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Vol. 13 No. 21

Septem ber 10,1984

Des Moines, Iowa

Proxmire W ants Major Banks to Pay
FDIC Premiums on Foreign Deposits
NDER an amendment that Sen. reduced by 3% .”
That story noted that similar re­
William Proxmire (D., Wis.)
says he will introduce today (Sep. ductions would have taken place at a
10) to S. 2851, the nation’s banks dozen other leading banks whose
would have to pay insurance pre­ foreign deposits range from 38% to
miums on deposits they hold in for­ 64% of their total deposits.
Sen. Proxmire’s amendment also
eign branches of their U.S. banks.
That bill is the one sponsored by Se­ would reduce the FD IC’s insurance
nate Banking Committee Chairman premium from one-twelfth of 1% to
Sen. Jake Garn (R., Utah) to bring one-fifteenth of 1%. The effect of
broadened services to the financial this reduction, and including pre­
mium payments on foreign deposits,
The amendment proposed by Sen. would be to keep the total amount of
Proxmire August 9 in the Congres­ premiums paid to the FDIC about
sional Record would actually affect the same, “ while shifting more of
the 22 banks with more than $10 bil­ the cost to the large money-center
lion in deposits, as noted in the Aug­ banks that take in deposits through
ust 13 issue of the N o r t h w e s t e r n their foreign branches,’ ’ Sen. Prox­
B a n k e r Weekly Newsletter. That
mire stated.
Graham Northrup, a congres­
article said the FDIC estimates
those banks would have paid $120 sional liaison for FDIC, said the cor­
million additional yearly in pre­ poration is neutral on the proposed
miums, or a total of $400 million, if amendment, but is concerned that
foreign deposits had been included. attaching the provision to S. 2851,
Presently, those deposits, in effect, which the FDIC supports, could bog
are being protected by the FDIC. down the bill.
A Treasury working group re­
The August 13 article said “ It is es­
timated the highest amount, about sponsible for considering changes in
$28.5 million additional, would be the insurance system also has been
paid by Citibank. It actually paid considering the idea of requiring
about $13.8 million, while 74%, or banks to pay premiums on their for­
$47.7 billion of its total deposits, eign deposits. That group has not
were in foreign deposits. If it had yet made any formal recommenda­
paid FDIC premiums on the entire tions.
The FDIC itself considered re­
deposit base, it is estimated Citi­
bank’s net income would have been commending premium payments on


foreign deposits when it submitted
to Congress last year its study of de­
posit insurance. FDIC said it de­
cided against the proposal because it
would not increase revenue from in­
surance premiums and would be
highly controversial, pitting large
banks against small banks.
The Fed and the Comptroller have
not taken a formal position on Sen.
Proxmire’s proposed amendment,
but indicate they think such a step
should be considered in a review of
the insurance system and not at­
tached to S. 2851.
Sen. Proxmire pointed to the
FDIC rescue plan of Continental
Bank of Chicago as the basis for his
amendment. The Continental relied
heavily on foreign deposits, holding
$16.6 billion at its foreign offices at
the end of 1983, compared to $13.4
billion in domestic deposits the
same date. “ In the end, the principal
beneficiaries of the Continental
rescue program were its foreign de­
positors,’ ’ he said, adding that this
amounts to a “ built-in discrimina­
tion against small banks.’ ’ He said
the money center banks’ advantage
“ will become even worse now that
we have firmly established the pre­
cedent that we will not allow a large
bank to fail.’ ’
Sen. Proxmire estimates that for­
eign office deposits of U.S. banks hit
$247 billion, or about 20% of total
U.S. bank deposits, by the end of
March 31,1984.

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Iowa News
ITS, Inc., Iowa’s bank-owned,
statewide shared electronic transfer
system, recorded another first for
the system when it recorded in A ug­
ust more than 1 million transactions
through the central switch. ITS
President Dale Dooley said 1,026,153
transactions were switched by ITS
in August.
ITS was activated in February,
1977, with 32 banks and recorded a
total of 499 EFT transactions that
month. ITS now has 250 participa­
ting financial institutions including
two in Illinois, one in Missouri, five
in Nebraska and three in South Da­
kota. Also, ITS has 683 shared ter­
minals, including two in Illinois, two
in Missouri, 21 in Nebraska and five



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in South Dakota. In addition to the
million switched transactions in
August, it is estimated that another
three million on-us transactions
went through the 683 ATM s in Aug­
DES MOINES: Herman Kilpper
was appointed president o f the Iowa
World Trade Center Corporation
last week, as announced by John
Ruan, Des Moines businessman. At
the same time, the board of directors
of Bankers Trust, of which Mr.
Ruan is chairman, announced the
naming of John Chrystal as presi­
dent, succeeding Mr. Kilpper. Mr.
Kilpper has been president and chief
executive officer of Bankers Trust
since 1977. Mr. Chrystal, 58, moves
to Bankers Trust from Iowa Savings
Bank, Coon Rapids, where he has
been president since 1960. He
formerly served as president of the
Iowa Bankers Association and Iowa
Superintendent of Banking. Both
men will assume their new duties
October 1.
PERRY: John Halvorson has joined
the staff of Perry State Bank as
cashier. His responsibilities will in­
clude supervision of bank operations
and personnel. Prior to joining the
Perry bank, Mr. Halvorson served
five years as cashier of Norwest
Bank in St. Cloud, Minn.

The Nebraska Bankers Associa­
tion’s 1984 Funds Management
Conference will be held October 2-3
at the Kearney Ramada Inn.
Registration will begin at 8:30
a.m. on the first day, followed at
9:00 by “ Bank Investment Alterna­
tives.” This session will run until
12:00 and feature the following six
bankers: Larry Carlson, vice presi­
dent, Omaha National Bank; Tom
Grove, senior vice president, Pack­
ers National Bank; Dwain Carlson,
vice president and manager, First
National Bank - Lincoln; Ray Otte,
vice president, National Bank of
Commerce; Bob Billmeyer, vice
president, Norwest Bank Omaha,
N.A., and Bill Feser, vice president,
First National Bank - Omaha.
After lunch, John Segerstrom,
Segerstrom & Company, Portland,
Ore., will present “ Asset/Liability
Management & Portfolio Objec­
tives,” which is scheduled to run
from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
The second day of the conference
will start at 8:30 a.m. with “ Call
Bond Options & Hedging Your Port­
folios” by John Labuszewski, Senior
marketing manager, Chicago Board
of Trade. A t 10:00, Neil Balfour, tax
partner in the firm Peat Marwick
Mitchell & Co., Lincoln, and a repre­
sentative from a regulatory agency
will discuss “ Regulations & A c­
counting Changes.”
Following a noon lunch, a panel of
six speakers from throughout the
conference, will address any ques­
tions or concerns that have arisen

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Nebraska News

Town Clock Plaza
Dubuque, Iowa 52001
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Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 9-10-84

Ag Banking Personnel Specialist Linda Heit spends many
hours on the phone checking references and screening
candidates, “ My time is spent saving our clients’ time,”
she says.

Jean Eden looks up from studying ag banking resumes at
AGRIcareers’ Massena, Iowa office. “We don’t use high
pressure sales tactics,” points out Eden.

Ag Bankers Attribute Success in Hiring
to Jean & Linda’s Personalized Service





“ I liked the way Jean Eden pri­
Says Heit, “ Many personnel
marily answered questions when we firms try to serve all interest areas.
called about locating a new ag loan W e’re strictly ag-oriented, and that
man,” remarks Dale Strickland, gives us an edge when it comes to
president o f Hawkeye Bank and meeting tight ‘specifications’ for a
Trust, Centerville, Iowa.
new employee.
“ She didn’t try to tell us what to
“ The result is that our bankdo! Finding someone who fit our clients succeed in obtaining the
specific nitch was her main goal. She right person for the position. If none
and AGRIcareers did it very well.” of our candidates currently on file
The 16-year-old firm has offices in meet the bank-client’s requirements,
the Iowa communities o f New Hamp­ we conduct a specific search.”
ton and Massena. Linda Heit, along
Eden adds, “ Our candidates and
with Eden, are the ag banking per­ resumes are our own, not applicants
sonnel specialists. Heit was the who’ve been bounced around in a
firm’s first employee; Eden has been personnel ‘network’. We promise our
on the staff six years.
candidates confidentiality, and
Both work full-time locating, don’t feel we can maintain this by
screening, and personally interview­ joining a network.”
ing potential bank candidates.
Says Heit, “ The more we know
about what a client wants, the better
job we can do.”
“ When clients call to describe
their needs, we ask for details about
the position, experience required,
and what type of personality charac­
teristics will fit in best at the bank,
(51 5) 3 9 4 - 3 1 4 5
with co-workers and customers.”
NEW HAMPTON, 1A 5 0 6 5 9
Randy Schouten, president o f the
(71 2 )7 7 9 -3 7 4 4
Norwest Bank at M ontevideo,
MASSENA, IA 5 0 8 5 3
Minn., worked with both Heit and
Eden in hiring ag loan rep Brad Hen-
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

