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April 2,1984

Des M oines, Iowa

Vol. 12 No. 50

A t IB A A Convention in New Orleans

availability gap because they do not
quite meet either the credit stan­
dards of private lenders, nor are
they in a serious enough financial
debut of an improved lenders pro­ difficulty to be eligible for considera­
gram under which private lenders tion by the FmHA, a lender of last
will join in our efforts to speed up resort.”
service to the nation’s farmers by
A t a press conference following
processing farm loans guaranteed his speech, Mr. Block paid high com­
by the Farmers Home Administra­ pliments to Tom Olson, president of
tion. Under this program, qualified the Lisco State Bank, Lisco, Nebr.,
private lenders will be approved in and to the other trade association
advance to process FmHA operat­ bankers on his advisory Task Force.
ing, farm ownership and economic Mr. Olson was the IB A A represen­
em e rg e n cy g u a ra n te e d loa n s. tative on that Task Force. Another
FmHA can guarantee up to 90% of midwesterner represented the A B A
these loans.
on that group—Alan Tubbs, presi­
“ The Approved Lender Program dent of First Central State Bank,
would speed up the processing time DeWitt, la.
for guaranteed farm loans. This
Speaking about the Task Force,
becomes particularly important as Secretary Block said at the press
we enter the planting season in most conference, “ They helped make this
areas of the country. Participation program workable. It will relieve the
by private sector lenders will help work load of FmHA county offices
the FmHA assure that available because the paper work will be done
guaranteed loan funds reach eligible by the community banker and this
farmers as quickly as possible.
will get people back in the banks.
“ The Approved Lenders must be Under this new program, the finan­
familiar with FmHA requirements. cial expertise of ag lenders in com­
They will collect the necessary m unity banks will be better
credit information and they will pre­ utilized.”
During the convention, A .J.
pare the application package. The
FmHA will continue to make final “ Jack” King, president of Valley
decisions on farmers’ eligibility, Bank of Kalispell, Mont., became
their use of loan funds and their president of the IB A A , succeeding
James D. Herrington, chairman and
credit worthiness.
“ The guaranteed loan program president of Coldwater National
can be of special benefit to those Bank in Coldwater, Kan. Other of­
farmers who are caught in a credit ficers elected are: 1st V.P.—B.F.

Block Unveils Farm Loan Program
Associate Publisher
URING his appearance as a
principal speaker at the 54th an­
nual convention
o f the Indepen­
den t B a n k ers
A ssocia tion o f
America at the
Marriott Hotel
in New Orleans,
U.S. Secretary
o f A griculture
John R. Block
revealed b rief
details of a new
FmHA lender program. It is similar
to the SBA lender program, with
commercial bankers becoming the
lender under the program, and farm
loans guaranteed to 90% by FmHA.
(Secretary Block’s statement fol­
lowed by a few days a special plea
made in Washington, D.C., by A B A
President C. Robert Brenton and
Rep. Tom Coleman (R., Mo.). Joint­
ly, they issued a call to bankers in
seven states to work with county
FmHA officers to clear out a back­
log of pending disaster loan applica­
tions. Details are in a separate story
on page 4 o f this issue.)
This was Secretary Block’s an­
nouncement of his program:
“ I am announcing today the


to make MNB work for you.
Toll free: 1-800-332-5991

Merchants National Bank
Member F.D.I.C.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

is i


Norwest Bank Des Moines, N.A.
Call (515) 245-3131 or toll-free (800) 362-2514


Member FDIC

ets Eire $17.50. For more information
contact Pamela Miller, Security Na­
tional Bank.

Nebraska News
ASHLAND: David Wesely has been
named president of Ashland State
Bank. He has served the past three
ye£u*s as president o f the Bank of
Peru. Pat Adams has been named
vice president.

T ea m w o rk:
one o f the reasons
w e’re firs t in Iowa.
Mark Conway

“ Chip” Backlund, president, Bartonville Bank, Bartonville, 111.; 2nd
V.P.—Charles T. Doyle, president,
First State Bank, Hitchcock, Tex.;
Treas.—Charles L. VanArsdale,
president, Bank of Castile, Castile,
A more complete report, with
photos, will be published in the

DONIPHAN: The Bank of Doni­
phan has named George W. Howard
execu tive vice president. Mr.
Howard has 13 years of banking and
lending experience at banks in Lin­
coln, Topeka, Kansas, and Grand Is­

The Iowa Bankers Insurance &
Services, Inc. is sponsoring an ID EA
Annuity Workshop on Wednesday,
April 11 at the Holiday Inn—Capital
Plaza, 1050 6th Avenue in Des
Any bank employee who will be ELWOOD: Gary Essman, former
dealing with the new ID E A Annuity vice president of the ag loan depsirtprograms, and has not attended a ment of the American Security Bank
N orthwestern B anker .
prior workshop, is urged to attend. at North Platte, has been named
Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. president and chief executive officer
with adjournment at 4:00 p.m. Reg­ of the Home Bank at Elwood. He
Iowa News
istration fee is $30 and can be sent succeeds Byron Owens, bank presi­
By a vote of 56-40, the Iowa with your registration form to dent the past ten years, who will
House said no to a bill that would Jean ette M. E llin g ton , Iow a continue with Home Agency, the
wipe out interest rate ceilings on Bankers Insurance & Services, Inc., bank’s insurance division.
bank credit cards (currently 18% to 400 Financial Services Bldg., 508 GRANT: The Farmers National
first $500, 15% on balance). Rep. Tenth Street, Des Moines, IA 50308. Bank of Grant received approval
Ned Chiodo (D., Des Moines) filed a
from the Comptroller of the Curren­
ESTHERVILLE: Joseph R. Simmotion to reconsider. The Senate
cy to open a branch at 401 Main
earlier voted to eliminate the inter­ mens has been appointed executive Street in Venango.
vice president of United Central
est rate ceiling on credit cards, but
Bank & Trust Company. He has JANSEN: State Bank of Jansen
refused to allow the charging o f an
employed at the bank since President Allen Tinstman announced
annual fee for the cards.
vice president. Prior to that that he has sold his controlling inter­
The House also OKd the banking
executive vice president est in the bank to a group of inves­
bill, 92-2, which now allows S&Ls
tors headed by Tim Brennan of Neof
State Bank, Jesup.
and credit unions to compete for de­
ligh. He also announced that Robert
posit o f public funds; raises the SIOUX CITY: Security National
Zeuhlsdorf, president at the First
amount of deposits an individual Bank will present its Seventh An­
State Bank in Oakdale, has been
holding company may own in the nual Financial Seminar, “ For All
named president of the Jansen bank.
state from 8 % to 10% o f total depos­ You’re W orth” on Thursday even­
The sale is pending the approvEil of
its; eliminates the old sinking fund ing, April 5, at the Marina Inn in
the FDIC and State Banking De­
to cover public funds in a failed in­ South Sioux City. The program will
stitution by requiring pledging of begin at 7:00 p.m. and feature Dr. V.
110% of public deposits in the form Hale Starr, president of Starr and PALM ER: Edward L. Dubas has
of securities, and requires financial Associates in Des Moines; Andrew been named executive vice president
institutions which accept public de­ Tobias, noted financial author and at the Palmer State Bank. He re­
posits to prove they are serving local speaker, and Marlys Harris, feature places Randy Helgren who has ac­
community needs.
writer for Money Magazine. A recep­ cepted a position with the National
* * *
tion will conclude the evening. Tick­ Bank of Commerce in Lincoln. Mr.
Dubas has been serving as vice pres­
ident at Feirmers National Bank at
Central City.

Professional ...

