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Voi. 9 No. 25



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October 13,1980

10,000 T o Hear Bush and M ondale
URING the critical, final weeks
of the 1980 presidential election
campaign, Vice
President Walter
F. Mondale and
Republican vice
presidential nom­
inee George Bush
will address more
than 10,000 bank­
ers at the Ameri­
can Bankers A s­
sociation’s annu­
al convention in
Chicago this week. Vice President
Niondale, who will be in Chicago
attending Columbus Day programs,
has been invited to speak today,
October 13, during the opening
general session of the October 11-15
convention. While he is expected to
address the bankers, his appearance
will be based upon his earlier
Chicago scheduling.
Mr. Bush will speak on Wednes­
day morning, October 15, during
the closing general session. Both
men join other leading government,
banking and media officials sched­
uled to address the bankers at
McCormick Place, the convention
In addition to remarks by Vice
President Mondale, the general
session on October 13 features
presentations by G. William Miller,
secretary of the treasury, and a
major inflation speech by David
Rockefeller, chairman of the board


•-> -

Des Moines, Iowa

of Chase Manhattan Bank. A B A
President C. C. Hope Jr. will preside
over the opening session.
On Tuesday, October 14, Rep.
Jack Kemp (R-N.Y.) and a leading
Democratic congressman will speak
during the association’s national
BankPAC (political action commit­
tee) rally. The second general ses­
sion begins at 9:30 a.m. and features
presentations by Comptroller of the
Currency John Heimann, chairman
of the Federal Reserve Board of
Governors Paul Volcker, and the
Agronsky and Company panel.
Panel members include Martin
Agronsky, Elizabeth Drew, James
J. Kilpatrick, Joe Kraft and Carl
Along with George Bush, head­
line speakers scheduled for Wednes­
day’s closing session include Sen.
William Proxmire (D-Wis.), Rep.
Henry S. Reuss (D -W is.), Chairman
of Citibank Walter Wriston, former
president of the First National Bank
of Chicago Herbert Prochnow, and
A B A President-Elect Lee E. Gun­
derson, who will participate in a
panel appropriately titled, “ Bank­
ing 80s/Wisconsin Perspective.’’
In addition to hearing outstand­
ing speakers, the bankers in attend­
ance will participate in forums and
special interest sessions that cover a
multitude of current banking issues.

The election-year campaign has
raised many questions in the finan­
cial marketplace regarding the im­
pact of the presidential election on
domestic and international economic/financial policies, the deregu­
lation of financial institutions, the
nationwide availability of Negoti­
able Order of Withdrawal (NOW)
accounts, the pricing of services by
the Federal Reserve System, and
the possible and probable effect of
pending legislative and regulatory

Minnesota News
The Minnesota Bankers Associ­
ation has scheduled a full-day In­
dividual Retirement A ccou n tKeogh workshop to be held at the
Registry Hotel in Bloomington on
October 16.
ALDEN: The First National Bank
will open a full service commercial
banking facility in the Skyline Mall
Shopping Center in Albert Lea in
November, and simultaneously be­
come a state bank, according to Bill
Johnson, president.
cashier at First National State Bank
of Thief River Falls, has accepted
the position of vice president at
Northwestern State Bank.
GRYGLA: At the American State
Bank, Ron Foss has been promoted
to vice president and cashier, Judy
Irlbeck has become assistant cash­
ier, and Julie Sparby has become

JV *>-.

> *N



where com m on transactions
are .handled uncommonly well.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

13th & M Street • Lincoln, Nebraska 68501 • Member, F.D.I.C.

m m m t \ w

Don't gam ble
w hen choosing
a correspondent
bonk. Com e to
the professionals.
fe fe .


Central National Bank
& Trust Company
(800) 362-1615

H AW LEY: S.A . “ Stew” Turing
has joined the staff at First National
Bank as executive vice president.
He has spent the last 18 years in
service to Dakota Bank & Trust Co.
of Fargo.
HENNING: A t the First National
Bank, Duane Fraki was named ex­
ecutive vice president; Bill Goepfer,
assistant vice president; Bob Rein­
bold, cashier, and Lois Fiskum,
head bookkeeper and assistant
K AN ARAN ZI: Funeral services
were held recently for Duane E. DeBates, 44, vice president and cashiér, Farmers State Bank, following a
heart attack.
M INNEAPOLIS: The Federal Re­
serve Bank has announced Vice
President Robert W . Worcester will
assume responsibilities for the
bank’s discount operations and Ray
L. Hulett, assistant vice president,
will become officer in charge of bank
Laughlin has joined First Bank
Minneapolis as vice president and
senior investment officer. Mr.
McLaughlin will head the bank’s
asset management department.
M INNEAPOLIS: Nan Sorenson
has been named a commercial loan
officer at First Bank Hopkins.
M INNEAPOLIS: Gregory L. Bohnert and Alan R. Geiwitz have been
promoted to vice presidents, com ­
mercial loans, at Northwestern
Bank Southwest.
MINNEAPOLIS: The Federal Re­
serve Bank o f Minneapolis approved
applications from two firms to be­

one-bank holding companies
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

We’re people you can
turn to for investments.
For investment services, data processing, ag lending
and overlines . . . we’re the people you can turn to.
We’re more than western Iowa’s largest bank.
We’re people.
Stephen J. Hatz
Sr. Correspondent Bank Officer
712/27 7-6 526


by acquiring existing banks. The
firms are Jasper Investment Co.
In c., which will control Jasper State
Bank, and Bankshares of Hawley
Inc., which will acquire the State
Bank of Hawley.
ald has joined First Bank Minneha­
ha as senior vice president of the
credit department. He had been vice
president at First Bank Willmar
since joining that bank in 1970.
Both banks are part of First Bank
MINNEAPOLIS: State Banking
Commissioner Michael Pint approv­
ed a detached banking facility for
Riverside Community State Bank.
Federal officials have also granted
approval to Northwestern National
Bank of Minneapolis and First Bank
Minneapolis to open detached facil­
ities in the same area.
ing program for October 16 will
feature Copeland Schmidt, vice
president, First Chicago Data Corp.
The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.
at the Normandy Inn.
OWATONNA: Ken Wilcox, presi­
dent of Northwestern National
Bank, has announced the promotion
of Marlene J. Garmann to the
position of cashier and the election
of Jerald D. Lundgren as agricul­
tural loan officer.
ST. PAUL: Lannon C. Brown join­
ed Midway National Bank as assist­
ant vice president.
ST. PAUL: Rosie Bostrom has been
elected mortgage loan officer of the
First State Bank, according to Mer­
lin M. Helgemoe, president. Ms.
Bostrom began her career at the
bank in December, 1977, as a clerk
in the commercial loan department
and became real estate loan repre­
sentative. Mr. Helgemoe also an­
nounced the following changes:
commercial loans—Craig R. Bollum
was named senior lending officer
with Debra Bisek, Tom Hansen and

© 1980 Security National Bank

Donald Husband, commercial lend­
ing officers; sales finance—Timothy
Thompson was named sales finance
officer and Michele Gilbert sales
finance representative; retail bank­
ing—Barbara Anderson has been
named personnerbanking represen­
tatives; Little Canada office—Alan
Burchill was named manager and
Clyde Torvik personnel banking

North Dakota News
“ Banking Challenges of the ’80s”
will be the theme of a conference
sponsored by the NDBA Bank
Women’s Committee October 21-22
at the Seven Seas Motor Inn at
Mandan. Registration begins at
11:00 a.m. October 21 in the hotel
lobby. Featured speakers include
John Graham, director of the North
Dakota Legislative Council; Dr.
Robert Joselyn, F.S.E. Manage­
ment System, and white-collar
crime specialist Frank W. Aba-

C a lla

1-800-362-1688, toll-free in Iowa

Ben Eilders

Banking Department

B a n k e rs

“ sissTrust
Des Moines, Iowa 50304
Member FDIC,
Federal Reserve



Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 10-13-80


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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



Conducted by

Banking Consultant


October16 ........The Registry, Minneapolis, MN
October21 ........Village Red Lion, Missoula, MT
October22 ..............Ponderosa, Great Falls, MT
October23 . . . ................. Sheraton, Billings, MT
October30 ................... Holiday Inn-Downtown,
Sioux Falls, SD
Novembers ..........Harbor House, Storm Lake IA
November6 ............... RamadaInn, Waterloo, IA
November12 ..................Carousel, Iowa City, IA
November13 . . . . . Hyatt House, Des Moines, IA
November18 ..............Holiday Inn, Kearney, NE
Novem ber19................Ramada Inn, Lincoln, NE
Time frame for all meetings is as follows:
8:30 a.m.............................................. Registration
9:15a.m................................. Seminar Convenes
12:00noon ....................................
3:30 p.m ............................................ Adjournment


