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Vol. 12 No. 28

Des Moines, Iowa

A B A A g Study Identifies Challenge
S THE agricultural economy
slowly recovers as a result of
trends toward higher commodity
prices and lower interest rates, agri­
cultural bankers are expressing
their concern about a substantial in­
crease in the competition they face
from other lenders to finance the na­
tion’s farm and agribusiness custo­
To help the more than 7000 com­
mercial banks which supply agricul­
tural credit meet their competitive
challenge o f providing credit and fi­
nancial services to their farm custo­
mers, the American Bankers Associ­
ation com m issioned Alexander
Grant and Co. to prepare a research
study that will be the basis for stra­
tegic planning for the remainder of
the decade and beyond.
Of foremost concern is the com­
petitive nature o f the Cooperative
Farm Credit System which is now
making commercial loans and fi­
nancing export trade to agribusi­
nesses engaged in the marketing or
processing of agricultural commodi­
The CFCS has increased its total
market share of the current $217 bil­
lion farm debt to 32.5%; 22.5% of
non-real estate debt (seed, fertilizers,
farm equipment, etc.) and 60.9% of
the total real estate debt. By com­
parison, the total share of farm debt
held by commercial banks is 20.5%.

In 1975, banks held 61.8% of the
non-real estate debt. By the end of
1982, banks held only 40.4% of that
Focusing on the CFCS, the study
explores the problems inherent in
the commercial banking structure
which hinder the banking industry’s
ability to fully supply the financial
needs of agriculture.
Recommendations on how the
various segments of the commercial
banking community can work to­
gether to overcome these problems
and strengthen its capabilities in the
market place, as well as an examina­
tion of the opportunities available
for commercial banks to offer new
services and products to attract and
keep agriculturally related custo­
mers are considerations of the exten­
sive study.
Research results of the study will
be presented in a special Current Is­
sues Forum during the A B A Nation­
al Agricultural Bankers Conference,
to be held November 13-16 at the
Bonaventure Hotel in downtown
Los Angeles.
Conference attendees will have an
opportunity to discuss specific is­
sues pertaining to the project such
What should be done within the
commercial banking industry to as­
sure cooperation between correspon­
dent, international and smaller

October 31,1983
banks in making adequate credit
available for production agriculture,
agribusiness and for export trade
purposes? How can commercial
banks and the CFCS work together
in the ultimate best interest of the
U.S. farmer? What should be the
posture of the banking industry if
agency status is removed from the
CFCS . . . or if the CFCS is offered
deposit gathering authority or addi­
tional lending authorities?
Other Program Events
The conference program, to be
held in California for the first time in
its 32-year history, will offer a vari­
ety of events that have traditionally
made this the nation’s foremost ag­
ricultural banking conference.
Arkansas Senator David Pryor
heads a list of speakers who will dis­
cuss present and future efforts affec­
ting American agriculture on a legis­
lative and regulatory level, provid­
ing insight on agricultural policies
and programs that lie ahead.
C. Robert Brenton, newly elected
A B A president, who is also presi­
dent o f Brenton Banks, Inc., located
in the heart of America’s agricultur­
al region, Des Moines, la., will pre­
sent his views on the deregulated
banking environment as it affects
agricultural banks.
Gordon K. VanVleck, secretary of
resources for the California Re­
sources Agency, will also address
conference attendees. Adding a na­
tional and international perspective

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we're firs t in Iowa.


l l

Bob Buenneke

Gary M cCllm en

to major news events will be a panel
Iowa News
of key editors from Newsweek mag­
Applications for four bank offices
were approved at the last state bank
Individual conference breakout board meeting. They Eire:
sessions focus on the latest in bank­
Security State Bank of Suther­
ing techniques and technology, as land for an office in Calumet. (First
industry experts discuss topics National of Paullina closed its Calu­
ranging from marketing and financ­ met office Dec., 1981.)
ing to microcomputers, the impact
Hawkeye Bank and Trust in Mt.
of deregulation, to the agricultural Pleasant for an in-town office.
commodities outlook.
Evansdale State Bank for an of­
Outlook sessions will offer three fice in Waterloo.
Midway Bank & Trust for a drivepanels of agri-bankers and industry
office in Waterloo.
experts to discuss 1) Agricultural
* * *
Commodities Outlook; 2) California
Agricultural Outlook; 3) Agricultur­
The Northwest Iowa Group of
al Credit Outlook. The “ credit
N ABW will be meeting Wednesday,
outlook” session will focus on pro­
November 9, at the Sanborn Golf &
duction and credit conditions as well
Country Club in Sanborn with Don­
as a discussion on special banking
na Carlson, assistant cashier of the
problems in specific areas. Results
Sanborn Savings Bank, as hostess.
of the A B A ’s annual survey of the
Along with the regular meeting,
agricultural credit situation also will
the group will be working on a
be released at this session.
N ABW module entitled, “ Develop­
An added dimension will be a full ing Employees - Mentoring & Role
range of exhibits offering some of Modeling.”
the newest developments in techni­
cal systems, microcomputers and COON RAPIDS: Bill Hess has been
software with agri-banking applica­ elected chairman of Iowa Savings
tions, and opportunity to meet with Bank. Mr. Hess, who has been a vice
industry consultants to discuss the president of the bank since 1976, is
also associated with the other Garst/
latest services.
Chrystal banks. His previous bank­
The complete research study pre­
ing experience has been with Iowa
pared for the A B A by Alexander
State Savings Bank, Knoxville, and
Grant and Co. will be available to all
the State of Iowa Department of
conference attendees at half price.
Following the conference, the study
will be available at full price through DENVER: Terry W. Schrage has
the A BA .
□ joined Denver Savings Bank as vice