Minnesota News
HENDERSON: William E. Schultz
has been appointed president of the

Call Mark Christen for
any correspondent service.
Call toll free (800) 622-7262


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We are consultants for clients who want assis­
tance in farm financial management—we’re here to
help them w ith “ Risk Management” and “ Maximiz­
ing Farm Income” by providing:

,• oP res\^
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Bankers Asked to Help Fm H A Clear
Up Logjam of Disaster Applications
ITH spring planting looming
ahead, A B A President C.
Robert Brenton and Rep. Tom Cole­
man (R-Mo.) have issued a call to
bankers in seven states to work with
county Farmers Home Administra­
tion officers to clear out a backlog of
pending disaster loan applications.
In a statement released in Wash­
ington, D.C., Brenton and Coleman
asked bankers in Arkansas, Illinois,
Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Mis­
souri and Tennessee to work in a
“ volunteer effort” with FmHA offi­
cials to process a backlog of some
12,000 disaster loan applications.
Brenton, who also is president of
Brenton Banks, Inc., Des Moines,
Iowa, noted that as a result of last
summer’s drought and heat wave,
more farmers than ever before have
been forced to turn to FmHA for di­
saster loans.
“ Despite their best efforts, FmHA
loan officers in the hardest-hit states
have been unable to work down the
massive case load quickly enough to
allow farmers to plan for spring
planting,” Brenton and Coleman
said. “ Simply put, if these farmers
can’t plant this spring, a vast major­
ity will go under.”
To receive an FmHA disaster
loan, farmers must show a 30 per­
cent crop loss, an inability to get

credit from any commercial sources
and a reasonable expectation of
being able to repay the loan based on
their cash flow projections. It is on
that latter point — cash flow projec­
tions — that FmHA is encountering
its biggest difficulties, Brenton and
Coleman said.
“ S p ecifica lly, A B A m em ber
banks will be asked to help farmers
prepare their cash-flow projections.
The final decision on loan approval
will, of course, be made by FmHA
personnel. This will help FmHA
loan officers move through the back­
log quickly, and assure that eligible
farmers get their loans in time to
stay in business.”
“ We have reached the crisis
point,” Coleman said. “ We have to
move these loans through now, or
we might as well forget about
Brenton noted that this concerted
effort to speed up disaster loan pro­
cessing was the result o f strong sup­
port from Coleman and from the offi­
cers and senior staff of the state
bankers associations in hard-hit ag­
ricultural states.
The congresman said his call for
bankers action “ goes out with full
Administration blessing. I have
talked personally with the secretary
of agriculture about this and he has

An important new profit center
for your bank:
a computerized
local billing/credit service


National Bank of Waterloo
315 East 5th St.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

• Waterloo, IA 50704

FDIC, FHLBB Vote Tight
Curb on Money Brokers
Directors of the FDIC and FHLBB
last week voted at separate meet­
ings to limit coverage afforded to
brokered deposits to $ 100,000 per
institution per money broker. The
regulation would be effective Octo­
ber 1, 1984. Both boards had dis­
cussed publicly the need for such a
regulation for some months.
Directors of FHLBB voted unani­
mously for the new directive. A s ex­
pected, the vote at the FDIC board
meeting was 2-1, with Comptroller
of the Currency C.T. Conover oppos­
ed. Mr. Conover has spoken out
sharply against such curbs, saying
they are unnecessary because the
problem is limited to a small number
of institutions, and other steps are
in place to remedy the abuse.
Both FDIC and FHLBB officials,
however, cited continued abuses
that have jeopardized a number of
banks and thrifts, and some of these
have failed with as much as 24% of
deposits—all insured—placed know­
ingly in the institution by money
brokers, and straining insurance
Six weeks spread throughout each year in
your own luxurious townhome near
Keystone, in the heart of Ski Country.

