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Des Moines, Iowa

Vol. 10 No. 43

M M Investors Ahead of Inflation
I NVESTORS in money market inI struments kept well ahead of in­
flation in 1981, but long bond in­
vestors fell sharply behind, accor­
ding to a study by Salomon
# Brothers, international investment
banking, market making and re­
search firm.
Entitled “ Relative Values in the
1982 Bond Market,” the report was
# written by Henry Kaufman, manag­
ing director and member of the ex­
ecutive com m ittee; Richard I,
Johannesen, Jr., vice president and
manager of the Bond Market
• Research Department; Nathan J.
Kornfeld, vice president, and Bar­
bara S. Cannon, research associate.
“ The simple strategy of rolling
3-month Treasury bills — insulated
& completely from principal fluctua­
tions — returning a stunning 15 per­
cent before inflation” which, after
adjusting for 1981’s inflation of
about 9 percent, resulted in a real
® total return of about 6 percent, ac­
cording to the report. Total return
measures price change plus income
as a percent of starting value before
reinvestment and taxes.
By contrast, the total return for
all 1981 on corporate bonds — as
measured by Salomon Brothers’
long-term, high-grade corporate

bond index — was approximately
zero, but after inflation, translated
into a 9 percent decline in purchas­
ing power.
The Salomon Brothers’ authors
stated that, with consumer price in­
creases possibly slowing for the se­
cond con secu tive year, “ Real
positive interest rates should con­
tinue in 1982 as the Federal Reserve
seeks to limit inflation through
periodic efforts to control the
growth of money.”
In reviewing 1981, they pointed
out that, “ Both the rise in long-term
interest rates and the grudging
decline in short rates combined with
a sharp drop in the inflation rate to
give investors the largest real
returns (before price change) in at
least ten years.” Real interest rates,
it was noted, peaked during the se­
cond quarter at 8.78 percent on
1-month commercial paper. The
reduction of inflation to about 7 per­
cent in the fourth quarter produced
record real interest rate returns of
8.5 percent on long utility bonds.
Volatility will continue to be a
hallm ark in the fixed-in com e
markets in 1982, the report pointed
out. Contributing to wide price
swings will be the continuing conflict
between the Federal Reserve’s

February 15,1982
monetarist policy and expansionary
fiscal policy, impaired liquidity in
key sectors, and the large yield in­
ducements to households which will
need to finance a significant portion
of Federal, state and corporate
financing requirements.
Prices in the bond markets in
1981 were only slightly less volatile
than the previous year, hovering
around the very high levels first
established in late 1979. Long bond
price fluctuations exceeded common
stock price volatility for the first
time in 1980 — a trend which con­
tinued in 1981, the Salom on
Brothers authors stated.
Yield spreads will widen generally
in 1982, reflecting either the heavy
demand for funds or the unabated
credit deterioration in certain
private sectors. Yield differences
between Treasury bills and short­
term issues in the private sector,
where needs will continue large, will
remain historically wide.
Quality differentials in yield
sp re a d s b e tw e e n ta x -e x e m p t
revenue and general obligations
bonds will continue to widen further
in 1982. The municipal bond market
will probably, once again, underper­
form the taxable market in 1982 and
will remain under pressure this year
for a number of reasons — lower tax
rates, the shift of the financing
burden from Federal to state and

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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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local levels, the absence of tradi­ these securities rose to new records,
tional institutional buyers and the with GNMA pass-throughs, at over
limited opportunities to shorten 18.50 percent, posting a record
maturities. Last year, municipal spread above U.S. 10-year Govern­
bond yields rose to record highs — ments.
12.75 percent on new long, prime
general obligation bonds and 14.75
Iowa News
percent on new long electric revenue
ANKENY: Ronald E. Jones has
issues. Q uality yield spreads
been promoted to v.p. of Ankeny
generally widened in 1981 and there
National Bank. He has been with
were instances when yield spread
the bank since 1978 as a loan officer.
between “ A ” and “ Aaa” general
obligation issues was 1.0 percentage CARROLL: Carroll County State
Bank recently prom oted L .A .
point or more.
Portfolio shifts in the mortgage- Perschau to sr. v.p., Bernard A.
related securities markets could Gronstal and Thomas B. Gronstal to
develop if the current narrow v.p., Jerome Rolfes and Lois C.
spreads among mortgage securities Wiebers to ass’t. v.p. and William
widen to offer significant incentive A. Vonnahme to cashier.
to pick up yield. Last year, yields on DAVENPORT: First Trust and
Savings Bank has announced the
promotion of: Kenneth R. Koupal,
v.p. and cashier; Neva Washam and
Carol Goodyear to ass’t. v.p.; Carol
Reed to a.c., and Karen Bonis to
manager of the Cumberland Square
office, Bettendorf.
DYSART: Gayle Griffin, formerly
cashier, was promoted to v.p. and
cashier, and Joan Barnes, Teresa
Plogmann, Susan Wieck and Janis
Schneider were all chosen as ass’t.
cashiers at New Dysart State Bank.

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work for you.
Toll free
1- 800- 332-5991

National Bank 151

Member F.D.I.C.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


FA IR FA X : David C. Neuhaus has
been promoted to pres, of Fairfax
State Savings Bank. He replaces
John L. Krall who had been with the
bank since its founding in 1924. Mr.
Krall is now a resident of Hall Mar.
Mr. Neuhaus has been with the bank
28 years and had been exec. v.p.
Donald Young was also promoted to
v.p. at the bank.

to the board. Jim Miller, ass’t. v.p.
will assume new responsibilities as
commercial loan officer, also at First #
PERRY: Mel Shanda, pres, of Perry
State Bank, recently announced the
election of James R. Haas as sr. v.p., ^
Catherine E. Radebaugh as ass’t.
trust officer and Ronald K. Raney as
loan officer.
SEYMOUR: Seymour State Bank
recently promoted Chris Davies to
v.p. and Marie Stanton to cashier.
New cashiers include Barbara
Varney and Shirlene Lucas.
W ALKER: Lance J. Quigley was
recently promoted to v.p. of the
Walker State Bank, according to
Lee E. Bossom, pres. Mr. Quigley
joined the bank two years ago as a.c.


WEST UNION: A t the 48th annual
shareholders meeting of First Na-


IIB Reception in Hawaii
Members of the Iowa Inde­
pendent Bankers have been in­
vited by the I IB to a reception
during the annual meeting of
the Independent Bankers A s­
sociation of America in Hono­
lulu next month. The IIB
reception will be held on the
Diamond Head Lawn of the
Sheraton-Waikiki H otel on
Tuesday, March 16, from 5:30
p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Those attending must pur­
chase a ticket in advance
($15.00 per person) and may
obtain tickets by sending a
check to the IIB office at 222
Equitable Bldg., Des Moines,
la. 50309. Last call for tickets
is March 8; no admittance
without ticket.

T f ) I |cCL



l9 e e e

Robert Scott,

Correspondent Danker

FORT DODGE: First National
Bank recently elected Larry L. Har­
ris as v.p. and controller, and Paul L.
Swenson, Andrew S. Kobs and
Patrick E. Fitzpatrick as ass’t. v.p.
NEW HAMPTON: Ron Diddy, pres.,
First National Bank, has announced
the appointment of Marlene Diddy
to first v.p., and Dan Klenske, v.p.,


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Bank Name
O f f i c e r Name
A d d r e s s /C ity /S ta t<
____________ Z ip c o d e

return to:
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


306-15th St.
Des M oines, la . 50309


tional Bank of West Union, Bruce E.
Cannon was promoted to v.p. of the
farm department and Kevin Amund­
son was promoted to ass’t. v.p. and
farm rep.

Nebraska News
ALLIANCE: A t the Guardian State
Bank and Trust Co. Jerry L. Beagle
was advanced to sr. v.p., and Daisy
P. McAndrew and M. Maxine Pokorski were advanced to a.c. Robert L.
Lauer will join the bank as of Feb.
15, as ass’t. v.p. He was previously
with the local Farmer’s Home A d­
ministration office.
BLAIR: Harold Matney was pro­
moted to exec. v.p. and elected to
the board; Gerald Bruning was pro­
moted to sr. v.p., and H. Cooper
Hanson to ass’t. v.p. of Blair Bank.

pagne as auditor. Mr. Champagne
will continue to serve as admin,
ass’t. to the pres, in addition to his
auditing duties.
PENDER: Larry Freeman has been
elected to serve as exec. v.p. of
Pender State Bank. Mr. Freeman
has been with the bank since 1979.
SCHUYLER: Schuyler State Bank
has promoted Larry Bazata from sr.
v.p. and trust officer to exec. v.p.
and trust officer; Marie Lapacek
from v.p. and cashier to sr. v.p. and
cashier, and Charles P. Heavican
from v.p. to sr. v.p.

Minnesota News

The Richfield Bank & Trust Co.
invites the public to attend a free
BUTTE: Dennis Brewster, pres, of sem in ar on “ T he E c o n o m ic
Butte State Bank, has announced Recovery Tax A ct of 1981 - Tax
the promotion of Gary D. Sedlacek Planning Opportunities,” to be held
to exec, v.p., Nadine Liewer to v.p. Thursday, Feb. 25, 7:00 p.m., at the
International Airport Holiday Inn.
and Bruce Warnke to cashier.
Tax specialists from Alexander
FREMONT: Clifford C. Cushman
Grant & Co. will be conducting the
has been promoted from v.p. to v.p.
seminar covering both individual
and sr. loan officer at the First Na­
and corporate tax changes. Reserva­
tional Bank & Trust Company. Mr.
tions must be made by Feb. 23 to
Cushman has been with the bank 20
the Richfield Bank & Trust Co.,
years this August.
phone 861-7355, Ext. 234 - ask for
GRANT: Willard Jackman, chmn. Kay, or by sending your name, ad­
and ceo of Farmers National Bank of dress and p h on e num ber to
Grant, recently retired. He has Marketing Department, Richfield
served on the board since 1935, and Bank & Trust Co., 6625 Lyndale
was elected pres, upon the death of Avenue South, R ichfield, MN
his father, E.E. Jackman, in 1950. 55423.
He was elected to his present posi­
CLARKFIELD: Wesley O. Husby
tion of chmn. and ceo in 1971. Mr.
was elected v.p. and cashier and
Jackman also served as pres, of the
Steve Lindholm was elected v.p. of
Nebraska Bankers Association for
the Farmers & Merchants State
one year, 1973-74. He will remain as
Bank of Clarkfield at a recent
chairman of Grant Bankshares, Inc.
HOLDREGE: Lloyd Scheve was
promoted from operations officer to COON RAPIDS: First Mid America
v.p. and Janice Swindell was pro­ State Bank of Coon Rapids has
moted from a.c. to cashier at First changed their name to First Bank
Security Bank of Holdrege.
Coon Rapids.
OM AHA: R.K. Flory, pres, and
chmn. of First Westside Bank has DEERW OOD: E.N. Skone was
announced the flection of Virginia elected chairman and E. Terry
Pleiss as v.p. and Kenneth F. Cham- Skone president of the First Na­
tional Bank of Deerwood. E.N.
Skone has been with the bank since
Do you have a dress code problem in
1932, most recently as pres. E.
your bank? Call us today to find out
Terry Skone has held thè title of ex­
how only $1.00 per day per employee
ec. v.p. since 1980. Janice M.
will correct it.
Habighorst has been named a.c. and
ass’t. auditor and John B. Christen­
son, a.c., also at First Natl.


e A jy c o e k ^

523 N. Main St„ Carroll. Ia., 51401 712-792-2748^
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

HAW LEY: State Bank of Hawley
has made the following changes to
its staff: Ronald A. Ulven was pro­

moted to exec, v.p.; David K. Tuil,
v.p. and cashier; Randall S. Alland
to ass’t. v.p.; Arlys Engen to a.c., %
and Mary Lou Anderson, data pro­
cessing supervisor.
M INNEAPOLIS: The offices of In­
dependent Bancservices Exchange
(INDEX), a subsidiary of the In­
dependent State Bank of Minnesota,
have been moved to 100 Washing­
ton Square, Suite 1326, Zip 55401.
The phone remains the same —
MINNEAPOLIS: It was reported
last week that the FDIC has invited
Twin Cities banks, bank holding
companies and savings and loan as­
sociations, as well as similar firms
from around the nation, to bid for
purchase of the F & M Savings Bank
of Minneapolis, which has been ex­
periencing a financial drain. Michael
Pint, Minnesota banking commis­
sioner, and federal regulators would
offer no comment except for Mr.
Pint’s statement that F & M would

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continue to do business and will re­
main open. It was reported that F &
M lost $6.5 million in 1980 and $19
million in the first six months of
1981, reducing its net worth to $50
million, of which $10 million is
subordinated debt.
RUSHMORE: D.C. Shore, pres.,
was recently elected chmn., Craig L.
Korkow, pres, and Eugene Platt,
v.p. and cashier of First State Bank
of Rushmore. Mr. Korkow joined the
bank in March, 1981, as cashier
after serving as cashier at Adrian
State Bank from 1970-1981. Mr.
Platt re-entered banking January,
1982, after operating an office Supp­
ly Center in Worthington.
SAUK CENTER: Loren Beste has
been promoted to v.p. of First State
Bank of Sauk Center. Mr. Beste
joined the bank in January, 1980.
ST. PAUL: West St. Paul State
Bank Pres. J. Robert Stassen has
announced the promotion of Don
U n ru h to sr. v .p .; R o b e r t
Kristyniak, v.p. and cashier, and
Shirley Higginbotham, ass’t. v.p.
for customer relations and market­
WINONA: R.J. Ritter was pro­
moted from ass’t. v.p. and trust of­
ficer to v.p. and trust officer; D.F.
Kingsley from a.c. to ass’t. v.p., and
Sharon K. Hoch from savings
department supervisor to a.c. at
Merchants National Bank.

South Dakota News

SELBY: The First National Bank of
Selby has announced the promotion
o f Murlyn Bickel to pres, and a dir.
on the board, Marvin Lutz to v.p.

bia Falls (an affiliate of Intermoun­
tain Bancorporation) for the past ten
years, will serve as pres, and a dir.
of the Village Bank. Roger Kornder,
who has been with the Village Bank
several years, will continue as chief
exec, officer and dir. Jerry Joy has
also joined the bank’s staff as v.p. in
commercial loans. He was previous­
ly with United Bank of Denver.

and cashier and Roger Thorstenson
to ass’t. v.p.

North Dakota News
The N orth D akota Bankers
Association’s Washington Legisla­
tive and Administrative Conference
has been scheduled for March 30 to
April 1. Bankers attending the con­
ference will be staying at the Hyatt
Regency on Capitol Hill. Registra­
tion forms should be returned to the
N D BA office by March 8.

Wyoming News

TIOGA: Lee B. Nelson was recently
promoted to pres, of Bank of Tioga.
Mr. Nelson has been employed with
the bank since 1973 and served in
various capacities, primarily com­
mercial lending and investments. He
has also been on the board since
W ATFORD CITY: David Brendsel
was promoted to v.p. and ag loan of­
ficer and Vicki Karpyak to a.c. at
the First International Bank of Wat­
ford City. Also, Sharon Bratcher,
a.c., was named manager and Bar­
bara Hermanson named assistant at
the Alexander branch.

Montana News
G REAT FALLS: Kent D. Schaefer
and Daniel P. Shull have been pro­
moted to v.p. at First Interstate
Bank. Mr. Schaefer has been with
the bank since 1974 and Mr. Shull
joined as manager of the real estate
G REAT FALLS: Village Bank was
recently purchased by Intermoun­
tain Bancorporation, a Montana
owned Banking Corporation. David
A , A n d erson , w ho has been
associated with the Bank of Colum­

EVANSTON: Button South was
recently elected chmn. of First
Wyoming Bank-Evanston. He suc­
ceeds David Madia, who has served
as chmn. for the past two years. Mr.
Madia will remain as a dir.
JACKSON: The Jackson State
Bank recently elected David R. Lan­
dis, Robert A. Bovee and Roger Kittleson to v.p.
L ARAM IE: Jerry Walker has been
prom oted to v.p. of Bank of
Laramie. He joined the bank in 1980
in commercial loans.
RAW LINS: Chris Erickson was
recently elected a.c. at The Rawlins
National Bank.
SHERIDAN: Bank of Commerce
has named James M. Taylor as a
v.p. He has been cashier of the bank
since 1975.
W H EATLAN D : First W yom ing
Bank has announced the election of
Ken Kennedy as chmn. He succeeds
A.H. Trautwein who resigned as
chmn and dir. Mr. Trautwein pur­
chased the bank in 1967 and served
as pres, and chmn. until 1970, when
he became a member of Wyoming
Bancorporation. He continued as
chmn. of the bank until his recent

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experienced commercial lender to supervise all lending


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CASHIER—take charge of all internal operations, reports
and accounting functions for small metro-area bank.
bank that can provide advancement opportunities seeks
an addition to staff. Degree and minimum 3 yrs. ex­
perience required.
TRUST OFFICER—generalist position available in
medium size rural bank. Law Degree and 2 yrs. or more
bank trust experience preferred.
If you are considering new career opportunities, contact
us. Resume and salary requirements requested.

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