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Dallas, Texas, October 23,1940

To All Banking Institutions, and Others Concerned,
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve D istrict:

There are now available for distribution forms for the making of reports
relating to property situated in the United States in which Rumania or any
national thereof has, at any time on or since October 9,1940, had any interĀ­
est of any nature whatsoever, direct or indirect.
As you have been advised, Executive Order No. 8565, issued on October
10, 1940, and the Regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury issued under
that Order require that, on or before November 9, 1940, every person in the
United States holding, or having title to, or custody, control, or possession
of such property, directly or indirectly, shall make a report under oath conĀ­
taining the information called for in Treasury Department forms provided
for the purpose.
The forms for making these reports may be obtained from the Federal
Reserve Bank of Dallas upon request.

Yours very truly,

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