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Prepared for the
Federal Open Market Committee

By the Staff
Board of Governors
of the Federal Reserve System

April 8, 1966


The Domestic Economy
An advance release of the March monthly wholesale price index
shows no change for the total from the February level which was revised
upward 0.1 to 105.4.

Slight declines in farm products and foods in

March offset a further rise of 0.2 in prices of other commodities.
The book value of retail inventories increased over $300 million

in February, twice as much as in January.

The January-February rate of

increase was down from the fourth quarter of last year but the same as
the average for 1965 as a whole.
durable goods.

The January-February rise was mainly in

Inventories at nondurable goods stores showed only a small

rise over the first two months of the year, following a sharp run-up in
the fourth quarter.

The Domestic Financial Situation
Corporate new issue yields -- adjusted to Aaa basis with no
call protection adjustment -- declined to 4.95 per cent this week.
Investors responded unenthusiastically to the issues included in this
series, and as a result large unsold balances remain in syndicate.


week's calendar of new corporate issues was greatly expanded by the
inclusion of Allied Chemical Corp.'s $150 million debenture offering
which has apparently influenced recent investor behavior.



Page I - 4:

Substitute "extant" for "extent" in the first

line of the text.
Page III - 11:

Substitute "relatively" for "reluctantly"

in the last sentence of paragraph one.

Page III - 12:

Next to last sentence, paragraph 2 should

Very recently several new offerings have been added to the

near-term calendar, which would appear to be consistent with longerrun projections that show large continuing business needs for funds.
Page III - 12:

Substitute "expensive" for "excessive" in

second line of paragraph two.