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D es M o in e s , Io w a

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Non-Bank Applications Pile Up
for non-tradi-

H. Dixon called the action, “ consis­
tent with our strategic direction for
expanding our substantial presence
troller of the Currency. Whether to in consumer banking. We intend to
avoid the decision-making being establish these banks in states that
thrust upon him, or by coincidence, are natural extensions of our trade
the Comptroller took a two-week va­ territory and customer franchise.”
cation the last half of April. When He said FBS also will seek expanded
he returns, he will have applications powers for its trust operations in
from at least 16 banking companies Phoenix, Ariz., and Sarasota, Fla.,
for 84 consumer type banks across to accept consumer deposits and
state lines.
make consumer loans.
The flood opened when the Feder­
Congress is wrestling with vari­
al Reserve Bank in late March al­ ous legislative proposals aimed at
lowed U.S. Trust of New York to either legalizing the loophole in bank
change its nondepository trust sub­ holding company law that is allow­
sidiary in Florida to a “ non-bank” ing this breakdown of interstate
charter which will accept deposits banking, or passing legislation to
and make consumer loans, but not forbid it, or authorize it with some
commercial loans.
type of limitations. If it does noth­
By mid-April, eight banking orga­ ing, the Comptroller’s hands ap­
nizations filed for 49 similar offices parently are tied, according to
in cities away from home base and Washington observers who say he
across state lines. The following has little choice by the letter of the
week an additional eight holding law but to approve the applications.
companies filed for 35 offices. The Easter recess further delayed
Among them was First Bank Sys­ Congressional action on the matter.
tem of Minneapolis, which filed its
James Boland, Deputy Comptrol­
application for 12 consumer banks ler for industry and public affairs,
in 12 cities in other states.
was in Des Moines last week to ad­
FBS is seeking the charters for dress the Iowa Bankers Associa­
Mason City, la., Madison Wis., Om­ tion’s Annual CEO Conference,
aha, Neb., Kansas City, Kan., and which was attended by about 90
St. Louis, Mo., in the midwest. Also Iowa bank executives. He said con­
in Denver, Salt Lake City and Boise siderable talk had been going
in Rocky Mountain states, and Port­ around regulators offices and Con­
land and Seattle in the Pacific gressional offices about the use of di­
Northwest. FBS Chairman George vestiture in connection with any is­
p p l ic a t io n s

A tional bank charters continue to
pile up at the office of the Comp­

suance of such national charters,
and also in connection with any pas­
sage of expanded banking powers
which other lines of industry protest
(discount brokerage, real estate, in­
The point made by Mr. Boland
was that if the banking industry
seeks divestiture from these char­
ters, assuming Congress acts after
such charters are issued, that dives­
titure is truly a two-edged sword. He
said, for example, Congress and/or
other industries could argue that di­
vestiture should go clear back to
1935, “ and banks should be cau­
tious” about pursuing this course
because they could lose powers
granted in recent years.
Noting the inroads made by other
financially-oriented companies into
what is considered banking busi­
ness, Mr. Boland said Dean Witter
offices in Sears retail outlets are now
getting new customers at two times
the rate of a Dean Witter stand­
alone office. “ The retail outlets,” he
said, are not getting customers who
have never been in the securities
market.” He said further that insur­
ance agents have been facing direct
writer competition for a number of
years, continually cutting into their
customer base, and that 40% of local
real estate agencies now are allied
with national chains. “ In recent
years,” he also stated, “ the number
of mortgages made outside the fi­
nancial institution stream has dou­
bled from 15% to 30%. You can get

where common transactions
are handled uncommonly well.

¡■ ■ ■ Ill !

13th & M Street • Lincoln, Nebraska 68501 • Member, F.D.I.C.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Jay’s Restaurant in Sanborn, with
Donna Carlson, assistant cashier of
Sanborn Savings Bank, as hostess.
An NABW module entitled, “ De­
veloping Employees - Mentoring
and Role Modeling” will precede the
dinner and regular business meet­
ing. This will be the final meeting for
the 1983-84 year.

