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Vol. 13 No. 1

Des Moines, Iowa

April 23,1984

Iowa Bankers Propose Farm A id
OW A bankers have proposed an
’ 11-point program that seeks to
help farmers who are fighting for
survival. Led by Neal Conover, vice
president at Hayesville Savings
Bank and immediate past chairman
of the IB A A g Committee, the
group had its suggestions endorsed
by the IB A board, which in turn pre­
sented it to the executive offices of
the United States, USD A Secretary
f John Block and Iowa’s Senators and
Representatives in W ashington
A s a strong support for the sugges­
tions that, if adopted, would aid
farmers throughout the entire na­
tion, the Iowa Senate and House
adopted the suggestions in full as
Senate Concurrent Resolution No.
I l l and forwarded it to the President, Vice President, Secretary of
Agriculture and members of the
Iowa Congressional delegation.
These are the basic elements of
the proposal:









and 3 by the Iowa Bankers Associa­

the interest rate savings will return their tion. May 2 the workshop will be
operation to a profitable basis.
held at the Airport Hilton in Des
3. Allow deferral of the 1982 deficiency Moines and May 3 at Stouffer’s Five
payments due in 1984 for at least one year.
Seasons Hotel in Cedar Rapids.
4. Modify the emergency feed grain pro­
The Loan Documentation Work­
gram to make higher grades of corn available
to lower costs, and lower the 30% loss criter­ shop, intended for all bank person­
ia to expand the eligibility of livestock produ­ nel involved in the documentation
cers so that government corn can be utilized process and bank legal counsel, will
and at the same time improve 1984 farm pro­
enablè bankers to effectively reduce
5. Mandate the SBA to increase the num­ the number of problem loans and
ber of loans accepted under disaster applica­ loan losses that you encounter on a
tions from ag businesses.
regular basis.
Mandate the IRS to allow farmers the
Presenting the workshop is John
opportunity to sell their accumulated capital
losses or investment tax credits to outside in­ Moye, partner in the Denver, Colo.,
vestors, thus encouraging investment in ag­ law firm of Head, Moye, Giles &
riculture at a time when it is critical that new O’Keefe. For more information con­
funds be found.
tact Barb Lowe at the Iowa Bankers
7. Include grass and hay crops in the Fed­
eral Crop Insurance Program.
* * *
8. Lower FCIP premiums for those farms
which qualify for emergency disaster assis­
The Iowa Young Bankers Annual
9. Pay in advance the deficiency pay­ Conference will be held May 16-17,
ments due for the 1984 feed grain program.
with a special two-day management
10. Allow grazing or baling of diverted
training workshop held during the
acres under the 1984 Farm Program.
11. Increase funding for the study of alter­ conference. Headquarters for this
native uses for corn and soybeans.
year’s conference will be the Hotel

No response of substance has yet
1. Modify the FMHA Emergency Loan
Program for the 1983 drought disaster to in­ come back to the IB A office from
clude the following: Allow farmers with nega­ Washington, but Iowa’s Senators and
tive cash flows but sound equity positions Representatives informed them dur­
and reasonable prospects of success to parti­
ing the Iowa Bankers legislative vis­
cipate. Use 1982 price levels in the calculation of the loss and valuation of equity for it to the nation’s capital early in
collateral. Waive the 30% minimum loss cri­ April that they would pursue the
teria so more farmers may obtain 1984 fund­ proposal as rapidly as possible.
ing at advantageous rates. Extend the sign­
up period for an added 60-90 days.
Make additional credit available
Iowa News
through FMHA under the low resource cate­
Documentation Work­
gory to farmers with negative cash flows but
with prospects of survival, especially when shops have been scheduled for May 2

Savery in Des Moines.
DECORAH: The North Central
Iowa Group of the National Associa­
tion o f Bank Women met April 11 at
the Red Fox Inn in Waverly. “ Man­
aging the Unsatisfactory Perfor­
mer” was presented by Shirley
Poertner, human relations officer of
United Centred Bank in Des Moines.
WATERLOO: The National Bank of
Waterloo recently annonced that
Everett Brown has joined the bank’s

Getting it done for you*

David Rismiller

Warren Weaver

Ernie Yake



Vice Preside





Commerce Bank of Kansascity


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

e lp n h n n o

(816) 234-2000



H k M

Norwest Bank Des Moines, N.A.


f m

Call (515) 245-3131 or toll-free (800) 362-2514
Member FDIC

T eam w ork:
one o f the reasons
w e’re firs t in Iowa.

Tom Quinlln

Dennis Nahnsen

staff as a vice president of corre­
spondent banking. Mr. Brown most
recently was executive vice presi­
dent and trust officer o f Peoples
State Bank, Missouri Valley, and
has since sold controlling interest in
Peoples State Bank. He also pre­
viously served in the correspondent
department of Norwest Bank in
Omaha, Neb., and with Boone State
Bank and Trust Company.
W ATERLOO: Merland J. Wackerbarth, cashier and director of opera­
tions for National Bank of Waterloo,
died recently. He joined The Na­
tional Bank in 1976 as vice presi­
dent and personnel director and in
1977 was promoted to his most re­
cently position. Erling Schmiesing
has stepped in as senior vice presi­
dent and cashier. He previously was

senior vice president in data process­

Nebraska News
CENTRAL CITY: Gary W. Webster,
president of the Farmers National
Bank, has appointed Kirk R. Riley
as vice president. Mr. Riley pre­
viously was with Citizens State
Bank, Clearwater, as an assistant
vice president.
LINCOLN: Lincoln Bank East has
elected Rodney R. Johnson as execu­
tive vice president. Previously with
Lincoln Bank South, Mr. Johnson
will be assuming lending and admin­
istrative responsibilities at the
bank’s 68th and 0 Streets main of­
OM AH A: Thomas H. Allen, presi­
dent of Omaha National Bank, an­
nounced last week his intention to
take early retirement from the bank
effective April 30. Mr. Allen, who
has served as president since 1978,
plans to seek personal investment
opportunities. A replacement has
not yet been named, but Gary
Thrasher, senior vice president, will
assume part o f Mr. Allen’s responsi­

Minnesota News

to make MNB
work for you.
Toll free

National Bank 151

Member F.D.I.C.


The Minnesota Bankers Associa­
tion will present an Investments
and Funds Management Conference
May 9 at the Hilton Inn in Minnea­
The program will be conducted by
various experts including Dr. Ron­
ald L. Olson, chairman and CEO of
Olson Research Associates, Greenbelt, Maryland. Registration begins
We are looking for someone with 3-5 years of com­
mercial lending experience to work in our corre­
spondent bank area. Additional requirements are
correspondent banking experience (or extensive
AG lending experience) and a college degree with
at least 1 year of accounting. For more informa­
tion phone Mary Nerhaugen 612/341-6579.

6th & Marquette
Minneapolis, MN 55480
Affirmative Action Employer
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


at 8:00 a.m. and the program will
conclude at 3:00 p.m.
C O L U M B IA H E IG H T S : Marquette Bank o f Columbia Heights
has announced the promotion of
M.L. Grotewold to president. He
previously served as executive vice
president and chief executive officer
and joined the bank in 1973.
DULUTH: Charles A. Russell has
been elected chairman of Norwest
Bank Duluth, N.A. Mr. Russell joined
the bank’s board in 1983 and has
served as president of Norwest Cor­
poration Region I since its forma­
tion in 1982, a position he continues
to serve in. As previously announced,
Dennis Dunne will continue as president and CEO of the bank until his
retirement in August. The board
continues to search for Mr. Dunne’s
M INNEAPOLIS: Gerald Ranfranz
has been named president o f Mar­
quette Lake State Bank. Previously
executive vice president, Mr. Ran­
franz has more than 15 years o f
banking experience and three years
in finance. Also at the bank, Sally Jo
Harff was promoted to vice presi­
dent and branch manager and Ed
Kennedy has been promoted to vice
president and cashier.
M INNEAPOLIS: Wallace V. Blomquist has been named senior vice
president o f First Bank Minneapolis. He joined the bank in 1955 and
had been vice president in the com­
mercial loan workout division since
WORTHINGTON: Dean Risa has
been elected vice president and man­
ager of the agriculture department
of First Bank Worthington. He joined
the bank in 1975 as loan officer and
assistant cashier.

