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Vol. 14 No. 31

Des Moines, Iowa

Is There Light at Ei id o f A g Tunnel?
in the Am encan Bankers A ssociation’s Na­
tional Agricultural Bankers Confer­
ence in Dallas last week heard some
encouraging words o f hope that
light may be appearing at the end o f
the dark tunnel that has enveloped
the midwest ag econom y the past
two years. The hope rests in the de­
gree o f stabilization that may be
achieved with a workable farm bill
and a Farm Credit System workout
that w on’t be disadvantageous to
commercial banks, and the possibili­
ty that land values m ay bottom out
after the next expected drop.
K eynote speaker Jerom e K.
Green, president and CEO o f J.I.
Case, Inc. Racine, W is., told how his
firm has re-positioned itself with
some difficult internal decisions and
its purchase o f International Har­
vester’s farm machinery division.
He feels the steps taken to reduce
capacity, price discounts to sell o ff
excess inventory, gains in operating
efficiencies and dealer consolida­
tions have now produced a leaner,
more efficient organization geared
to com pete in the changed ag scene
o f tomorrow.
In addition, Mr. Green gave a
brief outline o f results learned by
J.I. Case from ag custom ers in its
survey to determine “ Farmer A tti­
tudes Toward Agricultural Lend-


a r t ic ip a n t s

ers.’ ’ The survey was made among
679 North American Class IA farm­
ers by telephone during the first half
o f September—528 in the United
States and 151 in Canada. He said in
spite o f all the reported troubles,
foreclosures and bad news in the ag
industry, “ They still like you! O f all
the ag-related professionals they
deal with, farmers think it is m ost
im portant to have a strong relation­
ship with their banker. M ore im por­
tant than their seed, fertilizer, chem­
ical and, yes, machinery dealers.
And significantly more im portant
than their accountant, lawyer or
veterinarian.” He said 55% had a
favorable opinion o f their banker
and 30% were neutral. “ That adds
up to an overall approval rating o f 85
percent, which is a higher rating
than Ronald Reagan has!” The sur­
vey is reported in a 111-page bound
folder that was made available to all
conference registrants.
A t the concluding general session,
John F. Marten, the well-known
staff econom ist for Farm Journal
magazine, W est Lafayette, Ind., dis­
cussed the positive factors in the
current econom y, referring specifi­
cally to the recent decline in the
dollar value. W ith the hope o f some
further decline in that value, Mr.
Marten said it is well to keep in
mind that it takes about a year for

November 18,1985
the export market to turn around
and im prove after that decline is
recognized in the markets. He said
we should see improvement in soy­
bean exports first and wheat last,
since alm ost every nation now pro­
duces wheat.
For com m odity prices he is pro­
jecting as follows:
Average hog prices $45 the next 9
months with a $50 peak around
Christmas. Could be in mid-to-low
$30s next fall.
Average choice steer prices next
12 months at $60. The past four
years it has been $64.
Cotton is over-produced and the
570 price will go down next year.
W heat will average $3.15 bushel.
Soybeans average price this year
at $5.25. A support price o f $5.02 is
probable. He said not to look for
more than a 300 increase, then flat­
ten. “ W e’re going to sell our beans
(from his farm) for cash.”
Corn production will be 8.72 bil­
lion bushels, for 117 bushels per
acre, compared to 43 bushels per
acre in 1955—a 74-bushel per acre
improvement in 30 years! “ The good
news is if you’re in the government
program ,” he said.
He told bankers to consider where
they fit into this scheme. “ Y ou’d
better be there when they get those
checks,” he admonished.
Mr. Marten said that as a farmer
he’s looking at cutting every ex-

to make MNB work for you.
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one of the reasons
we're first in Iowa.
Tom Quinlin

