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Com m unity Bank CEO s A re A sked to
Give Input to Investm ent Survey
H IEF executive officers of
banks across a 10-state area are
invited to respond to an Investment
Survey questionnaire contained in
this issue of the N o r t h w e s t e r n
B a n k e r Weekly Newsletter. Res­
ponses to this survey will form the
basis for a special report on com­
munity bank investment plans in
the March issue of the magazine.
Questions in the survey were de­
veloped after consultation with the
presidents of several community
banks in three states, and with chief
investment officers in several major
correspondent banks. Consequently,
they reflect the interests and con­
cerns of bankers themselves. For
this reason, each bank receiving the
enclosed questionnaire is asked to
complete it and return as soon as
possible to the N o r t h w e s t e r n




stances in which the policy has
worked to the benefit of the bank.
Other areas of interest that were
suggested was what balance will be
struck between the government and
municipal bond portfolios, to what
extent banks will be buying taxexempts this year, what maturities
will be the most favored ones for
purchase this year, how many banks
actually are active in futures or
would like to be, and what is per­
ceived for loan demand in coming
Because all of these areas impact
each bank, readers are urged to com­
plete the enclosed questionnaire.
Comments or explanations are es­
pecially invited to give substance to
the replies to various questions. It is
requested that only one question­
naire per bank be returned.


An area of interest touched upon
by both community and city corre­
spondent bankers who helped for­
mulate this questionnaire was the
one concerning a written investment
policy. The importance of this was
emphasized in preliminary tele­
phone visits, along with an interest
in how many banks actually have
one. They also said they would be in­
terested in comment from other
bankers on how well such a written
policy helps them, and perhaps in­

Iowa News
The 1984 Iowa Bankers Associa­
tion Marketing Conference will be
held February 5-7 at the Savery
Hotel in Des Moines. This year’s
conference. “ Marketing For Re­
sults’ ’ will emphasize building on
your present marketing plan to
achieve more profitability through
innovative and proven ideas. During
Monday’s luncheon, winners of the
“ Best of Iowa” awards program will
be featured. There will also be ex­

hibitors, workshops, a reception on
Monday night and a special threehour post-conference session on sys­
tematic cross selling.
Speakers for the conference in­
clude: Laird Landon, Laird Landon
Consulting, Inc., Humbel, Tex.;
Bruce Meriwether, president, First
National Bank, Dubuque; Steve
Barger, vice president in marketing,
H aw keye B ancorporation , Des
Moines; Dennis Driscoll, FISI,
Nashville, Tenn.; Bruce Alexander,
vice president, First National Bank
of Boulder, and Roger Seibert, vice
president, Futures Research Depart­
ment, Security Pacific Bank, Los
ADEL: Brenton Bank and Trust
Company has announced the promo­
tion of Darrell Bauman and Jeff
Horn to vice president. Mr. Bau­
man, who also serves as trust of­
ficer, has been with the bank since
1978. Mr. Horn has managed the
Redfield office since 1980.
CLARINDA: Lowell K. Lines has
been promoted to executive vice
president of Page County State
Bank. G.W. Richardson, vice presi­
dent and trust officer, has retired
after 25 years of service.
DES MOINES: The Iowa Invest­
ment Bankers Association officers
will conduct their annual meeting
Janary 18 starting at 4:45 p.m. on
the third floor of the Marriott Hotel
here. Following the Board of Gover­
nors meeting and business meeting,
there will be a social hour, with din-

Loan participation through us can help
improve your bottom line
For that reason, banks in Iowa depend on
Correspondent Banker Dick Flesvig

♦ First Bank Saint Paul
Member First Banki System
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Correspondent Banking Division
332 Minnesota Street
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101 (612)291-5577


Norwest Bank Des Moines, N.A.
Call (515) 245-3131 or toll-free (800) 362-2514


Member FDIC

T e a m w o rk :
one o f the reasons
w e ’re first in Iow a.
Bernie Kersey

Don't gam ble
when choosing
a correspondent
bonk. Come to
the professionals.

Jan Townsend

KNOXVILLE: Earle Bellamy, 63,
vice president, trust officer and di­
rector of Community National Bank
& Trust Co., died last week.
LONE TREE: Farmers & Mer­
chants Savings Bank here has an­
nounced the promotion of Douglas
Shanklin to senior vice president
DUBUQUE: First National Bank and Keith Barnhart to vice presi­
here recently promoted the follow­ dent.
ing vice presidents to senior vice MENLO: Funeral services were held
president status: Thomas J. Stech- recently for Glenn Stevenson, 74,
er, operations; Richard A. Bean, who had been ill for some time. He is
finance, and Daniel E. Welu. Mr. survived by a son, Gary Stevenson,
Welu also serves as cashier. Pro­ vice president and head of the cor­
moted to vice president were: David respondent bank department at
W. Spahn, controller; C. Michael First National Bank in Sioux City.
Reilly, marketing and business de­ SIOUX CITY: First National Bank
velopment, and Mark. J. Willging, recently announced the addition of
trust department manager.
John (Jack) Scherrman as vice pres­
ident and trust officer and Mark
Sorensen as assistant vice president
in the commercial area. Mr. Scherr­
man, formerly vice president and
treasurer of CM Corporation in
S iou x C ity, w ill head F irst
National’s trust department. Mr.
Sorensen will be responsible for
agricultural lending at the bank. He
joins the bank from First National
Bank of Omaha.
WASHINGTON: M.M. (Mike) Orris
has been elected president and Dale
Torpey chief executive officer of
Washington State Bank, along with
five new directors who were recently
ner served at 7:00 p.m. Speaker will
be Hardwick Simmons, vice chair­
man and director of ShearsonI
American Express, who is respon­
sible for the private client group.
Mike Sparks of Chiles, Heider/
American Express, 230 Liberty
Bldg., is chairman of the meeting.

to make MNB
work for you.



OF DES M OIN ES. N A ■ M E M B E R FDIC • (51 5) 2 4 5-7 11 1

( 800) 362-1615

elected. Mr. Orris, who has been a
State Bank vice president for seve­
ral years, replaces Logan Heilman
who retired from that post and as a
director. The reorganization of the
bank’s board follows the sale of ap­
proximately one-fourth of the bank’s
stock last September as reported in
the December 5 Weekly Newsletter.

Nebraska News
The Iowa/Nebraska Chapter of
BM A will meet January 18 at the
Comhusker Hotel in Lincoln.
Topic of the meeting is “ The
Changing Managerial Focus in
Banking” with guest speaker Dr.
Jim Donnelly. Dr. Donnelly is on the
faculty of several BM A schools.
Cost for the meeting is $35 for
members, $55 for non-members.
For more details contact Lea
Vrana at Fremont National Bank.
OM AHA: Omaha National Corpora­
tion had 814,000 shares of First Na­
tional Lincoln Corp. common stock
tendered to it before its offer expired
January 6. That is about 47.5% of

Recipe for success.. X

Toll free
1- 800- 332-5991

National Bank IS I
Member F.D.I.C.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Help yourself by calling Bernie
"'Miller*at 319/582""li84i'l .....

Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 1-16-84


1/ 16/84

Investment Survey Questionnaire
Your cooperation in completing and returning this questionnaire promptly will be greatly appreciated. The re­
sults will be combined statistically and published in the March issue o f the N o r t h w e s t e r n B a n k e r . Your
comments in appropriate places will be especially helpful. If you need more space for your comments, just
enclose them on a separate page, identified by the number o f the question. Signing your name is optional, but
we would like to have your state and deposit size o f your bank for comparison purposes among the 10 states
included in this survey. Thank you for your cooperation.
1. Which factors most influence your assessment o f interest rate prospects? Please rate as 1 ,2 ,3 , etc. in impor­
tance to you:
Federal d eficits________
Anticipated loan demand
Other (please identify___

Economic indicators
Election y e a r______

2. What do you think interest rates will be in 1984 for the following:
Fed Funds________%

2-yr. Treasury N otes________ %

6-month MM Certif_________ %

What do you think the average rate will be for 1984 __________ %
3. What do you anticipate for loan demand during 1984 in your trade area, compared to 1983?
Much greater________
A little le s s ________

A little greater________
Much le s s ________

S am e________

W hy? Please comment briefly:


