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Vol. 11 No. 52

Des Moines, Iowa

M ABSCO Votes Loan Loss Reserve
ABSCO Agricultural Services,
Inc. (M ASI) held its annual
meeting in St. Louis, M o., on A pril 6
and authorized a substantial change
in its operation to the benefit o f par­
ticipating banks. Four members were
added to the board which now totals
15. Reelected as president was Ed­
ward L. Tubbs, chairman o f Maquoketa State Bank, M aquoketa, la.
The secretary/treasurer position is
held by Leslie W . Peterson, presi­
dent o f Farmers State Bank in Trimont, Minn. Jim C. Potter, Des
Moines, la., remains executive vice
president and chief operating of­
The board approved a restructur­
ing o f the M A SI program with Ra­
bobank Nederland in order to bring
the corporation into full com pliance
with all o f the applicable state and
federal regulators, including the Of­
fice o f the Comptroller o f Currency.
A working agreement reached
with Rabobank last August provid­
ed for Rabobank Nederland to pur­
chase agricultural loan participa­
tions o f up to 80% from M A SI af­
filiated banks in the 13 state
M ABSCO region. This program
helps banks meet their com petition,
better serve their ag custom ers, and
will increase their profits. Changes
in the operations, as outlined at the
annual meeting, will result in the


elimination o f LIFO (Last-in/firstout) after a loan is in default. The
revised program calls for pro-rata
sharing o f losses after default which
will bring the program into confor­
m ity with the OCC’s interpretive
M A SI has agreed to indemnify
Rabobank for any increase in its
losses due to the change. This in­
dem nification will be accom plished
through a loan loss reserve fund con­
sisting o f a surcharge o f one-fourth
of one percent on all participations
M A SI is currently purchasing
loans in six states: Iowa, North
Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, M ich­
igan and W isconsin. The program is
ready to be implemented in all o f the
remaining M ABSCO states except
for Kansas where enabling legisla­
tion is pending. Approxim ately one
hundred banks have expressed in­
terest in the M A SI program and
have been sent preliminary sign-up
packages and information.
Mr. Potter said “ Bankers who
have used the M A SI program report
a high degree o f satisfaction with
the handling o f loans that have been
sold. M A SI is optim istic that with
the negotiated changes now being
implemented, the program will be
readily acceptable to all interested

April 18,1983
M ASI is a subsidiary of MABSCO
Bankers Service, Inc., which is owned
by 13 state bankers associations re­
presenting 6700 banks.

CSBS Meets May 8
Paul A. Volcker, chairman o f the
Federal Reserve System , will give
the keynote address at the 82nd an­
nual convention o f the Conference o f
State Bank Supervisors, which con­
venes M ay 8 at The Broadm oor in
Colorado Springs.
Addressing the first general ses­
sion on M onday will be Congress­
men Bill McCollum (R., Fla.) and
Jerry M. Patterson (D., Cal.), along
with John E. Malarkey, state bank
com m issioner in Delaware, who is
CSBS federal legislative chairman.
The second session on Tuesday
will feature FDIC Chairman Wm.
Isaac, A B A President Wm. H. Ken­
nedy, Jr., and CSBS President
Sidney A . Bailey, Virginia com m is­
sioner. A lso featured will be Joel J.
Crabtree, senior vice president o f
Continental Bank, Chicago; A lex W .
“ Pete” Hart, executive vice presi­
dent, First Interstate Bancorp., Los
Angeles, and Richard M. Domin­
quez, former California superinten­
dent. Illinois Commissioner W illiam
C. Harris will moderate their panel.
A panel o f state and federal reg­
ulators Tuesday afternoon consists
of: CSBS President Bailey as chair-

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Merchants National Bank isi
M e m b e r F .D .I.C .
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



Bob Buenneke

Team w ork:
One of the
reasons we’re
first in Iowa.

Banking, Financial & Business Personnel
Iowa and Nationwide

714 U.C.B. Building, 515-283-2545
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Sue Van Dyke
W ire Transfer

An Affiliate of Northwest Bancorporation
Mem ber F D ic

man; Thomas H. Huston, Iowa
superintendent; John E. Ryan, who
heads banking supervision o f the
Fed; H. Joe Selby, senior deputy
Comptroller o f the Currency, and
James L. Sexton, director o f the
division o f bank supervision at the
A bout 500 persons are expected
to attend the meeting.

