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At a meeting of the Gold Export Committee
of the Federal Reserve Board held in the office of
the Board on Saturday, May 11, 1918, at 10:30 A. M.,
Mr. Warburg, presiding,

Mr. Miller,

Mr. Hamlin,

Mr. Willis, Secretary.

Applications for permission to export coin,
bullion and currency, with papers relative tnereto,
were presented and acted upon as follows:
Proposed changes in regulations governing
exportation of coin, bullion and currency on the
persons of travelers.
Telegram from Governor Van Zandt, requesting
extension to June 15 for Ramon Sottil to export
440,000 gold to Mexico authorized under license #1534.
Letter from Federal Reserve Bank of New York
requesting extension to include May of License *1675,
authorizing shipment of $50,000 currency by Chase
National Bank, New York to Royal Bank of Canada, San
Pedro de Macoris.


Letter from Col. Parker, transmitting copies
of letters from Alvarado Mining and Milling Co. re-


garding certain practices of that company.


Letter from Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia acknowledging letter relative to change in
policy of Mexican Government in connection with gold
and silver exportation.


Letter from /lusher & Co., regarding negotiations for transfer of gold from France against deposit of gold here.


Letter of Mr. Warburg, re furnishing MuSher
& Co. with foreign exchange instead of gold; read,
and discussed; and referred to Board.
Letter from A. M. Nevius of Riggs National
Bank regarding procedure to be followed with checks
drawn on points outside the United States, but payable within the United States.

Referred to Richmond


11. E. Lowe, Del Rio, Texas to Mexico

for Mex, export duties an skins and hides already
imported into United States, $750 gold during May.

American Smelting & Refining Co.,

New York through Laredo to Mexico City during May,
$600,000 gold bullion.

Request change to 2b7o basis.




Equitable Trust Co., New York for

Company, from Nov; York, London or Paris

to Madrid, Spain, Bank or Spain or Banco Hispano
Americano, :.1,250,000 gold.


Mercantile Bank or the Americas,

Inc. New York, to Mercantile Oversea Corporation,
Barranquilla, Colombia, ,,500,000 gold coin during

Voted to reconsider action or May 10; and


Referred to Yr. Warburg.

(1839 revised) National City Bank

of New York or Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas or
both, to R. P. Jennings, Mexico City during Jane,
$565,000 gold coin.


Letter rromMr. Strauss re Crown Cork !
Seal Company as to gold shipment to Spain; read
and noted.
On motion, it was voted that the Chairman
and Secretary of the Committee prepare a new plan
or co-ordinating the wcrk or the Gold Export Committee and the Division or Foreign ',-- xchange, and
report the plan back.
Letter from Mr. Strauss re talk with Mr.
AUchincloss as to Mexican policy.



At 11:50 A. M., the meeting adjourned.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102