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Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Division of Supervision

550 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20429

Special Alert
February 3, 1998




Entities That May Be Conducting Banking Operations in the United States
Without Authorization


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has published the attached updated list of entities that may
be conducting banking business in the United States illegally or without authorization. Please view with
extreme caution any proposed transactions involving any of the listed entities.



The list is an updated summary of entities identified in previous FDIC financial institution letters (FILs) on
this subject. However, this listing does not contain the names of entities furnished by state or foreign
governments, which are included in the following FILs. Please be sure to retain these FILs for your
FIL-17-91, dated April 23, 1991, contains a listing of bank licenses revoked by the Government of
FIL-56-91, dated November 19, 1991, contains a listing of companies purporting to be banks, but
that are not licensed as such by the government of Grenada.
FIL-65-94, dated October 7, 1994, contains a list of entities not licensed to conduct banking
activities in the state of New York.
FIL-92-96, dated November 14, 1996, and FIL-32-97, dated April 11, 1997, contain information
concerning entities that are not licensed chartered banks in Belize.
FIL-35-97, dated April 15, 1997, contains names of entities that may be operating in Canada in
violation of the Bank Act (Canada) and may be conducting unauthorized banking transactions in
the United States.


Please forward any information concerning these entities to the FDIC's Special Activities Section, 550
17th Street, N. W., Room F-6012, Washington, D.C. 20429.
Nicholas J. Ketcha Jr.


Distribution: FDIC-Supervised Banks (Commercial and Savings)
NOTE: Paper copies of FDIC financial institution letters may be obtained through the FDIC's Public
Information Center, 801 17th Street, N.W., Room 100, Washington, D.C. 20434 (800-276-6003 or (703)