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Vol. 12 No. 14

Des Moines, Iowa

Two Top Nebraska Banks Seek Merger
PROPOSED merger that would
A create
a $1.78 billion asset hold­

ing company is being discussed by
the two largest bank holding com­
panies in Nebraska.
John D. Woods, chairman and
chief executive officer of Omaha Na­
tional Corporation and its whollyowned subsidiary, Omaha National
Bank, and William C. Smith, presi­



dent and chief executive officer of
First National Lincoln Corp. and its
wholly-owned subsidiary, First Na­
tional Bank & Trust Company of
Lincoln, jointly announced July 19
their respective Boards have author­
ized further discussions to form a
new Nebraska-based multi-bank
holding company to acquire, through
a consolidation of the two one-bank
holding companies, the ownership of
both Omaha National Bank and
First National Bank & Trust Com­
pany of Lincoln, and their other sub­
Mr. Woods and Mr. Smith stated:
“ There are no assurances that these

discussions will result in any defin­
itive proposals. However, if an
agreement is reached, approval of
the Federal Reserve Board and a
two-thirds favorable vote of the
shareholders of both of the present
holding companies would be re­
Any consolidation would be on a
no-premium basis. Shareholders of
each of the existing holding com­
panies would receive stock in the
new multi-bank holding company,
which would be named Firstier, Inc.
(pronounced First-teer'), based on a
tax-free exchange at a ratio to be
determined after a receipt of reports
of independent financial consultants
for each of the parties. Firstier
would have a board of directors of an
even number, with one-half of the di­
rectors being from the present
Omaha holding company and the
other one-half from the present Lin­
coln holding company. Mr. Woods
would be chairman and chief ex­
ecutive officer and Mr. Smith would
be president and chief operating of­
ficer. The two banks would be oper­
ated separately under their existing
names and with their present direc­
tors and officers.
The two executives stated: “ The
bringing together of these two
strong financial organizations
should enable Firstier to better
serve the communities of Omaha
and Lincoln and the State of Nebras­

July 25,1983
ka as a whole. The increased finan­
cial strength would greatly enhance
our ability to finance Nebraska
businesses and agriculture as well as
to develop expanded services for
residential mortgage financing, in­
vestment services for individuals
and businesses, and provide a sound
base for future growth. We are confi­
dent that Firstier would be able to
exert a cohesive influence to bring
the two metropolitan communities
and the State as a whole together in
a common effort to better meet their
combined credit demands and finan­
cial requirements.“
Until the 1983 Nebraska Legisla­
ture authorized multi-bank holding
companies, Nebraska banks were
unable to form companies of a size
that would make them more competitve with out-of-state banking or­
ganizations such as the multi-bank
holding companies of Minnesota,
Iowa, Missouri and Colorado, and
the national giants such as Amer­
ican Express, Sears, Citicorp, Bank
of America and Merrill Lynch, all of
whom have been increasingly active
in soliciting Nebraska business. For­
mation of Firstier, Mr. Woods and
Mr. Smith said, would provide the
base for a larger and stronger
Nebraska financial institution to
compete favorably with these out of
staters in serving most segments of
the Nebraska economy.
At June 30, 1983, the assets of
Omaha National Corporation were
$993,223,000 and First National

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Lincoln Corp.’s were $786,730,000,
and shareholders’ equity was
$71,130,000 and $58,367,000 respec­
tively. The proposed holding com­
pany would have pro-forma assets of
$1,779,953,000. Deposits at 1982
year-end were $714,596,000 at
Omaha National and $534,195,000
at First National Lincoln, for a total
of $1,248,790,000.

Iowa News
BETTENDORF: Bettendorf Bank
and Trust recently announced the
appointments of Thelma Ehredt as
vice president, cashier and manager
of the State Street Office; Elaine
Bartholome, vice president in retail
banking, and Sue Willman, loan ser­
vicing and support officer. Ms.

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Cyndi Watkins

Ehredt joined the bank in 1954.
Both Ms. Bartholome and Ms. Willman have been with the Bettendorf
bank since 1977.

Michael Yanney. The application to
purchase has been filed with the
Federal Reserve Board. Mr. Yanney’s
company owns three other Iowa
banks—Nevada National, Valley
State Bank at Rock Valley, and Se­
curity Savings Bank in Williams­

BLAIRSTOWN: Richard G. Wedeking, 36, assistant vice president of
Benton State Bank, died July 6 fol­
lowing a long illness. Mr. Wedeking
joined the bank in January of 1981
and was appointed assistant vice
president later that year. Prior to his
affiliation with the bank he was an
examiner in the small loan division
of the Department of Banking. Mr.
Wedeking became ill in February of
this year.

HOLSTEIN: Daniel B. Engler has
been named president of the Hol­
stein State Bank, succeeding Wayne
Hettinger who has been named pres­
ident of the Bethany Trust Com­
pany, Bethany, Mo. Mr. Engler had
been serving as executive vice presi­
dent of Hawkeye Bank and Trust,

FOREST CITY: An agreement in
principle has been signed by John
Witmer, president of Forest City
Ltd., which owns Forest City Bank
& Trust Co., to sell the holding com­
pany and its bank to Rainwood Co.
of Omaha, whose principal owner is

WINTERSET: Farmers and Mer­
chants State Bank has announced
the appointment of Robert C. Duff
as assistant vice president, agricul­
tural loans. Mr. Duff formerly held a
similar position with United Central
Bank of Estherville.

