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A B A Forms Future Issues Task Force
stituencies and/or our industry as a
whole, as w ell as their thinking on
how developm ents in technology
and a whole host o f areas w ill be
changing our environm ent,” M r.
Rideout said.
The group’s mission is to antici­
pate em erging concerns, both actual
and potential, so that A B A and the
banking industry can focus their re­
sources to best effect. For example,
if the industry could have antici­
pated years ago the extent to which
J ° r C ®’
secu ritization w ould even tu a lly
h ea d e d
Thomas P. Rideout, senior vice grow, then banking m ight have been
president and director o f govern­ able to turn that trend to advantage,
mental affairs, F irst Union Corp., M r. Rideout noted.
“ W e want to get a bottom-up
Charlotte, N.C., is charged w ith
helping A B A and the banking in­ view from the experts, and then we
dustry to id en tify em erging issues want our report to flow back down
through A B A as a resource tool ini­
and concerns.
M r. Rideout said the 11-member tia lly for A B A and later, if it proves
task force is looking “ not only at the appropriate, for the industry,” said
em erging issues but also at our fu­ the task force chairman.
M r. Rideout said the task force is
ture operating environm ent three to
not intended to supplant any exist­
five years down the road.”
The task force members and a ing area in A B A , but rather w ill
wide range o f banking leaders w ill work closely w ith existin g com m it­
contribute their best thinking and tees and councils.
Serving on the task force w ith M r.
best-inform ed estim ates o f trends in
their specialty areas and their expec­ Rideout are Hans H . Angerm ueller,
tations regarding the future operat­ vice chairman, Citibank, N ew York;
T. Charles Bruere, president and
ing environment, he said.
“ W e’re asking the leadership o f chief executive officer, F irst State
many A B A areas — from agricul- Bank, St. Charles, M o.; Charles D.
ture to state associations — to give Brummel Sr., president, Security
us their view s on em erging issues Bank, Coos Bay, Ore.; Glenn Y .
that affect their own particular con­ Forney, president and chief admin­

^ A Future Issues Task Force has
^ A V been appointed b y President
M ark W . Olson
o f the Am erican B S P *
Bankers A sso- ■EL/'*
B L jfli
^ ciation, who also
w is president o f
S ecu rity S tate
B an k, F e rg u s
Falls, Minn.
M r.
O ls o n
said th e task






J an u ary 2 6 ,1 9 8 7

D es M o in e s , Io w a

V o l. 15 N o . 41

istrative officer, U nited Penn Bank,
W ilkes Barre, Penn.; Charles W . M c­
Coy, chairman, Louisiana N ational
Bank, Baton Rouge, La.; H arry R.
M itigu y, president and chief ex­
ecutive officer, H oward Bancorp,
Burlington, V t.; James P. M urphy,
executive vice president, N ew Y ork
State Bankers Association, N ew
York; Richard M . Rosenberg, chief
executive officer, SeaFirst National
Bank, Seattle, W ash.; Robert L.
Stevens, president, B ryn M aw r
Trust Company, B ryn M awr, Penn.;
Ivan W ilson, chairman o f the board
and chief executive officer, First
C ity Bank-Corpus Christi, Corpus
Christi, Texas.

Named to Fed Board
President Ronald Reagan has
nominated Edward W . K elley, Jr.,
to the Federal Reserve Board o f
Governors to succeed to the unex­
pired term o f Em m ett J. Rice, which
runs until 1990. M r. K elley, 55, has
been chairman o f Investm ent A d ­
visors, Inc., Houston, since 1981
and also is chairman o f Shoreline
Companies Inc and a director o f
Texas Industries, Inc. One Board
vacancy still remains, created b y the
earlier resign ation o f G overnor
H enry W allich.

Iowa News
The 1987 M id-W inter M anage­
ment Conference is planned for Feb.
25-27 at the Sheraton Steam boat

C a ll o n t h e “ E x p e r ie n c e d P r o f e s s i o n a l s ”
Ready to meet your correspondent needs.

13th & M Streets, Lincoln, N ebraska 68501
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Firslier Bank, N.A., Lincoln, Member FDIC

I lk ll

Norwest Bank Des Moines, N.A.


Call (515) 245-3131 or toll-free (800) 362-2514
Member FDIC


one of the reasons
we’re first in Iowa.
John Rigler

Dorothea Wolfe

R esort and Conference Center,
Steamboat Springs, Colo. Represen­
tatives from the O ffice o f the Comp­
troller o f the Currency, the Federal
D eposit Insurance Corporation and
the Am erican Bankers Association’s
executive management s ta ff w ill be
attending the conference. The regis­
tration fee is $130 for Iow a Bankers
Association members and their
spouses. The fee covers the W ednes­
day evening reception and tw o even­
ings o f conferences which include
social hours, tw o dinners and tw o
educational program s. N o refunds
w ill be made after Feb. 13. For more
inform ation contact the IB A office.
C L A R IN D A : Robert B riggs has
been prom oted to vice president o f
Citizens State Bank. H e joined the

Dennis Earhart
MNB Correspondent Banker

Together We Can
Great Things

bank s ta ff in 1984 as assistant vice

and Coulter were re-opened Friday
morning, January 16 under the F irst ^
National Bank o f Clarion name. O.
Jay Tom son is chairman o f F irst N a­
tional o f Clarion and Bob Bartholomaus is president and CEO. First
National assumed approxim ately ^
$22 m illion deposits, about $ 4 .5 *
m illion in p ortfolio loans, all the in­
vestm ent portfolio and cash and
due, along w ith certain other assets.
The F D IC retained about $10 mil- q
lion in loans. F D IC also injected
$7,178,000 into the assuming bank,
which took this in the form o f a
6.25% interest-bearing note. This
was the fifth bank failure in the na- q
tion for 1987, the first in Iow a in
1987, and the 25th Iow a bank to
close in the past 30 months. A ll ex­
cept one have been taken over in a
purchase and assumption deal from 0
F D IC receivers.

C O U N C IL B LU F F S : E d H. Spetman, Jr., chairman and CEO o f
Council B lu ffs Savings Bank died
January 18 in an Omaha hospital
after a short illness follow in g a heart
attack. H e had been w ith the bank
more than 40 years, serving as presi­
dent from 1963-82 and chairman and
N E V A D A : Daniel B. E ngler has
CEO since that tim e. M r. Spetman
been named president o f Nevada N a­
was president o f the Iow a Bankers
tional Bank. H e was form erly presi- 0
Association in 1965-66.
dent o f the H olstein State Bank,
D ES M O IN E S : Norw est Bank Des Holstein.
M oines’ stockholders have elected
five new members to the bank’s
S IO U X C IT Y : Dennis A . Nahnsen
board, effective Jan. 22. The new
has resigned as vice president and •
members are: M ary Andringa, vice
manager o f correspondent banking
president o f Verm eer Manufactur­
at Security National Bank, effective
ing Company, Pella; S.J. Brownlee,
January 23. H e is join in g M erchants
president and owner o f S.J. Brown­
& Traders Trust Co. o f Buffalo, N .Y .
lee Farms, Inc. and Brownlee Man­
January 26 as vice president and ®
agem ent Inc., Emmetsburg; G ary
manager, trust business develop­
G. D eKoter, C P A , president and
ment. M r. Nahnsen joined Security
CEO o f H arker’s Inc., L e Mars;
National in July, 1984, after work­
Charles C. Edwards, Jr., president
ing for nine years at Norw est Bank ^
and publisher o f The Des Moines
Des Moines, N .A ., where he served ^
Register, and James H. Kent, presi­
most o f those years in the trust
dent o f K ent Feeds, Inc., Muscatine.
department and the last tw o in the
L A T IM E R : The Latim er Bank & correspondent bank division.
Trust was closed Thursday after­
noon, January 15, by State Superin­ W E B S T E R C IT Y : Robert Grath- *
tendent o f Banking W illiam R. Ber- wohl has been named president o f
nau. The FD IC , as receiver, sold the Farmers N ational Bank. H e was as­
$22,400,000 asset bank for a pre­ sociated most recently w ith a bank
mium o f $121,200 to The First N a­ in Chillicothe, M o., and prior to that 0
tional Bank o f Clarion. The bank was president and CEO o f U niver­
and its tw o officers at Alexander sity Bank & Trust in Am es.

For Professional Correspondent Service
Call 1-800-622-7262

or toll free 1-800-332-5991


ThereJs A Difference In Banks...

Valley National Bank Id

Merchants National Bank b i

Rapids. Iowa 52401
Member F D i C
Digitized for Cedar
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



Main Office • Sixth and Walnut

Member FDIC

Vice President

Vice President





Are you FORCED to write one type of insurance with a
company at a higher premium, just so they will write
another type of policy for you?
We have been solving Bankers bonding problems for over
75 years . . .

P.O. BOX 1654

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

(913) 234-2631



We have been solving Bankers bonding problems for over
75 years . . .


1-800-532-1423 or (515) 286-4344

P.O. BOX 1654
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

(913) 234-2631

J-1 AG LENDER— Ready to enter commercial banking after 4 yrs.
with Farm Credit System. Worked his way up to Branch Mgr. of
PCA in short order, then put in charge of special accounts after
merger. Performance reviews are outstanding; "One of the most
promising young lenders I’ve seen, really gets things accom­
plished. Enjoyable to work with and shows good drive and com­
mon sense.” Double major in Ag Bus. and Commercial Econ.
J-2 LOAN OFFICER— Farmed for several years before getting his
degree in Bus. Admin, then accepted position in local bank
where he’s spent the past 3 yrs. learning all phases of banking.
Handles consumer and ag loans, call reports and monthly perfor­
mance reports. Ready to move for better opportunity. $24,000.
J-3 VICE PRES.— “ Qualified and competent; equipped to handle
responsibility,” says co-worker about this aggressive young
banker. Heavy in ag lending, but involved in other areas also.
“ Documentation and people skills are two of his strengths. Made
FHA guarantees work, forceful when situation calls for it, but not
overbearing. Great attitude,” states reference. B.S. Bus. Mgmt.,
Ag Credit School, Principals of Banking, Installment Credit
schooling, FmHA Approved Lender, insurance licenses and
good computer skills. $30,000.
J-4 ASST. VICE PRES— Hired by major bank holding company right
out of college, he’s received extensive training, schooling, and
hands-on experience in and consumer lending for past 3 yrs.
Currently handles $5mm in loans, good workout and negotiation
skills. References says, “ He got top grades in college and has
continued to be a high achiever at the bank. No question about
his credentials or abilities—he’s one of the very best.” B.S. Ag
Bus/Commercial Econ. $30,000.
S-5 VP AG— “ Very motivated. Arrived at work at 6 a.m. Good at
documentation. I wish I still had him,” reports former supervisor.
“ Very friendly and gets along well with customers,” adds refer­
ence. Ten years bank experience and currently a loan officer with
the Farm Credit Service. Seeks to pursue ag credit management.
B A. $30-$35,000.
S-6 PRESIDENT OR EVP— Well experienced as both bank president
and EVP. Handles $10 million loan portfolio of ag, commercial,
real estate and consumer. Very active in community. “ Skillfull at
credit workouts. Generates new business. Wants to relocate out
of home community,” reports reference. BA $40-$50,000.

S-7 VP AG/C0MMERCIAL— Offers both experience as a PCA loan
officer and VP of a bank servicing ag and commercial loans. Has
taught farm management and graduated with excellent grades in
Ag. Has attended a number of seminars related to improving
credit skills and marketing bank services. $28-$32,000.
S-8 AG LOAN OFFICER— Impressive young man will represent your
bank well. Four years experience as an ag loan officer in a bank
servicing loans and acquiring new business. “ He is highly quali­
fied. Good in credit analysis. Highly motivated. Good communi­
cator and meets people well,” reports reference. Degreed. $25$28,000.
J-9 VICE PRES. AG.— Responsible for $6mm in loans in main bank
and branch offices. Strongest in ag lending and FmHA guaran­
tees, but also works with consumer and commercial lines. Has 10
yrs. of successful ag business sales and management prior to
banking career. References include: “ Exceptionally good lender,
can pull the hot water out of financial statements.’’...“ Very good
with people; maintains their good will and respect even in tough­
est situations, and gets results.’’...“ Positive attitude and good
business sense.” ...“ Excellent appearance and professional man­
ner.” $27,000.
J-10 EXEC. VICE PRES.— Currently #2 in $40mm bank, in charge of
$15mm in ag, commercial and real estate loans, and supervision
of four loan officers. Spent 5 yrs. as PCA Branch Manager before
entering bank 6 yrs. ago. “ Extremely good at working through ag
problems, but can’t be pegged as ‘clean up man’; his style keeps
customers friendly and willing to work with us, and would be suc­
cessful in bringing in new business. He dramatically reduced
problem loans. Will be hard to replace,” were references for this
seasoned young banker. B.S. Ag. $40,000.
J-11 EXEC. VICE PRES.— In charge of $10mm ag portfolio in
$50mm bank. Responsible for major reduction in classified
credits, large percentage of guaranteed loans, upgrading docu­
mentation system, and substantial drop in compliance errors.
Detail oriented and profit minded. Reference says, "Really serves
as right-hand man to president. Can develop a workable loan
policy. Comptroller has commended him on his value to bank;
brought in an excellent system for analyzing credit, and his docu­
mentation is used as example for other banks. Great rapport with
people, and loves his work.” B.S. Bus. Admin. $40,000.

Our reputation of maintaining our candidates9
confidentiality enables us to attract a select group
of ag bankers and lenders... those currently
employed and not actively job hunting, but ready to
make a move for the right opportunity.

Hwy. 92 W.
Massena, IA 50853
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Let us know your needs without commitment; we
won9t ‘hound9 you with phone calls or ‘flood9you
with resumes, and there is no fee unless you hire.

Hwy. 63 S.
New Hampton, IA 50659

S-12 V.P./LOAN OFFICER—Familiar with operations, collections,
FmHA guarantees...all types of lending. "Super smart young
fellow, quick learner and grasps concepts easily. Aggressive,
likes responsibility and not afraid to handle a task,” expounded a
co-worker. Bus. degree. $25,000.
S-13 E.V.F.— Iowa State University graduate with four years of
banking experience. Presently employed in 12MM bank. “ He
knows how to get the point across with customers and employ­
ees...good communication skills...and spends more hours then is
required for the job,” related a reference. A highly rated indivi­
dual with lots of enthusiasm to get the job done and done right.
Knows credit, a sharp dresser and many awards for outstanding
achievements. $26,000.
S-14 A6 LOAN O FFIC E R -" Professional in appearance, a real self
starter and catches on quickly...doesn’t need a lot of direction.
Likes challenges, has high aspirations and a very community in­
volved couple,” says reference. "Bottom line, people person,
and timely,” were all comments made by sources who have
worked with this individual. ISU graduate with a farm back­
ground. $20,000.
S-15 PRESIDENT— Fourteen years of banking experience.
people well and is a good motivator. You bet he can do the job as
a CEO!,” quoting a president of another bank. Has attended sev­
eral banking schools and knows banking from the bottom up.
College graduate. $40,000.
J-16 EXEC. V.P./PRES.— Nearly 20 yrs. banking experience. Cur­
rently running small rural bank, in charge of all lending, opera­
tions and personnel. References include: "Top notch individual,
and a straight shooter. Doing a good job in a bad situation. Excel­
lent credentials, experienced in clean up and knows when to be
tough, but very well-received by borrowers. Can look at the paper
and know if the loan will work.” Strong analytically, keeps control
of situation. Very good lender and manager.” B.S. Ag, Grad
School of Banking, Ames Ag Credit. $42,500.
J-17 VICE PRES.— Offers 10 yrs. banking experience. Currently in
charge of $5mm ag and small commercial loans, involved in
operations and insurance. Set up farm loans on computer,
handles workouts and all FmHA guarantees. Supervisory skills
also. “ THE most conscientious person I’ve met. A well-versed
banker with sound ag lending skills. Works hard, good forsight

and judgment, and it shows in his loans. Steady as a rock,”
quoted reference. $35,000.
J 18 AG LOAN OFFICER— Ag lender in small rural bank for past 2
yrs. Handles $3mm in ag and installment loans, plus insurance
business. Ready to advance his career and assume more re­
sponsibility, and references speak highly of his skills and perfor­
mance. B.S. Ag Bus. from ISU, licensed in commercial, personal,
A & H and life insurance. $27,000.
J-19 SR. VICE PRES.—Second in-charge of $35mm bank. Handles
$10mm in ag and commercial loans. Recovered loans thought to
be in loss status, works with FmHA and SBA guaranteed loans
and restructuring credits. Over 12 yrs. in banking, strong PR
skills, and gets involved in community. B.S. Ag Econ. from ISU,
graduate of Am Bankers Assoc. Grad School of Ag Banking,
holds insurance licenses. $30,000.
S-20 AG LOAN OFFICER— Experienced as both a FLB ag loan offi­
cer and Assistant Co. Supervisor with FmHA. Farmed after father
killed in accident. “ Very capable and excellent loan officer. Peo­
ple can accept what he says and don’t come over the desk at
him,” says supervisor. He adds, “ You can tell I think alot of him. I
would take him back in a minute.” B.S. Ag. $23-$25,000.
S-21 SR. C0MMERCIAL/AG LENDER—Ten years as a Senior Com­
mercial Loan Officer plus ag loan experience. Recognized for de­
veloping new business. “ He can handle problems and make
decisions. I’d hire him at any cost,” reports banker who knows
him well. Degreed. $33-$37,000.
S-22 LOAN OFFICER— I.S.U. ag. finance graduate. Four years of
bank lending experience...all facets. “ Excellent personality, detail
oriented and good in documentation,” expounded a reference.
Top notch individual willing to put in the hours to get the job done.

S-23 A.V.P./CASHIER— Currently employed at 32MM bank.
Basically ag, but handles all types of lending and operations.
SHARP, has confidence in himself, conservative and offers seven
years of banking experience. Graduate of Iowa State University
with bank examiner experience. $34,000.
S-24 LOAN OFFICER— “ Enjoys his work, interested in people, very
thorough...good detail and documentation. Lots of potential!”
quoting president of bank that tried to hire him. Four years bank
experience with a Business degree. $23,000.

Continuous demand for banking professionals. Our CONFIDENTIAL service allows you to explore career opportunities in banking without risk to your
current position. No contacts are made without your prior knowledge and consent. All fees paid by employers.
1. AGLENDER—S200MM bank seeks person with
bank, PCA, FLB or FHA. Two to six years exper­
ience ag lending, farm visits, computer and cash
flow knowledge. Exceptionally strong bank.

2. A6 LENDER—Central Iowa community needs
vice president. Excellent location. Close to larger
metro areas. Five to six years bank experience.
Need good marketing skills, know ag and some
commercial lending. Great opportunity! $30,000*

3. EVP/PRESIDENT—Location is fantastic as far as
the state of Iowa for this bank. S20MM bank with
good growth potential. Supervisory skills and
overall bank experience required. $40,000*

4. CEO—S10MM bank is sought in small town of

92 W., Massena, Iowa 50853
Digitized Hwy.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Minnesota. Chief lending officer and manager
are duties for this position. Must be able to meet
public and communicate with farmers. Five
years experience. $30,000 + .
5. VICE PRESIDENT—Ag loan department position
available in $90mm bank. Fine community of
over 20,000 people. Candidate must be able to
take charge of loan division in ag, rebuild new
business and market. Five years experience.

6. #2 MAN—S55MM bank located in very nice
county seat town in Iowa looking for #2 man in
the bank. Must be strong in loans, bank opera­
tions and have 5 to 10 years experience. Don’t
overlook this opportunity. Tap of $40,000.
7 ag loan Officer —Good business community
located in dairy and hog area has $33MM bank


needing an ag loan officer. Will be in charge of
farm calls, getting new accounts, credit analysis,
etc. Minimum of two years experience. $25,000.

8. PRESIDENT—$75MM bank located in Wiscon­
sin community close to other larger cities.
Number one rated bank needs confident leader
who can handle ag loans and supervise activi­
ties of others as well as operations. Ten years of
bank experience is required. $40,000 -t-.
9. VICE PRES/AG LOANS—Profitable bank, solid
ownership and very choice Iowa location. Re­
quires 3-5 yrs. ag lending experience from bank
or Farm Credit System. $30,000 + foil btnoflts.

10. BRANCH MANAGER—$20mm bank seeks ag­
gressive person with minimum of 5 yrs. ag
credit, banking and management experience.
Will supervise staff of 5. $30*$40,000.

Hwy. 63 S., New Hampton, Iowa 50659

Investment Banking


HCl •

■ H H H B

J Pw

The performance of your bank’s bond portfolio is based on sound
thinking and quality investments. Investments that will consistently
work at full power to contribute to the earnings of your bank. Bond
portfolio recommendations have been our specialty since the 1920s,
and our track record is enviable.
Although investment vehicles and markets have changed, we’ve
maintained our high standards. The result is success for our customers
and a reputation that precedes us.
For confidential consultation about the benefits of investment
banking at United Missouri, call (816) 556-7200 today.

of Kansas City, n.a.

Member FDIC
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

P.O. Box 226

Kansas City, Missouri 64141


G r o u p 1 M e e t s F e b . 6 -7 in S io u x C ity
A N K E R S and spouses from
Group 1 o f the Iow a Bankers
Association w ill
m eet at the M a­
rina Inn in South
Sioux City, Neb.,
February 6-7 for
the annual meet­
in g .
G ro u p
C hairm an B ill
Hess, president,
Io w a S a v in g s
B ank,
C oon
Rapids, w ill pre­
side. Secretary Jim M iller, chair­
man, Pioneer Bank, Sergeant Bluff,
is scheduled to succeed M r. Hess as
group chairman.
The Sioux C ity Bankers Associa­
tion w ill again host the Friday even­
ing social hour. President o f the host
group is M ike M oeller, president,
Norw est Bank, N .A .
Senator Robert D ole is this year’s
guest speaker for the luncheon.
The program follows:


Friday, February 6
P.M .
7:00 R egistration—M arina Inn.
8:00- Social Hour, Courtesy o f
10:00 Sioux C ity Bankers Associa­



Saturday, February 7
A .M .
8:30 N A B W Breakfast.
Program —Interstate Bank­
M oderator—N eil M ilner, ex­
ecutive vice president and
CEO, Iow a Bankers Asso­
Panelists—Tom Olson, pres/
elect, Independent Bankers
and B ill Janklow, Form er
So. Dak. Governor.
10:00 S ila s K eeh n , p resid en t,
Federal Reserve, Chicago.
11:30 Luncheon. P resid in g—B ill
In v o c a tio n — R e v . R o g e r
Augustine, V .G ., Chancellor
o f the Diocese o f Sioux City.
S tyle Show courtesy o f W il-

liges, 613 Pierce.
Luncheon Speaker—Senator f
Bob Dole.
I.B .A . A c tiv itie s —R ussell
S. Howard, president, Iow a
Bankers Association.
Remarks from N eil M ilner,
executive vice president and
CEO, Iow a Bankers A sso­
ciation and W illiam R. Ber­
nau, S u p erin ten d en t o f %
Banking, D epartm ent o f
C om m erce, D iv is io n o f
P.M .
6:30 Social Hour.
7:17 Banquet.
8:00 Dancing to The Lockwood

Nebraska News
Governor K ay O rr has announced
the selection o f Lincoln attorney
Cynthia M illigan to serve as d irec to ry
o f Banking and Finance, replacing
James Barbee, who w ill return to the
private sector. M rs. M illigan is a
partner in the firm o f Rem bolt, Ludtke, Parker, M illigan and B erger %
where she specialized in banking,
tax, real estate and business law.





U .S . C H E C K B O O K C O M P A N Y
Io w a B an kers G ro u p 1 A n n u a l M e e tin g
F eb ru ary 6-7, S io u x C ity
V is it us in o u r h o s p ita lity room a t
T h e M a rin a Inn

United States Check Book Company
In Nebraska Call 402-345-3162 Out of State Call WATS Line 1-800-228-9246
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

H O LD R E G E : W illiam E. Richards,
president and CEO o f First S ecu rity^
Bank, has announced the appoint-v
ment o f Thomas F. Finnigan as ex­
ecutive vice president and John
K aufelt as vice president for com­
mercial and real estate lending. ^
L loyd Shepler, who joined the s ta ff ^
in recent months as vice president,
is chief ag loan officer. John Boehler
continues as vice president and ag
loan officer. M r. Finnigan, a form er ^
president o f Norw est Bank N orfolk,
has been a consultant in Omaha the
past year. M r. K aufelt, a native o f
H oldrege, spent several years in the
banking business and the past 14 f
w ith a local s&l where he served as
p resid en t b ejo re jo in in g F irs t
Security bank recently.
SC O TTSB LU FF: Dale H ittn er has
been named vice president - trust •
department at Scottsblu ff N ational
Bank and Trust Company effective
Jan. 14. H e served as trust officer
w ith the bank for the past 11 years
and has a total o f over 25 years •
banking experience.

Minnesota News
M IN N E A P O L IS : N orw est Corpora­
tion announced last January an

agreement to sell assets and liabili­
t ie s o f its banks in M ontevideo, OrTonville, Dawson and Luverne to
M innwest, a new bank holding com­
pany founded by M .D . M cVay, re­
tired president o f Cargill, Inc. and a
fo rm e r director o f Norw est Bank
M inn eapolis. Final approvals o f the
sale were received from regulatory
agencies in December and the trans­
fer o f operations was com pleted Jan.


Inquire about FLE&O-PAY®

■ a computerized billing/credit system


■ generates additional income from
present staff and equipment

LeRoy Bell
The National Bank of Waterloo
RO. Box 90,
Waterloo, IA 50704

■ means of increasing your local
commercial business
■ plan developed by bankers for bankers


M IN N E A P O L IS : Jon ath an B.
D odge has joined L.H . Hendrickson
and Company, Inc. as president, and
Jean Laubach has joined the com­
p a n y as vice president o f business
planning. M r. D odge was form erly a
partner w ith M cG ladrey, Hendrick­
son Pullen. M s. Laubach has 18
years finance related experience and
• n o s t recently was an associate of
Strommen Associates.

senior vice president operations ex­
ecutive. H e brings 17 years experi­
ence to V alley Trust, m ost recently
as vice president - trust operations
w ith Associated K ellogg.

H A R T L A N D : The acquisition o f
Suburban State Bank, Hartland, by
V alley Bancorporation, Appleton,
was com pleted Dec. 31, 1986.
Richard F. M eloy, who is president
Illinois News
o f V alley Bank o f H artford, has
•C U B A : The F D IC has approved the assumed the president’s position at
assumption o f State Bank o f Cuba Suburban State Bank. The bank w ill
by N ational Bank o f Canton. The retain the existin g board o f directors
failed bank’s only office reopened and officers who are personally ac­
Jan. 12 as a branch o f National quainted w ith the customers and
• ¡Rank o f Canton. The bank, with businesses o f their trade area.
total assets o f $17.5 million, was W O O D R U FF: Tim othy E. Cross
closed on Jan. 9 by John E. Treston, has been named president and chief
Illinois F irst D eputy Commissioner executive officer o f V alley National
o f Banks and Trust Companies, and Bank, W oodruff. H e has been with
• th e F D IC was named receiver. N a­ V alley for the past 12 years, m ost re­
tional Bank o f Canton w ill assume cently as vice president, V alley
about $17.6 m illion in 3,750 deposit Bank o f Brownsville.
accounts and has agreed to pay the
F D IC a purchase prem ium o f
•$310,500. I t also w ill purchase cer­
South Dakota News
tain o f the failed banks loans and
T R IP P : H arrison O. Brosz has an­
other assets for $15.9 m illion. The
nounced his retirem ent as vice presi­
F D IC w ill advance $1.6 m illion to dent and cashier o f F irst State
the assuming bank and w ill retain
Bank. H e has been associated w ith
# assets o f the failed bank w ith a book
the bank for 35 years. H e was also a
value o f about $1.7 million.
member o f the bank’s board o f direc­
E A S T D U B U Q U E : D aryl Barklow
has been elected president and chief
^ execu tive officer o f the East Dubu­
que Savings Bank. H e joined the
bank in 1972 and m ost recently
served as senior vice president.
Thomas R eilly has been named se­
ign ior vice president o f the bank.

Wisconsin News
A P P L E T O N : Kenneth W . W ery has
joined V alley Trust Company as
¿zHoicts-X and zzn’i.i.ocLats.i
Bank Consultants
Specializing in Bank Acquisitions
P.O. Box 450 405 Main Ames, Iowa 50010
Donald E. Holder, Principal
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

tors and served as secretary.

North Dakota News
The N orth D akota Bankers Asso­
ciation w ill hold its home equity
lending workshop on Feb. 18 at the
H oliday Inn in Bism arck and Feb.
19 at the Doublewood Inn, Fargo.
M ike Moebs, chairman o f G.M .
M oebs Associates, Lincolnwood is
the featured speaker. The schedule

for both locations is as follows:
R egistration from 8:30 to 9 a.m.
w ith the session from 9 a.m. until
noon. Lunch w ill be held from noon
to 1:00 p.m. w ith the session resum­
ing from 1 until 4:30 p.m. Fifteen
minute breaks w ill be held at 10:15
a.m. and 2:30 p.m. R egistration
before Feb. 6 w ill be $65. A n y regis­
trations received after that date w ill
be $85. R egistration deadline is Feb.


Wyoming News
The W yom ing Bankers Associa­
tion’s annual Credit Conference w ill
be held Feb. 5-6 at the Downtowner
M otor H otel in Casper. This year’s
emphasis for the conference w ill be
on problem loans—identification,
resolution and prevention. The for­
mat for the conference has been
changed. A fte r lunch, participants
w ill be divided into three groups and
assigned a breakout room. M orning
speakers w ill then rotate to each
group allow ing for a 45-minute
“ rap” session w ith each speaker.
For more inform ation contact the
W B A office at (307) 235-4083.

Colorado News
D E N V E R : Joe W . Stander has been
elected senior vice president and
G ary L . K lein has been prom oted to
vice president o f Colorado National
Bank o f Denver. M r. Stander, con­
troller for the bank, joined Colorado
National in 1984 and was prom oted
to vice president in 1985. M r. Klein
joined the bank last year and is
working in the regional banking di­
vision where he is responsible for all
agribusiness department loans.
Correcting regulatory criticism
and other management services


4900 OAK SUITE 301 KANSAS CITY, MO 64112
(816) 753-7440


PRES/CEO. Current PRES/CEO retiring. We are looking for
an innovative, aggressive, and analytical leader. Excellent
compensation. Send resume to File No. WHW c/o North­
western Banker.
LOAN OFFICER. Small $8MM bank in N.E. Iowa. Insurance
and real estate license a + but not necessary. Salary &
benefits commensurate with experience. Send resume to
File No. WIG c/o Northwestern Banker.
PRESIDENT. $10MM East central Iowa bank has A + rat­
ing and wants to keep it. Seeking detail oriented CEO with
ag expertise. Send resume to File No. WIH c/o North­
western Banker.
CEO for rural Nebraska $10 million bank. Need experience
in all phases of farm, ranch and other lending. Bank in
good condition. Insurance experience helpful. Excellent
pay and fringes. Send resume to File No. WII c/o North­
western Banker.
COMMERCIAL LOAN OFFICER. Excellent opportunity for
individual with minimum 3 years commercial lending ex­
perience. Bank moving to Ames, IA. Send resume to or
contact Joseph R. Simmens, Pres., American State Bank,
Box 367, Roland, IA 50236. (515) 388-4331.___________ (PA)
OPERATIONS OFFICER. Excellent opportunity for Indivi­
dual looking for a growth oriented bank. Prefer minimum
of 5 years experience with micro computer training. Bank
moving to Ames, IA. Send resume to or contact Joseph R.
Simmens, Pres., American State Bank, Box 367, Roland, IA
50236. (515) 3 8 8 - 4 3 3 1 . _________________________ (PA)

Serving bankers quietly and efficiently.

714 First Interstate Bank Building
Des Moines, Iowa 50309



IA Q LENDER/V.P. Ag expertise will lead to #2 spot in
|$34mm bank. Strong capital position and under
150% classifications make this a great opportunity
I for advancement I .......... $36,000.............. Call Steve.
ICLO . $200 + mm bank, member of fast growing holdling co. needs 3-t- yrs. lender for $1-$10mm credits.
| Big bank background, formal credit training pro(gram......................... $40,000......................... Call Marj.
I BRANCH MGR. Manage the portfolio and the staff I
14+ years all-around lending to live In clean and
| prosperous community! Benefits and 401K ! ............
. . I ...................$30,000 + ........................... Call Bruce.
I SR. LOAN OFFICER. Supervise staff of lenders in
I $93mm bank. Improve and develop commercial loan
I portfolio with aggressive area businesses. Perforjmance can lead to the «2 spot I Benefits and profit
f sharing I .................. $45,000.......................Call Steve.
ICLO. Want a career with opportunity and stability?
I High-performing multi-bank holding company wants
[4 + years metro commercial lending talent. Bene¡fits, 401K ! .............. T o $35,000................. Call Bruce, j
¡VICE PRESIDENT. 8 + years general lending, |
I $50 + mm bank experience for supervision of loan l
I officers and $25mm portfolio. Upward mobility I . . .
I ................ $40,000 plus bonus! ................. Call Marj. j
I AG LOAN OFFICER. Enhance and develop your
¡lending skills! Documentation, cash flows, spread
I sheets are the keys. This $21 mm bank is perfect for
I the aggressive lender looking for advancement and
[challenge! Benefits and profit sharing!.....................
...........................$25,000.............................. Call Steve.
ICLO. Documentation, credit analysis, 1 + yr. loan
[experience for growing bank. Excellent upward
mobility and benefits! .. .To$28,000. . . .Call Marj.
EXEC. VICE PRESIDENT. Great location! Assume #2
spot overseeing bank’s $20mm loan portfolio. 8 + |
yrs. all-around lending, strong analytical. Located I
near mountains - hunting, fishing, skiing.................... I
.......................To $35,000...........................Call Bruce. I

(personnel Search
1126 So. 72nd St. Omaha, Ne. 68124
BRANDT Coin Sorters-Counters
BRANDT Currency Counters
New Warranty

New or R econditioned
C all: Bankers Equipm ent
612-890-6661 or
1-800-328-4827 ext. 1905

" ------------

402- 397-2980______ -


VP OPERATIONS— need 5 + years of cashier ex­
perience. Including some E.D.P. experience.
$60MM bank. Central Iowa. Mid $30s.
EVP— N.W. Kansas bank. $40MM. Need strong
commercial experience. Up to $10MM portfolio.
Some marketing orientation. To $45K.
INVESTMENT ANALYST—need 3-5 years experi­
ence. Omaha major bank. To $45K.
All fees are paid by our client employers.
Richard L Beam, CPC
11246 Davenport Street
Omaha, NE 68154
Phone: 402/330-3260
Member National Personnel Associates
______________ We’re Nationwide______________

Estate Appraisals
Purchase o f
Sale o f Rare Coins
Reliable and respected service
for over 20 years
Used by bankers
throughout the midwest

Ben E . Marlenee
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

AG LOAN OFFICERS with two or more years experiendA
and college degree for banks in $60 million range in East­
ern and Northwestern Iowa and Illinois. . Salary to $30,000
Prefer college grads with two to five years experience. . . .
................ ................................................. Salary to $35,000
LOAN REVIEW POSITION for prestige banking organize^,
tion located in area of 350,000.................. Salary to $ 30 ,0d A
SENIOR OFFICER POSITION for Iowa bank of $70 million.
Prefer five or more years of solid loan experience................
..................................................................... Salary to $45,000
INSTALLMENT LENDER with 3 or more years experience
for $60 million Iowa bank.......................................To $25,000
banking organization .............................................................
.................................. Salary to $35,000 + Attractive Bonus.

Financial Careers
(Division of Freeland Financial Service, Inc.)
1010 Equitable Bldg. Des Moines, IA 50309
Employer pays fee.


Please contact Lorraine Lear concerning these and other
banking opportunities.



Do you feel passed over? A northern Wise bank needs a
dedicated leader to manage a high performance bank.
This is an opty that offers a clean loan portfolio and histor­
ical evidence of strong profitability in a great upscale re^
sort area! Desire 6 + yrs coml lending exp, a degree, a to £
image, and a decisive mgmt style.
Job #NW1064.

Are you under-challenged and without future growth po­
tential? A northern Minn bank in a large city needs an an­
alytical loan administrator to serve as the #2 person. D e ^
sire 5 + yrs coml lending exp, a degree and strong m gm W
ability. A super opty that will lead to the presidency.
Job #NW1065.

Are you concerned that your job might be eliminated
through centralization? Isn’t it time to control your own
destiny? A well performing Minn bank in a major c ltjA
needs a proven manager for the general ledger, teller, p r o ^
of, and bookkeeping areas. Desire 4 + yrs operations exp
and a degree. Hot!

3636 IDS Center
Minneapolis, MN 55402

(612) 339-9001


COMM’L/CONS. LDR—Offers 2 + yrs. expr. In
comm’l/cons Idg. ($5mm port.), bus. dev., computer &
admin, areas for a $70mm branch bank. Excellent
references........................................................ $27-29,000.
SVP— Experienced professional with 12+ yrs. in ag
banking. Workout & FmHA guar. expr. Ref. says,
“Does an excellent job In ag lending. Good rapport
with customers.” ................................................$37,000.
BANKING/FINANCE— Has 2% yrs. expr. which in­
cludes Inst. & student loans, credit card program &
bank operations. Collection exposure with consumer
loans. Good com municator.............................. $15,000.
INSTALLMENT LOAN OFF—Twenty-two yrs. lending
expr. In all facets of Inst. Idg. Emphasis in coordina­
tion of operation & data proc. Ref. says, “Customers
liked him, good loan closer & collector. Hard worker.
Available due to reduction of staff.” ............... $29,000.
Additional, well qualified candidates available. Call or
write for more Information. Reasonable fees.
LINDA HEIT 515-394-2325
New Hampton, IA 50659

CASHIER • $25MM Ag Bank. Requires background with inhouse minicomputers and some knowledge of Agri Loans.


PRESIDENT - Agri Bank with problem loans. Should have
administrative experience and solid Agri Loan skills. $40K
OPERATIONS • manage department of 35 for large urban
bank. Experience with deposit accounting and account
services required.
AGRI LOAN - community bank with large Ag p o rtfo lio .^
Seven yrs. or more Ag Lending experience needed. $35K™
COMMERCIAL LOAN • large suburban bank with $100MM
loan portfolio. Degree and minimum 3 yrs. comml lending
experience with six figure credits.
Additional positions available in Midwestern states.

2024 Swift - Box 12346
North Kansas City, MO 64116


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