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F ederal Reserve Bank of Dallas
DALLAS, TE X A S 7 S 2 2 2

Circular No. 68-239
November 8, 1968




To All Member Banks
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
The election of directors to succeed Mr. Ralph A. Porter, Class A Director, and
Mr. J. B. Perry, Jr., Class B Director, whose terms expire December 31, 1968, has
been duly held in accordance with the requirements of Section 4 of the Federal Reserve
Act and the provisions of the circular issued by this office under date of September 16,
The results of the election are as follows:
Mr. A. W. Riter, Jr., President, The Peoples National Bank of Tyler,
Tyler, Texas, was elected by banks in Group 2 as a Class A Director.
Mr. Hugh F. Steen, President, El Paso Natural Gas Company, El Paso,
Texas, was elected by banks in Group 3 as a Class B Director.
Each director was chosen for a term of three years to begin January 1, 1969.
Very truly yours,

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