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Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
Public Meeting
Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 9:15 AM
United State Mint Headquarters
801 9th Street NW, 2nd Floor Conference Room
Washington, D.C.
In attendance:
Michael Bugeja
Erik Jansen
Gary Marks (Chair)
Michael Moran
Michael Olson
Michael Ross
Donald Scarinci
Jeanne Stevens-Sollman
Thomas Uram
Heidi Wastweet
1. Chairperson Marks called the meeting to order at 9:15 A.M.
2. April Stafford of the United States Mint presented the candidate designs for the
Code Talker Recognition Congressional Medal Program honoring code talkers
from the Pueblo of Acoma (New Mexico), Hopi Tribe (Arizona), Oneida Nation
(Wisconsin), Ponca Tribe (Oklahoma), Tonto Apache Tribe (Arizona), and the
White Mountain Apache Tribe (Arizona).
3. After each member had commented on the candidate designs, Committee
members rated proposed designs by assigning 0, 1, 2, or 3 points to each, with
higher points reflecting more favorable evaluations. With ten (10) members
voting, the maximum possible point total was thirty (30). The committee’s scores
for the Code Talker Recognition Congressional Medal Program:
Pueblo of Acoma:
Obverse-01: 28 (Recommended design)
Obverse-02: 5
Reverse-01: 2
Reverse-02: 1
Reverse-03: 30 (Recommended design)
Hopi Tribe:
Obverse-01: 1
Obverse-02: 3
Obverse-03: 29 (Recommended design)

Obverse-04: 10
Obverse-05: 1
Obverse-06: 1
Obverse-07: 1
Reverse-01: 28 (Recommended design)
Reverse-02: 4
Reverse-03: 7
Oneida Nation:
Obverse-01: 0
Obverse-02: 2
Obverse-03: 30 (Recommended design)
Obverse-04: 3
Obverse-05: 0
Reverse-01: 30 (Recommended design)
Reverse-02: 7
Reverse-03: 9
Ponca Tribe:
Obverse-01: 2
Obverse-02: 4
Obverse-03: 3
Obverse-04: 29 (Recommended design)
Reverse-01: 30 (Recommended design)
Tonto Apache Tribe:
Obverse-01: 29 (Recommended design)
Obverse-02: 0
Obverse-03: 2
Reverse-01: 23 (Recommended design)
Reverse-02: 1
Reverse-03: 22
White Mountain Apache Tribe:
Obverse-01: 28 (Recommended design)
Obverse-02: 0
Obverse-03: 5
Reverse-01: 30 (Recommended design)
4. Mr. Uram made a motion which was seconded by Ms. Stevens-Sollman that Mint
staff work with Oneida Nation representatives to resolve the issue of the oval

appearing in the lower middle area of Oneida Nation Reverse 01 (Committee’s
recommended design) to produce the best possible design for this medal. The
motion was unanimously approved.
5. There being no further business, Chairperson Marks adjourned the meeting at
11:38 p.m.