Leroy Bell or
Milt Hennick

m w m w m

given it his full support.”
FmHA figures show that in the
seven-state region targeted by Bren­
ton and Coleman 12,419 out of
23,897 disaster loan applications
had not been processed as of Febru­

Member Federal Reserve System FDIC

Two bedroom, two and a half bath,
fireplace, garage, hot tub in enclosed
atrium area. Fully furnished, including
washer and dryer.
Purchase price $33,900.
Dwayne S. Smith
Box S
Dillon, Colorado 80435
Phone today, 1-800/922-2590


where comm on transactions are handled uncommonly well.
13th & M Street • Lincoln, Nebraska 68501 • Member, F.D.I.C.


Sibley County Bank. He has been
with the Sibley County Bank since
1968, most recently as vice presi­
dent and cashier. He succeeds Fred
B. Johnson who has retired.


MINNEAPOLIS: First Bank Sys­
tem announced plans on March 21
for a two-for-one stock split and to
list FBS shares on the New York
Stock Exchange. It is presently overthe-counter. Company stock is being
increased from 27 million to 75 mil­
lion. Common shares outstanding
would move from 15,100,000 to
30,200,000. FBS stock closed at 51%
on March 27.



has been elected president of First
Bank Spring Valley. He succeeds
Thomas B. Johnson who has been
appointed vice president of regional
credit for First Bank System's
southeast Minnesota region, head­
quartered in Rochester. Mr. Jones
has held his current position as vice
president of agricultural lending and
operations at First Bank Mankato
since 1976.

Wisconsin News
COLFAX: John O. Barton has been
named president and chief executive

officer of First American Bank of
Colfax. He most recently was senior
vice president and second officer of
First American Bank and Trust of
Willmar, where he had been since
ELLSWORTH: Kenneth J. Palmer­
sheim has been elected president of
the Pierce County Bank and Trust
Company, according to Gerald L.
Bryan, chairman. Prior to joining
the staff of Pierce County Bank as
senior vice president in 1982, Mr.
Palmersheim was associated with
the Com Belt Bank, Bloomington,
111., for six years.

North Dakota News
M AN D AN: Bernard A. Meier has
been promoted to vice president of
the commercial loan department of
Norwest Bank Mandan. Mr. Méier
has been with the bank since 1982.

Montana News

This year’s conference will also in­
clude a golf tourney, trap shoot and
special ladies’ session. Registration
fee is $75 for members and $150 for
RED LODGE: A group consisting
of R.L. Smith, Jack H. Foster, Dr.
James Kane, John T. Prather and
James H. Burnett have formed Sil­
ver Run Bancorporation, Inc. and
have purchased 81% of the United
States National Bank o f Red Lodge.
Mr. Smith has been elected presi­
dent of the Bancorporation and is
president and chairman of the bank.
Mr. Foster, vice president of the
bank, has been appointed to the
board to fill the unexpired term of
Ralph Heare. The other individuals
are also members of the bank’s


The Montana Bankers Associa­
tion will be holding its 1984 Retail
Banking Conference May 2-4 at
Fairmont Hot Springs.
Headlining the list of conference
speakers is Phillip D. White associ­
ate professor of marketing from the
University of Colorado, who will in­
struct retail lenders on how to mar­
ket themselves and their banks to
their customers.
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Knowledge of ag loans a p lu s ...................................$35,000

PERSONAL TRUST OFFICER - Iowa. J.D. & 3-5 years per­
sonal & estate planning required.

Commercial Lender with 2 years experience - for Lakes Area
bank. Training and background im portant............. to $25,000

AVP - Manager of $40 mill, branch, Iowa. Commercial/consumer lending, degree and strong management
experience a must.

Commercial Lender for $50 million bank in college to w n . . . . $40,000

AVP - Installm ent Lender -Nebraska bank. Four years in
direct and indirect consumer lending in commercial bank­
ing required.
VP - Ag Dept Head - $65 m ill. Iowa bank. Experience in
large lines of credit - management potential to enable you
to readily become EVP.
To $35K
All positions are fee paid and have excellent relocation
packages. Reply in confidence:
EXPERIENCED TRUST OFFICER to form and head a trust
department in a $200 m illion financial institution. Position
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ence in all phases o f trust services. Applicants should be
aggressive and personable in order to be considered. Ex­
cellent benefits and salary commensurate with experi­
ence. Send resume, salary history and requirements to file
WAH, c/o Northwestern Banker. All inquiries confidential.
AG LOAN OFFICER— progressive bank group looking for
ag lender in $65 m illion bank in Boone, IA. Prefer 5-10
years banking experience. Salary commensurate w ith ex­
perience. Send resume to Jack Ayres, P.O. Box 486, Belle­
vue, NE 68005.

Phyllis S. Lynch
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EXPERIENCED TRUST OFFICER to head small but grow­
ing department in progressive $65 m illion Iowa bank. Law
degree a plus, but experience may substitute. Estate plan­
ning, employee benefits, and marketing knowledge re­
quired. Salary to $34,000 plus benefits. Send resume and
salary history to file WAP, c/o Northwestern Banker. (PA)

NWA-1 AG LENDER—Reference says, “ TOP FLIGHT...
excellent PR person for bank...a PEOPLE PERSON...
Wears a smile on his face all the tim e.” Strong farm
knowledge...knows land and machinery values. Offers
31/2 yrs. w ith FHA. B.A. degree. Married. Age: 33. Lives
MN. $18,000. Call Linda.

MORTGAGE LENDER— Central Iowa bank seeks a suc­
cessful motivated residential lender w ith 3-5 years experi­
ence in marketing and closing of residential loans. Com­
petitive salary and benefit package available. For confi­
dential consideration, please send resume and salary his­
tory to file WAQ, c/o Northwestern Banker.

NWA-2 AG LOAN OFFICER—Young banker offers
close to two years experience for a $40MM bank and
responsible for $3M M + in ag loans. Ag degree. Mar­
ried. Age: 24. Lives Wl. $18,000. Call Linda.

SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF LOANS. #2 position at University Bank & Trust Co., Ames, Iowa. Immediate opening.
Contact Bob Grathwohl, President. University Bank &
Trust Co. P.O. Box 1066 Welch Ave. Station Ames, Iowa
50010. Phone 515/292-7475.
INVESTMENT ANALYST— New position, opportunity in re­
gional banking group for brokerage - licensed and experi­
enced analyst, w ith 5 years experience as investment
analyst w ith emphasis in equity analysis. Send resume to
Mike Walts, Sr.V.P., A ffiliated Midwest Bancs, Inc., 100
American Plaza, Bellevue, NE 68005.

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Sr. Ag Lender for member of multi-bank holding company in
Illinois. Must have proven record and degree........ to $38,000
Jr. Ag Lender for member of multi-bank holding company in
Illinois. Prefer minimum two years bank experience............
....................................................................................... $28,000
Number Two person for northern Iowa community bank.
Should be ag-oriented and know ag lending/operations.. . . $35,000
Ag Lender for eastern South Dakota bank, located near ma­
jor population area................................................................. to $30,000
Number Two person for community bank near Des Moines.
Must be experienced inlending/operations.......... to $33,000
Commercial Lender with general bankexperience for $50
million bank in northwest Iowa..........................Salary Open.
Write or call in confidence to Malcolm Freeland, c/o
Freeland Financial Service, Inc., 1032 Carriers Bldg., Des
Moines, la. 50309. Phone (515) 282-6462. Employers pay fee.

D o n a l d E . H o l d e r , Principal

REAL ESTATE LOAN OFFICER — The Hills Bank and Trust
Company has an excellent opportunity for the right person
to head our real estate loan department. Minimum three or
four years experience required - to process FHA, VA loans
and to handle loans on secondary market. We are a $142
m illion bank with tw o locations serving the Iowa City area.
Interested candidates should send resume in confidence
to: Gordon Hinz, H ills Bank and Trust Company, 131 Main
Street, Hills, Iowa 52235.

LOAN REVIEW POSITION— Must be experienced in com­
mercial and ag loans. Light travel. O ffice in Twin Cities
metro area. Salary opén. Excellent opportunities for ad­
vancement in growing organization. Send confidential
resume to file WAR, c/o Northwestern Banker.

Operations Person for $16 million bank in northern Iowa.
Nice situation for $30,000

We are looking for someone with 3-5 years of com­
mercial lending experience to work in our corre­
spondent bank area. Additional requirements are
correspondent banking experience (or extensive
AG lending experience) and a college degree with
at least 1 year of accounting. For more inform a­
tion phone Mary Nerhaugen 612/341-6579.

Ag Banking Personnel

NWA-3 AG LOAN OFFICER—A very sharp candidate!
Has six years current ag lending exp. AND a great
sales personality. Reference says his strengths are
loan judgment, credit analysis, documentation, orga­
nization and the ability to stim ulate new loans. B.S.
degree. Married. Age: 30. $25,000. Call Jean.
NWA-4 AG LENDER—Serving as branch mgr./AVP of
$15MM branch bank since 1976. Handles all loans
(75% are ag. prod./ag bus. loans) and supervises 4. Ac­
com plishm ents include a very clean loan portf. and
good growth record. Married. Age: 37. Lives IN
$27,000. Call Jean.
NWA-5 AG LENDER—Responsible for $6MM ag loan
portf., cash flows, farm calls and inspections and
computer operation for bank. Two year Associate’s
Degree in ag banking. Married. Age: 27. Lives ND.
$25,000. Call Linda.
lowest delinquency rate for collections in bank...very
outgoing.” A problem solver. Offers eight years exp. in
installm ent lending, collections and appraising. Cur­
rently employed as a Fee RE Appraiser. Married. Age:
34. Lives Wl. Low $20,000’s. Call Linda.
NWA-7 CEO’s—Several very good presidents of banks
ranging in size from $15 to $36 Million. Extreme confidentiality required. Call Linda or Jean.


Linda: 515/394-5827
New Hampton, la. 50659


6th & Marquette
Minneapolis, MN 55480
Affirmative Action Employer

BANKER 44 years old w ith twenty-four years experience in
commercial, real estate and installm ent loans. Knowledge
of financial analysis, documentation, loan review and
com pliance officer. Excellent work-out experience.
Familiar w ith operations, business development. Com­
munity oriented. College degree. Looking for challenge
and opportunities. Phone 312/554-8666 for resume.
WILL GRADUATE May, 1984, from University of Wyom­
ing w ith B.S. in Farm and Ranch Management. Through
management-oriented studies I offer special skills in
Futures Market, and working knowledge of computer lan­
guages: Basic, Fortran, Cobol. Reared and worked on Iowa
farm. John R. Lighty, 1415 Gibbon St. #34, Laramie, Wyo.
82070, 307/742-4664 until May 15. Permanent address: R.R.
2, Box 40, Delhi, la. 52223,319/926-2775.

REAL ESTATE LOAN - manage $6MM real estate dept, for
com m unity bank. Majority of portfolio is single fam ily
CEO - $50MM com m unity bank with heavy emphasis on
agricredits. Ideal candidate w ill have proven ad­
m inistrative record and superior agrilending skills.
$ Open
COMMERCIAL/INSTAL. LOAN - $25MM com m unity bank.
Position requires 2-4 yrs. lending in bank environment.
bank desires real estate lender with strong construction
and commercial real estate background. Biz. development
skills a must.






CORRESPONDENT OFFICER - position requires ex­
perience in the analyses and documentation of participa­
tion and bank loans. Limited travel.

Jean 515/263-9598 if
no answer, 712/779-3567
Massena, Iowa 50853


Resume and salary history requested. All inquiries con­

P.O. Box 12346 - 2024 Swift
North Kansas City, MO 64116
“ Serving the Banking Industry Since 1970”

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