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Fiscal Agent of the United States
"Circular No. 1 6 9 5 1
L September 8, 1936 J

Cash Subscription Books Closed
Exchange Subscription Books to Close September 10, 1936
On Offering of United States of America 2% Percent Treasury
Bonds of 1956-59

To all Banking Institutions and Others Concerned
in the Second Federal Reserve District:

In accordance with instructions received today from the Treasury Department
the subscription books for the offering of United States of America 2% percent
Treasury Bonds of 1956-59, dated and bearing interest from September 15, 1936, due
September 15, 1959, were closed at the close of business today, Tuesday, September
8,1936, for the receipt of cash subscriptions.
The subscription books for the receipt of exchange subscriptions for the offering
for which Treasury Notes of Series D-1936, maturing September 15, 1936, are
tendered in payment will close at the close of business Thursday, September 10, 1936.
Any cash subscription placed in the mail before midnight, Tuesday, September
8, 1936, and any exchange subscription placed in the mail before midnight, Thursday,
September 10, 1936, as evidenced by postoffice cancellation, will be considered a
timely subscription.