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Vol. 14 No. 11

July 1,1985

Des Moines, Iowa

Bank Bill Faces Rules Committee
FTER the full House Banking
Committee approved H. R. 20
(banking bill) by a 31-18 vote on
June 12, the bill headed for the
Rules Committee on its route to the
full House for floor debate. How­
ever, the Rules Committee stop is a
crucial one because its chairman is
Rep. Claude Pepper, who had al­
ready taken time on June 4 to write
a letter to Rep. Fernand J. St Ger­
main, chairman o f the House Com­
m ittee on Banking, Finance and Ur­
ban Affairs, telling Chairman St
Germain, “ I want you to know o f
m y opposition to any trigger provi­
The controversial bill allows for
regional banking, but includes a
“ trigger” clause that says any
states which adopt such a regional
pact (now legally affirm ed by a re­
cent Supreme Court decision), must
open their borders to nationwide
banking after five years. Individual
states could opt out o f such a pact
within five years; however, if they
had allowed an outside entrant into
the state in that five years, they
would have surrendered their right
to withdraw from a regional pact.
The bill also closes the nonbank
bank loophole, but sets a M ay 9,
1984, grandfather clause, as oppos­
ed to the July 1, 1983, grandfather
date agreed upon late last year by
Chairman St Germain and Senate


Banking Committee Chairman Jake
Gam (R., Utah).
The Rules Committee usually
takes up bills on Tuesdays, but be­
cause o f Rep. Pepper’s strong oppo­
sition to the trigger, there was no
way to determine what m ight hap­
pen at this point, according to
experienced W ashington observers.
Mr. Pepper’s strong feelings are evi­
denced in his June 4 letter to Chair­
man St Germain which said:
Dear Mr. Chairman:
It is m y belief that Congress has at numer­
ous times in the past fifty years reaffirmed
its position prohibiting the creation o f inter­
state banking without specific state authori­
zation. Recently, the 11th Circuit Court o f
Appeals confirmed this congressional intent.
This Wednesday you will mark up legisla­
tion deeding with regional and interstate
banking. During your deliberations you will
consider whether or not there should be a na­
tional trigger leading to nationwide inter­
state hanking. I want you to know o f my op­
position to any trigger provision. In my opi­
nion, regional banks will be more sensitive to
the credit needs o f its residents and busi­
nesses. Full interstate banking could cause
the outflow o f capital in various states and
localities resulting in a reduction o f economic
Please vote against a national trigger for
interstate banking. Continue to allow the
states to determine if in their best interest
interstate banking is advantageous to its
With warm regards,
Always sincerely,
Claude Pepper
Member o f Congress

The intensity o f lobbying on the
bill was stepped up after it made its
way from the House Banking Sub­
com m ittee on June 5 to the full
House Banking Committee where it
finally won the 31-18 approval noted
above. A B A President James Cairns
and other A B A representatives con­
tinued to testify before various
House and Senate com m ittees at
that time that the trigger for inter­
state banking was linked with clos­
ing the nonbank bank loophole and
expanded p rod u ct and service
powers for banks. The trigger had
been the subject o f lengthy debate
at the last A B A Leadership Confer­
ence and gained only a 55-45 m ajori­
ty, far less than the high m ajority
position previously used by A B A as
a consensus benchmark.
While A B A representatives were
pursuing their tenuous 55-45 posi­
tion in Congress, the Independent
Bankers Association o f America
mounted an all-out attack with a
June 14 “ Urgent A ction A lert” to
all IB A A members, asking them to
contact members o f the Rules Com­
m ittee in their home states and/or
their home area Congressman to
vote no on the trigger measure.
On the Senate side, Sen. Jake
Gam said such a bill would be unac­
ceptable to his Banking Committee
and indicated it would not be consi­
dered if adopted by the House.

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a m y mm

Member FDIC

one of the reasons
we’re first in Iowa.
Mark Conway

Iowa News
has been prom oted to vice president
o f First National Bank o f Council
Bluffs. He currently is manager of
the commercial, agriculture and resi­
dential real estate departments.
DES M OINES: David N. Walthall,
presiden t o f H aw keye—C apital
Bank & Trust and senior vice presi­
dent o f Hawkeye Bancorporation,
has been named vice president o f
Heritage Communications Inc. and
president o f Communications Pro­
ducts Group, which is com prised o f
sev era l H e rita g e su b sid ia rie s
located in Ohio, Indiana, Florida,
Minnesota, M issouri and Texas. Mr.
W althall, who will join Heritage on
August 1, has been with Hawkeye
since 1982.
K N OXVILLE: Richard E. Magnuson has been prom oted to vice presi­
dent o f Community National Bank
& Trust Co. Mr. Magnuson joined
the bank as assistant vice president
last November, working primarily in
ag lending. Previously, he had been
employed by Columbus PCA office
in Osceola, Neb. as branch manager.

Dorothea Wolfe

URBAN A : Urbana Savings Bank
was closed Friday, June 21, by
Superintendent o f Banking Thomas
Huston. The Urbana bank and its of­
fices in Brandon and Shellsburg
were reopened last M onday as
branches o f Peoples Bank and Trust
Co. o f Cedar Rapids. The 84-year old
Urbana bank’s failure was blamed
on “ excessive loan losses” and the
inability of management to sell the
institution or find new money to sta­
bilize its condition. People’s Bank
will pay the FDIC a purchase pre­
mium o f $202,101 and will assume
approxim ately $6.4 million in 4,700
deposit accounts. It will also buy the
failed bank’s installment loans, real
estate loans and certain other assets
for $4 million. The FDIC will ad­
vance $2.2 million and will retain
assets o f the failed bank with a book
value o f about $3.1 million.

in the management o f both institu­
LINCOLN: Gateway Bank and
Trust has elected Eames Irvin as
senior vice president and trust offi­
cer. Mr. Irvin, previously with Citi­
zens State Bank, will have management responsibilities for the bank’s
trust and investm ent departments.
O M AH A: Omaha National recently
named three new vice presidents:
John Todd Hall, Miles Havekost
and Roger Lewis. Mr. Hall was
named a second vice president in
1979 and currently is manager of
personal banking and teller operations at the main bank. Mr. Havekost currently serves as manager of
corporate and financial operations in
the operations division. Mr. Lewis
m ost recently was appointed a second vice president in 1980.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis




Minnesota News
The M idwest Banking Institute,
now in its 19th year, will be held July 21-26 at the University o f Minne­
sota, Morris. Sponsored by the Min­
nesota, Montana, North Dakota,
South Dakota and W isconsin Bank­
ers Associations, the institute provides an opportunity for manage­
ment-level agricultural bankers to
broaden their skills to becom e more
effective lenders.

M IN N EAPOLIS: Norwest CorporaW ATERLOO: Dale K. DeKoster,
tion has announced that Lloyd P.
chairman and president o f the
Johnson, who was named president
W aterloo Savings Bank and M etro
and CEO in March o f this year, was
Bancorporation, retired June 30. He
elected to the additional post o f
joined the bank as a farm represen­
chairman, effective immediately. He
tative in 1946 and was named CEO
succeeds John W . M orrison, 63, who
in 1956 and president in 1961. He
resigned after serving in that posi­
has headed M etro Bancorporation
tion since 1981.
since its origin in 1983. A successor
M ARION : Norwest Bank Marion, has not yet been named.
ST. PAU L: Am erican N ational
N .A., has approved the prom otion of
has announced the prom otion
Nebraska News
Steve Knutson to the position of
of Donald R. Rigsby to vice presi­
vice president, ag business segment. LINCOLN: James F. Nissen has dent and assistant manager o f the
Mrv Knutson has been with the been appointed president o f the Citi­ aircraft department and Susan AtMarion bank since June o f 1983 and zens State Bank. Mr. Nissen is cur­ kins-Harris to assistant vice presiwas previously the assistant vice rently the president o f Gateway dent, special asset administration.
president in the ag department.
Bank and Trust and will be involved
W A Y ZA TA : David A. Shern, for­
mer deputy com m issioner o f com ­
merce in charge o f financial instituCount on the FNB
tions for the State o f Minnesota, has
joined Anchor Bancorp, Inc., Wayteam for any
zata, as president and a director. He
also was elected a director and offi­
Correspondent service.
cer o f the First National Bank o f
W ayzata and chairman o f First
Gary Stevenson
Lon Kelling
Bank Minnesota, W est St. Paul. Mr.
Shern began his banking career with
First o f St. Paul in 1949, and has
Member FDIC • Sioux City • A 'BANKS OF IOWA’ BANK
served as deputy com m issioner of
commerce since 1983.

F ir s t N a tio n a l B a n k n











N J-1 SR. LENDER/BANK M GM T—8 yrs. in same holding co. Currently #2 officer in
$75MM bank, responsible for $25MM ag/commercial loans. Strong collections &
work out skills, good people mgr. Ran $20MM bank previously. Excellent refer­
ences from former supervisors. Sharp appearance. Open to relocation in Midwest.
B.S. Ag Econ. plus bank schools. Married. Age 35. $42,000. Call Jean.

N L-14 CE0/#2 O F S10-S40MM BANK—Offers twelve years in ag banking. Operated
own insurance agency with $150,000 gross volume, managed branch bank of
$12MM in assets and $300,000 insurance agency. Currently managing $25MM
branch bank. Super references. Strong ag background. Married. Age: 50. Lives IA.
$30-35,000. Call Linda.

NJ-2 C .E .O .—Currently C.E.O. of $50MM ag bank. 15 yrs. banking experience.
Strong lending/administration skills. B.S./M.S. plus advanced banking schools. Mar­
ried. Age 45. $65,000. Call Jean.

NL-15 AG LEN D ER —Immediately available. Four-and-one-half-years with FLB in new
business development, loan servicing and customer service. Reference says, "Very
detailed, knows cash flows, ag knowledge, good team player...has a likeable per­
sonality.” Married. Age: 28. Lives MN. $26,000 + . Call Linda.

NJ-3 EX EC . V .P .—Over 20 yrs. in banking; ag, commercial, student, SBA loans,
operations, personnel mgmt. Currently responsible for administration and loan
workouts involved in cleaning up mismanaged bank. B.S. Married. Age 50.
$45,000. Call Jean.
RJ-4 C .E .O .—20 yrs. with major holding co. Moved up to Pres/CEO of $35MM bank
with $20MM in loans (primarily ag). Now C.E.O. at $15MM bank with emphasis on
Commercial, consumer & real estate loans. Handles loans, operations, investments,
and personnel. Married. Age 42. $49,000. Call Jean.
MJ-5 SR. M GM T—Now Pres/CEO of $10MM ag bank. Handles all loans, bank man­
agement, investments. Prior exper. in correspondent and trust areas. Strong ag
background. Excellent appearance. B.S. Economics plus graduate of banking
schools. Married. Age 37. Will relocate to midwest towns of 1000 or more. $45,000.
Call Jean.
NJ-8 V .P .—Currently (and for past 10 yrs.) in charge of $15MM ag loans in $90MM
bank. Shares commercial loans, operations, administrative duties. B.S./M.S. Ag
Econ.,, extensive bank schooling. Excellent appearance. Married. Age 40.
$48,000. Call Jean.
N J-7 V P—Offers 5 yrs. current banking experience as ag rep and office manager, 3
yrs. previous PCA experience. Presents himself very favorably, low-key but profes­
sional and self-motivated. He and wife very active in community. Strong on cash
flows, analysis, PR; extensive ag background. B.S. Ag Bus. and banking courses.
Age 33. $28,000. Call Jean.
NJ-8 AG LEN D ER —Over 10 yrs. ag lending experience, formerly with FmHA as Coun­
ty Supervisor, now handling large number of PCA's problem loans. References say,
"has successfully reduced loan problems, and helped farmers gain business sense
as well.” Good attitude and down-to-earth personality. B.S. Ag. Married. Age 35.
$30,000. Call Jean.
NJ-9 V .P . AG LOANS—In charge of $10MM ag loans at $50MM bank for the past 3
yrs., this candidate was formerly a PCA loan officer. Strengths include constant in­
volvement with loan workouts, as well as ample exposure to other areas of banking.
Highly praised by former supervisor. M.S. Ag. Married. Age 39. $34,000. Call Jean.
N L-13 AG/COMMERCIAL LEN D ER —Experienced loan officer (responsible for close to
$5MM ag loan volume) is seeking opportunities in ag banking. Offers three years
PCA experience. Reference says, “ He has gained hands-on experience in ag credit
that would take a loan officer 5-10 years time to gain. Good to very good perfor­
mance.” B.S. degree from Iowa State. Married. Age: 25. Lives IA. $25,000. Call Lin­

N L-16 EVP/CE0—"Guaranteed to be bank president in a few years,” former super­
visor says. Offers well rounded experience in ag credit analysis, cash flowing and
commercial lending. Community involved. B.S. Animal Science. Married. Age: 30.
Lives MN. $45,000 + . Call Linda.
N L -1 7 EV P —Currently responsible for ag, real estate, commercial and installment
loans for a $13MM bank along with bank operations. Reference says, "H e has
super credit judgment-no question about it! Excellent rapport with customers.”
Looking for a challenge. Licensed in Insurance and Real Estate. B.S. degree. Mar­
ried. Age: 33. Lives MN. $35,000. Call Linda.
NL-18 AG LOAN OFFICER—Two.years experience as credit representative for a captive
financing firm. Super reference. Good communication skills...professional and a self
starter. Available due to limited opportunities with present firm. B.S. Ag Economics.
Single. Age: 24. Lives Wl. $20,000 + . Call Linda.
N L-19 VICE PRESIDENT-Down -to-earth rural banker seeking an opportunity with a
solid, ag bank. Offers ten years with $10MM bank with responsibilities in ag (prob­
lem work-outs), R.E. and installment lending. Experience with computers. B.S.
degree. Married. Age: 45. Lives MN. $30,000 plus. Call Linda.
NL-20 CE0/#2—Currently in charge of entire lending function for $20MM bank with
loan portfolio of $15MM last four years. Thirteen years previous experience with
large holding company and offers ag and commercial lending experience. Re­
ceives good references. Banking schools. Married. Age: 40. Lives MN. $40-45,000.
Call Linda.
NL- 21 AG BANKER—Five years with FmHA as Ag Management Specialist and most
recently with a captive finance company in ag credit. His reference says, “ Positive
attitude...strengths are his personality, patience and ag credit skills.” Iowa State
grad with a double major. Married. Age: 34. Lives Wl...wants West. $20-25,000. Call
NT-24 AG LOAN OFFICER—Reference says, "Excellent ag lending knowledge and
good rapport with clients.” This extremely sharp ag lender offers four years with
FLB most recently supervising a staff of two loan officers and two clerical. Very
knowledgeable in agriculture. Quick and accurate in credit analysis. Self-starter.
B.S. Ag. Married. Age: 26. Lives IA. $30,000. Call Terri at 515-394-3147.
NT-25 AG/0PERATI0NS OFFICER—Reference says, "Aggressive, works well with farm­
ers and did an excellent job screening clients.” Three years ag loan correspondent
for finance company and currently assistant branch manager and loan officer with a
major holding company. Well recommended. B.A. Ag. Married. Age: 27. Lives IA.
$23,000. Call Terri at 515-394-3147.

Our reputation of maintaining our candidates’ confidentiality enables us to at­

tract a select group of ag bankers and lenders... those currently employed and not
actively Job hunting, but ready to make a move for the right opportunity.
When you describe your needs to us, we contact our candidates who fit your de­
scription to discuss the position and location to ascertain their Interest before
disclosing their names or sending you their resumes.
This not only protects our candidates Identity, but saves you time...when we sub­
mit a candidate for your consideration, you’ll know he or she has an Interest In
your bank, community and salary range.
Let us know your needs without commitment; we won’t ‘hound’ you with phone
calls or ‘flood’ you with resumes, and there Is no fee unless you hire.
New Hampton, Iowa 50659
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

We serve as the source to locate candidates who meet your qualifications and
are Interested In your position. We are available to assist, not ‘Insist.’ We allow
and encourage your direct contact with our candidates. YOU make the choice and
decision without pressure.

515/263-9598 (W/F)
712/779-3567 (M/T/TH)
Massena, Iowa 50853

Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 7-1-85

N-1 VP—Good opportunity for growth within bank chain. Ag lender

N-13 VP—$30MM bank wants to hire Senior Loan Officer to be in charge

needed in $20MM bank; small ag portfolio in excellent condition. Handle
documentation, farm inspections, analysis, and new customer develop­
ment. Learn commercial lending. Requires 3-5 yrs. ag lending exper.
from bank or PCA, and Ag degree. IL. $28-$35,000.

of total loan portfolio ($15MM). Build loans but maintain loan discipline.
15-20 years bank lending experience in “ community” bank with ag ex­
posure. Minnesota $31-37,000+ + + .

“AGRIcareers was extremely helpful, and
worked closely with us. Receiving screened
applicant resumes saved us time. What I
liked most about their service was that they
didn't send me a hundred resumes.”
Jim Neuroth, Sr. V.P.
First Bank
Albert Lea, MN
N-2 A6 LOAN OFFICER—$70MM central IA bank. Requires 5 yrs. bank ex­
perience. This is not a problem bank. $33,000.


N-14 JR. AG LENDERS—Two Iowa positions available for ambitious candi­
dates with 1-2 years current ag lending experience from bank or PCA.
Must be knowledgeable in and willing to work with problem loans.

N-15 CEOs—Seeking executive officers for Minnesota and Iowa ag banks


ranging in size from $15MM to $60MM. Bank experience a must.
$40-45,000 + + + .

N-16 AG/C0MMERCIAL OFFICER—Assist Senior Loan Officer with $11 MM
loan portfolio. Work-out experience a plus. 5 yrs. bank or PCA. Good ad­
vancement potential. Minnesota. $25-35,000.


N-17 AG DEPT. HEAD—Major bank holding company needs person to
head up ag dept, of $12MM (some commercial loans). 4-7 yrs. bank ex­
perience. Minnesota. $27-32,000.

N-18 COMMERCIAL LENDER—Bank holding company seeking a commer­
cial lender with 3-5 yrs. commercial lending experience. Metro area-Minnesota. $30-33,000.


N-3 AG REP—Share ag lending duties in $25MM W. IA major holding co.
bank. Technical skills a must. Requires 1-2 yrs. bank or Farm Credit Sys­
tem experience. (May consider summer internship) $17-$21,000.

N-4 AG LOAN OFFICER—In $50MM S. IA bank. Will assist with loan review,
work outs and collections. Must have strong accounting skills—a good
numbers person. May work with some commercial lines also. Requires 5
yrs. bank exper. $35,000.
N-5 C.E.O.—$60MM IA bank; requires 5-10 yrs. experience in all phases
of lending and management of IA bank of similar size. To $60,000.
N-6 C.E.O.—$25MM N. IA bank; must have 10 yrs. experience in ag/commercial lending, investments, and general bank management. $45,000
+ bonus, P.S. etc.

N-7 AG LOAN OFFICER—Bank holding company seeking experienced ag
lender to share in workload of $14MM ag portfolio (3 other loan officers).
2-5 yrs. ag credit experience required. Degree a plus. Iowa. $26,000.
N-8 AG LENDER—$50MM ag bank is looking to fill ag loan position. Admin­
istration of ag loans. Good communicator...logical...workout loan ex­
posure. 3-5 yrs. ag credit experience. Iowa $25-30,000.

“I’d use AGRIcareers again...their fee is
well worth it to get a good person.”
David Rouse, Pres.
Brenton State Bank
Eagle Grove, IA
N-9 COMMERCIAL LENDER—Multi-bank holding company needs experi­
enced commercial/real estate construction lender. 3-5 yrs. commercial
lending experience. Metro area. Mid $30,000's.
N-10 GENERAL LOAN OFFICER—Assist EVP with $24MM loan portfolio
which consists of R.E., Commercial and ag loans along with supervising
clerical staff in loan area. MINIMUM of 5-8 yrs. banking experience. Illi­
nois. $28-33,000 plus fringes.

N-11 OPERATIONS OFFICER—Report to Cashier and supervise tellers,
bookkeepers and the data procesing for a $50MM bank. People ori­
ented. 3-5 yrs. experience in operations with a smaller bank. Illinois.
$18-22,000 + .

N-12 SENIOR LENDING OFFICER—Independently owned ag bank seeks
senior lender responsible for loan portfolio of $6MM with emphasis in ag
area. Five or more years of ag credit experience. Minnesota. $30,000 + .

“In some cases, a bank’s employees are the
only distinguishing factor between the
bank and its’ competition. We were able to
hire the kind of individual we wanted
through AGRIcareers.”
Randy Schouten, Pres.
Norwest Bank
Montevideo, MN


N-19 AG LENDER—$8MM rural ag bank is seeking lender with primary re­
sponsibility in ag loans and involved with the insurance agency. 3-5 yrs.
ag credit experience. Minnesota. $25-30,000.


N-20 AG LOAN OFFICER—Multi-bank holding company looking for ag
lender to be responsible for a $7-8MM ag loan portfolio. 3-5 yrs. ag credit
experience. Minnesota. $30,000 area.

N-21 CEO—$25MM ag bank is seeking executive officer to be in charge of


bank operations, personnel and the lending function. Bank has above
average capital structure. 10-15 yrs. experience in ag banking (opera­
tions, lending and management). Mature, idealistic, and goal oriented.
Located close to a college town in Minnesota. Stock ownership available.

N-22 CEO—Assume number two position and have advancement poten­
tial to become CEO for a $20MM independently owned ag bank in south­
ern Minnesota. In charge of entire lending function (ag & comm.) $15MM
portfolio. 10-15 yrs. ag banking experience required. Stock ownership
possible. $45-50,000.
N-23 C0MMERCIAL/RE LENDER—Work with commercial and RE loans
along with marketing bank services for a $70MM ag bank centrally lo­
cated in Iowa near metro area. Requires 10 years commercial lending
experience with some ag exposure. $35,000.


N-24 #2—Responsible for insurance, operations and loans for a small,
rural ag bank. Major emphasis in insurance...need to be licensed in all
lines. Prefer experience in banking. Degree preferred. Iowa. $25,000.


N-25 CORPORATE RISK MANAGER—Corporate manager accountable to
SVP of Admin, to be in charge of supervising activities of seven insurance
agencies in a 24 bank holding company system. Requires bank insur­
ance agency experience with proven track record. Western U.S.
$30-35,000 with good benefits.


AGRI CAREERS: Serving you with the confidence you demand
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

’ A::-

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

C a ll o n th e “ E x p e r ie n c e d P ro fe s s io n a ls ”
Ready to meet your
^ First N atio n al Lincoln



correspondent needs.
Illinois News
ROCK FALLS: Pamela Erby has re­
cently been prom oted to the position
o f vice president in charge o f con­
sumer services at the Rock Falls Na­
tional Bank. Ms. Erby had served
the bank as head bookkeeper, head
teller, and m ost recently, as custo­
mer services officer. A lso prom oted
to vice president was Vincent Dietzel. Mr. Dietzel is in charge o f lend­
ing, being prom oted from commer­
cial loan officer. He was form erly the
vice president o f South Park Na­
tional Bank o f the Quad Cities, the
American Bank of Rock Island, and
regional manager for the Associates
Financial Services.

Wisconsin News
D O DG EVILLE: Strong’s Bank was
closed Friday, June 14, by W iscon­
sin Commissioner o f Banking Rich­
ard E. Galecki and the FDIC was
named receiver. On June 18 the
FDIC approved the transfer o f in­
sured deposits to Marshall & Ilsley

Banking Specialists
G a il

. . . id le lih n !

A F irsT ier B a n k


M e m b e r. F .D .I.C .

&m streets, Lincoln, ne 685oi

Corporation, Milwaukee, and the
failed bank’s sole office reopened the
follow ing day as M&I Bank of
Dodgeville. Strong’s Bank had de­
posits o f approxim ately $33.4 mil­
lion in 8,200 accounts. The new bank
is paying the FDIC a purchase pre­
mium o f $1,950,000, and will pur­
chase other assets o f the failed bank
for $16.7 million. The FDIC had ini­
tially announced that a direct payoff
o f insured depositors would be un­
dertaken because o f unreliable bank
records and the existence o f irregu­
lar activities. A s the FDIC was able
to reconstruct bank records, it deter­
mined that the payoff o f insured de­
positors could be accom plished by
transferring the insured accounts to
another institution while continuing
the investigation o f irregularities.
LAK E G EN EVA: Kenneth J. Serchen has been named president of
Citizens National Bank here. He
succeeds Kenneth Schneider, who
has retired after 26 years o f service.
Mr. Schneider will remain active at
the bank as a director. Mr. Serchen
was with Marine Bank Corporation
for 13 years and m ost recently
served as president o f Burlington
Marine Bank.

will continue as the Region V presi­
dent for the Bremer Financial Cor­
poration and as president and CEO
o f First American Bank & Trust.

Wyoming News
Hale Kreycik, president o f Con­
verse County Bank in Douglas, was
advanced to the presidency o f the
W yom ing Bankers Association for
1985-86 at the annual convention
held recently at Jackson Lake
Lodge, Moran. He succeeds Robert
T. Noel, executive vice president o f
Affiliated Bank Corporation, Cas­
per, N.P. (Van) Van Maren, Jr., vice
chairman o f H illtop National Bank,
Casper, m oved up to becom e first
vice president. Succeeding him as
second vice president is W illiam H.
Ruegamer, president o f First Inter­
state Bank, Sheridan. Gretchen Tea,
Casper, continues as executive vice
president, the post she assumed at
the 1984 convention.