pense item he possibly can. He said
cash rent typically has been $150 an
acre and must get down to $80 to
$110 per acre.
He pointed out again that Farm
Journal survey data shows that 40%
o f farmers have little or no debt. O f
the remaining 60% , various num­
bers are being reported as severely
troubled. His survey shows that fi­
gure as 35%. Other surveys report
varying figures, but by adding in the
com ponents each survey reports in a
different way, practically all o f them
add up to one-third actually being in
severe trouble. He then said if fall­
ing interest rates continue, 4‘this
will open a door for many to walk
ou t" from under highly troubled
debt loads.
“ Land rates," he said, “ which
have already fallen 36% in 12 north­
ern states, will slide down some
m ore;" although he's looking for a
bottom ing out figure that will see
land at 40% o f the inflation year
figures. “ Look for rent, machinery,
fertilizer and other costs to go
dow n," he said, for all these sup­
pliers ju st have to reduce input ex­
penses to farms.
“ If those costs go down 2% and I
can increase m y yields 2% for five
years," he stated, “ m y cost per
bushel goes dow n." This will further
reduce the debt stress on the pre­
sently troubled farmers, and all
these factors combined, if allowed to
converge in the next year, should

John Cretzmeyer

Bank Consultants
Specializing in Bank Acquisitions
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D o n a l d E . H o l d e r , Principal

County this year. It reopened Nov.
12 as an office o f Carroll County
State Bank o f Carroll. The Carroll
bank, which is located about 12
miles away, will assume $6.8 million
in 1,900 deposit accounts and agreed
to pay a $167,000 premium to the
FDIC. A ccording to State Banking
Superintendent Tom Huston, the
failure was due to bad loans, parti­
cularly ag loans.

help reduce the numbers who have
severe financial problems.
In closing, Mr. Marten said, “ A s
we look for a solution for the ag fi­
nancial problem, we keep federal D U RAN T: Ollie Hansen, pres.,
ownership o f land at the bottom of Liberty Trust and Savings Bank, is
our options." In response to a floor recuperating in room 421, Saint
question, “ When are you going to Luke’s Hospital, 1227 East Rushbuy your next farm ?" Mr. Marten olm e S treet, D aven port, Iow a
responded that in northern Illinois 52803, after suffering a heart attack.
$4500 per acre land was now down Mr. Hansen had been in W ashington
to $2200 and probably could be testifying before a congressional
bought at $1600 to $1700 per acre, subcom m ittee on the bankruptcy
about 40% o f the top price. “ W e law proposed revisions. He returned
may be approaching that 40% fi­ home and was hospitalized the fol­
gure," he stated. “ The per acre price lowing day in Davenport. A t press
will go down on the next report. A time, Mr. Hansen was recovering
lot will finally be on W ashington’s well and had received get well mes­
sages from many friends.
A detailed report with pictures
from the conference will be in the
Illinois News
December N o r t h w e s t e r n B a n k e r .
CHICAGO: American National Cor­
□ poration has announced Ronald J.
Iowa News
Grayheck has been elected president
The Bank Adm inistration Insti­ o f the corporation and o f its princi­
tute will hold its November meeting pal subsidiary, American National
on the 21st at the Great Hall on the Bank and Trust Company o f Chi­
Simpson College Campus in India- cago. He has been senior executive
nola. The topic will be “ Loan Re­ vice president and head o f commer­
view ." Social hour begins at 5:30 cial banking since 1977 and a direc­
p.m ., with dinner at 6:30 and the tor since 1982. He replaces Keene H.
m eeting to follow. Cost is $10; regis­ Addington, who has resigned to pur­
trations may be made with Donald sue other interests. Mr. Addington
Fatka at City State Bank in Madrid, joined the bank in 1975 and has been
president and COO for seven years.
(515) 795-3807.
AU BU RN : The Auburn Savings
Bank was closed N ov. 8, making a
total o f three bank closings in Sac

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Waterloo, IA 50703

YORKTOW N: Gerald B. Klein has
been named senior vice president o f
the Bank o f Yorktown. He has been
with the bank since 1969. Kenneth
J. Zilka has been appointed vice
president, commercial lending. He
was form erly assistant vice presi­
dent o f that department and has
been with the bank for tw o years.

Wisconsin News
GREEN B A Y : Barry James has
been prom oted to senior vice presi­
dent o f First Interstate Bank in
Green Bay. He supervises all lend­
ing as well as the personal hanking
area. He joined the bank in 1982.



NL-1 CE0/#2— Extremely capable EVP currently in charge of
$40MM ag bank with responsibilities of administration of $27MM
loan portfolio. Three years bank examiner. Reference says, "Ex­
cellent banker...very good knowledge of all lending phases...
positive attitude...a SUPER PERSON.” B.S. Bus. Admin. Married.
$40,000 + . Call Linda.

NL-2 AG LENDING/FARM M6T— Actively involved in cash crop farm­
ing and small livestock operation along with being a full-time
banker. 2Vz yrs. with a small, rural bank. Handles all lending and
operations. Reference says, "H e’s very positive and personable...
good communication skills.” B.S. degree. Married. Age: 45.
$28-30,000. Call Linda.
NL-3 LOAN OFFICER— 21/2 yrs. with major holding company.
Handles $3-4MM ag portfolio. Looking for career advancement
and relocation closer to university with undergraduate program
available. Good references. ISU Grad in Ag Education. Married.
Age: 24. $20-22,000. Call Linda.

NL-4 INSTALLMENT LENDER-Offers AVz yrs. with $70MM + +
bank as loan officer with duties in installment lending, student
loans and collections. Receives excellent recommendation from
current employer. Dairy background. A.A. Business. Married.
Age: 25. $25,000. Call Linda.

NL-5 AG BANKER— 31/2 yrs. with $20MM + + ag bank. Handles
$5MM in ag/commercial and R.E. loans. One year with FmHA.
Available due to limited advancement. Good references. B.S. Ag.
Married. Age: 26. Upper $20,000’s. Call Linda.

NL-B BANK OPERATIONS— Reference says, "Efficiency and knowl­
edge of bank operations are her strongest points. Knows bank
operations inside and out.” Seventeen-and-one-half yrs. with
$18MM ag bank which included operations, loans, investments,
collections, data processing and secretarial duties. Has maxi­
mized her abilities at the bank and needs a new challenge. Com­
munity involved. Single. Age: 37. $20,000. Call Linda.
NJ-7 SR. V.P.— Over 7 yrs. with same $50mm. Responsible for ap­
proximately $5mm ag & $5mm commercial loans. A ‘conserva­
tively aggressive’ banker—able to recognize and add good
loans, and work out problems. Strong on cash flows. Thorough
understanding of wheat and cattle ranching. Qualified for C.E.O.
or E.V.P. positions, or will consider V.P. with growth potential.

Prefers Western U.S. location, in or near college town. B.S. Ag
Econ. plus numerous ag and commercial lending schools. Mar­
ried. Age 32. $36-$45,000. Call Jean.

NJ-8 JR. AG/0PERATI0NS OFFICER— References say, "Exceptional!
Bright and willing to work.” Offers 4 years bank exper. Started in
small ag bank running in-house computer and helping with ag
loan analysis and collections. Now handles general ledger and
loan accounting, and is assistant to comptroller and auditor of
Bancorp in $100MM ag bank. Has attended ag lending school
and Chicago Board of Trade Marketing Seminar. IBM-PC, Bur­
roughs, and Hewlitt Packed computer experience. Desires posi­
tion combining operations and ag lending duties. Farm raised.
B.S. Degree. Married. Age 25. $21,000. Call Jean.

NJ-9 SR. V.P.— With 4 yrs. current banking experience (VP/ALO,
responsible for $10mm ag loans and assists with commercial),
and 10 yrs. previous PCA and farm management experience,
he’s a versatile and seasoned candidate for your bank. Refer­
ence says, "Qualified to be Sr. L.O. in any $50-$75mm bank.
Able to bring in quality loans...spends time after hours calling on
farm customers helping them avoid problems. Excellent on cash
flows, documentation, counselling, and QUALITY!" B.S. Ag
Econ. and numerous credit schools and banking conferences.
Married. Age 39. $35,000. Call Jean.

NJ-10 AG LOAN OFFICER— Over 6 yrs. ag lending experience, past
2 yrs. with $50mm bank as #2 in ag dept. Very personable young
man with much to offer. Reference says, "Has all the tools to be
successful.” B.S. Ag Bus. from ISU. Married. Age 29. $30,000.
Call Jean.

NL-11 AG LOAN OFFICER— Fourteen months as ag rep. for major
holding company. Position eliminated due to consolidations.
Makes an excellent personal appearance. B.S. Economics.
Single. Age: 25. $18-20,000. Call Linda.

NL-12 #2— Started banking career as a finance trainee, then con­
tinued in collections for six years with a savings and loan co. Re­
cent experience includes bank management, ag, commercial
and installment lending along with insurance sales for a small
chain bank. Highly recommended by present employer. B.S.
Bus. Admin. Married. Age: 36. $30,000. Call Linda.

Our reputation of maintaining our candidates’ confidentiality enables us to at­
tract a select group of ag bankers and lenders... those currently employed and not
actively Job hunting, but ready to make a move for the right opportunity.
When you describe your needs to us, we contact our candidates who fit your de­
scription to discuss the position and location to ascertain their interest before
disclosing their names or sending you their resumes.
This not only protects our candidates Identity, but saves you tlme...when we sub­
mit a candidate for your consideration, you’ll know he or she has an interest In
your bank, community and salary range.
Let us know your needs without commitment; we won’t ‘hound’ you with phone
calls or ‘flood’ you with resumes, and there is no fee unless you hire.
Linda Heit
New Hampton, Iowa 50659
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

We serve as the source to locate candidates who meet your qualifications and
are Interested In your position. We are available to assist, not ‘Insist.’ We allow
and encourage your direct contact with our candidates. YOU make the choice and
decision without pressure.

Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 11-18-85

Jean Eden
515/263-9598 (W/F)
712/779-3567 (M/T/TH)
Massena, Iowa 50853

NL-13 AG BANKER— Offers two years of well rounded experience in

NL*21 #2— Six years with a finance company in branch manage­

banking, including audit functions, operations (microcomputer
applications), compliance, consumer and ag lending. ISU grad in
Ag Business. Married. Age: 25. $20-22,000. Call Linda.

ment (receives excellent recommendations from supervisor).
Eight years in commercial, installment, residential real estate and
ag lending for a $60MM bank. Licensed in insurance lines. Mar­
ried. Age: 36. $32,000. Call Linda.
NL-22 AG/0PERATI0NS OFFICER— Reference says, "Aggressive,
works well with farmers and did an excellent job screening
clients.” Three years ag loan correspondent for finance company
and currently assistant branch manager and loan officer with a
major holding company. Well recommended. B.A. Ag. Married.
Age: 27. $23,000. Call Linda.

NJ'14 SR. V.P.— Workout specialist for past 2 yrs. in $25mm bank.
Successfully handles large loans and legal matters in clean up
process. Six yrs. previous experience as Branch Mgr. with PCA.
Strong military background. Reference says, “ A high perfor­
mance individual...digs in and works through problems...a detailoriented, self started...good decision maker, who’s had experi­
ence by fire.” B.S. Ag. Married. Age 38. $43,000. Call Jean.
NJ-15 AG LOAN OFFICER— References say, "A hard credit man;
analyzes the total picture, makes a decision, and takes a firm
stand...results-oriented.” Over 7 yrs. PCA experience. Respon­
sible for collections, budget, marketing and personnel. Distin­
guished appearance, congenial personality. B.S. Ag Age 29.
$28,000. Call Jean.
NJ-16 AG LENDER— Currently branch mgr. in charge of loans,
operations, and business development at small branch bank.
Has total of 4 yrs. banking experience, with first yr. spent as ag
lender and asst, cashier. An energetic, well-spoken individual.
M.S Ag plus bank schooling. Married. Age 34. $28,000. Call

NJ-23 V.P. AG LOANS— In charge of $10MM ag loans at $50MM
bank for the past 3 yrs., this candidate was formerly a PCA loan
officer. Strengths include constant involvement with loan work­
outs, as well as ample exposure to other areas of banking. Highly
praised by former supervisor. M.S. Ag. Married. Age 39.
$34,000. Call Jean.
NL-24 AG LOAN OFFICER— Reference says, “ Excellent ag lending
knowledge and good rapport with clients.” This extremely sharp
ag lender offers four years with FLB most recently supervising a
staff of two loan officers and two clerical. Very knowledgeable in
agriculture. Quick and accurate in credit analysis. Self-starter.
B.S. Ag. Married. Age: 26. $30,000. Call Linda.

“In some cases, a bank’s employees are the only
distinguishing factor between the bank and its competition.
We were able to hire the kind of individual we wanted
through AGRicareers.”
Randy Schouten, Pres.
Norwest Bank
Montevideo, MN
NJ-17 V.P./AG— Four yrs. as ag lender with major holding com­

NJ-25 V.P.— Currently in charge of $10MM ag portfolio in major

pany bank, and past 2 yrs. as V.P. of $25mm independent bank,
in charge of problem ag loans and workouts. Reference says,
“ Has experience in all areas...learns quickly and thinks before he
speaks...really works well with farm accounts.” Farm raised. B.S.
Business Admin. Married. Age 28. $28,000. Call Jean.

holding company bank. Three + years in banking, 1 year with
FmHA. Heavily involved in problem loan workouts and negotia­
tions. Very community minded. B.S. Ag. Age 27. $30,000. Call
NJ-26 AG LOAN OFFICER— Offers 3 years current bank experience;
responsible for half of ag portfolio in $40MM bank; also works
with commercial, R.E. and installment loans. B.S. Ag Bus.
(ISU—3.8 GPA) plus bank schools. Good experience with com­
puters. Sharp appearance. Married. Age 26. $23,000. Call Jean.

NJ-18 C.E.O.— Offers 7 yrs. bank management experience plus 10
yrs. as bank examiner. Has established loan review procedures
and successfully implemented corrective action in problem loans
at current bank. Ag and commercial lending knowledge as well
as operations, personnel and investments. B.S. Ag. Married. Age
40. $50,000. Call Jean.
NJ-19 AG LENDER— Over 2 yrs. with Farm Credit System, plus
previous experience in ag sales and teaching vo-ag. References
report, "A dedicated and conscientious worker. Pays attention to
detail. A smooth and intelligent individual, who has thorough
knowledge of agriculture.” B.S. Ag. Married. Age 28. $27,000.
Call Jean.

NJ-20 AG LENDER— Has 4 yrs. bank exper. Started in installments,
is now ag rep handling $3 mil. of $5 mil. in ag loans in $22 mil.
bank. Reference says; "strong on cash flows, excells in ag lend­
ing...understands farming, analytical, good judgment, an outgo­
ing and popular individual.” Degree in Ag Banking plus MN bank
courses and ag lending school. Apple computer exper. also.
Married. Age 25. $25,000. Call Jean.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

NJ*27 C.E.O.— Currently C.E.O. of $50MM ag bank. 15 yrs. bank­
ing experience. Strong lending/administration skills. B.S./M.S.
plus advance banking schools. Married. Age 45. $65,000. Call

NJ-28 SR. MGMT— Now Pres/CEO of $10MM ag bank. Handles all
loans, bank management, investments. Prior exper. in correspon­
dent and trust areas. Strong ag background. Excellent appear­
ance. B.S. Economics plus graduate of banking schools. Mar­
ried. Age 37. Will relocate to midwest towns of 1000 or more.
$45,000. Call Jean.

NL*29 EVP— Currently responsible for ag, real estate, commercial
and installment loans for a $13MM bank along with bank opera­
tions. Reference says, “ He has super credit judgment-no ques­
tion about it! Excellent rapport with customers.” Looking for a
challenge. Licensed in Insurance and Real Estate. B.S. degree.
Married. Age: 33. $35,000. Call Linda.

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Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 11-18-85


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Nebraska News

The Iowa*Nebraska Chapter o f
the Bank M arketing Association is
presenting a marketing conference
0 on Nov. 20, at the M idtown Holiday
Inn in Grand Island. Ray Golden,
national accou n ts m anager o f
W ATS M arketing o f Am erica, will
address “ The D o’s and D on’ts o f
% Telem arketing.” Banker Joe Eames
w ill discuss several m arketing
topics, including sales program de­
sign, training, m otivation, and pub­
lic relations.








BROKEN BOW : Final approval for
change o f control o f Security State
Bank in Broken Bow has been
granted by the Nebraska Department o f Banking and Finance and
the Federal Reserve Board o f Kan­
sas City. The new owners are Dr.
Edward J. Jezbera o f Riverside,
Calif., and W illard W . Keller o f
Broken Bow. Terry O. Jensen is the
new bank president.
O M AH A: Michael L. Dahir has been
named vice president and chief fi­
nancial officer o f FirsTier, Inc. He
form erly headed Omaha National
Bank’s Lending Division, and is suc­
ceeded in that position by Robert A.
Suddick. Mr. Dahir joined Omaha
National in 1974. Mr. Suddick
joined the bank in 1968, and was
named head o f the resource manage­
ment and credit review department
in 1984.
O M AH A: A t Douglas County Bank
& Trust Co., Robert Gross has as­
sumed the position o f senior vice
president o f the loan division. He
joined the bank in 1971 and was
m ost recently manager o f the loan
division. In addition, Peggy J. Blake
has been prom oted to vice president
o f personnel. She joined the bank in
1973 and m ost recently was personnel officer.

South Dakota News
M ILB AN K : Dakota State Bank of
Milbank has announced the appoint­
Serving bankers quietly and efficiently.

714 F irst Interstate Bank B uilding
Des M oines, Iowa 50309
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



F irst N a tio n a l L in co ln
A FirsTier Bank

Member. F.D .I.C.

13th & m streets, Lincoln, n e 685oi

ment o f Thomas N. Gronseth as vice
president. He will be responsible for
credit analysis, commercial loans,
personnel and purchasing. He joins
the bank after five years with Norwest Bank South Dakota as agri­
culture lending officer.

Wyoming News
CHEYENNE: Ron D. Bunnell has
been named vice president o f human
resources at First W yom ing Bancorporation. He was previously
employee relations and safety man­
ager at W ycon Chemical Company.
JACKSON HOLE: American State
Bank has changed its name to Bank
o f Jackson Hole. The bank was re­
cently purchased by a local invest­
ment group headed by Jackson Hole
artist Conrad Schwiering.
LAN D ER: The Board o f Directors
o f the FDIC has announced it is pre­
paring to pay o ff insured depositors
in the Yellowstone State B a n k Lander. The bank was closed on
Nov. 1 by State Examiner Stanley
R. Hunt, and the FDIC was named
receiver. D eposits am ounted to
about $19.2 m illion in 3,200 ac­
counts. The FDIC estim ates that all
but about $335,000 o f the deposits
in 13 accounts are within the federal
insurance lim it o f $ 100,000 or are
otherwise secured. Owners o f such
uninsured deposits will share pro­
portionately with the FDIC in the
proceeds realized from liquidation o f
the bank’s assets. No acceptable
bids were received for the failed

Colorado News
AU RO RA: The Board o f Directors
o f the FDIC has announced that the
deposit liabilities o f The Aurora
Bank have been assumed by OM NI­
BAN K Iliff, N .A., Aurora. The
failed bank’s only office reopened on
Nov. 4 as O M N IBAN K Iliff, N .A.,
and its depositors autom atically
becom e depositors o f the assuming
bank, subject to approval by the ap­
propriate court. The Aurora bank
was closed N ov. 1 by State Bank
Commissioner Richard B. D oby, and
the FDIC was named receiver. OM­
N IBA N K Iliff, N .A. will assume

about $14.7 m illion in 3,100 deposit
accounts, including $ 1.0 m illion in
19 accounts in excess o f the federal
insurance lim it o f $100,000. The as­
suming bank has agreed to pay the
FD IC a purchase prem ium o f
$657,550 and also will purchase cer­
tain o f the failed bank’s loans and
assets for $9.5 million. T o facilitate
the transaction, the FDIC w ill ad­
vance $5.0 m illion to the assuming
bank and will retain assets o f the
failed bank with a book value o f
about $7.6 million. The FDIC ex­
pects to recover a substantial por­
tion o f its outlay through the liqui­
dation o f assets not transferred to
the assuming bank; its claim will
have priority over the claims o f
shareholders o f the failed bank.

Correspondent Banking

Are you happy
withyour present
If not, call
United Missouri.
Let’s face it. The sooner you get
it, the faster you can invest it. That’s
why United Missouri’s new avail­
ability schedule can help cut costly
float time. Our national clearing pro­
gram, competitive pricing and dayto-day personal service make United
Missouri one of the best sources of
correspondent services in the coun­
try. Give us a call for information,
then make comparisons. We think
you’ll call us again.

Member FDic Gf K an sas C ity , n .a .

10th and Grand, P.0. Box 226
Kansas City, Missouri 64141
(816) 556-7900

CEO - S.E. Nebraska and S.W. Iowa banks of over
$20M and $40M. Need 10 years or more experi­
ence. 340-65K.

L E N D IN G • T R U S T • O P E R A T IO N S

AG LENDERS • W. Central Iowa. Need 2-3 years
experience. Need 2 people. 325-30K.

Serving the Entire
U pper M id w e s t

COMMERCIAL LENDER - Need 2 + years In com­
mercial lending. Omaha. To $30K.

For Prompt, Courteous,
Professional Attention
T o Y o u r S t a ffin g
Needs, Call On Us.

CONTROLLER - S.W. Iowa. 3-5 years experience.
All fees are paid by our client employers.
Richard L Seem, CPC
11248 Davenport Street
Omaha, NE 68154
Phone: 402/390-3280
Member National Personnel Associates
We’re Nationwide

Diane Evans


Financial Careers
COMMERCIAL LENDER for $85 million midwest bank. Re­
quires college degree and 3 to 5 years experience ............
.....................................................................Salary to $35,000
SENIOR INVESTMENT OFFICER for major midwest bank.
Requires experience In bank of $200 million In a s s e ts ___
............................................................................... Salary open
CPA with practical bank experience wanted by $50 million
bank located in scenic college community. Farm back­
ground a plus. Candidate will Install computer system, in­
vestment center, credit department auditing procedure ..
..................................................................... Salary to $50,000
SENIOR COMMERCIAL LENDER for $100 million bank in
town of 15,000 in upper M idw est...................... Salary open
SENIOR COMMERCIAL LENDER to be In charge of all
loans in bank of over $200 million In assets . . . Salary open
CEO for $10 million midwest bank located In small town
near university c i t y ........................ Salary to $38,000 + car

e g e n c y

1102 Grand Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64106

CASHIER for southwest Iowa financial Institution............
........................................................................... Salary $18,000
VICE PRESIDENT for Loans/Operatlons for $15 million
northern Iowa bank .................................. Salary to $30,000

sota $30 million bank looking for person with solid credit
administration skills. Must have proven record of sound
credit judgment, working knowledge of UCC documenta­
tion, and skilled in commercial credit and financial state­
ment analysis. Responsibilities will include initiating and
maintaining on-going credit department for the bank and
other banks which are presently in the process of being
acquired by the holding company. Send resume to file
WDW, c/o Northwestern Banker.
SENIOR LOAN OFFICER— Experience in commercial SBA
& real estate loans. Excellent career opportunity. Salary
commensurate with experience. Contact: Arvid D. Evensvold, President, First National Bank of Hastings, Hastings,
MN. (612) 437-3106.______________________________ (PA)
AGRICULTURAL LOAN OFFICER to manage bank office.
Must be call and marketing minded. Desire 5 yrs. banking
experience. Send resume to Bob Scott, Boone State Bank,
strong collection background or Finance Co. experience
and business degree. Good loan documentation skills and
farm background a plus. Evening educational opportunity,
Mankato State Univ., 23 miles. Will train in lending if need
be. Good salary 15 to 30K commensurate with experience.
Send resume, grades, & salary requirements, confidential,
c/o Personnel Director, Security National Bank of Amboy,
MN 56010.

Are Problem Loans
Keeping You Awake at Night?
We are interested in talking over your non­
performing commercial ag & real estate
loans. For information call (402) 721-4514.

10 hours/1 day - December 11
Adventureiand Inn, Des Moines
Pre-registration $55.00
Registration at door - $65.00
Call: American Equltel Insurance Agency
(515) 276-6168

PRESIDENT - Innovative leader with successful track
record as a head of a $100m + bank combining clean port­
folio and good earnings. Accomplished lender in both ag
and com’l environments with good understanding of oper­
SR TRUST OFFICER • Expplusl 25 yrs in $30m + dept
hands-on knowledge of estates, new business develop­
ment, administrative & Investment duties. Professional &
thorough at home in the competitive upscale/whlte collar
AG LENDER • Loan analysis,collections,farm calls, cash
flows and general ag lending in $20m + dept. Seeks lend­
ing role In an environment that can offer growth and salary

<M M )
<M M >
<M ►


317 6th Ave, Ste. 650
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 244-4414

SR CREDIT ADMINISTRATOR for central Minnesota bank
..................................................................... Salary to $33,000
SR AG LENDER for progressive South Dakota bank
located in major community. Requires 5 or more years in
bank of $50 million or m o re ...................... Salary to $40,000
Please call Malcolm Freeland or Cy Kirk in care of:

Freeland Financial Service
1010 Equitable Bldg. Des Moines, IA 50309
Employer pays fee.

WANTED—Good used or rebuilt microfilmer. Please call
(712) 779-2234. ____________________

Estate Appraisals
CONTROLLER/CASHIER— in $30-70mm banks in
S. MN, W. IA, & SD. Member of mgmt team.
SR CREDIT OFFICER— In mid sized SD bank.
Oversee all areas of lending. Potential to become
AG LENDER—well capitalized small holding com­
pany. N. IA.
Contact Barbara J. Ritta at


COMMERCIAL LENDER for large Independent Twin Cities
area bank. Leads to Division H e a d .......... Salary to $39,000

Purchase of
Sale o f Rare Coins
Reliable and respected service
for over 20 years
Used by bankers
throughout the midwest

P.O. Box 24227
Omaha, NE 66124
1-800-225-2885, In NE (402) 397-2886

Ben E . Marlenee

Temporary Bank Building with canopies for sale.
Available Spring 1986
Equipment Optional
If Interested please call
Dennis Prchal at (612) 224-1371

913 Locust
Des M oines, Iowa 50309

AGRI-LOAN - senior lender for $40MM Ag Bank. Work out
loan experience desired.


COMMERCIAL LOAN • middle management position with
$100MM + suburban bank. Need two-four yrs. experience.

DIEBOLD 910 WALKUP ATM & a 9810 Controller 5 years
old. 100,000 Transactions. Call Sharen (515) 752-4591. (FS)

SECOND OFFICER • Ag-oriented bank with large cattle
loan portfolio. Previous administration experience a plus.

NCR MINI VIPS— model 675 sorter, 6420 line printer & 8250
128K processor, contact: John Jones (309) 829-1000 Ext.

COMMERCIAL/INSTAL. LOAN - community bank with
large retail base. Time will be split evenly between com­
mercial and instal. credits.
CREDIT OFFICER - develop and oversee credit dept, for
growing suburban bank. Good advancement possibilities.

Loan risk-rating, bank risk-rating, work-out loan
assistance, documentation audit, training. 8 yrs.
exp. loan review/loan officer/bank counsel.
Daniel W. Hansen
3827 Llndlavlsta, Des Moines, la. 50310
Phone: 515-278-9174


2024 Swift - Box 12346
North Kansas City, MO 64116
“ Serving the Banking Industry Since 1970”

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