Iowa News
COUNCIL BLUFFS: First National
Bank has elected Robert C. Edwards
commercial loan officer and assis­
tant vice president. Mr. Edwards
has approxim ately 11 years exper­
ience in banking and other financial
institutions. Prior to joining First
National Bank he served as presi­
dent o f American Securities and
Loan for four years.
DAVENPORT: Brenton First Na­
tional Bank o f Davenport has an­
nounced that Christopher Pieper has
joined the bank as assistant vice
president and commercial loan of­
ficer. Mr. Pieper has several years
experience with Bettendorf Bank &
DUBUQUE: Daniel W . Ernst, 80,
former president, CEO and chair­
man o f the American Trust and Sav­
ings Bank, died recently. Mr. Ernst
had been with the bank many years
and was secretary to the executive
com m ittee at the time o f his death.

U nited


Bank & Trust Company recently an­
nounced the election o f Larry A.
Bergemann as president and chief
executive officer. He succeeds Ken
F. Leuthauser, who was named vice
chairman and plans to retire this
fall. Mr. Bergemann joined the
Greenfield bank in June, 1982, as ex­
ecutive vice president. He previous­
ly served as vice president in the cor­
respondent bank division o f United
Central Bank o f Des Moines, N.A.
LAK E PARK : Donald Trehame has
joined the staff o f Security State
Bank as vice president and cashier.
He previously served at Davis Coun­
ty Savings Bank, Bloom field, as
senior vice president and trust of­
SCHLESW IG: A .J. Sinn, director
o f the Farmers State Bank, passed
away last month after a short ill­
ness. Mr. Sinn began his banking
career in 1952, became a member of
the board in 1964 and retired as vice
president o f the bank in 1976, con­
tinuing as a member o f the board un­
til his death.
W ATERLOO: M ax W . Cory recent­
ly resigned as vice president o f Na­
tional Bank o f W aterloo to purchase
a golf course in Oelwein.
W A VERLY: The board o f directors
o f the First National Bank recently
announced the prom otion o f the fol­
lowing six employees: Rodney Drenkow to vice president and trust of­
ficer; David Huser to vice president

Professional ...
Call Mark Christen for
any correspondent service.
Call toll free (800) 622-7262

Valley National Bank
D E S M O IN E S , IO W A 5 0 3 0 4
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Call (515) 245-3131 or toll-free (800) 362-2514


Member FDIC

and agricultural representative;
Janice Johnson to vice president
and cashier; Pauline Koch to vice
president o f marketing and public
relations; Sandra Soash to assistant
vice president and head bookkeeper,
and Beverly Leisinger to admini­
strative officer.

Nebraska News
BEA TR ICE: First National Bank of
Omaha on April 11 acquired title to
two holding companies and their
subsidiaries as a result o f negotia­
tions that resulted from default on
the loan for stock in the companies.
First National now owns Beatrice
State Co., which owns First Security
Bank & Trust Co., and Olym pic In­
vestm ent Co., which owns First
Security Savings, and the insurance
agency at each institution. First
Security Savings is one o f 36 in­
dustrial loan and investment com ­
panies chartered in N ebraska.
James L. Gillette, president and
cashier o f both institutions, and his
wife, Nancy, vice president, have
resigned from the corporations. Den­
nis O'Neal, executive vice president
at First National Bank o f Omaha,
said John M. Urquhart has been ad­
vanced to president from senior vice
president at the bank and will be its
managing officer. A ll other staff
continue the same. First Security
Bank & Trust had year-end deposits
o f $17,299,000.
CROFTON: Crofton State Bank has
recently been purchased by Tim
Brennan, president o f Center State
Bank, Center, and a group o f in­
vestors. Mr. Brennan, who also
owns the Climbing Hill Savings
Bank, Climbing Hill, Iowa, holds
controlling interest in the newly pur­
chased bank and will serve as chair­
man. George Haase, form erly senior
vice president o f Citizens National
Bank in Wisner, will serve as presi­
dent. Tim Riewer, form erly instal­
ment loan officer with Northwestern
National Bank o f N orfolk, is the new
vice president. Donna Guenther
serves as cashier.
N EBRA SK A CITY: Paul H. A l­
brecht, president o f Otoe County
National Bank and Trust Co., has
announced the form ation o f a farm
management department within the

One Carriers Building
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Telephone: (515) 243-1203




We own and offer subject to prior sale and change in price and subject to our attorney’s approving opinion:

General Obligation
Corporate Purpose Bonds

May 1,1983



Both principal and semiannual interest (June 1 and December 1; first coupon due December 1,1983) payable at
the office of the City Treasurer, Denison, Iowa.

