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Dallas, Texas, January 21,1941


To the Business Concern Addressed:
The National Defense Advisory Commission has requested the Federal
Reserve banks to assemble, and to forward to Washington, information regard­
ing the facilities that are available in different sections of the country for furnish­
ing defense supplies. The Commission is endeavoring to spread orders for defense
needs among the smaller business enterprises throughout the country and desires
data as to the sources of supply of goods and services that might be utilized in
various phases of the defense program.
A form has been prepared which provides for the essential information de­
sired by the Defense Commission, copy of which is enclosed. If your name is not
already on the Army and Navy invitation bidding lists and your facilities are
available for furnishing any supplies that might be utilized under the defense
program, it is suggested that you call on your local banker and request him to fill
out and forward to us a report in that connection, as provided for by the form.
Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Yours very truly,
Field Representative
National Defense Advisory Commission

Care Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

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