Estate Appraisals
Purchase of
Sale of Rare Coins
R eliable and respected service
fo r over 20 years
Used by bankers
throughout the midwest

Ben E . Marlenee
913 Locust
Des M oines, Iowa 50309









Plan to A tten d Iowa Group M eetings
Group VI
Annual Meeting
May 7
Field Club

Group 6 — Des Moines
Group 6 bankers will meet May 7
at the Hyperion Field Club. Golf is
available in the ^
morning and tee ffiR S B H H H H H
times and reser­
vations can be
made by contact­
ing Dave Scott
at Polk City Sav­ M l . J |
in g s
B ank .
Prizes will be
awarded during
; #
m tm
th e b a n q u e t. &
Group Chairman
Bob Miller will preside over the
business meeting which will feature
election of group officers. Reserva­
tions can be made through Mr. Mil­
ler at Polk City Savings Bank,
8:00 Golf—Hyperion Field Club.
2:30 Registration. Hyperion Club
3:00 Business meeting. Bob Mil­
ler, president, Polk City Sav­
ings Bank, presiding over
the session. A workshop pre­
sented by Dr. Roy Park,



Lobby of Hyperion Club

3:00-5:00 MEETING
Managing in the 80s—The
Changing Role of Bank
Management-Dr. Roy Park,
President, Applied Manage­
ment Associates, Ltd., An­
Door Prize Drawing: Wetland
Canadian Geese by May­
nard Reese

5:30-6:30 RECEPTION—Cash Bar

Prime Rib Dinner with wine
Introduction of Guests
Golf Awards
Remarks— Neil Milner,
Executive Vice Presi­
dent, IBA; Tom Huston,
Superintendent of Bank­
ing, and AI Maser, Presi­
dent, IBA.

Pre-registration Fee—$23.00 per person
Contact: Bob Miller, President
Polk City Savings Bank
P.O. Box 528, Polk City, la. 50226

president, Applied Manage­
ment Associates, Ltd., An­
keny, will address “ Manag­
ing in the 80s—The Chang­
ing Role of Bank Manage­
ment.” The meeting will ad­
journ with a door prize draw­
ing for a Maynard Reese
5:30 Reception with cash bar.
6:30 Banquet followed by re­
marks from: Neil Milner, ex­
ecutive vice president, IBA;
Tom Huston, Superinten­
dent of Banking, and Al
Maser, president,, IBA.

Group 8—Iowa City
The Highlander Inn in Iowa City
is the headquarters for the Group 8
meeting to be
held May 8. Golf
and a special tour
have been ar­
ranged for the
early birds. The
election of group
officers will be
conducted dur­
ing the business
session. Univer­
s ity o f Iow a

Group V I I I Annual M eeting — M ay 8
Highlander Inn — Iowa City
• Golf at Finkbine
Reservations required

• Group 8 Tour
Includes: Tour of home and studio
of Alan Weinstein. Tour of The Barn
and talk on antiques quilts. Lunch
at Iowa City Power Company.

Go Hawks . . .
Featured Banquet Speaker
George Raveling
Head Coach— Men’s Basketball
University of Iowa
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Hear Ye... Hear Ye...
Announcing The
Group VII Meeting
May 9 — Waterloo!
9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

GOLF—Details for golf outing may be obtained by
contacting: William Rickert, National Bank of Water­
12:30 p.m.
Country Club, 1600 Olympic Drive, Waterloo. The
cost is $6.00 per person and preregistration is re­
4:15 p.m.-5:45 p.m.
BUSINESS MEETING—Room 12, Conway Civic
6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.
Conway Civic Center.
7:00 p.m.
BANQUET—Iowa Chop Dinner. Room 23, Conway
Civic Center.
8:00 p.m.-9:45 p.m.
EVENING PROGRAM—Introduction of Guests.
Remarks: Al Maser, President, IBA.
The In Persons, a twenty-two member ensemble of vocalists and instru­
mentalists has entertained in the Newton area for 11 years. It is made up
of people of various ages who like to sing. They perform for conventions,
business meetings, parties or any type of gathering. The theme of thé
program to be presented is Golden Oldies and you will be able to hum
along on most tunes.

men’s Basketball Coach George
Raveling will be the keynote speaker
following the banquet. Golf, tour
and banquet reservations can be
made by contacting: Scott Boyden,
2nd vice president, First National
Bank, 204 E. Washington, Iowa Ci­
ty, 52240.
8:00 Golf, Finkbine Golf Course.
Reservations are required.
11:00 Group 8 Tour. This tour will
include the home and studio
of Alan Weinstein; a tour of
The Barn and a talk on anti­
que quilts, and lunch at the
Iowa River Power Company.
Participants should meet at
the Highlander Inn at 10:45.
3:00 Registration in the main lob­
by of the Highlander Inn.
4:00 Business Meeting. David
Malloy, vice president of
Farmers Trust and Savings
Bank, Williamsburg, will
chair the session which will
be highlighted by the elec­
tion of group officers. Re­
ports will be given by IBA
Executive Vice President
Neil Milner and Superinten­
dent of Banking Tom Hus­
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Golf—-Contact William Rick­
ert, senior vice president,
National Bank o f Waterloo
for details and course infor­



Ladies Luncheon and Style
Show. The location is the
Sunnyside Country Club,
1600 Olympic Drive. ^The
cost is $6.00 and preregistra­
tion is required.
4:15 Business Meeting. Group
Chairman Gordon W old,
president, Poweshiek Coun­
ty Savings Bank, Brooklyn,
will call the meeting to order
in Room 12 of the Conway
Civic Center. Reports will be
delivered by: Neil Milner, ex­
ecutive vice president, IBA;
Tom Huston, Superinten­
dent of Banking, and How­
ard Hagen, Assistant A ttor­
ney General.
6:00 C o c k t a ils
an d
H ors
d ’oeuvres, Room 21
7:00 Banquet featuring Iowa
Chop dinner, Room 23.
8:00 Entertainment, The In Per­
sons from Newton.


Poolside Social Horn*
Banquet. The banquet will Group 4— Dubuque
be followed by remarks from
Anchors Aweigh will be the theme
IB A President Al Maser. of the Group 4 meeting which will be
George Raveling, men’s bas­ held May 10 on——
ketball coach at the Univer­ board the Mis- ' M P
sity of Iowa is the evening sissippi Belle in p
keynote speaker.
D ubuque. The *
registration in­
cludes tours of
th e F red W .
Group 7—Waterloo
Woodward RivBankers from Group 7 will meet erboat Museum
May 9 at the Conway Civic Center in and the Side­
W aterloo. The
wheeler William , ■
e v e n in g
p ro­
M. Black, a 277- J B‘ MER,WETHER
gram w ill be
foot long steam-powered riverboat.
highlighted by
Free parking and transportation be­
the en terta in ­
tween the Iowa Street Parking
ment of The In
Ramp and the Port of Dubuque will
P erson s. T his
be provided throughout the day.
twenty-two mem­
Bankers will enjoy an evening din­
ber ensemble of
ner cruise on the Mississippi Belle
vocalists and in­
and the entertainment of the Galaxy
stru m en ta lists
Singers. Reservations can be made
has entertained
through Karen Knepper, American
in the Newton area for 11 years. It is Trust and Savings Bank, Town
made up of people of various ages Clock Plaza, Dubuque, 52001.
who like to sing. The theme of the A M .
program to be presented is Golden
8:00 Golf. Make tee times with
Oldies. Reservations can be made by
Bunker Hill Golf Course .by
contacting: William Rickert, senior
c a llin g D en n is M ey er,
vice president, National Bank oi
Waterloo, Waterloo, Iowa 50704.
9:30 Registration at The Barge




where comm on transactions are handled uncommonly well.
13th & M Street • Lincoln. Nebraska 68501 • Member, F.D.I.C.

at the Port of Dubuque—Ice
10:00 Special Port of Dubuque
Tours. The tours are included
in the registration fee and in­
clude admission to the Fred
W. Woodward Riverboat
Museum and the Sidewheeler
William Black. Both are lo­
cated in the port of Dubu­
11:00 Soup, salad and sandwiches
will be available in The
Barge Gallery.
2:00 Business Meeting. Group
Chairman Bruce Meriwether,
president, First National
Bank, Dubuque, will call the
meeting to order. Group offi­
cers will be elected and re­
ports will be given by Tom
Huston, Superintendent of
Banking and IB A Executive
Vice President Neil Milner.
3:00 Workshop. “ Managing in
the 80s—The Changing Role
of Bank Management,” will



be presented by Dr. Roy
Park, president, Applied
M anagem ent A ssociates,
Ltd., Ankeny.
Social Hour onboard the
“ Mississippi Belle.”
Raise the Gangplank. Din­
ner cruise on the “ Missis­
sippi Belle.” Dinner will be
followed by remarks from
IB A President Al Maser and
the entertainment of the
Galaxy Singers.

Wyoming News
GILLETTE: David A. Potter has
been named president of Wyoming
National Bank here. Mr. Potter, who
previously was president of Gurnee
National Bank o f Gurnee, 111., re­
places Chuck Dorman who resigned
as the bank’s president last Janu­
ary. Also at the bank, Conrad G.
Flohr, one of Wyoming National’s
original four employees, was pro­
moted to senior vice president and
cashier in charge of operations.

Group IV Annual
M eeting— May 10
Port of Dubuque
Ice Harbor— Foot of w. 2nd st.

North Dakota News
WILLISTON: LeRoy Moore has
been named vice president in opera­
tions at the First National Bank and
Trust Co. o f Williston. He most re­
cently was assistant vice president
and operations officer at the United
Bank, Bismarck, where he had been
since 1976.

Montana News
GLENDIVE: T.A. “ Tully” Vashus,
president of First National Bank of
Glendive, will retire May 1. He has
served as president in Glendive for
28 years and has spent his entire
37-year career with First National
having started there in 1947 as a


• Loans With Accrual
• Bonds With Accrual
• CDs With Accrual

8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
9:30 a.m.
10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m.
3:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m.
8:00 p.m.
8:45 p.m.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

GOLF—Contact Dennis Meyer golf pro at Bunker
Hill Golf Course, 583-1666, for details.
REGISTRATION—The Barge at the Port of Dubuque
tion includes Fred W. Woodward Riverboat Muse­
um and the Sidewheeler William M. Black.
LUNCH—Soup, salad and sandwiches available
in The Barge Gallery.
BUSINESS MEETING—Upper deck of the Barge.
MANAGING IN THE 80s—The Changing Role of
Bank Management. Dr. Roy Park.
BOARDING TIME—Social Hour aboard the “ Mis­
sissippi Belle.”
RAISE THE GANG PLANK—Dinner Cruise aboard
the “ Mississippi Belle.”
RETURN TO PORT—“ Mississippi Belle” lowers
her gangplank in the Port of Dubuque. Buses will
be available for transportation back to the Iowa
Street Parking Ramp.

• Savings With Accrual
M M D A With Accrual

Installed — User Proven
Equipment and Service

P.O. Box 37550
Omaha, Nebraska 68137

EXPERIENCED TRUST OFFICER to form and head a trust
department in a $200 million financial institution. Position
requires law degree with approximately 5 years experi­
ence in all phases of trust services. Applicants should be
aggressive and personable in order to be considered. Ex­
cellent benefits and salary commensurate with experi­
ence. Send resume, salary history and requirements to file
WAH, c/o Northwestern Banker. All inquiries confidential.

Financial Careers

Ag Banking Personnel

Senior Commercial Lender for central Iowa bank, to $40,000.

Let us help you. Call the ag lending personnel
specialists without cost or obligation. Confi­
dential. Employers pay us to hire the best.

Senior Commercial Lender for southern Minnesota Multi­
bank holding company bank. Experience with ag loans a
to $39,000.
Mortgage Lender for Arkansas Resort Area. Prefer seasoned
banker who can deal with people with substantial means. . .$35,000.
CPA/Audltor for multi-bank holding company in midwest. . .
......................................................................................... to$28,000.

ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT, AG LOANS-college degree plus “ hands on" farm operations experience. Credit
experience necessary, but banking experience not essen­
tial. Excellent career opportunity. Contact James C.
Sodey, EVP, Hawkeye Bank and Trust, Spencer, IA. Phone

Correspondent Banker for large midwest bank. Salary open.

LOAN REVIEW POSITION: Must be experienced in all
phases of lending. Excellent opportunity for advancement
in progressive, growing organization. Office in Omaha,
NE, traveling required. Send resume to Jack Ayres, P.O.
Box 486, Bellevue, NE 68005.

Number Two man with ag lending experience for northern
Iowa bank........................................................ Salary Open.

Ag Person for community bank located in scenic northeast
Iowa.............................................................................. Low$20s.

Commercial Lender for major bank in Iowa Great Lakes area
............................................................................. Salary$30,000.


Branch Manager for eastern Iowa bank located in larger city
............................................................................. Low $20s.

a loan officer with 2-3 years of ag loan experience. Send
resume to Norwest Bank Mason City N.A., Box 411, Mason
City, IA 50401.

Data Processing Manager for $95 million northern Illinois

INSTALLMENT LOAN OFFICER—Job opening for an ag­
gressive person with at least two years of bank lending ex­
perience. This job will consist of direct and indirect install­
ment lending, wholesale flooring, and collections. Send
resume to: First Security Bank of Bozeman, P.O. Box 910,
Bozeman, MT 59715.
BANK OPERATIONS OFFICER—Job opening for a selfmotivated person with a minimum of 2 years of bank oper­
ations experience. Applicant must have proven super­
visory skills, good accounting background, experience
with governmental reporting, and knowledge of govern­
ment regulations. Send resume to First Security Bank,
P.O. Box 910, Bozeman, MT 59715.
department in $60 million bank in north central Iowa. Must
be well qualified with over five years experience, plus col­
lege degree. Salary open. Send resume to file WAZ, c/o
Northwestern Banker.
a loan officer with five years or more of ag loan experi­
ence. A $60 million north central Iowa bank. Excellent po­
sition in excellent area. Salary open. Send resume to file
WBA, c/o Northwestern Banker.

Operations person with limted loan experience for eastern
Colorado bank, located near resort areas.......... Low $20s.
Ag Lenders fo major Illinois multi-bank holding company.
Opportunities located throughout the state for qualified
people......... ....... ....... ........................... ...T o $38,000.
Strong Number Two Person for $60 million in Iowa bank.
Must have ag and commercial lending experience...........
....................................................................... Salary Open.
Ag Loan Officer for northern Iowa bank, located in topnotch farming area. Required ag degree and proven experi­
ence $28,000.
Mortgage Lender with some operations experience needed
by growth-oriented savings and loan association.............
VICE PRESIDENT of $30 million bank seeking new
challenge and opportunities. Presently managing 3.5 mil­
lion installment loan department, as well as other con­
sumer services within the bank. Send inquiries to file
WAX, c/o Northwestern Banker.

Six weeks spread throughout each year in
your own luxurious townhome near
Keystone, in the heart of Ski Country.

Two bedroom, two and a half bath,
fireplace, garage, hot tub in enclosed
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Purchase price $33,900.
Dwayne S. Smith
Box S
Dillon, Colorado 80435
Phone today, 1-800/922-2590

1981 DIEBOLD 910 FREE STANDING ATM—Floor model
auxiliary printer name display. Under service contract.
$20,400. Contact Fred or Dick, Phone 319/353-7111.

Write or call in confidence to Cy Kirk or Malcolm Freeland
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Employer pays fee.

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R.E.B. & Associates, Inc.
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$75,000 - $100,000 + Bonus

COMMERCIAL/AGRI LOAN - $50MM community bank
seeks experienced commercial lender with some ag
background to manage loan portfolio.

My client is a savings and loan in Texas. We are
seeking a successful manager with extensive back­
ground in mortgage banking, commercial lending,
secondary market, and all related functions. This ex­
ecutive reports to the president and will be very visi­
ble. Degree and appropriate experience a must.

CASHIER - $30MM rural bank close to large city. Supervise
operations and handle all regulatory reporting.


50 BANK MICRO COMPUTER PROGRAMS—Franklin/Apple/IBM PC and others. Overview, Sample Reports, Demo
Disk. Send $19.95 to: Bankers Elec. Equip. Inc., 380 N. Wal­
nut, Grand Island, NE 68801. Phone 308/384-5995.


Potential President for Chicago suburban bank of $20
million. Must have commercial lending experienceTo $45,000.

$26 million bank located in northwest Iowa. Would like
some microcomputer experience, if possible. Good bene­
fit package. Good opportunity for advancement. Send re­
sume, salary history, and salary requirements to: Security
State Bank, Hartley, IA 51346.
AGRICULTURAL LOAN OFFICER—$18 million north central Iowa bank close to Mason City and Charles City has a
need for an ag loan officer. Prefer an ag credit degree from
Iowa State or other university. Prefer several years experi­
ence in ag lending either at a bank, PCA, Federal Land
Bank or Farmers Home Administration. Depending on the
previous experience, could become the person in charge
of the ag loan portfolio. Person selected needs to have a
good working knowledge of cash flows, financial state­
ments and documentation requirements. Excellent career
opportunity and compensation program. Send letter of in­
quiry and resume to file WAV, c/o Northwestern Banker.
set eastern Nebraska bank desires seasoned commercial
loan officer to manage portfolio. Salary commensurate
with experience. Contact 402/727-1100.

CEO for smaller southeast Iowa bank. Must be ag-oriented.
....................................................................... Salary Open.

Ideal candidate will have five years in commercial
lending, ten years overall bank management in ag
bank. A degree is required and desire to be CEO in
2-3 years. Excellent opportunity and package.
Please call:
Phyllis S. Lynch
11246 Davenport Street
Omaha, NE 68154
Phone 402/330-3260

PRESIDENT - for medium size affiliate in major Missouri
holding company. Must have strong agri loan experience
and proven administrative skills.
$ Open
OPERATIONS OFFICER ■$20MM community bank close
to resort area. Knowledge of regulatory reports and per­
sonal function a plus.
INSTL/COMMERCIAL LOAN • lending experience in small
community bank environment desired. Good opportunity
for advancement.
All irquiries confidential. A resume and salary history re­

P.O. Box 12346 - 2024 Swift
North Kansas City, MO 64116
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