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Federal R


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S t. Louis 6 6 , Misso


S t. Lo u is

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December 17, 1959

To Member Banks in the Louisville Zone
of the Eighth Federal Reserve District:
The L ou isv ille Branch of this bank will be closed for all a c tiv itie s
on Saturday, December 26. Normally the L o uisville Branch is open for
b u s in e s s On Saturdays occurring in weeks during which a holiday has
been observed; however, the Governor of Kentucky h as issu ed a proc­
lamation permitting banking in stitu tio n s to su sp end b u s in e s s o n th a t day.
The Check Collection Department of the L o u isv ille Branch will not
operate on December 26.
Member banks located in the zone served by the L o u isv ille Branch
may treat Saturday, December 26, a s a b u s in e s s day in calculating the
availab ility of cash le tters co nsisting of deferred credit c a s h items
which the L ouisv ille Branch rece iv es and han dles on December 24. Direct
sending member banks may also count December 26 a s a b u s in e s s day
in calculating the availab ility of c a s h le tte rs forwarded on December 24
to other Federal Reserve banks and branches.
Direct sending member banks, which operate their check collection
departm ents on December 26 may dispatch cash le tters directly to other
Federal Reserve banks and branches and c a lc u la te the availability of
such cash le tte rs from December 26.
While no money shipments will be made on December 26, a bank may
order currency shipm ents for delivery on Monday, December 28, by sp e­
cifically requesting such delivery on an order reaching the branch not
later than December 24.
P re s id e n t

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102