a division of BANK NEWS


Confidentiality Maintained • Employer Paid Fees

Larry Vohs

South Dakota News



Commercial Lender, No. 2 in $40mm IA bank, near college.
2 + yrs commercial lending. S30-40K. Contact Barbara
J . Ritta.
Trust Bus Development Ofcr, 2 openings, large MW depts.
2 + yrs bank trust bckgrd plus sales & mgmt skills.
$35-40K + incentive. Contact Barbara J . Ritta.
Ag Lender, oversee $9mm portfolio. Near metro area. IA.
2 yrs ag lending, $25K. Contact Barbara J . Ritta.
Ag Lender, $40mm Wl bank. 2-3 yrs PC A , Fm HA or bank
bckgrd. Other lending exp or ops a plus. $32K. Contact
Pamela J . Swenson.

For Professional Assistance Call

1- 800- 225-2885
In Nebraska 402-397-2885

BOX 24227 • OMAHA, NEBRASKA 68124
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

SIO U X FALLS: First Bank of
South Dakota has prom oted Mary
Lynn M yers to senior vice president
and Paul Schock to vice president,
both at the bank’s main office. Ms.
Myers joined First Bank o f South
Dakota in 1978 and m ost recently
was vice president and manager of
the commercial loan division I. Mr.
Schock, previously assistant vice
president, joined the bank on a parttime basis while attending college.

North Dakota News
M INOT: J.J. “ Joe” Vihstadt has
been elected chairman o f First
American Bank & Trust of Minot.
He replaces Roger J.P. Hansen, who
passed away June 8. Mr. Hansen
had been on the board since 1967
and served as chairman since Janu­
ary o f this year. In addition to his
new responsibilities, Mr. Vihstadt

816 / 421-7941
Job Openings


Please inquire in confidence of
other positions available in

If you are interested in a career
move, mail your resume in strict confi­
P.O. Box 13786, K.C., Mo. 64199, or call





Eddie Wolf Bank Salas
7202 Maple Drive, Das Moines, la. 50322
Phone: 515/278-2271

Serving the Entire
Upper Midwest

For Prompt, Courteous,
Professional Attention
T o Y o u r S t a ffin g
Needs, Call On Us.

INVESTMENT OFFICER for small regional mldwestern
bank. Needs 10 years’ experience. Investment portfolio
$250 million. Must have excellent credentials. Salary com­
mensurate with experience. Contact file WCV, c/o North­
western Banker.
COMMERCIAL LOAN OFFICER—excellent career oppor­
tunity. Contact: Larry Geisinger, Senior Vice President,
Hawkeye Bank and Trust, Spencer, Iowa at (712) 262-1940.

Diane Evans

COMMERCIAL LENDER with five or more years experi­
ence and college degree for $125 million midwest bank.
Excellent futu re.................................................. Salary open
COMMERCIAL LENDER with three years experience and
college degree for $50 million midwest b a n k ......................
............................................................................Salary $30,000
COMMERCIAL LENDER withfive or more years experi­
ence and college degree for bank in university community
............................................................................Salary $40,000
AG LENDER with college degree and limited PCA or bank
experience for Northern Iowa b a n k ........ Salary to $25,000
AG LENDER for $23 million bank in northern Iowa ............
..................................................................... Salary to $35,000

R e g e n c y

COMMERCIAL LENDER with three to five years experi­
ence in both commercial and mortgage len d in g ................
............................................................................Salary $32,000

1102 Grand Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64106

AG LENDER with five or more years proven ability for
northern Iowa bank ....................................... Salary $32,000


Write or call Malcolm Freeland or Cy Kirk in care of
Freeland Financial Service, Inc., 1010 Equitable Bldg., Des
Moines, Iowa 50309. Phone 515/282-6462. Employer pays

SENIOR LOAN OFFICER for $10 million bank in central
Nebraska. Contact: Joe Dresselhouse, 1400 American
Charter Center, Lincoln, NE.
$20 million North Central Iowa bank needs BRANCH MANAQER with agri related experience. Contact: Harlan Klave,
Belmont, IA Phone (515) 444-3965.

Financial Careers
CEO for $60 million independent mid-west bank. Immedi­
ate opening ......................................................... Salary open.

Do you want to test a site? Have a temporary facility while you
build? Contact Drommer Leasing, 401 Queens Court, Sioux Ci­
ty, IA 51104. Phone 712/239-2315.

MORTGAGE LOAN - 3 positions. No degree - 3-5
years experience. Southern Dakotas $25-30K.

Estate Appraisals


Purchase of

Absolute Confidentiality Maintained
Bankers Assisting Bankers in Their Career Path

Full Service Banking Consultants
13625 C Str.
Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Phone: 402/333-8248

Sale o f Rare Coins
R«‘liable and respected service
for over 20 years
Used by bankers
throughout the midwest

Ben E . Marlenee

MACHINES. Both currently under maintenance and in
good working condition. Available Immediately - $2,000
each or buy them both for $3,500. Buy now - we need the
space! Contact Mike Mattson at First State Bank, Fre­
mont, NE (402) 721-2500.

913 Locust
Des M oines, Iowa 50309

Serving bankers quietly and efficiently.

714 U.C.B. Building, 515-283-2545
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

SR TRUST ADMINISTRATOR - $200mm + and growing
trust dept is in need of a Sr. Trust Admin. Must want to be
#1 man within a yr. Strong estate planning bkgd and 5 +
yrs In trust work are necessary. Ex oppty to move up quick­
ly for the career motivated professional.
PRESIDENT - $30mm rural bank. Take charge indiv to ac­
cept challenge of a well financed clean-up operation. Indepth ag and troubleshooting bkgd are req’d.
CONSUMER ANALYST • Leadership oppty for dynamic in­
div wanting more career direction and quick step into
mgmt. Must have consumer lending skills, professional
outlook & be open to relocate as career grows.
AG LENDER • Small bank in clean rural community seeks
#3 man for this ag oriented bank. Ex documentation skills,
degree and 3 + yrs in an ag bank.
$25K + .
PRESIDENT - $100mm bank seeks accomplished banker
with workout exp, strong mgmt and ag exp. Ex position in
a holding co that continues to grow.

r ~

---------------------------------------------------------------- \




Collections/Loan Workouts
Collateral Liquidations
Loan Policy & Procedure
Bank Operations
Pricing Bank Services
Personnel Management

COMMERCIAL LENDER - 2-3 years - Omaha. To
$30 K.
Richard L. Beam, CPC
11246 Davenport Street
Omaha, NE 68154
Phone: 402/330-3260
Member National Personnel Associates
We’re Nationwide

Omaha National Bank is offering for sale for
cash, pursuant to written bids, 98.43% of the out­
standing common stock of City Bank & Trust Co.,
Lincoln, Nebraska, and 98.76% of the outstanding
common stock of Havelock Bank, Lincoln, Neb­
raska. Bids must be received by Omaha National
Bank by August 14,1985. The bids will be opened
and a public auction conducted to complete the
sale of the shares of each of the banks in the sec­
ond floor conference room at Omaha National
Bank, Farnam at Seventeenth, Omaha, Nebraska,
on Thursday, August 15,1985 at 10:00 a.m.
For further information, write or call Gary
Parker, Omaha National Bank, Farnam at Seven­
teenth, Omaha, NE 68102, (402) 348-6260.

COMM’L LOAN - $100MM suburban bank with aggressive
new ownership. Prefer five to seven yrs. experience in sim­
ilar size bank.
COMM’L LOAN/BIZ DEV • $80MM suburban bank affiliated
with major holding company. Emphasis on new business
development but need solid credit background.
SENIOR LENDER - $150MM suburban bank with large
comm’l and real estate portfolio. Second position in bank
with opportunity to advance.
REAL ESTATE LOAN - junior position in large suburban
bank. Will assume some duties in construction and
comm’l real estate depts. plus handle residential loans.

Available on an interim basis.
More than 19 years experience.
References available on request.

AGRI-LOAN • $25MM community bank with 50% of loans
in agri-credits. Prefer background in cattle financing. $30K



F in a n c ia l/M a n a g e m e n t S e rvice s
126 0 5 S ou th dale Drive
O m a h a , N ebra ska 6 8 1 3 7
(402) 8 9 5 -6 0 2 7

317 6th Ave, Ste. 650
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 244-4414

COMMERCIAL LENDER • 3-5 years - central Iowa
To $40K.


M. KURT ROSENCRANTS AT (515) 244-4414


OPERATIONS - V.P. • Degreed. Need 5 years or
more of operations plus some lending experience.
To $35K.



Additional positions available for experienced bankers.

2024 Swift - Box 12346
North Kansas City, MO 64116
“ Serving the Banking Industry Since 1970”

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