June 1,1984
June 1, 1985
June 1, 1986
June 1,1987
6 3/4%
June 1,1988
June 1, 1989


$ 80,000

7 1/4%
June 1, 1990


$ 85,000

7 1/2%
June 1, 1991



$ 95,000



June 1, 1992
June 1, 1993


The City of Denison, the county seat of Crawford County, is located in the west central portion of the State approximately 70 miles south­
east of Sioux City. The City serves as a trading center for the prosperous surrounding agricultural area. During the past few years, the City
has become a major meat processing center having three plants: Farmland Foods, Inc. (hog slaughter and processing); Dubuque Packing Co.
(cutters and distributors of beef) and Iowa Beef Processors Co. (beef slaughter and processing). Transportation facilities are provided by U.S.
Highways 30 and 59, State Highways 39 and 141 and the Chicago and Northwestern and the Illinois Central Railroad and an excellent network
of paved county roads. There are two commercial banks serving the City with deposits exceeding $71,484,000 and two savings and loan
associations with assets over $291,773,435.
These bonds are being issued to defray a portion of the cost to construct a new fire station and street improvements and purchase equipment
for the Street Department.

Actual Valuation, 1982
Assessed Valuation, 1982
Net Direct Debt, including this issue
Net Direct and Overlapping Debt
Population, 1980 estimate:
Net Direct Debt:
Combined Net Debt:



$137.08 per capita
$303.38 per capita

The information contained herein is not guaranteed, but is derived from sources which we deem reliable and is that on which our purchase of these bonds is based.
Bonds of a particular maturity may or may not still be available or may now be available at a price or yield different from the indicated above.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Supplement to Northwestern Banker Newsletter 4-18-83
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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where com m on transactions are handled uncommonly well.
13th & M Street • Lincoln, Nebraska 68501 • Member, F.D.I.C.



bank and the appointment o f Ronald
W . Jay, Sr., as the new depart­
m ent’s farm manager. Mr. Jay was
graduated from the University of
Nebraska-Lincoln with a BS degree
in agriculture education. He has
been farming full-time since 1978.









a computerized
local billing/credit service

m w m w m

Minnesota News
BRANDON: Citizens State Bank of
Brandon has voted to change the
name o f the bank to First American
Bank o f Brandon, effective April 5.


An important new profit center
for your bank:

