon.  OHIO  Buford• to Mount Orab. Bulgoe to Bloomvme. I Bundysburg to West Farm-  Black Hand to Newark. Blackllck•tt to Columbus. J:Hackrun • 1 to Frazeysbur~ Bladen• to Galllpolls. Bladensburg• to Utica. Blaine• to Bridgeport. ' Blalrmont to Adena. Blalrsvllle to New Richmond. Blake to Wadsworth. Blakeslee•tt to Edon. Blanchard to Dunkirk. R~s~~~l~<!Jf~sWa.rsaw. Bloom Center to LewtstowD Bloomer•t to Versailles.  REFERENCE KEY.  8!1r~~~r:;  CI!;:<g~~~ers  ~::~~~;[;!~i!°n'!~r,d.  ~r~\te~·  ggf:r~:: ~~!~r·  ?Jll~.  8~!~lt~~  B~~~!!:+/io  to  ,county Seat.  •.ioney Order Office.  t Telegraph •. tat1on.  Expre  Ofil •  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING PO NTS  OHIO  D  e  1.  d  J 0  y  e,  Eagle Cliff to Rocky Rlver. j Eagle Mllls• to Chllllcotbe. I Eagleville• to Jefferson. Earley to Celina. Eastburn to Jackson. East Canton to Oanton. E. Cla.ridon•U to Oha.rdon. E. Columbus* to Columbus. E. Danville:t to Hillsboro. E. Fairfield to New Waterford. .E. Fultonham* to Roseville. E. Greenville* to Massillon. E. Lewistown to Columbiana.. E. Monroe•: to Leesburg. EaatonU to Doylestown. E. Orwell•tt to Orwell. E ..J~~-hland to St. OlairsE. Ringgold to Oirclevllle. E. Rochester•:): to Minerva. E. Sifia.rta.*t:t to Ma~ia.. terE.da£~ingfield to East Union to Orrville. E. View Village to Clevela.nd. Eastwood• to Williamsburg. Ebenezer to New Paris. Eber to Washington O. H. Ebush to ChllUcothe. Eckleyt to Wauseon. Eckmansville toWinchester. Edenton• to Blanchester. Edgefield to Jamestown. !dinburg to Ravenna. ~dlaon*tt to Mt. Gilead. Edith to Caldwell. EdwardsVllle to Morrow. EEgyp~ to Barnesville. lfort•t to Oak Hlll. Elba•t to Caldwell. Elenor to Milford. Elery to Malinta. Elgin• t t to Spencervllle. EU to Jeffersonville. Eliza.bethtown*t:t (Hamilton Co.) to Cleves. Elizabethtown (Guernsey .,. 00.) to Quaker City. .,,1k to Caldwell. E 1ko to McArthur. Elkton• to Lisbon. Ellenora* to Mr. Washington. EEllerton to Mtamtsburc. llet to Akron. EEUlott to Chester HUI. llls•t to Dread-,n. ElUston • to Elmore. Elltberry to Maysville, K:r.  .Feesbura• to Georgetown. Gladstone to Cedarville. FernbankH to Oleves. Glandorf*t:i: to Ottawa. Fernwood•tto Steubenvme. Glass* to New Matamoras. Glass Rock to Glenford. Ferry to Waynesville. Glencoe*+t to Bellaire. Flat• to Baltic. Glendale*t to Lockland. Fidelity to West Milton. Glenkarn *t l: toHollansburg. Fields to Elyria. Glenmont to Millersburg. Fifteen* to Mar!etta.. Glenmoore• t 1 to Ohio City. Fincastle• to Sardinia. Glenn*:): to Vlnton. Flrebrlck*t to Oak HW. Glenrose* to Batavia, Flreslde to Bellevue. Fitchville• to New London. Glenroy*t to Wellston. Glenvlllet:i: to Cleveland. Flvemlle to Mt. Orab. Fivepoints to Mount SterGlenw1llow• to Bedford. ling. Flat Rock•U to Bellevue. Glenwood* to PleasantOity GlYnnwood to St. MarYs, Fleming•:t to Marietta. Goes•:t to Yellow Springs. Fletcher•U to Piqua. . g~~:'•Pr~niffci~ Lodl. Flint to Westerville. Flints Mill• to New Mata-- Gordon•: to Verona. Gore• to New Straltsvllle. . moras. Floodwood to Nelsonville. Goshen• to Loveland. 0 il~~:;c~ ct'h~e~~; to Ber- Gracey• to Marietta. Graham to Woodsfield. Un Heights. Grand Rlver•t to Pa1De9Florida• to Napoleon. ville. Fly• to Sistersville. Grandview• to New Matamoras. Folger• to Lorain. Granger to Medina, Folsom to Hillsboro. Grant to Kenton. Footville to Rock Creek. Graltot• to Zanesville. Foraker•u to Kenton. Grayson to Tippecanoe Ford to Burton. City. Forestville• to Mt. WashGraysville• to \Voodi,fteld. lngton. Graytown•u to Elmore. Forgy• ~ New Carlisle. Fort Anclent•t to Morrow. Greatbend ·to Ravenswood, W. Va. Fort Hlll to Hillsboro. Fort Jefferson to Greenville. Greenbush to Gratia. Fort McKlnley to Dayton. Green Castle to Carroll. Greendalett to Logan. Fort Seneca• to Tlffln. Greenford•t ,o Can11eld. Greenland to Frankfort. Foster• to Loveland. Greensburg (Summit Co.) Fowlert:t to Cortland. to Akron. Fowlers Mills to Chardon. Greensburg (Trumbull Co.) Fox to Clrclevllle. to North Bloom1\eld. Frampton to Frazeysburi'. Greentown• to New Berlln. Frank•H to Bellevue. \o GG~:Cltrson*!tt:i :,r1~~r:n.• Franklln Furnace•: • Greenup, Ky. Franklin Square• to Lee- g~~:~:~ ii;t~'!ithy. Fr!~~n Station to Coshoc- Groga.nt to Columbus. ton. Fredericksdale4- to Caldwell Guernsey•t to New Comerstown. Guildford to Seville. Freeburgt:t to Loulsvllle. Gumeyville to Wilmington. Freedom Station*:): to Ra- Gustavus• to Kinsman. Gutman:t to Wapakoneta. venna. Guysviile•t to Athens. Freeland• t 1 to Zanesvllle Gypsum•Uto Port Clinton. French to Portsmouth. Frenchtown (Darke Co.) to Versailles. Frenchtown (Ottawa Co.) Hackney to Beverly. Haga to Caldwell. to Oakbarbor. Haltler to Mllledr,revllle. Fresno• U to Coshocton. Halley to Gallipolis. Friendship• to Port■mouth. Hallsvllle• to Adelphi. Hambden•tt to Chardon. Frost•:t to Athens. Fruitdale• t to Green11eld. Ha.mer to West Unity. Hametown to Doylestown. Fruithill to Cincinnati. Hamlet• to Batavia. Fryburg to Botkins. Bammansburit to Nortb Fulda to Caldwell. Baltimore, Fullertown to Chardon. Hammonds Corners to Fulton• t 1 to Cardington. Akron. Fultonham• U to Roseville. Hammondsvllle•t to WellsFunk•t to Wooster. ville.  Ellsworth to Can1\eld. Ellsworth Station• to O&D• Qeld. Ehn Grove• to Piketon. EElmtra•t to Archbold. E~ville to Peebles. Elro;'~l~o~gston. Emerson• to Mt. Pleasant. E mmett to Sherwood. Empire• U to Toronto. E no to Vinton. Enon• U to Sprlng1\e1d. Enterprtse•t (Hooking Co.) to Logan. Epworth Heights to Loveland. irat to Mount Sterltng. rastus to Cold Water. E E rhart•t :i: to Medina. I'll to Urbana. Erun to Fremont. !thel • U to Summerfield. "'tna• to PatMkala. iuclid*t:t to Nottingham. Eureka• to Galllpolls. E vansport• to Stryker. verett•u to Akron. ivergreen* to GalllooUS. Wlnirton• to Vinton. Exceno• to Middletown.  Gage to GaUlpolls. Gala.teat:t to No. Baltimore. Gall1a • U to Oak Hill. Galloway•ti to Columbu1. Gallup:tato Hamler. Ganges to Shelby. to Sharonville. Garfteld•:t to Sebring. Gates Mills• to Cleveland. Gaysport• to ZanesvUle. Geauga Lake*U to Chairrtn Falls. Gem to Caldwell. George to Portsmouth. Georges Run to Mingo  Fatrtax to Hillsboro. F'airfleld .. t to Osbo(n. Fairhaven• to College Corner. Jairb.ope* to Louisville. ~a~rlawn• to Akron. ia1rmountt to Nottingham a~IB~~t•tt to St. 0lalra:airporttt to Painesville. a 1 r p o rt Harbor• to a ~alnesvlUe. J, a11~view (l<'ayett Co.) to \\ ashingtou C. II. Fairview• 3uernsey Co.) I to Barnesville. Falrv-lew (Highland Co.) to Hlllsboro. Fallsburg to Utica. FFarmdale•t to Kinsman. armer• to Bryan. Farmers Station:i: to New Vienna. iarmerstown to Ba.ltlo. Farnham to Conneaut. arrin~on to Piqua. :awcett to Peebles. ay•~Marietta.  Jle •U G/o~~~!t Jefferson.  to  West  Gepharts to Portsmouth. Gerald• :t to Napoleon. Germano• U to Jewett. Getaway to Huntington. 1 Gefer  1g·Botkins.  Ghent• to Akron.  to Logan. I Glblsonvllle• Glbson•t to Quaker City.  0  I, e, 0 0  Giddings to Jefferson. Gilberti (Darke Co.) to Burkettsville. Gilbert*t (Muskingum Co.) . . to Zanesville. Gillespieville* to Chilhcothe Gillford to Lisbon. Gillivan to West Jefferson. Gilmore• to Port Washlng-  Gl~~i·amsburg:t to Tippecanoe City. Girton to Rlsing Sun. Given• Ho Beaver. l'.ilade*t to Beaver.  REFERENCE KEY. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  • County Seat.  5  Harwood to Lynchburg. Jerome to Plain City. Haseltont to Youngstown. Jerry Clty•t to Cygnet. Hastinits to Butler. Jersey to Pataskala, Jerusalem•tt to Somerton. Hatch* to Piketon. Jesse•t to Kent. Ha.tton*tt to Rising Sun. Jester to Conneaut. Havana 1 to Monroeville. Jewen•:i: to Dellance. Havens to Fremont. Jobs• to Nelsonvllle. Haverhlll• to Greenup, Ky. Hawk* to McArthur. Johnson (Fayette Co.) to Hayc1enU to Hlllards. New Holland. Haydenvme• t to Logan. Johnson (Summit Co.) to Hayesville*t to Ashlana. Barberton. Haynes to Laurelville. Johnsonville to Cortland. Johnsvllle (Montgomery Hazael • to Racine. Co.) to New Lebanon. Hazlewood• to Mason. Johnsville (Morrow Co.) to Headleys Oorners to ColLexington. umbus. Jones Crossing to ChilliHedges to Paulding. cothe. Hegler to Milledgeville. Jonestown to Ohio Oity. Helmlck•t to Coshocton. Jumbo to Belle Center, Jump to Alger. Hemlock•U to Corning. HemlockGrove*to Pomeroy Junction to Deftance Hendrysburg* to Barnes- Justus•u to Beach City. ville. Henley•t to Otway. Hennings Mill to Williams- Kamms•t to Cleveland. burg. Kiw-~~:~ttoPoint Pleasant Hepburn•U to La Rue. ~1~W:t?;~easant.1 Karle to Montpelier. Kauke Station to "'oost er. Hessvllle to Lindsey. Keene• to Coshoeton. Hibbetts•: to Carrollton. Keith to Caldwell, Hickman to Newark. Kelleys Island*t:I: to ~andusky. Higby*t to Waverly. Kelloggsvllle to Conneaut. Higb Hill to Cumberland, Kelsey-1<:t to Bellaire. High Water to Utica. Kemptt to Hlllgrove• to Unlon City, Ind. Kennard to Urbana. Hlllsfork to Manchester. Kennedyf to PleasantRldste Hllis Station*t to Loveland. Hllton to Gallloolla. Hinckley to Medina. Keno to Pomeroy. Hinton to Rockford. Kenwood• to Adena. Hiram• to Garrettsville. Kerr• to Gallloolls. Biramsburg*t to Garretts- Kessler to West Milton. ville. Kettlersville• to Botklna, Hoadley to Oak Hill. Hoaglin to Van Wert. ~m·;o; tfo 1l8i,n;1~eCreek. Klefervlllet to Continental. Hocklngport• to Coolville . Holland• t :t to Maumee. Kllboume• to De,aware. Holl1ster• to Glouster. Kilet:i: to Plain City. Holloway-ti to Flushing. Kllevllle* to Plain City. Hollowtown to Hillsboro. Kilgore* to Scio. Homer• to Utica. KlmbaII•U to Monroevllla. Homervllie•t to Lodi. Klmberly•t to Nelsonville. Homeworth • t to Alllance. Kimbolton• U to CamHonesty to Lowell. bridge. Hooker•t to Lanca.ster. Williamsto Klnderhook*:t Hooksburg*t to Stockport. port. Hopetown:t to Ohillicotha. Kingman to Wilmington. Hopewell* to Mt. Sterling. Klngs Creek •tt to Urbana. Hopkinsville to Morrow. Kings Mllls*t:t to Mason. Horatlo*:t to Gettysburir. Klngsvllle• :t (.AshtabulaCo.) Horton to W. Mansfleld. to Ashtabula. Kingsville (Montgomery Hoskln8vllle to Caldwell. Co.) to Dayton. Houcktown to Mt. Blan0 chard. t!ri~~~tin. Houston• U to Sidney. Kinsey to .Englewood. Howenstine:): to Canton. Kinsman Stationt:i: to KinsHughest to Monroe. man. Hullngton to Batavia. Kiousville to Mt. Sterling. Hull Prairie to Hasklns. Kipling• to Cambridge. Humboldt to Bainbridge. Klrby•tt to Forest. Hume• t :t to Lima. Kirkersville Station to Hunchbargers Comer to Kirkersville. Union Clty, Ind. Kirkoatrlck to Caledonia. Hunt to Mount Vernon. Kirkwoodt:t to Sidney. Huntlngton to Welllngton. Kirtland to Willoughby. to Burton. Kitchen• to Oak Hill. Hanging Rock• U to Iron- Huntsburg• Husteall* to Yellow Springs Kitchener to Waynesville. ton. Kitts Hill* to Ironton. Hannibal• t to New Mar- Hyattville to Delaware. tlnsville. W. Va. Klee• to Bellaire. Hanover•t to Newark. Iberia• to Edison. Klondike*(Oolumbia.naCo.) Hanoverton•to Kensington Idaho• to Piketon. to Liverpool. ller•t to Fostoria. Knight to Cumberland. HarborU to Ashtabula. Immanuel to New Holland. Knox to Athens. Hardin to Sidney. Independence* to Cleveland Knoxdale to Antwero. Harlem to Westervllle. Kopp to Vanceburg. Harlem Springs• to CarrollKossuth to SpencervUle. ton. Ingomar•:t to West Alex- Krumroyt :t to Akron. Harmony to Springfield. andria. Kuhn• to Summerftehi. Harper•tt to Rushsylva-- Inland• to Akron. Kyger• to Middleport. nla. Kyle* U to Monroe. Harpers Station to Greenfield. to Well1ville. Harpersville to Smithfield. Irondale*tt Roseville. tc, Ironspot* Labella. to Huntington, Harriet to Hlllsboro. to Zanesvllle. W.Va.. Harrlettsville• to Caldwell. Irvllle [rwin • U to Milford Center.•tt to Port Clinton. Harris (Gall1a Co,) to Vin- Isleboro to Logan. Ladd to Piketon. ton. St. George•:t to Port Latayette:t(Madison Co.) to Harrist (Ross Co.) to Bain- Isle Clinton. London. bridge. to New Comers- Lafayette (Ashland Co.) to Harrisburg* (Stark Oo.) to Isleta•t town. Ashland. Louisville. to Arcanum. Lafayette (Richland Co.) Ha.rrisonviLe* to Pomeroy. Ithaca•t to Elmwood to Mansfield. Harris Station• to Bain- Ivorydale*tt Place. Lafferty•:): to Flushing. bridge. Laings* to Woodsfield. Harrisville* to Oadiz. Lake• to Akron. Harshasville to Seaman. Jacksonboro to Middletown Lakefork to J eromeville. Harshman• to Dayton. Jacksontown• to Thornvllle Lakemore* to .\kron. Hartford• (Trumoull Co.) Ja.cksonville*tt to Glouster. Jacobsburg•t to Bellaire. to Orangevllle. Hartfora (Licking Co.) to Jaite to Peninsula. Lakeside•t:t to MarbleJasper• to Piketon. Croton. head. Hartford (Guernsey Co.) Java to Swanton. Lakevllle*ttto Loudonv!lle. .Ja.yhird to Peebles. to Buffalo. Lamartine• to Scio. Hartland Center to Nor- Jaysvllle* ~o Greenvllle. Lamira•tt to Belmont. Jefi'erson*U (Wayne Co.)to Landeck to Delphos. walk. Wooster. Hart burg to Continental. Landis to Gettysburg. Jeuoway• to Danvllle. Hart!!grove to Orwell. Langsvme•ttto Middleport H artwell*tt to Loc~k_la_n_d_.___;__J_e..:.p_*_t_o0--'-Ir-'o_n_t_.:o_n_._ _ __ Lansing• to Brlditeport.  :}~~~•:g  I  \~  0  ...  OHIO  f ~i:i~IJki  ½~~l!~ ftu1ffo¾~~~i~::  • ~oney Order Office.  tTelegraph Station.  t Express Office. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS Macedon to Fort Recovery. Macedonla*tt to Hudson. Mack to Cheviot. Macksburg*tt to Caldwell. Macon•t to Winchester. Maddox to Manchester. Madeira*tt to .Milford. Madlsonburg to Wooster. Madison Mills• U to Bloom~~f':liiton. ine;bursr. Laurel to New Richmond. Madisonville to Cincinnati. Lawndale*t to Kenmore. Magrew• to Urbana. Mabolin to New Lexmgton. Lawrencet to Ironton. Lawrencevllle to Springfield Mahonlngt l to Garrettsville. Lawshe*tt to Seaman. Mainevme• to Loveland. Layland•tt to Klllbuck. to Galllpolls. Layman to Marietta. Malaga* to Somerton. Leaper* to Gallipolls. Leavlttsburg•n to Warren. Malvern*tt to Wane burg. Manchester*t (Summit Co.) Leavittsvllle to Carrollton to Clln+,00. Co.) (Monroe Lebanon Mandale• t to Grover Hill. to Woodsfield, Lecta* to Ironton. Mantua Corners to Mantua Lees Creek* to Sabina. Maple Grove*tt to Tiffin. Leesvme•to Bowerstown. Leesville Cross Roads to Mapleton ':o Canton. Maplewood*tt to Jackson Crestline. Center. Leith* to Marietta. Marathon* to Fayetteville. LemertH to Bucyrus. Marble Cliff *l to Columbus Lemo:vne• t to Luckey. Marchand* to New Berlin. Lena• to St. Paris. Marcy to Canal Winchester. Lenox to Jefferson. Maria Stein*t to Chickasaw Leon*l to Andover. Leonardsburg• U to Ashley Maritst to Mount Gilead. Mark Center• r l to SherLerado• to Blanchester. wood. Le~?J/Lake Co.) to PainesMarlboro to AlUance. Leroy• (Medina Co.) to s~ Marquand to Coshocton. Marr• to Woodsfield. ville. Marsellles• to Upper SanLester• t l to Medina. dusky. Letart Falls• to Racine. MarshaU•t to Hillsboro. Marshallvme• U to Orrville. Levering to Fredericktown. Martel• U to Caledonia. Lewis Center•u to Worth- Martin• t1 to Genoa. Martinsburg• to Utica. lngton. Liberty* to New Lebanon. Masslevllle to Chillicothe. Laporte to Elyria. Lapperell to Bainbridge. Latchie• to Genoa. Latham• to Bainbrldire. Lathrop to Amesville. Latimer to Cortland. Lattas to :Frankfort. Lattasburg to West Salem  f:!t%:g :g  t:~:nn:; ~Ya:~~~Vter.  t:fi~t~~i~:~!g~i~~rg. to Alliance.  Llmavllle•t Llme City• t l to Perrysburi Limerick to Jackson. Limestone• t l to Oak Harbor. Lincoln to Galllpolls. Lindale to New Richmond Linden Heights•tto Cotumbus. Lindentree to Canton. Llndenville to Andover. Linn to Beaver. Linnvllle to Newark. Linton to Wellsville. Linton Mills to New Comerstown. Linwortb*f to Columbua. Llpplncott to Urbana. Litchfield U to Medina. Llthopolls•tto Canal Winchester. Little Hocking•: to Park• ersburi. W. Va. Little Sandusky to Harpster. Little York (Montgomery Co.) to Englewood. Lloyd* to Newton Falls. Lock to Centerburg. Lockbourne• l to Columbus Locklnirton• to Ptqua. Lockvillet to Canal Winchester. Lockwood•Hto N. Bloomfield. Locust Comer to Amelia. Locust Grove* to Peeblt>S. Locust Point to Oakharbor. Locustnctge to Williamsburg. Loditt (Seneca Co.), to Revublic. Loganville to Degraff. Londonderry to Freeport. Long Bottom•t to Ravenswood, w. Va. Long1ey• to Fostoria. Longstretbs* to Nelsonville Loramie to Fort Loramie. Lor<lstown to Warren. Lore Clty•tt to Cambrldire.l Lottrldge to Coolvllle. Loudon to Peebles. Lovell*tt to Upper San-• dusky. Lovett to Peebles. Loyal Oak to Barberton. to PortsLucasvme•u mouth. 1 Ludlow to West Milton. Ludlow Falls•tt to West Milton. Ludwick to HUlsboro. Luhrigtt to New Marshfield. umberton to Port WUllam undal to Raymond. uttrell to Milledgeville. ybrand to Ostrander. yda to Coolvllle. ykens to •t1Bloomville. yndon • t to Greenfield. ynx to West Union. yra• to Portsmouth. ysander to Athens. ytle• t1 to v., aynesvllle. 1 ytton to Swanton.  OHIO  \ Nashville (Darke Co.) to j New Weston*tt to BurkMlllbuzy•t to Genoa. ettsville. Greenville. Miller*t to IIuntington, Nashville• (Holmes Co.) to New Westville to New W. Va. Pai is. Loudonville. Miller Clty*tt to Leipsic. National Mllltary Home*t New Wlnchesterl to Bucyrus. Dayton. to M{l~~Z:S~~t;,t!_ to HuntingNational Road Crossing to Nicholsvllle to New RichMillerstown to St. Paris. mond. ' Thornvllle. Millersville• t t to Helena. Neapolls•t to White House Nimisila to Clinton. MtUfleld•t to Glouster. Nina to Uakharbor. M,llport* to Kensington. Nlpgen to Bainbridge. Nebraska to Ashvllle. Noble•tt to Nottingham. Milltown to Marietta. Needmore to Delphos. Millville to Hamilton. Nohlevllle to Pleasant City Neel to Ripley. Millwood to Howard. Norm91S to Newark. Neelysvllle to Malta. Mllnersvme• to Cambridge. Negley*tt to East Palestlne Milton to Tewton Falls. N. Amherstt to Amherst. Neille• to Warsaw. Mllton Center•tt to Custar. j Nelson to Garrettsville. N. Auburn to New WashMiltonsburg• to Woodsfield. N en tune to Celina ington. Mmeral • t1 to Athens. N. Bass Island to Port Nettle Lake to Columbia. Mineral City to Dennison. Nevme• to Moscow. Clinton. MlneraJ Rldge•tt to Niles. New Albany* to Gahanna. N. Bend*Tl to Cleves. Mineral Springs • to Pee- New Alexander to Minerva. N. Benton*tt to Alliance. bles. New Alexandria• to Mingo N .Berne*! to Lancaster. Mineral Springs Statlont N. Bristol• to Warren. Junction. to Peebles. New Antioch to Wilming- N. Clayton to Covington. Minersville• to Pomeroy. N. Creek*t to Continental. ton. Minerton•t to McArthur. N. Dover* to Rocky River. New Athens• to Cadiz. Minford to Portsmouth. New Baltimore (Hamilton N. Eaton• t l to Elyria. Mingo• tl to North LewisN. Feesburg to Georgetown Co.) to Harrison. burg. New Baltimore (Stark Co.) Northfield• to Bedford. Mlsco to New Lexington. N. Georgetown* to Alliance to Alliance. New Bavarla•tttoHolgate. N. Greenfield to West Mishler t :t to Kent. Mansfield. New Bedford• to Baltic. ll.toffltt to Gilboa. New Berlin to North CanMohawk Vlllaire• to Coshocton. N. Rampton• t to Springton. field. New Bloomlngton to La Mohican to LoudonvUle. N. Industry*tt to Canton. Rue. Moline to Toledo. New Bostont to Ports- N. Jackson•tt to Niles. Momeneetown to Toledo. mouth. N. Kenova• t to CatlettsMonclova•: to Maumee. burg, Ky. New Buffalo to Canfield. Monday• to Nelsonville N. Kingsville* to Ashtabula N ewburgt t to (.;leveland. Monfort to Cincinnati. Newburgh Heightsville to N. Lawrence•t to Canal Monnette*tt to Bucyrus. Cleveland. Fulton. Monroe•tt (Jackson Co.) 1.0 New Burlington• (Greene N. Liberty (Adams Co.) to Oak Hill. Co.) to Spring Valley. Winchester. Monroe Center to Conneaut. New Burlington (Hamilton N. Liberty (Knox Co.) to Co.) to Mount Healthy. Butler. ~~~~:~~~~t Newbury to Burton. N. Lima* to Columbiana. (Hamilton New California to Plain N. Madlson• to Madison. !\1ontgomery* Masury to Sharon, Pa. Co.) to Pleasant Ridge City. N. Olmsted•t to OlmMatvllle to Mount Sterling (Cincinnati.) New Castle (Belmont Co.), sted Falls. Montgomery (Licking Co.) Maud*t to Mason. to Barnesville. N. Randall• t l to CleveMax to Bremen. to Newark. to (Coshocton Newcastle* land. Maximo•tt to Alllance. Monticello to Spencervllle. Co.) to Danville. N. Ridgeville*t to Elyria. Maxvllle to Logan. Montra to JacksonCenter. Newcastle (Monroe Co.) N. Robinson*t to Bucyrus. May to Batavia. MontMse to Akron. 1 N. Royalton to Berea. to Woodsfield. Mayfield to Cleveland. Montville• to Chardon. New Cumberland• t t to May Hlll to Seaman. i~:fNef~ fg~~~~teula. Sherodsville. Maynard•U to St. Clairs- Moona to Leesburg. New Dover• to Marysville. N. Solon to Cleveland. ville. MooreQeld•t to Piedmont. Newell Run* to Marietta. Star* to Osgood. Maysvllle to Apple Creek. Moorland to Wooster. Newtaln* to Bainbridge. McCartyvllle to Anna. Morgan to Columbus. New Franklin• to Minerva. North Uniontown to HillsMcClainville to Bellaire. \lorran Center to Utica. boro. New Guilford* to Warsaw. McCunevllle •t to Shawnee. to Northup• to Galllpolls. Hampsblre•t New McDaniel to Oak Hill. Morranavllle to Malta. to Camden. Northwest Waynesfield. McDermott•ti to Ports- Morgantown•to Balnbrldge New Harmony to WilliamsMich. mouth. Mornlnir; Sun• to Camden. Nortont to Delaware. burg. (Muskingum McDonald .llomlnir; View to Mount New Harrtsburir to Carroll- Norwich• to Zanesvllle. Co.) to Zanesville. Notting amtt to Cleveland ton. Pleasant. McDonald (Trumbull Co.) Morrisville to Martinsville. N;~ i~~~~amllton Co.) Novelty• to Chagrin Falls. to Girard. l to Findlay. McDonaldsvllle• to New .Morttmert Morton to New Martins- Newhaven*t (Huron Co.)I Nutwood• to Cortland. Berlin. to Plymouth. ville. McGa.w* to Vanceburir, Ky. Moscow Mills to Beverly. N ewhope (Brown Co.) to McGill to Payne. Marietta. to Run• Moss McGoniglett to Oxford. Ne~ouH~p~ra~Preble Co.), Oakfleld*t to North Bloom· Moulton:t to Wapakoneta. McGuffey•U to Alger. Moultrte•:t to Minerva. ojtii-ove to Piedmont. to Eaton. McKay to Loudonville. Cincinnati. to Mountalryt New Jasver to Jamestown. Oakland (Butler co.) to McKays to Port William. Monroe. McLean to WashingtoD Mount Carmel* to Batavia. New Lyme* to Orwell. N1i'ocl~~!e:ta.tion*tt to Oakland (Fairfield Co.) to C.H. McLune:V- t :t to Crookville. Amanda. New Market to Hillsboro. , 0 McMorran to Lewistown. Mount Ephraim• to Cald· toc~~~e~t~-New Martlnsburg to Green- I well. McZena to Loudonville. to Somerset. Oakthoroe tl.eld. (Clermont Mount Holly• Meade to Kingston. New Middletown• to Low- Obetz Junction to Colum· Co.) to Amelia. Meander to NUes. Mount Holly (Warren Co.) Ne~~1i!ford*t to Ravenna. 1 bus. Means• to Cadiz. to Spring Valley. Oceola• to Nevada. Mecca to Cortland. Mechanlcstown • tt to Sa- Mou.nthope• to Frederlcks- N8ii~i~.oorefteld*l to Spring- Octa•rt to Mllledgevme. burg. Unevme. Ogdent to Wilmington. New Moscow to Dresden. Mount Joy* to Otway. Medway•t to Osborne. New Mount Pleasant to Ohltown to Niles. Mount Liberty to CenterMeeker* to Marlon. McArthur. burg. Okey to Galllpolls. Meigs* to McConnelsville. New Palestine to ~ - 'W Okolona•tt to Napoleon. Richmond. M;\ffe~ille* to McConnels- 1 ~~~~~ q!~~/•otf6l~ltbiento Glouster. Olbers New Petersburg• to Green- Old Portage to Akron. ford. Melbern•t1 to Bryan. field. Mount Pisgah to New Rlch- New Melmore• to Tiffin. Pittsburg to Wooster. 81~t~~!1si%i:t~~:f to CaIJl• mond. Melrose•:t to Oakwood. New Plymouth* to Logan. bridge. Mount Repose to Mutord. Melvin•t to Sabina.. Mount St. Joseph* to Newporli (Madison Co.) Olena• to Norwalk. Memphls to Sablna. to London. Olentangy to Columbu~Cincinnati. Mentor•tt to Painesville. tu Co.) (Shelby Newport Fort Loramie. 8H~:ba~~;~~t~1~:~!1co.J M~~ ~~~~~nfo*k1a~1:s~f1~~- Newport ~!~~:~1f~~~ni~~ilpolls. (Tuscarawas Co.) Mountville to Glouster. Mermm • 1 to Portage. to Uhrichsville. oJ~e~!~l;1'~Noble Co,) to Mount Zton to Pleasant Merwin* to Amelia. Newport• (Washlnir;ton Co.) Caldwell. City. Mesopotamia.• to North' to Marietta. Ollvesburg to Ashland. Moxabala•tt to New LexBloomfield. New Portage to Barberton Omar•u to Attica. lngton. Metz to Cuyahoga. Falls. New Richland* to Belle 1 Mudsock to Hilliards. Center. Omega*t to Waverly. ~~!~?tt>~~~~~e, New Rlegel•tt to Fostoria. Oneida• r l to Minerva. Mulberry• to Milford. Mlamlvme•:t to Milford. New Rochester to Pem- Ontarto•U to Mansfl.eld•ni Middle Bass*ttto Sandusky l\lungen to Cygnet. Oppermant to Plea.Ba Middlebourne*t to Quaker Munroe Falls* to Cuy~ 1 berville. New Rumley• to Scio. City. hoga Falls. City. 1 New Salem•ti to Basil. Oran to Laramie. Mlddlebranch•tt to Canton Munson to Chardon. 1 Middleburg• (Logan Co.) Muntanna:t to Continental.I New Salisbury to aline- Orange (Coshocton co. ville. to New Comerstown, to Murlin Heights to Dayton. to East Liberty. Columto • Sprtngtleld New Co,) (Cuyahoga Orange Middleburg (Noble Co.) Murray• to Nelsonvllle. biana. Cbagrln Falls. Murray City t t to Nelsonto Oaldwell. New Stark to Jenera. ville. Middleton to New WaterOrblston*t to Nelsonville. Museville to Zanesville. ford. j Oregon to Celina. Newton to Raymond. Middletown (Perry Co.) Mutual to Urbana. Newtonsville• to Batavia. Oregonla•tt to Lebanon. to New Lexington. Newtown•u (Ham 11 ton Oreton to McArthur. 1 Mtaland• to Blanchester. Oreville to New Straitsv_ Co.) to Mlltord. Midvale•tt to Uhrichsville. Newtown (Tuscarawas Co.) Ortent•t to Columbus N&nkln•tt to Aahland. Midway to Sedalia. Orland• to McArthur, Comerstown. New to Naomlt:t to Wauseon. Mifflin to Ashland. On,heus to Oak H i l l ~ Nashnort•t to Zanesvllle. New Wayt to Johnstown. Mlffllnvllle to ColumbuL  REFERENCE KEY .  1:6cn:~:t  r;: T.  8!~T!a~J  I  ·ne,  I  , County Seat.  • loney Order Office.  t Telegraph Station.  ! Expresa Office.  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POJNTS  OHIO  Savona•u to New Madison Spokane• to Warren. Rldgeton1t to Bucyrus. Point Isabel• to Fellclty. Sawyerwoocl to Mogadore. Spore: to Bucyrus. to Lebanon. 01 0 ·Mos-l Ridgeville ~~l~~ Saxon to Racine. Rimer• to Vaughnsvllle. Sprattt to Cumberland. Otho to Zanesville. Rinard Mills• to New SaybrookU to Geneva. Springdale to Lockland. Otsego• to New Concord. Sayler Park* to Cleves. I Matamoras. Springer to Jackson. Po~:ci• to Struthers. Ottokeeto Wauseon. Sayre•ti to Corning. Springflald Center to Akron Outvme• 1t to Kirkersville. Polkadotte to Huntington, Ringgold• to Malta. Schley to New Matamoru. Spring Hill to W. Liberty. Rio Grande• to Oak Hill. Overpeck• t to Hamilton. Spring Lake to Montpelier. Polo to Covington. Overton*t to Wooster. Spring Mountain• to WarPondrun• to Portsmouth. m!el'iiriVto We!t~~~~~- I Ovid to Columbus. Scienceville to Youngstown saw. Roachester to Morrow. Poplargrove* to Peebles. Owens*t to 1.-1arion. Scioto Furnace•t to Porta- Springville to Shreve. Roachton to Perrysburir. Ox to McArthur. mouth. Squires to Kansas. Robbins to Beaver. Portersville• to Corning. Ozark•t to Beallsvme. Port Homer•t to Wellsville. Robertsvllle•t to Minerva. Scioto Statton to Columbus Stafford• to Wooda.tleld. SclotovUie• t l to Ports- Stanley to Holgate. Robins• to Byeavllle. Port Jefferson• to Sidney. mouth. StanleyvUJe• to Marietta. Portland• to Ravenswood, 1 Robtown to Ashville. Padua to Fort Recovery. Scipio Sldlng•t to Republic Stantontown to Ashley. Robyvllle• to Adena. W. Va. Paint to Bainbridge. Rochester•ti to New Lon- Scofield to Hipley. Stanwood to Masslllon. Painter Creek to Getty• Port Union to Hamilton. Scotchridge• to Pember- Starr*t to Logan. don. Postboy• to New Comersburll. ville. Rock to Uhrichsville. Stateroad to Warren. town. Palntersvllle• to JamesScottown• to Huntington, Statton Fifteen• to Denni• Rockbridge*t to Logan. Poston* to Athens. town. W. Va. son. Paint Valley to MUlersburg Potsdam• to West Milton. ' Rock Camp* to Ironton. Staunton to Washinirton Pottersburg• t l to Mary• Rockcreek Statlon•t to' Scotts to Carrollton. Palermo to Bowerston. 51 C.H. ville. Palestine• (Darke Co.) to ] ~~~~~~~ f; ~~r~o~W:~~- Stedcke to Celina. Powell*tl to Worthington. RJ~a~1i'rt~kHamilton. Hollansburg. Steece• to Ironton. Palestine (Pickaway Co.), Powellsville to Portsmouth. Rockland • t to Parkersburir, Sebastian to Chickasaw. Sedan to Peebles. W. Va. Steel• to Bellaire. Power Point* to Li ·bon. to Mount Sterling. Steels Run to Marietta. Powers Station to Fayette. Rock Mills to Wa.shJngton Sego to Somerset. Palmyra to Newton Falla. 0. H. 1 Sekltan• to Cleves. P~~;~~stburg* to New HolSelden•t to Washington Stella to McArthur. Rockport to Beaverdam. Prall •o Williamsburg. C.H. Rocky Fork to Newark. Stelvldeo•t to Greenvllle Panhandle*t to Hopedale. Pratts Fork* to Athens. Selig to Vanceburg, Ky. Rockyblll•t to Jackson. Steubent to Chicago JunoPra vo to Benrholz. Pansy to Blanchester. tlon. Rockyrtdge•U to Oak Har- Selma*tt to So. Charleston. Prentiss to Lelpslo. Paradise Hill to Ashland. Sentinel to Jefferson. bor. Stewart•tt to Athens. Pricetown (Highland Co.) Parts•tt to Minerva. to . . ·eirs. 8lewartsvifle*tt Lynchbur1t. to Parkman• to GarrettavUle. ~~~~~~e.e~; t>yc?n~~chsvllle. Stlllwater:i: to Uhrlch1vllle. Pricetown (Mahoning Co.) :~~~; iot~tlf!gg~~Parlett• to Hopedale. Rolandus* to Ravenswood, Sewellsvllle to BarnesvUle. Still Water Junction to to ewton Falls. Shade• to Athens. W. Va. Trotwood. Pride tc Chillicothe. -Pparma to c1eve1and. Shadevllle•tt to Columbus. Stilwell to Killbuck. RollersvUle to Helena. Primrose to Alvordton. arral • to Dover. Mantua. to Shalersv11le to Co.) (Adams Rome to Beaver. Stockdale• Huntinr;to Proctorvllle• Parrott• to Jeffersonville. Shandon•tt to Hamilton. Vanceburg, Ky. Stockton•ti to Hamilton . . ton, W. Va. Pasco to Sidney. Rome•tt (Ashtabula Co.) Storms•t to Bainorldire. Prout i;o Sandusky. Patmos to Salem. Shanesville to Sugar Creek. to Orwell. Pulaski• to Bryan. Patriot• to Galllpolls. Stout• to Vanceburg, Ky. Rome (Franklin Co.) to harline to Youngstown. Pulasklvllle to Mount Patterson• t to Forest. baron• to Caldwell. Columbus. Stovertown to Zanesville. Gllead. Pattersonvllle• to Minerva. Rome (Richland Co.) to Sharonville (Pike Co.) to StraltsvUle to .1'1ew StraltePursell to Laurelvllle. Patty to West Milton. Waverly. vllle. Shlloh. Put In Bay•tt to Port Pavonla•tt to Mansfleld. Sharpeye to Gre11nvllle. Streetsboro to Kent. Rootstown• to Ravenna. Clinton. Sharpsburg• to AmesvUle. Stringtown to Kinp:ston. Roscoe•t to Coshocton. Pyrmont to Brookville. Pawnee to Lodi. Rosedale to Mechanics- Shauck• to Lexington. Strongsvllle•ti to Berea. Paxton• to Akron. 8hamown• to McComb. burg. Suffleld•t to Kent. Pearl• to Coshocton. Rose Farm• to Crooksville. Shay to New l\.1atamoras. Sugar Grove•tt to Lan Quarry to Woodsdeld. Ppearson to Bowersville. Higginsport. to Sheeprun Rossburg. to Rosehlll caster. edro• to Ironton. Shenandoah to Shlloh. Roselms to Grover Hill. Sugar Ridge• t l to Bowline Columbus. to Shepard• Canfteld. to Green. Rosemont•tt Swanton. to Raab Pemberton•tt to Quincy. P enfteld • to Welllngton. Raccoon Island• to GalltP- Rosewood•tt to St. Parls. Shepherd8town• toSt.Clain,- Sugar Tree Ridge • to Mowrytown. vllle. Ross• t to Hamilton. olls. Pennsville• to Stockport. Sherodsvllle * t t to BowRosseau to Malta. Peoli* to New Oomerstown. Radcllff•t to McArthur. ~~ft~;'~l~fo~:n~ton. erston. Rossmoyne• to Lockland. Radnor• U to Delaware. Peoria• 1t to Raymond. to Ironton. Sberrlttl!• Phil&• New to Roswell• Shanesvllle. to Ragersvllle• ienntown • r r to Mllford. Berlin to t t Shlnrock• delpbla. SUlphurgyove to Osborn. Ralnsboro•t to Hlllsboro. erry•tt to Painesville. Heights. Sulphur Lickt to Frankfort. Ramsey• to Mt. Pleasant. Round liottom • to Clartngierrysville to Scio. Short Creek* to Adena. Sulphur Sprlnirs• to BucyRandall• U to Clevelan<1. , ton. rus. Roundhead* to Belle Oen- Shyvllle* to Piketon. Randolph* to Atwater. ~ ;~~!~~~~~!: Slam• U to Attica. tre. Summerfordt to London. Ran~e to Mount Sterlln1. Peru to Norwalk. SlgnaI•t to Lisbon. Rousculp to Lima. Summerside• to Batavia.. Pct~rsburg* to East Pales- Rapids to Mantua. tme. Ra&~s~~~g to Huntington, Rowland to McOonnels- Sillca to Sylvania. SUmmersvUle to Richwood. Sllo to Mantua. ville. Petrea to Jackson. Summit (Hamilton co.) to Silvercreek* to Kenton. Rowsburg to Ashland. Rarden•tt to Otway. Cincinnati. Cincinnati. to Silverton• Frankfort. to Roxabell•tt lJ01umbus. to Rarll?.'ville Pteltrer to Kenton. Summlttt (Ross Co.) to Slmons•t to Andover. Roxbury•t to Stockport. P halanx to Warren. Ratchford to Wellston. Waverly. Sinai to Beaver. Phalanx Statlon•tt to War- Ratcli.trburg to McArthur. Royal to McArthur. Rathbone to Delaware. ren. ~~:!~gt:~f;t::. Peebles. ~~:~!~~;oN~~nl~!~~n. Ray•t to Wellston. :tarlsburg to Richwood. Six Points to Prairie Depot. su:.m.iJbJ~t~~it Co.) to Rayland*tt to Martins Rupert to London. Sixteen Mlle Stand to Love- Summitbill*t to W11,verly. Rural to Fellclty. Ferry. Phf11:8~pta~~lll~~:s~rto Summit Statlon•u to Paland. Redfield to :rew Lexington. Rural Dale to Zanesville. Dennison. taskala. Skeels Cross Roads to Greenville. to Rush Philanthropy to Okeane.. Redllon to Franklin. Summltvllle• u to Salin~ Celina. Rush Creek to Richwood. ~hllo•tt to Zanesville. 1 0 hllotbea to St. Henry. :lA:~hiftitcothe. I Su~u:i"er to Pomeroy. ~~mli~•f: Phoneton • to Tippecanoe ~:~d:i~~~ \~ ~~~~~;:1:1"1r· Smiths Siding to Sylvania.I Sundale*tt to New Oonville. Reedsville• to ParkersClty. cord. to Pickerington. Snlders Portsmouth. to Rushtown• Va. w. burg. Piccolo to Port Clinton. Superlor•t to Ironton. Russell (Geauga Co.) to Snodestt to Sebring. Plckrelltown to West Lib- Reedtown to Attica. Snyder to Mount Healthy. Surryvllle to Mount Orab. Chagrin Falls. Reese t to Lockville. erty. Swan Creek• to Gallipolis. Russell• t (Highland Co.) Social ville* to Mason. Reesvme• t to Sabina. Pierpont• to Jefferson. Swanders* to Anna. Sodom to Girard to Lynchburg. Rehoboth to New Lexing:ikigeonrun to Navarre. Sweden to Harbor. Falls. Chagrin to Solon•u Lake to Point•t Russells ton. e• to Piketon. Somerdale•u to Mineral Sweetwine to Cincinnati. View. Reily* to Oxford. SW1fts•tt to Beverly. City. Relnersvme• to McCon- Russia• to Versailles. Pp1kevu1e•t to Greenville. Switzer to Powhatan Potnt., I Sonora•t:t to Zanesville. nelsvllle. 1negrove• to Vinton. Sybene to Huntington, w. · S. Amherst to Amherst. Piney f'ork•tt to Smit.h• Rellet•t to Beverly. Va. S. Bantam to Bethel. Remington t t to Mll!ord. tleld. St. Clair• to E. Liverpool. S. Bloomfield* to Ashville. Rempel• to Oak Hill. Pink to Portsmouth. 8. Rloorningville• to Lau- Sycamore Valley•toWoodaRem ons Corners to le- St. James*tt to Galion. ~~Pesvllle to Gambler. field. relville. t.Johns*tt to "'apakoneta dina. .n gah to haronville. t. Joseph (Hamilton Co.) S. Brooklyn to Cleveland. Symmes to Loveland Pp 1tch1n to Springfield. S. Euclid• to Nottingham. Symmes Corners to HamUto Cincinnati. 1alnfteld• to west La.- Rendvllle•tt to Corninir. St. Joseph (Portage Co.) to S. Fincastle to Winchester. ton. Reno• to Marietta. tayette. Syracuse• to Pomeroy Southington to Warren. Ravenna. Plalnvme•u to Madison-I Renollet to Paulding. . Lebanon*tt to Lebanon. St. Louisville •i to Utica. Renrock• to Cumberland. Ville. Rensselaer to -<Jarthage St. l\Iartin*t to Fayetteville S. Lorain to Lorain. Plankton• to sycamore. St. Patrick to Fort Lormaie. S. Newbury to Burton. (Cincinnati). Pp to Washington o. H. Tabor to Carrollton. St. Peters to Fort Recovery S. ew Lyme to Orwell. Resaca to Plain City. 1ants to Racine. t Tacoma•t to Barneavllle S. Olive*t to Caldwell. St.Rosa to Chickasaw. ~fantsvUie• to Chester Hlll. Reservoir to Barberton. 0 Tag1~r• t to Tippecanoe totL~;:ii~1e. ~:;~Jt ~}6£~ee~:J to South 1 ::ie~g~~~ ~ 1~s:~~• t t 0 0 th 1 +:~~~dt~eilici1o~:ron. Milledgeto u ~f:!~!~!leBt~n~ -d/r~o Hol- :~~~~~<a8a~• ~~bJ\~1tbt1eld. ~:}:fv1~~tt t~t °Q"J~~er s. S. Point•t to Catlettsburg, Tappan• to Dennison. City. Rialto to Lockland. gate Tawawa. to Sidney. Ky. Saltatr to Bethel. Pleasant Corners to Co- Rice to Continental. Taylor to Columbus. S. Salem• to Greenfield. altillo•tt to Roseville. Richey to Van Wert. lumbus S. Thompson to Madison. Ta:vlorsburg* to Dayton. Saltpetre• to Marlett&. Pleasant · Grove (Belmont, Taylors ureek to Cleves. S. Warsaw to Lima. , Rlcbfteld Center to Syl- Salt Run to SteubenvUJe. a.le Co; to n·n S. Webster•tt to Oak Hill. Taylorsville* to MowrySamantha• to Highland. vanla. Pleasant H~~~v to. West town. S. Woodbury to Cardington Rieb Hlll* to Centerbu~. Sample to CanQeld. Salem. · Te<1 to Illoomdale. amso~1ville• to Oak Hill. Southworth to Delphos. Pleasant Plain•tt to Blan• Richland to Belle Center. to \\'auseon. Tedrow• Zanesto Zanesville*ti S. Sandusky. to Sandhill Co.) Richmond• (Jeffenon Chester. Teegarden* to Lisbon. ville. Sa.ndrun to Nelsonville. to Steubenville. Pleasant Ridge to ClncinTemperancevll1e•to Barnes. Sandy prings• to Vance- 1 nati ville. I Spanker to Englewood. burg, Ky. Pleasant Run to Mount Rlchmondt (Lake Co.), Tennyson to Piketon. Sandyvtlle•tt to Mineral Spann to Amelia. to Painesville. Healthy. Spargursvllle • to Bain• Terrace Park•tt to MUCity. Pleasant Valley•tt toZa.nes- Richmond Center• to And!ord. bridge Sant to McArthur. over. ville. Terre Haute to Urbana. Sparta* to Centerburg Plimpton t to Loudon• Richmond Dale•tt to Chilll- anta Fe•tt to Lakeview. L" T · Specht to Minerva San Toy• to Corning. cothe. 1 Ville. exa.s to iberty Center. Sarahsvllle•u to Caldwell. Speidel .. to Barnes'vtlle Plumwood to Plain Cit... j Rieb Valley to Caldwell. to St. Parla. Thackery• • sargents••+ to Piketon. Ri ch vi·11 e t o C an t on. ., P oaat Town*t to MiddleThatcher tot tCircleville. Spencers+Station• to Quaker The Bend•t t to Sherwood. City. Saundersvllle to Galllpolla. Ridge to Beverly to'WD. Countv Seat. • Money Order Office. REFERENCE KEY. t Telegraph tatlon. tExpresa Office. Osman to West Union.  Pt1:S~<;~ i~  ~~Pe':i~°ii\Yi %~:A~:  p:~f~: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  ~i m~~ben- I ~1:r!  I  st  ~~!?~!:  I I  tg ~t~ :iTe~~~- ~:  Jn~1:° Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2038  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  OHIO  OKLAHOMA  I  Chapel* to Pryor. Wales to Oak Hill. Willettsville to Hillsboro. Ashley to Alva. The Plains* to Athens. Waldhonding•t:t to Warsaw WllUams Center to Bryan. A.·phaltum* to Loco. Cheek* to Ardmore. Thivener~ to Galllpolla. Walkers to Wellsville. Chester• to Sell\nr. Wllllamsfield•ti to Ando- Atlee* to Ringling. Thompson• to Madison. Wall.Iburg to Georptown. Chewey to Westville. ver. Autwtne•:t to Tonkawa. Thornportt to Thornvtlle. Wal.Dut to Ashvtlle. Wllllamsportt (Morrow Co.) Aydelotte to Shawnee. Cheyarha to Seminole . Thornton to Greenfield. Chlgley to Wynnewood. . WalnUtaTove to Ruahlylto Mount Gllcad. Thurman• to Oak HUI. Chllders• to Lenapah, Thurston*tt to Baltimore. vanla. Williamstown• ti to Walnutrun to London. Chlam• to Byars. kirk. Bache• to McAlester. Ttnney to Helena. Walton to Washlnitton C.H. Willlston*tt to Genoa. Balley• to Marlow. Ohockie* to Stringtown. Baird• to Duncan. Tippecanoe*tt to Freeport. Wamsley• to Peebles. Warner•ti to Marietta. Willow*t to Oleveland. Baldhill to Morris. Christle*:t to W estvllle. Tipton• to Haviland. Tlverton to Buckeye CltJ'. Warnock•tto St.ClatravWe. Wlllowbrook to Coshocton. Banner•t (Oanadlan Co.) Church to Stilwell. Warpole to Harpster. Cltra • to Calvin. Willowdell to Osgood. to Yukon. Tobasco• to Amelia. to Pauls Valley. Tobia· station to :Marion. ii,DJf::eti~d B~~~ ~~n Co.) to El- Civet• Clario to Cleo. Tobo1o•u to Newark. Warwick*tt to Cll.Dton. Clarksvtlle* to Porter. Wilson MWt to Wlllourhby. I 'Banty• to Bokchito. Tokio to Ohio City, Washl.Drtonvllle•tt to Lee- Wlnameg to Delta. Claypool• to Waurika . ' Barber to Tahlequah. Topee Mm, to C&rrolltoa. tonla. Winchester •u (Guel'Dley Barnes to Seiling. Clear Lake• to Beaver. Torch• t to Coolvllle. Waterloo• Clearview• to to Weleetka. Ironton. Co.) to Cambridge. Barney• to Fairview. Townsend to Clyde. Cleo to Oleo Springs . Watkins to Ostrander. Baron to WestvWe. Townwoodt to Lelptlo, Watson to TUDn. Windfall to Medina. Cleora• to Afton. Bartlett to Hoffman. Watt to Wren. Wlndham•u to Garreti.- Barton to Sentinel. Clltr to Madlll. Tracy• to Uhrlch■vtlle. vtlle. Baum to Berwyn. TraderavWe to Mechanlcs- Wattsvll sU to B-,rcholz. Cloud Chief• to Cordell. Wayland•t to Newton Windsor• (Ashtabula Oo.} burr. Bear to Calvin. Cloudy* to Antlers. Fall.I. to Orwell. TraU to WUmot. Olyde*:t to Medford. Weaver Statton to Green- Wlndsort (Warren Co,) to Bearden• to Okemah. Tranqu1llty• to Seam&L Bebee• to Ada. Coalton• to Henryetta. vtlle. Blancheater. Tramlt to Mt. Healthy. Wlneaburg• to Beach CltY, Bee• to Tlshomlnco. Cobb (Caddo Co.) to Fon Trebetns to Xenia. Webbs Summit• to Logan. Wingett Run•to New Mata- Beland• to Muskosr:ee. Cobb. Tremont CttY•i to Sp~ Web1ter to VeraaWea. Belford• to Ralston. Cogar• to Minco. moras. 1leld. Weems• to Smithfield, Bellemont WI.Dpton to to Rudolph, Prague. . Cold Springs•:t to Roosevell. Triadelphia to McConnels- Weileravt11e•tto SmlthvWe. Belleville to Marietta. Cole to Blanchard. Winkle• to HUlsboro. vWe, Welcome to KWbuck. Belva•tt to Quinlan. Winona• to Salem. Columbia to Dover. Trilby to West Toledo, Well1vWe Shops to Well■• WI.Dtefl'l'een• to Danville. Belzoni to Antlers. Concho to El Reno. Trlmble•t to Glouster. vWe. Winterset* to Cambridge. Bengal*tt to Talihina. Connervllle• to Pontotoc. Trlnwav•tt to Dresden. Bentley• to Caney. Wintersville to SteubenTriumph to No. Bloomfield. CoodYS Bluff* to Nowata. • • to Burton. BerllD• to Sayre. ville. Trowbrldge•tt to Elmore. Welshfteld Cookson• to Park Rill Wenirerlawn• to BrookvWe Wllterman to Conti.Dental. Bethany to Oklahoma. Trumbull to Geneva. Corbett to Purcell. W. Andover to Andover. Bethel• to Garvin. Corinne• to Fort Towson. w. Beulah Austintown• to Foyil. to Younp.- Wltham■vllle• to Batavia. Tucaon to Chillicothe. Cornish to Ringll.Dg. town Woll•ttoNew Comentowu. 'J'ullp to Weat Union. Corum to Comanche. W. Bedford• to Dresden. Woll Creek to BeverJy. Bickford• to Hitchcock. Tunnelhill to Warsaw. Weatboro•tto Blanchester Woll Run• to Am■ terdam . Bidding Springs to Stilwell. Cottonwood to Coalgate. Councll to Wheatland. T~:-8 Plains* to Oool- W. Brookfield to Massillon. Wood• to Oxford. Bilby to Holdenville. Courtney• to Marietta. W. Cairo•t to Lima. WoodaTove to CUmberland. Bird to Longdale. TUaoarawaa• t to Uhrlch.s- W. Cowden to Colony. Canaan to PlelD City. Woodlngton•ttoGreenvWe Bla.ckgum• to Vian. vtlle. Cowlington to Spiro. W. Carlisle* to Frazeysburg to Lockland. Blacklandt to Foraker. Twenty-Mlle S tan d t O W. CbArleaton to Tlppe- Woodlawn• Coy• to Coldwater, Kan. Woodside to Bradner, Blackrock to Allen. Mason. canoe City. Blaine* to Keota. Cralr• :t to H aileyvWe. Twightwee to Loveland. W. Ohester•tt to Sharon- Woodworth to Youngs- Blake• to Mangum. Cravens to Wllburton. Tycoon to Vinton. ville. town. Blanco•:t to Kiowa. Crawford• to Strong City. Tymochtee to Sycamore. W. Olarklfletd• to Waite- WoratvWe to Payne. Bland to Mannford. Crekola• to Mu■ koree. TFrreU • tt to Cortland. man. Wrightsville to Manchester , Blocker•ti to Crowder. Creta W. Cleveland to Cleveland. Wyandot to Nevada. I Bloomington to Brinkman. OrtnertotoOlustee. Lindsay. W. Dover• to Cleveland, Wynant to Fort Loramie. Blue•t to Durant. Cropper t-0 Breckinrid~e. W. Elkton• to Camden, Wyoming*t to Lockland. Bluff to Hugo. Ulrlo• to Racine. Cross to Ponca City. Bly to Nowata. Underwood to Corntn1. Cromon• to Brtatow. Boehler to Boswell. Union (Llokln1 Co.) to Western Star to Wada- Yatesvllle Cruce*t to Duncan. to Bloomlnrburr Boiru Depot• to Caney. worth. Granville. Crum Creek to Clayton. Bokhoma•tt to Foreman, Cryatal Station to Wu- Yellow Bud to Klnpton. Union• t t (Montromer,Oo.) Westerville to Atoka. tervllle, Yelrah to Basil. Ark. to Englewood. Cumberland• to AylesWeetfteld Yelverton to to Ashley Belle Center. Station. Bomar* to Marlett&. Union Furnace•t to Logan worth. Yoder to Lima. W. Boss• Florence to Idabel. Union Plains to Mt. Orab. Westhope• to Eaton. Curtll•U to Mooreland. Yondota to Toledo. Bowden• to Sapulpa. to McClure. UD!onport•t to Cadtz. Curty to Lindsay. York to Richwood. I Bower• to Eufaula. Union Statton• U to Gra. w. In<1ependence to Fos- Yorkshire*tt to Osgood. j 'Bowles to Marietta. toria. ville. w. Yostt Jefferson•tt to Glenford. (Williams Box (Cleveland Co.) to Uniontown (Belmont Co.) Young* to Otway. Co.) to Montpelier. Lexington. to Flu■blnr. Daisy• to Atoka. Younr Hickory to CUmbef" l Box (Sequoyah Co.) to Dane Uniontown (Stark Oo.) to Fairview. W. Junctlont to Chillicothe land. Vian. to Akron. Darrow•:t to Homestead. West Lancaster to Jofl'erBoyd• to Beaver. Unlonvalet to Cadiz. Darwin to Antlers. sonville. Unionville•tt to Madison. W. Lebanon Dawson•tt to Tullla. to Dalton. Zaleald•U to McArthur. Braden• to Fort Smith, Ark 1 Deese• to Ardmore. Unionville Center• to Plain w. Lelo11o•t to Lelpl!o. Zaneafteld•U to Bellefon- Brady• to Wynnewood. Clt:J', Deihl• to Sayre. W. Lodi* to Republic. talne. Braithwaite to Foa. Unlopolls•u to Wapalto- w. Meooa to Cortland. Zeno to Cumberland. Bray• to Marlow. neta. Dempsey to CheyennP.. w. Mentor* to Willoughby. Zenz City to Fort Recover, Brent• to Sallisaw. Denton to Marlow. Unity to Ea1t Palestine. w. Middletown• to Mld- Zimmer to Groveport. Brlartown•t to Porum, Upland to Bridgeport. Denver to Norman. dletown. Zimmerman to Xenia. Brook• to Ardmore. Utley to Amesvtlle, Diamond to Comancb". W. MlllaTove• to Rlalni Zoar• t t to Boll var. Brocken to Quinton. Utopia to Augu■ ta, Ky. Dibble* to Blanchard. Sun. Zoar Statlon•tt to Mineral Brooken• to Qul.Dton. Dickson to Spencer. Westmlnster•tt to Harrod. City. Brooksville to Tecumseh. Dighton• to Hoffman. Val Mill • t M A -th W. Newton to Harrod. Zoarville•tt to MlneralClty Dillard to Wil on. Vall~y to iale~. CAJ. ur. Westpoint (Columbiana Zone to Fayette. Brown to Durant. Dillon to Eagle City. Valley croulnr• t to coCo.} to Lisbon. Bruno to Atoka. Dix to Cleveland. lumbu1. , Brush Hill• to Checotah, Dixie* to Loco. Valley Junction to Oleves. W. Point (Morrow Co.) I Bryant* to Henryetta. Doby Springs• to EnrleVallonla to Bellair.,. to Gallon. Buck to Krebs. wood, Kan. Vanatta•: to Newark. W. Richfleld*t to Peninsula Bunch•tt to stUwell. Dodge• to So. West City. Vanburen•t to No. Bal- W. Rushville•t to Rushville Burneyville• to Marietta. Mo. tlmore. W. Sonora•t to LewtaOKLAHOMA Bushyhead•t to Foyil. Dolberg* to Roff. Vanceton to Vinton. burg. Butner to Wewoka. Dombey• to Tyrone. Vep to Oak H1ll. ~::v'feo!~~rt~ 13eie°i1. do. I Byng• to Ada. Dougberty•tt to Davt1. v _,. Westvillett to Urbana. Abbott to .Ada . Douthat• to Quapaw. en.... oola•tt to DelPcho■• W. Wheeling to Bridgeport. Acme•t to Rush Springs. Dow•t to llaileyvllle. Veli~1to~~utler o.) to w. Woodvtlle to Blan- Addlelee* to We tYille. Cabaniss• to Stuart. Doxey• t to Sayre. Cade• to Bennlnit,on. Doyle• to Duncan. venlce•U(Erle Co.J to Sanchester. Adelaide to Walter. Calnvllle to Lonirdale. dusky. Wetsel to Mlddlepolnt. Ahlo■o• to Ada. Cairo• to Coalrate. Drake• to ulphur. ;emontt to Ktnsman. Weyers to Sandusky. ~~~t~esit~~~n. Calhoun to Poteau. emon Junction to Shelby. Weymouth to Medina. I Alabama to Weleetka. g~~~h(tP~~!!aha Co.) Cambria to l\.1cAlester. Veto to Marietta. Wharton (Scioto Co.) to Alamo to Guymon. Camp• to Hooker D:b~tliirntosh co.) to ;\~~:7;JtJ/k~f~!~· Portsmouth. Albany• to Bennington. Campbell to Gore Hitchita. Vlotorll!* to Fort Recovery. ~=ie~b~~:~tnio Porta- Albert•:t to Binger. Carbon• to Krebs. Dunlap to May. . 1 'Ylenna to Niles, mouth. Alden• to Carne...1e. Carl• to Hollis. Durham* to Strong C1tY• Vtru• to Berea. t ld l •• Vlro•t to Chllllcothe. Durwood•tt to Ardmore. Whlgvllle• to Summerfte Alderson•ti to McAlester. Carlton•t to Canton. Carpenter•:t to Hammon. Villa to Springfield. Whlpple•U to Marietta. Aledo• to Putnam. Carroll to Dustin. Vlncent•t to Marietta. 1 Whlatler• to Kingston. g~~~e. Oar on• to ·wetumka. Vine to Fort Recovery. Wblte Cottage•tt to Zane&- Alma• to Duncan. Carter■ vllle• to Boko1be. Eagle Ch let to Avard ville. I Eagletown>1. Alsuma• to Broken Arrow. Carwile to R ngwood. to Broken Do«'• White Oak• to Mount Orab. Altona to Okarche. Ca.seyt:t to Maramec. Eaton• to Lenapah. Waba1h • (Harrison Co.) to White Sulphur*tt to Dela- America• to Idabel. 1 Catale•tt to Chelsea. Econtuchka to Prairue. Cadiz. ware. _.\.nrlerson to ayauna. Cateabv• to Shattuck. Eddy•t to Lamont. Wabash (Mercer Co.) to Whltevtlle to Metamora. Anthon• to Custer. Cathay to Eufaula. I Edith to I•r1•edom. Celina. Whitfield to Miamisburg. Antioch• to May■vllle. Edna• to Benis. Wade* to St. Marys, W. Va. Whitmore to Fremont. Cedardale• to Mutual.t Eto to Coleman. Wanoner Ripple to Wett Celestine* to ~IcAlester. Ara• to Duncan. Union. Center• to Ada. Eldon to Tahlequah. Wick to Andover. Arbuckle• to Berwyn. W&&Tam to Pataskala. Centerville to Mountain Ell to Hulbert. Wlekllffe•tt to Willoughby Arch to Hartshorne. Park. Elise to Ada. Wldowvllle to Ashland. Arllngton to Prague. Wainwright• to New Phila- Wlggonsvllle to Bethel. Ceres* to Red Rock. Elk to Ardmore. Armstroni• to Durant. delphia. Cesto to v:cl. Elkton to Lamben. Wilberforce• to Xenia. Arr;>ela.r• to McAlester Watt to Portsmouth, Chance• to "7estvWe. Ellll to Chandler. Wlldare to Cortland. Arta to Tonkawa. Wakatomlka to Dresden. Chaney• to Gage. Elmwooa• to .beaver. Wilgus• to Ironton. Arthur• to Duncan. W~edeld•t to Piketon. Chant to 1 icCurtain. Emanuel to Watonga:Wilkesville• to McArthur. Artie to Haworth.  Dun-I  i~c:et°t ~o:~=::  ;:~:=~f.  I  II  I  I  I  II  I  I !ff~~:: fg  r  I  I  REFERENCE K EY ,  .t. County  Seat.  • Money Order Office.  tT legraph  tatlon.  tExpre  Office,  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKiNG POINTS Emerson to Walter. Emet• to Durant. :Empire City to Comanche. l!:noe to Woodville. Enterprise• to Quinton. EnvWe* to Marlett&. Eola to Pauls Valley. 11:ramt to Morris. Erin Springs* to Lindsay. ErvIn• to Hugo. Eatella* to Vinita. Estelle to Quinlan. Ethel to Antlers. Etowah to McComb. Bubank•t to Antlen. Eucha• to Jay. Eva• to Guymon. Exendine to Lookeba.  Herringt to Hammon. Hess• to Elmer. Hester•t to Manirum. Hewitt• to Wilson. Hex Switch to Elk City. Heyburn• to Kelleyvll e. ~i::~horne. Hix to Mena., Ark. Hoardsville• to Dewar. Hochatown* to De Queen, Ark. Hodgen• to Heavener. Hogshooter •i to Bartlesville. Rollldayt to Faxon.  Lowrey to Tahlequah. Lugert•tt to Blair. Luktata• to Idabel. Lula to Tupelo. Lutle• to Wllburton. Lynch to Strang. Lyons• to Stillwell.  Ona to Guymon. Onapa• to Checotah. Onasco to Apache. Oneta• to Broken Arrow. OnyxU to Dourlu. Ora to Duncan. Orienta•tt to Fairview. Orion• to Fairview. 0 car* to Terral. Oswalt to Ardmore. Ottawa to Miami. Overbrook• to Ardmore. Owlt to Centrahoma. Ozark to Braggs.  Schooltan• to Okemah. Schulter•tt to Henryetta. Scott• to Binger.  ~~~tN~~ff  rc,awr~~~:  Sedan• to Mountain View. , elman to Buffalo. Seward•tt to Navlna. Sewell to Tecumseh. Shadypolnt•tt to Poteau. Shawneetown• to Idabel. Mabelle* to Via.Ii. Shay to Kingston. Madison• to Laverne. Sherman• to Quinlan. Maguire to Noble. to Idabel. Sherwood Manard to Fort Gibson. Shiloh to Meridian. Maple• to Muldrow. Buren, Arll. Van to Short Marble City•ti to Sallisaw. Shrewder to Gould. 0 0 :\I ardock to Norman. Idabel. to Shults• Marion to Oklahoma City. ~ Sickles• to Lookeba. llood to Sallisaw. Markham to Yale. suo• to Durant. Pa.nama to Spiro. Hoover to Davis. Marsden• to Ardmore. Wilburton. to Mannsville. to Simpson Panola Howard to Mena, Ark. Maaham to Pawnee. Sinnett to Mannford. Parker to Coalgate. Pair to Comanche. Hoxbar to Ardmore. Mason• to Castle. Sledge to Duncan. A~a. to Parkland• Fairbanks• to Fairview. Hoyt• to Stigler. Matoy• to Bokechlto. Pair Valley• to Avard. Pattenon•tt to Wilburton. Sleeper• to Wa~oner. Maxwell• to Byan. Paw Paw• to Fort Smith, Slim to Valliant. Falfa to Talihina. Mayfteld • to Erick. Ark. Smithville• to Mena, Ark. McBride to Ft. Glbeon. Payne* to Lindsay. ~ Hulen to Geronimo. Sobol*i to Fort Towson. Hugo. to McOann to Meeker. Payson•: Humphreye•t to Altua. Panahawe•tt to Howe. Sophia• to BtJ&ver. McCan:v to Elmore. Foraker. to Pearsonia Hurley• to .Elkhart, Kan. McComb ian1a• to Antlera, Bouten to Cleveland. Macomb. to Pemeta to Cushing. Huskey to_Hugo. Southard•tt to O'Keene. MoKey• to Sallisaw. Peno to Fort Smith. o. Canadian,,_ to Oakwood. Falls. Webbers to :McLain* Mo. Seneca. to Peoria• Pawn• to Checotah. McMann to Wirt. SovAf~~f~~e•ti to Ooffey. Ioonlum • to Meridian. MoMman• to MadW. Peatherston•U to Quinton. Ida to Valliant. So. Enid to Enid. Perth to Lovell. to Duke. Pperruaon•U to Hltohcook. Independence• to CUlter. McQueen• Petersburg• to Nocona, So. McAlester to McAlester. McWilliet to Helena. ern to Woodward. Indianapolis*t to WeatherTex. Spauldtng•titoHoldenv111,FPemwell to Antlers. ford. Spavinaw* to Salina. Pettit to Tahlequah. Meers• to O&che. more• to Milburn. Ingalls to Stillwater. Speer to Hugo. Phillips•t to Coalgate. Mehan•% to Ripley. P'Flnlls ey• to Antlers. Ioland* to Grand. Speermoore* to Laverne. Phroso• to Sellin~. Eufaula. to Mellette• her to Tulsa. 011 Spencerville* to Ft. TowPickens• to Valllant. .Merrtck•i to Fallla. Pltsrerald to SUpply. • son. Pierce• to Ohecota.h. Messer to Hu~o. it:twood • to Ryan. Spokogee to Dustin. Mexhoma to ClaYton, N. Pierceton to Tonkawa. to Berwyn. Springer• to Siloam Sprtql, Isom Sprlnp* to W oodvtlle. Marietta. to Pike• M. Springtown to Stringtown. Pine to Coalgate. Ivanhoe to Shattuck. Mlcawber* to Paden. i1orence• to Waldta. Clinton. to Stafford• Stilwell. to Piney J. liddleberg* to Blanchard. Standing Rock to Lehigh. to Menad Ark. Mldlotblan*tt to Chandler. Pink to Tecumseh. 0 Stanley•tt to Antlers. Pirtle• to Durant. Bennln~n. to Jackson• Lehigh. to Midway F~nd::!• t~ 8:nt~<:i:. Star• to Keota. Platter•t to Durant. Jackson Switch to Broken Mldwell to Guymon. to Red Rock. Pleasant Hill to Haworth. Staunton* to Ilealdton. Arrow. MUee• to Vlnlta. Stecker to Anadarko. Idabel. to Pollard Ja.die to Haworth. Ardmore. to MUo• P ~ t o~~::.-· Steedman*ti to Allen. Poolville• to Ardmore. Jenness to Henryetta. Mllton• to Bokoshe. Foster• (Garvin Co.) to Jesse to Stonewall. Stella to Newalla. Port• tiO Sentinel. Moore. to Mlahak P Pauls Valley. Stidham• to Eufaula. Powell to MadW. Jester• to Manpm. 0 oater (Hughes Co.) to Joplin to Quapaw. Stone Bluff to Haak.ell. Smith, Praper to Kiefer. tot: Holdenville. Story• to MaysvWe. Prentiss* to Sayre. Juanita to Crowaer. Ark. P ox• to Ardmore. Sturm to Fort Cobb. Proctor• to W estvWe. July to Idabel. Moller to Tupelo. Francts (Greer Co.) to Man- Jumbo* to Antlers. Summerfield* to Le Flore. :Monarch to Baxter prings, Provence• to Ardmore. Summit• to Muekogee. Junction• to Geronimo. Kan. ~~~~t.t P~in to Norman. Sumpter to Braman. Monroe•+i to Howe. t!.~1!'• to Stonewall. Sunset to Beaver. Moody■ to Tahlequah. ~•&OCO* to Stonewall. Surprise to Knowle■. Moorewood to Hammon. Kanlma•ti to Stlrler. Proirvme• to Hugo. Braggs. to Sutter• to Poteau. Qualls Wewoka. to Morae• Springs, Siloam Kansas to Swan to Thomas. Morvin• to McOomb. Ark. Sweetwater• to Texola. Mosley to Siloam Sprtnp, Karns Spur to Calumet. wink*H to Fort Towson. Mlamt. to Rabit Ark. Katie• to Wynnewood. GGabriel to Tahlequah. Sycamore to Southwe■ I Keeteton•tt to Warner. aither• to Morris. City, Mo. ~:fli~iotoH'~~!: '1~~~~G alena• to Aline. Kelrsey• to Durant. Sylvian• to Paden. Randolph•% to MadW. llunioe to Taloga, Keller to Wilson. Gamet• to Alva. to Aline. Syria Choteau. to Murohv Vinita. to Kelso•t garland to Stigler. MUN* to Talihina. to Huro. to Texhoma, Kent• Rattan* to Antlers. Keokuk Falla• to Prape. Kiamichl•t to Albion. Gay• to Hugo. Tabler* to Chickasha. ~;~at~ Kibby• to Wooawara. Tabor* to Bristow. Gerty• to Stuart. Reagan• to MW Creek. "a.pies• to Alex. Kinlock to MadW. Taft*tt to Haskell. wacto Gibson Statlon•i Arnett. Reason• to Narclua•i to Miami. Kinnison* to Welch. oner. 0 Redbtrd •t to Coweta. Naahoba• to Antlers. Kiser to Paull Valley. Gideon• to Tahlequah. atura to Okmulgee. Redden to Stringtown. Tar River* to Cardin. Gilbert to J efl'erson. Redland • % to Fort Smith, Tate to Wewoka. Klondike to Paule Valley. GUmore• to Poteau. Ark. ~=~es~~~iand Co.) Komalty• to Hobart. Tatums• to Ardmore. Glendale to Wister. to Noble. Red.moon• to Cheyenne. Koeoma•ti to Antlera. Taylor to Temple. ~lenn • to Ardmore. Mangum. to Reed• Idabel. to Kullltuklo• Teacro11 to Rollb,. Kiefer. to &lenpoool*t:i: N ellda to Ardmore. Rentlesvwe~t to Checotah. Tegarden• to Alva. ·e1son* to Antlers. Retrop• to Sentinel. ~ ~~~~~Teresita to Tahfequab. Retta to Blackwell. Neodesha• to Wagoner. Lacey to Hennessey. Texanna• to Checotah. ~oodland* to Hu,to. Rexti to Muskogee. Nerotown to Eufaula. Lacrosse to Pocasset. Thaokervllle•U to G&in• OOdnight*t to Coyle. Rhea• to Leedey. Newby• to Bristow. Ladessa to Mangum. vWe, Tex. Goodwater• to Haworth. G rady• to Ryan. Rich• to Stringtown. 0 Lakemp* to Beaver. Thomasv1lle*t to Heaven•. N::ct8~~~ ~ Richert to Heavener'. Lane• to Atoka. Tl* to Hartshorne. Graham• to Ardmore. Rfngol<i to Fort Towson. NewPort• to Ardmore. Lanpton • to Coyle. Grand• to Hlgirtn1, Tex. Tiawah* to Claremore. Ritter to Calvin . ... ·e" \Yilson* to "·ilson. Grand Valley• to Liberal, Tidmore to Seminole. Robberson• to Pauls Valley Tiffin to Beaver. Lark to Kingston. 'Kan. Milburn. to ·ida .. Durant. to Roberta• Laura to Tuskaboma. Tiger to Drumright. Granton• to Falrvtew. NUea• to Hinton. Rock Island• to Hackett. Tinney to Germlno. Laverty• to Cement. grav.Horse• to Falrtax. Ark. Nolla to Antlers. Lawrence* to Fltzbusrh. Tivoli to Fairview. ranon• to Hoffman. on• to Calvin. Rocky Ford to Cement. Layton to Pauls Valley. Greenleaf to Braggs. Todd*tt to Vinita. Roland• to Muldrow. Toio* to Waynoka, g~esha.m to Olayton, N. M. L ach* to iloam , 'pring , Norfolk to Yale. Ron• to Cheyenne. N orge•tt to Chickasha. Ark. Tom to Idabel. GuUmdea • to Sayre. Romulus•t to McComb. Norris to Red Oak. Lebanon• to Marietta. Trail to Camargo. to Prairue. Pryor. to Rose• Enid. to Enid* orth Legate,,_ to Ardmor •. Trenton to Okemah. North Miami• to Com- Ro11vUle to Wellston. Lerer to Altus. Trousdale• to Wanette. Row• to Gentry, Ark. merce. Lela •i to Mon11on. TroY-t to MUI Creek. ;amburir• to Cheyenne. North Muskogee to MusLenna• to Eufaula. &mden• to Hugo. ~~b~t~;~flfod~rletta. kogee. Talihina. to Lenox ~~~1:s!~e~f'~·Poner. 8:anaon•ti to Sallisaw. Kan. offe)Tille, to ·oxie• • Nowata. to Ruby* Leon• to GalneavWe, Tex. Turkey Ford• to Grove. gardwood to Coalgate. Numa•: to Deer Creek. Rufe•ti to Valliant. Leonard*ti to Bixby. to Tulsa. Turley• 0 Nuyaka• to Beggs. Russell• to Duke. Leonel* to Oakwood. Tuskegee• to Beggs. t~ Russell Creek to Welch. Lequlre*U to McCurtain. Tussy• to Dun<'.an. Harmon• to Fargo. Russellville* to Quinton. Letitia• to Lawton. TYier* to .Madill. garnngtont to Haworth. Russett•t to MannavWe. Liberty to :Muldrow. Tyrola"'t t to 1<'rancl1. an1a to Idabel. Ruthdale* to Delaware. Lightning Ridge to Roff. Oakdale to Eakly. ;arrteburg• to Duncan, St. Louis (Ottawa Oo.) • to , Oak Bill to Ida.bell. Lima,,_ to Wewoka. to Quapaw. Limestone Gap• to Kiowa. Oakhurst"- to Tulsa. to 'dpio. MadW. to Louis (Pottawatomie Ulan• St. Oakland• Baxter. to Llncolnvtllet Haskew• to Mooreland. Ungerti to lloswell. Co.) to Asher. Oakman• to Ada. Springs, Kan. Hl{attonville to Commerce. Boise Oity. to Usna Oak•• to Kanaa.1. Linn* to Al·les_worth. awley to ash. Utica• to Durant. Oberlin• to Bennlnirton. Sacred Heart• to Asher. Little* to Semmole. 8:ayden • to Chelsea. Oclna to Wlllow. Saddle Mountain• to CoopLoar to Adair. Haynes• to Muskogee. Ootavla to Hatfteld, Ark. erton. Lockridge*t to Cashion. 8:anvood• to McAlester. Valeria to Morrison. Odell* to Idabel. Sadie to Salllsaw. Lodi* to Red Oak. liazeI•t to Konawa. Valley• to Marameo. Odetta• to Snyder. Sageeyah• to Claremore. Logan• to l vanhoe. 8:ea■ton to El Reno. Vamoosa• to h.onawa. Ardmore. to Henryetta. to Grove• Salem Lone to Klnptoo. ~ ~lt:~~ta. Velma• to Duncan. Lone Star to Walter. ·ville. Bartle to a• Okt-. t~e~~:~. ~~cf~~:k~ •ti to Claremore. Muldrow. to Verdigris Long• Heman':> Oktuskee• to Okemah. Lookout• to Avard. Saratoga to Coldwater.Kan Vernon to Hanna.. Henderson to Purcell. Farro. to Oleta Kan. Liberal, to Lorena• Tuskahoma. to Sardis Poteau. to Victor tendrlx*t to Kemf. City. Olive• to Mannford. Loull• to El Dorado. Saylor• to Tamaha. Victory to Altus. 1 Olney•tt to Coalgate. Loving to Heavener. Schlegel to. Cushing. Vlnco• to Perkins. l{:~U:ft. •. toney Order Office. tTelegraph Statton, REFERENCE KEY. t Exnreee Office.  J::!.~1! fiifa':iia.  }Ufif'~ 6  ' 1~~e':: t! n'!:~~  i:g:tt ~::h!~k-  i~f:1; 6°an8a1 ~:n.  ..:~e\?• 1:~va.  {~!1t~~!°:'l:1:Jr::.  A:;.  p=  Jord  ~~i:.  Jgft  :oo i:?~?S:,-y.  :~:!tt,  \.~~n•  ~=r~.%i~::ne. ii:g~o.  i=•t\ tJirararo.  ~o~~::  H~fl ft!~!ftk·  H=~~  B:f:\U  tr~1t~~?·  t~.xi:~~a.  t: ~a~lJme. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  gn1~~;: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  TOWNS ACCE~SlBLE TO BANKING POINTS  OREGON  I Mohler*t to Wheeler. Hugo•t to Grants Pasa. Detroit•t to Albany. Beaver Ilill to Coquille. Montavillatt to Portland. Devert to Albany. HUllt• to Silverton. Beck Station to Florence. Monument• to Heppner. Devitt* to Philomath. Beckley* to Crane. Moody to The Dalles. Beech Creek* to John Day. Dexter* to Springfield. Morgan• to Ione. Belknap Springs to Spring- Diamond.., to Crane. field. Mountaindale*t to Banks. Dillard•U to Roseburg. Mt. Hood* to Hood River. Dllley•t to Forest Grove. Bellevue to Sheridan. Bellfountain to Monroe. Mt. Tabortt to Portland. Dlsston* to Cottage Grove. Mt. Vernon• to John Day. Divide• to Cottage Grove. Bellrose to Portland. Mulino* to Molalla.. Dixie to Huntington. Berlin• to Lebanon. Mulloy• to WUsonvllle. Dlxonvllle• to Roseburg. Bertha to Portland. Waco to Newalla. Jamieson to Vale. Bethany to Hillsboro. Multnomahtt to Portland. Wade• to Durant. Murphy• to Grants PaBB. Jasper• to Sprlngfteld. Dolph* to Cloverdale. Beulah• to "\;vestfall. Wainwright*tt to Boynton. Bistgs•tt Dorena• to Cotta.ire Grove. J ennlnga Lodge*tttoOregon to Wasco. • Walls to McCurtain. I City. Bingham Springs to Pendle- Dothan•t to Glendale. Wa.llville* to Maysville. ton. to Juntura. Drewsey* I Narrows• to Burns. Jewell* to Astoria. Ward Springs to McAlester. Birkenfeld. to Clatskanie. Pa.88. Grants to Dryden• Nashville• to Philomath. Scio. to Jordan Warren• to Blair. Dundee• to Newberg. Needv to Aurora. Warwlck•U to Wellston. Huntington. to fl Durkee• City. Junction to Nehalem• to Wheeler. Blachly• Washita to Anadarko. _Teskowin* to ('loverdale. Black Rock•t to Falls City. Washunga.• t-0 Kaw City. Arlington. to Blalock• Tetarts* to Tillamook. La.Grande. to Kamela*tt Waterloo•t to Edmond. ' Blind Slough*H to Astoria. Eagle Creek•tto Estacada. Keating to Baker. Neverstill to Clatskanie. Watkins to Kiefer. Crane. to Blitzen Bridge* to Richland. New Sandy. to Kelso Marshfield. to Eastslde Nowata. to Wa.tova• Blodgett*! to Philomath. New Era.•t to Canby. Keno• to Klamath Falla. .Ecola• to Seaside. Watson to Cove, Ark. Blue River• t to Springfield. Eddyville• t to Toledo. New Pine Creek•t to Lak&Kent• to Grass Valley. Wa.uhillau* to Stilwell Rly• to Bonanza. . . ..view. Edenbower* to Roseourg. Kerby* to Grants Pass. Wayside* to Dewey. Boardman to Hermiston. ~ iagara* to Mill Cit~·. Kernville* to Newport. Weathers to McAlester. Eight Mlle* to Heppner, Bonita t Vale. I Nice*.to Newport. Kerry*t to Clatskanie. Elam to Philomath. Weer to Broken Arrow. Glendale. to Booth Nolin to Echo. Kingston• to Stayton. Elk City• to Toleao. Weklwa* to Tulsa. Borlng•t •to Gresham. Kings Valley* to Philo- Nortons* to Toledo. Welllnll:'•t: to Tahlequah. Elkton• to Drain. Bourne to Baker. Norway• to Myrtle Point. math Elmira• to Eugene. W eltY* to Oa.stle. Boyd• to Dutur. Klamath Agency• to Kla_l Noti to Eugene. W. Point to Glencoe. Elmonicat to Beaverton. Wheeless*to Clayton, N. M. Bridal ven•u to Portland. Elsie• to Astoria. wasco. Ely to Oregon City. Whiteap:le*t to Ponca Oit,y. Bridge* to Myrtle Point. Oak Grove*t to Milwaukie. Whitehead to Pauls Valley. Brighton to Wheeler. Emotre• to North Bend. Oakridge *tt to Sprinirfield. Koler to Glendale. Whitefield• to Stigler. Dufur. to Endersby Ocean View* to Newport. Brightwood• to Sandy. Kubll to Grants Pa88. Whitehorse• to Avard. Evans to Lostine. Odell-I< to Hood River. Hubba.rd. to Broadacrest Vlnlta. White Oak•tt to Olalla• to Rosi,burg. Broadbent to Myrtlepolnt. Whitesboro to Talihina.. Olene• to Klamath Falls. Broadmead to Sheridan. Fairviewtt (Multnomah Wilkerson to Porum. Olex • to Arlington. Roseburg. to Brockway• Co.) to Gresham. Wilkins• to Clayton, N. M. Oiney•t to Astoria. Fall Creek• to Sprlngfteld. Lacomb• to Lebanon. 'Vi!Jard* to Ashland, Kan. Brogan* t to Vale. Opal City*t to ::\Ietolius. 1 Laidlaw to Bend. Gervais. to Brooks•: Fargo:t to Donald. Williams*! to Poteau. Orencotl to Hlllsboro. Brothers to Bend. Lake* to Lapine. Fayettevillet to Shedds. Willis* to Kingston. Brownlee* to Richland. Lakeside* to North Bend. Orton to Toledo. Wlllowba.r• to Texhoma. toWinnamucca,Nev. Fields Oswego•tt to Portland. Eaglepoint. to Brownsboro• Lamonta.* to Metolius. Fife* to Bend. wmow View*t to Purcell. Brownf;mead to Astoria. Lancaster to Junction City. Otis* to Willamina. Flanagan* to Maupin. 1-Villzetta to Prague. Langlois• to Bandon. Wimer• to Centralia. Fla vel • t to Astoria. Bruce to Corvallis. La.ngrell to Halfway. Winchester• to Alva. Fleetwood to La.pine. Buena Vista• to IndepenLatourell Falls* to Gres- Paciflc City-tto Cloverdale. Wltchert to .Edmond. dence. ham. Palmer• to Portland. Follyfarm to Crane. Wolt to Wewoka. Bullards• to Bandon. Palmer Junction* to Elgin. Fon Klamath • to Kla- Laurel• to Hillsboro. Wooddale to Fairview. Bullrun" to Sandy. La.wen* to Crane. Paradise* to Flora. Falls. math W oodtord • to Ardmore. Burlingtont to Portland. Parkdale* to Hood River. Foster• to Lebanon. Wyba.rk•t to Muskogee. Butte• to Paisley. Lea.t>urg* to Springfield. Parker to Independence. Fox• to John Day. Butteville to Donald. Parkersburg• to Bandon. Franklln to Junction City. Lee to Coquille. Buxton•tt to Bankll. Leland• t t to Glendale. Parkers Mllls* to Heppner. Fremont* to Lapine. Yahola* to Haskell. 1 Parkplace•t to Oregon CltY Friend to Du!ur. Yanush to Tuskahoma. t~ Paulina• to Prinev~lle. Yarnaby* to Achille. Lents*tt to Portland. Cake to Baker. Yates to Stlllwater. Leona• to Drain. Pedee to Monmouth. Ca.mas Valley•to Roseburg. Galena to Prairie City. Yeager to Holdenville. Peoria to Shedd. Canyonvllle•t to Riddle. Galescreek* to Forest Grove Liberal to :\.Iolalla.. Yelton to Buffalo. Lime• to Huntington. Perdue• to Riddle. Carnation to Forest Grove. Ga.lice* to Grants Pass. Yewed•U to Lambert. Perry• to La Grande. Carson• to Haltway. Garden Homett to Portland Lincoln to Salem. Yonkerst to Wagoner. Linneman to Gresham. Perrydale•? to Dallas. Cascade Locks• t :t to Hood Gartba.1dl*t to Bay City. York• to Roff. Linnton*tt to Portland. River. Phillips to Hlllsboro. Gates•i to Stayton. Yuba• to Durant, Livesleyt to Salem. Phrentx•t to Medford. Ca ·cadia* to Lebanon. Ga.teway*tt to Madras. Pine• to Halfway. Castle Rock to Arlington. Gearhea.rt*tt to Sea.side. Logan to Oregon City. Pioneer* to Toledo. Glbbon•tt to Pendleton. Catlow to Crane. Zafra to Heavener. London•• to Cottage Grove Placer :t to Grants P&M. Cayuse to Pendleton. Zeb* to Park Hill. Plainviewt to Shedd. Gladstone•ttto Ore~on City Lonerock• to Condon. Cecll • to lone. Zena• to Grove. Long Creek• to Canyon Pleasant llill* to ~priugCedar Mill to Beaverton. Zenobia to Bromide. Glenada* to Florence. City. .tleld. Zita to Healdton. Glencoe to North Plains. 1 Celilot to The Dalles. Champoeg to Donald. Glenwood to Fore·t, Grove. Lookingglass* to Roseburg. Pleasant Hometto Greshalll Zoe• to Heavener. Lorane• to Cottage Grove. Pleasant Va.lley•t to Baker. Chapman to Scappoose. Glide• to Roseburg. Zoraya to Antlers. Plush*t to Lakeview. Lorella • to Bonanza. Chemawa • tt to Salem. Zula to Dacoma. Goble•tt to Rainier. Lowell •tt to Springfield. Point Terrace"' to Florence. Cherry Grove:t to Gaston. Gooch* to ::\till City. Lutgens• to Newport. Goshen•t to Sprlngfleld. Cherryville* to Sandy. Lyons• i to Stayton. Portola to Eugene. Cheshire* to Junction City. Government Camp to Port Orford to Bandon. Sandy. Chiloquln*H to Klamath 1 Falls. Grand Ronde•to Willamina 1iedmond Granite* to Baker. Chitwood• to Toledo. Powell Valley to Gresha.Ill· OREGON Clackamas• t to Oregon City. Grave to Glendale. Mabel• to Springfield. Pra tum• to SUverton. Green to Roseburg. Cla.rkes to Oregon City. Macksburg to Aurora. Grccnbergt to Beayerton. Prescott* to Rainier. Clem• to Condon. 1 Macleay •:t to Salem. Preuss to Coauille. Greenllorn• to Baker. Clevelandt to Roseburg. Acme• to Florence. Prosr,ect"' to Eat.le Poini. Malheur• to Baker. Green,·llle to Banks. • Clltton•t to Astoria. Aaams•u to Athena. Prosper• to Bandon. ( ochrant:t to Banks. Adel•t to Lake View. Grizzly* to Madras. Provolt* to Grants pass. Manhattan Beach*t to Colestln• to Ashlana. Gunter• to Drain. Adrian to Parma, Idaho. Wheeler. 1 Colton• to ::vrolalla. G urdane to Pilot Rock. Agate to Central Polnt. to Banks. Columbia. Clty•:t to St. Gwendolen• to Condon. Agate to r-iewport. Manzanita. to Wheeler. Helen. Qulna.byt to Salem. Gypsum to Huntington. Agness• to Goldbeaoh. Qulncy•t to Clatskanie. Mapleton* to Florence. Comstoek*t to Cottage Alrlle•! to Monmoutn. faplewood to Portland. Gro,·e. Albee•·to Pilot Rock. 1a.rcola •t to Springfield. I ConneIH to North Plains. Alfalfa to Bend. Range to Canyon City. Hamilton• to Canyon City. Marlon•i to Jeae1son. Algoma* to Klamath Falls.•, Cooston* to North Bend. geedvme•t to Beaverton. Marmot* to ·andy. Ha.mmond•t to Astoria. Corbett*H to Gresham. Alice!• to Imbler. Reuben•tto, wasbMarquam • to Mt. Anl?e!. Hamoton• to Bend. Corbin to Goltlbeach. Allegany• to Marshfield. Marshland • i to Clatskanie Rex• to Newberg. Harbor* to Brookings. ·orcl to .Juntura. Almeda to Grants Pass. Rhododendron to Santlf• Hardman• to Heppner. Mayger•i to Clatskanie. Cornucopia• to Hallway. Aloha* to Beaverton. Richmond• t,c) Fossil. ;\laYville* to Fossil. Harlan to Philomath. Cottrell to Gresham. Alplnet to Monroe. Rlckrea.ll•t to Dallas. icCoy•t to Amity. llarnc.r"'t to Crane. Alvadore to Junction City. Cove Orchard*:t to Gaston Rieth to Penclleton. McEwan•t to Baker. f Hay Creek• to Madras. Andrews• to Winnemucca. Crabtrec*t to Lebanon. Hitter"' to John Day. McKee• to Mount Angel. Crater Lake to Klamath Hazeldale to Beaverton. Nev. Riverside* to Juntura. I McKinley* to Coquille. Hebo* to Cloverdale. Falls. Anla.ut• to Drain. Crawfordsville• to Browna-l Helvetia! to North Plains. McKinzle Bridge • t to Riverton• to CoquUie. <1 Antelope• to Shaniko. Robinette•tt to RlchlAII · Hemlock• to Tillamook. Sprlngfleld. ville. Antone• to John Day. 1 Mea.cham•u to La Grande. Rockaway to Bay CltY• ) I Hereford• to Baker. Crescent* to Bend. ~\piary to Rainier. leadowviewt to Junction Rockcreek* (Gilliam co. Applegate• to Jacksonville. Crow• to Eugene. Crowley to Juntura.. H11ga.rd • tl to La Grande Ara.go• to Myrtle Point. Rotgk~~~nSn~od River, .1~~. t ! to • ladras. Hillsdale• to Portland. C ulvcr*H to ::\1etoliu . . Arleta.t to Portland. :'.\Iedkal Sprin~• to Baker. Rockwoodt to GreshaIIl.• 55 Currinsville to Estacada. Austln•t to Prairie City. ~gfb;go~~ft~nP~~tt1and. Rogue River to Grants Pa ~Iehama* to L\Iill < ity. Azalea* to Glendale. 1 Curtin* to Dra.Jn. &• RoJ~·at* to Bond. Melrose• to Roseburg. Holdman* to Pendletou. t Cushma.n•tt to Florence. Holland• Ballston•:i to Sheridan. to Grants Pass· Merun•ti to Grants Pass. Rose Lodge* to wmam10 Rowe to Sandy. Metzgert to Portland. Holley• to Brownsville. I Barlow•t to Canby. Dairy* to Bonanza. Midland to•tKlamatn Fallsl Rowland to Harrisburg. Home to Huntington. Bartlett* to Wallowa. Ilometitead to Halfway. Dale* to Pilot Rock. Barton•t to Estacada.. ~~~ht:> t!~~~1sonvllle. Mlkkalo•t to Arlington. Dama.scust to Oregon City. Barview to Bay City. I Hopewell to Amity. Days Creek* to Riddle. Bates to Prairie Cit,y. e Rutus•t to Wasco. Millican to Bend. Rujada. to Oottage Grol' · Hopmere to Gervais. Mlllwood• to Oakland. Dayville• to John Day. Bay Ocean* to Bay City. Horton* to Junction City. Mlnam* to Wallowa. Dee• to Hood River. Russellvllle to Portla nd ·0 n, Beagle to Goldblll. Rye Valley• to Huntlnirt Iission to Pendleton. 1 at~d~t~h1\;1~{-elen :gikl!t~tf~2~b~ande Mist• to Clatskanie. I R::ft~rei: ifo!l~~;.~ . Helens. St. to Houlton•tt Denio•toWlnnemu<-ca,Nev. Klamath to Point Tlllamook. to Modoc Beaver• 1 addlebutte* to Crane, 01 e. Falls. ~h~l~°d;~{t lle~i~~- Creek to Oregouj Saginaw• to C o t t a ~ Mohawk• to Sortn~eld. Vining* to Jet. Vinson• to :Mangum. Virgil to Hugo. Virglnla to Tonkawa. Vista to Asher. Vivian to Eufaula. Voca to Caney. Vrona to Sallisaw.  I  l  I K1::Jlkl.~·  l  t:~!v1e° ~J>~~lle.  Jgs;;l~~a:=~~  I  I  &:~i~ g:~~\:  REFERENCE KEY .  I  «~~:tt~tf~e~i:i· City.  ;. County  eat.  • )Ioney Order Office.  t Telegraph Station.  t Ex pres Office  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POI TS  OREGON  West L inn t o Oregon C ity.I Westpon•t to Clatskanie W . Stayton* t to Stayton. W . Woodburntt to Woodburn. Whltesontt to McMinnville Whitney* t o Baker. Wllt>ur•t to Sutherlin. WUdervm e• to Grants Pass. Wilhoit* to Molalla. Wilk e borot to To. P lains. w mamet te - to Oregon Shaw• to Aumsville. Cltr. W illard to Silverton. Shelburn•t to Sclo. Wllllams• to Grant.II Pass. Slletz• to Toledo. Wimert to Grants Pass. Siltcoos* to Florence. Winant* to N ewport . Silver Lake*t to Paisley. Wlnchester-t to Rosebunr. Slsters•to Redmono. Winchester Bay to Reed Sixes to Ilanrlon. port. Soda.vme• t'o Leos.non. South Beach to Newport. Winlock to Fossil. to Woltcreek,.tt to Glenda.le. Forest Grove• So. " 'ond e r* t o Gra nt s P a '-:-:. Forest Grove. Woodlawnt to Portland. Sparta to Richland. Woods* to Cloverdale. Speaker to Glendale. Worden to Dorris, Cal. pray• to Fossil . Sprln~brook-t to Newberir. Wren• to Philomath. Wyeth•tt to Hood River. Hpringdalo to Troutdale.  St. Johns to Portland. St. Loulst to Gervais. Barns Valley* t o Gold Hill . Santa Clara to Eugene. Schefflin to Cornelius. Scholle to Sherwood. ' c:ottsburg* to Heedsoor t. Seghers to Gaston. Sellwoodt to Portland . Selma• t o Grants Pass. eucca* to C anyon City.  Alpine to Goldsbo;o, Altenwald•t to Chamberaburg. Althom to Tidioute. Altontt to Mount .Jewett.  PENNSYLVANIA  I Avonda.let (Luzerne Co.) to  Ben A vontt to Avalon. Bendersville StatlonttoGet-tysburlil:, Bendertown to Benton. Benezctt* to Saint Marys.  Plymouth.  ::gf:~1~~ roi.~~i~y:ngs.  Alum Rock* to Foxourg. Aluta to Nazareth. Al verda.* to Ba.rnesboro. Alverton•tt to Scottdale. Alvira to Montgomery. Amaranth*to Hancock, Md.  B1Lchmanville• to Palmyra. Backus• to Smethport. Benningers to Slatlngton Baden• ft to .Freedom. Benore* to ~ tate College. Bagdad to Leechburg. 0 Bagiraley• t to Latrobe.*t to Spring Grove. Bentley Creek to Elmira, Baird• to Monongahela. N. Y. Bentzel to York. Ambersons• to Shippens- 1 Bairdford* to Russelton. Bakers Station to Wash- Benvenuet to Duncannon. burg. ington. Ambrose to Marlon Center. Amity• to Washington. Bakers Summit* to Wood- I Bergey• to Schwenkv1lle. Berlngert to Cherry 'I'ree. Amltyvllle toBoyertown. bury. Beringer City to CllntonI Balers tow11*t to ".\Jar ·. Amsbry~l to Cresson. Analomrnk*tt to East Bakersvtlle• to Somerset. vme. Stroudsburg. Berllnsville to Slatington. Andalusla•t to Holmes- Bata•tt to Ardmore. Bermudian• to Dillsbura-. Bern•t to Hamburg. Ba.let Eairle•t to Tyrone. burg. Andersonburir•t to New Baldhill to Mount Morris. Bernharts• to Readlna-. Bloomtleld. Bernice*tt to Mildred. Baldmount• to Scranton. Berrysburg• to RllzabethAnder~on Roads to Oora- Baldwin• to Bruin. ville. Baltour to Carlisle. opohs. Berwtnsdale• tt to Coalport. Balliett to Franklin. Andersontown to Mecha.n- Balllettsvllle*to Cat8.llaUqua Bessemer• (Lawrence Co) lcsburir. · to New Castle. Balls Mills to William:sport. l S 1>rtngwater• to Estacada.. Andover* to McConnells- Balm to Mercer. Bestt to Slatington. Yachats to Newport. 3 ta1Tord • to Sherwood. burg. Balser to Freeport. Yalna.x to Bom.nza. Starkey to La Grande. Andreastl: to Lehighton. Bethany• (Wayne Co.) to Bandanna to Hanover. Stone (Clackamas Co.) to Yankton• to St. Helen. .Andrews Bridg to Lan- Banksvllle to Pittsburg. Honesdale. 0 Oregon City. caster. ~a:1t~*t\ol~ll~:wp rt. Bannervlllet to McCiure. Betha.yres•tt to JenkinStrassel to Banks. Andrews Settlement• to Bannin~• to Smithton. town. Sublimity* to Stayton. Genesee. Bethel• (Berks Co.) to 8ummerlake* to Paisley. Angelica to Reading. Millersburg. Barbara* to Wllllamsburi:. Zumwalt* to E nterprise. Summerville• to Imbler. Angels* to Scranton. Bethelt(MercerCo.)to West Barbours* to Muncy. Summlt•tt to Philomath. AnJse to 00nwen11:vme. Middlesex. Bard to Hyndman. Sumner* to Marshtleld. Anlta•tt to Punxsutawney. Barevtlle• to New Holland. Bethesda to Quarryville. Sumpter to Baker. Anselma• i to Phrenlxvllle. Barker to Chester. Betula* to Austin. Ansonta•tt to Wellsboro. Barkeyville to Grove City. , Beyer to Plumville. Sunnyside (Clackamas Co.) Ansonville• to Curwensvllle Barnards to Dayton. Big Cove Tannery• to to Oregon City. Barnes• to Sheffield. S untex to Burns. f 1 McConnellsburg. PENNSYLVANIA An~r~~•tt to Jersey Bameston•toHoneybrook. BlgdamtoDlllsburg. Suplee to Prineville. S usanviue• to Prairie City. to Wellsboro , Barnesville• to Mahanoy B~gler•tt to Phlllpsb~ra-. Antrim••• 1+ B1gruount to East Berhn. City. 3 uver•t to Independence. • Big Pond to Troy. Appenzell to Stroudsburg. Barnett to Saxton. S vensen*t to Astoria. . Aa.ronsburg• to Millheim. j Big Soldier to Sylcesvllle. Applebachsville to Quaker- I E&11t to Abbottstown•t Big Spring to NeWVIJle. Carlisle. to Barnltz• town. Sweet Home• to Lebanon. Berlin. Billman to Williamsport Barnsley• to Oxford. Aqua to Ch.ai11bersburg. Swiss Home to Florence. Abdera. to MUlha.11. Blllmeyer• to Bainbridge Aquashlcola to Palmerton. Barree*t to Petersburir S ycamore to Gresham. Abington• (Montgomery Aquetonit*to Lambertvllle, Barren Hlllt to Consho- Bingen•tt to So. Bethlehem S Ylvan to Portland. Co.) to Jenkintown. hocken. N. J. Abrams• U to N orrtstown. Academia• to Port Royal. Arraa.mrat\ot~ettotySsubsuqruge.hanna.. ::~nt~aXs~l~nfockwood. Bingham to Bradford. Bingham Center to Ulysse1. Bart• to Christiana.. + ~ablerock to Oentral Point. Academy Corners•to Knox- A ville. ,.aft• to Newport. m~~efu t~r~::g::;l~~• _fr~~~ fidu~~~- City. Barto•tt to Boyertown. Takllma* to Grants Pass. Accra to Carllsle. st Arcadta•tt to Glen Bartonsvllie•u to rouds-1 Blrchai:dvllle • to Montrose. Acker to Newport. ~albott to Jefferson. to PhrenlxBirchrunvllle• I Christiana. to Ba~!ilie• bell. Ackermanvme• to Bangor. ville. to Iloneybrook. t O Willi amsport. B tr Archsprlng* to Tyrone. T:l~~:~!{•tt~J~~tt1ifowder Acme• to Mt. Pleasant. Birdell* ess as Collegeville. to Arcola• Boswell. to Acosta•:t Terrebonne*tt to Redmond. Baumgardner to Lancaster. Bl~~u~e.Hand •tt to InterAdah•t to Carmichaels. Ardara• to Trafford. TTehrry to Gresham. Adamsbur11: • !Westmoreomas• to Scio. !;~~I\;e~og :1ri~r&11ndlng Baumstown to Birdsboro. ' Blrdvllle•tt: *to Natrona · land Co.) to Manor. TThurston• to Sprlngtlelo. B. Bausman• to Lancaster. Adamsdale•t to Schuylklll Argenntdtnine.,._• 1 to Parkers Bavlngton to Burgettstown ~rmingham t.t to Tyrone. ldewater• to Newpon. Bishop to Cecil. Baxter• to Brookville. "' La Haven. Adamstown• to Denver. Tiller• to Riddle. (Wasblngton Co.) to Bissell ; Sewickley. to Bayne Adamsville• tt to GreenTlmber•tt to Banks. I Washington. Beacbdale to Berlin Arlosa to Gettysburg. ville. ;* to Eagle Point. Addlngham • to Clifton Arlst~• to Centralia. Beachhaven•tt to B'erwlck Blttersville to Red Lion. I renholm to St. Helens. Beachlake• to Honesdale · Dlttl.nger to Hanover. Ar.lay to Brookville T rent to Springfield. Heights. Bitumen• to Renovo. · Arlington• <Wayne Co.) to Beachly to Addison Adelaide• to Dawson. Admire to York. Troy• to Flor~. m~~ l~hr;~wT:~~~11:.1d. Beadllnrrt to Carnegie. Lake Ariel. Kittanning. to Adrian• :fua.Intin•tt to Sherwood. Beans Cove to Cumberland. Blackfleld• to Garrett. Adrian Mines to Punxsut- Armagh• to Johnstown. Armbrust* to )'. oungwood. B~{d. Creek•• to White Blackgap• to Chambereawney. t3oef,':;nomath. burg. + H Fayette to C1t.y•t Arnold Twin Rocks to Bay City. Blackhawk to Beaver. aven.. City. Tygh Valley* to :Maupin. Advance to Indiana. to Parkesburg. Blackhorset Shamokin .to Gap Bear Blossburir. to Arnot•tt Bradford. to Alken• Blacklog to Mount Union. Bear Lake tt to Corry. Arona• to Herminia. Allston to Delta. Blackrock to Ilanover. Cre~k to Muncy. Arrow to Windber. Alrville• t~ Delta. Beartown tttoHonevbrook Blackwalnuttto Meshoppen Arroyo• to Rldiway. Aitch• to Huntingdon. Uktah• to Pllot Rock. Blackwells to Wellsboro. Artemas to Cumberland, Beatty*tt to Latrobe. Akelev• to Warren. Umapine to Freewater. Blackwood• to Tremont. Beaumont* to Dallas. Md. gmatllla*tt to Hermiston. Akersville"' to Everett. Beautiful to Chambersburg Blain City to Coalport. t~u8?a'ii1n. 1 u~g~~;ee~ t~~~=r~~oint. tt~:i:i.tioc~~iurg. Beaver Brook• to McAdoo. Blainesburg to Brownsville. Asa to Bath. Albert to \Vllkes-Barre. lJnioll\ al, to DaYton. Bet:~. Center• to Spring- m:~~K~~~J~~1Tl!~~~i>Urg. I Albrlghtsvtlle • to Mauch Asaph" to Wellsboro. Unity• to Baker.· Chunk. University Park to Port- ' Blalrs Corners• to Knox. Ashboume•t to Jenkin- '! Beaver Meadows•tt to Alburtls•tt to Emaus. land. Blair Station• to Clairton. Hazleton. town , Alda.n•t to Cllfton Height.II. Blairsville Intersection t 1 (l~untingdon Be~vertown Sunbury. to Asherton ' Aldcn•f to Nanticoke. to Blairsville. I Co.) to Huntmgdon. Ashfield• to Lehighton Van Horn to Hood River. ' Blakeley to Peckvllle. Co.) (~nyder •tt Beavertown 'co.) (Cambria tt Ashville• Aldenvllle• to Honesdale. Veneta to Eugene. to Stroudsburg. Blakeslee• Sprrngs. BeavP.r to I Cresson. to Alderson•tt to Dallas. Verboort to Cornelius. st to PhoenJxvtlle. Vesper• to Clatskanie. Co.) to 1 Beavertown (York Co.) to m:~~~~d;J~aiV~u~i· er AsBi¥~;d~Lanca Aleppo• to Cameron, W .Va. Vida• to Sprlnitfleld. Blandburg•t to Bellwood. Dillsburg. Askam•t to Ashley. Alert to Gap. Viola to, BeaverValley•tto Catawlllsa Blandon•tt to Reading. As-pers• to Gettysburg. Voltage• to Crane. Bloomfield (Crawford Co.) Aspinwallt to Sharpsburg. Beccaria• to Madera. Alfarata to Lewistown. to Union Cltv. Bechtelsvllle•tt to BoyersAltord•U to New Milford Aston Mills• to Media. Bloomfield (Perry Co.) to town. Allee* to ~ount Pleasant. Wacondatt to Gervais. New Bloomfield. Beckersvllle to Birdsboro. Atco to Honesdale. Alicia to Brownsville. W alcto• to Grants Pass. Becks fills to Canonsburg. Bloomingdale to ShlokAthol• to Boyertown. Allnda• to Landisbur1r. Waldport• to Newport. shinny, Atklnsons Mills to McVey- Bedford Springs•t to BedWalker• to Cottage Grove. Aline to Middleburg. Blooming Glen• to Perks.ale. ford. town. WWaltervllle• to Sprlngfteld . Alleghenytt to Pittsburgh. Atlantlo•tt BloomingGrove• to Hawley. Bedminster• to Perkasie. to Greenvllle. Alleirhenyville to Reading. al ton• to Eugene. Blooming Valley• to MeadBeechcliff to Crafton. Atlas* to Mount Carmel. WaJu~a to Portland. ville. Atlasburg to Burgettstown. Beechtree to Brockwayvllle Allemans* to Houtzdale. W amtc• to Maupin. lleechview to Pittsburgh. Bloservllle to Newville. Atwood• to Rural Valley. Allen• to Carnsle. ~a.plnitia* to :Vlaupin. Balltt (Clearfield co.). Blue Oo.) (Cameron Beechwood Meshopto Center Auburn , Fayett, to ti Allenport• 1 to Philipsburg. to Emporium. pen. City. w~~1°rs\~ Bluebell* to Ambler. Wwarrenda.le*t to Portiand. Al~fi!.Mms• to Brockway- A~~~oiir,°e':i~ Comers• to Bela to Rimersburg. arrenton • tt to Astoria. Bluek_noo • t to Portage. Allensvme• to Huntingdon. I Audenrled •t l to Hazleton. Belden to Bedford. to Summit* Bluer1dge Audubon•t to Norristown. Belfast• t to Nazareth. Allenva!et to Somer._et. ~aterloo• to Lebanon. Waynesboro. Augh~ick Mills* to Mount Belfry• to North Wales. Allls Hollow to To'Ya.nda. n a.una.t to Clatskanie. Bluff to Waynesburg Belknao to Dayton. Umon. ~eatherby• to Huntlnirton .Allison to llrownsv1lle. Bellaire t to Elizabethtown Blythedate•t to Sutersville '\Vedaerourn• to Go1dbeach AlllRon Park*t to Sharps- 1 Augusta.ville to Sunbury, Boalsburg• to State Coll 8 ' Belleuove to Annville. burg. 1 Aula t.o Chambersburlt'. Boardman• to Madera eg · Belle Valleyt to Erle. Aultman*! to Indiana. Allport• to_ Winburne. W Allport Mmes to Barnes Austinburg• to Knoxville. Bellrun to Port Allegheny. I Bodlnes•tt to wmi ._ am port Bells La.ndmg•t to MaAustinvllle to Troy. boro ~e!}dling•tt to Springfield. B Ill · , in • batTey Averyt to Tunkhannock. Almedla• to Bloomsburc, 1 Avoa•t to Lebanon. ~Is~! .::,pr gs tt to Car!3elsano• to F.hensburg. Almont• to SellersvlllP. W =~~~~eioti1~~!ii'ce.  ~:~~~re! t~b~i~t~r,  I  I  1  1  l  t~!t t i:l~~!:i:  ID  r.  I  tg:~r:r  b,  I  .) ss &•  t ei~~~-  l  :1~1!.esto tgo~~?1fs.  ,.  2041  R l::~ERENCE KEY. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  • County ~eat.  • ~Ioney Order Office.  t Telegraph  St atton.  t Exprese Ofilce. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2042  PENNSYLVANIA  Boltz* to New Florence. Bonne.Ir to Glen Rook. BonneauvWe to Gettysburit Bonn,Ybrook to Carlisle Bonus to Parkers Landing. Boone to Berlin. Boone Statton to Darby. Boonevllle• to Loganton. Booth Corner to Chester. BoothwYn•t to lJhester. Boquet• to Manor. Bordell to Bradtord. BossardsvWe to Stroud&burg. Boston•tt to McKeesport. Bourne to Troy. Bovara• to Sllppery Rook. Bower Hill (Allegheny Co.) to Bridgeville. Bower HW (Washington Co.). to Washington. Bowers•u to Topton. BowersvWe to Punxsutawney. Bowerton• to Washington. Bowle to Grove City. Bowlder to Gettysburg. Bowman Creek to Tunk· bannock. Bowmansdale•tt to Meohanlcsburir. Bowman Station to Lehlirhton. Bowmansvflle • to Denver. Boyce (Allegheny Co.). to Bridgeville. Boyds Mllls*to Honesdale. Boyers•u to Cllntonvllle. Boyle (York Co.) to Shrew► bury. BoJ'nton• to Elk Lick.  PENNSYLVANIA  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  :~~:llfi!*tg :m!i:f rt· Brookfield 0  to Westfteld. Brookland•tt to Coudonoort. Brooklinet to Pittsburg. Brooklyn• to Hop Bottom. Brooklyn Station to Downingtown. Brookside to Jersey Shore. Brookston•t to Shemeld. Brooma.11• to Media. Broughton* to Castle Shannon.  Camp Hill* (Cumberland Co.) to Lemoyne. Caron Hill (Alleitheuy Co.). to Carnegie. Camp Hill (l\Iontgomery Co.) to Ambler.  Chapman Quarnes•ti to Bath. Chapma.ns Run to Everett. Chapmans Statton to Allentown. Cha.pmansvWe to 1'ltusvWe Charleston (M er o er Co.) to Sharon. Charlesvllle to Bedford. Charlton to Norristown. Charmian*t to Fair.Held. Charteroak• to Petersburg.  8::fcitg~: tfo ~~~fr~~ burg.  Cloe to Punxsutawney. Clovercreek.* to Martlmburg. Clover Top to Somerfield. Cly*t to Goldsboro. Clyae to Johnstown. Coal Bl~ toMonongahela. Coal Center•t to Calltornla. Coal Glen• to BrookWayville. Coal Hill to Oil City. Coalmont• to Saxton. Coa 'dget to Wilkes-Barre. Coalrun to Elk Lick. Coaltown to HarrlsvWe. Coe.I Valley• to Wllson. Coburn•tt to Mlllhetm. Cocalico• to Lincoln. Cochran Mills• to Apollo. Cochranvme•t to Atglen. Cocolamua to Mtmlntown.  Canal to Cochranton. Canby to Bloomsburg. Candor to Midway. Cannelton•tt to Beaver Falls. Chaae (Luzeme Co.) to PlyCanoe Camp to Man field. mouth. Brownl1eld • to Uniontown. Canoe Creek* to Hollidays- Chatbam•t to West Grove. burg. Brownbill to Cambrldire Springs. Canoe Ridge to Punxau· Cheat .flaven•i to Point Browruiburs•t to Lamberttawney. Marlon. vWe. N. J. Caprivi to Carlisle. Chelsea to Chester. Brownsdale to Butler. Carbon• (Carbon Co.) to Cheltenham • t i to Fox BroWD!I Milts to Greencastle Lehighton. Chaae. Ca.rbon(WestmorelandCo.) Cherry Fla.ts to Wellsboro. Brubaker to Lititz. to Greensburg. Cherry Ford station to Cogan House• to Wllllam.,. QrucQ, (Indiana Co.) to Carbon Center•t to Butler. stegtrted. port. Carbon Station to New Cherrygrove (Warren co.) Cogan Station• to WU• N e1r Florence. Brucato· •t to Carrick. Castle. to Sheffield. llamsnort. Brumbaugh to New Enter- Cardale to Republic. Cherry .dill cr:ne co.) to Cokeburg* to Scenery Hill. Cardiff Mines to St. Mam. prise. Albion I Cokevllle• t to BlalravUle. Brum.fleldvllle to New Cardington• to Phll&del- Cherry Hill (Northampton · Cold Spring Station '8 Enterprise. phla.. Co ) to Nazareth Codorus. Brunnervtlle• to Lititz. Carley Brook• to Honea- Cherry' Millst to Dushore. Colebrook•tt to EllzabetbBrush Valley• to Mechandale. Cherry Ridge to Honesdale. town. Carllsle Sprlnp•t to Carlllle Cherry Run to Sligo icsburg. Coleburg to Coudersoort. Carlo• to Kane. Cherry Sprinp to coudera Colegrove•tt to Smethport. Carlton• to Cochranton. port. Coleman•t to Stoyestown. Camot to Coraopolis. Cherrytree (Venango Co,> Colemanvllle• to MWenBryn Athyn•tt to Jenkin- Oarnwath* to Curwensville. to 011 City. cor.:fr:in• to town. oa;r.:=t~wn to Mount Cherry Valley• to Burgetw- Colerain Forge to Tyrone. Bmonla to Gettyaburc. Carroll•t to Loganton. town Colevllle to Smethport. Buck to Quarryvllle. Carsonville to Halltax. Cherryville• to Slatington.• Colfax to Huntingdon. Bracken to .Ebensburg. Cartwrlght•t to Brockway- Cheater Helghta•ti to Me-' Colla.mer• to Brackney• to Blnirhamton, l~~g11tiito/~~~-Eaat vtne. · dla. ' Colleite Hilltto Beaver Fall• N. Y. Stroudsburg. Carversvllle• to DoJ'lM-' Chester s pr 1 n It a•ti i·o Coll~:,• to Dushore. Bradenvflle•i to Latrobe. Buckhorn• to Bloomsburg. town. ' PhcenlxvWe · Collier to Fairchance. Bradleytown to Fran.ldln. Bucldnirham•U to Do:,let- Carverton to Wyoming. I Cheatervllle to' West Grove. Collingdalet to Darby. Bradya Bendt to Ea ■ t town. Cash town• to Getty1burs. Chestnut Level• to Quarry- Collins to Quarryville. Brady. Bucldngham Valley• to Cassandra• to Lllly. vllle. CollomavWe• to Jersey Braeburn•u to New Ken• DOJ'leatown. Caaselman•i to Rockwood. Chestnut Ridge to BrownsShore. slngton. BuckmanvWe• to Lambert- CaasvWe• to Mt. Union. I vllle. Colmar• ti to Landsdale. vme. N. J. Caatanea•t to Lock Haven. Cheat Springs• to Patton. Colona• to Monaca. Buck Mountatn•t to Ma- Caatlle t~ Waynesburg. Cheawlok•U to Springdale. Columbia Cross Road1•fS Branch• to Blalrsvfile. hanoy City. Castle Fin to Delta. ChewtonU to Wampum. to Troy. Branchdale•t to Miners- Bucknell to Lewisburg. Cataractt to Renovo. Cbeyney•t:to w~ Cheater Columbus•U to Corry. vtlle. Buckrun* Parker burg Catft•b• to Eaat Brady. Chickasawt to New Bethle- Colver to Ebensburg. Branchton•u to Slippery Buokatown to Stoyeatown. Cato to Snowshoe. hem. Colwynt to Darby. Rook. BuoksvWe• to RleirellvWo. Ceases Mills to Nanticoke. Chlcklest to Marietta. Colyer to Center Hall. Brandamore*tt to HoneyN.J. Cedar Creek to Allentown. Childs• t to Carbondale. Comly to Turbotville. brook. Buck Valley• to Hancock, Cedarlanet to New Hol- Chinchilla• to Scranton. Commodore to Clymer. Brandonvllle• t t to ShenanMd. land. Choconut• to Blnithamton, Compass• to Parkersburg. doah. Cedarrun•tt to Jersey N. y. Brandt•U to Susquehanna. Buena Vista (Butler Oo.) Shore. Chrtatlan Springs to N aza- Concord to Shh>penaburr. Brandtsvillet to Dillsburg. Cedars• to North Wales. to Chicora. reth. Concord Station tDelaBrandy CampttoBrockway- Buena Vista (Fayette ware Co.). to Media. Cer!ar prings to Mill Hall. Chrlstmans • to Mauch vllle. Co.) to Vanderbilt. Cedarville to Pottstown. Concordvllle•tt to Media. Chunk. Brandywine Manor to Buena Vista Spring•t to Cementon•u to Siegfried. Christopher to Wilkes- Conestoga.• to MllleravUle. Ooatesvllle. Waynesboro. Centenn1at• to Hanover. Conevllle* to 8hlngle Hou,e. barre. Brandywine Summtt•ti to , Center (Allegheny Co.) Conew go Townshh> CDaUChrome to Oxford. West Chester. Buffalo• to Wa1hlngton. to Verona. phin Co.), to Elizabeth· Brave• to Blaokavllle, w. Buffalo Mllls• ft (Bedford Center•: (Perry Co.) to Co.) to Hyndman. Va. New Bloom1leld. ~~~~tt!~!n°roumberla.nd I Co~g~~'to Washington. Bnu:nell• to Brownsville. Buffalo :Roads to Lewlsbura Centerbridge•tt to LamCo.) to Carlisle. Conio• to Boyertown. bertville, N. J. Buffalorun to Bellefonte. Cburobtown • (Lancaster Congruity to New AiexaJl• Bre&dysvlllet to Hatboro. Oenterblll to Center Hall. Co.) to Honey Drook. drla. Breezewood• to Everett. Center .Mms (Adams Co.) Churchvllle• ft (Bucks Co.) Conlter*t to Brookvllle. Brelnlirsvtiie• to Allentown. to Gettysburir. to Newtown. Conner to Boswell. Brent to Mercer. Bunker Hlll to Jonestown. Center Mllls (Center Co.) to Clrclevllle to Irwin. Connerton• to Glrardvllle, Breslaut to Plymouth. Bunkertown•to Mifflintown Mlllhelm.•t to Landlsburir. Conoquenesslng• to EvanBressler to Steelton. Center Moreland• to Tunk- Cito• to McConnell1burir. Bunola•U to Elizabeth. Clty. Burlington• to Towanda. hannock. Clair• to Saxton. Conrad• to Coudersport. Brla.rcreek• to Berwick. Burmont• i to Lansdowne Center Point to North larence* to ·uow ~·hoe. Constitution to Delta. Brlckchurch to Ford City. Wales. Conway• to Freedom. Brlokervwe• to Lititz. Burnt Cablnl• to Mccoo- Centerport• to Hamburit. Claridge•: to Jeanette. Conynirbam•t to Hail., Brick Tavern to Quakernellsburg. Center Road Statlon•t io Clarington• to MarlenvWe. ton. town. Burnwood to Forest City. Conneautville. Clark• to Sharpsvllle. BrldesbuJVt l to PhUadel• Burrows• to Kane. Center Square• to Norrls- Clarksburit• to Saltsburg. CookDort• to Cherry Tree. phla. BursonvWe to Quakertown. town. Clarks Ferry to Duncannon. Cook burg• to Tionesta. Brldireport (Fayette Co.) to Burtville• to Port Allegany. Centertown to Greve City. Clarks Green• to Scranton. Cooks Millsl (Bedford co.> BrownsvWe Bushington to Doylestown. Center Valley•U (Lehigh Clarks Mlll • t t to Stoneto Hyndman. Buahklll• to Stroudsburir. Co.) to Coopemburg. boro. Cooka Runl to Renovo. Brtdireport Station to Le- Bushkill Center to Nazareth Centerview to Millersburg. Clarksrown to Muncv. j Coolbaugh to East StroudS' moyne. • Buttonwood to Bloaaburg. Centerville•t:i: (Crawford Clar~avllle• (Greene Co.) to burg. 1 Bridgeton (Bucks Co.), to Butztown•t to Bethlehem. Co.) to Titusville. lillsboro. Cool Spring (Fayette Co->• Milford, N. J. Centerville (Cumberland to Uniontown. Brldgeton•u (York Co.) tol Byberry Road to Hatboro. Co.) to Newville. Cla.rksv11le (Mercer Co.), CoolsRring* (Jefferson co.J York. Byer■ Station to Down- Centervllle (Elk Co.) to to Sha.rnsvllle. Brtdiretown to IPerkasle. lngtown. St. Marys. .., Co~~ Saegart• 9 11 Bridge Valley to Doyles- Bymedale•U to St. Mary■. , Centervllle (Snyder Co.) ~ ti!i~~~entown. town. vUl town. to Middleburg. Clayhill to Greencaatle. Ooon Island* to Olaya 6j Brldcewater (Beaver Co.) Centervlllet (Wasblngton Clayllck to Merce sburg. Cooperstown (Butler O 0 to Rochester. Co.) to BrownsvWe. Clayton• to East Greenvllle to Mars. Bridgewater• (Bucks Co.), Cabel to ~.namolnn. Central• to Benton_. Claytonta•t to Slippery Cooperatown (Venango to Brla\ol. Cabot•tt to Butler. Centr~l City to Cairnbrook. Rock. Brier Hlll t to Brownsvllle. Cadls t<> Owego, N. Y. Cereal • to Irwin. Cla.yvtlle to PuDDUta.wney. c~~~: f~JI:nt~~heffleld, Brfirgavllle to Berwick. Cado2ant to Ford·Clty. Cessna. tt to Bedtord. i Clear Rldie• to McConnel11- Copella to Bath. Brlllhart•l to York. Ca.Ins• to Gap Cetroma to Allentown. burg Brintont to Braddock. Calcium• to Readlnir Ceylon• to Carmichaels. Clearspring• to Dillsburg Cora• to Mount Union. Brlabln•t. to Houtzdale. Caledonta• to Saint · arya. Chadds Ford•U to Kennett · Coral•t to Black Lick. Brlatorla to Cameron, W. camomta (Bucks co.), Square. • Clearvllle• to Everett, Oordella to Mountville. Va. to Quakertown Chadds 'Fo rd Junction ti Clemo to Lake Ariel. Coreze to Bryn Mawr, Broadaxe• to Ambler. Callensburg• to Sligo. to Kennett Square. Cleona•: to Annville. Corinne to West Chestftj;, Broad Ford•ti to Connells- Callery•tt to Evan• Cit:,. Chain to .Tamaaua.. Clermont•U to Smethport. Corning to East Green-Ven · ville. Caln to Coatesvllle Chaltont U to Doylestown. Cl b to Sb1 •C Pl t • t Warr . Broad Mountain• to St. Calumet• to Youngwood. Chalkblll• to Uniontown. overs urg ppea.orn anstser Jfs t nuntOlalr. Calvert• (Lycomlni Co.) to Challenge•t to Brockway- Cll~u~ine• to Corao Us. Co~W'if. l\.1 Williamsnon ville. Clifford• to Carbon~o. Corriwall*tt to Leba.nonBroitdtop City to Saxton. Calvtn•t to Mt.' Union. ChamberavWe•tt to Ind.I- Clifton (AlleirhenJ' Co.) Cornwells Heights to Broadway• to Shlckshtnny. ana. to Bridgeville. Holmesburg. Brook to Blackville, W. Va. Camargo to OuarryvWe. Champlon•to Mt. Pleasant. Cllfton•i (Lackawanna Co.) Cornwell Station to Brockport•U to BrockwaJ'- Cambra• to Benton. Champion• to Millsboro. to Scranton. Holm burg. _,11 6• \'Ille. Oambrldire•r (Lancaster Chanceford• to Delta. Climax• to New Bethlehem Corslca•t to summervl>' Brockton•t to Tamaqua. Co.) to Honey Brook. Chandlera Valle:,• to Suprl Clinton• (Allegheny Co.)to Cortez• to Lake Ariel, Brodbecks•tt to Codorua. , Camden• to Dravosburg. Grove. Coraopolis. Corydon•tt to warrenBrodheadavllle• to Stroud ► Cameron•t to Emporium. I Chaneysville• to Everett. Clinton (Wayne Co.) to Coryvtlle• to Eldred, burg. Cammal• to Jemey Shore. Chapel to East Greenville. Forest City. Costello•tt to AustlllB.roJVevllle• to York. Campbellvllle to Duahore. Chapman to Herndon. Cllntoudale•to LockHaven Cottage• to Petersb~  ggc.~~irg!ita.  I  =~~:'!1ti:B~~:!fe.  I I  I  :~ft~~.t !ot~u:li::Ji;,.  I  I I  !  8l:~  I  6~~:.1eio  °  I  REFERENCE KEY.  ,county Beat.  Money Order Office.  tTelegraph Station.  tExpr ae Office.  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING PO!NTS  PENNSYLVANIA  e.  .  I Ooudley• to Clearfield. Coulters• to McKOOSl)ort. Countyline• to Dalmatia. Coupon• to Gallitzin. Oourtney•tt to Monongahela. Covalt to Hancock, Md. Cove Forge• to Williamsburg. Cove Station to Saxton. Covlngton•tt to Mansfield. Covode* to Punxsutawney. Cowan• to MUlllnburg. Oowanesque•tt to Westfield Oowanshannoc•t to Kittanning. Oowansville*t to Kittan• nlng. Oowlertt to Oa.nton. Ooylevillet to Butler. Coyne• to Old Forge. Crabtree*ti to Latrobe. Craig to Scranton. Craigs Meadows to .East Stroudsburg. Cratgsvllle•tt to Kittancii!.l~J• to Red Lion. Cramer• (Indiana Co.) to .Johnstown. Cranberry* to OU City. Oranesvllle•tt to Albion. Orates to Summerville. Orawtordtown to Punxsutawney. Oream to Oxford. greamery• to Collegeville. 0  u-  h·  ll•  ifo~ins-  88  c~:S~ti~!~o1! ~ burg. Ccreekside*ti to Indiana. refghton*t to Tarentum. Crenshaw•t to Brockwayville. Oresco•tt to East Stroudsburg. Cressman• to Quakertown. Oreswell to ColuDlbia. C ribbs to Youngwood. C risn to Ligonier. Crook~ Creek* to Wellsboro. Orosby to Smethport. Cross Creek• to Burgettstown. Oross Fork•t to Galeton. Orossgrove to McClure. Ccrossfngvllle to Edinboro. rosskill Mills to Myerstown. Cross Roads (Dauphin Oo.) to Elizabethville. Cross Roads (Northampton Oo.) to Bath. CroSSroads (York Oo.) to Shrewsbury. Ccrothers• to Claysville. rowI• to Shamokin. C rown•t to Marienville. 0 rozers to Media. 0 rucible to Rices Landing. 0 rlllllb to Windber. Orumiynne•ti to Chester. C rystal Springs• to Everett. 0 Uddy• to Cecil. Oulbertson to Chambersburg. CCuulhnervtllet to Russellton P to Tyrone. CumBberland Valley• to edford. gumbola• to Pottsville. ~~ngsville to Peter&OU?nmlns to Waynesburi.  Davl~burr to East Berlln.1 (McKean Co.) to Davi Bradford. Davis Corners to Emlenton Davis Station to Westfield. Davlstown•to Waynesburi. Davl.Bvllle• to Hatboro. Day to Clarion. Deal ti to Meyersdale. Dean to Cresson.  Drenersvllle•rtto Tamaqua Dresner to Jenkintown. Drexel Hill to Lansdowne. Dritting* to Winburne. Drlfton•U to Free1and. Drlttwood•r t to Emporium Drinker to Scranton. Drg:J.old to New BloomDru.more• to Quarryville.• to Hazleton. 1 Deanvllle to New Bethle- Dryland to Easton. hem. Dr:, Valley Crossroads to Lewl.Bburg. Dearth to New Salem. Dryv1lle• to Topton. Deckard to Cochranton. Deckers Point to Marlon Dublin• to Doylestown. Center. Dublin Mills to McConnellsburg. Decorum• to Orblsonla. Duboistown• f to Willams:. Dee1ran• to Cllntonvllle. port. Deemston to FrederickDudley•t to Saxton. town. DW. J:_Ue"i'• to Littleton, Duetterras Station to Gettysburg. B:~L~gk~f:~~ynesburg Duffield to Chambersburg. Duffryn Mawr• to Malvern. Deftance• to Hopewell. Duke Center to Bradtord. Deiolla•r to Bradford. Duluth to Woodlawn. De Haven to Sharpsburr. Delbertsvllle to Slatington. Duncan to Wellsboro. Duncansvllle•U to HolltDelabole• to Pen ATiYl, De Lancey*t to PunxsuD::J;,8t~'f't, Mlnersvllle. tawney. Dundaff• to Carbondale. Delaney to Gallitzin. Delano•U to .Mahanoy Clt"i' Dundore to Herndon. Delaware Water Gap•ttto Dunkard• to Point Marlon. DunlevY to Cnarleroi. East Stroudsburii. Dunlo•t to South Fork. Delhll to North East. Dunningsvllle to WashingDelk to Mercersburii. ton. Dellvllle to Duncannon. Dunns Station• to Waynesburit. Delphene to Waynesb~. Dupontt to Avoca. Delphi• to Scbwenkvllle, Durbin to Cameron. W .Va. Delroy to Wrlihtsvllle. Dempseytown to OU City. Durell to Towanda. Demunds Corners to Dal· Durham• to Easton. Durlacb • to Lincoln. las. Duryeatt to Old Forge. Denbo to Brownsville. Dutch Hill• to Parkert Denison to Greensburg Landing. Dents Run•U to St. Marys. Deodate to Elizabethtown. Dyberry• to Honesdale. Derbydown to Coateavllle. Dysart•% to Cresson.  R:r~~:a  cWi~~':i~ord. Derrs to Benton. Derry Church• to Herahey, De Sale to Emlenton. Desire• to Big Run. De TUrksvllle to Pine Grove Devault•t to Malvern. Devon*U to Berwyn. Dewart•t to WatsontoWD. DeYoung•t to Kane.  PENNSYLVANIA  Eberlys Mill* to Harrisburg! ~~b~w;c:%!;:J~n. Eckert to Allentown. Eckley• to Freeland. Economytt to Ambridge. Eddlngton•U to Bristol. Eddys\one•ti to Cheater.  .Ede'la• to Scranton. Edelman• to Pen AritYl, Eden to Lancaster. Eden born• to Uniontown. Edenburg to Knox. Edenville• to Chamberaburii. Edieirrove• to Hanover. Edgehlll•tt to Glenside. Ed1temont• to Media. Edgewood Park to Wilkinsburg. Edgeworth* to Sewickley. l~few~oio~eis:~~ey. Edlnburir• to New Castle. Edi.Bon• to Doylestown. Edmon •t to Apollo. Edrl • t to Avonmore. Edwardsdale to Edward9vllle. Eirort• to Stroudsburir. Eupt Mllls•t to Stroud• burg. Ehrenteld•t to South Fork. Elghtytour* to W ashtngton. Elam to Weat Cheater. Elblnsvllle to Cumberland, Md. Elbon•t to Brockwa,-vllie. Elbrook to Waynesboro. Elco• to Roscoe. Elders Rldp• to Saltsburg. Eldersvllle to Burrettatown.  ~  Linesville. F.:sp~llle•t Eslt::~e~atlon. tt to  Estella to Dushore. Esterly• to Reading. Etters• to Goldsboro. Euclld•U to Butler. Eureka to Lansdale. Evansburg (Montgomery Co.J to Collegevllle. Evans Falls to Tunkhannock. Evansvllle (Berks Co.) to Reading. Evendale to Mifflintown. Evergreen (Bradford Co.) to New Albany. Evergreen Hamlet to M111vale. Everson• r to Scottdale. Ewingville to Carnegie. Excelslor•u to Shamokin. Exetert to West Pittston. Exeter Borough to Wea, Pittston. Expedlt• to Ebensburr. Exposition• (Crawtord Co.) to Meadville. Exton• to Downingtown . Eyers Grove• to MUlvllle. Eynon• to Peckvllle. Fairleysvllle• to Boyertown  J~~ ~!?em. i:~~r;: Fairdale• to Montrose. 0  Fairfield Center to Montoursville. Fairhaven•t to Castle Shanon. Fairhope (Fayette Co.) to Belle Vernon. Fairhope* (Somerset Oo.) to Hyndman. Falrmount*(Lancaster Co.) Eldorado• to Altoona. to Quarryville. Eldredsvllle• to Dushore. Fairmount City• to Tew Bethlehem. Ellrtn•U to Corry. Springs• to Fairmount Ellmsport• to Wllllamsport. Benton. Elixir to Mahanoy City. Fairoaks*:t to Ambridge. Elk Dale (Susquehanna Oo. Fatmlay to Emmitsbure. to Forest City. M"d. Fairview• U (Erle Co.) to Elkins Park•U to JenkinGirard. town. Fairview (Beaver Co.), to Elk Lake• to Montrose. East Liverpool, 0. Elkvlew•ttto West Grove. Fairview (Butler Co.) to Ellenton•tt to Canton. Bruin. (Cambria Co.), New Fairview to to Conemaugh. Elllottson to Carlisle. Fairview (Cumberland Co.) Elllottavllle• to Uniontown to Harrlsburir. Elllsbur~ to Genesee. Fairview Village* to • orElm <Lancaster Co.) to ristown. Lititz. Falrvllle• (Cheater Co.) to Elmdale• to Scranton. Kennett Square. Elmer• to Westfield. Fallentlm ber• t to Coalport. Elm Grove to Dunbar. Falling Springs to New Elmhurst•U to Scranton. Bloomfield. Elmora • to Carrolltown. Falls• U to Pittston. Elrama• to West Elizabeth. Fallsdale• to Honesdale. Elroy• to Souderton. Fallslniton •t to Trenton, N. J. Fallstontt to New Brighton Elstonville to Manheim. Falmouth• to Middletown. Elton• to Wlnqber. Fario to Claysvllle. F.lwyn•t l to Media. Farmers to York. Ely to Doylestown. Embreevme•u to Coate&- FTJF.s Mills to Center Farmers Valley• to Smeth• vllle.  .Eaglepolnt to Kutztown. Eagle Rock*tt to Tionesta. EaileB Mere•to Hughesvllle Eagles Mere Park• to Dushore. Eaglevli1et (Centre Co.) to Howard. Eaglevrue• C Montgomery Co.) to Norristown. Eakins Corners to EmlenDial to Klttannlng. ton. Diamond• to Tltusvllle. Earlinitton• to Telford. Dick to Irwin. Dickerson Run•U to Daw• Earlston to Everett. Earlville• to Boyertown. son. Dickeys Mountain to Han- East Altoona• t to Juniata East BaDior•U to Banior., to Newville. to Con- East Benton to Scranton. Dlcksonburg • E. Branch to Spartansburg. neautvllle. E. Broadtop to Orbisonia.. East Brook*to New Castle. Dietrich to Millersburg. Dilliner• to Point Marlon. East Butler* to Butler. East Canton to Canton. Dilllngersville to Emaus. Dllltown•t to Johnstown. E. Charleston to Mansfield. Dilworthtown to West E. Conemaugh to Conemaugh. Che ter. E. Coventry to Pottstown. Dime to Leechburg. Eart•ti to Blue Ball. East Dlmmsvllle to Newport. ] East Finley to Claysvllle. Dlmock•t to Montrose. Dlngmans Ferry• to Mil· E. Freedom•tt to Roaring Spring. to Akron. Emellt'h* to Cherry Tree. I 1 Farmlnirton (Butler Co.) to D~.:!iore* to Burgettstown I E. Hanover to .Jonestown. Emerald• to Slatlnirton. Township* Landlnir. Hanover Parkers East Brookvtlle., to Emerlckvllle CCu,Ul>ola* to Honey Brook. Dlsston to Lititz. to Palmyra. Farmington• (Fayette Co.) Emerson to Everett. Distant to New Bethlehem. rtew to Perryopolis. Hickory* to Tionesta.. Emlgsvllle•t to York. to Uniontown. Curley Hill to Doylestown. Dividing Rldge to Berlin. East Farno to Forest City. Eastlemon to Tunkhan- Emllle• to Brl.Btol. gurnsvUie• to Rlmersburi, Dixon to TUnkhannock. to Montoursville. Fa.rragut Everett. to Emmavllle• nock. Cen• Marton to Dlxonvwe• urry Run•U to Mahaffe:,. 1 Lenox• to HopBottom Emsworthtt to Avalon. Farrandsvllle•tt to Look Curryvrue• to Martinsburg. Lewisburg to Lewisburg. Haven. j E. CunBntnn••tt (Center Co.) to D;::UU• to Coatesville. E. Libertytt to Pittsburgh. Endeavor• to Tlonesw.. Fassett• to Elmira, N. Y. Dolf to Stewartstown. e1letonte. Fay to New Wilmington. East McKeeaport•tto Wil- Enders• to Halifax. CunMlllln (Dauphin Co.) to Dollngton • r to Newtown. (Franklin Fayettevllle•t City. Ellwood to merding. Energy Tremont. to Donaldson• ersbur~. Co.) to Chambersburii. East Mahanoy Ju notion f t Enfield• to Chestnut HW. gurhtlsville•t to Russellton. Donegal • to Mount PleuCity. City. Tower to Mahanoy to Fearnot Boyertown. to Englesvllle Tree. Cherry to Creea: us Engl Center• to Jersey Feastervllle• to Langhorne. OUstard to Meadville. Di:~ally Mills to MlllersEast Mlllsboro•t to FrederFederat•t to Carneite. Shore. Cc~}er Clt:,•u to Bradford. D;~::c;ett to Greensburg. Felix to Windber. icktown. Enbaut•t to Steelton.•t to Smethport. Enid• to Hopewell. CYtnbrla Mines• to Barnes- Dora• to Punxsut11:wney. Felton•u to Red Lion. EnnlsVllle to Peterabu.t'lf, Eastmont to York. Dormers to Pottsville. boro. East Nantmeal to Down- Enon Valley • to East Feltsvllle to Scranton. CYnwyc! • U to Ardmore. Fenelton•u to Butler. Palestine, O. lnirtown. Dornsife*tt to Herndon. Fenmore Station to StewEast New CastleU to New Enterltne• to Halifax. Dorrance to Nanticoke. artstown. Enterprise• (Warren Oo.) Castle. Dorrancetont to Kingston. Fem to Knox. Dorseyvllle to Sharpsouri. EascatsPteert.ersburi• U to Lan- EnttoleTrvlllltusevllltoeN. ewvllle. Daitgett to Elmira, N. y. D aguscah d * (Bucks Co.) to Ferndale• .Md. Hancock, to Dott• St to Riegelsville. N. J. · Douglassvllle•U to Potts- East Point* to Blossburl!'.. Entrlken•t to Huntlnirdon. Marye. on a (Cambria Oo.) Ferndalet ~~~~c1~~~-aels Epton• to Finleyville. Mines• to St. Marys Dotuofyv1n.lie to Shamokin. 0 Equlnunk• to Hancook, F to 1hns{fwn. East Rush to Montrose. G D oga• to Wilcox. e~t:s:uqui~llth Co.) to N. Y. East Salem to Mlt!llntown. gg:i;gYP~'iJerWri'.e. D~ry to Bethelem. Ferneyt to Lock Haven. Eaultable to Apollo. East Sandy to Oil Oity. Downlev1Ue•t to Mars. Dal Ytown to Callfornla. Fern Glen•tt (Luzerne co.) Downingtown*tt to East East Sharpst>uri to RoarDa1:~1~oloell~~w. to Hazleton. Coatesville. to Erolldoun• Ing Soring. D 0 wningtown t Dallas Cl E.Smethport•to Smethport. Erdenbelm to Chestnut HW Fernridge to Stroudsburg. • ty• to Brad 0rd · Datt Fernwood Olearfteld co. to Doylesburg* to Blatrs Mills East Sprlngfteld-tto Girard Erdman to Mlliersburi. Damon•n to Scranton. Houtzdale. Da bascus• to Honesdale. Doyles Mills to Port Royal. East Texas• to Allentown, Erdon to Coaloort. Fernwood•ti (Delaware East Tltusvllle to Titusville Eriton to Dubois. n n oro• to Doylestown. Co.) to Lansdowne. Erneys to Harrisburg. East Troy to Troy. Drab to Williamsburg. n:~futo Mcconnellsburi. Erwtnna• to Frenchtown, Ferris• to Harrisville. Eastvale to Beaver Falls. Draco to Stewartstown. B Darun~~to ed':. Fertlgs• to OU City. N. J. E. Vandergriftt to Vandereaver Drake to Grove Oity. Faus n • 0 Fettervllle• to Blue Ball. grift. Daruniton Corners to west Drakes Mlll8 to Cambrld ie Fiedler to Millheim. Eshbaoh to Boyertown. E. Waterrord*t to Blaire Springs. Cheater. Ftelaa Statton• to WlWaxuEshcol to Newport. Mills. Draketown to Confluence. Darragh• to Hermtnle. ~bervUle• t~Read~ _D:::::.:.:ra~p!:.:e~r_t_o_W-=:e,...lls-:b-;or~o-:-.____E_a_to-:-n-::-vlll~_e_•to-::-Tun-:----:k~ba_nn_o_c_k_E.......;sp::.:y=--•'C~---~p~o~r~t-:___ _ _ __ t Telegraph Statton. ~loney Order Office. , County eat. REFERENCE KEY. +Express Office.  El~Y~~~~f?  I  m~i1!;l:fr  Fl~r:nv111e•  I  B:ra  e. 't-  Je-  2043  J  lf. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  I Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2044  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  PEN SYLVANIA  j Fller to Stoneboro. Finland• to Pennsburg. Firatfork• to Emporium. Fiscal to Glen Rock. Fisher• to Clarion. Fishers Ferry• to Herndon. Flshertown•tt to Bedford. Flshervme• (Dauphin Co.)  PENNSYLVANIA  to Scranton. I Glen1>urn•tr Glencoe•tt to Hyndman.  Gteensoringt to N ewvflle. Hartstown•u to Jamestown. Greenstone to Fairfield. Hartsvme• t to Hatboro. Greentown• to Moscow. Greentree* (Allegheny Co.) Harveys• to Waynesburg. Glendale to Carnegie. to Pittsburgh. Harveyvllle• to Sh Io k Gleneyre•tt to Hawley. Green Tree (Bucks Co.) to 1 shinny. Glenfield• t to Sewickley. Harwick to Springdale. Lansdale. Glenhazel•t to Johnsonburg. Harwood Mines• to Hazloton. Green Treet (Chester Co.) to Glenbooe• to Madera. Malvern. Glenlron•i to Mlffllnt>urii. Green Village• to Cham- Hatchery to Mauch Chunk. Glenloch•t to Malvern. bersburg. Hatfield •tt to Souderton. Glen Mawr Statton to Greenvllle (Clarion Co.) to Hauto•t to Lansford. Hul!'hesvtlle. Bryn to Clarion. Haverford*tt Glen Mllls•ti to Media. Mawr. Glenmoore*tt to East GreenvUle (Indiana Co.) to I Hawk Run* t to PhillpsClymer. Downingtown. Greenwald • to Greensburg Olen Olden• t l to Darby. C~ing to UnionGreenwood to :\-lillville. town. Glen Richey• to <;urwell.!- Greggs* to Oakdale. IIaws to Lewistown. Greider to Carlisle. vllle. Grierpoint to Duncannon. Hawthorn•ito New BethloGlen Rlddle•tt to Media. hem. Griesemersvllle to Reading. Glenrose• to Coatesville. Haydentown to Fairchance Griffin to Masontown. Glenroy* to Oxford. Haydenvlllet to GreensGrill to Reading. burg. Grimville* to Kutztown. Grindstone • to Browns- Hayest to Howard. Glen Savage to Berlin. ville. Glenshaw•t to Sharpsburr. Glenvllle• U to Glen Rock Groffs Store• to Lancaster. Haynie to Shlppensvllle. Hays Grove•t to ShippensGrovanla•t to Danville. Glenwhite* to Gallitzin. burg. Glenwlliard* to Ambrldire. Grover•t to Canton. Grove Summit to Falls Haysvllle•ti to Sewickley. Hazelhurst•: to Mount Creek. Gabelsvllle to Boyertown. Glenwood to Nicholson. Gaffney to Ulysses. Jewett. Globe Mllls*to Middleburg. Groveton• t to Coraopolis. Hazelkirki to Monongahela Gaibleton to Marlon Center Glyde to Washington. Guava to Benton. Galnes• t to Galeton. Guernsey•: to Gettysburg. Hazen• to Brookvll\e. Glyndon to Spartansburr. Galilee• to Honesdale. Gutlford Springs to Cham- Hazlebrook•t to Hazleton. Godard to Erle. Hazzard• to Monon1?ahela. Gallatin• (Allegheny Co.) Goff to Clintonville. bersburg. to Monongahela. Goheenvllle to New Beth· Guldens to Gettysburg. Gulf Millet to Conshohoo- Heart Lake•i to Montrose. Co.) I lehem. G~~all.~on'fu~:.tte Heath ville• t to Summerken. Gold• to Ulysses. ville. Gum bles• to Hawley. Golden to York. Ganlster• to Williamsburg. · Goldenville to Gettysburg. Gump to Waynesburg. Gans* to Smltbfteld. Gumtree•t to Parkesburg. Hebe to Herndon. 1 Goodhope to Mecbanlcs- Guthrlesvllle•to EastDown- Heberllg to Newville. Gapsvllle to Everett. Gardeau • to Emporium. 1 Hebron to Coudersport. ington. Go~1:{fntent to Claysvllle. Station to Allentown Heckendon to Snow Shoe. g~~~~~~l:~ tM~i:iet~il~ ! Goodsprlng•ti to Valley Guths Heckschersvllle• to MinersGuthsville to Allentown. 1 prings. Vtew. vUle. Guyaux• to Point .Marton. Garfield tBerks Co.) to ' Goodville• to Blue Ball. Heckton Mills• to HarrisGuys Mills •to Meadvllle. Goodyear to Carlisle. Bernville. burg. Gwendolen tt to Hickory. Goram to Delta. Gwynedd• to North Wales. Hecktowntt to Nazareth. Garfield (Warren Co.) to Gordon•ti to Ashland. Gwynedd Valley • t l to Hecla ( cbuylkill Co.) to Gordontown to Clarion. Sheffield. Tamaqu:1. North Wales. Gordonvllle•ti to Inter• Garlsvllle to Souder.on. Hecla (Westmoreland Co.) course. Garland• t t to Youngsville. to Mount Pleasant. Gorsuch to Huntingdon. Garman* to Barnesboro. Hector• to Westfield. Haafsvllie to Allentown. Garretttord • to C l l t t o n Gortont to Winburne. Heideloerg to Carnegie. Haas to Ashland. Goshen* to Quarryville. Heights. Hackett• to Finleyville. Heldlersburg• to GettysGarrett Hill* to Bryn Mawr Hackneys•t to Washington Garrett8 Run to Kittan- Gottshalls to Trevorton. burl?. Gouglersville to Reading, , ning. Hellmandale to Lebanon. Gouldsboro*tt to Moscow. Hade to Greencastle. Beilwood*tt to Clymer. Garrison• to Rurton, W.Va. Gowen City• to ShamoKln. Hadley• t t to Greenville. Heistersburg to Brownsville Gracedale• to W 11 k e 11- Hagersvllle to Perkasie. Garwood to Bentleyville. Helen• to Uniontown. Hagevo to Windber. Barre. Gastonvllle• to Finleyvllle Helen Furnace* to Clarion. Graceton•t to Homer City. Hahnstown to Ephrata. Gastown to Rural Valley. Helfenstein* to Ashland. Gracey to McConnellaburii. Hall to Dillsburg. Gatcbellvllle to Delta. Heli. ville to Schellsburg. I Hallowell to Hatboro. Gradyvllle to .M:edta. Gates to :\Iasontown. Heller to Hanover. Grafton•: to Huntingdon. Halls Statton to 1uncy. Gatesburg* to Tyrone. 0 Gavly to Carnegie. t:;<>W~~~~l~. 8~!~1\~av~~ttto t~r~:r~~~~ 1 ~:!!;it'~;nt t~ug~~-bury. Gaysport to Hollidaysburg. Hamilton to Punx1mtawney Hemlock HoUow to Hawley ville. Gazzam • t to Curwensvllie GrandValley•H to TltU&- Hamlin (Lebanon Co.) to l Hench to ·cw rHoomfteld Henderson to Sandy Lake. Gelger to Somerset. Fredericksburg. vllle. Geigers Mills• to Birdsboro Grange•. to Punxsutawney Hamlin (Wayne Co.) to Hendersonville to Canonsburg. Lake Ariel. Geig-ertowntt to Birdsboro Granltehlll to Gettysburg Geistown to Johnstown. Grantboro to New Castle. Hammersley Fork• to Re- Hendricks• to Schwenkvllle Henningsvllle to Macungie. Gelatt• to Susquehanna. novo. Grantvllle*t to Palmyra. Henrietta•tt to MartinsGranvflle*tt(Mffflin Co.)to Hammett, to Erie. burg. Hammond to Tioga. Lewistown. Gem to McConnellsburg. to Kennett Henryvllle•tt to East Hamortoo• Granvflle (Washington. Geneva•tt to Meadville. Stroudsburg. Square. Uo.) to Callfornla. George to Hickory. Georgetown• (Beaver Co.) Granvllle Center• to Troy. Hampden to Mechanics- I Hensel to Quarryvllle. burg. to East Liverpool, Ohio. Granville Summit*t to Hampton• to East Berlin. Hepburnvllle• to ·w m1amsCanton. Georgetown lLan ca st er port. ' Grapevllle•tt to Jeannette. Hancock to Reading. Co.) to Christiana. GeorgetownU (Wayne Co.) I Grassflat•t to Winburne. Hanlin Statlon•ti to Bur- Hepler• to Shamokin. Hereford• to Pennsburg. Grassland to Byrn Mawr. I gett.stown. to Lake Ariel. 1 Herman• t to Butler Georgevme• to Marton Oen• Grate r Ford• t i to Hannah to Tyrone. Hannah Furnace to Phillps- Ilero to Hundr ,ct. W. ,·a. Scbwenkvllle. ter. Herrick Center•tt to Forest burg. Germania• to Galeton. City. Germans Corner to New Gratztownt to Sutersville. Hannastown•t to GreenHerrickvme• to Towanda. burg. Gravity•tt to Lake Ariel. Tripoli. Hannasvllle to Cochranton. Germansvllle*tt to New Graybill to York. Hanoverdale to llummels- Heshbon• to Black Lick. Graydon to York. Tripoli. town. Grays Landing• oo MasonHess to Gap. Hanover Junctlon*lto Glen H essdale to Strasburg. town. Geryville* to E. Greenville. Rock. Gibbon Glade• to Union• Graysville* to Tyrone. HetlervUle to Berwick. Hanoverville to Bethlehem. Greason•t to Carlisle. town. 0 Md. «:;1tiytt ~!!;~I/i~:*~tead. Htg~fie. Bridge to New 1 g~~!~~!'-~:\J~wR~1I~~~5: Harbour Creek*tl to ~rie. Hickernell to Springboro. Greble to Myerstown. Gibsonia•tt to ~Iars. Hickman• to Carnegie. tfo 1iit;it~l~'ttom g:~e~~t~~*Jo~e~~f~leroi. Gr~~ler to Port Jervta. Hickory Corners* to Dal· Harlansburi to ew Castle Greenawalt to Hambur~. ma.tia. Gilbert• to Stroudsburg. Hickory Grove•ti to SUS· Gllberton•u to Mahanoy Greenbank to New Holland Harlelgh• to Hazleton. Harlem to Pennsburg. 1 Greenbrier• to Shamokin. quehanna. City. Harmarville•t to Oakmont. Hickoryhlll to Oxford. Gilbertsville* to Boyertown Greenburr* to Loganton. Hannonsburg• t t to Lines- Hickox to Genesee. Gllfoyle*i to Marlenv1lle. ville. Higbee io Cameron, Greene to Quarryville. Glllesple to Fayette City. Glllett•t to Elmira, N. Y. Greenfield (Mercer Co.) to Harmony•tt to Zelienople. Higbnouse to Uniontown. HarnedavUie• to Con!luence High Lake to Hancoc-" Mercer. Gillmort to Bradford. Harold to Lhwnler. Greengrove to Jermyn. Ginter• to Houtzdale. N .'J:. High Rock•t to Delta. Green Hm•n (Che.ster Co.) Harper to Slatlnirton. Gipsy• to Glen Campbell. Harriman* to Bristol. to West Chester. Green Hlli (York Co.). Harrison City• t to Manor. Hllthville to .Mlllersvllle. Girty• to Apollo. Harrison Valley•t to West- Hillchurch to Boyertown. to York. Gladdens to Hyndman. Hlllegass to Pennsburg. field. Greenmount to Getty burg. Glade• to Rockwood. Greenock•t to McKees- Harrisonville• to McCon- HUllards•tt to Butler. Glade Milla• to Mars. 1 ~m:t;~o Cci~:~~t c o.> a:r~ ::~~gi..eblghton. port. 8~:~:o;yn.e;r(~~:;g~ocg:) Htl?s~~g~t~:s1t:tii.,.ton c o.> ~~rk~7~1and. m!~s~:;f!'trtt. to New Ken• Grg:rrrk*lto New Bloom• • Grte en eRwidgexfo(Ardd.ams Co.) 0 Hartleton• to Mifflinburg. Hlt osdSaclee1!etryo GRlellnl'campbell O slngton. 11 Green RldgeU (LackawanGlatfelterst to York. HUlsgrove• to HughesvUl~ Hartley to York. na Co.) to Scranton. Gleason to Canton. Hillside• t (Westmorelan Green Ridge (York Co.) to Hartley Hall to .Muncy. Gleasonton• to Renovo. __ Glen to Jers_e_y_S_h_o_re_._ _ _ _C_o_d_o_r_us_._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _H_a_r_t_ra__n_r_t_t_o_N_o_rr_ls_to_w_~ _ q_~.) ~ E.._ef!Y.  Fricks• to Lansdale. Fricks Lock to Spring City. Frledens•t to Somerset. Friedensburg (Berks Co.), 1 j to Oley. Frledensburg• (Schuylklli Co.) tc Schuylklli Haven. . th FJ!g1!1ga~~!!k• to Berwick. I Fr~~t~~r~~'. to Sou , Fitzwatertown to Glenside. Friends to Elmira, N. Y. Flvetorks to ·waynesboro. Friendsville• to Montrose. I Five Points (Mercer Co.) to Frisco"t to Ellwood City. Fritz Statlo.u to WatsonWest Middlesex. town. Frltztown•t to Readlnir. Flatwoods to Dawson. Fleegert to Butler. Frogtown• to ew BethleFleetvllle• to Scranton. hem. Flemlng• to Bellefonte. Flemington4- to :Mill Hall. Frostburg• to Punxsutawney. Fl1cksv11Je• to Bangor. Frugality•tt to Coalport. Fllnton•t to Coalport. Frultvllie to Pennsburg. Flora to Punxsutawney. Floradale* to Gettysburg. Frymire to Reading. Fullerton•: t Catasauqua. Floreffet to Elizabeth. Florence• to Burgettstown. Fulton House•: to Oxford. Florenza• to Punxsutaw- 1 Furlong• to Doylestown. i Furnac~ Run &o Kittaning. ney. Furniss• to Quarryvllle. Flor1n•ti to Mount Joy. Furnondaga t Big Run. Flourtown•ti to Ambler. Floyd to Franklin. Flynn to Montrose. Fogelsvme• to Allentown. Folcroft•! to Darby. Folsom to Chester. Foltz• to Mercersburg. Fombell•t to Zelienople. Fotz:,t_;n_to East DowningFontana to Annvllie. Footdale to New Salem. Forbes Road• to Greensburg. Force•ti to Dubois. Ford Clitrt to Ford City. Fordyce* to Waynesburir. Foreman to Everett. Forestgrove* to Doyles. town. Foresthill to l\Iifflinburg. Forest Houset to Austin. Forest Lake• to Montrose. Forestville (Butler Co.) to Harrisville. Fork~*t to Benton Forkston• to Meshoopen. Forksville* to Laporte. Fort Hlll • to Confluencti. Fort Hunter• to Harrisburg Fort Littleton• to McConnellsburg. Fort Loudon• t t to Mercersburir. Fortney,. to Dillsburg. Fort Wasbington•t i to Ambler. Fortyfortt to Kingston. Fossllvme•ti to Hyndman. Fosterti to Hop Bottom. Foster Brook to Bradford. ig~~~rnr~e iiYn~:vvri~~Fountain Dale to Gettysburg. Fountain Sprlngs•t to Ashland. Fountalnvme• to Doylestown. Fowlerville to Berwick. Frampton to Clarion. Francis to Girard. Franconia• to Souderton. Franconiavllle to Souderton. Frank•t to Sutersville. Frankfort Springs to Bur11:ettstown. Franklint (Cambria Co.) to Conemaugh. Franklin Corners to Edin• boro. Frankllndale to Towanda. Franklin Forks• to Montrose. Fr.:rni~lin Mllls to Hancock, Franklintown• to Dillsburg. i~:~~\~~~r ttg burg. Frazer•U to Malvern. Fredell"' to East Brady. Frederick• to Scnwenk· 1 ville. Frederlcksvllle to Boyertown. Freed• to Scottdale. Freedom (Venango Co.) to Emlenton. Freehold to Sugar Grove. Freeman to Reading. Freemansburg•tt to Bethlehem. Freestone to Chambersburg  1ld'i?11a~Y-  Fremont to Middleburg.  J~~~~:t~~ \~ ~~~rc;lt Fretz to Quakertown. Freya to Chambersburg. Freystown to Myerstown. Freysville to Red Lion. F ribley t o H u ghesville.  REFERENCE KEY.  H~:~·  I  I  ::~ri~r  I  t8u~ ;~ri~~d.  g~::;  ~:~~~cf.  im~~:;iJ~  T  , county Seat.  • .Ionev Order Office.  tTelegraph  ration  :tExpr a Office.  PENNSYLVANIA  I  Lawsvllle Center• o Hall• Knowlton to Choster. Hillside {Montgomery Co.) lddo to McConnellsburg. Junction to Manheim. . stead. Juneau*tlto Punxsutawner l{nox l>ale* to JJrookville., ldetown to Dallas. to Jenkintown. 1 ,Junedale* to Hazleton. Lawton• to Montros Knoxlyn to Gettysburg. 0 t~~~~~eCastle. i~l:~~okd*t .Junlatavllle• to Dawson. Kuo·, illet ( II 'rillcu~' Co.)· Layton*t to Perryopolis. Leacock• to New llolla.,nd. Imler*tt to Bedford. to Pittsburgh. Hilltown• to Doylestown. Juva to Watedocd. Imlertown to Bedford. Koonsvme to Shickshinny. Leaman Place• tl to Int rHlnkletown to Ephrata. course. roontz, ille to Bedford. Hiram• to McConnellsburg. Independence* to Avella. Koppel•tt to Ellwood City. Leard to Clymer. Indian Creek•tt {Fayette Hltes•t to Tarentum. Leasurevllle to I•reeport. Co.) to Connellsvtlle. Kossuth to Knox. l:loadleys*t to Honesdale. . Leatherwood to New Deth• Kralltown to Dlllsburlt', Indian Head• to Connells• Hobart to Hanover. Kammerer• to Mononga- Kratzervllle • to SeUnslehem. vllle. Hobble to Berwick. hela. Indlanland to, latlngton. Hoboken* to Aspinwall. Kaneville to 011 City. m~i{:;,~~ale to E. Greenville! Le Breuf to Waterford. Hockersvllle* to Hummels- lll(lianola to Oakmont. Kantner• to Stoyestown. Kreamer•ti to Rel1ns2Tove. Leck Kill• to Shamokin. Indian Run to .Mercer. town. Kaolin to Avondale. Leckrone•:t to Masontown Kregar• to Ligonter. Hoernerstown to Hummels- lnclustry*H to !\lidland. Karns Clty• Tt to Chicora.. Kreidersville to Northamp- Lecontes Mills* to Clea.rI lnglehart to Honesdale. town. field. Kasiesvllle to Mercersburr. ton. 11 ng!Cbide* to l• reepm·t. Hoffer to Dalmatia. Ka.tellen to Pen Argyl. Lederach* to Harleysvtlle. Kremts•n to Fredonia. lnglesmlth to Everett. Hol'l'man to Slatington. Kato to Snow Shoe. Ingomar to Pittshurgh. Kresg-evllJe• to Lehighton. Ledgedale• to Lake Ariel. Kautrman*U to Green- ~ress• to Well11boro. Hogestown• to Mechanlcs- 1 lngramt t-o Grafton. 1 Ledger* to Gao. castle. Iulcks Mill to Womelsdorf. Lee to Shickshinny. Inkermant to Pittston. burg. Kaylor to East Brady. Hokendauqua•tt to Cata- Inst·anter•t to Wllcox. ~~r::1M~;e, to Kutztown. L~fi'?:. Cornerst to GreenKearney• to Hopewell. Iola* to Mlllvllle. sauqua. Kearsarge to Erle. Leeper•t to Clarion. Kulp to Catawissa. Hokes to Glen Rocle. 1 Iona to Leuanon. l{enovo. to tin~tt Kea Leosburgt:t to Mercer. Kulpsville• to Lansdale. Holbrook* to Waynesburg.1 Irlshlane to Schlckshlnny. Leesbur1r Statlont to MerIrish Ripple• to Wampum. Kea!ing Summit*H to Aus- Kumry to Quakertown. Hollcong• to Doylestown. tin. cer. Kunckle to Dallas. Irishtown* to Hanover. Holiday to 'Wellsboro. lronbrtdge• to Collegeville K e ck s burg to Pleasant Kunkletown* to Palmerton. Hollaud* to Langhorne. Unity. Kushequa•t to Mount Jew- Le0f' Crossroacis*t! to Shiplronore to Hanover. Hollenback to Wyalusing. pensburg. ett. Iron Springs to Gettysburg Keech to Genesee. Hollinger• to Lancaster. Keefen; to Chambersburg. Kylertown • to Wlnburne. Leetonia• to Well11boro. Honistervtile• to Scranton. Ironton* to Coplay. Perkasie. Delta. to to Kylev11le Keelersville t t to Am brtdgo. Leetsdale* Youn~svllie. to lrv!ne• Darby. Holmes•tt to Lehigh Furnace to Slat1n1Holtwood*t to Quarryville. Irvmetontt to 1 ou1rn:sv1lle. Keeney\"illet to Wellsboro. ton. Keewaydln* to Clearfield. Isa.hella•t to Hone.,• llrook Holtz* to Red Lion Ket'rer* to Ligonier. Lehigh Gap to Palmerton. Iselln*tt to Saltsburg. IIome• to Marton Center. Lehigh Tannery• to White KeK~ to Schellburg. Island Parkt to Easton. Homecamp to Dubois. Kehler to Ashland. Haven. Elomets Ferry•tt to Wya- Isle! to Prosoect. Lehman• to Dallas Ketser• to Mount Carmel. Ithan• to Wayne. luslng. Lehnenburgt to Easton. Keisteri;*t to Slippery Rock Laanna• to Stroudsburg. Homev lie (Allegheny Co.) Itley to Edinboro. Keister ·works to Union- La Belle* to Fredericktown Leib to Ashland. Iva to Strasburg. to Homestead. Laboratory to '\1Vashln1tton. town. Elomeville (Chester Co.) Ivanhoe• to Monongahela. Leinbachs to Rea<1mg. Labott to York. Kelayres•t to Hazleton. Ivarea to Albion. to Oxford. Kellersburir to New Beth- Lackawaxen*t::: to Rawley. Leiperville to Chester. Homewoodtt to Ueaver Ivyland•tt to Hatboro. Laddsburg to New Albany. Lelthsville to Bethlehem. lehem. Ivywood to Butler. Falls. Keller. Church• to Sellers- Lactona to Coudersport. Honeoye• t to Shingle.House , lount Lemont to Tunkhannock. to Lafayettett ville. Honey Grove• to Port! Lemont*U to State Oollege Jewett. to Stroudsburg. Kellersville , Royal. Lafayette Hill* to Consho- Lemont Furnace • t to Kellettvme• to Tionesta.. Honor to New Castle. Uniontown. hocken. Wllllamsport to Kellyburg• Wa-1 to Co.) (Erie Jackson Hookert to Butler. Lenape• ti to West Chester. Kelly Crossroads to Lewis- Laflin• t t to Pittston. terford. Hookstown* to Beaver. La Grange to Tunkhannock Lenhartsvllle•tt to Ham• burg. Jackson* (Susquehanna Hoopeston to Ambler. burg. Lahaska • tt to Doylestown. Kellypolnt to Lewisburg. Co.) to Susqucnanna. Hoovers Run to \VaynesJackson CentP.r• rt to Mer• Kelly Statlon•t to Ford Laldlg* to McConnellsburg. Lennl Mllls• to Media. burg. to Parkesbur,. Lenover•t Hughesvtile. to LalrdsvllJe• City. cer. Hooverton to Norristown. Lenox• to Hop Bottom. Jack.son Summlt•tt to El• Kellytown to Curwe1vvillc. La Jose*tt to Mahaffey. Hopeland • to Lincoln. Lake Cary•t' to Tunkhan- Lenoxvme•t to Nicholson. I{elton•ti to \\:est Grove. mlra. N. Y. Hopewell Center to York. Leola•tt to New Holland. nock. Jacksonville (Ceuter Co.) Kemhlesvllle• to Newark, Lake Como• to Hancock. Leolyn• to Canton. Del. to Howard. Hoppcnvllle• to Pennsburg. Leona to Troy. Lakemont•t to Altoona. Hopwood• to Uniontown. Jacksonville <Cumberland Kempton•tt to Reading. Kendall Creek to Bradford. Lake Pleasant to UnlonClty Leonard to Avondale. Co.) to. ·ewvllle. Horatto•tt to PunxsutawLeopardt to Berwyn. Jacksonvl_lle (Dauphin Co.) Kenilworth to Pottl!town. Laketon• to Dallas. ney. Le Roy* to Canton. LRkevllle• to Hawley. Kennard• to Greenvtlle. ~ . t,o Halifax. Hornby to North East. Horning* to Castle Shan- Jack~onnlle (Indiana Co.) Kenner<1ell*Tt to Clinton- Lake Winola• to Factory- Lester•t to Darby. Letort to l\Iillerin ii 11~. ville. vllle. to Indiana. non. Lakewood*tt to Hancock, Levin to Doylestown. Kenwood to Clymer. Leviston"' to Hazleton. N. Y. Keown* to Pittsburg. :~~~~~!<! 0 1M~f&~~~g. Jacll:sonvme• (Lehigh Co.) Keown Lewis to Pittsburg. Station to Pitts- Lamar•t to Lock Haven. to New Tripoli. Hortons •to Glen Campbell Lamartine• to Emlenton. Lewisberry• to Goldsboro. burgh. Hosensack•ti to E Green- Jacksonville (Wes~moreLamberton• to New Salem. Lewis Run*tt to Bradford. iCepner to Tamaqua. land Co.) to lrwm. vllle Kernsvllle to Allentown. I Lambertsvllie• to Stoyes- J,ewisville* to Oxford. Jacksonwald to. Re~dinit. Host* to Womelsdorf. Lexington to .Lititz. town. . Kerr to Freeport. Jacobs to Orb1sonm. Hostetter* to Latrobe. tt to Curwens-1 Lambs Creek• to Mansfield Liberty (McKean Co.) to Houserville to Bellefonte. i Jacobs cJreek•t to Smith• Kerrmoor• Port Alleghany. ' Lamokin t!to Chester. vllle. ton. Ilousum to Chambersburg.. Lamot.t*t to Jenkintown. KerrsvJlle•t to Newville. Jacobs Mlllst to Hanover. Howe to lirookville. Stra11burg. to Lampeter* Meadville. to Corners to Towanda Liberty Kerrtownt Jacobus• to Yor1!, Howellville to Catawissa.. Liberty Square to QuarryKer'lley*t! to Saint Marys., Lanark* to Coopersburg. James City• to hane. Hoytdalc to Wampum. ville. Avonto t t burg• Landen Lion. Red to Keys Hoytvillett to ·wellsboro. James Creek* to Hunt1ni- Key11tone Junction to Meydale. don. t Fi~leJov~~:iown. Lander to Sutlar Grove. ersdale. Jamestown to Portage. Hubers to Que.rryvllle. to Schuyl- Llckingvllle* to Fryburr. Landingville*H Meyerst,o l\1ines Kevstone Hublers!)Urg•to Belletonte ' Jamison* to Doylestown. Llghtstreet•t to Bloom., kill Hayen. · dale. :Jamison City•t! to Uenton. Khedlve• Hudson+! to Parsons. burg. to Carmichaels. Landis Store* to Bally. Hudsondale ...1 to weatherly., Janesville to Houtzdale. Landis' Valley to Lancaster: Ltma•t to Media. Kifertown to Scottdale. · Jarrettown*t to Ambler. Huetner• to Fryl•urg. 1 Lanesboro•tt to Susque-: Llmeklln• to Reading. Lake. Sandy to Kilgore Jea.nesville*tt to Hazleton. Huey• to Rlmersuurir. Limeport* to Emaus. 0 Jeddo*t::: to Freeland. Hutr• to New Florence. La~!~ntms•tt to Brock-I Limerick* to Schwenksville. fW~~~~rt~ p~~ie:fi'~;1:i~Limeridgo*tt to BloomswaYVllle. aig!n?hurch to l3oyer-1 Jefferson (Yorn Co.) to Klmberton•tt to Phoenixburg. Langdond!Ae* to Hopewell. ville. Codorus. Huffs Station to Greens-I Langelotht to Durgetts- Limerock to Lititz. Jefferson Center to Butler. Kimhle•tt to Hawley. burg. Limestone•:t to Clarion. town. Sto:vesto • Klmmetton Ruµ:hestownt to Pittston. Jefferson. Ctty to Knox. Llmestonevllle to Mllton. Langvllle* to Brookville. town. Hulls to Coudersport. 1 .Jl>fferson stat!on to }lhurn Kinderhook to Columbi . Lime Valley to Strasbur~. Lanse• to Wtnburne. orrts- King ot Prussla•l to Norris- Lansing Hulmevme•tto Langhorne· Je.trersonvllle T to Lincoln Place•t to Hays. to \Vostfleld. town. HultonH to Oakmont. Lincoln Unlverslty•tt to 1 Lantz to Mt. Jewett. town. Jeffries to Houtzdale. Humbert to confluence. Oxford. King,-.dale* to Little_,;town. Lapark* t,o Intercourse. Humhertson to Somerfield. Jenners•t to Boswell. Llncolnvllle• to Union City. Factoryville. to Laplume*tt BotHop to Kingstey•H Hummells Wharf to Selins Jennerstown• to Boswell. to Hop Bottom Lindavme Gap. to Lapps* tom. Jennersville to \vest Grove. Grove. Linden• t t to Wlllamsport. Laquln•tt to Towanda. to Latrobe. JennlngsvtJle to Meshop- Kingston Hunkers• to Youngwood. Llndenhall • t to Center Hall Kingsville• to Summervllle Larabeett to Eldred. Llndseyt to Punxsutawney Large* to Clairton. Kln~ood to Rockwood. Hunlock Creek•tt to Shick- Jefi~e* to Hollsopple Llne Lexington• to L ~ Larlmer*H to Irwin. Kinportt to Cherry Tree. Runtt to Mt. Jersey Mills to Jersey Shore Kintnersville* dale. Wil\iamsburg. to Larke Frenchto , Jersey Shore Statlont to IlollJ· Springs. Larksvillet to Edwardsville Line Mountain to Shamotown, N. J. Jersey Shore. Hunterstown • to Gettys-, kin. Larrys Crcek*t to Jorsc:, Klnzers•tt to Gap Lineville to Shippenville. Shore. Kinzua•tt to Warren. H~;:r:~svllle to Hughesvllle Jerseytown • t % to Bloom11- Kirby• Larryvllle* to Jersey Shore. L1nfield • t t to Royersford. to \Vaynesburg. H unt1ngdon Furnace to J burg.•t• to Birdsboro Larue*t to Glen Rock. rirbyvill e to FlePtwood. 1 Llnglestown • to Harrisburg , oanna • Tyrone Linhart* to Turtle Creek. Lash• to West Newton. Kirkman to Brookville. Hunttni,TT,on M1lls• to Shlck- Jobs 9orners to Elmira. Kirks Mills to Rising Sun, Lashley* to Hancock, ?.1d. 1 Llnwood Statlon•t to N. 1'.. shinny Chester. Lathrop to Ilop Bottom. l\ld. Joffre* t<! 1!U;gettstohwnb · Huntsdaie•t to Carlisle. Llonvme• to Downlnirtown Kirkwood• to Quarryvllle. La time re to Dlllsburg. Johnetta t ... o Leec ~ urg. Kishacoquillas• Huntsville to Dallas. to H,eeds- Lattagrove to .Mount Union Lippincott to Waynesburg. Johnlowen to Fry~ur,... Husuand to Somerset. Lattimer Mlnes• to Hazle- Lisbon to Emlenton. ville. Hustontown• to .McCon- Johnsburµ: to l\le)ersdale. Lisburn* to i\Iechanicsburg ton. to Lititz. Johnson City to Shamokin. Kisselhill nellsburg Kissimmee to Mlddleburr. Laubachs to Northampton. Llstle•t to Somerset. Hutchins•ti to Mt. Jewett. Johnsonv1lle* to Portlana. Kistler to New Bloomfield. Laughllntown• to Ligonier. Llstonburir• to Addison. I John!lvllle• to Hatboro. Laurel•t to York. Klahr to Olayshurg. Jollett"' to. Tremont. Hvde•tt to Clearfleld. Laurel Lake* to Montrose. Litchfield to Athens. to Bath. Hyde Park•t to Leechburg. Jollytown to Hundred, W Klecknersvllle Klelnteltersvllle• to Myers- Laurel Runtt to Wilkes- Little Britain• to Oxford. P Va.* Hydetown• t t to Tltusvllle. j Little Cooley to Townville. Barre. town. Hynemansvtlle to Allen• Jonas to - almerton. Jones' Mllls• to Mount Klines Grovet to Sunbury. Laurelvllle• to Mt. Pleasant Littlegap* to Palmerton. t Kl1nesvllle• to Hamburg. Laurys Statlon•tt to Steir- Little Marsh• to Wellsboro. Pleasant I own. 1 [ Jordan* to· New Tripoli. Hyner•tt to Renovo. Li~~e.J'lea.Jows• to Owego, L;~~'iidsvllle to Somerset. l1~tfs ~i1ie. Jordan Valley to New Tri• Littles Uorners to 8aegersLavene• to Ashland. Knob to Freedom. poli. town. Ellzabethtown. to Lawn•tt McConnell&to Knobsvllle• Llck. Black to JosephlnP*tt Lawsonham • tt to Rlmers- Litzenberg* to Allentown. ~ burir. ldamar*:tto Marton Center. : Joyce to ,.cw Castle. ~-!Halrsvllle. L\vermor~ _ ~urg. Mlllerstown to hnousetown Ida ville• t to Gettysburg.~ Jullan•tt to Bellefonte. • ~toney Order Olllce. tTelegraph ijtatlon. 1 Count ' Seat. • !Express Ofllce.  ti~ 6~~~C:g10. I  gm:uri:. i  I  I  I  !  ;1°  I  I  g~,ait=•tf  I  1  1  !  llt~~i~~; ·  i  I  I  ~~f;;[: ;g  REFERENCE KEY•  130 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  I Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2(\  Pl;, NS YL VANIA  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANK!  G POINTS  PEN  Ts YLv ANIA  Madlson•1 (Westmoreland, M:ayport""t to New Bethle-1 Mllanvllle*l to Callicoon, Morri dalot to Philipsburg Co.) to Herminle. hem. 1 Morris Run*t:t to Blossburg N. Y. Madi onhurg• to Millheim. Maysville to orton •ti to Swarthmore. ew .Bethle- Milerun to Sunbury. Madisonville• to Moscow. hem. Mllesburir•tt to Bellefonte. Mortonvllle• 1 t to Coate. 1\Iadley to Hyndman. Maze to MlffllTJtown. lilesville vllle. to. Ionongahola. 1 Mahanoy Plane*tt to GI· Mazeppa to Lewisburg. Milford (Perry Co.) to Morwood • to Telford. rard~inc. MoAlevys Fort• to Peters1oselem !.o Fleetwood. ,Juniata. Maharg to Butler. burg. MUrord Square• to Quaker- Moselem ~prlngs to Fleetr wood. Mahonlng•t1 to Kittanning! Mccance• to Ligonier. town. MahonlugtownU to New 14c0andleee to Butler. Mlllbach to Richland. Castle. McCartney*tt to Madera. Millbrook to Grove City. Mosgrove•!? to Klttannln1 Malden !Jreek*tt to Read- McOaslin to New Oastle. Millburn to Mercer. Mo. hannon• to Snow 'hoe. ing. ~1cCleary to Midland. , , Mosierto<vn to Saegertown. Maiden Creek Station to McClelland town• to Mason- Mill City• to Tunkhannock Mo er ville to • Tew Tripoli. Heading. wwn. fill<'reek*! to Huntingdon . • lo tollt>r to ,'toye·town. Malnesburg• to Mansfield McConnell's nus to Hous- Mllled11:ev1lle to Cochranton Mount lEtna•to Myerstown Mainland• to Souderton. ton. Miller to Pen Argyl. Mountain to Hamburg. Malnvllle•u to Catawissa. McConnellstown* to Huntlillt·r Hun to C.airnbrook. Mountaln •t to Coalport Maitland• to Lewistown. fnv;don. 'lillcr,;burg (Berks Oo.), Mountain Eagle to Boward. :.\Calta to Dalmatia. McCo,svme• to Port Royal. to • fycrstown. l\Ialtbyf to ·wilkes-Barre. McCracken• to Cameron, Millers Stattontt CC'raw- Mountaingrove• to HazleMammotb*l to Pleasant ton. W. Va. !ord Co.) to Cambridge Mountalnhome• to StroudsUnity. .McCrea•t·to Newville. Sorings. burg. Ma.nadahill to Hummels-1 McCullochsMillstoMl.fflln- :Mlllerton•t1to Elmlra.N.Y. town. town. Mlllgrove <Columbia Co.) Mountain Sunset• to Wernersville. Mana.tawny• to Boye. McElhattan•u to Lock to Catawissa. town. Haven. Mill Grove (.1. orthampton • Iountaintop* to WllkesMance• to Meyersdale. Ba.rre. McEwensville• to WatsonCo.) to Nazareth. ' · town. Ulllgantown to Parnassu!I. Mountatnvlllet to Allen~1a.nch ·ter* tnJ. IountWolf McPord to Delta. town. • Mlllmont•tt to Mifflinburg. Manduta to Herndon. McGecs Mllls*l to Mahaffey Millport (Carbon Co.) to • 1:t. Ir to • evr C'astlo. Manltold • to Wa:hington. Mt. Alton • t t to Mo uni tcGovern to Houston. Palmerton. Manito to Latrobe. Jewett. McGrann• to Foret City. Mlllport•t (Potter Co.) Mount Bethel• to Bangor. Manns <'hoice*t+ to Schell- Mcllhaney to Stroudsburg. Shingle House. Mt. Bra.ddockhtto Dunbar. burl!. :McIntyre to Indiana. Mannsville* to New Bloom- i!cKean• to Erle. I Millrift* to Port Jervis, . Mt. Ca1·bout to Pott:ville. ount Chestnut to Butler. 1 M~~~~. to Bryn Mawr. t~I~~~;r:::[o;~fu~~~r:g Run• to Connellsville. Mount Cobb to Scranton. l\1t. Grl'tna•tt to Lebanon. ..1anorhill* to Petersbur.~. l.\lcl{ees Half Fails* Mllls•t to Westfield. Mt. Hope*tt to • lanhehn. Manorvllle•t to KlttanSelinsgrove. Millstone to Brookville. ntng. McKinley-• to Jenkintown. ~lllltown (Allegheny Co.) Mt. Jackson to New Castle. Longpond • to Stroudsburg. Manown•r to fononirahela. McKnlghtstown • to Getto <•rona. Longrun•t to Avonmore. l !\.lantz to Tamaqua. tysburg. Milltown! (Chester Co.) I Mount Lebanon•t to Castle Loni;rsdort•tt to Newvllle.1 l\laplcglen to Amhler. McLallen Corners to CamShannon. to West Chester. Long to Allentown. MaJil Grove to I<.:ast, bridge Sprtngs. Mill Vlllage•rt to Water- • It. 'ebo* to Qunrry,•ille. Lookout• to Honesdale. ;:;troud. bur?". McLane• to Edinboro. ford. lount Ollv&4 t.o Pittsburg. Loop* to Dayton. M.aplehlll to WUlla.msport. McLeans Station to Penns- Mlllvllle (Clarion Co.) to Mount Penn• to Reading. Lopez*H to Mildred. .:\laplolal·c to [oscow. burg. • 'ew Bethlehem. ount Pleasant (Clarion Lorah to Werner.:vil!e. l\laplcsbade to Oil City. Mc.\Hchaels to Stroudsburg. Mlllwav•rt to Lititz. Co.) to Knox. Lorane• U to Reading I McMurray to Canonsburg. Millwood• 1-1 to Derry. Mount Pleasant Mills• to Lords Valley* to Hawley. Mapletown• to Masontown. le Teal to Blairs Mills. MUnesvllle•r to Hazleton. flddleburg. Loretto•t t.o Ebensburg. laplowood*tl Lo Lake MHuor*t to Groenca, tie. Mount Pocono• fl to East Lo ·t Creek*t to Shenan Ariel. 1 Mc8narran• to Quarryvllle.l Stroudsburg. doa.h. Marble• to Fryburg. McVill to Freeport. ..rntonGrove•toMountJoy. Mount Rock (Adams Co.) Lottsvill~ to Sugar Grovf ~Iarburg• to Hanover. ~oWllllams to ew Beth- Milwaukee tO Scranton. to Hanover. Marchand• to Punxsutawlebem. Mineral Point• to South Mountrock (Cumberland ney. Loudon to Mercer11burg. 'feadowgaJ) to Orbisonia. Fork. Marchands to Sutersvllle. Meadow Lands*tt to Hou&- Miners ~Iills*t to Parsons. Co.) to Newville. Lonpurex* to Oarne~ie. • fount Hoyal to Dillsburg. ton. Mines • to Williamsburg. LoveJoy*i to Clymer. Marguerltet to Greensburg., '.Mechanic Grove• to Quarry- Mlnet to Mount forrls. Mount Sterling *l to ::\tasonLovell Station to Corry. ville. town. Mtniro to Royersford. Lovelton• to Meshoppen. :'.\!aria to w·oodbury rechnnlc ·burg to Homer Mlngovllle* to Belletonte. Mount Too• to Dillsburg. Lovely to <'laysburg. Marlasvllle to Emlenton. Mount Zion• to Lebanon. ity. Mlnnequa to Canton. Lover to Charleroi. Marion Heights to Mount Mechanics Valley* to Mowersvtlle• to hippensMinnich to Catasauqua. Lowber• to Sutersville. Carmel. burg. I Doy! town. . Lower Providence* to OolMarkelsvllle• to Newport. Mechanlcsvllle•<Bucks Co.) Mo,vry• to Ashland. lnooka•tt to Scranton. legeville. Markes• to Mercerburg. to Doylestown. Mins! to Stroudsburg. Moylan•U to .iedla. Mechanlcsvllle (Clarion Co.) Mlola • to Clarion. iozart to Doylestown. Lower Saucon to llethlehem Markham•? to Media. Markle• to Apollo. to Clai Ion. 1ft hells lilts• to Clymer. Muddycreek to Terre Hill. Lowhill to ew Tripoli. Mechanic Yllle (Lehigh Co.) Iocanaqua • 11 to Shick- • Iudd} ere k Forks*tt to Low Phost to Uniontown. Mai-kl sburg Borough to to Catasauqua. York. Lowvl!Je to Union City. shinny. Hunting-don. Mecho.nlesv111e. ( V en an go Modena• t t to Coatesvllle. Loyalhanna• ti to Latrobe Co.) to Grove City. • Iollr. ville*tt to Leesport, Mud Lake 1ontrose. Loyalsock* to :Vfontours• Marklesburg Statton to Huntingdon. Meckvllle* to Myerstown. Mo\lenauer* to Castle Sh n- Muff to Dayton. ville. Markleton • 1 t to Rockwood • ledixrun*tt to St. l\Iarys. Muhlenburg to Shickshinny Loyalton• to Lykens. non. Markleysburg* to Somer- Mehoopany• t to Meshop- :l\lolltown* t.o Fleetwood. Iuir* to Tower City. Loyalvllle to Dallas. flelct. fulberry to East Berlin. pen. , • lonaghan to :.\It. Pl a ant Mummasburg to GettysLoysburg• to New Enter- Markton to Punxsutawney. Melservme• to Sellnsirrove. l\longul to 'hippeusbur~. 1\1 arplt~ to .l\ I edia. burg. :\I el<-roft to C'onfluen ·e prise. Moniteau to Slippery Rock. Marsh* to Honey Brook. uncy Valley•t to Hughes.Melro e Park to Jenkin- Monocacy*t to Birdsboro. Marsballs Creek to East vllle. town. Monoc cy Statton•t to Stroudsburg. undert• to Brockwayvllle Luceeco•t to Freeport, Mendenh u•u to Kennett Birdsboro. .'vlarsballton to West ChesLuclnda•tt to Fryburg. lunhall t-0 Hom stead. Square. Monroe• (Clarion Co.) Mendon to West Newton. ter . .. run on*t to \Yinburne. Knox. Lucinda Furnace to Fry. larshhrook to Dalton. Burburi,. Ienges Mills*t to Hanover! ~/'o1:rr°o~toiy t~~g~anda. Murdocksvllle• to Ludu boro to Ilomer Cfty ::\Iar.·11burg to Bradford. get town. 1 0 llllamsport ienno to Belleville. Montandon•tt to Lewts- Murray to Dushore. Lucknow*t to Harrisburg Marsh Hill* to Murrell* to Eubrata. l\1oriclian to nutler. Lucky to York. burir. Marshrun to Newport. Merion to Ardmore. Ludlow*U to Kane. • lontclnr *t to Phoenix- Murrlnevllle to Cllnto ville. Murrysville• to Export. Marshs Store to Waynes- Merion Square to Ardmore. viii . Lull to Somerset. Merion Statlon•u to Phlla- fontdale to Olyphant. Mustard to Sutersville. boro. Lumber Clty•ttto CurwensMarsh View to Towanda. to Pleasant Unity. delobla. Montello to Wernersvllle. vllle. 'lerlonville to rdmore. luzette* to rartenville. I\Iontercy* to Topton. Lumberville* to Lambert• Marshwood• to Jessup. Marsteller• to Spangler. Merrtttstown to Browns- Monterey S p r I n g e to Myra• to Portai?e. ville. "N. J· Martha Furnace to Belleiystle to Cambrtdge Sp'ge. ville. Lundys Lan~ to Albion. Waynesboro. Mertztown•ti to Allentown Montgomery Ferry*to New!onte. Lungerville to ~ughesville Martlcvllle to Lancaster. Merwin to Apollo. Lur~an to Shippensburg. port. Martin to Masontown. • ferwinsburg to Stroud,- Montgomeryvllle to Lans- Nacee to Hanover. Lusk• to Delmont. adlne to Verona. burg. dale. Lutbersbu~•t to Dubois. I\Iartindalo* to New UolJand. ! l\1ontro'e (Allegheny Oo.), 'aglney• to Reedsville. Lutbers Mills to Towanda Messmore* to Uniontown. ... nu ·e11t to Kane. Lutzvllle to Everett. to V onu.. 'lartins Corner to Coates-• Metal• to Chambersburg. Nantmeal Village to Pott.sLuxor• to Greensburg. fontsera• to Carllsle. ville. Lyclppus• to Pleasant Mexico• to Port Royal. t wn. Monument•tt to Lock Martins Creek*t to Easton. Mlckleys to Catasauqua. Naomtplne!IU to Strouds, Haven, Unltv. burg. Lycoming to Wlllla.msport. Marvlndale• to Mt. Jewett. ~Iiddaghs to llehidere,, loon Run* to Crafton. Marwood•tt to Butler. •. .J. Lyles to Quarryvllle. 1\Ioor ·to Du.rby. Narbertb*l to Ardmore. Middlebury Center•t to Mooreeburg•U to nanvllle. •arcl!l!la to Ambler. Lymansvllle to Coudersport Maryct• to Tamaqua. Wellsboro. arvon• to Honey Brook. Lynch• to Shemeld. Moor Mills to arlislo. ·asby to l cnovo. Lyndell• to Downingtown Mascot* to .N'ew Holland. Middle Cre k* to Lewis- .Moorestown to Bath Mason and Dlxon•tt to town. Moorehead ville• to N. East. ~ ash, ille*l to pring Grove Lynn• to Tunkhannock. Middle Lancaster to Zellen- Moosic• Tl to Old Forge. atalle to Mount Carmel. Lynnport•tt to New Tripoli I Greencastle. Mast to Honey Brook. ople. Lynnville to New Tripoli. Mooween• to Saltsburg. Masten•tt to Wllllamspo . Mlddleport•rt to Pottsville Morann• to Houtzdale. •auvoo to 'Blossburg. t;~~as~~tt~~8.~12;opton. llastersonvme• to Man- ~ llddl ext to Carlisle. Moravia• to New Castle. Nayaug to Scranton. Middle Spring to Shippen&-, ..i: '.lor a. olliery* to , lahaheim. eale to Leechburg. Lyon Valley to Slattn11:ton Masthope•tt to Hawley. burg. Nebraska• to Ttonesta. noy City. 'ed* to Littleton, W. Va. Mlddleswarth to M!Mln-, Moredale to Carlisle. burg. Moreland to Muncy. Mabel to Ashland. T dmore* to Hancock. Mateer to Apollo. Middletown (Wefltmoreland Morgan to Brldgevtlle. Macada to Bethlehem. , 'lather to "\\'ayne:burg. !id. Macdonaldton•t to Berlin Mattawana• to Lewl.etown. Co.> to Youngwood. Mor~aru ta.tion to Oon- 1 eelyton•:t to Orbisonia. •eff *! to 'latington. Mlddletown Center to MontMackevville* to Mill Hall . Mattie to Everett. nelbville. Neffs Mills* to Peter ·burg Macungie*tt to Emaus. rose. Maud* to Holmesbur~. Morgantown• to 1 effsvllle• to Lancaater. Maddenevllle* to Orbisonia Mausdale•t to Danvllle. Mldvalet to Waynesboro. Brook. Madeira Hill to Mahafl'ey. eltter to Schwenkville. Mawrglen• to Hugbesvtlle Mifflin Cro s Roads (Cum- Morrell to Tyrone. .Madeline• to Glen Ca.mJ;>- ~ax.atawny• to Allentown. berland Co.) to ·ewville. Morrellvlllet to Johnstown . Neiman to Glen Rock. ... ·ekoda• to !Iller. town. bell. .. Iaxwell to Fredericktown. MUntnvllle• t to Blooms-- Morrt!I• t to Wellsboro. Madison (Chester Co.) \o Mayburg to Tlone,ta bu~. Morris Cross Roads to Point Nelson•t to Elkland. Pottstown. llay-1leld•tt to Jennyu. remncolin to Carmichae!,t Milan• 1t to Athens. Marlon. L\ nercb•r:t to Lansdowne. Llewe lyn• :t to Minersville. Lloy • to ellsboro. Lloydell•t to South Fork. LI <h lllet t< Bell vood. Loag to Honey Brook. Tjobachevtlle to Boyertown. Local to C etle Shannon. Lochlel to Lewisburg. Locbval to Glen Campbell. Lock No. 3*t to Elizabeth. Lock • o. 4 • t to Charleroi. Lockp0rtt (Cllnton Co.) to Lork Haven. Lockr,ortt <Northampton Co.) to 81atington. Lockport Station• to Bolivar. Lockvllle to Pittston. Locust to Marlon Center. Locustdate• to Ashland. Locustgap*Ttto Mount Carmel. Locustgrove• to Hancock, Md. Locust Valley to Coopersburg. Lofty*tt to McAdoo. Loganla • to Duncannon. Logan .Mille to Loganton. Logans Forry .tto Parn~ssus Logam1port to .Ford City. Loganville• to York. Logue• to Coudersport. London to Grove City. Londonderry to West Grove Lon<iongrove* to \Vest Grove. Lone Pine to Washington. LonglP.vel t.o Wrightsville.  tol Mlf  I I  :tt  l  REFERENCE KEY.  •County Seat.  • Money Order OtHce.  tTelegraph Statton.  :tExprc s Office.  N  N N  N N N N  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  PENNSYLVANIA  Ne town (Green o,) to "V 11,ynesburg. Newtown Mills to Tionesta Newtown Square• :t to Media. to New Washington• Mahaffey. Niagara to Forest City. Niantic" to Boyertown.  I  Ogontz*t to Jenkintown. Ohlopyle"t to Confluence. Ohlovllle to East Liverpool, Ohio. Ohl• to Brookville. Okeson to Mltlllntown. Oklola. to Chester. Olanta• to Curwensville. Old Concord to Claysvllle. to Smithfield. Old Line to Ianheim. Old z;ionsville* to Emaus. Oliphant Furnace* to Fairchance. Ollveburg to Punxsutawney. Oliver•t to Uniontown. Olivers Mills• to WilkesBarre. Olivet to Saltsburg. Onelcta•tt to Hazleton. Onnallnda • to South Fork Ono• to Jonestown. Onondago to Punxsutawnoy. Onset• to Jonestown. Opp* to Muncy. Ootlon • to Hays. Orange to Pittston. Orefield • to Allentown. Oregont to Brownstown. Oregon Hlll* to Wellsboro. Ore Hill* to Roaring Spring Oreland • tt to J enkl.ntown. re \"alley to York. Orlent*t to New Salem. Oriental* to .. Iillerstown. Oriole to Jersev Shore. Ormrod to Coplay. Ormsby*t to Smethport. Orrtanna•n: to Gettysburg. Oraon • t l to Carbondale. Orviston•tt to Howard. g~:f:l~~oit~=:~~f~wn. Orwin* to 'l'ower <'ity. Osgoodt to Greenville. Oshantcr*t to Curwensville. O. terhurg*tl to Clayshurg. Osterhout to Tunkhanno~k. Oewayo•t to Shingle House Ottawa*t to Watsontown. Otto to Gl.1,1,:sport. OttsvUle•t to Doylestown.  Peely* to Ashley. Pencoyd*t l to Philadelphia Penfleld*tt Dubois. Penllyn•tI to North Wale5. Penmar• to Waynesboro. Penn Line to Linesville.  Plymouth Meeting• shohocken. Pocahontas to Meyers le. Pocono* to K .::itroudsbut$• Pocono Lake" t :t to Stroud~ burg. Pocono Plnes•t:i to Stroud.e• q~~i1ddleburg. bur1?, Pocono Summitt to East Stroudsburi:. Pennsdale• to Muncy. ichola to Kittannin•T. Penns1de• to Albion. Nickel Mines• to Gap. Pocopson*t::: t,o W. Chester. Penns Park* to Newtown. Point* to Schollburg. Ntc1rlev1Ue• to Emlenton. Nlcktown• to Spangler. Penn Squ&.re*t to orris- Polnt Pleasant• to Frenchtown. .. •icold to 'M ount Pleasant. town, N. J. Penns :station* to .Jeanette. Poland to Pnint • fnrfon. Nilan to Point Marlon. Pennsvllle•t to Scottdale. I Polk•tt to Franklin. New Bedford* to Ne\V Cas- Niles Valley to Wellsboro. Pennsylvania Furnace•t to Pollock* to Parke1·s LandNlnepoints• to Christiana. tle. Tyrone. lng. New T3crllnv11Je• to Boyer- , Nineveh* to Waynesburg. Nlsbet•l to Williamsport. Pcnowa to Avelhi. Pomeroy*tt to Parkesburir. town. Penryn• to Manheim. Pomfert to Slatington. Ne,vherrytown to GoldsNittany• to Bellefonte. Pond Eddy• t t to Port Jerboro. Peoples* to Tremont. vis, N. Y. New Boston•U to Maha- 1 "iverton to Elk Lick. Pequea (Lancaster Co.) to Pond Hl\l* to Shickshinny. • Tohle to Gettysburg. 110.v City. Gaµ. Pont to Albion. Noble town•: to Oakdale. Pequea to illlers,ille. Popiarrun to Holllday New Drtdgevllle to Wrlght!l- l\.olo* to Indiana.. Percy•t to Dunbar. burg. Noramont•t to Dusnore. vllle. Perklomenvllle• t to Green- Portage Creek to Port New Brltain"U to Doyles- Normel to Lehighton. lane. llev;ally. Normu.lville* to Connellstown. Perrysville• (Allegheny Co.) Port Carbon• tt to PottsNew Buena Vista*toScbellville. to Plttsburi: vllle. Norrlsvllle to Conneautbur~. Port Clinton*t1to Hamburir ville. Perrysville (.ie:d'ers<>n Co.) Porter* to Dayton. New Buffalo• to Duncan- Norrltonvllle to Norristown to Punxsutaw11ov. Porters Sidellng*t to Ilan• North Bangor to Bangor. non 0 Perryville ( I ,ycoming Co.) over. Newburf?," t (Cumberland NorLll l\olle Vernon to to Williamsport. Portersville• to Zelienople. B .no Yernon. Co) to Shlppensbur,r. Perryville (Potter ( o.)to Port Gritfitht 1,o l'iU,.;ton. Newburg (Huntingdon Co.), Torthbend* , :t to ReuO\'O. Port Kenneciy•tt to NorGenesee. to Saxton. Perulack•t to Port Royal. North B~ssemerHto Verona ristown. Newburg (Northampton Peru Mllls to Port Royal. North BIDl!bam • to Ulysses Portland .l\11lls • t to RidgCo.) to Nazareth. way. ~'. Braddock+ to l3raddocl-.:. Peters Creel~*t to Port Port Matilda• rt to PhillipsNew Centervme•t (Chester Northbrook*"'! to West Deposit. Md. burg. Chester. Co.) to Berwyn. Port Perry• to Braddock. Newchester to Gettysburg.j North Buffalo to Ford City. Pe;i~~ville* to Northamp- Port 'Trevorton• to SellneNow· Columbia*ti to Mil-i North Clarendon to Warren Petroleum Center• to OU grove. •. Coventry to l'utt towll. ton. I City. Portvuet to lcKeosport. New Columbus• to Shick• Northcratt to Hancoclc.~d. Petrolia• t t to Bruin. Po sum Glmy to Olymer. North l•'ork to 'Westfield. shinny. Pettis to Cochranton. Potosi to Glen Hock. Newcomer• l to Uniontown. North Freedom to New Pfouts Valley to :r,.,rmers- Potterbrook• t to WestBethlehem. New Danv1lle• to Lancaster town. field. North Glrard*H to Girard. New Derry• to Derry. Phlllpston•ti to East Pottersdale• to Clearlleld. New Eagle•t to MonongaBrady. ,._ Glen ide to J nkintown. Potters Mills to Center liall. hela. Pbamlx to Dayton. N. Heluelberg to WomPo!M~'·me• to Le RaysPickering to Phoenixville. Newell•tt to Call[ornla. elsdorf. 1 Potts!;rove*tt to . . Ulton. New ~nglandtr to \ Hson. r. Libert,· to firove City. 8~i~;gg,;4ot~ il~~ft~l~ve. I Pierceville to Carmichaels. Pottstown Landing New Era to Wyalusing, ~ -ortb • 1ehoopany * to oval• to Jersey Shore. 1 l'i~eun* to l fariem ilia. Pottstown. Newert to Smethport. .Mesboppeu Overlwook to Ca tie ShanPikescreek* to ... anticoke. Powder Valley* to Emau11. Newlleld • to Ulysses. North M1lls to Fredonia. non. Pikesvllle to Boyertown. Powell• t 1: to Towanda. Newfoundland* to Lake .... lountaln to Hughesville Ari(•l. North Oaklana t-0 Chicora. Overbrook*t l to Phlladel- Plkctown • to Harrisburg. Powelton• to Oscoola Mlll11. uhia.. Pine Bank" to-Burton, W. Powis Valley* to Halifax. New Frankllnt to Cham- North Orwell to To ·anda. Overton• to New Albany. Va. bersburg. North Penn to Tamaaua. PoJ:i!:lle • tt to Carbonowensdale« to Connellsville Pinedale to Pottsvllle. Now Freeport* to Littleton, North Pine Grove• to Oxford Church! to Phlla-1I Pine Flats to Clymer. Prescott* :t to Lebanon. W. \ 1~. Marlenvllle, delphla. Pine Forgett to Pottstown. Prescottvillot to HoynoldsNow Galllec*Uto Wampum Northpuiut*tl to Dayton. 1 ville. O~~J~e. Valley• to Lani:- 1 Pi3i~ifsi:. Furna.eel to New Geneva• to .Point North home to Home. President• to Tionesta. Marlon. Pine Grove l\lills*:t to Presto• to BrldgevllJe. New Ocrmantown•t to Newl North Sprlnitfteld* toGlrard 8tate College. Preston Park•U to HanBloomfield. ort,h ;:;tar to • ildw~y. cock, N. Y. New Grenada• to McCon-,1 North Towanda to Packerton•1 to Mauch Prlcehurg* tu Dickson City, nellshurir Towanda. Chunk. Pinehill* to Berlin. New llamburg to Freclonla. N. \"aml••rgrift to Vandcr- Paf~!e~~ville*t1 to Lewis- P~~or~~ation• to Jersey Prlcedale to Belle Vernon. Prlcetown to Fleetwood. N;:w~anover to Boyer- 1 Nf;i,i~~lllet to Ripley, T.Y. Paisley* to Carmichaels. Pine Summit• to Mlllvllle. Prichard to Shickshinny. · North warren•t to Warren Pallas to Selinsgrove. Prlmos•-t:t to Clltton Pineville• to Newtown. Heights. Newhaven tto Connellsville North Washin,zton* (Butler P(3~~~~~~'ivme. Plneycreek to Everett. Prlmrosel to McDonald. New ,J erusalcm to Topton. Co.) to Butler. ( rr Palo Altot to Pottsvllle. Pinkerton to 1>ocl~"ood. Princeton• to New Castle. Ne,v Rln~ town• :i to North \Vashlngton \-,,est" '" Pringle to King-st,on. Mechanicsburg. morelanj Co.) to Apollo. Panic to Reynoldsville. Piuolat to Shippen. burg. New Lchanon• to sandy, North Water Ga.p t to Pansy* to ::Summerville. Pipeline to Elmira, N. Y., Proctor*t to ll ughesvllle. Progress•t Lnke Stroudsburg. t~OM~f~!~J~n. f>lr~~srtuseifl. Doylestown Prompton•ttotoHarrisburg. Honesdale. New Lexington• to Rock-I Norwich*l to AuS t ln. Pa.radlsetoStrasbura. Pitman• to .M.t. Carmel. Prospect* t.o Butler. wood. Norwood Statton•ti to ... , Newlin to Catawissa. Darp~•. . . Paradise Valley to Strouds-, Plttock• to McKees Rock . Prospectvllle• to Ambler. Prosperity• to Washington. New London• (Chester Co.) Nos ·nile to. Mills. pa1:~~~-to Mifflinburg. ~m:~rl1~:tfo t~iiiPe':i~~~~ille Providence Square* to Colto West Grove. Nottingham n to Ox!o rd · Pardoe•t. •♦ to Mercer. Plainfield• to Carlisle. legevllle. , N wrytown • to Avonmore. 0 Newtonshurg* to Export. Noxen• Tl to T~nkbannock. Par lu • to Reynoldsville. Plain Grovet to Slippery Pueblo* to Brook ille. Pu~htown to Pottstown. New Mahontng to Lehigh-• Nuantola* 0 ·antlcoke. Parts to Burgettstown. Rock. Pulasld*H to W.! liddleimx. ton Numldia • to Catawissa. Parke• to Stewa.rtstown. Pumo to Slippery Rock. Newrrianstown•t to Worn-I 'u. line* to ,Rural \ alley. Parkerford•t to Spring City PlainsH to Parsons clsllorr Nuremburg•t to Hazleton. Parkersglen •ti to Port Jer- Plalnsvllle • t to Wilkes- Purcell to E\ erett. Purchase Line to Cherry Newruan~vme• to Tionesta. Nyesvllle to Cha.mbersburg, Pa~~~rN·,ition to Parkers }>l~ttl;~ok to :;\lalvern. , Tree. New Mayvllle• to New Landirrn;. Platea•t:i to Girard. Puritan• to Portage. N Bethlehem. Oakbottom to Quarryville. Parkers\ ille*t to W. Chest- Pleasant Corners (Carbon Putncyvlllet to New Beth• ew Millport• to Cunvens- Oakbrook to Reading. lehem. er. Co,) to Leighton. N~~11 f;aris* to Schellburg. Oakford to Bristol. Parkland to Langhorne. Pleasant Corner (Lehigh Pyrra to Ford Oity. Nowirn,rk*1- to Stewart:-' oakforest to Wayn~burg. Parkpluce*t:l: to • lahanoyl co.) to New Tripoli. 1 "' Oak Grove to Ligomer. City. Peasant Gav• to Bellefonte t t to Mahanoy town. Oak hall Station• :t to Center Pli{ti{t,* to Risin"' Quakake• City. Newport (Lawrence Co.) to Oa~athn to Oxford. Parryvl!le•ti to Lehighton. Pleasanthall* to Shippem;- Queen*tl to <':laysburg. Queen'Junctlon*Hto Butler Wampum. Qnkland to Tew Bethlehem Parvin to l\lill Hall. hur"'. Newport (Luzerne Co.) to :kland Cro s Road· to Passer• to Coopersburg. Pleasant Mount•t to Car- Queenstown• to Bast Brady 0 •;~VJ>ort. Quentin to Lebanon. ·antlcoke. PassmorP to Boyertown. bondale. 1 Newportv111e• to Brtstol. -"-'" p hi ill t GI C Pl a t ·I * t M C Quicks Bend to Wyalusing. l'rovldence*t::: to Oakland Mma• to Mi.ffl.ln· a~~ll.nsv e o . en amp;1ei1/lli~~~e o c on-, Quincy•:t N ew to Waynesboro. Nilu~lrhvmilloend to Towntown. I Patter ont to .\1:if:llln. Pleasantrun to Pennsburg.' Oak Lane•+to Phlladelphla.. Pattonville to Lansdowne. ' Ne~!llii.lnggo!d>++ to Tama- Oakleaf to Shickshinny. I Paulton* to Apollo. Pleasant Valley• (Buck's Raccoonl to Burgettstown. r• Oak Ridge• to • Tew Beth- Pavia* to Claysburg. Co.) to Quakertown. Radnor• tl to Wayne. Neqwuray.• to llollidaysbura. l •bem Pawlingt to Phrenixville. Pleasant Valley (Westmore- Ra.hns Station to College.. : • t £to Pbren!xvllle. Paxlnos• ti to Shamokin. land Co.) to .Manor. ville. New Salem(Armstrong Co.) 0 akks ~tation*t to Pltts- PaxonsCorner@ to Lambert- Pleasantview* (Juniata Rallroad•t to Shrewsbury. 0 ab "h to ·mv llethlehem. ville, • T. J. Co.l to Port Royal. Rainsburg• to Bedfora. N,:wnSheffiel • to Wood· kt°!Ji~w* to Clifton Heights Paxtanir• to Harrlsburir. Pleasantville (Berks Co.) H.alpbton* to Stoyestown. 0 a me•t to ewvllle. N • Paxton*t to Mlllersburi. to Boyertown. Ramey•tt to Houtzdale. 1 N::s~~~~ign~lt~t\1;,gt/!un,- 8~!rtsk* to schwenkvllle. Paxt•mv1lle * :t to ~Iiddle- P1eas1mtv1lle*(Venang0Co.) Rarnsaytown*:t to Brook• wood burg. to Tltusvllle. ville, New Texas (Allegheny Co.) Oberun•t to Steelton. Peach Bottom (Lancaster Plowvllle to Birdsboro. Randolph" to Townville. to Verona. Obold to Bernville. Co.):t to Port Deposit, Plum to Titusville. Rankinti to Braddock N Od tb 1 to Portage ld. Plumer to OU Olty, Ranshaw* to Shamokin ew Texas (Lehigh Co.) to odf1~\/couderspon: Peach Bottomt (York Co.) Plumrun* to Hancock, Md. Ransom*t to Pittston • Ne~entown. Ogdent to Chester. to Delta.. Plumsteadvllle• to Doyles-1 Rathmel• to ReynoldsvUle ltew on to Scranton. t Ogdensburg • to Canton. Peak to Indiana. town. Ratt111:an to Chicora. • 0 ~~~~~~~~~t~ug:H_!!na~ Plunketts Creek to Muncy. Raubensttne to Ran~ver. 1-gi~n~~-t_o_n~•-t_i__~ 0~gl~e~to~l\~J~ar~e::.:·--~----.;;:P-=e-=d-=o:r-:a.;--:t:::o-::E~x~p~o,r~. , county seat. ". loney Order Office. t Telegraph Station. t Express Office. REFERENCE KEY •  eola to Stroudsburg. Nescopeck•H to Berwick. Nesha.mlny• to Hatboro. Neshannock to \Vest .l\liddlesex. Neshannock Falls• to New Wilmln~ton . Nettle Hill to Cameron ,\. Va. Nettleton* to Ebensburg. Neville bland to Pittsburgh Novilt,on to Ooraopoli., New Atbens to Rimer:sburg, New Baltimore* to Scbellburp;, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  I  ~:t:;J :i~ ~:g/i~r't  ~!g;1~1~ •, tc1~~1~,na.  t:~~sR8~:ot~  I Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2048  PE  ENNSYL VANIA  1  ~  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  PENNSYLVANIA  ---  Rockdale lDelaware Co.), , Salnt Cloud to Washington Sa.Int Johns• to Hazleton. to .i: Iedia. l~!~~~e\O t~op~[f;~: R°ii!i~;;o~~ehlgb Co.) to l Rockey to Red Lion. St. Michael* to South Fork. Rockglen•tt to Hazleton. , Saint Nlcbolas•r:t to Maba.noy City. Rockhlll(Bucks Co.) to SellRi~tb.Wie. (Lancaster Co.) ~!itict'j;::!Js~~:~ir~';11· 1 Foxburg. to Mlllersvllle. Rockhill Furnace•t to Salem (Clarion Co.), to Emlenton. Orbisonia. Salem (Snyder Co.) to Rockland~ to Emlenton. Sellnsrrove. Rockledge to !-'ox Chase Salem Church to Carlisle. (Philadelphia). Salem City to Oil City. Rockport• to Weatherly. Salemville• to • · ew EnterRocksvUle to Langhorne. prise. Rockton•t to Dubois. Saltordvllle• to Schwenkvllle. Rockville to Danielsville. Salina ('Venango Co.) to Oil Hockygrovet to Franklin. City. Rodfleltl* to Finleyville. Rodi* to Wll lnsburg. (Westmoreland Sallna*rt Roelots•r:t to Yardley. Co.) to Avonmore. Rogers Mills to ConnellsSalisbury• (Lancaster Co.) ville. to Gap. Rogerstown to Connellsville' Robe;uf'rrg11v_ me• to Waynes- SaE11skburLylc(kS.omerset Co.) to  R u vme•t to Ea ton. R&\lchtown• to JerseyShore R uscbs to Tamaqua. venrun•t to Shena.ndoa a.vine• to Pine Grove. Ra.wllnavme• to Quarry-. vllle. Raymllton•u to Sandy Lake. Raymond• to Coudersport. Ray Hill to Everett. to Hickory. R  Sevenstars:t to Gettysburg. Seventy Six to Woodlawn.  ~!t~t  Shadegap•:t to Orbisonia. Shadeland• r :t to Spring- , boro. Shade Valley• to Illalrs Mllls. Shg~Jfe':ove•t to GreenShaft•; to Shenandoah.  Shatt~n ! to Irwin. Shamokin Dam• to SunRebuck* to Herndon. bury. Rector• to Llitonler. Shamrock Statlon•tt to Redbank*H to East Brady. Allentown. Redclyffe to :Marienville. Shanesvllle• to Boyertown. Red Cross• to R erndon. Shanksville* to Somerset. Redfern to Dubois. Shannondale to SummerRed Hill*H to Pennsburg. ville. Redlngton•tt to Easton. Redland to Littlestown. Sharon Center• to Shingle Redman Mills* to Rays. House. Red Ravent to Oak.lllont. . haronhill*tt to Dnrby. j Red Rock* to Bradford to Hancock, Md. Sharpe · 1 Shartlesvme• to Hamburi. Redrun to Denver. Shavertown* to Luzerne. Reed to Indiana. Shawanese• to Dallas. Reeder to Lambertvllle,N.J. 1 1 Shawmut*tt to Drock,,·ayReeders•t:t to Stroudsburg. ville. Reedsgap* to Mifflintown. Rohrerstown•t:t to Lan- , Sallx•t to South Fork. Salladasbur1r to Jereey Shawnee-on-Delaware• to caster. Retton• to Strasburg. Stroudsburii:. Shore. Register* to Shickshinny. Rohrsburg• to Benton. 8hawrtlle* to Clearfleltl. Salona•f to Mill Hall. Rehrersburir• to Womels- Roler to York. Shay to Ford City. to Orbisonia. Saltillo Rolfet; to Johnsonburg. dort. Sbazen to Cherry Tree. Salunga• to Landlsvllle. Reidenbachs Store to New Ronoo•t to Masontown. Saluvia* to McConnellsburg Ronks•u to lntercounc. Holland :3heakleyville* to Bandy Rootvllle to Unlon City. Reidsburg• to Cla.rlon. · Lake. Sanatoira • t to Pottstown. Rellly* to Wilkinsburg Shearer" Oross Roads to Sandbeach to Hershey. Rose Budt to Coalport. · Leechburg. Sandiford to Philadelphia. Reiner City to Tower City. Rosecrans• to Loganton. sa3~le:atch•tt to Meyers- 1 ~~:~!«;:eig* ~~rt:f¾!n~~~k. R~g,;~_on • to Williams-. Ro§~!~~~t to Kennett Shelly•tt to Quake1town. Sandts Eddy to Easton. Relnholds Sta.tlon•U to Roseglen to Duncannon. Shcllytown* to WilliamsRosemont*H to Bryn.viawr Sandy Creekt to Verona. Denver. burg. Rose Point• to New Castle. Sandy Ridge•t.t to Osceola Relstvllle to Myerstown. Shelocta •ti to Indiana. Mills. Roseto* to Banizor. Reitz• to Hooversville. Sandy Run•tt to Freeland Shenango•tt to Greenville. Roseville to Mansfield. Reta.Ii to York. ~~:r~Jtti°le~n~~fn. Sa~gl~s.Xif~ey•t to Rey- Sh*to Meehan~=~l~n~nJ~~iS~t~t~: 1 to Hazleton. Rosslyn Farms to C'arne11:ie. Sarah (Huntingdon Co.) Sheppton••r+ Rendham• to Old Forg-e. (Lebanon Co.) Sherida.n•r•• to Huntingdon. to Plumville. Rossmoyne't Rentrew•t:t to + to Export. Sardis City. to Ford Rosston•t Carnegie. to Butler. Rennerdale* to Womelsdorf. Rossvllle• to Dlllsburg. Reno•t:t to on City. Sheridan (Schuylklll Co.) Sarver*l to Freeport. Renton to Parnassus. to Wllllamstown. Sassamansville• to BoyerRothsvllle• to Lititz. Renwick* to Darby. Sherman• to Deposit, N; Y. 1 town. Rough and Ready• to AshRetort to Osceola Mills. ew Sherma.ns Dale• to Satterfleldt to Dushore. Jana. Bloomfield. • Revere• {Bucks co.) to Roundhlll to East Berlin. Saucona• to Coopersburg. to LlnesSaulsburg• to Petersburg. Shermansville Round Top to Well'3boro. Frenchtown, N. J. vllle. Sa.Tille• to New BloomReveret (Fayette Co.l to Rousevllle*!t to OU Clty. ~~:~~~u~• ~~t~fhni~f Rob~r~1:"11le• to Waynes- Sa~~i- City to Bradford. Uniontown. Saxman* to Cherry Tree Rowenna • to Marietta. Revloc to Ebensburg. Shlliln Rew•t to Bradford gton• to Reading. • Saxonburg• to Butler. Rowland•tt to Hawley. Reward to Newport. Shlmervllle• to Emaus. RR oxxlb)uurryy•t toBSehrilpm·p_ensburir. Saybrook• to Sheffield. Rexmont• to Lebanon. 0 0 ~~~~g1~~;,~~Vi:tfd'fa1:nd. Sai~~;furg*U to Pen Roy to Spring Grove. Reyburn to Shickshinny. Shll'e Oaks to :.\ionongahela l!~gt~:!ii!t{~:ai1!;.s- Royalton• to Middletown. Scandia• to Warren. to Oakdale. Shirland Bird■boro to :.\.!Ills* Scarlets Wllllamsburr. to Royer• burg. Shirleysburg• t to OrbisoSchadts to Allentown Rheems•tt to Elizabeth· I Shr:;:f''\,orks to Fairchance. Scheih to Lykens. Ruble t? Smltbfteld. town. Schenley to Freeport Ruchsv1lle to Oopla.y. Rhone*t to Nanticoke. I Shoenersvllle to Catasauqua. • RRuudtrycr•eteok Stch'!;.,eanykn-v1eslble.:rg. Schnecks,ille-+ to ·AllenRiboldtt to Evans City. 1 + 0 •• Rlbot to Petersburg. 1 Sho.hola fl to Port Jervis, town. Ruffs Dale*t to Scottdale. Riceville• to Unlon City. Schocksl\Iillsto:\-Iarietta. Sh~lioYa Falls• to PortJerRichardsvme• to Brook- Rumllla to Telford. vls r Y Schoeneck• to Denver. Rummel• to wind ber. ville. Shoring• to. rederlcktown. R~~j!fleld•tt to To- Schoenertown to Easton. m~tbi'¾m: Shoustown ! t to Ambridge. Schoter to Topton. Rundell to Conneautville choffners Corners to Brock Showers* to Clarion. • , * I Shunk• to canton. wayville. Richhill (Washington Co.) Runvm: t to Belle.o?-te, Shy Beaver• to Saxton. Schubert to Womelsdorf. Rl~i1~l6~:ier•to Quaker- Rupert tt to OataWISsa.  I  Slzerv1Ue•t1 to Emporium. Skinners Eddy- to Laceyville. Sklooack• to Collei.t"evllle. Slab to Delta. Slahtown to Catawissa. SlatedaJe• to Slatington. ~l!i:~oJ~· t~o :6~1~~nd. Slate Lick to Freeport. Slaterun•Uto Jersey Shore ' lick, ille to A vonmore. Slocum to Nanticoke. Smicksburiz•t to Dayton. Smithdale• to '"' utersvflle. Smlthmlll o Coalport. Smlths Ferry* 't 1 to East Liverpool. Ohio. Smiths Station*ttoBanover Smlthvllle• to Quarryv1lle. Smock•t:t to Brownsville. Smokerun•tt to Madera.. Smoketown to Bird In Hand. Smullton• to Mlllheim.  I  •n  I  I  Smysers Station to Seven Valleys. Snedekervllle• to Troy. Snyders• to Tamaqua. Snyctersburg*t to Frybure;. Snydersville (Lehigh Oo,} to Allentown. Snydcrsvllle• (Monroe Co.) to Stroudsburg. Snydertown•tt to Sunbury. Sobert to Mlllbeim. Soldier• to Sykesvllle. Solebury• to Lambertvllle. N. J. Somertonr:t to PhlladelSo~~!town•t to Hug-hesvllle. Sonman• to Portage. Sonora to Butler. Soudersburg• to Lancaster Sog~~~~pton•tt to Hats. Auburn to ~Ieshoppen. , s._•oouutthh BB'c:tnhdle•hteomAtpooBlloet·hle • h Sou!~· Brownsv 111 e. to Brownsville South Burgettstown. to Burgettstown. s. Canaan* to Lake Ariel. South Connellsv 111 e• t to Connellsvllle South Eastonti to Easton.  I  I  I  J  :i -c:::i..ig:::m.  Rl~i~dtown•i to Quaker., . town. Richmond*! (Northampton Co.), to Belvidere, N. J. Rlchmondale to ForestCity. Richmond Furnace•t to Mercersburg. Rlddlesburg•:t to Hopewell Rlddles Cross Roads to Tarentum. • Ridge to Perkasie. Ridgebury to Elmira, N. Y. Ridgewood to Parsons. Rife to Mlllersburg. Rlleyvllle to Honesdale. Rlllton • to Irwin. Rlmer• t to Klttannin&', Rlnely to Glen Rock. Ring-dale to Dushore. Ringgold* to Summerville. Rlslnitsun to Slatlngton. Riverside• 't to Danvlile. Rlvertont to Lemoyne. River Viewt to Monongahela. RWord• to Eldred. Roadside to Waynesboro. Roaring l3ranch"tt to Ralston. Roaring Creek• to Cata,wissa. Robbins Station•t to McKeespori;. Robertsdale•tt to Saxton. Robesonta•tt to Womelsdorf. Robinson• to Bolivar. R oblnsonvllle to Everett. Rochester Mms•t to Marlon Center. Rook•r:t to Pine_ G:o~  :~i5~rcl~!/~t--l~~iell~on.' Rush• to Montrose. Rushboro• to Meshoppen. Rushland•tt t<' Newtown. Rushvllle• to Montrose. Russen•rt to Warren. Russell City to Kane. Ru!IBellvllle* to Oxtord. Rutan to Waynesburi,t. Rutherford Heights to Harrisburg. Rutland• to Mansfield. Rutledire• to Swarthmore. Ryde• to McVeytown. Rye to Red Lion. Ryersons Station to Cameron, "'· Va. Ryot to Bedtora.  Sabbath Rest to Bellwood. Sablnsvllle•t1 to Westfield. Sabula.*t:t to Dubois. Sackett• to Kane. Sacramento* to Va 1leyview. Sadsburyville* to Parkesbu~. Saegersville• to New Tripoll Sate Harbor•t.t to Mllleravl1Ie. Sagamore•tt to Plumvllle.  ~:f~~~w~ t~h~~~..o~'ig~· Saint Au1t11stlne to Patton. SalntBenedict•tto Spangler Saint Bonifacius* to Patton! Salnt Charles• to New Bethlehem. S~:,_Olairsville• to Bedford.  REFERENCE KE Y.  ,county ·eat.  .. Gib. on* to Hop Bottom. s. Hatfield* to ~ouderton. •. Heights*U to Woodlawn. . B;10~,1.litage* to Honey s. Lan"'borne•to Langhorne s. Montro. e*t to Montrose. So. l\lountain to Waynes-boro. S. Oil Cityt to Oil City. outh Sharontt to Farrell S. ~·terling* to Lake Ariel. •. ,varren to Le Ha:vsville. s. )Va;erlyt to "·averly. Southwest• Moun1 to Pleasant. . . Whitehall to Allentown Spangsvllle to Boyertown.  Sebring to Blossburiz. Secane• t to Swarthmore. Sedan to ·watsontown. ~~~~;vrt~ t¥-idil~~~-urg. , Seelyville• to Hone8dale. Seemsvllle to Bath. ~ciberllngville to .. ew Tripoll. Sefdersville*t to South Bethlehem. Seioles to Allentown. ·eJp to Easton. Selpstown to Kutztown. Selsholtzville to Pennaburg. Seltzland•:t to Glen Rock. Selea* to Orbisonia.  Speecevllle to Harrisburg. Speers• to Belle Vernon. Slddonsburg• to Mecban- Spinnerstown• to Quaker• !csburg. town. Sit~~g Hlll* to Hancock, Soonlng Hlll to Ml\nbelm. Spot1:0vood to Honey Brook. 'id, to Barnesboro. Spraggs* to Waynesburg. Sidman•: to south Fork. East to Spragueville Sidney• to ahaffey. Stroudshuri ·11 to 1~ 11 t · Punxsu• Mllls•to Sprankle 8 }!ff;fevJ•tt to Ne~~~~Ptawney. ton. Springbrook• to Moscow. Sigel• to Brookvllle. Spring Church* to Apollo. Siglervllle to Lewistown. Sigmund to Allentown. S prlng Crcek*tf to Corry. Sigsbee to Iasontown. Sprlnget to York. Springfield (Bradford Co.) Siles to Larumorne. to Troy. Sllvara to Wyalusln!?'. Silvercreek •r to Pottsv1lle. pringflcld (Fayette Co.) to Uonnell ville. Silverdale* to Perk&! ie. Sprlngfleld (~ 'orthumbcrSllvermills to Everett. land Co.) to 'hamoldnSilver pring* to .Mountville. (Lackawanna Spring Garden to Watson· Simpson • town. Co.) to Carbondale. Spring Glen• to Williarns· town. pringhope• to Schellburg. Simpson (McKean Co.) Sprlng Hou e• to Ambler. Smethport. 81 mt> son St at 1on p~~c&en~1lltt to ConsbOBrownsville. Springmount * t :t to Slng;ton• to Phlllpsburg. 1 Sinking Sprlnir•t: to ReadSp~fuh~~~vi °n1a1rs J. nus. ini,t. Slnnamahonlng•tt to Em- prlngs to Elk Lick. Springtown • to Quaker· porium. town. Sln11heimt to Hanover.  ~~~:Jott ~e:i1!im!J hem. Seneca.• to OU Clty. Sensenig to Terre Hlll. Sergeant to Kane. Season to Wyalusing. ~ i n t s to unbury.  Sipes Mlll*to McConnells- Springvale *l to Red Lion, burg. Sprtng Valley (Bucks co.l Sitka to Dunbar. to Doylestown. Slttler• to Lehl1hton. Siverly to Oil O1ty. • ix. file Run* to Hope ell. SprtngvUle <Buck• co.) to Doyl town. SJ.x Roads to Bedford.  Schultzvllle* to Scranton. Schuyler• to Turbotville. ~~~~~~~~8 \~ lfe~~~!~ville. Sciota• to Stroudsburg. Scotch Hlll • to Clarion. .'cotiatt to State College. b Cl s tl d"l iam ersto cgu:: Scotrun• to Stroudsburg, Scottville to Bristol. Scrubgrasst to Cllnton me scullton• to Rockwood~ Scyoc to Port Hoyal. Seal to West Chester. Seanor• to Hollsopple. Sea.rights to Uniontown.  I  I  \[oner Order Ofllce.  t Telegraph  ·r t1 n.  lliue.  s s s  s s s s  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  PENNSYLVANIA  Summit Station• to Pottsville. Sumneytown • to Green ~~~~~:filfl!t;~,c?rff~rgyal. Lane. Sunbeam to Chambersburg. Spry to York. Squaretop to Clarks Sum- Sunderllnvme• to Westfield Sunnyburn•t to Delta. mit. Stahl~town• to Ligonier. Sunset to Washington. Staley to York. Supertor•t to Derry. Stalker• to .tlonesdale. Suplee•t: to Honey Brook. Standard to Allentov.n. Surveyor* to Clearfield. to Standing Stone• tt Suttonscreek to Pittston. Towanda. Swales to liffintown. Swam to Eagt Berlin. Stanton• to Brookville. Swanvllle•tt to Erle. Starford *:t to Clymer. Starjunction*:t to Perryop- Swa.rts to Waynesburg. Swartzvllle to Denver. olis. Starllght•tt to Hancock, Swatara Station•UtoHun>.melstown. N. Y. Swed eland• t :t to N orrlsStn.rners*U t,o Carlislo. town. Starr to Tlone~ta. Starrucra • ttosusquehanna. Sweden Valley to CoudersStarview to Mount Wolf. Stateline* to Hagerstown, svfe~r;- Valley• to Shickshinny. Md. Stauffer• to Mount Pleas- Sweugel* to • liffilnbur~. Sw!Itwater• to ant. Steamburg to Conneaut- Swoyers to Luzerne Sybertsville* to Hazleton. ville. Sycamore• t to Waynesburg Steelvtlle* to Christiana Stein burl!*to Ouakertowu. Sy~an to J3rid!!'evillll. Steinsville*to New 'l'ripoil. Sylvan• to Mercersourg. Stembersvllle to Lehighton. Sylvania• to Troy. Stemton to Northampton. Syner to Palmyra. Stenger to Shippensburg. Sterling* to Moscow. St~[~1::i~ Run• t t to Empo- Tablerock*:t to (,ett) _burg Tatton• i;o Hawley. Sterner to Hanover. Talmage• to Brownstown. Sterrettanla to Girard. Sterretts Gap t,o urlisle. 1 :f!::.t~~/~~nffe°riovo. 0 ~~:~:~:~¥}e~ 0t ot~~~:i,~own.l Tanguy* to Wet Chester. Stevens Point• to Susque- Tankt to Berwick. Tanners Falls to Honesdale. hanna. Stevensville• to Wyalusing. Tannersvme•t to Stroudsburg. Stewartsville (Indiana. Co.) Tanoma to Indiana. to 1 ndiana. Stewartsvillot ("'est.more- Tarrs•tt to Mount Pleasant 'l'urrtown to lrittannlng. land Uo.) to Irwin. Tatamy• t:t to Nazareth. Tatesvil!c to Evorott. Stier to Portland. Taxvllle to York. Stlles•t to Coplay to Oxford. Taylorla* Stillwater• :t to Benton. 'l'aylorstowu*t! to ClaysStlltz to Glen Rock. Stines Corner to New TripTatf~~sville*I to Yardley. oli. 'l'aylorville to Clymer. 8tockdale* to Roscoe. Stockertown•tt to Easton. Teeplevllle to t:ambridge Springs. Stockton•t to Hazleton. Stodda.rtsvllle to Whlte Tellar to Union City. Temple•rt to Re~dtng . . Haven. Stonechurcb *t to Bangor. •rempleton•r:tto li_lttannmg 1'enutile to \Vashrngton .. Stonedale to Sewickley. Stonehenge to Cbambers- •renmile Bottom* to 011 buru:. Te?~~fe•t to Homestead. Stone House to Indiana. Terrytown to \Vyalu tni;. Stonerstown to Saxton. Thatcher to Quakertown. Stoncrsville to Rea.dtug. Thomas: to Finleyville. Stonetown to Reading. Thoma.sdalet to ·omerfteld. Stonington t to Sunbury. Thomas Mill· to HollsStonybrookt to York.  Sproul* to Olaysburg. Sprucecreek• t :t to Tyrone.  I  I  Th0J;g~~vme• u to York. Stonvcreek to Berlin. Su Que• .. t Stonycreek r lill * to Read-I o 'Thompson 1 .. ing. 1  11 1  r-  ~!g~;:roi>~i~i1 "~0e ;, ~~1~ctts- -r1~!;~1~) ~ryt to W. Ohc ter. Thorndale"t:t to Dowo!ngh.urg. town. 'tony Run• to ttamourg. Thornhurst, to ScranLOn. Stoopville to Newtown. Stormstown• to Bellefonte. Thornton• to We t Chester. Stormvllle to Strouctshur~. Tl11cc Tuns* to Ambler. Stottsvllle to Parkesburg. Stouchsourir• to Womels- Thurlow+ to Che ter. Well Tlatiaghton• t :t to tlOl'O. St~i:bstownt to Newville. Tidal* to Brady StovC'rstown to 'ork. to Homer City. 'l'idedale Stowe•tt to Pottstown. Tilden to York. Strafford•t to Wayne. Tillie* to <,ettysburg. Strahrht•t to Johnsonburi:. 'l'hne to vVaynesburg. Strattonvme•t to Clarlon. Tinicum• to Frenchtown. Strause to Reading. Strawberry Ridge" to Tur- Tl~n1J·t to Sheffield. . botville. Tippecanoe* to Brownsville 'tra vbridget to llughcs- Tloton*t •ryr•m«;:. to vill . Tlrzah to Forest City. 1'ivoli* to I!uc;hOI \ille. Strawn* to Addison. Str!ckersvULe• to Newark, Tohyhanna•tt to K Stroudstrnr2:. to Huntingdon. stfi~~town to Mount Wolf Todd* Tohlckov* to Perka te. Strobleton • to Frytmrit. to Shr wsbury. Tolna• Strode:; • Ulls to Len istown. •rompldnsvllle to Jermyn. tron·•"town* to l mliana. Tomstown to Wayne boro Struthersrt to Warren. Stucla. t•> Avella. do• t to Young. ville. Sturg:eon•t to McDonal<l. Torp Toughlrnnamon•tHo AvonSturgls to Union City. Sturtevant to TltusvUle. hinny. to Suedberlt'" rt to Pine (irove. Towuline to luckshlnny. Sugar <'roek tn F'ranklin. racy to Albion. Suitarhlll to P,rockway ,me 'L to Honei dale. Su ar La.kc to Cochranton. Tracyvllle Tralle City• to PunxsutawSu\rttrloaf* to Hazleton. ney. to A uley Suv,ar ~ otch to Doyle t-0 Sugar Run• to \Vyalusln1Z. Tradesvllle incrH to Oh tor. Sulphur Sprlngs*to Hedtorcl Tr to Sharp ville. fer•+! n , 11 ummerhUI •t t to South Trappe• to Colle e,;me. Porl. Pie sant. Unlto Tra.ugef•: mmlt* (Oambrla Co.) to Cr II on. SI i:rtrted. tt Tr~1chlers• SummltU (Cra \'ford Co.) Tre cko v• to to Hazleton. , to ConneauLville. tntlon. Unity to •stll• Tr Summit City (Venango Co.) 'J'r ve kvntl to Cecil. to Clintonville. \'ummlt HUR to Meyer dale Trevose• 1 t to Langhorne.  T~~;!:tm•  iOll•  co.> .) to  R  ER Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  C~ l(EY.  f:ick  A Count·  e t.  Van Meter* to Smithton. Trexler* to Hamburg. Wattsl.>urg* t.o -Cni n City. Trexlertown•n to Allen- Van Ormer to Coalport. Waukesha to ;\.1a.haf1'e '· Vanport*t to Beaver. town. Waverly*t to .l.l'actorYVtlle. Van Voorhis* to .lYiononga- Wawa•t:t to Media. Trlmllls to Benton. bela. Trtndle Spring- to MeWaymart•U to Carbond~e Vanwert to Mifflintown. chantcsourg. Waynesvlllet to Halifax. Varden* to Lake ArioL Trooper* to Norristown. Venango•tt to Cambridge Weaverland to Terre HUI. Troui;hcreek* to Saxton. Springs. Troutrun*t::: to ·wntiamsWeavers Old Standt to Venetla•t to Ftnleyvllle. port. Youngwood. Venice to Hickory. Troutvme• to Sykesville. to C tasauWeaversvllle• Ventland• to Madera. Trowbrldget to Elmira, qua. Venus• to Shippenv1lle. • •. Y. to McConMllla• Webster Vera. cruz•u to Allentown. Trox.elvllle• to Beaver nellsbur1t. Verdllla to Selinsgrove. Springs. Verne to ReedsvUle. Trucksville* to Luzerne. Wehr to Tamaqua. Vernfteld • to Souderton. rruemans• to Sbetfield. Trulttsburg to New Bethle- Vernon* to Tunkhannock. Wehrum*t:t to Ebensburg. Versaillest:t to .:VlcK port. Weida.avllle to Slatington. hem. Trumbauersville• tn Quak- Vestaburg* to Fredericks- V'tetgh Sea.Jes to Shamokin. Weiglestown to York:. town. ertow1,1. Weikert• to Mlffllnburg. Trunkeyvil!e to Tidioute.. Vetera to Spanl!ler. Weisel* to Perkasie. V1aduct•t to Wlnburne. Trust to Gettysburg. Welsenburg• to Kutztown. Tryonville•"t :t to T1tusvUle. Vian to Hummelstown, Welshample to Ashland. Viet to New Holland. Tuckertontt to Reading, Tullytown•rt to Bristol. 1 Vlcksburi•t to Miminburg. Weisstown to Montgomery. Tulpehocken• to Womels- Victor to Philipsburg. Video to Cameron, W. Va. Welcome Lake* to Honeedorr. dale. Vilas to Jersey 8hore. TunnelhUL• to Gallitzin. Weldbank to \Varren. Tunnelton•tt to S1tltsburg. Village Green to. fedia. Weldon• to Jenklutown. Turkey City*!t,o Emlenton. Vincent to Spring City. Wellersburg• to Moun\ Turnersville to Jame,town. Vinco to Conemaugh. Savage, Md. Vlnemont•tt to Readtnit. Turniphole to Foxburg. Wells to Elmira, N.Y. Turnptke•t to Shrewsbury. Vintage• to Gap, Turtlepolnt• to Port Alle- Vlntondale*ttto Eben11bur1t "\VeJ!sburg to Albion. Virginia Mills* to Fairfield. Wellscreek• to Somerset. gany. Tuscarora• ft to Tamaqua Virginia. Station to West Wells Tannery• to Hopewell. Middlesex. TusseyvUle* to Center Hall Vlrginvme•tt to Ha.mburv;. WelRh Htll* to Forest City. Twlnoaks to Chester. Twin Rockstt to Ebensburg Voganville"'to New llolland Welshrun to Mercershurg. \Velty to Pleasant Unity. Two Taverns to Littlestown Vose to Meshoppen. Vowlnckel•tt to Marlen-, Wendel* to Irwin. Tyler*tt to Dubois. Wenks to Gettysburg. ville. fylerda.let to \Vashlne:ton Werlcys Corner to New TrlVrooman to Titusville. Tyler Hill• to Honesdale. poli. Tylersburg• ft to Fry burg. Wertz* to Williamsburg. Tylersburg Statton to Cla.WertzvUle to Mecnanics, Waddle•t to Bellefonte. rlon. burg. Tylersport• to Sellersville. Wade* to Pottsvllle. Wescosv1Ue• to Allentown. Wagner• to Lewistown. TylersvUle• to Loganton. W~t~:town•n to Coates- Weskit to Kittanning. , Tyre* to Midway. Wakefield* to Quarryvllle. Wesley• to Grove City. W. Auburn* to Laceyville. Walberts to Allentown. UdelU to Youngwood. Walk Chalk to Kittanning. West Bangor• to Delta. Uhlerstown • to r'rench- Walkers West Belle Vernon to Belle t-oCarneg-ie Mills*! town. N. J. Vernon. , 'nlkertown to California. Uhlersvllle to Easton. 11 0 Uledl• to Unlonto,vn. 1foei~~nfirook. ~~st!w:'l~~\ t~ei;J;~eUndercli.ff to Etna. hem. Phillpsto Wallaceton•tt Unicorn to Quarryville. West Dlngha.m•tttoUly sea burg. Untondale•r:t to ForestClty Wallacevtlle West Branch to l\Iedta. to Titusville. Union Deposit• to Huru- Waller Bridgewater* West Benton. to to melsto rn. Rochester. Wa.lllngford • tt to Media.. to Union Furnace•tt to Brownsvllle•t West "\Villia1m;port. to \Vallisrun* Tyrone. Brownsville. Wallopshurg to Plumville. Union Grove* to New Hol- \Vall West Burlington to Troy. Hose to Arnhridgo. land. West Clifford to Forest City \Vallsvllle to ~cranton. 1 W. Decatur* to J>hilipslmrg Walnut• to Mifflintown. Walnut Bottom• to New- \\". Duhlin to l\fcCounellsburg. vllle. Unionville (Beaver Co.) \Yalnuthill to Uniontown. 'i.Vest Earl to Brownstown. to Rochester. Elizabeth*tto 1rnzabeth ·w. Slatingto Walnutport*t:t Unionvillet (Berks Co.) to West End to Schellburg. ton. Pottstown. Fairfield to Bolivar. West Johnstown. to Walsall• Unionville (Butler Co.) to \Valston•t to Punxsutaw- "'· Fairview*-t to IlarrisButler. hurg. ney. Unlonvmett \Center Co.) Walters to Easton. \Ve:t 1•'inley* to ~lay:-vllle. to Bellofont . to Union- Westford•t to Jamestown. United• t to Pleasant Unity Waltersburi•tt West lJ rallklin to Canton. town. Unlty,111e• to Mlllvllle. 'i.Valters Park• to WernersUnlveNa.l* to Verone.. vllle. West Freedom to Parkers Upland• t t to Chester. \Valtonvme •to HummelsLandini:. Upper Bern to Hamburg. W. Greenwood to Meadville town. Eddy• to Wanamaker.;*t:t Upper to New W. llambur..,. to Hamburg. MllCord, N. J. Ve t Hanover• to Palmyra Tripoli. Upper Darby•t to LansW. Hickory*t::: to Tionesta. downe. Wana.mie•t to NaI!t1coke. West Homestead to llomesUpper Hillvillet to E.Bradyl Wanneta• to Albion. , t.eacl. Upper Lehlith•tt to Free- Wapwallopen•u to Ber- Westland* to Hickory. land. wick. '\Ve t Lebanon to Saltsburg. Upper Mauch Chunkt o '\Varble to Port Royal. West Leesport• to Reading. Mauch Chunk. \\T. Lei enring* to Union,var<l* to ~-ferlia. Upper Mlddletow.n • to Warlord. burit• to Hancock, town. Uniontown. Md. West Lenox to Hop Bottom Upper Mount Bethel to Wa.rmtnster* to Hatboro. W t LilJcrtyt to Slippery Bangor. Warren Center• to uwego, Hod{. Upper Strasbur~• to SblpW. Line* to Mount .Jewett . . Y. peosbur~. Warrendale* to Marti. W. Mana.yunkt to lanaUpton to Greencastle. yunk. Warrensvllle* to WilliamsUr!Ja.n* to Herndon. port. W .. 1idd!ctown* to Avella. Urey* to Glen Campbell. Warren 1'avernt to Malvern Uriah• to Carlisle. \\'arrlngton• to Doylestown West Mill Creek to Erie. Ur lna•r: to Conlluence. 'Warrior Run to A l1ley. We t .1lllville to New wick* to Ha"le~'. Warrlorsmark*:t to Tyrone. t3etblehem. Utabvllle•t:t to Coalport. Warsaw* to Hrockwayvllle. West Monterey• to ParkUttca•t:t to J:o'ranklln. er. Landing. Wnnvick•t to Htrdsboro. Wal!hlnirtonboro•:t to Co- "\\"cstmoort to }{in '-'t,on. lumbia. Westmoreland City*t to \ ·a hing on C"ros iug• to ::vt:anor. Valencia.• t t to 1:ars. Yardley. West Moshannon • t to Valler•u to Punxsutawney Wasblnittun,·llle• t to TurHoutzdale. e'I\ Vnlley Carn Pi -1- to tJotvllle. ,v. ~ a11ticoke*t to ·mti• Ken in1?;tnn. Wassergas to Bethlehem. coke. Valley Forge• rt to Phoew·. Tid1olson to "icholson. nlx.vtlle. Waterfall* to , lcConnell - W'eston•t to Hazleton. Valley Storet to lalvern. bur~. We tov<>r• H to fabatroy. Vallonia to feadvllle. Waterford (Westmoreland \ est Pllrn*t to Galeton. Van*! to Oil City. Co.) to Ligonier. West Pikeland to l'hoonix, an Bure11 to E: t llrarty. Wat,erloo to Blairs Mill. ville. Vance Mllls•:tto nlontown , at, rman to Uomer c•·,v West Plttsburght (AlleVandal to Warron. 'Vaterelde• to Woodbury. ghen~ Co.J to Oraftun. V nder rltt Helghts*T to \' a ter Street• to Peters- West Pitt burgh*tt (Lawrhur••. Va.ndergritt. ence ('o l to Wampum. Vandling• to Forest City. terton* to . bif'k binny. 'e t PittstonH to Pitt~ton. Vane! ·e* to Mllllinto vn. W~t~;J~e• • t to Jersey V. f'oi11t-1<tt to ;vales. V anllla to Greencastle. We t ,ort•t:t to Renovo. V a.nkirk Station to iVa h- Wattersonvllle* to Ea t West Reading• t to Readln Brady. lngtou. W_. Sn.Ii burr*t to Elk Lie:!:_ • Ion Order Otllce. Tele~nph Station. t L pr •ss Orr ce.  I I  ;:u:c~ ~  "1  I Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2050  ~~N  ., RHODE IS'D  . n!on to Vayuesburg. W. iew~ to Pittsburgh. Westvme•to Brockwayville W. m<' nt to Phoonixville. W. rren to ~ ichols.N. Y. e t \, 'hlteland • to Downingtown. W. Wlllow*H to Lancaster. , . ,\ lnfleld*t to Freeport.j Wetmore*t to Kaue. Wetoua to Troy. Wexford*t to .viars. V.eyant. to Claysburg. \Vhurton*H to Austin. Wheatlan,I*t! to Farrell. Wheat Sheaf to Trenton, N. J. Wheelervme• U to Canton.  I  SOUTH CAROLIN A  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINT  Winton*tt to Jessup. Wiota to pring Gro~ e. ireton*t (Allegheny C'o., to Ambridge. "'Ireton (Westmoreland (' . to i Iones,-en. Wirsing to Fairchance, Wlshaw• to Reynoldsville Wismer• to Doylestown. Wlstar to Renovo. Wlstle* to • fount Union. Wltrner•tt to Lancaster. Wittenberg to Meyer!ldale Wolfsburg•tt to Bedford. • Wolfs Store* to Millheim.  Ashton•tt to Pawtucket. Auburntt to Providence. Barrmgton*t! to War.en. Bellvlllut (Washington Co.) to Wickforcl. BerkleyU: to Pawtucket. Block lsland*ttto Newport Bradtor<i*t to Westerly. Bridgeton• to Pascoag.  Canonchet•tto Elope Valley Carolina.• t to Hope Valley Centerdale*tlto Providence Wooclblne*t to Delta. Centervillet to Arct.ic. Woodbourne•tt to Lang- Central Fall •ttol'awturket horne. Charlestown* to Wake!leld. Woodcock• to Cambridge Sprlngs. Chepacbet• to Pa.. coag. Woocidale to cottdale. Clayville* to Phenix. Woodhill to ~ewtown. 1 Conlmlcut*ttto Providence Woodland•tt to Clearfield <'ovcutry•tt to -:Arctic. Woodlyn•tt t:, Chester <;owesett•1to E. Greenwich. Woodmont•rt to Hatboro., Oran ·tonU to Provid nee. <'rompton*t to Arctic. Whltaker•t to Homestead. Woodrow* to Hickory. Cumberland HUit to WoonWhlt,e to Scottdale. Woodslrle* to Yardley. socket. White Bear to Birdsboro. White Calvin to Bethlehem. Woouvme•tt ' Carnegie. White Carbon to Bethle- Woodward• to Iillheim. Woolrich• to Lock Haven. 1 Davlsvllle•t to East Greenhem. wich. Whltf'deer•rt to Watson- Worcester• to NorthWales. Worlevtown to Greencastle., Diamond Hill" to Pawtown. tucket. White HaU (Adams Co.) to Littlestown. 1 Wormleysburg*t to HarrisWhite Hall (Allegbeny Co.) W~~;iiigton• to Klttan-1 East Providence* t to Provto <'astle Shannon. nlng. idence. White Hall (MltIUn Co.) to 1 Worthville* to Summerville Erlgewooat to Providence., Belleville. I Wortzvllle to Falrfleld. White Hall* <Montour Co.) Woxall* to Schwenkville. Escobeag*to Norwich.Conn. to . luncy. Wrights• to Port Alleghany Exeter• to Wlcktord. Whitehorse* to ::\falvern. Wrightstown* to Newtown.1 Whiteley• to Carmichaels. Whitemarsh to Jenkintown., Wurtemburgt to Ellwood Flskeville•t to Phenix. · White .l\lills*tt to HonesCity. j dale. 1* to West Newton. Whiteoak! (Lancaster Co.) 1 Wycombe• t to Doyles- Foster Center• to Danielto Manheim. town. son. Conn. Whrtepine* to Williamsport Wyla.ndvllle•ttto WashingWhite Rock*! to Oxford. ton. ' Whitesburg• to Kittanning. Wyncote•t to Jenkintown.• Georglavllle• 1 to Greenville Whiles Corners to West- "\Vyndruoort to Chestnut Glendale*l to Slater.1vllle. Greene• t t to Arctic. l•'erry to Tunhan-: W~~i•fthi!·Towanda. Greystone*t to Proviaence. nock. Wbitesprings to :.\1iffllnburg. Hamilton• to Wlckford. WhlLestownt to Prospect. Yarnell* to Bellefonte. I Harmony• to Greenville. Whites \'alley* to Hones- Yates to Pittston. Harris t to Phenix. dale. Yatesboro•t to Rural Valley Harri ville•tt to Pascoag. Whitrord*H to Downing- Yeadon•t to Lansdowne. Ilillsirrove*t.t to Providence town. Y ea.gertown • to Lewistown. Hope•tt to Phenix. Whitford Station to Down- Yellow Creek• to Hopewell. Hopkinton• to Ashaway. ingtown. Yellow House• to Boyer- Howard •tt to Provlrlence. Whitney• t to Latrobe. town. Hoxle•t to Providence. Whitsett• to Perryopolis. ~~~~~;d;~oi~eg&~~~boro. I Huirbesdale to Providence. Wick* to Harrisville. Wickl>oro to Kittanning. Yoe*tt to Red Lion. Wlckhaven* to Perryopolis. Island Park*to Fall River, Wlconl~co•t to Lykens. YoJm!~any•t to Suters.Masi;. 1 Wldnoon• to Rimersburg. Wigton• to Phillipsburg. Yorkana. to Wrlghtsvllle. Wlla* to Newport. York New Salem• to York., Jamestown*tt to Newport. Wlla.wana.•tt to Waverly. N. Y. York Run to Fairchance. 1 Wilburton• to Mt. Carmel. Youngdalett to LockHaven Kenyon•ti to Kingston. Wlldwood•t:t to Mars. Youngs to Bath. Knigh~villet to Providence Wildwood prlngs to Youngstown• to Latrobe. Cresson. Younts to Bedford. Lafayette• t t.o \'\ lckford. Wllgus• to Glen Campbell. l,akewoocl! to Providence. Willet to Indiana. Llllerty to Wlckfurd. William Penn• to Consho- Zehner• to White Haven. Lime Hock to Pawtucket. hocken. Zenltn* to Berwick. Little Compton•t to Fall Williams• t t to Hyndman. Zerbe* to Tremont. Hlver. tass. Williams Grovet (Clearfield Ziegler to East Berlin. Longmeadow* t : to PrmiCo.) to Philipsburg. Zieglervllle • to ~chwenkd ence. Williams Grove* (Cumbervllle. Lonsdale*tt to Pawtucket. land Co.) to Mechanics- Zimmerman to Somerset. Lymans,illet to Providence burg. Zion• to Belletonte. Wllllamson • t t <Franklin Zionhill*t to Quakertown. Co.J to Chambersbure:. Zion Grove* to Mahanoy MantonH to Providence. 1 Manvllle•ttro 'Woonsocket. Wtll\a.m Valley to .JohnsCity. town. • Zions View to York. I Ma.plevme• to Pasr-oag. Wl11ock* t to Hays. Zionsville• t! to Emaus. latunuck to Waketleld. Zollar·ville to Scenery Rm. Melville•tt to • ewport. Willow Grove <Columbia Zora. to Emmitsburg, Md. • i h ntlcutt to ProviCo., to Berwick. Zucksvllle to Easton. dence. Wlllowgrove*H (Montgom- Zullinger* to Waynesboro. _ llddletowntt to ... .,.ewport. ery Oo.) to Hatboro. Willowhlll* to Chambe.rshurg. •asonvllle•tt to Slatervllle Willem striwL* to Tiancastcr. .Nattck*t t to Phenix Wllrnorc•tt to Portage. Nooscneck HIii to Arctic. WIimot to Wyalusln~. North Scituate• to GrecnWllpen* to Lilronler. vllle. i .,.Orth Tiverton to Full Wimrners*tt to Lake Ariel. RHODE ISLA~D Wind Fall to Canton. River, :--.1as . Windham to Owego, .'. Y. orwood • t t to Providence.  I  I  Quldnlcktt to Arctic. Bla.trs• 1 t to Carltste. Quonocl.tontaug to We. terly Blaney• t to Camden Blenheim to Bennettsville. Blooming Yale t,o Andrews River Polnt*t t to Phenix. Bloomvlllel to Manning. Rockland• to Phenix. Bio om to Scranton. Rockville• to Hope Valley. THue Brick to Latta. Rumford• t to Providence. Bluffton• to Beaufort. Blythewood• U to lticlgeway. Sakonnet• to Fall River, Boillng Springs to Sparta.nburir. !ass. Saunderstown• to Wlcktord. Sayle'3vllle* to Pawtucket. Bookman• to Columbia. Bordea.ux*t to llcConnlck. Shannock•: to Westerly. "ihawomet•t to Provlclence. Borden* t Hagood. Bowling Gr n• to Clover. ~locum•tt to Wlcktord. So.Foster to Danielson.Conn Boykln• t! to Camden. S. Portsmouth to ... ·ewport. Bradley to 'l'rny. South Scituate• to Phenix. Breezewood* to Troy. Stlllwater*f to Greenvllle . Brlgbtsville to Gibson. Summlt• H to Arctic. Brogdon• to Sumter. Brownlee* to Abbeville. Tarklln•t to Slater!!vllle. Brown ville i to Hennettsvllle. Thornton*t to Providence. Tiverton• U to Fall River. Brushy Creek to Easley !\.lass. Tiverton Four Cornera• to Buck.Dort• to Conway, Bucksvllle to Conway. Fa.11 River, Mass. Burldern illl' to AIIPntlale. Bullock creek,., to Sharon. Usquepaugb • to Kingston Bur~ess* to Conway. Bunon•t to Beaufort. Uu. It to Ellentou. Valley Falls *U to Pawtucket. Wallum Lak~! to Pascoag. Warwtck•t to Providence. Vashlngton • t:t to Arctic. Wat,:l.t Rilltt to \Ve.<;tcrly. West Barrtngton•tttoWarren.  ;~~~;;~~~tia~l~;~~.1c~~: I West Gloucester to Putnam, Conn.  wff~~~  West Kingston• to Klni:ston. White Rock to Westerly. Wood River Junction• t to Hope Valley. Woodvlllet to Hope Valley. Wyoming• to Hope Valley  I  I  Wlndbam Center to ichok Abbott Run*tto Pawtucket T y Adamsville• to Fall River, Wiu;1or{1* to '.\Tountville lass. Wind Ridge• to Cameron. Alblon"t! to ·woonsockct. llendale to Providence. Wlndsor•t o Red Lion. Allenton• to Wick!ord. Wlnctsor Castle to Hamburg Alton• to Hope Valley. Winlleld • t t to Lewisburg. Antbony•r .t to Arctic. Apponaug•tto East GreenWingate to Bellefonte. wich. W ingerton to Waynesboro. Arcadia• to Hope Valley.• Win!!low• 1 to flll?' Hun. Arkwrlghtlt to Phenlx. Wtnterdale * to Hancock. Arlington to Provicten<'e. N.Y. Arnolds Mllls•tt to PawWlnterstown to Hed Lion. tucket. Wlntersvllle to Myerstown Ashlan<l* to Phenix. REFERENCE KEY.  ,county  eat.  OU'fll CAROLh'A  Adamsbur~• to Union Adarnsrun* to Oha.rle ton. Adi !ant to Conway. Alcolu • t t to .Manning. Alcot to BlRbopvllle. Allen to Conway, Allshrook*t to 1,oris. l\'in* to 't. Stt>phens. Anl?elus•t to Jelferson. Antioch to Camden. Appleton•t to Allendale. Arcadia to partanburg. Arlnnight to • artanburg. Arlington• to Greer. Armenia to Chester. A!lbury to Jone ville. sher,,,ot to \1alt rb ro. Aqhley Junctlo n to Charle ton. Atkin.* to . in ·c yiJle. Atlanticvllle•tto Charleston Austin to Laurens. Autun*t to Penoleton. Avon to Alack tock. Awen.daw • to , 1cClellan• vm~. Badham• to St. George. BaTdock• to Allendl\le. Ballentine• to Columbia. l3annorkrmrn* to f-'lorence Bark. dal *t to l,aurP-ns. Barnes:t !Anderson Co.) Lownrle!!vllle . Barr*l to Lexln~ton.  Barton•tt!Barnweu Co.) to AllendRle. Bn. cornvillP*t to Che ter. Batesvlllf' to Greer. Bath•rt to Ausni-;ta. Ga. Dattlecreok to tmln ter Oakland•t to Pl\!lcoae:. Haner (Lexington Co., to Oaklancl Rellch* tt to East Date burir Greenwich. Bayboro*t to Lori . Oak Lawn• !to Providence Beech 1 lnndt to Augusta. Ga.. Pawtuxctt to Pro,·idence. Belfast to Clinton. Peact> Dal *tt to \ 'akefleld 131 l\·cderc t • '. ugusta. Perry vl\le to Wa.keflelct. Benson to K lni,rstree. Pbllllp dalet to Providence. orPoint JullitbT to Nnrraga.n- Ilethern* to • 1onck ett Pier n r Bingham• I to Latta. Pont1ac* l to Phenix. Portsmouth •t to. ·ewport. Blsnop to Spartanbu~. Potter Hill• to A haway. Blacks to Ridge_ Sprln~. lon y < rder Office.  t Tel  graph  tati n.  Calhoun• ti to Pendleton. Callison• to Greenwood. Cambridge to Ninety Six. Camp Ridge to Cades. Ca.mptont to Inman. Car to DIilon. Cartersville * t to 1'im• moo ville. Carvers tlay to Georgetown. Cash~ Depot• to Cheraw. Cashvllle to Woodniff. a*tt to Camden. Catawba• to Rocir Hill. Cat ecl..Jee*t to • ·orris. Oauseyi to J<'airbluff, N. 0. Ca.VP:- to AIIPndale. Ca.yce*tt to Columbia.. Cedar Grove to Fountain Inn. Cedar Spring• to SpartanburgChancller to Belton. Cheddar to \Vllllamstou. Cherokee• to Spartanburg. Cherokee Fans• to Blacksburg. Chick Sorlngs* to Taylor. ( hit·ora to 1 l01wks C'orner. Choppee* to Geor1oetown. Clarks Hlll*t! to Augusta, Ga. Claussen• to Florence. Clea.rwa.ter1 f to Augusta. Ga. Clement to Charleston. Cleora* to Edt?cllelcl. Cleveland <GreenvHle Oo.) to Tra.veller·s Hest. Clydet to Hart ville. Cohen Bluff to Hampton. Colteshury• to HodtrC!>. Cold Polntt to Laurens.  ggi1{~tiiM~ol ~'v!\>[~~11t~ro.  Colllers• to I~dgetleld.  Collins to Lnnci ·ter. Congaree•tt to (.;olumhla. Connorst to Holly Hill. Cool Spring*! to Conway. Cooper* to llemiu,.wav. Coo.awhatchte•t to tlea.u-  ton  Cop I nd to Lamar . or I • ville* to , 1oncks ·orncr. Corrlova•ti to Oranl!elrnrii. Cornwell"! to Blnckstoci..  Dacu vtllf"* to Ensley. Dal • to Beauron. D lzell•tt to Sumter. Dant1:le>r to Holly Hill. Daufu. k1e to ;:-,avanuab.Ga. Davis tatlon~1 to surn· mer on. Da klns*1 to Winnsboro. Dean vro Ing to Green\Ule. ~  E pre  ffiee,  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  SOUTH CAROLINA  '>.  Macbeth* to l\.Ionks Comer J>iuopolis* to Moncks Cor- Sto.k:esbndge to Blshot:':vlUe Ma.dden:t to Lauren/II, ner. Storcville to Iva. lvl!Ldison*tt to·, 'estminster Plantersville• to George- Stra.wberr~ • to .. 'Ion :ks Corner. town. Ia~olla to Lynchburg. Pleasant to Rldl,';ewa:,Ma.Jors to Liberty, Strotber•:t to Carllsle. Mallory•tt to Lll.ita. Pleasaot {HIit to Beath Sunnydale to Pickens. Spring. Iappus to Charle ton. Swltzer•:t to Wooarua .Marietta* to Tra, ellers Plt'aKant. Lane• to Ediretteld Sycamore•rt to Falrtax. Hest. Ponpont to Charleston Syracuse to Darlln~ton. Marlboro to Bennettsvllle. Pontiac t,o Columbia. · Marsblutr• t t to Florence. Port Royal*tt to Beaufort. Hobbysvme• to Woodruff. Marslrnll to ( 'olnrnl)ia. Po ·tont to John on ville. Ma.rttn•t to Allendale. Poverty Hill to Augusta Dunvegan to Georgetown. Homewood% to Conway. Ga. IIoneyhiU* to • lcClellan- ~lartins Point* to CharlesDupont to Leesvllle. ton. ~!P~~h!io~ n~l~e!o Easley villu. Power to O"·ings. Dy·on*t to. inety Six Mauldln*tt to GreenvUle. Hopklns•t: to Columbia. Pregnall • t t to St. Georire. Tama!lsee•0 to Walhalla. ~aynard to Easley. Prescott to Edgefield. Horatio* to Hagoou. .Mayo*tt to Spartanburg. Princeton• to Honea Path. Tarborot to Estill, Horrell to C;c,lumbla. Prioleau* to Holly Hill Horry to Conway. Taxahaw• to Kershaw. Kad~ town* to St. Stephen. Hor e Pond* to Charle:,;ton. McConnellsvllle• to York- Prltchardvllle• to Savan- Ten Mlle:t to Charleston. nab, Ga. vllle. JI1}1\ cllton to Uken Earle"'t to Aiken. The l•'arrns* to Charleston. Meeting Street to ,Johnston.' Privateer to ~umtcr I Early Branch•: to HampTnlekety* t to Ga!Jnl'y. Progress to Greer. · 7'leggett to Chal'leston. Hudson to Florence. ton. Thomas• to AllenciaJti. Merlwether*t to Au~sta,, Providence• to Sumter. Huger to • Ionks Corner. Ehenezer*t to Florence. Huntersvllle to Slrup1$0D• I~~lio~~orretown Eden to Graycourt. M~r~itts Bridge to Aiken. Purysburg to 1-lavnnna.h. ville. Edgewold• to Columbia. Meyers Mill* to Barnwell. Ed~moor• ft to Rock Hlll. Hyman* to Scranton. to Greer. Tlg-ervllle• Michael to Loris. Edisto Island* to Cho.rl ·. Tlllman•tt to Estill. Mlddendort*t t to Cheraw. ton. Rains to I\lulll11 ·. Tindal*t to Sumter. Edmuud•tt to Lexington. Haoley to Owings. Tlrzab*t to Yorkville. Midland Park to Summer- Ravenels•tt to Ohnrleston 1 Toddvllle Efflngham•tt to .Fiorence. Irene to Lexington. • to Conway. vllle. 0 0 Raymond* to Ora.nv;eburg. Toney Creek• to Belton Mldway•:t to Bamber1. t~ Ekom to Laurens. Red Point to Carlisle. Tradesvllle to Lancaster. Brunson. to Miley Red Top to Cnarleston. Eldorado to Loris. Ml~lettvme• to Barnwell. Elko• t 1 to Williston Reidville* to Dunean. Trough• to Sp,-rtanlJurg. Mims to .13atesburoEmbree to Branchville. Rembert*H to Hagood. .Jacksou*tt (Aiken Co.) to i\1inturn:t to Dillon'. ~~~~:ut: ~u:ft8:~~nbur1. Renno• to Clinton. Ellenton. i~f!~~ri!~• ia~g~~:lcston. Rhems* to Andrews. Tuten to Fairfax. Jackson (Richland Co.) to Modoc•t:t to Parksvllle. Epworth• to Ninety-Six. Richlmrg*tt to Chester. Tylersvllle to Laurena. Monie to Blackville. Columbia.. Hichland*t:t to 'eneca. Etheridge to Leesvllle. Jacksonuoro•n to Uharles- Mont Clare• :t to Darling- Rileys t.o Hodges. Eulonla • to Marton. ton. ton. Eureka• t to Alken. Rlmlnl • to Pinewood. 1 Monterey to Abbeville Jacobs• to Columbia. Rion• to Winnsboro Ulmen• t:t to Fairfax. Montlcello to Winnsboro. Jalaoa to Newberry. Rltter•t to Walterboro James Island f to Charles- Montmoren~l•tt to Alken. River Falls to 'l'ravellers Moore•t to SpartanhurR". ton. l{est. to Au1rusta.. Ga. Riverside• rLanea.ster Co.) Yan<'e*t to Eutawville. Falrtorest•i to Spartan- Jamestown* to St .. tephcn. Morgana* • Torris to Ba1·11well. J amlson • t to Oranienurg. to La nca.ster. burg. Van Wyck•t to Waxhaw Andrews. to ~1orrisville* Jedburg•t to Summerville. Riverview to Traveller~ Fairmont* to Duncan. N. C. ~loss to Edgefield, Hest Fair Play• to Westminster. Varntown to Walterboro. Charles-to t Moultrlevllle• Winnsboro. to Jenklnsvme• Fairview to r'ountaln Inn. tlto Graniteville Vaucluee• ton. Jennings to Winnsboro. Robhins*t:t to Barnwell. Fechtlg*tt to Hampton. Velma to Johnston. Robertsvllle to Estill. Ferguson*H to ~utawville. Jennys to Fairfax. VerderY•tt to Greenwood. Walto Rest* Mountain Rock to Pickens. Fette1·essiit to Cha!'leston. .Jo,•a:·see* to Wa.Uia.lla. Vina. to Oonwr,.y. halla. Johns !sland*tt to CharlesRockton•n to Winnsboro. \ ox* to llt'miogway. to Gallagher Mount l'tocKywell to Lexington. ton. Filbert• to Clover. Laurens. Rodman•t to Chester. Flngervllle• to Spartan- Jordan•t to Summerton. fount Holly*t:t Moncks Roebuck•tt to SpartanJordanvllle to Conway. burg. Corner. burg. Floyd Da.let to Dillon. W to Anderson. Mount Pleasant • t to Rome* to Hemingway. Foreston•t to GreeleyvUle Walkersville to Greenville Charleston. Roeela.ndl to Alken. Forney to Conway Wallacevllle•t to Columbia Mount 'l' bor• to Union. Round• to Walterboro. Fort Fremom; to Beaufort.I Kalb• to Camden. Wampee• to Conway. WHling to Bates-- HunnymedP to Charleston Wando• Kathwood•t to Au~sta, ~fount Fort Hill to Pendleton. to Charle11ton burg. Rushville to Troy. Ga. Fort Lawn•tt to Lancaster. ring to t-1-runtou. · \Va Mouzons* to Klnttstree. Rus;;ellville* t,o St. Stephmu;• Fort Ma11lson to wen- Keaton* to Abbeville. to Graoi~ W!tfl~~ville*tt Chapoells. to Mudllc Kelton• to Jonesvllle minster. i 1 ullethal* t.o Oharleston. Keroper•t to Marlon. Fortner to Pickens. Warrs Crossing to Andrew,. 1 Estlll. to MulUga.n Keowee to Seneca. Fowler* to Kingstree. Wateree• to Fort Motte. Sajnt Charle,;*H to ·umter. Fox to Bateshurg. Murrells Inlet to George-J 8arnt Helena Island to Wattst to Abbeville. Kllllan•tt to Columbia. Franklin to Edgefield. Mills• to Georp town. Clinton. to I<inards*tl fort. Bean Frankville to Pelzer. Myer•• to Charleston. Kings to Central. Saint PauJ•tt to SummerFrogmore• to Beaufort. Con-I to Beach•1·: Myrtle Blacksto Creek•tt Kings ton. Weatherehee to Barnwell. Fruit Hill* to Johnston. 1 Sl\lem• to Wl\lh&lla. way. bure:. Wed11:eO.eld"ft to Sumter Fudges to La.ncll.6ter. J""in~ville*t:t to Fort :\1otte. Sall·ahat<-hie*t to Water- Weeks• to St, Georire. • I1 horn. Kirksey• to Greenwood. \V •imer to Hampton. Kitchings Mills* to Alken. Ba.f~:~~ Depot* to Kings-1 Weston• to Columhla. ~ebo to Marion. Knob to Pickens. West Sprlnrs to Jonesville. 1 Nelson to Winnsboro. Samaria• t to Leesvllle Kollock•tt to Cheraw. Gable to Olanta. Westvllle•t to Kershaw. Sampit* to Andrews. · , esmith* to Hemingway. I Gadsden•t to Columbia. Sandover to McCormick Newcut to Lancaster. I GalnPs• to Greenwood. Wb\te Hall•:t to Walterboro .Newma.rket*lto Greenwood Sandridg-e to Holly l!ill Gallvants Ferry* to :Marton White Oak • t t to Wlnn&Sandy Flat to Taylors. · j Larlics Island to neau fort. New Prosoect to Inman Gantt to Greenville. boro. Sandy llun• to Columbia. ' Ladsou•tt to Summen·ille.j • ewry• to Seneca. Oarnett•tt to Estill. White Pond• t to Wlllleton. New Zion• to Olanta. Lando• to Che ter. Gaston•:t to Swansea. White Rock• 1 to Chapin. :McClellanville. to Santee* Neyles to Walterboro. Laneys to Chara, . Glt!ord*t to Hampton. White Stone*tt to Spartan• Santuck•tt to Carlisle. to Nimmons to Pickens. Statlon• t Lanford burg. Sardlnlat to Mannln11:. Nix to 'l'ravellers Rest. Enoree. Gllllsonvllle• to Hampton. Whitney• to Spartanburc. Johnsonville. to Savage* Glvhanst to Summerville. Lan~ley•tt to Graniteville. Nlxonvllle* to (;onway. to Walterboro. Wiggins* Sawyeraale to North. Wilkins* to Beaufort. Glendale*t to Spartanbur~. La.time.- to Lowntl villo. Scarboro to Sumter. to Bloll:or, Wllklnsvme• I Glenn SprlniS• to Soartan- Laurel to Georgetown. Olar. to Schofield* Lawtonville t.o E:,t.lll. burg. eabrook• t to Beaufort. I to Chester. O~k~~-;:e:-~epot* t-0 foncks, Sedalia• Glymphvllle to Newtierry. Union. to Leeds•t to Chester. to Ehrhardt Gold ville• rt to Clinton. Soiglingville to ~-\llendale. Wllllams•t Oau to Klnirstree. Wllson*t to Mannlnit. Goose Creek to Summervllle Lees*t to Blackvllle. Selvem tt to Wagener. Oa1.way to \'\. estmlnster. Lena*tt t-o g till. Gordon to Hemingway. Sellere•tt to Latta. Oltatle to Savannah. Ga. Leo* to Lake City. Winona to Florence. Goucher to Gaffney. Septus to Pendleton. Oldpo\n t to Rock H1li. Lesslic*t to J'ockhlll. Wlsacky•tt to Bishopville. ough t,o :\1011cl·s C'orncr. Old Townt to Chappell■. Bennettsville. to Lestert \Volft,on to Orangctmrg. Gourdin tt to St. 't,cplll'llS. Level Land• to Due wrst. Ora•t to Laurens. Sheldon•t to Beaufort. oodrord • t:t to N ortn. Govan•t to Otar. Shell* (Horry Co.) to Con- W Orun1* to Flon•nee. Chester. to Turnout• Lewis' to Blackstock \lvoodward•t way. Gowensvllle to Inman. O'born* to Cha!'le~ton. \Vren* to Monks Corner. Lynchburg. to Shiloh* C N. \Vax.haw, to Osceola• Wyses Ferry to Prosperity. Gmhamville to Ridgeland. Llbert;y H\U • to Heatb IJswcgo•t to Sumter. Sh_o ~~- Junction•tt to DouSpriU$!:S. Gray to Hampton. 1 Outland to Hemingway. Grays Hill to Beaufort. S~Jver• U to Summerton. Owdoms* to Johnston. Rest. qf~i~ellers tf~at1o , Greenland to Barnwell. 11 verstreet*t to ew berry. Yawhanna.h to Georgetown ::,mallwood to l'id!?eway Green Pond•tt to Walter• t~:c~1~0vrrf~~ga.SUmmervWe Youges lsland*t:t to Smithhot :.> t t,o .;\I ullins. · boro. Cl.J.a.rlcston. -bon to < olumllfa. Green Se"'• to Tabor, N. C. Li Smiths • Iii! * to JollnsonLakeview. to lill P~es ·ortb. Livingston•!! t.o ville. Gre.sham•t to ~larion. Pa.lmerville* to ,indrews. Grover• to St. George. Sr1ll_ms 'l'urnout• to Rock Palmettot to Darllnirton. Lobccott to Beaufort. Paris to Greenville. to Greenville. Zlon*t to Marlon. Smith ville to I' mbert. GGuesst to l\.fount Locust Paris I land t,o lleaufort. Spartanburg. to Lolo urley• to Loris. sxnJ{g:C~ ft to H lo k o r y t to Elloree. Guthrlesvllle•t to Yorkv1lle Lonestar• Charles• to l<'erry* r Pa.rl, Longcreek• to \Valhalla. Snell\n1t•t to Barnwell. ton. I,011.-rridgo to • ummen1lle. Society Hill*tt to DarlingPl\trlcl-,*tt to Cheraw. 1 Longs* to Conway. ton. Pauuue• to Spartanburg. Loniiown• to Ridgeway. to Lynchburg • South Peak"tl to Pro,perlty. Lonoke to Helto~Ila.mer• t 1 to Dillon. Lynchburg. Peedee•tt to .tarlon. Lowryvme•t to cnester Ha.mmond* to Conway. SOUTH DAKOTA Pelham to Greer. Luelle to Florence. Hand* to Conway. Stafford to Estlll. Perry• t t to Salley. Hannah* to John onville. 1 Luc!Lnow•-rt to Bl.!bop\·llle Pet.ersflelu to Hemingway. Stalvey to Conway. Hardeeville• tt to Sa van- Lumber• rt to Darlln~n. ::-teetlman*t to Batesburg. Luray•t to Hampton. nah, Ga. I Stirlln11; to Greenville. Plneland•t to Estlll. Academy• to Platte. 1,ykesland*i to Oolumbfa. Plncvill • to t. 'tephens. Stockman to Prosperity. tl&rvln:t to annlng. Ada* to Chance. J,ynchwood to Iletbune. Haskell to Conway. ___,~tokes• to Walterboro. P~eY to Union. Adela.Ide*! to Conde. H~_Ulet_to Barnwell~ Lyndhur~• to Harn~ • Money Order Office. tTe!egrapl.l Station. t 1-.xprP s 0llke. ,county eat. REFERENCE KEY..  Delmar to Leeiivllle. Dentsvllle• to Columbia. Dongola to Conway. Dorchester*t to St. George Do,•e. ,·me• to Darlington. Oraket to BennettsvUle. Orayton*(Soartanburl? Co.) to Spartanburg. DrummondvUle to \\'oodruff. Dunbar•t: to Clio.  Hawthorn• to Ellenton. 11 yue.t to Spartanburg. Heinemann to Greeleyville. Hendersonvme• to Walterboro. Henr~· t.o Hemingway. Heriot to Rembert. Hester to Calhoun Falls. tlllda*t to Barnwell. Hlltonhead • to Beaufort.  i~~~wri  i }~~~;i~u\  t~r:.1ii'!f11e.  I  I  I  r.  a. a,  .)  I  wr::~:  0  n.  o.  I  I wg~~;~rg  au-  cks rlt, Cli:,  on  on.  I  Ii.a ... sum- Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  I Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  2052  SOUTH DAKOTA  TOWNS ACCESSIBLE TO BANKING POINTS  TENNESSEE  tk  Alf