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Dallas, Texas, November 12, 1927.

To the Member Bank Addressed:
In accordance with the provisions of Section 4 of the Federal Reserve Act and my circular dated
October 8, 1927, in regard to election of directors of this bank to succeed J. H. Frost, Class A director,
and Frank Kell, Class B director, whose terms expire December 31, 1927, there is given on the back
hereof a list of the candidates nominated for such directors, indicating by whom nominated.
There is sent herewith to each bank in Group 1 a preferential ballot for use in voting on the can­
didates for Class A director and to each bank in Group 2 a preferential ballot for use in voting on the
candidates for Class B director. There is also enclosed an envelope bearing on its face the certificate in
regard to the vote; also a colored envelope marked “ Ballot/5 in which the ballot is to be sealed.
The ballot and certificate on the envelope must be executed by the officer who has been authorized
to cast the vote. A list of the designated officers was attached to my circular above mentioned. In order
that the ballot may be secret, the name of the bank and of the voting officer should not be written on
the ballot, but only on the certificate envelope.

After the preferential ballot has been marked,


It should be placed in the colored envelope marked “ Ballot5 and the envelope sealed.


Then after the certificate on the certificate envelope is executed, the colored sealed envelope
should be placed within and the certificate envelope sealed.


Then this certificate envelope containing the sealed ballot envelope should be returned to me
in the enclosed self-addressed envelope.

Under the law, the ballot must be returned so as to reach me within 15 days after its receipt. The
polls will open on November 15 and close at 3:00 P. M. on December 1, 1927- At that time the ballot
box will be opened in the Board Room of this bank. All of the sealed colored envelopes containing the
ballots will first be removed and segregated from the certificate envelopes before any of the colored
envelopes are opened, thus insuring the secrecy of the ballot. Then the colored envelopes will be opened,
the votes counted and results of the election announced. Any of the candidates are invited to be present
or represented on this occasion.
While the banks in Group 3 will not vote in this election, this circular is sent to them without
forms for their information.


Chairman of the Board.

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Names of Candidates
J. H. FROST, President
Frost National Bank
San Antonio, Texas
Mr. Frost was born in San Antonio, Texas,
August 1, 1881, the son of Thomas C. Frost and
Josephine Houston Frost. He attended the San
Antonio Academy, graduating in 1898. He entered
Princeton in the fall of 1899, graduating there
with a Bachelor of Science degree in the spring
of 1902. After graduating at Princeton, Mr. Frost
began work for the Frost National Bank of San
Antonio, and has continued with that institution
since, being president of it at this time.
Mr. Frost has no other affiliations of conse­
quence or honorary offices other than his present
connection as Director of the Federal Reserve
Bank of Dallas.

Nominated by Following Banks in Group 1:
Austin_________________ American National Bank
Austin____________________Austin National Bank
Beaumont__________________ First National Bank
Dallas_______American Exchange National Bank
Fort Worth__________ Continental National Bank
Fort Worth__________ Fort Worth National Bank
Galveston___________________First National Bank
Greenville___Greenville National Exchange Bank
Houston____________________ First National Bank
HoustonSouth Texas Commercial National Bank
San Antonio______________ Alamo National Bank
San Antonio________________ City National Bank
San Antonio.________________Frost National Bank
San Antonio______________ Guaranty State Bank
San Antonio___________ Lockwood National Bank
San Antonio_______ National Bank of Commerce
San Antonio____ ,_-..._.San Antonio National Bank
Texarkana____________ Texarkana National Bank
Wichita Falls_______________ City National Bank
Wichita Falls_______________ First National Bank

A. M. GRAVES, President
Red River National Bank
Clarksville, Texas

Corsicana_______ ______Corsicana National
Corsicana_______ __________ First National
Dallas___________ ______Mercantile National
Fort Worth_________________ First National

P a r is
F ir st, N a t i o n a l "Rank
Terrell__________ ______ American National Bank

Names of Candidates

Nominated by Following Banks in Group 2:

Wheeler, Texas

Childress___________________ First National Bank

Retail Automobile Dealer
Waco, Texas

New Mexico

Mr. Duncan was born in Calvert, Texas, Sep­
tember 28, 1891, the son of Alexander Perry Dun­
can and Nettie Baker Duncan; the family moving
to Waco in 1894. He attended Woodberry Forest
School, Orange, Va., for four years. After grad­
uation there, he attended the University of Vir­
ginia for two years and received his LL.B. at the
University of Texas in 1915. Mr. Duncan prac­
ticed law in Waco until 1917, when he entered the
service, being honorably discharged in 1919 with
the rank of Captain of Infantry. Upon his return
he entered the retail automobile business, and is
at present head of Duncan-Smith Company, Auth­
orized Ford Dealers of Waco.
Mr. Duncan was elected City Commissioner of
Waco under the City Manager form of govern­
ment in 1926, and appointed Mayor of Waco by
the City Commission in the spring of 1927.

Roswell___________________ First National Bank


Brenham_________________________ First NationalBan

Clarksville_______________________ First NationalBan

Itasca___________________________ First NationalBan

Lubbock_________________________ First NationalBan

Mercedes_________________________ First NationalBan
Stamford_____________________ First State Bank
Stephenville_______ Farmers First National Bank

Names of Candidates
Flour Milling
Wichita Falls, Texas

Nominated by Following Banks in Group 2:
Durant_______________ Commercial National Bank
Durant------------------------------ Durant National Bank
Durant--------------------------------First National Bank
Albany------------------------------ Albany National Bank
Bartlett__________________Bartlett National Bank
Del Rio________ Del Rio Bank & Trust Company
Fort Worth___________ Stockyards National Bank
Greenville__________________ Citizens State Bank
M art_______________________ First National Bank
Orange__ __________________ First National Bank
Waxahachie_____________ Citizens National Bank

Wholesale Grocer
Waco, Texas
Mr- Milam was born in Weatherford, Texas,
September 20,1869, the son of Ben R. and Lula A.
Milam. He attended Southwestern University at
Georgetown, Texas. After leaving the University,
he entered the General Merchandise business in
Glen Rose, Texas, and was there for ten years. In
1900 he organized the First National Bank of
Glen Rose, serving as president of that institution
until 1907, when he moved to Waco, becominginterested in the Cooper Grocery Company, of
which he has been vice-president since that time.
Mr. Milam is a director in the Waco Chamber
of Commerce, a trustee of Southwestern Univer­
sity, and a member of the Board of Stewards of
Austin Avenue Methodist Church of Waco.

Brady________________Commercial National Bank
Brenham________________ Farmers National Bank
Cameron_________________Citizens National Bank
Corpus Christi______________ City National Bank
Dawson.:_________________ Liberty National Bank
Gatesville___________________ First National Bank
Hillsboro________________ Citizens National Bank
Hillsboro________________ Farmers National Bank
Lubbock_________________ Citizens National Bank
Marlin______________________ First National Bank
McGregor___________________First National Bank
Mineral Wells_______________ First National Bank
Mineral Wells_______________ State National Bank
Stamford___________________First National Bank
Temple______________________ City National Bank
Liberty National Bank
Waco_______________________ National City Bank

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