Please register the following person(s) at the location indicated below for the IRA / HR-10 Seminar.
Pre-registration fee: $45.00
Registration at the door: $50.00


Name_______________ ______________________


Bank________________________________ Town


Please return the above form to: Collin W. Fritz
P. O. Box 2732
Des Moines, Iowa 50315
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

(Please include area code)

4 gnale. The program adjourns at
12:00 noon, October 22.
FARGO: Bruce Howland has been
named instalment loan adjuster at
Dakota Bank. He is a graduate o f
North Dakota State University and
holds a BS degree in economics.
HEATON: LeRoy Gilbertson, com­
missioner of the state banking de­
partment, has announced approval
for Farmers State Bank to change
location from Heaton to Carrington.
Also approved was an increase of
capital stock from $120,000 to
$400,000 by cash dividend. The
Farmers State Bank also amended
its articles o f incorporation to in­
crease the board o f directors from
five to nine members.

Nebraska News
The Nebraska Bankers Associ­
ation will be holding its 1980 Mar­
keting Conference October 21-22 at
the Kearney Holiday Inn. Registra­
tion fee is $85 per bank»* at the door.
Featured s p e a k e r s T uesday
morning will include Jack Whittle of
Whittle, Raddon, Motley & Hanks,
Chicago; William St. John o f the
Bank Marketing Association, Chi­
cago; Roger M. Beverage, executive

vice president o f the NBA, and Jim
Lauerman, vice president o f Bailey
Lewis & Associates, Lincoln.
Speaking Wednesday will be
Richard M. Fritz, president, First
National Bank, Kearney; Carl Niel­
sen, Carl Nielsen & Associates,
Wichita, Kan., and Catherine Hay­
den, assistant vice president, Fi­
n a n c ia l S h a res C o r p o r a t io n ,
Registration will be at 9:30 a.m.
Tuesday and the conference will ad­
journ at noon Wednesday.
CHADRON: The Regional Admin­
istrator of National Banks has
granted approval for the First Na­
tional Bank to open a detached teller
facility at 2nd & Bordeaux.
CRETE: Carleton Flynn, president
of City Bank & Trust Co., has been
elected to the board of trustees of
the Colorado Graduate School of
Banking at the University of Colo­
rado in Boulder.
GENEVA: Carl Schneider, 82, ex­
ecutive vice president o f the Geneva
State Bank, died recently.
KEARN EY: Kearney State Bank &
Trust Co. has joined the downtown
Kearney business firms with the
grand opening o f the new drive-in
facility at 24th & Avenue A.
LINCOLN: Glenn Yaussi has been
elected board chairman o f Lincoln
Bank East. He will also manage the
three one-bank holding companies
awaiting regulatory approval to
split off from the Commerce Group.

to make MNB
work for you.
Toll free
1- 800 - 332-5991

National Bank 151

Member F.D.I.C.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

LINCOLN: William C. Smith, pres­
ident of First National Bank &
Trust Company, has announced the
election o f Orrin A . Wilson as senior
executive vice president o f the bank.
Mr. Wilson also has been elected to
the board o f directors o f the bank
and its holding company, First Na­
tional Lincoln Corp. He will begin
his new duties October 27. Mr. W il­
son is leaving Northern Trust Com­
pany o f Chicago, where he has been
vice president in the central division
of the banking group, calling on
banks in Nebraska, Iowa and other
midwest states. Mr. Wilson suc­
ceeds Robert E. Harris, who re­
signed recently to become chief
executive of the Oklahoma Bankers
Association. Mr. Wilson and his
wife, Jan, and their three sons will
move at an early date to Lincoln,
where they have purchased a home.
LINCOLN: A bank charter appli­
cation has been filed for First Secur­




Estate Appraisals
Purchase off Collections
Sale off Rare Coins
Reliable and respected service
for over 20 years
Used by bankers
throughout the midwest

Ben E. Marlenee Coins
913 Locust
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
ity Bank o f Nebraska, which would
be located at 5900 N.W . First St., in
the Highlands subdivision o f north­
west Lincoln. Bob Hadebroock of
Omaha, proposed president, said
the state banking department has
set November 18 as a tentative
hearing date on the application. Mr.
Hasebroock said a Lincoln group of
the bank’s stockholders that would
like to build and own a $350,000
building includes: Vincent Brown,
Vaughn Border, Donald Clifton,
Allan Domina, Hall Hasselbalch,
Glen Lau, Charles Salem, Elliott
Rustan, Leland Van Boskirk and
Herb Whittman.
OM AHA: Norma J. Kofoed and
Mary B. Craftree have been named
vice presidents of the Mid City
Bank. Gary A . Nedved was named
assistant vice president.
OM AHA: The FDIC has approved
applications for the Bank of Millard
to establish remote service facilities
in retail outlets at 5005 S. 135th S t.,
13922 South Plaza and 2810 Harlon
Drive, Bellevue.
OM AHA: Paul J. Amen, director of
banking and finance, has issued an
order of approval to American Sav­
ings Company for permission to
move its auxiliary office from 8424
to 8404 West Center Road.
O'NEILL: Francis N. Cronin, 80,
retired chairman of O’Neill National
Bank, died recently.
Schafer, 81, president and chairman
of the board of the Petersburg State
Bank, died recently.

Iowa News
AM ES: Jo Ann Lathrop has been


" O p p o rtu n ity ^ ,
K n o c k s ..."

1. Blanket Bond, Director & Officer,
Trust E & O
2. Automobiles
□F IGLUfijnC.
3. Single Interest
301 N. Ankeny Blvd., Suite 220
4. Fire & Liability
Ankeny, la 50021 515-964-1358
5. Crime (safe deposit, cash letter, etc.)







< «$


promoted to assistant trust officer
of the First National Bank. Also at
First National, Jacki Michaelson
was promoted to assistant cashier
and Rebecca Hostetter was named
senior teller.
BURLINGTON: The Regional A d­
ministrator o f National Banks has
granted approval for the First Na­
tional Bank to open a detached a
teller facility at Roosevelt & West

by President R. Scott Fetner at the
luncheon at the Elks Club followed
by National Bank officers present­
ing an update on current banking
regulations. Reg D, new Fed pric­
ing, NOW accounts, investment
update information and trust serv­
ices will be featured. Speakers will
include William J. Rickert, William
H. Burger, Curt D. Kyhl, Richard
J. Jung, Dwayne Streeter and Merland Wackerbarth.

CEDAR RAPIDS: Don Nebergall,
president of Brenton Bank & Trust
Co. was re-elected president of
Greater Downtown of Cedar Rapids.

M ILW AUKEE: Marine Corp has
received Fed approval on its appli­
cation to buy First National Bank &

NEVADA: The State Bank & Trust
Co. has announced the addition of
R ly Lounsberry to its board of
REDFIELD: Jeff Horn will join the
Dallas County State Bank staff as
office manager.
SIOUX CITY: Monty G. Harmes,
an employe of Northwestern Na­
tional Bank since 1975, has been
elected assistant operations officer
with the bank, President Stanley
W . Evans announced.
WATERLOO: Bev Ridder, market­
ing officer of the National Bank, has
been installed chairman of the North
Central Iowa Group of the National
Association of Bank Women, Inc.
WATERLOO: The National Bank
will host a seminar Wednesday,
October 8, for over 100 bankers
representing 65 banks in northeast
Iowa. The bankers will be welcomed

Call our
" For up-to-the-minute,
accurate information

C o m m erce
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

10. Extent and nature of circulation:

Wisconsin News

(Required by 39 U.S.C. 3685)
1. Title of publication — Northwestern Banker
2. Date of filing — October 1, 1980
3. Frequency of issue — Weekly.
4. Location of known office of publication (Not
printers) — 306 - 15th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309.
5. Location of the headquarters or general business
offices of the publishers (Not printers) — 306 - 15th
Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309.
6. Names and complete addresses of publisher,
editor and managing editor — Publisher — Malcolm K.
Freeland, 306 - 15th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309.
Editor — Ben Haller, Jr., 306 - 15th Street, Des
Moines, Iowa 50309.
7. Owner (If owned by a corporation, its name and
address must be stated and also immediately there­
under the names and addresses of stockholders
owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of
stock. If not owned by a corporation, the names and
addresses of the individual owners must be given. If
owned by a partnership or other unincorporated firm,
its name and address, as well as that of each individual
must be given.) Malcolm K. Freeland, President, 306 15th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309. Ben Haller, Jr.,
Vice President, 306 - 15th Street, Des Moines, Iowa
50309. Northwestern Banker, 306 - 15th Street, Des
Moines, Iowa 50309.
8. Known bondholders, mortgagees, and other
security holders owning or holding 1 percent or more of
total amount of bonds, mortgages or other securities:
Malcolm K. Freeland, President, 306 - 15th Street, Des
Moines, Iowa 50309. Ben Haller, Jr., Vice President,
306 - 15th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309.

Actual Number
Average No. of copies of
copies each Single issue
issue during
nearest to
filing date
12 months
A. Total No. copies printed
(Net Press Run)
B. Paid circulation
1. Sales through dealers
and carriers, street ven­
dors and counter sales
2. Mail subscriptions
C. Total paid circulation
D. Free distribution by mail,
carrier or other m e a n s sample, complimentary,
and other free copies
E. Total distribution
(Sum of C and D)
F. Copies not distributed
1. Office use, left­
over, unaccounted,
spoiled after
2. Returns from news
G. Total (Sum of E, F1
and 2—should equal
net press run
shown in A)
11. I certify that the statements made by me above
are correct and complete.
12. For completion by publishers mailing at the
regular rates (Section 132.121, Postal Service Manual).
39 U.S.C. 3626 provides in pertinent part: “ No person
who would have been entitled to mail matter under
former section 4359 of this title shall mail such matter
at the rates provided under this subsection unless he
files annually with the Postal Service a written request
for permission to mail matter at such rates.”
In accordance with the provisions of this statute, I
hereby request permission to mail the publication
named in Item 1 at the phased postage rates presently
authorized by 39 U.S.C. 3626.
Ben Haller, Jr., Editor

Tom Steffens

John Henderson

Tony Paugoulatos Jim McLaughlin

Vice President

Vice President

Asst.Vice President Asst.Vice President Bond Officer

Bond Representative






Rusty Reese

10th and Walnut

Dave Wittenborn

(816) 234-2000



Trust Co. o f Racine. The fed denied
the application last spring on the
grounds that it would limit com ­
petition in the Racine market.
Marine announced the plan in
May, 1979, and later appealed the
Fed’s rejection. Terms were not dis­
closed. First National has $155
million in deposits.



Security and video system s profes­
sionally designed to fit all your needs.

INVESTMENT— BA with very high GPA and experi­
ence as a full service broker. Wants a spot in invest­
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For inform ation and com plete survey

LOAN OFFICER—Graduate of ag banking school with
experience as teller/bookkeeper. Good person for
trainee position. $10,500

3920 Delaware
Des Moines, IA 50316 [515] 265-1161
r -------- -— --------------- ------ --—


□ I would like to sell my
majority bank stock.
□ I would like to buy ma­
jority bank stock.

NCR 775 proof machine; 12 pockets. Maintenance w ill
Burroughs TR-102 electronic teller machines. Upgrad­
able to on-line. $995.


Please Contact: J. Mason Henry

Burroughs TR-101 electronic teller machines. $795.

Charles E. Walters Co., Inc.

NCR 1550 electronic teller machines. $795 each.
NCR 152-70 teller machines. Completely recondi­
tioned. Guaranteed. $495.
______________ Call (214) 757-7760___________ (FS)
12’x40’ mobile home comverted for use as temporary
banking facility. Night drop and drive-up window in­
stalled; good teller counter; furnace with central air;
available immediately. ALSO, 6’x9’ remote drive-up
building with heat and air conditioning. Call (319)
291 -5429 or (319) 291 -5468.__________________ (FS)

CEO with solid lending and administrative background................................................................. $35,000
SeniorVP, commercial loans............................ $30,000
Commercial Loan Officer...................................$20,000
Ag Lending Officers............................................$22,000
Instalment Loan Officer. ..................................$22,000
Loan Officer with insurance license..................$23,000
Write or call Malcolm Freeland, Freeland Financial
Service, Inc., 306- 15th Street, Des Moines, IA 50309.
Phone (515) 244-8163. Employer pays fee.______ (PW)
Ten years’ experience in Agri-business and Commercial loans. Grad School of Banking, Robert Morris and
formal bank training. Resume and references upon request. W rite file LBE, c /o Northwestern Banker. (PW)

Portable Modular Bank Building
Lease • Rent • Buy
Pleasecall fo rd e ta ils:

General Bank Equipment
& Systems, Inc.
13312 Giles Road
Omaha, Nebaska68138
Phone: (402) 895-6200


P.O. Box 1313, Omaha, Nebraska68101
Phone: (402)553-6400

I________________________________ I

One general ledger account machine either NCR or
Burroughs. Call (308) 783-1152._____________ (WTB)