How much in high interest-bearing CDs (12% rate or higher) will be maturing in your bank this year?
$ _____________________
What % of your deposits does this represent?________ %
How will this affect your loan rates? Please comment briefly:


Do you have a written Investment Policy in your bank? Y e s _____


How often is it reviewed?
How do you assess the value of this policy? Please comment briefly:


What will be the principal goal o f your investment plan for the foreseeable future? Please rate 1, 2 or 3 and
comment below:
L iqu idity________

S a fety ________




Do you plan on increasing or decreasing your Government Bond portfolio in 1984?
Plan to increase________

Plan to decrease________

If you checked “ Increase/' what maturity range(s) will you seek? Please check:
Less than 1 yr_________ 1-3 yrs___________________ 3-5 yrs___________________ Over 5 yrs.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

8. Do you plan on increasing or decreasing your Municipal Bond portfolio in 1984?
Plan to increase________

Plan to decrease------------

If you checked “ Increase/’ what maturity range(s) would you seek? Please check:
1-3 yrs_________ 3-5 yrs_____________________ 5-7 yrs-------------------------------- O ver7 yrs-------------------------------What ratings would you seek: A A A ______

A A ---------

A ---------

B A A ---------


What % o f your Municipal purchases and what maturities would you probably place in the following:


% of purchases
placed in each

General Obligations




Revenue Bonds


___________________ — --------


Ind. Revenue Bonds



--------------------- ----------

9. Do you plan on investing in $100,000 CDs in other banks this year?

Y e s ---------

N o ---------

If “ Yes,” what % o f your total investments will be in such C D s ? ------------ %

If you now have, or recently did have, a long-term portfolio, how would you go about changing it at this
time? Please comment:

11. Do you as a Community Bank executive have confidence in your own ability to determine what your in­
vestments should be, or are you uncomfortable with this role? To what extent would you seek or use outside
advice? Please comment:

If you now use outside investment advice or management in some way, please identify the kind of individual
or institution you use:
Private investment counselor________

Investment firm ------------

Correspondent Bank investment department------------

Other (identify)----------------

How is the operational management and record-keeping for your investment department maintained? Please
Within our b a n k ________ (If you check this, would you please tell briefly what procedure or equipment is
used, such as a microcomputer?):

By our Correspondent Bank
Other (please identify):

Thank you for taking time to complete this questionnaire. Please mail it at once to:

orth w estern




306 Fifteenth Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309.

Signing your name is optional; however, we would like to know your state and deposit size of your bank for
comparative statistical purposes:
Name ___________________________

Title ---------------------------------- ------ Bank ----------------------------------------

C ity ________________ S tate___________________ Deposit size of Bank $ ------------------------------------------------------
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

where com m on transactions are handled uncommonly well.
13th & M Street • Lincoln, Nebraska 68501 • Member, F.D.I.C.

the stock. All of the shares tendered
(and not withdrawn prior to pur­
chase) will be bought at $42.50 per
share as earlier announced. The offer
is contingent upon receiving Fed ap­
proval. As reported, the merger of
FNLC with ONC will result in the
surviving company named Firstier,
Inc., with both banks continuing in
operation as at present.
has retired as president of the Cass
County Bank but will continue as
chairman. He is succeeded as presi­
dent by his son, Douglas J. Duey,

Fly To The Islands With
F & M Marquette National Bank
IBAA Pre-Convention Tour
March 16 - March 29
St. Maarten • St. Barthelemy
New Orleans
Special Feature:
Seminar On International Banking in St. Maarten
Tour Includes: Roundtrip airfare from Mpls./St. Paul to the Islands to New

Orleans • 4 Nights in St. Maarten • 4 Nights in St. Barts.
Arrangements are open to your directors, friends and relatives.
For more information or for reservations call:
Richard E. Holmes
F & M Marquette National Bank
(612) 341-6572

Minnesota News
M ARSH ALL: First American Bank
& Trust recently announced the elec­
tion of Mark Stenson to senior vice
president and trust officer and the
promotion to vice president of Rod­
ney R. Wilkinson, agricultural loans,
and C. Jean Krueger, retail banking.
Mr. Stenson joined the bank in 1975
to manage the newly formed trust
department and continues in that
National Bank has promoted James
S. Kammerer to vice president and
assistant sales manager of its in­
vestment department.
PIERZ: Farmers & Merchants State
Bank has promoted Ken Heid to se­
nior vice president and Floyd Mathiowetz to vice president. Mr. Heid
joined the bank in 1971 after serving
as an officer at First Bank, Little
Falls. Mr. Mathiowetz joined in
1975 and previously was with a
bank in Spring Lake Park.