IOWA CITY: Luella J. Feldman
was recently elected vice president
of Iowa State Bank & Trust Com­
DUBUQUE: William D. McGeehan pany. Ms. Feldman has been with
was elected president and a director the bank over 14 years.
of American Trust & Savings Bank
by directors at their July 15 meet­ SIOUX CITY: Daniel G. Augustine
ing. He succeeds Christy Arm­ and Douglas Rice have been elected
strong, who announced prior to the senior vice presidents at Security
meeting his retirement following a National Bank. Mr. Augustine will
48-year banking career. Mr. McGee­ serve in bank opérations with re­
han has more than 22 years banking sponsibilities to include data pro­
experience in New Jersey and New cessing, bank operations, informa­
England states, most recently as tion systems and building manage­
principal in McGeehan Associates. ment. Mr. Rice joined the bank in
Prior to that he was executive vice 1975 and was most recently pro­
president and director of The Bank moted to vice president and général
of New Hampshire, N.A., Man­ auditor in 1980. He is in the finance

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Illinois News

Nebraska News
HUMBOLDT: John F. Kotouc,
president of Home State Bank &
Trust Company, has announced the
appointment of Randal J. Burns as
executive vice president and chief
executive officer.
OMAHA: Three appointments were
recently announced at American Na­
tional Bank. Thomas H. Dunham
was elected vice president-com­
mercial loan officer; James W.
Burns was named an assistant vice
president, and Kenneth L. Nelson an
assistant cashier.

Minnesota News
ST. PAUL: A corporate name and
symbol change has been announced
by the Otto Bremer Company, effec­
tive August 15. On that date The
Bremer Company will be renamed
Bremer Financial Corporation and
all 29 Bremer banks and the cor­
poration’s 37 bank-related business­
es, which include insurance agencies
and ag credit companies, will be
identified under one common name,
“ First American.” The new symbol
is an eagle in flight with the Bremer
name placed within a blue square.
Bremer employs aobut 1,200 per­
sons in 51 offices and has assets ex­
ceeding $1.3 billion.
SHELLY: Parnell Thorson has been
appointed executive vice president
of the State Bank of Shelly. Since
1978, Mr. Thorson has been presi­
dent and general manager of the
Lake Region Credit Union at Devils
Lake, N.D.

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The Illinois Bankers Association
board of directors recently approved
the dates and locations for the 1983
Annual Meeting and the 1984 An­
nual Convention.
The 1983 Annual Meeting will be
held November 17 at the Holiday
Inn O’Hare Kennedy, in conjunction
with the IBA Bank Management
Conference. At this time election of
association officers will be held
along with other business the board
determines necessary.
The 1984 Annual Convention will
be held June 13-15 in Peoria. The
Hotel Pere Marquette will serve as
convention headquarters, with all
meetings, general sessions and ex­
hibits to be located in the Peoria
Convention Center.
CHICAGO: On July 8, Union Na­
tional Bank of Chicago was closed
by Doyle Arnold, Acting Comptrol­
ler of the Currency, and the FDIC
was named receiver. An attempt to
arrange a merger of the failed bank
was unsuccessful, requiring the
FDIC to pay off depositors up to the
insurance limit. The FDIC elected to
make insured deposits available to
their owners by transferring their
accounts to Seaway National Bank
in Chicago, with the sole office of the
closed bank reopening July 11 as a
facility of Seaway National. This re­
presented the first use of a pro­
cedure authorized by Section 11 (f) of
the Federal Deposit Insurance Act.
Insured deposits in Union National
amounted to $23.5 million in 13,400
accounts. Approximately $1.5 mil­
lion of the bank’s deposits exceeded
the insurance limit of $100,000.
The FDIC Board indicated that if
the payment of insured deposits

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through a transfer of accounts to
another bank satisfactorily mini­
mizes disruption of the bank’s cus­
tomers and to the community, the
procedure may be used in future
deposit payoffs.

South Dakota News
SIOUX FALLS: First Bank of
South Dakota recently elected one
officer and advanced four others.
Steve Gerlach was named vice presi­
dent, Sioux Falls; Russ Stone was
named president, Presho; Victor
Harwood was named vice president,
Rapid City; Loren Podoll was named
vice president and Tim Carr was
elected agricultural loan officer,
Aberdeen, and E. Norman Kostboth
was named vice president, Get­
TORONTO: Harold Heidemann
joined the Bank of Toronto in its
agricultural loan department. Mr.
Heidemann formerly was with Uni­
ted National Bank in Castlewood.
YANKTON: L.B. “ Bernie” Moore
has been named vice president and
manager of the United Natinal Bank
in Yankton, announced Hurley Wil­
son, president. Mr. Moore’s banking
career has included positions as
chief executive officer for Dakota
County State Bank of South Sioux
City, Neb., and vice president for
Columbia Heights State Bank in

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