Southwestern Iowa bank needs ag loan officer. Reply
in confidence to file LBI, c /o Northwestern Bank­
e r_______________________________________ (PA)
LOAN OFFICER— Immediate opening for an officer
with experience in agricultural and commercial loans.
Send resume to J.H. Hanson, The Security State
Bank, Box 1291, Poison, MT59860.____________ (PA)
Loan Officer—Central Illinois bank seeking individual
for lending responsibilities, primarily consumer and
ag lending. Would be part of management team. Oper­
ations experience helpful, but not necessary. Send
resume and salary requirements to file KBZ, c /o
Northwestern Banker._______________________ (PA)
Management Position and Bank Operations. South­
east Iowa bank. Salary commensurate with experi­
ence; excellent benefits and opportunity. Send
resum etoflleLBG , c /o Northwestern Banker.
BANKING CAREERS— If you are currently employed
and wish to evaluate your career potential, my organi­
zation has openings in the $12,000 to $40,000 range In
banks throughout the midwest. All position job orders
No. 106-218 are employers paid. Call or write Jim
Hogan, Dunhill, Suite 1135, 730 2nd Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55402; (612) 335-6451._____________ (PA)
Commercial/Agricultural Loan Officer—We are look­
ing for an experienced com mercial/agricultural loan
officer. Candidates should have 5-10 years commer­
cial loan experience, good credit analysis abilities,
and proven customer relations and business develop­
ment skills. The opportunity for upward mobility In a
$90 m illion eastern Nebraska bank. Salary, benefits
and career opportunities are attractive for the right In­
dividual. Send resume and salary history to file LBK,
cl oNorthwestern Banker.__________________ (PA)
Western Iowa rural bank wants experienced loan
officer. Respond to file LBJ, c /o Northwestern Bank­
e r_______________________________________ (PA)


We can save you money on
cit your inquiries.
BoxIO -Z
702 E. W ashington St.
W ashington, Iowa 52353
Phone 319-653-2123
In Iowa Cal 1800-272-6459

Banking, Financial & Business Personnel
Iowa and Nationwide


LENDING—Started as teller and has worked up to
senior loan officer. Pays attention to detail and gets
the job done. $14,500
LOAN OFFICER— BA in finance and 3 + years as a
bank examiner. Evaluates both loans and operations.
W ill consider lending or operations. $16,000
CREDIT CARD MANAGER— Skilled in all areas of
credit cards. Service, accounting and collections. Has
supervisory experience. An expert in setting up private
label systems to fund merchants accounts receiv­
ables. $20,000
AG LENDER— BA in ag business, made the dean’s
list; 2Va years experience includes analyzing loans,
managing farms, soliciting new business and making
farm calls. $17,500
COMMERCIAL LENDER—Certified commercial lend­
er. Heavy in lending, analysis and collections. Exper­
ience with six figure loans and can develop new busi­
ness. $25,000
VP—Currently vice president with $50 + mm bank.
Solid in lending, credit and operations. Responsible
for banks conformity to state and federal laws.


Bank Division


of Iowa, Inc

317 6th Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 244-4414





AG LENDING REP. . .Io w a ........................... $20,Ö>0
FARM/AG FINANCE. . .Illinois


VICE PRESIDENT. . .Minnesota ....................$20,000
CREDIT MANAGER. . .Wisconsin


AG LOAN REP. . .Iowa ................................. $20,000
Since 1968, banks and other ag-related employers
have been paying us to find the personnel they need.
For more information, give Linda (our banking spec­
ialist) a call today.






515-394-3145______________ New Hampton, IA 50659

position available fo r individual with ability to oversee
operations, personnel and marketing..................... 35K
TRUST HEAD—Suburban bank of $60MM with ex­
cellent growth potential. Prefer law degree and heavy
personal trust experience.........................................30K
INSTALLMENT LOAN—Junior position available in
medium size Iowa community. Prefer one to two years
experience including some exposure to indirect
financing................................................................... 15K
AGRI LOAN— Major Nebraska bank seeks an ag
specialist for their correspondent department. Ex­
cellent benefits and opportunity..............................28K
INSTALLMENT LOAN— Excellent opportunity in
northern Minnesota bank. Handle all installments
with chance to advance as bank grows..................16K


CONTROLLER—Full responsibility for all accounting
functions, reports and investments in medium size
Iowa bank. Prefer accounting or finance degree. 25K
AG LENDER— Rural southern Missouri bank affiliated
with major holding company. Prefer ag degree and 3-5
years ag lending experience.....................................23K


To inquire about a position please forward resume and
salary history in confidence to:




714 Central National Bldg. 515-283-2545
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

P.O. Box 12346 / 2024 Swift
North Kansas City, Missouri 64116
_____________ Phone (816) 474-6874_____________

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