Professional ...
C all M ark C hriste n fo r
any co rre sp o n d e n t service.
Call toll free (800) 622-7262

AMES: University Bank & Trust
Company has announced that Ron­
ald P. Searcy has joined its staff as
senior vice president. He previously
vice president at Council Bluffs
does in Minneapolis, Citicorp has
other loan production offices in Savings Bank. Mr. Searcy will serve
Omaha now.
□ as senior loan officer for University

Valley National Bank i§i


anything you want from Sears,” he
said, with all the financial subsidi­
aries it offers on or through retail
Meanwhile, Citicorp of New York
had called another midwest press
conference, this one for Omaha late
last week. Although a public rela­
tions firm spokesman in Omaha was
embargoed from discussing in ad­
vance any content of what the press
meeting would reveal, it was as­
sumed that the announcement
would be a repeat of the one held in
Minneapolis two weeks ago when
Citibank of Sioux Falls, S.D., N.A.,
said it was expanding into Minne­
sota by making all its banking ser­
vices available to Minnesota resi­
dents merely by use of its WATS
line to the Sioux Falls bank. As it

to make MNB
work for you.
Toll free
1- 800- 332-5991

Iowa News
The Iowa Young Bankers Asso­
ciation Annual Conference is set to
be held May 16-17 at the Hotel Savery, Des Moines. The two-day
“ Management Training Workshop”
is directed to people new in the
banking field or new in management
positions. David Antonioni of Fi­
nancial Education and Development
Systems, Middleton, Wis., will pro­
vide bankers an intensive session fo­
cused on listening skills, team build­
ing, participative management, mo­
tivation and leadership.
Luncheon speaker for the first
day is Charles Schrupp, III vice
president of American Trust & Sav­
ings Bank, Dubuque, and IYBA
president, who will present an over­
view of the Young Consumer Educa­
tion Project adopted by the organi­
Marva McCarty, IBA education
manager, will follow Mr. Schrupp
and discuss the Personal Economic
Program and how it relates to the
Young Consumer Education Pro­
Luncheon entertainment for the
second day is Dan Hunter, a Des
Moines entertainer and songwriter.
* * *
The Northwest Iowa Group of the
National Association of Bank Wo­
men will meet May 9 at 4:00 p.m. at

Member F.D.I.C.


CHARITON: Craig Downs has
joined National Bank & Trust Com­
pany as vice president, effective
May 1. Since graduation from Iowa
State University in 1978, Mr.
Downs has been employed with
Brenton Bank & Trust Company of
Vinton as vice president and com­
mercial loan officer.
CLINTON: At First National Bank
here, Tim Flemming has been ap­
pointed executive vice president and
marketing/sales manager. Prior to
joining First National, he was vice
president in the commercial loan di­
vision at First National Bank of De­
catur, 111.
DES MOINES: United Central
Bancshares, Inc. announced April
20 that the previously announced
preliminary proposal regarding the
possible future merger of United
Central with another company
would not be accepted, and that all
negotiations resulting from the pro­
posal have been terminated.
IOWA N E W S ___
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An important new profit center
for your bank:

Leroy Bell or


National Bank 151

CEDAR RAPIDS: Earl J. Caywood,
senior vice president of Peoples
Bank and Trust Company has re­
tired after 29 years with the bank.
He joined the bank in 1955 and has
held his most recent position since

a computerized
local billing/credit service

319- 291-5412

National Bank of Waterloo
315 East 5th St. • Waterloo, IA 50704
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Milt Hennick

Member Federal Reserve System FDIC

Send Your News Today to the NORTHWESTERN BANKER


306 Fifteenth Street

b a n k

Staff Changes
Business Campaigns
Mergers, Consolidations
New Departments at the Bank
Remodeling or New Building

............................. ......................................... ......... .......

OFFICER ........................... ............. ...............................

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Open Houses
Anniversary Parties
Deaths or Retirements
Speeches Made by Bank O fficers
Special Announcements to the Public



Just A Reminder
To Be Sure To
Attend The Group V
Annual Meeting —May 14
Lakeshore Country Club
Lake Manawa —
Council Bluffs

Tee tim es begin at 8:00 a.m. and reservations are requested.

• Business Meeting
Includes: Current Econom ic C on ditio n s by W illia m Hosek.
Chairman and Professor o f Econom ics, Univ. o f Nebraska
at Omaha.

• Social Hour and Banquet
• Door Prizes
• Entertainment
Iowa State School for Deaf Bell Ringers

Banquet—Drawing of door
prizes and entertainment by
Iowa School for Deaf Bell
Ringers will follow banquet.
For advance registration in­
formation contact: Tom
Whitson, president, Council
Bluffs Savings Bank.

IOWA N E W S . . .
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OELWEIN: Richard R. Park has
been promoted to president and
chief executive officer of The First
National Bank of Oelwein. He joined
the bank in November of last year.
Prior to his joining First National he
served 17 years at Hawkeye Bank
and Trust in Centerville. In addi­
tion, Louis H. Mulder was elected
chairman and Harry E. Young,
chairman emeritus. Other promo­
tions include Tom W. Masey to vice
president and senior lending officer
and Joe Fugarino to assistant, vice
president in charge of the instal­
ment loan department.

C o u n cil B lu ffs H osts:

• Council Bluffs Savings Bank» First National Bank» State Bank & Trust»
Cocktails served during registration courtesy United States Check Book Co.

Group 5 Annual Meeting
Current Economic Conditions will
be the focus of William Hosek’s pre­
sentation when
he addresses the
Group V bankers
during their an­
nual meeting on
May 14 at the
Lakeshore Coun­
try Club. Mr.
Hosek is profes­
sor of economics
at the Universi­
ty of Nebraska in
Omaha. The entertainment follow­
ing the evening banquet will be pro­
vided by the Iowa School for Deaf
Bell Ringers.
8:00 Golf—Reservations are re-

quested. $12 per person plus
cart and tax.



R e g i s t r a t i o n —C o u n c i l
Bluffs Host Banks. Cock­
tails will be provided during
registration courtesy of
United States Check Book
Business Meeting—Call to
order by Chairman Don Cur­
ry, president, Farmers Sav­
ings Bank, Massena. Re­
ports will be given by: IBA
President A1 Maser; Howard
Hagen, Assistant Attorney
General; Superintendent of
Banking Tom Huston, and
IBA Executive Vice Presi­
dent Neil Milner.
Social Hour—Cash bar.

Norwest Bank Des Moines, N.A.

Call (515) 245-3131 or toll-free (800) 362-2514
Member FDIC

one of the reasons
we're first in Iowa .
Bernie Kersey
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Ag Bankers Available
NMJ-1 AG LOAN OFFICER—3Vi yrs. current exper.
w ith Farm Credit System. Very professional manner &
appearance. References say; “ thorough, organized,
excellent documentation, hard working, knows farm­
ing and what loans w ill or won’t work...EFFECTIVE...
whoever hires him w ill get their money’s worth...the
kind of ag lender needed today.” Iowa St. grad. Mar­
ried. Age 26. Lives IA. $23,000. Call Jean.
NMJ-2 AG LENDER— Has 4 yrs. bank exper. Started in
installm ents, is now ag rep handling $3 mil. of $5 mil.
in ag loans in $22 mil. bank. Reference says; “ strong
on cash flows, excells in ag lending...understands
farming, analytical, good judgement, an outgoing and
popular individual.” Degree in Ag Banking plus MN
bank courses and ag lending school. Apple computer
exper. also. Married. Age 25. MN. $25,000. Call Jean.
NMJ-3 AG BANKER— Has 19 yrs. lending and collec­
tions exper. Now VP & Sr. L.O. In $50 mil. bank with
$30 mil. in loans. Responsible for ag and commercial
loans, SBA, R.E. and consumer loans also. Exper. with
Apple computer, supervisory skills, and strong In col­
lections and workouts. Sharp appearance and perso­
nality, very good references. Married. Age 38. IA.
$30-$40,000. Call Jean.
NML-4 CEO/EVP— Fifteen plus years o f overall ag
banking experience which includes ag lending (has
good loan judgement), trust management, and fam ili
ar w ith setting up and implementing new bank poli­
cies using computers. Reference says this ag banker
has a strong farm clientele...a TOUGH com petitor in
the banking field. Community involved. Degreed. Mar­
ried. Age: 45. $35,000 + . Call Linda.
who offers close to one year’s ag credit experience
with FLB. Good com m unication skills and com m unity
involved. ISU Grad. Single. Age: 23. Lives IA.
$17-20,000. Call Linda.
The applicants we represent have been thoroughly
screened, have excellent work records and quality ag
finance experience. Our modest fee is paid by the
employer, and we offer a 120-day guarantee. Refer­
ences from our many satisfied bank clients can be
provided. Call without obligation. Confidential.

Jean 515/263-9598 if
no answer, 712/779-3567
Massena, Iowa 50853

Linda 515/394-5827
New Hampton, la. 50659

aqncareers, in c .
Jan Townsend




czH oLcI ex

a n d czdf’iL iociats.i

Bank Consultants
Specializing in Bank Acquisitions
P.O. Box 450

405 Main Ames, Iowa 50010

D o n a l d E . H o l d e r , Principal


Nebraska News

ALLEN: Richard E. Adkins, Jr. has
been named president and chairman
of Security State Bank of Allen,
which was recently acquired by
• First Laurel Security Co. of Laurel.
Mr. Adkins, who also serves as
president of The Security National.
Bank of Laurel, will continue to
serve in that position. Also at Secur® ity State, William L. Snyder, vice
president, has been advanced to ex­
ecutive vice president.







BLAIR: Blair Bank has been acquired by Omaha National Bank of
Omaha, which began operating
April 24 as a full-service branch of
Omaha National. Omaha National
acquired certain assets and the
deposits of Blair Bank under an
agreement with Yanney, Hughes &
Associates of Omaha and an order of
the Nebraska department of bank­
ing and finance. The latter action
was under provisions of the Nebras­
ka Banking Act, which was made
possible through passage of LB1026
earlier this year by the state legisla­
ture, as a result of the Commonwealth Savings failure in Lincoln.
John D. Woods, Omaha National
chairman and CEO said all Blair
Bank customers “ can rest assured
their deposits are safe and continue
to carry insurance coverage provided
by the FDIC.”
GRAND ISLAND: Norwest Corpo­
ration of Minneapolis has received
final approval from the Federal
Reserve Board to merge Bankshares
o f Nebraska into Norwest.
Bankshares’ principal holding is
First National Bank, which at last
year-end was Nebraska’s 11th larg­
est bank with $116,764,000 in de­
posits. Bankshares assets were
listed at $146 million. Norwest is a
$20 billion corporation.
HOLDREDGE: John B. Boehler
“ Successful Banking is Quality Personnel”
Eighteen years banking experience serving as
president of rural and metropolitan banks enables
me to find the “ right” banking position for you as a
banker or the “ right” officer for your bank.

DON • S C H O O L E R In



2508 East Meadow • Springfield, Missouri 65804


“ Employment Service”
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

has been promoted from assistant
vice president to vice president of
First Security Bank. He joined the
bank in March of 1983 and previous­
ly was with First State Bank of
Loomis, where he had been since
LINCOLN: James C. Van Horn has
been elected vice president in the
municipal and government bond di­
vision of First National Lincoln.
OMAHA: Omaha National Bank
will open an agricultural lending of­
fice in Garden City, Kansas, in midMay, according to John D. Woods,
chairman and CEO of Omaha Na­
tional. Gene R. Noell has been named
vice president and manager of the
Garden City Office, which will offer
a complete range of lending services
to farmers and livestock operators
in the High Plains region. Mr. Noell
joined the bank in 1974 and current­
ly is a vice president and senior agri­
cultural loan officer.

Minnesota News
MINNEAPOLIS: Marquette Na­
tional Bank at University has ap­
pointed Margaret H. Driscoll as vice
president, retail division. Mrs. Dris­
coll has over 16 years of service in
MINNEAPOLIS: Richard A. Bish­
op has been elected president of Norwest Bank Calhoun-Isles, effective
May 1. He will succeed Wesley J.
Hein, who recently was elected pres­
ident of Norwest Bank St. Cloud.
Mr. Bishop is also president of Nor­
west Bank East St. Paul, a position
he has held since 1982.


Meet the
Dick Muir

Larry Russell

Dave Dickens

Melissa Smith


e’ll meet your needs
for bankcard services,
oan participations and
quality investment portfolio

of Kansas C ity i u .
United we growTogethec

10th and Grand ° P.O. Box 226
Kansas City, Missouri 64141
(816) 556-7000

P o rta b le M o d u la r B ank B u ild in g

Wyoming News
RIVERTON: Former Dubois banker
Dan Lewis has been named execu­
tive vice president of American Na­
tional Bank in Riverton. Mr. Lewis
was president of the Dubois Na­
tional Bank for four years and served
as president of the Jeffrey City
State Bank, which later moved to
Six weeks spread throughout each year in
your own luxurious townhom e near
Keystone, in the heart of Ski Country.


General Bank Equipment Si


Systems, Inc.

Two bedroom, two and a half bath,
fireplace, garage, hot tub in enclosed
atrium area. Fully furnished, including
washer and dryer.
Purchase price $33,900.
Dwayne S. Smith
Box S
Dillon, Colorado 80435
Phone today, 1-800/922-2590

RR 45, Box 115
Hiway 7 3 ,3 1/2 Miles North of Int. 680
Omaha, Nebraska 68152

L ease • R ent • Buy

We have a number of excellent opportunities
now available. Priced right! Contact:
Richard C. Newlin, President
8230 Hickman Road, Suite 300
Des Moines, Iowa 50322
Phone 515/278-2891


ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT, AG LOANS—college degree plus “ hands on” farm operations experience. Credit
experience necessary, but banking experience not essen­
tial. Excellent career opportunity. Contact James C.
Sodey, EVP, Hawkeye Bank and Trust, Spencer, IA. Phone
712/262-1940.___________________________________ (PA)
LOAN REVIEW POSITION: Must be experienced in all
phases of lending. Excellent opportunity for advancement
in progressive, growing organization. Office in Omaha,
NE, traveling required. Send resume to Jack Ayres, P.O.
Box 486, Bellevue, NE 68005.
SENIOR COMMERCIAL LOAN OFFICER—$100 m illion asset eastern Nebraska bank desires seasoned commercial
loan o fficer to manage portfolio. Salary commensurate
w ith experience. Contact 402/727-1100.
INSTALLMENT LOAN OFFICER—Job opening for an aggressive person w ith at least tw o years of bank lending ex­
perience. This job will consist of direct and indirect install­
ment lending, wholesaie flooring, and collections. Send
resume to: First Security Bank of Bozeman, P.O. Box 910,
Bozeman, MT 59715.
BANK OPERATIONS OFFICER—Job opening for a selfmotivated person w ith a minimum of 2 years of bank oper­
ations experience. Applicant must have proven super­
visory skills, good accounting background, experience
w ith governmental reporting, and knowledge of govern­
ment regulations. Send resume to First Security Bank,
P.O. Box 910, Bozeman, MT 59715.
department in $60 m illion bank in north central Iowa. Must
be well qualified w ith over five years experience, plus col­
lege degree. Salary open. Send resume to file WAZ, c/o
Northwestern Banker.
AGRICULTURAL LOAN OFFICER— Immediate opening for
a loan officer w ith five years or more of ag loan experi­
ence. A $60 million north central Iowa bank. Excellent po­
sition in excellent area. Salary open. Send resume to file
WBA, c/o Northwestern Banker.
CASHIER—$26 m illion southwestern Minnesota commu­
nity bank seeks experienced operations officer. Salary
open. Send resume to file WBB, c/o Northwestern Banker.
________________ __________________ 5____________ (PA)
CEO— For midwestern bank. Agricultural lending experi­
ence required. Salary open. Send resume to file WBC, c/o
Northwestern Banker.
INSURANCE AGENT— Licensed agent needed immediate­
ly for bank insurance agency in north central Iowa. Send
resume to file WBD, c/o Northwestern Banker, or phone
Norm at 515/832-2520.

loan background and experience for $100MM Oklahoma
Salary $50M plus good benefits.

Senior Commercial Lender for central Iowa bank. to $40,000.

Credit Analyst and Credit Analyst Supervisor,
large progressive commercial bank. Solid credit
training essential. Definite career path to com­
mercial lender.
Salary 25-30K.

Handle all estates in Trust Division. Uniform Pro­
bate Code and Estate Taxation background re­
quired. JD not essential.

Bank Marketing Officer

EXPERIENCED TRUST OFFICER to form and head a trust
department in a $200 m illion financial institution. Position
requires law degree w ith approximately 5 years experi­
ence in all phases o f tru st services. Applicants should be
aggressive and personable in order to be considered. Ex­
cellent benefits and salary commensurate w ith experi­
ence. Send resume, salary history and requirements to file
WAH, c/o Northwestern Banker. All inquiries confidential.

Financial Careers


Senior Commercial Lender for southern Minnesota M ulti­
bank holding company bank. Experience w ith ag loans a
p lu s ......................................................................... to $39,000.
Mortgage Lender for Arkansas Resort Area. Prefer seasoned
banker who can deal with people with substantial m eans. . .
.................................................................................. to $35,000.
CPA/Auditor for multi-bank holding company in m idw est. . .
.................................................................................. to $28,000.
Correspondent Banker for large midwest bank. Salary open.


Contact Barbara Ritta
6818 Grover, Omaha, NE 68106
Phone 402/397-2885.

Ag Person for community bank located in scenic northeast
Iowa........................................................................... Low $20s.
Commercial Lender for major bank in Iowa Great Lakes area
........................................................... ..............Salary $30,000.
Number Two man with ag lending experience for northern
Iowa bank.........................................................................SalaryOpen.
CEO for smaller southeast Iowa bank. Must be ag-oriented.
................................. .........................................Salary Open.

VICE PRESIDENT of $30 m illion bank seeking new
challenge and opportunities. Presently managing 3.5 m il­
lion installm ent loan department, as well as other con­
sumer services within the bank. Send inquiries to file
WAX, c/o Northwestern Banker.
BANKER 44 years old w ith twenty-four years experience in
commercial, real estate and installm ent loans. Knowledge
of financial analysis, documentation, loan review and
com pliance o ffice r. Excellent work-out experience.
Familiar w ith operations, business development. Com­
munity oriented. College degree. Looking for challenge
and opportunities. Phone 312/554-8666 for resume.

We are looking fo r someone w ith 3-5 years of com­
mercial lending experience to work in our corre­
spondent bank area. Additional requirements are
correspondent banking experience (or extensive
AG lending experience) and a college degree with
at least 1 year of accounting. For more informa­
tion phone Mary Nerhaugen 612/341-6579.

6th & Marquette
Minneapolis, MN 55480
Affirmative Action Employer

Branch Manager for eastern Iowa bank located in larger city
................................................................................... Low $20s.
Data Processing Manager for $95 million northern Illinois

Operations person w ith lim ted loan experience for eastern
Colorado bank, located near resort areas.......... Low $20s.
Ag Lenders fo major Illinois multi-bank holding company.
Opportunities located throughout the state for qualified
people................................................................... To $38,000.
Strong Number Two Person for $60 m illion in Iowa bank.
Must have ag and commercial lending experience............
.............................................................................. Salary Open.
Ag Loan Officer for northern Iowa bank, located, in topnotch farming area. Required ag degree and proven experi­
ence .......................................................
-to $28,000.
Mortgage Lender with some operations experience needed
by growth-oriented savings and loan association..............
.................................................................................... ............. to $32,000.
Write or call In confidence to Cy Kirk or Malcolm Freeland
in care of Freeland Financial Service, Inc., 1010 Equitable
Building Des Moines, Iowa 50309. Phone (515) 282-6462.
Employer pays fee.


50 BANK MICRO COMPUTER PROGRAMS— Franklin/Apple/IBM PC and others. Overview, Sample Reports, Demo
Disk. Send $19.95 to: Bankers Elec. Equip. Inc., 380 N. Wal­
nut, Grand Island, NE 68801. Phone 308/384-5995.
1981 DIEBOLD 910 FREE STANDING ATM— Floor model
auxiliary printer name display. Under service contract.
$20,400. Contact Fred or Dick, Phone 319/353-7111.
Cox. Phone: 515/848-5666._________
Brandt Cashiers; 3 Model 568,1 Model 150; 1 NCR Posting
Machine; 2 Bank Lobby Check Tables. Best Offer. Contact
Iris Alitz, Phone: 515/421-1046._____________________ (FS)
1983 APPLE III COMPUTER—128K double disk drive, no
printer. Being sold due to incom patibility w ith new “ on­
line” system. Phone: 515/526-8231.

COMMERCIAL/AGRI LOAN - $50MM com m unity bank
seeks experienced commercial lender w ith some ag
background to manage loan portfolio.
CASHIER - $30MM rural bank close to large city. Supervise
operations and handle all regulatory reporting.

COMMERCIAL LOAN OFFICER: Should have 2-5 years ex­
perience, know SBA loans, analyze financial statements
and project cash flow. Salary $32-35M plus good benefits.

PRESIDENT - for medium size a ffilia te in major Missouri
holding company. Must have strong agri loan experience
and proven adm inistrative skills.
$ Open

AG LOAN OFFICER: Northern Kansas bank of $20MM. 3-5
years experience in ag loan field.
Salary $24-30M.

OPERATIONS OFFICER - $20MM com m unity bank close
to resort area. Knowledge of regulatory reports and per­
sonal function a plus.

AG LOAN OFFICER: Nebraska bank. Good community
and benefits.
Salary $28-35M.
DATA PROCESSING MANAGER: Capable of setting up
IBM computer operation involving several banks. Salary
$30-40M. Degree.
Above are some recent listings. We are a fee-paid-by-em­
ployer employment service. We specialize in banking and
related industries, If interested, mail your resume In strict
confidence to FINANCIAL PLACEMENTS, P.O. Box 13786,
Kansas City, Mo. 64199, or 912 Baltimore, Kansas City,
Mo. 64105. 816-421-7941. Mike Wall, Manager. Tom Can­
non, Consultant.

to $35,000.

Potential President for Chicago suburban bank of $20
million. Must have commercial lending experienceTo $45,000.

INSTL/COMMERCIAL LOAN • lending experience in small
com m unity bank environment desired. Good opportunity
for advancement.
All irqu irie s confidential. A resume and salary history re­

P.O. Box 12346 - 2024 Sw ift
North Kansas City, MO 64116
“ Serving the Banking Industry Since 1970”

Vol. 13 No. 2 Northwestern Banker Newsletter (USPS 873-300) is published weekly by the Northwestern Banker Company, 306 Fifteenth
Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309, (515) 244-8163. Subscriptions $1.00 per copy, $15.00 per year. Second class postage paid at Des
Moines, Iowa. Address all mail subscriptions, changes of address (Form 3579), manuscripts, mail items to above address.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis