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Vol.9N o. 39

Des Moines, Iowa

Banking and the 97th Congress
The 97th Congress has convened
and begun to establish its legislative
agenda for the coming session.
Although the new leaders of the
Senate and House Banking Com­
mittees have indicated that this
C ongress does not an ticip ate
passing any radically new banking
legislation, it is useful to keep in
mind that the agenda can be shaped
by unexpected developments. These
developments are not necessarily
limited to Congressional initiatives,
and may arise from events that are
far removed from anything happen­
ing in Congress itself.
For example, the last Congress
will long be remembered by bankers
as the one that passed the
Depository Institutions Deregula­
tion and Monetary Control A c t of
1980. Y e t the 96th Congress had no
firmly-declared intention of becom­
ing involved in a major restructur­
ing of the American financial
system. The original intent of the
Congressional leadership was to
concentrate on a long and careful
study of the problems caused by
declining membership in the Federal
Reserve System. Hearings were
scheduled and the committee staffs
were prepared for a comprehensive
examination of the complexities of
the Fed membership issue. Con­
gress also had intended to devote a
major part of its time to monitoring
existing laws and regulations.

But in April of 1979, the U.S.
Court of Appeals for the District of
Columbia ruled simultaneously on
three suits brought by the American

Bankers Association, the United
States Savings and Loan League,
and the In d ep en d en t Bankers
Association of America, challenging
the authority o f various federal
regulatory agencies to authorize the
creation of credit union share drafts,
automatic transfer services and
remote service units. The court held
that in each case, the regulatory
agency had exceeded its authority in
approving the applications for the
new services. The court ruled that
only Congress had authority to
allow these services to be estab­
lished, and that Congress would
have to act by January 1, 1980, if
the services were to be continued

January 19,1981
And in February o f 1980, the U.S.
District Court for the District of
Columbia, in a suit brought by the
A B A , ruled that the Truth in
Lending guidelines could not be
used as the basis of any legal action
against a bank. This decision denied
the federal regulatory agencies
enforcement powers that they
considered important and brought
the entire question of reforming the
Truth in Lending laws to the
attention of Congress.
N O W Accounts
The effect o f these rulings was to
put a new and unexpected burden on
C ongress. T h e m uch-discussed
study of the Fed membership issue
no longer was the singular top
priority item that the leadership had
intended it to be, and Congress had
to focus on the full range of
in terest-b earin g tran saction ac­
counts, including N O W acounts, on
Regulation Q, Truth in Lending
simplification, agency enforcement
powers, and the whole range of
issues that ultimately were included
in the omnibus banking law. I t is
interesting to note that the first
version of the bill to pass the Senate
did not mention the Federal Reserve
issue at all, and the first version to
pass the House did not mention
Truth in Lending simplification or
the phase-out of Regulation Q.
These matters were included in the
final version of the law only after
prolonged legislative manuevering.
IR S Ruling
A similar change in the legislative

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Central National Bank & Trust Com pany

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Eddie A. W olf, Sr. Vice President


C a l l 1-800-362-1688, to ll-fre e in I o w a

agenda may have been forced on the
n ew ly-orga n ized 97th C ongress
because of a ruling by the Internal
Revenue Service on December 15.
The IR S issued a new Revenue
Procedure (Rev. Proc. 80-55) on
that date, and the effect of it would
be to end the tax deduction
commercial banks now have on the
interest they pay on some time
deposits of state funds when those
deposits are secured by tax-exempt
securities. This ruling represents a
radical change from the way the IR S
has always treated such interest
payments in the past, and the
timing of the ruling, at the very end
of the calendar year, could not be
less convenient. The timing of the
IR S action continues a pattern of
expectation that entire industries
can alter their procedures and their
business plans instantly to suit the
wishes of government agencies
which fail to understand the

"O pportunity
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The Dank of Opportunity
Town Clock Plaza.
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practical effects o f their actions.
The A B A immediately challenged
this ruling, and the IR S has already
agreed to rescind one particularly
unreasonable feature that would
have had extremely serious conse­
quences for banks. A s originally
proposed, the ruling had retroactive
effect, and banks would have been
liable for taxes on all interest paid on
these deposits for the past three
years. This retroactive feature has
now been rescinded, and the ruling
is effective only for deposits
received on or after January 10,
But the consequences for banks
and for state and local governments
that issue bonds are still very
serious, and the A B A is continuing
to ask the IR S to reconsider this
basic change in the tax law. I f the
IR S does not reconsider, the A B A
will have to decide whether to seek a
remedy in the courts or ask
Congress to change the law on which
the IR S ruling is based. I f the most
expeditious course is to go to
Congress for relief, this could mean
a significant shift in the plans of the
Congressional leadership as far as
banking legislation is concerned.

