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F e d e r a l

r e s e r v e

B a n k


o f

D a l l a s


Circular No. 67-257
December 20, 1967


To All Banks in the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District:

The Board o f Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank o f D allas has elected Philip E. Coldwell
P resident o f the Bank, effective February 1, 1968. Mr. Coldwell, w hose election has been approved
by the Board o f Governors of the Federal Reserve System , succeeds Mr. W atrous H. Irons who will
retire from the office on F ebruary 1, 1968, h avin g reached the m andatory retirem ent age under the
provisions of the R etirem ent System o f the Federal Reserve Banks, a fter havin g served as President
o f the Bank since 1954.
A fter service as a N a v y pilot during World W ar II, Mr. Coldwell tau gh t at various u niversities
before join in g the Federal R eserve Bank o f K ansas City in 1951. He joined the staff o f the Federal
R eserve Bank o f D allas in 1952 as an Industrial E conom ist and w as promoted to Director of
Research in 1954, V ice P resident in 1960, V ice P resident and Econom ic A dvisor in 1962, and F irst
V ice President in October 1962.
To fill the vacancy created by Mr. Coldwell’s advancement, the Board o f D irectors of the Bank
has elected Thomas W. P lan t F irst V ice President, effective F ebruary 1, 1968, and his election has
been approved by the Board of Governors o f the Federal R eserve System . Mr. Plant, who is presently
V ice P resident and Cashier, has been w ith the Federal R eserve Bank o f Dallas since A u gust 1929.
D uring th at period, he has had assignm ents in various departm ents o f the Bank, including Auditing,
F iscal A gency, Cash, Loans and Discounts, and numerous special assignm ents. Mr. P lan t was elected
an A ssista n t Cashier of the Bank in 1949, a V ice P resident in 1954, and V ice P resident and Cashier
in 1958.
Yours very truly,
Carl J. Thomsen
Chairman o f th e Board

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