Leroy Bell or
Milt Hennick

National Bank of Waterloo
315 East 5th St. • Waterloo, IA 50704

Member Federal Reserve System FDIC

Ninth Annual Convention at the
Montana News
Holiday Inn East, Springfield, May H AVRE: Richard G. Rubie has been
10-12. This year’s convention fea­ elected vice president in the com ­
tures “ The M icrocom puter” —the mercial lending department o f Citi­
mini-seminar that’s a must for to­ zens Bank o f Montana. Mr. Rubie
day’s independent banker. Thomas has served with banks in Oregon
A . Farin, president o f Aurora and m ost recently Missoula, where
Systems, Inc., o f M adison, W is., and he was assistant vice president of
Daniel J. Stein, vice president, will the First National Montana Bank.
conduct the seminar.
Tuesday, M ay 10 will begin with
Colorado News
the annual golf tournament at 10:00
a.m. followed by a Hawaiian Luau DEN VER: Van A. H orsley has been
dinner dance at 6:30 p.m. featuring prom oted to senior vice president of
Dave M ajor and the Minors.
Denver National Bank. Mr. H orsley
On M ay 11 the morning session joined the bank in 1974 and m ost
M IN N EAPOLIS: Lee S. Erhard
was recently advanced to vice presi­ will begin at 8:45 with a Overview o f recently was vice president in the
dent at The Independent State Bank M icrocom puters in Banking. A t commercial loan department.
o f Minnesota. A lso elected as assis- 10:45 the annual ICBI business
tant vice presidents were John A. meeting will be held follow ed by G R E E L E Y : C olorado N ational
Henke and Gary L. Malmquist. Mr. lunch. A fter the luncheon Aurora Bank has elected Dick Feldhus pres­
Erhard, who now has full respon­ Systems, Inc. will present a slide ident. Mr. Feldhus, who also as­
sibility for marketing the services o f presentation on Bank M icrocom ­ sumes the responsibility o f chief ex­
this, a “ bankers’ bank” , has been puter Applications followed by How ecutive officer, brings 30 years of
em ployed in a contact position for to Implement a Successful Bank M i­ banking experience to his position.
the past year with four years o f prior crocom puter Program. The grand re­ He has served as vice president and
ception will be held at 5:30 followed commercial loan officer at Greeley
banking experience.
National Bank; executive vice presi­
by dinner.
ORTONVILLE: Terrence D. Gere
Thursday, M ay 12, at 9:00 a.m. dent at Cache National Bank, and
has been elected president and a will be a trip to the State Capitol for has served as president for both the
director o f N orthw estern State an informal visit with lawmakers. Bank o f Manitou and W est Greeley
Bank, effective April 30. Currently This is optional.
National Bank.
senior vice president and senior loan
officer o f First Northwestern State
Bank o f Thief River Falls, Mr. Gere
succeeds Ronald A . Arndt, now
For the best in ag overline, data process­
president o f First National Bank of
ing and cash management services,
Jamestown, N.D. Mr. Gere has been
along with expert advice and guidance,
with the Northwest Bancorporation
call Security Correspondent
organization since 1966 and has
Banker Steve Hatz at
been with the Thief River Falls bank
7 1 2 /2 7 7 -6 5 5 4 .
since 1979.

DULUTH: Dennis W . Dunne, presi­
dent o f First National Bank of
Duluth, has announced the election
o f Robert Fischer as executive vice
president, commercial division. Mr.
Fischer, who fills the post recently
held by Henry Royer who resigned
to becom e president o f Merchants
National Bank o f Cedar Rapids,
Iowa, began his career with First
National Bank o f Duluth in 1958 in
the trust department. Since Janu­
ary, 1979, he has served as senior
vice president.

Count on Steve Hatz.

Illinois News

The Independent Com m unity
in Illinois will be holding its
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Sioux City, Iowa 51101

Member ED.I.C.



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Estate Appraisals

CEO of high performance bank seeks new challenge with
Upper Midwest community bank in or near a city of 10,000
population............................................................... Salary Neg.

Purchase o f

Commercial Lender, age 36, over 10 years of experience
with multi-bank holding company - proven track record
-solid references............................................................$38,000

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Commercial Lender, 40, over 10 years experience in $80
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Ben E . Marlenee

Marketing Executive with commercial lending experience
with major midwest bank................................................ Salary$40,000

Walt Heyne, Dunhill of Fayetteville
Box 1570, Rogers, Arkansas 72756
Phone: 501/636-8578

Auditor with multi-bank holding company. Over 15 years
experience......................................................................... Salary$26,000
Installment Lender with multi-bank holding company.
Seven years experience and college degree. Prefer north­
ern or central Iowa............................................................Salary$23,500

COMM ERCIAL LENDER needed for aggressive $50 million
bank in eastern South Dakota. Experience required. Salary
open. Write fi le TBN, c/o Northwestern Banker.
IN STALLM ENT LENDING POSITION in $40 million westcentral Iowa bank. Previous installment lending ex­
perience required. Salary open. Send resume to Roger
Fleury, Financial Service Company, P.O. Box 3128,
Omaha, NE 68103.

CEO for smaller community bank located in eastern Iowa.
Must be ag-oriented and know lending and operations. . . .
....................................................................... Salary to $30,000
Ag Lender for northwest Iowa community bank. Prefer
Iowa State grad with three years or more experience...........
.............................................................................. Salary $26,000

Affiliated Midwest Bancs Inc., a progressive group of six
banks is looking for a COM M ERCIAL LOAN O FFICER for a
$33 million bank in S.E. Nebraska; and an AGRICULTURAL
LOAN O FFICER for a $60 million bank in central Iowa.
Prefer 3-5 years experience for both positions. Salaries
commensurate with experience. Send resumes to Jack
Ayres, P.O. Box 486, Bellevue, NE 68005.

Correspondent Officer for $150 million midwest bank.
Must have commercial and/or ag lending experience and
be willing to travel........................................ Salary to $30,000

$32 million community bank in central Illinois has opening
for LOAN O FFICER with consumer and agricultural lend­
ing experience - operations background and/or computer
experience a plus. Must be aggressive, self-starter and
Commercial Loan Officer for bank in 8th Fed District of Illi­
able to accept responsibility. Send resume and salary
nois. Position can lead to e.v.p. position within six months.
history in strict confidence to file TBR, c/o Northwestern
Assets over $50 million....................................................Salary$40,000
Operations position in Illinois bank in west central Illinois.
COM M ERCIAL LOAN O FFICER for a $75 million west cen­
Some experience in lending helpful..............................Salary$26,000
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Ag Lender with Iowa State Degree and seven years ex­
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Tw o Concord Point of Sale Terminals and Deposit Vaults.
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____________________________________________________ (FS)
In excellent working condition. $100. Call John Outhier,
Okey-Vernon First National Bank, Corning, la. Phone: (515)
IBM 1255-6 PO CKET READER SORTER. 4 months old.
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A TTE N TIO N NCR USERS: 775 proof w/16 pockets, tape
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Omaha National Bank is seeking a senior level
Commercial Banking Officer. Successful candi­
date will possess a degree in business, finance or
related area and will have either 5 years commer­
cial lending experience or 8 years bank operations
experience with at least 3 years in a commercial
lending capacity. Position requires knowledge of
secured and unsecured loans, bank products and
services, statistical and financial math, account­
ing principles, financial statements, collateral
analysis, and industries and companies repre­
sented in customer base. Must have proven mar­
keting ability and effective customer contact
skills. If qualified, submit resume and salary
history to:

Personnel Department
Omaha National Bank
17th and Fam am Streets
Omaha, Nebraska 68102
Equal Opportunity Employer

405 Main Am es, Iowa 50010

Donald E. Holder, Principal

Phone 1-800/922-2590
Paradise Properties, Box S
Dillon, CO 80435

Attorney experience in trusts and estates plus high perfor­
mance investment record................................................Salary$45,000
Ag Lender with over 20 years of experience and excellent
record. Prefers central or southern Iowa___ Salary $28,000

913 Locust
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

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CEO heading community bank for major multi-bank
holding company seeks position in Minnesota/Wisconsin
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Highly respected and successful Bests A + pro­
perty, casualty, and life insurance organization
seeks Chief Investment Officer to manage $300 mil­
lion portfolio. Supervises broker/dealer operation
affiliated with personal financial planning ser­
vices. Additional opportunity exists to form and
manage an investment advisory operation to pro­
vide investment services to other organizations.
The individual we seek will be a seasoned invest­
ment professional who has successfully managed
a large portfolio in banking, insurance, invest­
ment houses, pension funds, or a mutual fund. In
addition, skill in developing and selling financial
services would be a strong plus. Attractive com­
pensation and desirable life style in a city with ex­
cellent life quality.
Contact in confidence:
Charles H. McDonald
Vice President
AID Insurance Co. (Mutual)
Box 974, 701 Fifth Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50304
Call collect A C 515/280-4267
An Equal Opportunity Employer


JUNIOR OPERATIONS— college degree and 1-2 yrs. bank
operations experience required.
SECOND OFFICER— small rural bank in western Iowa. Pre­
fer ag lending background and insurance licenses. $22,000
PRESIDENT— for $40MM community bank in north central
state. Requires solid commercial lending background and
business development skills.
affiliated with holding company. Manage portfolio. Re­
quires some knowledge of agribusiness financing. $40,000
PRESIDENT— rural $20MM bank with majority of portfolio
in ag credits. Administrative experience required. $35,000
MARKETING O FFICER — progressive $65MM community
bank. Manage retail banking and develop new products.
Must like rural environment.
Additional opportunities available. Resume' requested.

of Kansas City

2024 Swift - Box 12346
North Kansas City, MO 64116
“ Serving the Banking Industry Since 1970”

Vol. 11 No. 52 Northwestern Banker Newsletter (USPS 873-300) is published weekly by the Northwestern Banker Company, 306
Fifteenth Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309, (515) 244-8163. Subscriptions $1.00 per copy, $18.00 per year. Second class postage paid at
Des Moines, Iowa. Address all mail subscriptions, changes of address (Form 3579), manuscripts, mail items to above address.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis