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April 9,1984

Des Moines, Iowa

Vol. 12 No. 51

Citibank Invades Twin Cities, Omaha








cards, referrals to its Person-to-Person (industrial loan and investment
company) office in Omaha, etc. The
Council,” an N BA release said,
“ authorized official N BA support of
any opposition to such a move by
Citicorp... to ward expanding into the
Nebraska bank market in the man­
ner indicated.”
The activities listed in Citicorp’s
application to the Fed on March 14
for such authority would be to estab­
lish subsidiaries to acquire any
types of loans, sell credit insurance
products, perform industrial bank
activities, acquire sales finance con­
tracts, sell its consumer products,
and make mortgages.

TP WO major metropolitan areas in rently pays 8% interest, com­
I the upper midwest—the Twin pounded daily; CDs have a mini­
Cities and Omaha—have been tar­ mum o f $500 in assorted maturities.
geted by expansionist-minded Citi­ The account includes a MasterCard;
bank of New York for introduction a personal line of credit up to
of further personal banking services. $25,000 may be opened, and mort­
Through its Citibank South Dakota gage loans will be made. Discount
in Sioux Falls, which was chartered brokerage service is supposed to be
in recent years with the help of Gov. in place in May. Credit insurance is
William Janklow, purportedly as a available.
Cost for the CFA is $2.67 a
“ shadow” bank for credit card oper­
ations purposes, Citibank is now month— $32 annual.
While the announcement was be­
spreading out into surrounding
states seeking day-to-day banking ing made in the Twin Cities March
business from other banks’ custo- 28, the Minnesota Senate Economic
Development and Commerce Com­
In the announcement of the Twin mittee was debating a bill that
Cities venture, which was duplicated would have allowed interstate own­
Iowa News
in Tampa, Fla., and Atlanta, Ga., on ership of banks through regional in­
A delegation of officers and mem­
the same day, Citibank said it is of- terstate banking. That night, the
fering its Citibank Financial A c­ committee voted down the bill, pro­ bers of the Iowa Bankers Associa­
count to area residents simply by posed by Minnesota Gov. Rudy Per- tion is in Washington, D.C., this
using a toll-free W ATS line to Sioux pich, by 9-6. A similar bill died ear­ week making its annual visit to fed­
Falls headquarters, thus obviating lier in the Iowa and Nebraska legis­ eral regulatory offices and to the
Iow a delegation o f C ongress.
the current ban on branching or in- latures.
Minnesota bankers didn’t like the Among matters being discussed is
terstate banking. While the press
conference announcement was being invasion by the nation’s largest an IB A proposal to Vice President
made, a media blitz was informing bank, but said there is little they can George Bush and to the Fed Board
Twin Cities residents of the avail­ do about it since there is no ban on that would permit the USD A and
draining the state’s deposits away IRS to take steps to aid farmers in
ability of the account.
The CFA reportedly has more to another state by telephone, mail their comeback from the disasters of
the past several years. Am ong the
than 50 financial products and ser­ or advertising methods.
The Nebraska Bankers Associa­ suggestions is the idea to have the
vice options available with one con­
solidated monthly statement. It soli­ tion earlier learned that Citicorp IRS allow farmers to sell their ac­
cits checking deposits on which a plans to open five offices in the cumulated capital losses or invest­
7% rate is paid on $2,500 balance or Omaha area “ for the purpose of ment tax credits to investors, simi­
more; 5 Va % on balances less than opening bank or bank-like services, lar to current “ safe harbor leases.”
$2,500; the CitiSavings account cur­ including the servicing of credit It was stated this could bring bil-

C A L L O N T H E “P E R F O R M A N C E T E A M ”
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lions into agriculture and the farmer
would get necessary capital.



A one-day microcomputer semi­
nar for banks will be presented by
Financial Systems, Inc. on three dif­
ferent days in April:
April 17—Stouffer’s Five Season
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Registration for the seminar will
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National Bank IS I
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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

promotion of James W. Woodsmall
to vice president, card services. Mr.
Woodsmall joined the bank in 1982
and was named second vice presi­
dent later that year.
man has joined Security State Bank
here as assistant vice president in
the loan department. He previously
was a bank examiner with the Fed­
eral Reserve in Chicago for four years.
STANHOPE: Bob Van Diest and
his wife of Webster City have pur­
chased the Farmers State Bank in
Stanhope from the John A. Walker
family. Mr. Walker will be remain­
ing with the bank in an interim per­
iod as president. Jeff Plagge has
been named executive vice president
and managing officer. He currently
is area vice president of PCA and
has managed the Webster City
branch the past three years. Mr.
Van Diest and Norman Skadburg,
president of the First State Bank,
Webster City, have been named to
the board of Farmers State. Mr. Van
Diest plans to apply to the State De­
partment of Banking and the FDIC
to merge First State Bank and
Farmers State Bank. Upon appro­
val, the merged First State Bank
will operate offices in both Stanhope
and Webster City.

Nebraska News
ALLEN: First Laurel Security Co.,
of Laurel, has received approval
from the Federal Reserve Bank in
Kansas City to acquire Security
State Bank of Allen. First Laurel Se­
curity is also the bank holding com­
pany for Security National Bank of
Laurel. A new president is expected
to be named in the near future.
OM AH A: Shareholders o f First Na­
tional Lincoln and Omaha National
Bank voted in excess of the required
two-thirds majority needed to au­
thorize officials o f the holding com­
panies for the two banks to merge

their operations under the name of
FirstTier, Inc. The formation of
FirstTier had been announced sev­
eral months ago, uniting the state’s
two largest banks under one holding
company, as authorized by the 1983
Nebraska legislature, which passed
enabling legislation for multi-bank
activity. The Fed Board needs to ap­
prove the merger and this is antici­
pated soon.
O M AH A: Omaha National Bank
has been selected as the official credit
card processing for telemarketing
sales of Olympic commemorative
coins issued by the U.S. Mint. The
telem arketing program , which
began on March 24 in some U.S.
cities, will spread nationwide and
continue into the fall. A 1983 and
1984 silver dollar will be sold at $32
each. A $10 gold coin will be in­
cluded with the two silver coins in a
three-piece set for $416.
SCOTTSBLUFF: Don L. Smith has
been promoted to executive vice
president o f Scottsbluff National
Bank. He will be responsible for su­
pervision o f loan activity, loan offi­
cers, bank operations and bank in­
vestments. He is also presently sec­
retary of the board.

Minnesota News
The Minnesota Bankers Associa­
tion lending committee will sponsor
an in-depth workshop on loan docu­
mentation and analysis o f article
nine of the Uniform Commercial
Code April 11 at the Radisson South
in Bloomington.
Developed by the Professional
Education Group for M BA, the pro­
gram will be conducted by John
Moye, a partner in the Denver Colo.,
law firm of Head, Moye, Carver, and
Ray, and a professor of law at the
University of Denver College of
AD RIAN : Howard W. Meyer has
been promoted to executive vice
president of Adrian State Bank. He
formerly was vice president and loan
administrator for the bank.
M INNEAPOLIS: William A. Laing
has been named senior vice presi­
dent in charge of the retail division
of F&M Marquette’s Southdale and
Banking, Financial & Business Personnel
Iowa and Nationwide

714 U.C.B. Building, 515-283-2545
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 4-9-84

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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis









B rook d a le d etach ed fa cilities.
Before joining the bank, Mr. Laing
was president of Marquette Bank
and Trust Company in Rochester.
MINNEAPOLIS: Michael R. Hogan
has been named senior vice president, business development, of FBS
Insurance. Mr. Hogan most recently
was an engagement manager at the
consulting firm o f McKinsey and
Company, Inc., in Chicago, 111.
M INNEAPOLIS: Jack V. Pederson
and Roger L. Scharton have been
named vice presidents by First
Bank Minneapolis. Mr. Pederson
joined the bank in 1981 in the business owners section. Mr. Scharton
has been serving in the executive
and professional banking center.
Hollatz, president of the Farmers
State Bank, has announced the elec­
tion of Richard L. Mell as vice presi­
dent. Mr. Mell most recently was as­
sociated with the Franklin State
ST. PAUL: First Bank Saint Paul
has elected Fenwick C. Atwill as ex­
ecutive vice president. He will develop and direct a new credit adminis­
tration function. He retired Febru­
ary 29 as executive vice president in
charge of the credit administration
department of First Bank Minneapolis, his employer since 1946.

North Dakota News



The North Dakota Bankers A sso­
ciation Agriculture and Consumer
Credit Committees, under the leader­
ship of Frank Keogh of First BankFargo, and Dick Klein of First BankBismarck, have completed plans for
the 1984 A g Credit and Consumer
Credit Conference to be held May
8-9 at the Sheraton Riverside,
There will be two joint sessions,
starting with the keynote address
by Dr. Sung W on Sohn, economist

with Norwest Bank Minneapolis.
The second half of the conference
will be a joint session on “ Negotiat­
ing for Positive Banking Relation­
ships” with Larry Cipolla, president
of Cipolla Companies Inc., Edina.
In between the joint meetings,
there will be concurrent sessions
from which bankers may choose.
The consumer credit track will
feature a presentation on the “ Fu­
ture of Consumer Lending” by Bill
Adkins from the First National
Bank in Topeka, Kan. Robert Dye
from the Financial Shares Corpora­
tion, Chicago, will give an in-depth
look at loan pricing and related
A t the same time, the agricultural
credit track will start off with the
status of the 1984 federal farm pro­
grams by Richard Goldberg, a
North Dakotan who is now Deputy
Under-Secretary for International
Affairs and Commodity Programs
with the U.S. Department of Agri­
culture. N D B A ’s attorneys will then
present a follow-up on what banks
should be doing to comply with the
1983 law on secured transactions.
The agricultural segment will finish
with a comprehensive look at selling
fee-based services to farmers by
Lonnie Parsons of the Western
State Bank, Devils Lake.

dent in loans at the bank and previously was with First Wyoming
Bank - Rawlins.

Montana News
Following is a tentative list of
dates and locations for the 1984
M ontana Bankers A sso cia tio n
group meetings.
May 5—Group 7A, Big Timber;
May 10—Group 1, Harlem;
May 1 1 —Groups 5A, 5B and 6, Co­
lonial Inn, Helena;
May 12—Group 2, Elks Lodge, Sid­
May 19—Groups 3A and 3B, Elks
Club, Poison, and
June 2—Group 4, Cottonwood Inn,

Wisconsin News
RACINE: Gordon O. Chapman has
been named president of Farmers &
Merchants Bank and to the board of
directors. He succeeds Richard H.
Smith, who died last December. Mr.
Chapman previously was executive
vice president of Citizens Bank of
RICE LAKE: Dairy State Bank of
Rice Lake recently announced the
promotions of Diane Aeschlimann
and Coleen Hillskotter to vice presi­
dent status and Bernadette Fitz­
gerald to assistant vice president.

MINOT: First Bank Minot has
elected James R. Winter as senior SH AW AN A: Phillip D. Nelson has
vice president - second officer and joined the Citizens State Bank here
promoted Edward Everts to vice as first vice president, with commer­
president, operations officer and cial lending and administrative re­
cashier. Mr. Winter has held his sponsibility for the loan depart­
most recent position as vice presi­ ment. Mr. Nelson formerly was a se­
dent - second officer at First Bank nior vice president at Rock County
Valley City since 1979. Mr. Everts National Bank o f Janesville.
has been at the Minot bank since
STOUGHTON: Lloyd Hensel has
been named president o f First Na­
tional Bank here. He replaces John
Wyoming News
Sphatt who retired as active presi­
H ANNA: Charles R. Besel has been dent. Mr. Hensel has served as the
appointed president of the First bank’s chief executive officer since
W yoming Bank in Hanna. Mr. Besel January 1 of this year. He joined the
most recently served as vice presi­ bank in 1966.

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