See AGRIcareers at...
Look for booth #64.

nig. “ They did a particularly good
job pre-screening job applicants,”
remarks Schouten.
“ So we were able to employ the
kind o f individual we wanted.”
Eden notes that AGRIcareers
places qualified bank personnel at
all levels, including presidents.
“ A verage salaries range from
$25,000 to $45,000. Our clients are
banks that make ag loans; some are
small, family-owned banks and
many are large, multi-bank holding
Bankers attending the Iowa
Bankers Association Convention at
the Marriott Hotel in Des Moines
Sept. 16-18 can meet Linda and Jean
at the AGRIcareers booth, number

Personnel Specialists Serving America’s Ag Lenders

Our candidates have been thoroughly screened, referenced, and in most cases, personally interviewed and evaluated by
us. This information is passed on to you, w ith the candidate’s permission and prior knowledge...Our clients depend on us
IBJ-1 JR. AG OFFICER— Has much to offer: over 1 yr. in
officer training program of $100MM ag bank, including
rotation through all depts. & hands on exper. in all func­
tions o f bank. Summer internship with FLB, teacher's asst,
o f AGNET computer system, and ag marketing class.
Excellent appearance. Open on relocation. B.S. Ag Honors
(3.9/4.0 GPA) Age 23. $17,000. Call Jean.
accounting officer and regional auditor for major bank
holding company, and 2 yrs. previous w ith CPA firm.
Strong ag business background. B.S. Accounting. Married.
Age 31. IA. $28,000. Call Jean.
IBJ-3 PRESIDENT—Over 20 yrs. exper. in ag banks,
including cashier, E.V.P. and president. Current expertise
in working w ith problem loans, developing profitable
o p e ra tio n s , and tra in in g lo a n p e rs o n n e l. Very
professional. B.A. Bus. Admin. Married. Age 52. $50,000.
Call Jean.
IBJ-4 AG LENDER— Bank and PCA experience! Now PCA
Br. Mgr. (since office opened in 1981). Loan quality rated
the best in area. He rated at top on recent performance
review. Also has mgmt. experience in Savings & Loan, and
worked his way through college as bkpr/customer svc. rep
in bank for 2 yrs. Strong in both ag and consumer loans,
and operations. A driving individual w ith an analytical
mind. Farm raised. BS/BA Management/Finance. Married.
Age 30. $28,000 + . Call Jean.
IBJ-5 AG LOAN OFFICER— Now County Supervisor; with
FHA over 2 yrs. Responsible for over $26MM in loans in
very depressed area. Wants to leave government lending
for bank position. Very personable and professional,
active in church and community. Married. B.S. Farm Op.
from ISU w ith 3.64 GPA. Age 24. IA. $22,000. Call Jean.
ratings are consistently rated as very good w ith current
employer who says, “ He’s very intelligent, creative, inno­
vative, good delegator and a positive thinker. I have no
hesitation to recommend him.” Eight years w ith PCA, six
as administrative vice president, on the loan review
committee and tw o years as loan officer. B.S. Agri/Education (double major). Married. Lives IA. Age: 35. $35,000.
Call Linda.
IBL-7 AG BANKER—Wants to return to career in ag bank­
ing w ith a bank of $65MM on up in size. Currently involved
in farming (crops and livestock). Close to seven years in
correspondent banking fo r a $200MM + + bank along with
appraising and farm management experience. Receives
outstanding reference w ith a very high recommendation.
B.S. Business Adm inistration. Married. Age: 39. Lives IA.
$27,000 + . Call Linda.
says, “ He does an outstanding job...strong analytical
skills...meticulous...self motivator...a real gentleman. A
bank would be lucky to have him on s ta ff!” Analyzes ex­
amination reports and monitors condition o f banks in dis­
tric t for the Federal Reserve Bank. BBA Business Finance.
Single. Age: 47. $38-40,000. Call Linda.
IBL-9 AG LOAN OFFICER—Two years ag lending experi­
ence w ith long term lender. Available due to limited career
opportunities. Farm raised. B.S. Ag Economics. 3.2/4.0
grade point. Single. Age: 24. Lives IA. $22-24,000. Call
IBL-10 AG LENDER— Experience includes ag lending, RE
and installm ent loans along w ith being insurance agent
for a $10MM bank the past eight years. Strengths include
loan analysis, projection and documentation. Licensed in
all lines of insurance. Self taught computer operator. B.S.
Sales & Marketing. 3.3/4.0. Married. Age: 45. Lives MN.
$30,000 + . Call Linda.
IBL-11 VP— Diversified lending skills which include four
years in long term area and currently tw o years in short
term lending w ith the farm credit system. Responsible for
$6-7MM in ag loans, life and crop insurance and compu­
terized record keeping system. Experienced in workout
situations. Wants more diversification to banking opera­
tions and management. B.S. Ag Economics. GPA 3.2/4.0).
Married. Age: 28. Lives IA. $25-30,000. Call Linda.
IBL-12 CEO/EVP— Fifteen plus years of overall ag banking
experience which includes ag lending (has good loan
judgement), trust management and fam iliar w ith setting
up and implementing new bank policies using computers.
Reference says this ag banker has a strong farm clientele
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