Iowa News
The Iowa Bankers Association is
presenting “ A New Twist- Turning
Prospects Into Customers” in 12
locations around the state in
January and February. The purpose
of the seminar is to motivate each
staff member into wanting to sell
and to enjoy doing it. Instructors
will include Tricia Faulkender,
senior vice president and director of
training services for Financial
Shares Corporation, a Chicagobased marketing and training firm
and Kent Stickler, executive vice
presid en t o f Fin an cial Shares
Corporation. Registration will begin
at 5:30 p.m. and adjournment will
be at 9:30 p.m. at each location.
Registration is $26 in advance and
$30 at the door. Dates and locations
are: January 19, Ottumwa, Country
Club; January 20, Cedar Rapids,
Stouffer’s Five Seasons; January
21, Des Moines, H yatt Hotel;
January 22, Council Bluffs, Best
Western; January 26, Ft. Madison,
Holiday Inn; January 27, Daven­
port, Black Hawk; January 28,
Dubuque, M idway M otor Lodge;
January 29, Waterloo, Conway
Civic Center; February 9, Sioux
City, Hilton Inn; February 10,
Emmetsburg, la. Lakes Comm.
College; February 11, Ft. Dodge,

Insurance for
Financial Institutions
Automated Systems of Iowa, Inc.
301 N. Ankeny Blvd., Suite 220
Ankeny, la 50021

Starlight, and February 12, Mason
City, Holiday Inn.
B E LM O N D : Luin B. Cox, 66,
president of First State Bank, died
suddenly December 24 of a heart
attack suffered at home. A n
employe of the bank since 1939, M r.
Cox was chief executive officer for
many years and had served as
president for the past several years.
B L O O M F IE L D : R ich ard N y s wonger has joined the staff at the
Davis County Savings Bank as vice
president. Prior to joining the bank,
he managed a 2500 acre farm for two
years and was employed by the
Davis County Savings Bank for
eight years.
DES M O IN E S: Thomas H. Huston
has accepted reappointment by
Governor Robert Ray to a second
four year term as superintendent of
banking for Iowa. The new term
begins M ay 1. Mr. Huston is
president o f the Columbus Junction
State Bank.
D UBU Q UE: A hearing will be held
at 1:30 p.m., January 21, in the
superintendent of banking’s office
in Des Moines on the application of
Dubuque Bank & Trust Co. to open
an office in the nearby community of
E A G L E GROVE: Ron Milbach has
been named vice president and
senior agriculture loan officer o f the
Brenton State Bank. H e served as
loan officer of Northeast Iowa
Production Credit Association of
Elkader since June 1979.
FO N D A : James W . Murphy has
been named a director of the First
National Bank. He is a Jolley
FO R T DODGE: A major addition,
tripling the size of the present
facility, was announced recently for
the main downtown office o f Union
Trust and Savings Bank. The
18,000 square foot addition will
consist of a full basement and two
floors to be constructed just west of
the present building, according to
James E. Hughes, president.
H IL L S : A hearing will be held at
10:00 a.m., January 21, in the
superintendent of banking’s office














Experienced Bankers Available
The descriptions beiow represent a sample of our current listing. Call and discuss
the needs of your bank in complete confidence. (816) 474-6874.

#8947 SECOND OFFICER— Presently serving
as V.P. in rural bank. Primary function is
lending. Iowa real estate and insurance
license. Degree............................................ .$25,000

#8867 MARKETING OFFICER—Current du­
ties are supervision of retail operation and
business development program for $500
MM bank. Advanced degree......................... $29,000

les FHA, VA, and Convt. residential loans.
Some secondary market. Also involved
with commercial credits including partici­
pations. Previous experience in consumer

#8937 INSTALMENT LOAN— Present posi­
tion is second man in $15MM dept. Total
six years’ consumer loan background with
some operations experience........................ $22,000

years of bank experience encompasses
operations, commercial lending, trusts,
investments, and personnel. Accounting
degree.............................................................. $40,000
#8879 AGRI-LOAN— Degree in Agri-business
combined with 14 years of banking and Agfinance experience. Currently employed in
$50MM midwestern bank............................... $28,000
#8940 INSTALMENT LOAN—Junior officer
with $90MM bank. Handles both direct and
indirect financing. Oversees collections.
B.S. Degree..................................................... $18,000
#8928 SENIOR OPERATIONS— Extensive
operations background covers banks from
$20MM to $700MM.Currently V.P. in $250
MM with responsibility for all operational
areas................................................................. $45,000
#8870 PRESIDENT— Has been associated
with same rural for 12years. Equal ability in
lending and operations. Administers multi­
insurance agency. Prefers bank over $10
M M ........................................................
#8956 SR. COMM’L. LENDER— Background
includes several years as V.P. of loan ad­
ministration for large midwestern bank.
Currently Sr. V.P. with responsibility for
$40MM portfolio. Degree............ .................. $30,000

#8938 OPERATIONS—Qualifications include
four years with $150MM bank and three
years with small country bank as second
officer. Has MBA and some commercial
and instalment loan experience.................... $25,000
#8852 SR. LOAN OFFICER— Presently Sr.
V.P. in $150MM commercial oriented bank.
Primary function is to administer general
loan policy and larger credits........................ $42,000
cashier function for country bank, along
with insurance agency duties. Ag and in­
stalment loan experience. Degree................ $25,000
#8925 CHIEF EXEC. OFFICER—Currently
managing $10MM rural oriented bank. Over
20 years’ banking experience and licensed
insurance agent...............................................$35,000
#8205 AGRI-LENDING—Junior officer with
A. A. Degree and two years’ banking experi­
ence. Holds real estate and insurance li­
#8849 SENIOR OFFICER— Responsible for
all lending in $30MM bank. Previous duties
include cashier function, instalment dept,
head, and marketing area.......................
aged marketing program for aggressive
$150MM bank. Currently financial market­
ing specialist for agency. Degree.................. $30,000

Bankers contact us and
state their reason for
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

2024 Swift #203 / P.O. Box 12346
North Kansas City, Mo. 64116
(816) 474-6874

Junior & Senior Officers
for Midwestern and
Northwestern Banks.


in Des Moines on the application of
Hills Bank & Trust Co. to open an
office in Iowa City. The town of
Hills annexed the five mile railroad
right o f way connecting the two
communities. John Hughes, presi­
dent of the bank, said the bank feels
this makes Hills a contiguous part
of the urban complex composed of
Iowa City, Coralville, University
Heights, North Liberty and Hills,
with population exceeding 50,000,
thus making the bank eligible to
have an office in Iowa City.
H U M B O LD T : G. Robert Bristol,
vice president of the First National
Bank, has resigned. He has been
associated with the bank since 1948.
IN D IA N O L A : Beth McGeough
was elected instalment loan officer
at the Warren County Brenton
Bank and Trust according to
Eugene T. Smith, president. She
joined the bank in 1973 as loan
service teller.
J E F F E R S O N : J efferso n S ta te
Bank has announced that loan
officer Paul Johnson has been
promoted to assistant vice president
and Dean Hicks has been elected to
the board of directors. Mr. Johnson
joined the ag lending department in
1978. Mr. Hicks most recently was
named senior vice president of
Jefferson State.
L Y T T O N : The Lytton Savings
Bank has announced that Dwight
K. Conover has been elected
execu tive v ice p residen t and

cashier. For the past six years he
has been employed at Fidelity
Brenton Bank in Marshalltown.
M IS S O U R I V A L L E Y : First N a ­
tional Bank has announced the
addition o f Gregory D. Pollard to
the staff. He will hold the office of
vice president and agricultural
O SCEO LA: C. Ted Davis has been
named vice president of the Clarke
County State Bank. He has worked
for over 10 years in eastern and
northeastern Iowa for the Federal
Deposit Insurance Corporation.
T H U R M A N : The Thurman State
Bank is holding an open house for
the general public to view their new
banking facilities January 23 and
V A N H O R N E : K e ith L a za r,
cashier, Tama St. Bk., has been
named c.e.o. of Van Hom e Sav.
Bk., according to W illiam Beohm,
major stockholder of both banks.
Mr. Lazar replaces John Hensley.
W A T E R L O O : Peoples Bank &
Trust Co. has promoted Don
Porchet, an employe at the bank
since 1957, to executive vice
president, and elected John L.
Calton executive vice president of
Peop les Bankshares, L t d ., a
one-bank holding company that
owns the bank’s common stock. Mr.
Calton joined the bank in 1969.
W A V E R L Y : Fred W . Hagemann
has been appointed president and

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National Bank 151

Member F.D.I.C.


chief executive officer of the State
Bank. He succeeds his father, Carl
E. Hagemann, who has been named
chairman of the board. Fred
Hagemann was formerly executive
vice president of State Bank.
W E S T B R A N C H : W illiam Dieth-

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□ I want to purchase majority stock in a bank.
Please contact Ellis Jones, Broker
Semi-retired, professional banker
Jones Realty
205 South Eaton St.
Lakewood, Colorado 80226
Phone: (303) 232-1189

rich, formerly with Bank of Newport
Beach, Calif., has joined the W est
Branch St. Bk., as v.p.

Illinois News
The 33rd annual Illinois Bankers
Association Consumer Credt Con­
ference titled “ Exploring Modern
Lending” will be held February
11-12, 1981 at the H yatt Regency
O’Hare, Rosemont. Topics covered
will include “ Managing People For
Fun and P rofit,” “ How to Get Rich
and S ta y R ic h ,” “ T h in gs I
Shouldn’t D o,” and “ The Future of
Consumer Credit.” The registration
fee is $80 per bank for IB A member
banks and $120 per bank for
non-IBA members. Registration
begins at 8:00 a.m. February 11.
R E Y N O L D S : Services were held
recently for H. Byron W ait, 75,
president of the Reynolds State

Nebraska News
The Nebraska Bankers Associa­
tion 1981 Personnel Conference will
be held F ebruary 4 and 5,1981 at the
Holiday Inn in Kearney. Registra­
tion begins at 11:00 a.m. February
4. Topics covered will include “ Who
are the People Targeting Banks,”
“ Affirm ative Action Programs for
Banks” and “ Administering a
Personnel Program for Y our Bank. ”
Adjournment is 12:00 noon Febru­
ary 5.
The Nebraska Bankers Associa­
tion 1981 Bank Presidents Confer­
ence will be February 19-24 in W alt
Disney W orld, Orlando, Florida.
The program will include “ Creative
Thinking/Creative Banking, ’ ’ by
M ike Vance, former dean of Disney


Gill our
For up-to-the-minute,
accurate information

University, “ Retail Banking in the
’80s,” by John Fisher, B A N C ONE
Corp., and “ Economic Outlook,” by
Dr. Robert Lanzillotti, dean o f the
business college at the University of
Florida. Registration fee is $210 per

give your com m unity a
lot of help for its

CO LU M BU S: Larry D. Harkrader
has assumed duties as cashier and
operations officer of First National
Bank and Trust Co. He has served
as an instructor for the American
Institute of Banking.
C R A W FO R D : Linda Reins has
been named vice president of the
Crawford State Bank. She held a
similar position with the Albion
National Bank the last seven years.

D esM o in es

G R A N D IS L A N D : Dr. John A .
Albers and Jon F. Luebs have been
named to the board of directors of
Five Points Bank. Dr. Albers is in
private practice with Orthopedic
Associates. Mr. Luebs is executive
vice president of Five Points.


M em ber FÒIC

O M A H A : The Center Bank pro­
moted Thomas J. Jaksich and
James K . Sterling from assistant
vice president to vice president. Mr.
Jaksich joined the bank in 1972. Mr.
Sterling has been with the bank
more than 10 years. Personnel
officer Anne R. Jensen also was
promoted to assistant vice presi­
O M A H A : Kenneth Kroeker and
Gary Thrasher have been promoted
to senior vice president at Omaha
National Bank. Promoted to second
vice president are James R. Hill,
M ary Sturm and Daniel J. W intz.

North Dakota News
The 20th Annual North Dakota
Bankers Association “ Bank Man-

•Tom Steffens

John Henderson

Tony Paugoulatos



An A ffifilia te o f N o rth w e s t B a n ç o rp o ra tio n

agement Conference” will be held at
the Bismarck Holiday Inn February
11 and 12,1981. Registration begins
11:00 a.m. February 11. Registra­
tion fee is $85. Speakers will include
Lee Gunderson, American Bankers
Association president; Harry J.
Argue, N D B A executive director,
and Kevin P. Phillips, editor-pub­
lisher, the A m erican P o litic a l
Research Corp. Adjournment will
be at 12:00 noon February 12.

N E B R A S K A C IT Y : John W . Seim
has joined the staff at Otoe County
National Bank as vice president. He
was previously vice president at
Hershey State Bank.

P A G E : R. Paul Pederson, president
of Page State Bank, has announced
that Merland L. Carlson has been
promoted from cashier to executive
vice president and a member of the
board o f directors, and Janeen
Conrad has been promoted to
assistant cashier.

Colorado News
W E S T M I N S T E R : Thom as M .
Jones has been named president of
Citizens Bank. He was formerly
ex e c u tiv e v ice p residen t and
succeeds Donald K . Hogoboom. He
has been with the bank since it was
chartered in 1970.

Jim McLaughlin

Rusty Reese

Dave Wittenborn

Vice President

Vice President

Asst. Vice President Asst.Vice President Bond Officer

Bond Representative






is» C ommerce Bank of Kansas a ty
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

our service,

Member FDIC



10th and Walnut

(816) 234-2000



where comm on transactions are handled uncommonly well.
13th & M Street • Lincoln, Nebraska 68501 • Member, F.D.I.C.


5 45 - 31st Street

Des Moines. Io w a 50312


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Ad $2 for file numbers. Identity of file
number advertisers cannot be revealed.
Payment in advance, please.
306-15th St., Des Moines, Iowa 50309

CASHIER - 3-5 years experience in Unit Bank
operations with understanding of all government
reporting requirements p must for this position in a
new Wyoming bank. Some consumer loan experience
would be a plus for the qualified applicant. Salary
commensurate with experience plus an excellent
benefit package. Inquire in confidence to R.W. “Dick”
Anthony, P.O. Box 1070, Saratoga, Wyoming 82331
(307) 326-8321, An Equal Opportunity Employer. (PA)
LOAN OFFICER - Central Illinois bank seeking
individual for lending responsibilities, primarily
consumer loans. Operations experience helpful, but
not necessary. Call Bart Solop, State Bank of Girard,
Phone (217) 627-2112._________________________ (PA)
#2 SPOT IN BANK in the largest city in South Dakota.
Need individual with strong credit credentials in all
fields to handle all supervision of all lending
functions. W rite file LBW, c /o Northwestern Banker.
_____________________________________________ (PA)
LOAN OFFICER for$18 million rural Iowa bank. Some
exp e rien ce p re ferre d . W rite file M B A , c /o
„Northwestern Banker.

Banking, Financial & Business Personnel
Iowa and Nationwide

Im m e d ia te op en ing fo r C O M M E R C IA L LOAN
OFFICER in $70 million bank located in St. Paul. Ideal
candidate will have 2 + years in commercial lending
and credit analysis; also, should have familiarity with
SBA loans and SBA secondary market. Send resume
and s alary req u ire m en ts to file M B B , c /o
Northwestern Banker. All inquiries kept strictly
confidential.__________________ ______________ (PA)
BANKING CAREERS - If you are currently employed
and wish to evaluate your career potential, my organization has openings in the $12,0CI0 to $40,000 range in
banks throughout the midwest. All position job orders
No. 118-270 are employers paid. Call or write Jim
Hogan, Dunhill, Suite 1135, 730 2nd Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55402; (612) 335-6451.

LENDING— Rural Iowa bank seeking individual with
heavy experience in Agricultural loans. Needs
someone that does not need training. $26,000.
ASST VP— 5 years experience in commercial lending
with large bank. Keen business judgment is the key.
LENDER— At least 2 years of experience in handling
installment loans, student loans, mastercharge,
direct & indirect loans. $17,000.
TRUST OFFICER— Some experience in trust dept, or
legal firm . W ill eventually take on full responsibility of
th e tru s t d e p t. E x c elle n t o p p o rtu n itie s for
advancement. $20,000


VICE-PRES— Iowa bank seeking #2 person with heavy
experience in operations and lending. Position open
due to promotion. $35,000.

Commercial loan officer with five or more years
experience for major Iowa bank.................Salary open.

LENDING— Rural bank seeks individual with 2 years
of ag lending experience.

Operations officer for $25 million Iowa bank
......................................................................... Salary open.


Second officer for eastern Iowa bank. Must have heavy
lending experience in ag field . .Salary above$25,000.
Write or call Malcolm Freeland, Freeland Financial
Service, In c .,3 06 -15th Street, Des Moines, IA 50309.
Phone (515) 244-8163. Employer pays fee._________

Second position or operations. Three years CEO in $4
m illion bank. Ten years consumer loan experience.
W rite file LBZ, c /o Northwestern Banker._______ (PW)


Bank Division


of iowa, inc

317 6th Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 244-4414


Special on 35mm auto cameras.

CEOs with ag lending backgrounds $30,000 to $42,000
Second Person with strong ag lend ing.............$26,000
Operations officer with lending exp...................$26,000

Check with us first BEFORE making a

ISU Grad with insurance licenses seeks bank position
in or near major city ............................................. $17,500
W rite or call Malcolm Freeland, Freeland Financial
Service, Inc., 306 - 15th Street, Des Moines, IA 50309.
Phone (515) 244-8163. Employer pays fee._________


3920 Delaware
Des Moines, IA 50316


Used Diebold Insulated Record Container; 5 drawer,
Fire Classification C, Spec Fl-D. Contact Gary Burke
at State Bank of Waverly. (319) 352-4556.

INSTAL. LOAN HEAD — Manage dept, for $40MM
Illinois bank. Must have bank and supervision
experience.............................................................. $22,000

714 Central National Bldg. 515-283-2545
Des Moines, Iowa 50309


ENTRY LEVEL — Good opportunity for college grad
with bank intern experience. Small rural Iowa bank
with excellent opportunity to adv a n c e ............. $12,000

NCR Mag Ledger Posting Machine. (319) 728-2226
_____________________________________________ (FS)

Ag Banking
S p ecia lists^
Whan it comas to ogricoltiiro, banking and
parsonnal. . . go to tho specialists — go to
AGRIcaroors, Inc.
Progressive bankers pay as to find tbe people
they need.

AG LENDING OFFICER. . NE Iowa....... . $15 $20,000
LOAN OFFICER. . Minnesota............... $19 $20,000

IA & I L ....... $1« $24,000

TWO AG LENDING OFFICERS. . .IA A II . . $22 $28,000

Ask oar banking specialist. Undo filet, what's
available without cost or obligation.
(515) 394-3145



MODULAR BANK UNIT: 12’x7’ equipped with drive-up
window. Used as bank’s drive-up facility. Available
immediately. Contact Northwestern State Bank of
DodgeCenter, M N55927. Phone(507)374-6311. (FS)
8’x14’ portable drive-up window with Diebold electric
window, electric heat, carpet, and air conditioner.
Picture upon request. $3,500.00. Call (712) 472-2581.
_______________ (FS)

Positions Available
#482 Commercial Real Estate
#484 Commercial Loan Manager
#486 Commercial Loan #2
#475 Commercial Loan Trainee
#485 Commercial Loan #2
18K +
#479 Insurance Agent
#488 Proof Supervisor
#489 Proof Operator IBM 34 for
#490 S&L Manager
#491 Commercial Loan Officer
15K +
#492 Insurance Manager
#493 Ag-iight commercial
4901 W. 77th St.
Edina, Minnesota 55435
David Dahl
Megan Maloney
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SR. LOAN OFFICER — $50MM bank located in capital
of midwestern state. Need 5-7 yrs. solid com m ’l loan
experience............................................................... $38,000
EXEC. VICE PRES. — $150MM S&L prefers a
commercial tender with solid real estate background.
Must have working knowledge of secondary market
.................................................................................. $35,000
CALLING OFFICER — Handle national accounts for
lead bank of major holding company. Minimum 50%
travel ........................................................................$35,000
LOAN REVIEW OFFICER — $250MM metro-area bank
needs seasoned credit officer to oversee credit and
documentation fu n c tio n ..................................... $25,000
COM M ’L LOANS — Heavy demand in metro areas of
midwestern states for both junior and senior
commercial lending officers. Degree preferred .$Open
CASHIER — Opportunity for aggressive operations
officer to join management of $8M M bank. Close to
major u n iv ers ity .....................................................$20,000
Resume and salary history requested. All inquiries

P.O. B ox12346/2024 Swift
North Kansas City, MO 64116

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