Illinois News

Wisconsin News

PEORIA: Citizens National Bank of
Decatur and Corn Belt Bank of
Bloomington recently completed
mergers with Midwest Financial
Group, Inc. Citizens National has
assets of $225 million and Corn Belt
has assets of $140 million.
ROSELLE: Roselle State Bank has
changed its name to Harris Bank
Roselle. The bank’s main office is
located 106 E. Irving Park Rd., with
an office at 400 E. Irving Park Rd.
and the Schaumburg office at 1080
S. Roselle Rd.
TAMPICO: Kenneth C. Lipps has
joined the staff o f Tampico National
Bank as executive vice president
and chief executive officer. He joins
the bank from Farmers Bank of
Cook, Nebraska, where he has been
the past eight and-a-half years.

M ARSH FIELD: Richard J. Kamps
has been appointed senior vice presi­
dent and trust officer of Citizens Na­
tional Bank. Prior to joining Citi­
zens, Mr. Kamps worked with the
Marine National Exchange Bank,

North Dakota News
FARGO: Norwest Bank Fargo, N.A.
has announced the addition of James
J. Deibert as senior loan administra­
tor for Norwest Bank Fargo and Re­
gion V II and the promotions of
Thomas E. Hanson to vice president/
client executive for Norwest Bank
Fargo and Red River Region V II
and Paul F. Gentzkow to vice presi­
dent and manager in commercial

AND Getting
it done for you.
it t i


Bill Sprenger

Frampton Rowland

john Messina




Commerce Bank of Kansas otyNA
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

T elephon e (816) 234-2000


Montana News
BILLINGS: Thomas C. Daniel has
joined the staff of Norwest Bank
Billings as vice president and man­
ager of a newly formed consumer
banking division. Timothy J. Lacey
has also joined the bank in the newly
created position of client executive.
Mr. Daniel previously was with Nor­
west Real Estate Advisors in Min­
neapolis. Mr. Lacey had been work­
ing for H.C. Oil Company.


Ag Banking Personnel
Let us help you. Call the ag lending personnel
specialists without cost or obligation. Confi­
dential. Employers pay us to hire the best.

Installment Person for Central Iowa Community bank..........
...........................................................................Salary $22,000
Commercial Real Estate person for Twin Cities area............
...........................................................................Salary $35,000
Linda: 515/394-5827
Jean 515/263-9598 if
New Hampton, la. 50659 no answer, 712/779-3567
Massena, Iowa 50853

Sr. Lender for Southern Minnesota multi-bank holding com­
pany bank must be experienced in commercial, ag, and
retail lending................................................ Salary to $36,000

3017 CAREERS, IN C .

Ag Lender for Northern Iowa community bank. Requires two
or more years experience plus degree. Excellent opportunity
in county seat tow n.................................. Salary to $29,000


Ag Lender for N.W. Iowa bank. Salary range is open, depen­
ding on experience. Nice small community and working con­
Ag Lender for Western Iowa community bank. Must have
three or more years experience plus degree. Bonus arrange­
ment ...............................................................Salary to $26,000
Correspondent Officer for major midwest bank. Ag lending
background a plus. Must have five ormore years banking ex­
perience.................................................................Salary open
Commercial Lender for multi-bank holding company bank in
Iowa. Requires 5 years experience. Leads to Dept. Head. . . .
...........................................................................Salary $35,000

OPERATIONS MANAGER— Large data processing com­
pany located In eastern Iowa and serving the financial in­
dustry is looking for a qualified individual to report directly
to the CEO. Salary commensurate with experience and
qualifications. Please send resume to file VBZ, c/o North­
western Banker.

Dwayne Smith
Box S
Dillon, Colorado 80435

We have many other positions available. Write or call
Malcolm Freeland in confidence c/o Freeland Financial Ser­
vice, Inc., 1032 Carriers Bldg., Des Moines, la. 50309. Phone
(515) 282-6462. Employer pay fee.

Estate Appraisals
dition. With stand. Contact Jack Parmenter. Phone 319/
364-1000._______________________________________ (FS)
DIEBOLD MODEL #114:75— Drive-up window. Always
under service contract. Contact Lynn Minnmann. Phone
BURROUGHS L-3000—7 years old. Best offer. Bank of
Elgin, Elgin, NE. Phone 402/843-2228.

iJ fk
Bank Deposits
IfM ,.
KEITH w e i g e l
IRA’s...Keoghs...Pension Plans
Serving Banks
in Iowa and Minnesota

P.O. Box 171 • Albert Lea, MN 56007

Sale o f Rare Coins
Reliable and respected service
for over 20 years

Ben E . Marlenee

Leading Des Moines bank seeking mid to upper
level Correspondent Banking Officer for Iowa
commercial services. 4 to 5 years Correspondent/
Commercial banking experience to include lend­
ing required. Both technical and people skills im­
portant. 4 year degree preferred. Liberal benefits
package provided. Please send resume and salary
requirements to file VBX, c/o Northwestern


Purchase of

Used by bankers
throughout the midwest


An Equal Opportunity Employer

Number Two person for Iowa County Seat bank................
...........................................................................Salary $38,000

Ag Lender for eastern South Dakota bank........ Salary Open

COMMERCIAL LOAN OFFICER—Requires degree plus 3
years commercial loan experience. Some operations ex­
perience helpful. Salary open. Contact Steven L. Afdahl,
E.V.P., Citizens National Bank, Boone, IA 50036. Phone

One, two and three bedroom units for
sale or rent. Most with hot tubs.
Phone 1-800/922-2590.

Commercial Lenderfor major Iowa bank, requires 10 or
more years of experience.............................. Salary $43,000

Commercial Lender for suburban Twin Cities bank..............
...........................................................................Salary $30,000

CREDIT MANAGER Immediate opening w ith progressive,
innovative wholesale chemical distributor. Requires at
least 2 years verifiable, successful experience in all as­
pects of wholesale credit. Send letter of application and
resume to file VBW c/o Northwestern Banker.


Executive w ith proven a dm inistration and lending
background needed by major Iowa bank.Salary to $60,000

913 Locust
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
MOBILE BANK UNIT— 12’x62’ complete banking equip­
ment. Includes drive-up window, night depository, two tel­
ler stations, private office o ff lobby. AVAILABLE NOW.
Contact Drommer Leasing, 401 Queens Court, Sioux City,
IA 51104. Phone 712/239-2315.

Banking, Financial & Business Personnel
Iowa and Nationwide

714 U.C.B. Building, 515-283-2545
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

(Our 34th year)
Call experienced professionals to locate the
right candidate for your vacancy ... or the right
“ move-up” for yourself.
202 S. 71st Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68132

SENIOR REAL ESTATE—supervise all lending functions'
for Kansas Sav. & Loan. Requires seven yrs. or more real
estate lending experience.
COMMERCIAL LOAN—requires superior docum entation
and analysis skills. Manage commercial and real estate
portfolio for $40MM bank.
REAL ESTATE LOAN—require lending, savings and
business development skills. W ill manage d istrict for
growing Sav. & Loan.
ASSISTANT CONTROLLER— large suburban bank desires
accounting or finance major w ith some bank experience.
Duties involve both operations and accounting.
AGRI LOAN—handle all agri credits and some commer­
cial for $30MM community bank. Could develop into se­
cond officer position.
Resume and salary history requested. All


P.O. Box 12346 - 2024 Swift
North Kansas City, MO 64116
“ Serving the Banking Industry Since 1970”

Vol. 12 No. 39 Northwestern Banker Newsletter (USPS 873-300) is published weekly by the Northwestern Banker Company, 306
Fifteenth Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309, (515) 244-8163. Subscriptions $1.00 per copy, $18.00 per year. Second class postage paid at
Des Moines, Iowa. Address all mail subscriptions, changes of address (Form 3579), manuscripts, mail items to above address.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis