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Circular No. 2 5 3 4 1
October 30, 1942 J

To Directors and Executive Officers
of All Member Banks in the Second
Federal Reserve District:

The rapid growth of the armed forces of the United States and the tremendous expansion
of production of war materials are resulting in a correspondingly rapid increase in Government
expenditures. The rate of war expenditure has already far exceeded the maximum rate during the first World War and is still increasing. Federal taxes are now producing more revenue
than ever before. But the magnitude of the present war effort is so great that it is requiring a
huge and still increasing volume of security sales by the Treasury.
Vigorous efforts are being made to sell Government securities to the general public and to
savings institutions, and more vigorous efforts will be made. Large sums will be obtained in
this way, particularly if the banks increase their own efforts to sell Government securities to
non-bank investors which includes, of course, their own customers and depositors. For the rest,
it will be necessary for the commercial banks of the country, giving vigorous and continuing
support to the war financing program, to purchase large amounts of Treasury securities. There
can be no question of the willingness of the banks to do their share in providing the Treasury
with funds, but it is important that all banks participate in this operation, in proportion to their
available resources.
In recent years, banks in this country have become accustomed to carrying large amounts
of idle funds in excess of their required reserves. In the period when bank reserves were
increasing rapidly and when demands for bank credit were limited, it was appropriate, in many
cases, for the banks to hold idle excess reserves. But the greatly changed situation which has
arisen since our entry into the war is now giving the banks an opportunity to invest their available funds more fully, and creates the responsibility so to do. The policy of continuing to hold
substantial amounts of idle excess reserves is no longer appropriate nor desirable when such
huge amounts of funds are required to finance this country's participation in the war.
The Federal Reserve System stated on December 8, 1941, that it is prepared to use its
powers to assure that an ample supply of funds is available at all times for financing the war
effort. The banks need have no fear that if they invest in Government securities, they will run
the risk of inability to meet demands on them for cash and for the maintenance of their
reserves at the required levels. Several measures have already been taken by the Federal
Reserve System to maintain adequate reserves in the commercial banks and to facilitate adjustments in the reserve positions of individual banks. These measures include large purchases of
Government securities in the open market; the announcement of a fixed buying rate of % per

cent for Treasury bills at all Federal Reserve Banks, with the option available to the sellers to
repurchase, at any time before maturity, Treasury bills of a like amount and maturity at the
same rate of discount; and the lowering of reserve requirements against demand deposits for
central reserve city banks, which have sustained a persistent loss of reserves since the beginning of 1941. By these means, the Federal Reserve System has contributed substantially to
the maintenance of member bank reserves. A wide distribution of the additional reserves
which, in the first instance, have been released in substantial part in the principal centers, has
been effected through Government borrowing in such centers and expenditure of the proceeds
throughout the country. It has been the general experience of banks outside of the central
reserve cities that, soon after they have invested surplus funds in new issues of Government
securities, their deposits have increased and their reserves have been replenished by Government expenditures in their communities.
Establishment of a Differential Discount Rate
Recognizing that there undoubtedly will be individual banks which will not share proportionately or immediately in the increase in deposits resulting from Government disbursements,
or in the increase in reserve funds resulting from Federal Reserve open market operations,
and that such banks may be subject to losses of reserves through currency withdrawals or other
transactions, this bank has just established a discount rate of V2 per cent for advances to member banks, secured by Government securities maturing or callable within one year or less.
This rate supplements the 1 per cent rate for advances secured by longer term Government
obligations and for rediscounts of eligible paper, and is intended to encourage banks, as occasion
requires, to obtain additional reserves against the pledge of some of their assets, thus avoiding
the necessity of selling such assets to meet temporary situations.
These various measures constitute assurance that banks will be provided with reserves, by
one means or another, as additional reserves are needed, and they should make unnecessary the
continued holding of idle reserves by individual banks as a protection against eventualities.
Such holdings of idle funds, under war conditions, also deprive the banks of needed earnings. Bank expenses and taxes inevitably rise in a war period such as this, and at the same
time deposit liabilities tend to increase much more rapidly than capital funds. The increased
earnings that may be obtained from fuller utilization of available resources thus are helpful to
the banks, both in covering their expenses and in providing net income which may be used to
strengthen their capital positions. The varied types and maturities of securities now being
offered by the Treasury afford banks ample opportunity to employ their available funds more
fully, in the kinds of investments that are suitable to their individual needs.
The present war financing situation suggests that banks should now abandon the practice
of holding large amounts of excess reserves, with the knowledge that by investing their funds
more fully through purchases of Treasury securities, they will be assisting in the war effort
without sacrificing their ability to meet any demands for cash which may be made upon them.
I hope that you will review the situation of your bank, in the light of the considerations
which I have set forth in this letter, and I feel sure that you will not fail to do your full share
in the Government's financing program.



Supplement 4, October 30, 1942
Revision III of August 10, 1942














OF S T A T E :



Supplement 4, October 30, 1942
Revision III of August 10, 1942
By virtue of the authority vested in the Secretary of State, acting in conjunction with the Secretary of the Treasury, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Commerce, the Board of Economic Warfare, and the Coordinator of
Inter-American Affairs, by Proclamation 2497 of the President of July 17,
1941 (6 F.R. 3555), the following Supplement 4 containing certain additions
to, amendments to, and deletions from The Proclaimed List of Certain
Blocked Nationals, Revision I I I of August 10, 1942 (7 F. R. 6282), is hereby
By direction of the President:


Secretary of State

D. W.


Acting Secretary of the Treasury



Attorney General



Secretary of Commerce



Executive Director,
Board of Economic







October 30, 1942


(1) The Proclaimed List is divided into two parts: part I relates to listings
in the American republics; part I I relates to listings outside the American republics.
(2) In part I titles are listed in their letter-address form, word for word as
written in t h a t form, with the following exceptions:
If the title includes a full personal name, t h a t is, a given name or
initial and the surname, the title is listed under the surname.
Personal-name prefixes such as de, la, von, etc., are considered as
part of the surname and are the basis for listing.
The listing is made under the next word of the title when the
initial word or phrase, or abbreviation thereof, is one of the
following Spanish forms or similar equivalent forms in any
other language:
Companfa; Cfa.; Comp.
Comparifa An6nima; C.A.; Comp. An6n.
Sociedad; Soc.
Sociedad An<5nima; S.A.; Soc. An6n.
(8) The indication of an address for a name on the list is not intended to
exclude other addresses of the same firm or individual. A listed name
refers to all branches of the business in the country.
(4) For an explanation of the use of the symbol following each k addition in
this supplement see General Notes, Revision I I I .

Argentina de Navegaci6n de Ultramar, Cia.—Avenida Presidente Roque
Sdenz Pena 616, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
Barrionuevo, Carlos.—Santa Fe 5149, Lanus, F.C.S.; and Almafuerte 443,
Avellaneda, F.C.S., B.A. I I I - 4 .
Blasco, Ram6n.—Moreno 1353, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
Camps, Nicolds.—Reconquista 46, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
Caraffa, Gonzdlez Molina, Krommel y Cia.—San Juan 3344, Buenos Aires.
"Clarinada".—25 de Mayo 171, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
Crivelli, Carlos D.—Vieytes 226, Buenos Aires. III-4.
Crocitto, Geremias.—Bahia Blanca. III-4.
Elkan, Americo Imre.—San Martin 235, Buenos Aires. I I I - 4 .
Farmacia Sarmiento.—Sarmiento 799, Buenos Aires. I I I - 4 .
Gran Farmacia Constituci6n.—Garay 1100, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
Heinrich, Hans Werner.—Humberto I 2031 y Malabia 2561, Buenos Aires.
Hilger, Herman.—Corrientes 378, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
Imprenta "La Comerciai".—Reconquista 1010, Buenos Aires. I I I - 4 .
Instituto Medico Veterinario Argentino.—San Juan 3344, Buenos Aires.
L.S. 2 Radio Prieto Broadcasting.—Bolivar 1356, Buenos Aires. III-4.
Laboratorios Apice.—Humberto I 1739, Buenos Aires. I I I - 4 .
Lemm Bustos, Jorge.—Buenos Aires. I I I - 4 .
Leonardini Hermanos.—Garay 1058, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
Ludorf, Pablo.—Pasteur 1302, Vicente L6pez, B.A. III-4.
Meyer, Raul Federico Carlos.—Corrientes 330, Buenos Aires; Avenida San
Martin 222, Bahia Blanca; Puerto Madryn and Trelew. I I I - 4 .
"Midos" Companfa Argentina Financiera y Fideicomisaria S. de R.L.—25
de Mayo 145, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
Nambei, Yokobori.—Larrea 1287, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
"Naumann".—Independencia 401, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
Novaro, Francisco.—Corrientes 330, Buenos Aires; Avenida San Martin 222,
Bahia Blanca; Puerto Madryn and Trelew. III-4.
Oficina Cientifica Knoll.—Alsina 2196, Buenos Aires. I I I - 4 .
Operaciones, Inmobiliarias y Mutuos "La Surena", S.A. de.—Bahia Blanca.
Perez Martin, Julidn.—Chiclana 420, Bahia Blanca. I I I - 4 .
Polito, Rosario.—Cerrito 792, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
Pucci, Lorenzo.—Bahia Blanca. III-4.
Radio Prieto Broadcasting L.S. 2.—Bolivar 1356, Buenos Aires. I I I - 4 .
Rahe, Guillermo.—Corrientes 330, Buenos Aires; Avenida San Martin 222,
Bahia Blanca; Puerto Madryn and Trelew. III-4.

Rocamora, Guillermo Ricardo.—Santa Fe 3934, Buenos Aires. I I I - 4 .
Rosmino, Atilio.—Corrientes 424, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
Roth, Juan Arnoldo.—San Martin 113, Buenos Aires. III-4.
Ruppert, Helmuth.—Behedero 2712, Buenos Aires. III-4.
Rustom y Hnos., Rachid A.—Reconquista 1010, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
Schriefer, Erwin.—Avenida Presidente Roque Sdenz Pena 7G0, Buenos Aires.
Silva, Alberto P.—Pedro Mendoza 1635, Buenos Aires. Ill—4.
Steiger y Cfa.—Reconquista 491, Buenos Aires. III-4.
Territorial, Rural y Mercantil Sudamericana, S.A.—Corrientes 378, Buenos
Aires. III-4.
Treuhand Sociedad de Administraci6n y Mandatos.—Leandro N. Alem 150,
Buenos Aires. III-4.
Uni6n Alemana de Gremios.—Buenos Aires. III-4.
Vlasov, Alexander.—Avenida Presidente Roque Sdenz Pena 616, Buenos
Aires. Ill—4.
Vaca Guzmdn, Roberto.—Santa Cruz. I I I - 4 .
Vargas Bozo, Jorge.—Avenida Ecuador 696, La Paz.


Agencia "O.K."—Rua Torquato Bahia 3, Edificio Magalhaes, S&o Salvador,
Bahia. III-4.
Appel, Kurt.—Fortaleza, Ceard. Ill—4.
Appel e Cia., Ltda.—Fortaleza, Ceard. III-4.
Beneficiatlora Paulista de Algodao.—Rua Sao Bento 405, Sao Paulo. I I I - 4 .
Bluhm, Henrique.—Fortaleza, Ceard, and all branches in Brazil. III-4.
Bluhm, Escritorios Guilherme.—Fortaleza, Ceard, and all branches in
Brazil. III-4.
Borges, Hugo Macuco.—Rua do Commercio 98, Santos. I I I - 4 .
Buehler, Eugenio.—Rua Uruguayana 22, Rio de Janeiro. Ill—4.
Buttel, Walter.—Avenida Nilo Peganha 155, Rio de Janeiro. Ill—4.
Casa Paulotto, Ltda.—Rua Senador Queiroz 513, Sao Paulo. I I I - 4 .
Casa Tecnioa Mineira.—Rua Tamoyos 487, Bello-Horizonte. I I I - 4 .
Colonizadora Hanseatica, Cia.—Ham6nia, Santa Catharina. III-4.
Comercio e Industria Malburg, Cia.—Itajai, Santa Catharina, and all
branches in Brazil. Ill—4.
Cunto, Ernesto.—Fortaleza, Ceard. III-4.
Cunto, Vicente.—Fortaleza, Ceard. III-4.
Cunto e Cia.—Praga do Ferreira 635, Fortaleza, Ceard. I I I - 4 .
dos Reis, Arturo.—Rua Sao Bento 24, Rio de Janeiro. I I I - 4 .
Empresa Grdfioa Catarinense, S.A.—Blumenau. Ill—4.
Empresa Transportadora Hollmann.—Sao Paulo, and all branches In Brazil.
Esperan^a, Francisco.—Rua Visconde Rio Branco 39, Te6filo Ottoni, Minas
Geraes. I I I - 4 .
Espindola, Bruno.—Florian6polis, Santa Catharina. II1-4.
Exporta^ao Rubiac Ltda.—Rua Sdo Bento 405, Sao Paulo. I I I - 4 .

Fdbrica de Parafusos Sao Paulo Ltda.—Rua Dr. Joao Ribeiro 521, SSo
Paulo. I1I-4.
Fdbrica Metalurgica Diana Ltda.—Rua Teofilo Ottoni 35, Rio de Janeiro;
and Rua Lilazes 20, Jacarepagud, D.F. III-4.
Fazenda Ties Barras.—Municipio de Porto Murtinho, Matto Grosso. Ill—4.
Gomes de Oliveira e Silva, Joao.—Rua Parafzo 325, S&o Paulo. I I I - 4 .
Gomes e Cia., Joao.—Rua Parafzo 325, Sao Paulo. Ill—4.
Hanseatische Kolonisations Gesellschaft.—Ham6nia, Santa Catharina. III-4.
Hollmann, Henrique.—Sao Paulo, and all branches in Brazil. III-4.
Industria Brasileira de Caseina.—Rua Newton Prado 46, Borra do Pirahy,
Rio de Janeiro. III-4.
Industrias Brasileiras Textis - Qufmicas Ltda.—Rua Catharina Braida
71-79, Sao Paulo. I I I - 4 .
Inui, Shigeru.—Rua Dr. Jodo Ribeiro 521, Sao Paulo. III-4.
Kaehler, Otto J.—Rua Torquato Bahia 3, Edificio Magalhaes, Sao Salvador,
Bahia. I I I - 4 .
Kremer, Kurt.—Mandos, Amazonas. III-4.
Ltideniann, Ernest Wilhelm.—Recife, Pernambuco. III-4.
Llidemann e Cia., W.—Avenida Marques de Olinda 85, 2°, Recife, Pernambuco. I I I - 4 .
Machado, Jose.—Rua da Praia, Paranagud, Parand. Ill—4.
Martini, Aldo.—Sao Paulo. I I I - 4 .
Moraes, A. R — R u a Cortume 196, Sao Paulo. III-4.
Moreira e Gomes.—Rua Visconde Vergueiro 22, Santos. III-4.
Muegge, Carlos.—Rua Barao de Jaguaribe 377, Rio de Janeiro. III-4.
Muller, Alfredo.—FIorian6polis, Santa Catharina. III-4.
Palmeira & Meyer Ltda.—Rua Capitao Salomao 89, Sao Paulo. I I I - 4 .
Pinto da Luz e Silva, Heitor.—Rua Sao Bento 22, Rio de Janeiro. Ill—4.
Quebracho Brasil S.A.—Avenida Almirante Barroso 81, Rio de Janeiro,
and all branches in Brazil. Ill—4.
Rehbock, Joachim Ferdinand.—Rio de Janeiro. III-4.
Reis, Arthur.—Rua Sao Bento 24, Rio de Janeiro. I I I - 4 .
Rossi, Humberto.—Campos, Rio de Janeiro. I I I - 4 .
Sd, Antonio.—Avenida Epitdcio Pessfia 157, Santos. Ill—4.
Sampaio e Sad.—Rua Buenos Aires 140, Rio de Janeiro. I I I - 4 .
Tigges e Cia.—Rua 15 de Novembro 595, Curitiba. I I I - 4 .
Transportadora Hollmann.—Sao Paulo, and all branches in Brazil. I I I - 4 .
Uebele, Hans Ulrich.—Santos. Ill—4.
Uebele, Otto—Santos. III-4.
Ulrichs, Friedrich Wilhelm Victor Albert.—Fortaleza, Ceard. Ill—4.
Ulrichs e Cia., Ltda., F.—Edificio Diogo, Sala 63, Fortaleza, Ceard. I I I - 4 .
von Wangenheim, Dietrich (Baron).—Florian<5polis, Santa Catharina. Ill—4.
Voos, Leo.—Rua Sao Pedro 106, Rio de Janeiro. Ill—4.
Weishuhn, Rudolf.—Avenida Rio Branco 69-77, Rio de Janeiro. I I I - 4 .
Werner, Hilmar Bernhard.—Rio de Janeiro. I I I - 4 .
Winterstein, Herbert.—Rio de Janeiro. I I I - 4 .
Winterstein, Gertrude.—Rua Conselheiro Saraiva 14, Rio de Janeiro. I I I - 4 .
Wirtzbiki, Franz.—Porongaba, Fortaleza, Ceard. Ill—4.
Woebcken, Adolfo (Jr.).—Rua Te6filo Ottoni 83, Rio de Janeiro. I I I - 4 .

Asociaci6n de Amigos de Alemania 6 Italia.—Santo Domingo 714, Santiago;
and Prat 846, Valparaiso. Ill—4.
Bar Munich.—Plaza Anibal Pinto 1189, Valapariso. III-4.
Benites S., Armando H.—Echaurren 35, Santiago. III-4.
Be}', Edwin.—Avenida Concepci6n 155, Santiago. I1I-4.
Bodel6n Sanz, Amando.—Gran Bretana 118, Valparaiso. I I I - 4 .
Bodel6n Sanz y Cia.—Blanco 1466, Valparaiso. I I I - 4 .
Bonohr, Harry.—Anibal Pinto 270, Concepci6n. III-4.
Canas Flores, Ramiro.—Dardignac 170, Santiago. Ill—4.
Casa Picasso.—Bulnes esquina M. Montt, Temuco. I1I-4.
Chilena de Lubrieantes S.A., Cia.—San Joaquin 3103, Santiago. I I I - 4 .
Coronata, Nino.—Matta esquina Maipu, Antofagasta. I I I - 4 .
Costa, Gustavo.—Prat 790, Valparaiso. III-4.
Costa v Cia., G.—Prat 790, Valparaiso. Ill—4.
Croxatto S., David.—Manuel Montt esquina Bulnes, Temuco. I I I - 4 .
Curti Ruggiani, Arnaldo.—Yungay 2730-2732, Valparaiso. II1-4.
Curti Ruggiani, Tulio.—Yungay 2730-2732, Valparaiso. I I I - 4 .
Dorbach, Kruckel y Cia., Ltda.—San Joaquin 3103, Santiago. I I I - 4 .
Eberbach Vogel, German.—Vicuna Mackenna 788, Temuco. I I I - 4 .
"El Vaticano".—Matta esquina Maipti, Antofagasta. I I I - 4 .
Espinosa, Arsenio.—Claro Solar 965, Temuco. I I I - 4 .
Fd.b r ica de Bettin "Royal".—San Martin 36, Concepci6n. I I I - 4 .
Foto Ziegele.—Manuel Montt 791, Temuco. III-4.
Fratelli Curti y Cia., Ltda.—Yungay 2730-2732, Valparaiso. III-4.
Galli Curti, Mario Aimone.—Yungay 2730-2732, Valparaiso. I I I - 4 .
Garage Italia.—Chaeabuco 2052^ Valparaiso. III-4.
Gomez-Marafi6n, Nicolds.—Avenida Argentina 328, Valparaiso. I I I - 4 .
Greve, Carlos.—J. V. Lastarria 158, Santiago. Ill—4.
Hannig, Max.—A. Pinto (Casilla 54), Traiguen. Ill—4.
Hollstein, Arnaldo.—Osorno. I I I - 4 .
Holtz LehnhotT, Carlos.—Tongoy 57, Casa 3, Vina del Mar. I I I - 4 .
Hoppe, Walterio.—Calle Riquclme, La Uni6n. Ill—4.
Hotel Herzog.—Blanco 395, Valparaiso. I I I - 4 .
Huhnemann, Hugo.—Blanco 395, Valparaiso. Ill—4.
Imprenta Atlantis.—Esperanza 1568, Santiago. Ill—4.
Imprenta Comercial.—Claro Solar 965, Temuco. Ill—4.
Italradio Ltda.—Chacabuco 2052, Valparaiso. I I I - 4 .
Kaiser Richter, Federico.—Esperanza 1568, Santiago. I I I - 4 .
Kido Kido. Masasi.—Portal Edwards 2732, Santiago. I I I - 4 .
Kowald y Meissner, Ltda.—Arturo Prat 441 (Casilla 117), Temuco. I I I - 4 .
Lenim Bustos, Jorge.—Matias Cousino 150, Santiago. I I I - 4 .
Mahn, Otto N.—Sotomayor 347, Santiago. I I I - 4 .
Martin, Crist6bal (Dr.).—Caupolic&n 307 y Pedro de Valdivia 787, Concepci6n. Ill—4.
Moiler, Arturo.—Rio Bueno. I I I - 4 .
Montalbetti Macchi, Ambrogio.—Chacabuco 2052, Valparaiso. I I I - 4 .
Montalbetti Tabaletti, Ricardo.—Chacabuco 2052, Valparaiso. I I I - 4 .
Montalbetti e Hijos, R.—Chacabuco 2052, Valparaiso. I I I - 4 .
Optica Tschumi.—Anibal Pinto 470, Concepci6n. I I I - 4 .

Ott, Francisco.—San Martin 36, Concepci6n. III-4.
Panaderia Viale.—Valparaiso 498, Vina del Mar. I I I - 4 .
Pasteleria Viale.—Valparaiso 613, Vina del Mar. III-4.
Picasso y Cia., C.—Bulnes esquina M. Montt, Temuco. III-4.
Redlich Repe, Enrique.—Cochrane 1064, Concepci6n. Ill—4.
Remmele, Guillermo.—Calle Manuel Montt (Casilla 283), Temuco. I I I - 4 .
Robinovitch, Gregorio.—Agustinas 972 (Casilla 2553), Santiago. III-4.
Roth, Carlos.—Freire. I I I - 4 .
Sanguinetti Cioino, Enrique.—Yungay 2730-2732, Valparaiso. III-4.
Sanguinetti Cioino, Victor.—Yungay 2730-2732, Valparaiso. III-4.
Schilling Hermanos.—Carrera 783, Osorno. I I I - 4 .
Schmidt M6ndez, Max.—La Serena. Ill—4.
Schmoltzer, Gottfried.—Prat 790, Valparaiso. Ill—4Schulz, Max.—Prat 790, Valparaiso. Ill—4.
Sucesion Reichert.—Freire. I I I - 4 .
Sucesi6n Schleyer.—Freire. I I I - 4 .
Teatro Mundial.—Argentina 163, Valparaiso. Ill—4.
Tsehumi, Berta Erikson viuda de.—Anibal Pinto 470, Concepci<5n. I I I - 4 .
Viale, Agustin.—Vina del Mar. Ill—4.
Viale, Dante—Casilla 369, Vina del Mar. I I I - 4 .
Viale y Cia—Casilla 369, Vina del Mar. I I I - 4 .
Ziegele, Pablo.—Manuel Montt 791, Temuco. I I I - 4 .
Agueta, Tokuso Aguena.—Cali. III-4.
Awakon, Masaharu.—Pradera. Ill—4.
Baedecker, T. R.—Bucaramanga. III-4.
Berlit, Helmut Clason.—Barranquilla. I I I - 4 .
Casa Alemana.—Florencia. I I I - 4 .
Colonia Agricola Japonesa.—Calle 10 No. 11-47, Cali.
Emura, Kunie Kikutake.—Florida. III-4.
Emura, Masasuke.—Florida. I I I - 4 .
Emura. Norio.—Florida. I I I - 4 .
Emura, Tane.—Florida. Ill—4.
Emura, Tomeo.—Florida. I I I - 4 .
Ferreteria Central —Bucaramanga. I I I - 4 .
Fujino, Kaneko Konosuke.—Florida. I I I - 4 .
Hagino, Tsumeo.—Florida. I I I - 4 .
Harada, Chiyono.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Harada. Ichietezu.—Corinto. III-4.
Harada, Kimiko.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Hayashi, Fumiyo.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Hayashi, Katsumasa.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Hayashi, Morisuke.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Hayashi, Moritzuka.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Hayashi, Shikano Makayama.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Hayashi, Tumiyo.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Hohaly, Seykiche.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .

Owned by T. R. Baedecker, Bucaramanga.


Horal, Susumu.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Heria, Susuma.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Ishibashi, Chiyomatsu.—Corinto. III-4.
Ishibashi, Momoyo Teshima.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Kagawa, Kisihei.—Miranda. I I I - 4 .
Karch, Rudolf.—Florencia. I I I - 4 .
Karch & Straub.—Florencia. I I I - 4 .
Kato, Ume.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Kato, Yosohiro.—Corinto. III—4.
Kikutaka, Kagao.—Florida. I I I - 4 .
Kikutake, Alkino.—Florida. I I I - 4 .
Kitamikado, Arata.—Corinto. 111-4.
Kitamikado, Sakiyo.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Koga, Minobu.—Corinto. ' III-4.
Kubo-Kubo, Hiroshi—Cali. I I I - 4 .
Kuboyama, Ake.—Florida. I I I - 4 .
Kuboyama, Tokuji.—Florida. Ill—4.
Kuratomi, Hatsuka.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Kuratomi, Hiyoshi.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Kuratomi, Isoji.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Kuratomi, Sadami.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Kuratomi, Tokio.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
"La Nina Maria".—Territorio Nacional de Caquetd.
Mishi, Tamura.—Cali. III-4.
Miyoko, Sakamoto Miso.—Miranda. I I I - 4 .
Morimitsu, Isugui.—Pradera. III-4.
Morimitsu, Isukisuki.—Miranda. III-4.
Morimitsu, Kakodo.—Corinto. III-4.
Morimitsu, Kaname.—Corinto. III-4.
Morimitsu, Kikue.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Morimitsu, Kunaji.—Miranda. III-4.
Morimitsu, Nojoda.—Corinto. III-4.
Morimitsu, Shozo.—Corinto. III-4.
Morimitsu, Tomoe.—Miranda. Ill—4Morita, Marsumi.—Corinto. 111-4.
Morita, Mumeno.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Morita, Sadakatsu.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Nakamura, Akira.—Miranda. 111—4.
Nakamura, Nasumi.—Miranda. Ill—4.
Nakamura, Sadae.—Miranda. III-4.
Nakamura, Suejiro.—Miranda. Ill—4.
Nakamura, Takeo.—Miranda. Ill—4.
Nakata, Jitsuza.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Nakata, Kaneko.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Nakata, Osada.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Nakavama, Tadashi.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Nikaido, Jutaru.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Nikaido, Yai.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Nishi, Kenichi.—Corinto. Ill—4.


Nishi, Nui—Corinto. III-4.
Nishikuni, Antonio.—Cali. I I I - 4 .
Noyore, Minoru.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Ogata, Soishiro.—Miranda. Ill—4.
Ohelert, Max.—Pasto. III-4.
Omuku, Masao.—Miranda. III-4.
Sakamoto, Ayako.—Florida. Ill—4.
Sakamoto, Isayo.—Florida. I I I - 4 .
Sakamoto, Iwao.—Florida. I I I - 4 .
Sakamoto, Niyoshi.—Pradera. Ill—4.
Sakamoto, Shigetoschi.—Florida. Ill—4.
Sakamoto, Tassu.—Pradera. Ill—4.
Sakamoto, Tokishige.—Pradera. III-4.
Shegematsu, Haruko.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Shegematsu, Isumi.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Shegematsu, Shime.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Shegematsu, Tunagoro.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Shima, Ameo.—C'errito. Ill—4.
Shima, Miso Kime.—Cerrito. III-4.
Shire, Miso Kime.— III—4.
Shiwa, Toshiharu.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Straub, Hans.—Floreneia. Ill—4.
Takaoki, Iwao.—Cerrito. III-4.
Takegami, Hideo.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Tamura, Koichi—Cali. III-4.
Tamura, Miyono Tokinaga.—Cali. Ill—4.
Tamura, Momi.—Cali. Ill—4.
Tanaka, Charlotte F.—Cali. I I I - 4 .
Tanaka, Geshiro.—Cali. III-4.
Tanaka, Kurao.—Bogotd. I I I - 4 .
Tanaka, Masao.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Tanaka, Masue.—Corinto. III-4.
Tanaka, Masuru.—Miranda. Ill—4.
Tanaka, Shikakichi.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Tanaka, Takayoslii.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Tanaka Teshima, Masumi.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Tanaka, Tsuno.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Tanaka, Yukio.—Corinto. I I I - 4 . *
Tanaka, Yutaka.—Corinto. III-4.
Tejiro, Kato.—Corinto. III-4.
Tekagami, Kiyoshige.—Miranda. I I I - 4 .
Tekagami, Masayoshi.—Corinto. III-4.
Tekagami, Michi.—Miranda. I I I - 4 .
Tekagami, Mitsuri.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Tekagami, Miyako.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Teshima, Daikichi.—Corinto. I I I - 4 .
Teshima, Kanama.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Teshima, Kennosuke.—Corinto. Ill—4.

Teshima, Kumiko.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Teshima, Tama.—Corint o. 111-4.
Teshima, Tenuenmon.—Corinto. III-4.
Tokunaga, Tesuneyoshi.—Florida. Ill—4.
Tokunaga, Uhei.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Tokunaga, Yasayu.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Tokunaga, Yokino.—Corinto. 111—4.
Uejara, Jutaro.—Cali. Ill—4.
Watanabe, Koichi.—El Bolo. III-4.
Watanabe, Rokuro.—El Bolo. Ill—4.
Yamanaka, Shosaku.—Corinto. III-4.
Yasuma, Seo Keizo.—Corinto. III-4.
Yoshioka, Hiyoto.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Yoshioka, Isuchizo.—Corinto. 111—4.
Yoshioka, Kirie.—Corinto. Ill—4.
Yoshioka, Sadakuni.—Corinto. III-4.
Hal pern, David.—Calle 21 No. 609, Apartamento 3, Habana.


Guevara, Segundo.—Guayaquil. I I I - 4 .
Guzmdn D., Bolivar A.—Casilla 426, Guayaquil. I I I - 4 .
Merino Leteche, Silvano.—Guayaquil. I I I - 4 .
Missale, Angelina Warnock de.—Casilla 1058, Guayaquil. III-4.
Nunez, Nicolds.—Esquina Calles Col6n y Quito, y Pedro Carbo, Guayaquil.
Pernigotti, Blanca Avelliin Ordonez de.—Casilla 1100, Guayaquil. Ill—4.
Schwartz, Maria Klaschen de.—Guayaquil. I I I - 4 .
Yannuzzelli, Leticia Ortiz de.—Guayaquil. I I I - 4 .
Yannuzzelli Ortiz, Donato.—Guayaquil. Ill—4.
Yannuzzelli Ortiz, Tonio.—Guayaquil. Ill—4.
Yannuzzelli Ortiz, Vidal.—Guayaquil. Ill—4.
Finca "El Le6n".—Colomba, Quezaltenango. Ill—4.
Lange, Oscar.—Finca "El Leon", Colomba, Quezaltenango. III-4.
Moll, Rodolfo.—Apartado 336, Guatemala, Guatemala. Ill—4.
Casale, Sylvio.—Avenue President Trujillo, Port-au-Prince. I I I - 4 .
Casale & Fils, G.—Avenue President Trujillo, Port-au-Prince. I I I - 4 .
Petoia, Hermano.—Avenue President Trujillo, Port-au-Prince. I I I - 4 .

Libreria Ruben Dario.—Managua. I I I - 4 .
Perez Valle, Francisco.—Managua. I I I - 4 .
P6rez Valle y Cia. Ltda., Francisco.—Managua.
Recalde, Victor.—Managua. I I I - 4 .
Tintoreria Mexicana.—Managua. I I I - 4 .


Dolphin & Co., Inc.—Panamd.


SaLsa, Hijos de Bernardo.—Buenos Aires 425, General Artigas v General
Santos, Asunci6n. III-4.
Brinckmann, Erich.—Pacasmayo. I I I - 4 .
de Lambarri, Isidoro.—Arequipa. Ill—4.
Ehler, Hans.—Arequipa. I I I - 4 .
Fabrica de Metal Desplegado S.A.—Avenida de los Incas 584, Lima.
Kcomt, Eduardo N.—Lima 153, Chepen. III-4.
Komiya, Gentaro.—Maran6n 279, Lima. Ill—4.
Morantc, Carlos A.—Judios 254 y Callao 607-D, Lima. I I I - 4 .
Rasuri, Ram6n.—Maran6n 279, Lima. Ill—4.
Rohde, Walther.—Avenida de los Incas 584, Lima. Ill—4.
von Berswordt, Udo.—Lima. Ill—4.


Hotel Neptuno.—Grito de Gloria 1380, Montevideo. III-4.
Lendle, Fritz.—Grito de Gloria 1380, Montevideo. III-4.
Richter, Ernesto G.—I^avalleja 1843 y Camino Cuchilla Grande 8118.
Montevideo. 111-4.
Turri, Lodovico.—Burgues 3217, Montevideo. 111-4.
Turri, Zino.—Burgues 3217, Montevideo. II1-4.
"El Le6n", Comp. An6n.—Caracas. Ill—4.
F&brica de Hielo —Nueva Caracas, Caracas.
Lehrmann, Antonio.—Caracas. Ill—4.
Lehrmann & Fraticeschi.—Caracas. 111-4.
Werner, T.—Nueva Caracas, Caracas. 111-4.

Owned by T. Werner.


Relative to

Fischer, M&ximo.—Venezuela 2047, Buenos Aires, see footnote 1.


L6pez, J. Mario.—25 de Mayo 140, Buenos Aires,
Lopez, I. Mario.—25 de Mayo 140, Buenos Aires.


Vicum y Cfa. S. de R.L., Carlos.—Malvinas 180, Buenos Aires;
and General Martin Rodriguez 324-36, Adrogue, F.C.S.,
Vicum y Cfa. S. de R.L., Carlos.—Cangallo 362, Buenos Aires;
and General Martin Rodriguez 324-36, Adrogu6, F.C.S.


Not to be confused with MSximo Fischer, Cevallos 258 y Artayeta Caste* 571, OUvos.


Borda, Jos6 Vicenio.—Espana 501, Cochabamba,
Borda Vicenio, Jos6.—Espana 501, Cochabamba.


Hochstetter, Francisco.—Aniceto Arce 21-23, Sucre,
Hochstatter, Francisco.—Aniceto Arce 21-23, Sucre; and Potosf.


Hochstetter, Juan.—Aniceto Arce 21-23, Sucre,
Hochstatter, Juan.—Aniceto Arce 21-23, Sucre; and Potosf.


Hochstetter Hnos.—Aniccto Arce 21-23, Sucre,
Hochstatter Hnos.-—Aniceto Arce 21-23, Sucre; and Potosf.


Yutaka, Imon.—SagArnaga 227, La Paz,
Imon, Yutaka.—Sag&rnaga 227, La Paz.


Bar Alem&n.—La Serena,
Restaurant Bar y Hotel Berlin.—La Serena.


Casa Sedylan.—Viel 1896, Santiago,
Sedylan, F&brica de Tejidos Ltda.—Avenida Vicufia Mackenna
3150, Santiago.


Ruehle, Wilhelm.—Medellfn,
Ruehle, Wilhelm—Calle 50 No. 49-55, Medellfn.




Brachtl, Karl.—Managua,
Brachtl, Karl (Carlos).—Managua.


Bazaar "Tokyo".—Avenida Central 141, Panamd,
Bazaar "Tokyo".—Panamd.


Lage-Schulte, H.—Avenida Balboa 10.087, C0I611,
Lage-Schulte, H.—Col6n.


Shiraishi, Miyuki.—Avenida Central 141, Panamd,
Shiraishi, Miyuki.—Panamd.


Wegener, Sigfrido.—4 de Julio 3 (Apartado 1225), Panamd,
Wegener, Sigfrido.—Panamd.


Yoshida & Co., M. T.—Avenida Central 141, Panamd,
Yoshida & Co., M. T.—Panamd.

Relative to

Hamann, A.C.—Abancay (Compas de la Concepci6n)
(Casilla 370), Lima, see footnote 1.


Not to i>e confused with Carlos Hamann, Edificio Jesus Xazareno, Ayacucho 113, Ofieina 101,


Novarro, Luis.—Ciencias 7, Maraeaibo,
Novaro, Luis.—Ciencias 7, Maraeaibo.

Aurelio, Francisco.—Pav6n 4068-70, Buenos Aires.
Capano, Julio.—Mdjico 628, Buenos Aires.
Kalmar, Hugo.—Maipu 429, Buenos Aires.
Arce, Armando.—C0I611 236, La Paz.
Barber & Co., Sucrs., Alfredo W.—Riberalta.
"La Calle".—Col6n 236, La Paz.
Mertens, Carlos.—Riberalta.
Sonnenschein, Adela.—Riberalta.
Sonnenschein, Carl.—Riberalta.
Bonnenschein, Carlos.—Riberalta.
Sonnenschein Hermanos.—Riberalta.
Casa dos Presentes Ltda.—Largo Sao Francisco 66, Sao Paulo.
Braumuller S., Gerardo.—Santa Beatriz 273, Santiago.
Marin, Juan R.—Coquimbo.
Saelzer y Schwarzenberg, Ltda.—San Carlos 115 y P6rez JRosales 600, Valdivia; Ramirez esquina Bulnes y Ramirez 914, Osorno; and all branches
in Chile.
Schwarzenberg Thater, Pablo.—Valdivia.
Chac6n, Alberto.—Puntarenas.
El Bolsin.—San Jos4. '
Pasteleria del Correo.—San Jos&
Langa, Antonio.—Ciudad Trujillo.
Sotomayor, Emeterio.—Ciudad Trujillo.
Beneficio "San Jos6".—Zacatecoluca, La Paz.
Seoane, Jos£ Maria.—Zacatecoluca, La Paz.

Fleischmann, Yoeno.—Callao 152, Lima.
Molino Oriental.—20 de Septiembre, Lima.
I.N.T.E.L.A.S., Industria Nacional Tejidos en Lana, Algod6n, Seda.—Avenida General Flores 2965, Montevideo.
Industria Nacional Tejidos en Lana, Algod6n, Seda.—Averida General
Flores 2965, Montevideo.
Slowak, Roberto.—Nelson 3209, Montevideo.
Zambra Hermanos.—Agraciada 3909, Montevideo.



Akhavan, Jafa.—Tehran. Ill—4.
Akhavan, Sherkat Nesbi.—Khiabanc Boozarjomehri, Tehran. I I I - 4 .
Akhavan, Sherkat Tazamoni Mohammed Hussein Kashani & Sons (Kashani,
Sherkat Tazamoni Mohammed Hussein Akhavan & Sons).—Serai, Hadji
Hassan, Tehran. I I I - 4 .
Almeida, Francisco Teixeira de.—Logar de Gervide (Quinta de S. Joao),
Oliveira do Douro. III-4.
Almeida, Joaquim Ribeiro de.—Lisbon. I I I - 4 .
Avadic, Solly.—Hotel Victoria, Lisbon. I I I - 4 .
Borges, Joao Antunes Moura.—Rua da P r a t a 59, Lisbon. III-4.
Caldeira, Manuel Goncalves.—Rua da Prata 59, and Rua Tenente Ferreira
Durao 2, Lisbon. III-4.
Castilho, Augusto Correia Pereira.—Rua Bernardim Ribeiro 57, Lisbon.
Chain (Sain), Aristide.—Rua Bernardim Ribeiro 57, Lisbon. Ill—4.
Dias, Jose Candido.—Rua das Flores 282, Oporto. Ill—4.
Dithmer, Kurt.—Rua Pinto Bessa 306, Oporto. III-4.
Fabrica do Casal - Artur Goncalves da Silva.—Rua 14 de Outubro 241-249,
Vila Nova de Gaia. Ill—4.
Fonseca, Emidio Macedo da.—Rua Tomaz Ribeiro 83, Lisbon. Ill—4.
Fontes, M. Ltda.—Rua Elisio de Melo 28, Oporto. I I I - 4 .
Frederico, Firmino Goncalves.—Rua 31 de Janeiro 57, Oporto. Ill—4.
Frederico, Manuel (Manuel Goncalves Frederico Sequeira Cesar).—Rua 31
de Janeiro 57, Oporto. I I I - 4 .
Geral de Comercio Imperio, Soc.—Rua Bernardim Ribeiro 57, Lisbon.
Kirschen, Henry.—Rua Bernardim Ribeiro 57, Lisbon. I I I - 4 .
Lafoes Industrial Ltda.—S. Pedro do Sul. Ill—4.
Marimon, Henrique.—Rua do Cruzeiro a Ajuda 10, Lisbon. III-4.
Mineira do Norte de Portugal, Cia.—Rua 31 de Janeiro 109, Oporto. Ill—4
Moniz, Mario de Sousa Botelho.—Rua de S. Francisco Sales 2, and Praca
Luiz de Camoes 4, Lisbon. I I I - 4 .
Moraes, Francisco.—Rua Tomaz Ribeiro 83, Lisbon. Ill—4.
Peixoto, Joao.—Rua Elisio de Melo 28, Oporto. III-4.
Rebelo, Jose Carlos Amador.—Rua Lusiano Cordeiro 54, Lisbon. III-4.
Recolhas Ltda., Soc. de (Garagem Grandela).—Rua Tomaz Ribeiro 83,
Lisbon. Ill—4.

S.E.T.E.L.I. - Soc. de Transportes e Empreendimentos Ltda.—Travessa do
Abarracamento de Peniche 7, Lisbon. Ill—4.
Sain (Chain), Aristide.—Rua Bernardim Ribeiro 57, Lisbon. Ill—4.
Silva, Alexandre Marques da.—Bodiosa, Vizeu. Ill—4.
Silva, Artur Goncalves da (Fabrica do Casal).—Rua 14 de Outubro 241-249,
Vila Nova de Gaia. 111-4.
Silva, Dr. Joao Andre Duarte.—Rua Teofilo Braga 1, Lisbon. III-4.
Silva, Virgilio Filipe Pereira da.—Rua Tomaz Ribeiro 83, Lisbon. Ill—4.
Transportes e Empreendimentos Ltda., Soc. de (S.E.T.E.L.I.).—Travessa
do Abarracamento de Peniche 7, Lisbon. 111-4.
Trevisani, Giovanni.—Rua Miguel Bombarda, Ermezinde. 111—4.
Tungstenia Ltda.—Rua Elisio de Melo 28, Oporto. 111-4.
Varela. Joaquim dos Santos.—Ave. de Berne, and Alameda das Linhas de
Torres 261, Lisbon. 111-4.
Ahlefeldt, Kai Von.—Dembos. III-4.
Dieken, Edmund.—Loanda. Ill—4.
Fazenda Moxixe.—Munenga, Libolo. Ill—4.
Krueck, Elsa.—Munenga, Libolo. Ill—4.
Krueck, Erwin.—Munenga, Libolo. Ill—4.
Roca Novo Minho.—Dembos. Ill—4.
Pastelaria, Iris.—Funchal. Ill—4.
Sacco, Ferdinando.—Funchal. I I I - 4 .
Sacco, Pierino.—Funchal. Ill—4.
Astigarraga, Hijos de.—Bertendona 4-1, Bilbao. Ill—4.
Avadic, Solly.—Hotel California, Jose Antonio 38, Madrid. Ill—4.
Bachia, Cia. Nav. (Owners of S.S. "Bachi", "Bartolo", "Juan de Astigarraga", "Kauldi", "Manuchu", and "Tom").—Bertendona 4-1, Bilbao.
Bachmann, Max.—Palamos, Palafrugell. III-4.
Canizal Alonso, Jesus.—San Pablo 68, Salamanca. Ill—4.
Dahlman, Erik.—Valparaiso 5, Seville. Ill—4.
Diego Pallido, Maximiliano.—San Pablo 68, Salamanca. Ill—4.
Diego S.A., Gregorio.—San Pablo 68, Salamanca. Ill—4.
Esteva Girbau, Francisco.—Jose Antonio 11, Palafrugell. Ill—4.
Esteva, Joaquin.—Sena y Avelli, Palafrugell. Ill—4.
Esteva & Cia., S.L.—Palamos, Palafrugell. I I I - 4 .
Fabregat Cabre, Antonio.—Barcelona. I I I - 4 .
Fabregat Cabre, Enrique.—Barcelona. I I I - 4 .
Gerzon S.A., Jules.—Bigay 4, Barcelona, and Prado 29, Madrid. III-4.
Grosse, Joaquin A.—Bruch 148, Barcelona. Ill—4.

Hernandez, Juan Francisco.—San Pablo 68, Salamanca. I I I - 4 .
Kurztisch, Federico.—Paris 127, Barcelona. III-4.
Larrinaga, viuda de (Benito de Valle y Hnos. - Sucrs. de la viuda de Larrinaga).—Bailen 5 and 7, Bilbao. I I I - 4 .
Lenhardi Pastore, Domingo.—Genova 8, Madrid. Ill—4.
Madruga, Esteban.-—San Pablo 68, Salamanca. Ill—4.
Niessen, Guillerino.—Renteria, Guipuzcoa. III-4.
Productos Carlen.—Genova 8, and Gil Baus, Prosperidad, Madrid. III-4.
Productos Ideal Patent Contact S.A.—Elisa 7, Torre, Barcelona. III-4.
Querchfeld, George.—Ciscar 28, Valencia. Ill—4.
Rischak, Luis.—Maria Molina 16, Madrid. Ill—4.
Schott, Carlos.—Via Layetana 47, Barcelona. Ill—4.
Semmler, Juan.—Mejico 11, Madrid. I I I - 4 .
Valle y Hnos., Benito de (Sucrs. de la viuda de Larrinaga).—Bailen 5 and 7,
Bilbao. II1-4.
Wagener, Walter.—Alcala 28, and Nunez de Balboa 72, Madrid. I I I - 4 .
Canary Islands
Doreste Morales, Manuel.—Triana 40, Las Palmas, Grand Canary. Ill—4.
Jaen Diaz, Domingo.—La Puntilla 21, San Cristobal, Las Palmas. I I I - 4 .
Kamphoff, Arthur.—Apartado 295, Las Palmas. Ill—4.
Digestor A/B.—Birger Jarlsgatan 38, Stockholm. I I I - 4 .
Mattsson, Harriet.—Kungsgatan 30, Stockholm. Ill—4.
Philipsons Automobil A/B.—St. Eriksgatan 117, Stockholm. III-4.
Philipsons Forsaljnings A/B.—St. Eriksgatan 117, Stockholm. Ill—4.
Savabini, Anatolio.—Birger Jarlsgatan 38, Stockho lm. Ill—4.
Aliag Handelsaktiengesellschaft.—Bahnhofstr. 80, Zurich. I I I - 4 .
Bolter-Futter A.G.—Buchs, St. Gallen. I I I - 4 .
Bumann, Hans.—Freistr. 16, Basel. Ill—4.
Buser, E. & F.—Tiergartenstr. 5, Liestal, and Butzenwcg 476, Sissach,
Baseband. I I I - 4 .
Buser, Gebr.—Hemmiken, Baseband. I I I - 4 .
Eichenberger, S.A., Paul.—Rue de Geneve 7, Lausanne, and Liebefeld,
Bern. I I I - 4 .
Fruchtzucker und Getranke A.G.—Hohlstr. 507, Zurich. I I I - 4 .
Handels und Industriewerte A.G. Fur.—Glarus. Ill—4.
Handelsgesellschaft Intercambio G.m.b.H.—Unterstadt, Zofingen, and
Marktgasse 24, Bern. I I I - 4 .
Hauser, Paul.—Riimelstr. 10, Neuallschwil. Ill—4.
Huber, August (Internationale Transporte und Inkasse).—Salmsasacherstr.
1-717, Romanshorn, Thurgau. I I I - 4 .
Hurzeler, Willy.—Freistr. 16, Basel. I I I - 4 .

Importations de Combustibles S.A., Soc. Generale de (Sogico).—Rue de
Chantepoulet 4, Geneva. Ill—4.
Intercambio G.m.b.H., Handelsgesellschaft.—Unterstadt, Zofingen, and
Marktgasse 24, Bern. Ill—4.
Muller, Friedrich Peter.—Zofingen. III—4.
Nord Transport A.G.—Elisabethenstr. 2, Basel. Ill—4.
Primeurs S.A.—Gare C.F.F., Neuchatel. III-4.
Privee de Gestion S.A. Soc.—Rue St. Pierre 12, Fribourg. I I I - 4 .
Sapal S.A., des Plieuses Automatiques.—Ave. Dapples 54, Lausanne. I I I - 4 .
Scheller, Henry.—Sihlstr. 34, Zurich. I I I - 4 .
Schmalfilm A.G.—Spiegelhofstr. 28, Zurich. I I I - 4 .
"SOGICO" Soc. Generale de Importations de Combustibles S.A.—Rue de
Chantepoulet 4, Geneva. Ill—4.
South American Investment Co. Ltd. - Sudamerikanische Beteiligungsgesellschaft A.G.—Stadthausquai 7, Zurich. I I I - 4 .
Stafl. Richard.—Hardstr. 162. and Hebelstr. 92, Basel. I I I - 4 .
Straehli. K. F„ G.m.b.H.—Iiebberg, Zofingen. III-4.
Sudamerikanische Beteiligungsgesellschaft A.G. (South American Investment
Co. Ltd.).—Stadthausquai 7, Zurich. Ill—4.
Suter-Oes. Walter.—Thiersteineralle 13, Basel. II1-4.
Weiss & Co., Walt her.—Freistr. 16, P. O. Box 1817, Basel. I I I - 4 .
Weiss-Mullerleile, Karl.—Freistr. 16, Basel. I I I - 4 .
Widmer, Jakob.—Wohlen, Aargau. III-4.
Zingg, A. E.—SchafThauserstr. 474, Glattbrugg, and Siewerdstr. 4, Zurich.
Akhavan, Habib.—Istanbul. I I I - 4 .
Akhavan, Morteza Kashani (Kashani, Morteza Akhavan).—Istanbul.
Benardut (Bcnardouth) Misel.—Germanya Han 13, Istanbul. III-4.
Boriou, A. Servas.—Istanbul. Ill—4.
Dabkovich (Dabkovic), Christoph.—P. O. Box 1360, Istanbul. III-4.
Dabkovich, Mrs. Bekky.—P. O. Box 1360, Istanbul. I I I - 4 .
"Detert".—Kara Mustafa Cad 141, Istanbul. I I I - 4 .
Koves dc Kovezhazs, Lothar.—Kara Mustafa Cad 141, Istanbul. Ill—4.
Macar Kirayi Duna Tengernayozasi Resveni Taraasag.—Kara Mustafa Cad
141, Istanbul. III-4.
Macar Kraliyeti Deniz ve Nehir Seyrisefain A.S.—Kara Mustafa Cad 141,
Istanbul. I I I - 4 .
Menapir ve Seriki Komandit Sir, Yusuf.—Kara Mustafa Cad. 141, Istanbul.
Turk Macar Nakliyat Sti. Yusuf Menapir ve Seriki Komandit Sirketi.—Kara
Mustafa Cad 141, Istanbul. III-4.
Winterhalter, Alfred.—Kara Mustafa Cad 141, Istanbul. Ill—4.

Tangier International Zone
Relative to

Botbol, A. J. for Tangier,
and Paseo Cenarro, Tangier.

Relative to

Agencia Comercial Portuguesa Ltda. for Rua dos Sapateiros 39,
Rua da Prata 59.


Garagem Grandella,
Garagem Grandela Soc. de Recolhas, Ltda.


Olst, Otto,
Hoist, Otto.

Relative to

Simoes, Virgilio Duque,
(Owner of S.S. "Mareante").


Barreras, Gaspar Masso,
Barreras Masso, Gaspar.

Relative to

Benito, Tomas for Pintor Sorolla 23,
Plaza Alfonso el Magnanimo 1, and Pintor Sorolla 29.

Relative to

Comercial Maritima de Transportes S.A. Cia.,
M. V. "Maribel".



Relative to Construcciones Agricolas Soc. Anon, de (S.A.C.A.) for Gago 5,
Jovellanos 8.
Relative to

Intercambio Comercial Espanol for Pintor Sorolla 23,
Pintor Sorolla 29.


Mompo, Luis.—Pintor Sorolla 23,
Mompo Soriano, Luis.—Pintor Sorolla 29.


Mompo, Hijo de J. Antonio.—Pintor Sorolla 23, Valencia,
Mompo S.A., Hijo de J. Antonio.—Pintor Sorolla 29, Valencia.


Riveras de la Portilla, Senora Angel,
Riveras de la Portilla, Erika Hegin.

Relative to

S.A.C.A. - Soc. Anon, de Construcciones Agricolas for Gago 5,
Jovellanos 8.


Relative to

Salvador, Juan,
and Apodaca 23, Tarragona

Relative to

Schering S.A., Productos Quimicos,
and Via Layetana 12, Barcelona.

Relative to

Nordring A/B for Bibliotekgatan 3,
Birger Jarlsgatan 55.


Akomfina A.G. fur Kommerzielle und Finanzielle Angelegenheiten,


Akomfina A.G.

Relative to

Iselin, Dr. Felix for Basel,
Aeschenvorstadt 38, and Rittergasse 17, Basel.


Magerle Gebr. G.m.b.H.,
Maegerle Gebr. G.m.b.H.

Relative to

Moor, Dr. Hans for Basel,
and Im Sesselacker 15, Basel.


Officine del Gottardo S.A. fur Elektro-Chemische Industria,
Gotthardwerke A.G. fuer Elektrochemische Industrie, and
Officine Del Gottardo S.A. per L'lndustria Elettro-Chimica.


Sachsische Metallwarenfabrik A.G.—Zurich,
Wellner Sohne, A.G., August.—Ave. Zweigniederlassung, Zurich.



Tangier International Zone
Abecassis, Nissim.—Bvd. Pasteur 36, Tangier.
Carneiro & Filho (Fabrica de Curtumes de Ponte de Pedra).—Ponte de
Pedra, Sao Mamede de Infesta, Oporto.
Empresa de Fiacao e Tecidos de Benfica.—Ave. Barjona de Freitas 7, Lisbon.
Garcia, Ilidio.—Rua dos Sapateiros 39, Lisbon.
Guimaraes & Neves.—Torres-Vedras, Lisbon.
Portuguesa Ltda. Soc., Comercial.—Rua dos Sapateiros 39, Lisbon.
Kaffe & Kolonial A/B.—Norra Vallgatan 44, Malmo.
Fabrique de Machines a Tricoter de Schaffhouse - Schaffhauser Strick"
maschinenfabrik.—Moserstrasse 23, Sehaffhausen.
Haab, Otto Albert Anton.—Muttenz.
Mezritz, Denis.—Rue de la Navigation 11-13, Geneva.
Schaffhauser Strickmaschinenfabrik (Fabrique de Machines a Tricoter de
Schaffhouse).—Moserstrasse 23, Sehaffhausen.
Scheller, H. & L.—Bleicherweg 10, Zurich, and at Deitikon.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102