...a TOUGH com petitor in the banking field. Community in­
volved. Degreed. Married. Age: 45. $35,000 + . Call Linda.
IBL-13 AVP/VP—When asked On a reference regarding this
candidate the reference said, “ Put it this way, if we had an
opening for him - we would hire him .” Currently w ith
$16MM bank as loan o fficer and responsible for loan port­
fo lio of $10MM which includes ag (Ag Credit Corp.-$2MM),
Real Estate, Installment, consumer and commercial loans.
B.S. Ag Economics. GPA 3.00/4.00. Married. Age: 26. Lives
MN. $25,000 + . Call Linda.

Never a Fee From an Employee
If you have been considering a change, now is an excellent time
while the demand for qualified ag lending candidates is especial­
ly strong. As a third party, we can offer confidentiality required by
the applicant. Your information is confidential and will not be
devulged to a prospective employer without your approval. Either
Linda or Jean would be happy to discuss what kind of exciting
career opportunities might be available for a person with your ex­
IB-1 #2/$35MM BANK— In charge of entire loan portfolio
and supervise s ta ff of four loan officers. Requires 7 years
bank lending expr. w ith commercial lending exposure.
MN. $30-35,000.
IB-2 COMM. LOAN OFF—Commercial lending and some
cross over activity in other loan areas. 1-2 yrs. direct com­
mercial expr. MN. Mid $20,000’s.
IB-3 OPERATIONS VP—Supervise 20-25 people in opera­
tions. Strong operations background required and data
processing exposure. IA. $30,000 + .

IBJ-14 AG BANKING—Offers nine years loan experience,
including tw o years w ith a bank. Currently managing two
branch offices in Farm Credit System w ith $15 m illion
loans. Trained and supervising loan officers and clerical
staff. Exceptional references: “ Gets the job done right...
good to work for, and with...lots of drive...a polished and
sophisticated man, yet able to put farmers at ease.” Col­
lege degree. Married. Age: 35. Lives IA. $36,000 + . Call

IB-4 AG DEPT. HEAD— needed in $70MM central Iowa
bank. Requires 10 yrs. experience in Iowa bank, B.S. in
Agriculture, and a bility to handle over $10MM ag loans.

IBJ-15 AG LOAN OFFICER—Three years ag banking ex­
perience in lending (ag, commercial and consumer), opera­
tions and insurance. Reference says, “ Mature and depen­ him something once and turn him loose...
does the job right...well trained.” Helped w ith conversion
to in-house digital computer system. Ag Banking gradu­
ate. Single. Age: 24. Lives SD. $25,000. Call Jean.

IB-6 V.P.—$80 m illion bank in E. Iowa. pop. 10,000. Promis­
ing advancement opportunity. Requires 3-8 years current
bank ag lending experience. $30,000 plus benefits.

IBJ-16 AG LENDER—Seven years ag credit experience
(one year w ith PCA, past tw o years in $18 million bank) cur­
rently VP in charge of $8 m illion ag loans. References say,
“ able to handle a heavy load of problem loans, strong
technical expertise, good w ith numbers." Very profes­
sional, no-nonsense individual. Four year degree plus
computer courses and insurance licenses. Married. Age:
37. Lives IA. $30,000. Call Jean.
IBL-17 AG LOAN OFFICER—Close to four years w ith farm
credit as loan officer responsible for $6MM in ag loans,
new business development and related services. Refer­
ence says, “ He’s analytical, industrious, and has an out­
going personality...mixes well w ith people.” B.A. Business
Management. Married. Age: 26. Lives IA. $25,000+ + . Call
IBJ-18 VICE PRESIDENT—Six years experience in all
areas of, commercial, real estate and con­
sumer loans, operations, insurance sales (holds all li­
censes) and marketing. Set up call program sim ilar to
PCA’s. Micro computer experience too... reference says,
“ Really has the Apple figured out...excellent in lending,
operations and PR.” Finance Degree. Married. Age: 28.
Lives IA. $28,000. Call Jean.
IBJ-19 AG LOAN— Nine years of solid experience w ith
Farmers Home. Currently a county supervisor w ith two
other employees working w ith him. He has the appearance
and polish you would expect from a progressive country
banker. B.S. Agriculture. Lives IL. $30,000. Call Jean.
IBJ-20 AG BANKING—Offers 9 years loan experience, 2
w ith a bank. Currently managing tw o branch offices in
Farm Credit System w ith $15 m illion loans. Trained and
supervising loan officers and clerical staff. Exceptional
references. College degree. Married. Age: 35. Lives IA.
$36,000 + . Call Jean.

IB-5 JR. AG LOAN OFFICER—Share responsibility for
$8MM in ag loans In major holding company bank in north­
ern Iowa. Must have tw o years experience In bank or PCA,
plus college degree. $18-$22,000.

IB-7 A.V.P—$30 m illion Central Iowa bank, member of
major holding co., choice location and position, good
chance for rapid advancement. Requires 3-10 years
current short term ag lending experience plus 4 year ag
degree. $30,000-35,000 plus complete benefit package.
IB-8 AG LOAN OFF— Resp. for $6MM ag and commercial
portfolio. Requires 3-4 years ag lending experience. IL.
IB-9 AG REP— Performance oriented ag bank ($72MM).
Seeks a strong ag loan o fficer w ith business development
skills. Minimum of 5 years ag lending.'IL $28-32,000.
IB-10 CORRSP. BANKER—Calling on country banks and
new business dev. for an independent bank. Exp. in bank­
ing, lending and oper. IA. $22-28,000.
IB-11 AVP/VP— Experienced banker to make ag loans for
$100MM+ + bank w ith ag loans of $20MM. Large m ulti
holding company. MT. $25-33,000.
^B-12 ASST. MGR— Banker needed for m ulti holding com­
pany w ith a branch o f $30M M + + . Ag background re­
quired. $25-36,000.
IB-13 FARM DEPT HEAD—$150MM bank, in charge of
$13MM ag loans, supervise one ag loan officer, work on
loan problems. Excellent bennies and advancement
potential. Metro location. 5-10 years ag and commercial
loan expr. in $30-$75MM bank, finance or acctg. degree. IL.
Up to $37,000.
IB-14 EVP/PRESIDENT— Bank management for $25MM
bank w ith $15MM in loans. Must have bank mgmt. skills.
NE. $50,000.
IB-15 VP— In charge of ag loans, loan analysis, fin. state­
ments, etc. for a small ag bank. Five years ag lending. MN.
IB-16 VP— In charge of ag loan dept, o f $8-10MM in loans
for a large holding company. Aggressive, ag oriented and
good documentator. Good advancement potential. IL. $3235.000.

Ag Banking Personnel

IB-17 CEO—Small ag bank needs senior Danner to come in
and manage ag bank of $15MM. Ag background, communi­
cation skills and bank management needed. IA. $3540.000.

Let us help you. Call the ag lending personnel
specialists without cost or obligation. Confi­
dential. Employers pay us to hire the best.

IB-18 COMM/AG LDR— Handle $6-8MM in loans for a
$70MM bank. 4-5 years ag lending, know banking (commer­
cial area). IA. $25-30,000.

Linda: 515/394-5827
New Hampton, la. 50659

Jean 515/263-9598 if
no answer, 712/779-3567
Massena, Iowa 50853

aqn careers, in c .

IB-19 AG REP—Start as ag rep then progress to VP with
resp. of ag loans for a $20MM + bank. SOLID ag loan expr.
required. Bus. devel. skills. IA. $30,000.
IB-20 AG LOAN OFF— Performance oriented ag lender in
$60MM+ bank. 1-3 years ag ending expr. IA. $21-23,000.
IB-21 #2—$18MM bank needs a strong ag credit person to
be in charge of all ag loans ($14MM) and other phases of
bank. High performance, service oriented bank. MN. $2530.000.

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In last week’s newsletter, the
dates for the Nebraska Independent
Bankers Association annual fall con­
vention were incorrectly reported in
the program schedule. The convention is Wednesday through Friday,
October 10-12.
GORDON: First National Bank
recently approved the promotion of
Robert Connealy from executive
vice president to president and Gary
Ruse from vice president to execu­
tive vice president. Mr. Connealy
joined the bank in 1966. Mr. Ruse
has been with First National since

Minnesota News




The Minnesota Bankers Association nominating committee has re­
commended the following candi­
dates for the 1985-86 association of­
ficer positions:
Clinton D. Kurtz, president, Citizens State Bank of Norwood, and
currently first vice president, has
been nominated to succeed Galen T.
Pate as president.
Roy W. Terwilliger, president, Suburban National Bank, Eden Prairie,
has been proposed for first vice
president to succeed Mr. Kurtz.
James R. Jorstad, president, Citi­
zens State Bank, Hayfield, is the recommended candidate for second
vice president.

Sale o f Rare Coins
Reliable and respected service
for over 20 years
Used by bankers
throughout the midwest

Ben E . Marlenee
913 Locust
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
515 243-8064
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Member, F.D.I.C.

Scott Jones, president, Goodhue
County National Bank, Red Wing, is
proposed to serve a second term as

on the new bankruptcy law.
For more information or registra­
tion, contact the SDBA office in

M INNEAPOLIS: Four vice presi­
dents were recently named at First
Bank M inneapolis. T hey are:
Thomas W. Bugbee, national west
division; Sara M. Lilienthal, manu­
facturers division; Kathleen A. Hyduke, commercial banking training
division, and Wallace W. Norlander,
human resources group.

BERESFORD: Patrick J. Cleberg,
president of First National Bank,
has announced the election of Paul
S. Jordahl as executive vice presi­
dent. Mr. Jordahl, who also was
named to the board, brings with him
12 years of experience in agriculture
lending. He most recently served as
manager of the Federal Land Bank
Association office in Webster.

M INNEAPOLIS: William K. Stern
has been promoted to vice president
at the St. Anthony Falls Office of
First Bank Minneapolis. He has
been with the bank 25 years and has
served as manager of the ST. An­
thony Falls Office since 1983.
WHEATON: William A. Harbeke
has been named president of First
State Bank, according to W.M.
Sanger, chairman. Mr. Harbeke has
served the past four years with First
Bank Valley City, North Dakota.

Wyoming News
ROCK SPRINGS: First Wyoming
Bank, N.A.-Rock Springs recently
announced the appointment of Lyle
D. Perry as cashier and vice presi­
dent. Mr. Perry has been employed
by First Wyoming Bank Corpora­
tion for 10 years. Also appointed
was Gale A. York as vice president
of the commercial loan department.
Prior to assuming this position with
First Wyoming Bank, Mr. York was
a loan officer for Union State Bank
in Upton.

Estate Appraisals
Purchase of


South Dakota News
The South Dakota Bankers Asso­
ciation recently purchased a video
tape from an A B A sponsored Con­
sumer Bankruptcy teleconference
held in August in Sioux City, Iowa,
and has scheduled two locations for
the showing of this teleconference in
South Dakota. The dates are Sep­
tember 26 at the Kings Inn, Pierre,
and September 27 at Staurolite Inn,
In addition to showing the tele­
conference video, SDBA legal coun­
sel Tom Adam will be on hand to
answer any questions you may have

Stop for a visit about job opportuni­
ties or your personnel needs during
the Iowa Bankers Convention.
Freeland Financial Service, Inc.
1010 Equitable Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa

Com e to
the quality
specialists in
and Iowa.
u / e’reyour
* * best authorities
for bond portfolio
Our quality is your key
to success.

Jeff Goble

Dave Dickens

Investm ent Banking D ivision

Member FDIC

Q f

10th and Grand o P.O. Box 226
Kansas City, Missouri 64141
(816) 556-7200

WANT ADS— Rates are $5.00 per line per insertion. Add
$3.00 for file letters per insertion. Identity of file letter
advertisers cannot be revealed. NORTHWESTERN
BANKER, 306 15th Street Des Moines, Iowa 50309. Phone


Financial Careers
CEO for $60 m illion bank in midwest city of 35,000. Experi­
ence in commercial lending and adm inistration essential
............................................................................. Salary open.
CEO for Nebraska com m unity bank. Excellent opportunity
......................................................... Salary open.

For Prompt, Courteous,
Professional Attention
T o Y o u r S t a ffin g
Needs, Call On Us.

Continued loan growth at Valley National Bank
has created a need in the Lending Division for an
experienced Commercial Loan Officer. Valley
Bank is a member of Banks of Iowa, Inc. which
has over $1.8 billion in assets. Our bank’s ap­
proach to commercial banking is relationship
oriented, professional, and personal. We seek an
individual who shares this philosophy. The ideal
candidate w ill possess strong credit skills, port­
fo lio management abilities, and a background in
commercial business development. We are able
to offer the right applicant an immediate oppor­
tunity w ith excellent career potential. Please send
current resume and salary history to: Lois Krlebs,
A.V.P., Personnel, Valley National Bank, P.O. Box
906, Des Moines, Iowa 50304.

AGGRESSIVE LENDING OFFICER—w ith 1-2 year experi­
ence preferably w ith ag background. Send resume to
James A. Clark, Lake Crystal National Bank, Lake Crystal,
MN 56055.

BANK OFFICER w ith many years experience in all phases
desires relocation. Heavy in credit and licensed for all
lines of insurance. Prefer management or number two
position in small to medium size bank. Resume upon re­
quest. Write file WCA, c/o Northwestern Banker.


Sr. Ag Lender for large M innesota bank. Must be experi­
enced in handling large ag c r e d its ........ Salary to $45,000.
Sr. Ag Lender for major Illinois bank. Must be experienced
in working w ith large ag business customers and larger ag
c r e d its ....................................................... Salary to $49,000.

Diane Evans

Trust Officer to handle tru st and estates and make up tax
reports. Investment experience and law degree not neces­
sary ............................................................. Salary to $35,000.


e g e n c y

Commercial Lender w ith experience in handling larger
credits. Texas location. Excellent o p p o rtu n ity ..................
..................................................................... Salary to $50,000.

1102 Grand Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64106

Commercial Lender for major Oklahoma institution. Must
have experience in large credit lines, cash flow, etc...........
..................................................................... Salary to $50,000.
Number Two man for $30 m illion Illinois com m unity bank
located on major duck fly w a y ................. Salary to $38,000.


Sr. Ag Lender for large W isconsin bank. Must have experi­
ence in major ag credits and ag degree .Salary to $45,000.

BURROUGHS B-80 COMPUTER—Screen and disc drive.
Contact Eugene Schulke, Corn Belt State Bank, Correctionville, Iowa. Phone 712/372-4421.
REFURBISHED PROOF MACHINES— Programmed, delivered and installed. Look and operate like new. Phone
308/384-5995. Bankers Electronic Equip. Inc., 380 N. Wal­
nut, Grand Island NE.
50 MICRO COMPUTER PROGRAMS— Fixed asset program list $1,995. Special $495 until September 15, 84.
Phone 308/384-5995. B.E.E. Inc., 380 N. Walnut, Grand Is­
land NE.
MICROS FOR SALE: 2 Monroe personal computers, Model
OC 8820, 8 bit 128 K, double disk 5 1/«” . Monroe service
contract continuously. One is 1 yr. old; the other 2 yrs. old.
$3,000.00 each including Supercalc spreadsheet, Word­
star, Calendar program for financing statements, em­
ployee scheduling and insurance and a trust program.
Page County State Bank, Floyd or Kenneth Whitmore, Box
237, Clarinda, IA 51632. Phone 712/542-5661.

Model FW-8460, complete w ith window, heater,
sound and drawers.
Model BK-3340, with 5’ window, storage pedistal,
forms organizer, and 5’ L shaped counter top. Both
in excellent condition and under continuous
maintenance. Phone Betty Roth, Hawkeye Bank &
Trust, Mason City, Iowa. Phone 515/423-2457. (FS)

Number two for major Iowa bank. Must have proven com­
mercial loan record.............................................Salary open.
Number Two person for larger northern Iowa bank. Must
have both commercial and ag lending experience. Former
examiner background a p lu s ................... Salary to $42,000.
CEO for smaller eastern Iowa community bank. Salary open.
Installment person w ith a year or so experience wanted by
com m unity bank In eastern Iowa for compliance/collections and le n d in g ..................................... Salary to $18,000.
EDP Auditor for billion dollar bank. Wisconsin location . . .
..................................................................... Salary to $35,000.
CEO for $20 m illion central Iowa bank.

Salary open.

We have many other opportunities. Call or write Malcolm
Freeland or Cy Kirk at Freeland Financial Service, Inc.,
1010 Equitable Building, Des Moines, Iowa 50309. Phone
515/282-6462. Employer pays reasonable fee.___________

Banking, Financial & Business Personnel
Iowa and Nationwide

714 U.C.B. Building, 515-283-2545
Des Moines, Iowa 50309


T O N -ylcH O O LE R Ik

CEO - $30 Mil. Bank - NC Nebraska


"S u ccessfu l Banking is Q uality P ersonnel"

TRUST OFFICER - $75 Mil. Bank - E. Iowa
If you would like to be informed of positions as they
become available and if you are interested in chang­
ing your present position, send your resume or
phone Don Schooler, 417-882-2265, 2508 East
Meadow, Springfield, Missouri 65804. Information
on you w ill be kept confidential until you are inter­
ested In a specific position.

To $50K

SR. AG LENDER - $25 Mil. Bank - W. Nebraska To $32K
To $38K

BRANCH MANAGER - $170 Mil. Bank - E. So. Dakota
To $35K
EQUIPMENT WANTED— NCR-279 on-line teller machines,
m icrofiche readers, cash safe to hold teller drawers, elec­
tric check imprinter, proof machines, and coin counter.
Phone Bob at 402/331-2224, First Nebraska Savings, Papillion, NE.

Eighteen years of banking serving as President of
rural and metropolitan banks enables me to match
you, technically and personally, with the right bank­
ing environment.



Personnel - Wage & Salary Adm inistrator: metro
to $33K

Missouri, Iowa Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas,
Illinois, and Nebraska

President - CEO: $24 m illion ag bank;

DIRECTOR, HUMAN RESOURCES, metro b a n k ..........
................................................................ $40,000-$50,000
PRESIDENT, CEO, $15,000,000 bank..........................
.........................................................$35,000 Minimum
ASSISTANT CONTROLLER, population approx.
50,000................................................. $20,000-$25,000
PRESIDENT, New Charter............. $50,000 Minimum
INSTALLMENT, #2, large bank, over 100,000 popula­
tion ................................................... $25,000 Minimum
Bank, ideal to w n .............................................. $40,000Minimum
COMMERCIAL LENDER, $60mm bank, population
approx. 35,000...................................................$30,000Minimum
HEAD CASHIER, $35mm bank, high growth area . . .
.........................................................$25,000 Minimum
PRESIDENT, $40mmbank, small town, excellent
b e n e fits ............................................................. $40,000Minimum

No. 2 Person: $17 m illion ag bank;

Call or send resumes to:
Richard Beam, C.P.C. or Dorothy Minister, C.P.C.
11246 Davenport Street
Omaha, NE 68154


to $50K

PRESIDENT • $30MM com m unity bank. Requires ag and
commercial lending background................................. $Open

to $27K

COMMERCIAL LOAN - $100MM + bank w ith growth poten­
tial. Need five yrs. or more comml. lending and good busi­
ness development s kills...................................................$35K

No. 2 Pereon: $65 m illion ag bank.
Commercial Lender $150 m illion metro bank;
to $35 K
Are you degreed and ready fo r the next move up in
your banking career? Do you want to work hard
and be paid well? I want to tell you about my
clients, if you meet the above prerequisites.
Please call, in confidence:
Phyllis S. Lynch
Commercial Federal Tower
Suite 900
2120 South 72nd Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68124
Phone 402/391-2065

JR. COMMERCIAL LOAN - background in instal. credit,
w ith some exposure to commercial lending for $25MM
bank.................................................................................... $25K
SR. AGRILOAN • responsibility for all agrlcredlts in $40MM
rural bank. Opportunity for promotion to EVP...............$38K
Additional opportunities available in midwestern states
for experienced bankers.

2024 Swift - Box 12346
North Kansas City, MO 64116
“ Serving the Banking Industry Since 1970”

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