Professional ...
Call Mark Christen for
any correspondent service.
Call toll free (800) 622-7262

Valley National Bank in
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


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president, according to an announce­
ment made last week by Paul A.
Buenneke, president. No other
changes were made at the bank. Mr.
Schrage resigned as president at Se­
curity State Bank, Shell Rock, to ac­
cept the Denver appointment.
DES MOINES: The Des Moines
Chapter o f the American Institute
of Banking will be holding its Man­
agement Appreciation Night dinner
Thursday, November 3, at the Airport Hilton Inn. A special reception
honoring C. Robert Brenton, nation­
al president o f the American Bank­
ers Association, will be in the Gar­
den Room from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m.,
prior to the general reception.
Speakers include Mr. Brenton, and
special guest speaker Max Isaacson.
DUBUQUE: Elliot R. Lese has been
elected senior vice president of
American Trust and Savings Bank,
according to Nicholas J. Schrup,
chairman. His 20 years o f financial
experience includes serving as con­
troller for Orving Trust Company in
New York and for a Laredo, Tex.,
bank, and as president o f a suburban
Chicago savings and loan associa­
FORT DODGE: Donald L. Porchet
has been appointed senior vice presi­
dent of First American State Bank,
announced Joseph D. Lawler, presi­
dent. Mr. Porchet has been associated with the Peoples Bank & Trust
Co. o f Waterloo since 1957, serving
most recently as executive vice pres­









IO W A CITY: Iowa State Bank &
Trust Co. received approval recently
to form a one-bank holding com­


M A XW ELL: A t Maxwell State
Bank, Mary L. Viers has been pro­
moted to vice president and cashier
and Patricia K. Scoville has been
promoted to vice president. Ms.
Viers, who has been cashier since
1980, will also be in charge of the
student loan program. She joined
the bank in 1970. Ms. Scoville joined
in 1973 and is in chage of customer
service and assists in bank operations and marketing.


SIOU X CITY: Security National
Bank is sponsoring a one day semi­
nar entitled Loan Risk Administration—A ct Rather than React. The
seminar will be held at the Sioux
City Holiday Inn on November 3rd
with registration to begin at 9:00
a.m. Featured speakers Eire Mike
Boehlji, professor at Iowa State





One Carriers Building
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
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W© own and offer subject to prior sale and change in price and subject to our attorney’s approving opinion:

Bond Anticipation Project Notes, Series 1983

October 1,1983



Principal and interest are payable upon m aturity (October 1,1984) at the office of the Treasurer of the City of Des
Moines, Iowa.

October 1, 1984*
Subject to prior redemption on April 1, 1984 at 100% plus accrued interest.

Des Moines is the State Capital, county seat of Polk County and the largest City in the State of Iowa. It has served as the commercial in­
dustrial, governmental, and financial center for the State since its incorporation in 1851. Des Moines is the home of Drake University, Grand
View Junior College and several other smaller colleges and business schools. Des Moines is an im portant insurance center with sixty home
offices located in the City. The largest is Bankers Life Company with 2,900 employees. Also im portant is the printing and publishing industry:
the largest employer in this category is Meredith Corporation with 2,800 employees in the printing of Better Homes and Gardens and other
periodicals. Major employers also include: Northwestern Bell Telephone (3,500); Younker Brothers (3,094); and Iowa Power & Light (1 600) In
addition, various levels of government provide employment to over 12,500 people in the area. Banking services are provided by 25 differentbanks and transportation facilities are provided by 4 airlines, 5 railroads. Interstate Highway Nos. 35 and 80 intersect in Des Moines. The area
included with the City s lim it is about 65 square miles.
The Series 1983 Project Notes are issued pursuant to a Resolution duly adopted by the City, and under and in compliance with the Constitu­
tion and statutes of the State of Iowa, including specifically Section 76.13 of the Code of Iowa, as amended, for the purpose of defrayinq part
of the cost of acquiring and constructing certain public improvements.

Actual Valuation, 1982
Assessed Valuation, 1982
Net Direct Debt, including this issue
Net Direct and Overlapping Debt
Population, 1980 Federal Census: 191,003
Net Direct Debt:
$251.07 per capita
Combined Net Debt:
$339.02 per capita


The information contained herein is not guaranteed, but is derived from sources we deem reliable and is that on which our purchase of these bonds are based
Bonds of a particular m aturity may or may not s till be available or may now be available at a price or yield different from that indicated above.

Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 10-31-83
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 10-31-83

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University, and Fort Dodge at­
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VINTON: Elected chief executive
officer of the State Bank of Vinton is
Douglas Johnson. He previously
was senior vice president o f First
National Bank, Clinton, another
Hawkeye affiliate bank. Mr. John­
son replaces Vernon Geiger who was
elected executive vice president of
Waukon State Bank.
VINTON: Michael Cruzen has been
elected president of Brenton Bank &
Trust Company, succeeding Larry
Rolfstad, who has resigned from the
bank. Mr. Cruzen formerly was vice
president of the bank.
WATERLOO: John Rodgers Welch
has joined Peoples Bank & Trust Co.
as assistant vice president in the fi­
nancial services division, according
to Rollie Sverdahl, president.

Nebraska News
HASTINGS: Marie Kilmer has been
appointed vice president at City Na­
tional Bank and Trust Co., accor­
ding to Doug Oakeson, president.
Mrs. Kilmer has worked at City Na­
tional for 26 years.
LINCOLN: Directors of First Na­
tional Lincoln Corp. unanimously de­
termined that the Omaha National
Corporation’s unsolicited tender of­
fer of $40 per share for 45% of
FNLC’s stock “ is inadequate” and
they “ urged shareholders to reject
the offer and not tender their
shares.” The announcement said a
First Boston Corporation study of
FNLC advises the “ offer is inade­
quate from a financial point of view.’-’
LINCOLN: John Knight has joined
First Security National Bank here as
president and chief executive officer
effective October 24. He previously
served as president and chief execu­
tive officer of Packers National Bank
in Omaha and as administrative as­
sistant to the Governor for the State
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

MITCHELL: Dawson Corp. of Lex­
ington recently received approval
from the Federal Reserve Bank of
Kansas City to acquire 73 percent of
the voting shares of the Mitch Corp.,
parent of First National Bank of Mit­
chell, and Clarke Inc. of Papillion re­
ceived approval to acquire 100 per­
cent of the non-voting preferred
shares. The Federal Reserve Bank
also approved the application of the
Mitch Corp. to become a bank hold­
ing company. Pat Hughes is serving
as president of the Mitchell bank
since its recent change in ownership.
NORTH PLATTE: First National
Bank and Trust Company recently
announced the addition of Larry E.
Reiser as vice president in the com­
mercial and agriculture loan depart­
ment and R. Bruce Haskell as assis­
tant vice president and agriculture
W E S T P O IN T : W .T . “ B i l l ”
Knievel, chairman o f Farmers &
Merchants National Bank will retire
November 1 following a 70-year
banking career. Mr. Knievel, who
has spent the last 52 years of his
career with Farmers & Merchants
which he helped organize in 1931,
will remain on the bank’s board.

Mr. Paterson joined American in
1976 as a bond representative.
SAIN T PAUL: Norwest Bank has
named Sue C. Bonemeyer vice presi­
dent of operations, credit administra
tion and financial planning. She
joined the bank in 1982 and prior to
that was with First Bank Security as
a commercial loan officer.
er has been promoted to vice presi­
dent and cashier. He joined the bank
in 1980 as a cashier and previously
was with Norwest Bank Faribault as
a management trainee and assistant

Illinois News
The IBA announced Satellite Tele­
conference on backup withholding
scheduled to be held November 4 will
be located at the Holiday Inn, Deca­
tur, and the Marriott Oak Brook, not
the Marriott O’Hare. Please note this
CRESTWOOD: John E. Barry re­
cently was named president and chief
executive office of Crestwood Bank.
Mr. Barry formerly was with Heri­
tage Olympia Bank in Chicago
Heights for 12 years, most recently
serving as senior vice president and

Minnesota News

North Dakota News

MINNEAPOLIS: John R. Danielson
has been named senior vice president
of finance and planning by First
Bank Minneapolis. He joined the
bank in 1972 and had been serving as
vice president of strategic planning
since 1980.

CROSBY: Quentin Benson has re­
signed as president of First National
Bank of Crosby, to pursue other in­
terests. Mr. Benson has been with
the bank 15 years and remained pres­
ident after it secured a national char­
ter, moved from Columbus to Crosby
and its subsequent construction pro­
gram. The bank has not yet named a
successor to Mr. Benson.

SAINT PAUL: American National
Bank has promoted Jeffrey L. Pater­
son to vice president in investments.

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BILLINGS: First Bank Billings has
elected J. Joseph Lindsley president
and managing officer and Robert H.
Waller chairman. Mr. Waller was
elected managing director in 1982
and has continued to serve as the
bank’s president on an interim bas­
is. Mr. Lindsley has most recently
been associated with the United
Bank of Fort Collins, Colorado,
where he served as executive vice
president and chief operating of­
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Correspondent Bank Head for major midwest bank. Re­
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cdio[d.EX and. c^f-iioaCatEi.

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CASHIER for $32 m illion central Minnesota com m unity
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